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Your Experience and Your Calling

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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May 24, 2021 8:00 am

Your Experience and Your Calling

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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May 24, 2021 8:00 am

It often seems like those who’ve accomplished the most for God have been through the worst life has to offer. That’s why in this lesson, Dr. Tony Evans will explain how your painful experiences can be used to bless and build up the body of Christ in this look at the link between emotional pain and spiritual progress.

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Dr. Tony Evans explores the relationship between emotional pain and spiritual progress will celebrating faithfulness.

This is the alternative Dr. Tony Evans authored speaker, senior pastor of Oakland Bible Fellowship Dallas, Texas, president of the urban alternative. It often seems like those you've accomplished the most for God had been through the worst life has to offer.grievances are painful experiences can be used to bless and build up the body of Christ. Let's join him as he explores how to do that all the little background the parental background you can't take that you have learned that you have received and to do now that you are a believer if you only now calling, which means the promotion of his kingdom and not doing her job getting a paycheck, although that could be included all the raw ingredients God used those with good easy for us to accept God's good things. Background in my life. One of the great things about grace is that God can take mistakes and make them miracles don't want misquoting me God endorse mistakes, but the reality is, God mistakes that have been ripped and you must make a call on the good news was chapter 22 talked about a lot of people in the Bible, but that's about my favorite character in the Bible. Simon permission to set you like wheat McKinney, have you prayed for you that may not fail because we are going to allow Satan to get through with. Could you get rid mess up then I want you to go help somebody else. Did you know that God could take what is in making more use that excuse the bad excuse the consequences of the bed, but it means that God is bigger than family buildings implode, they collapse and there is a mess to clean up but the Christian life is that Jesus Christ could take the rubble I can start something new. I promise not grow as a cockroach so that means, crowed at the beginning of a brand-new day some messes we get God doesn't keep us from usually God's sake because God wants to use them later on for ministry seeking God's mercy to take your lemons and make lemonade.

The type of things that are not so good.

You're not so proud and same on here is I wish it were different, but it's not. I wish I could change it but I can't. So here is the mass right click and turn I'm available for you to do something good. The strengths the job opportunities you have the experiences you have the education that you will use those things for your call will take you for your call difficult probably is the ugly. These are things that happened that you have no control over, but that have indelibly marked your life will be bunches John was born into a family.

I will not time to read all storage on the last third of the book of Genesis is father wasn't shyster trickster from a little more when the game father was Jacob. Jacob was again the trip.

His brother Esau's birthright includes what his mother joined her son to contrive the birthright from bed again against the ravens and I was good and the light. Jacob John is 111 so what his wife one crazy stuff. The story of Joseph centers around the coat of many couples when he admitted, that was just all the camels back with their Genesis chapter 37. The first book of the Bible, you can't miss.

Genesis chapter 37 verse three now Israel. Jacob loved Joseph more than all his sons 37 present because he was the son of his only he made a very colored favorites and saw that the father or mother more than all others so they could not speak to him on friendly terms.

So we got sibling rivalry you got problems that can get along because of the favoritism of the fall that led to a plan to Joseph bad when your brothers want wipe you want, but I wanted to go to look like an animal to kill them with blood all over his call to call back to his father David picked up Jean from Jacob I will just pass when I good looks a whole bunch of stuff is what we want to be doing that. I did so, they finally sent to some verse 28. Some trainers out of the pit saw the Ishmaelite for 20 shekels of silver call that's called blood.

When you come back tomorrow bad family background.

Many of us come from bad family and we are in pain the day, what mama was like what Danny was like what brothers and sisters would like.

And we still enduring the pain maybe abused by her father, making the glass maybe rejection us.

Joseph situation is bad how much worse can it get you get sold as a slave. I'm nobody to talk about self image scenario sent to Egypt rejected by his family when he gets 39 to become the slave boy and a man named Potiphar. I like a guy name know what you looking for verse two and the Lord was with Joseph.

Verse three. Now his master saw the Lord was with him and how the Lord caused all that he did to prosper. Verse five. Thus, the Lord blessing was upon already owned the house and in the field is good news first so the good news. The first of the good news is this no matter what your background or how deep your pain caused by the dysfunction of your family or other peoples sins that have met you.

If the Lord is with you can, rejection, pain, difficult psychology and still no matter how ugly it is the Lord was with Joseph and he says he blessed him. It's not like bless me and you know the story, Potiphar's wife started like angels. The Bible tells us why she liked him. Verse six says he was handsome and full and appearance.

I saw he was handsome and apparently look good. He worked out and she said Playboy got it going all all right. Joseph says verse nine I commit. This makes against God down to grab a piece of the document as he right. Verse 14 spray want to write me. So what's happening now is 99 which is about them, saying, what you slay me that it might naturally place with the king and it was then talk about ugly and I have been. Have your family mental but do a good job you did nothing wrong done right can sometimes do it right can get quite expensive will see how God turn that situation around and discover how he can do the same for us. That's coming up after these reflections from Dr. Evans on 40 years of God's faithfulness.

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The course is intense work through it at your own pace and get all the help online for and course this custom content from Tony not available warehouse connect with the Etonian's training center Tony Evans, it's like having your seminary on your smart phone or other device. Start today Tony Evans, or jail verse two was serious with two of his officials. The chief cupbearer to back up so he put them in the confinement Joseph to jail.

Number 23 says the Lord was with what when things get ugly question is not why am I going through this. The question is Lord, how do you want to use this ugliness. Michael because will ask the right questions we get frustrated because we want if not rather, God's Joseph towels, one of the guys in prisons when you bought the Pharaoh let one of the guys out what you remember meeting him should be verse 23. Yet the chief cupbearer did not remember Joseph, but forgot that I had a dream that he didn't understand he needed somebody to interpret it due to imprisonment. Joseph was good with dreams look like okay can do this dream and what happened really going to conclude that the divine spirit.

Joseph sent you all that is not what is you, you shall be all the your people shall be great White House water gone from the questions will: textile, Jacob and his 12 brothers. Because the dream talked about a famine that was will be in the late Joseph interpreted the dream told what to do in the seven years to save enough bad here because God said that the family, he now gets promoted, that bring what they could not control himself. Yes, it's all about them before, all having everyone out for me so that that was not with him when Joseph made himself known to him. The moment that John Robert Jones, Jacob, but not for they were dismayed at his present work that they remember what they did when they were little boys life by school brothers please come closer and they came closer and he said I am your brother right now that I am sure you have never heard all of your Christian life. I know Joe you tell me you my brother, you have that was short of Jewish heritage.


I am Jewish only Jews got some cute demonstrated he was Jewish and therefore avoid you to be had there been somebody with who was promoted there.

Your brother Charles now is the whole.

The bottom line and now not be green angry with yourselves because you saw verse five.

This default don't get upset that you sold me.

Why for me. You will also slavery right that's killing interpretation role slavery. Maybe you get rid of me that you install all the land, maybe for you right now that you sent me but God made all of the brothers and sister for the first warning you are able, but God meant it for good tree to tree to tree to tree you on the short action that you so you can somebody else live and pay your pain typically not socially say God is not it all and I give you the right ugliness. Dr. Tony Evans encouraging you to let God turn your trials into triumphs. If you're ready to do that but have never committed your life to him stay around 20 will come back in a moment to explain how to take the first step first so I want to let you know the today's lesson. Your experience and your calling as part of Tony's encouraging message series called for a purpose. As I mentioned earlier, this entire collection is available for you to own on digital files for playback on your audio device or in a two volume 12 lesson CD set as usual set contains a lot of bonus material. We won't have time to present here on the broadcast and for the next few days. When you make a donation to help support Tony's work will say thanks by sending you the entire called for a purpose. Audio collection along with a bonus. A copy of Tony's popular book discover your destiny. Let God use you like he made you make the arrangements today by visiting Tony Avenue and start or or reach out to one of our helpful team members by phone available 24 seven to help with your resource request. Just 1-800-800-3222 that's 1-800-800-3222 or again visit us online at Tony Avenue and start or everybody hopes to find their dream job. Dr. Evan says if your job is more like a nightmare. There's hope tomorrow will share how turning your career over to Christ give you a new vision for your workplace right now though he's back with this closing invitation for you. If you have yet to accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior, we can resolve that right now. I will say a little prayer I want you to print after me, but you gotta meaningful yourself, Lord Jesus, I'm assuming, and I know I need a Savior because I can't save myself so right now I trust you alone because you died for me and arose for me to be my sin bearer. You are now my substitute and I'm believing you to forgive my sin and to give me eternal life. Thank you for the free gift of salvation that you have given to me. Help me to live a life to please you in Jesus name. Welcome to the family and ministering to you for your spiritual growth throughout broadcast the alternative with Dr. Tony Avenue celebrating 40 years of faithfulness, thanks to the generous contributions of listeners like you

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