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The Concept of Calling

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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May 16, 2021 8:00 am

The Concept of Calling

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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May 16, 2021 8:00 am

If each one of us was custom-created to fit into God’s design for our world, why don't more of us feel the sense of fulfillment that truth ought to give us? Dr. Tony Evans answers that question and more as he talks about how to discover your unique purpose on this planet.

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Dr. Tony Evans reveals how you can find your reason for being. You are now celebrating. This is the alternative Dr. Tony Evans, author, speaker, senior pastor of Oakland Bible Fellowship in Dallas, Texas, president of the alternative lots of things can be matched to today. Dr. Evans starts a series based on the idea that God builds one life at a time each of us with our own special purpose on this planet. Let's join him as he explains Seinfeld watchers we have here today but it broke all kinds of records as a TV sitcom thing about Seinfeld is that it was noted not to have a plot that is nothing connected with anything he would show up and start off with this kind of dead dog to the show. Nothing seem to have much to do with anything.

It was a mess. Sickle went to the top of they were alive was filled with so popular it was concluded that because watching it were in the same situation as a place no clue going from situation to situation.

Sitcom going from one another day.

One job to another job.

One place to another place, without rhyme or reason. Most Christians today are living caffeinated lives. All the latest: like a hamster wheel removing never arriving anywhere Sunday drivers we have here.

People who simply like to get on the road and just drive you really going anywhere. You just want to drive. It's a pretty day. Let's go riding up to dry but must admit after a while that gives all because you're not going anywhere. You just thought too many of us are living lies like the blazing of the new base. No brilliance, no significance. We don't really feel that we matter that much because there is no sense of ultimate purpose. Destiny we going to use in our series calling calling may be defined life purpose God has ordained for you. Purpose God has ordained for you to accomplish in order to bring the greatest glory and the maximum expansion of his king you're calling reason for beginning if you look like purpose which God have ordained for you and you alone to accomplish much of the to bring greatest glory and the maximum expansion of his king everything I want to say about this definition of calling which have to do with your purpose for being created purpose purpose calling it your reason for being. It's the reason why you were made. You are made to fulfill your calling, if not fulfilling its calling every gun, a piano, filling its calling all the strings are bright and there is no clue coming out it's not filling the purpose for which it was produced if there but it's not doing anything or something not doing its ordained thing to live life without purpose of calling the Dead Sea in Israel.

No life fish can swim in. You can swim and you get burned you like existence because it is not fulfilling its purpose is you can't flow out of the dead the lowest point on planet Earth and want to run nowhere to go. Far too many of us living Dead Sea, lines no outlet address perpetual stagnation calling God did not create you. He created you for purpose. The Lord let me come up with something to do today while I make folk no you were made for the purpose. Verse 14 of Genesis 1 says that God said, let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to write that day from the night's and let them be for signs of the seasons and for days and for years, Gartner 60 made two great lights to govern the day the lesser light to govern the night. He also made the stars. God didn't just wake up one day and said more. Shine said no not limited to great lights, one that will govern the day, it will determine how bright the day get the other one will govern the night and it will have a supporting cast of stars.

He made the move and he made the stars for reason not just to do it. Not because he had nothing better to do. It was an intelligent thought through reason waters teem with swarms of living creatures let birds fly above the earth and open expanse of the heavens.

Well, if you go to create waters natural to create sea monsters. He says in verse 21 is the person who saved the big ones.

No fish swim usual real question is not in the swimming now show your depressed beast because it was made based on the feel of the field, but what made this takes a lot to live in the water.

Dead Sea lives because that not fulfilling the purpose. That's not that sphere of operation.

That's not what they were called. He says about man in verse 26 was made not only the according the likeness let them lean over the fish of the sea birds in the sky, the cattle of the earth and all the creeping thing that God created man in his own image.

Seven. Persuade people to multiply filled the earth and subdue it let us make man last night man because we have something for you, not just baby I'm not just meander around not just go around and notice how beautiful the animals are and how wonderful it is to all the water is got to be more like the best. Most of us spent on making a living. Not a lot of time making a life it's always something to what I call the same old same old VW that you get about a single bed. You go to that single bathroom in the same O'Mara at that same old place go next single plot look at the same old clothes, put on a stable body to go back same a breakfast table same a breakfast of my neck same. A wife, you get the same upon single work down a single row next single people seem okay doing a stable job.

You go back down at Sable Rd., Internet same house here in same old noise from mostly opiates pickup at Sable remote sit down and go over them. Single programs go to dinner table that single data from the same local go to bed and wake up the next day to rehearse that same old routine and routine. If you start the purpose, but if this routine had nothing you wind up like you on the wall with raising the question. What's it all about not let you factual signs and markets meant what makes something and marketed to answer the question what you do with it but when you live your life raising the question why am I here that's a question of purpose is a question of calling when God created he created with the purpose of your secret created thing cannot tell you what is its purpose on targets. Create all the created thing, what its purposes right step you what is beautiful me just a few that you have no knowledge of its reason for being best determined by somebody else.

I'm talking to you all the microphone right now you might couldn't tell me it was the creator of the night that I can see one of the rivers which can sell what we will call that was big man I think about trying to calling a soldier called Reagan somebody else is calling God is the caller you are calling the manufacturer you the product that you can discover your students, but I really ordained the reason for being not functioning at all, which means we are existing and when you exist. You have to create callings that the mixed bunch of folks who don't know their calling in the same house miserable place to live because there should she dare frustrate the its calling them that is bigger than the success of the center between the called one and the one who does not know their calling wanted to know that calling things all wrapped up in that man a woman.

I have not yet the one who is frustrated very frustrated because they have been called to something bigger that no other person can big drippings will return to just a moment to wrap up today's message first so I want to tell you about the perfect book that goes along with this series we begun today is called Discover your destiny. Let God use you like he made you this book from Dr. Evans builds on what we been learning that God has an agenda, not just for the world but for each and every one of us custom-designed to give us the deep sense of satisfaction that comes from making a real difference. You learn how to find your one-of-a-kind special assignment from God and discover how the Lord will give you everything you need to carry it out. Best of all, for a limited time where bundling this book along with two volumes containing all 12 full-length audio lessons from Tony's current message series called for a purpose.

You can get the destiny book and the called for a purpose audio series on CD or digital download is our gift to assist Tony's ministry with a donation to help us keep this program on the year we depend completely on your support and this is one way we can show our appreciation for your faithfulness. All the details are waiting for you or give us a call at 1-800-800-3222 and let one of our team members, assist with your request. Allow that information for you again after part two of today's message and this God has plans bigger than you've ever imagined the remand of influence strength and purpose. Are you ready to live up to your highest potential to live and then went home and we kingdom and rising follow up with selecting the man which has sold over 400,000 copies challenges meant to sharpen their spiritual and relational skills to intentionally live within influence of mindset in all areas of life filled with stories of struggle and heartfelt personal loss only takes after God's word to show men how to clear all off to coaching the journey that leads to living a life of influence and impact as you read each page you will find your soul skirt to reach more of what God says is possible longer settling for free just go through the motions, replace helplessness for them and request power significant tenant get kingdom and rising for yourself or for someone you love.

Grab your effectively Evans got old that you never store online time is together great stats.

Chapter 13 verse 36 what a wonderful verse the book of acts for some of God and was laid along with decay.

What a great verse sounds great. Bob ever ever say man died. On tell he had completed his purpose, never knowing why you showed up in the first place was about eight years and all you can about his job.

When I said that without a vision without a word from God. People that when people have no direction in life with God small subjects.

This is not insignificant subject. God said of Jeremiah Jeremiah 150. I called great news.

But God calls in advance so calling is critical, but it's time to go creation created with the calling everybody and you say was accepted Jesus Christ by faith alone born of God's family have been called want to receive the call to salvation God now give you the call to life purpose.

Secondly, if only created purpose. It is like the mind purpose. Nobody has your call but you Jesus, I have finished the work day need to do.

He gave me no job, no special reason for beginning completed that task that if I could build my purpose would be Proverbs 20 responses the purposes of a man's heart are deep waters, but the man of understanding draws them out. In other words, personal serious searches for the calling. Once the movement calling they're not satisfied to exist. They want to know why their existing start.

And finally, it is a comprehensive purpose.

It's a created purpose were created for you calling it's customer is yours and yours and nobody else's. You are unique. As you you have to be somebody else is why many people don't find their calling because their calling is not living in the anything bigger than themselves. What is this bigger thing. God is called all of us to all of us to the definition it is the maximizing of God's glory and expansion of the ski. If you are Christian, what you do will give him glory will expand that industry cannot transfer the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom question if that means all work becomes activity even if it's secular okay that is technically incorrect. The biggest link between secular and sacred.

Because if you're kingdom person sacred. Even if your washing dishes you wash them sacredly. Even if you're producing a widget you do it sacredly because you're propelling a calling that is happens to be your calling.

We'll talk about that because calling me not to be got.

I was talking to a young lady couple years ago actually works. Billy Graham world famous Billy Graham and she inputs data use a lot of what I do you like I love. Why should the calling.

How is that calling God called me.

She said to help expand the ministry of Dr. Billy Graham using my computer backgrounds just now and input put in computer bank has just let the Christ in one of those crusades understand the letter in the book that I'm sending out the eternal value and that gives me purpose, not because she was called input in the computer was a job calling was to support the ministry of Billy Graham and him that: she does not always bring you because it's always expanding God's kingdom and bring God glory whether it's in a medical whether it's in the lineup whether it's a Dr. John the top. If you are call it, has repercussions. And God will always be seen in it and threw it and so most of you know you calling but don't know you know it. I give you will damping the right.

One of the way you know you call is that you would do it anyway, nobody page.

If you do it you'd still because it's like Paul, woe is me if I don't like Jeremiah is like fire shut up in the bone and I can shake it it burns me. It sets me up flying now watch this now is my time is run is next because it's kingdom always involves discipleship. The kingdom of God is not conference room. Discipleship is bringing people with the comprehensive rules for a kingdom parts of the those around you will you you will and with this kingdom well because the great. When this happens, you will be part of the greatest in history, and the rich history and that when you calling the people getting this kingdom do you think the good and bragging on them and your job is to go out into the world with your calling the kingdom and skating which is meant to be used on the kingdom of God. That is what your job is the kingdom of God and have all because we are people who live with no length and therefore do what and it stays out.

It never is honest. That's why Paul said in chapter 1 of the freedom that God has done that he might bring all things, the sum of all things on the Jesus Christ. We all his body and we are sent to be the fulfillment of all things that is everywhere he calls people in every direction.

You called me a preacher called the omission of certain people should be calling unless you respond that I call, but God is also calling for people to put in the kingdom and growls what we want them up on the way you live where you will become and what you are where you live, will be done so since your name is goby Holland. I gotta reverse my my my plans so that kingdom, which means I gotta redo my life plan so that I will is the names you will need you to supply me the blood of carbohydrates. You give me the money to pull it off and that because you want a pure live. All the things I'm not against you and give you give me your name is doing well lately and everything is your name will only read and it would make a man of something that something every few months. We ordained a minister, you will we have a coordination meeting young man was going to seminary and study comes up and sits down ready to be bombarded with all manner of theological biblical practical ministerial questions. He's nervous sweating. He's wondering whether he will make ordering obtaining cuts number where the process starts always open it up with one simple, free, tell me about your call because I don't care how much Bible you know if you hadn't been called focal run you about how to deal with no this is the word God because when the hot something while you have visual call all you have visual call and when I passed the exam. They get the title reference.

They are now identifiable as duly appointed. Julie called ministers what the reference are not the only ordained every person who names the name of Jesus Christ and you have a problem in your life put it to charge the God Dr. Tony Evans with the first remission encouraging message series called for a purpose. As I mentioned earlier, this entire collection is available for you to owners digital files for playback on your audio device or in a two-volume 12 lesson CD said, as usual, the sink contains a lot of bonus material. We won't have time to present here on the broadcast and for a limited time. When you make a donation to help support Tony's work will say thanks by sending you the entire called for a purpose audio collection along with a copy of Tony's popular book Discover your destiny. Let God use you like he made you make the arrangements today by visiting Tony Avenue and start org or reach out to one of our helpful team members by phone there available 24 seven to help with your resource requests.

Just call 1-800-800-3222 that's 1-800-800-3222 or visit us online at Tony Avenue and start org and often seems like those you've accomplished the most for God have been through the worst life has to offer will next time Dr. Evans will explain how your painful experiences can be used to bless and build up the body of Christ. Be sure to join the alternative with Dr. Tony Avenue like utilizing personal celebrating 40 years of faithfulness. Thanks for the generous contributions of listeners like you

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