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Your Worship and Your Calling

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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May 20, 2021 8:00 am

Your Worship and Your Calling

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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May 20, 2021 8:00 am

You don't want to miss out on your destiny while you're busy doing something else. That’s why in this lesson, Dr. Tony Evans will talk about how the Holy Spirit can be your personal guidance counselor and explore the connection between your worship and your calling.

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Dr. Tony Evans is worship can connect you with your calling cannot let you know that you are celebrating. This is the alternative Dr. Tony Evans, author, speaker, senior pastor of Oakland Bible Fellowship Dallas, Texas, president of the urban alternative worship is designed to be something we give to God. Dr. Evan says we receive from it to including insight into God's purpose for our life. Let's join him in acts chapter 13 as he explains calling when he calls concepts in this passage that were involved in this calling of Paul and Barnabas to the work that God had do acts chapter 13 if you open your Bibles versus helps us to prepare to hear God's yacht in the church, prophets and teachers so Barnabas was the son of encouragement.

The great encouragement that was sitting in called Niger. Niger means black Simeon was a man of African descent in the Antioch church that was Lucius Eileen.

That's North Africa also a black nation at this time there was many and would be brought up from her either to try so he was a little community was one of Howard's persons was Saul. They all made up the charge of Antioch important for us to know different races, different creeds, different colors and different classes who are made up of one church at the church of Antioch was room for everybody.

What background is what your history was for all while all these people coming to the church at Antioch because that was the place where they could hear God speak. We know that because we are told in verse one that was there and teachers. Now that was April 20 God women it is on God's truth of the lives of the people I picture God that if someone was concerned with inspection and making sure the word of God was understood the charges Antioch was made up of leaders who communicated God's truth in a relevant length of the congregation and so they will come and hear God's people playing because they will call them the do will always be in line with God's word in the context of the church will bring worship that this calling is going to occur. That would've read about in just a few moments on that one sermon can be applied 3000 different ways because of the work of the Holy Spirit get me wrong I'm not suggesting that you find it in the chart as opposed to in your own private worship. The two extremes. One extreme is individualism. When you make decisions apart from the church. The other extreme is institutionalism when you make decisions in the church that disregards the individual is room for both your private worship should always fold into a corporate worship God may speak directly from his word. We may speak through a prophet or teacher that is a proclaimer of God's truth.

But either way God will make it clear to you and your heart is calling on your life. The purpose of the child, however, helps to validate that call like witnesses that sign the will validating that what is in the will is accurate when you call me the word of God.

You must come to God but I want you to talk to me and the sun had your name on it like that's because the Holy Spirit takes a truly likely applies it not a fan of when I get a chance of a police shows the Sgt. would call the offices into a loan and he would give the mayor instructions for the day. The general instructions. Many would say this Google you will be will be there when appliance to wear that particular station would be for that given day on that given week. When we come together to gather Jesus Christ sincerely no station once you we knows what he wants me there must be a heart that is in the corporate body of believers, because as you recall, noncitizen first John God will do to you if you can do. Those people were part of his church on an inside track. You can stay home and look at television and BMS not only but there are certain things that God will not do for you. Apart from big bodies is group is equity sleep church so that the context for this event occurs or what they were doing in church, we don't listen to God's word to their problems and teachers to and while they were going to the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said that while they were ministering to the Lord you come to church to minister to God when you come to charge God as the audience, not the past do not require a lot of the audience and administering on to him. When they come home from work that I could be minister to make him feel good when they come in and they smell the food cooking. The wife says your favorite dinner is about to be served. A great one.

It makes one the kids somebody else not Heaven, but stay with me minister to us to be served. Please notice this chart did not have a mechanical program driven by computers and business meetings. They have their place, but the people know when one of the spirit was going have been a great day. You can program your life right out of the church because there is no schedule for a fresh wind blow through. That is, worship, praise, and service because maybe the direction guided Megan now to hear from them well. It is the role of the Holy Spirit the moment to communicate with God's people, but they did it in a context of worship.

Marshall is like an antenna, we don't need them today in this day of cable, but you remember the rabbit ear antennas you had that until you connected with the signal to get you a clear picture worship is positioning yourself antenna of the spirit to be able to link in to the Holy Spirit's signal is not a meeting about it that they fasting. Fasting is giving up through the high sensitivity you fast because it's serious people in the context of martial law.

The mother prayed a lot that you faster because of the seriousness of the issue and if you searching for your calling up a serious issue. They want to God. Now the problem is we don't want this way because we don't really look for the Lord's guidance. This way, without sufficient when I came in who don't want to pull over and ask directions in the America management's semantic we don't want elections, we want you to tell us where to go to get directions. Nevermind lost for years but what were the famous all these things were too proud to be there were not too proud to enter into God's presence and to say we need we need a holding device to look into you because we want to know what your program is for us see that the move word of God and the spirit said the Jewish and the spirit called their name apply to individualized the Holy Spirit. Does this still today he talks to you but it talk at a deeper level than what you're doing with your ears speaking to your spirit. That's why it's often referred to as the still small voice is often referred to the still small voice because of where it is being heard the loudest and where it's being heard the loudest. The Holy Spirit still speaks today that if you want to give you what you call is only true individuals, and the bus have a warrant for them to do your calling all your work. Nobody else saw it was the word, not the proper features combined with the Holy Spirit that led to a clear calling of these men. Joy says in verse three. Then, when they had fasting and praying they laid their hands on them and sent them their way here we have guidance.

It is the work of the Holy Spirit to be your guidance counselor Dr. Evans will have a practical illustration of this kind of guidance for just a moment, so be sure to stay with us first. I like to tell you about the perfect book that goes along with today's message is called Discover your destiny. Let God use you like he made you this book from Dr. Evans builds on what we've been learning that God has an agenda, not just for the world but for each and every one of us custom-designed to give us the deep sense of satisfaction that comes from making a real difference. You learn how to find your one-of-a-kind special assignment from God and discover how the Lord will give you everything you need to carry it out. Best of all, for a limited time we are bundling this book along with two volumes containing all 12 full-length audio lessons from Tony's current message series called for a purpose. You can get the destiny book and the call for a purpose audio series on CD or digital download is her gift. You make a donation to help us keep this program on the year we depend completely on your support and this is one way we can show our appreciation for your faithfulness to the ministry of Dr. Evans all the details are waiting for you online. Had Tony or give us a call at 1-800-800-3222 and let one of our team members, assist with your resource request I'll have that information for you again after part two of today's message and this men wireframe pack at home and in their communities. In the game of life either makes clear self freestanding.

The sidelines wants to play being made. The choice is yours.

Too many have chosen to sit it out and Tony Evans on the way to see walking him in rising thousand men to rise up in places that are needed most. Get on the field. Listen intently to God's plan and faith to embody potential. This is something out of reach. It's right there can almost touch it if you will rise and become the influencer. God has designed you to be kingdom men it's time to position yourself to leave a lasting legacy.

Find out more. Tony also makes a great gift for brother, husband, son, uncle faster and more like a small church.

They want to drop so whatever small metal drive. I bring them over here like that night when nobody was one of my kids overlap and I tell them let's let's not this normal. That may be drive and have a good old but now what I will hold on the wheel. I was on the show.

I went crazy great, my foot was on the brake and accelerator and no matter what and I think it's at the bottom of that wheel control and how far they could turn and how fun he couldn't turn it they would put their foot on the but I would have not only break were going to fax number. The Lord himself. But I was still controlled when we would go you getting God's lap you position yourself right and he'll staring so you want to go. You think you and the privacy seeks only one lifetime that Mary and the wrong people taken the wrong job with the wrong places with doing that because we are so independently of God would not on his lack verse two says the holy spirit said another way, folks. The Holy Spirit talks about the extremes of Christianity, not extreme of the Bible that says is sufficient if you need simply read it and you'll be okay.

That is incorrect not because the Bible is not sufficient, but the Bible does not apply everything. It teaches the Bible does not tell you the truth, and executed in a given situation you're facing. What would be a big because different scenarios you can find principal presets in the Bible what you can. The Bible is all the application of way application away sufficient, insufficient, and presets applicable it's not sufficient to tell you whether you want to be working here to tell you whether you will be marrying somebody over there so one extreme view of the Bible that does not recognize. It does not apply itself to every situation more than just reading the book is another extremely extreme the Holy Spirit. That doesn't leave the Bible to be backed by the spirit we were in college with the guidance counselor, or maybe high school guidance counselor to help us with the guidance counselor and school counselor career path and help us to choose the classes that would be appropriate.

When everyone wouldn't have enough of the nation. We didn't have the list of classes, guidance while ministry is the ministry guidance counselor's job is to make you turn on the light bulb you will call when you say I'll be doing makes the spirit speaks speaks to the spirit. But it may come directly to the spirit. But it comes know some you can explain, but you know what you thought about that you're frustrated because you can explain it but you know you know what you're talking about. What would you call you will know even if you can articulate that you might not even know where to go but you know that it that you are supposed to be doing with your life and so is the job of the Holy Spirit to illuminate us back.

The Bible says God writes the soul and spirit, soul, is your personality spirit is the godlike venue of the holy spirit goes with the truth of God that he can separate you and what God because they were God's voice was clear the spirit still speaks today and he still uses the profits of the teachers that is the proclaim of God to take the generic truth that apply individually to you and your pursuit of your own calling. So says the Holy Spirit said salt which I have not which I will God that he has called you to do. It was set up on Saul and Barnabas by name is your name and his own legal work. The Bible says one your old foundation in fear and trembling completely and wonderfully made unique stop stop trying to do. You will that you and a lot of people not hearing God wants you to know the Bible so we were in school with Mark bring that to me those things which I have studied the playbook, but the specific application of the specific situation is a Holy Spirit job words and call God of the calling with my name written on. I don't know. I can't tell you what is your calling will always ignite a fire calling all your guests ability or potential. Your passion. You when you hear it when you see it when you think about it. Something burns. It's a fire and you do it if you were paid to do it because you love doing it so much. It will also take into account your experiences. God has not let your experiences good bad or ugly be wasted your pain those negative things that you want to know why God didn't stop that from happening to you was because he had used related. He had a reason for not blocking it.

When you show you what happened what happened what happened some nonstop. Because he had used. That's why you can give it everything you don't give thanks for everything you give thanks.

Everything because you know that have passed in his fingers. If you're wanting to be able to give thanks to God and everything, but have never committed your life to him stay with us. Dr. Evans will come back in a moment to explain how you can do that. First I want to let you know that today's lesson your worship and your calling as part of Tony's encouraging message series called for a purpose. As I mentioned earlier, this entire collection is available for you to own on digital files for playback on your audio device or in a two-volume 12 lesson CD set as usual. The site contains a lot of bonus material. We won't have time to present here on the broadcast and for a limited time. When you make a donation to help support Tony's work will say thanks by sending you the entire called for a purpose. Audio collection along with a bonus. A copy of Tony's popular book Discover your destiny. Let God use you like he made you make the arrangements today by visiting or reach out to one of our helpful team members by phone there available 24 seven to help with your resource request.

Just call 1-800-800-3222 that's 1-800-800-3222 or visit us God not only want you to follow his plan for your life. He wants you to be excited about it tomorrow.

Dr. Evans will explain how to ignite your passion for God so his priorities become your vision right now though he's back with this closing invitation for you if you've never accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior you can do that right now. Simply go to him and acknowledge that you are still in need of a Savior and that your transferring your trust to him alone because of his death on the cross and resurrection from the dead. In fact, I will say little prayer and you can repeat after me just have to meet it for yourself. Heavenly father, I know I'm a sinner and that I can't save myself. I believe Jesus Christ your son died on the cross in my place four months in and I know trusting him alone to forgive me and to give me the gift of eternal life that he promised to give to anyone who came to him for it. Thank you for saving me and help me from this day forward to live a life pleasing to you. Congratulations welcome to the family. God bless you, the alternative with Dr. Tony have brought to you by the urban alternative celebrating 40 years of faithfulness, thanks to the generous contributions of listeners like you

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