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Is Biden Stumbling Towards World War III?

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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October 7, 2022 3:09 pm

Is Biden Stumbling Towards World War III?

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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October 7, 2022 3:09 pm

Sen. Bill Hagerty, Rep. Ralph Norman, Russell Vought, and Matthew Peterson join the conversation!

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Welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by the legacy precious metals. There's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM delivers universities through you in Memphis Tennessee is America's conservative blowtorch off Friday Friday but we will be a great Friday I'm filling in for Todd and their major issue affecting our globe, our country. Gas prices were spiking up.

You've got to Zelinski and Biden slouching us towards Armageddon. You have the economy continue to be in freefall millions are coming across our border illegally, but what are most Americans talking about today that Tom Brady and Gisele divorce prospects. So let's look at the cultural stuff out of the way. Quick, get it out of the way early and get to the things it can destroy our family, our economy and our future.

So let's talk about Tom and Gisele so Tom Brady and Gisele have apparently both hire divorce lawyers. Some of my friends already joking that after they split their assets.

Gisele is a Gisele is a gazelle because they don't visit anyway. Mrs. Brady will apparently end up with more Super Bowl rings than Aaron Rodgers and by the time Tom divides his she will have more Super Bowl rings than than Aaron Rogers as witches have a commentary in and of itself. In any event, that the speculation is that she's upset that Tom has decided to keep playing football. I want to get into the romantic relationships of people. I don't want to try to give people domestic advice.

I'm the last guy in the world that you do that, but honey he was a football player when you married him. It's not like he was an accountant working at the accounting firm down the street and all the sudden he had a midlife crisis decided he wants to try to be an NFL quarterback completely disrupted your life and all the sudden he's an NFL goat, the greatest of all time.

He was what he was when you married.

It could be like if Tom Brady started complaining and seeking divorce advice over the fact that that there is so much women's cosmetics in the bathroom.

There are so many hair products in the bathroom at home time she was a model when you married or you should've figured some of that stuff out on the front end so so apparently the rift, at least in the reported rift is that he wants to play this one more season of NFL the show. He still has it at 44 and he still does have a don't have much help when it comes to the Tampa Bay team, but he still racking in the dough record in the endorsements and apparently they've stopped construction on their huge mansion down in Florida is there trying to sort things out with that with their lawyers and so again I'm not wanting to offer relationship advice. I'm just saying if if you decide to buy a house or build a house or move into an apartment next to an airport. You have absolutely no right to complain. A few weeks later that your hearing airplane noises yup you're moving next to an airport there going to be airplanes landing and taking off yeah Mary a football player, there's gonna be some football player and in your life and in the fact that that you know energy prices spiked gas prices went up. Tom decides to retire and then the next thing you know gas prices are four dollars a gallon and has to go back to work just to be able to afford to drive around town.

Take the kids to soccer football practice or dance lessons.

It's not his fault.

You can actually blame Biden for this one, and appropriately so now while I'm not wanting to get into relationship advice one of the funnier comments that came down was Megan Kelly remember her former Fox star.

Then she went in BC and now she's I think reinvented herself as a podcast start she was doing an interview with I can anneal your post writer and in an a and a psychologist and they were commenting on marital disagreements, marital issues that arise and and Megan made the comment that that she thinks that emotional connection between a husband and some other woman 1/3 woman. That emotional attachment is a bigger issue to most women than a physical connection and ended it out. Women can get over there their spouse having sex with another woman easier than they can. Having him develop an intimate close personal relationship without sex with another woman and and so Megan Kelly actually made the comment that then made it into the New York Post that she would rather her husband have a fling, a one night stand, rather than then get emotional and cry with a woman friend never to his credit, Kelly's husband had the greatest response ever. He kept texting her and said, this feels like a trap which she then shared and posted and I agree with him feel like a trap.

And when your wife is saying honey I'd really rather you have a one night stand. Rather than get emotionally and and and clamped and cried with a woman that does feel like a trap and he's smart enough to realize don't go there.

Maybe Tom is dallying. Maybe Gisele is dallied. I don't know I'm just saying that Megan Kelly had a pretty good description of it is that it it's his love affair with football that is apparently the other woman as far as Gisele is concerned not with Jill and Tom Brady and big Tom Brady fan.

I see like the money was the patriots. I like it when he's with Tampa Bay, but honey he's is just one hamstring away from being home so on. On the worst day, Sunday, Monday night football Thursday night you're really just one hard hit from having him back in your life all the time and it's really going through paying divorce lawyers a lot of money.

When this is probably the last season anywhere there's probably something more than what we're hearing, but at least that's the that's the celebrity take on the other celebrity news I keep up with this so you don't have to start giving you the footnotes. The cliff notes edition so you have to follow the celebrity news in the culture news. So that's the Brady issue. We are also getting way too much information about Harry and Megan Markel. The whole reason will not the only reason there were plenty of other reasons. Having a king, tell us what to do taxes on tea. There are a lot of reasons we revolted from having a king oversee America but one of the reasons had to be. We didn't want to have to be embroiled in their royal lives. And here we are a couple hundred years later when not only did we have wall-to-wall coverage of the Queen passing away, and an afternoon but he watched the crown that was probably a legitimate coverage issue, but Megan and Harry constantly being in the news when they've even been booted out by the royal family is really kind of TMI too much information about a couple we really don't care about in a couple years after hundred years after revolting.

We shouldn't have to be getting the details of of Royal intrigue so you got Harry and Megan there trying to weave their way back into being treated as Royals. He was apparently upset at the funeral of his grandmother that he didn't get to wear uniform and and didn't get to salute my mom always taken by the number of metals.

Those guys have a we look at pictures of Dwight Eisenhower, who won World War II has like two or three rows of metals you look at these kings and princes in these European countries they they have 20 rows of metals and things streaming off them and thought what they do learn them illumes last time they were in a firefight, yet they might go to training but they're not exactly on the front lines of of Iraqis are not going to Falluja or Baghdad and fighting for their lives, but they have tons of metals will Harry got upset that he did get to where his metals and wears uniform and in the near Prince William the future say little upset about that. He and Megan are apparently having a bit of a hard time. Remember when they got married. When my friend said hey if you notice that this woman that Harry's Marion looks a lot like that that woman from the lawyer show suits like it is the woman from the lawyer show dig again. People didn't see that she was literally an actress is now acting her way and has acted away into the royal family and now they're acting up in a way that gets more celebrity coverage. You gotta have the, the tabloids no-brainer. They haven't been on the front pages of any of the US tabloids in a while, but they're trying to work their way there me that there is one reality show from becoming the new Kardashians and God help us all if if that happened, so that there's your celebrity news are one of one of the celebrity item in LA time column has ripped Billy Eichinger's self-importance entitlement in reaction to the box office bomb of his Brose movie. So this guy does this movie that is the first big theatrical release of a gay Ron, romantic comedy, and it bums me to cost like 40, $50 million to make it. I think it made like 4 million at the box office even gays and lesbians didn't go see this movie but he's blaming all the homophobic non-sexual deviance for not wanting to go watch a romantic comedy featuring two gay guys falling in and out of love, the hallmark version of the of gay love and and people are going to see it when you can go see Top Gun for the fourth or fifth time and enjoyed immensely. Why would you go see this in the first place. But he's jumping up and down blaming everybody else but himself for the box office bomb human Waterworld bomb. Even with Kevin Costner that he didn't. He didn't blame gay folks for not wanting to see it topless Kevin Costner. So again, there's your celebrity news for the day room, take a break and get back to the real news that may affect you and your family much more than with her. Megan and Harry are getting around together and and whether Tom and Gisele will will kiss and make up after football season, I merely got nuclear Armageddon looming. We've got the economic downturn. Gas prices spiking will get to that next on the Todd Starcher my pillow is having their biggest sheet sale of the year. All of help build my pillow into an amazing company that it is today. Now, Mike Lindell, our good friend wants to get back exclusively to our listeners.

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That's 1-800-986-3994 or you can go to my That's my use the promo code. Starnes taken the day off. I'm Jill filling in Todd he cannot go to twitter picked up with some stories.

I'm chatting about today at dill report at him at the rectory correctly that I'm telling you exactly right at the dill report. There's a D at the dill report. You can find some the stories were talking about into you do know what the price of the loaf of bread is today gallon of milk you like most of us.

You have to buy those things. It really doesn't matter how much they are. You have to buy them and you're not looking is closely at those prices even though you know they're higher than they were before Joe Biden took office she been a grocery store lately, you know that there's still an abundance of lacking space on the shelves with her stuff missing. I was at a grocery store the other day the processed food. The meat packages of baloney in Turkey and Osan is almost empty.

It looked like a Russian grocery store in the 1980s you we we do have an abundance of toilet paper and paper items now back on the shelves never drink over those were completely vacant.

They were limiting how many rolls of paper towels or toilet paper you can get all the paper towels and toilet paper seem to have been replenished but but there are limits on almost every food item is you can walk down the process in the grocery store and if you'll notice, in addition to noticing the prices are higher. Basically me to fill up your grocery cart. It's gonna cost you the same or more than it did a year ago and you have less stuff. If you also notice carefully when you look at the cereal boxes. They're the same price, or maybe even a little bit higher but they're smaller they're not as thick there. They're smaller, but still charging you the same price they've they've done the packaging agreement renegotiating to make it seem like you're not paying more in some cases when you're actually paying mortgage or getting less all this is not a product of supply chain interruption were not getting a rice crispy's from China and yet were not getting our baloney from China and yet you're seeing the vacancies on a grocery store shelves because this economy has been in freefall and the binder ministration is not done anything to make it any better.

Everything is costing more for you to get less and you may not know exactly what that loaf of bread cost specifically for the gallon of milk and politicians get tripped up on that all the time, somebody is I was a gallon of milk cost and and that's used to say when your beer disconnected. You don't know what those are the things you have to buy it doesn't matter. You may have to cut back on Oreo cookies because you just bought a loaf of bread and and milk and now you can get the get the good stuff, but the specific prices of those art is top of mind is gasoline part of that reason is because we cost we have to refill you know that every mile you go is costing you with is going to the grocery store, going to kids soccer process are practices where there's going to to work, going to school and ember also reminded cost. What gas prices are because her big signs on every street corner telling us exactly where they are. So the tips up $0.10 goes down $0.10. We immediately know is being tracked for us right in our faces, we can't ignore it and so what we've seen in in the last several weeks is gas prices have come down a little bit now the Biden administration is try to take credit, claiming that there are about 30 less than they were at the high yellow there buck 50 higher than when you took office, you moron, and why did they go up because as soon as Joe Biden took office he turned the spigot off of the Keystone pipeline made it more difficult for energy companies to get natural gas to get oil declared war earlier on coal companies is been shutting down coal plants and coal production. Meanwhile, you got China building 100 hundred new coal facilities. What were closing them in this country. While Europe is getting ready to freeze to death during the winter months. The Biden administration created the energy crisis and then try to blame it on Putin when the prices had already gone up since it substantially when inflation had already risen dramatically before Pruden ever did anything in Ukraine.

The Biden mistresses been trying to blame everybody and then started releasing oil from our strategic petroleum reserve just to temporarily lower the gas prices and it worked a little bit over the last month, but now the sallies are getting ready to cut reduction of production by 2 million barrels per day given by the Keystone pipeline would've been about 883,000 barrels per day but we turned that off. So about half of what the sallies are reducing we turned off and they were releasing another 10 million barrels from the strategic petroleum reserve.

Again, putting us deeper in the hole.

Just to give a temporary respite at the gas pump is not a work because companies are to start already factoring in that 2 million barrels a day less from Sally to gas prices going to go up 10 2030 $0.40 back up to that for dollar range or higher. It's already over six dollars in California in the Biden administration is panic, but the last thing they want to do is re-energize America by turning on our pipeline by opening up the leases so we can be energy independent again like we were before he took office. Meanwhile, he's prostrating himself or I'd say prostituting himself to the sallies to Venezuela to get their oil rather than opening our spigots and putting us on strong footing not just economically but in terms the leverage we have in the globe.

If we are producing our oil, our natural gas. Our coal we don't have to answer to the sallies or anybody else, and that's where we were before he took office to talk more about the gas prices and how everything he's doing is making it worse and he's just looking for temporary solutions just to get past the midterms try to make the gas prices come down just a little bit just to skate past the November midterm is not gonna work, and more importantly what he's doing is making it worse to feel the pain in December to feel the pain for the next several years because what they've done has made us in an even more dangerous situation. Not to mention that we have to cater to folks like the sallies were having to cater to China having to cater to Russia rushes controlling the spigot on power and energy in in in Europe which is taking away the ability to support Ukraine if they want to. When people start freezing in their homes there to care a lot less about Ukrainians than they do about their own family more than having to burn furniture for firewood were talk more about that in the next half-hour also a 30 minutes never to hear from Sen. Bill Haggerty, he's been a joyous use is take not only on the. The energy crisis that continued that debacle of energy policy from Joe Biden, but also one of the prospects of Republicans retaking control U.S. Senate never Sen. Ben sass from Nebraska is just announced he's stepping down become president of the University of Florida, but if I think I have prospected talk about it next. There is no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the Biden ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd Starnes and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds, and traditional market you are vulnerable. Gold is one of the best ways to protect your retirement no matter what happens you own your gold. It's real physical always been valuable since the dawn of time. Legacy precious metal as the company I investing in gold. They can help you roll your retirement account into a goal back IRA still own the physical goal also ship the gold and precious metals safely and securely to your house.

You know $1 million worth of gold can actually fit inside a shoebox called legacy at 866-528-1903 or visit them legacy PM investment Megan this is the time to start showing studio filling in for Todd today.

If you want to chime in a joyous about anything from looming nuclear war to our gas prices to the potential looming red wave as we get closer were 30 days from a the election midterm elections early voting is Artie started in some locations.

You have two weeks till early voting starts throughout the country. So your talk about any of that note number is 84474788688447478868 and and just kind of underline what I've talked about earlier when we did our cultural and celebrity update. When we got looming nuclear war. Gas prices spiking the inflation you're taking away more from your paycheck disastrous potential for a nuclear war and in Ukraine that does the Lenski and Biden seem to be pushing us toward and yet one of my friends just texted me Steve that first segment when you were talking about celebrity and culture update and the Tom Brady potential Giselle divorce.

It sounds like you're taking Tom side WR accusing me of taking prudent side versus the Lenski or vice versa but I'm look I'm sounding like I'm taking Tom side and that I don't really understand how women feel. I will agree 100%.

The last thing I understand is how women feel, think, or really kind of do anything on the last guy in the world that understands women. And I will put that out outfront. I'm just pointing out the Tom Brady was a football player when she married him so she shouldn't be surprised that he's a football player in the jersey the pads to helmets. The I'd like all of that should've been a pretty good clue that granted he probably didn't dress that way at the wedding, but sometime before the wedding. She had to figure out this dude was a football player.

As I pointed out that all the cosmetics and hair products in the bathroom should've been a clue to him that he was marrying a model and it should've been a big surprise that I was.

He saw that one of the porn stars that has offered to comfort Tom female porn stars is offered to comfort Tom during this trying time in his life. She apparently has not yet heard from Tom. Hopefully his divorce lawyers are telling him to at least wait until some settlement is reached, but an example of how clueless I am about women that I will share with you.

By the way, I got a text from a woman friend of mine earlier this week and I'm reading this because I want to get it exactly right because I I didn't catch it, and I'm sure a lot of other guys are to be just like me.

I got this text just went shopping at the specialty store a fairly embarrassing experience.

And then there's emoji with like two hands over your mouth, looking like you're about to puke for your embarrassed and thinking about it. Didn't think anything about know well and it's good you went shopping and especially sure.

I'm thinking ceramics I'm thinking culinary items. I am thinking tchotchkes that you start getting candles and stuff for the Tollett so I get another text from her saying OMG I'm embarrassed I can't million believe I sent that to you.

I meant to send it to my girlfriend. I'm still thinking to myself, why are you embarrassed about going to some specialty store to get again culinary items, pots and pans specific shoes and and then she clarified that it's one of those specialty stores for light sex toys.

I said you know if you have brought it up. I never would've even made the leap from specialty stores of culinary items and and candle. So again I'm probably the most oblivious guy out there so if you ever miss send me a text 50% shot. Then I can get it anyway in the first place. You don't need to explain it right back to gas and nuclear nuclear war unless I were trying to buy gas prices and and how the Biden administration is constantly making things worse. And again it's it's the release of 10 million more barrels from our strategic petroleum reserve room are already at the lowest level since 1984 were about 170 million barrels below where we should be in the whole reason we have that is, if for some reason we get into war we get into an economic crisis.

We've got our own stockpile, and yet were releasing our stockpile solely for the political purposes of Joe Biden trying to lower gas prices temporarily in order to do better at the polls in just 30 days. Meanwhile the sallies after the Biden went over and begged and pleaded for them to release more oil have decided to cut back their production 2 million barrels a day. Megan, 10 million barrels a gives like five days of what the sallies are going to cut another sallies haven't cut it yet is good to be November 1.

But what oil companies and gas companies do is they can figure out what they're going to get in the pipeline, no pun intended. Of when they're going to get it and what it's gonna cost so the higher gas prices already can start being fell because they're having to anticipate what they're going to pay and therefore what you're gonna pay by the time he gets to the pump. So we've only seen 10/15 a gallon increases in just the last week we're gonna see 30 and 40 sent yellow increases but right back to where we were before we started using our strategic petroleum reserve to try to artificially deflate the prices and meanwhile the Russians were imposing new sanctions on them, which in got hurt them because all they do is sell more to India to China and other global economies that have to have oil. Oil is a commodity that granted the Venezuelan oil is pretty dirty pretty nasty and it cost more to turn it into good gasoline. But oil is a commodity. So whether it's American oil Saudi oil Venezuelan oil oils, oil, and the prices can be set in the global market and in a 10 million barrel release only hurts us only continues to no pun intended fuel the Russian economy when they're selling their gas at higher prices and oil at higher prices because the sanctions of reason have risen, the prices of those items you we have an opportunity when Pres. Trump was in office to replenish our strategic petroleum reserve. When when oil was about $30 a barrel. There'd been a plummeted been a disastrous set level for those in the oil business. We could completely refilled our strategic petroleum reserve at about $30 a barrel instead were now letting more go and would have to replenish it and more like 80 or $90 a barrel and about you, but don't you have him try to figure out how to do a good economic plan. I want to buy low and sell high not sell high and then buy low and what were doing under Biden is selling high and were to buy higher because we missed the opportunity because of partisan politics. The Democrats did not want to let Pres. Trump replenish our strategic petroleum reserve at those low oil prices because they were claiming oh that's just a handout to the big oil companies know it's filling our tank when it's cheap out on my son's this week. Fill up your gas tank. Keep it filled now because prices will be higher next week, but the Democrats and more go along with that because it was all what jersey are you wearing and if Trump was advocating curing cancer, they would've been opposed to it.

This is a repost replenishing our strategic petroleum reserve at a low price, knowing it was eventually going to go up because they didn't want him to quote get a win or somehow help the oil companies would be nice to have a fully full petroleum reserve. Right now at $30 a barrel. Instead of letting it go in knowing you have to replace it three times that amount. But no, the economic policies of this administration are literally not just hurting families at the gas pump. Training is everywhere because oil isn't just used it to make gasoline everything in the manufacturing process that the tires on your car petroleum and oil products are all of the place. And when you are raising that price you're raising the price on everything. Meanwhile, you got the new administration trying to deny that inflation or recession are real even though you look at the reality with the economic numbers tell us that it's clear we're already in a recession and we could be heading worse were already feeling that the brunt of inflation where wages have gone up slightly, but but the wages value have gone down and continue to go down each month.

Workers are working more and earning less the same way they were paying more and getting less of the grocery stores are at the gas pumps and all convective same policies by the same policymakers that have literally reversed everything that was working when they took office yapping last. What more could you do immediately to fix the gas prices.

The energy crisis that were in go back to what we were doing before Joe Biden took office. Megan have to do two things.

One turned back on the Keystone pipeline and NSR dataflow 883 million barrels a day immediately, but it will send the message to the world that it's coming in just like the fact that the sallies are cutting production 2 million barrels a day in November to feel that pain at the pump immediately if we immediately went back to opening the Keystone pipeline again. It would send the left wing greenies that dominate the Biden administration into a conniption fit but it would restore American independence in the energy sector. The other thing you need to do is restart in and reinitiate the leases so that oil companies can go out and get the natural gas go out and get the oil that's in the ground go out and pull up the cold it's in the ground, but you also have to do more than just say okay you can go back at it. I think you have to put in some legislative protection so that you cannot turn the spigot off again immediately like Joe Biden did with the with the physic executive orders Juergen have to make sure that those who to make the investment in drilling in in pursuing and and exploring for new oil and energy sources you give them a guaranteed not to cut it off again. Nobody's going to go out and make those big investments in exploration and production if if they know you can just turn it back it at the at the flip of a switch like Joe Biden did when he took office, you have to give some assurances that their investment will have a time to be replenished, and can't just flip the switch and put them put out of business again so those things would immediately have an impact by executive that he rather go down and and beg and plead for oil from Venezuela, a communist socialist dictatorship that's in the pockets of Cuba in Russia.

He'd rather do that rather than free up the energy sector and the economic benefits to America. Everybody is better than America in the Joe Biden administration few. That's why make America great again is going to be the watchword for this midterm election and and beyond.

We are talking about the polls a little bit about where things are heading in this 30 days to election and what these energy prices may mean is Democrats are increasingly panic and the Biden administration is increasingly panicked over the prospects is a red wave coming will talk about that next the Todd Starcher nature's fruits and vegetables in a capsule changing the world one night at a time. My wife and I hope not. 3540 years, I've always been like swimming, skiing yada yada yada, always looking for something different that day I following morning I woke up and I went well.

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And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order by using discount code balance us to look back on Steve Gill filling in for Todd Starnes today Sen. Bill Haggerty from Tennessee is doing at the top of the hour you want to be sure That will talk a little about Republican prospects for taking the of the U.S. Senate and in the Houston what that can mean to preventing the further excesses of the Biden administration. In the meantime would have to depend on our attorneys general at the state level I were doing a great job fighting back against executive orders, but if we can retake the Senate retake the house that the present will only have executive orders with which to do more damage to America and that will be more difficult and and most of those executive orders will eventually be tossed aside by the courts because there there overreaching. About that was there Haggerty, in a moment, as we have the weekend I want to share some exciting news about our campaign to help alliance defending freedom now ADF is the world's largest nonprofit legal organization is committed to protecting religious freedom and the very one like 14 cases.

US Supreme Court. That's where the battles are being fought. And that's what we need to keep winning right now.

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And that's what ADF does so to date, we need your personal support for alliance defending freedom. If you're somebody who really wants to help with a significant gift towards the $25,000 goal.

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Now go to Todd start' Click on the alliance defending freedom tab and that to make a donation today yeah II mentioned that that we've got an opportunity with a red wave building an alliance. Defending freedom is fighting for our religious liberties. One of the things that I see as as a prospector could derail what looks to be like a looming red wave numeracy in the polls and Senate races and house races. Newt Gingrich is predicting we could pick up 40 to 50 or more seats in the house, take the devil away from Nancy Pelosi and put it in the hands of of conservatives not just Republicans on the Senate side again we look at races in Arizona, for example, Blake Masters, absolutely obliterated Saturday Kelly Sen. Kelly in the debate last night. One of the reasons that the Democrats don't want to debate is because they get their hats handed to you have Herschel Walker moving ahead in Georgia, which is why they're starting the entire smear campaign on him were seeing races move into the margin of error or putting Republicans ahead in blue states blue districts that that we would've even thought about winning just a few months ago so there is a red wave building and part of it is because of the security issue, economic security, border security security in our communities mean the crime rates are running amok and suckled and how the FBI isn't even being honest in how bad crime is in our big cities is the big cities are providing the accurate crime details when you're seeing places like Chicago where murders are spiking LA New York assaults crime has become a major issue, not just in the big blue cities, but in the suburbs surrounding so security, personal security, economic security, national security, those of the issues that are going to matter if Republicans will stick to their guns.

Note unintended on those we got a great chance to pick up seats.

The Democrats don't even see themselves losing Joe Biden is an anchor chain around her neck is actively campaigning and most of these districts to see the video. By the way where he was speaking to the press and then bizarrely started just backing up easily like one of those trucks. These will be be beep every time is given a speaker speaking anybody because soon he's gonna be backing up.

I'm shocked he didn't fall over. And then there was another one today where the reporters were asking questions. Shelley questions out. He literally starts running away as a asking are we are we looking towards Armageddon nuclear war, your present Zelinski in Ukraine this week demanded didn't ask, didn't request. Zelinski demanded that NATO launch a preemptive military strike against Russia to take away their nuclear capacity. A preemptive strike by NATO Ukraine isn't in NATO and for him to demand that we start World War III varies try to back off and say no I meant more sanctions. Sorry dude.

Even with your tortured English and Ukrainian what you said is what you said and Joe Biden now was warning of nuclear Armageddon you got US government starting to dispatch radioactive pharmaceuticals, Inc., in the event of of a nuclear strike that may just just be a a tactical nuke in the battlefield in Ukraine, but that opens the Pandora's box of a horrific set of dominoes and yet Biden administration is clueless and Zelinski demanded NATO launch a preemptive strike against thought more about a Centerville Haggerty Tennessee going to still give us this day.

We come back and forth outside, nature changing the world one life at a time.

Things around the house. I really like your product and happy waiting. You really like about it anymore. You got it in your diet. Regularity was put away very good because I don't always debug it. So I know about her work energy and just feeling good. Overall the work of the complaint. You have a little more energy to work with people I didn't really want to do so. Just one of the I think that a little more energy and older disabled person tonight and only to eat properly.

Feeling a little stronger now. I start your journey to better health: 800-246-8751 or go to down to to get free shipping. And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order using discount code balance. Liberty University studio in Tennessee coming since conservative commentary from God building that I am filling in think they needed day off will go forward with conservative common sense I get your joys on the phone line number 447-4788 68 boys were talking about you and follow by me on the Twitter at the gill report at the Guild report joining us on our Liberty University studios line is a Centerville Haggerty senator from the state of Tennessee. Longtime friend and was a real good guys in the Senate Bill good have you with us. It's great to be back with you but I always enjoy my God, you, you had a career not only in the business world. But then, as is the ambassador to Japan so you get both the global economy and the global business environment. This the disaster that we have created with with energy policy where that the president had to go hat in hand bed this bag the salaries for for relief which they've now decided they're going to cut the oil production by 2 million barrels a day, week, we could be producing about a million barrels a day with the Keystone. If we hadn't had that shut off by this administration first thing when they were in business without a release even more from our strategic petroleum reserve diminishing by another 10 million barrels, putting us at the lowest level since the early 80s with the without reserve where we're losing not only the economic clout by not being energy independent, but is is you seen again. This is been an investor in being involved in the in the foreign arena for a long time. We lose our our political clout and our foreign influence clout as well that will we were in it, but we were actually net energy exporter when I was about an iron make billions of dollars but they did report US LNG in a week taken a real turn for the worst from our national security perspective. And if you look administration kowtowing to be killers over there but going at Venezuela begging Maduro to negotiate with the Iranian you know you was an embarrassment to national embarrassment when Joe Biden goes over the valley to beg them to pump more they turn around and Oprah died Logan up up a couple million barrel left. Take that, you know what's even more insulting Stephen gotten very little notice in the media but you mentioned that Biden is been unloading the going is doing that because he got a political strategic from a book from a national security standpoint, the strategic from a November election standpoint that's right unloading her petroleum reserve now to try and hold on get dry get his rating back up and got midterm election. He loved it so much that we got asked to been able to process all of it so you probably read about China taking come of that digit petroleum reserve it weekly, but Doughty also did this Doughty to been able to buy our strategic petroleum reserve. The been able to buy our oil yesterday right so what they did yesterday in terms of raising OPEC right turn right back at tomorrow's flight, which is much higher. The Biden administration got totally played on this one and we look like shops in America and it's just despicable. You surgeon in Asia both so working in Japan and and and throughout Asia face is very important that this president is costing us face we were losing respect the foreign leaders have no respect for for this administration, and therefore there able to disrespect and an enormous UNC Kim John noon shooting ballistic missiles over Japan at present trouble stone the White House, I can assure you that what you know I was there when he first tried that and ministration I think is just and biting her all around the world are less stable plate. The biggest impact certainly came from the your box could create from Afghanistan 13 servicemen and women killed one of them blanking off the I had to call Ryan parent that happened it was a complete disgrace in the world. Stalwart Joe Biden was doing was chasing a press release because he wanted to be the first president to get our troops home in time for the 20th anniversary of 9/11. He did that any cost American life because the reputation abroad. I needed at the note by overwriting the advice. That's overriding by Victor state.

He did it for press release that he's been involved Centerville Haggerty with assigned newsmakers line you been involved again in dealing with global leaders. As an ambassador and and now as a senator we can recover economically how long does it take us to recover our reputation with foreign leaders will and it is going to take some time to take a change. It certainly didn't take long to destroy it in our topic on one that you and I both locked up with a letter you think about what Wegner coos Dalton the moment that Joe Biden gave a dog the first thing that Joe Biden does. He turns around he waved the sanctions. The convert is imposed on North bring to that gave the green light to go ahead and make your completely dependent on him strategically fortunate Biden weight that the gift didn't even give anything for that.

Probably the next thing that happened, which was even worse was the new start treaty negotiations again didn't get a lot of cover but this is negotiating the next round of negotiations over extending our nuclear treaty with Russia comp would not renew it under the existing terms for very simple reason that treaty only covers about 45% of Russia's nuclear arsenal more than half of the nuclear arsenal is not even covered by this meeting. They can produce whatever they want particularly short range tactical weapons will work out right now read it covered over 90% of United States arsenal. The vanity like that you I was going to be like it either is not reciprocal crop wanted to make it to make it equal to make it equitable to make Russia live in the simpler restrictions that we would have to go Joe Biden to become didn't give them a five year extension on the original deal can find it by that and then they get the Colonial pipeline Russian hackers attacking our Colonial pipeline you will remember everybody on on the air remembers what happened with that may shut down the pipeline.

Doughty, you know the consequence was that nothing Joe Biden goes over to electrical into your 16 industry that you mustn't touch if you hack it to get now I'm sure Putman to that list that you got even think about number 13 on the it is amazing there's been zero consequence to group many with any realizes that we got leadership right now that within less than a year and completely normal. Every every ball and they don't have no divided ministration to resolve the willpower to stand up and embolden to duty done Ukraine and you started by talking better energy quality. Think about the impact of Biden's energy policy on US energy prices.

Those energy markets are global yet inflationary impact on energy prices all over the world by driving up in the neighborhood of $56 a barrel, or the Russian economy barely up to hundred and $20 barrel when recruiting is now the richest man in the world. The second largest producer of oil and gas in the world. So this is been a huge gift and we have inadvertently funded his entire war in Ukraine and that's because of Joe Biden no shortsighted energy policy. It's just amazing what the bike ministration is done when a world leader like lender to you that you use it altogether and enforcing leader see the opportunity to act up like Tim Duncan and others that went when you talk to your fellow senators on the Democrat side of the aisle and I talked a lot Republican senators and House members, very few of them are actually talking to people across the because there's really nothing they can offer that that is worth a conversation but but do you hear from any of the Senators from these blue states at me.

Joe mansion sold out his state for for a promise that Schumer broke and you got senators and in Louisiana that are oil-producing states do they do they even tried to excuse with this administration is doing you know it, and it really felt got started today. Dr. McCammon said were to pursue note that which is allowing the organization of the Ethiopic state.

Doughty, UAE to be sued in US antitrust court by six that the solution to the fact that rather than pumping moral and make us more dependent on them. They decided what and you can be very talking and be bipartisan in terms of imposing that doesn't mention the fact that his own administration.

It took us from energy independence less than two years ago to possess were now on her knee begging Doughty that they can UAE develop more oral and there, but the new and genuine direction to cut back on dry, but even further to take your own strategic petroleum reserve from you in a little bit higher when you look at how gas prices affect the consumerism as I was mincing early on the show that I can tell you exactly one loaf bread cost or gallon of milk is discounted by the gasoline there's a there's a big sign on almost every street corner telling you exactly what it is right now and you can see if it goes up or goes down. It's been going up in the last week.

What impact do you think is going to have a know you guys are desperately trying to get control of the of the Senate and Republican hand so that Biden will be limited to acting with Executive Order not being able to pass crazy stuff in the house and Senate. How do you see the prospects for Republicans retaken the Senate at this point, the prospect of getting better every day.

The evening what the American public is concerned about is what you wanted your finger at its ablation, the economy, it's kind of an that is driving every American to think very hard about their most basic subsistence date and what the Democrats want talk about a number of issues that fall much further down the list in terms what Americans are concerned about when you think about the economy you think about the crime wave and precipitated across the nation. Since Joe Biden began to one fraught.

Remember they're talking about defunding the police that manifested itself in massive crime wave across the country. They collapsed our southern border. There is no penalty whatsoever for breaking the law at our southern border and onto the criminal element look at all of it uncommunicative for me ureter so the criminals are embolden here in America.

Our enemies are involved in overseas. The American public sees all of this and they see massive incompetent they see misplaced priority and you know something Steve. I think at the very got that pulling this very well that that at a very got level. Every American is going always remember the embarrassment that we felt that what happened in Afghanistan, Joe Biden, the Democrat in Paris.patient and if you look at the policies that they pursued. There's been no apology. There is been no just a complete denial of the failure occurred. There they continue to pursue policies that we cannot nation and the American public see that we appreciate you being on the front lines in the fight.

Longtime friend were my best friends and that keep up the great work Sandra will I catch up soon much appreciative all the best you think Centerville had recent Tennessee with us coming up right after this break, Matthew Peterson is the cofounder of new founding and president of firebrand pack talk about the cultural woke agenda. We talked about the economic factors in these midterm elections, the cultural woke agendas can have a big impact as well and Matthews go tousled about that on the Todd start showing just about nature's fruits and vegetables in a capsule changing the world one night at a time. My wife and I hope not. For five whole years I've always been biking and swimming, skiing yada yada yada only looking for something different that I following morning I woke up and I went well like the missing link was just fantastic and we haven't stopped taking it. My wife basically the same way. The single thing that changed and convinced that the best thing don't… Law.

No dialogue, not only better because I did not start your journey to better health with balance of nature right now: 800-246-8751. Go to down to to get free shipping. And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order by using discount code balance. Again, this is the time started to show from the liberty University studios and Gil filling in for Todd and we were talking with her integrity about the economic impact on the midterm elections that are looming. Matthew Peterson is cofounder of the firebrand pack.

It focuses on the making sure that we combat the woke agendas is breaking down her cultural as well. You can go to American and find out more. Matthew could have you with us a great beer important… And you just made the move from California to Texas, right, that is correct. I lack year we we we packed it up and payment great over the great thing is that the folks moving from California and in the Illinois and New York tend to Texas and Tennessee in Florida.

I'm finding that most of the Merck are coming because they have rejected the woke agendas are not coming tried to infect the rest of us, but every now and then one or two will slip through. Well I tell you I met a lot of people I be concerned moving.

I want to go anywhere with a if I was a fax for that I would.

I would take that one day you know yet but you have to say everyone moving a lot of them be the people who moved the last two years, not just for economic reasons or ideological reason you want them in your state because I like human you know that we are really were like refugees from Cuba. I'm at work. What I have two people on one of the city Council near my house.

We were going to help keep the exit but were not to mess around work working out well and when you look at the impact of what they're doing in California. These other states there doubling down means they don't see that what they're doing is destructive. That is so apparent to me.

Did you look at the streets in LA and San Francisco and San Diego you looking at that what they're tolerating in their schools in the in the abysmal economic climate there. Creating an and they see nothing wrong that they keep doubling down. How do we turn that tide. I really think that red state have to exercise more leadership and be bold. They need to call it out because they're not going to stop so you you need to get you want to advertise in your state. Get people of like mind together validate power and then demonstrate with leadership like what your stated and then people can write an end. So I really I really think you know in the one-party state their deep blue a minute over a one party oligarchy and about at you. You gotta have bread states that we get rid of the complacent. Do you realize that what happening here to start taking much bolder measure publicly signal the way the way forward is what they get nothing left in the American way of life in the 21st century. Let let's make the choice dark. Matthew we've we've seen the impact when the when the mama bears the mama grizzlies get get riled up when he saw Northern Virginia the deep that this the school mothers decided to push back and they and they got that they got action.

We elected a a great governor of Lt. Gov. and AG in Virginia with with what was going on and maybe you're with the fire started in Northern Virginia that spread.

How do we get communities and mom's and and the dads involved like we saw Northern Virginia literally like that spark. Yeah, I think it is really important.

One thing that needs to happen is we need to be highlighting those effort and explaining to people with media movement right and they want to add my that they want to stay you know no one else really think the things in your yearly experiment when reality normal people across the country are ending concerned about what's going on in their school. So one of things that even with the super pack.

I want to do.

We want to highlight those heroes in the Tory and make make it never will realize a national movement happening all across the country is happening in Southlake, Texas, near where I live in a people are rising up in the emerging model how to do back-up a nonprofit called courage of the habit occurred in the habit of the great great little nonprofit got going, but one of our former employee who is an active, it actively fought off your key in the schools in Indiana and now in creating really ammunition for parent and plan for parent to get active you know what about the right will hear the form you can give the school, they can't question what are you teaching right so we needed like to increase the actual act of right usually bad at and we need to highlight it with median show people the national movement. Normal barely extreme and Jim are seeing seeing the benefits of it as as as as people get activated as they see others get activated again to point out they have the courage to do the same themselves to speak up and in one of the byproducts. My guess the benefits of covert's is by kids being taught at home parents got just a little bit better glimpse into what was being taught and they were appalled when they realized what was being taught to their kids. Yeah, absolutely. I looked at Jane and changed everything. I meant it and they would take it the way of life and people are moving deeper issues than just economic read out loud in public. For some reason I'm preaching about it is you're telling the truth hundred seven impact folks can go to American American get involved in what works for your website for the nonprofit discourages the habit. Courage is a habit I will find that is low.

Matthew will talk again soon.

Thank you for the thought start show in nature changing the world one life at a time like that.

I met a girl, it all felt that the doctor on the Schuylkill that I could fall like and I all supplements but I've been taking throughout the years, there were good there more in the high, but nothing compares the balance of nature is not." The silver years when I think something I can tell you how I feel the same path ever years Myla will finally talk and I can tell it balance is, I haven't.

Start your journey. Call 1-800-246-8751 or go to the balance of to get free shipping. And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order by using discount code balance.

This is the time to start showing fees deal filling in for Todd and the running is just a moment. Congressman Ralph Norman from South Carolina but for that one mention one thing for you. You see Mike Lindell on TV doing is commercials and in promoting the pillows, but there's more than pillows at my pillow. They're having their biggest sheet sale of the year I got you to build my pillow into an amazing company that it is today, and now Mike Lindell wants to get back exclusively to our listeners and his viewers and his customers never percale and Giza dream bedsheet sets are available in a variety of colors and sizes. They're all on sale now for as low as 2998 with the listener promo code here from the Todd start show no ordered on now, though, because when they're gone they're going to be gone without the sheets are breathable, have a cool and crisp file, the 10 year warranty and a 60 day moneyback guarantee, so don't miss out on the offer limited supply order now it's easy to do, go to 800-839-8506 that 800-839-8506.

Use the promo code starts, go to my you can click on the radio listener Square and use the promo code starts get advantage of the this amazing officer again on self as well as 2998.

Gotta do better than that. So get to it now 20 is that now on our newsmakers line from Liberty University studios Congressman Ralph Norman from South Carolina comes the good have you with us right. We would like you have almost as good a South Carolina accent is my friend Henry McMasters would enter yesterday for Charleston and I think he's one of my favorites is when when he was one of the early trump supporters and present trouble saying man what what you want. Henry said why really want anything but it be nice if if the if you gave our governor something and he immediately moved into being governor South Carolina site that's the guy with the brilliant political strategist.

A related Internet a way thing that no one else you have a hard time understanding some words but most of you, well we appreciate you and I what you're doing and one of the things that struck me this morning. Something in some of the news items. This wall while you've been helping lead the fight against the weaponization of the Department of Justice and the FBI. We learned today that that the FBI had the head to Terminator or let 665 FBI employees leave after misconduct investigations. They left to avoid being prosecuted or to avoid being fired your I have a lot of folks congressmen who say well the problem with the FBI and the DOJ. It's just the senior people most top political appointees.

I think we got a cultural problem that runs deep cultural problem. The Stephen you got administration that cultivates that they have completely weapon happy but really the entire judicial department to me baby.

We did account. Not long ago we have 40 people who have been deleted if Allstate unit that had been arrested or harassed in some matter, all of them happen to be trauma rigid trump and supporters of his policies and my Glendale makes mattresses James O'Keefe, you know, run project Veritas on the base paper Scott area served with a minute it studies take it to a new level and we gotta put a stop to it. But for that number of people to be released on their own.

I guess by the top brass to avoid being prosecuted that serious, and the number 600. While it's show you the depth of the corruption. This this administration is tolerate Scott Perry as chairman of the freedom caucus to come and confiscate his phone is a retired Air Force general and are coming and grabbing his phone. I told him I rented a little while after that I was going to call you and ask how you were, but I didn't know who to answer the phone.

I made it to create a fear factor in the restoration of 87,000 IRS agent made that will be carrying a gun. To me they're not accountants. They don't have expertise in taxes.

Religion is harassment that we gotta stop this they bring in the fight to the American people and we now realize it and you got a little defiant that if at all possible. If and when we take the house back in November along with a lot of other things got about 31 days and as you point out, it depends on whether Republicans take the house. Hopefully, take the Senate as well. We talked to Sen. Bill Haggerty from Tennessee just a little while ago, the prospects of taking the house appear good, but many can never take anything for granted. Got a run through the tape and we gotta have a plan which I'm happy with the plan of McCarthy Lee released in about put America first given energy independent, showing the border down heaven here and prosecute some of these rogue actors but you know this is don't take a lot of work and is going to take those the pillows that we have released is in direct opposite of what this administration is doing to the country but I should get started. I think we are going take it back and I think we don't have the show some backbone to the American people because that's what the expectant Americans are scared right now with what's happening. I think that's a concern. Congressman Ralph Norman was from South Carolina. By the way that if Republicans retake the weather will have the courage to do what it takes to defund that the FBI and the DOJ and and to make them accountable and and be held responsible. Yeah, you begin even if we get a majority. We may not have a majority of conservatives and we got folks that there were seamless training others that always pull back against what were wanting to do was talk with Congressman Dorn just a few weeks ago and he acknowledged if we don't deliver. We may never get another chance. Deliver because our base and in the swing voters won't trust us. If we don't deliver know it when you note for the last 2020 months, Americans have never seen this kind of rapid takeover that the administration produce that's just totally anti-Americanism weakened America to really astonishing levels and that we got a producer we got to have backbone on part of the freedom caucus serving under Scott and we met with the speaker and mentioned things that we we gotta do we gotta show courage and I think the American people ready for if we don't think this country will suffer beyond what anybody's imagination is for God sake where with 31 trillion in the whole.

Gotta stop spending, we gotta have accountability and all the above, but I think will do that and I think even the middle of the rotors who are elected is enough of us who go on, put some light on what this administration is doing to to we the people the freedom caucus.

You guys are the conscious of the conservative Republicans in the house and I think you're going to get a few extra members to help buttress those numbers.

One of things that your question is for Congress not to get paid until a budget passes folks don't realize that we been operating under these continuing resolutions because they they've not been able to pass a budget and what decades spent 26 years in Congress and funded to go but don't meet our budget in September 30 unit. This is the fifth year in a row that is not a single funding bill was signed into law by the start of the fiscal year it's been 40 years since we've had the preparations in place and we've only done it four times and so that's not according to the 74 congressional budget unit presents postclosing to present his budget that I'll Senate, with theirs and then it would had all year to date this and normal day that we should've been meeting is April 15 will what went well beyond that and state to put a two that the magnitude the damage that a continued resolution does every the particular with the military.

The leases have to be re-re-done. Each office doesn't know the dollars that has to Spanish.

This is irresponsible.

That's why I put up the congressional reckless recklessness back to the private sector if you don't work for you don't do your job to get your pay cut Congress out of sight Fiona's back money. Instead of having their pay cuts to challenge them. Congressman is the ones it would have to vote for that one's account like it like it is they do. But you know the difference today. I think people are letting their Congressman you not know why they're unhappy.

Look at the candidates running all over the country. We got a strong feeling we got freedom caucus type people Google take office and we are growing we have 30 members now that it has to be an invitation-only but some of these Anna Paulina Luna, Florida fighters and Mary Miller, who was elected in the last election is a fighter. Lauren Bogert is a fighter so little continue to push the envelope because if we lose America where we go with this. No other country like America is time to fight. It is not time for milquetoast politicians with the spine one Congressman Jordan Perry when I was meeting with them or pointing out that you were constantly told us the most important election in our lifetime. This one is if we lose this when we we may not be able to take our country back.

I don't like will that this is a do or die situation and the American people need to know that we are helpless just instantly have sweet head so many bullets coming over the last 2120 months. By this credit run administration and in a week. We cannot just sit back and let this country just got on the T-bar founders would not be should be astonished it was going out but I think I think we've got the Jim Jordan attitude Scott. Margie Tyler Green.

Another suit is not to let that happen. So will do what we can in. There's a lot riding on this. Now that and I think is different than ever before.

This is just a slogan most important election. This is the most important election.

But not only westernize the DOJ, but they have just ignored the law me when you just decreed that you're going to forgive student loan debt without the Congress being involved. That's not how the system is is meant to work if we can regain the house and in the Senate, then it puts more pressure on our attorney generals are Republican Atty. Gen. to been doing great work file lawsuits to stop the executive orders you got a great one in the AG Wilson over there and and and we got a lot of good ones, but at least will will move the fight to a different place and they won't be able to jam stuff through like to try to do in the house and Senate right now that's what I'm excited about. You looked individual states and you mentioned Alan Wilson is done a tremendous job they get back the American people, and in into a corner you have to come out file lawsuits, and typically not for Sue and I'm from the private sector, but now they're making us do that they bring in the fight and maybe we will treat. We pick up the challenge in and meet it and it happens to involve a lot of lawsuits that because what they're doing is against get the Constitution take the open borders that's inpatient that's nothing more than people that this prohibited. Think about it for the Constitution and the just right rimshot over that so many others, freedom of speech Second Amendment, you name it just goes down the line and send it out the DOJ with with guns, grab people that they simply disagree with politically constant rows number Norman, one of the great heroes freedom caucus set leader. We appreciate you and will talk with you again soon. Thank you so much nicer being with Wisconsin Ralph Lauren from South Carolina. This is the time start show on Steve Gill filling in for Todd and we will be right back to nature's fruits and vegetables in a capsule changing the world one life at a time, physician not been in practice for four years. When I started taking SEI I like medicines and I probably taken more people off medicine that I put on and so I looked at it pretty much a natural element, there's no question in my mind, knowing of my patients that people my age 60 and over may not eat right and they certainly don't get the appropriate nutrients to the vegetables, fruits and things like that and I think that it supplies the building blocks that your body normally would use to heal itself and you don't get you don't know. It's amazing what I did two years.

Start your journey to better health: 800-246-8751 or go to down to to get free shipping.

And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order using discount code balance hey this is Todd showing Steve Gill filling in for Todd. You can find me on Twitter at Gill report at the bill report by some of the stories were talking about things up there.

You can also target on the phone lines and 844-747-8838 one edger voice to the show little bit of breaking news this week. One of the US senators who voted for the impeachment of Donald Trump, a Republican who voted for the impeachment of incest from Nebraska is Nancy stepping down, he just collected last year. He's going to step down to become president of the University of Florida. He came from academic background and has been returned. Academics and I say this with with due respect to our Florida listeners, but as a Tennessee ball fan from Tennessee basketball player. This is just another reason to hate the University of Florida and I'm just I throw that out. Anyway, all is actually a great choice for the University Farley will be able to raise money, which is the main job of the college president these days rings academic qualifications as well but does create a domino effect in Nebraska. One of the reddest states in the country will think they've elected a statewide Democrat since like 2006.

It's been a while and and it is going to be decidedly red for a while now with sass's resignation and they'll take effect at the end of the of December. We hope will be interviewed by the board of the trustees. The Board of Regents down at the at Florida and will be official in November that will open up the seat that gets filled under Nebraska law, with the appointment by the governor for someone to fill that seat for the next two years, until they'll have a special election in 2024 times with the that the presidential election took to fill the remaining two years of sass's term. The six-year term for the other senator in Nebraska. Deb Fisher will also be up in 2024. She'll have her running for reelection presumably and whoever the governor appoints to fill the seat temporarily for this next two years, stepping in as well. Now here's where it gets interesting. The current governor Pete Ricketts is term limited.

So there's going to be a new governor of the from Nebraska in January it's like to be a guy named Jim Pentland, a former defensive back for the University Nebraska's football team.

He was strongly supported by the current governor Ricketts in a a a large Republican primary pill and had the backing of not only Ricketts but also Tom Osborne who was his college football coach at Nebraska.

I was also a three term member of Congress from Western Nebraska one point Larry the cable Guy raised on a farm in Nebraska was also one of those who supported the Mr. pill and so pill and should win handily in November will take office in November and January the governor that will appoint the replacement for the residing been sass will be Ricketts. The current the current governor and there's every speculation that he'll appoint himself since he's term limit is not going to be governor anymore is not having to give up her seat, presumably I guess he did wait and have Jim pill and appoint him in January. Put a little delay in filling that seat, but then again, if you have new US Sen. stepping into the Senate it, it makes sense from Nebraska standpoint to get a little bit of seniority to put president trumps the ally of Pete Ricketts the governor Nebraska put him in early release earlier than waiting until January to little seniority over those who were elected in November and take office in January to their Senate seats around the country.

There are likely to be five, six or so new senators and that was sass leaving he's been a conservative vote is been a dependable conservative vote in the Senate but has clashed with Pres. Trump usually voted for the impeachment of Pres. Trump that did not win him many friends in the Senate or a boring Nebraska so you go see a little bit of a domino effect. They are single, still almost certainly see a Republican senator and governor is going appoint a Republican and begin your sincere Republican governor replace Pete Ricketts as governor in Nebraska at a decidedly red state. So again, interesting news that this is coming from the Senate is sass will exit and probably get a stronger Republican conservative in the in the Senate, from Nebraska, 615 or something 844-747-8868. The phone number for chime in on the lines and then join us like Dennis from New York existing on our lifestream. Dennis welcomed the show yet. I was called out.

We were stuck here in New York State with Sen. Schumer that we like to help her feel for reelection. We hope to get rid of him, but I fear that the GOP under state GOP set up to the challenge goal.

We will hopefully will get rid of our governor Kathy local.

I think she's she's like hanging on by a thread in the continued crime issues in New York helping helping her at all. Hopefully will cross our fingers.

New York will get it right. By the way. One thing I want to remind you again if you have not already gone online to a support a have life freedom, say more about that nature is fruits and vegetables in a capsule changing the world one night at a time. My wife and I hope not for my 40 years. I've always been biking, swimming, D. Yada yada yada. Always looking for something different that I only morning I woke up and I went well like the missing link and we haven't stopped taking it. My wife basically the same way. The single thing that changed and convinced that the best thing don't got along. No dialogue, not only better because I did not start your journey to better health with balance of nature. Right now, when he hundred 246-8751. Go to down to to get free shipping.

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Click on the alliance defending freedom banner to make a tax-deductible donation. And remember that right now your first gift in any amount, any amount gets doubled another guy who is leading the fight against the excesses of the of the left is our friend, Russ vote, who was the head of OMB Office of Management and Budget for a Pres. Trump is now heading in organization that is fighting on a whole host of issues that are at the center for renewing America.

You can find out more in American and one of the issues that he's focused on right now is that we are talking with Dr. Ralph Norman earlier, the oversight of the FBI and the Department of Justice Russ good have you with us to be on yards. It's crazy that I have a couple of the new Joe Biden gas today, but not I don't think it's news. If Joe Biden commits a gaffe anymore beat.

He's got. Here's the here's the latest one that Joe Biden's deficit again out of it's news because it's like I gaffe a day for Joe Biden, either. He's whispering creepily always backing away backing up like a truck backing up without the beep beep sound or getting lost on the stage try to figure out how to get the heck off of six here's the latest one we start off with your words may America so what's worse, the fact that the crowd clapped to his two words are the affected things made in America is two words. I've got one two words you're a moron. Anyway, Joe Biden's latest House could have you with us.

It is amazing anything that comes out either need to be bought back is totally incomprehensible because of the mumble or it is a gaffe and it one of those three, and it keeps the White House and constant data of having to deal with them and that comes out of his mouth that that it completely lacking clarity or is very clear but exactly the wrong policy for what I country either their their policy dating that's far as much as I admire, love, Pres. Trump and and every day was not a well oiled machine under the trunk by White House, at least when when there would be something that would go wrong. You didn't have a Press Secretary like Pres. Biden has that makes it worse.

And you knew you knew that if he was going to move in a different direction that actually where he wanted to move the country and so you know that Gabe is a very good and the people that were trying to corral the bureaucracy on behalf that you know this was this was the way that we were going Atlanta found the twitter account so valuable. It was kind of a bat line for those of us in the in the fall line that were trying to ensure at every opportunity that the government that the American people brought to power was actually making the changes and not relying on the bureaucratic property that is crippling the applicator you been in DC for a while so you know that when there's a change in administration.

So many the bureaucrats are borrowed and they stay in place. The people who who are not reflecting the values of the American people and and really don't know much about the American people and and were seeing it in in spades at the FBI, Department of Justice, I was talking with the Congressman Ralph Norman from South Carolina earlier and yeah I get told all the time, rusted over the issue with the FBI. The DOJ it's those senior officials in Washington. That's the problem we've got great hard-working yeah DOJ attorneys and FBI agents throughout the country and we do, but it's a culture issue and it runs right to the roots and and I think anything to fix the DOJ and FBI at this point isn't just firing and prosecuting the top officials. It's you have to dig deep and make some real changes. I believe that it well and I think that you see that in think like what occurred in Michigan where the Detroit field operations doing the crap game to be able to coax conservatives into something that would cause them to be able to car the entire conservative movement movement with being domestic terrorism, and I think the reason we know it's a culture, the head of that field office got promoted to run the Washington DC buildup. And so that's one that called for a church style committee select committee harkening back to the 1970s with Sen. Frank Church.

He was able to bring the FBI, CIA, to their need for a brief moment in time and finally American people. We know there's a coculture problem.

We don't know the extent of it and we need to figure out the extent of it and then spend year to really developing the reforms that would be something that you can implement in the next conservative administration, patient is a culture problem that runs deep. As we just had a story today 664 FBI agents were were forced out of their roles over the last 14 years for misconduct and they resigned rather than be fired and prosecuted.

That's a lot of folks and in the fact that we let them go, rather than getting to the bottom of it. I think again reveals a bigger problem. I think that is true. I think that you got issues like why are they wider the only prosecutions we hear about or think that we hear about people that are put that debating the political process that are people that are trying to be outside of our pro-life clinic. There are people that are going parents concerned about their schooling going in the school board meeting that's forward hearing about any add in the fact that there there all of the situation.

Being a rat FBI showing up with massive SWAT team.

I mean there's just so many different data point that need to be investigated thoroughly to get at the extent to which, ultimately, the goal we need to feel restore the cross but the American people had in their law enforcement 8 feet to reform and come back to that that respect constantly restore because they don't have it right now. The selective enforcement has been a problem for a while but when they're targeting you know dad's for defending their 12-year-old being bumped up against buyer by simply harassing them at at a pro-life rally yet again. They can they come out with guns drawn, rather than let McKay turn himself in your build the perp walk conservatives and and give a complete pass to guys like Hunter Biden were now hearing that the leak that they've got enough to do prosecuting but they're leaving out what what to me would be the most dangerous part is that failure to register as a foreign agent that would lead directly to his dad. We got one of his former partners that says he has videotapes he turned over the FBI. They're not pursuing if they won't return it together.

Given Hunter by the past there, and in the perp walk in dads. While this guy just a firearm on Air Force One 75 million people that are there back in their homes.

People like you and I and the thinking.

You know what if I go out and try to save my country by engaging in any issues that are hot button issues. I can first see the FBI showing up at my door and I know for fact that anyone that was riding and burning diners down as part of the BLM riot in response to door exploits murder are not anything that we know that because they all got relief and so there is a complete double standard and that's what's causing erosion of trust. The forfeiture of trust that the American people no longer have and I believe the only way that wouldn't be able to do this is not to work with hearing that don't go anywhere but to actually have an institution that has full-spectrum jurisdiction, the ability to declassify the ability to have subpoena power and go that the extent of the weaponization against the American people and if not, the FBI, the IRS.

It portions of the Intel community. It it it is pervasive and we need to be able to go after that to me rest. The biggest issue by my rust boat with us this morning America is the website for Center for renewing America America you can find a whole list of the items that there there working on that that betrayal of trust that the people have in our institution says is been eroding for a while but the FBI, the Department of Justice are our judicial system is always ranked pretty high and people continue to trusted.

They have completely eroded if not destroyed that with the politicization and weaponization of these agencies. How do we meet again. Your your church committee could could start to rein them in, but how do we restore that trust. Because that's completely been broken.

Well, I think it required by people being held on that. I don't think you restore the trust by getting the right director and Chris great. Not a good director. I think you got one to deal with the culture and you make changes that day.

These institutions are now to be finally different. I believe I need to be broken up and really downsized and and parcel off to their different authorities. We need federal law enforcement, but I'm not convinced that will then be able to fully have them regain their trust without significant reform in dismantling but it going to require that and I think that that's why it we need the institution of the select committee church committee could come in have the necessary oversight to developing the fact pattern okay but also the reforms on what to be enough. Because we needed to think of we need a secure country.

We need to have a strong law enforcement but at the same time, those cannot be used as a pretext to do what they're doing right now, which is go after us and the NSA surveillance in the SWAT team to arrest this for for protesting and those are the kind of thing to have to change and I don't think until you actually see the hard work of reform that people recognize something is different from a political standpoint. Last question, how do we navigate the fine line between reforming and in dismantling the bad pieces the FBI changing the culture and sounding like were were also for defunding the police yeah I mean I think it being really clear that where the party a low alarm department where the law enforcement so when we have an issue with the particular institution because they're not doing that were actually outside of law-enforcement and you know who it tested at the whistleblowers that are coming to Jim Jordan think we could tell our story of people that have reached out to me and women are part of that you nonmonotonic with former FBI agent that are helping us inform what we do and you know we want the FBI to get back in the business a federal crime. We want to have them to be able to go after real law enforcement activities that will keep us together as a community as opposed to the left which wants to defund it so that they have an opportunity to tear our country apart or have lawbreakers parents are and I think that that I'm not.

I think we have to be careful, but I believe that the American people know who's always been on the fire law-enforcement our side had. We got the opportunity to stay likely there is a problem that we need to keep up the great work center for renewing America going to America to do a lot of other things as well and I keep up the great work my friend before catching up with you soon. I'm see Jill.

This is the Todd start show and we were back in just a moment as you got the president and the president Zelinski in Ukraine trying to lurch us to Armageddon to nuclear war. What can we do to stop that were back in a moment. This is the Todd start show. Remember to eat your fruits and vegetables. We all remember these words from a child that anyone had kind of nice store, prepare and eat and drink and vegetables busy line balance of nature. Keep it simple. Our produce is powdered afternoon advanced vacuum coldpressed which stabilizes the maximum nutrient content that produced it into a scientifically researched plan designed with your body and mind.

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You can get all the benefit of a colorful variety of fruits and vegetables every day experience the balance of nature different than yourself down to company hundred two 468-5135 percent on your first order using practices. Todd start show see Jill filling in for Todd and as mentioned before that quick break that it would got the president and president Zelinski in Ukraine, lurching us towards Armageddon. Yet Zelinski demand not ask demand that NATO launch a printed strike against Russia to diminish their nuclear strike capacity Ukraine admin NATO and NATO launching a printed strike against Russia would precipitate World War III. I would got US government looking for different pharmaceuticals to deal with the radioactive fallout you've got Pres. Biden talk about Armageddon being closer than ever before, and yet we keep sending money to Zelinski was trying to force us into World War III. Apparently not realizing that they will be on the frontlines evident. He's not likely to survive just bizarre. I will talk more about that had been, there's a reason Democrats don't want to debate, Republicans are running against for the Senate and the House Blake Masters torched Mark Kelly in Arizona debate were to share that with you in the next half-hour you got here this this is why Democrats won't debate the Republican opponents because they get absolutely just manhandled in the case of a Blake Masters taking down this I'm an astronaut senator from Arizona also is more important than ever to support companies and organizations that share our values.

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She started to move ahead in the polls. A red wave is looming. But we are conservatives we are Republicans we can we can still screw it up so we'll talk a little how we can avoid that.

Here a little bit more about how what Blake Masters torched Mark Kelly out in the Arizonan.

His debate and against one of the reasons there running and hiding from my from debates we are talking earlier in the in the hour about the FBI yell hiding the facts and hiding what they're doing and going after Granny's well. Real crime is taking place, the murder rate rose more than 30% in the last two years going the FBI. While there tracking down grannies and dad to try to protect 12-year-old kids from harassing abusing your protesters there ignoring the murder rate that's risen more than 30% in two years and it's worse because the FBI reports don't include the crime rates from the biggest blue Democrat violent cities like New York and Chicago and LA they're not turning in their reports the FBI to sort of downplay how bad the crime rate is security is the issue on the ballot in the midterm security, border security, economic security, your security in your neighborhoods. It is a security election and now the only thing the public is somewhat out of fear that my glasses go with the moment, this is Todd start natures fruits and vegetables in a capsule changing the world one life at a time, physician not been in practice for 40 years and when I started taking this, like medicines and I probably taking more people off medicine. I put on and so I looked at it pretty much a natural element, and there's no question in my mind, knowing of my patients that people my 60 and over may not eat right and they certainly don't get the appropriate nutrients to the vegetables, fruits and things like that and I think that it supplies the building blocks that your body normally would use to heal itself and you don't get him. You don't know.

It's amazing what I did two years.

Start your journey to better health: 800-246-8751 or go to down to to get free shipping. And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order using discount code balance is starting to show Steve yell coming for you from the liberty diversity Studios filling in for Todd clip again is that Joe Biden counter yeah Jill finally started his speech by running out the that your mumbling whispering goes on is only skills we start off with your words may merit you just can't make this stuff up. That's not even common core math now one of the reasons the Democrats are running and hiding from him is because of his inept policies. His destructive policies is an ability to communicate effectively count things in a basic link so so the guy that can count to three is in charge of keeping us from nuclear Armageddon, while Zelinski in Ukraine is wanting the NATO operations to launch a nuclear or at least a preemptive strike against Russia to knock out Russia's nuclear capabilities yell at start with an act of war will create World War III and Joe two words.

Biden is the guy between us and Armageddon. So the Democrats are run from him. They don't want to have him coming in campaigning in their districts is numbers are bad. Although the Wall Street Journal today is pushing out some pole that they claim shows that independents are gravitating towards towards the Democrats, see the details of that pole they just pulled Democrats that were supposedly independents today. Poll voters registered voters adults again when you look at the polls and the way they're tweaking trying create any momentum they can build for the Democratic Party is not working again as you pull into the gas pumps today are paying more than last week. While Joe Biden claims that he is lower gas prices above 60 yeah but they're still like a buck 60 above where they were when you took office, moron, Joe really bad at math, but Doug does not the only one is having a tough time you have the Arizona Senate race, and Republicans need to pick up a net of of one net gain seats to take us from our 50-50 split in the Senate Republicans taking the gavel from Chuck Schumer and restoring at least some some common sense bribes to the U.S. Senate there about four or five seats that Republicans could pick up if Herschel Walker can win in Georgia if we cannot win with like salt in the bottom there's there's others you are seats that apparently are in play.

The Democrats didn't think would be in play. Just a few short months ago, but one of the key races to win in Arizona were Blake Masters is taking on Mark Kelly, the incumbent senator and that they have debate now. The Democrats been running from debates all over the country like crazy because they can't defend their positions. They have to pretend there's something they're not. In fact, is as I'm looking at ads from around the country. Democrats running in the house and in the U.S. Senate running these ads that make them sound like your conservatives that there for building the wall. Therefore, for cracking down on crime in their communities that they never said defend the police that they don't want abortion up to the moment before birth takes one attack Republicans on that issue. They're the ones that did that have consistently voted against the policies that would strengthen American, yet there running TV commercials and radio ads that sound like there's somebody there not so they can't debate where their lives will be exposed.

Years and years ago I ran for Congress and had an opponent that was running all these the attack ad spewing just outright lies and had some good old boy and in rural Tennessee. Tell me, Steve, don't worry about the lies he's got on you the truth you've got on him is much worse than a something Republicans have the truth. We got on them is much worse than the lies they're telling about themselves and about Republican opponents. The problem is. The media is not covering so that's why debates are important have to have folks be able to go toe to toe Mono Mono in the case of Kelly in the Blake Masters and then you can expose that they don't know what they're talking about and that there just outright lying about their record and the Republican opponents of Blake Masters was the exposing in this debate last night. What Mark Kelly has actually voted for you never have to wonder which way. Sen. Kelly is about because any spending bill that Biden puts in front of him.

He will sign Sam got the inflation reduction act and Mark Kelly was the deciding vote.

He hired 87,000 new IRS agents Mark Kelly voted to send stimulus checks to illegal aliens.

He voted to send stimulus checks to get this violent felons sitting in jail is not a good use of taxpayer money.

I don't think so think about that the next time you go to the grocery store and you can afford to buy staker eggs. One the other thing to think about when you go to the grocery store is what's missing from the shelves of the grocery store the other day and in the hole you like processed meat section where your packaged baloney and ham and that's it.

It look like a Russian grocery store from the 1980s. This is not a supply chain issue were not getting our baloney from from China. Do you look at the serial aisles and even the cereal boxes are smaller than they were before, or their nonexistent Dragon are cereal our Kellogg's corn flakes from right from Russia or from China's hot supply chain issues. This is a destroyed economy is getting worse and worse. Gas prices are going up. Inflation is rising where we're knee-deep in a recession and getting worse, despite the fact that the Biden administration continually denied that we were in a recession then said it would be temporary and now acknowledges they can't really do anything to fix it in the same present Biden's administration was claiming had nothing to do with gas prices. It was all prudent now is claiming credit when they go down because we release our teaching petroleum reserve to the lowest level in 40 years is not responsible when it goes up and by gosh she's going take credit when it goes down temporarily and it's already going up again already back above six dollars in California headed back up above four dollars and most of the country yard here and talk about the higher gas prices is to try to claim credit for a few days that that there lower than they were when they were really bad Blake Masters also exposed that Mark Kelly has not done digitally when it comes to securing our border and security is the issue in this election. As every community is now a border state-focused on the border since day one on this yeah I'm down there all the time I was on the phone this week. Just, you know, with Mayor Nichols of Yuma Sheriff Dan Olson of Cochise County talking about what more we need for border patrol and immigration that my friend a world invasion were what were working to raise border patrol pay Vikings 80%. I got legislation to do that. I've been focused on the border since day one okay and nearly no greater tax because we have a wide open southern border. So that's the best you can do.

I respect the repetitiveness I am. Let's get this one is a price will actually secure your existing Mark Kelly don't even have the clout with the Biden administration to get Kemal Harris to come down to the border Jews of the border between North Korea and South Korea last week. Can't make any time while she's in charge of border security go down to Arizona. Maybe she could go down with Mark Killian and have all the answers, the Democrats control the House and the Senate the control the White House if Martelli had any clout any influence as a Democrat in the U.S. Senate for Arizona. My head in his bill already passed in the present already raised the pay border agents might rising anything been done is Blake master said surface is the best you can do if you're saying this is the best you can do your miserable failure. You should resign is right on point.

So how we make a difference.

Have Arizona voters. You have to make the difference. Pennsylvania voters can have to make the difference.

All of this country. Voters good have to make the difference.

So where are those votes that didn't make this difference love in the church pews. Yeah the last several presidential elections.

17 million Christian evangelicals are not just talking about self identified Christians.

Christian evangelicals 17 million. Either weren't registered to vote or stayed home.

In the difference in the last couple of presidential elections was if you turned out enough conservatives, Republicans one.

The White House and congressional seats in Senate seats when conservatives Christian evangelicals stay home.

The other side wins. Maybe they cheat.

Maybe they steal votes, but if you vote enough, you overcome that yet.

States like Arizona, Pennsylvania. Others that were 20, 30,000 vote margins, Georgia how many Christian evangelicals were in the pews on Sunday but didn't show up at the polls on Tuesday.

That's the missing votes, you overcome the theft, the steel that the lies the disinformation that the left puts out with their lackeys in the media. If you show up and vote. And yet, unfortunately we have so many pastors who are happy to preach the gospel in these evangelical churches on Sunday but won't say go vote your conscience go vote your principles go vote your values and I would subscribe to the if your pastor isn't encouraging people in the church to go vote not saying who to go vote for and all other pastors are afraid that their tax status might be repealed or were attacked. The IRS will come with their 87,000 agents with guns and invade the church. You don't have to say who you should vote for.

But you can encourage people to pray to discern and devote your values if you're pro-life where you are you staying at home and not vote pro-life tenants you can identify the pastors. I need to do that for you if you believe in the Bible. You can vote biblical morality. You can verify the standards pretty easily very easily all your pastor has to do all your elders has to do all your deacons have to do is say go vote early voting starting all over the country. In some places it's already started. Now is your pastor on Sundays. Been saying this week. Go vote early on election day.

Be sure to vote get out of the pews go to the polls. If your pastor isn't saying that you may be in the wrong church during the American Revolution had pastors literally walking out of their churches, leading people to fight for the freedoms we now take for granted. There are pastors like that today. But there are too many that are the mealy mouth goeth to get along Lawrence Evenson go vote thereon to be voter registration efforts is nothing illegal about that. There are to be turned out the vote efforts in every church, every evangelical church in America and if those 17 million Christian evangelicals have been a wall have been missing. But who are going to be quick to complain on Sunday mornings or Sunday morning. Lunch after church or or during the week about the moral decline in our country that the lack of of spirit in our country spiritual attachment in our country like a biblical value in our country while we have transgender's dancing in drag shows in our schools and in our libraries in front of our kids don't complain about it. If you are doing everything you can to encourage her fellow parishioners or churchgoers to get out and vote you got weeks to do. We got 30 days every day when you get to be doing to make sure the people go vote if they say I'm a Christian evangelical because if you stay home you might as well be the signing up and did not vote for Satan will be back with more indigestion about Kanye West to speak it out man Kanye West went on Tucker Carlson. I'm a new believer in Kanye. Love is music. I'm starting like his politics will talk more about that in the moment of Steve Gill filling in for Todd stars will be right back remembering to eat your fruits and vegetables. We all remember these words from a child that anyone had kind of nice store, prepare and eat fruits and vegetables in her busy line balance of nature keeps it simple. Our produce is powdered afternoon advanced vacuum coldpressed which stabilize nutrient content to produce it into a scientifically researched plan designed with your body and mind. Once these plans are encapsulated or packaged incident right here to work.

You can get all the benefit of a colorful variety of fruits and vegetables every day experience the balance of nature different than yourself down to company hundred two 468-5135 percent on your first order using the one for me.

I cannot understand why the world is something Ukraine and Russia. This is this is not something the World War III here for Spain on the continent of Europe. How does that make any sense at all real greatly by ministries and other liberal countries throughout Connor from Boston now raising a great question. You know what, what's our dog in that fight.

Your part of the problem is that we've had this your Russia bad Russia bad propaganda for the last 5 to 6 years because they were trying to blame everything on tromping in the pocket of Russia, which turned out to be a complete lie to me again all the Russia hoax was was a lie. And yet we still have this knee-jerk anti-Russia, saying put in the invasion is is valid or good understand that we've had this policy are country of being knee-jerk jerk jerked into a conflict. It really is not our fight reach that $75 billion. We just another 16 billion for that would go a long way to try and repair Florida with an and keep in mind that the Ukraine from most corrupt countries in the world. That's where you had Biden's son Hunter you make it out big with 10% going to the big guy that we've not investigated in the your potential prosecution. Hunter Biden is going to take us down the path actually find out how deep Joe Biden was involved in that process as well. They impeached Pres. Trump over a bogus phone call with Zielinski say hey investigate this corruption. Oh, that's an impeachable offense that had some might yield portly soldier claiming things that were not said on the phone call to generate a lot of confusion to get us drug further into dealing with Zielinski look the last eight years. Eastern Ukraine has been under fire from Ukraine from their militia from their actual Nazis with civilians and innocents being killed, murdered, and bond and boot for long times been saying if you don't stop it I will and that's what they did.

Again, we don't get both sides of the story. That's the other big problem, whenever were just getting one side of the story in the news media.

Ukraine good Russia bad Zielinski hero put naval we get one side of the story was on the same thing with COBIT we saw the same thing with vaccines never get the truth that the vaccines were as safe as they said that it wasn't as dangerous as they claimed you heard from the meeting was one side of the story. Anytime you only hearing one side of the story you need to dig deeper and we need to be digging a lot deeper before we continue to sin, tens of billions of dollars to Ukraine and by the way, I mentioned that religious liberty in protecting our religious liberties and are first step is going to the ballot box.

Again, if you're Christian evangelical get off the pews and get to the polls and encourage your friends and neighbors to do so.

Another group that's encouraging and fighting for religious liberties protecting our God-given freedoms is the alliance for defending freedom that look we got exciting news we're raising $25,000 for alliance defending freedom and we need your help is the world's largest nonprofit legal organization is committed to protecting religious freedom for 41 like 14 cases in the US Supreme Court. We need to keep winning. Their and they need the money to do it now, thanks to a generous donation. The ADF has the opportunity for us to match donation so if you give $10.

They'll doublet the 20 give 100 of doublet to the 200 it simple method.

Joe Biden might not understand two words.

Well, this is like three words you can double what you're donating. If you give today that's easy to go to Todd Todd Click on alliance defending freedom banner right there on the website. When you donate it helps fight against the culture of corruption.

The culture of localism destroying our schools and our communities. It protects your religious ability to pray and speak your mind on faith issues ADF need your help and you can help and get that the goal of $25,000 reached by your donation again doubled up if you go to what Todd Click on alliance defending freedom and make your donation to be sure you got today on and then we can you can rest a little easier knowing that you done your part and then when you're in church on Sunday start reminding people age, go to the polls they need to go vote early. They need to put yard signs in their yards. Get involved and engaged. Because as Congress when Norman talked with us earlier in the show we are on the precipice of not being able to recover if we don't make a difference in this election cycle.

It may be too late. We may not be able to come back from the disasters that are looming, including a potential nuclear war over Ukraine died. I had the opportunity to embed with US troops in Iraq a couple of times and spent time in the Middle East and people would say will were just over there for oil got.

I hope that's what we're over there for because there was nothing else over there that I would've wanted what is in Ukraine. There's some farm products.

They feed most of Europe that Europe's deal and again we have not kept our word. We have said that Ukraine would not become a part of NATO and then you had Kabbalah saying they were going to come in and Biden say when they were to come in and those got excused as gas but for leaders don't think were stupid to put people like that in charge. They think they're saying the truth, not just get in there about the aphis and World War III. You have a great weekend thanks to the team here at the Todd start great job as always guys and we will talk again soon.

Have a great natures fruits and vegetables in a capsule changing the world one night at a time. My wife and I hope not.

For five whole years I've always been biking and swimming being always looking for something different that I following morning I woke up and I went well like the missing link was just fantastic and we haven't stopped taking my wife basically the same way. The single thing that changed and convinced that the best thing don't got along. No dialogue, not only better because I did not start your journey to better health with balance of nature right now: 800-246-8751 go to Townsend to get free shipping. And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order by using discount code balance

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