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The Priority of Prayer

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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November 23, 2020 7:00 am

The Priority of Prayer

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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November 23, 2020 7:00 am

The Bible tells us to bring our requests to the Lord. But in this lesson, Dr. Tony Evans will explain why those requests ought to have more to do with Gods agenda than our own. Find out why you might be missing the whole point of prayer and what you can do about it.

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Wake up today God will today. Dr. Tony Evans talked about getting our prayer priorities in order to experience the presence of the kingdom.

If you're willing to submit to the purposes of the king. This is the alternative with Dr. Tony Evans, author, speaker, pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, Texas resident of the urban alternative.

Most of us have no problem praying for what we want or even praying for what others want today.driven talks about the importance of praying for what God wants. Let's join him as he explains when you merge onto a highway.

The traffic is going in a particular direction that requires an adjustment as you move off of the on ramp into the traffic flow. There is an adjustment, no matter what the size of your vehicle happens to be, you must adjust to where the traffic is headed. If you try to go your own way on a moving highway you're creating a disaster because you going in the opposite direction to where the traffic is seeking to go God is going somewhere where he is going is the building of his kingdom by kingdom come.

Everything is about God's kingdom from Genesis to Revelation. The word kingdom is the driving narrative of the story. The rule of God from eternity into history, but in relationship with his people and what God is asking you to do is to merge your into his program to merge in the way he's going to merge in the direction he's taking in the way that you merge into his kingdom program is prioritizing his will over your thy kingdom, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven now, the first thing you have to understand is the comprehensive nature of God's will. Nothing sits outside of it. In other words, God's will is what he wants where he wants it, and what he wants. It is absolute control over all of his creation.

For example, let me read to you. Isaiah chapter 14 verse 24 verse 27 the Lord of hosts has sworn, saying shortly just as I have intended so it happened. And just as I planned it, it will stay. Verse $0.27 for the Lord oppose his plan and who can frustrated as for his stretched out hand who can turn it back. Chapter 43 of Isaiah verse 13 reads as follows, even from eternity IME, and there is none who can deliver out of my hand. I am who can reverse it. So God's will is comprehensive. I am now speaking about the unconditional will of God that is his will when he doesn't have any conditions tied to it when he's going do it because he decided to do it because it is right to do it. He told Pharaoh, Pharaoh let my people go vacantly whether you cooperate with a web you don't cooperate with it. I have to bring salt if I have to turn the water in the blood if I have to bring lies or if I have to kill those born everyone know how I have decided not stay there anymore so whether you work with me or don't work with me is irrelevant because in my unconditional will I have decided this is going to happen.

I'm going to make it happen. So that is this comprehensive will of God. I love the way Psalm 115 verse three says God is in heaven, and he does whatever he pleases. Romans chapter 11 verse 36 and from him, through him and to him are all things. So when we're talking about the God of the Bible when talking about a person who has absolute control over anything he decides to do because he has both the right and the power to do what he determines, having explained his unconditional will.

That's not the only will he God as a mother will and that is the will of what he desires that may or may not occur. In other words, he has a desirable will things he wishes and things he wants the things he wishes and wants are in partnership with mankind and it may or may not happen. For example, first Timothy 24 says God desires that all men are saved, yet the Bible is clear all men are not see even though he wants it to happen. He does not impose it to happen because it's conditional on what man does does not do in this case receiving Christ in the conditional will of God. He allows choices.

Deuteronomy chapter 30 versus 15 to the end of the chapter said that you have a choice. He says choose life or you can choose death.

I want you to choose life, making choose life. So there is a unconditional will we go do it because he decides to do it. But then there is this partnership will where he will partner with you in the doing of it but you won't make you do it the reason why we have to pray that I will be done is because obviously his will is not always done. That's why we have to pray for, so he's calling for a partnership in prayer, so that what he has determined that conditionally from heaven to come to earth can come because we have cooperated with it for it to be released from heaven into earth now. What this means is that a decision has to be made if you don't pray this prayer and needed. He says that we must be willing to submit to the will of God to give you four words that some of you may not like for words that sometimes I don't prefer.

I'm going to give you for words that can ruin your perspective up of who you are and why you are here those four words come from first Corinthians chapter 8 verse six and those four words reads as follows.

We exist for him first reviewed 86 says we exist for him translation.

He does not exist for you. He does not exist for me. God did not create us so that we would not be for him. He created us so that we could be for him program his will, his plan for his goals and desires. His drive he want you to wake up every morning he wants me to wake up every morning and say, not my will, today God will today and if anybody has to adjust adjustable I am adjustable, we exist for him. That is the surrender decision that every Christian has to face Jesus put it this way, even when he was physically hungry and John 434.

He says I exist. My food is to do the father's will. I'm hungry right now. But what really satisfies me is when I've done the father's will. You can only experience the power and presence of the kingdom.

If you're willing to submit to the purposes of the king your goal.

My goal should be what God said about David Max 1322. He said David is a man after my own heart who loves to do my will.

David was an imperfect man, but when God wrote his obituary. He says that man loves to do my will love it when he failed doing my Willie got on his knees and confessed he got it right and got right back in my will. He loves to do my will. That's what you want to be said of your life. My life, I didn't just do it.

I preferred it. The only way you're going to prefer to do God's will is if you believe he knows what he's doing is if you don't believe he knows what he's doing. You know you will drift to your will to your preference but but if you believe he knows what is going even when you don't like what he's doing.

You have to trust them that he knows better than you do. And I submit to the will of God, so that must be a surrender charge must be a decision to be committed to the will of God, so that brings up this issue of confidence in God. First John five verses 14 and 15 says we have this confidence that anything we ask in his will.

We know he's going to do it. We have this confidence. The problem with many about submitting to the will of God as we don't have confidence in.

We got confidence when we like it but we don't have confidence when we load with competence when we wanted, but we don't have confidence when we don't want to.

John says but we have this confidence that we know when we pray it as well because one craft that will always be answered and that is his will. If you pray and as it is, will it will happen, but if it's conditional desire but you don't break it might not happen even though as it as well, but you can always set because God gives you a confidence when you're in his will. So that's why we pray because I don't want anything left in heaven. It was meant to come to earth. I don't want to miss anything he wanted to do what he was waiting for me to follow him to pray them to depend on him and so I did not get it now. Let me make something clear, you will not learn what is sacred will is if you ignore his revealed will.

When Dr. Evans continues her message just a moment to tell us more about how God gives back to us when we pray according to his priorities.

But first I like to tell you how to get Tony's popular and life-changing book God is more than enough in it he takes a close look at the 23rd Psalm, pointing out that it's much more than poetic verse it's David and us realizing that God is totally capable of taking care of any distress or anxiety or fears we may have. We only need to allow him to do it.

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We have things we don't tell our children. We've already made the decision that we have been informed maybe because is not time. Maybe they're not old enough. Maybe not mature enough, but we have secret wills that his things we know nobody else knows about in the family. God is a secret, will when you go to God. It is not written in the Bible. Specifically, what is your personal need and you want to know God, what you will do about this thing that I can't find a particular verse on you cannot find his sacred will. If you rebel against his revealed will win in John chapter 11 Jesus told Martha to move the stone and she wanted to debate about mortuary science is been there for Daisy's think of Jesus and I move the stone and Jesus wouldn't say anything until she moved the stone which move the stone she saw what God was planning to do in secret grassroots come for but there is something I like about she waits to God crying. Where were you if you would've been here.

She said this disaster with the current. The sickness would be there.

This distance away.

If you would've just been where were you and if the truth be told, if you haven't say that you thunk it. Where were you in this financial situation where were you this relational crisis. Where were you. Where were you. She says where were you can't get any worse than her situation is totally gone. Confidence was so with tears rolling down my she said. But even when I see help. No, no deliberate smell victory no way out here. I'm so glad I know now God when there are no solutions, no deliverance, that's why you want to give up on God because he could do things. Even now, you may not, but you elites want to know somebody who can that you said we know God deliberate but if you give him glory, exalted way rental prices God even now if you know what you pray you you you exalt to magnify you because we exist for you. Don't exist for so what that means is that we must do a number of things. First of all, we must be willing to discover his will.

Psalm 119 verse 18 says open so that we see hope and willingness to God what you say about the situation. What principles are in the Bible about what I'm dealing with what I'm going to be willing to discover that. Secondly, you must be willing to understand the Bible calls that was the first James 15 if any man lacks wisdom, let him ask of God will how do you want me to handle this thing. How do you want me to deal with this bit Romans 12 wanted to be willing to submit to it. You must say yes Lord yes Lord yes to your will.

And then you must be willing to accomplish it.

I love Colossians 19 is what it says.

For this reason also since the day we heard of it will not cease to pray for you and ask that you may be filled with the knowledge of his will in all wisdom and understanding, so that you might walk in a manner worthy of the Lord to please him in all respects, bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God says I'm praying for you.

I'm praying for you. He says to that church. This church thank you for praying for me and possibly praying for you were pregnant you will know the knowledge of God in whatever situation you're facing that you will have the wisdom of God to how to address it and that you will walk in and you will make the basis of your decision until your change comes to whether or not the way I will be done. We will talk to me to get up every day and say, God, this is what I want is what I desire.

This is what I prefer to be honest with you, this is my dream since my golf. Having said what I said told you what I told you that I will be done because I exist for you.

We exist for you for your glory and for your namesake is what Jesus promises Mark chapter 3 verse 35 that he does.

My will will be my father, brother and sister you will do my will, will bring you into the family, already a Christian. Now tell your family secrets, do things in your situation, whether or not I change your scenario to let you know I'm family when Stephen was being stoned to death.didn't change the situation but he was family.

And because he was found in the Bible says he saw heaven opened, Jesus Christ standing on the right hand of the father giving him a standing ovation as he was family with your family. God shows up in way that blows your mind. Sometimes it's a miracle that you didn't expect coming deliberate that you didn't think was possible. Sometimes a last-minute bill being paid when you thought you were going to be, but sometimes what the situation just stand in the middle of it let you know he's right that your family if you're willing to do my will treat you like family probably close to crisis made this church and every individual in this church train on your program is your kingdom and I want to be a highway, you can skip me.let me ride this way will be done willing to adjust my way to go away. My will do your will is your desire to please you and about you will show him what situation you choose to glory.

Dr. Evans will be back in a moment with the final story to drive home today's message first so I will let you know that there's a lot more material from this lesson than what we had time to share over the year and that's why we make a full-length versions of each message available on both CD and digital download. You can review it on your own, or even share it with a friend or family member you can get Tony's complete eight part series.

The Lord's prayer as a thank you gift when you make a contribution to help support his ministry and as I mentioned earlier will also include a copy of God is more than enough. Tony's well-received book that is already helped thousands of others find the strength they need to overcome inadequacy worries and hardship with the Lord in charge, just get in touch with us today and make a request before the special offer runs out you can get all the information and make your donation online at Tony Avenue and start Lord or call us at 1-800-800-3222 our resource center is open 24 seven so there's no need to wait again that's 1-800-800-3222. They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery will tomorrow.

Jonathan Evans will explain why. Can also be the strongest demonstration of devotion as he talks about what it means to be made in the image of God. Right now though Tony's back with his final thought for today is told to give the keys to somebody was not intoxicated upon the wheel, jeopardizing your cell phone so they say give you keys up to somebody was not a toxic get you home safe. You and I live in an intoxicated world, causing us to staff and start up all over the place went happy today with sad tomorrow with joyful the day were miserable tomorrow.

Tomorrow was down intoxicated world, but God is submit no get you to the will of God to the plan of God. God glory of God's life the way that it should be program. The alternative is made possible by the general

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