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Voters Not Impressed With GOP ‘Commitment to America'

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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September 29, 2022 6:21 pm

Voters Not Impressed With GOP ‘Commitment to America'

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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September 29, 2022 6:21 pm

Edward Graham, James Rosen, Major Kendall Dunn, and Mark Meckler join the conversation!

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The Todd Starnes Show
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Your all your learning how to mold your life, and something like a soft place to land.

If you can make it in New York City you can make Christians this place is a profound influence on multiplier effect on the rest of the world didn't just move into a dorm low. Don't go to college come to welcome him to the Todd start show sponsored by Legacy precious metals. There's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM universities. Do you see that we are learning. Of course they had the Sheriff from Lee County, Florida. That's the Fort Myers area and he was on good morning America said that they believe there are hundreds of people who died and there are thousands of people who are stranded and I cannot there waiting to be rescued.

So there's just a lot of instruction and devastation in the Florida area and that we certainly want to hear from you. I know are good friends Mark from the villages will probably be calling and even asking him to keep tabs on what's happening. Of course she's I believe in the Orlando area, all you folks in the Carolinas of Georgia.

You are in the crosshairs as well. Certainly the storm not as powerful but still you.

You just can't take chances of this kind of stuff. I mean at some of this is a pretty serious situation and I will say this, that one of the challenges we faced and if in fact if in fact the. The death toll is that high.

It would be one of the deadliest storm since Hurricane Katrina and a lot of people are wondering what why did these people leave why did the people a banquet and I want to answer that question here III believe that the weather forecasters, and specifically the weather Channel bear responsibility for laundress. I'm they have turned the average storm if it if it rains. If if there's a snowflake. All of a sudden it becomes some sort of a breaking news alert and how many times have have we seen seen the height of these storms and then the height does not turn out to be the reality.

And so a lot of people.

After a while, let's just say that and because we've seen this happen where in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina every time you order tropical storm.

It became the storm of the century, every storm is the storm of the century and you've got these people in and you your pack up the back of the station wagon. Yeah I know why nobody owns a station writer Grace Baker but But the SUV yet you pack up the SUV. You put fluffy in the car. Are you packing the wife and the kids and then you're off to a hotel somewhere to wait out the storm and then you find out that the storm was not that big of a deal but then the next one comes along and you pack up though your pack up the SUV you pack up fluffy of the life of the kids and you head out again and then you find out that storms not such a big deal. So in the next one comes what you do what I think a lot of people made the decision. You know what for me once shame on you, and they decided to stay put know I certainly hope this is one of those times were you really do hope that the sheriff got bad information, but a George stop laughing us over at ABC good morning America.

He too was shocked when he heard those numbers and so he stopped and he actually went back and he asked it again and the sheriff said. Yeah, we believe, based on the information that hundreds of people have died. You see that storm surge. I mean it's under Zeiss also video of a guy.

He was filming from his home and he said this is this is the third floor.

It was taking from the third floor window and the water was already up clearly past the second floor.

This was some sort of a storm surge that that happened. So anyway, if you're in Florida. Maybe you have family. That's down there it if you been able to check on them. We want to hear from you Edward Graham. By the way, from Samaritans purse is going to join us. They've already started mobilizing relief teams to head down there and it's it's gonna be a tough situation.

You people in the Carolinas, yearning at the flooding and that is a very bad thing. As well, so also to be checking with Maj. Kendall done major done one of the people who flies into the hurting one of the hurricane hunters sorted to be talking to Maj. Kendall done. Of the 53rd weather recon later on the program and we got a lot of politics and that's what were to start out with today.

By the way our telephone number 844-747-8868 that number again 844-747-8868 note a couple of days ago there was actually almost a week ago that Kevin McCarthy rolled out the commitment to America, they were they were very light on specifics but everybody appeared to be unified and we heard from Scott Perry who was the chairman of the House freedom Caucus and Scott Perry and his guys signed off on all of this and they believed it to be a good thing of the only specifics we got out of it to their planning on immediately. Getting rid of the 87,000 IRS agents and they're going to hire there to support the hiring of 200,000 police officers well. The question is wasn't good enough. Did that move the needle with voters and I'm curious to hear from you as well on this did the commitment to America move your needle.

A majority of Americans actually support the core principles but there's just not a lot of specifics and Tucker Carlson was waiting on this the other night on Fox news channel when he said hey look, there's really nothing here is just a lot of words here are some of the key findings in this Trafalgar of the survey that just came out of her to be speaking with Mark Meckler from the convention of states in just a little while, but according to the findings of the survey, 49.8% do not believe that McCarthy made a strong enough case as to why Republicans should earn support in the midterm elections, 33% of voters believe McCarthy made a strong enough case for Republicans to earn their support.

That's not a large number of the question is what about independent voters. That's a big question. 55% of voters say they are more likely to vote for a candidate who supports the commitment to America agenda, but it has to include a parental bill of rights legislation and that gives parents the ability to see their kids school curriculum that also protects their kids privacy. I like that it is they did a deeper dive and am working to get into more of this throughout the program. 61.8% of voters say they are more likely to vote for a candidate in the midterms who supports the commitment to America, but it has to include a plan to increase domestic oil and gas production in America. So there are some key issues here that are impacting voters.

I think the concern from a lot of folks is that there just were not specifics. I don't think the issue is that they that they opposed the Republicans I think. I think the American people are looking for a way to are looking for reasons to support the Republicans there looking for ways to get out there and actively campaign. In other words, they want to be excited about something they want to be charged up. They want to be fired up to me. We've all seen the a Pres. Trump at the save America rallies. That's the kind of enthusiasm that the have to come up with and it's going to be a hard look I get it. It's gonna be a hard sell, but they gotta get out there and they've gotta convey a very specific message.

What we buy recommendation was what, let's pick three things 3 to 5 things no more than five, 3 to 5 things. One of the big issues and crime has to be topping that list. Everybody's dealing with.

So anyway, I'm curious, what about you are are you fired up over the commitment to America. What is it what is it that Republicans need to do to win the midterm elections. We have a lot of political strategist but listen to this radio program and you never know when something you might say might end up swaying somebody's mind somebody's decision when it comes to campaign strategy and we see that happen over and over and over again 844-747-8860. If that is her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868. The website Todd Melissa, our guys are posting videos photos stories throughout the day regarding but the hurricane I were not going to overwhelm you with separate stories were putting them all in one big of posting that will be updated throughout the will be right back America.

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Stearns all right water back to the Todd surge radio show so great to have you with us and again we are following some crazy developments south of Florida. This is the Sheriff from Lee County. He was he was on good morning America and he dropped this bombshell cut number one please move so it is, it is heart wrenching. I will tell you that we have made some rescues through waterways and some were not able to access the thousands of calls on 911 that a prioritized answering as we speak what you know right now about injuries and fatalities and have any sense, any estimate of how the people are left to be rescued, so I'll have to confirm numbers. I deftly know the fatalities are in the hundreds of daily thousands of people that are waiting to be rescued and again cannot give a true assessment to were actually on scene testing each team and we can't access people.

That's the problem, where for accessing the bridges where Bushing was compromised and what's not and and this will be a life-changing event for the men and women are responding to see things it never seen before. So I will get together, you know the Floridians are. It's a great state. Great people here, and everyone wants to help fatalities in the hundreds so far confirmed in the hundreds mean that we are responding to advanced drownings and again, unsure of the exact details because we are starting to scratch the surface on this assessment, doing everything that we possibly can. Again now is to protect and preserve the lives and we are in full force doing that you say are just starting to scratch the surface, how many things can take to get up and running again will tell you again, not knowing what was face with it's very hard to give an exact number, and assessment.

But I do know the load is that this road is long. This is not to be something that's taking care of the next day or two of the long term long-term for many reasons, not only just on the preservation of life in protecting and serving the Lord order state thought to be on the mechanical side looking at these bridges looking at roadways working directly with the CEO back PML on all the people coming together to make us get back what we need to be so there is a bridge that connects Sanibel Island with the mainland and it is a huge huge bridge if you been to Florida you been across this bridge. You've seen this bridge there is a 60 foot chunk of the bridge that is gone completely severed and so now the people that are on the island are pretty much on their own. The only way to get to the island now is by boat or I guess helicopter but there's really no way to check on the people that better there grace I was watching the videos. It was just insane. You actually had houses. The storm surge was so powerful it was sweeping houses often off of their foundations. It's insane and honestly looks like something out of a movie.

Some of the videos I've seen him like is this real, but it is real I mean it absolutely catastrophic coming to spring for this people as I cannot imagine going through that Steve Harrigan is down there with Fox and he said it's everything is gonna miss out on is light estimated and the problem is, is not that the house is if if the houses were being blown away. What about all those mobile homes and there were just thousands and thousands and senior citizens snowbirds moving down just spending their retirement years.

They buy and those are very nice trailer parks down there that they're all senior citizens living there and I just keep thinking about the small businesses down there because they're just being destroyed and rebuilding.

That is no small feat file take forever 500 year flood of that's what that's what Gov. DeSantis is called 500 year flood terrible. Did you hear the story, though there was a weather guy this is bizarre. So they got a weather guy and he's down there and he's doing a report and there's this poor little kitten you're not a big Person either, but I'm sympathetic him. And if I'm in the middle of a hurricane.

I will save I Todd Starnes will save the kitty cat that would be a viral video, so there's a guide while there is a viral video this guy. He's a weather forecaster and there was a cat and the little cat was stuck on this some idle Vista park bench. The water was coming up and they're talking about the poor cat, but that the weather guy and by the way the water was not deep. It was like BB and Goldie.

Nobody went out to save the cat all little Tommy Dylan Federico is the meteorologist for WI and K week TV and he's doing the live video Ila were they planning on watching the cat drown in real time. Let's terrible so anyway, the guy so so he deleted the original video because he's getting crucified. All you know those cat lovers. So the pedal people all but will even I think the cat lovers are more aggressive than the PETA people when it comes to their their cats yeah I don't mess with the cat lady so so now, so the guy deleted the original video that caused all the controversy and then he and then he posted another video that showed how I guess inside wherever they were located and how the storm surge was like what two or 3 feet deep and he talked about how he is trying to go out there and rescue the cat when the cameras were often very astute viewers though because they realized what he posted the photo showing how high the water was getting he was in dry clothing and his his his sneakers are stark white something doesn't add up. Something's not adding up and I don't see the kitty cat scratches as I say this about the cats but again I Todd storage and of humanitarian and a kitty cat kitty cat Terry they got and I will a feline. And if if I saw but you know what happens when you try to rescue the dogs are very grateful just to live a life that will cling to you and hug you and lick you the cat will scratch the living daylights out of it after maybe will rub up against you in person will think they will.

There is an area there very 67 best cats are ones that act like dog but you know what I think go honest-to-goodness if I Todd surge have been down there and I had waited into the floodwaters to rescue the cat and I came out looking like Freddy Krueger had just brutalized me. Oh my, I think I would. I think I will be offered a primetime spot on Fox news channel. This is true, Todd Starnes, feline hero or hero of the feline community. Yes, that's it. Todd Starnes, all that is quite the image of my head, but I'd rather rescue a dog yeah dogs are little more like you would violate our good friend Matt Finn who is a Fox news anchor, and I've known Matt for years, or they sent him down to the border and Matt Finn. He was down the border and that there were these abandoned puppies down there and Matt then actually rescued the puppy discover there were more puppies and so he's rescuing so he's become like this thing 101 Dalmatians puppy Savior. Yes I did at's and of course people are falling all over themselves because he's rescuing the puppies. Clearly that's what happens when you have that's the difference between a conservative news reporter and some meteorologist true. He went into whether answer all that but anyway you recently just exactly but here's my question for you great okay they tell you, evacuate, would you have evacuated. That's a good question. I think I because I am. I consider myself a rule follower.

I would say yes but I can understand being down there and hearing multiple times. This is this is the storm and then being finally like don't like the boy who cried wolf. You just don't listen. Finally in this time it's like oh this was the real deal. Oops not yet know I'm with you I think a lot of other people felt the same way that they but it's the boy who cried Wolf yeah they height these things and we've seen the weather Channel where they had the graphics. This is the wall of water that the state law and by the way, what were they telling us to get it's almost incredulous, but that there was 18 feet of water yet. Will it turned out not to be, but it didn't need to be in 5 feet of water that you knows that's going to wash somebody well enough water, but I understand he was about 8 to 10 feet. But regardless it's the height and the terror factor just storm after storm after storm and finally people to act like you know what were the skillet. Words can risk it with me. Eventually it was block it out right. That's it running and they miss it. Thank you, Grace Baker ladies and gentlemen, what would you do would you have evacuated 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 we had to take a break here. This is the Todd serve's radio show. There's no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the blighted ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd Starnes and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect her son know if all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds and traditional markets.

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Let's go to North Carolina.

Ed on the talk station once to weigh in on the The Bridge damage down there in Florida right at what's going on and forget during Hurricane Katrina back in 2005 between fan I went from the world to every parish with the goal that went bad and delete the The Bridge white belt from the third that you have enough to build one brick I think it was actually that actually this was that was the that was the bridge over Lake Pontchartrain, which I believe is one of the longest bridges in America that Lake order of the older it would close her leg, born the biggest one third. There like born the third. But you know it's interesting, Ed, and also the interstate from New Orleans along the Gulf Coast into Biloxi and what we affectionately call the redneck Riviera that was another area that got doubt they got hit hard, knocked out those the roads as well. No surprise her. Ed got around. Appreciate the call by the way, you know, in that whole story about Katrina. Keep in mind, it was not the hurricane, but that all the damage in New Orleans.

It was the levees that broke that was the problem there. The big problem in the big problem in Katrina was actually in Mississippi and Alabama and the mainstream media pretty much ignored the catastrophic damage. The damage that was done in Mississippi and Alabama is the same kind of damage we are seeing but happening in Florida right now and the media completely ignored it because New Orleans was underwater just want to throw that out there little history reminder. I would go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line right now that we have a very important just from Samaritans purse we have Edward Graham and Edward. We understand that you guys are already beginning to mobilize disaster relief units tell us what's going on the phone. There we were never team that are down in Florida and they're working with local churches determine the best locations for us to go to Central Florida. But this morning we had a lot of our disaster relief equipment that is patient and held in Northbrook North Carolina get on the road going to do down there to close the distant and when it earned the right location of the church. Partners may move in, and the volunteers will start coming shortly behind it. Edward works, what are you guys going to be doing when you get down to Florida. There we've already heard from our team down there we go after the high wind damage so we took a lot of her blue plastic tarp that we volunteered to put on the drawing in the root and then a lot of the home nursing a lot of flooding and so the volunteers are going to look this mud and the saltwater brackish water out of the home of the Qubec drywall.

This would prevent mold you will get all the wet stuff dry the house.

Then, and that way the mold doesn't come in and allow those that are gonna come in with insurance companies rebuild quickly and word. We also understand from the sheriff of Lee County was in America today talking about the death toll, and we certainly hope those numbers are wrong, but there nursing a lot of people may have lost their lives down there you guys prepared for that as well. You know, we leave all the gonna rock you stuff to the local authorities and from we go in there. We work through the local board. We only get in there, but had before the ready. We want to make sure the places they can securely do you volunteer labor. We work for the local church, but unfortunately your department went on about Katrina you know that was the thing were many volunteers and people are working on their they found body for quite some time, but it's my prayer for the state to the people are down there for the community. I got out those that stayed behind other there okay and getting rescued were praying for Central Florida and it's also interesting to you guys since chaplains and tell me it tell us about that because that's something that's a bit unusual but I think that's that's a very important thing that you guys to my grandfather the Billy Graham evangelistic of creation have something called a rapid response, chaplains, and I was born. After 9/11 identity idea there were none pastors in New York City and a DC to take care of the rest of those that are credentialed to go into man-made disasters but also natural disasters I get in with team and or get behind the local authorities and are credentialed in get behind some secure line, and so there trained on how to share hope in Christ is what the chaplains do they go alongside our volunteers. Our volunteers were orange shirts with American earth.

You will be identified for safety reasons, but these blue shirt chaplains from the Billy Graham Association just go listen to the homeowner volunteering mucking out there home that bought that homeowners distraught, lost her youngest child was damaged and he lost loved ones are pet and there is broken hearted everything they work foregone in the chaplains listen and they when they ask why you hear warrior because we love you as much as we love you Jesus loves you more. We don't want people think they got a stake in their near New Orleans, but we will come to know the truth. Just like before, the good Samaritan we meet their immediate needs with shelter, food, you know pay for transportation if need be, but the most important product story is that the end of it at that had to be paid and that man pay the innkeeper but that that is the death of Jesus Christ.

We want the homeowner to know that Jesus Christ was the I think it's so important what you guys are doing and and people need to know that when they donate and that's how you guys are able to do all of this you just mention volunteers that are giving of their time and their resources Samaritans is the website and you guys welcome people if they want to donate five dollars or $5000 of that money is going to a very important and worthwhile cause you like you figure website Merck to find out information, but we covet your prayers. I'm a firm believer in the power of prayer to pray for Florida and the continuation of storm weather comes up through South Carolina, Georgia, pray for those that are still at. But we also need volunteers, we work all volunteer army and so we always go to a local church all of her equipment will be parked at a church you live there, get out of there.

But during the day you go out and work and serve the community because it will some point when the job is done. Samaritan earthly, what is that local church look like his writing is administering to the community for those that were hurting in the great decision to follow Christ that phone work of the church and when we got about 30 seconds or what kind of volunteers are you looking for some people might say hey I'm a construction worker, but I'm not a preacher, can you still use me yeah I can take a construction worker, schoolteacher, electrician, it doesn't matter what your background is. If you just want to move a shovel, pick up trash debris. We take all kind just we need people that are willing to love and serve others, and they can do that is why volunteer information is available at the website to that extent. Samaritan burst or go to get involved in the storm come up you click on it pretty much a supplemental card. All of that and I lied Edward, I'm sorry, Polish and Allied anybody who's the grandson of Billy Graham but we have 30 more seconds, what are you hearing are you hearing any reports from down in Florida.

I know it's been about 24 hours since the storm hit. That would get a lot of report.

My sister Dexter from Fort Myers and so we were able to get her out. Her husband was building a church. Alaska Eagle is way down there.

His family's home and parents with underwater, but there is wasn't my my sister. There wasn't a mixed neighborhood we know just like any storm. You don't that's the hard part from neighbors were affected her next-door neighbor lost everything and sometimes a survivor's guilt, and so were down there to minister the dealer right Edward we do have direct now I get Samaritan's Edward, whatever you guys need you let us know we will get messages out to our listeners and I suspect dear Juergen have a lot of people wanting to volunteer. God bless you and God bless the great work of the volunteers already heading down to Florida so folks again.

Samaritans we have a link on our website as well. Gotta take a break. We got James Rosen from Newsmax coming up next. This is the time surge radio show Charlie since conservative commentary from established himself as a as a religious leader in his own right, but you never want to say well it's go to the grandson of Billy Graham but he brought it up so he was that that group is in that family is doing some incredible ministry across a really across the world and I know that many of you do the Christmas shoeboxes and it's that they really do some very clever and powerful and impactful artwork around the world and we certainly appreciate them. Let me explain what's going on here. I James Rosen who is the chief White House correspondent for Newsmax is going to be joining us in just a few moments were waiting for Pres. Biden to speak up and we think it's good to be about the hurricane and we hope that he doesn't mention any more dead people thinking they are actually alive as he did yesterday, and I want to talk briefly about that sort and after we meet just working to be little fluid is what I'm trying to get to of this hour of the program, but I was getting some messages last night for people that could stop time.

Did you see the past, the White House press Corps there, turning on Biden. Finally, finally, they see what praise the Lord I might not just yet, just yet.

Something's going on and I want to explain. I have a theory that I want to share with you about what happened yesterday. So look, Karen, Jean-Pierre the. The black press separate.

I'm sorry, Karen, Jean-Pierre, the lesbian press secretary know what it there's one more.

I'm sorry what okay. She is the black lesbian emigrant press secretary very going to get those one of these days, folks. It was very important because she pointed this out when she was named to the position that she was named because she is in fact a black lesbian emigrant.

Anyway, she was catching holy fire yesterday for for help Biden out referenced and called out the late Congresswoman Jackie will or ski thinking that she was in the crowd cut number six place here to understand. I just ages on top of mind. I know this wasn't what we were able to witness and what the president was able to lift up his sack. At this conference at this event was how her, her focus on wanting to deal with combat security in America, and this is something that he was lifting up and honoring and she knows that he's going to see her family this coming Friday. There is a bill signing that's going to happen in the remaining AVA clinic after the late Congresswoman. He knows that he is going to see her family and she was a top of mind yeah no that's not it and and she knows that Jean-Pierre knows that and at some point if you're the White House purchasers present the data center, for your handsome settler people, you know right I may be the last.

You do the White House but at least you're honest with with the reporters because everybody sees this right will the mainstream media. They just jumped all over this.

I mean they were they were going after Jean-Pierre cut number eight. Please can you explain what is present you this was something to tell you guys know yet. Yes, the conclusion is the president of the United States thought a dead woman was alive cut number nine place prepared to release their marks present and not understanding why why that would be necessary only share the remarks that the president had delivered that's coming in on the website.

Not really sure what that has to do with anything. I just answer the question about her being on top of mind. I don't think that's an unusual like many of us have gone through that particular time where someone is on top of mind and you call the town and you mentioned especially this type of contacts. If you think about going to see the family. In today's think about how he sees them. In today's is going to be for such an important moment signing, signing a piece of legislation that's going to remain the VA clinic in her in her state important. If you think about this issue and how important this issue is, and he was again calling out conventional champions for this particular issue is that nobody was buying what she was so and there was one point of the press conference where you had at least 1/2 a dozen reporters, shouting questions and her talking about the slips the mental slips as a matter fact, one reporter actually said there get there getting worse.

What were seeing more of these these mental pickups from the president what's going on here. This is the guy that's got to the finger on the button now.

She keeps saying top top of my top up on top of mind. Do you remember when you were a kid and that you had the milk jug and yet you got the milk jug there that the milk was empty so your mom washes that she gives the boat jug deployment and maybe order to make the milk jug turned the milk jug into a a piggy bank and so what you do you put a couple of pennies in some quarters in there and you got, you know, I delight 1/2 a dozen coins and so then you put the lid back on the of the milk jug and just just shake that up and the noise that that the coins make. That's Joe Biden's brain. That's how Joe Biden's brain is working these days and he can't help it. He's an old guy and he is not aging well hate to say it.

There's really no polite way to say it, he is not aging well a lot of people and I'm not kidding. I've gotten more messages over that press conference and I have any other press conference nursing Todd, do you think that the major media finally gets it. Now they don't get there. The drive-by media they don't get anything you really think that it was a coincidence that the entire White House press Corps suddenly woke up and realized that Joe Biden has dementia you really think that happened. If so, I've got a bridge to Sanibel Island. I want to sell you. It's folks do not by what the mainstream media is trying to sell you. Here's what I suspect is going on. The Democrats are in a world of hurt.

There are there is some new polling data out there and we may have to get to this after our James Rosen conversation, but I will do my best to share this information with you. But there is new polling information of this is really a compilation of other polling data so they this organization of a put together all the polling data and they determine okay, here's what the election is going to look like and her friend Jack Purcell Bick over at human events actually actually published this information and it shows the Republicans retaking both the Senate and the house. I think the Democrats know this is going to happen that when you when you look at what's really going on with in the minds of the voters.

It has nothing to do with abortion that people are concerned about the economy, people are concerned about crime they're concerned about the border but they're not concerned about abortion. Abortion is is not anywhere on the radar.

Now this is a group called election recon and they've released their 2022 predictions. They believe the Senate is going to be in the control of the Republicans, 52% chance of them taking control Republicans gaining one seats would be 51 seats for the Republicans 49 seats for the Democrats and the editor of the vice president there. She breaks the time there's an 88% chance that the Republicans retake the house Republicans would gain 17 seats, the governors favored to retain their majority, 91% chance this is looking like a massive tsunami a political tsunami is about to hit Washington DC and the Democrats know this and are looking for someone to blame, that we know that the Democrats know in the mainstream media knows that Joe Biden is attached in the head. We know that everybody knows that.

But there waiting for the right moment to play that 25th amendment card and right now the groundwork is being laid and I think that's what happened yesterday. Yes, yesterday was the moment that was the trigger.

They were looking for an event that was so horrific. There was no way to spend your way out of it. I mean, for goodness sakes, he called out a dead congresswoman and then suggested that maybe she's not hereafter know she's not here. She's 6 feet under Mr. Pres. Jay's dad when I speak you will that she's this that she's married so everybody knows this but this is the moment.

This is the moment and you watch what's going to happen here.

Everybody's going to be turning on Biden. There's going to be.

You know what to pay for losing the Senate and the house and Biden's go-ahead. Biden is the guy, the buck stops with him. So all that to say you folks better start getting ready to say the words Mdm. Pres. because it's a common folks.

This is the groundwork you saw it live on national television.

You heard it on this radio program yesterday in real time. This is the moment when the media starts to turn and working to see more and more people calling for Biden to be removed from office because he's clueless. She's slid off the cracker 844-747-8868 enter toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 this is the Todd turn show also said that do not do not do not use this storm as an excuse to raise gasoline prices and gouging the American public price of oil is dropped in recent weeks. The price of gas should be going down as rapidly as not my experts in forming the production of only about 160,000 barrels a day, has been impacted by the storm. That's less than 2% of our countries produce daily production. It's small and temporary impact on oil production provides no excuse, no excuse for price increases at the pump. The gas station companies try to use the storm to raise prices, I might ask and then ask officials to look into whether or not price gouging is going on America's watching, the industry should do the right thing and this even illustrator who become the MVPs of these days I spent a lot of time as hungry as well of same in the entire workforce and not close close. Mr. Pres., but that was not the FEMA administrator's name.

Good try though I walk back to the Todd Stern's radio program. Good news is that everyone, the president did not introduce at today's briefing happens to be alive. So were making positive strides are welcome back to the Todd Stern's radio program I want to go to the patriot bubble newsmaker line were very honored to have with us James Rosen.

He is the chief White House correspondent for Newsmax James good to have you back on the program today. James, I want to go back to yesterday. We are playing some of the other audio a lot of the audio. Were you surprised that other reporters were asking questions about that big gaffe him involving the late Congresswoman Wolski know. I think it was a market moment and I don't think that the reportorial instinct of any reporter who is accredited by the White House correspondents Association is not room every day, which failed to be aroused by a moment like that.

So I'm not surprised that it was a focus of the questioning. I was surprised that the White House communications team thought that the answer crafted for curriculum. The issue which she did with a metronomic repetition that the late Congresswoman Jackie Wolski was top of mind for the present. She was at the top of mind that's understandable that you might be top of mind. I think that was surprising that the communication team thought that that would suffice. Frankly the blue the other path available to the education statement to appear with them to the state of the president spoke he regrets better. And all of us sometimes lacked in this age of the digital sensory overload, and I think that would let the oxygen out of that issue. Early on and there. Thereafter, we would not exceed six distinct question know I'm with you all that James and again we have different roles to play here that you're the news guy and you know where an opinion show. You're right. I think if if that sort of. If they would've addressed at that sort of way. I think at least from the news perspective that would resolve that issue.

There was also another incident.

What in the Rose Garden, where he it was a small stage and he just didn't know what to do in the first lady and this is not the first time that's happened.

He always just looks confused when he's up on that stage, you any idea what's going on there. Look sort inside the administration who report similar scenes of disorientation on the part of the president in various settings and some of these have been visible to the public. I think there's been two different occasions where the president has sought to shake hands with people who are not standing, and the White House. We should point out always respond to any inquiries along the lines and my knowledge I'm the only reporter who was put such an inquiry directly present. Biden felt back in January of this date always respond to inquiries along these lines by saying that the president is fully robust and an engaged and that there is no issue with his cognitive faculties but seemed like yesterday's are not good optics for the in terms of reassuring Americans about that issue and to the extent that Americans are concerned about. It is manifested of the pole that I asked the president about back in January of this year which ridden politicos of the political morning consul pulled down 49% of American voters disagreeing with the statement, Joe Biden is mentally fit the same poll found.

Not even a majority of Democrats willing strongly to affirm that statement and so when events like these occur. I think they add to that perception that was reflected in in that polling data and when the White House craft responses that are distinctly unsatisfactory to any sentient listener. I think the they inadvertently wind up stoking the perception and and that's again. It was surprising to see the barrage of questioning on that particular issue. But, again, to your point. It was there and it had to be addressed and James, we are right up against it a mandatory bottom of the hour break. I we will see you again this evening and I suppose throughout the day on Newsmax. Thank you for the great work you do all right, James Rosen, the chief White House correspondent we may have lost James not quite sure what happened there but you can watch James of throughout the day reporting not only on the that the White House, a reaction what's happening with the hurricane of the recovery efforts but also a number of national stories and international stories as well were following the Nordstrom pipeline controversy. There is so much fallout there when you get to that story a little bit later on in this program, but there are some grave concerns that you bided that the United States and specifically the Biden administration might've had some sort of a role in the sabotage of that pipeline, as Pres. Trump said. World war three 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number. This is the Todd surge radio so I surge radio program. I will really looking forward to this conversation. Here we are monitoring the. The aftermath of hurricane Ian, now a tropical storm. Are you folks George the Carolinas to get ready because I get a lot of wind, water, rain, and that you guys know what to do in the storms but only the patriot bubble newsmaker line very honored to have with us. One of the famed hurricane hunters of major Kindle done with the 53rd weather recon squadron major good to have you on the program today.

Are you absolutely so you been up there you been flying into hurricanes.

Was it like flying and that to even about a week ago to dramatic unit 30. On our win big but later it was a but a fun place to be beyond what you prefer.beware of where I was the other day with a lot aircraft was bombed and then that thousands of feet quick.

It was both the control range without when the Lord dear crafters didn't plummeted with God so aircraft think the speed not, but really not doing much of book the wind itself, that it down absolute lust very turbulent people double-click you can imagine it was a lot going on. Major I'm curious you know it was this unusual. Eileen had you mentioned that you guys are used to the rough weather.

But from what I understand this is pretty crazy up there. This go around, you know, we hear people talk about around here moments of boredom with you know I was a boredom with their pretty terrifying to pilot bad weather we fly in the bad weather so it's not unusual, but this was at the extreme edge of bad it would rapidly at the farm only got there and that's report to the national hurricane center! Approach and we went drywall on fallible, unexplainable everybody else turbulent. Just imagine that I and and from the defendant on another pilot me know.

Me and another guy you try to keep you with the control it made. It was very poor thing I've ever been through. Prefer not do it again. But I guess I'll forget about it because that's what you do. That's the job I do. So I mean look I have incredible respect for the work you guys do II get a little queasy on the Delta Airlines flight will be at about I can't even imagine what you guys were dealing with what what was it like going through the that high wall so you know drywall making your initial run and we go in about 10,000 feet which get altitude. The deal with that will make her run in from 100 miles out your edit when you progressively get went through the first time you would like like London, the lightning and it was dark so is like a paparazzi to talk about how immense amount of hail.

Can you imagine it was like being bought a gravel truck or gravel letters were going through it white and pop in the dream I didn't instruct anyway, so the deal is that you get by light drywall and got a go through again. But my second two passes daytime would make a little bit better but you see that Madeleine watered us on aircraft. Look at your underwater me if you can imagine that the that you looked everything according to deep water. The water washes of the ones you like and we have to deal with that and that you are a operative manual so don't go in every precipitation were basically an airborne submarine in my opinion the get your heart rate up to kick around aircraft on 20 notes those low white background add power is the absolute best.

So what are you guys doing up there.

What what kind of information working to recon are you are you doing for the storm. If there's so only an 11 point in the whole world, what do we do. We have 10 130 J in our service and service and no a have a P3 that they quietly we lose that we may have lost major.

I think we lost you nature, but your back Starbucks just like our primary job wind speed zero in the storm and then from there national hurricane center plot and then basically all the data that get off the plane they get the data intercalated added in for miles. But we also have a web officer in the back load drops on operated drop of the bottom and they look at that dad didn't wind speed, pressure, direction, humidity, national hurricane center and helps to make their determination models. Those things that storm we made our path thought one of the forecast is great guy Dan down there Miami and he said a man out of his buttock without a generic message from the hurricane center that the Three systematic results that you want that. I wall we get reports that it was extreme turbulence and then we got the drops on and well that information they had to scramble to change the message that is bad. You know this is like life or death kind of stuff be be prepared and leave the nest there will major.

We appreciate the great work that you and your team are doing and are based on your based on what Keesler is right in Biloxi what their beautiful down here today who in the world works. Whether you could be you and now we're doing punch on the redneck Riviera as we call it the stars are it will major job like she was glad you're safe. And Hope you guys don't have to go up and I do some recon on anymore hurricanes a season, and we appreciate you reaching out to our major Kindle done ladies and gentlemen from the from the Keesler Air Force Base and are doing great work, keep, and a lot of people say thanks to all the work they're doing up there and putting their lives on the line every single day so that you keep your family safe and we certainly appreciate that 844-747-8860.

It is our toll-free telephone number Grace Baker. I just had a brilliant idea. This may be the best idea I've ever had and I'm ready so you know Fox news. They sent a reporter with with the major and the recon team and so maybe for the next hurricane we can fly you down and you could be the eyes and ears of the Todd surge radio program will idea. I think our audience would love that you would even know you're up or down. Yeah, that's a big problem not playing a video don't go. I better audience would love oh my word.

I mean it would be quite the adventure. I mean, you could say they've actually done that by a handful of people so years ago I would II had wanted to do that but if you storm Jason I want to go to those plain hollow, but instead they sent me up on the C-130 and it was refueling mission over Reno Lake Tahoe as it sounded exciting it was. It was pretty awesome and I was in the jump seat in the back where the in the basically the plane pulls up underneath you and at their end and that the hose comes out and they get there last December. I thought I was gonna have to like you to wash the windows, but they don't do that. Okay, they have people who do that, but had people who do something to Bothwell okay by the way, before we had to go to break your M and Mark from the villages really get to him when when we get back we got grace you got some made all while you're on vacation. I did have a good vacation. I did have a good vacation holiday. I went up to the Chattanooga area very pretty but I was a little bummed because the leaves hadn't quite started turning still green everywhere and quick side note, I want to hike this must be 2 miles. It turned into 4 1/2 miles we had to trespass in someone's property and traverse a golf course dig bail money is okay at first I was afraid of the cone over the mountains. What they like shoot us or something, and we search you no trespassing.

They had a meditation station set up in their backyard, like the bunch of hippies. They probably don't have guns over okay they got that kind of there is a truly viable review Tennessee so it was okay but we were exhausted to drop by to say hello to Mike from Google radio is all over that I thought I was telling my friends. So anyway we got a letter handwritten letter from Bill from Jefferson, Georgia Bill listen streusel W-2 UN was a very kind note beautiful note and person. Bill said. Bill said time you need to give Grace Baker arrays. I like this guy is he related to you know he is not have nothing I Baker know it is not my mom so my dad doesn't just want to make anyway goes on to say Grace does a great job she's worth every penny.

And then he puts check he wrote shack I love it, or $50 a night and he said Tom I want you to take Grace out for lunch. I like it. Thank you Bill that made my week. Honestly AAA AAA's good like the whole menu publisher we get a sampler platter. Let's do it. I love it hard Bill, thank you for thank you. Only a very nice listers and the grace back were so glad to have you back with us as well.

You know folks all over America right now, faith-based groups, churches, homes, homeless shelters, private schools, all under increasing pressure to cave on their deeply held beliefs.

Local state governments encroaching on our God-given rights know they can go to court but defending against lawsuits can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and we been telling you about these cases for very long time now. Some of the cases go all the way to the Supreme Court that last for years.

Look at some of the most recent cases coach Joe Kennedy almost 56 years. Most people and most churches do not have the resources to fight for their rights in court, but thanks to donations from men and women like you are audience, our friends and allies defending freedom are actually able to provide first-class legal defense and it doesn't cost the church doesn't cost the client. One time, folks, I got an ADF manner allies defending freedom, Matt Sharp of alliance defending freedom tells us that he is encouraged that so many people like you are making donations to defend their religious freedom gives me hope that there is a generation that is going to pick this up and keep fighting these battles. I think there are more opportunities and we had an in decades to advance religious liberty and free speech and their contribution whether small or large helps to fund those efforts helps us to take that extra case that can be the one that goes to the Supreme Court and sets the precedent that impacts every American to every little bit larger small helps towards that larger battle to help secure the fundamental freedoms and focus on what you remember something alliance defending freedom never charges a dime to its clients. But in order to do that they need our support. I want you to go to Todd Stern' right now. Click on the allies defending freedom banner to make a generous tax-deductible donation and right now that impact of your first gift is going to be doubled right on the spot and that's because of a matching grant from a generous ADF supporter. You can also call for your donation 855-716-7461 that's 855-716-7461 again. Todd's if you want to do it online.

Click on the ADF banner and you'll be able to make a donation that will help fight for religious liberty in America will be right back.

All right hello all, let's go right to the phones 844-747-8868 our official hurricane correspondent Mark from the villages, America's friendliest town.

Mark will have you strapped to a tree or anything really out in the house and the wind that's good. How are things well in the Brooklyn Park in Leesburg, Florida, 40 minutes north of Orlando did well. I went drove out to look at things around.

It would get the rock night and an integral hard sleeping. The wind and rain.

Bang out the house. We got the mop in the dark about. We had a friend. Yet, you had to do a crack about the about the level you next week. 15 feet about the level even Inglewood pretty much a direct taking in consideration now is there looting make alkyl alligator been hunkering down now and they're hungry you know. And so you better watch out all that stuff out here.

Mark I saw the video of a guy that was literally swimming in his home. It was water was well over waist deep and I'm thinking with that guy has no idea what's in that water. And you're right there a lot of critters down there in Florida and baiting choices. They're hungry and you're out there jumping around in the water. You know I feel a lot of people don't take it. You know they have a place to go. I know you Brenda had a place to go but they chose not want to go there because they think we been here for years and it never happened.

You know people don't understand you have to take every single war in Florida. Paul, you have to take it because you know when that big one going to hit you gotta be ready and prepared for and there's not a lot of high ground in that part of the that's the that's the issue that there's really not, but there's really nowhere to go but north you're right where Fort Lee in the middle of the got everything you nowhere get in that area. He you know you got, you know you got a cone of an hour and 20 minutes. When you get Clearwater on the other side you got Orlando within 40 minutes with the work right in the middle of the date the week. Kinda got very court but like I said when rendered last night. You know some people got single court house to get a lot at home and you also got a lot of trailers out here and I went out there and I drove around anybody needed help, but they for the most part. There real well. Everything was shut down but were a couple places like a hungry Howie and a Wawa and stable waffle houses the waffle houses were closed all over the place and we know according to the waffle house index that that is a bad sign. That means the apocalypses is upon you. Margaret click on a serious note, you know, we heard the sheriff of Lee County come out on good morning America say hundreds of people died. You got the sheriff of Charlotte County who refuses to say how many people died buddies was very somber and said we just eat a lot of prayers. Are you all hearing pretty bad reports from down there hearing it from the local news and everything. But again, they don't take everything that we need people out there.

You need to take it. Take it. You know, you don't need to be at the parasailing, and I will go there.

Now, unfortunately there's a lot of light because they didn't he beat me the information that was given to them by the weather service and everything else I need it.

The theory thinking at work probably could have a lot of tragedy because it's it's it's a very bad story and it's probably going to get a lot worse as the news reports of children Mark were glad you and your family are doing good and you stay safe and they keep us updated if you hear the other Intel well, thank you so much for all your prayers. We think the world and whatever but you don't fit everybody all right Mark from the villages, ladies and gentlemen, our official unofficial hurricane correspondent renal. We don't actually put our reporters out there in the hearing of the Lord folks would you evacuated.

If you're down there and they said get out. What would you have done 844-747-8868 will be right back as universities do you see that. Welcome to the show. What is a very special hello to our friends in Winston-Salem, North Carolina listing to us on the great WSJ, as now, here's the deal, and every now and again we do something nice for our listeners.

If you're listening to us on WSJ as today and that you call in word and hook you up with a copy of my latest book, our daily biscuit devotions with a drawl nine will give you the number one cause to give up. I was about to give up my personal phone number Grace Baker. What's wrong with me. 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number. This is just for Winston-Salem. One of our brand-new affiliates. WSJ has a give us a call 844-747-8868 and we will I get you hooked up with a copy of our daily biscuit devotions withdrawal all right a little while ago we told you about this. This new survey out showing that a majority of Americans are just not you know it, the commitment to America. It's just not doing it for what I want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line from the convention of states that were so excited to have our good friend Mark Meckler back with us. Mark, hope you're doing good today I'm doing great with. Were you surprised by the findings of this poll that people just aren't. You know they're not really the needle hasn't moved to think about it, you probably have that feeling like I do. I travel a lot like Dr. autograph your interactive aircraft both like I'm I am aggressive got a pretty good deal. And people feel exactly like I felt like I mean, it sounds like the night, I'm not impressed or anything and that's really exactly what we found we found is that they didn't move. The majority of Americans really didn't move the needle at all old before they thought that that the Republicans that earlier voting and now we find that about the same almost 50% say they don't think that McCarthy and Republican made a strong case as to why they burned our support a couple of things impressed me. They offered some specifics. Not a lot but there were to talk about adding 200,000 police officers to the street. That's a good thing. Getting rid of the 87,000 IRS ages. I think that's a great thing as well, but to your point. I just don't think there were a lot of things that Ashley connected specifics that connected directly with the American voter. There are a couple of things that hold pretty well, probably more than a couple of me wanted God almost 52% of voters say that their favorite candidate for the part of the plan was that we need to increase domestic oil and gas and I think the relief it outnumbers, because like everybody's hurting at the pump. Everybody thing that I mean other than maybe biking inherent in front of you fill your heart you'll are feeling that pain and they understand their domestic oil production. The second one and I think this is a really important one for the Republican Party is we had 55% in favor of the parents right will in all parents rights legislation and this is something of promising and I think Eric underwrites their kids school curriculum have a right to protect the privacy as we saw in Virginia with the new governor. There was ever young in writing on the character actually part of their kids education is very populous on an individual basis. A lot of these things are popular. It's not that the ideas are bad or unpopular. I think it's more a feeling of you we really believe that Republicans like to do any of them. And that's a good question mark I meant. I'm a writer I'm an author of books words matter to me, and in the wording of the actual wording of the plan is is was always questionable for me. It wasn't like Newt Gingrich a contracts were signing her name to this. This is a binding contract with America.

This was not that this is just not this time in a promise. It's a commitment, so I'm not quite sure if it carries the same weight. Maybe some maybe some verbiage there might want to be reworked and I also think it help you get by McCarthy and argued about the glory in the dictionary. But they all think personality presentation matter. I kneeled out of the guys in the media, creating a really boring way. Nobody cares and he didn't get up there and what I would describe I was saying you have the whole moment you know the shirt need to split open and you need to be. All already crowded allowed conservative like I can't really list the two board Mark I think when you look at most of the polling data out there now. It's beginning to to show a a narrative where the Republicans will take back the House of Representatives and there's a good chance with her to be able to retake by maybe one or two seats that the US Senate, my concern is is McCarthy the guy to lead to lead. The house is McConnell still going to be the guy because I think that they're the problem, and I think the American people see those two men as part of the problem. I think they are the problem and I don't think they are people we need in the moment anybody else growing up. The challenge really hard when the party leadership in Washington DC economy got to do a little bit of pleasing everybody got a lot of slippery in order to get into a leadership guys qualify for both of those but I don't think they qualify for anything you or I would call real leadership and that's what we need and I know Jim Jordan does not want the job.

He said so many times on this radio program, but we need someone like him.

Someone who can lead troops into battle and and that's what this it is a political battle for the heart and soul of America. And we need people that are willing to take a stand and I capitulate to the other side of the auto ballot that you don't believe one guy right now I'm affected by representative I think is old spokesman for conservative them I think back down when others are back down.

I think he really is the definition of a real leader at a real work highlight will and we've had all the so a lot of times I that's an interesting choice and never really thought about it but he is a strong I mean the guy is a rocksolid conservative, no doubt about that.

So Chip Roy are working to put that on the list Mark Meckler guy like it all right Mark, great work as always. And of course, this poll was conducted by Trafalgar group along with an partnership convention of states action and we have links to other websites on our live show block. Mark always good hearing from you Our God bless you.

844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868.

By the way you heard Mark on the patriot mobile newsmaker line.

We love these guys, man, they are fighters and they love our nation. They love our Lord, America's only Christian conservative wireless provider that you patriot mobile is and they are proud partners with our radio program. By the way they have some great deals and discounts for all of our listeners and you can be assured of one thing that when you pay your bill. A portion of that money is going to support causes that we care about what you go to patriot patriot use my promo code when you get there and you can be able to get three activation and a free gift that you say well okay I live in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, is that is there patriot mobile coverage and Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Well, that's a great question. All you gotta do is go to their website and click on the check coverage page and when you do, you can actually type in your address and they will tell you exactly what sort of coverage they have in your neighborhood. So again, patriot That's patriot use the promo code. Todd and Juergen to be supporting a great American owned company will be right back. I've been watching some of the images and submit copies on the website. This is unbelievable the amount of damage. There are there are some before-and-after photos that were taken in Fort Myers were you had just row after row after row after row of trailers and homes and now it's all gone. It is just all gone. Like it's been wiped away and more bridges and completely destroyed complete destruction down there again showing you the power of these violent winds and these these rains and by the way, tropical storm warnings.

Now all the way up from Jacksonville Florida Savannah Charleston are you folks up in the of the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Certainly not the magnitude of the storm, but you're starting to get hit with a lot of flooding rain so are you guys need to already be prepared because I get the power out 2 million people. 2 million people without power in Florida right now. Let's go to the phone zero 844-747-8868. The question is if they told you to evacuate what you've got what you've got now would you have evacuated or would you have stayed put. Let's go to Germantown, Tennessee. Murph, our flagship station TWA Amber, what would you have done*got out there fast got out of there faster. New York you you in the state around. No sir. That was the master that guilt don't not even call it covert blood have to straighten clout so anyway I got now there so fast will, but also have a comment on your discussion with the current minority leader pretty much lukewarm. Everything he is spouting with challenger. If I am to find anything in the U.S. Constitution so that the federal government on the police any way shape or form.

The Bonito Mussolini and disguised them in the Gestapo. The second thing is the your commentary about the our current chief executive chief magistrate is jolly out of the column.

Let's keep them right where he is because the alternative is even worse.

Oh she was she was at the DMZ today pledging her supports of North Korea for all that wonderful, and one and you over something I just need to say this I don't think she was. I don't think she thought she was making a mistake. I think she believes that possibly possibly Logan clout California only to find that there is one more comment. I don't know if you saw this on TV yesterday. Former Sen. David was very mixed with Josh McLaughlin or whatever name it, talking to somebody on probably CNN or somebody about how the people in Florida will be very, very grateful for the federal government continued to dislike when it comes down there and rescue all McCaskill your clear after what that kind of mentality originate sheet we don't work for the federal government I tax dollars in our public servants work for more Americans to realize that standup and that was the other thing that represented McCarthy spouting about apparent bill of rights that, not constitutionally well placate the issue here is that McCarthy and the leaders of the Republican Party.

They don't get it.

When you look at what Glenn Young can did in the Commonwealth of Virginia defined everybody's odds and the reason why is because he went out there and he defended the state Costa Rica or the Commonwealth Constitution and and he went out there and he he fought alongside these moms and dads with it with the school boards. Same thing wrong disinterested and and it worked. It was effective and that kind a grassroots effort. McCarthy is just missing. He's missing the point of all of it think so too with all due respect, minority leader.

He's a fine guy got been in their blog, nobody will and it's just time to get some blood. Josh Holly be Kirk anyway take care we got Kentucky bourbon.

That's over the McConnell Murph, good hearing from you sir, that's Murph from Germantown, Tennessee I think is my neighbor. We gotta figure that out one of these days I live in Germany. By the way, when I move there.

I actually thought that Germantown was was like conservative, but the school board is just as liberal as the day is long. I mean Grace Baker. I was shocked yeah he did know if you're getting to that all and it's a honey brown kind of, we're better than you kind of liberal. It just really means just mean-spirited liberal Germantown kind of its own little world. Yeah it's I mean it's better for worse. I wouldn't say that a bullet is an upscale Chemie is probably the wealthiest subcode I would in the Memphis area and some people don't not have been on how to behave true.

By the way, the atheist I got triggered by Gov. Bill Lee, the Tennessee governor he's putting out a call to prayer and he wants people to pray and fast and be humble on Friday. Tomorrow man so controversial.

Well I will say this, it's hard to fast. If you're going to a Friday night football game that is true I don't do very well. After having eaten for a few hours don't seem to get angry around here. It's not a pretty sight notes on a very pretty. Not at all.all but anyway I'm just so they're upset they're saying it's un-American. It's un-American to issue a call to pray for the state of Tennessee.

No one is forcing you to do it but the idea that is un-American.

I mean how many times have we shared John Adams on this program. Ladies and gentlemen, where he says our Constitution is wholly inadequate for anyone other than a moral and religious people. True that.

And I've seen some of those atheist, trust me they could stand going to fast for a day or two would do some good, or three maybe take a walk, get some exercise fast and walk the integration record 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868.can we talk about Virgin Atlantic Airlines resistible but here what the heck is going on. So here's the story Virgin Atlantic is announcing that they will no longer require gendered uniforms and are now hitting up pronoun badges to crewmembers and customers. I will I will not wear a pronoun badge. I just will not do that. If up if a flight attendant and is that what we gotta call the flight and have been used to be stewardesses if the stewardesses cannot figure out whether or not you are a guy or gal you really want to trust them with getting you off the airplane when it crashes. I just think about that for Virgin Atlantic says they are the most inclusive airline in the world and now they're going to allow men to wear skirts.

No I'm not making this up.

This is we got the story on Todd's

There are also saying that women can dress like men and men can dress like women. That's why they're going to be able to wear skirts so I does one throw this out there and this is primarily for the men but would gentlemen. Would you like to be served on an airplane by a man wearing a skirt with hairy legs 844-747-8868 will be right back.

Back to the side surge radio show. By the way, I know many of you are. You like to get ready early for the holidays and I really would love to encourage you to get a copy of our daily biscuit devotions with a drawl. We love that book and I getting hundreds of reviews overall Amazon. You can read those up first.

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Click on the store and you'll be able to get all the information there. All right, let's go to phones 844-747-8868 Gerald in Georgia Gerald what's on your mind about calling Holly later in the Senate. Think of your great sword and it pretty quick thank you McCarthy Richard McCarthy is the later speaker the house a little help contribute Gerald there dear some grave concerns there and I share yours as well.

Going back to Paul Ryan you know we've everybody thought I will well things are to be great now that we got crying in pain or out of the White House.

That guy with the Martinez of the leathered face is like to put down the cigarettes and beneficial but may out for more than about four and Josh Holly really want a fire in the Senate. Yes you can. Josh Holly, I'm writing on chipper night.

You know, Gerald Chipley never crossed my mind, but you're the second personnel of the show, you go after people in his own party allow for going out to dinner for being here to bring these issues and person we need in their and we need somebody to fight, stand up and fight the Democrats.

I'm tired of them capitulating and it's always us, we're the party that always has to capitulate, not the Democrats. All right Gerald I'm I'm writing it down Josh Holly for Senate Majority Leader Chip Roy for speaker of the house. A good good having you on the show give us a call back. One of these days. Ladies and gentlemen, what say you, who would you like to see as leader of the Republicans in the Senate and the house give us a call 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868.

By the way, Pres. Biden says that the word coming out of Florida is there is significant loss of life, significant, and it could be the worst hurricane to hit Florida in the history of the state of that's what they're dealing with right now.

Also, pay attention, you people up on the eastern seaboard. They're expecting tropical storm EN two to increase back to hurricane status. In other words, you could be dealing with with just the big problems here the next couple of days of pay very close attention. Listen to your radio as a matter fact, one of the big TV stations down there that part of the country got knocked off the air because the whole building got flooded and Grace Baker turn your microphone on. I wanted you will I get a lot of grief here in the building why we decided to locate our bunker on the second floor of the I think I have an idea. Now that's right because the first wars get flooded.

This is truly safe appear for a little bit. So getting out my main adventure. More importantly, the equipment will be safe.

That's trail that I think we need to keep a boat up here so that if it does flight and it reaches the second floor.

We can discuss sale out here and I was a few we can do Grace Baker.

I'll see what we can do all right.

Oh Grace, I can answer about this. The story about Virgin Atlantic Airlines so they're putting that they're letting the men where the skirts now. I saw that horrifying commercial is its manager say is the not very attractive. Now not a fan they horrifying commercials because they were doing the jazz hands and stuff. It was like the whole combination. I was like this is just concrete houses are also requiring people to wear pronoun badges employees and passengers. I will not do that I would not to. I just want my pilots finance to be qualified, so there modeling the I don't think that's an issue anymore. I really don't. I'm either just using them. Now I will. I was a while back and I'm not saying it's the specific airline but there were airlines that put out statements of basically like were going to hire this number of women pilots and this number of minority pilots. I like my pilot to not crash the plane that don't give a rip with a look that's respectable and and look I think at the bare minimum that is a favor? I mean I just want to make it to my destination in one piece. I remember when I get a right before I got knocked out for hearts are drafts of doctrine like you're not an affirmative action hire right you want the best right you want somebody there just because they're male or female, or a specific skin color right now. I just want them to be helpful and friendly. There was, I tell you that this was recently when I traveled up to DC there was a flight attendant that you know they're going over the little announcements and then she was like I loved her. She was southern she was coming back to meant that she was my hometown and faces no more, and she was like celebrating in like half the planes like the other half would like silent and he knew they were the liberals just simply just a text message and it's a photograph of a man of a Scottish man in a kilt as well is this transgendered know this is not it's not Scottish airlines is not a heritage thing are not playing the bagpipes there handed me cookies so according to according to your poster. They got the big story of how wide is a big story but Elliott is as part of its progressive new policy. Virgin Atlantic has also updated its ticketing system to allow those who hold passwords with gender-neutral gender markers to select you or ask gender codes on their booking as well as the gender-neutral title MX instead of the traditional Mr. Miss or Mrs. this is just getting too complicated and as you know what God made it so simple why are we making why are we confusing why we making it more difficult to be like the flight attendant caused by around pronoun. The next thing you know you got a viral video: added that I hold. That's it.

You know, that happens all sample Southwest Airlines all the time and calling out Southwest bullet is the Greyhound bus of the year to you know you is like an after hours week and you don't know what's can go down there. What is not like I'm telling this rebuttal were family here on the radio right and we will talk to everybody. No, our business but we all know what goes down with Walmart, right, especially after midnight. I just said but the models they have for these in the New York Post.

That's that's what I'm getting at is there not the most attractive they the dudes yeah but they need. They need to.

Maybe more makeup maybe will make a maybe more contouring. What is the bronzer thinking negative scope the face of RuPaul's drag race.*Must sell Michelle for sewage is starring in Virgin Atlantic campaign butchered that I did okay I sidled I was outside know you know how these the drag queens.

Their names have double meaning. So you never know here for you to so story in Virgin Atlantic's campaign promoting non-gendered uniforms and on this one. The dudes are clearly wearing skirts and high heels and I have to imagine that's very painful, especially when God forbid you hit turbulence well will be a draft but even the ladies. I mean even the biological females don't wear the high heels during service. You know they have their ups and noticed that they have sensible shoes and spare.

I would be wearing heels during that me back in the day used to be like really rigid that there were called stewardesses and they had to wait a certain amount and they had the look a certain way. It was literally saying Pan Am for example Pan American Airlines Pan Am everybody wanted to be a pain back in the day, all the ladies wanted to be Pan Am stewardesses fly the world with a name that and they had to dress a certain way every time they got onto a flight.

They were weighed and if they were over a certain weight limit. They then got booted on the flight. It was a very you know I mean back in the day Grace Baker it was sort of like a frat house with wing it sounds like it seems like that's the district right now is gone the other way that it's just like what's going on here. It was during that time. Airline travel was very glamorous. I was a listers might because now it's just like you put your pajama pants on and some people don't even do that, you know, and they just they just get on board the airplane-based smell of ice at a cross from a guy in first class once took his shoes off and he cut his toenails know that something you part. he gave the clippings to the flight madly like they don't pay me enough to do that.

did i tell you my last flight, but this is a flight horror story i can remember los angeles, i thought i was ordering a burger, but it was the impossible burger oh know what a disappointment was impossible to eat.

it was pretty it was like eating earth like beans that seems like i don't like. i got the taste of mushroom.

i knew there were mushrooms in there and i just i did. when asked townsend that i was wanting to roll down the window and just heave it over in the summer over you talk to the birds. much of the birds read that.

but seriously i mean your airline travel, just complete analysis. your get in there and you just pray. nobody gets stabbed and nobody blows up at your point, and that your pilot is qualified well hopefully. but that's not a requirement. the most important thing these days is not the ability that's what your sex and gender are. that's the most important thing when he sees the pilot know what that's why that's why your kids are growing up stupid because your teachers don't how to teach all there, therefore, is to help confuse your child about their pronouns.

that's all sad that it will just try get the right change at walmart. i will prove my point. just go down there and give them cash and see what happens they will freak out. i gotta take a break your 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 this is the todd storage so i got another text message or they said starnes. it's not southwest southwest airlines is not the greyhound of the skies.

it's allegiance.

i will maybe spirit airlines see those i will say those of the airlines that you find the deals online for, but it's like you don't read the fine print words like you have to walk the last 10 miles to your destination well you know it's interesting and i know someone who is is very well-off and they could afford to fly first class where they go. if they wanted to, but think they love flying those discount airlines like as well.

yeah, he said you know, why would i pay you know $1000 on a first class ticket to los angeles when i can spend 25 or $40 on one of these discount budget airlines in the isa but but are you concerned. i mean, you kind of get what you pay for any heat he'd actually follow this through and he said you know if i'm gonna die in a plane crash. i would rather die knowing i only spent $45 for the ticket. wow, i would prefer not to die at all and i was to say i was thinking wow what a cheap death gone out the blaze of glory delta. in the first class.

my impossible burger yet, but the other part of that is you know if the plane is going to nosedive if you're in the back of the plane you're going to have about a split second or two to realize, oh, it's gone.

if you're at the front of the plane you'll know what all that your eat your take a bite of the impossible burger and the next thing you know you're at the you're at the right right hand side of jesus that is giving you a bucket of chicken. this is a good point poultry yes i don't know get after you have the impossible. gotta have some protein because it's heavy over the other night and have impossible burgers in heaven meet bar-b-q just as god intended double legs.

no, don't call them heavenly eggs. all that's true that's a little sacrilege.

that's true. oh my goodness gracious.

can we talk about the lives over this a moment there we have to. so what is the deal. there it does she bask in her gluttony is okay he is. she's proud of her and proud.

she's proud of her roles of her of her federals is not that's that's after me because she does.

she dresses rather provocatively. yes, things that it's really not provocative is just a couple of sizes too small. yeah, things that i'm like man my mama saw me in that and be in trouble.

so your mother will not let you in public dressed like a loser now definitely not. so what's the deal here so she's a very talented musician. very she's not you. again you have these artist to get up there and that maybe their auto tuned or whatever pulled the milli vanilli but she actually is a very talented musician and she plays the flute with yes is a very difficult instrument to play so anyway she was in washington dc and the way i understand it, she was invited to actually play the flute that belong to james madison and it is an 1813 crystal flute in the library of congress maybe arrangements for her to come and play this flute. yes, and i saw the video of her doing it there and it was quite so everybody in the conservative world is going bonkers over this. and they're saying it's disrespectful that it's shameful and i'm every body is attacking liz so and i will i watch the video from the library of congress and i thought that she and she i thought was perfectly fine as a matter of fact conservatively well so to speak. okay you know what i mean just covered just she wasn't, but knickers and so she's in there and i'm watching this and she's so respectful i love how the weight is not like she does.

oh what's this of this, drop the crystal blue ghetto looksee daisy, but she's very respectful and cheap and she actually asked me.

i pick it up there like of course you can, and i just thought it was a great moment in american history my head.

i'm shy and i didn't see that she did anything out of the ordinary.

except, you know, torque. but there was a single flute flutter over to call oneself when the flight is at stake than you know they and all of a sudden you know she's you know she's gyrating her about talks.

another reason since she was in a solid. if you're over 40, don't do that for something out of alignment. this is strictly found her real name is melissa vivian jefferson.

what a lovely name michael vitalism is quicker to say i know but her name is melissa vivian jefferson is very nice name.

i'm sure her mother was like honey, why can't you just go by your name gotta be different.gotta be different. so then she takes that beautiful moment and then she plays in the concert is my dad.

the proud okay and and then she posted something she posted a very inappropriate word yet saying that shy just worked and played james madison's crystal flute from the 1800s, and any foregoing bargain well in this video.

also todd. she is dressed once a concert conservative know know, but it's not that i would i want two separate videos you're going to go see liz, though not the mormon tabernacle choir true and you know that video, i don't now i think people just to sleep. me i just say this and again i know matt walsh and everybody else is all upset about all of this.

i think she was respectful to the history and and i think she should be commended for that.

if nothing else, she introduced a lot of young people to american history and i think that's a good thing we gotta stop erasing our history. we gotta embrace our history understand it and teach the next generation just maybe ease up on the 20 nature changing the world one life at a time hired to things around the house. i rarely like your product and happy with your really think about it anymore. you got it in your diet.

regularity was very good because i don't always eat garbage.

so i know i'm better with more energy and feeling overall work of the complaint. all sounds good to do a little more energy to work with people i didn't really want to do stuff around. i think that a little more energy older disabled person but i don't always eat properly feeling a little stronger now. i start your journey to better health: 800-246-8751 or go to townsend to get free shipping. and don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order using discount code balance

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