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Biden Laughed at Joke About Americans Suffering

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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May 2, 2022 3:20 pm

Biden Laughed at Joke About Americans Suffering

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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May 2, 2022 3:20 pm

President Biden laughed out loud at a joke about how everything is rising thanks to his administration’s policies. Todd Starnes is joined by Newsmax’s James Rosen, Timothy Plan’s Art Ally, Matt Staver with Liberty Counsel, and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza!

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Todd Starnes hope you had a great weekend.

We've got a lot going on on the program today, so you better buckle up America. The boys you heard Trevor Noah at the White House correspondents dinner.

I will say this I bought the guy was pretty fair and balanced with the jokes.

I mean, he got somebody got some digs at the president bided and he also went after Fox News and other a couple of jabs at president drop made by the way by president Joe Biden cut number one. I'm really excited. The only group of Americans with a lower approver ready fire that's hard to say.

We just saw this first time president of this dinner in six years when a horrible play, followed by two years ago my predecessor came to this tutor this year. Now that would really have been a real coup and it it went downhill from there. Biden pretty nasty in his attacks on Pres. Trump calling his administration a plague.

I folks, I got a big problem with this guy Joe Biden sitting there laughing, laughing hysterically as Trevor nor Trevor.

Noah was talking about how you, the great listers of this radio program are suffering and many of you have reached out to me privately and said Todd I can barely afford to buy groceries. II can't afford to fill up my car because everything cost so much, and inflation. I it's my paychecks not keeping up with the cost of of what what what I need to buy down at the Kroger and many of you are saying hey, this is not right. Something's gotta change her.

But Joe Biden. Ladies and gentlemen laughing at you sitting there among many men and women decked out in high dollar dresses a lot of the Hollywood celebrities.

The A-list of their talking it up. All of them probably merely millionaires in that room if not more so, and there laughing at you the people to go out and work hard every single day. You bust your backs, your barely able to make ends meet your living paycheck to paycheck and Joe Biden, who by the way supposed to be one of you. He's supposed to be one of us.

He's supposed to be a blue-collar kind of a guy and yet he's making tens of millions of dollars through his crime syndicate and you folks are suffering and he had the audacity to laugh at you. Sorry to get in Amorgos others is fascinating. The, the attitudes of the behavior that were on display.

By the way, Fox News was there and that they got a big they got a big round of applause because Joe Biden said that the Fox news staff had obeyed his orders to get vaccinated to actually attend the other gathering there at the in Washington DC at the Hilton. Another question about whether we should gather tonight because a covert well were here to show the country that were getting through this pandemic.

Plus, everyone had to prove their fully vaccinated and bursting home watching this one that just contact her favorite Fox news reporter girl here, vaccinated and boosted and lost the last election to make it up to I'm happy to give my Chief of Staff to you all so we can tell shorthanded what to say everyday. In fact, bronchitis or deceive yesterday, which are motivated, big on CBS. I was stunned. I figured it enough unmask singer Rudy, his jokes were not, they just run all that funny. Why don't you wasn't there, like Harris, the vice president they say allegedly that she has the China virus again. I don't know about that but there was an interesting report on the Sunday shows. It turns out the big book that's coming out that's doing the deep dive into the bided industries about the New York Times guys are Jonathan Martin and one of his colleagues and it turns out that there is we knew there was bad blood between Joe Biden and Connolly Harris but it's really really bad. Apparently, Harris got upset because the White House staff would not stand when she entered a room and I got the problem here in our hearing a radio program, Grace Baker, you guys don't stand why walking to the I mean we can make that happen, it just be exhausting. You're always running around entering the room 20 and now I have to stand up standalone Alicia getting her steps. That's true. I mean there is a climber white we got you are, let's listen to what happened.

Cut five, Harris felt disrespected.

Here's what you have to curse words a fine staff looked down at her.

She fixated on real and perceived stubs in ways the West Wing found tedious hours walking around the White House staff did not stand up, the way they differ by the vice president took as a sign of disrespect was astonishing. Harris apparently was a meeting about yes the the Chief of Staff to come will Harris telephoned the West Wing and Coley Senior advisor in the West and the Biden, the VP has noticed this and see what would like folks to stay in staff members to stand when she enters the room.

I think the curtain on what this White House really like the tensions are deepening our wheel between the VP's office in the West Wing is like the public image is is what it is but the this is an ongoing challenge and what is hovering over all this talk is 24 is Biden's are running it enough not to be VP Harris that is the mood music and your entire Democratic Party. Right now, as are Biden's numbers okay let's let's get this settled right now. Biden is not running in 2024. I don't think he's good to be president after the midterm elections.

Now the that the issue then is okay. What about Connolly Harris well I don't, it can't beaver. She everybody hates Connolly Harris. She has absolutely zero support within the bided administration and if if Biden was not senile. She would've already been gone but they know there's really not much they can do right now. I mean, God bless Joe Biden freshly getting through the Teleprompter on Saturday night. That was a pretty impressive. To be perfectly honest, so we'll see how all this plays out.

But it is a it is a bad situation for the Democrats about over the Republicans. I was talking to some congressman over the weekend and I this was an off the record conversation provided it but it was on the record. If I didn't use their names so I I'm not gonna tell you who who these people are, but I will tell you this, they are rock solid tromp supporters and it's fascinating because I asked them about whether or not Donald Trump is going to be running in 2024 and should he be running at 2024 and were talking about five congresspeople. I talked to over the weekend. All five told me the same thing. They said about a year ago. They they worst they said it was 90% chance he's gonna run for the office.

Now they're saying about a 40% to 45% chance that Trump is going to run and they also said they don't think he AutoRun they think that heat he did what needed to be done and we need to be looking towards the future and we need to be looking at another candidate someone like a Ron DeSantis. I thought that was fascinating because they they these guys love Donald Trump. They loved his ideology and I think that's the sticking point is that they love the ideology may be more than they love the man himself. So the question at that point becomes okay. Is there somebody out there in the conservative movement that will embrace Trump's ideology and carry that to the to the White House's Ron DeSantis that guy or is it Christine Alm or Sen. Tim Scott out of out of South Carolina who is it that would be able to carry that flag and outside of Ron DeSantis.

I'm coming up with up with a pretty with a pretty short list of people, by the way, Asa Hutchinson, you folks in Arkansas.

Your rhino governor says he's considering a bid for the White House sir.

Watching all of these these chess pieces moving around here and were still not were still even through the midterm election ship and I don't know if the president sounds like he's running and I think he is going to run, but I don't. I'm not 100% sure he is and I still think that if were looking for a new speaker of the house and Jim Jordan doesn't want the job I say let's let's try to somehow recruit president Trump for that job. I think you would make a terrific speaker of the house art.

We gotta take a break or what say you, ladies and gentlemen. Would you like to see and hear your choices. Would you like to see tromp run for Congress. Would you like for him to be named speaker of the house. Would you like for president Trump to run for the White House or you think it's time for him to be the elder statesman and enjoy retirement at Mara Lago 844-747-8868. That is our toll-free telephone number 844-747-8868 we got a great show. Dinesh Desousa's coming on today. I talking about his big big movie documentary debuting up our ally go later this week and have a great conversation. This is the Todd Stern's radio show Christians from coast-to-coast star's well I don't have to tell you, folks, America is facing huge challenges, soaring inflation, alarming crime rates. The worsening crisis of our southern border and radical ideas being forced on our children. Folks, it's time to join forces with an organization that loves America a mat. The Association of mature American citizens is America's conservative 50+ organization my friends at Amax are action oriented and fight every day to represent your interest on Capitol Hill with the Amax advocacy team. So join today that .us/start start receiving amazing benefits like this counsel travel cell phones and restaurants, all while fighting to preserve America as a causes that conservatives care about $16 a year you could join forces with a back in 2.3 million Americans who share your values.

I'm a proud member of a map that you can be what Amax .us/start and join or renew today so I never went to the White House correspondents Association be why bother you.

This is what gets me about these the conservatives out there and Fox news channels back in the day we would not go Roger Elston one is hanging out with those people. But there is a mindset, and this is the same mindset that the conservative Supreme Court justices that once you get to Washington DC. There's this effort. There's this pressure to be a part of the cool doing and what the conservatives didn't realize is they were in fact the cool day know they were the cool kids. So what happens over and over time is a lot of these conservatives in order to boost their bona fides and get invited to the fancy brunches and the cocktail parties where they can sit there Apple TVs and eat their quiche. They start surrendering their belief system and their ideology.

They sacrifice that ideology on some sort of a an altar of political correctness because they want to get along obit Todd we have to go to Anderson Cooper's brunch. It's where all the cool kids are going and that's why you got people like Brett Baer and Chris Wallace and a bunch of other folks who sneer now at the people who literally pay their pay their paychecks. The good conservative gun toting Bible clinging deplorable's of America, the people like you know the listers of this great radio program and that's why they sneer at people like Tucker Carlson. By then I need to get to the New York Times piece just a moment, let's go to the phone zero 844-747-8868 Tad is listening to us on the talk station hey Tad what's going on. You are talking about run again or be president or figure that out and I have to admit when he started running. I would like to hold here because all I knew the truck from television, but by the time we got to vote for him. I knew tromp the politician and he was probably needed and if the nation was in a good shape right now it would befriend somebody else be president and figure that out him retire. I really think we need him again one more time to correct everything that Baghdad has done and get it back on solid footing again may commit any really make America great time so so you can let me see if I hope Tad. Let me see if I understand this or you believe that Donald Trump is the only guy right now who can fix what Joe Biden has broken yet so let's just say so, let's say that that Trump is going to be the guy he is going to run. He's already said he's not going to pick Pentz as his running mate who would you who do you think you got a pick as his running mate. Now that's interesting Tad, I mean a lot of a lot of folks love Christine know she has that there were some big problems in South Dakota. She was accused of waffling on some issues and not standing her ground, but I like Christie know.

I think Kim Reynolds out of Iowa is rocksolid as she's been a governor for a long time. There would probably be most pro-life governor we have in America. I think Sen. Sen. Tim Scott out of South Carolina but might make it because they're doing such a wonderful job Sen. never met one day here's who I don't think it should be.

I don't think it should be Ron DeSantis.

I think if if Trump is going to run DeSantis needs to stay finish out his second term as governor and then set himself up for Pope the post Trump Republican party yet Tad I reach.

I appreciate your call and good insight there of folks Tad says Trump is the only guy that can fix what Biden broke. Do you agree with that 844-747-8868 now over the weekend Grace Baker got all gussied up and we went to the. The big Republican dinner in Shelby County, here in Memphis Lincoln dinner the Lincoln dinner and up. You know, one of the one of the things I love about Republicans. They do feed you. Oh yes and me you got a big slab of beef and chicken plenty of food and the cheesecake all that cheesecake.

I'm in a cheesecake kinda gal but that sucker was pretty good so I barred Meadows Park Meadows was the keynote speaker you had Sen. Marsha Blackburn and the Congressman Mark Green was there and Congressman David Cust off great.

It was a great moment, but I want to share something with you folks that that I found quite interesting.

Some of the top Republicans running for office were in fact not in attendance, and the rumblings are and I wonder if you guys are starting to see this in your part in your local party politics. Are you starting to see the establishment Republicans reassert themselves and try and take back their party because it's my understanding there were some Republicans who didn't want to show who did not show up because they didn't want to be associated with barred Meadows, who by the way, was probably one of the best and most effective White House Chief of Staff's in in recent memory. And by the way, Mark Meadows, a great American patriot, a follower of our Lord, and on top of that he was a great congressman and a great Republic so I'm curious why some establishment Republicans would not want to support their own political party. It makes no sense to me. I gotta take a break your 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number Todd Our website you will love it will be right back rent since November of last year. The stock market has plummeted, but gold has been all the right gas prices are and see the stock market extremely volatile ablation is even worse than it was last year and now you have a war with Russia and Ukraine that could spread to the rest of the world. But markets do not like instability. You have options. Gold prices are rising as investors turned to gold for protection gold provides a hedge against inflation and protects against a weakening dollar legacy precious metals is the only company I trust for investing in gold and silver you mean an investment that will protect your wealth and return be proactive while there's still time. Number 2008 those invested in gold saw huge gains, while others lost their retirement legacy. Precious metals can advise you of all of your options for investing in gold and silver. You can speak to an IRA expert legacy, precious metals, 866-528-1903 or download their free investors guide like a CPM alright. What is ladies and listeners of the conference radio program. What is it that we tell you every single day on this radio program. We tell you that to be a good news consumer. You gotta make sure you're checking your sources right to do that one of the things that irritates me more than anything else.

Grace Baker is when conservatives spread fake news. It's the worst that bothers me is very Meg gets under my skin. Yes it's in my crawl continue so I've got some messages on the Facebook lifestream Todd Starnes why are you talking about Sec. Bill Zach yelling. I don't know is that just you know it's what I just try happening know I'm trite yes there there yelling at the screen at their laptop. Starnes are you a closet liberal are you getting covered abided in the decision, why are you talking about the agricultural secretary Goss. I know I did have a salad last night. Did you have any meat yesterday.

I had to try to eat healthy housing on a get back to us on a little irritable today till later so so it by the well I'll tell you about the story like so so I I'm like okay what's going on was Sec. Bill Zach was arrested. Why are you talking about the agriculture secretary who was arrested by lightweight want. So I I did some research or and it turns out that there is a parody website called real raw news and the parity website actually does all these stories about people, celebrities, politicians who have been arrested when in fact they have not been arrested at this very moment.

There also reporting that Sonja Soto, Mayor, the Supreme Court justice has been arrested so not making this up. That's what you gotta read the fine print on these websites or books. So anyway the allegation is the agricultural secretary, Tom, Bill, Zach, was arrested by the military in April and that is simply not true. It's set it's it's bad satire because it is why why would you write something like that. I have was you trying to tell you that you are no longer allowed to eat meat. I just don't understand why that why that's even satirical. So all that to say folks gotta do your homework. Your I can't tell you how many times we been sent stuff is just outrageously false and and Abby we will do our homework and if you're not sure about something similar to us and will find out. But when you're out there spreading fake news like this, you're just as bad as that is everybody else and again I if you're calling yourself real raw news.

I don't. It's not the Babylon BL tell you that much are, let's go to the phone zero 844-747-8860 how to go to Jerry first in Arkansas, so Jerry before we get to it to talk about what you want to talk about your governor Asa Hutchinson seems to think that he's got the support to be the next president of the United States.

I would like to talk character.

You see, that's what I thought. I don't think is very popular in Arkansas right now don't like him never liked them.

You think is crooked going way back to the amino Airport. When he was the US attorney for the state and I was thinking Mark the great one.

Mark Levine did on the Lord will trump it's too late already trumpet already endorsed Huckabee Sanders when Dave Elswick decided he was going to get in the race something that would be hard to pull it back, but that's another wrong endorsement since got going on here. I'm curious about this because I got a call last night from a good friend of mine named Doc Washburn who used to be the afternoon Drive posted KA are in Little Rock. These are outmoded Beltway government was going to run and so so Doc is now running for governor I he got fired by Cumulus because he would not get the jab so now is running for governor and and he says that most of the donations and the support for Huckabee Sanders is coming from out of state. Probably about the only time I ever see her campaign their own national networks on the resume on local television station. While it is fascinating because you lie on the new soccer in Memphis and that's our signal goes about 7080 miles into the Arkansas interior and and we have not been able to get an interview with Sarah Sanders since he announced it's the craziest thing, but she will not do local local radio and she will not do national radio about that Sean Hannity show she won't turn down boxer Newsmax. It is fascinating. I I don't understand why think that's a bad move on her part, but again she's made her team is made the decision that local media doesn't doesn't count, and only the only national shows are Fox and Sean Hannity want to come back here and thought it was fun. Governor doing a fine job when I know that's interesting.

Sorry Jerry, let's get to it. Got a lot of folks going to weigh in today so who do you like for speaker of the house drunk a lot of drop.

I would vote. I voted for and what would vote for Janicki runs in the primary and the election, but I don't think we can wait that long really trump back in the game now and in the long run I think it would be better off if locally we had like a carbon copy president ideologically in the polar total opposite in every other way.

We need Dr. Ben Carson and what health with Jim Gordon and his backup and trunks figure they'll well I haven't heard that name a long time we had Dr. Carson of the so a while back in the eye. I don't know. I think he may be done with politics, but he big overnight. I I like Mike Pompeo. I think he would probably do a terrific job as president. There will go to Jordan or Carson Pompeo's not bad, but the water you Carson would be the ultimate talk call walk big nose and think softly and carry a big stick. He rose about used to say all manner all right. Jerry appreciate the appreciate the call Jerry. Thanks for listening. Let's go to Joe and North Carolina WSI see the great station there hi Joe what's on your mind thought it was thinking earlier with the caller and also on Friday with regard to potential the speaker the house, and you lean towards trump and another gentleman I believe FD yes Ron Estes out of Arkansas, Wichita, Kansas. My my thinking will be okay. He knows that all he knows the ropes and he's got the background to prove what he did with the contract with America and if he can get in there he can do all the prep work for truck 2044 speaker mutes that would that does have a nice ring to it. That's what I'm thinking I been there and done that he has and I guess he could do it again Joe we're right down speaker mutes will see will see what happens.

III me to you folks do you folks believe we need a change in leadership on me. There are some people out there saying Kevin McCarthy is doing a good job and he should be the speaker of the house. I just don't see how we can trust the guy.

I really don't say one thing in private. Another thing in public. I got up I got a big problem with that and that's why I I have a newfound respect for Liz Cheney.

At least yeah I disagree with her but at least she's honest what you see in private is what you get in public but yeah I look Jim Jordan says he doesn't want speaker of the house. I get that it may be that we do need a rocksolid conservative who is not somebody who is bombastic, somebody who's a workhorse somebody that's going to be able to push through legislation and and Ron Estes certainly meets that criteria and you folks not living in Kansas you your look up the sky and and check check out his record. I he's done a terrific job and he is a rocksolid reliable conservative sure listening to stories in November 2020.

The Democrats were up to no good. Were planning to pull off the greatest team of election fraud never before seen. They didn't think we would catch them but we did find out what they did and how they did in the documentary film fall 2000 you directed and narrated by renowned filmmaker Dinesh Desousa executive produced by Selah media group with, 2000 mules tells the story of the one trying to hijack a presidential election.

The actual video surveillance will see how we track their cell phones box after box. As they got paid to carry out this illegal scheme watch the movie and decide for yourself. Attend a limited release premiere of 2000 mules on May 2 or May 4. Check your local listings and get your tickets number back surgery is so over at CNN they are now calling for a crackdown on free speech of their very concerned about Elon Mosque and the takeover of twitter and CNN is actually saying publicly that you conservatives do not deserve to have free speech. I think there's a bigger problem that when we focus on the personalities of people like you and my thinking so I think humans think in this or that there's a bigger problem here about how we are going to control the channels of communication in this country in 1927. We had the radio act 1934. The Communications Act Congress stepped in and we made rules. FCC wasn't great, but it's still regulating the broadcast industry is vulgar language, you can't do all these things would speech we gave over our what amount*airwaves are Internet waves to Mark Zuckerberg and Elon musk and we are in so much trouble because those guys believe in making money we've already seen that with the 2016 election Zuckerberg was taken in Robles France from Russia and think or think it's crazy to think they had any influence on the selection Mosque is the same musk doesn't want it again was upset with the SEC tried the cloud there. They question him. You know I'm think this is dangerous. We can't think anymore in this country we don't have to know I'm serious. We don't have people in Congress who can make regulations that can make it work. I think we can look to the Western countries in Europe for how they are trying limited, but you need you need controls on this. You need regulation, you cannot let these guys control discourse in this country, or we are headed to hell. We are there trump open the gates of hell.

Now were there chasing is that I let me explain what's going on here. These people are, they still haven't gotten over the fact that Fox news Channel and Newsmax have more of an audience than they for generations the legacy media of the drive-by media in this country control every single thing you saw in the evening news, it was not news unless ABC, CBS, NBC or CNN told you it was news. They controlled everything and not to not to mention the Associated Press and United press International, UPI, so they had a monopoly on the news industry in America and then along comes Roger Ailes who said you know what there's board there's more to the news that's being told on ABC, CBS and NBC and it just a matter of a few years, Fox news became the number one cable news channel and it has stayed there and then along comes Newsmax and guess what they are making incredible incredible grounds and gaining incredible ground on all of the other cable news channels and will very soon be at least a number two and I suspect there to be able to take on Fox news channel and wind that went that fight, but this is all about shutting down dissenting viewpoints. Back when Roger Ailes was running Fox news. We had a slogan and this thing was pounded into our brains out or forget this day. One working at Fox news channel we gotta be very balanced. We gotta be fair and balanced in our news product. If you're to be talking to the Democrat you better be talking to the Republicans and vice versa and and idle idle love that about Roger Ailes but he also said you know what were about God and country, and family and American sovereignty and the military. Those are important things to us and working is working to tell those stories as well.

You see, it wasn't. It wasn't the news coverage that made Fox News so beloved. It was the fact that we told stories that nobody else would tell. That's why they're coming after Tucker Carlson were getting into that later on in the in the program today, but the New York Times is waging right now, ladies and gentlemen, a public lynching of Tucker Carlson. They want to destroy this man and why is that because he's talking about the issues we talk about the issues that matter to you. You see what's happening in our country. You see that millions of people coming across our southern border is meant for only one thing they want a new population in America.

The Democrats want a new population they can control.

It's very simple and everybody starting to see this, including black Americans and we got some great polling data and will share that with you in the next hour, but black polling data showing that black Americans are under the Democrat party and they are they are turning off the Democrats and their beginning to embrace Republicans because they see what's going on. So for the Democrats. The jig is up and that's why they want to open up the borders they want this country over run by illegal aliens for several reasons. Most importantly for power, but they also want the illegals to cause instability and that's why they're being shipped to small towns and cities across America because they know you folks cannot handle the influx of illegals so they want to destabilize the nation and once the nation is destabilize they can come in and there's a possibility they could declare martial law.

They could because they know the they know the jig is up. They know what's coming in the midterm elections. They know they're going to be destroyed destroy. Unless of course the Republican screw things up which they're very good at doing but I'm just let's just assume they don't it's over for the Democrats their desperate they are cornered and just like when you corner one of those one of those animals like a raccoon or armadillo you know it's going to happen there and I fight back there and try to smack you around there very dangerous and the Democrats are in a dangerous spot right now, which is why we gotta pay very close attention to what's coming across that border. No one is one of the things just greatly concerns me is not necessarily the mom and dad, the illegal alien mom and dad come in here to try to find a job. What concerns me are the able-bodied young men that are walking across that border. Clearly they're not living lives of distress they're wearing should do their wearing shoes that cost up 100 $5200 the right designer clothes they got these designer backpacks and even those guys are not the really scary books, the really scary folks are the known terrorist that have been unleashed on American soil by the Democrats. They let these people loose.

Do not be surprised if something happens between Alexa behind is telling it's it's that serious of a situation will get in the more that coming up after the top of the artist and you may think I'm off my rocker your folks. I would love to hear from you if you do 844-747-8868 no place you can call it. That's 844-747-8868 this is the thought surge radios well. Our good friend Mike Lindell is back at it again hello everybody I'm Todd started Michael Dell not only created the best hello but now he's created the best towel in the world. That's right, Mike Lindell found the best tile company right here in the USA. They have proprietary technology to bring towels at little soft but actually work and are all being with USA, they come with the my fellow 60 day moneyback guarantee to get a six piece that two bath towels to hand towels to wash Paul's meeting with USA cotton soft yet absorbent normally hundred $9.99 now just 3999.

All you need to do is go to my Click on the radio listeners special defense counsel on my fellow product towels. Enter the promo code starred or call 800-8395 06 were these great radio specials. That's 800-839-8506 use the promo code from Liberty University studio in Memphis Tennessee is America's conservative torch that didn't do use a little hard. That's the gin sake, the White House Press Secretary weighing in on the White House correspondents dinner which was over the weekend. They call it the nerd prom. A lot of folks get dressed up and one of the one of the groups it was very happy to be news banks, which is surging and doing incredibly well in the ratings. Millions of people tuning in to watch Newsmax because they know they're going to get that great parent balanced coverage of one of the people as a part of the Newsmax team.

There are good friend White House correspondent James Rosen, who was also right now in the White House press briefing room and and James Ike.

If they get ready to start. Just you tell us, we gotta go and we understand but welcome back to the show.

I think were good on time. It's great to be back with James. I'd I'd love to get your take on on the big festivities over over the weekend. Well, it was the first one I'd attended in about five years. Probably the 17th or 18th that I've attended over the course of my career. It was rather like the previous entries course this year was a bit different because it was the first time the dinner was being held all 2019 and the first time in six years that we had the President of the United States.

10 because Pres. Trump boycotted all four years of his term in terms of the jokes and so forth.

Pres. Biden also you never seemed more electric and animated and alive and engaged as a speaker. Then when he was delivering his jokes once he turned serious and started discussing Ukraine and other serious matters. The president returned more to the form with which we are all familiar almost from the ambulance speaking style and more difficult to follow his jokes were aimed at himself 1 to 1 or two point when you came out and was greeted by applause that I want think of 42% of you are plotting good to be in a room with the only set of people whose approval ratings are lower than my own. He also directed gentle Bartlett's predecessor at the news media so court in terms of the MC Trevor Noel Comedy Central. He acquitted himself well, I don't think he destroyed the room and he took the point people killed the room to use the stand-up comedy vernacular.

He kept it mostly classy and I would say you have returned the event to the form as soon as White House correspondents Association thought his treatment of Pres. Biden by stand-up comedy standards was certainly gentle could because there are certain comedians, some of them see this dinner the past, some of whom we might see on platforms like the Comedy Central roast who I think would've been less gentle with the president, but all in all, I think of our time was up by almost all I thought I thought Noah did a good job and that you're right, he didn't go to strongly.

The Pres. Biden stayed away from some of the. The foibles of the misstatements and all that kind of stuff, but I thought that last line and you had to listen real close, because it happened at the therapy what he said please be careful leaving tonight. We all took this administration doesn't handle evacuations well qualified. Horsley was really swallowed by it and really delivered in a way that would seem to ensure the people. Now, in terms of, you know the sort of celebrity gawking fishing to report for our listeners that I could spend a few minutes. Very briefly chatting with Kim Kardashian's boyfriend assignment like comedian David I'd try to get in touch with her once before without success. And I saw my opportunity. I took it and told him that I attended middle school with his father, Scott on Staten Island's father course Paris to the firefighter 9/11 so keep has never really know is that and I told him that if he wanted to hear. My recollection of his bedroom. I got to know well over three years.

In class with the follow me on twitter at James Rosen PP an invitation I renew here is that right that's fascinating, and a lot of people may not realize that Pete's father was was intact, firefighter one of the great heroes of that day yeah and I got to know is that well and I told him he was a charismatic and great and better looking than you and great but adult that's great, in which Kardashian was aside, I really don't follow them. This would be the older Kardashian camera so all of that is your boyfriend now the alpha card. This may be the breaking news. I have delivered here in this format but yet you always you always come loaded for bear. James Rosen i.e. I'm curious there was a judge switching subjects that there was a fascinating interview on CNN over the weekend with the authors of the new tell-all book, Jonathan Martin, one of the co-authors a talk about her. Yes and Alex Burns and the whole theirs that they were talking about the tension between the Biden staff and, Harris, Estep, and she was upset because they would not stand when she came into the room. Have you heard any of this. While there are some whispers of friction of court and just about every presidential vice president relationship, particularly the relationships between the respective staff. Some have noted, for example, that the frequency with which Mr. Biden holds his weekly lunch with VP rather well below weekly.

Some others have noted that VP Harris doesn't seem to appear on the president's daily schedule as receiving jointly with him.

The presidential daily brief, every day as used to be the case, and so these are sort of what we might call criminal criminology were the reading of Healy.

Of course, publicly every every statement made by either is fully supportive of the other. Biden has said flatly that he intends to run for election 2024 with the vice president as his running mate once more are James Rosen on the patriot mobile newsmaker line from Newsmax. I will say this rental to go James. I was somewhat disappointed that you did not get to spar with James Gordon in the White House briefing room skip that sparring that took place in that session was about as real as the staged computerized fight between Rocky Marciano and Mohamed Ali of broadcasting in closed-circuit film theaters in 1970. Mohammed Ali lost to an aging Rocky Marciano, who was wearing a 2K in the film sequences all over.

Ali said that the computer that that generated that result must've been manufactured in Alabama about as real as that session with James Gordon love James always appreciate your grade inside. I'm glad that you and Pete are BFFs now and I was unaware of the world.


Thank you.are James Rosen, White House correspondent Ed does a terrific job over there a bring the news to you over it. Newsmax oh my goodness, Grace, are you you follow the Kardashians much like the British royals no I do not, I mean very loosely. I've seen stuff about them, but I've never watched the show had never been in that kind of thing. Yeah I just yeah I'm not yet. I'm not. I'm not a big headlines, but I don't really pay any actual attention. I knew that Ken and Pete were dating. I knew that, but that's pretty easy to know I made a cameo on real housewives of Atlanta. Yeah, I was on and they are doing was on an airplane with all as it was it Mimi is that Amy knows what you you with in a day. Mimi maleate is watch me whip watch me Nay Nay they day but it's I don't think her name is Neve but I believe her name is Nini.

Okay, I get very confused.

Anyway very nicely. A very nice lady but I was sitting in first class.

It was one of these deals were you had there were not many seats in the first-class cabin short and I realized I'm the only person sitting in first class. I thought well that's weird. And then all of a sudden, after everyone boarded this massive entourage comes on, and it's the cast of real housewives were laughing and imagining you sitting there alone in this whole like parade of just soup you notice that image. They were all very nice, but there was some drama going on will, of course.

And so I asked the flight attendant I'm like, who are these folks are they celebrities egos are you kidding me like the real housewives of Atlanta, the flight attendant was very happy. He was a pig that fabulous of you is very excited about the fact that we had the housewives and I like okay can I hold, I just wanted Baptist Martini vessel. Anyway, I was they were filming and I was in one of the shots and so that I am real role in on the white guy also.

So if you see somebody that's me that's that's yours throughout your one like our cameo.

You know, movies, TV shows, that sort of thing that's I've had a couple of I've had a couple of TV appear to have an acting career on the side alter ego. No that's not me and it's you know it was funny. Someone suggested that they do this thing in New York City, which is sort of weird but I guess kind of cool but they allow reporters and journalists who are I guess at the networks don't let them do like a walk-on role for a Broadway show. Oh like a little brief appearance in jazz hand, I'm good. I'm not good at jazz hands. It's not, I can see you. You should've gone Hamilton I know what your favorite. Oh yeah, I got Israel to see the ramp I read you know I wrapped ones on Fox News and I got called downstairs. Yeah, I'm sure you barely got fired that not necessary. I was under contract so they can okay only gift, but they cannot read your contract which they did. But anyway I was I was wrapping the themes onto the Beverly hillbillies.

I thought it was pretty entertaining. Fox management did not painting just by not for the reason you intended through Bartlett. We gotta take a break here 844-747-8868.I got a ramp 844-747-8868 folks before week before we go to break, I want you to go right now to Todd and you need to do a couple of things. First, you need to download my podcast.

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Gotta take a break will be right back. Show Macy's one day sale is going on now with great nervousness and like 40 to 50% off on pensions and must have a friend and she was in and get 40% off your new favorite designer, Franklin said order even faster when you pick up curbside in-store same-day delivery savings are failing. Exclusions apply.

I find a way that's a little faux pas I think this is funny the left is going nuts out trumpet senile. He senile. He can be proud that that so Trump was given what was doing a big rally I think was Nebraska over the weekend and he forgot who he endorsed in the Ohio Senate race years what the president said that's what they're waiting for their waiting for one race interweave endorsed Dr. Oz.

We've endorsed JP Ray JD Mandel and he's doing great.

They're all doing good, though I don't know, Mr. Pres., that's JD Vance that's the person you endorsed look. The guys endorsed housings of candidates so I'm going to give him a pass. Here, look if you've done public speaking, your you're going to make a mistake, every down and but the mainstream media is going bonkers over this. Meanwhile, Ted Cruz of this is interesting. Ted Cruz is on the Campaign Trl. in Ohio and he's actually supporting Josh Mandel who is running against JD Vance. Here's what Sen. Ted Cruz had to say what they say on the south because they all say the same and says I love those it's true it really is true and that's why I don't trust any of these I do not trust these number droppers.

I don't think I just I got a problem with. Let me ask you this. Do you really think that JD Vance is a true blue from conservative now it would be one thing if he was like and and I look there are a lot of people like me who during the campaign during the primaries back in 2016. You supported somebody else because what happened when Trott became the nominee I got on board the truck, train, and I haven't gotten off, but people like JD Vance took it a step further and when you call Donald Trump, Hitler, I have a I have a hard time believing that your fundamental value system has changed, I just, I sincerely do and the other issue with JD Vance and I know this may sound like a minuscule problem.

It may just be sort of any Stearns is just finding something to to gripe about. But that a couple weeks ago there was a big debate and a couple of the candidates, the Republican candidates nearly came to blows. You might remember this, we talked.

I believe in playing the audio on the show and I mean it. It got ugly and tense and the Mandel and somebody else they got they got nose to nose and it looked like there was good to be a knockdown drag out fights after it had been called at that point JD Vance rises up and says all right men break it up. We got a separate here and is like what do that.

Where were you like five minutes ago to help so he wanted to make sure there wasn't some sort of a of a confrontation he didn't want to be and that he didn't want to get slogged. That's it was kind of like the chicken way out and then he honors and exploitative and uses God's name in vain.

I got a problem with that, somebody eating tuna fish Grace Baker ice water ice melt tuna because producer cows leading to nugget with me unplugging my nose every year I was wanting to know what all over the microphone all right.

I can't stand that's not can't stand the smell of like to see stuff, cilantro and broccoli is are my three smells so it Fox News. I can't name names because this person is a dear friend of both. But this friend of mine and I I'm to do my best not to identify the gender, but this friend of mine was a very healthy eater and every morning. This friend of mine at like 5 AM back before you Fox News Channel was a slalom building before they renovated it so the year I left so were down in the communal kitchen and trying to get because every morning.

This was great. Every morning they would have free bagels nice perk to go down to get a bagel from your you you smear the bagel and then you I got you a cup of coffee but you, but you could. You had to go in there before this friend of by would put her broccoli dent on that I sent her would put the broccoli in the microwave all know when you could smell it at the Fox and friends set REIT of broccoli in the microwave.

It was terrible. So if you want to know something worse than I that one of the worst bells in the world is broccoli in the microwave being screamed at like 5 AM.

You in the morning. No thank you all that to say I'd I just don't trust these guys like Sadie Vance's thinking is that we believe that you know II died we trust Tyler audio with air who does a wonderful job and tonight is a very healthy fish to eat.

It's the chicken of the Sea but back to back to Ted Cruz this is fascinating. I just I just cannot trust and II just can't bring it, bring myself to a point where I can trust people like the JD Vance was what about you ladies and gentlemen. These candidates were never droppers and now there all of a sudden they have been born again 844-747-8868 Setser toll-free telephone number 844-747-8868.

Again, Todd sign up for the podcast is going to change your life.

I can promise I will arrive at Macy's one day sale is going on now with great nervousness and like 40 to 50% off on pensions and must have friend and Susan and get 40% off your new favorite designer, Franklin said order even faster when you pick up curbside in-store same-day delivery savings are failing. Exclusions apply and I was watching Netflix over the weekend, so Friday.

This is been a busy week.

Of course we have a huge Republican dinner on Friday came home Friday night and and binge watched Ozark because part two finally came out, the finale of the whole thing and then the following day, Saturday, we were at the status of the culture engagement summit and it was great to see you folks out there for that and will talk more about that little bit later on but anyway how disappointing was that I I was I'm like really that's how Juergen and I could give away the ending because some of you haven't finished it yet but I like really I might not be coming to work tomorrow what you lugged it Chi I learned I didn't really haven't finished it by the sicknesses just came out, but now that you say that I think I might be pulling on either tonight and not coming and I'm curious to see your reaction to the ending, the finale of the lesson.

I don't go on social media because it'll talk about people are like spilling the beans. Such short of what it is good stuff from all that to say I was.

I was just thoroughly disappointed with this with part two of the final season to be too excited which quite frankly explains one of the reasons why Netflix stock is in the toilet and by the way Netflix now decided to cancel the animated series coming from Megan Markel beat the Duchess of Sussex. That's Harry's wife. She wears the pants in that household and is not looking good. Netflix is that the stock market as of the toilet out of the patriot mobile newsmaker line. We are honored to have with those are good friend, the founder of Timothy plan Art Allie Art hope you're doing good. Remind you, man. I know I know that years ago. It's I know art. I know that in our groupings on their 2000 mules and well working to have Dinesh Desousa on and on, a little bit later in the program and really talking about his new movie arts and powerful powerful part that is its goal. It is going to be a powerful film and honestly one of the reasons I envision initially got Netflix. That was one of the few places that you could see all of these family-friendly faith-based films back in the day so not. You know I have, you're not kidding art are you are you surprised by this that people are beginning to turn off your cable channels like Netflix and and they're embracing something else. Or maybe they're just getting ready cable altogether. Well, you know, I think there is a great awakening.

I think God's hand has been in this we start arming America has been in trouble for a long time because we got way too comfortable and do what you want to know I'm not paying attention. Well, you know, it's like Nazi Germany. Too much attention until they started knocking on my door brother. They're not on our door right now and I am encouraged to see the level of engagement people from school board meetings through all the rest are start to say enough is enough.

This is the greatest country in the history of the world and were knocking to let you destroy me vectors. We hope your to date Netflix. Their stock has taken a nosedive more than 68% of the worst performing stock in the S&P 500 this year. That's according to the New York Times, and they've lost around 200,000 subscribers from the last quarter that tells me that the viewers are making a statement and clearly Netflix management is not getting the message, you may have made pretty stupid to think of you know that the other dealing with the growth on thinking people out there so when you drop it, that makes 200,001 that have left them yeah and I probably and I'm probably that I just just find a doctor didn't think I will write but you know but there were some programs like the crown you know other historical dramas, and you wish to get those you are making excuses now art I feel I'm under conviction. That's good about a lot of what I needed them for a long time. It's terrible. Art Allie with is the founder of the Timothy plan to talk about Timothy plan in just a moment, but are you know another another big story is Rhonda Santos, the governor of Florida. He is sticking to it and I tell you Disney is in a freefall right now. I've heard their stock down what 30% are they going to get the message or do you think there they're locked in. I'm afraid there is a lot of Lockean I actually was at a dinner with Rhonda Santos last week and he gave us the back story about them. But I'll tell you what we have the greatest governor in all of America. And I wish people would just leave him alone because we want one more full term as governor. We don't want to run the president yet, but boy did he take them on, and you don't mess with Rhonda Santos arming Disney. They met more than their match. They been run and run a shot over Florida for years, closer headquarters is in Burbank you know any associate I will let a company in Burbank California dictate what happens in Florida, but they have spirit in the face of their major audience. Families with kids and all other.

It makes no sense other than know I think the war is going to be spiritually there's no other explanation's nobody in authority would make a kind of stupid decisions. They do did reach out to your your base man and they have turned their back on their base for the object of our guests are going totally woke Sam saying go woke go broke. We need to be using just let it go well.

American surgical Brandon but I would've so that go woke go broke. I love it I love it.

And aren't you know again looking at Disney. There are so many different components to that story, but to me the overarching issue is that management says we are grooming your children, and that is that should terrify every mom, dad, grandma, grandpa in America. Well, you know people think is something new we are 28 years old, we screened out every one of those 28 years they have been meddling in an unseemly stuff for years but now everybody so boulders out front with it.

It's not hidden anymore and to do what they've done is just, you know, borders on stupid are you guys at Timothy plan have a mission and I I love this, you say quit investing in organizations trying to destroy us at that is. I'm his common sense and a lot of people may not be aware that the corporations they are invested in rashly using that money to support things that violate our faith as as Christians, well about the average person arming are not in the industry.

They don't use advice from their financial advisor or whoever of how to invest an extra like it's divorce from aligning your values with the how you're investing the money God has entrusted to you, but people are increasingly waking up and that is encouraging to us because if we were really to step up and say you know what this company is pursuing an unholy agenda. I will not put it time of my investment in their stock. If everybody who claims to be a Christian in America would simply do that America would change overnight because it's always about the money and these companies are caving in to the wall culture because all their hearing from the other side. They put a lot of pressure on these companies would be doing this you know and were so nice reason, you know, it's none of my business. While it is our business so this is our country governmental industrial complexes now include boots with each other and are trying to take her sounds and were helping him. Joseph carelessly investing in those shares of stock of these companies and my encouragement is people are waking up and were here for them. We will not own one share of any company trying to destroy us.

I love this focus Timothy plan recently achieved $2 billion under investment and how to do that by doing deep research and following that advice quit investing in organizations trying to destroy us art I know of the website Timothy that's Timothy What can people find when they go to Timothy

Well not even I can navigate that website and I was part of my requirement is make associate symbol that I can do it.

One of the things my favorite part is right on the homepage and it has to do with the fact that we really don't understand how to handle money biblically. Whether it's how you spend it how you earn and how you invested are you in bed with it.

Are your planning your estate with it. God's word is replete with advice of handling money, more so than any other subject and asked myself at first. Why would this be and that it was obvious he knew where we get in trouble all of our training handling money comes from the world's perspective, not the church are God's word so I hibernate it and created a nine hour biblical study course that we are giving to anybody who wants to go to our website and click on it's right on the homepage biblical stewardship study course is free nine hours.

You can take it in 10 minute segments. If you want enjoyable to go through but it really does expose how the world's way in God's way are exactly opposite and this time we started doing things his way because you know this way works only every time. Well said that's amazing how that works are always good having you on the program and the Timothy focuses the website are looking forward to having you back a couple of about a week or so for now, and I appreciate it. It's always fun to talk to. Keep up the good work great American patriot and incredible money guy and just a devout follower of the Lord. He is the founder and president of Timothy plan folks Timothy You gotta check out that website that's Timothy are you here is learning to graze over and get a break. We've got Michelle and Mike want to weigh in on JD Vance and also we have some news breaking a Pres. Trump says he's heading to Wyoming for a big rally. That's Liz Cheney country so that ought to be interesting ever together that in just a moment 844-747-8868. That is our telephone number.

By the way folks gotta tell you about our good friends over at patriot mobile Mandalay has some great deals just for our listeners. It's super incredible to switch over to patriot mobile.

America's only Christian conservative wireless carrier. By the way you talk about investing well. A lot of that has to do with where you where you get your phone service and a lot of these liberal companies are supporting a horrible, horrible groups, but not patriot mobile. America's only Christian conservative wireless carrier. They have incredible nationwide coverage and plans to fit any budget along with great discounts for veterans and first responders it super simple.

Go to patriot That's patriot You can also call their US-based customer service team 972 patriot folks when you do, be sure to use my promo code Todd there to hook you up with some incredible discounts will be right back front lines of the culture will start Macy's one day sale is going on now with like 40 to 50% off on pensions and must have a friend and she was in and get 40% off your new favorite designer, Franklin said order even faster when you pick up curbside in-store same-day delivery savings are failing. Exclusions apply is not an atheist divorce going down in defeat today. This is a fascinating story really talk to our good friend Matt Haber he actually represented the the of the organization. A Christian organization of the case, the Supreme Court ruling earlier today that it is legal yes legal to fly the Christian flag outside of City Hall in Boston and it had been taken down to the city. The city leaders said they would be happy to fly a gay pride flag or a black lives matter flag. They can't fly the Christian flag well here's the shocking part of the story.

Folks were talking about a unanimous decision.

Everybody agreed that Boston City Hall violated the Constitution. So there you go. Great day and Boston for Christians and for religious liberty. Let's go to the volunteer 844-747-8868 Michelle in Ohio wants to weigh in on JD Vance hi Michelle, what's going on. I'm well, thank you. Yeah Kemper I met a red flag for me.

I'm trying to hide it look outside the establishment and the one thing we don't need have somebody again next eight where their deep Stater and then Ohio can have instant information that he very tightly Silicon Valley.

That's a red flag for me. I just had a weird feeling about him and that's why I'm voting form.

You know, it's one thing to say okay yeah I oppose trump during the presidential race or whatever and got on board, but he is his conversion to Donald Trump came way late and quite frankly it looks to me like he's playing politics or very confused as to why child endorsement just like Dr. I Pennsylvania I get to me. He still not being fed and commissioning and information down and in and you can and you know Michelle you can add the Senate race in Nevada to that, you've got some gubernatorial race in Georgia and there are some folks in North Carolina who feel like he made the wrong pick in in North Carolina.

A lot of conservative supporting Mark. Former Congressman Mark Walker that race so there is a pattern here and I hope it doesn't come and come back and invite the president in the behind because the president is a good and decent and honorable man.

I just feel like he's being fed bad Intel about these folks I am looking for a dark quiet company are the constitutional so I'm looking at candidate outside like the Republican Party I got back behind Michelle, thanks for the call. Let's go to Mike and Mein WOB are great affiliate there, what's a user hello Mike, all right. Mike must've gone away. All right. Sorry about that folks.

By the way, Grace Baker, have you heard of a new term called 60 sexual think Joe sexual know this is an honest-to-goodness story. This is not made up a a Japanese man married a hologram bride half and now he's struggling to bond with her because apparently not making this up.

Apparently tech-support broke down and he has no way to contact his make-believe rock and say that they are very disconnected. Right now all that's very good.

You know it's funny.

There was a guy up and this is a true story. They call it victim of sexual got married to a fictional computer synthesized pop singer four years ago and he cannot communicate with his bride because tech-support no longer no longer has the software needed to fix the prophet what you're saying is needs to upgrade the younger model.

I love you Guy River. The guy, it wasn't Boston who got married to his laptop yesterday and we had people get married.

The plants you apparently.

I think there is a concern about coming down with a virus also want to download hi I, back Macy's one day sale is going on now with like 40 to 50% off on pensions and must have an excuse and get 40% off your new favorite designer, Franklin said order even faster when you pick up curbside in-store same-day delivery savings are failing. Exclusions apply University studio in Memphis, Tennessee since conservative commentary from business hour. By the way, this is up is going to be dropping by a little bit later on his view debuts this week and will be talking about that. I mentioned this amazing story out Boston where City Hall banished the Christian flag.

You could fly a black lives matter flag or a gay pride flag but you could not fly the Christian flag well. A lawsuit was filed, and the Supreme Court ruling just moments ago coming out that Boston City Hall violated the Constitution by banning the Christian flag. I want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line. We are honored to have the attorney in that case Rupp representing the good Christian people of Boston are good friend from Liberty Counsel Matt Stabler, Matt, first of all, welcome to the show. Second, congratulations you got it good to be with you and in fact this is a great vision to have a 9 to 0 decision.

It's very rare and have it on this case with the religious free speech in the Christian flag is really an amazing message that is sent across the country were you surprised that it was a unanimous decision. I don't usually predict the outcome of the spring court case, but in this particular one. I told our staff we could possibly have a 90 decision and that was based upon the response and the argument during the argument of January came and I presented the case, they did not seem receptive at all to Boston. I thought at least we have a super majority, but I said, also it's possible we could get 9 to 0 because even Justice Breyer actually wrote this case. He actually said and it's very disconcerting. If you're the city of Boston. Why didn't Boston settle this case and Justice Kagan said to the city of Austin attorney you know you made a mistake letting you settle and move on. Why did you keep on litigating what you keep on going forward. So when you have those two justices making those kind of questions to the other side asking those kinds of statements you know it's not a good day. If you're the one who the recipient so I felt very good about that but I think you know you never know until you know and now we have a 90 decision that I think is a great decision for free speech across the board that is this one of these landmark cases. Will this apply to every City Hall across America. Your will is not just like case involving a Christian flag in this particular situation. They entered the flag because the word Christian on the applications of the flag itself is okay. Just call it anything else so clearly was that they went for 12 years with no censorship to Nettie for flags approved no censored flag until this one and I was on because the word Christian on the application so they censored the word Christian because in their view, was the favored speech and so now this will send a strong message, not only for this case and the facts of this case.

But for this favored speech particular religious speech across the country that it can't be excluded from these public forms is not an orphan to the First Amendment site is protected by the free speech and free exercise clause and I think that is a strong message that comes out of today's decision that Steve is the founder of Liberty Council huge Supreme Court victory 920 decision unanimous decision and I I was again surprised, pleasantly surprised that it was just Justice Stephen Breyer, as you said, who wrote the opinion.

I'll whip on the heels of what just happened last week with the department of homeland security information governance board that want to censor your viewpoints on a wide variety of things. I think this is a great decision. It says no. The First Amendment is very strong and it does not allow this censorship by the government. We have a robust free speech clause of the United States that includes obviously religious free speech so I was not surprised that we got a 90 decision I was certainly glad to see it in print I was surprised that Breyer was one who wrote the decision I think that even send a stronger message that no matter where you are on this court.

We have a strong decision and that message should be heard loud and clear by these government centers across the country. See, I'm with you Matt.

It seemed to me that the court was signaling her trying to send a message by Justice Breyer writing that it could've been any other conservative justices but him specifically III was very impressed with the fact I never thought of my wife and I never thought that we would see the day where we would have Breyer writing the record on our case in our favor. And here it is 9 to 0 so I think that was intentionally done to send a strong message that there is unanimity across the court on this issue and I think that message alone is emphasized by the Snyder zero decision, emphasized by who wrote this decision, Justice Breyer menu reference to the decision coming out last week to create with this de facto Ministry of truth and a lot of people are talking about how this originated and some reporting back to Barack Obama, suggesting that maybe this was his idea. Obama's been out there giving speeches calling for crackdowns on free speech, how concerned are you that this is going to impact Americans in the pretty pretty horrible way how I'm very concerned and you don't healthy Gabbard Democrat from ally actually said that it likely goes back to Barack Obama and refers to the speeches that is been making recently about censoring speech. He's been pushing for more censorship on social media and of course what were just right coming up on the midterm election and so we've already seen statements from the people that are pushing that they want to censor misinformation, disinformation about the election, including covert and other things. So anything that doesn't go with their narrative. They want to censor and I want to do it under the Department of Homeland Security put the federal law enforcement agency to censor free speech. I think it goes right back to Barack Obama. I think Barack Obama's going a lot of the shots in current by administration anyway but I think this is a direct manifestation of his vision to censor America and I think it is very dangerous. It's is not out of the realm of possibility you sold to the airport, going through TSA checkpoint. They pull you aside, sorry Mr. Starnes you can get a more there's airplane because of things you've been saying about Pres. Biden or the Biden administration. That's not out of the realm of possibility. Here now is not, you know, and healthy. Gabbard actually called the Ministry of truth which targeted back to the George Orwell's 1984 book coming. Who would've ever thought that George Orwell's 1984 book would be a living reality that we're seeing right now, but under this administration under the really you have Obama Biden third term. If you will, and I think he's point. A lot of the strengths but when you look at this creation. I'm not even subtle about it.

They cannot actually call the governance board that will look at this information, misinformation, and they have Nina Janke veg, who is the executive director of many couldn't have a more terrible person on free speech as Executive Director. So they're pretty clear what they want to do. They want to censor Utah. They want to restrict you and I want to do with law enforcement they want to do that to everyone that they disagree with and the people you're listening they might well this is just that your you're blowing this out of proportion. Matt, this is the same administration that reported moms and dads who complained to school board meetings to the FBI. This is the same. This is the same administration that dispatched squads of health department officials to knock on people's doors to find out whether or not they been vaccinated. So I think it is very possible for them to do the same thing with this. I agree same administration that men can give birth to children so I might talk about a ministry of truth. You know it disinformation you know that there kind of information that they think is true and if you say will not know men can't give birth to children. Men are men. Women are women. Oh that's this information that this information will punish you and stop going to cause you to be centered on the social media platforms, but I think it's more than that just censorship punishment as well.

Otherwise, why would they put it under the Department of Homeland Security looking at this as a national security threat. It's a great point Marion Hadley was there not normally when you celebrate your go to Disney World, but you can you celebrate the big web well you know I like to eat out so I need and I my wife and I will let you know we did give thanks to the Lord here for this great victory and I will go to some other place, besides Disney got a lot of other places here in central Florida.

Besides the Mickey Mouse went all right. Bad saver. Congratulations. Great job and I know the people of Massachusetts are celebrating this great victory land out of all places the cradle of liberty should never had this happen, but now liberty is returned by all right bad stable everybody from Liberty Counsel, and that big wind up in Boston at the Supreme Court. By the way, Grace. Interesting story out of Oregon and I'm I'm certain our Oregon listeners are to be furious about this retro so this is your tax dollars at work. Oregon schools in Oregon will soon be required to place minstrel products lady products in all restrooms, including the boys bathroom. What a waste. That's all I can say waste is called the menstrual dignity act signed into law know this is a law on the box dignity.

Yes, email getting to signed in law by Gov. Kate Brown, and it requires I'm not kidding here folks. It requires lady products to be provided in bathrooms for elementary school, middle school and high schools in boys and girls balance quote the program and help students participate actively in classes in school activities by alleviating some of the economic strain and experiences of shame that are often barriers for menstruating students accessing their education.

This is a direct quote from the Oregon Department of Education's menstrual dignity for student toolkit and this is coming from television station KAT you need to make this stuff up.

Portland Public schools as it's taking a phased approach are they going to start with the girls bathroom first and then work your way to the boys. Here we go. They say that they are already implementing this this program in girls bathrooms and non-gender bathrooms, but by next year, all bathrooms will have the products and instructions, including mail bathrooms. Instructions for how to use tampons and pads will be posted in all bathrooms. The Portland Public schools say in the statement, there you go leveling so boys and Oregon now need to access tampons happened there get it taken the just goofy boys, there's going to take him shove them down into the toilet and make a mess as a prank could be. They have four policies in the menstrual dignity act policy for four pillars privacy inclusivity access and education. They say students of all genders and abilities will be taught without shame.

This is happening in Oregon.

Unbelievable 844-747-8860 8Q good people of Oakley jail 844-747-8868 this is the time Starnes's radio free America Starnes Macy's one day sale is going on now with like 40 to 50% off on pensions and must have an excuse and get 40% off your new favorite designer, Franklin said order even faster when you pick up curbside in-store same-day delivery savings are failing. Exclusions apply. Now you're my resident.

Biden now function or if it was the Teleprompter I want you to hear the president just tried to say during a national address match Republic Services all about is that it's that were present right toward Roma I title. I will just throw it out there for you folks is word salad. I let's go to the phone zero 844-747-8868 Patty on the line hi Patty what's up what's going on.

Mary Poppins comes along because I now I wear my calling in January because we take over the house. The Republicans say they're going to impeach the guys. So now I agree completely. I don't buy country I know all I I don't doubt that all the bodily Mary Poppins referring to Nina Janco which yeah who by the way, Patty.

They say she's an expert in disinformation and she is something she's the one that was time I Patty I completely agree with you it's it's a mess and my concern here is that they are going to try to start. Not not just knocking on people's doors, but if you got homeland security involved. Just think about this Patty you say something that the government doesn't like they could search on your bank accounts they could make your life very miserable and outside, by the way to show people that are likely tell you I almost forgot about this Mike Lindell Patty got thrown off again. They invited but invited them back on all that to say Elon musk is not in charge.

So all these people that are out there saying oh it's a glorious new day-old always.

Not glorious, just you yet your weekend with everything. I know you were going with the church and everything now Patty. It was very nice. We had a good time on Friday about 800 Republicans turned out to to see Mark Meadows got a chance to meet with Mark and we got pictures up on Instagram and folks if you don't follow some Instagram. I would encourage you to do that because we put a lot of pictures up there, a Patty Grace Baker was what was with us and she she had a great time.

Grace did have a good time.

She saying yes you had a good time polymer allowed thinking of our dog. Oh wow you Patty this is your last night I was going to pick up my tunafish at the Kroger and they had a lady that was there.

You know the ladies at which the they have the free samples & was she was offering samples of cheese and Merlot. When I thought I thought the same thing.

All right, Patty, God bless you Patty thanks a lot Bill and Grace, I stayed up somewhat late to watch the grizzlies and I thought we had it. I thought we had it. We were so close, so close and yet so far away and yet so far. When we shot away. You know, if we just had our shots but as lease would be astute analysis done hundred and 50 hundredths of made our shots. We would window were just remaking stupid decision. I don't have the court. That's what I'm trying to find out. I agree. Maybe it's just me idled up but on this program, you know we got a represent the hometown. This is true. Go grizzlies was admin.

This I okay this is nicely yeah is just not you know grizzlies that's all you need to say and I'm still trying to come to terms with the grizzlies. I mean, they should've changed the name of the franchise with the hound dogs. How now the sound or the catfish hello righties are way cooler or the pigs. I don't know the Memphis pigs barbecue colonies fun of the hogs yard got Arkansas the Razorbacks yet okay let's get real. Seriously hound dogs you over for Elvis Ewing on but a hound dog yeah fairness. The grizzlies deftly not find a grizzly bear walking around Memphis. At least I hope not listed is for the shooters in memory by 240 for the deadliest city in America's true there's the homicide might sit right in homicide. I gotta take a break your people 844-747-8868. The Nash Desousa coming up next Macy's one day sale is going on now with like 40 to 50% off on pensions and must have an excuse and get 40% off your new favorite designer, Franklin said order even faster when you pick up curbside in-store day delivery savings are failing. Exclusions apply. I tell you that. Drop by showing the pot. One of my favorites is a guy by the name of the Nash Desousa you know the Nash Desousa and whatever he has and I just just just bookmark this in your brain whatever to Nash. Desousa writes a book or produces a documentary that is something that you have to watch you have to read and tonight there is a limited theatrical release of his newest investigation two nights only. Monday, May 2, Wednesday, May 4 and you need to get yourself to the theater tonight. You can purchase that's 2000 we got a direct link on our website along with the trailer for this very important movie. The name of the film is in fact 2000 mules and in this movie in this documentary Dinesh reveals the truth about what really happened in the 2020 election. I want to go right now the patriot mobile newsmaker line.

Always good to have Dinesh Desousa on the program to Nash first welcome to the show.

Second congratulations Mike, I'm very excited about this new film. It really obvious goal been significant that far exceed my earlier film and and that could not be a more important topic all the way.

It is also the most censored topic in America with it, which is the topic of election fraud. Yeah let's let's talk about what you give our listers a preview of what they can expect when they go and watch the movie tonight while people are accustomed to a little bit of talk about election fraud and quite honestly, it comes from both sides. So from the left out that the most secure election history and then you think you know that I will be like well what will you fraud what let's say I have no proof of fraud that make it the most secure election history, don't you have to show me a comparison between this election and let's say the last five elections to show me that was less fraud in this one than say in 2016 2012 22,008. No one even attempted they just make the ridiculous pompous assertion most secure election history and the rest of the book does not like sheep now. Conversely, there are people on the conservative side with that, you know, I smell a rat, I knew something went wrong here.

All these anomalies but see an anomaly is just a puzzling fact, it doesn't necessarily mean that there isn't some explanation.

It's conceivable that from God. More working class vote more black and Hispanic vote but still lost a more suburban vote and I've lost the election so to me, you need a proof that goes beyond these kinds of suspicions and insinuations that I think that in this movie. We have raised the bar on insinuations and anomalies to actual visible proof.

One of the things I love here is that you are able to obtain data from true the vote and that's a great election integrity group and that you are able using that information you were able to expose a lot of the Democrat shenanigans and their plans to literally disrupt the election results in credible job they bought the geospatial data now geospatial data is the data that tracks the movement of telephone inside of myself on the idea of apps that allow our location at a given point in time to be precisely located and so through time. You can see the cell phone actually moving. Now obviously I can get myself onto my wife Debbie I maybe she's on the dropbox and not me but the fact that the cell phone… Location is beyond dispute and what vote did they bought this giant body of data. 10 trillion things and out of it. They ran a search algorithm defined mules, but the mule a paid operative was hired typically by a left-wing organization to deliver illegal and fraudulent vote. The ballot dropbox is usually under the cover of night and through the vote was able to search for mules to entertain a more dropbox. So really like high-performing thrift mules and we found 2000 of those Justin the five key areas where the election was decided to go blind Phoenix, Milwaukee, Detroit, Philadelphia, just in those areas. A minimum of 2000 new to this Desousa of the patriot mobile newsmaker line powerful film that you need to see debuts tonight in theaters. 2000 mules to Nash water what is going to be the reaction I don't some people have already seen the film, but what what what it was their reaction. Those folks who had the opportunity to preview it when they finish watching the documentary well every the people we shown the movie and it only opening for a mere week and on Saturday, May 7 we have a virtual in-home premier where anyone in the country can buy a ticket login, you get an access code boom you're in your field to watch the movie at home and is a live Q&A to follow. This is on Saturday, May 7 8 PM Eastern.

Now that being said, a lot of times of my earlier movies, people with a man Dinesh when your movie finishes in the theater the whole audience stands up to class their souls moved in there so fired up and I've been very proud of that reaction, but I will not be the reaction in this movie and I predict that when people watch it will be a dead silence. People literally was still in one place for a little while because they have to digest after taking the implications of what were talking about.

This is not just a matter of hey what are three things we need to do to fix it next time.

What were talking about is whether or not be there is enough fraud to tip the balance in the presidential election. If that's the case, we have the wrong guy in the White House and what we do about it. We are absolutely and in constitutionally uncharted waters. So what do we do about what you recommend. Well, there are two ways to think about it you know I'm one way, as I call it the baseball game way you lose the game. The other side cheated but that's going to be a next game next year. That's one way the other way is, I call it the Lance Armstrong way, which is a Lance Armstrong cheated by taking illegal drugs and won the Tour de France like seven or eight times then you got a take away his medal because you can't, you have to deprive them of the fruits of the cheating and so both are valid ways to think about it on the movie doesn't try to resolve how you come out on this.

It tries to lay a foundation of undeniable fact and were not just talking about. I mentioned the Geo tracking evidence is also surveillance video and this is not surveillance video that you know some kind of truck took with her telephone. This is the official surveillance video of the states themselves, and so I know you have to give it to the government very habit they took it, and when the audience is sort of let in on seeing the criminals in the act.

It's amazing. Like going back to October early November 2020 and watching this criminal network. This cartel is clearly organized. It couldn't have arisen spontaneously organized by the left and by the Democrats to swing the election for Joe Biden. Just a couple of days ago to Nash that the report came out from Gerald that that the Clinton campaign had literally unleashed mountains of fake news attacking Pres. Trump that the mainstream media just just gobbled right off by me. This is this is not just a scandal hi just, I believe, based on the information you already have that there was criminality involved going all the way back to 2016 well because I mean from what I've been what I've been learning in the Hillary campaign decided to deploy a British agent and also that the deep state contact to go to the media which is in on it into a degree. People like Franklin for a plate magazine and basically no collude.

That's the real collusion. The collusion was between the Hillary campaign on the deep state and the media against Trump that was the Russia collusion.

This was the real collusion, but that 2016. What were talking about in 2020 as we are showing video never seen before in which you get to see this organize fraud and think of all the nonsense they been saying this is the most secure election history. Nothing could be further from the tennis this information. The video never seem never seen before video. Is this something that can be taken to the courts and if so what can we do with this. The way to go is not so much to take the video like that but the way to do that for law enforcement to step in and arrest the mule through the vote as the cell phone IDs of these mules, not the name but that's up for 90 law enforcement does this all the time. They track a cell phone.

They have a cell phone ID to get a warrant and then they unmask the cell phone which is to say to go to the provider and they get the name of the guy you have the name of these mules, all committing felonies. By the way, right in front of the camera you arrest them okay who paid you who put you up to it was behind this operation where they get the balance, so there is a logical next step that come in fact, the FBI should be rating the offices of these left-wing organizations because they are forbidden by IRS rules getting involved in electioneering. In this way they're allowed to urge people to vote there not allowed to campaign for any particular party or candidate. And yet it seems here that they were involved in a massive fraudulent data collection scheme for the Democratic Party concerns reasons and as we got a midterm election coming up and I'm not too certain that that the election issues the integrity issues have been rectified at all.

My concern is what happens if the Democrats are able to literally control the outcome of the midterm elections, whether or not to back some decent voter integrity, like the goal part of the way to solving the problem, but there are still important things to be done.

I mean a lot of the estate. For example, said that they would, but simply didn't install surveillance video at the mail and drop boxes so I could devote got a lot of video for million minutes. A lot of places had no video and I think that was in order to enable the cheating. So, another with the stake like always. COBIT were too busy we can really get out so sorry we didn't do the video but the simple minimal requirement in an age where technology is cheap. Every parking lot has surveillance cameras. The idea that you're running an election in the United States of America. You don't have surveillance video in the dropbox is a mean banana operations that it's it's a fair point. Alright well I will leave it there to Nash. Congratulations powerful new documentary 2000 mules and it is again two nights tonight.

May 2, Wednesday, May 4. If you like information on where the film is being shown go to 2000 that's 2000 and then on May 7 a live online presentation of virtual premier and that that's going to be apparel thing again.

All the information in 2000 and Dinesh will be walking the red carpet Wednesday. I believe it Mara Longo. I'm looking forward to going to be really exciting.

We've got to be the party of the year and it fit our way of getting this off and I am a big way. I love it well well deserved honors and accolades coming your way. Dinesh good having you on the show today. Thank you very much God alright there you go folks. Dinesh Desousa and I think I'm going down. I got an invite to go to Navarre Longo of this week to watch the film and walk the red carpet with Dinesh and as he said is good to be the party of the year. So anyway, lots of fun and again a very serious point here Dinesh has been able to expose the plan.

The Democrat plan to permanently control America's elections, and as he said and I love the way he framed that you got a couple choices here you can either say okay we know they did it and were just going to have to work and I have to deal with it and just win back the White House or you take back what was stolen and I'm not sure there is a constitutional way to do that, but it is a mess and I I'm I'm with Dinesh now, the now the police, the FBI need to launch investigations into these mules are gotta take a break here 844-747-8868. That is our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 folks I I don't have to tell you that America is facing huge challenges and there are some serious one, soaring inflation, alarming crime rates, not to mention what's happening in our southern border. Now we need to support an organization that loves America and is fighting for America every single day.

I'm talking about our friends at a Mac the Association about your American citizens.

They are America's conservative 50+ organization my friends at a macro action oriented, fight every day to represent our interest on capital Hill with their great advocacy team folks. I want to encourage you to go right now to a Mac .us/Starnes. That's a Mac .us/Starnes and start receiving some incredible benefits like discounts on travel cell phones and restaurants and you get to fight to preserve America and the causes that conservatives care about get this only $16 per year. You can join forces with a Mac and 2.3 million Americans who share your values. I am a proud member of a Mac and you can be one to go to a Mac .us/Starnes and join or renew today backup and Macy's one day sale is going on now with like 40 to 50% off on pensions and must have a friend and she was in and get 40% off your new favorite designer, Franklin said order even faster when you pick up curbside in-store day delivery savings of failing.

Exclusions apply to Tucker Carlson tomorrow. We gotta talk about this New York Times and pretty disgusting sword. Have you heard about what happened on a Southwest Airlines like this a great story on Washington Examiner has a piece Abigail Adcox is the reporter in Oklahoma couple Jeremy salad and Pam Patterson got married at 37,000 feet on a Southwest Airlines flight they were flying over Arizona and what started out as a joke, turned serious when the pilot Capt. Gill gave the green light so they were married right there on board the airplane opener wasn't any turbulence. The couple ended up at at Dallas-Fort Worth international Airport in full wedding attire with a canceled flight when they met Chris in ordained minister who offered to marry so they were actually trying to get to Vegas to elope and because of all the flight delays and cancellations. They were stuck on an airplane. By the way, do you know where this is great you know where they eventually ended up taking taking off from Grace Baker there to big airports about who will no love field 00 wow that's much that is great that's good so the wedding was complete with all the bells and whistles. The flight crews bring an action toilet paper streamers and they made a sash out of snack mix guessing no no streamer are not streamers, no sparklers or anything like that and throw right side of passengers chipped in one offering up a spiral notebook as a makeshift guestbook all all 60 passenger side with her seat numbers. That's nice, very nice and a message for the happy couple of one passenger, a professional photographer took photos.

How nice and south book Southwest gave them a shout out on their Facebook page that I would imagine it would look great for them.

We can't wait to walk you back on board the love airline.

I'm just glad that it is been the honeymoon you know on board the flight was well yeah me to that used to be a thing back in the 70s allegedly I don't want to talk about. That is a family friendly.

Please now Joe Biden.

It turns out nobody wants to read her memoir. This is sad. She always holds 250 copies of her of her memoir the personal and political life of First Lady Dr. Jill Biden. You know it's interesting that reminded me grace that back in the day your her ex-husband Joe Biden's ex-husband actually accused her of being a homewrecker really all yeah so he said that she had an affair with Joe Biden a while Biden was still what ways they know they were still married and he had she had an affair with Joe by wow that it's interesting, I wonder she put that in the book she probably should have a minute.

What a soul was sold. A thousand copies baby or at least 300 are there you go. All I can tell you is we sold more copies of the Vista Park so you go America. I know everybody will see you tomorrow will know someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once.

Much better. Now you close my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take you to to list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy seafood for

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