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Polling Predicts a Republican Tsunami

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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October 4, 2022 3:27 pm

Polling Predicts a Republican Tsunami

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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October 4, 2022 3:27 pm

Polling data is predicting a Republican tsunami is about to slam into America.

Brad Dacus,  Bill O'Reilly, Rep. Jim Jordan, and Denise Quinn join the conversation!

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Welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by legacy, precious metals, there's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM delivers universities through you in Memphis Tennessee is America's low source of her body and happy America radio program how we got we got a lot to get through today and we got a lot of ground to cover and a lot of dirt and I want to start by having a conversation with all you pulled in Georgia and I'm very curious to to get your take on what's happening in the U.S. Senate race there.

Now we all know that Raffaella Warnock is a pro baby killing communist who once tried to run over his wife with a car. We know that to be a matter of fact, as a matter fact we have the Xmas is Warnock on audio saying just that.

I reckon this is I think my kids and his teaching and today I hear anything great is putting on a really good show was terrible wasn't as heartbreaking but I mean you know again the people of Georgia said you know what we want to elect a wife beater to conquer and well there you go you got one center. Warnock, the wife beater and then came Herschel Walker and there were some pretty pretty ugly accusations that were levied last night. There been some ugly accusations of beloved for quite some time.

You might remember I was trying to be somewhat diplomatic about all of this back in the day, but I warned you folks in Georgia to be very careful about Herschel Walker. Now I will say this I have been at several campaign events with Herschel Walker. I will say that at one early on I was not all that impressed. The second just about a couple weeks ago I was very impressed.

I thought he really did well. I thought he connected with the crowd of the crowd responded to him and what he was selling people or by but I've got it.

I've got a couple of issues here and I want to work through these and maybe you Georgia folks can help me work through this because this is becoming a big deal. Herschel Walker last night was on Hannity and he denied these accusations that he paid for a girlfriend abortion back in 2009 and that he sent her a get well card which was very thoughtful. I guess of it, if you're gonna pay for somebody's abortion.

You said no it's not nice. It's terrible.

That's what it is terrible. I heard Herschel's interview with Sean Hannity last night on Fox news and I was I was not all that convinced Melanie finish a thought here early on in this campaign cycle and I know this is a moot point now but I just want to bring it up because it's important. I got a lot of you know what from a lot of people a lot of conservatives and George a lot of trump supporters of Georgia. How dare you not support Herschel Walker in the primary and the reason why is there were a lot of really good solid conservatives in that race. There were a lot of really good family oriented conservatives in that race. There were a lot of conservatives in that race that actually wanted to debate each other but there was one person, one Republican running in Georgia for the U.S. Senate nomination who refused to debate his fellow Republicans and that would be Herschel Walker and I raise concerns early on about this now. There are a lot of people look I don't know how this is going to go but I'm curious Herschel Walker has denied that he paid for the girlfriends abortion. She's got all the receipts she's got the that the Cardin Herschel Walker said he he he gives lots of people cards.

He gives lots of people money so here's my concern about the Hannity interview from last night. There were really no good follow-up questions and and I will say this, read we've had an open platform.

We have been very fair. We been very honest and open with Herschel. We ask him the questions on this radio program and they know that all the candidates know that they know that when they come on here. For example, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green when she brought on by OU Annapolis as a as a campaign or is a is a congressional intern. We raise that issue and were not afraid to do that. And here's the reason why I want you to hear me we don't carry anybody's water on this radio program. I am a conservative. That's who I am a conservative and so if you want to come of this program you want to run for office and you want the listers of the show you want their vote then you're going to have to answer the tough questions out will get to get that Dr. Oz adjustable hashtag puppy can really get to that adjustable but I want to talk about Herschel Walker because this is a problem with the Republican Party.

The Georgia Republican Party.

They've got the dirt on everybody and they go to put a stop to this early on, they could have if they wanted to, but they did not back to the Hannity Hannity should have asked some follow-up questions because it was sort of open-end and and honestly I would've felt a lot better. Coming out of that interview. If the questions would've been asked we wanted to ask Herschel.

The question, these are the questions we wanted to ask Herschel but his people did not let him come on the show tonight will know why we don't know why but it seems to be after whatever happened yesterday. You would want to have your candidate out in front of the cameras adamantly denying this know where you get to the sun. Adjustable the families best no doubt about that. The families messed up but here's what I wanted to know from Herschel Walker last night. In the interview and these are the questions that should've been asked but were not asked what he said well I give a lot of money to people okay.

Did you give money to this woman yes or no. That's all you yes or no, dude, and he implied that he did know the woman but then he implied that he didn't know the woman so and I don't know if he knows a woman or not. I don't I don't care about that but I do care about whether or not a candidate is out there paying for someone's abortion. I care about that because as you know all this program. I am a pro life American a pro life Christian. The other question I get I some people a lot of cards all right.

Did you send this individual a card and she has a copy of it and it looks like your signature, but he didn't deny that he had sent this woman a card. Why would you send this credit again if in fact he did send the card because he says he says people lots of cards you find it odd that he sent this woman a card right after she had an abortion. This is not somebody just out there making accusations is a somebody who has the evidence to back up whatever the allegations are and I know right now I feel bad for all you Republicans and especially in the leadership because you guys are having to clean up this mess if you can clean this mess up so then what all that's happening you have the sun and Grace Baker. I am I'm just on I mean I appreciate how Herschel handled this, who he said he's girl he loves his son no matter what, but you have to manage about the Honda seems I mean that this is brutal stuff. I would be feeling a little bit trade just a little bit you know. But I don't know it's going on behind the scenes there. We don't know and you know the the allegations ended in my own so what actually different. Somebody sent me a note, Todd. You have to understand this is all this all happened. You know, 2009, so that's a different Herschel Walker.

Okay that's not that long ago energy like it if were going along that train of thought.

He needs to be more honest about that and say I just out when asked. And I like people will relate to that. Here's what should've happened early on you because he should've sent down and had a he could've done on Tucker's York maestro. We could've had Herschel and he said you know what I was really I was just in a bad spot and here's what I did and I am not proud of it and here's what I've done since then to make my to make things right with my family, but based on what the kid was saying last night they got a lot of family issues to workouts you a lot. So I would just go play this for you and again this is folks, I don't get everything that were out there toting water for any candidates. That's not what we do and I got a big problem with somebody who's out there projecting themselves one way and then the family is saying. Well it is something that something else I here's cut number three this is Christian Walker. Herschel's son father's it would be great if you stayed home and raise your kids and said ran off to bang a bunch of women who work your baby mama stay home and raise your freaking kids. Your kids need a father, get back you take out your name and you get a woman pregnant.

Just what the party days are over acting foolish days all over you go get a job and you support your new family, raise your keys.

Teams need a man in the house raising then they need a good dad. They need a loving father taken shots of vodka and tequila 13 is suffering.

How get all raise your keyed father get home while that's the sun, who by the way, is openly openly openly grows its and big so here's what gets me about this. I don't like bringing the kids in a but when you put your kid out and be the kids an adult, he's a he's a grown man. He's putting himself out there and this is the but again for the past year he's been. He is us a lot about his father's campaign but he was there. Amar Lago and introduced his father. There was that awkward. You probably seen the video on social media were walkers doing the kiss with the sun and looks very awkward. Here's cut number one. I think that the atrocities committed against my mom were downplayed I stayed silent when he came out of my father's log out all the kids across the country, none of whom he raised and you know my favorite easy to talk about his father absent supply is affected me. That's why talk about it all the time because it affected me, family values people. He has four kids four different women wasn't in the house, raising one of them. He was out having sex with other women did care about family values lie after lie after lie divorce apart from this think it's literally hit him right in the car. They say that proceeds whatever he gets on Twitter lies about it.

Everything is being alive. And so for the right to see any suspicious say hey I'm with you all have been: you think that George is canted all that you you have no idea what I've been through in my life.

You have no idea what me and my mama survived. We could ended this on one. I haven't told any stories. I'm just saying don't live don't brown my mom don't mind me don't lie on the lives you destroyed some moral family and care about that conservative and then for people in the last two I'm responsible for all of the things that he has done, because even close to me because they matter to me because I went through it that I talked about when you think will talk about the dangers atrocious. Don't come for me. You don't have to like I probably don't need to think I'm done with the life we were told at the beginning of this he was going get ahead of his pass holding them accountable.

All of these different things and I would've been fine. Go ahead and do anything. Everything's been my everything's been down think everything's been cutting corners. The whole thing and he'll use expenses that mean my mom were chased down by the media were were terrorized all these different things people are questioning my don't live don't put this on me you visit the candidate is not a mesial eye witness looking out. There were all these lines every day. All right, that's Herschel Walker son, who by the way, is a very conservative activist and he's a very conservative activist he's been out there turning point USA very involved in Charlie Kirk's organization so that kids conservative credentials on the last.honestly the kid is more conservative in his values than his father is that's that's kind of out there. My question is, again and again.

He talked about you conservatives wanting family values I just say something here that that's not why the conservatives supported Herschel Walker. They knew all of this, we think they knew all of this think they knew all the stories about Herschel, but the conservatives in Georgia were willing to set that aside because Herschel Walker was a great football player Herschel Walker was a great businessman Herschel Walker has name recognition using the most important thing of what were learning in Georgia and what were learning in Pennsylvania is the most important thing is is not values. It's whether or not someone to be elected at select ability and they took a look at all of the rocksolid Georgia Republicans running in that primary family men want all and they decided that's not what they wanted. They wanted the celebrity they wanted. They wanted to two puts it, and just like Kelly Leffler, Brian Did not want the best person for the job. He wanted a woman for the job. Now if there would've been a woman who would've been the best person for the job that would've been another story, but no Brian Kemp wanted a woman because he wanted to get female voters got a have a black to go up against Rafael Warnock. That was the mindset we tell you something your folks, listen up, when Republicans play identity politics we get doom and disaster. Now, Eric Erickson, who was of very popular conservative pundit in Georgia says this is it. It's a knockout. Do you agree or do you think that Herschel Walker, this is only going to motivate Republican voters and independents to get out of the 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show we are all feeling the pain at the pump and at the grocery store to the market is plunging and Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, but even worse. Seniors are struggling to survive. It's not time to panic, but it is time to act, my friends, and a Mac the Association about your American citizens will help you save money on things like cell phone plans travel and restaurants but eMac does much more than offer senior discounts. Your membership will support their nonprofit eMac action which takes the challenges against our Constitution and the free market straight to Capitol Hill. Joining is easy just go to Amax .us/starts to start saving today.

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Later, not Walker's campaign and I'll tell you why I did. I think a man to run for the I feel terribly bad and experiencing the pain and that they have problems in their family life weight output are represented to be a choir boy. We put our representatives in Iraq is to try to represent the people. Now I think a family member and I know my child I know, Churton came there less than my family life with my brother last April to put our personal life before the scrutiny of social media probably wouldn't manage. We all have our issues and our problems on our families and our home and it's unfortunate that in terms of framing came out.

At this point and the political cycle.

Yeah I Dora I yeah I hear you there. And I'm glad you look, I'm glad you're politically active I just I don't know if this is going to do it for independent voters.

That's really that's the issue. The Republicans will vote for whoever they put out there.

I think it doesn't really matter if they stand up for the party values are not a rod says hell hath no fury like a gay son scored 844-747-8868 is a certain Herschel or does it make them strong on surgery.

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Starnes Sullivan I'm time to and we are broadcasting border to border, coast to coast across this great country in my in my book cultures. The hod how to stop him from killing a nation I I have a chapter in there about families under attack in. I explained at the time this back about two years ago when the book came out and it got a lot of blowback from conservatives who said this was I was way off base here and that things were not to get as bad as they eventually became.

I am not a prophet but I can read the culture and it turned out that everything about book has come true. And now here we are of a very powerful and well-funded group of sex and gender. Revolutionaries have literally declared war on the nuclear family and they they want to create this genderless society, and that's why were going through this transgender is invite right now. Remember, was originally 10 boys identify as girls and vice versa. But now, now are dealing with a situation where medical doctors are leading a campaign to normalize body mutilation for children. These irreversible surgeries yesterday. The American Medical Association wrote a letter to the Justice Department and big tag and they are playing hardball. They want to shut down all of their critics on every social media platform.

They also are calling for the Justice Department to investigate and prosecute any organization or person who opposes or is standing in opposition to transgender surgeries were minors, so this is an ugly ugly war.

Ladies and gentlemen. And that's why I'm glad we have people like Pacific Justice Institute and the fight they have filed a federal lawsuit in Florida. Florida on behalf of a Christian employee. I want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line are good friend from Pacific Justice Institute Brad Jacobs joins a spread hope you're doing well today doing well thank you Brent I want you to tell us about this horrible story of this guy was apparently an aid to the Board of County commissioners of Miami-Dade tells the story. Yeah the gentleman know John Labriola without pay for three days in order to attend a punitive extra diversity training program after he wrote an online opinion piece that I disagree with the left-leaning sexual and gender ideology.

So-called equality act you he was exercising his basic First Amendment right then he refused to undergo the punitive extra training, the belief that it would require him to apologize.

Believe and to require people to grant identify people as transgender by the quote preferred pronoun with the court feel violated his belief that affirming something that he probably didn't believe in, and I disagreed with so this was effectively compelled between thrust upon him by letting it be exercised right right the freedom of the press and he was fired and with Pacific duck suits filed the major lawsuit in federal court on his behalf and on behalf of so many people like him who have been or will be under attack in the workplace Brad. I'm wondering in in your position at Pacific Justice Institute. Are you guys seeing an uptick in the number of these kinds of incidents around the country, but unfortunately we are.

We advocate on the other side of the country and grant at Oregon on behalf of two teachers who were expecting and felt online on their own time IT on their own website. You communicating there been any opinion about policies for school district in general but because someone found out about the fire and we had to file a lawsuit. We got the dog back there were doing for that lot will wait is restored, but this is becoming very very commonplace at the very frightening attitude that we haven't seen them in decades. In the modern developed world where the free world where we have people being compelled to leave only one way or you lose your job you let me define for communist China or breakfast food of Russia where you have to agree with the state or you lose your job, but the United States of America is important to note that in their investigation, the county's HR department admitted that it did not find any evidence that any time that the gentleman with the gate in any harassment or record behavior and that they had Apsley no workplace justification to fire him of what he did or didn't do on the job so this is a classic case of the of violating a free-speech right right right to freedom of the press and what is this have to do with the job that he was hired to do. That's what I'm I never can understand that with these you a lot of these are HR mandated lessons in workshops and seminars that you have to go to yet really nothing job doing his job find employment, followed Apsley nothing to justify termination but let discipline or punishment, for this was based solely upon his belief that expressed on his own time in another forum I exercising his free-speech right and is actually his argument of life is very very reasonably good. A credit guide to cardiac promotion of abortion on demand all of the marriage transgender is a threat to women's sports and private department arrived, freedom of religion, freedom of expression. I mean, these are things that over half of America will agree with him on and and yet you being singled out honey and it is we don't bring up with their original resolute maker and no one is left of the road. Everything a person like him get the protection they need. Because if we don't have a chilling effect on other people working for the government even private-sector Corporation that they have to hide their faith the same to their faith in the conviction want to lose their job and will not be able to support the family and that's why the work of Pacific Justice Institute is so vitally important, and when II love is that you guys are literally all over the country now and Brad Pacific Justice get ready for a big fundraising gala want to tell folks about that yet again. October 22 and we have a fantastic and the start the best of the best bread they just really reported that Charlie Kirkendall Villa Gov. Mike Huckabee speaking at a great event in Anaheim. We have a waiting list of people wanted to go to our website wanted five to get up really never 100 cases active litigation.

We do all our work without charge to our website. He people Pacific J are great free resources to empower people to equip people and serve them without charge all across the country and 20 state coast-to-coast brand were to leave it there. Looking forward to seeing you guys a later this month and congratulations on a waiting list.

That's huge. It really is you guys put on one of the best galas in all of America. It is so fun and you do a great job. Well thank you Todd and you make that your your part of that in your patent as well.

Thank you very much what you do bread take as ladies and sullen from Pacific Justice Institute. We have links to their website over on our live show blog and be sure to check that information out. What a crazy story.

I mean is just unbelievable what's happening to folks out there on the the work site and I remember when I was at Fox news channel and over the last couple years of my time. The HR department was radicalized and we had to go to B's. These LGBT workshops. All this kind of stuff you know something great grace. I realized after the first first couple of times that I was summoned to those meetings. They stopped sending me the invites and the reason why is because I always asked questions and it really funny so I you know they give you these this is terrible I was. This may be the reason they didn't renew my contract. Because so so at one of these things, they have the word problems so it's like and it was always like when they were referring to someone of a different ethnicity they would save the blank word of the blight you know whatever and they would not spell it out and you had to read these out loud right now so it would be like. I will know Larry. Larry called somebody the N-word or the S there was there was a word for OS word for Hispanic.

There was something some Hispanics lurk so all the slurs were dashed out right so then it came down to the Tyrone called Larry a cracker, and I've my friend just shot up and I might wait a second. You can't say that word that's the C word you are not allowed to say that word.

Oh my God, how it was they were like crossing him off the list is budgeted at 10 like Sally Miss gendered Larry was about ready hand on those and I mean it was looked at the LGBT store was getting really insane. Towards the end but they stops they stop making me go to the and it was funny. I can't tell you who the owner anchors were but they were just sitting there and there like mine. I can't believe you just said that I secretly given the event everybody in that room agreed with me and but nobody nobody wanted to put their contracts on the line.

Of course not. I was just stupid it's okay Todd, it is what it is but I am curious you do. People I meet is that's like a big part of the work experience now, we don't do that here. Storage media group Inc. we let people live their lives what you do is your business as long as you come in and do my business and take care of it were good exactly.

That's all.

That's the way it should be exact, and we did the same thing during the of the China virus pandemic you want to wear a mask where a mask you don't and I'm proud to say about anybody I'm enough that it was a matter of pride, but nobody wore mask of the building now. It's hard to do radio and have a mask on all the people at NPR unlawful like the your dude, come on, take the mask off though.

This clean the mic after right exactly you got to get the wet wipes are good to go little bit of common sense right.

We gotta take a break your 844-747-8860 toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show.

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You know $1 million worth of gold can actually fit inside a shoebox call legacy at 866-528-1903 or visit them online legacy PM legacy PM coming up in the next hour are different. Bill O'Reilly has a brand-new book out called filling the legend and talking about John Lennon Elvis Presley and Mohammed Ali worry book and enjoyed talking with Bill. Also Congressman Jim Jordan is going to be here and some crazy news out of Oregon where a Republican could actually become the next governor and she's a conservative word is speaking with Denise Quinn from KY cayenne are great radio station, an affiliate of their in Salem right now. The let's go to the phones 844-747-8868 Paul in George W do you in our great station hey Paul what's on your mind hate you every day, but I'm a little confused. I have a question. Is that your position that we should not vote for Herschel Walker and not vote for Dr. but the Republicans must win the Senate well allowing answer. It's a two-part question I'll answer Dr. Oz.

First of both.

First of all I will say this.

I'm glad I don't live in either Georgia or Pennsylvania right now but I will say this Dr. Oz is on the record as being a pro abortion. He has not renounced those beliefs and I will not vote for a pro-abortion candidate.

I don't care if the Republican independent Democrat from Mars is Mars Herschel Walker.

He talks a good talk. I mean, I believe every single thing that he says but the accusation is been made that he paid for abortion.

I would like for him to address that issue and I don't think he's done so adequately and if in fact he did pay for a woman's abortion I got a problem with Apple.

We question what your question Paul, let me ask you a question.

Paul, who do you vote for the man or the party in this case up there you guys in our country I vote for the party.

Okay, got it. So Paul, don't be surprised one day when you wake up in the Republican Party is pro-abortion because that's what's gonna happen if we keep dominating. My question is why. Why was Herschel Walker not forced by the party to debate his fellow Republicans in the primary. I mean it's it's a moot point now, but the Republican Party there in Georgia could've fixed all of this from day one again the priority is to win, that's it. Okay I got so the priority is to win values don't matter as long as the Republicans. As long as a Republican to if we don't win. What are we going to get well, you're getting at the same thing but if you do and what you a little bit better. Well I you I hope you know what Paul I hope you're right. But honestly there'll I would like to have had a quick candidate where you wouldn't have to worry about that. I really do hope you're right Paul and and I hope Herschel Walker has been honest with the voters out there.

I really do. I thought I've heard him speak in a church house and I would not.

I just find it hard to believe that somebody would be untruthful in the church house but is a priority you think it a priority to wind I do, but not at the not by forsaking our values. I don't so I will take the other guys that's not what I'm saying. I'm saying we need to be nominating people who at least ascribe to the party platform. That's all. And Paul, if you don't look idle and and Herschel Walker just needs to come out and answer some direct questions on this. But the campaign doesn't want him doing it. I don't know why it would serve him well and it would clear all of this up, but your problem Paula, not yours. But the parties problem is you going to attract you going to attract Democrats and you got attract independence and I know you know Rafaela were not been a pastor for 30 years, but he favors abortion.

How come the Democrats have not asked him to understand and explain that love and that's a fair look that is a fair question, but I'm just telling you this could've all been resolved and that's the point of this argument. The point of this is if we keep electing people that share the same values of the Democrats were just getting Democrat light were not getting Republican were sure not getting conservative. Paul got a run let's go to Jerry and Oak Ridge Tennessee real quickly sent was on K WAN Jerry what's on your mind. I look so much, but you've really got to get past this would have to tell people to vote for you can't be so against and I know that Herschel I hated Herschel Walker is accounted for in the beginning he was an illiterate.

I'm not sure he prepares a high school GED. Broadcast, but the point is you're not if you don't control if we don't get the house were not going to have a country or party trying to fix things in the future can't be a one party over one of the core one subject voter. If we don't get control of the house on the standard it's going to be over and you have to hold your nose and hold your nose, but come on, if you don't vote for them and when you don't vote for Herschel Walker who I can't stand that one up when I'm in is no chance loose with the other guy Walker will be a let me see if I'm clear here that if your pro abortion if you're a Republican nominee in your pro-abortion your anti-Second Amendment. You know know know Jerry. No, that's exactly what you're saying because that's what Dr. rises. Dr. Oz does not import the Second Amendment is pro-abortion is pro-he's pro-trans gender is so you're saying but it but that doesn't matter as long as there is an art behind the name. Here's my concern. Jerry, you got it you got a handful of votes in the Senate on those issues like abortion and other issues that are coming on the Pike but you better believe those folks are to be voting with the Democrats, but as long as a Republican. That's all right.

Jerry got a run both saying type power to, this is the thought of surgery is University studio in Memphis Tennessee and welcome election headquarters as the strength of the midterm elections on Todd guard so great to have you with us today. Write down our telephone number. You will need it. If you plan on calling in this segment of the program or for 747-8868. Again, that's 844-747-8868 folks, I can tell you the polling data nationwide is looking very good for the Republicans as a matter of fact I'm according to the most recent Gallup poll, which political party, do you think will do a better job of keeping the country prosperous by the way the economy is topping everybody's list of big concerns. 51% say Republicans 41% say Democrats. It is looking like a shellacking is in the works for the Democrat party and this is one particular poll that caught my attention from Oregon.

I was just there about a month or so ago doing a big event in Salem, Oregon of the new polling coming out from the Oregonian is a shocker. It shows the Republican gubernatorial nominee in the lead in a three-person race, 32%.

Again, this is a Christine Drazen is getting 32% support the Democrat nominee Tina code tech getting 31% and the independent getting 18% folks if if the Republicans are able to pull this off.

Only the first time in nearly 40 years, but a Republican has won the governor's race or only go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line honored to have with us a great broadcaster good friend from radio station KY K a Denise Quinn Denise how's it going outside going great and then hearing the numbers.

I mean, my thought, I've been Oregonian for a long time and feels like were going to do that. I will ask this question and it's one we've asked in Memphis when things got really bad. I mean how bad are things in Oregon that a Republican could actually elected to the highest office of the state.

Well, you know Portland has made the news of the past couple years. I'm even starting all the way back and you know, sort of the occupy movement. Portland gone crazy.

Portland is so bad now and it started trickling into that whole high-five corridor with a limited to no end and people just don't feel safe in Oregon. We talk to listeners all the time and you know in our social media, there's just a general feeling of unease. Gun violence is that I mean murders in Portland and even things that are part of the initiative and I think that's way the Dragon campaign is resonating out there that's what she's focusing on those close to the kitchen table, family issues where the other side that the Democrats are talking about abortion now keep Brown is and by the way abortion I was reading a survey last night. It's last dead last on the concerns nobody cares. And I think the now about the Democrats and out, but Johnson, she's great, but she was a Democrat. Five minutes and they're both pro-choice and the content camp and mean you pretty much want your twitter, you can count on 321. There's another tweet about abortion not talking about the issues that really matter to Oregonians or when they do these two ladies have been in power for 21 years combined.

You can start fixing it now. Why should we believe you now now keep Brown the current government incredibly unpopular. My understanding is what she's one of the least liked governors in the entire country will why is number number one in that regard.

She has been released like governor of all well you know we had government reaction to the coded pandemic care team to make the new California got that really terrible applicants were locked out of school for much longer than the most of the rest of the country. Math mandates were in place and you start and parents are coming out of the woodwork now newly newly mobilized and energized advocate for their kids and I think that that had a lot to do with them. I'm curious about that skateboard angle. What kind of things are are you hearing from moms and dads maybe listeners calling it KY cayenne well right now the school district is the board is basically dysfunctional. It's got four progressives and three conservatives into dysfunctional board. There is a now a recall effort underway for three of the school board members because of basically I mean just the lack of respect for parents not being able to to get another question to answer their treated with disrespect school board meetings had descended into name-calling from student activist groups. I mean, it is a Mac parents are set up and the indoctrination that is happening with with that CRT and sexualized curriculum. Parents are not happy about that as well.

So there there's a group of parents out here that are mobilizing and taking action and were currently underway gathering signatures to recall. These people on the patriot mobile newsmaker line Denise Quinn from radio station KY cayenne in Salem, Oregon Denise, when you you look at the nominee and Christine actually I believe came to the event that we were at their and was really I was just very impressed with the way she was working the crowd, the things she had to say what is it that's resonating with the voters. There she went on the show a few weeks ago.

She very well armed. She's very genuine and you can teach enemy Dieterich like you want your politicians to care about your issues.

It seems apparent that the entire different perspective and one that is resonating as well to come out and say I will not be shutting down schools again and really listening. So there's that connection that's being made their, I think, and again she speaks well to the issue. She understands the issues that matter right now are the economy and crime in education and she had a roadmap on her website that that lays out clearly what you going to do. I think one of the things that you sent to day one she's going to fire Kate Brown's agency had and that's what that's like, yes, I think the administrative state that in ruling the rooster with zero accountability.

It's is fascinating to me said you think about Oregon you think oh it's a law state like California, it's never going to go read.

But this is pretty exciting to see especially the governors race. But what about any of those down ballot races. Any movement there. Yeah, I'm glad you got a lot I think we got Republican candidates running if not all, but most all of the legislative races that are out. We got really great candidates, but we gotta get them elected. We got we got to get that balance back it up in one party rule over the super majority, and it is completely out of control. We've got to get balance back because even if Christine gets in the governors out of the we don't let those teeth that we get as much done. We also got a very very frightening ballot measure ballot measure 114 which is a gun control and gun registry that is being sold out there that sort of compassionate way of reducing gun violence and all it will do is turn law-abiding gun owners in Oregon into criminal and it simply must be stopped. There's a light on the ballot in November in Oregon. Well, I know that the listeners of KY cayenne are very politically active and we hear from Ahmad on the on the radio.

So yeah, I have to imagine you know there are others out there and we just have to get out that vote absolutely. That's the name of the game right now. It's a numbers game and everybody mean my perspective, every Republican needs to get out and vote Republican all the way down ballot right Denise, always good hearing from you. Thanks for coming on the show today during the docket.thanks very much. Our Denise Quinn everybody radio station KY cayenne would love to hear the perspective of some of our Oregon folks, because this is a shocker.

The fact that you could for the first time in nearly 40 years actually have a Republican in the governors mansion. I think that says a lot a lot about the condition of things in the state of organizing people are just absolutely frustrated 844-747-8868.

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Click on the allies defending freedom banner to educate the staff hear about Loretta Lynn I think being somewhat successful anyway. What a fascinating story and just a goodhearted person and loved animals and had that big ranch and hurricane middles now grace bigger.

I know you've tried. You've traveled to and from Nashville for Memphis and surely you pass you've driven by then you've seen the signs for Loretta Lynn. Well here's the thing. I've never looked for it, but now that you've said that next time I travel that way I will notice that which will be tonight because were going to a big event that the country music Hall of Fame and so the radio station K WA and you are up for some awards tonight is very snazzy. Very excited, so you're wearing a T-shirt right okay I have an outfit, I gotta go. You know Seema Lareau Quicken change but don't worry, don't worry are no I'm not worried and I just I mean you can wear whatever you want to wear a suit and tie situation is are easy to just on a suit and tie like I gotta curl my hair gotta do my makeup. Gotta put on a dress, the jewelry, the whole thing while all right well anyway, Loretta Lynn, so we do dry but you'll drive by on the on Interstate 40 will see the exit for the Loretta Lynn ranch. You know the more you know you know what were going to take a call in number to throw out a trivia question and the book.

The prize is pretty awesome. It's a copy of Bill O'Reilly's killing the legends the lethal danger of celebrities so this is were talking big money Preiser phone so hang tight.

I do want to go to the phones.

Let's start in Indiana Robin on the line Robin what's on your mind Hank had pink sapphire door I ran out of the good. I don't think maybe you're wearing R may be of interest at backpack Aras came out and made his pants clear and abortion and he and refinancing Cumberland into the Philadelphia press corps that was out there that he is pro-life. He supports abortion only in rape and fast, or danger to the mother so he also has said in the past. He wouldn't want anybody in his family have an abortion but before when he was with that O'Brien now many in his own show. If dance is a little bit different, but he has come out clarified what his aunt in and it is this payment. Donald Trump will I will I will do some research on that Robin. To my knowledge and again with wind and what date did you say this happened most recent mama. September I landed a bit here and they were addressing that because the Planned Parenthood put all their support behind caravan because they sent back Dr. I considered abortion children murder and at the life begins at conception and and he clarified that he is not for abortion. Now he did also say that he would not be for criminalizing factor 2 performed abortion, he only think abortions are good in those three same incidents that Donald Trump said looking at the data now set. Dr. says he is strongly pro-life.

So and type it and you know what Robin I'm happy for him. If that is his true position if in the past six months. Dr. Haas has had a complete change of his his ideology and his belief system and now suddenly he is as he just said strongly pro-life.

I say good for Dr. Oz next question explained was how you want from being pro-choice and pro-abortion. Just last year, to being strongly pro-life.

This year, and I think that's I think that's a legitimate reasonable question to ask a candidate.

I know you're getting a lot of flak today but what you're saying about you know, getting people in our party that you know that parent.

They are all politely and and bite right now. The nominees we have are the nominees we have and go like this now hold my Novena now I want Donald Trump fan when he first ran as a matter fact I didn't even vote because I did not kill Larry and I guess that like every party was glanced down but Dan went that when Trump was then and I saw all the things that they were going after. Now it's time.

Amy said to my friend I said I wouldn't blame Donald Trump if he just walked away and he didn't he kept fighting and I watched my 401(k) go. I like all kinds of good things happening and so then I started supporting and I started to wake up and see exactly what was going on in politics because I was busy raising my son was a law enforcement officer for 27 years and I knew that when downturn got an office thinks change for the better for law enforcement. So that's what started me making me accept him, but I always believe in everything that he said either he was a Democrat encounter at lunchtime all changed all of his and all I can since it was so was Ronald Reagan, but they change there was a change and then and that was over a process of years now looked if and I months. I do believe that people can change.

I have no doubt about that but I would just like to know the story that that's all Robin. We got a run for break. Appreciate your call and I want to give us a holler back. Here's the question for a book from Bill O'Reilly, Loretta Lynn had a famous country music singer as a sister who was who are we talking about a 447-4788 68 844-747-8860 8F at the Home Depot have the tools to make your holiday magic in the easiest way possible with our easy to assemble artificial trees. You can have a fully shape realistic tree up in your house within minutes and you know your holiday look would be complete without our classic animated that collapses for easy storage redelivery over 2 million eligible items and you can spread holiday cheer. The whole neighborhood how doers get more data so I can only imagine the scene outside tonight in downtown Nashville. Walking back to the Johnsons radio program was Loretta Lynn passing away at the age of 90 years old. One of the great country music legends. We have a trivia question out there and lunch of the phones just exploded.

But I want to go to Waterloo Iowa. That's over the great KX EL radio Jeff Stein is the radio guru there a Jacksons on the line hi Jackson how are you doing today. Thanks all LOL help hold on hold on Jack's working to get to a really good I want to give the question out again, but first of all Jackson how are you doing today so that we got all like weather and I would always get down almost 34 the other night Jesus that's you that's that's chilly, especially serious last year we were in the 80s that gets is no rhyme or reason is I will Jackson working up working to help you win a prize here. The question is Loretta Lynn. She had a younger sister who was a very well-known and famous country music artist herself who was that individual make my brown eyes blue crystal Gayle yeah that's right, she had she had the whole Rapunzel thing. Go with the hair remember that all way down to actually longer than well.

Willie Nelson no longer there while Willie Nelson. He's good to be around for another couple hundred years. I think that one.I got our governor is fighting that student loan thing is Kim Reynolds asserting yeah yeah she's fighting that student loan good for.

I like her she's a fighter that one and she is doing up from what I understand, a terrific job and there there are rumblings that there might be a bigger office in store for one day you are a Jackson working to put you on hold. Congratulations were to send you a copy of Bill O'Reilly's brand-new book killing the legends and it's a great read by the miracle of this the lethal danger of celebrity. So I hang tight and graces going to get all your Intel you know, one of the things I love about Loretta Lynn before we give it a nuclear war here for just a moment. I she had these amazing songs and it was a hardscrabble upbringing she got married when she was a very, very young teenager. I mean, very, it was almost you know I was 30 she was 12, the scenario I mean it was just a rough upbringing but she was able to take all of those things those issues in life and she was able to turn those around and write these incredible songs and grace Baker wanted to hear this. I just love the song are you wait one minute of to take mommy and name will I think will make country music like coming out these days these women I meet you nobody's yet used back in the day. There was a formula to a good country music song. Yet you lived in a trailer you're in a bad relationship kick your dog I but it was just there was a four dollar well you know it's it is what it is, it wasn't what I'm trying to say is bullet country music today is politically correct. Fair enough.

I'm not just, I don't think Taylor Swift could hold Loretta Lynn's cast-iron skillet. That's all of that girl even she's not country know well they think they're a way they want you to think she is and all these other folks this is broke country want to call it. Yes I do listen to countries wait, what know what, what's wrong with you very good and I know but still we got a list country or Southern. Sorry I listen to electronic dance. Yet you do not either close to what you talking about the other stuff know stuff like doing you're not in charge of the radio heading up to our national to be doing some sort of always happens. Please run it dance German funky thing going on item, all we get you some Waylon Jennings and Merle Haggard who are you grace. Seriously, I don't weigh 2020 city 2120 city mini payroll. Many Pearl you got nobody pearls. I do know that he Hall.

You never heard of crickets, a couple grace, you know, we need a laser John we need to help Grace get a country music. We gotta get you a mixed tape country music, mixed-race, modify playlist, watch is that with her calling you if it is the kids are calling it a day's playlist with you back in the day that was that you when you had the boombox that Aaron said that they shared a mixed tape feeling very old right now. You're not helping matters. Sorry we slow to talk about the threat of nuclear war. By the way, when that happens, the only people who will have music because Internet will be destroyed are the people with the mixed tapes. I will try to help you out here. This is a good point Kenny Rogers and we gotta get some Dolly Leber Dolly Parton Reba okay we Reba is coming to Memphis for concert did know that we should do a road trip to the FedEx form.

Let's go are. If you have suggestions for grace Baker. We gotta get her. We gotta get her ready. Country music makes that we just gotta do it 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 may I tell you about our good friend Mike Lindell all this month. Mike is offering some incredible deals and discounts for our listeners. Again, my this month. The towel sale of the year you get a three piece towel set normally 4499 now just 1998 with my promo code that's promo code Starnes.

You can also get my slippers need by fellow sandals and they have incredible bipolar mattresses 50% of all sorts of great discounts great deals. All you need to do is go to my

That's my and use the promo code. Starnes, RN grace entitled, there's a Loretta Lynn Conway 20 duet called.

You're the reason our kids are ugly. That's a great country music that is an interesting title get off the stove. Grandma you're too old to ride the range like a real wheel on to say that on the radio.

I think it's an actual song. Actually, yes. Also, if your hearers to longer sin in your heart.

That's an old southern gospel. So I've heard that and I think God for the preacher who scared the hell out of me yet. Let's go to Robin Central Arkansas Rob knows a thing or two about country music. Hey Rob Owsley: George Strait low bandy Mo bandy all right Charlie pride.

Gotta have some Charlie pride, Charlie Rich and Gary, all that's a good that's a good mixed tape right there. It wasn't God who made the honky-tonk angels.

That's Kenny Wells that's a great hellos. The oh Billy Ray Cyrus. I want my bullet back. Yeah it went down you know some people say Jimmy Buffett's account.

I never have really thought of Jimmy Buffett as a country music time you got Alan Jackson.

I still like baloney to good. I like Alan Jackson course Toby Keith wacky Tsubaki so among some of the others are around. I just don't they just don't make country music like they used to. Rob it's sad we need to do something about that. That's what I love and/or welders.

Scott Pandora, nobody's as a mixed tape anymore. All right, Rob, thanks for calling and a thanks thanks for listening to the so 844-747-8860 grace really get you fixed up, I can promise you that yeah were working on, and I'm writing them down, achy, breaking hearts against no no no no I don't go stand in the corner. Grace Baker while that's two times you been on the corner to strikes. Anyone know what happens on the third interesting story 06.

Our good friend Paul Shanklin says you forgot heavenly as hell know some of the great something that you think did you see the big football game was out Peyton Manning and Eli they do a great job. Now the play-by-play because it is really kind of funny how they do that my husband will turn that on and all here like little snippets can see I this is like a long time thing I don't like the NFL never really have. But I like the commentary I like to Manning so anyway this video from last night with his job and where you have the only Rams planning and who are they to others with the 49ers there with the rams of the 40 anyway. They were playing and a couple of these animal-rights activists come running over the field. That's apparently a thing now that was happening during the of the MBA. The NBA finals in the championship in the playoffs and all these animal rights of the. The PETA people would run onto the the. They would run of the court and they would be dragged off and here's my thing, if you're going to do that then you as an athlete have a responsibility to make sure they are carted off the court or the field in a stretcher that that's really the only way you're to stop this nonsense.

So anyway, last night they had a guy and a gal from direct action everywhere, animal-rights group and one of the guys I will set himself on find that there was some sort of fire or flame coming out of the guy that he ended up suffering burns but you had two of the through the football players Bobby Wegner and I didn't get this guys under the porch of this poor guy's name to wrist but Kennelly.

They literally knocked out the protester and said it was a great hit. By the way, both protesters wearing a shirt that read right to Anyway, Peyton and Eli were due like a play-by-play of all of this and the guy was the guy said he was naked but he really was and it was full nudity, and to Peyton's point or Eli's point. Rather, if you mistreat, you gotta go full throttle and go do right.

I mean if you're going to do that. You can't just say oh I'm going to go streaking and then you know you're wearing a suit that that's just not the expectations are there or lack of, well, we'll charge but anyway they were banged up and battered.

They didn't knock out the girl she does Feller sort for ACL or something. She took a tumble around not very athletic. These two but the 49ers beat the Rams 24 to 9.

Anyway, I wanted to see.

I want those tackles are an account in the history books on no thanks is go to Bill and Cordova on Kate W. AMR flagship station bill. What's on your mind today.well were doing well thanks for asking the artist in the history of everything Randy Travis added all right before yet is true being in my opinion. I like all Randy Travis. You know he had a rough operate. Yet just had a rough go of it, but he kept bouncing back and then he had that horrible stroke, but he recovered from.

I mean, you know, some but here he was the guy back in the day song called body walked on water about his grandfather and that just kind of solidified in my opinion, this career yeah go ahead, built know how you did with guys named Mike was a nonstarter with long black tree while I was a big Staggs guy and you Ricky scan sky blue grass now but yeah grace was seen a lot of good people coming over again that is true. Can everything I've read a lot of articles about him in progress because you are in the marionettes foundation and for stroke recovery and trying to keep that up with him and people like him. Kevin Soros got you all had troops and they've all made really good recovery. Randy Travis what I can gather is doing really well, but not quite ready, but you make a full recovery and everything anybody any stroke survivor needs that they can bill. We appreciate the call and thanks for calling in today and we appreciate your support of JWM, some looking at some more song names from Loretta Lynn is on educating myself and one of the South Louisiana woman Mississippi man that's an interesting one. Alan, I and then another one go don't come home and drinking and that's good advice is good. Like the five and there was a great Elvis song Back Bay poke salad Annie anybody remember Sally poke salad Sally. I know some of the songs I know that when that one doesn't ring a bell. She was down to Louisiana that's a great song so I'm sure someone will call it a great poke salad Annie you kidding about that. You're the reason our kids are ugly. I cannot believe that the sonnets agree as the reason our kids are ugly little darling. I'm reading it and ruthless. They don't you see they don't make those songs and now it's like little bubblegum pop music hello for sure not playing, not even a steel guitar anywhere to be found in Nashville-based days, now is Telluride ice just the vegans.

That's the problem when country music stopped eating meat became a problem roof and and it started with the Dixie chicks.

I'm just another discard with the babes, the rods the chicks to check.

Go figure. Coming up tomorrow. Let me explain was can happen tomorrow really do a deep dive into the situation between Russia and Ukraine are art were to be talked with David Schiavone who is our military expert, retired colonel, and there are some pretty crazy stuff going down a burger to be getting and all of that tomorrow with him and several other just as we start putting the puzzle pieces together. Very clear. Now the Biden administration had some sort of a role in the sabotage the destruction of the board stream pipeline so were to be getting into all of that tomorrow as well as your calls over to be checking in with some of our great political pundits around the nation, as we draw closer to the midterms and look folks, there's nothing wrong nothing wrong.

If you want to vote for Dr. as you vote for Dr. Giorno over her so you've over so I'm just telling to me personally, but we've got to do our homework on all of these candidates and as someone sent me a text message that said you know what we should be doing the homework in the primaries absolutely that's absolutely what we got. So I folks gotta get outta here been a great day. Todd Be sure to check on that website universities to you in Memphis, Tennessee since conservative commentary from our everybody welcome so great. So is it safe to say we have riled up just about the entire listening audience right where I even start even got a closet Democrat and a lot of other things like down there and that's from some of our friends, listen to his right. I say you folks. I don't carry water for anybody on the show so were not working a wrinkle. Some wrinkles and people and the ghettos of people's nerves, but that's part a radio so hang tight working to give you an opportunity yell at me in just a few moments, but I do want to go to the patriot bubble newsmaker line will Bill O'Reilly never got note. No one ever got upset with Bill O'Reilly, Bill, good to have you with us, and God my life when I was born my mother wanted will bill work. So glad you could join us. Congratulations on the new book killing the legends the lethal danger of celebrity and I'm very intrigued because you write about Elvis Presley and of course I was born and raised in Memphis and the radio station I purchased has a note in Elvis's history.

It was the first radio station where he performed on the radio back in the day and I was really intrigued with this new take on new information you shared them in his passing is largely ignored by historians or, snobby you know you will look at Titan change in our culture. They look at you like what you want to put killing religions is all about the three men Elvis, John Lennon and Mohammed Ali changed American culture and their Titan. You may not like them and a lot of people are forgetting about them the way we live today with directly shaped by what they did a quick example.

You know, in the Memphis in the middle of 50s post-World War II Dwight Eisenhower president conformity ruled the day, everybody looked the same sound the same thinking was the same.

All of a sudden in the space of six minutes, a teenager from Mississippi was on the Ed Sullivan show, and some people even forgot that popular entertainment vehicle in America time and sings Adobe song called hound dog in the whole American culture, rashes, Todd branches the next day. Preachers are screaming that Elder Presley is an agent of Satan. Parents are telling their sons.

You can't slit your hair back.

You can't wear a leather jacket you can't writhe around and it was just all over the place and one Elvis one culture change from conformity to rock and roll rebellion and he did it and that such a monumental historical thing zero in on that same thing with the Beatles over 64 between 64 and 69 culture changes again in the USA, sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll that we have now the culture was here appointed by the Beatles magical mystery tour Sgt. Pepper and Amanda Lee brought the sent to the highest level ever. When he refused to go into the Army and at the same time was doing all kinds of civil rights talk, and he was an amazing figure in American history I've seen a couple of documentaries and the fictionalized accounts of Ollie's life and the influence that that I believe Farrakhan not Farrakhan. Malcolm X had on him and the them, the Muslim faith. And I mean he really was a deep thinker and someone who truly embraced the religious side of life. Much like Elvis Presley to a lot of people don't realize that Elvis learned a lot of those moves are coming up and attending church and in the black community in the Memphis area. I quibble with little on Mohammed Ali, intellectual prowess what all he did was he seated his whole life to the nation of Islam. Elijah Mohammed Elijah became his father figure and lodges on a number Mohammed and took over Mohammed Ali's career and the abuse was off the chart in the best writing some of the frame a redundancy opening of the Mohammed Ali section and killing the legends were put you in the ring worries fighting Joe Frazier in Manila Philippines freighter almost kills Ali literally kills and further check of the fight. Doctors should they'll you can't fight for at least a year.

Four months later gives his back in the ring because the Muslims wanted the money so Ellie basically seated all his autonomy to the black Muslim Islam movement Yoko Ono took over Lennon's life and Presley gave full authority to ruling him to Col. Tom Parker. That's what they all have in common. Their fame them and they all gave their autonomy away when you do that even if you're not famous bad things will happen.

I'm curious about your take on Col. Parker.

I noticed that you roads that when word came down that Elvis died. He was in Maine at but he did not go to Memphis directly know I was trying to sell stuff gangster is a horrible human being Maine because that world is supposed to go do a concert and Elvis drops dead in his bathroom from narcotics use. And Parker is going down and learning solids to the Presley family immediately pivots in and tries to get Presley memorabilia marketed so they can capitalize on his death. I miss her, guy Col. Parker was my God and and there's been a lot of debate, at least here in Memphis about what kind of a person he wants and we saw that the last Elvis movie thoughtful Tom Parker liaising with a lot with rubber Mohammed. There is a very hot place right now. I can guarantee this bill of Bill O'Reilly's on the patriot bubble newsmaker line in the name of the new book killing the legends the lethal danger of celebrity bill how you how you sit down to come up with these three why these three individuals. What a sorry interested in my country in the last book he wrote killing the killer is contemporary history fight against terrorism.

Our being protected what were doing to the jihadists who still want to kill us, was a natural extension to go into the culture because were in the middle of the culture wars you know you talk about all time Todd and how the culture got where we are coming out of this happen in the three men that really made it happen were the guys that I write about and killing alleged and and people don't history together is my job to do that to my job to provide context to the way Americans live today and were undergoing profound changes in this country and the cold. Sure, you know, that was established in the 50s 60s and 70s is undersea. Now again, so it's all in a mosaic of American history and how we live. I guarantee you if you read killing the legends you are to learn so much about your country today.

You know, I wrote about Lincoln. I wrote about cotton. I wrote about World War II extensively, but I write about today until killing the killers and killing the legends all it's it's a fascinating book again. Growing up in Memphis.

Yeah, I remember I was in the front yard of results in I think third or fourth grade and I remember neighbor just come running out.

She was screaming that Elvis had died was that when I was reading that you know your description of those events on me that was happening in our neighborhood. I meet people just had this visceral reaction to that news you don't understand it and they don't know how, impact these three men wielded and you know I don't portray them as victims. I don't see them as victims.

They knew what was happening to them and they decided to go along with it.

Presley destroyed himself.

Lennon turn his life over to Ono. Ellie allowed the Muslims to do whatever they wanted to do so, but individually, particularly Elvis and and Mohammed Ali at many. These were unbelievable talents you know you don't see talent like that very often it is just damn game that the celebrity could run them and you know the list. You know Todd is wrong about people who just cannot survive in the public diet is a holy place to be. What is what is the antidote your menu says there's this lethal danger of celebrity only what advice you give the people may be going into the news business or even celebrities on the on the way up to make sure they don't end up like this is no way to make sure you don't end up like I am famous I got pounded I had no idea what was coming to me. My fault.

Knowing you to bloviate on TV about politics can be a lot of people want to hurt you and I can protect myself the way I should of course have righted that ship I had to responsible parents and I had an education of a Harvard degree and a guy like me can get blindsided by it and I did all right, but anybody in today. You know, I'll submit to you that both Donald Trump and Joe Biden have been hurt badly by their celebrity status and neither I don't think understand how much they been hurt is ready when you know Trump really well. I'm I told him I said you're addicted to the spotlight you're addicted to this. It's like a drug. I mean, and it's hurting you and the country. You can't fight every fight and every day have a turbulent thing surrounding you. You got you got to step away from it don't need it most famous man in the world don't need anymore this buddy can't stop and Biden sold out every single principal you ever held everyone. It's true so the progressives would embrace him on the way to the White House bill, we gotta leave it there.

Are you doing a book tour because you gotta come to Memphis if you are not. I can't do it anymore I got radio TV Elmore killing book the right.

I just can't get I love the comedown to those docs at the Peabody that's always my favorite will get you walk the ducks bill. We got a great studio here that the key we have facilities of the broadcast bunker and of the ribs are always on us great.

It's always good to congratulation seriously on the great Newport 18 number one bestsellers. Well done sir.

See you all right take care Bill O'Reilly everybody former colleague at Fox and it really is a fascinating book. He's killing somebody else we should advance to gracefully, but there a lot of people did.

There's a big body can't daisies got one more killing but there item like okay losing killing my head so I don't know Fox views on puppies, no nobodies going well. People are but not bill. We got a link to the book off our website. By the way, and you know it's faster than he is again going back to Elvis and even the three people that he wrote about Mohammed Ali John Lennon and Elvis tens of thousands of people still turn out to Memphis for the anniversary of Elvis's death to me. They have a huge candlelight vigil and is quite the it's almost like a universal studios experience now is not just graceful in the mansion.

It's just a massive facility. This absolutely beautiful art. We gotta take a break here when we come back your calls 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 this is the nonsurgical French toast sticks are so delicious. Some are saying that they're better than their moms excuse me Wendy's new French toast sticks are better than my breakfast model is that you answer the question. I said some people are saying that because there's so crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside and perfect in every way. And what do you think that I think it's time to tell people to choose life Wendy's new Sweden crispy holes that offer still stinks that's still not an answer to spinning with 23 hours today and I'm telling you one of the things that we don't shy away from.

If you disagree working to put you on the if you agree were to put you on the you know we want to have a conversation here.

That's what it's all about. Let's go to the phones 844-747-8868 Eileen is listening to us in Cleveland, Georgia, home of Troup McCall University. Eileen what's on your mind right side thank McCall I normally agree with you on almost everything that I think you're being a little harsh on Herschel. I don't have the mainstream media and the Democrats are ready slamming every Republican under the sun.

But do we really need you to do it there and I just wanted to stay.

I wanted to say that people make mistakes in their life and sometimes those things change, people, and who are we to stay that he you know he made a mistake yet, but everybody that has made a mistake. An important steak. I got a date not to be given if they wanted you know I'm looking for him to help make this country better Democrats aren't going to do that lie due to Eileen country look that I can.

Let me explain.

I'm I don't I'm not being judgmental at all. I'm responding to what Herschel is doing and the response to this. I want him to to do well. I want him to win, but there are but again his appearance last night on Hannity did not resolve the issue. It only raised more questions.

Eileen, here's the reason what you're right I am being harsh and I think that we should all be harsh when it comes to the Republican candidates because Republicans have a bad tendency of getting elected and then not turning out to be what they thought we thought they were going to be and I would direct you to Liz Cheney. Adam Ken's anger that Romney I just don't want any of those surprises. When we elect somebody and they go to Washington DC. I currently get that and and there are going to be. I believe that every single person that starts out want to go to DC, it goes out with good intention and somewhere along the line to get they get hold or attenuated that unless they play ball and not going to get certain things Eileen.

Here's the problem here is not crowded with her so I don't think there is really know there is a problem I listen to me please.

I'll let you finish the problem with Herschel Walker this is campaign messaging. All they had to do was sit down with someone like Shannon bream who is a fair and balanced journalist, not Sean Hannity. Not even Tucker Carlson but Shannon bream who can sit down and he could he could take her through whatever. Again, we don't we don't have all the facts are, but she could get to the bottom of it. She would be a fair and balanced arbiter with campaign is that the they shot, they shut people out and that's a problem I have all I always say that when a story comes out regardless of the doubt, you better wait at least a week for the truth to come out short and I agree, but Herschel did not wait a week he came out last night and he'd tried to answer these questions and then the sun comes out and I love what that's all about. And if you can attack your own kid. It's a big mess but Eileen, I hope you're right you're talking about young child. No I didn't but is this are you telling me the sun then attacked his father the son nodded his father that yes, Hartsell responded and he said he loved. That's why I said you can attack your own kid.

You can't do that so Herschel can't really respond to any of the accusations coming from his own son who called him a liar and an abuser. And so Herschel did what a father would do would set I love you son. Yeah well I don't think that your little harsh on a lot of these are public absolutely already have the media and Democrats doing okay doing that already works a lot.

Eileen and I understand what you're saying but every time Mitt Romney stands against his own party. I will remind people that we were not harsh on Mitt Romney. We were not harsh on Adam Ken's anger, or Liz Cheney or John McCain. I'm in the list goes on and on and on. The Democrats it'll have this problem Democrats they campaign and then they govern the same white Republicans we got a bad track record of doing fixed just got a fix I fax all said news.

The volunteers used Loretta Lynn, the great Loretta Lynn from Butcher Holler has passed away. She was 90 years old.

She passed away this morning and one of the one of the great legends of of country music and of course she and Patsy Cline were best friends back in the day Patsy Cline, one of the greats as well who died far too young in a terrible plane crash I going back Rolling Stone interviewed Loretta Lynn back in 2017. Here's what she said about Pres. Tromp. She said I think they ought to leave them alone talking about the media all the protesters out to leave them alone, let him do his job. That's what I think he's up there. He's the president they need to help them not hinder him. Everybody out of pitch in and help do everything they can to help Loretta Lynn.

By the way, a lifelong Republican, so she said they asked her why she was a lifelong Republican base of her daddy was Republicans 30 alright so certainly pray for the, the Lynn family there in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee good on there's a good country by favored Grace Baker for ever driving up I 40 I get off at hurricane bills that you can grab some food there. The more you know, there you go. We try we try to help people out of the top surge radios, especially with food while you're driving around the country.

Exec are enough of that. Let's get to the patriot mobile newsmaker life good friend of this program great American patriot from the great state of Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan Congressman good have you with us today.are you doing appreciate that, Congressman. You pointed out a very important marker for today. The one year anniversary that Merrick Garland unleashed those FBI agents on moms and dads. This is the case study for that. Now that we know because all the little book of ductwork to our office.

This is the case study on on how political that may deduct the department because this was the first thing is over you're going out when the letter first In the court today marked the date member Merrick under the memorandum is all US attorneys run the country thing parented domestic terror now with the court, followed up by the email from the FBI think with this red tag designation on on moms and dads that they would not investigate it.

We don't get it over to the parent so this is. I did get the very first whistleblower we had with Don was on this particular issue is dealt.

That is just scary to see what the apartment up to over 2000 parents they've investigated have you been able talk to any of these folks. Although we had a whistleblower come forward and tell some of the one with the group love of mom because she had the mom for kids are getting the exact name of the group, but she and NG had a firearm that was the reason he was. He was on the this.this threat tag was put on her name and and Beth get mom and get every mama cared about it the kitten on the fire and you can investigate The country for good that that is down there is dealt again underscores how political now that place has become because the very first whistleblower we had was on the issue, and here's what I think I'll I want to really figure out if in fact you get caught up in the majority of five-week is who made the vision to include that initial letter from the school boards Association, the language that said to treat parented domestic terror to use the patriot act and counterterrorism measures against parent because we know Todd that the school boards Association was in communication with the Justice Department with the White House and with the Department of Education before they spent the initial letter on September 29 the last year before the letter was ever sent. They were talking about the content of the letter I will come in at the white out that that hate the good idea putting the patriot act language or did White House to simply know about an inch and failed at find that you included what was what was going on there because there was a decision made that was going to stay in the initial letter and that would be the pretext for Merrick Garland memorandum one year ago today, going back to the Obama years when they unleashed the epic the IRS on the tea party and other conservative groups going back to the Tromp campaign. When all those breadcrumbs were leading back to the White House on who authorized to be viewed in the investigations of the surveillance of these kinds of things and you do wonder what kind of an ops campaign is being waged against the American people out of the Oval Office yet one of the things we have to do is find out exactly who made. For example, more recently, a couple weeks ago we had we had DD 20 agent guns drawn, kicking the door.

The pastor in the rectum in front of his wife that the children when local police and Ed determined that there was no crime there. Don't yet the FBI get involved in and conduct themselves in that manner. Someone at the Justice Department made a decision to do it that way cool with that person to go all the way to Mayor garden with someone up who made that to go to a hold a rectum and part of his children and his family who made that that those are the kind of thing we gotta get to the bottom up because if you don't then you have no chance to stop the decided that there is now to conform to justice. One of the connected and another one of those about the party Congressman Reed.

We tell people on this program do not talk to the FBI get an attorney like your attorney do the talking for you and and it was. I thought you know it's easy for us to tell people you know. Don't be bothered by this, but I got I got a call a couple weeks ago from an investigative reporter at Forbes magazine and they said we understand your virological you interviewed Pres. Tromp in his office did he give you any private documents or top-secret documents. Unlike the guy get a Diet Coke for God sake but but you know what Congressman one day I was sitting right after I heard the story about the guy the of the other pro-life guy and I got to thinking, what is second what happens if there's a big knock on my door at 2 o'clock meet. They want you to think like that. They want you to intimidated yet and they're actually doing for further and you felt when I first go in and talk in the media several weeks ago about the number of whistleblower to come to our office.

The very act day Merrick Garland and out a memorandum to everyone. The Justice Department bank.

I waited and here's how you're supposed to talk to Congress. Your are local to our guideline. Everyone thought that for what it was. It was a memorandum to shield the speech of people who might want to come forward and be with the Lord how they're offering it all designed to that, but still everyone speech make you think it have a second thought about engaging in normal normal think that Americans have always done and it truly an infringement on the Bill of Rights and the person that Congressman, when you look about away from Scott Henderson Jim Jordan on the patriot mobile newsmaker line when you look at the landscape of America right now. One of the big stories no one is really even talking about is the rising threat of a possible nuclear war of the situation with Ukraine and Russia. The Nordstrom pipeline so many issues, both foreign and domestic, which is why the midterms are so important here are wide important you have the white out electric project rank in the Oval Office who needed a strong leader and unfortunate I just don't think you have that day and we sure had it with all now is going to remember when this thing started. Thing started in Ukraine over Sec. Kate Mike Pompeii was doing the interview and he would ask a basic question that Sec. What does that happen under mom and I thought it amended answer. He said the short answer is I don't know but I do know that it didn't happen under Pres. Tromp, and that's what it says it all, and that that is that is over overwriting problem. That you did you get that administration disappeared week project week strength you need from the commander-in-chief and that the sunporch is the let's open midterms ago. The way we think ago and that that the method around the country and frankly to what you are adversaries around the world's wealth and in bringing this back full circle last night. I know of the radio station I own on the morning show host was moderating a school board town hall with Canada and it was standing room only.

I think that people are waking up moms and dads are waking up and realizing how important those local school board races are now here are and you know year ago 11 months ago the governor that English you in the Democrat and made the greatest campaign and three plaster Virginia went memo and Terry McAuliffe basically said we think up part about that child educated about that that I don't think, and so much so that they can organize a big campaign art a debate but got governor of the blue state of Virginia felt. I do think that the guy could get it in an interview don't vote for anyone is not for school joy. I don't care what part of your notebook for don't vote for anyone who is not who doesn't understand the fundamental debate. Among the dead child name for good in their day.

They make a much better about the well-being in the upbringing and education of their son or daughter of bureaucrat years the bureaucrat. They Well said all right. One final note to Congressman AP top 25 by Tennessee volunteers. Number eight Ohio State, number 30 I think we lost the Congressman on the football but we are and give them little props or my apologies, Congressman Jim Jordan. But anyway, there you go. Give him a shout. We don't do that for Ohio State fans very much, but we do it for other Congressman Ari Congressman Jim Jordan on the patriot mobile newsmaker life.

We got some time. Let's take a couple of calls lines full but we do have one open now 844-747-8868 let's go to Jeff in Gainesville, Georgia WT UN Jeff what's on your mind so your conversation earlier with people about Herschel Walker and Dr. Oz and I knowledge is like new.

I just like you for your views on things where you have integrity and you don't back up what you believe in the other boat.

The other Christians in the country had that same way about never come to this point in this country that we are today.

I just like thank you for that. Well Jeff your your kind to say that I you know I hold no ill will. We love Eileen. We love all the other folks are calling in and every now and again we are going to have a difference of opinion I I'm just tired of of coming back and and telling people hey this person campaigned as a conservative and well they turned out not to be.

I just want Herschel and I really I I'm sincere and this I heard him speak. I saw the crowd reaction I I think you would make a fine senator.

I just you need to get ahead of all the stops sit down and you know air out all the dirty laundry and let the people make a decision for themselves. You know if if there has been a and again going back to the idea of well Starnes once a purity test okay well there's really nothing wrong with being able to demand that Republican candidates subscribe to certain beliefs. Otherwise, you could have Democrats running as Republicans follow. You just appreciate the call 844-747-8868 let's go to Jean and Iowa Jean.

What say you all: all what about a Democrat or by me, but Michelangelo shut the money off to good people out there gonna tell you that all money off their brawl and they get an update what McConnell wrote these well you keep it family-friendly.

Jean, I will.

I will write and I've been called by the money and not LM why I want to give it to somebody, I'll go directly to their website that is that is a great idea is you give money to the candidates that that you believe in that that you support into your point. You got Republicans in Arizona pleading with Mitch McConnell to put some money back and that that Blake Masters race you McConnell is thinking that maybe they're knocking to be able when in Arizona I sincerely disagree, and I suspect Carrie Lake is going to is going to get out the vote, the Republican vote in November and we gotta make sure that the Republicans are well-funded there, but apparently there's a big money problem over at over the RNC. Big money problem. Well I will you McConnell problem is the fact that Donald Trump ignored some people and it is feeling forestalled from that cloud judgment and I just well I'm sure what he said about what Trump said about the Mrs., probably to help club that matters, but standards are no love lost on either side there. But McConnell can't let that get in the in the way of of helping out these conservative candidates can't do it. Hey Jean, gotta run were late for break here 844-747-8868 your Jim Jordan Bill O'Reilly of the patriot mobile newsmaker line there. America's only Christian conservative wireless provider and they come in loud and clear on the Todd Stern's radio program and they got some great deals for our listeners. If you are a small business owner or if you did just have a residential home.

You need to check out patriot patriot are your to be able to get incredible discounts to get this use my promo code to hook you up with free premier activation in the free gift patriot be sure use that promo code Todd to the folks here read what's on your mind. You are waiting on the whole you know the candidate purity year with her.

I remember back in 2009 with you.

I wanted cruise because I knew he was the only true conservative that had a chance and then when Trump got the nomination, I just literally I would like. I am never voting for that guy. So I would like taken. It never Trump approach when it came to the general election. When you have the candidate that you have in your no other choice, it came down to him or Hillary, I thought, okay, I have to vote for for Trump for the Republican and in the long run. We ended up with three amazing Supreme Court pick a change in completely got rid of well and not to mention all the other good conservative things that I had my doubts about so for me I had to vote when it came to the general election. I had to vote for the Republican whether or not he was my choice or not and I appreciate your call were coming up on the top of the hour. So thank you for that and it looked I'm not telling you don't vote for somebody.

I just want you to understand folks and again with Ted Cruz. I was a Ted Cruz guy Donald Trump said hey look I'm pro-life to defend religious liberty.

You gotta give me a chance.

All right, we gave you a check.

We gave him a chance to be delivered on those promises. He had my support. All I'm saying is you need to be aware and we have a job to do as as Republicans as conservatives to make sure were betting all of these candidates and unfortunately in some cases we've gone with the celebrity instead of the substance that's all I'm saying. Are you gotta take a break here 844-747-8868 Fred, thanks for the call cigarette everybody Todd By the way, the website will be right back

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