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Water in God's House

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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October 15, 2020 8:00 am

Water in God's House

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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October 15, 2020 8:00 am

Dr. Tony Evans has said that our nation can never turn to God until the church returns to God. Join him as he talks about what it means for the church to be the church and to make the kind of impact God intended.

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Dr. Tony Evans is God's kingdom agenda is more important than any political agenda judgments.this is the alternative to you on speaker Pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas and president of the alternative without water, no living being, could survive no matter how much it rains a spiritual drought can be even more deadly today. Dr. Evans will talk about what it will take for the people of God to restore the flow of living water with thirsty world. Let's join him during this season because this is that we all experiencing today in which we experience every where we will determine who will occupy the White House.

People will cast them out during a nationally action because they want to influence who lives in that house. They want to influence the first in the White House going to be in full agreement in our own church that practices what Democratic Party to be representative's yet in our church will host the Republicans that someone from their body. Independence goes way through it all because they are not quite sure whether you are Democrat or Republican or independent.

The issue is the same house never really concerned about the act of the house is so critical is that we know will location to eat and sleep. We understand that house at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Washington DC, not merely the residence of the family, then representative location of the nation. In other words White House isn't just about all the people they represent the tip of leadership that not only affects the house that Street and that city but actually affects the nation and even because of the standing of America in the world.

It affects the whole. We understand that maybe only one person's but that house have a whole bunch of say so about a whole bunch of things so about the millions of homes. The family billions of dollars. Big say-so even though it's only one house was house of God, who got juice based on what God has a house in the Old Testament that house was called the temple.

The temple was presented to abode of the presence of God among his people. Now, no one can house God let me tell you how big God is. God is greater then the total of his creation, God is bigger than the sum total of everything you made me made the universe so just think of God and pray that the universe, which is why will take all eternity to discover him that what it wanted to show his presence in history. Among his people build outs. That's why throughout this passage throughout Scripture. The temple is called God's not because he limits himself. There, but that is his specifically designated location for his experiential presence among his people concentrated presence would be made manifest to his people build them a house and start with the tabernacle a Roman camp through the wilderness and when they got their own homeland, David's son Solomon built God, a house that was a problem. God left the house. The Bible says that the glory of the Lord departed from Israel so that the building without the resident they had the property without the person I watched this when God's people don't like to have the building standing. The country of Israel fell apart when God left the temple the nation was in trouble. Old Testament it's about why God left the house and God coming to the house in chapter 43. He talks about the return of the glory of the Lord to the temple that is the return of God's presence in the midst of people coming back to the house. God is coming back well in the New Testament God has a house that the book of Ephesians chapter 2 verse 22 says that the church of Jesus Christ temple of God, what the Old Testament God.

The church is in the New Testament to Jesus Christ, God still have the house all went to church that is mandate God's house God plays he wants to hang out yet. Would you also want to hang out with you all with us.

He wants to have a collective presence whereby the person of Jesus Christ, the head of the church I will build my church. The gates of hell will not prevail against it.

Matthew 1618 says God has a collective place. Once this wackiest personal presence is to be experienced here and point the purpose of the house is not simply where you come, it is the place where God's place where God when you come he wants you to experience his reality not just come to building for far too many Christians are to our church service by going to a two hour movie where you go to a movie you captured so you get your popcorn you get your candy yet take your seat you sent down. The lights are dim the sun comes up. And for to watch the screen to be entertained. You want the screen to put on a show and you leave the show critiquing. That was bad it was.

I thought it was Gray's really been refreshed having to our enjoyment until next week and will be comes out and you show up again.

In other words would go to the movie. You'll want to watch what they are doing up there on the screen to make you feel good about being in the fetus. Far too many people, God's house to be entertained on the screen of the pulpit is doing the support tasks sound then was they want the experience of having enjoying themselves. The problem is when you go to the movie is you have not gotten to know all you will see the performance that they can put the purpose of God's house to experience him, not simply show to see what he can do to make you feel better when God returned his glory, glory to look temple meant he wanted his people to experience reality, not charge testament in the temple workout.

Stay with me would be things will be working on working out would be determined by what was free to do anything in here, it would never show up out there God to live. The problem will show up in the streets, God had to leave the temple. The problems would show the culture put it another way, God's first concern.

This political season house God's presence on this political season is what happened in the church as it can get the chance house right you put in the White House because judgments.the household of God, and then it moves into the college and got house. God's problem is this house and get his glory and that sounds maybe let it show up in that house. God's wanted to be the people.ribbons will tell us our lives can overflow God's presence to the culture around us.

When he returns in just a moment but first, many of us are concerned about what we've been seeing in the news these days, the cultural unrest and divisiveness that seem more prevalent than at any time in recent memory. If you're distressed about what's going on looking for a place to begin the process of healing and reconciliation 20s written a great devotional book that can help you do just that is called stronger together weaker apart, this powerful collection of prayers is the perfect way for believers to pull together in unity and love for one another.

And as we were learning today to prime the flow of God's love in us, through us, and out to the culture that needs the true reconciliation that only God can provide for a limited time where bundling this book together with all 14 messages in Tony's current teaching series, turning a nation to God and offering them to you as I think you get when you make a donation to sustain this important daily ministry.

Just visit Tony today to get all the details on this limited time offer that's Tony or call us at 1-800-800-3222, and one of our resource team members will be happy to help you with your request, I have all that information for you a little later on after part two of today's message and this thing about serving an incident God is that no matter how much you know there's always more to learn so brand-new the Scripture or an experienced ministry professional. There's something for you Tony Evans training online courses covering core concepts working at your own pace and schedule dig deep into the historical context of the book uncover the key teachings and learn how to apply them in situations there's lots of exclusive content from Dr. Evans to keep you interested and motivated an online form where you can ask questions answers can collaborate with other students.

The more you learn, the more you want to give it a try Tony Evans training discovered time anywhere is to be made so that it would not change the temple change God's people into culture and that we find in chapter 47 by an angel through the temple anything with a discussion about water water because Scripture water is tied to life and tied to the work of the Holy Spirit. Here is what I want you to notice what you notice how the water flowed. He says that when he got started. Verse two. The water was flowing from the south side. So we started at the end of verse two with a little triple drip drip drip drip drip little little bit away 31 now reaching his goals. So it's not a little trickle of water. Remember, what is the experience of God's life so he sees types of life he knows God is in the place, but because he now go and further on up to his ankles. In other words a year experience of what is life so here is all God's goals in the sanctuary, but in that because he goes on to say he burst through the water was reaching his waist goals but deeply he gets one of the reasons we are not experts in what God is going further with a growing relationship with the Holy Spirit job of the Holy Spirit is to bring the light of God and make God reality experience in your life. If you're not walking with the spirit like he was walking with the angel trickle that much people say why not ask the God not moving more with me. It says he rated with you can't stay and experience will he says it reached his way okay not verse five again he measured about and it was a river that I could not for the water had risen enough water to swim in river that could not be worn. He started walking every night because he was good at recess place. He was good but that was so much and so now it was all I can say say experience God experience what Ephesians 3 doing exceedingly abundantly above all that you can ask or think, yet your shaken world. Yet you can walk anymore. The only way you will get somewhere swim glory overtaken you and wake what God can do no I want to see some will went. I don't want to go with my Lord. I want God to make me out and go because the glory of his name. God God to make you happy to make happy and then swimming weeks and things where we thought of in the house where God the church in the New Testament is the house. It says that the water flow to the sea.

The dead and winning. The water became/he goes on started the place where there was no life but will become clean up the water program going somewhere because the committee gathered together and set up actuary that the site you wearing an all too well was located west church member reaches why building program money and wearing them because of its water flowing down the street because we all sweep by religion made to go to sleep because we God's weekly movie thrill glory spirit Tony will be back with us in just a moment to wrap up his message.

Final challenge for the church. But first, if you'd like to get the full-length version of today's lesson is cold water in God's house. Part of Tony's current teaching series, turning a nation to God. Get all 14 messages in this powerful collection on CD or digital download reviewing your own or to share with your church or small group and as I mentioned earlier will include a copy of Tony's important book stronger together weaker apart is our gift when you make a contribution to help us keep this program coming your way. This is a limited time offer so don't wait. Get details and make a request or call us at 1-800-800-3222 rehab team members standing by day and night to help with your resource requests. Again, that's 1-800-800-3222, or it sounds reasonable to say that will take a good idea wherever we can find it tomorrow.

Dr. Evans will talk about the disaster that results when we don't take time to consider the source. Right now though he's back with the final word for today was a tragic hurricane and her name was Katrina.

Katrina was horrific and brought death and disease and destruction to New Orleans, Louisiana. It was a time when Eric what made the hurricane worse was that the levees didn't the levees collapsed, which flooded the city. The city was flooded, not merely because there was a Henrik but because the thing that was set up to hold the Hera came back one functioning properly, allowing the evil of the Hera came to do damage.

It would not have otherwise been able to do the levees would've held so we built fastball shows brother man wants to make his presence known. He makes his way, but on okay because the don't get me wrong.

But they can do strong enough to hold culture because God don't hold so when the college.

When it only blows that one, but it God created and re-created in Christ that is everything God and the charge of Jesus Christ is coming up with God? Do you want drip drip drip Bible I just want a little ways. Maybe this with Dr. Tony is made possible by the generous confusion

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