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Why Men Matter, Part 2

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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April 2, 2021 8:00 am

Why Men Matter, Part 2

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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April 2, 2021 8:00 am

Most men fantasize about becoming superheroes sometime during their growing-up years. But in this lesson, Dr. Tony Evans will talk about the real-life heroes that Christian men can grow up to become.

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A man is to be from God as the point of contact Dr. Tony Evans says God is a playbook that outlines the strategic role of a man.

The man man celebrating author Bible Fellowship Dallas, Texas, president of the Trinity superheroes was hope and inspiration and can always be counted on to do the right thing and while the superheroes of comic books and movies exist only in a satisfying make-believe world.

Dr. Evan says God has created a plan for ordinary men that when followed fills an urgent need in society, giving us real life characters to look up to and to be inspired by. Let's join him as he explains chapter wanted to start.

God says yeah so I would not, but I could find that a male buddies that I can find a man so apparently you can be a male and because I couldn't find the man I had to close the land so land becomes women cannot be located even when males are everywhere today is to call males back to being men. God defines a man not a culture defined and so I want to speak with you about answering the question about the position of Adam, where are you now, maybe they're going to be two reactions to what I say today. Some of you will be frustrated because you will be thinking all here we go with this man.

You will be static because the man in your life or the one who comes along, will man up to God's definition here is the first thing that you understand about a man and his position, not his vocation alone, but his position and that is that it is a position priority someone like that. But this is not a popularity meeting. It is a position of priority because God says in chapter 2 verse 12 God created Adam and created what first has to do with order first has to do with progress in time and were not created at the same first Vinnie God spent the whole chapter Genesis 2 discussing before it is ever created for why because it would be the man who would be responsible. The man was created first because God would hold him responsible even though it was he in the garden from God.

God didn't say no. He said Adam where you because you are responsible if you're going to be God's name that you're going to have to accept responsibility for everything he brings behind you. Second third fourth fifth and six first all of this by the way what's happening. The garden was the place where God was hanging out in Adam's house as a single man got married. He's a single man hanging out with God and the God. In other words, even as a single man. He was living in the presence of God.

He was living under the covering of God, something will get into more detail. Another time, but that's where he was well knowing that he was operating he says not only do I want you to do that and I want you to keep the guard cultivated and keep the Hebrew word for keep means to God will protect. I want to protect the house to protect the God what is protecting the house from me.

This is a perfect world knowest not slick as in the garden, Satanism, the God in chapter 3, the serpent comes up. He so that will be problems in the God because the snake is in the snake's no call stuff snake will try to stare stuff about the snake and will try to get you away from God. That is assortment in the garden, and your job is to keep them out because you responsible for the garden to keep the devil out because he tried to get provision and protection that is the environment that Adam was responsible for many give them another instruction. Verse 16, Genesis 2, the Lord God commanded the man saying from any tree of the garden you may eat freely, but from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat from it you will shall not die, he gives them his word his commandment, not his request, his commandment, why because a male who plans to be a man must position himself under divine authority which means God's word. At the final say so. Not his posse not his friends not his homeboys. Nobody overrules God not even his wife because God is mostly in chapter 3, because you listen to your wife.

All hell was broken loose in your life, because as much as you love her. She's not supposed overrules that his job is to oversee the communication and the operation of God's word and history of influence, starting with Joshua said as for me and mom's Joshua 2450. This is how we roll. This is how we will! How's this is not. We then vote here. God commanded me, the commandment but notice the command.

The command command was a happy committee see week we look at the negative possibility from that tree. The first pond command. The first part of the command was living up the first part of the command was from every tree of the garden you may freely eat the first part of the committee single man she tells of the first part of the commanded is all that I have given you maximize my creation maximize all mess with that member Don Cornelius will train you member scramble letters on the scramble bulletin in those letters refer to a particular single or particular musical group or particular song, but the letters were all over the place and so they get a couple of the dances and then have to unscramble the scramble bulletin so they would get 60 seconds to get the letters in order so that they can identify the group or the single or the song, and so they had to work out the scramble board to seek one of the reasons when trouble is man is God's word got all scrambled up in our job is to get letters in place, says the day you eat of it you going to break relationship with me that is like unplugging something in your house.

It's alive when you plug it in because electricity flows once you unplug it. The instrument can't function anymore. What we have today are males who don't function anymore because there because has entered into him or the relationship or the scenario or the parenting or whatever the case may be, he says that you are to carry my word. What is the problem with this tree in the middle called the tree. It was a Google tree because it tree of knowledge is Google is in an entry. This tree was for data, data, good data bed tree of the knowledge of good and evil, so the tree was not bad it had evil also had good zone. What you need he knows that good stuff on why because Adam if you're going to be the man that I want you to be created you to be you want to be operating like you're supposed to be.

Then I want you to live by the revelation. I do not want your human reason to determine your actions. I want divine revelation what and when I let you know don't go out there apart from me. One of the problems today was so many men is that they gone so secular to some college stuck in some career out with the wrong folk and have gotten all the deposition of manhood so that they're not able to function in the way God wants them to function and we wind up as mending dead men walking got the title. We want people to recognize the balls on the man we we want the title without the responsibility just like men today.

Adam was given responsibility. Dr. Evans will tell us about that when he returns just a moment.

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He wants to transfer why ask you, are you going to church today. The wife got asked you why not ask you what you will have emotions that the spiritual responsibility spiritually leading all yes I know what to do yet you do not already done so, I gotta do is take what I did like the sermon we had on Sunday you drag is nothing to do with it is not. Who knows Moses was responsible. That's what is this place if things in order to get things in the proper place. God says, not reason, my must define you before I give you a woman because when I give you a woman and then when I give your family and give your culture when I give you a career that I give you all this stuff it will be managed by me through you.

It will not be managed by you. Apart from me. A man is to be the vehicle the flow-through from God to those entities, family, church, society that he flows through as the first point of contact. Yes women you have your own personal responsibility and relationship with the Lord. That is to be primarily the Bible says even a husband can God in the light of his wife, but at the same time God has a process that he prefers the flow-through. I know in this day of being politically correct.

That's not a popular position trying to be popular. I'm trying to be biblical, human reason was never the government divine revelation was that if he was small, we bought a bicycle back to meeting.

Put it together for you to put together yourself and keep the capabilities nuts and bolts and screws, washes all the stuff all the stuff anything book of instructions. Eight hours later I Evans comes the garage and give me a piece of interesting advice that I didn't want to hear. Basically said could be this could be that the bicycle make knows more about bicycle assembly, the degreed oneso I couldn't believe that the man knows more about the man who man many men say my wife while Jay my lunch.

I which man you are you you as you all have heard me say I love being a man, and one reason verse 19 to out of the ground the Lord God formed every beast of the field and every bird of the sky and brought them to the main to see what he would call and whatever the man called a living creature. That was his name know I love you and I get the name stuff. I get the name stuff with the name something to the bottom when you got the name stuff you got only when you got the name stuff you can exercise authority over. Now you can name anything that the name would God brings. Once God brings it to you. You get all the name and everything I can get my hands on and giving it back to God.

God gives you the ability and authority to do that.

I know that we as men even if you had strength from God is asking us today.

But that's where the good news because in the Bible. There are two men name that in Genesis 2 and three and the Bible says in Romans five below it. All race in verse 18 and following. Romans five below.

It all right but in Corinthians chapter 15 versus 2245 and 47 number two is called the last number one got us out of the God and the Bible said if the life-giving spirit and it's going to back into the Don Adam map Matthew up at the last pick you up to be like Danny to be like your granddaddy you like the people who influenced all the remaining Dr. Tony Evans will come back in a moment to wrap up his message on why men matter with the final illustration is always today's message is available in its entirety on both CD and digital download including portions we didn't have time to include in the broadcast. Better yet, you can also get it is a part of that special double offer. I mentioned earlier, all 12 full-length messages in Tony's current series bundled along with his powerful new book kingdom men rising will send them to you as I think you get when you help support this ministry with a generous contribution and don't forget Tony has created a complete companion Bible study that goes along with the kingdom men rising series get all the details and make your request online at Tony Avenue and' you can browse through our huge library of resources and sign up for Tony's free weekly email devotional again that's Tony Avenue and' or call us at 1-800-800-3222 were team members are standing by around-the-clock to help you with your resource request. Again, that's 1-800-800-3222 who decides what it means to be a real man. Too often we leave that job to the people who write scripts for action movies or TV shows, but next time Dr. Evans will explore the biblical model of manhood right now though he's back with the final story to wrap up today/mountain climbing incident was a man in front of the man in the back. There were two men in the middle of the mountain to get them up there safely. That was a God at the front name added to God at the back name at this mountain.

But the problem is Adam and all the folks were tied together by the first Adam slip and when the first Adam slip. He pulled the two men with him and follow the precedent but the last and plowed it into the mountain so that all men could climb back up.

Adam slip Dragon the men down on the phone they will take you what you think you the alternative, Tony is celebrating 40 years of generous contributions of listeners like you

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