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Biden Says Christianity Supports Abortion

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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May 3, 2022 3:19 pm

Biden Says Christianity Supports Abortion

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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May 3, 2022 3:19 pm

President Biden committed heresy when he announced today that Christianity and all major religions support Roe v Wade. Todd Starnes covers the Supreme Court leaks and more with Governor Mike Huckabee, Mike Davis (Article III Project), Senator Rand Paul, and Governor Scott Walker.

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If in fact that is the ruling which everybody seems to believe it is the ruling we got a lot to talk about today we have some great expert analysis also looking at some big big primary battles are underway today Sen. Rand Paul's going to be here. Gov. Mike Huckabee, a former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is going to be here in our good buddy Mike Davis is coming up at the bottom of this hour, Mike is probably one of the foremost experts on the Supreme Court, and we're going to get his analysis as well, but I have a theory as I was as I was watching the news coverage last night. The word coming down about the leak of Justice Alito's first draft and it looks as though this is going to be a five for decision a couple of interesting takeaways. First of all understand this, George W. Bush appointed to the highest court in the land. Chief Justice John Roberts, who is not only a radical leftist, but now he is a pro baby killing justice according to the information coming out if this still stands.

Roberts is siding with the liberals on the court, so he is he is for the abortion industry. Now you can say what you want to about Pres. Donald John Trump but God bless Donald Trump. We are celebrating right now in this country because Donald John truck put strict constitutionalist on the Supreme Court, and that says something about his character. So let's see how all this plays out.

But I but we got a more pressing issue and that issue is whoever leaked this draft from the Supreme Court, folks, this is I've heard I've heard it's an earthquake, a political earthquake. I believe it is a judicial insurrection. The Chief Justice just moments ago, John Roberts finally spoke out all of this cannot here's my take. And I will get to share with you that the statement that that he he released and the by the way the Justice Alito were to go through his his draft which I think is quite frankly brilliant. Now keep in mind this does not outlaw abortion across America. It simply moves the issue to the state level where it should be decided and it is a and earth.

I believe what 13 states that already have laws in place, so once once Roe V Wade is under Turner is overturned, then abortion is immediately outlawed and I am proud to say that you folks listening to us on Kate W a.m. the mighty 990 in Memphis, Tennessee.

Our state is one of those states were abortion will be illegal. So here's what Roberts had to say. Yesterday a news organization published a copy of a draft opinion in a pending case, justices circulate draft opinions internally as a routine and essential part of the court's confidential deliberative work. Robert said he has directed the marshal of the court to launch an investigation into the source of the link quote to the extent this betrayal of the confidence of the court was extended to it was intended to undermine the integrity of our operations that will not succeed. The work of the court will not be affected in any way by the way, we have the full so we have the full statement by the Chief Justice over at our website. Todd what we at the court are blessed to have a workforce permanent employees and law clerks alike intensely loyal to the institution and dedicated to the rule of law will clearly search you do not court employees have an exemplary and important tradition of respecting the confidentiality of the judicial process and upholding the trust of the court. This was a singular and egregious breach of that trust. That is an affront to the court and the community of public servants who were clear. That's it. You can read it for yourself over and Todd so here's what needs to happen. The guilty party needs to come forward and they need to they need to expose whoever the guilty party is if they can figure out who that is.

It's very simple fire everybody every law clerk loses their job and that means a very good decent honorable people are to be tossed out, but you know what we don't know who the guilty party is and we cannot have this happen at the Supreme Court want to explain what's going on here because I've got a lot of messages last night Todd what this is unprecedented.

We never heard of anything like this happening what's going on was very clear to me what's going on for the past 20 years. Ladies and gentlemen, there has been an assault on American history there has been an attack waged on the fundamental truths. The values that we hold dear and and that war has been waged in America's public school classrooms.

We have now taught 24 2022 years now. We have taught American children that America is not exceptional nation that we are responsible for all the world's problems that our founding documents are tainted with the sin of slavery that our founding fathers were a bunch of races to hated black people who hated Indian people pardon me, native Americans, pardon me indigenous people. I'm trying bear with me. I'm just a white guy and in the list goes on and on and on and on.

We have raised for the past 22 years you think about this now for the past 22 years we have waged this war on the minds of American schoolchildren and we told these kids. Do not be proud of this country you will be suspicious of the white man. You will be suspicious of the Constitution. You will be suspicious of the rule of law what what what are they say that minorities, people of color to get a fair shake in the judicial system and now suddenly were surprised that people that are supposed to be. Keep confidences are now breaking those confidences and breaking those trust in the reality here is the person who did that or the people who do bad think they were doing a noble thing. So the question is who did it was a law clerk was a staff member or as I have been hearing rumblings that the most liberal of the justices one Sonja Soper, Mayor may in fact somehow be involved in all of this now hopefully really get to the bottom of it. I'm glad that incident, the FBI, because they never get to the bottom of it is matter of fact, the FBI would probably try to stage other insurrection, but that's a story for another day, soaring to find out who did this.

I have no doubt about that is it'll take a little bit of cyborg to find out who to put the question now is why why did this leak. I have a theory about that to. Now Joe Biden even though he may be senile and suffering from dementia. He's not stupid.

The Democrats know the Democrats know they got a big problem on their hands they see they see the polling data folks. They see it and they're terrified they know what's coming.

They know they could they could lose in historic numbers in the fall.

They know that it is over for the Democrat party it's done there finished it's over couple so you better believe the Democrats are sitting around trying to figure out okay. How do we how do we gin up the base you got a fleet and inflation. Otherwise you people can't pay for groceries and can't buy gasoline. You've got people that you got small business owners that the polling data shows most black Americans are now beginning to look at the Republican party as are the Hispanics the border is overrun and the Democrats need a solution and they need something that will mobilize and generate the base to get out and vote in the midterm elections and that's why they leak this thing folks I this is sheer politics because they know they know what's about to happen.

They know that this Bob is going to take to the streets and just like the black lives matter crowd were to be suffering through a summer of mostly peaceful protest. Cities will burn down, there will be people who will be left bloodied and beaten in the streets.

Pro-lifers will be targeted, and I have no doubt they will try and target are Supreme Court justices and their families.

And I certainly hope that securities been ramped up because were dealing with some very dangerous people. Batons are just there just goodhearted Americans and they just a sick no, these are people who believe we should slaughter babies on their birthday. These are monsters they are evil they have no regard for life and you better believe there to be marching in the streets of a just last night, and by the way, did you notice this couple of days ago, folks, I'm telling you is not I there's a conspiracy going on here couple of days ago.

Somebody at the White House press briefing just asked a random question about abortion to Jen Saki why.

At that moment today asked a question and then all of a sudden just a few minutes after the delete came out you had literally hundreds of people just showing up spontaneously at the steps of the Supreme Court. Barricades already up. They already had their signs made. How did how did that happen nobody's at facets idle know it's almost as if somebody told them ahead of time so will see all this plays out at the end of the day. It's great news for America great news for the unborn. It's great news for the Republican Party. It's great news for the pro-lifers. Now the question is, how is this going to play out in places like Pennsylvania or Dr. Oz is pro-abortion rate open up the phone lines your 844-747-8868 who he thinks responsible for leak of this bad boy 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern's radio show Christians from coast-to-coast historians. Well, I don't have to tell you, folks, America is facing huge challenges, soaring inflation, alarming crime rates. The worsening crisis of our southern border and radical ideas being forced on our children. Folks, it's time to join forces with an organization that loves America a Mac the Association of mature American citizens is America's conservative 50+ organization my friends at a Mac are action oriented and fight every day to represent your interest on Capitol Hill with the Amax advocacy team. So join today that .us/start start receiving amazing benefits like this counsel travel cell phones and restaurants, all while fighting to preserve America as a causes that conservatives care about $16 a year you could join forces with a Mac and 2.3 million Americans who share your values. I'm a proud member of a Mac and you can be what go to Amax .us/Starnes join or renew today goes this you this is the cases of this scene, the amount of damages is caused in the full ability to tell him what she can and can't do with her body going back to 20 means tell society here all you men who sat home all you young girls adults over 18 years old who did not go out and vote who did not think that you need to protect your we are now back in the dark ages brace yourselves ladies I'm with you. My heart is just broken. I don't understand why this country hates women so much and I just don't understand that will get through this will figure out a way more joking about being Hammond's talent will be wow you the good news here. Apparently, the nation finally understands and specifically the left. They seem to now understand what a woman is so that if you're looking for a silver lining. Aside from the fact that were to stop slaughtering unborn little girls and by the way they talk about women's rights. What about the rights of those little tiny baby girls to be born, and to live their lives. What about that America so Laura Ingram last night she was fired upon eating Rob on her a Fox News Channel show here's cut five is not a law clerk or employee of the court to link the decision and what is a naked attempt to try to change the outcome. I was a Supreme Court law clerk and I know because I sought opinions. Go back and forth drafted opinions go back and forth language changes.

Sometimes, sometimes even votes might change any of the court's history how controversial or disruptive the court's decision to ban those draft opinions ever leak you know why because everyone in that building understood that was a line that could never be crossed, and it is a sad commentary that someone in that building took it upon himself or herself to totally usurp the role of the justices and hijacked the court's deliberative process already there and she's she's not wrong and it it's clear clear that whoever gave the okay to leak this draft was doing so to not only intimidate the other justices. Now imagine I want you to think about this and we we talked about procedure at the Supreme Court now typically the after there is a court case and, for example, because Joe Kennedy was at the court last week the judges will meet in chambers and they will typically come up with a decision at that just a few a few days, or even sometimes a few hours after hearing all the arguments and so then they spend the rest of the time several months writing their opinions writing the dissent and then is typically released in the summertime. So we were actually expecting this Mississippi case to to be announced sometime over the summer that was how things normally happen but whoever leak this new that this would be the gasoline to to ignite a firestorm across America and they wanted that to happen. But there's another political component of this folks, this is going to get a bite and by the way the president was speaking out of those and will get the veterans department, but Biden. This will give him the opportunity to pack the court that this is been on the table. They took it off the table is going to be back on the table and they're going to try to shove this through the Congress before the midterm elections because they know the clock sticking so here is our president. Biden just little while ago was all this is the start that right question is this is all right. So here you just heard the president of the United States a little armchair theologian say that God supports abortion folks.

I'm telling you, I'm surprised there is not a thunderstorm immediately over Andrews Air Force Base in a lightning bolt did not come down from the from the heavens. So I'm I want to be clear with all of our listeners. I believe that life begins at conception and at that moment, hands off Dodson control.

What say you, America 844-747-8868, Pres. Biden says that God all the religions of the world support abortion 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern's radio show rent since November of last year. The stock market has plummeted, but gold has been all the right gas prices are in sync. The stock market extremely volatile ablation is even worse than it was last year and now you have a war with Russia and Ukraine that could spread to the rest of the world. But markets do not like instability. You have options. Gold prices are rising as investors turned to gold for protection gold provides a hedge against inflation and protects against a weakening dollar legacy precious metals is the only company I trust for investing in gold and silver you mean an investment that will protect your wealth and return be proactive while there's still time to remember 2008 those invested in gold saw huge gains, while others lost their retirement legacy. Precious metals can advise you of all of your options for investing in gold and silver. You can speak to an IRA expert legacy, precious metals, 866-528-1903 or download their free investors guided like a CPM I think it's a great day for pro-life.

It's a pretty lousy day for the rule of law inside the Supreme Court and how would you like to be working in the Supreme Court right you don't know who's going to be leak and what about your the patriot bubble newsmaker line. Great to have Mike Davis with us from the article 3 project Mike Sawyer last night on the Fox News you are fired up server your reaction and your response to to this unprecedented leak last night so I clerk imports. I served as counsel for nominations on the Senate Judiciary Committee or my portfolio included oversight of the federal judiciary. I have never seen anything like it. I think this is the first time in the Supreme Court's history that a draft opinion has leaked out what was up by the court.

It's pretty clear to me what's going on here. I think there is someone in that court. Your liberal law clerk who is unhappy with how the court is to rule on this Dobbs case overturning Roanoke attorney Casey so this person is taken taken it upon the person's own initiative to floor reports, legitimacy, and it's just probably not work back and worked BACK I can have the opposite effect of what this person Is to make one. Maybe waffling conservative just come home by the Chief Justice to put out a statement but you can have the Marshall of the Supreme Court do an investigation on the start and find out who leak this person is going to get fired probably good because Bart might be prosecuted for federal crimes like stolen property, or maybe obstruction of justice by I'm curious you say this is unprecedented. Is it possible that you think will be able to find out who did this well this is what could happen.

There is a nearly 200 member police report that the Supreme Court has Supreme Court police. They also work very closely out for over a century with the US marshals service, which is a Justice Department agency they could bring in these officials and interview every single law clerk. Each of the nine justices have fortified ballparks. Each of the nine justices have read and alter three administrative age most of the most likely people who would've thought had access to these draft opinions into the internal deliberations. The politico reported that speaks and so you set everyone down for interviews you take sworn statements from every single one of these people you maybe you could call a graphical capture but you get the bottom. She subpoenaed her phone records you subpoenaed their emails personal phone records. The person rebelled against the bottom they need to get bottom was a direct attack on the acute on the independence of the Supreme Court on a monumental case and the courts integrity, they have to get this resolved the first time ever happened. The court order for the work back at nine justices there fortified law clerks 3 administrative aide constantly cooperating in discussing these cases before the issue and if you shatter that trust. The Supreme Court cannot function as it is possible that a Supreme Court justice could been involved in this possible, but it's not likely that would be so highly unusual to just get along so well. It would be so unusual I will say that this is been an unusual year with leaks of the Supreme Court prior retirement debacle is retirement the whole math gate nonsense with my boss just of course, there's been a lot leaking out of Supreme Court and I think you know what it is.

It's an unusually leaky year of the Supreme Court that indicates to me that there is a law clerk who is who's going broken metal like is this is irreparable of the Supreme Court to bounce back from this that she may have various spots on the Chief Justice is a very strong leader when it comes to protecting the institution protecting the integrity Supreme Court damage.

The Supreme Court, but there certainly bounce back. It's certainly preferable and that you got for sure just expects that you already start to do that by putting up a statement saying that the Marshall Supreme Court is going to investigate it invariant to resist calls by Congress or the executive race to stick their nose at you do not want the camel's nose under the parents. You do not want the political branches stick in the nose into the internal operations Supreme Court unless they are asked by the court itself, and in a very limited and deputize manner. So even if you brought in the US marshals service from the Justice Department to assist the Marshall to assist the Supreme Court.

Police need to make sure that the deputize under the Marshall report. You do not want to set a precedent for the political branches can go in there and investigate Supreme Court, especially internal deliberations like we got about 60 seconds. Here why now why leak something like this.

Now what you think the intent was. I think the intent is true.

To make justices conservative justices maybe waffling or undecided on overturning Roe versus Wade Planned Parenthood versus Casey to get scared off and that is obstruction of justice. It's not going to work it's going to backfire and make justices more sure of their decision now from and just really a practical standpoint. Here the justices to decide to get together decide right after arguments. Is it possible then to change their mind you is or is there a certain time.

They can do that they are not bound by not bound by the conference, you know there's been reporting that the chief justice changed his mind on Obama care so that certainly could happen all remember that present Obama 20 political pressure on the screen recording court, including the state of the union address over Obama care and I think the trust for purposes of judicial independence through forcefully fight back against that. I actually think the Supreme Court should issue the opinion immediately, even if they have to say that concurring or dissenting opinion. I'll get up immediately. That way people know that justices are not up for grabs that that that that way they know that, but not nothing they can do to the justices will change the result that protects the justices to protect the court. I'm with you.

We all know what's happening and we can't let that influence the decision.

I don't think of what one where the other.

But I'm with you. I think they need Glenn release the opinion to find out per curiam to Michael. We have we got a good job by 42 and were a few seconds late, but ma'am we really appreciate you coming on the program. Great job last name of the channel. Great job today on this program. Thank you so much Mike Davis everybody from article 3 project and that we got Mike's info over on the website. Article 3 as you heard, he clerked for Justice corsets at the Supreme Court and Mike says this was an attempt to intimidate conservative justices and you just think about this and you this is a very shrewd place here, and that's why I'm wondering if it was, was it really just a clerk who decided on their own to do that grace your shaking your head, you look dubious here, you think there's something bigger going on.

I think it's all political.

I think they're gonna try to use intimidation and ahead of the midterm.

Specially that's it.

They know that these conservative justices all God-fearing God-fearing people watch as the cities burn you know what's gonna happen there to take to the streets is to be violent people you get beaten up people and businesses are to burn at least justices are thinking. Now we don't really think that was gonna happen. Maybe we should just you know leave things be. It will be the fiery, but mostly peaceful protests of 2020.

Oliver, that's it that you're absolutely right are eight 844-747-8868. That is our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 let's take a call before you got a break.

Galen, Columbus, Kansas on the line. What's on your mind morning.

First of all great, Jim.

Yeah, we that we try not to tell her that Galen said she gets the big head so you know about that, but it's a great point there 100 agree with you that life begins at conception and are common that the president may use delusional command not to eat it is being baptized is a public but we have got to do away with Roe versus Wade is against God, the greater of heaven and earth and is an abomination to him to think that a baby a baby that he created that we are destroying that life and caught. I just prayed that all Christians out there would rise up and go. The demonic forces that are trying to be in control, that there nothing that God is greater and Christian.

It's time for us to raise up we been painted, the pro-life them painted as radical were not radical or not work, God-fearing, life loving people and create word created by God in his image.

Todd, this is God.

It looks to me like an after hearing Mike talk it out to be pretty simple to find out where the leak came from and then dealt with the old sort of what laws we have employed Gaylord my money's on soda my money's on Soto Mayor's office.

That's were and and those of the rumblings as a people are saying is matter of fact, there are a couple of official posts that were deleted. Maybe somebody said something they shouldn't of said but I think that's where it came from but I would be surprised. I would not be surprised if the if I and again it sounds conspiratorial but I would be surprised if Obama was in August and some Japan unit.

I agree. All I do. Todd, I got adopted. Galen got a run, my friend. Thanks for the call and the sorry about that.

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Click on the radio list or special get deep discounts on my fellow product including the towels. Enter the promo code starred or call 800-839-8506 were these great radio specials. That's 800-839-8506 use the promo code. Well, I feel I have a lot better now that Mr. Stern is on good afternoon Mr. Starnes Indian is fine, I'm Indian. I was raised in a predominantly Indian community and that's what I grew up hearing that this younger will crowd that gets her drawers in a wad if you don't use Native American or indigenous people. Let's good Indians just roll off the Indian just rolls off the lives easier. As a matter of fact we shorten it and call ourselves Indians engines Indians have a blessed day.

Sir Edward, thank you very much and thank you for clearing that up.

I get up I can append that on the Facebook Edward so the next time I get hate mail I will lock quote you studiously and let's go to the phone zero 844-747-8868 Alice and Arkansas Alice what's going on all just kind of checking my, my heart is just on final status line of the of domination by one guy gets sent Lodi Bible also says that the soul beat turned into hell, and all nations said I just got God dealt okay what hell is Lily look, I know I I get the most of your voice. It's it's a it's a bad situation else you know we get out there. We ask God to bless America yield one of the things this really rubbed me the wrong way and Alice God bless you and and thank you for calling one of the things really rubs me the wrong when we ask God to bless America. Meanwhile, Racquel, and what, 30, 40 million babies a year. It's unbelievable.

I II think we ought to be praying God have mercy on America.

Maybe this is baby baby Joe Biden, and Coppola Harris are gods. That's God's judgment on Eric. Maybe God is punishing us for for aborting all of these babies, killing all of these babies. Maybe that's maybe that's the punishment.

Oh, here's Pocahontas man she's on the warpath. CAN we say that Elizabeth Warren Indian outlaw here she is out front of the Supreme Court. They just need to do it. I've never seen this day they are plotting carefully cultivating these four justices have the maturity something the majority of Americans do not want 9% of people across this country across this country. Red states and blue states people and young people versus Wade. You know I feel bad for here we got another clip about Pocahontas really that shortly. The I feel bad for Mr. Pocahontas. You know I me to hear this guy hello what Mr. Purdue. We know what Mr. Pocahontas does for a living. I don't let Mr. Pocahontas coming home from a hard days work in incomes. Elizabeth Warren just hotter than a red hotter than a red horn and he's basically high hi honey how's it going, we can't slaughter babies at a bar. We can't we can't sell their body parts anymore and Planned Parenthood, the Walmart of abortion clinics will always be a bore. Mr. poor Mr. Pocahontas is was to sit down of the market. Lounger pop open a cold one and either eat a sandwich and nobody was to come out of that job on cheese a little so we got the log coming up. We've got to our good buddy Ray Richardson from WL Obie I he's been following the story for years and always going to call and Gov. Mike Huckabee's are dropping by Sen. Rand Paul and former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and of course your calls as we work through these crazy these crazy days. Folks, I'm telling you it is going to be an ugly summer and these aboard all of these are people that literally rip the limbs off of little tiny babies and they sell on the black market were talking retarded about monsters and now they're about to be unleashed on the streets of our cities are gotta take a break here 844-747-8868. That is our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 hey website Todd check that we got some great stories of American does it make sense that the same company who controls half of online retail also passively eavesdropped on your private conversations at all about the idea that a single company controls 90% of Internet searches what your email service desk to track everything you do on your smartphone to contact is more powerful than most countries are they profit by exploding your personal data. So it's time to put a layer of protection between your online activity. These texts are and that's why I use express. Just think about how much of your life is sadly every site you visit video you watch will message you said gets tracked and data by when you run express VPL your device.

The software hide your IP address something big that can used to personally identify you so express VPN make sure activity partner to trace and sold advertisers. Handing your personal data to the big go to express to get three extra months free express from Liberty University studio in Memphis Tennessee is yours. What here I was, you know what we can have a nice leisurely summer before you plow into the big midterm elections and that is clearly not the case and I would encourage you folks if you live in a major city, especially with a bunch of liberals and if you got a bunch of those of feminist cows, the ones who wear the Mexican Manchus in the him sweaters. If I were you I'd check up on your insurance policy because it's going to get ugly. It's going to get ugly. This I just say I we got a lot going on this hour of the program 844-747-8868.

That is our telephone number. I do want to go to a lot of folks wanted to weigh in on what happened last night of the big leak of the Supreme Court draft and it really is unprecedented and I want to go to Georgia Tom listing to us on W GUN. I think Tom has an interesting and an interesting idea of how to qualify what happened yesterday. Hey Tom what's going on. Well, I didn't expect this to happen. It kind of brought me back to the days when out in college and studied the court that a knowledge for attention, but the three branches of government, you know, they've gone after our legislative branch left and right.

For many, many decades now and the executive branch which is the president and now I think we are under attack with the judicial which is the Supreme Court and I think you can't write well ago you said it is an insurrection. I think it is an attack yeah Tom, I me.

Would you know I saw that crowd out there. Interestingly, the barricades and already been put up and everybody knows how this is going to go down and I'm really concerned about our Supreme Court justices and their families because they will be targeted not only about the abortion issue in Roe. I think it that they were not so successful in the other two branches and maybe let go after the real base. You know the judicial connected cascade down all the way down to the local golf course you know that the legal issues and an end to that point, Tom.

This is where it becomes imperative that we elect good people, good rocksolid constitutionalist to the state legislatures because that's where a lot of this is is going to play out Tom. We got a Rhonda God bless you and thanks for that call. Let's go to Portland Maine are good body. Ray Richardson WL oh be great morning show host, program director radio guru Ray, how's it going up there in Maine.

True, I'm just a short fat white guy with a microphone yet to take the compliments Rick Richardson. You gotta do it man.

Well I'm glad that I'm down 41 get our waiting for you to come back up here and eat good food with it so I'm get ready for your next appearance. I love you. I know a lot of people looking at it from the league and unprecedented. I gotta tell you, Todd. I'm 60 years old. I have prayed every day for as long as I can remember for God to give our justices the courage to end the scourge on our society and I actually I've been so emotional about this. I woke up this morning and peers at 1 o'clock just hoping and praying that this was an authentic draft and that the justices will hold firm.

I actually ended up praying on the air this morning with my audience that God will strengthen and protect the protect these five justices so that we can see the end of Roe V Wade in our country yeah Ray, this is I think it's going to be a glorious day and and I'm very encouraged. I like what Mike Davis said earlier in the show. He says that the Chief Justice teased then you go ahead release the opinion save the the of the dissenting views the concurring views will come later, but we gotta get this out there so this already out there and let the chips fall where they may yet you know you're exactly right. And many people are saying. Maybe this is a ploy for Democrats to rev up the date the truth is coming out the next two months. No matter what, so it was gonna happen before the election.

I just hope and pray that the justices stay safe and there strong I have spoken about this for the last 30 years of written about it. I've spoken of pro-life conventions. I had the privilege one time you you thought you only believe that I do privilege one time to speak behind Dr. Albert King, who would you know is a great pro-life warrior in this country. She can saying such a great beaker and I walked out the massive room where people are everywhere and I'm like I gotta follow that. But I wanted to read.

I wanted to talk to today I want to share this very quickly because for me, this is all about day. I believe every life that is ever been created is a precious gift from God that we are all unique and precious in his sight and we have four children. When we had our third child.

The doctors told my wife don't get pregnant again. You know, the baby won't make it and you most likely won't make it either in about 10 days before we found out my wife was pregnant with her fourth child did. He had a dream and we were at my oldest son's graduation.

There was a beautiful blonde haired girl and your goal which would be the right age. I got on her coat and mama mama mama she turned to her looked at her. She could see her face so clearly, and she said Elizabeth this is trip day he was graduating and we knew that was a message from God that this child was supposed to be born in the this was another blessing from God.

She's 23 now and she has been such a blessing in our life.

And you know if there's been some Dr. Planned Parenthood and we want people of faith, counseling, no, no, no, don't carry this baby. My daughter Elizabeth would not be alive. Her husband wouldn't have her now in the future.

They out together and what they may do would never have happened. So you know I don't blame women. I think women often are victims of the culture that just tell the people and everything else marriage is a throwaway so I'm just glad our government or federal government. If this is all true will no longer be saying that not all life is precious that not all life matters and that not all life is a precious gift from God well said what real, just a beautiful story and and well said sir, and by the way, I know Susan college is a bit discombobulated right now but I'm sure she'll get over there and I are good friends that I respect or the area that we do not agree on it all, but you know you can agree on everything and one of the places where we disagree. All right, Ray, always good hearing from you and by the way you guys have some of the best blisters of their own WL oh be funny when they call that you give me a shout out our tech line like the start to shout out. I see what you just got up from great Baker that will make my day grace, what's up with Holland Albright Grace Turner microphone. What's up with that. Wait a minute now you get you get to get the shallots time and I don't, you can turn the microphone okay one time. Just so you which things I can just randomly take over the ship, you've heard race feeling are you I am taught. I just want you to know everybody.

You may love great day.

Love you Todd everybody and they loved great. They always talk about her, it's just Marlowe.

Some people say always love you but we really love your dog. This is, I will write Grace give Ray a shout out shout out till Ray Richardson, W hello be in Maine lobster baby double great way to great Baker shout out.

I love it I love historic day is something I read Ray think something called the loop lobster lobster you gotta drop that off sorry last note the big lobster big last I like your allotment of all blob blob blob sorry pass number hey we got to get through some of the stories. This is, I find this to be fascinating.

Grace Baker of this is from the University of Central Florida. A student there at the University of Central Florida was reported in September 2019 to the school's bias response team because he referred to older people as boomers. He did this on Facebook and somebody complained and called it in a just slur. Is that true boomers is now because I am a Gen X or yeah a Boomer you are Boomer for some reason. Okay, you will see in the corner.

I am a generate I'm a Gen X or this is clearly a violation of the student code account. My parents were rumors.

This is clearly a violation of the student code of conduct should not be tolerated by the University any more than calling someone a racial slur, so they're saying the Boomer word the B word is as bad as the N-word well you know it's funny.

I feel like people, older people always complain that young people are sensitive but sound like this person is very sensitive and also the fact that you know Boomer. I think that there thinking of this is mean called okay Boomer and it's basically dismissive of old people.

So I think that that's why stinky offense okay Boomer is that it is okay yeah like Excel and all persons is something you don't like or don't agree with your site. Okay so I just want to be clear at the University of Central Florida B word Boomer is just as bad as the N-word, which nobody can cite unless you're a rap star or Quinton Karen Quentin Tarantino. I just want to make sure that's in the rulebook aren't just just want to be clear, you know what, let's go to Bill and Cordova, Tennessee.

Listening to us on K WAN the mighty 990 hey Bill, what's on your mind proud Boomer and I love that conversation could likely make a whole tirade out of that.

I remember Brown all of the generation of the country and the yellow.there's not a lot of us but while there are quite a few of his left, but I'm just not be a river, but that wasn't why I called the court grace by way great. You give me a shout out to my foundation. Thank you for what in the world is going on here. All this is the Todd starting show. She's going to be one a pay raise. Now, got me started living thing under pragmatic, I guess, and little more observant than found that this test seems contrived to me because of route. There early, early, before anybody was even supposed to know and they were supposed to know because it was even that draft was being created this whole thing just like it was planned. They Artie had time to think the baby baby baby abortion don't stop Roe V Wade, whatever I say and it they were ready for something like somebody an older crowd somewhere that this was gonna happen.

I'm going to leak this document and you guys just need to be here and be ready for.

Otherwise they would have been yeah these were professional protesters Bill and you're right. I mean they just as soon as the leak happened Boomer.

They were there, and I'm not sure why they were there is not like there was there was anybody inside the Supreme Court told that made absolutely no sense.

But there was Bill told police what to 3 o'clock in the morning protesting and using all sorts of filthy language and debate like a bunch of animals don't have anything intelligent to say they don't have a good argument.

I'm okay with well they can and they do our way there.

Okay with Jill and baby, but I have to say it all because they don't have a good argument, use foul language to make their point yesterday that little bit of intellect that these people have in their show and I think you know there's no thing I would like to remember about your IQ and not yours, but there's no euro bill, you know, the memory, comes a29 for quite a few times now I get is a bill we got. We had a run to take a break your good hearing from you sir and thanks for listening to K WAN 844-747-8816 oh by the way its primary day here and Memphis and also Ohio to be talking with Sen. Rand Paul also our good buddy Mike Huckabee's good to be dropping by little bit later on. And again, your calls, 844-747-8868 I want you to do me a favor, I want you to go right out of our website and we really want you I want you to download my podcast you're gonna love this thing. I know a lot of you your work and during the noon hour, you can't listen before so all you have to do is go to Todd and click on the podcast and there are all sorts of different different way spot a five iTunes tune and you name it. There are plenty of ways for you to download the podcast and the best part of all it's free of charge. We don't charge you a penny for the Todd will be right back.

Show Macy's one day sale is going on now with nervousness and like 40 to 50% off on pensions and must have a friend, and Susan and get 40% off your new favorite designer, Franklin said order even faster when you pick up curbside in-store day delivery savings are failing. Exclusions apply that Matt Galloway was last night. You want to live. I just look at pictures that acted judge the outfit that he would try to do so.

All sorts of people were that you Mrs. Bill Clinton PPO people asked me why you too bad. I mean, that's is really but I want to explain why I feel like I should be obligated to explain why because I'm not like I'm not a sexist. But I do think we have to address you know that the from the Nazis whenever they is Rush Limbaugh so called whatever they get riled up and the reason why I call Hillary Clinton, Mrs. Bill Clinton, is that is because she did not get to where she was on her own on her own standing.

She got there because she was married to the President of the United States. She got there because she was married to the governor of Arkansas wrong so Mrs. Bill Clinton. Quite frankly, Bill Clinton deserves the honor as much as she does. She just tag along. I didn't see any pictures of them.

There just are no sheep boy. They were I noticed something. I mean the outfits are kinda weird. It was like a dystopian society kind of a thing. You have given me hunger games vibe i.e. economic capital people that like in a dress up in there like above everybody else. And this is really bizarre outfits like really bizarre so I do I know if you notice this, but these the servants the slaves that were there to to do everything for all the celebrities that help is what I call important that you have district people from Delphic 13 district. Well technically they're not slaves because they're getting paid. Yeah, but the way there being treatments are being treated like slaves. I it's terrible.

And so everybody is out there. All the celebrities, the mayor of New York City. Eric Adam Barakat was what was he dress like it was like some sort of a gun thing was so weird because I don't even really get why this was deemed it why he thought this looked like ending gun violence, but his outfit was supposed to represent ending that violence and Hillary Clinton had like graffiti on her dress. She was like all these women she was embroidery so she embroidered all these fires and little girls.

Sacajawea, Eleanor Roosevelt. There were all kinds of really thinking her mother's name is on picking a trend here anyway. Maybe we should read anything in but I'm curious.

So why did all of the slaves have to wear the face burqas and all of the celebrities did not notice, but not for me that all I gotta say is Blake lively so the show dressed as the Statue of Liberty. She was beautiful as always. Everyone else look like pale in comparison. How can you tell they're all wearing a black Facebook, I gotta take a break your 844-747-8860 overlaps with Macy's one day sale is going on now with nervousness and like 40 to 50% off on pensions and must have a friend and Susan and get 40% off your new favorite designer, Franklin said order even faster when you pick up curbside in-store day delivery savings are failing.

Exclusions apply to children here.

You can change all our way with me not know only now that is that is a hissy fit right there on my way, did you hear this was only begging the bongos in the background that was very appropriate for Pocahontas just happened.

Moments ago the Supreme Court I want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line I got hungry. I am so sorry you had to hear that. I mean wow. I'm sorry to hear that. Well, that sounds like an irrational wheedling by somebody desperately needs to be taken to hospital given medication and for heaven sakes stop, take a deep breath that's going to be a person who blows a gasket right there. I feel I feel bad for Mr. Warren to be honest with you. Hey honey, how was your day yeah I read your rater and remember when she was getting in the fear of being here. Yeah I got home, I don't even drink beer never have.

But I tell you if I lived with RSC have a bunch of we call those Baptist martinis governor all. The thought that that's really disturbing when a person is that adamant toward the right to kill an unborn child, and I hope people will not forget that this issue is not about a woman's right to choose because they make it sound so euphemistic is that a woman wants to be able to in the life of her own baby for very personal economic reasons of social disruption to our life and those are not really good reasons to take the life of another human being.

And if we ever could just accept the fact that the baby inside that mother is a person is unique. It is not an extension of the mother thought like that appendix or a kidney of the gallbladder. It does not even share the same DNA as the mother may not have the same blood type separate human being and the fact that for all of these years since 1973 we thought it okay that a person could just say you know I wanted to have sex but I don't want the consequences which is having a baby I'll just take the baby's life and be done with it and what people also need to know when I learned this when I was a pastor. There is a deep sense of regret, grief and extraordinary guilt comes usually somewhere between 10 and 30 years after the abortion, not everyone has that guilt. Some respond with anger and bitterness and they fight back with the kind of rage we just heard, but sometimes people are deeply hurt and wounded in the reason that you're saying more young women to be pro-life than their mothers and grandmothers is because they're better educated, and they know that that is not a clump of cells. It is not a wad of tissue is the baby. It has a heartbeat. It has fingers and toes, and you can't escape governor, aside from the delete of the draft from Justice Alito hi, I have concerns about the integrity of the Supreme Court now and it clearly somebody wanted to intimidate the conservative justices on the court by leaking this it does make a lot of sense except the left baby is using this could cannot support for the election because I certainly have nothing else to encourage people with is not they can say go and keep us in power.

Your gasoline is doubled in price since we took over will really take it to a new level. You can't say GD alike and high prices for groceries and will only get worse with us. What can you say will keep our borders open and let people scream across bringing Fenton a little kill your grandkids and maybe bring human traffickers that will exploit sexually nine-year-old girls around so this is the way they can change the subject but the damage that they've done to the court and really the damage they've done to themselves. Let's look at it this way, this wasn't an attempted insurrection. January 6, 2021 was an insurrection because there were people who tried to overturn the flow of government and overturn its orderly processes. This is nothing less than an insurrection and I demand that Nancy Pelosi contain a panel, go ahead and get your pet Republicans lose training and Adam can figure on their bus look into it. Find out who did it and demand that they be consequence to the full extent of the law and by the way the person was trying to overcome the big lie and those with Warren and others continue to say it is somehow the repeal of Roe D Wade outlaws abortion. It does not. It simply returns it back where it should have been and where it was prior to the weight and that's with the state.

So what happened basically last night, you just made 50 governors the most powerful people in America when it comes to the issue of abortion because their leadership in their respective states with elected legislative representatives will determine the future of abortion, rather than nine unelected people in black robes and keep in mind governor. This is something that Gavin Newsom, the mayor of the governor of California actually wants to make an industry, it's a it's a vacation industry come to California. Have your abortion hang out for a few days and he said they're actually going to build a firewall around her state to protect that right so so to your point.

This does not outlaw abortion. Let's the states decide the issue as they should've done in the first place. The ultimate way to get rid of abortion. I pray one day get there. We invoke the 14th amendment by recognizing that the unborn child is a person and according to the fifth and 14th amendments to the Constitution, no person can be deprived of life or liberty without the process, but 62 million unborn babies were deprived of life and liberty, and they didn't have due process. The decision was made solely by a birth mother what would've been a birth mother and an abortionist who got paid to carry out a procedure to take the unborn child's life governor real quick to come up on the big show this weekend in Nashville what's on Huckaby but this week we're going to have coach Joe Kennedy will be talking to us about that other classic cream court case that spending, which is whether or not coach can voluntarily go to the middle of the football field at the end of the game and pray some of the students want to join. Are they welcome to. It's a really classic religious liberty case Kelly Shackelford from Liberty Institute will also be joining Coach Kennedy, Natalie Grant will be our focal entertainment joke, don't miss why like Natalie Grant. I saw her at Carnegie Hall. Once in just on unbelievable concert policies are made absently and I all right will governor always good talking to you. Glad to have you back on the show and I will see on TV this weekend. Thank you.take care my friend Gov. Mike Huckabee everybody good guy right there in the good to get him back on the program is some breaking news in from California this I just don't understand a pro-life Spider-Man is now scaling a 60 story building were going to have this on working I have this on the website. This is from Fox 10 the KTVU in San Francisco rather foxed to. Rather, a man who describes himself as pro-life Spider-Man was seen scaling the 60s floor salesforce to our was a wild scene captured on video mom man one man said on Twitter so you be pro-life or climbing with a smile on his face. 970 foot tall building is the tallest building in the city, why, why is he do. I don't understand what that doesn't sound very pro-life to me that's almost put to tempting fate right there. Anyway, San Francisco fire department not very happy other saying that the art, the guy pro-life Spider-Man is placing firefighters in danger as well as a public image of the guy falls you know can you imagine some poor kid on the street might be whatever the Spider-Man splat. Go unbelievable.

844-747-8868. That is our toll-free telephone number 844-747-8868 I got to tell you about our great friends over at patriot mobile they're America's only Christian conservative wireless carrier and Mandalay have a great product folks, it is time to stop supporting folks like AT&T and Verizon there out there funding a lot of radical liberal organizations but not our friends over at patriot mobile as a matter fact, they donate money to organizations that we care about organizations that are fighting for religious liberty of the Second Amendment and they have terrific coverage and got a plaintiff in any budget along with some incredible discounts for first responders veterans you have multiple lines there to give you a great discount to and it super easy to switch all you need to do is go to patriot That's patriot or Calder US-based customer service team at 972 patriot. That's 972 patriot Allison up there and ask you for a promo code. Use my first name Todd and there to hook you up with some great deals front lines of the culture will Macy's one day sale is going on now with like 40 to 50% off on pensions and must have an excuse and get 40% off your new favorite designer, Franklin said order even faster when you pick up curbside in-store same-day delivery savings of failing. Exclusions apply so as a video of pro-life dressed in civilian attire just usually set a mask on right height. I don't get anyway. He is making his way up the side of the tallest skyscraper in San Francisco to make some sort of a point to run. I don't understand I do not understand. By the way, there is some concern among those on the left, based on the reading of Justice Alito's draft opinion that the Supreme Court decision could endanger gay marriage. So in other words, the Supreme Court could reverse gay marriage of Pres. Biden says he's very alarmed that same-sex marriage could eventually be overturned. He says it concerns me a great deal and Hamas says it concerns me a great deal that were going to after 50 years, decide that a woman doesn't have the right to choose, but a woman does have the right to choose. She can just but if she lives in Tennessee. She's going to have to choose in California because we don't kill babies in Tennessee by goes on to say if the decision holds. It's really quite a radical decision. The idea that we can make a judgment that's going to say that no one can make the adjustment to choose to abort a child based on a decision by the Supreme Court. I think goes way overboard. He also suggested that the court could rule in other cases, including who you marry, you think that's a wise idea for the court to do.

Do you think the court should go back and reverse Oberg felt and and get back to and again I mean what the Supreme Court did and you may you may disagree with the court ruling, but this is the reality God defined marriage as between one man and one woman that God, the Supreme Court turned around and said no we know better than God. And this is how working to define marriage. I me that's you may you may disagree with the ruling, but the reality is, those of the facts behind this case and now they're saying, well, it turns out that gay marriage could be on the table 844-747-8868 that's her telephone number. By the way, going back before we got on to Lester in Georgia. Let me point out and I know short-term memory loss is a severe problem in this country but gay marriage was not extremely popular back in 2008. As a matter of fact when when it went to a vote in California legalize gay marriage, it failed in California is one the most liberal of all of our states gay marriage failed, and if you look at where we are now a lot of that is just from flat out indoctrination of the classrooms. That's all that is. That's why the opinions of change. It's been forced to these kids have been brainwashed and propagandized in the classroom that you can you know it and I know I get all the hate mail, but it's true that's that's the this is a very when you look at the radical shifts in beliefs on key culture issues of the day. Those are not organic changes.

Those did not happen over course of time, they happen almost immediately in us because of our public school system. Your kids have been brainwashed by let's go to the phones Lester Georgia what's on your mind. Well first of agree with you.

You outgrown in the public school, but another thing that the reason things are kind of surgery but they are right now. But in the end times that which is considered bad, will be considered good and that which is considered good be considered bad, you know, and that you know. Talk about ugly about you know the pro-life movement and everything in the lifeboats are pro little rollout, meaning many women. I believe that you have the right, but you have the right to choose. Before a live is involved. You have the right to choose not to have unprotected. Say you have the right not to have sex before marriage, you have the right to do a lot of things but taken a child's life. That's not a right. That's murder. The last day.

Jesus said if you not for me. You're against me, and that you can get more get what do you think you could suffer the little children and go to Lester years ago when I was on Fox news one of the TV so it was us towards Arnie so and so one of the blind side that always they always got mixed up with me I did I go to River which one but anyway she was off-camera. She was not even on the air. During the segment, but she was seated across from me and I we were talking about abortion and and I made the point okay. What is the choice you know people want to talk about the choice is not over were not pro-abortion were pro-choice. Okay will what is the choice and the choice is you get to decide whether or not your baby lives or dies. That's it rather to kill your baby. Or you can let your baby lip. That's the choice and all of a sudden Lester. This happened on live television.

The female blonde anchor at over at Fox news channel exploded in right I can't take it anymore. I can't stay silent anymore. I have to rebuke you.

She tried to rebuke me and I was very polite Lester because you know she's a lady. I was very polite but had to put her in her place.

I mean it's you know the facts are facts you can say that love, but they don't want to hear the truth Lester and that's the problem. Got a run.

God bless you, sir. Folks will be right back. Our three Macy's one day sale is going on now with like 40 to 50% off on pensions and must have a friend and season and get 40% off your new favorite designer, Franklin said order even faster when you pick up curbside in-store day delivery savings are failing.

Exclusions apply universities to you in Memphis, Tennessee since conservative Germans vary from primary day. A lot of a lot of those going to the polls today are you folks Tennessee across Tennessee going to the polls.

The primary day. Same story in Ohio where we been watching this slug in the Ohio Republican primary. Who is going to replace Sen. Rob Portman, the latest poll coming out of the the Buckeye state. Trafalgar group is JD Vance in the lead but not by much. With 26.2% of Mantle and Josh Mandel, Mike Gibbons, a leading leaving the pack there.

I want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line always an honor to have with us from the great Commonwealth of Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, Sen., hope you're doing good today. I thought I know you been you been on the campaign trail and Mike Gibbons is your guy in that race.

Why do you like Gibbons I met my Gibbons a couple years ago when he tried this blog assured Brown which would've been a good thing for the country but one successful vanity decided to do it again. This time, but I got to know him.

He's a business guy grew up in a working-class family. Dad was a wrestling coach, local athletes played football in the Cleveland area and I don't know I just think he will be somebody will put the country first and not be beholden to party leadership and will do the right thing and we frankly more about me $30 trillion in debt.

We need some people with the audacity and boldness to vote against all this crazy spending.

There does seem to be a problem with in Republican circles when it comes to the true conservatives of the race. Now, JD Vance, I got president trumps endorsement and I'd I know I love president trumps Sen. I just don't trust JD Vance. I mean how do you go from calling a president. Hitler and his supporters racist and you know what red bags to being you know that the carrier of the macro world flag should be concerned about whether that's a genuine conversion are not so now I have the same sort of misgivings about it and I wish that the former president stayed out of the race.

Frankly so now I just did I make my vision long ago. I've been in the campaign a couple times for my Gibbons I think you'll be a great senator, but no really good thing is is among the Republican caucus.

That's what we have to really do a better job because frankly, we know the Democrats don't care about the debt. They'll tell you that we've added 6 trillion last two years. They want to add more but the thing is is the rapid inflation we have now is refinancing that the feds monetizing that that M2 money supply's been going up at about a 15% annualized rate over the last three years and so we got a big punishment of inflation coming down and we've got to get some Republicans are actually saying a lot. We need to balance our budget line. I'm with you on that senator and that for me is is the big issue is fiscal responsibility we gotta get a handle on that when you look at how things are going as we move towards the midterms or are you feeling confident that the Republicans might even retake the Senate think the way head of steam about going into November is almost unprecedented.

It's sort of like everything that can go wrong is going wrong for the body administration pull out from Afghanistan. You know I was for leaving the mission was done, but leaving and having 13 of our soldiers die then in a flailing moment kill some aid worker with the drone that was just awful and I think that that set the general for the administration really can't escape is everybody filling up the gas every day and seeing the inflation of the pumped inflation in the grocery store and get complacent in your face all the time every day. It's hard for them to blame anyone else there in charge of all of the government how Senate and the presidency. So I think that's going to attach to them were also seen the Fed raising rates and I think as we raise rates.

One of the historic ways we get out of inflationary cycles.

The recession and I'm not favor recession only wanted to happen, but I'm afraid that the policies of borrowing and spending have led us to that God for bed, but if we have a recession between now that I think may be even worse for the party and charge the Democrats.

It's it's getting ugly out there and I and I wonder if any of that played into what happened last night at the Supreme Court when Justice Alito's opinion was leaked to the media that was just an unprecedented moment at the Supreme Court's conversation from talking about inflation that could be a strategy thing is is even the Masten airport around airports family. People are voluntarily wearing last right 97% of the people are wearing mass to get the body ministration still in court wanting to say oh we need to enforce this mandate was intriguing to see couches response. He said how dare they, it's none of the business of the courts. In other words, is none of the business of the courts and the Constitution to decide whether or not is mandate should stick that kind of arrogance is really, really out of touch particular when you look at the faces, the uncovered faces in the airport when it's left of voluntarism. 97% of us are sick and tired of their mandates Sen. last night that I think that I know that you're you're up to speed on that, but you all that the rich and famous Hillary Clinton, the mayor of New York City. All of them going mass close and yet all of the servants that help they were wearing the masks found.

She went to the big White House correspondence party and he was photographing just about the entire cast over at CNN nobody were in a facemask except the help. Well, you know, the White House spokeswoman said you are having hectic days. Maybe they forgot the next time you get around some word of mouth. You tell him you just had a hectic day busy and haven't bothered the bottom line is we got all that bad.

Basically, the mass didn't do anything to change the trajectory of this mandate, student work, as we've gotten through this pandemic is finally rebuilt up enough immunity from the vaccine and from the disease and fortunately the disease is mutated to become less dangerous really putting stickers on the floor stand 6 feet away. None of that. Did anything putting toxic Plexiglas up around the kids papering people with master don't work.

None. None of the changes rejected all that we have mountains and mountains of evidence now that when the government or the states or provinces put on mandates. There's no relationship if anything, often there was an inverse relationship to put on the mask of the incidence of the duties got worse.

No indication that population wide controls like that did anything to change the outcome of the disease. Sen. I know there is an AP story few days ago and if Republicans do retake the Senate you're planning to wage a vigorous review of the origins of the of the China virus.

A million Americans died in this pandemic. 6 million people died worldwide. All if there's a chance came to the lab is a very good chance Why we should know about it even 100% proof that we should try to prevent a lab leak like this from happening in one way to prevent it is, perhaps we should be taking viruses with 50% mortality and trying to attach different proteins to them to make them more infectious.

I think that's a death wish is really a death wish for civilization not just you know sickly people died, but this is with a virus.

The 1% lethal. What if a virus escapes a lab that there are many audits 50% legal. Can you imagine this with this disruptor the world at 1% vote of 50 or 40 or 30% death rate mean for a virus that comes out of the lab is not is a lot of side now saying that the gain of what you get from this type of research really isn't worth the risk. There many questioning whether we got any game you look at that research was done to move on or concluding didn't do anything to help us in fighting this pandemic or predicting it all right to leave it there. Do you do, the Kentucky Derby is that's your thing.

Yes I give you a course to let you know that's really classified information that I like. I get it I get well.

I know a lot of you have fun in Louisville this weekend will be celebrating here in the Memphis area. Also, I better start taking out Sen. Rand Paul everybody great guy appreciated coming on and I giving us an update on this Ohio race.

It was interesting as again as close as that races the president truck came and endorsed JD Vance forgot his name the other day but still the polling I mean this is who this is anybody's race right now in Ohio.

JD Vance could pull it out.

I don't know but I will have to wait and see. And I appreciate Sen. Paul. The guy is a is a staunch fiscal conservative and he's one of the few Republicans out there saying hey look we got to get our fiscal house in order here. By the way, a new polling data coming out of Georgia and I want to share this with you. I got be getting some mail from you folks in Georgia St. Todd. All of these polls are are are supported by by Brian Well know they're not really there. Really not. This is the latest poll, a RW strategies poll and by the way, there are four or five different polls out there including Matt Towery insider advantage of what were you sure that's at a just a second here, but the new brand-new Paul coming out in the Georgia gubernatorial primary. David produced Sen. Perdue trailing Brian By almost 38 percentage points that that's a massacre right there, a Brian Kemp 59.4% of the vote 21.5% are backing, Perdue now that same poll also asked about Herschel Walker Walker, who is endorsed by Trop. I got 58.5% of the vote.

So there you go.

That is, that the latest polling data from Georgia of this poll from that just came out a few days ago from insider advantage. This is an insider advantage Fox five Atlanta poll shows Brian Kemp with 54% of the vote and David Perdue at 38%. Dr. Candace Taylor who we had on this program.

I really liked her.

She's got a she has a great vision. She's got good strong credentials. She's an outsider, but nobody knows who shares 4% of the vote.

There according to the latest insider advantage poll.

So my question to you is what is this say about David Perdue and is Brian Kemp who looks to be the nominee is Brian Kemp going to be able to beat Stacy Abrams 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number. Ladies and gentlemen. Hey by the way, now is a great time to head over to our website and check out our awesome podcast you can download the podcast on all sorts of platform students bona fide pod being iTunes I heart you name it.

There are plenty just almost a dozen ways for you to download the podcasts and listen to all three hours of the show, free of charge.

We would love for you to do that go to Todd right now what you write back radio free stories Macy's one day sale is going on now with like 40 to 50% off on pensions and must have a friend and get 40% off your new favorite designer, Franklin said order even faster when you pick up curbside delivery savings are failing. Exclusions apply minor man-made tallest building is and is the police not to give a guide to custody.

So there you go, you start up you struck a blow for the pro-life movement.

Pro-life Spider-Man others.

Another Spider-Man story run her way way way way is that story I depiction of a black Spider-Man is racist because the character dates, a white female, that is, the headlock came from campus reform. This story written by Travis Morgan on the most recent episode of Texas Tech University's humanities now podcast Prof. Brian Hutchins discussed how the movies Spider-Man into the spider verse is anti-black and projects expectations of white. The 2018 film features Miles morale is voicing the title role morale is, who was African-American and Puerto Rican is the first black person to pick the comic book superhero what this particular iteration of the Spider-Man movie. The ethnic version is complete with suspense, action, and anti-black which speaks to my being completely unsurprised at it being so notorious. Hodgdon says what it isn't is like a cartoon version of the Grace Baker this is a cartoon version of Spider-Man yes actually really good I see. So the man is upset at a cartoon. Yes this is true picture.

This is what he's been snow keeps keeps them awake at night is terrible different cartoon. The episode title a conversation with Dr. Brian K. Hodgkins all you know it's formal what he throws in the middle initial move. It's called by black is exhausted is this dude black is that is I don't you think that I guess so because his well otherwise he's culturally appropriating his exhaustion. I just understand I may have seen the movie. Why is it why is it raises these dating a white girl in a black because Gwen Stacy was the girlfriend of Spider-Man is that the one who he kills Goss later in life. Okay I will make sure I so anyway or learn. I'm sorry Stacy yeah Wednesdays, the one before, MJ), a hunky girl, a cracker, she's a time of the Caucasian person I want to make sure the renditions of this character having MJ has been white match is being played by Zen data in the movies yet.

What is is and data day of the actress will present her first name or last thing I don't know her stage name, oh she's not at first glance. Her real name like Gladys or something. Now what that is her first name. Okay then Dan Coleman so she's okay so yes that's very, she's a very good actor. I'm not judging.

I don't judge all I'm trying to say this guy says that Spider-Man is racist and anti-black because because ethnic Spider-Man is dating a white chick that's that weird quote when there's finally a Spider-Man who is black and Latino what that what the hell is Latino books is it thinks will now they're trying to are they trying to say letting with an easy and as you turn.

This is Latino with a knack I know, but now they're trying to do you. You are there already behind on the lingo's owner since always a now it's like teens, always a black gay Hispanic good. He's relegated to sharing responsibility, the glory of protecting his city while in every other spider verse.

There is a single super spider hero good mass, the guys really upset about this. Yeah, I must have a pretty sad life all here. We got about his budding love interest Gwen is a blonde haired blue-eyed white girl as it pertains to the presence of young black women. There is not a single character who fits the category yeah just FYI Latinas the gender-neutral form of Latino for light gay people. What is X led to L got all I ask you rated this is like a porn so this is so confusing a person of Latin American origin or descent is another version of the same thing. Nobody talked about uses that language. And then it all started on this you and and Hispanic votes right without all these people talk about next spells Latin users all oh since some find lifting a more respectful alternative to Latin. I guess I'm just a move on but that the discussions are not but again Spider-Man is a white dude so I got I don't under so it seems to be that the whole thing is cultural appropriation. If you want a black man black lightning. What about Black Panther high series where Alice is a version of Spider-Man doesn't matter is traditionally what would happen if Black Panther was played by a white guy, all hell would break loose.

You know understand why this needs up in arms about a black superhero need dating like you taco mandating adult that seems to be a bigger problem. You will be ripened Macy's one day sale is going on now with like 40 to 50% off on pensions and must have an excuse and get 40% off your new favorite designer, Franklin said order even faster when you pick up curbside delivery savings are failing. Exclusions apply in channel this is remedial. I got into it unit are you happy or just plain Democrats want to abort already born baby and some of the Fox poet Sandra Smith. I think she was the one who was on that on that panel where she started yelling at me back when I worked at Fox news channel. Anyway, I I don't know who was making that argument, but they were correct. Yes indeed, the former governor of Virginia north of actually supported day of abortion. So once the baby is born you still have the ability to abort the child so I that's that's horrible but it's it's the truth.

Welcome back to the town surge radio program Hollywood very upset others" get your dirty Nazi boots off our wounds what's go to patriot mobile newsmaker line. Great to have with us. Our friend from Young America's foundation, the president, former governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker Scott, hope you're doing good today I'm doing well often Buffalo, New York about his and write your home of the of the Buffalo hot wings by the way, the anchor bar that's really yeah you gotta go to the anchor bar that was like the birthplace of the chicken wing speaking on campus tonight of the reaction as it was for Allen left a couple weeks well you know it, but in all seriousness though. I mean, it is going to get ugly out there and of the left is pretty much unhinged aware place of audio Elizabeth Warren just a few moments ago screaming at the top of her lungs outside of the Supreme Court building. It is unbelievable. And it's one of those work.

Follow this new, but there are a variety of different degrees we noted below is not likely to play the reaction to that question was with a lit and the Mississippi law of the others like that or would they go full out and do a full reversal of Roby Wade. I think many of us follow this for decades, but the decision matter where you stand in full disclosure, I'm I'm completely polite to talk about that but just legally thought that there they created something of the count wasn't there and so know what you thought about it, but the Roby Wade was a horrible student like many horrible decisions that they finally, you governor looking at looking back at just the past couple of years and we have seen this specific generation of the generation Z years of that event out there they have probably been more pro-life than any other generation. In recent memory. Pro-life generation.

The coast road. You should an interesting your reference to the beginning there. It's interesting to look at the polling route north of you who did say that yes is that it on the radio.

One of the radio station you see in January. Couple years ago we flat out that the trained doctors that they would set the child inside and then the family make a decision about what to do, what to do most things in America that that would be called homicide that their target after birth. I think most of the radical, but what was interesting is after he said that about a month or so after a poll is done and they shut the two groups that move the most away from that addition that radical position with self-described Democrats and younger that Genji loader and so I think they understand fairness and it's not fair to think about conflicting and unborn living human being to that kind of horrible death and that's why I think a lot of conservatives were pro-life.

Gotta go beyond just arguing the legal side goes for the quarter law down to the court of public we gotta talk about the two victims the that unborn baby and will often not the baby's mother were both victims when it comes to abortion and and there is this spiritual component. All of this as well and when you're dealing with with mom's young ladies that are going through very difficult times and we had week we have Gov. Mike Huckabee on earlier in the program and he said that you know women who have had abortions there dealing with this 20, 30 years down the road so these are very important issues and your right is not just a political issue. If you look at project ratio which is a program of current market failure when the Lord long ago. Recently, but I never in college working with them involved market for life and that was one of the things that the left the radicals to what you know of two victims at that moment. It's the people who forever for the rest of their lives have to deal with not only the emotional and spiritual, but many cases actually been some of the physical side effects that they laid out the things that can happen that nobody tells about when they're pushing abortion on someone and I think that the parent not only of making the case for the last two years all about the science clearly shows that unborn babies a human being worthy of protection or how much people talk about freedom and liberty. What about the freedom of the right to life, those fundamental rights for that little girl that little boy, but also understanding that we are to make sure that were protective of those mothers who, like you said many times are going to difficult crisis pregnancy circumstances, all of us who are like like a nature that were supported the past with crisis pregnancy centers with no special help and assistance not only for getting that expected mom to birth but then helping make sure that you get support for the family work if you want to choose that other means of support we need to continue to do that and I think that will help what is ago from the court of law to the court of public this this is Sen. was with Warren and when I heard this this audio. The first time. It just reminded me of what Young America's foundation what yam students are dealing with at the college and high school level, every single day. Let let's take a listen.

Children here you can change all the governor got a gift that you disclose all this gets while, but this is the sitting United States Sen. writer that she had left her angry. There is angry about doing government solution.

Everything that ultimately God but in this case, it is just so much that it unpacked you going to hear this over and over again the hype and hysteria about very rare and unusual circumstances.

Here the complete learning of target are going other countries United States prior to the stage yet, but to this Roby Wade decisions as it goes forward doing this one just as effective.

But that's country under the current Supreme Court ruling is one of the few in the world that actually allow abortion on demand all the soap United States now in a radical position. This is going. This is going to position more line with where the rest of world. But I did a big thing in all this is just the blind in this argument that there somehow ignoring the fact that abortion kills a human being that there is no doubt about it. You believe in science that we heard all the talk turned covert about science and science, we hear that we talk about climate change and things like that science science will even Joe Biden today. I think probably to the dismay of his handlers actually said child. We talked about the decision not acknowledge that in people should have the right to abort their child. But all these others try to ignore Mattel like no this is about something not a glob of cells is not an organ. This is a living thing. This is a human being and unborn human being and the more we talk about realtor duck. I would talk about when I talked about this in the past will go toward about our firstborn son Matthew. We saw his first ultrasound is first baby so We could see his fingers up to get students sucking on Islam when I think about her second son, Alex, and when tenant was pregnant with him and remember talking about this. Take your debating a bill the state legislature thing got through that the tragedy had happened with the card room due to us. When tenant was pregnant with. I have my colleagues you send us a get well card would you send us a sympathy card. I think most human decent people would say that family the tragedy happened a sympathy card because you acknowledge that they would've lost their unborn baby. While that's a baby that the child how can we, in any way under the good conscience not say that that life is worth defending.

Well said.

I leave it there tonight University of Buffalo. Speaking governor.

Thank you very much for coming to the program today, but I Gov. Scott Walker Young America's foundation 844-747-8868 our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 what you think about something one company controls 90% of Internet searches runs your email service desk to track everything you do on your smart phone. Big tech is more powerful than most countries are, and they profit by exploiting your personal data. That's why it's time to put a layer of protection between your online activity in these big tech companies and that's why I use something called express VPN. Think about how much of your life is on the Internet every site you visit video you watch message you send it gets tracked and data mined, but when you run express VPN on your device. The software actually hides your IP address something big tech can use to personally identify you express VPN make sure activity harder to trace and sell to advertisers and by the way they encrypt 100% of your Internet data to keep you safe from hackers and eavesdroppers on your network. Here's what I want you to stop handing over your data to big tech. Protect yourself, go to express that's express by the way, your to get three extra months free if you sign up, got a go to express VPN/storage right now to learn more about backup and*Macy's when a sale is going on now with like 40 to 50% off on pensions and must have an excuse and get 40% off your new favorite designer, Franklin said even faster when you pick up curbside in-store same-day delivery savings of failing.

Exclusions apply four 747-8868 Suzanne George Suzanne, are you a Boomer by any chance I put you on so just deep know this is great but do you consider is that offensive to you that term Boomer every wrinkle everyone. I got it up II love that attitude like the current one court that the lies being hopefully we don't kill children.

But what is currently watching and listening to these capable of protesting his death.

There are three people involved in this gap not baby father take today can we ever apricot about the comparability of the now.

It's a one night when trying to say is that the link is counseling. Whatever have to be copied and and not a member. I'm just saying we ever apricot about the father's comparability in this whole situation yellow time with you on that Suzanne Ives and I think that's that's a big problem in the in the country where these young men have not been taught that once you tango you got up, you gotta pay the piper rack according deleted. Look at what we're looking for right, but not looking to point finger. I guess not really getting comparability Suzanne my my grandparents were good, God-fearing Methodist people and they decided to elope on my grandma my great grandpa.

I did not like my grandfather, and so they decided to elope and think they did. They went down and I was over the Carolinas and I got married and I went on their little honeymoon and there was a knock on the door and then the door flew open and it was my great grandpa. He tracked him down and he had a shotgun and he pointed out. My grandpa and said son. There were in bed, son. You made your bed now you gotta live very Libya 60 years together so I really truly think it yelling and screaming. Suzanne, I think you're right and I remember a time not too long ago that when you know when a guy got a girl pregnant you they would get married they would raise the child together and that was that there was there was a sense of responsibility and duty that you just don't see a lot of places these days. I only know myself and I think it I got pregnant I can have an abortion think it makes me cry young people wanting me to be comparable, and we need to get back in that somehow we know what it is really genuine guy Suzanne before let you go you got if you if you're in downtown here in the square. You gotta drop by the collegiate grill and tell them Todd Stern says hello they got the best chili slaw dog in America.Mercy how are you sorry Suzanne you take care yourself. Don't be assigned to. Let's go to jail, North Carolina, Gail, we got 45 seconds. Go for out file called adoptive and when you do that you you and include other people who had been waiting desperately for a child and I'm one of them and I'm the parent of a woman 32 years old and now it make me a grandmother and I have been blessed because our birth mother showed placement for adoption over abortion. You know what jail what a great way to end the show with hope and that's what it's all about. So adoption there's always a choice, always a choice adoption are Gail God bless you and thank you wow great calls today and crazy day will see how this thing all plays out.

But I can tell you something, folks, God's going to honor this God is going to honor the fact that the Supreme Court has decided that the unborn matter. Unborn lives matter in America all right to get out of here.

You folks have a great day.

Todd Stern' download that podcasts get yourself, get yourself going. We are 1.3 million subscribers was like a 1.5 billion will see the marvels as it presents don't do it yourself okay fix the water heater is 60 seconds difficult and appreciative that that is interesting to think that like to spend our home out with progressive. That's cool.

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