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Raising Kingdom Kids

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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June 6, 2021 8:00 am

Raising Kingdom Kids

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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June 6, 2021 8:00 am

More and more children are growing up without fathers in the home these days, and Dr. Tony Evans says that many of the social problems we’re experiencing can be traced back to that problem. In this lesson, join him as he talks about what we can do to change direction.

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Dr. Tony Evans is evicting the devil is ultimately a father's responsibility is to lead, celebrating 40 years of faithfulness. This is the alternative Dr. Tony Evans, author, speaker, senior pastor of Oakland Bible Fellowship Dallas, Texas, president of the urban alternative, more children are growing up without both parents in the home these days. Dr. Evans, as many of the issues we are experiencing in our society can be traced back to that problem. Let's join him as he talked about what we can do to change direction as written large everything that supposedly built on the foundation crumbles with it so we are no the devastation of family integration. Now when it's normal not to have a nuclear family was created to be mobile to see one. It's not normal anymore along the sea husbands and wives, fathers and mothers ministries have to now, we reconstructed to deal with this reality that we having to face, and we must deal with it while at the same time trying to get back to what God had in mind when living in the day of the notification of children with now children are raising parents rather than parents raising children. Reminds me of the lady who was in the grocery store and she had a little girl with her and she said very sternly.

Suzanne stop Suzanne, did you hear what I said I said stop it Suzanne listen to me. I said well the proprietor of the store was quite impressed that he was seeing a mother speaking in disciplinary terms. We came to the little girl in a pattern on the hand, and he said, so your name Suzanne but said no my name Suzanne is Betty. I'm trying to control myself living in a day when younger and younger and younger children are in control what's happening downstream is because it has been a breakdown upstream. That is because we have misunderstood mystifying the supply. The principle of the family and in particular the day. The role of parents. The Bible says in Isaiah chapter 3 verses four and five says that was the deterioration of the cultural as the children live in rebellion against the job want to now talk to you about raising kingdom kids. If you have children, this will inform what you do with them for the place you are now. If you don't have this. Will try to give you a framework for when you do have them or even the influence that you may have openings of the nephews of the young people in your scope. Austria of responsibility. Let's start at the top. Why does God do what you have kids in the first place. Let me tell you why he's not trying to get to have kids. He's not trying to get you happy and so you can have look-alikes that's not his goal, that in some of our cases is better but don't look like us, but the goal of parenting is not to have look-alikes you see in these verses. He says raising them in the fear of the Lord. Remember, before you multiply and fill the earth with children, but why because man was created in the image of God.

So the goal of having children in the replication of God's image, just the replication of the role of children was for God to reproduce himself through the bearing the imprint of parenting so that God would become replicated over the art, so the purpose of children, replication of God and the advancement of God's kingdom and history. Man was created in the image of God, be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth with would-be the domination of the image of God through the expansion of family due to the children out of the relationship of marriage that God sent an that's how God wanted to go but now children are bad for convenience and become an inconvenience tells you how many children I get this question often many children does God want me that answer is real simple, as many as you can put the divine imprint because the goal of childbearing is the replication of the image of God in history for the advancement of his kingdom.

That is the reason he created the procreation aspect of family we living in a day when there are many couples who get married who don't want to not people in Jeremiah 29 he says I want you to multiply and do not decrease in do not stop having children.

Even though you are in a pagan place called Babylon. While the unrighteous plotting the future to expand the kingdom of God so that the unrighteous wind up getting outnumbered.

Now we defined childbearing parenting and family along that changes the equation why you're doing it, it's long been good to go to go and if he or she to because it will be too long before you discover when the law under their wings get sure family was given for the expansion of God's will in history, God set up a hierarchical pattern he set up a hierarchy will plan God in Christ.

Christ is over. Every man a man is a woman and then he says today, and parents. All the children tells you why else because he tells you with birthrates that they may live long on the earth. Parents get back how long their children live and how long they live well. They live.

It says and it will go well with you and you shall live long on the earth.

If you have the right relationship with parents for you teenagers listening to the sound of my voice.

It is absolutely critical that you respond promptly to your parents so you live your full name days and don't die before your time. It is also critical that you appropriately respond to your parents so that it will go with you so that God will answer your prayer life proof govern your future because you are related to your parents. But that means parents be the kind of person they can relate to that is operating on the God deal because remember Satan's little baby broke the chain when you break the chain, you invite the devil and that's why we got home God, but not on the moon shall not out on the parents. And so the devil is having a heyday.

Because once you flip this thing want you to get twisted and target the devil don't have to be invited, in the opinion of an invitation in so many of us have one more member of our family that we know about the evil one who makes himself in home which is why does World War III when the family as they are on an ongoing basis concerning the family exists for the replication of God. In fact, God tells us in first Timothy one reason why women may be, that is to get the devil back to pay him back for what he did in the garden would be best women up in the God means so Paul says I want you to have some babies raising the godly seed and get back. It is a response to the evil so children have a very spiritual reason for existence not just a biological, physiological, and familial reason for their existence. They are to transfer a call centric. God centered worldview which why he says raising them in the Lord. That is, let the glasses that play where we call that a worldview is the lens through which you view life be constructed parents as they transferred to the children that which they have from the law, but if anything they can give anything transferred to them what we have gotten from them.

So now he gives the responsibility he says it does for others. Do not provoke your children, but bring them up all right ready for Carbone kingdom Carbone kingdom. The Bible is responsible for the raising of the children. The mother excluding the mother already said in the first children, obey your parents, but was ultimately responsible one job every woman I feel you only have one job when it comes to child rearing. You write me so you want to fill in the gaps when he came he got work to bring the bread whenever you want to fill in the gap but is responsible for bringing the children will wait to get all that's exactly what she should be say because the box here with the man that man that you are not going to raise the kids properly like going to church today will you pray with the two are you going to work today, raising the kids a problem because many men have not been raised since all things parents should do, starting with the father for things in verse 404.

First of all, he says, do not provoke your children to anger translation be known as an intelligent not to disparage, don't provoke some of off don't create an environment where you're creating an angry child create an environment where you're creating an intelligent child suddenly he says, no transmembrane departments to nurture last. Proverbs 22 success train up a child in the way you should go and when he is old he will not depart from it okay to come to church particularly manage the real you come the child if they hear God's word.

The problem is no, but not job is to break it down so that they can get what you got and linking data in a way that they can grasp it will not depart from it that when you do your job, they will name is when you do your job. If they do strange waterwheels for God the Holy Spirit to real and back again because all some of us are here is that a major charge, made on the chart you hated when I go to college. I'm never going back to church but graduated it came upon you that you were not able to shake my got you one day really because mom and had a major child you want to go to church, you will ask do you want to go to school that was never an option that you ask.

But maybe you ask not.

Because you're asking, he says, nurture them, raise them up is your responsibility. Dr. Evans will come back to continue our message just a moment with us.

As a follower of Christ are created and called now more than ever before. Most men don't get that they don't understand. Instead, they choose to follow the world's definition for how to not God's wind up wasting their lives on that never lasts his powerful sequel to the bestseller kingdom Tony Evans kingdom, then rising calls meant to break free of to take us more than just since you have been called to rise up and influence those around at home in your communities as kingdom men. We must point to the king and his kingdom in order to challenge and change our culture for good Discover how when you get the much-anticipated kingdom kingdom, then rising and learn the art of intentional impact submission of a man's market does man's legacy is much more than leaving the man behind. How will you use your God put in the work experience in life today to find out Tony Evans battle as we were learning today.

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It says you correct wow. Loving them. Okay you correct wow loving that the purpose of discipline is not venting.

That's why sometimes I need to be a gap between what they did and what you do because if you just react based on what they did Mike crush their will and their spirit across the spirit because it's gotta be combined with love but you do want to re-shake that will that rebellion that they have exercise goes on to say, Proverbs 2915 Children Who Get Their Way will be a shame to the get whatever they want whenever they want to temper tantrum.

I know you will and what you're doing is you're raising a child every time they don't get their way.

They know no you can have this not now. Proverbs 2917 correct your son and he will bring you comfort, meaning if you don't correct them. People bring you grief.

I say this not teenagers.

That's when we really get it. Teenagers cussing the teenager is struggling between dependent and independence they want to be free, but they can afford to be. They want Frodo yet, but I don't want to be told what to do.

Be frustrated. You can disagree what she can do is rebel. That's what you can do, at least not stating what you can do is rebel and be disrespectful to those first three words. Honor your father and mother and father and mother. Even if you disagree with the father mother that they asked me to disobey God from the bank do some people says that you are to conform you establish the boundaries the like football people the boundaries you play within the line that you have some freedom effects within the lines. I'll expand the boundaries but if you don't shrink the boundaries you want to expand shrinking boundaries, whether you can offer rewards is okay if you do this and I see you go to be consistent with the housework. The school workers want to give freedom to spend down one but if you don't shrink a comfortable trick trick your friends and drink it all depends on whether you honor me respectfully and all okay but what you do now is rebel rebellion said I don't want to say I'll do what I want to know no no no no no no no no, I can continuously pay rebellion from mom and dad's room rebellion is unacceptable is what you will find is when you know there's a lot better at home mom and trying to make it that is Scripture into the 21st 18 it says if a mother and father have the rebellious child. This was an older child to your three-year-old we talk about somebody entering into those upper teenage years and he's just going crazy. He'd lost his mind or her mind. This is ever rebellious teenager that they try to get on the control and they refused to get on the control you bring them to the eldest of six, and settled down to look out of the same. Now you will get this straight so you have a whole bunch of rebellion in Israel because rebellion was unacceptable and is on except you don't have to agree with you, like your parents but you better teenagers your parents unless they're contradicting God because if you don't you cutting your own like short father to do something torsional to the bookstore manager, from twitch that Lapin find a torch 2101. How could a lie can bring that up another often like to know how like anything out this one off. When Alan have to bed like a thing. Three.

People make. The sun is making funny thing the managers make Sunday think the father's back of the taking of all the stocks so the father says a manager you are a manager to talk to because what you sow. Where, and in particular the to make sure that there is no chaos in the home unacceptable to me and my house is how we roll. Finally, it says instruct them. The conclusions for the instruct them, teach them to operate under divine guidelines so that when they leave.

They still have the guidelines so that when you not been telling them what to do this, the guidelines Deuteronomy success. Teach them convincingly, consistently, creatively and comprehensively says you are to teach them less one of his income church becomes her to hear God's word. But that's not the only reason you come the church to repeat what you heard, they should hear it over and over against the reason why men should be the first ones in church on Sunday so that you can get all the information so that you can go home and pass to your own family because a man is supposed to be his family's past. I'm supposed to pass an amendment for the capacity don't you suppose be there for six this is what I learned today and this is what I want to reiterate his ex-wife in the Bible study and I haven't been to Bible college and seminary slab in the Bible college masses. The grief I got Dr. the grief I got all information and training to bring if you take it back and be the replication of spiritual truth that will appoint now. In conclusion my situation, which is already big and grown left and I've already messed up. I can already see the negative for my failed parent that you can go back and reread.

So if they've gone left the what you do is you as God bring a win to blow them back. "God have to do something independently of what you do is you call me signal out there are whatever little I can do now to bring us back together. I'm going to do, but at least I will pray for you that maybe all you can do. But that's something to stop the crisis, we gotta go back upstream. There were some young bull elephants and they were cotton up crazy in the in the jungle, just going crazy and tearing down trees to start tearing down trees killing small animals. The bull elephants had gone crazy trying to figure out what his herd of elephants was causing all this chaos in this particular area of the jungle. It was they were located and they notice something.

There were no adult bull elephants though all the big adults had been killed five three-inch and all that. So there were no male bull elephant. Adult bull elephants. There so the baby bull elephants have lost them because there was no corralling, so they went and captured some bull elephant adults and transported them into the jungle where the baby bull elephants are gone crazy when the big elephants are not going to see that.

Give me is the ideas of making a house and make yourself faster.

Now, the younger elephant became until they settled down because the mail returned to the responsibility without children as kingdom testing the Dr. Evans will come back in a moment to wrap up today's program with the word of prayer. But before he does that. I want you to know that today's lesson is part of Tony's current teaching series. The kingdom family. This collection of messages will teach you how to keep the epidemic of family failure from infecting your home while pointing you towards a sense of purpose and fulfillment you been looking for. And as I mentioned earlier, when you make a donation to help support Tony's broadcast ministry to families will send you all six messages in the kingdom family is our thank you gift along with a copy of the kingdom, family devotional, but don't wait for special double offer is only available for a limited time, make a request or let one of our team members help you by calling 1-800-800-3222 again that's Tony Avenue and start or or by phone 1-800-800-3222 not one of us is immune to wondering why we face certain struggles in our lives but next time Jonathan Evans explains that God can turn any negative situation into something good for us and for those around us.

I hope you'll join us as he helps us discover the big picture right now though Tony's back to wrap up today with word of prayer (father, thank you for the word of God that goes forth through this ministry and for every ear that he is. I pray that you will use the word in the life of each person individually so that they know that they are hearing from you and are transformed by what they hear. I pray that transformation touches them at their place of need, wherever they are hurting struggling wherever they're in pain. However, this celebrating may you be the center of that and may they be able to say because of the word that they've hurt because of the true God that they're interacting with right now that you have showed up and shown off on their behalf, doing good by them no matter what the circumstances happened to how you going to touch every listed today own special way. Jesus is the alternative with Dr. Tony Avenue celebrating 40 years of faithfulness. Thanks for the generous contributions of listeners like you

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