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Special Message From Kingdom Men Rising Movie, Part 2

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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March 31, 2021 8:00 am

Special Message From Kingdom Men Rising Movie, Part 2

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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March 31, 2021 8:00 am

Men, it’s time to stop living on the sidelines. We live in a day and age where disorder and chaos abound because of the countless number of males who refuse to become the men that God made them to be. In Kingdom Men Rising, you’ll discover the true meaning of masculinity and the ultimate purpose of a Biblical man from the perspective of God’s original design. Join Dr. Tony Evans as he addresses the cultural consequences of male passivity and challenges men to stand up and declare, No more excuses.

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Dr. Tony Evans talks about what it will take to re-empower godly men by our culture and responsible.

You all celebrating. This is the alternative Dr. Tony Evans, author, speaker and pastor of Oakland Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas and president of the alternative. There's a lot of controversy these days about what the idea of gender really even means. But the Bible is more than clear on the subject today. Dr. Evans will focus on God's design for manhood as we share some powerful excerpts from his recent feature film kingdom men rising created in partnership with lively films and Tony Evans films. Let's listen God says I look for man so that I would not have occurs, the land that I can find God is having trouble finding men.

That's why we made so that you can be a male anatomy because mail has to do with biological gender manhood has to be single submission and until that submission to the authority may be a well-dressed male male good looking male intact changing lameness. So what is. But it's not what you have Something but it's not what you asked for what I give you the names of the name of Jesus Christ the Nazarene wall in the name of Jesus Christ the Nazarene stopping anymore.

I want you to get up and stand out on your own 2 feet. I would just stop in on every body else to man when you should stand up. I want you to stop being a responsible. I want you to stop being a just want to give you so you can stay late. I want to give you so you can stay here responsible know I want to give you that which will able you to move on your own 2 feet. Legend Tony Dench first heard I was young man in our church in Pittsburgh came up and spoke and I was mesmerized just love him but the thing that I've learned from him is that this life is a spiritual battle in the kingdom. And once you say I'm living for the Lord, you better be ready for fight because this thing on the other side must take down you have to understand that you can do anything in the Lord to do anything but keep in the faith and having the belief that you can do it. Your belief goes before anything else. How does a man positioned himself to be one of those recording artist Kirk Franklin speaking with Dr. Evans because in that decision is not going to accept the culture medium of music via males that he is out with. In fact, God will define him and they have to adjust to become some music that you are a man who's bringing your faith into the culture, not walking away from them what happened as well. How do I deal Tony and myself Tony in culture where like you still like about you still like a good show given on the a lot of times when you talk about pursuing.

I mean sometimes people didn't we hear because they missed the finding.

Jesus got in trouble for hanging out with the sinners define Jesus first miracle was in the social event and cook something good. In other words, we must be as Christians to the culture culture relevant to the culture that means you can give the coach of the swaying minute needs in order to hear the message that you see we got a generation a minute when somebody need to grasp the problem is the open grab grab of them taken them in the wrong direction been spiritual men, godly myth kingdom and grabbing his compliments with crazy myth that's grab it, just pray grab him to stay with not going to let you stay in the state and the Bible for the blessing.

This is where the father spoke to his son because the sons were responsible preparing the company since I am the God of Abraham.

I think in Jacob, so the blessings go to at least third generation, so he is to speak those that cannot be delegated to the wife. So if I was the enemy to get the man out of the home. So the more I'm going to keep him unblessed the way the boys don't feel the mantle of manhood and kingdom manhood defined manhood Tony Dench. I think the biggest problem in the biggest area where cultures gone astray really telling you about manhood is family structure and divorce rate and boys especially growing up, not dual parent home, and so it's hard to do the right thing, but they've never seen, and I think that is where Satan is really gotten this relationship and take that dad way I can break this so these boys will really never know what the supposed want to do the right thing, but they won't know how NFL operations Executive Vice President Troy Vincent would happen to reaching back to take care of and allowing these young men just go off in the wilderness, except mediocrity writes about focus structure likes about accountability is our responsibility to go back and mentor were all responsible God is been the father to the fatherless. We have to be five to accept this challenge and opportunity to be a mentor to the following list and to father your own children, there is no higher privilege. One of my greatest joy has been the father of my two sons and my two daughters and through the to make a mark on the next generation data completely opposite Mary of emotion son Anthony Evans recording artist if he can button up and I'm like yeah I'm that guy feeling like in college because I realize I went so far away from home. I was it was like this epiphany.

That guy doesn't have grandkids like I'm not grafted in, because my dad is all I've noticed this where we are sitting right now.

I dad said anything in which to reach someone 28 and he started reading it to me blesses a man who fears the Lord his wife to be approval by his kids to be all plans on his table and he was saying that to me. But as he was talking I thought I started thinking about today. Grandpa mother grandfather that the legacy that they started because they feared the Lord and I looked at my mom and and she was she was she was doing with what the verse was saying we were becoming. All plans on the table when I was like oh this is this is true in my family because of the sacrifices that they made is really something I have the option of doing that same thing but I love the fact that everything granted the fact that I have the example of that. But for those of us who don't have the example of that we can be the first because my grandfathers were the first day they started what were all income on estate. I think about my grandfather and father.

That is what my voice my presence my faith them.

My father was was big on grace and we experience that a lot growing up son, Jonathan Evans, chaplain of Dallas Cowboys, truth and grace to tell you the truth and you get in trouble for not following but he was also gracious in understanding that there is growth as it relates to becoming the truth you that God wants you to be and so I remember being on the phone with my dad. I'm talking about and that and were just having a conversation but I'm bathing my kids and one of them. Camden, who is, you know he's he's got a lot entered that and he's running around jumping around him, telling him to get in the time didn't have sand in the time you won't. He's planning right around seven in the time you know what I just listen. It because he will not listen to my dancing will mean yes or anything ever ever heard me scream at you like that for yell at you or get loud as you like that and he said patients pulling the patient. There is a tenacity that my father has. There is a consistency many have stability that has affected me all of those have affected me incredibly daughter Priscilla Scheier, author and speaker to watch someone to live with lived a certain amount of years in my 20-year-old here.

But somebody who's been walking the path for a while and they've remain consistent in what they believe about God. Despite everything seemed absent down to lost trails of the difficulties has remain consistent in their walk with God and their commitment to his calling on their life.

My dance Ministry that I've seen other people like that as well just consistent because they know their God and they know what God is asking to do in southern I cannot detour to the left and right affected me incredibly, incredibly, because I feel a sense that I can do it when stuff gets to me and so I'm looking at them and going because you didn't because you said yes and you stuck to it and you remain consistent and you have to know that means I can do it daughter Crystal Hearst, writer and speaker. My dad has done a great job of continuing to work to figure it out. I can definitely look back and see how he's grown as a father and grandfather as a counselor as a mentor, business person is a ministry individual plant continuing to aim for. When I hear about the story. His dad what my dad learned from my grandfather.

That's the story, understanding, legacy, and continuing to work even when sometimes that means you pick up the pieces will have more of today's special broadcast just a moment first. So as we been learning Don driven says American men had been lied to and this led it's time for the truth and you'll find it in his brand-new book kingdom men rising in it. 20 squares off against today's mangled view of manhood and presents a whole new game plan for overcoming temptation recovering from past failures leading your family and building a legacy of faith and godly influence. It's time to man up God's way. So we like to send you a copy of kingdom men rising is her way of saying thanks when you make a contribution toward the ministry of the urban alternative as a special bonus will send it to you along with all 12 full-length messages in Tony's hard-hitting CD series, also titled kingdom men rising get them both before the special offer runs out by visiting Tony Avenue and or let one of our friendly team members help with your request. When you call her 24 hour resource Center at 1-800-800-3222 that's 1-800-800-3222 well as we return to the special collection of excerpts from Tony's feature film kingdom men rising will be hearing from Jonathan Pitts and author, public speaker and the executive pastor at the church of the city in Franklin Tennessee. Let's join for me just discipleship and disciple my children being there is only disciple my home really looks like presence.

A lot of times, like my quiet space was like just not being emotionally present.

Girls like daddy I'm just like argument you check out. There are things that aren't even considered wrong are still distracting and taking me away from my family, but it starts with presence like actually having an awareness around the Children more than you should be speaking to their lives and just the things I struggle with emotionally fierce praying with and for them on the breadwinner is supposed be the breadwinner.

So we think that's the most important job, Tony Dench work and take care of business so that I bring home the bacon family than a been a good day and that is not the most important thing our kids in the I found that out for my son. I was actually getting an award father last month, my son, Eric, 12 tell me the neatest thing that we got together thing that you are most have been on the sideline with me gone to the Super Bowl all the different well remember the time we were playing baseball all roll the tape because all this stuff was locked away just play based on 22 two baseball was a special menu together. That made me think that is not the great things is not what I provided for us not to fly playing baseball game with a roll of tape. This method, 16, 26, will profit a man to gain the whole world. If he forfeits his soul and that's what I always tell our young players great accolades in professional football, but don't think that's life. Don't think that's the end, all because that will be gone at some point in our lives life on earth be gone at some point you have to make sure you ready spirits Jonathan Pitts, what's cool. I think in kingdom living is that you are held in balance that you have sorrow and joy at the same time. It's quite a paradox. I don't get it.

I really don't understand.

I've had joy and sorrow at the same time and I would say that my testimony at this moment is that God's taken a lot of sorrow and actually turning Anthony Evan coming a kingdom man starts with surrender and a lot of times masculinity in our culture is, is the antithesis of that it's it's not about that.

It's about my world my kingdom. My that local definition. It starts with surrender and being vulnerable and authentic and transparent enough to admit where you are and allow Jesus to meet you where you are and make Jonathan Evan speaking to man doesn't mean your king being kingdom and really means that you're willing to submit yourself to the king.

The major incentive when you understand that when you understand submission and you can follow the one who's the greatest leader of all time. How to be a leader. The right way, which is sacrificing submission and then all the people behind you. As they got superior influence can actually follow justly and rightly so you can actually make an impact, instead of just being about the individual. Trinity me myself and I can actually be serving the real John removing that excuse of all I don't have a testimony. I don't have a sphere of influence. Now God does all those things. No Christian man has an excuse not to follow Jesus Christ to the false extent Troy Vincent has given us all a purpose and is given a solid platform so you may not be Jim may not be truly you may not be Tom Brady, but God created you for reason with the purpose and we can have influence right where we are when we talk about the power of influence that one has doesn't matter where you work with you on television.

Whatever may be but there's a purpose to God has destined for the life which is have to recognize what their purposes. The name is that you have to decide God's matters and becomes the greatest goal. And God has given us something to help us when we fall short is called repentance and carriages repentance that's that's that's the internal determination to turn from sin and sometimes as a process to get this thing we get what we want. We just don't want God wanted bad enough we want something or someone else that you stick to the side where you left your first love is one among many accept that position so we can accept that position. You don't experience the help that you crying thing is like to remind us of UK meet you if you as well. Tell me what your background abandon you. Don't tell me that your mother was not good. Tell me that you know that you were raised by maybe real Jesus was no name so we can meet at any time when you even know what you like about you, what man we don't need one. You will if you rise up and walk away. Dr. Evans just described it with us back in a moment with a powerful closing that can literally change your life. Now if you'd like to see the full length kingdom men rising feature film that are radio broadcasters been drawn from today you can do that the kingdom men rising movie is a film created in partnership with lively films and Tony Evans films and you can visit Tony to find out how you can get a copy for yourself and discover where it's available for streaming will be back in just a moment. As a follower of Christ, you are created called greatness. Now more than ever before in his powerful sequel to the bestseller kingdom Tony Avenue in kingdom men rising calls meant to break free of apathetic faith to take a stand more than just since you have been called to wise up and influence those around.

Discover how when you get kingdom men rising and learn the art of intentional impact available equals don't forget this powerful book is available as a part of that special double offer mentioned earlier, the brand-new kingdom men rising book and a 12 lesson kingdom men rising audio series on CD and digital download both yours is our gift for a limited time, you help keep this broadcast coming your way with a contribution toward Tony's ministry.

There's also a companion Bible study guide that's perfect for your personal devotion time or to help you present this important teaching to your small group or adult fellowship class again all the details are waiting for you or by calling 1-800-800-3222 our resource Center never closes. So don't wait again, dial 1-800-800-3222. What are you ready to dig deeper. Join us next time. As Dr. Evans kicks off an in-depth series of messages on how to answer God's call to understand and practice Biblical manhood right now though he's back with his final invitation so when we go from here.

First of all, you must be willing to be a disciple that starts with a personal commitment to Jesus Christ accepting him, trusting him personal sin bearer and substitute looking to him alone for the forgiveness of your sins and the free gift of eternal life.

When you do that you have now been going down the road of discipleship.

Or perhaps you've already accepted Christ, but you've never been disciple. Well, now is the time to make that decision you've already made that decision and are growing in your discipleship you should become a disciple or other men. So invest in the life of another man, or a group of men in your church in your community most certainly in your family so that we are replicating this emphasis on discipleship and sing live and to become the middle God created the alternative with Dr. Tony celebrating 40 years of faith thanks to generous contributions listeners like you

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