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Experiencing Personal Revival

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD
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September 3, 2020 8:00 am

Experiencing Personal Revival

The Urban Alternative / Tony Evans, PhD

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September 3, 2020 8:00 am

We've all had days when everything seems to go wrong. Unfortunately, it's not uncommon to have entire weeks, months, even years like that. Join Dr. Tony Evans as he reveals not only how we get into patterns like that, but how we can get out.

The Urban Alternative
Tony Evans, PhD
The Urban Alternative
Tony Evans, PhD
The Urban Alternative
Tony Evans, PhD
The Urban Alternative
Tony Evans, PhD
The Urban Alternative
Tony Evans, PhD
The Urban Alternative
Tony Evans, PhD

You don't know of the almighty year with Dr. Tony Evans says once we know God is in control even the toughest times of life easier to take if you want so you gotta remember this is the alternative Dr. Tony have another speaker, pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas and president of the alternative. We've all had days when everything seems to go wrong.

Unfortunately is not uncommon to have entire weeks, months or even years like that today. Dr. Evans explains not only how we get into those patterns and how we can get out of them. Let's join in the King Uzziah died. We read in verse one. Isaiah saw the Lord a lot of the hopes and dreams of Israel was tied up in his. He was the king that brought them along the way they had made great progress under his leadership and now the king was gone along with his death, went many of their dreams.

Some of their hopes were dashed. Security was shaking and stability eroded because the king died.

In other words, it was a bad year along with his death when many of the aspirations anticipations is a bad idea that some people here.

This is been a bad year, not necessarily become the king of God, but perhaps some of your dreams of died you hope to guide your desires have been put on hold. Goals have gone unmet and is not particularly great. That was the year that Isaiah is living in right now, but in a bad idea. He had a great vision and a bad year. It says in the year of king desires that I saw the Lord. So let's start right here bad circumstances can give you a fresh view of God if depressing scenario can give you a new view of God when everything in your world is going wrong, you can get a clear picture of the Almighty that attorney year-round in a bad idea.

He had a good vision talking about a page and here we not talking about a non-Christian you the new Testaments of the word not talking about somebody gotten to the prophet of God, the prophet of God and already seen God you already have the credentials he have the theological training. He had the patient in worship and all procurements of people see God. But I guess it's possible to be saved but not see God. I guess it's possible have your theology intact and not see God telling you the king is that he had this fresh view we call the revival view that is a fresh manifestation of God's word about problems is that many times with liminal stale bread when I was growing up I used to go will probably send us we got day-old bread bread store get one.

This is a fresh view of God and awaken view of God, something new that he had never seen before. Bad day bad year for that matter, the year the king is, I will walk through this versus I want us to see what Isaiah saw if we could see what he saw. That will get what you heard.

If we can see what he saw. Then we'll hear what he heard he got a revelation that led to an illumination that resulted in the transformation that gave entrance to an invitation. Let's start with the revelation revelation even unveiling something that is being put on display for you to observe God unveils three things. He reveals three things to Isaiah in this the first thing he got awaken to was a fresh view of God's sovereignty.

He says I saw the Lord sitting on the throne and exalted with the trade of his rope, filling the temple he saw God sitting on the throne, Jack didn't sit on thrones thought the King did not not not take when things die in our lives.

It creates opportunity for God to reveal himself fresh. Please God sitting on the throne.

In other words, things are not working out what happened is still in charge. If you want to experience God's brand-new. You gotta remember God is sovereign and is no better time to know that God is sovereign, then in the gear. The king is that in a baggie. The second thing he discovers about God afresh.

I'm sure he's a prophet. He knows this theologically, but now he sees it is the holiness of God. Verse three and one called out to another and said, holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts on earth is full of his glory and the Bible is used in contrast to that which is common and that which is profane, that which is common in that which is profane, so God is distinct from his creation because he is unique. That's why we don't believe in pantheism that you know God is in everything we believe that God sits outside of his creation because God is unique and, therefore, is to be set apart as special and not to be mixed in as part of the group.

He is not part of the group because there's nobody like he is unique. He's one-of-a-kind you get this revelation of God's holiness that God is not does not treat sin lightly does not skip over it. Not if you want to be pulled down on the creature level, so they just another man only a little bigger. He wants to be treated as unique, special revelation from God.

And this experience we all are useful of his glory. The Old Testament word for glory is the word that meant happy or weighty heavy or weighty it had to do was something that was significant and substantive.

You remember back in the day old school you would say summarize this about somebody smart who had a going on at dude is happy to know act like you to remember old school. You say that dude is happy committee was real small, he was deeply know he was good at what he did. He was weighty he was substantive yet something to offer for the word glory comes from that concept of God being happy that is weighty and of course it would refer to a God like that since nobody can do what he does. His fingerprints are everywhere. His weightiness is God's glory is basically God on display for advertisement Romans one says that the creation declares the glory of God. If you are not familiar with God's glory God for Julie to go outside you been inside too low. The whole creation is a display of how great God is and think about this God is greater than the stuff he's made universes and didn't work that hard to speak to create universes, and he sovereign and in charge of doing. He really, theologically, the prophet, but on this occasion he saw the Lord. See you become the church and hear about a whole different ballgame when you see him when that becomes real in your life.

Now you talk about personal revival when you talk about the God you learn about "about read scripture about now you saw what Jonah Moses said to God, he said show me your glory.

He said look I heard about all this to show me I want to see you with my owner. I believe that somebody here this morning that wants to see God with their own eyes.

You like Joe, you heard about it with the hearing that he now joked I want to see him for myself. Moses said show me your glory. God came Moses okay most because your friend number I'm going show you my glory, but I'm only going show you the backside of this is I can show you the front of my glory because I show you my face if I show you the front of my glory. You can't stand the front side of my glory, so I'm going to have you in the cleft of the rock, put you in the cleft of the rock, let my glory Pat but my glory passed by and I will let you see the back part of my book, you can handle face-to-face because your flesh can't contain it, let you see the back. The hinder part of my glory.

Here the picture picture a plane that's flowing over you look up the plane but you see the exhaust so you know plane just passed by to see the exhaust but you don't see the play but see the backside of the plane, that is, the exhaust left behind. She said I'm not going let you see my face seaplane let you see what the plane leaves behind, let you see the exhaust of my glory. Even that much of the will be hard to handle. So God puts Moses in the cleft of the rock Moses now not in the cleft of the rock from fully seeing God.

God passes by his glory passes by as uncovered as God passes by and Moses sees the exhaust of God's glory.

He sees his older parts Moses the exhaust of God's glory. Moses does Moses come down pick up his pen and write in the beginning God great to have another form of war.the Lord God said, let there be light and there was light, and create man like Genesis when mold what is written, God let him see his history see when you seek God let you see what's behind him stop before you get information.

You never know before because God share God's story where he had been with him. When Dr. Evans continues her message just a moment to talk about how that new perspective on God can change your outlook and your circumstances and he's created a brand-new resource to help you do that is brand-new book, God himself. It's a probing look at the many characteristics that make the Lord who he is his nature's goodness is love and much more. We serve an infinite God. So there's always more to learn. Tony says the deeper our understanding, the richer our worship, and since were made in God's image, knowing who he is, defines who we are. We like to send you a copy of this just-released book is our thank you gift when you make a contribution to help us keep Toni's teaching on the station along with it will include all 14 full-length messages in his current teaching series revive us again packed with advice on how you can rekindle your relationship with the Lord.

Get all the or call our 24 hour resource Center at 1-800-800-3222 that's 1-800-800-3222. Dr. Evans will come back with part two of today's lesson right after this. How have we checked into our culture. How can you bring unity to play Dr. Evans is colorblindness embraced walk in the footsteps of Dr. Evans as he tells the story of how he had to straddle black urban culture white mainline evangelicalism. Find out what he enjoyed and learned to bring us at: pastoral guide for unity across racial defiance discount for unity is as timely as get your copy of oneness embraced Tony off in Scotland. You see God's glory get new information you get information you never have before. Gets this new revelation of God he sees God and awake.

He has never seen them in one of the reasons why we do not fare well when our we still looking at the limited view of God we started with. We don't have this new view of God. This fresh view of God, and see in you have to understand brothers and sisters. That's was going to make heaven heaven will be heaven because it will take eternity to discover God it'll take forever to discover an infinite being an infinite being has nowhere infinite being have the live, how long will it take you to discover him infinite time infinite time equals eternity will take forever to discover that which is infinite and guess what everyday there be something new to learn what God is going to happen to experience that he wants to revive us now to give us a new view of him in his sovereignty and his holiness and his glory that led to a illumination illumination means a common language turn the light on many of us have in our houses are places in some rooms with dimmer switches the dimmer switch or turn it in the likeness of higher. We have entered in the auditorium to turn it down. Light-skinned lower legs get higher when you turn the light out that illuminating that's that's bringing more brightness to the to the room gets an illumination now that he had a revelation look at the illumination.

Then I said well first for the foundation of a threshold from both the voice of him called out the angel going back and forth while the temple of it was filling with smoke with the sacrifices going on the temple sealing the smoke and I said whoa is me translation oh woe is me, means all I am rolling the Hebrew word ruler means unraveling apart at the seams. What's wrong Isaiah.

I am a man of unclean lips, and I live among a people of unclean lips, eyes have seen the King, the Lord of host. Here it is. When you see God you get a different view of yourself when you see God you look different to you. It was okay because he forgot it was fine until he saw God. But when he got this exalted view of God. He was reminded of obvious creaturely mass and sinfulness. He says well I am a man of unclean lips God's presence. You'll get to see your creaturely mass how low you are your corruption verse six and seven. One of the seraphim flew to me with a burning coal in his hand, which is taken from the altar with tongs.

He touched my mouth with it and said, behold this is touched your lips and your iniquity is taken away and your sins forgiven God pairs you down so we can build you up. It wasn't until God showed him what he really was that he acknowledged what he really was. When he knowledge what he really was God fixed what was broken. He came down with the tongs from the altarů Is your lips okay. In other words, the process was painful. These are tongs out of altar at me these things been set on fire and attention to Calypso that is a painful situation so don't let me confuse anybody including myself. The process of moving you from illumination to transformation may involve some inconvenience and pain a painful situation to be lit up on your lips.

The pain is to produce better you a better you got not what he knows in order to remodel your life. You got a tear. I first got a reveals some you know some rodents in the walls. You gotta show us our insides so that he can repair it.

Some of the most precious words you ever hear the word forgiven when God says I don't remember you said I have cast as far as the east is from the West, never to remember them anymore. Nothing like feeling forgiven and there's nothing like granting forgiveness to others because you yourself have received it. That feeling that weight of guilt. I am forgiven, but you can be forgiven unless you've admitted that something that you don't know that transformation takes placement in his life and now he moves from transformation because he's brand-new. He's been in God's presence.

He saw God's face in favor to an invitation verse eight, then save in after the revelation after the illumination after the transformation. Then I heard the voice of the Lord say he didn't hear what God had to say to him till he got a new view of God for himself.

He experience God in a fresh way his personal revival did he get a personal Arima word a word with his name on it. Then the Lord said to me, that's what you want you want the Lord to talk to you. You think you want me to talk to you. You talk to me guide you as you but I need to hear from you know this is the voice of the Lord to say to me who will go for us and that's not a rhetorical question that was a question designed for him. God has a bigger plan for you just for you to live go to school were family make the money, and is about three more to life then eternal purpose for you, but you will never hear his voice, unless you see him brand-new unless there is a personal revival in your life silently living and true God has the freedom and the rights to manifest himself in you and you by name. Now I could do something with you.

Now I can answer your prayer. Now I can show you my power got a great Dr. Evans will come back in a moment with a final illustration about the importance of seeking God sure to stay with us for that first so be sure to request your copy of his current 14 message teaching series revive us again if you've ever felt like your faith is about to flicker out this collection of messages will teach you how to rekindle your relationship with the Lord for limited time we are bundling these full-length messages on both CD and digital download along with Tony's brand-new book on the nature and characteristics of the Lord called God himself. You receive these helpful resources as our thank you gift when you make a donation to help us keep Tony's teaching on the station your copy before the special offer runs out. Visit Tony or call our 24 hour resource Center at 1-800-800-3222 that's 1-800-800-3222 as we been learning revival starts when God does something special inside us doesn't stop there is contagious and tomorrow. Dr. Evans will explain how we can help it spread to the people who mean the most to us, our families right now though he's here with a final illustration to wrap up today's lesson when the kids were growing up. One of the things we would do is play hide and go seek.

We've all played that game where you go and you hi and then I would go searching for the kids looking for the kids and they are hiding everywhere every now and then. However, I change the rules of the game they would go and hide says I should go and seek, but instead I went and turned on the television and sat down in the den because I knew sooner or later they will get so later they will get out of running sooner or later they will come looking for me.

Wonder why one look and just stay where I was until they retired to me. God says rid time to and I will return to you and gone nowhere in the same place he's always been. But if you gone Yahweh know what you want to leave alternative with Dr. Tony is made possible by the generous

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