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Stop Blocking Your Miracle

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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January 8, 2021 7:00 am

Stop Blocking Your Miracle

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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January 8, 2021 7:00 am

A logical mind is a great thing to have until we get the idea that we can outthink the Lord. Join Dr. Tony Evans as he shows us how that is just one way we can be our own worst enemy when it comes to receiving the miracles God has planned for us. Its a look at why the solution sometimes depends on a little upside-down thinking.

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I got Dr. Tony Evans is getting out of God's way starts when we turn our thinking upside down actual you will see before you believe, but you will not see the goal until you believe the this is the alternative with Dr. Tony Evans, author, speaker and pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, Texas resident of the urban alternative. The Bible declares the Lord has planned for our well-being to give us a future and a hope.

But Dr. Evan says when it comes to receiving God's miracles, we can sometimes be our own worst enemy. Let's join him as he explains what I want to talk about and what I want to challenge you with today is to stop blocking your miracle like this suggests to us today based on the word of God that a lot of us haven't seen God come through because we're holding God up.

We may not gain his supernatural presence into our situation and into our circumstances when you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior you enter the realm of the supernatural, which means that you have access to that which operate outside of the natural.

The problem is that whistle to the natural we often miss resist what didn't I supernatural story of the very familiar one in John St. John chapter 11. It is the story of the resurrection of Lazarus have mentioned that on a number of occasions.

But today I want to take you on a little deeper journey in that the story to summarize Martha and Mary have called Jesus to heal their brother Lazarus was sick, Jesus has said sickness is not on that and Jesus did and they going to help their sick mother get better during the trial of Jesus's delay, Lazarus died.

Jesus shows up tonight, he dies at the same time, at the very called on. We have to frustrated sisters north of the verbal one says many brotherhood noted that when were you when we needed you.

Where were you when you call.

We called on you and you know we heard the sermon that things will go get better and I've only gotten worse off of the quiet one just went home and started weeping and she said the same thing.

Jesus of you would brother would not have died. That's the scenario of the story up at this point and if the truth were told there are many today who have been disappointed by the Lord, the Lord didn't do what you clearly understood. He said he was going to when you thought it was will be in a hurry. He's taken his time when you thought he answered your prayer. The answer was the opposite. At that The truth be told, some of those believe God actually made stuff worse by his negligence and by delay and even by the Nile if the truth with intelligent function of the day on would data tell the truth. God disappointed me.

You been disappointed with God.

Well, join mom and Mary because they all disappointed with this thing. That's where this part of the story that I want to go over meets us the today verse 38 so Jesus again being deeply moved within came to the tomb now. It was a cave and a stone was lying against Jesus was being deeply disturbed by the pain and anguish, the emotion of what he was dealing with in the life of Martha and Mary that in verse 35 the shortest verse in the Bible it says Jesus wept. So Jesus cry at the pain he shared the pain of Martha Merrick but let me tell you something about Jesus's emotions while Jesus sympathizes with our infirmities. Hebrews chapter 41.

Jesus wouldn't emotions govern his theology. He would but he wouldn't let how he felt about it. Determine what he did because his commitment to God's truth how to override his emotions at the moment. So he is doing with her but at the same enemies moved by the scenario.

He wished about the situation but at the same time, he now seeks to address the problem.

So we constantly told, and when he gets there he issues a command verse 39 Jesus said remove the stone model. The system seems that the Lord, by this time that will be a stench walking has been there for days. Jesus says remove the stone. Martha says just a minute, Jesus what you ask is impractical, irresponsible Jesus you don't know how that works in this composition has a place as all's well shape what most of us do when Jesus issues a command that we may not like nor understand. She chose not, section with human logic, Jesus want you asking is red us, that makes sense moved the stone to get all that stench all about you asking.

And Jesus said to her did not say to you with stuff like that potential here. The snow and you discuss in biology the snow and discussing tables raise what I'm talking about what you thought about the same thing now that you want to do the grading that you delay what God wants to do as some of us have been talking for years when I thought of the days, months.

For years we've been talking the same stop and the correct case and cases and we will quickly cite talk about stone with you in a situation for situation of the dead situation for the stinking situation is a trap situation such a thing national about tell me the situation.

I just simply ask you to move the stone blocks so natural movement of God in your life like your logic, your education. Some of us have educated ourselves out of the supernatural was just too smart for God will intelligently happen to write the kingdom of God's. And so we live with our logic and so we live only in the natural did not say to you can chew hereunder say you that you believe you will see the glory of God. He didn't say if you see you would believe that if you believe you would save natural you say before you believe in the natural.

Not so in the supernatural in the natural. If you believe you would see what what you will see the glory of God. What is the glory of God. It's God will display the glory of God is God revealing himself as God in your circumstance, the glory of God is when God advertises himself the glory of God is when God puts himself or his attributes on a billboard so you can see God at work, but you will not see it in the medical until you believe in spiritual, but how would we know what she believed believe wouldn't be tied to her feelings or emotions.

Believe wouldn't be tied to how excited she got in the Sunday church service believe wouldn't be measured by whether she waved her hand in the air like she just don't care.

You believe wouldn't be measured by whether she flipped the pews said praise the Lord, like the service said a man that would be irrelevant. Believe was measured by whether that stone because as long as that stone was still that she could go to church all year.

Praise, dogear, sing songs, join the choir.

The common Russian fleet of small groups, but if that stone was not low shipping and unduly a lot of God's children worship in unbelief because outside the law, but not touch the stone the magic is like God is telling the truth. You measure your your feelings, so if you fail, but you move your faithless, it is obedience to what God says when it goes against your standing window schedule, even when it goes against your degree when it goes against popular opinion when I when our kids, and my friends say hey friends. When I got this big day, daddy came to friends say you and I are blocking miracles when human logic that even if that's correct what God said, you have just done what Matthew 13 says he did not do many miracles there because of their own, so you will be limited. I will be limited. We collectively will be limited to the natural when we do not move the stone. That is, we do not act on what God has said, whether we understand it, can figure it out like it or not and that is what often happens with Christians limiting us to the natural because we can figure out how God will do this we can figure out what is going come from.

So did not say to you that you would see which owner has the glory of God which will see the supernatural. Can you believe in you believe by doing what I told you to do.

God is saying.

I'll wait. I wait until you decide to believe Dr. Evans will come back in a moment to further explore that idea right now though I like to let you know that today's message is the final lesson in Tony's powerpack sermon compilation your best. You this five lesson collection can set the stage for successful new year, giving you the inspiration needed to put your best foot forward as you gain confidence in the Lord's presence and provision make the most of your God-given potential matter what circumstances you're facing right now your best. You can show you how to get your life headed in a new and more hopeful direction. So we are offering you this entire collection is or thank you gift when you come alongside Tony's ministry with a contribution to keep the alternative on the station.

This offer is only good through this weekend, so be sure to make the arrangements or give us a phone call at 1-800-800-3222 that's 1-800-800-3222 right now Dr. Evans is back with more of today's lesson. Let's try to tell you something about the will of God. God has a ceiling will that's what he says in the Bible and he has a secret will. Deuteronomy 2929 says that the secret things belong to God, he has revealed it is you cannot get into God's sacred will. If you've ignored his revealed will. No words if he says move the stone whenever it is no situation if he tells you to do, but you have to see what is going to do before you move the stone you'll never see sacred sacred will until he sees you believe his revealed will. If you don't do what you know. He said he will show you what is up to him secret in the supernatural. Well you can figure it out.

I have accounts on the figure routable God's ways are not your ways and thoughts are not your thoughts are that the path so you can figure out what to do. This stone to try to figure out that an Excedrin PM headache verse 21 so they remove the stone summary on Mr. Salve remove the stone not as Bush moved the stone stone may move the stone really talk there. She needed somebody to help her movement because it was too heavy for woman to much on the say what I'm trying to say is some issues are too big for you to handle by yourself some stone problems, difficulties are to you've done it too long you been added to it control you all you're addicted to it as a strong self envelope by now so bold alongside to help her learn something she could not move herself. That's why you need community. That's why many people around you to help you move stone drinking because God won't move until the stone is moved so if you cannot move the stone get some people care about you enough, you will not love you enough to put that hand on your stone that you got so they remove the stone then somebody say then summarizing them in other words, not on television, not tell. They did what God said to the next part take place solely on the matters some loss, asking God to send their vision God weight no man, I'm writing you to do what I told you do so that I can do what I'm going to. This is the intercession of God. What a great truth that God stands like a defense attorney between the client and the jewelry to plead your case about something that's already been agreed on the spiritual.

That's why the Bible says he's already been to the end and that it backs up to the beginning so he already knows where this thing is going, but faith debates it in your experience, so let's now bring this to a conclusion. We are in a stinking situation because he's been there for days and he thinks we're in the situation because he's been locked down behind the stone that whole group of people have to move. She's not only a trap situation in a sticky situation he's in a dead situation you trapped does the scenario stink is the only hope for this thing. Resurrection, you qualify for the supernatural. Watch this when he said these things, he cried out with a loud voice, notice the specificity of the crime, not y'all come for everybody from the graveyard would gotta it says the man who had died came forth, bound feet with wrappings, and his face was wrapped around with the cloth. Jesus said to them online and letting go because he was still tied up tied up around his legs from his hands around his head. He was still wrapped in cloth what is now he was alive but he was not liberated because he was still tied up miracle America was what was bad is now so comes walking all the way I want you all I want John on his head on the home to participate in Want to build miracles that explode you once the numerical that include you. You miracle not to get it all in one child finish it all so that you can see how I can in the lives of circumstances, to do what they can do that job. Please unwrap away.

That's why the success workers to gather with what we can do what's asked to do what we can do so that we become in the supernatural working process. Dr. Evans will have a final comment about why the miracles God gives us more about furthering his agenda and hours back in a moment to wrap up today's lesson stay with us. The thing about serving incident God is that no matter how much you know there's always more to learn. So, with your brand-new descriptor or an experienced ministry professional. There's something for you with Tony of an screening process to find online courses covering core concepts working at your own pace and schedule digging deep into the historical context of the book uncover the key teachings and learn how to apply them in real situations. There's lots of exclusive content from Dr. Evans to keep you interested and motivated, and an online form where you can ask questions and answers can collaborate with other students. The more you learn, the more you want to give it a try Tony Evans transaction discovered in time, anywhere you can find out more about the Tony Evans training center when you visit Tony Evans.or. And while you're there, don't forget to make the arrangements to receive Tony's current sermon collection. Your best. You, as I mentioned earlier of five full-length messages in this compilation are yours is or thank you gift when you make a contribution to help keep the alternative, coming your way. This offer runs out this weekend so don't wait contact us today at 20 other stock or four-color resource Center at 1-800-800-3222 were team members are available day and night to help you. That's 1-800-800-3222 when you realize you been driving in the wrong direction. You look for a place to make a U-turn. Dr. Evans says the same is true when you find yourself off course in life and on Monday he'll explain why. Turning your circumstances around starts by turning yourself around and calling sin. Sin right now though he's back with a final comment to wrap up our time together for today.

God doesn't do miracles just to show off the supernatural to flex his muscles. He does the supernatural, so that his name will be known. Many believed on him.

That's the problem with a lot of folk come the church looking for blessings they look for what God will do for me on new Houston condo close notice to some form he blessed me. I want my blessing.

I want my best. My best and then after God does something, she gets no notification, no glorification is not witnessing and not talking about him for not given in the credits are not responding and gimmicks could not do. If you're not just talking about Job just blasts you you glasses you may glory your impact not only not ministry on site so when you open up your mouth the class the greatness of your God, to go into your grave and raise you up and give you glory with it is made possible by the generous fusion of listeners

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