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Don't be surprised if Dems Dump Biden After Midterms

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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April 28, 2022 3:42 pm

Don't be surprised if Dems Dump Biden After Midterms

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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April 28, 2022 3:42 pm

Don’t be surprised if Democrats dump President Biden should they suffer crushing defeats in the midterm elections. Todd Starnes discusses the day’s breaking news with Rep Jody Hice (R-GA), Pastor Paul Chappell, Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX), and Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN).

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Maybe you guys can help us figure all this out. By the way good everywhere. Those we a lot going on today Congressman Chip, Roy, Jody hi to be here.

Also, Sen. Marsha Blackburn is going to drop on. So while Pres. Biden was supposed to address the nation. But what about the 930 this morning Eastern time and he just just got around to the rolling out of bed. I guess I don't know. I don't know what he was doing, but it was a couple of hours late and of the president got up there and I was talking about Ukraine and then I don't know what happened but he became discombobulated and that this is how well how it went down to Caesarea's luxury home games of script talk talk Christian club guys were the kleptocracy.

These are bad guys, this is effective stress law law enforcement capabilities is what was Biden trying to say. Ladies and gentlemen, they want you to think this is normal.

They want you to believe that this is how normal people behave how normal people speak and I'm just going to go on record here and suggest the following, and so mark this down. So when we have to come back and prove that we were right Grace Baker. We will know exactly where and when we were when I said this so here's the deal. When the Democrats lose in the midterm elections and there to be crushed there to be crushed out. I believe based upon what I have already seen that even though were put a lot of rhino candidates up on the ballot. I still think that the American people are so angry at what Joe Biden and the Democrats have done to this country that it's over that there to note that they don't care who it is. As long as there's not a deed behind that name there to be voting Republican. So I have no doubt that the report that the Democrats are going to get crushed in the midterm elections.

When that happens, do not be surprised when the Democrats go to Joe Biden and they say Joe, it's time to go. Joe, it's time to go and he'll go they will, and it may be by his own volition, but that if he doesn't get the hint and if Mrs. Dr. First Lady Joe Biden says no were not going to go Joe, then I suspect the Democrats will start rolling out all of the dirt. They have all Joe Biden, and a lot of it is criminal in nature. One way or the other. Joe's Gartner Heico of the question is what about what about Carmel Harris.

Well, she may be going in but she's not to be there for very long because they'll look for a way to get rid of her as well. She's just as bad if not worse than Joe so this is it for him and I but you can't tell me that this is normal behavior.

This guy is about to get us involved in a shooting war with the Russians and he can't tell that he's got cottage cheese for brains. I me what he wanted to say there's really no polite way to say, but we gotta have. We gotta have that conversation we just got to 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868. By the way I be getting a lot of messages from people about those at what you and I how they've a great speaker you doing to do the twitter are you a twitter person. Now I'm on twitter. I rarely tweet anything that I'm on there so I a lot of people have said oh wow, it's like a whole new day. Now that Elon musk is taken over and thank God for freedom. Remember getting all these hundreds of thousands of new followers. It is a sign of old Canaan. He hasn't taken over the old management still in charge. Maybe the other trying to cover their tracks. Maybe I love you. I must go because he's having a little bit of fun with. He says the next he wants to buy Coca-Cola and put the cocaine back in Coca-Cola. I saw that in and somebody tried to say hey by McDonald's and fix the ice cream machine and he was like listen I can do miracles. That is true you go to McDonald's you won't want to be a softserve ice cream cones exploring was that what they call you see I'm a frosty guy from Wendy's good to give me up give me a McDonald's fry and a frosty milkshake and I'm good. Somebody has 88 Amed Liberty University studios. So anyway, Elon musk got out there but but again it's twitter is, and we've we've actually had about 500 new followers just of the past day or so. I don't know why but nothing else has changed, the, the same people are employed there same management structure, but they did lock the employees from implementing some procedures and maybe that's why people are starting to percolate back on on social media also not that popular yet. I was like maybe I did some followers nope still the same. Aren't we gotta fix that great what your twitter handle at Grace Baker 901. Are you like a Dalmatian or something. Oh yeah, that's me in Marlow Corsica scam house. Mr. producer.

Go ahead, I just, you know he didn't make the twitter photo look for it all right is on the phone screensaver. Okay that's good what's not prodding I'm just asking yourself is your newlywed yes. Have you had the one year anniversary at this a while ago how time flies high.

I got a guy getting it within a month.

About a year and 1/2 story came out yesterday after the dog out Snelling's gentlemen, the story take him out late last night about the Department of Homeland Security Alejandra Majorca is, by the way was getting grilled up on Capitol Hill yesterday were really talking to Gibran about that little bit later. One of the interesting things there is a new division that's coming out there creating a new division called it and it's it's really the de facto Ministry of truth.

So if you are if you want store. If you've read 1984, George Orwell, this is a very Orwellian thing, but the Department of Homeland Security is launching a disinformation governance board and their mission is to coordinate countering this information related to homeland security. Now that's a mouthful right now out right there and I find it very interesting that this is happening right as Elon musk is trying to buy and finalize by twitter because we know this of ministration is not a friend of free speech. This administration much like Barack Hussein Obama's administration was to crackdown on free speech. They want to silence conservatives. But I want you to remember what they told us of the early days of the pandemic. Your folks where they said that anybody who anybody who raised questions or had a question about vaccines about the spread of the China virus where the China virus came from that. Those people were guilty of spreading this information and many of them were censored and removed from twitter and that is been very well document so matter of fact in the early days of the pandemic. When the national meeting was talking about New York City hospitals being overwhelmed. I went out there with my camera and did a Facebook live video directly in front of our local hospital where there was nothing going on, and tens of millions of people watch that video I got smacked by Facebook and they said might live video feed was fake news. How is that possible I was standing directly in front of the hospital and yet they told me told me it was fake news so I'm concerned that now we have a an administration that already has a horrible track record when it comes to the China virus and free speech and letting conservatives have their say. And now they're going to create a specific agency to target all of you conservatives out there. Sen. John Charlie over Missouri raises a pretty good point what what what what I read Amanda will hold your horses. This is the same administration that unleashed the Federal Bureau of investigation to target moms and dads who simply raised a question at school board meetings. I paid me. I am a question about why you're teaching my child to be a transgendered non-binary gender variant to spirit up against the wall tile. You have the right to remain silent. That's what was happening. Do you remember that story.

We do not forget your own that's on surge radio program. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a cavernous room where we put all of those horrible attacks.

We never forget Sen. John Charlie says will wait a second. These are the same people that threaten moms and dads who had legitimate concerns of their kids were being groomed that their children were being exposed to predators in the public school classroom and the FBI was directed to target and silences moms and dads and it ended. This is nothing new. This all happened during the Barack Hussein Obama administration. III dare I say we have a few tea party alumni who listen to this radio program and many of you found yourself in the same boat back during the Biden or the Obama years when you had the IRS under Lois Lerner going out there attacking tea party groups attacking pro-life groups attacking even Billy Graham, America's preacher and I can't tell you how many people were audited by the Internal Revenue Service simply because they were opposing Obama care or because they opposed gay marriage. What I yours truly, during the Obama administration.

I want you to's. I want you to hear me during the Obama administration. Three times I was audited. I have never been audited in my entire life except for three times during the Obama administration so I was working at Fox news channel at the time and I went to the HR department and I said hey what's going on here and they said hey get in line pal there, and after all of us. In other words, the Obama administration they were targeting not just the tea party groups, not just the religious groups not just the conservative Christians, but there were also attacking conservative journalist and nobody did anything about it. Not a single thing. Quite frankly, Lois Lerner should be in jail right now alongside Fuhrer or Anthony Felty, the patron saint of Wuhan, so homeland security says we've got a problem we gotta take care of all this misinformation and we have decided that Nina Janco which is the best person for the job. She is a Harry Potter fan. She likes to dress up like Harry Potter. I hello. It's kinda creepy.

But whatever she she is the person that will be running the Ministry of truth for Biden. She once claimed that trump supporters would show up to the polls on election day with weapons to intimidate voters so so you think she's gotta be sympathetic to all you drum people out there yet. I don't think so, but this whole thing is meant to silence conservatives they're going to get Elon musk, one way or the other.

They're going to try to get other question is whether or not working to be silenced by all of the summer to be bullied by all of this. Remember back in the 1980s, Ronald Reagan was president and one of the great things Ronald Wilson Reagan really ushered into the nation was the revocation of the fairness doctrine. There was a time when radio stations like the one you're listening to were not allowed to exist because if you had a conservative post on your required under law to have a liberal host. You had to have if you had 15 minutes of conservative talk you had to have 50 minutes of liberal talk there is this a problem nobody wants to listen to liberal people that they just don't. That's why air America, which was a huge liberal radio network completely failed, but the revocation of the fairness doctrine actually led to the rise of Rush Limbaugh and talk radio as we know it today and and even at this very moment. Democrats on Capitol Hill are trying to figure out a way to re-implement the fairness doctrine because they want to destroy talk radio, but talk radio finally has the same rights as newspapers do as broadcast TV stations to when you read a local newspaper.

They're far less what you think are failing. We got the of the commercial appeal in Memphis Tennessee. Nobody reads that things like what eight pages now Jeanette owns it and they just done that is like a destroyer, a world destroyer of journals, and why is that because her all leftist, they don't reflect the communities they reported and it's really say we gotta take a stand here folks they're coming after all this is all leading up to a direct attack on talk radio and why is that because we are the last bastion you'll hear the people on Fox news channel talk about the culture war anymore. You don't they've Artie capitulated. They've already surrendered to the culture war, but we have it on talk radio and this will be the ultimate battleground and were ready for that fight. When it comes and it will come right. We gotta take a break your 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number or website is Tom there is so much great content for you there. You gotta check that out will be right back America signs radio show print since November of last year. The stock market has plummeted, but gold has been all the right gas prices are and see the stock market extremely volatile ablation is even worse than it was last year and now you have a war with Russia and Ukraine that could spread to the rest of the world. The markets do not like instability. You have options. All prices are rising as investors turned to gold for protection gold provides a hedge against inflation and protects against a weakening dollar legacy precious metals is the only company I trust for investing in gold and silver. You need an investment that will protect your wealth and return be proactive while there's still time. Number 2008 those invested in gold saw huge gains, while others lost their retirement legacy. Precious metals can advise you of all of your options for investing in gold and silver can speak to an IRA expert legacy, precious metals, 866-528-1903 or download their free investors guided legacy PM card hello you hello I am a good 30 day grace.

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I gain a few pounds look coming up after the. The news here Marjorie Taylor Green is in a war with Catholics and that she says that Satan has taken over the church and I'm not.

I'm not making this up to play the audio MDG going to war with the Catholics were to play that audio. Also, Tucker Carlson says you Republicans better wake up or Kevin McCarthy is going to destroy your party. Do you believe that Kevin McCarthy has disqualified himself from leading the Republicans were to get all of that covenant. Next, 844-747-8868 Fetzer toll-free telephone number 844-747-8868 this is the concert in November 2020. The Democrats were up to no good and were planning to pull off the greatest scheme of election fraud never before seen. They didn't think we would catch them but we did find out what they did and how they did in the documentary film fall 2000 you directed and narrated by without filmmaker Dinesh Desousa executive produced by Selah media group with, 2000 mules tells the story of the one trying to hijack a presidential election. The actual video surveillance for you'll see how we track their cell phone box after box. As they got paid to carry out this illegal scheme watch the movie and decide for yourself. Attend a limited release premiere of 2000 mules on May 2 or May 4. Check your local listings to get your tickets number back to the time Stearns radio weird story about sending him when he is one of the NASCAR drivers.

He's got a go to sensitivity training, winded NASCAR global was. This was just the good news in the in the garage with a bubble. Wallace is that when that started, which turned out not to be adduced at all but just a pull chain anyway a Denny Hamlin is now forced by NASCAR to take sensitivity training. He posted a video clip from family Guy. I love that's a great funny stuff in the family dog very politically incorrect, I will just say that anyway the clip made fun of Asian drivers and so he shared this video clip making fun of the Asian drivers any posted the clip after Kyle Larson caused the crash. Apparently Larson and Hamlin are good friends.

So their big buddies, but Larson's mother is of Japanese descent and so somebody took issue with that. And so now the poor guys gotta go to sensitivity training and he had to apologize. You know if if NASCAR goes well. What is Niemi country music is already gone. Woke and now you've got the ball that started with the programs that that broke country and then and then you got NASCAR you does wonder what's next. We just have to hope and pray that Doug Tanis he can hold the line.

Just hold the line guys all right I wanted tell you about Marjorie Taylor Green she's causing some controversy among the Catholics in America, and especially our good buddy Bill Donahue over the Catholic league. So here's the back story Marjorie Taylor Green was doing an interview.

And in this interview she was up.

She was pointing out that many Catholic and religious groups, and let me say this, the Baptist are just as guilty as the Catholics on this. She was talking about how disgraceful it was that these White and Baptist groups are, but she did say Baptist. She does focus on Catholics are helping illegal aliens re-settle in America play clip one place right as is that Satan's controlling the charts that the church is not doing its job is not adhering to the teachings of Christ and it's not adhering to let the word of God's has forced the past and how her special lab and when they are doing by saying we have to love these people and take care of these migrants and left one another. This is lacking when another yes we are special lab when another that their definition of wet lab when another means I means destroying our laws.

It means I completely perverting what our Constitution says it means I taking I'm real advantage and the American taxpayer and it means pushing a globalist policy on the American people and forcing America to become something that we are not supposed to be okay. So she was doing an interview with the Catholic, militant, and is my understanding MDG was either a former Catholic or her family's Catholic I love you still Catholic, but there was some sort of Catholic in the background and she's doing the interview with Catholic militant which everyone seems to believe she was talking about the Catholics, but I don't. I think people are misunderstanding what she had to statement it.

Listen, there's more. There's more to this SS I have Catholic relief activities and services in support of fact in support of United States politicians holding these other countries accountable for all the American taxpayer dollars that flight into their countries. So if the bishops were reading that Bible and am truly on preaching the word of God to their to their flock by night in October.

He upsets and not covering at child sex and peace and pedophilia that that would be letting Menander would have the training and not that not a perversion and the twisted lie that there making entity. Okay she will start Catholic sucks so sorry about that folks. So MDG put out a statement and she's defending her. So, because now the entire Catholic world is coming after MDG and she says I myself baptized and married in the Catholic Church left because I would not submit the spiritual and physical livelihood of my children to these monsters. She's also so so she's alleging that that the Catholic Church is filled with predators sex predators that are targeting children, Bill Donahue, she says, by contrast, makes $1 million a year, partly from sending out emails to defend corrupt bishops.

I'm not going to get to know a holy war with the Catholic Church and I want to tie in the southern Baptist because they're all just as guilty when it comes to these insane border policies and the Baptist and the Catholics in America have been overrun by George Soros money. This is been well document and this George Soros money has been shoving a pro illegal alien agenda down the throats of these preachers and these wannabe celebrity preachers and that's what MDG was talking about on but now they've gone down this crazy rabbit hole where they're talking about sex abuse and all this other kind of stop when it at least my understanding here, the, the, the thrust of this interview was how the Catholic Church and these other church organizations were helping to resettle illegal aliens and refugees in the United States, and she says that is evidence of Satan controlling the church. I don't have a problem with that.

I think that's a pretty accurate statement that's that the support of illegal immigration in the Christian church in the Protestant and the Catholic churches of America is of the devil that I believe you may have a problem with that and I'd love to hear from you and feel free will put you on the top of the list here, but there's no way no way that MDG was was trying to say that the Catholic Church is run by Satan that that is not what she was trying to say here. All that being said, can we please put can somebody please put on the committee just put her on the committee and give her something to do because these little side controversies are going to start adding up folks just like with Madison called Thorne when he's driving around without a drivers license. Try to get on board a jetliner with a gun and wearing ladies underwear that is folks that has got to stop this is insane. Insane. And this is not helping the midterm election battle is just not, it's just not. We got up. We've got to be smarter folks, we gotta play smart, but she is right about one thing and that is the Catholics and in the Baptist and they are cheap among the sinners here when it comes to when it comes to opening up our borders and letting these illegals crawl through this disgusting and I appreciate your lease call you but anyway you know what Bill Donahue he's a fighter. He's not going to go down without I made it is going to be up it'll be a slugfest between those two 844-747-8860 Effexor toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 Tucker Carlson still on the warpath with Kevin McCarthy and I'm I'm with. I'm with Tucker up thousand percent on this. Here's what he has to say is a billionaire controlled where you could rig the discourses of Fairpoint see a thing about owning a social media company is you can quote secretly band one party's candidate grievance care is not you can quote secretly turned down the reach of their stuff works up the reach of something else and the rest of us might not find out about it until after the election. Yeah, that's a terrifying prospect. Democracy could not withstand that little bit never happened. What is it about cable-television that completely eliminates people self-awareness me. NIH should do a study on that. It seems like legitimate health crisis were basically unfair in that analysis, we do not mean certainly to suggest that only Democrats who favor censorship for political ends. Republican leader supported to in a phone call reported by the New York Times, for example, Congressman Kevin McCarthy of California, told his close friend Liz Cheney that he hoped the social media companies would censor more conservative Republicans in Congress, Donald Trump, the sitting president had already been silenced those companies, but McCarthy, one of the tech oligarch to do more to force disobedient lawmakers off the Internet.

Quote quote can they take their twitter accounts away to those of the tape-recorded words of Congressman Kevin McCarthy amend when private turns out.

Sounds like an MSNBC contributor unless concerns get their act together right away Kevin McCarthy or one of his highly liberal allies like a least a phonic is very likely to be speaker of the house in January. That would mean we will have a Republican Congress, led by a puppet of the Democratic Party. She wouldn't know any of this unless it was late and you can start to see why the people in charge oppose transparency and fervently support censorship on both sides.

Why, because the more you know about them, the less satisfied you are likely to become with their leadership so we explain what's going on here now because we have a we just we have a mountain of lawmakers want to come on the program they got things to talk about.

They have things I want to say but now you're telling us well were working to talk about anything under the sun but were not going to talk about Kevin McCarthy. People are terrified of the Republican Party of Kevin McCarthy. They don't want to say anything that is going to get them on McCarthy's radar. So I know what McCarthy has on them but but he's got something because nobody wants to call out Kevin McCarthy in public. Something is not right there and we need to get we really do need to get to the bottom of that, but that is a troubling development were now you have even members of the house reading pockets that nobody wants to talk about Kevin McCarthy based on what I've heard from the use of the secret recordings he's gotta go and why is that why is that so so difficult for Republicans in Congress to understand why is it so difficult for them to understand that Kevin McCarthy is not there friend. This is a guy who was working behind-the-scenes to stop them, to stop the America first agenda, but time but Todd he got his picture taken with trumped entomological.

Yeah. And did you know what happened after that photograph. McCarthy said he didn't realize it were to take a photograph together so he wants Trump's endorsement he wants Trump support, but he doesn't want anybody to know in the public sphere. That's a coward. In my estimation it scours. But beyond that he's deceiving people and everybody on Capitol Hill noses. I had these conversations all the time with people at the but they don't want to talk about in public I get text messages from elected leaders. Every night after the show and they folks, I'm telling you they are terrified of Kevin McCarthy. I don't know why they he may have something on them. I do not know but what I can tell you is this, if members of Congress and the Republican caucus. Do not stop McCarthy. The voters will the voters will be motivated to get out there and vote for people who are going to stand with the America first agenda and I Kevin McCarthy 844-747-8868. That is our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 front lines of the culture will*well, our good friend Michael Dell is back at it again hello everybody I Todd start Michael Dell not only created the best fellow but now he's created the best towel in the world.

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That's 800-839-8506 use the promo code.

While Democrats are hammering and hammering my office right now in the hearings on Capitol Hill and have some audio from that in just a little while, will also be time to Congressman Jody Hyson Congressman Roy about what's happening up on Capitol Hill. As is well. Congressman Jim Jordan flat out asked the Homeland security Sec.

Have any of the 42 illegals on the terrorist watch list been released in the United States and the Homeland security chief said I don't know the answer that question. How do you not know how do you not know the answer that question. In other words, we do know the answer that question. The answer is all of them have been released in the United States and some of them could be living in your neighborhood plotting right now to blow you up because they don't care. The Biden administration.

They thrive on chaos. That's who these people are unbelievable what's happening up on Capitol Hill right now just absolutely unbelievable of her to get into that at the after the top of the hour news an hour to folks all this week we are encouraging you to get a copy of my brand-new book, our daily biscuit devotions with a drawl were hoping to to sell at least 10,000 copies this week and we we want to crush the competition over the New York Times bestseller list and we need your help to do that if you go to our website right now you will be able to get a personally inscribed copy of our daily biscuit. It is a wonderful little book. My very first nonpolitical book MI wanted to write something that was a little bit more lighthearted. I'm a little bit more encouraging and also many of you the great listeners of this program submitted recipes that we tried out and that we that we included in the book including one of the best biscuit recipes known to mankind.

So you can again and inscribed or you can go to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, where ever you get your books and you can pick up a copy or two I will say this, it makes a great great Mother's Day present. So if you got a conservative mom or grandma, aunt Juergen want to get them a copy of our daily biscuit devotions with a drawl co-authored by the way by my good friend Michelle Cox and if you have watched Hallmark channels when calls the heart. I believe that's the name of the, the popular show there. She is the devotion writer for win because the hearts of your love this book, folks, and we've gotten so much positive response and reaction, and more importantly every time someone hears the title, they smile and we want them to smile the book before the biscuit book was called culture. She hot. Nobody smiled at that, because it was a tough subject to write about, but we've got some tough times facing our country so I anyway. Again, just in time for Mother's Day. We want you to get yourself a copy of our daily biscuit one final look before we have to take a break here this coming weekend. Memphis, Tennessee, Saturday, a one day all day conservative gathering.

It's a who's who we've got Bart Meadows, Jim DeMent, Marsha Blackburn, Sen. Rick Scott out of Florida. Yours truly, Pastor Robert Jeffers among 30 conservative leaders in order to be leading all sorts of workshops, speeches, panel discussions, Juergen want to be here. We got a direct link Todd and by the way, if you are listing in the Memphis Tennessee area right now and you call 844-747-8868 word and hope you up with a pair of VIP tickets will be right back America Macy's one day sale is going on now with great sin like 40 to 50% off on pensions and must have a friend and she was in and get 40% off your new favorite designer, Franklin said order even faster when you pick up curbside in-store same-day delivery savings of failing.

State exclusions apply to liberty University studio in Memphis Tennessee Charlie since conservative commentary from Alejandra Mallorca. Wow, that guy is in the hot right now. What best American go just a few moments ago my orchids was get into it with the Republicans up on up on Capitol Hill and it is not pretty.

That's all I can say is just not ready 844-747-8868 is our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 so Mallorca is escutcheon it on multiple fronts here. First of all, the Homeland security department announcing yesterday that they're launching a ministry of truth to police Internet. This information and we all know we all know what that's all about. So they're going after Elon musk really keep you updated on that part of the story.

The other part is what's been coming across our southern border and that is to be just as big a problem and Jim Jordan just little while ago got into it with my work is demanding to know very simple question. What happened to these 40 some odd terrorist people. These individuals were on the terrorist watch list. Where are these people going 42 illegal immigrants were encountered in a border on the terrorist and no-fly list. Are any of them still in her condiments times explain this important question for this click on any of them still in our country. Congressman I will I deliver to you a response with respect to that specific question are terrorist on people in the terrorist watchlist no-fly list. Are they still in the United States that you can count on the board of Congress and some of them may be still in detention so I will have any of them been released to release time has expired. This is critical to come recognize got 42. I just had they been released and will gently time Congressman. I will provide you with thinking men have been little air command chair, ranking member, I leave it is my time and to just one second on the gentleman's time is expired is that we want to know if terrorist people in terms watchlist of any of them been released as it is Mr. Jordan. It is my time at this is about. It is my time to time. I don't know what's more concerning here that my orchids will not answer the question or that Democrats don't want him to answer the question with this this interaction just happened a few moments ago reposting the video up on our website, you can see for yourself.

Jordan raises a very important question here, what are we doing with these people.

We've got over 40 people on the terrorist watchlist and there were letting them just walk into America now. It seems to me, when you throw in what's happening with Ukraine and Russia and we are just folks buying wants us to go to war with the Russians that's that's where all of this is leading I don't want you to be surprised at what you wake up a couple of days are a couple of weeks or maybe next month.

I want you wake up in and be surprised when we are in a shooting war with the Russians because that's what Biden wants.

Biden seems to think the only way out of this mess. The only way to improve his horrible polling numbers is to go to war with somebody and rushes the target and he is stupid and senile enough to get us into a shooting war with the Russians, which is not going to end well.

By the way, so don't be surprised if one of these terrorist that was on the watchlist that was allowed to do is walk into America and again Mallorca says why don't low. We I we don't know what happened to some of it may be in detention.

We all know is it possible that you could have a situation where there is a terrorist attack on American soil perpetrated by someone maybe from Russia and they use that moment that incident as the impetus to getting us into a war with Russia. II think it's possible here. I do 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number was go to the phones here, North Carolina Charles on the line he Charles what's on your mind, God know while I'm encouraged about what where the Republican campus, born November and how we're waiting on every front and a Democrat but I did lose it on every front. I'm not so sure that this is a done deal yet and I'll tell you why you give me your thoughts as well. You know you can look back at the 2020 election and you can see how the media corporations had their on the scale of the election, but if you want to know even further about why this was disguised not legitimately elected but illegally installed Gothic what's gone on Apple and how they tried to change election law, how they have tried to weapon a government agencies against the L date of the pretty much gobbled down everything I mean I've never seen a president in my life that had such a horrendous record while on the phone every front. But yet you don't get is almost like they're not that they're not bearing any retribution from the electorate in November and that leads me to believe that they have nothing else up your sleeve are they gonna try to get a war where they either postpone the election. I don't have the election, because the last thing Democrats want to have to do is be held accountable for their vote date and mocking it would be perfectly fine looking.

There were no electric calls in the arena of ideas and debate they can't win on anything so I think we have to be really vigilant that point and also even if we do with Kevin McCarthy and these rhinos. I'm not sure that they're going to get a beer and promote the agenda, Kevin McCarty and Barry and felt like an update on answering questions that he would bring charges against body and implementing the Mac agenda so the last thing out. What I think before where Republican when election when the country keep going the wrong direction. And that's exactly what happened in the first two years of transit administration that the president was was delivering on some massive campaign promises, but you and Paul Ryan as speaker of the house and he was the guy that was so not tapping on the brakes slamming on the brakes and then pull the emergency brake on top of that to stop the president from being able to fulfill all of his agenda, especially when it came to draining the swamp. Charles forgot what we think about the Republican Republican in Congress coming for like they did 1994, and having a contract with America again, where they publicly sign their name. They're going out and peaked.

Biden secure the border control federal spending that inflation. You know rainy and big Jack are in all that you know they're there meant deprivation. You know, we gain control of our schools beginning at the what about American people could think that and they put their names there on the dotted line.

I think that we hold them more accountable. But Charles, I can answer that question for you and I going to use as I often do the petri dish that we call Shelby County, Tennessee. Memphis, Tennessee which is a microcosm of what's happening nationally, where there is there is a night I think national Republicans are more interested in playing nice with the Democrats and and going to the parties and hanging out at the country clubs and that's exactly what's happening in our little community here in Memphis, Tennessee, population 1.4 million of the Metro where you have a Republican Party that they're afraid of the Democrats because the Democrats are a supermajority they don't want to offend the Democrats. Many Republicans are big-money people here in Memphis and they don't want to lose any government contracts they don't want up. They want to miss out on any cash deals that might be had out there and so what they do is they they decide to disengage their more interested in having parties and enjoying the cocktail circuit than actually getting out and fighting and mobilizing and as a result, you just have Democrat control over and over and over again, and Charles, I know because I have seen it firsthand in Washington DC that is the same thing that's happening in our nation's capital is not what you think you be guided to prevent that, because I don't think the American people continue to spare. We go out there. We vote one way people campaign when that what I get up there.

They govern another classic example to repeal Obama care. So what you think we need to be done anywhere when Charles was responsible for that debacle that was John McCain. Remember Sen. John McCain turning up in looking. He knew the C-SPAN camera was focused directly on him and he turned looked at that camera and did the big thumbs down.

That was up yours to the Republican Party and every conservative in the party so to enter question Charles what can be done. I'll tell you what I'm doing Kevin McCarthy become speaker of the house. They'll never get another penny from me. Yeah and I'll give money on any of my resources are you three or any organization like that, but do you think there's any way that Republicans regain control of Congress that anybody else beside Kevin McCarthy would be speaker the house, so you like well I I'd like to see Jim Jordan, I think you would do a terrific job and I think he's a fighter. I'll tell you somebody else would make a great speaker of the house. You don't see his name out there and in the headlines every day is a rocksolid conservative from Arkansas. His name is Ron Estes and he is.

He's a good solid guy. I think you'd make a great speaker of the house, but my number one pick.

Charles is a guy right now.

That's on the golf course in southern Florida, who resides at Mara Longo and that is Donald John Trump. I think he'd make the perfect speaker of the house and tried on Time Warner agreement with you and you know they certainly have the legal authority to remain bigger and if he would become speaker.

I would like the launch.

These investigative committees. I would like to freedom them a pizza, Joe Biden, like Arab simultaneously and implement the Mac agenda call.note based on his track record building that anyone there some way you could get rid of, and nobody could think you go and Charles got a run here, but I'll tell you but before you get into impeaching Biden in Kabul Harris.

They got him impeach this Homeland security Sec. Alejandra Mallorca spokes of this guy let illegal aliens on American soil. That's insane. Or let's go to Chris, also in North Carolina listening to us on WSI secrets what's on your mind is a God like the Republican Party.

I mean you know Greg I ever McCarthy standing ovation. I look about the Republican was Jim Jordan. I like you are like a guess what I didn't know how it all been allowed to go alone so we can talk about their legs, they said we can't win. If we can talk about forget about that.

They spell elect to make that right, I would think they're going to be right. It's it's a fair question Chris, but the challenge there.

Those are. That is a state issue and that is something that has to be addressed in your statehouse that the stealing of the election. I don't think that's a winning campaign formula. I sincerely don't. I'm not. I'm not the argument here. Chris is all right. Yeah, folks, we need you to get out to vote. Because the last election was stolen and we want to put truck back in the White House. That's not a winning platform know that I'm not going to agree with that but what I got our own people. Our own people will not immediately delete. You will stolen most rude people I know you do not bury the people making the decision to bring Colcord come on you so debacle Kevin McCarthy spoke how can we ever win if this is going well Chris I don't know. I do not know. Maybe. Maybe it's for me and like you to start saying likable time to 1/3 party could be look.

Here's the deal Chris and I mean honest and at this point we had a previous caller who made it very interesting point here. Why is it that the Democrats arts standing up to Biden. Why aren't they doing that right now that is a very good question. Do they know the ultimate outcome of the midterms I will say this. Chris and I still believe that the Republicans are to win in a crushing landslide, but if they don't, I think you can have people good hearted people rising up in towns and cities all over America took it took to protest because at that point, it's clear that the Democrats knew they had this in the bag because the election was stolen again that all bets are off if that happens.

Chris got a run will be right back radio free America historians Macy's one day sale is going on now with great nervousness and like 40 to 50% off on pensions and must have a friend and she was in and get 40% off your new favorite designer, Franklin said order even faster when you pick up curbside in-store same-day delivery savings are failing. Exclusions apply to place ration see but you didn't say where they go during those proceedings, they remain in the United States when you say somebody's place in immigration proceedings and then you further clarified that some are detained there not detained. The vast majority go released around the country, correct no quite a significant number are placed on alternatives to detention. We use the acronym ETD. There are different levels of alternatives to detention depending on the risk probably ship many of those people that are not detained in these other categories around the country, correct yes on alternatives to detention and that's one of the things you're looking to increase the money for is to pay NGOs and have your own folks getting help get those people shipped around the country aren't there you go, that's Congressman Lori Gomer going at it with Mallorca's. What a mess we got more audio play little bit later when I do any of the phone so 844-747-8868 Jean and Iowa. What's on your mind today.

Well I call you wasn't quite so far out there all.

When I called Jeff to make all so you're so you're on board with that to what I want. Last fall I called that word like a muscle that you come up with stuff like that. I way out there why don't think it was way out there Jean II think it's a pretty I think it's a pretty legitimate argument and who better to clean up the House of Representatives than the guy who cleaned up America and made America great again.

I think that's a it's a perfect choice.

Well, I don't think God I think got a role to play here are longer, but I I think we need him man like him and I think it be there. I think well about the locals will yeah I don't know yet. I don't know if DeSantis would run out. When run alongside with Trump the lie the sentences. He's got a zone on his own eyes on the prize.

Jean got a run, thanks for the call 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number different Congressman Jody hi coming up. This is the Don Stearns radios Macy's one day sale is going on now with great nervousness and like 40 to 50% off on pensions and must have a friend and she was in and get 40% off your new favorite designer, Franklin said order even faster when you pick up curbside in-store same-day delivery savings are failing. Exclusions apply.

None of this makes any sense and it leaves our entire country in a very vulnerable situation and I will just say look on border security is an enormous component to national security and if if we do not have secure borders we do not have a secure nation.

So I'm calling on our Democrats today to sign on to the discharge protect petition. Let's save title 42, and for crying out loud. Let's defend our borders and get over the partisan politics and do the right thing and defend our borders aren't that is Congressman Jody Heise from the great state of Georgia. He also wants to be your next Secretary of State all over Georgia listeners and is on the patriot mobile newsmaker line right there right now I Congressman good to have you back with us to be with you.thank you. While we been following the Mott Mallorca's hearings today and it's just shocking.

I think Congressman Jim Jordan just hit it out of the ballpark by pointing out that the ministration has no idea where these people who are on the terrorist watch list might be right now we have no idea where they are there no doubt, I don't think there's any question. There are now terror cell groups all throughout our country simply because we have allowed people to come into our country who are terrorists and not to mention all the drug lords in the human traffickers and the drugs themselves. The criminals of all sorts, but not the least of which are terrorists who we have allowed into our country right now and for what purpose Todd, this is absolutely just, it is mind boggling insanity that we are watching at our southern border in this administration is doing absolutely nothing to protect our country it's it's mind blowing and and honestly I was surprised that they're not pushing back more on this judge to intervene on title 42, which hopefully will stave off what was going to be a completely overrun border. Yet, at least title 42 uses coded as a reason to prevent people from just pouring in our order. He gives some tool to try to keep some offensive of control of the southern border, but of course the Biden administration is trying to do away with title 42, and yet again another disastrous decision from this administration, one has to begin wondering at some point Todd is all of this intentional and you cannot help but think somehow this is an intentional chipping away at the foundation of our country that this administration is engaged with that.

We need answers as to why and we need the ability to stop this out-of-control destruction of our southern borders and other issues that this administration continues to cram down the throats of Americans. Well said Congressman Jody Heise on the patriot mobile newsmaker line. No Congressman. Another big story we been following these recordings are from Kevin McCarthy and I'm I'm just concerned about this Congressman flat out concerned that that McCarthy is saying one thing in public and another thing, behind closed doors do you share those concerns to share those concerns Todd and it's Ellison that you you and I both know and you referenced it a few moments ago. I'm not going to be here at the end of this term. So I will not personally be voting for the next speaker, so my comments here. I'm not really in that battle per se other than the fact I will say this I listen to a lot of my colleagues and I can tell you. Kevin McCarthy has some problems and at the core of those problems is a trust issue. There are many individuals, many members of Congress of the Republican Party who have lost their trust in the leadership we need a speaker. We need leadership among the Republican Party that people trust to do what they say they will not to be one thing in public and something else behind closed doors and I'm I believe there's a lot of concern like you shared that is equally shared among Republicans. I Congressman. Looking ahead, and again working I want to talk about Your Pl. in Georgia and just a moment. You have the endorsement of Pres. Tromp, who would you like to see in this if the Republicans retake the house, who would you like to see a speaker of the house you know there's a lot of discussion there's a number of people course and I think the general rule is that Kevin McCarthy's probably going to be that I don't necessarily share that opinion will wait and see. But there in arming their people names like Mark Meadows. You don't even have to be a member of Congress to be speaker cows. I've heard his name come up a number of times so I will just wait and see, I don't want to speculate because I am zero idea of how this thing is going to unfold. And of course the issues right now that Kevin McCarthy are facing what kind of impact. Is this going to have but I do believe that this discussion is only just now eating up. I believe it's going to get more heated. The closer that November gets here and will see what the public authority does at that at that point, when the moment of decision, I appreciate you, your candor, because you'd be surprised at the number of folks who are regulars on this program and and their handlers or bookers are saying they're happy to talk about any issue but do not ask about Kevin McCarthy. Well, you people want to get in trouble. That's one thing that I'm not going to be here so I don't really have a dog in the fight but I don't want to go beyond anything other than just what I hear either out.

I really do not battle for me to engage� My own race that I'm involved with, but United stated that this is you, I do not believe by any stretch is over.

I think it's probably going to intensify the closer that we get the upcoming election. Congressman Jody Heise on the patriot mobile newsmaker line now running for Secretary of State in Georgia. It is, it's really interesting to see the last polling data that came out. I will say Herschel Walker in a landslide already. If the polling is to be believed. Over 60% of the voters I how are things going for you and your race Congressman looking really good. You know you get all sorts of different poles. We obviously are doing some very, very serious internal polling and now we are very pleased with the numbers that we have.

I will not try to get any fake numbers and I will going to the details of what we have but to say I'm wearing very good shape. I like where we are at this point, but obviously at the end of the day.

The only endorsement in the only poll that matters is the one that's coming up on May 24 upcoming primary and we are continuing to do everything we can to reach out to the voters of Georgia and remind them of the disaster that Brett Rothenberg has brought our state and in particular how he has destroyed election integrity in the state of Georgia and how not only our state the entire nation has suffered as a result, and I just believe the people of Georgia and hold back this up. They are ready for change in the Secretary of State's office.

Well I I think it's a noble thing you're doing under the president references you been a great Congressman and you could be in Washington DC for the rest of your career.

So why did you decide to say you know what I love being here in Washington but it's time to go back to is time to go back home decide to go back to Georgia where the main thing that really is driven lead to this analyst and I never came to Washington to be a career politician anyway so I would not be here for the rest of my life.

I just don't believe that the intent of our founders but but the issue that has me transitioning to run for Secretary of State is the election integrity issues.

Todd, we are a country, politically speaking, the perhaps the single most important issue is the consent of the government. The voice of the people at the ballot box to not be compromised or violated, and if there is a time where that ballot box is compromised or violated them our entire Republic is at serious risk and I believe that happened in Georgia and it is for that reason, I just simply cannot sit back and watch what happened go down without challenging the one that brought it about. And so that is the issue that has me up in running on this and I believe were at the end of the day were going to Brad and were going to correct the election integrity problem that is created in the state of Georgia.

I love it Congressman working people know they want to get more information on your campaign the best place to go is our website.

Jody all right.

Congressman Jody Heise. Everybody always good to have you on the program.

Congressman, thank you, Todd. Great to be with you. Thank you. All right, now here's a guy who has no problem speaking is not and it just it befuddles me that you have so many other Republicans including conservatives in order.

They don't want to speak out and they don't want to recognize what every every right-thinking person in this country sees we all know what's going on become more so you folks in Georgia you're about to get a really good Secretary of State. I'll tell you that bunch folks I want to tell you about our good friends over at patriot mobile they are mobilizing freedom all over America. Patriot mobile is America's only Christian conservative wireless carrier. They have plans to fit any budget along with great discounts for veterans and first responders, as well as multiline users of you got a big family. They got some big discounts for you as well. Switching the patriot mobile is so incredibly easy. All you have to do is go to patriot That's patriot or give them a call at 972 patriot 972 patriot used by promo code Todd your to get a special discount and free premier activation, but you got used by promo code Todd that's patriot backup and consumers and businesses rely on digital banking solutions more than ever redefine your financial institutions digital presence with the award-winning aperture digital banking platform integrated with more than 200 Finn Tech partners and 40 course, we give you the speed to innovation. You need to grow and retain customers. Learn more about our number one rated mobile banking app and all our cloud-based digital banking that's aperture API Sorry folks.

Tomorrow we're going to be broadcasting the whole program from mid America seminary in Memphis Tennessee.

If you happen to be of the Memphis area. We would love to see you.

Come on by. You can actually watch the show you be able to meet Grace Baker. It's gonna be a lot of fun.

So that's tomorrow that would be noon Eastern at Mid-America seminary in Memphis Tennessee and that of course is all part of our Biggs culture engagement summit happening Saturday take back the country working after mobilize folks and that's what were going to do. I expect around 500 600 people at this conference all great intimate conference a chance for you to meet people like Marsha Blackburn, Mark Meadows, who by the way, Congressman Jody Heise that would make a great speaker of the house.

A full lineup and we got all that information on our live show blog so come on out and join the fun and the grace is way to make it fun. We say Memphis but if you're willing to drive here I made you if you're if you're in Portland Maine. I guess you could drive down for Saturday's event. Make it a road trip. So we got a pair of VIP tickets, which means you get to pal around with with the Mark Meadows and all those folks very important people.

So I'll work it out. I guess I will say caller number two but if you would like a VIP tickets 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868. It will give you a pair of free VIP tickets to the big weekend event here in Memphis, Tennessee.

Let's go to the phones, Gainesville, Georgia TP on the line from WD you NTP what's going on about you all, I'm not sure the whole profit about the dollar figure that out.

I don't really worry one bit. I think it would be good for Jim Dandy of it. They'll play but what worried me if I thought about the link about right Dale were rebuffed back and forth in you know, get only further everything on me that if there was ever that they all gathered up in a room and show complete unity and anything I need to get the TTP.

Now is the time for that and I go back to the whole Liz Cheney controversy which now is looking really really suspicious and I'm wondering if Kevin McCarthy didn't use Liz Cheney to try and deep-sixed Donald Trump that's that's where I think all this is is going. I'm not really care about what I do know that there is no other time. Think more critical that right Dale and the fact that we all know that the link didn't come out well out of the lot.

We wanted it to the fact that they can't give you anything gaining any ground in the court concerning five think like you for a big data with that but but I cannot let it happen again if they take some kind unity.

I don't know how wherever the comforting thing and I heard a collar going to hurt you. If they think that they know about. But anyway don't think there I go up there and they are ideally think I like a young kid and make they don't speak about till I get in there and start revenue both with the money and the love you and everybody else what happens live a different vendor go along to get along with the worry worry for me and I'll say it was a show already if they can ever come around some kind of term limit for somebody have to accomplish something and then move over all of this, but the old cronies ever get rid of me is never going to change or don't have the perpetual problem in Congress and leadership of our country if we came limit the amount somebody they know it's look I will explain this and I I see this clear as day here in Memphis, Tennessee, and it is and this is again a symptom of the bigger problem nationwide when it comes to Republicans the establishment Republicans say it is my way or the highway. If you do not support us. We will not support you.

Meanwhile, they're telling you as a conservative you have to obey them.

You've gotta support their campaigns and if you're not, you're not a real Republican so that establishment Republicans are expecting loyalty.

But then when it comes time to support a conservative. They will support the Democrats and that happens time and time again NTP I get a call out every time I see it because it's not right TTC.

Gotta go. Appreciate the call. Let's go to Memphis, Tennessee. Tony listening to is on Kate WA Emma Tony I think you just picked up a pair of VIP tickets to the event Saturday. Ari Tony so again, you know, being listening to decay Wam and conservative talk radio. Are you feeling optimistic about America and the future of the country don't get a lot better. Well, yes.

Whether Trump is the speaker of the house or the President of the United States. He is going to fix all of this mess. I can guarantee that Tony hears opportunity were to put you on hold and to get your information and we look forward to meeting you over at the big culture engagement summit. By the way of folks, especially the Memphis area if you want to swing by were to be signing books tomorrow and Saturday and that we would love to say hello shake your hands and if you want to come down from Bartlesville, Oklahoma that's that's a pretty good drive but I'm also very good at giving you directions to the best barbecue joint in America and it is not rendezvous. So if anybody tells you that.

I tell him that Todd start says just don't know what you're talking about Ari to hang tight. We got Connor in Boston coming up also. Next our our good friend Pastor Paul Chappell is going to be here.

Marsha Blackburn at Sen. Blackburn's going to drop by as well and as Congressman Chip Roy who is been grilling Homeland security Sec. Alejandra my work is over at the other hearings on Capitol Hill were to place more audio from that as well. Plus your calls 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 folks Todd have you signed up for the podcast. If not, what you will get over there sign up for the contest is free hundred and 11 and our newsletter to comes out in just about an hour or so and you want to get that as well. All right both figure out our three via tour is the world's leading travel experience marketplace offering everything from simple tours to extreme adventures and all the niche interesting stuff in between extensive options, ease of selection and flexibility at your fingertips help make sure your time is wonderfully spent via tour is the place to go to book experiences that will create long-lasting moments that make lifetime memories and via Tor has over 300,000 bookable experiences to choose from in over 190 countries. In fact, just last year via tour help my family put together this amazing adventure on the island of Kona swimming with the manta rays trying to avoid the barracudas. Whatever your wildest dreams. If you can imagine it via tour probably has an experienced just for you.

Download the via tour app now in use code via tour 10 for 10% off your first booking in via Tor's world of wonderful experiences via tour. One site over 300,000 experiences you remember universities to you is Tennessee today wherever you might be across Todd start here coming up a little bit later Marsha Blackburn to drop by and Congressman Chip Roy who is in the middle of the my work is hearings Alejandra my work is her home 30 Sec., but he is expected to drop by little bit later on this hour of the program as well.

844-747-8868. That is our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 yesterday on this program told you the a weird story coming out of Florida where a godless heathen atheist.

I know that's an oxymoron but I got to see the Navy is wants to ban the Bible in public schools in both the classroom and the library because the Bible contains in his words, and appropriate content and I believe about 6065 school districts have already received these letters from the atheist, so does the Bible contain inappropriate content of this may be the shortest interview we covered it with our good friend of the pastor of Lancaster Baptist Church in the present of West Coast Baptist college are good friend Pastor Paul Chappell pastor good to have you with us today to be with you God and we are never amazed anymore with the attacks on the Bible and I appreciate you bringing this to light but you know the Bible itself says the fool hath said in his heart there is no God or no to God and that we hear that every single day from the supposedly tolerant society, people who want us to tolerate every kind of perversion and forms of art that are oftentimes wicked. But now they don't want the Bible and it was interesting because of the very first Bible was printed in Massachusetts and America, not the first Bible, but the American training in 1661.

It's been a part of most of our ancient texts have had reference to the Bible and I was thinking when I was having a per meeting some time ago with several other congressional leaders in the Rayburn building.

I looked above me. After the prayer there was a verse that said, where there is no vision the people perish, so I'm thankful for our Christian heritage and the fact that the Bible has been prominently displayed in many public places and what we need today is not less of it. We need more of it. Oh no, no doubt about that and it does appear as though Dr. Chappell that there is this is going to be a new line of attack on the Bible, there was an incident to a couple of weeks ago right outside of Wichita where a were a city leader suggested the same thing that because the Bible contains inappropriate content.a lot of old today. Reference all of Old Testament passages. Therefore it's not appropriate for children in the classroom.

How do you respond that, especially when it was the. The argument is being made a lot of these LGBT themed books are not appropriate for children inappropriate content. And that's the argument you're trying to make here. Well, there are passages in the Scriptures that speak of the sins of man, that speak of wars and and and you know that the Bible speaks of good and evil and and so I believe the context of those particular passages would have to be viewed individually and that's what that's what a discerning teacher would do, but the things that are being proposed by the LB GT Q crowd. As far as sex education for children are wholly inappropriate and do these types of things are advocating lifestyles that are very evil and wicked and we derive a sense of right and wrong from the very Scriptures that they don't want in the schools, you know, we think about the entire defund the police movement. For example, the idea being well you know people are really that bad and we can reform them in other ways, and so forth. But really and truthfully were to even get the idea of right and wrong. It comes from the Bible and I believe that the. The argument is absolutely skewed because of the Bible does not present wickedness as fashionable. It does not present sin as acceptable and so if there are references to sinful circumstances or such things minutes in the context of teaching it as to be avoided, whereas what were seeing on the other side is that there wanting to teach that these simple lifestyles are normal and that they should be taught early.

I had a man Sunday after church tell me that his first grader was told last week in school by his teacher that if the boy thought he was a girl that it would be fine to be a girl or two people to me that's what's being told every day the kindergartners and first graders, and sometimes with pictures and so the difference is the context. The Bible is teaching that those lifestyles are on seeming very sinful and not to be accepted, and so that the context is critical in this situation, what you told him today to come to you like that that one father and what advice do you give them as a pastor while I told him I said you need to keep your self and your wife. You know, firmly founded in Scripture and staying faithful to the Lord to be able to discern right from wrong obviously was discerning.secondly, I tell them they need to strongly consider whether their child should remain in the public education system. Obviously there are some communities that have strong Judeo-Christian ethic prevailing in the public school content in the school boards are very vigilant, but in other areas where the battle is going the other way. It probably would be the best decision to take a child out of that school system and to place them into a Christian school or home school setting. I mean the Bible is clear God and someone that were not to sit in the seat of the scornful. And these public educators scored our faith.

Many of them hate the Bible they hate God and they make no bones about it. So how does a Christian parent put their child under the tutelage of someone whose goal is to undermine the very faith of the parents see that that is a great way of looking at it and I know that that your church there in Lancaster, California and Los Angeles County. You guys have a Christian school, and you also have the. The Christian college, the Bible college.

That's right. And you know we believe in private Christian education and we take no tax dollars for it. We don't know we don't receive any funds from the from the government for it, but we have provided this for over 30 years and I'm told that Christian schools across the nation are are really growing. I spoke to a pastor Monday I was speaking at a conference in Oregon and he's right in Portland and their school has grown this from 200 to 660 students and from 200 to 660 students in the last 12 months. He said parents do not want their students in the public schools of Portland, Oregon where authority is question constantly where they're being challenged to reconsider God's original design and creation reconsider whether there boy or a girl. It's just an everyday occurrence. And so that would be my encouragement for Christian families in particular pastor one final thought here. I know you guys are not too far from Disneyland and right is the headquarters what's been the response of what you been telling people in your congregation is a lot of Christian families love to go to Disneyland and hang out you know it's a place to go but now all it is not Walt Disney's Walt Disney World right well this new land has come out very clearly in Disney World and the corporation. As you know, Todd 30 years ago. They were the first American corporation, a large corporation to offer new medical medical projects and benefits for a same-sex couple.

They were early on kind of endorsers of the LB GT Q movement now all their evangelists for another was at one point it was just know will except some people into our employment. Then I remember taking my children 20 years ago to Disney World and it was Gay pride day and we walked out I am and I could not believe what I was seeing.

We walked out now they're saying we want to so many good characters in our movies we want to make your characters in the parks and I have been very very impressed with a lot of the millennial's in our church who have canceled business subscriptions that the Disney television. The online programs of their not going to Disney. I'm talking about people that I kinda wonder where they can stand on this because, whereas millennial's earlier on, might've been you know well you know it's an individual choice. Now there parents and they're going no way we are not going to let this company indoctrinate our children and II commend them and I think the proper thing to do is to boycott Disney and step back, completely out of Disney and until they still show some repentance if you will in this area because there there the whole woke ideologies, sweeping corporate America, but when it sweeping and doing part of a corporate America that influences children we have to do we have to step back and say no were not bringing our kids there.

Well said Pastor Chapel were to leave it there always good hearing from you and the folks we have links to Lancaster Baptist Church. You gotta watch their services on Sunday on social media.


Just great stuff Dr. Chappell. Thank you again good talking to you.thank you all right, Pastor Paul Chappell everybody on the patriot mobile newsmaker line we gotta take a break here 844-747-8868 that's an interesting phrase. There they become evangelist for the Disney becoming evangelist for this LGBT agenda. It's I've never heard such satellite 844-747-8868 this is the Todd storage coast-to-coast star something you probably do no progressive cannot only offer you a great price. We bundle home and auto round-the-clock protection something you probably don't know about including the base weighs around 400 something you probably do know there's a whistle, something you probably don't know. That's about tipping over roof leading to an older home in Ottawa with progressive and get more than a great price, round-the-clock protection, something you know the things you don't know commercial progress casualties risk of the affiliates of the reporting service of the deposit terms available if these are situations damaging to the United States of America as a separate sector. Do you know what this is. This is a mobile, more body trailer needed by counties in South Texas overwhelmed by deadline. Particular trailer is filled with these bodies. 27 bodies were stored in this mobile board in South Texas with dead bodies in my body like this one found on a ranch just three weeks ago Excel Texas dead migrant somehow. That's compassion.

How about the dead bodies found by migrants compassion about the ranchers walked out of their door in his face gentleman with rocks threatening a rancher, Excel, Texas only able to be saved when they are able to bring the dogs out to scare the people away in order to save themselves. You got houses being attacked and got livestock dead on the side because we got ranch is wide open, the little girl here with a brand on her arm.

A little girl with a brand on her arm because of policy little girl here in the desert, found by ranchers friends.

How about the lost voices from people dying from hundreds of tens of thousands of Americans dying from bases, faces, Americans faces of Americans across this country dying because of fennel pouring into our country time in the general society you know well time is people to come here parting Texas is country time all fat gerrymander that guy.

What a piece of work. He is, that's Chip Roy Congressman Roy by the way he he's been delayed so he may not be able to make the program tonight only because of the hearing going on very was just dripping in the Sec. my archives and again we we talk a lot about terrorism on this program but the one other form of domestic terrorism. The number and the amount of of narcotics of drugs coming across that southern border enough to kill every single living American citizens and the Democrats just don't care. They do not care.

Welcome back to the Todd Stern's radio program. Great to have you with us today 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number, not grace. This story and enter stack of stuff is is is blowing my mind. It's not so Chris Pratt, who is in got guardians of the Galaxy and drastic world and Jurassic world. Lots of movies a lot of movies and the guy is a Christian yet anyways. I wouldn't say he's outspoken about his race but he doesn't shy away from it and he's you know he's a man of faith. He's a Christian man and married, you know traditional family all that's is very unusual in Hollywood.

I mean you got you have more people married to their potted plants into an actual IBU I know, you have a bit well you have been to the Hollywood window. I have not never been the Callie some of that stuff would would freak you out.

It is nice as it was shock that it would shock those spots right off of Merlot. So here's the deal. Chris brought Pratt is in a controversy.

The alphabet people, the LGBT crowd very upset Chris Pratt race break and I thought all the little boy what did he say what turns I didn't say anything but he goes to a church and we got the story up on our website goes to a church that believes marriage is between I know brace yourself one man and one woman. Shocking I know I'm just shocked there's a church in Hollywood that actually preaches that me tell you honestly, because he's Grace Baker.

There are more churches in Hollywood that would Mary a human being and a potted plant that I would care to say what potted plant do you know Fern take Milo Jill to be your lawful got a lesbian. I don't know. You know, it's crazy that you can honestly I mean Daisy Fern is not the names that could be human is to true to you Fern take Daisy to be your lawful letter foliage. I don't know having to grow from this day forward you when sickness and in wilting not that that is a work I try to make it where were they would put down roots that set a nice one little late to the party there.

Kyle so as Pratt is is raising fire because he goes to a church that believes marriage is between one man and one moment and so now the mob once him removed from the Marvel cinematic universe they wanted. And he's also in this upcoming one is that the floor 11 thunder because it's attached to guardians of the Galaxy with the name of the name of the movie 11 thunder. I like loving light hello VIN' or love and love and love and thought, okay, there's a difference there.

Great, yes. So anyway, according to CBN news guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn is firing back and he say hey look what's the problem here.

Chris Pratt is not. He's not anti-gay the church doesn't ban gay people made us believe marriage is between one man and one woman in it. If you don't like that don't go to that chart. So now all these people are wanting him to be fired and and James going to say okay look here's the deal.

If Chris Pratt brought goes all the rest of us go. I love it. I mean nobody to fit the poor guy. He's always like out on an island by himself because this is the first time he's been attacked.

Stand up to these sorry so-and-so and Chris to his privacies, though I wonder pill after this role with guardians Galaxy and wonderful have any more Disney projects that he's been allotted to see something like maybe nine. Who knows, because an intercourse.

Disney owns the franchise that's the concern is that will will Disney stand behind Chris Pratt, will they give him that he felt. The problem is he so likable. Any seller like wholesome.

He's not causing trouble that it's like people have nothing to really it's really sad but folks, this is what they have to deal with every single day in Hollywood. If you're a person of faith 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern's radio Macy's one day sale is going on now with like 40 to 50% off on pensions and must have an excuse and get 40% off your new favorite designer, Franklin said order even faster when you pick up curbside in-store delivery savings are failing.

Exclusions apply the client. This is bided number one please remember well my staff want give a speech, why aren't you giving the speech we wrote you this time is just off the off the charts nuts. Now it's really unfortunate bided by the way, he was yesterday. He was meeting a group of teachers and we outplayed the soundbite and they were going to go back into the Todd Stern's radio show Time Machine and and explain what this is all about cut number two. Heard me say many times about our children is true for all our children in the recent years teachers of years because you recognize that some children like you are in the classroom.

All right, do you believe that I do you believe that idea what he just said that when you let your say Grace Baker has a child and grace Baker your child is in first grade when your child goes into that classroom. According to Joe Biden that child stops being your child becomes the teacher's child.


No way. Now that's ridiculous.

You see, I'm wondering how many moms and dads would share your opinion on that is the thing really they'll say is the whole you know your children. It's all of our kind of responsibility. There is a bear in a very specific way, yes that's true in terms that we want to protect kids and you know like with the military and yada yada yada border security protect the children doesn't mean you get a say in how that child is raised individually, that the difference this is the argument now and this is the argument that the national education Association. The teachers unions are making the school board associations are making is that when the child is on school property. You basically relinquish your responsibilities as a parent. Therefore, if the child and and this is not hyperbole. What I'm about to share so don't freak out but if a child wants to have an abortion and some school districts they will send that child to an abortion clinic to get an abortion without your consent. If the child is transgender. They will not tell you mom and dad as a matter of fact, in many public schools and we have shared this information with you. If the teachers are telling the kids, don't tell your mom and dad what you're learning in this class and that's insanity is an incident not that I've ever been a teacher but you know growing up. The few teachers I had being homeschooled. I still had some teachers anyway. They know as a teacher sure you treat your classroom as like you want to know your students be you now have good relations with them and treat them as quote unquote your children, but it doesn't mean you can't get to ignore the parents. Mrs. Bill Clinton, Hillary back in the day, wrote about. Call it takes a village, and the whole point of this book back in 1990 before.

Grace Baker was even thought the whole point of this book was to to begin this narrative and to create this idea that everybody is everybody else's responsibility that if you have a child that it takes the whole village to raise that child and not just a mommy or daddy at the time it was a mommy and a daddy today.

It's a mommy and a fern or a mommy and I will owe a furry.

I don't know, but it's not a mommy and a daddy that's inappropriately on them at the a person of questionable pronoun usage so so now here we are, and I'm not sure.

People really understood where we where they were going with all of this, but now they sincerely believe that if you are a parent of a child and your child goes to public school. Then you relinquish your responsibility over that child. Yeah, I mean it was such a clearly such a slippery slope and this is where we've ended up with it. Biden says again.

They're not somebody else's children there. Your children teacher. I remember when I was growing up at Hopi Sullivan elementary school in Southaven, Mississippi. We lived in a community and I was I was honored to be able to go. I was lucky enough to get to go to an elementary school in my neighborhood. So I got to walk or ride or ride my bicycle to school every day and if I did something wrong. This is where I think the whole idea of it takes a village. This is, I think this is the appropriate context of so I'll never forget this.

McDonald's had opened up for the very first time in Southaven, Mississippi when I was little kid that was a big deal and McDonald's. You we were so excited and we would go to McDonald's and I remember getting a happy. I think it was a happy meal. I got a hamburger and little French fries and a little Coca-Cola and some cookies and it was. I remember that it was a lot of fun as a kid.

I'll never forget this by reading teacher Mrs. folk whose husband by the way, own or lease ran honey fluff doughnuts, which was a Great Local Doughnut Pl. in Southaven, MS and my mom went over and said hello to Mrs. folk my reading teacher and she says Mrs. folk I was little time doing so. I made after my dad so he was big.I was little time.

How is little Todd doing and read all Mrs. Starnes. He's not doing very good and I mean that was that was the end of the happy meal for me because you're my mom went home and she made sure that I didn't feel reading class anymore. That's what takes a village. In other words appear outside goofing around and you see the neighbor.

She's going to call and tell tell your mom or she's going to go over there and she's going to smack you upside the head because you are allowed to that back in the day. Many of our audience will remember that time in American history when it was okay to go to smack a child it was, you know, goofing around grave grace. You look horrified. I have no work. It's as strong as it was a communal thing that I would never walk up to somebody else's child and just asked. They're doing something horrible. You would do that would like horrible, like stealing something to ceiling something or you know hit the dog or kick in the dollhouse course and bring that down time to say our audience knows what I'm talking about grace 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number 844-747-8868 this is the time storage you're listening to Starnes Macy's one day sale is going on now with like 40 to 50% off on pensions and must have an excuse and get 40% off your new favorite designer, Franklin said order even faster when you pick up curbside delivery savings are failing. Exclusions apply. I will place I get what were their by their parents worst part was I get home I get what my dad and mom when I got home so that needs happen more.

I think that's Brian from Warner Robins, Georgia, by the way he left that message on our app which is a pretty cool function.

If you go to the. The live show blog will be able to give us a shout out like Brian from Warner Robins, Georgia, dad talking about how what it really means to take a village to raise a kid. I walked back to the time surge radio program want to go right now to the patriot mobile newsmaker line Sen. Marsha Blackburn from the volunteer stated she is going to be in Memphis Tennessee at the big Lincoln dinner on Friday and Sen. I know a lot of Memphians are looking forward to seeing you well to talk about my ministration give just something time every single day and whether it is for getting Army start getting out of here and trying to make inflation word so are what they are doing with Russia and Ukraine are not dealing with the Chinese. What we are hearing about Hunter my deals and Biden Inc. I like a lot of ground to cover and tear you there. There really is Sen., and especially with the hearings underway with the secretary.

My work as an is just shocking, shocking the that the way this administration has handled the border, allowing it to be overrun and thank God for the judge read the common sense to put a stop to title 42 of the lifting of title 42 Route you're right.

It border title 42 and think that illegal immigrants is everything okay coming across that border title 42 times if you title 42, you're going to cripple that you're going 18,000 illegal immigrants per day at the southern border is something far person and on C 345 Inc. town since any person that counting anything Tennessee are under 18,000 resident think about die like every single day. I will call anything that population lack to atypical cam would be coming across that border the population that you are talking about bringing across the border and if you do that every thinking like a typical Tennessee town being down in each state in this country and Sen. you doing the math for our audience. They know those numbers will add up for from a monthly number two, about the size of a of a Memphis Tennessee over 400,000 in the metro area. These numbers are just simply unsustainable coming across their getting there, getting getting your airline ticket to wherever they want to fly in the country and the federal government doing that part of the cartels work for them across the border unless they've gone through one of the cartel. The cartels brought people from the hundred and 16 different country to our nation and borderline care. Think country cartels are now global organization and are looking people just like ranking thinking that title 42 will be elected and all the people getting their reservation with the cartel are going to then be connected, and go through the process of walking across the border, Sen. Marsha what is on the patriot mobile newsmaker line Sen. you have been so focused whether it's the MBA and shine the that the plight of the Uighur population. There, and now Hunter Biden's deals in business dealings with the Chinese. How concerned are you about this administration's ties and what is it that that we don't know about the Biden family and their involvement with China line.

We did not bar John Doran heading back special counsel to get into one with Russia collision book hi Dave, you had a Hillary Clinton campaign with writer: and there are little guy into what happened with my now I know why leaning independent special counsel to turbine activity and get to the bottom back time and effort you have department ingested Alanna John Darren came into Russia collision fusion GPS and we got a special counsel going to take issue on Hunter Biden. We get to find out everything that they and 2016 and 2020 and take pride in making certain that they had a pathway to winning the fight now it's that that's good to be the scandal there and I have no doubt I have no doubt that after the Republicans when the midterms were to be able to get to the bottom of this and Sen. all on that note, the midterm elections. Things are certainly looking good. Other Cook political report showing big big wins for Republicans. What is it that the party needs to do to win on election day Republican today talk about how we care and tradition and founding country hope for a better day in our nation's best days are ahead of that opportunity for everyone pretty starving. Our our family, our freedom and really showing the different with the Democrat crabs don't have the vision they have an agenda to do what they want to do the American people to take away their freedom to control the federal government. Government is controlling airline individuals controlling their line that's good, that's a great word look to the future.

That's all you gotta do senators get a refund where you get a beer Friday and then we understand or to be speaking at this cultural engagement summit as well and I know a lot of folks here in the Midsouth are to welcome you back in there if you got a huge, huge fan base here on the side of Tennessee all right. Sen. Marsha Blackburn right there and that is good to be a busy weekend here in Memphis this weekend. We got the big Beale Street music Festival 60,000 music fans in town got the grizzlies in the playoffs and then you got tons of conservatives that are coming into town for the big culture engagement summit. I believe we even have some another person left us a message. I'm loving this shout out function.

Grace, it could mean that you don't really, really, to call screener anymore weight.

My thinking being replaced by robots during automated I knew it automated. Let's hear what Ed from Texas had to say a grade know what you would do all member both. Even my neighbor smacked me on the back.

If I was doing.

I like that room NCIS and Gibbs would go around. He smacked the coworkers that they were group that's what you should do the trial grace that might work. I think Kyle is leaving right now some speech by the way, using what is this shout out function so we have a brand-new function on our now if you want the app here is the easiest way to get the app it is that K Wam KW AM Click on the app and you get for android, iPhone, whatever, and when you see when you download the app you will see a little bar with three bars three lines click on that and you go to the shout out. And you can send us a message of the way it works a gray symbolist everybody will primary errors like hey this is Joe from Ellijay and Todd, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, so you can say whatever you want to snow. Don't say blah blah blah. But that's what you do you just say your piece and I will place of those tomorrow.

On the other live show as well. Tomorrow broadcasting from the campus of Mid-America Baptist theological seminary in Memphis Tennessee.

If you're in the area drive-by. You can watch the show, you can meet grace say hello and we love to sign a book for you as well. Meanwhile Todd start and check that out great stories.

You folks get out there and have a great afternoon America will know someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once.

Much now I think you caused my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take you to list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy.

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