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Now is the Time for Revival

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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October 25, 2020 8:00 am

Now is the Time for Revival

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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October 25, 2020 8:00 am

There are a lot of Christians running around who sound like theyve experienced revival but are every bit as dead inside as ever. Join Dr. Tony Evans as he explains that there are two parts to revival and being only half revived doesnt get the job done.

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Money can satisfy having a nice bouquet satisfied having a nice cloak bling bling satisfy you. Dr. Tony Evans is true satisfaction. As a result of revival, processor restoration, with two vital part.

Once it becomes the only time you will send you a return name to your first love.

This is the alternative Dr. Tony Evans, author, speaker, pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas and president of the urban alternative today. Dr. Evans explains there are two parts to revival and being only half revived doesn't get the job done.

Let's join I'm sure all of us have alarm clocks usually by the side of our bids and these alarm clocks have a major assignment and that is to let us know was time to get up. They said at night to go off in the morning even with a loud noise or with becoming one of the radio to tell us that we should no longer be sleeping or slumbering's, wake up alarm clocks can go off at the most inconvenient time they can go off when you're not ready to get up that golf when you don't want to get up, they can go off and you resist them is called the snooze button is where you are resisting the call of the alarm that's demanding a response right now.

That means the comfort of the bed must be left the convenience of the covers must be rejected because you gotta get on with your day. The alarm clock is critical if you want to accomplish something in life. God had an alarm clock in the Bible and they will call prophets prophets were God's alarm clocks they would sound the alarm in order to call God's people to a spiritual response so that they would wake up from their stupor from their sleep and their slumber. He would create an alarm in the same way that oftentimes our long talks on appreciated when they interrupt our relaxation sleep and rest.

Biblical prophets were often not appreciated when they would sound the divine alarm when God wanted to wake them up from there. Close the situation remains revival and regularly throughout the Bible God would call the people to revival through the alarm system called the prophet today I want to look at one of those profits and is cool.

The prophet's name is Haggai. Should is known as a minor prophet major prophets, but one with the big books, music kills and Isaiah is the major prophets. They wrote and talked about a lot. Then there are the prophets that all the little books. In fact, Haggai. You flip the page you finish. I don't have to check this lease minor prophet buddy the minor prophet with a major message that set the context of Haggai's prophetic message Israel has been under the judgment of God in Babylon for 70 years they rejected the earlier prophets like Jeremiah who said if you don't change God to intervene and judge.

They did not change. They refuse God. God intervened and judged, and the Babylonians invaded Israel destroyed the temple, and many of the Israelites into slavery in the Babylon. That's where books like Daniel Clement with Daniel and Richet Shadrach, and Abednego a bit taken. The Babylon of of all products that judgment for 70 years they have been living in Babylon in this foreign place not hold unhappy, miserable and wanting to come out of judgment at the end of 70 years. God's grace and mercy intervened and God brought them out of captivity from Babylon. The book of Haggai is written to the returning Jews who are now returning back to Babylon. In fact, they have now been back in Israel for over 50 years when the bad guy when I got prophet comes on the scene. They are back in Israel for teen years. Let's see what Haggai has to say to these returning folks who are now back in Israel burst to the posterior people say time is not yet, even the time for the house of the Lord to be rebuilt.

So these returning people been back home now for more than 15 years have not started to rebuild the temple, which was destroyed when the Babylonians came many years earlier to take them in the captivity the temple has been left in ruins.

When asked why the people said we don't have time to rebuild the temple.

We don't have time now we know one of the reasons that they didn't have time for said they didn't have time because it's recorded in the book of Ezra Internet chapter 4 verses four and five. The people had become discouraged if they had some opposition. They had some resistance.

They had some inconvenience and I said when I flew with this. That was nine sleep, the temple, but without food. With this because we want to go through all this inconvenience so that rather than deal with the inconvenience, is that we don't have time for this so they left the house of God on hold now not dealing with the temple was major it was major because in the Old Testament the temple was not now the manifest presence of God in the temple was where the glory of God came where God sat in the midst of his people when they said the temple. They were not just saying we don't have time for this building. Although the temple was building what they were also saying is it's not that big a deal not to have God in our midst because with the temple came God in their midst really tell you what they were satisfied with, which is what we are satisfied with the day without a thought with God in the vicinity. Even though we may not be in the midst they sat well as long as you have God in general. We don't need God in specific. In the midst means the manifest presence of God.

In general, means God is there God in the temple that is his manifest glory to God at work to experience God in a personal way to simply have them in the passivity is meaning that God is in the general atmosphere, it means it's a good day, it means you know the sun is rising. They were satisfied with God. In general, because they lost the need to see God in specific bad.

What I like to call God on the loop like a loop that goes around our city in every major city in the vicinity but is not the same as being downtown is on the periphery on the margin.

They were satisfied because it was still carnal religion religion didn't stop when I pulled with this temple is too much trouble. We don't need God in the midst as long as we have God in the vicinity. Many of us came to church today with God in the vicinity but we don't know how many still not in the midst, and is a big difference between general God and specific God general.he saw how you can get over so low you can get on this piece. So glad you came around general God is the mission of the present for the veracity of grace, mercy, and peace.

That's general God but God in the midst means I have experienced it means. I know for myself God in the vicinity is good. Everybody God is good all the time and all the time God is good that the vicinity God in the temple in the midst, is he been good to me.

He came through for me the answer my prayer. I saw him come out of nowhere and he made himself, brought himself in the my situation so I want you to not look at the temple merely of the building. It was building but it represented something deeper. Let me show you what else, if you turn over one page, you'll run into another minor prophet's name is Zachariah Zacharias. In verse two the Lord was very angry with your fathers, as before you went in the captivity. Therefore say to them that promotable return to me because the Lord of hosts, that I may return to you said below to host that returning to him to God what is being demonstrated through their neglect of the temple. So here it is, how do you know when you are returning to God. You pretty much know when you're turning from sin to me doing and not doing anymore.

You can measure that you measure when you are returning real simple one word first. You know you returning when you put God first.

That's when you know when.if you are returning because that means you have now reprioritize them and you have repositioned him in your life which means you are returning to hips. We got your emotions on any given moment.

That's why so much is said about first in the Bible. She says you are to bring you firstborn to the Lord. Deuteronomy 26 says that you ought to give the first of your flocks to the Lord. Colossians chapter 1 verse 18 for Jesus Christ is the firstborn of many brethren, that he might have first place in everything its relationship to the UN love which you put God first. Once it becomes a priority. Now you not only turn from your sins, you are returning to your first love.

You are putting God first and therefore calling God down in your midst problem is we are satisfied with a left over relationship with God. We are satisfied with the leftovers and nobody wants to go with every day, what with his five spiritually with is giving God all but which means we have not returned to him. Even if we turn from six which means he is not in the mess and if he is not in the midst we do not have the expression of his presence operating in. You know you not put in first one you have time for spiritual priorities to notice what he says in verse verse five. Consider your ways. In other words, you need to think about this case, only to be something about because he told me to think about for consider your ways. Think about this.

You have so much work time and harvest little one a winner went you eat and there is not enough to be satisfied your drinks is not enough to become drunk you put on clothes and no one is warm enough and you earned earns wages to put them in a purse full of holes.this is how you know you cannot return to God you living a dissatisfied life.

The money King satisfying. Have a nice food can satisfy having a nice clove bling bling King satisfying if you living an unsatisfied life why you're living an unsatisfied life. God says because I make sure that all your hard work does not satisfy. It will satisfy you. It will be enough, and I will make sure that what you get. You put in a pocket full of holes soon as you get it you lose it you payoff one thing males break down so it keeps going up. You keep trying to get more more more more more. Nothing wrong with having you in and of itself, but you're getting it without a relationship.

You wonder what happened to it so that it went in and went through one where would you wonder wherewith you said I am unlucky. No, not to do that is you want to use me you will return to me you don't want a relationship. The Bible says, seek ye first the kingdom of God. Dr. Evans will have more on how to find satisfaction in life when he continues her message just a moment first so I want to tell you about his popular devotional book stronger together weaker apart, this book will teach you how to harness the power of prayer in overcoming anger disagreements and misunderstandings. You learn how to heal relationships find common ground and impact our world in meaningful ways.

If you get in touch with us and request stronger together weaker apart right away will send it to you as a way of saying thanks for your contribution toward Tony's ministry and along with the book include all 14 lessons in his current two-volume teaching series, turning a nation to God when you make the arrangements you can instantly download the digital copies. What we send the CDs and book your way. This limited time offer ends in just a few more days to visit Tony right away or call us anytime of the day or night at 1-800-800-3222 let one of our resource team members help you. That's 1-800-800-3222 with Dr. Evans will return with more of today's lesson right after this year. Like most Christians, there are people in your life who knows, you may not know Jesus do something about that feeling clings to share your faith effectively. In other words, he knew more. That's with Tony Avenue and's training center comes in.

It's an online Bible's with classes that will take you deep into the most important important concepts of things start with our free introductory course on the things you listen to move on the subjects like spiritual warfare and marriage building maturing in the faith, and many more. Content is challenging through the Toronto pace. Anytime your online is also lots of custom content from Tony and an online forum where you can meet your specific questions answered. Go to and follow the link to Tony Kevin's training center. It's like having a seminary on your smart phone. He says consider your ways efforts are not bringing you enough enough means to be satisfied.

Okay. Put another way, there's very little contentment in your life pauses. I have learned to be content, whether times are good or times are bad. I have learned to chill whether my stuff is up all my stuff is there, I have learned to be cool whether the stock market is headed north or whether the stock market and hitting such have learned to chill good because I have satisfaction can make you think that's what he says but what is your state of discontent and everything you do to make your self content will be enough. You will drink but you will get enough to be content you ate what you will be full enough to get content to make you so, but it will go into what all I will not grant you contentment with me, but if you return to his let me putting me first make some vague thing return the God known about the church every week, putting first, church may not be first to be religiously watches that washes a lot of those were seven consider Yahweh's.

That means you better think about this, you better think about this, go to watches watches that go to the mountains bring Lord and rebuild the temple, that I may be pleased with it and be glorified, says the Lord, go to the mountain shot down some trees bring back the Lord will rebuild the temple so happy.

Okay you want me to make you happy okay not making me happy first is you, me.

What make me happy go up there limiting Kate down without sweat become something that you got a calm up amount left little inconvenient appeal to limitation returning to the Lord has to be demonstrated and what you do not how good your sale my rock mouse with my Shealy my wheel in the middle with that sound good but you have done nothing a man I love your pretty little nice talk. Go down the mountain discussion get out go up shot down the trees. Bring back the Lord with the temple. Let me see what you gonna do nice. You can talk mountain shot them trees would rebuild the temple so that I'm happy you please me work on me. The first problem with that request is is that the Bible says in a number places will please that's with 37 that when the people went back from Babylon to Israel, the king then was Persia, Babylon, the king of Persia once is now the Jews would to rebuild the temple.

Okay day you will to refuse about and not enough on to rebuild the Lord to rebuild the temple, one would to rebuild the temple, the mountain to chop down the trees to audit to rebuild the Temple have been given the will to rebuild the chapel to go back now.

The wide array… The mountain to chop down the trees to get to rebuild the temple, is because the will. When I was in my house when we model the goodness of God, and you thought themselves for the glory of God.

They took with black sediments and how to be.

They wanted on new clothes from a new house for me, but nothing came back to pile it on my wall to get this nice wooden house showed temple you're not important except the blessed me with the problem. The day would be a blast. Now probably a blast when you leave God out of the blessed day when I get the wood in on the builders temple house and skip this sample what I might don't matter as long as you give it a little and I don't need you in the midst person. You look for much behold it comes to little you will you will you come to me, Demeter is giving you one a lot, but it comes the little when you bring it home blowing away cool.

Now why the Lord because house lies desolate. Each one of you wants to get a house. Therefore, because the sky has withheld its due and the earth has withheld its produce call on the land on the mountains. I called for a drought on the greens on the new one on all the oil on what the ground produces a drought on man with no life on your cattle call for a drought on the label of all y'all's you thought you had a bad day you thought that's right. Consider Yahweh don't disconnect me from your class can blasts can bring good can bring bad you want to call me good, but you think the bad staff and impersonal forces that may explain God says The ground is not producing it: nothing that would not reproduce a good melt to get this snail mail piece that they provide is not griped: not produce great as calamity in your world become the impersonal forces operating in the universe because you refuse the time and you refuse to come to me will know your stuff that you see shut you down.

You are great you are, what gravity one. Calm down. If you return to the Lord. Then it coming down stress you out no stress you don't have anybody trying to put out. They had no stirred made. Hopefully I'll have anybody like that in you return to the law will not give it the Lord take it away if you return to the law, the rights of the second floor. This seed begging bread for return to the law is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all you can think of you return to the law against the state. You hope that nobody in this house somebody on the everybody hello everybody want to play now and break that this day so that I am first because you shut up because of you return home you turn and return Dr. Tony Evan talking about the link between revival and survival in these tough times were experiencing part of his two volume compilation turning a nation to God. Get all 14 lessons in this powerful collection to reviewing your owners share with your small group Bible study. Contact us right away and asked for the details on the set called turning a nation to God and if we hear from you right away. You can get all these messages on CD and digital download as well as a copy of Tony's book I mentioned earlier, stronger together weaker apart, this entire resource package is a way of saying thanks when you make a contribution to the ministry of the alternative were grateful for your support because it's the only way we can continue bringing you this program and maintain our outreaches to pastors, their families and churches wanting to reach their communities. So get in touch before the special offer runs out.

Just call us at one 800 832, 22, and one of our resource team members will help you make the arrangements or visit us online at Tony Avenue in stock or people with a vibrant faith are often called on fire. Christians next time Dr. Evans will tell us what gets them lit and keeps them burning.

I hope you'll join us.

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