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Lame Man Walking, Part 1

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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April 23, 2021 8:00 am

Lame Man Walking, Part 1

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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April 23, 2021 8:00 am

Join Dr. Tony Evans as he tells the story of a lame beggar who got more help from Jesus than he expected. In this lesson, you’ll take a look at why living like a spiritual cripple can be habit-forming and how men can find the strength to stand up and start walking by faith.

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When you become about 920 Evans says living a spiritually crippled life can be habit-forming. You that your my celebrating faithfulness. This is the alternative Dr. Tony Evans, author, speaker, senior pastor of Oakland Bible Fellowship Dallas, Texas, president of the urban alternative today. Dr. Evans will tell us the story of a lame beggar who got more help from Jesus than he expected.

As he takes a look at how men can find the strength to stand up and start walking by faith. Let's join him just installed all three hospital chaplains who got together one day said you know all ministry is so powerful. I believe we can convert a beta so they decided to actually try to convert my one was a Catholic priest was a Pentecostal preacher of the first one was a Jewish rabbi, will first be Catholic priest went to convert his. He came back on crutches to others what will happen well. My bad I didn't want to get converted, but I read to him the catechism sprinkled holy water on and after an intense time. He responded to my message that it was Pentecostal preacher Stern went out to convert his bed. He came back in a wheelchair. The other guys that were trying to convert my bare my bed didn't want to be baptized but I wrestled with them and I got it down into the water when I brought it back up. He was gentle, I achieve my purpose. Finally, was the Jewish rabbis he went out to convert his bed.

He came back with a cast from the top of his to the bottom of the body cast. The other two men said what happened when you try to my bed, but I discovered quickly that circumcision is not what you want to start. They can be rough but don't want to be changed and a lot of wrestling matches with come around to understand what it means to be a man under God to be the kind of man that God wants us to be like trying to convert becomes a challenge to get men to rise up to the biblical responsibility and Biblical manhood were told about in acts chapter 3 the description of the man is given in verse two were told a number of things about this man. First of all told that he is laying his Tony was a cripple from his mother was crippled and she was not able to stand on his own 2 feet and is the man up if you can stand up on his own 2 feet and according to chapter 4 verse 22.

The man is 40 years old. So for this man was not able to stand up on his own.

He was from his mother's womb. Now we don't know all of the sociological condition. Although we will know we had to be poor because it was a big we don't know whether daddy was in the picture or not, because only the mother is mentioned but we do know that he was not able to stand up so he was never able.

That was a lifetime addition is now the second thing about this man, with all that is whole life, depending upon what I did for says everyday he was carried by the bay when everybody else got to take care you could you not man enough to take care himself when everybody else is gonna bring you to where you go because you're not able to get so every single day.

Somebody had to carry him the bay so we know about living on tips he wants other people to put something in a scandal something in his jaw something in his hat so we could survive another day because we know we only got enough he's a big lay can stand up everybody gotta tell you where he wants to go next. Living on tips about where he was at the church house everyday.

He went to the gate called beautiful that was at the temple wants from his mother's womb not able to stand up everybody else had to take one man enough to take care of himself. His condition and it was at church every single day at the gate called beautiful, which lets me know you can be a man and never change times every single day and still wind up being a lame man not able to stand up on your own 2 feet. Nothing is changed in his life.

We are living in a day when far too many middle lane.

They may not be physically lay they may be able to physically stand out not the only kind of lame mental lameness. Weatherman is not able to have the cognitive capacity to take on his manly responsibility. There is social lameness webinar expecting the government to do what God has called them to do their spiritual lameness where the woman is got only got to play with because he's too lame to take the time to be the spiritual head of maintenance can come in all shapes and sizes but all bear the same characteristic that is somebody else's gotta do for you what you will not do and choose not to do for yourself is spending time at the church house so we find this man in this physical condition, but it's putting this passage, the spiritual point that he was not able to make it on his own.

Whenever the call whenever the importance he was not man enough to stand up man, and so as a result of that everybody else had to take care of them and he was living as a big circumstance. I am sorry that all focal lame. I was visiting my father in Baltimore. My brother and I used to exchange times going back and forth to see you take care of him. I looked all around me.

I saw laymen and trolls who were 40 years old 50 years old 60 years old still in the same space on the phone 40 years ago because they had not taken responsibility.

So, single, walking up and down the street children side by a man who disappeared and he refused to take responsibility for the children that they expired leaving a whole community. I asked my dad said all these people making it because it's Bible thousands. My dad said all of them on welfare all over my depending on the government because they are unable to take care of themselves in the middle of nowhere to be found to be in the city just be laying you could be lame in the suburbs. You just can cover it up with some money houses, closing costs, because if you still do not take the divinely ordained responsibility that God is given every man by virtue of his creative purpose when he created men then you just become a lame man with some binaries in your life, but that's all situational situation is that we got cannot stand up on his own 2 feet and fulfill the responsibilities that he is responsible to take care and now living on his own problems in his own baby, so that's a circumstance, but now we enter two other men. Verse one says Peter and John were going into the temple at the ninth hour.

That's 3 PM. The prayer, so now enter two other men Peter and John John are going at three clock in the afternoon to pray the important in the second, they'll take their lunch hour, if you will to go to the house of prayer into the temple to connect with the living and true God in the lame and the story unfolds and will hear that story when Dr. Evans returns in a moment to continue our message stay with us says to man up there often talking with things can save money status as God's demanding rise up in society can't leave the sidelines to do so is the difference between good and great greatness is an achieve demonstrate every day, a man leaves his legacy a million little moments done well it requires showing up, being present, standing up speaking truth is powerful and long-awaited sequel to the instant bestseller kingdom man Tony Evans kingdom men rising challenges men to rise up from what they believe. He inspires men to leave a legacy impact and influence.

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Verse three asking to receive all that is begging for money so Peter and John to walk again and the man says what about some change.

Can you spare a dime or a dollar. So I can make it another day and bay Peter and John Lackey bag everybody else just got a little something something to hold it will for 24 hours until tomorrow. He came out in bed one more time John passed by. Looks at him with John on him. According to the school and lame man to the bag to the dependent one look at us pause for a moment and talk about look at us to look at us that maybe one look the talent us so that tells me something about the lame man so use the bag that he was even looking at the Pokey was asking money from life can beat you down so long that all you can do is hold you now know and hope and charity some help just become a no passing.please would somebody please you got to pay attention to me. You got to look at us because I will combat in a way that nobody else today has combat so I want your watch this divided attention so I want to say to every man, man about the football game last night about the football game will be on the day I will choose a look at me. I want you to pay close attention right now I don't want you to be right now because what this lame man is absolutely critical if you want to stay clean. See you can be so used to be in a big you can get so used to being a failed you can be so used to be defeated that you think it is out of the realm of possibility that your life could ever be better if believe that you can never be the man you observed to be laying as an addiction got a lot of addiction out the addiction only.

That is where you get used to not man get up stand up and becoming what God wants you to be what ask, are you willing to be made well because you're not well and I can help picks up on that.

He said, look at us right now. This now. I began to give them his attention, expecting to receive something from you maybe going to be some that don't clean so maybe Peter go do something special for me outside of the chump change that I get from everybody else so he pays attention, says X to receive some some people some balance got a birthday card and should not happen expecting some come out and that guy may have the nerve to write a right where happy birthday you shake it shake it twice and got stock and then you shake it you shake you'll get what you expect this man expected some attention because you will give me some Peter said to him, do not possess silver or gold, all you got you got to begin, tell me pay attention tell me know the bank is broke. Not silver and gold you've asked me for money and I can help you see people and laymen. I think the money will solve the problem.

If I can make more money if I can get a better job legitimately making money. Nothing wrong with having a job that is productive. Nothing wrong with that. But when you lay in the back. Okay you like this, turn left you that some things money can buy all his money. That's all you got working for you when you run into the lameness of life see because when I was back on my father told me when they got money. They use the money so they wind up not having money because what they were missing was Okay by character. You can about responsibility and so says so no I don't have what you ask US, but I have certain back money came in.

Here's where it gets gets beautiful. He says what I'm going to give you. I love the work. Because the word is a grace word cannot be given to what you asked for. Too many men a plan for the wrong thing.

They're praying for better job of praying for more money to print the praying for more notoriety there praying for the wrong thing there praying. When God wants to change the person and when God can change you and you only want stop from God you got stop is okay as long as God is given stock to the right person wanted to keep his lameness in God is not concerned with keeping our maintenance intact is concerned with changing our lameness so we not so says is not something that is not what you have Something that is not what you asked for what I give to you in the name somebody say in the name of Jesus Christ the Nazarene wall stop playing anymore. I want you to get up and stand out on your own 2 feet. I want your stop dependent on everybody else to man where you should stand up. I want you to stop being responsible. I want you to stop being just want to give you what you can stay late. I want to give you leftovers so you can stay here responsible. No, I want to give you that which will you to move on your own 2 feet, but is not what you asked for. Every man is to pursue a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. So when you use the name shall have the power to share the power trying to change my wife Jane Martinez call on the name of Jesus and nothing happened.

God was no connection like you can expect your client is not a refrigerator. Refrigerate all day long so you just talking smack Peter says what I have I give to you because I'm so could not maintain that he thought about me to piggyback on the clock and help another man with laying and will see what happens next with Dr. Tony Evans continues this message on Monday. If you can't be with us. The full-length version of this lesson is part of Tony's current teaching series kingdom men rising. Remember all 12 complete messages in this collection along with his brand-new book by the same name are yours as a thank you gift when you make a donation to help keep this program coming your way. Just reach out to our resource Center at 1-800-800-3222 team members are standing by around-the-clock to help you. That's 1-800-800-3222 or visit Tony and while you're there if you've never taken the step of starting a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. It begins by realizing that none of us is perfect enough to qualify for heaven on her own but that's not the end of the story hears Dr. Evans to explain why he who knew no sin became sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in him. Guess what God is going let you go to heaven on credit. He will credit your account the righteousness of Christ. Because God is credited to Jesus Christ, you are sent so your credit score can be 100 if you go to Jesus Christ for salvation right now. How do you do that just visit Tony and follow the link that says Jesus. Tony has assured powerful video that explains what real Christianity is about, along with some free follow-up resources. Check it out today and discover the amazing difference you can make in your life on Monday. More from Dr. Evans on why lameness is more than just a matter of not being able to walk. Also look at the changes that can happen once we take a stand. I hope you'll join us. The alternative with Dr. Tony celebrating 40 years of faithful thanks to the generous contributions of listeners like you

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