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Biden Calls MAGA Supporters “Extremists”

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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May 4, 2022 3:24 pm

Biden Calls MAGA Supporters “Extremists”

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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May 4, 2022 3:24 pm

President Biden lashed out at MAGA supporters today — calling them extremists. Todd Starnes is joined by Senator Bill Hagerty (R-TN), Monica Crowley, political analyst Steve Gill, and candidate for Arkansas governor Doc Washburn!

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So Dave Chapelle one of my favorite readings. I love it. I know he's a lefty but I either use body and the guy.

The thing I like about Dave Chapelle is this guy stands up to the radical tensile culture Bob II died and Eddie. Also, he does live in Hollywood. He went lives in Ohio that he may have been a neighbor of our managing editor Kayla Parkin Achille Parks row.

I was on a very large, so I they may be neighbors. Maybe they know each other. I don't know but anyway Chapelle's up there and he's doing he's doing is comedy bit for this Netflix special and or this attack on that. I don't know it's it's a Netflix theme to show Chris rock was there. Remember Chris rock he got smacked around by Will Smith will Smith was defending II mean to call to call Jayda. The wife is quite frankly rather generous but anyway the woman he lives with add.Chris Chris rock insulted her and will Smith stormed the stage of the Academy Awards and and smacked how dare you, and then he went back to his seat. You still so anyway last night. Dave Chapelle was was doing what he does best, which is telling some joke this guy from the audiences whack job 23 years old, jumped up on the stage watches the stage and tackles Dave Chapelle and we've got the video on our website. Balancing this video, you've gotta watch the video of what went down. So Chapelle's a pretty good size guy himself and so he wasn't hurt. Meanwhile, yet all these fans that are coming to Dave Chapelle's rescue is just that's the part I love about it and they beat the holy living.

You know what out of out of this guy who is now facing charges you there been some concern that maybe the people who beat up the attacker were to be charged, but it looks like the only person being charged is the bad guy and and honestly, if if Grace Baker of those guys would have been arrested.

The people that came to Dave Chapelle's rescue.

I would've put I would oppose to their bail for.

I don't think you're the only one that I suspect were there with a lot of people, but we were in first on the lot first in line saying hey look, you credit card you were taking care of these guys.

Yeah, I mean again. They were skimming to his defense and the video see how much the whole thing why I know I know this, but the best part of the video is there wheel of the guy out. I mean they know I saw the crap out of that guy and his arm looks like a pretzel. Yeah, and that thing is not exactly been the right way though. It was so that the guys arm was broken and I have to shut dislocated like three mongering last night so there is so look I think what happened last night.

You know the we have the more you know segment on this program. Yes, we have a lesson here.

This is a life lesson. Boys and girls, if you decide to interrupt a comedians on stage performance. You just might become the punchline more you know you see we do that here. It's up about homeschool kids listen to the show was that it became a next generation.

That's what it's all sister so anyway because he's got me got messed up now. I did see the images of the guy and I was like that's not you have more than Bruce tomorrow buddy then Chris rock comes out on stage like that it's wrong how I love it really there. The best light of all when he said was that was that. Will Smith love him.

He he for me.

Chris rock also is the type of dude who just no apologies for the most part he's just like, whatever. So I had a similar experience over the weekend when I was at this big conservative gathering and some speaker started going all and they said security up to drag the guy off having the crowd was was like what the heck is going on is the state.

There was all sort of turmoil and then they turned to me and say you're up next appreciate appreciate it. So I got up there and you only have like a few seconds to figure how to how do you defuse the situation a pivot. How do you pivot so I got up and said look I was at a wrestling match or a Wednesday night church business meeting. What the heck just happened in the crowd laughed yeah pretty good at that.

But going back to Dave Chapelle so I get the whole you know there's crazy chaos happening by.

My issue is this. This is all and will Smith this is will Smith's fault. He's the guy that gave the okay and honestly sorted the LAPD they should arrested.

Will Smith and dragged him out of the building. Yeah when he attacked Chris rock lead by example for Larry to go on.

I'm just telling you folks, good on you. The audience of the Dave Chapelle comedy special at the Hollywood bowl. You did good. You did good.

A bunch of men behaving as men should behave and you know they didn't do that. The men didn't go to go up there like. Will Smith.

How dare you know they punched they use their fist like mad. Brawny American man lay down the law. 844-747-8860 laughing at her grace and try to get the phone number I know I know it's just it's funny to hear your illustration there and then just the contrast between will Smith looking like a Willis and then these guys like to mess with Dave Chapelle I meet. It will fun it will Smith look like a woman up yeah you anything to slap how dear you.

How dare you how dare you talk about my wife likes to sleep with other men.

Yeah exactly how dare you say one thing about her unbelievable. By the way, changing subjects here mad gates that Gates is causing a turmoil across America right now mad gates writing on twitter talking about all of these pro-abortion protests that are happening now. There was a riot last night and before we get to what Matt Gates had to say and I'm not a big fan about dates he's kind of in the same the same genre as Madison called binders. The women's really underpants. So Barack Hussein Obama decided away, and yesterday on the. The Supreme Court leak and Barack Hussein Obama told his supporters his disciples to get out there to march of the streets to protest and that's basically code for burned down the city. Now some of you may be surprised that Barack Hussein Obama would do something like that. But ladies and gentlemen, let me remind you about this man's career path. So yes, he was president of these great United States yes he was United States of a tort. But before he was United States and a Torah.

He was a community organizer.

This was his job.

His job was to organize protest this guy's job. He was paid to be a professional rabble-rouser. That's what Barack Obama did. He's the guy with so when somebody gets attacked by the police. He was the guy that would pass out the gasoline cans of the torches and the bricks and send the crowds into the into the streets of the city of Chicago. The windy city.

That's what he did. So I'm not all that surprised to see Barack Hussein Obama out there telling people to get on the streets like Maxine Waters to absolutely harass people. That's what the and so that's exactly what he told a couple of hours later, guess what happened in Los Angeles. There were riots, the pro-baby killing crowd took to the streets causing all sorts of mayhem in downtown Los Angeles. Apparently one police officer was injured. There was a lot of damage and I suspect this is only the beginning and we warned you about this yesterday on the program I told you we were in for a very long hot violence summer in America and that's where we are right now you don't believe me, just listen to Elizabeth Warren cut number five children here you can change all Warren Ari Pocahontas condo does little bit.

She's on the warpath.

Did you hear the bongos to be figure out who was banging the bongos was that Mr. Pocahontas we don't know art but grace get on that. Let's find out who was responsible for 844-747-8860 we have so much to talk about today folks. The big win last night for president trump.

Now here's out tonight I have a take on this. I still don't trust JD Vance, I would Sen. Rand Paul. He was on the show yesterday and I just don't trust JD Vance. He's for one thing, he continues to refuse our invitations to come of this radio program and you know why because he knows the question I would ask that we don't do gotcha stuff here were pretty open were pretty honest about what we want, what we do here and I don't like play in the gotcha game so JD Vance and his campaign know that Yours truly will ask the following question JD I know you say you're a trump supporter president trump just gave you his endorsement but in the past you call this man Hitler. You have called his supporters, white supremacist, you said, they're not so smart there there redneck there their country from somebody would just go down the list. He's really been insulting to the trump world and so my question, JD Vance, I want you to take us through your conversion experience which was very moment in time that you decided while I am wrong.

I need to repent for my weight from my ways here and I need to embrace a trump agenda, take us through that process so you don't nobody's ever asked him to do that not a single person, not even Fox News and the guy pretty much as a talk show on Fox news, but they don't want to ask the questions that I suspect a lot of people in this audience would like an answer to how did you go from thinking this guy is Hitler to giving him a hug.

How does that happen because in my world. You don't hug Hitler.

II just don't get that so so set that aside predictable, but JD Vance won the primary, but what happened yesterday is not about JD Vance what happened yesterday in Ohio and Indiana is about Donald John trump, not what you think about something for second all right put JD Vance aside for just a moment, because again I don't think he's a I don't think he's real. I think he's a phony. I think he's a fake. And I say that because he will not come of this program and he knows why but let's talk about Donald Trump adjustable Donald Trump endorsed JD Vance before Donald Trump endorsed JD Vance. This guy was trailing in the polls. He was in single digits.

He was in fourth place truck gives him the endorsement last week and he rises to the top of the pile. What is that tell you it tells me this was not about the power of JD Vance. This was about the power of Donald John trump that's what that's all about. And I'll take it a step further, the president yesterday in Ohio and Indiana was 22 and oh, he he won every single race where he endorsed someone the truck candidates won the day.

Since since January of this year.

President trump in his endorsements is 55 and know he is undefeated know what is that tell you ladies and gentlemen, it tells me that Donald Trump is a major player in the Republican Party.

It also tells me that the trump Republicans the Trump Wiccans are the ones who are making a difference and they are the ones that are going to lead us to victory art.

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It shows you the power of drawbar. Let's get the phones here 844-7478 68 Jean those super fan Jean. It's been a while but I got out there I'm good I'm good what's going on Jean.

Thank you and great as always but when you pick laying down battle. Okay, maybe when present in front make things happen and the wonderful thing about their and you know and I will write about everything that you said an old woman on the maid and that's why ;-) when you people be better believe it JD. Okay what I want to tell you when it didn't make the you know the right but you know the guy little corner of the Cornell blog that lets you see Jean I hear what you're saying there but I have another theory. I think president I think president trump was conducting a scientific experiment, a political science experiment, a poly sigh. So the president's back tomorrow Lago and he's drinking his diet cola and he's thinking you know how powerful MRI.

How powerful is Donald John trump any look silly sees this guy JD Vance Anis and Trump is thinking to himself, you know this guy called me Hitler and if I can if if I can throw my support behind somebody like that and still when the day. Then I get that I can do anything I did. I think this was a demonstration of the power of trump really think about is no way that all present would do anything that would not write what they do not, well, to the end.

Whatever we gotta live Jean Jean we gotta skedaddle here for a break is good hearing from you and I don't know I I hear what the president is saying and I know look ultimately whatever happened is between is between president trump, and JD Vance. They gotta work that out themselves and the president trump trust JD Vance then all right there you go, Mr. Pres. Ultimately you people in Ohio are going to have to decide for yourselves. But before Trump came in. It was JD Vance was good to be looking to write another book I gotta take a break your folks 844-747-8868.

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You could skip to payment may close in his fastest pending, but only if you choose American financing 86 680-9740 986-680-9749 or visit American American and I don't agree with Howard Stern but Stearns actually got a pretty good look at what happened when the guy tries to attack Dave Chapelle what happened. The men, the men individuals filled with toxic masculinity.

They rose up, and they they'd stormed the stage and they took care of business right so Howard Stern goes what is second, how come the guys over the Academy Awards to.

They all just sort of stayed in their seats right it's a fair point.

I have a theory about why and I don't mean to paint with a broad brush or which means I need to paint with a broad brush, but what you had in that room were a bunch of a practicing male thespians now. We don't judge on the Todd start radio program that's not who we are right Grace Baker.

Yep, shake your head. Absolutely we don't judge we believe it's America, if you want to be a practicing thespian. That's between you and your maker who are we to Chuck much, but the reality is many of these male practicing thespians innovate, they had their hair did. They got the nails done. They had the manicures, the Manny's baby, a Patty, I don't know.

Again, we don't judge, but they did want to.

They'd want to be bothered.

They got a new outfit. They want to look glamorous and so instead they stayed in their chairs instead of going to the aid of a person on stage was being attacked by Will Smith. How dare you talk about my wife who likes to sleep with other men.

You I get it. So I think Howard that's the reason why I welcome back to the Todd start radio program. Yet I know crazy. I know I know but I think the average thespians list and we've got a few thespians that listen to the program and I think they know where I'm coming from you because they want to be left alone. They will live their lives just like everybody else in America, but that's the reason why nobody got up and that's a problem I just say that's a problem. Rolling Stone I got a message last night and someone said hey Stearns Rolling Stone is talking about you hello boy, so this article written by William Valley in court only sounds like a thespian William Valley in Corinth. Here's a headline Republicans are calling the role leak and insurrection. This is true. I was actually the first person in the conservative will hold to call what happened at the Supreme Court, an act of what I call it judicial insurrection is the phrase I used, and then everybody else and you'll event has this problem, the great one, Mark Logan and he talks about this a lot we don't we don't talk and will complain that much of this program but love then he really hates it when people take credit for things he says and were always quick to acknowledge who you know for borrowing or were quoting from someone were always telling you that is because what would we want to honor them and respect them. You know it's a it's a common courtesy, but grace as soon as I said, insurrection is like 00 we can use the steel that they say it just like that you actually so here's the here's the fair and balanced the lead paragraph Rupp of the Rolling Stone article Republicans the party that decided it was pretty much find a violent mob stormed the capital to try to overturn Donald Trump's 2020 election laws are clutching all of their pearls over the leak of a Supreme Court draft opinion that overturns Roe V Wade, who the hell wrote that that is the longest running sentence I've ever heard in my life and there wasn't even a, how do you not put a comment on nine people, on William Valley encourage you to do better than about really anyway together. William goes on to the blast a bunch of conservatives, including yours truly who he actually credits with calling it an and insurrection. So we appreciate that, but you know I will say this, it is it that's exactly what it was. And that's exactly what the left wants to have happen.

They want to destabilize the highest court in the land.

I don't think the worst is happened yet though a discrete know it has no South I'm Wade it's only yes I write last night.

Wait till this weekend. Wait till this weekend. Grace to be ugly out there.

I'm telling you folks, you better be prepared if you're a business owner in the city air and it's really not big cities or small wherever you have a Planned Parenthood they'll burn your city down. Yes and I say that because they have no they have no regard for human life. These are people talking about Planned Parenthood. These are the most evil monsters of all their literally selling off body parts of these little unborn children and it's very cultlike so like the people who are on that side. They been sucked in. I'm sorry but right now there's no rescuing you know I mean there no converting them over to our side.

In talking with them. Most of them. Most of them are lost. The abortionist are just like it really is a religion with these people you date. That's they treat this like some sort of a really demented weird religion and they are just like the Islamic radicals who flew the jetliners of the buildings on 9/11 there that committed to their cause and that they think they're on some sort of a she hawed to kill as many unborn babies as possible will just need I'll ask him to explain what they think in it just with the terms they speak and it's like oh this is all right this is just about God prevent die right now read this section in the Bible to know personally taking that out of context and not true, but given him saying they just tried at the way they they are ready to defend their stance with any means possible to Junior, Harris, the vice president, she was she was in. I got number six points to a floor center immediately rights leaders who are trying to use the law against women seeking to you. I do how do you know you you are by the way, she's not the only one you've got Tim Ryan out there.

I got three wheeler vice president by the come campaign for you. Luckily welcome everybody support, but I will be the face of this campaign. I don't think you know certain surrogates are going to play a huge role here. All right, so he is my apologies.

There I picked the wrong cut the plug. Tim Ryan running for the U.S. Senate is going to be running against questionable Trump supporter JD Vance Tim Ryan was asked about his thoughts on the Supreme Court late and this is the issue of freedom for working-class women and moms because this is in Ohio with where we have very extreme lies around abortion, rape and incest. So basically JD Vance and these other folks are telling mom or young woman that she gets ready or if there's incest that the state, the government is going to make you have it bring that pregnancy to term. That's insane in a free society in a country that's been built on the value of freedom. All right, so this is the argument in the talking pointer to hear from the baby killing side of America that this is all about rape and incest.}

You just heard of their right, rape and incest you got mad started because of Erica having their way with women ravishing women in public parks and restaurant said check the lay charge that are raping women all over America.

They're having to have these babies in God help us all.

We gotta save the women of America next summer there, done. You know I used to be a practicing postman back in junior high school. Really it was just a stage so I can so anyway that's the argument the} yeah what's going the argument argument IV that's what you know is that when they frame it that way you're seeing all fall like other you know it's awful.

And then you're like why would you know that to be forced like that, but that's not the majority of the cases that have not even close. Not even it and that is why that is why our radio program is spreading and growing across America because not only do we have a good time of this program but we also come armed with facts and here are the facts and this is not from Fox news.

This is not from Newsmax. This is from USA today. This is the headline rape and incest account for hardly any abortions. According to US days report just 1% of women obtain an abortion because they became pregnant through rate and less than .5 0.5% do so because of incest. That's according to a new study by the Guttmacher Institute.

So again, ladies and gentlemen, you got a come armed with the facts and the Democrats are doing that they're lying to these are all motion overwhelming number of the abortions are done so out of convenience and that's a problem we gotta have that conversation and were to have that conversation on this program and it's going to look.

I'm telling you it's going to get ugly.

The left is to come armed with lies. The mainstream media. These people are so stupid that there is a problem with the mainstream media number one there stupid number two, they have an agenda and there's nothing worse than a stupid person with an agenda. I'd I'm just telling so I were to take a break and that we got summer audio play will get to that in this moment.

It is also ladies and gentlemen, it is an important day we celebrate the big holidays or national doughnut day national fried chicken date and of course today is May 4 made you know it's an important day when anger Portland is we celebrate move Leo.

I never remember they like boyfriend and girlfriend before they became talking you're using her voice will don't forget got QE the very creature okay don't talk in your news anchor points maker leave that to what we have Chewbacca and who's the little rug rat there you go to funny the voice okay were doing trivia graces that prebudget were doing to all right so this is this like the Lord is coming back an hour going over my you mother mercy. All right, so here's the Starr report's tribute was, you know, Rush Limbaugh never had art here we go folks. Here's the deal, where a copy of an incredible book, our daily biscuit devotions with a the force is strong in that book.

Here we go, what is the name of Bobo thefts.

Is it baba or Boba, public that giving the questions the name of the relations or anything. I think you're referring to you to give it out titled orange I thought was about about that now, okay the Gladstone to win a copy of our daily biscuit is what is the name of Boba bats ship in Star Wars what is the name of public that's ship in Star Wars 844-747-8860. How does I was a southern version they got to have a you gotta have at least one token Southerner and I thought I thought about but that was it art. So what is the name of the Boba Fett ship in Star Wars 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stearns listening to stories hi I'm Todd storage, you know, I really enjoy taking vitamins, but I hate swallowing all of those pills but that's just how it's been since the 1930s.

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That's right, Arnie. Good to have you back with this was try to win you a prize. Here we need to know the name of Boba Fett's ship got told right now they double name here for that thing originally name of Boba.

Ship will play 10 dear to me took over Star Wars and a cook that out, go to big written in the book Boba known as the Pirates break with that with the quest of the ship, which would build crew at Drive York. I'm sorry that you have been hanging out with the cows I lost track from there. So you're telling me that Disney actually made them change the name of the ship date. The main slave worn out, that was originally the name of ship. I don't think I don't know in the Star Wars movie. There were actually name or not I cannot about five in much the bird bit. All of the books and literature, own it, yet you will play one until Disney took control of LucasArts and they could that out ruined everything though. They did first got me related new a lot. Then I got one of the protgs back in there and he turned things around. Will Arnie hang tight attorney working hook you up with a out with a copy of my new blog, our daily biscuit and by the way, Arnie. I hear it's like if you're like a horse whisperer.

If you read the book to the Cal's. The cows are pretty big pretty mellow. Well, I could not talk to them all the time. I mean most I mean talk to me sometime or add to your invite me around out or humans for that, so that your three all right, Arnie, God bless you. It's great hearing from you and are glad to.

Glad to know you're out you're doing good.

Hang tight graces to get your information so hey folks working to have him have more opportunities. One of the biggest start with one of the biggest Star Wars nerds we have is Avery Bryson, who is been a long time intern and Serena try to touch base with Avery over Liberty University and of course our good buddy Ross, who is on staff at the talk station out of North Carolina.

I think you can quote all of the movies from from hearts. Go Dorothea write some of the Facebook live page Todd do these loose lips know they can keep their legs together, or always carry a few condoms in case they hook up a few times a night. Whatever but they need to take need to accept the fact that babies are being killed for their couple of minutes of irresponsibility.

Dorothea I think you knocked it out of the ballpark, ma'am are you folks. Sen. Bill Haggerty covered up.

Also, our good buddy Steve Gill and your calls as well. May 4 be with you and this is the Todd Stearns radios well. Our good friend Michael Dell is back at it again hello everybody I'm Todd start Michael Dell not only created the best hello but now he's created the best towel in the world. That's right, Mike Lindell found the best tile company right here in the USA.

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Liberty University's do you see George Lujan the way this is written, what are the next things are going to be attacked because this mega grout is really the most extreme political organizations existed in American history. In recent American history.

This is president body just a few moments ago saying that all of you people out there that are that are a part of the macro world which is basically the Republican Party that you people are the most extreme people. This is the same man who on the campaign trail called Christians who believe that marriage is between one man and one woman. The dregs of society. That's a direct quote.

This is a man who had who belongs to a political party that considers you people to be better people to be irredeemable deplorable's but the idea that the that the idea that wanting to defend the life of an unborn child makes you an extremist. But you know what I raise my hand. I am proud to call myself an extremist, especially when you have another party out there that not only wants to allow the murder of unborn babies, but they want to go so far as to allow babies to be aborted on the date of their birth. A party that wants to groom children of party that wants to give small children the right to mutilate their own bodies and they call us extremist. It's unbelievable. I would go to the patriot nobody's make a line by the way, welcome to the Todd surge radio program.

We are honored to have with us from the great state of Tennessee Sen. Bill Haggerty, Sen., hope you're doing good today I'm doing well thought you know Sen. you you heard the president of the United States.

Just if you want to go really to disparage and diminish a very large part of this great country of ours amazing to me, you will impact American farmworker that he will never call out the Ayatollah or lender. It's absolutely shocking that the number one enemy of the Democratic Party article American Sen.

Still a lot to unravel as far as what happened at the Supreme Court Chief Justice has ordered investigations and whoever leaked to the draft and I have to imagine Sen. that this is still great news. If in fact this is going to be the opinion of the court and finally the states get to decide this issue of abortion and the legalization of abortion, you know I'm pro-life and have been one of my own. Finally in a position where I hope wanted to be righted and go to customer for better far more humane place patient. I think that the United States one of only seven nations in the world that allow abortion up to the moment that you just described the moment of birth, roof, and after China and North Korea are also on the list to think about how barbaric those societies can be so that indeed is the move that's the right direction. I've been hesitant to comment on the gate want to respect across the request go through this should be competent Until they announced their final. They've not yet done that yet. I think it's clear that the radical left would not leak about they didn't feel begin to put maximum pressure on the just change their votes. So I think that's what's going on here is an intimidation campaign that wanting to destroy yet another sacred institution here in America on the Supreme Court just to get their way and it's absolutely disgraceful at this leakage occurs. Sen. yesterday for Pres. Obama and his wife issued a pretty lengthy statement over 700 words and they called on people to rise up to take to the streets and then last night, there were violent riots in downtown Los Angeles. One police officer was injured you think is appropriate for Pres. Obama to call for protest) no, no, I don't think it's appropriate at all in the same playbook that was used for the 2020 election is stirring up unrest to go back on the lease now. It is not the way America should react to pray in the situation again but for the leak that took place and no one's been held to account at this point yet, although I will get to the bottom of the book to have have leaders like that come out and end suggests that violence is the right response to a political debate debate that we been having in this country for years when I hope to be resolved in the right manner. Sen. Bill is Sen. Bill Henry's on the patriot mobile newsmaker line this afternoon Sen. a few days ago you made headlines you were questioning the Atty. Gen. about Hunter Biden, and specifically whether or not Pres. Biden was involved with Hunter's business deals and I was very surprised that the Atty. Gen. refused to answer a pretty straightforward question questions completely obvious conflict of interest your chart and if you think about how Atty. Gen. would handle conflict of interest. In the past they put in place a prosecutor what you can't hear Hunter Biden under criminal investigation for tax fraud and money laundering. You look at what he's done in terms of influence peddling partners actually working out of the White House going to meet Joe Biden Martin Bart Stapley was vice president if you look at the trip on a buying trip with his father to communist China father to his eventual business partner.

The fact that under Biden got $1 million a year as a board for serving on the board of energy company and you crinkle charisma at the same time that his father was responsible Ukraine policy $3.5 million payment from the from the billionaire there in Moscow. All of the stuff happening at the same time Joe Biden having pictures made with charisma executives there with Hunter you. This is clearly an access and influence question that needs to be resolved to the satisfaction of the American people how you do that when you got the commander-in-chief, saying publicly that his son did nothing wrong. Atty. Gen. who reports that put the Atty. Gen. to pretty bad spot you run a clean and education when you're getting the correct thought far you that the outcome is my son did nothing wrong that this position and Atty. Gen. Garland could not answer that question and you should basically trust me, I don't think the American people to trust him and in the situation you laid this all out in a terrific column over at Fox News and you point out that the emerging evidence indicates the president. While serving as VP and preparing to run for president was involved with and the was involved with in the financial beneficiary of Hunter Biden's foreign business ventures while the laptop was proven right or trove of information about the Biden family business and how involved Joe Biden once connected, but we'd even heard before the Biden laptop occurred about the big guy under Biden partner Tony Belinsky came forward and said that the gifted percentage of you got even more damning information to come forward and that we got access to this what you see you very deep connections work with when you got the most talking about Hunter Biden paying for the lavish Lake waterfront home that you abide maintain vigil Biden needs reassurances about what income is going to be the time when Joe Biden was early, like taxpayers covering Joe Biden living expenses and if you think about what what's to occur even more recently, as Joe Biden's become president Joe Biden meets with Pres. She then immediately after that Hunter Biden's lawyer announces that hundreds finally sold his interest in entity called PHR that he owned in partnership with Chinese Congress party entity. They don't disclose how much propaganda made directly when he sold it etc. mean this thing stinks to high heaven. Sen. if if the Republicans are able to retake the House and the Senate.

Do you anticipate getting to the bottom of that question, the one that the Atty. Gen. refused to answer.

I absolutely do and I think back to another editor of the things that you asked a question during the Watergate investigation. What did the Pres. know, and when did you know it Howard a question you need to get here exactly that's you I and I did not realize until I read your column that that that that the that infamous saying came from Tennessee Sen. the great Howard Baker and date and time to come to find out all right Sen. when you leave there by the way, are you big Star Wars guy buddy she had so Sen. Mike I will barely 2 days a Star Wars holiday so May 4 to be with you, Sen. All right Sen. Bill Haggerty everybody on the patriot mobile newsmaker line. Let's hope and and I am look there are number of reasons why the Republicans need to retake the house of the Senate. But I do hope that were able to get to the bottom of this Biden crime syndicate scandal and that's what it is I'm Joe Biden has not held a job outside of public service and yet he is a multi-multimillionaire many times over. We gotta get to the bottom of art 844-747-8868. That is our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868. Again, we are celebrating 4 May which is a Star Wars holiday.

What is if it is the grace make here the of the Star Wars aficionado here is that the act was a Star Wars day your yeah this is the official like Star Wars, state, and it's because of the phrase may the force be with you.

May 4 be with you.

That's where it came from. No, I get that I just didn't know if it was May 4 be with you holiday or was your overall thinking is today. I got a call from our good buddy Wyatt over the Nevada talk networkers that is also Dave Brubaker day, so do not ask grace.

I can see the Lord so nastily Google Google great musician and you can look it up. Here is the question for a prize pack for the day.

We want to know who stars as the famous console over the original Star Wars film, who was the famous Han Solo, who was the original star in the Star Wars film if you know the answer. Give us a call 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 will be right back talk radio show Macy's one day sale is going on now with like 40 to 50% off on pensions and must have an excuse and get 40% off your new favorite designer, Franklin said even faster when you pick up curbside delivery savings are failing. Exclusions apply and the were excited to have those guys a.m. and and the welcome. The conference radio show family always excited about the new affiliates that we have. Hey by the way, big, big debate tonight on Newsmax Greta Van Susteren from over at Fox News, formerly Fox News is going to be moderating the debate featuring Dr. Oz for the U.S. Senate seared and want to check out.

Check that all Newsmax TV tonight.

Also, you know emergencies happen any time. No power, no lights, no do you federal agencies are now urging families to have emergency radio. I've got one Newsmax up. By the way they publish Newsmax magazine, a terrific publication and they want to make sure you get your hands on a world band emergency radio free and here's how they're gonna do it.

Subscribe to Newsmax magazine there to send you a free radio this thing is pretty awesome.

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Fourth, 4 July May 4 be with you Star Wars trivia today Conway Arkansas Scott on the line Scott how are you how are you my friend. I am well thank you for asking. And we have a trivia question on the table. We want to know who stars as console over the original Star Wars films that almost sounds like a trick question to me, but I want to go and say it's going to be Harrison Ford no trick there my friend. It is, in fact, Harrison Ford and congratulations Scott were to hook you up with a uprise copy of a signed copy of my new book, our daily biscuit devotions with a drawl.

Well thank you sir I appreciate that I'm actually going to give that one that you've already signed someone to give that by that I know would really enjoy it Scott but you won't hold grace will get your info. All right there you go. 844-747-8868 is our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868. So where we go from here. You've got that you've got Joe Biden out there raising all sorts of our rockers accusing all of you people out there in macro world of being a bunch of extreme meanwhile the Biden administration about to declare war on unborn babies there to try to show through legislation.

I will do it because these Democrats know they absolutely know that if they try to if they try to push back on the abortion issue. It is a losing venture for every Democrat in a southern or Midwestern state, and if you don't think if you don't think the country has has gone conservative on this issue. You don't alert your target. We had some we had a study a couple of days ago we were talking about where a majority of generations. Ears are our pro-life and were talking about Democrats and Republicans. I think it's because that generation. They have seen what abortion has done in this country. It is a terrible thing but going back to what happened last night in Ohio and Indiana. This was a great day for Donald Trump and this serves as a lesson a lesson for all of you establishment Republicans out there you venture away from the Trump agenda, not the man but the agenda then you do so at your own peril.

It's as simple as that. Now, what really concerns me.

There are some areas of the nation where the Republicans don't even want to fight, and they will. They only want to put up any candidates. It's like they've already surrendered. I got up I got an email from one of our listeners last night and they were complaining about the fact that about 1/2 a dozen or so local races. Note no Republicans wanted to run, but when they did some investigation they determined that party leadership is now to party leadership in some areas of America there actually telling people okay you're to be the nominee. They're not even allowing Republicans to primary each other and that reeks of establishment politics Abraham but I'm just telling you what happened and it's happening all over the country so look the Republicans better wake up. They end and this abortion ruling has it has its little fire under the Democrats and you're going to see them rise up in big big numbers in the fall. So this is not a give me now before the leak I would've said it and I I still believe the Republicans are to win. The question is will it be a big wet and that remains to be seen right now but we have we've always we've we've seen the Republican leadership establishment Republicans and they are very capable of losing very capable art 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number.

This is the Todd surgery is Macy's one day sale is going on now like 40 to 50% off on pensions and must have an and get 40% off your new favorite designer, Franklin said order even faster when you pick up curbside delivery savings are failing. Exclusions apply. There was another George and Herschel Walker was was a no show me the guys he's pulling about 53, 54%.

So no doubt that he's got to be the nominee. But I think this is a bad move on his part.

Herschel's had the opportunities and he needs to take advantage of these opportunities to debate get up on the stage.

Find out what it's like to take the tough questions and and deal with the back-and-forth over the bait. I would rather him to that now than wait until this fall when he actually has to debate the, the Democrat for real so I it's a bad move and I hope Herschel reconsiders but you know what you all you can do is offer advice.

I walked back to the Todd surge radio program.

Great to have with us on the patriot mobile newsmaker line. The fastest growing conservative podcast in America. The Monica Crowley podcast Monica Crowley good to have you back with us, click here. And by the way, congratulations on this podcast I become a fan and you're getting all be on the a listers that are Johnny Aiello who handles your poking, but they do a great job. My doctor is. I thought Grace Baker was working on the site or something maybe set aside Jake you are very lovely great pretty good, but all I do is reach out to Rick and coming on the podcast and I'm really, really all Monica. You also got one of the funniest Twitter feeds. I mean the Snark is strong with you by my favorite today presidential dementia running strong today today.we need only like Mark, we are in a very dangerous condition. You and I talked about that and you know I think the American people. Now it very clear that the severe cognitive decline and I keep making the point that dementia is a progressive disease. It never got better and only get worse and a lot of people will see him like to go off the rails can't really follow the helicopter you can't put together a coherent thought never mind a coherent and a lot of people think I would really well for him and his family died. I think most American areas that we are conditioned where the president of the United States, the leader of the free world, the nuclear code by his side that he had absolutely that were in this spot right now.

Let's go back go back to that presidential cycle. You have a lot of Democrats that would've been capable of more so than Joe Biden. I mean there were not jobs like Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas, but they had they had better and stronger and more cognitive skills than Joe Biden hand and I'm just wondering how how did that happen that Joe Biden was the best they had to offer.

He was traveling in the potent South Carolina primary, and you'll recall, that one came my burn right icon got got to Jill Biden right before it got primary a lot of black K now one Clyburn thing they came out and put them over the top in Carolina and that he needed to go to direct the primary but I think that the top line explanation D and all of that Barack and Michelle Obama. Maybe even the Clinton machine Democratic nominee Democratic president could control Obama is on record, half joking. Oh, I wish I could get 1/3 term by getting someone in there that I could control how well now I think were actually living that real experience here. Biden is always been a jerk and now he's a jerk and with dementia, but got perfect for the electric power broker actually controlling his administration and the country then you tie and what happened with the Supreme Court leak, and you're telling me the just by chance you had hundreds of protesters showing up immediately.

You have Obama out there with the 700 word statement calling the people to get out there in March of the streets. I think this is the chaos they're looking for to take some of the midterm elections exactly right and tweeted that it well that they were looking for a pretax joke. The kind of chaos and mayhem that got 2020 election number 2020. You had like I matter to George Lloyd Bryant, American burning down and claim all the outcome of the camp and the rack allowed the mark to to have an open lane in order to think and rebuild in their own image they need to chaos.

Therefore, they want to and what you're seeing now. I think with cream correctly and a lot of other things coming down the crank is that they're looking for a pretext to do it all over again because they know that now the Republicans there are pretty well for a very good night in early November midterm clean. Todd Republicans are for good night to truck that they only have one choice.

Okay, I think that they are very guided.

I think people's views on abortion are already well baked into the cake like you might get some radical pockets of women here in America were completely outraged by Hollenbeck. I don't think it can immobilize general election code or the way they think it's going to jail. I think you know when you look at the abortion polling. The trend has been trending toward pro-life for quite a while now. It got 50-50 that the majority of the country, but on the always pro-choice now, not 50-50. Even counting pro-life date, trying desperately to mobilize their day telling them to get the shock troops into the street because that way they can win and they know I love how Matt Gates frames the issue writing on Twitter how many how many of the women rallying against overturning Roe are overeducated under love, millennial's, who sadly returned from protest to a lonely microwave dinner with her cats and no bumble matches Jesus hello very vivid and very vivid Monica Crowley all the patriot mobile newsmaker line your Monica a fascinating statistic upright part had this they were waiting in the aftermath of those primaries in Indiana and Ohio trumpets 50 and O on Hitler, or 55 Beno on his endorsement so far this year really incredible and in fact I talk about it on my podcast today.

You're not guiding gain on Google podcast part of my future wherever you get your show and describe right away you get out because I spent a good deal of time talking about that actually yesterday with primaries. 2222 trunk endorsed candidates one as you think going back a couple of weeks. We first started on 55 and out clearly trunk party America first party is all about making America great again.

The worst nightmare of the left Republican establishment and I talked about the last six years or so trying to join Donald Trump. Like everything he had a variety of reasons time, but one of the big reason because they were literally petrified Trump would give rise to hundred 80 trunk you all now America first endorsed by Trump all coming out there all America first platform they are winning.

Again, this is everybody's worst nightmare because they thought they could just begun with the whole movement well were telling them not movement is still Donald Trump but not exclusive to Donald Trump. He created the way he maximized right now. It can also all of the other people that have been allowed to integrate their patriot American first agenda because of Donald Brown not going anywhere and it's only gaining and has to kill the bushes and in the Romney's and the Cheney's because Donald Trump is the kingmaker of the Republican Party right now. I got to be driving trying everything they can try to hurt him).

I got talking about the walls closing in on Donald Trump for about six years now nothing anything wrong. Only thing is gone try to save America all right Mike, I gotta leave it there. Congrats on the success of the podcast of folk subscribe you got listen to this.

You gotta be in the know and we have direct links to Monica as a podcast on our live show blog I Monica have a great day. Thank God Monica Crowley everybody by the way big shindig tonight Amara Lago Dinesh Desousa's movie debut. The latest documentary 2000 mules and that is a jaw dropping documentary and I will be talking more about that tomorrow 844-747-8868. That is our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 now when you reach a certain age and yours truly is.

What kind of at that age 54, but you get you get. You gotta take your vitamins and you know what I was going about is to do a lot of vitamins I did the Flintstones write about one of the real reasons that I just like taking the pills you gotta usually there like the size of the horse pills you want talk about it. They get stuck in your throat, you gotta go get some water and it's just a pain in the butt while I got some great news for all you folks.

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Oh geez, Lou.

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Find senior caregivers for your parents and bad news man Joy Behar. One of these walking over on the view is suggesting that women conduct a sex strike so and so the Council and the view say no more sex. They walked. I feel bad for the girls over on the view and it's maybe they can help themselves. I don't know but let's be honest, would you really want to meet.

Would you really want to go out with one of those gals I was in a state. I do think there's saying this to make themselves feel better. Do think there already on a sex strike when you get to say that I otherwise the Nazis come after me when they come in after me just yet.

I'm not can you dig a hole in it. There's just too much testosterone on my program. I now now tying that in with another story that has landed in our stack of stuff here Grace Baker.

The headline for the New York Post, NASA wants to launch naked pictures of humans into space in the hopes of attracting aliens when attracting aliens might be like Wolf. Just leave. So here's the story from the New York Post grace NASA scientist planned launch pictures of naked humans in the space they want to lose your aliens to us. But why I say leave us alone. I think they'd see with in the words of Sen. Kennedy. I think they'd see with going on in the White House and turn right on back to their homeland. You see, it depends on who the naked people are thinking like Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds only picking off Michael Moore and Rosie O'Donnell yeah I mean I Howard Stern, it seems it seems to me you would want to to send the photos of Michael Moore and Rosie O'Donnell and Sinhala space space because I think that would horrify the alien population. It would be a good defense mechanism and the aliens unit because I'm not sure if the aliens what their attractions are you what what what what do the aliens find attractive. Not sure I want to know.

I say just down your planet will stay on ours buddy ECI for that. Let let bygones be like if I got. I know we made that movie E.T. forgiveness scientist think the pixelated illustration of a naked man and woman waving hello could help us.

Finally, make contact with the extraterrestrials look very friendly. Well, they got these yeah I don't know what in their language in their mannerisms, waving hello mean something like, well not very nice for exposing your private parts to all those are pixelated so the alien will be like oh my God what's wrong with these people to say I mean you could exaggerate a lot of features or shrink them aliens a minute, what, what, again, what do they find attractive full figured woman I don't know there's a brawny man. I don't know. I think this is asking for trouble asking for a lot of trouble.

You are you one of those people you and Art Bell person you think they're like UFOs e.g. restaurants there is life on other planets but not in the way that we think lifelike.

I don't think there's just these alien creatures walking around that are as intelligent as humans.

I just don't know if what connected Michael Moore is the first contact we went to America. I just or for planet Earth for that deep love, but some fans on this earth but some pants on. I pray that this is the Todd severance radios Macy's one day sale is going on now with like 40 to 50% off on pensions and must have an and get 40% off your new favorite designer, Franklin said order even faster when you pick up curbside delivery savings are failing. Exclusions apply universities to you and telling since conservative commentary from the water some lunatic storming the state and that guys arm was like a pretzel. Now, thanks to security you got Pres. Biden out there saying that all of you make America great again people, which is all yours truly as well were just a bunch of extreme and now the squawking magpies around the view have announced that they are launching a sex strike in America so you can't make this stuff up.

It was go to the pantry bubble newsmaker line, our good friend and by the way, welcome to the surgery or program to our good friend of the political strategist Steve Gehl hello Steve how are you today I feel grateful that I could knock on you women off Mike I know it's very disappointed in the other part of the other part of that and Steve on it's good to be a set of eyes to the sufferings of the other big story is and apparently Nassau wants to. Where is that story NASA wants to launch images of naked people into space in hopes of attracting of attracting alien lifeforms so attracted alien perverts and pedophiles together. Not thinking through August 5. Start up with somebody thank you. What we replicated dinosaur DNAs and brought back the tire store is directed think they've never currently watch the other side.

Well, as Grace Baker and I were discussed.

We were discussing this in great detail in the last segments to my concern is that it not be someone like Michael Moore because I'm not sure the aliens would want to make first contact if that's their first image of who the earthlings are you ladies let them but at the same time. Let's not yet most body space because that would default that welfare and I mean I don't know Liz Behar hello I protected from the aliens that want to eat humans that we wouldn't come near. But you see if I'm an alien.

I would probably not want to eat like a skinny American because you know their phone, they want the good meeting time so they decided to go to they go to the southern states, we become the Golden corral of the universe. Steve feel free to hang up any time now. Save yourself to so Steve looked big big primaries yesterday in Ohio and Indiana and the big news we're talking about with Monica Crowley about this the last hour. Pres. Trump 55 and oh in his endorsements. 22 and oh yesterday in Ohio and Indiana is currently showing people like you doing these rallies around the country because it is motivating the neoconservative macro voter.

They are turning out. They are followed.

My question early on, would be whether or not to support supporters would be transferable. So far were you thumbs up for a candidate great momentum probably helped her fundraising during the day so far so a lot of times your endorsement transfer. The popularity of an individual to other like like comp.

The endorsement goes.

An extraordinary amount of weight I thought was fascinating, trumps it back tomorrow I go got the Diet Coke and hand watching JD Vance out there trailing fourth place out of four in the panels single digit numbers of the guy has made a career of bashing, not just the president calling Hitler and his supporters and shrubs says watch this guys gives him the endorsement and what envelope you know their network out whatever issues there are and I guess they have, but Trump gave the guy his endorsement he wins the day comes from behind. May 24 or so you got the Georgia primary work in our Trump will start to play out there as well. I don't know that he is waiting on the camp Purdue rate have you the right door to the latest calls I've seen you have but Gov. Kempton continuing to lead by a sizable market but does a rally that may currently lunch up in her talk that I was hoping we would get to Georgia because the president has done that you he did a rally I was. I was surprised but I was there and I was one of the speakers I heard Perdue give that speech and it was polite applause, but it was an enthusiastic applause.

It wasn't the kind of applause that Herschel Walker got and and I'm curious if a lot of people are saying. Well, the polls are skewed. Will the same polling agencies are giving Herschel Walker a landslide lead right now and every single one of the poles us come out.

You've got Perdue trailing by by massive double digits and I'm not sure why that is. Trumpet urges voters to turnout in the runoff election Georgia after the November election for the runoff probably would've picked up two of the feet and it turned out a lot of crop macro voter stayed home and produced still narrowly lost so you're thinking is popular but camp is apparently done a good job and you, the voters down in Georgia and they're sticking with him, at least at this point in the cold and I'm not sure whether another rally turns out around I'm not sure what they can do to create new momentum. Although, when you look at the results in Indiana and Ohio folks in Indore to take another look. We got a lot of Georgia listeners, Steve and and they've been telling me that this goes back to how Kim handled the pandemic, how we open the state backup. He ignored the stuff coming from the CDC and the White House and people seem to really respect him for that but again I think Purdue is he's a multimillionaire good man could not say anything about the man's character at all. I think he is a hard time relating to the average Georgian and I think that's being evidenced in the polling data received people. People like to vote for somebody they like the policies matter a lot. But they also want to feel like somebody they want to go have lunch with her breakfast with and share some time with you. I think Purdue does come off a lot more stiff a lot more distant and you know in politics what have you done for me lately and while they might not appreciate how Kim handled the election. The vote count. I think the handling of coated and being more open and transparent and not being one of the mask not I think it is helping him because what you done lately and that's the latest thing on people's mind and me say this. So what this could get interesting for the presidential primary.

This could be 55 and one I don't know how things can change people's minds can change.

I do know this so former President Bush is hosting a big dollar fundraiser for Brian In taxes and that makes me wonder if Trump is going to really double down head back to Georgia and really try to put the screws to Brian Welling Oakley Trump's advisers are telling them to look at the long day.just short game of one loss, but make sure that you do not scorch the earth so that you can't come back and forgive and forget. Kim the same way it is done with JD Vance in Ohio event. Stuart Trump calling and told him cold pulled behind it.

Competent advisors need to focus Indore to audit okay Jim when the primary is doing a couple weeks. We gotta make sure we keep Georgia in the red column with the governor instead of the turning blue and doing what we saw in the runoff election with Warnock. We gotta make sure that the Republicans keep the statehouse in Georgia and I think it Trump's advisers are talking to them. It gotta be urging him to not go scorched-earth in Georgia don't play Sherman find a way to be conciliatory and and keep things open to make sure we keep that right, yet because of some of these can be taken on Stacy Abramson. They can't be damaged so we need all hands on deck. There seem to mind Florida four years ago, barely won by a half-point bike. Most folding doors and there are enough Martinelli 89 point narrowly The governor's office in Florida and Republican and got arrested for doing crack cocaine or something so these are narrow margin. Sometimes you don't want to want to take a narrow window, turn it into a narrow loss.

Steve big picture looking at some looking at where the races are going in the midterms. I think we were looking at a massive tsunami for Republicans. Now that the Supreme Court ruling has pseudo-leaked. I'm not so sure about that because now you have a lot of Democrats are to be motivated to get out and vote where you see all this going this week is the most egregious thing we've ever seen Supreme Court history so they're willing to burn down the country is really burned out and like the Supreme Court to protect the right to kill unborn baby and it is disgusting frankly and the fact that the Democrat and the president are not calling it out there so focused on trying to gin up an issue that they think will win them votes in the fall. Ignoring the real damage that's been done. I think that it will motivate Democrat voters, but it will motivate the Democrat voters that were already motivated against Republicans. I don't know that it other than the radical activist with kill babies up to the moment and after the moment of birth radicals that you have in places like California and Colorado. The institutionalized abortion in their laws and are putting in the Constitution. I don't think that it motivates folks in the swing district necessarily the rabbit voters live and die by by abortion that they may never get may never have the opportunity need is not the voters but really swing voters and again I think people are going to devote their pocketbooks are to be looking at for the chaos of the dangers in the street. The murder of unborn babies may not motivate much the murders that are happening in blue cities run by Democrats so I think a lot of other issues are to be higher on the agenda of voters gumball rather than the abortion.

If you do simply turning it back to state voters and legislators that they elect to say rather than unelected judges. Well said Steve leave it there.

Always great to get your insight, Steve Gill, host of the Jill report.

You can find Steve on Twitter at the Jill report. All right, Steve. Have a going concern think I would keep her close on another track daily and God bless America planner is all right.

Thank city all right, folks, a by the way, today is Star Wars day. I want you here today Memphis Philharmonic Collierville. The art, so here's the deal is you know the answer you want to pry a copy of my brain you book your daily one. Something in the past 30 days.

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The phones are the family all was on the great day. Why Nathaniel how are you today you Nathaniel. I'm well is the force with user. Are you sure about that yet. So the invisible power that binds the galaxy together is called for. Yeah, I sorta gave away the answer there did my it's late in the show. It's a Wednesday.

What about what what what what you want me to do nothing.

Hey, congratulations we are to hook you up with a signed copy of my new book about Nathaniel. I'm not talking out of school here but were actually working on a big event I were to be bringing the show to Salem and I really hang out with her good friends at KY KM really cool yet so I will be telling you guys more about that in the coming weeks of meantime I need to put you on hold so we can get you hooked up with a prize and that we may have one more question were so coming up. I have a question though, for all you people in Arkansas is Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the conservative candidate for governor in New York State now coming up in the next segment will be speaking with Doc Washburn who was a long time talk radio host.

He was a very popular talk radio host on KA are in and Dr. Washburn is now running for governor of Arkansas. He says he is the true conservative in that in that gubernatorial race in Arkansas and were curious what you have to say about that 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868. By the way big big NBA game last night in Memphis.

I will place of audio for you. We do things a little different here in Memphis and there's a guy named Kingfish who can tear it up on the electric guitar and they brought him out the play that the national anthem at last, I want you to hear how it sounded in the Bluff city go.

Thank you. King and little bit of excitement there and I can fully what Job I grace getting the controller so Joe Biden honoring Paralympics and you can only imagine what happened were in its coming up next.

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That's 972 patriot now listen up, you gotta use my promo code Todd Binder to get free activation and a free gift, along with those great discounts before you go to the before we go to the patriot mobile newsmaker lobby going to play this audio for you. So Pres. Biden is honoring the Olympic athletes at the White House today and you wonder what could possibly go wrong. One of the athletes is in a wheelchair there there honoring both the Olympic athletes in the parable of the Catholics and this individual is wheelchair bound. Here's what Pres. Biden said as he was throwing the athletes. T-shirts wheelchair basketball player Max time all you John well I think John Pugh Desiree get it is wheelchair folks as Monica Crowley said that the dementia is strong today. Let's go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line, our good friend great radio talkshow host a legendary talk radio host and the man who wants to be the next governor of the great state of Arkansas Doc Washburn Doc, hope you're doing good today.

I got the word. I'm humbled and honored to be here yeah I just better to be due, then to be that poor guy got just got embarrassed by Pres. Biden cheese solo I would call a blue-green. I think about yes you he could be both. Either that's a good point I want. Let's talk about this race here and my car B is a regular on our program and it's interesting because Sarah Sanders has been invited. I grace how many times out 72 and that she has yet to make an appearance on the Todd surge radio program and and I'm kind of curious as to why that is on this very strange but were glad that you are here.

Well you I appreciate that what happened things got people call me and say what you need run for governor. We got have a choice in the public and primary. This may only comment on her Facebook page, Sarah, why want to answer questions there. Why won't you talk about issues and when she endorsed Sir John Bozeman for election and U.S. Congress and French silk reelection, both of whom ridiculed the idea of the election was stolen from plaintiff Donald Trump for violence on January people just freaking out all over Facebook. Creighton called and told me what I've always told*you have the wrong guy on the run for office and Jan Morgan called me his primary Bozeman said looking over things going on your about to lose our country. Good people like you to run for office to talk to. I can pray about. Well, when you call Christian to talk to his wife and pray about something he doesn't want to do. I couldn't say no okay can talk more on the way over my head. I trust your judgment, but I knew the proverb say that there is wisdom in the abundance of counselors. So Monday night I met with several of the people in the conference room in a church in Iraq.

We talked for two and half hours basically about should I do this. The two main questions I remember one was okay she got fired from the radio show because you wouldn't accept Cumulus media's vaccine mandate lot of people don't know what happened to you so you ran for governor. Would this be a publicity start to tell people about your pocket or would you actually trying to win is of no you don't do a publicity stunt run for governor know I'll be trying to win the other question was, what would your top priority be to glorify God glorify God. Everything we do and Jan Morgan said that's what I've been waiting to hear from half hours. Everybody said we hope you do this to meet with Lincoln women's club the next evening I told them what I thought it meant that there had endorsed people who stabbed Trump in the back and she was ignoring all the people were upset about that.

What it meant that so many people were complaining she won't answer the questions she won't be in any kind of picture talk about issues and also what it meant that when Gov. Hutchinson of Arkansas endorsed her. She said what a great job is the doing of this thing.

Gov. Hutchinson anybody's watched Tucker Carlson might remember a few months back vetoed a bill to outlaw puberty blockers chemical castration children because Walmart wanted him to win on Tucker Carlson lied about it. Tucker proved he was lying deftly because Walmart wanted to answer won't talk about that. She won't say a word about that. He was overwhelmingly overridden by almost all Republican state legislature leave the other thing recently that she will not mention tomorrow before three weeks state Supreme Court in Arkansas would rule the school district wants to force manicure children from three years old to 12 grade was apparent nothing you can do about it. They could do whatever they want to again Walmart ties in the chamber like that there is not anything about it, and it's outrageous and I'm sick and tired and so are Arkansans of Walmart Tyson Chamber of Commerce showing the liberal ideology down our throats and try to run the state and we need to governor will put a stop to that The last polling data I saw was back in February. Sarah was up by nearly 10 points over competitors in that race. So what are you hearing now boots on the ground and she was up over and over. Whatever Democrat is going to get the nomination when it comes to the general election.

Everywhere I go I get my message about lowering taxes and completely getting rid of the state income tax. Now, not .2% year like Sarah just wanted to completely getting rid of the state income tax on small businesses and estate tax on use goods, including use cars and everywhere that I share my message. People come up to me afterwards like we were supporting Sarah over Sen. money we never heard you before, or if you're like we wonder what happened to you radio you me that happens everywhere I go. Open Walmart country down the Delta Northeast Arkansas Southwest Arkansas central article everywhere I go, so you know if I get my message out enough people, I'll be the nominee. All I have to do is talk people for a few minutes and there like okay will take a rocket to get one of you and raised over $13 million. I don't mean the 10% of that. If I can raise one person that I get my message out enough people using social media and radio commercials and things like that because on the there's there's no comparison. She doesn't talk about issues she just reminded of the work Donald will something I would remind everybody what a great job different out several months before she left the White House. He ordered her to stop doing daily Mac and he constantly started doing daily press briefing every day. Kaylee knocked out part of me she was doing such a great job for 12 days what he ordered her to stop doing any press briefing and be why she endorsing all these people.

They always horrible stuff about him. I'm going to the raises would like to follow back January 6 20, 21, Doc Washburn is running for governor the Republican nomination there in the state of Arkansas have a lot of Arkansas listeners. By the way folks are number 844-747-8868 844-747-8868 Dr. I hear what you're saying Trump though did give Sarah the endorsement in this race. Do you think you got it wrong. I got it wrong, but I think it was because he was loyal and you know it will not be the first time that somebody in the race in the conservative beat that person. Lauren Beaufort out to Colorado with use of the primary couple years ago she liked what was in front endorsed my opponent in the primary, but on the America first candidate on the trunk out and of course she wanted primary and she went on to be a member of U.S. House whoever went public in validation for governor in the state is going to be the next governor. I think the present got it wrong, but again I think you tried staring at her dad, Mike Huckabee and you know one of the other of them got him to endorsed John Bozeman quite some time back as soon as you got a primary opponent, and I guarantee you they didn't tell him all the bad stuff the jumbos and set about how he won't endorse Congress and friends feel this trend shows one of a handful Republican voted for Nancy Pelosi January 6 commission and Friends feel on Donald Trump's radar. So you won't endorse him as medevac financials Republican challenger Col. Conrad Reynolds just came up a picture of him and and Trump MR, Lago today. I don't know if you got endorsed or not one piece about surprising if he did all right. How are things going out there now that you are going up against a powerful force in the state.

How are things going great. I get a very positive response everywhere I go. One of the real surprises for a little while back we got an invitation for the Benton County public and party Walmart country and even reach out to them because I just figured well Walmart country 00 I got 10 minutes to talk, I mentioned the old Spanish proverb show me you walk with and I'll show you are your walks with Gov. Hutchinson, Bozeman, consequential, and Mike standing over the end of the unit be addressed by hundreds of years so people come up to me, just looking to start like I never could imagine anybody could possibly peel away my support from Sarah for governor, but you just think you please tell your French, you know, if enough people go to you chip in a few bucks to be the nominee. She has turned out young people take a challenger to a debate like we don't know. I mean I could be happy to debate her, but she can't afford to do too many things that she can't talk about like because a lot of folks may not realize that you the power of your radio program your afternoon drive you're crossing it work.

Your Cumulus and I want you to tell our listeners why you got fired from Cumulus. What happened okay so August 8. Last year. Tragically, liberal radio media Mary Barnett said she was really cited up how many of your employees.

I got vaccinated very angry at you want one let you know what you got to want to be fully back if you're not, you're out of here a bit of art so I found out I mean you can apply for religious attempt but I found out my general manager Little Rock okay law religious exemption aborted fetal cells that bothers me. So I applied for that and got questions back again to talk in a very liberal organization can media spiritual leader what what is your key thing about vaccines like in a call to me. The Lord is my spiritual leader, pastor and elders of my church are pro-life Christians but I don't know what they think about vaccines for couple years you're concerned I'm going to infect somebody in the in the building radio stations with something I don't even have wanted to go to Vermont. They ignore that and sure enough, I was out of their sobering was my last day and there'd usually there seven years and seven months far the longest I've ever had in my life and you know when you're somewhere that one thing I could do double digits. You know it's going very well.great money get the hang tight. I want to bring in a caller from Arkansas. Tonya is on the line. Tanya you are on the air with the Doc Washburn I understand you you like this guy and got lead people directly or in a nutshell, thank you for everything that what I wanted to call working here in your company.

Allow to clear Tanya. I share my story with you that September 10 and 20, 21 last year I got face-to-face to check with her before she put her big guard at where you couldn't answer a question actually questions one in which plan I did mandate constitutionally specified mandate and back are they constitutional and she said I don't agree with, you know, are they constitutional your running for governor. Here you should know that not agree with them and flat? Question. Where were you in a legislative session and 20 2190 long and me any and begin why were you not a capital helping legislators to Catholic nation that would protect arcing and I got 20 seconds or what she was campaigning and a lot of time to campaign the stock. Tanya does Doc have your vote Dr. court. I'm here to talk all day long every day about him Tanya to take a break here guys got help me out here, Tanya. We gotta take a break Doc, hang tight will be right back Macy's one day sale is going on now with like 40 to 50% off on pensions and must have an and get 40% off your new favorite designer, Franklin said order even faster when you pick up curbside delivery savings are failing. Exclusions apply to back everybody we only got about 60 seconds. Or Doc watch for final thoughts as you run for the GOP nomination in Arkansas again. Sarah Sanders governor, I will thickly cut taxes and bring back the economy in Arkansas and I will also try legislation outlawing man in backing mandate whether there from the government whether the private employers or schools. We need to take our state back there to people running the Republican nominee for governor want liberal conservative conservative electric Doc

I need your help to get the message out. God bless you always good having you on the program and will get you back on as the campaign progresses.that's Doc Washburn everybody running for governor, and again, for the sake of full disclosure and we just think it's important for you to hear from all the candidates running and we have invited Sarah Sanders on this program multiple times and that they keep turning us down because we are not Fox news channel. We are not one of the big national television network so and I think that's unfortunate and use of owner will have to figure that out but one of the smartest, most engaged audiences in all of politics. It's the radio community you guys are reading your listening you're up on the issues and it's what you guys are smart, audience, and that that is well proven. I mean, I know that just from our conversations, but it's unfortunate when you have Republican candidates who do not want to come on these programs and the take out to questions. All right tomorrow folks were to do this all over again.

It's been a great day. Happy Star Wars date. All you are good people out there and die as they say May 4 be with you America general insurance presents shower valid/shower. Turns out the quality insurance company saving people money every 60 years since you call general insurance services, Inc. insurance agency Nashville, Tennessee summer sessions apply

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