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Prepare for Food Shortages, America

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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May 11, 2022 3:37 pm

Prepare for Food Shortages, America

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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May 11, 2022 3:37 pm

If you haven’t started a garden, you’d better start planting right now- a food shortage is coming! Todd Starnes is joined by columnist Liz Peek and South Carolina Congressman Ralph Norman to discuss the shortages, inflation, protests against Supreme Court justices and more!

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Aggressive presents.

Don't do it yourself okay using 1/3 screwdriver trying to get how that was going to discount if it's it's something of the language to meeting should bundle are hung out with progressive. We can save big and pay someone to do for us. Maybe next time you see them Protestant Hera someone Latin with progressive and use the money to do it yourself to respond to situations. Welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by the legacy precious metals. There's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM universities. Do you see hello America, welcome to the Todd Stern's radio program. Great to have you with us today. Hope you're doing great wherever you might be across this great country and I want to thank our good friend Jeff Stein from radio station KX EL were filling over the past couple of days and so look we I'm pretty much open open book on this program and I will.

I want to share with you what happened and it was just one of these weird things that we call them a heart hick ups many of you know that back in 2005 I had to have open heart surgery and the every now and again. I had them by the way, had a mechanical heart valve installed and the as a result of that I had to take some medicines that keep me up and going and unfortunately those medicines got out of whack and the long story short, had to spend some time at the Baptist Memorial Hospital over the weekend and into this week and I will say this about our nations hospital system.

We are royally screwed America.

It is absolutely shocking the conditions in the hospitals in this country and I can only speak to what I saw firsthand, but I was speaking with a number of staff and they tell me the same story that the hospital staff are overworked. They are understaffed and again over the past couple of days. I saw literally people lied lined up on gurneys and hallways and that constituted their hospital room. I mean it was third world conditions it's it's just appalling. But this is what the Biden administration has wrought on our nation. This is what long story here. This is what Obama care has has wrought on our nations once stellar medical community and I every now and again. I'll get an email or a note from someone and and and it's the same story. They say Todd your neck of the believers we took out we took the family member to the emergency room and it took them hours upon hours upon hours to be seen upwards of sometimes 24 hours to be seen in emergency room. This is just appalling but the fact of the matter is, ladies and gentlemen that they do not have enough staffing. People don't want to go back to work. People don't want to work in those conditions and keep in mind keep in mind that this is the same administration that was cracking down on the medical industry.

The healthcare industry firing nurses who refused to get the vaccine firing doctors who refused to get the vaccine and now are having to live in the consequences. In the aftermath of all of that. So anyway, I want to thank the great of the staff who who got me up and back to normal and it's good to be back here with you today. I am curious about about the grocery stores in your communities and I'm curious to know whether or not you are beginning to see the. The food shortages because you need to listen up very closely the food shortages are coming America and it's just a matter of time. If they have not already hit your community.

They will very very soon. But a lot of people are are suffering.

A lot of people don't have, especially young moms. They don't have formula they can't find formula I me. There are many states around the nation where people can no longer find baby formula, and that that's leaving a lot of moms wondering what to do and you know I our program here is about solutions. Our program here is about it is, is about finding a finding a solution to the problems we are facing and in working open of the phone lines today because we have a lot of old-timers you know a lot of it in the in the TV in the entertainment industry. A lot of people shove aside the old-timers of your override alone 55 dental care about that they really don't they want the younger more hipper, more attractive, more cooler, more woke audience and they really don't care about the so-called old timers but the old-timers are about to become very important in this country and I want to explain why cut number eight place size states including Texas and Tennessee had less than 50% of formula available with supplies running low in 25 other states and here in DC. The dwindling supply has many parents worried they get worn out from CS and Jana Champlin empty shelves close the country and some retailers are limiting purchases to prevent recording formula last November with 11% out of stock nationwide got worse. 31% by early April and was recently jumping to 40%. Alright, so here's where all you old-timers commit a lot of moms are out there, a lot of newborn, a lot of these new mom. They don't know what to do and you do some of you out there have been through this in the past and you know you got a solution.

If you can't go in and buy your formula at the grocery store what you do if you have not already started to plant a garden and to make sure that you are going to be able to provide food on your table. You need to go ahead and do that. There are a lot of people out there who have lived through some very difficult times. You might remember the 1970s when the economy was in the toilet again and a lot of people were were not able to afford a lot, so there are old-timers out there who might have some suggestions on what you can do what you need to plant when do you need a plan. How do you prepare what about canning food because the food shortages are coming here folks, and this is not some sort of an advertisement for anything. I'm just telling you things are not looking good. I was at the market. Just the other day and was last week actually and there were some of the shelves were bare. It's hard to find things that you would normally want to be able to find and sooner or later that's going to hit very hard and is probably coming this summer and there's really nothing anybody at this point can do about were going to have to suck it up and were going to have to help each other through this difficult time.

But it's a mess out there and the good news here is this is great news for the Republicans because people they're not out there marching in the streets by the hundreds of thousands over whether or not you can kill your unborn baby. You know what they are protesting their protesting those gas prices. By the way, here in Tennessee we are now at an all-time high and this is all blamed on Joe bite. I mean he's the guy that did this and they got no solutions.

Even CNN even CNN understands what's going on, cut, number nine employees day. It is number one for most people and you know what the buck stops here.

The buck stops with the present self US people what's most important issue economy 50% far and away the most US people. Okay, how much is is Joe Biden's policies helping or hurting 55% Americans that his policies are actually hurting hurting. That's insane whose views are you closer to on the economy. The Republicans have a double digit advantage on that. So if you want a double digit advantage on the biggest issue it's not much of a surprise if you look at the generic congressional ballot whose favorite on what we asked Cindy very interesting thing was essentially a post entry that Supreme Court Lake that if in fact overturn Roe V Wade and what actually happened was, although the changes within the margin of error. Republicans actually had a larger advantage, post the leak then pre-the lake which I don't think is what most Democrats are hoping for. They were hoping that you know motorcycle my God no abortion rights are in trouble in the country that was not what happened to public and family know when this is answered in this is a lot about the moral status of the country where an overwhelming majority, and you just heard CNN share their numbers where an overwhelming number of the voting population says, yeah, we get it, but you know what we don't think that's a bad thing. We don't think it's a bad thing to overturn Roe V Wade, but I don't I don't think that's the overarching issue here it goes back to Bill Clinton. William Jefferson Clinton going up against Ross Perot and George H.

W. Bush. It's the economy, stupid. That's what this is all about. It's the economy stupid soul. According to take a break here will become backward and open up the phone lines. Maybe some of you have suggestions.

We got a lot of farmers out there you can explain what's happening out on the farm a lot of truckers out there, the price of diesel is skyrocketing. That's going to have an impact and were taking your calls if you just have a regular garden in the backyard, what you suggest. What are your recommendations to help our fellow Americans through this upcoming this looming food shortage 844-747-8868. That is our toll-free telephone number here 844-747-8868 now. Our website is up and running we have all sorts of great news and information for you. Todd's you can also download our awesome podcast.

It is free of charge, and we have it on multiple platforms will be right back. American sure listening to stories rent since November of last year. The stock market has plummeted, but gold has been authorized. Gas prices are and see the stock market extremely volatile ablation is even worse than it was last year and now you have a war with Russia and Ukraine that could spread to the rest of the world. But markets do not like instability.

You have options. Both prices are rising as investors turned to gold for protection gold provides a hedge against inflation and protects against a weakening dollar legacy precious metals is the only company I trust for investing in gold and silver.

You need an investment that will protect your wealth and return be proactive while there's still time. Number 2008 those invested in gold saw huge gains while others lost their retirement legacy. Precious metals can advise you of all of your options for investing in gold and silver. You can speak to an IRA expert legacy, precious metals, 866-528-1903 or download their free investors guide legacy PM so Breitbart says that grocery store prices are up almost 11 of 11%. That is the most in nearly 42 years.

Everybody that's before Greece and Grace's parents were even born. She's a little this is insane hamburger meat, baby food chicken bacon soup and coffee and that we've actually got the list here. This is by the way consumer prices for April worse than expected. 8.3% and the list goes on and on and on here so it's folks I'm telling you this is the perfect storm that is about to impact impact the nation and you better start get you should've already been getting ready but now is the time to get ready get ready get this ground beef up 14.8% stake snow company could afford steak at a bar 11.8%. If you're going to get yourself some milk.

That's up 15.5% coffee up 13.5% and if you're going with a lunchmeat if you want to good old King cotton baloney sandwich up 14.4%. Let's go to the phones 844-747-8868 Mike in Salem, Oregon. Listening to us on KY cayenne bite welcome to the program.

What's on your mind today while birthday or let me come on glad to do it. Mike well what can I let you what you should grow in your garden. And then, and that your to laugh and I don't know, let me introduce like the first time here American Republican.

I own one of the most popular barbecue joint down one of the most popular burger joint and years ago my ended up on doomsday prep work were talking, I do know, 10, 12 years ago and we still get hate from it because that we were prepping to weekly weekly prep to provide in this kind of situation so you so you so you're one of these properties and so you you do all the preparing, adjusting case, the something happens, we try to be prepared were not the best at it. But on our farm 23 acres.

We have, I don't know how many chickens run around here but chickens are good there egg and we get fresh.

I mean we are chickens or land 2 to 3 dozen eggs a day that were selling them.

Plus, were left were worth hi. Let's put him on hold while when the sample was figure that out.

I will try to get Mike back with us, but this sounds like nothing happened but he is prepared in the event something does happen might give us a call back. Not sure what was going on there, but to his boy. You know you you sit in your watch these TV shows and everybody laughs at the folks for preparing for whatever is going to happen and it may or may not happen but you want to be prepared and and I don't think people are laughing and especially and I feel horrible for these newborn bombs out there. There they've got the little babies they don't know where to find the formula and they don't know what's going on, let's go to Jim in Maine on W LOP. The big lobster Ari Jim what's happening in your area� Thank you appreciate that domain would like to thank me in my life did probably about four or five years ago. We spent about three grand. And we bought a years worth of freeze-dried food for poor people and we just have it that way.

Like a little insurance policy. The second thing we did was last year. We have a beautiful home up in northern Maine and we met some wonderful farmers up there in Springfield and we bought 1/2 a cup. We split a call with another couple, and it's a lot up front, but still we still have all that great. And those two things you know we we feel okay about that were not doomsday prep Britt but we we you know I have a little bit of insurance you know I you see I like that approach to it and again for me not having any coffee, that would be an apocalyptic event the job but but you gotta be prepared for these kinds of things last week we went to the grocery store at the start and there was no chicken, no chicken at all. You could buy frozen chicken effective blessing to the frozen bite, but there was no chicken. A few days later I went back in the kind of gray chicken like it didn't look so good on this disgusting old chicken man all well so so Jim keep us updated. Because, again, this is happening all over the country and that we appreciate the call of folks to that point I West Palm Beach says that the food banks are actually running low on food so you know that at that point. What happens you better you better wake up with those food banks run out of food. What you think is going to happen. You seem to smash and grab robberies. That's going to start happening down at the Piggly Wiggly. That's could be happening down with Winn-Dixie people are just not get it. It's it's getting to get insane in this country. That's what's going to happen 844-747-8868.

That is our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 Malachi we've got some great guest coming up on the program today.

Sen. Marsha Blackburn is going to drop by. Also, my hat is off to Congressman Chip, Roy, this guy is out there fighting for all of us in demanding that our fellow Republicans actually be held accountable when it comes to fiscal responsibility last night. Last night the House of Representatives passed a $40 billion 40 billion with a B dollar spending bill designated we think for Ukraine. But the reality is we don't know because not a single person was able to read the bill now working to be posting a list of every Republican who voted for this nonsense and you need to be calling your elected leaders were to put up on the website you need to be calling your elected leaders and finding out, especially if the Republicans why in the world.

They voted for $40 billion to be spent without reading a single piece of the bill.

Somebody needs to start holding these Republicans accountable if they're going to go squarely at 30 go squishy on the culture issues of the day.

Can we at least agree that Republicans should beat fiscal conservatives. Is that too much to ask. The modern-day Republican Party. Gotta take a break will you get your calls, we have Janice in New Orleans Tom and Salem, OR 84474 788 68.

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My listers get an exclusive 20% off your entire first order healthy use code Todd at checkout Jean) on twitter, and Todd Stern. If you want to follow as there were the checkmark on. She says that Todd I got a locking gas cap today.

Since gas prices are so high. You never know who might be out trying to siphon your dance know this is a brilliant idea. Jean says my car has a locking door, but this is this is extra protection may be addresses on your show Jean, we just did.

Thank you for that.

Really easy. This is why a great speaker.

I love our audience because they there engage they got great ideas they got life hacks or in this case, food shortage hacks gas tax who needs HDTV when you got us who needs Google when you've got the Todd start's radio probably got around certain gentle cut our phone lines. There you go, or are social media pages are, let's go to phone zero 844-747-8868 Janice are good friend in New Orleans. I miss Janice talk to me.

Mom and family time. They go to file at this moment in my life.

People tapping is not a new thing people been working on these projects for some time now and looking at, I can take a look at one point because you don't think it it could happen anything I said people, not people they really block more liquid camping Ukraine hurricane.

Yet there are various reasons why I can see why it would be good if they had been doing and when it can do much happening in our world today. I let that some of the things happening on by an evening out with the Keystone pipeline gas prices going up and everything that you know I'm I'm looking at everything is a whole like a family founded up with Danica, but good is bad the famine possible fan and not pestilence on the things the culvert on the things that are happening and I will now not seem to understand everything in that title. I don't but I do know there is a Todd in that it speaks to tribulation and Apocalypse and all the things that happened a public Jesus Christ to start on this earth again and we are not going to be able to change somebody's thing now man is going to be able to change what the Bible says is gonna happen, so I don't really know the show what's going on but I just know it seems strange to me and uptake in earthquakes and what happened with food and everything. It's very strange to think about.

It seems we have this crazy video from over in China where the sky across a good chunk of that country. Just turn blood red. I was just a very weak they say it's a random occurrence, but it really it doesn't. People wondering way to say what's going on here, especially when you factor everything else into this and my my concern. Miss Janice is that this country has not experienced famine since the 1930s, the Great Depression, and I do fear for the stability of the country should something like that happen, especially the food bank start running out of now.

It is very very bad thing. It really is like I said I'm just dying to know that some of it that God has some thought about planning the Bible that it speaks about it and everything penetrated. Unfortunately I cannot work you will not go well, you know I'm gonna miss Janice I'm coming to your house if there's a famine as you folks in New Orleans know how to cook anything. That's how I got anything. I really doubt that a lot of things I don't eat. And it's not exactly like that idea you have a I can obtain next talent and outline my lottery Max Ligon put the clean. Janice, you 20 my goodness are that's Plan B is miss Janice's spouse in the event the country goes South 844-747-8868 Sir toll-free telephone number. Let's go to Tom in Salem Oregon on KY cayenne by the way, Tom. You never know what's good have all this so yeah it's great to hear from you again. Actually I got and we went through in the 80s and storage in place in life. A late 70s and young people were stocking silver and but also dry goods, though, and actually still have the whole bunch actually like to get me constantly but from the 80s is all vacuum packed beans and cornmeal and all kinds of dry stuff and that in doing that, but we also got some more recent freeze-dried foods and most local tasty or as freezers we have 2 Large Freezers Elitist Ave. around razor on the and and then take it as a mobile butcher command and then and then pick it up. No butcher shop and we still have some that be and it's probably three or four years old, but it's frozen and I'm starting to use some of that just because the price of beef that is not right and how does it taste is a taste okay yeah well yeah nice season it up maybe a little bit. No others are able able everyone, but that anyone will cover a multitude of sins.

No stock up and we have our own woodstove and run a spring so all you owe just one last trip I used to shoot squirrels out here that you stood big holes in the foundation because a problem. But now I thought your layoff that could be a food source, so you never know. Yeah I'm not too sure I meant to go vegan if we get out of this world. Tom Carr hates on God bless you. Thanks for the call and the curious grace our guy that called in from KY cayenne, who said he owned the big popular barbecue joint in town and I was I was trying to work the conversation back around and then we lost connection Halal. Yeah, I wonder if he's struggling with well is probably lunchtime and that's true that's true you never know. But anyway if he calls back.

Find out what that place is because you were heading to Salem sometime later, as he is through so is really a lot of fun.

Let's go to Texas Victoria on the line Victoria I understand you have some guidance on cleaning stuff your loud and clear. Victoria leading a currently have three young boy growing huge garden Atlanta to meet Eric like we live in our house and land year where I am having a lot of trouble finding led and arranged to go on so I can email local tractors. I have kind where Walmart had kind I go there line or Q, Kiki and I tried ordering online you have to give it constantly gets 90 yeah bikini all in writing. Q you know Victoria used to be where Mason jars were not meant for drinking iced tea.

They were actually for canning stuff so any little thing that I can get BK never had this problem before is pretty young Victoria said, have you been how long you been canning and doing that kind of stuff you blackberry are green beans was a reason why is that something you grew up with for you. Watch the show on television very clearly cracker and she got me started in 19 years ago, and she taught me everything I need to know and care that we all see me on the ferromagnetic to write you now. I can come down to where we need to start bartering but you know how many parter I don't think taking I like collecting alcohol ring finger and think that you get is that right this is fascinating that year Ali advertising Liberty University. Well, back to school and get my mark. Degree and helping bounty for nutrition, but it kind of funny that the nurse getting help while making a Christian that I am to write collecting alcoholic finger at that's mass and so it all goes to pot you be able to trade something for you smokes, that's fascinating. We know it and and again it's you laugh at this Victoria, but the reality is when you see where inflation is going right now and you see the supply chain issues.

We are on the verge of a full-blown war. We were already fighting a proxy war against the Russians. I mean, this could all go south very quickly and when it does, the only people there going to be okay are folks like you and your family every day. There going to be foolish around interest to you and you're absolutely right. And that's a positive, hopeful approaches you will be prepared in the event something happens and when you see some of the language coming out of Congress these days even from Democrats. It is a reason for you to order those extra cans and to get ready because they know they know what's coming. They know what's about to kerning. We need to be prepared anyway so people go out in the community are by that we want to be prepared and got three little guys at home and no hunger. I don't know hunger what you sound like a great mom and a great family, Victoria. What you do us a favor call us back into keep us updated. Maybe give some ideas down the road because this is not going away and I really appreciate your your guidance there on the farm. All right, Victoria from Texas.

All right, thanks for calling in our foreign correspondent Ari I hang tight folks were going to the phones 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 show you don't and you got something was not right about the 2020 election.

Well, you're right.

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If the if the food taste as great as those photos look working to be there grace and that may be where we have to camp out. But there's but their slogan is on the sixth day God created ribs. Genesis 221 I love it all right. Let's go to Tom Gainesville, Georgia WDs UN was to weigh in on people stealing gas hey Tom what's up. Well, actually, good morning.

Yeah I heard some color calling about buying locking gas caps which is a great idea. My door when they try to pry that open court, but around here understand that there's a lot of criminals that are flattened on their back up underneath some of the cars and buses and they punch a hole in the gas tank and drain out that way. Is that right yeah and this is far more to repair the churches around here since we've had the Biden fuel increase they had to park their buses, their church buses and all their vehicles up in the front parking lot where it quite visible, because these guys are just after I mean it is hard to start fueling the gas tank on portable can anyway. Quite dangerous.

It is Tom appreciate the call and the folks got up, got a lookout for stuff like that.

That's insane their selves by that's what they're called let's go to Kevin in Maine W will be Kevin. We got about 35 seconds for growing mushrooms one called chicken of the word could actually like chicken and also raising rabbits is a really cheap way to get into things and you can raise meet with them there really low in fat will have to have another source of fat, but really raising rabbits is a great way to go. To keep able to kill Bambi Kevin, I just can't do it nice. I think that sweet little baby but then again, if you're hungry little bunny burger might be the way to know well that she felt well there you go there and that's a great point Kevin. We gotta skedaddle. Thanks for that for the for the hack and the folks think all of you this is great advice. I hope a lot of you folks were taking some notes. If not you can go back to listen to the podcast. It's a freebie over at Todd's oh you believe this, all weather guy under attack right here in Memphis Tennessee working to talk to you about that.

Also, Sen. Rick Scott is on the warpath. He wants Biden to resign will be right back. The fight for the unborn is raging in our country an unprecedented leak from the Supreme Court indicates Roe V Wade is on the brink of being overturned during this critical time a new movie is about to be released. The award-winning film the matter of life cuts through the rhetoric and hatred and exposes the real issues surrounding the plight of the unborn matter of life will be in theaters nationwide for two nights only May 16 and May 17.

If you care about protecting the unborn. This is a movie you will not want to miss go to fathom now to reserve your tickets for theater near you form a 16 or 17 and have your own life transformed. As you watch the matter of life. That's fathom there's a Battle Taking Pl. in America whether you are pro-choice or pro-life. You need to watch this bill is universities do you see is the whole stamp has been given you what over the last few moments of what was perfect for Howard to start the program with the time we got to be honest here. You let your head get too big so we had a guy from from Maine about how you know if it comes down to it, you can get a cheeseburger you got a raise rabbits you got till Ravi got a kick around here and I do so I said I said that I would not be able to eat a bunny burger because of Bambi, but you are late that I saw you guys laughing over there. I know that you don't like Disney very much so probably have you ever even seen the movie badly and I saw baby back when back when Disney was had not gone well okay I'm back when Disney knew their little boys little girls in that was say that Bambi was a little bit graphic for a kids movie. But anyway, besides that reality check kids into you know what if you walked out onto the street of Memphis or to get done today LOL I don't know that's the image they were trying to convey. But anyway thumper is the rabbit baby is the deer thumper like the you know I here's the thing, I don't know what with the modern day Disney.

I'm not sure a character name thumper is something a child should be watching. While I know what that means but it just doesn't sound very Bambi could identify as a radical Bambi's the deer in here and purge the rabbit are correct that applicant enter species and going on just as well that's what they always say eating the lunch hour. That is not a hot dog.

It doesn't smell like dogs.

What turkey hot turkey hot what is that it's a hot dog, but instead beat Turkey know that the turkey doesn't look like that turkey is not tubular know. But, but, yes, beef hot dogs that they're in a casing. There are sausage sausage to that's an unnatural look for the turkey. That's all I'm saying is that any good fine lesson about these college kids coming out of it. You know their first jobs and they think they're going to be under no caviar for lunch. Sorry and beaten turkey hot dogs and producer caliber here. He has some crackers so we put a piece of the turkey hot dog and dipped it in mustard and five guys you guys make good salaries, you should be able to eat and all coupons are very hungry.

Lord help us all put it on the live so blog donate to Grace's lunch fund. By the way, if you're at the Kroger don't get the discount sushi yeah we all know that besides you tire warning know that besides you want to make sure everybody's aware had to learn the hard way. I will carry on with lunch welcome to the Todd's third radio program everybody good to have you with us today our two now I want to talk about will issue we been dealing with here in Memphis. It is becoming national. Have you heard about our meteorologist here. The guys name is Joey Cella back and he's what born and raised in Memphis.

He's been on the Aaron Fox 13 for years and it really does love's estate.

We have great weather guys here that this area mainly because we have a lot of weather here so with the tornadoes in the blizzards and you got the shootings on the interstate. So anyway, we got great weather guys and gals, and so anyway Cella packet weight is a passionate Memphis grizzlies fan and that he was very upset the other day and wanted the playoff games with a a member of the Golden State Warriors who was quite frankly acting like a jerk face but instead of calling him a jerk face I he called him and another word for a Neanderthal which is a knuckle dragging now we have a newspaper in Memphis is called the commercial appeal is owned by Jeanette the national newspaper chain and one of their sports reporters got on this story and basically accused the weather guy, of being a racist of the reporter is his name is Evan Barnes and he's a carpetbagger so he's from I think California and that came here and you're trying to make a name for himself by trying to take out some white meteorologist. I mean, that's basically the gist of it and of course now it's all you know what is broken course and the guy has been since that's a suspended I guess you been taken off the air. The Fox 13 is investigating and it's a big mess.

Now here's the good part of the story the that the citizens of Memphis are rising up against the cancel culture, mop, and you got a lot of black people in this town who are standing up and singling a second knuckle dragger is not a racist term. It's not don't know what he thinks that so it seems to me if you actually think knuckle dragging is a racist term, then you probably have an issue with racism yourself that that's my estimation, but I feel bad for this guy because people are your he's being attacked in the national media you got Steve Kerr and that's the head coach of the of the Golden State Warriors and that guy is a will, what's the correct of the biblical word for glycol. That's what he does. I'm just another far left us jerk face and look I don't have a problem if you're leftist. I don't have a problem if you're liberal but that doesn't mean you have to be a jerk face or a knuckle dragger so you got this reporter out to exclaim his scalp and that's what this cancel culture. Bob does support Joey Cella back all he was to do is let you know when you need to get the basement and take the position in case the tornadoes, that's what he wants to do.

He's got a great wife got a great family. He's a good Christian man. He's not a racist.

You probably see this was in the New York Post. Just yesterday, just yesterday there said all knuckle dragging is racist trope. You know that's a load of hooey and is not even grade a holy so I own K WAN the news talk radio station of Memphis and my radio stations. The only one standing up and defending this guy now reading all these messages from other journalist in the area same man way to go.

We sure do appreciate you standing up for Joey, but they're afraid to say that publicly because they don't want the Bob coming after them. But you know what we don't care here at the mighty 990 K WAN we wear our big boy pants to work every single day and our staff is taking a stand.

A very public stand in defense of Mr. Sullivan, the meteorologist, but shameful because were not talking about were not talking about Chris Cuomo. One of these or Bill O'Reilly ride talking about one of these big national celebrities whose got more money that they got more money than God. Were talking about a local market weather guy who loves the Memphis grizzlies now called Mr. Cella back has apologized. He deleted the tweet and then he deleted his account and if I'm looking for for any wrongdoing here.

It's that Mr. Sulla Peck apologized and he deleted his Twitter account. There's absolutely no reason for that to happen.

None whatsoever because they don't want an apology. This cancel culture, Bob.

They don't want an apology.

They want your scalp. They want your head on a platter and I love this Evan Barnes.

Dude is he's one of these. I don't know flash in the pan guys. I don't know don't know anything about it except that what he did is despicable and cowardly and were calling them out ever calling out the commercial appeal, which is owned by Jeanette and chances are they own the newspaper in your town. Now here's the deal. I recommended our own cancel culture movement. You know what they're talking, apologized to this weather guy if they're not gonna retract their awful awful insinuations and accusations that I say that you cancel your subscription to the commercial appeal but there's just one problem.

I don't think anybody in this town actually subscribes to that newspaper. I mean it's horrible.

They've had to sell their building. They've had to downsize or have the lay off all these reporters and I will even know what they actually have professional journalist of the building anymore. I mean it's really appalling what the woke philosophy of the commercial appeal is done. They've destroyed a once great newspaper. This town that said but all I can tell you is that people like that don't deserve to be in business. They don't and working a call about I get a call about every single day here on this radio program, but this is nuts and I hope that things work out well. The Fox affiliate here is owned by Cox communications and I hope they haven't gone woke over at company headquarters over there. But this guy could be could lose his job.

All because he's a passionate grizzlies and by the way, he wasn't wrong and he really was not wrong about what he said was that dream on green is that we was talking about him.

So anyway that's what's happening here the lesson, you gotta stand up to the Bob you gotta do it.

And if you're here Memphis Tennessee will stand up alongside of you we will will fight tooth and nail with you here on K WAN. The radio station that I don't and I'm proud to have a great staff, and they're not afraid I'm telling you Fox 13 should've told Evan Barnes to stick out his blowhole. That's what they should've done, but they didn't know they got answer their corporate overlords. But in this case I am the corporate overlords.

So there you go. All right 844-747-8868 were to stay on top of the storyboard and hopefully I get this guy on a hot water. Let's just hope we can do that 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number where to go to the phones Lottie wanting to weigh in on these this insane gas prices also Sen. Rick Scott now calling for Pres. Biden to resign will tell you all about that coming up next front lines of the culture will well our good friend Michael Dell is back at it again hello everybody I'm Todd start Michael Dell not only created the best hello but now he's created the best towel in the world.

That's right, Mike Lindell found the best tile company right here in the USA. They have proprietary technology to create towels and soft but actually work and are all being with USA, they come with my fellow 60 day moneyback guarantee to get a six piece set back down to hand towels to wash cloth meeting with USA cotton soft yet absorbent normally hundred $9.99 now just 3999. All you need to do is go to my

Click on the radio list or special defense counsel on my fellow product towels. Enter the promo code start or call 800-839-8506 were these great radio specials.

That's 800-839-8506 use the promo code for a place of audio from Sen. Rick Scott from Florida just a few moments ago saying that Pres. Biden needs to resign from office over this insane inflation was fatalism you call the president incoherent, incapacitated, confused and mentally unfit that you said he doesn't know where he is half the time and he should resign.

A reporter asked the president about that. Listen to his response.

In his remarks, he said is going here that I saw from he's now saying you have the problem. What's your response will look at what his accomplishments. It's the opposite minutes were in horrible shape. He doesn't know what state I'm from and he said as he and his ideas on inflation yesterday. What were his ideas always everybody else's fault but his. So we know he can do. Let's be honest, we know that Joe Biden cannot fix this economy I get out of the way let's avail stew that's when you were doing in the business life mean he's not. He's confused, he does that mean he's confused about all the six there's nothing to rescue

I plan right is my plan about saying that BDO some poor families can pay another $1500 a year in taxes.

No get people back to work that's on this country when that's where the tax comes from asking people to write a check.

So that's the clarity right. I cut taxes and fees. 100 times.

Think about Joe Biden's experience. He's voted for every tax increase since he's been in the Senate the depth of the date of this country went from less than a trillion to 33 and his plan is to take up to $45 trillion. He wants to write in consequence raise taxes and by the way the Democrats raise taxes and spines been in office on poor families on the drivers people like that. These guys want more and more of your money and they waste your money appear to balance his budget without quit wasting money, so Matt was going on. This country aren't there you go, and Rick Scott is is not wrong.

I clearly Joe Biden has the mental capacity of a bowl of cottage cheese. We talked about this on the program and we mean no disrespect to the president. This comes with age, but this is a guy who is currently at the helm of a country in distress and there are farmers out there who are sounding the alarm's are getting out there on the on the national shows and they're telling the American people pay attention. We've got a big problem coming down the pike and trust me with the food shortages happen. The one place you don't want to be is an in any large American city. I'm telling you it's gonna get ugly. Let's go to the phones 844-747-8868 Bob in Georgia W GUN is the great radio station Bob what's going going on but I can't tell you know that right now. Don't rock and getting outside what I've been doing is learn how to grow that phase from Mader. Why, now that and I'm also writing a book on how to live about the grant so it doesn't get that bad.

I'll know how to fit their live without, and electricity. Instead, Obama, I think, again, this is a very prudent thing to do and we are we are about to enter a time in American history that none of us have lived through baby great-great-grandparents grandparents lived through this for people our age, but tougher the most part, those folks already gone on to glory and I you know it's it's a far different time than when grandma and grandpa were growing up with a little ice in the ice box to keep things cool.

Oh yeah, and I know you thought about able been done wrong guy that works for big company over the county. Next, my been there 11 years with a girl got a new paraben 30, and how nice they look and went thanks and gave it up about her hurting saying that for sexual harassment. Oh goodness gracious will. Bob appreciate the call there and sorry to hear about the boots that you complement people in their boots. It's it's a sandwich I want to go to Nicole. She was to weigh in on something Pres. Biden said a few days ago about all of us now were not maggot people now are ultra Maghreb people. Nicole will WSI see what's going on between people don't country the co-people and people going back to people behind this smells like Barack Obama I meet all of you believe there should be ashamed right then that's true, and it said the goal but this is this is the reality were dealing with the president was diminished greatly diminish mental capacity and we got a run for breakthrough. Thanks for the call you this reminds me of going back to early on when Biden was like all I could get in trouble if I if I could get off the script and getting in trouble. I wonder if there was somebody like with the Biden family had, it would have to be a family member that would like. I will rebuke him privately or scold him after he got off the stage. Or maybe they have up they slap him. I don't know there was some part of a punishment if he got off script, but to the point of the whole ultra maggot nonsense.

I want you to hear. This is from politico. Kathy Barnett is and that that big Senate race and filled in Pennsylvania with Dr. Ross. Nobody knew who she was before the debate, and now she is literally neck and neck with Dr. Oz. She's been outspent 358 to 1 and now the trumpet world is turning on Barnett by the way, has been identified as one of those ultra mega commentators. So now you got trumpet world turning on their own in Pennsylvania will that coming up after the break something you probably do know progressive cannot only offer you a great price. We buy the home and auto around-the-clock protection something you probably don't know about including the base weighs around 400 something you probably do know there's a whistle something you probably don't know. That's about tipping over the roof, leading to an older home and auto with progressive and get more than a great price, around-the-clock protection, something you know the things you don't know progressive casualty insurance of the affiliates of their party assures us of the deposit terms but in the middle of the two situations. US farmers are bearing the brunt facing higher prices for fertilizer and diesel fuel looking over just one time in my tractor, John Boyd is a fourth-generation soybean and cattle farmer in Virginia he says his upfront costs have roughly doubled in one year to see is real and be real for the American people must as it relates to food Krista Swanson who grows corn and soybeans in Illinois. Worry is what will happen to those who can't cover the new costs money.

All right there you go. Ladies and gentlemen, your hearing from a farmer himself about the looming food shortages. I'm not here a lot of other talk radio host talking about this, but you need to be aware. You need to be prepared and clearly based on our Facebook feed if you gone in and checked out the time. Start Facebook page you want to do that people are really listing some great ideas on things you need to do to prepare for these looming food shortages are walking back to the Todd start radio show 844-747-8868 that is her toll-free telephone number while you folks are weighing in on that Pennsylvania Senate race.

An overwhelming majority on the Facebook page say Kathy Barnett is the true choice in that Senate race and that Pres. Tromp made a mistake by endorsing Dr. Ross. Look, I don't care who you endorsed but if or who has your endorsement but if you are pro-abortion. You are not a conservative and you're certainly not maggot up or ultra Mac and and you can go down the list I read if you are anti-second amendment can you really consider yourself to be a conservative if you support all of these trans gender initiatives does doesn't make you a conservative. I don't think so.

And the fact that Kathy Barnett, who just a few days ago.

Very few people do.

Now she is neck and neck with Dr. Oz that tells me something's going on there so will be taking your calls will that 844-747-8868 I want to go to the patriot bubble newsmaker liner good friend of the great columnist Liz peak joint does Liz hope you're doing good today. I'm happy to join you.

Thanks for having me a great new column weighing in on Biden and the Democrats and Elon Bosco, who by the way, Liz. A lot of people may not realize is Elon musk is not a conservative, he actually voted for Barack Obama back in the day, Barack Obama. I think the best way to peg airline musk is that he is sort of a freethinker. People think it a libertarian is probably as close to any sort of party ideology that you can kind of come up with but basically does what he wants and that the value of being the world's richest man. If you can say what you think and really not to worry too much about the consequences. So now here we are, Elon musk, who voted for Barack Obama is now considered to be some sort of a far right extremist and has your Nazi that's a Nazi and as you report, the FTC is apparently reviewing his purchase of Twitter. Yeah it look government Biden White House. Absolutely nothing to undermine the deal.

The left is enraged, enraged time to think that we might have free speech somewhere available in America and at one of our social media platforms will actually allow a difference of opinion on its platform it's and I have never seen a more astonishing rebuking of America's core belief that we are witnessing right now but today precise point. Yes, there's a group that's calling on the FCC and the FTC and any other alphabet agency you can think of to find a way to plot to steal the FTC, of course, would be investigating antitrust implications of the merger or acquisition, and they have pointed to the fact that Elon might pose in his space X company, I think, called starlings, which is a satellite information system, which by the way he has land. I think free of charge to Ukraine which is allowing that beleaguered country to have some access to the Internet which otherwise it would not have.

He owns that in his space X Corporation. It has nothing to do with social media, but they're pointing to both of those that sort of Internet related operations and saying oh my God you can't let this deal go through.

By the way that these people were nowhere to be seen when Facebook and Google and Apple basically put parlor and emerging right wing competitor out of business by taking away their their opportunity to operate on the web and taking them off their app stores so you know this is baloney.

But as I say they are so threatened. They are so threatened to think that someone's going to be able to speak out in opposition to all their liberal dogma that they will stop at nothing and that is literally the case, and Liz. The concern here should be for the mainstream media.

Many of them are starting to wake up and discover that these Biden economic policies are about to cross this nation and their speaking out against the body demonstration. Who's to say that one day they won't be silenced by this any safer that the media in particular at the Free Press to complain about Elon musk taking over Twitter because they might allow dissenting opinions. I agree with you hundred percent. They are supposed to be the champions of free speech. First and foremost, the Washington Post motto is democracy dies and darkness well they're doing their very best to cast a very dark shadow over social media. They wanted to stay that way. But the amazing thing to me is you know, for I know two or three or four years. A lot of us have complained about policies on Twitter and Facebook that the press conservative thought in sort of underhanded ways. You know, for example, today I got an email.

You know, that sort of automatic email thing that pops up in your group in your Gmail feed saying would you like to no longer accept these in these emails and this is from John James, a Republican, a black American Republican who is running for national office in mission in Michigan and I thought it's not funny that they would single out that email sword which you know is not prolific. I don't get hundred things from John, James, every month, but why would they single out� Well, that's another example Bailey on Twitter how many of us have complained about the fact that we are shadow band or whatever.

And now with Elon must not even having it taken over the company. Clearly there tweaking the algorithms or the rules or the whatever formulas and honors and all kinds of people are getting tens of thousands of new followers overnight and people on the left are losing followers how obvious is that and how how incredibly justifying of what Elon musk wants to do this.

It's amazing. I've noticed that even on my own feed. We we batted about 20 503,000 new followers just over the past week or so after losing upwards of I think 70,000. All total during the year. The previous regime, Liz, I want to ask you were about where all this is going to lie I only talk radio station and I'm always concerned about the fairness doctrine. The Democrats want to reinstitute that Anna and I wondering if this is where all of that is eventually going to go to silence conservatives on the radio.

Yeah well it's it's a good question because radio is one of the few areas where they really don't have a stranglehold on information there a lot of conservative radio stations out there that are very powerful, just like yours and thank heavens for that they will try to do that. Look, all of these things come down to all these issues can be resolved if Republicans take back control of Congress and their knocking Bella pass any of that stuff and I don't think that's the kind of thing that the president can do via executive order but you know you just have to be vigilant. It's like playing lacrimal is not a main just a minute, you sort of turn your attention from one issue to the next office on something heinous is going on even know about. I mean really it.

I feel I feel I conservative and even conservative, moderate Republicans are in battle today. They have to fend off these challenges and you know it tends to block their access to information all the time. Of course the most hated thing recently that musk has done according to his critics is. He said he would let Donald Trump back on Twitter.

I mean, it is pretty astonishing. If you think about it that the president of the eighth is banned from Twitter while that had ever ran with Ayatollah and Moran is perfectly welcome. There is someone who called repeatedly for the destruction of Israel, among other kind of inflammatory suggestion so you know it's all kind of slightly crazy and honestly I do. I just don't know how third of the left can get away with this, but they're starting to try it out about it. Liz reliever there always good hearing from you and the folks willing to lose columns over on our life so block thanks. Now, thank you so much. Take care are the great Liz speak, she speaks a lot of truth. By the way, Pres. Trump releasing a statement just mere moments ago the president sending a message to all you people in Georgia today, the worst election integrity governor of the country. Brian Kemp loaded the great state of Georgia up with rhinos.

That's right, he had the ball Chris Christie Doug Ducey from Arizona, Pete Ricketts from Nebraska that tells you all you need to know about what you are getting in Georgia just a continuation of bad elections and a real wino if you vote for Brian. Now I'm just I want to have a heart-to-heart question in conversation with our our great Georgia listeners.

Do you believe that Brian Kemp is in fact a rhino yes or no and it is do you believe are you following the president's thinking on Brian Because the polling data suggests that an overwhelming number of Republicans in Georgia are supporting Brian Kemp 844-747-8868. That is our toll-free telephone number and I'm curious who you're voting for them at Georgia race and also in Pennsylvania, where again the the conservatives, the Mager crowd seems to be embracing Kathy Barnett and not Dr. Oz who got roundly booed by the way, I went president prompted that rainy rally last week in Pennsylvania does and and again it it may be that the presidents pics go down in flames in Georgia and Pennsylvania, but last last night of the president. He was Lawton lost his first endorsement race in Nebraska, and the media's trying to destroy their all this is that for trapeze.he discredit the guy's 57 and 120 of those are pretty those are pretty good numbers right there so yeah, he's probably gonna lose a few here and there. I don't think that says anything about Pres. Trump. You may feel otherwise.

But I don't see where this is some sort of an indictment on Donald Trump 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868. Have you made the switch to patriot mobile.

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We got a column up and I hope you check it out over and Todd know I'm a big wall in order to love that TVs I been watching it since before Grace Baker was even born and one of the things that one of the I guess ongoing issues is when you're you've arrested a member of the Mafia and you have these eyewitnesses and then the eyewitnesses either get a suicide it or they get disappeared or their threatened and they don't show up and testify in court and then the Mafia guy gets gets out of jail right we we've all seen the movies and TV shows. That's exactly what Joe Biden is doing with this pro-abortion Bob. He's literally trying to intimidate the Supreme Court justices, which is why they been showing up on the front lawns of of the houses of the Chief Justice and Sam Alito inbred capital, and by the way, the White House says hey nothing wrong with that working to keep encouraging the protesters to go out there but they have to be peaceful protesters yet will, there's a problem with that because it turns out that even peaceful protesting at the home of a judge is against federal law go and write this down. So if you're having a conversation at the diner, then you'll be able to, you'll be able to have this info handy, title 18, section 1507 of the US federal code. Again, title 18, section 1507 of US code and it says specifically that you cannot. It is unlawful to protest near a residence occupied or used by a judge, jury or witness or court officer with the intent of influencing the discharge of his duty. So my question is why haven't they arrested Jen Saki. She is encouraging people to bring federal law.

She is hoping to lead a judicial insurrection, and she needs to be held accountable. I'm just asking the questions here 844-747-8868 let's go to the phones here. Marie and George W GUN was to wait all that Georgia race are a very go for it, I work in a public place� A lot of people about it and people undecided. But one thing is that I keep. Here he about the young people felt like telling election and that things have been straightened out about the voting know what the box out now that's a lot of people centered and not about one man tell me the other day that he felt like David pretty was all about people knew him that he was about himself and about money and buying camp. You know, because when I was at that rally she went went up with your last, and he really was blasting him so I don't know you know me, I'm trying to decide myself what to do that. My sister went to school with Brian Kemp in his life and you know they seem like good people don't really know what's behind all the battle between him and weld it needed to get resolved pretty quickly. Marie because there is a great risk of Stacy Abrams becoming the next governor if the Republicans go into the general election divided and we just can't have that happen.

So whoever ends up winning that primary battle. We gotta get all hands on deck to get that person elected and you as far as the voting issues go you I saw 2000 mules and invokes. If you have not seen. 2000 mules. You need to watch this film because it lays it all out there. It lays it all out there and in Sonesta Susa has been a great service to the country but also he has helped us understand that this is an issue that has to be addressed immediately.

It has to be all right Marie thank you for the call. We are coming up on the news right folks, we got a couple of lines open here and I am curious if you saw the 2000 mules did it change your opinion about what happened in 2020, and that presidential election are coming of the next hour, a good friend of Congressman Ralph Norman from South Carolina is going to drop. I also Sen. Marsha Blackburn is going to be here as well. Plus your calls a lot. Going into this last hour, 844-747-8860 that's a toll-free telephone number. The website going to read my column about Jen Saki and decide for yourself. Sounds to me like she'll be in handcuffs right now. Progressive's home on such a screwup that walk in closet. If you have more storage unfinished basement.

Eventually, her no matter how much you love it more knowing you and your home in aggressive situations is universities viewing movies to see Charlie since conservative Germans vary from surge radio program. This is hour three of the go to have you with us today. By the way some exciting news for you folks in North Carolina, and all I can tell you right now is Greensboro, North Carolina. You better get ready because the Todd surgery or program is coming to your airwaves and will tell you more about that in just a little while. 844-747-8868 is our toll-free telephone number by the way, you can now watch the program live on our website. Todd's turn' Just look at the live button and then click on the Todd star and show end out there.

We are so while we look forward to was seeing you on our brand-new video feed on Todd's turn' people say Todd Bybee done that wanted to do that.

Will the answer is very simple because were tired of the canceled culture. Bob and the one place they cannot cancel us is on our website. Todd's turn' so we control everything that happens on that that website and so we love. We love free to migrate over there and watch the show live over at Todd star' are you want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line always an honor to have with those from the great state of South Carolina Congressman Ralph Norman Congressman, Hope you're doing well today doing font you know Congressman, we've been talking up briefly in the last hour about Jen Saki encouraging these protest are in place of audio of this is the White House press secretary talking about those protest outside the homes of the Supreme Court justices so I know that there's an outrage. Right now I guess about protests that have been peaceful. To date, and we certainly continue to encourage that. Outside of judges homes and not the presence position Congressman. It is a matter of their peaceful or not those protest are illegal under US code. So why isn't she or someone else from the administration in jail for encouraging lawlessness to persuade the decision that apparently has been made by Justice Alito was against the law that should be listed, not nothing surprises me that is the same position they took when 570 why it took place with the sword cities all over the country. It is, it would be laughable if one so serious.

The fact that the media mass media continues status process the house of the girl Molotov cocktail into a group in Wisconsin thousand peaceful will lead to safe abortion then you want either coming in and got their way in their minds, promoting violence of the submitted striations been the ringleader of the socket is just what she'd been told to say which side slightly to think that she should face repercussions on your right somebody probably told her to say that but she's the one telling them to go out there and break federal law, but there like where she's getting it. Our elected officials soon. Whoever Kabbalist Ellen Bodden what to say but ultimately the buck stops with the and we are all doing the crime that he ought to tell the protesters who are going to bid for the Supreme Court justices their homecoming to Supreme Court now has fences around Todd's essay. This is not what America was built on violence doesn't work and I hope that all of us know our office is speaking out in favor of doing what he wrote. The way we are we in favor of what the justices if that it all becomes the fact that they strike down Roby way. That's a good thing this country, killing the child is not like never has been, should not have been overbooked since 1973.

Anyway, all the court books Congressman, I'm curious what you are hearing back in your district are farmers now going on mainstream media and warning people that food shortages are coming and you better take this seriously as a nation. What are you hearing in your district made people just to face what is country space with covert with the food shortages with supply chain issues with the anomaly of 23 plant processing buildings, but in either a ball fire slip or something but is affected every supply chain. As far as food goes disturbingly liquid fertilizer calls there all you combine it with inflation at every level gas prices to get the produce to and from the from the farm to the markets is out of control. This administration has been a disaster from day one wasn't like this on the present crop combined to continue to to blame others is ludicrous and shows a disconnect. Do you believe, as Sen. Rick Scott suggested that the president should resign.

If nothing else, because of the out-of-control inflation. Well, the problem that we should resign as incompetent is not coherent trial.

Try listening to a you know any type press conference which he doesn't give Mel because he can't.

You can't even read Teleprompter impeachment has been offered but look you get with Kemal Harris which is a total insult to the American people so you know, we just have to take a step, at least if he is not going resign, which is not from all indications, take a cognitive test like present crop show the results and maybe Dr. Jill Zweifel agree with this. Time to go let somebody else take it although with Kemal Harris. That's another disaster in the mornings when that happens, by the way, Congressman shuffle.

We got somebody I want you to hear Congressman.

He was fired up over this vote yesterday $40 billion aid package allegedly to Ukraine. Nobody had a chance to read it. Let's listen to your colleague Marilyn talked about protecting his T-shirt talked about this institution but we got a $40 billion bill at 3 o'clock in the after noon had a chance to review the bill. My staff is pouring over the pages.

Try to see what's in it by the institution, standing alongside Ukraine. What we actually have a debate on the floor the people's house instead of the garbage getting a $40 billion bill at 3 o'clock in the after noon not paid for any idea what's really in it was fun because the State Department $13 billion billion economics work 110 million for embassy security 40 billion that is unpaid for you want to sit here and lecture. This body will not send alongside Ukraine. What we talk about the American people are hurting the wide open borders that inflation is killing people jobs. The people can't get because the cost of goods and services this country city are being lectured to whatever enough time to look at a $40 billion unpaid bill. I make a motion to adjourn is the wrong Congressman Geoffroy is likely right and I was there would all is an insult to the American people started on client day we get proposed $40 billion price to a country when we can even protect our own country. Where's the money to build a high wall which is Artie playful, but where's the money to combat the drugs of where's the money to keep America for this. This president is doing everything he can to undermine America when you're bankrupt you can't do a lot to know all six anywhere then go through regular order to go in any committee, and only have 57 Republicans voted against it is shocking to say the least. It's so discouraging to see that. But the good news is like the American people see it and I think that while they have simply Ukraine. You don't put this kind of money out when this country is been been such a great country so many people want America gets put on the back burner this time.

This conflict all right have to leave it there.

Congressman always appreciate your good words. I thank you very much. My pleasure Congressman Ralph Norman from South Carolina phones here Murph from Germantown, Tennessee listing to us on Caleb UAM once raise a very interesting point about where we are in the country right now, her things rolled on what's going on call we need to reaffirm or readjust what's going on your day, the duly elected president is nothing more than the tip here of the Democratic Party. A lot. And it gets a little frustrating. I don't care anymore. You have the office blamed for everything. When that's not true. Democratic Party Democratic-controlled House and in the idea of democratic politics go back into history, going back to 1940 all the way back to 1914 the Democratic president you have some kind of armed conflict and economic slowdown you put in the public and in and you have the roaring 20 then you kick a Republican out of the White House and you put Democratic in and you have the Great Depression in years.

A few years later the second world war. When you reelect a Democrat. We have a slowdown in the late 40s early 50s and we have the Korean conflict, then we elect Dwight David Eisenhower and yet eight years of peace and prosperity, and we put Mel Kennedy get shot but then we put LBJ we have economic slowdown in the Vietnam conflict put in Nixon we have relative peace and prosperity and then Pres. Reagan comes along and body United States America took off like you as well just and Joyce and George, I don't live there don't have friends there, but understand that Gov. is a chief executive, and he cannot please everyone think that Atlanta differed from Valdosta and Valdosta are probably different "what you want to find some kind a happy medium, and then find Republican concept idea where he draws the line in this this gentleman from Maryland just you just had a abomination the American voter. Our kids are grandkids Ukraine. To be honest with you. Look at history as a European crop this in some way shape or form caringly.

Yeah, from Judeo-Christian standpoint. Yeah. But Europeans need this when that didn't deal with death, your and I didn't deal with Stalin and I didn't deal with a communist take over the bumps and just watch so the problem here Murph. The problem is again we're fighting the war for the Europeans once again.

I thought we learned our lesson one World War II you know what, if you want to fight. You fight and were happy to support you but when I got up fight while you can sit back and your La-Z-Boy recliner, whatever they said in France and a drink there lattes and eat their French fries. Not that land is not on merit lot closer. It is not perfect. My Ukrainian put up fight God this pure Russian imperialism is all it no doubt about it, no doubt about Murph got a run, we are late for break 844-747-8868 will be right back.*Drivers is what you see with progressive save over $700 on average in the savings and imagine what you could buy and use the savings from switching from aggressive 50 years ago to finally buy my dream car is driving flying car flying future cars flying future. So switch to progressive and save big because the savings can add up in the national annual average in terms of new customers quickly. All right folks, my we got a brand-new sale just for you.

Thanks to our good buddy Mike Lindell man. Ed and Mike is the true hero and in this stop the steel movement. He's been the guy out there from day one. Taking a stand stand and he's been paying a price that might come ill loves our audience. We have our own special page over my It's a buy one get one free special.

All this month so if you want to buy my fellow bedsheets. He's going to send you another set of sheets free the Giza fellows. I guess what he's going to hook you up with a free one of those as well, but my pillow tells that's buy one get one free and get this bikes also going to throw in a free copy of his memoir is an incredibly moving testimony of how God took a drug addict cleaned him up and turned them into a multimillionaire with one of the most incredible companies all right, let's get to the phones while full lines of Frank in Gainesville, Georgia WT UN of Frank.

I understand you want to weigh in on 2000 mules and also the temperature to fight right like to think I was you so good things were illegal and I think the problem is neither camp nor the secretary of state attorney general is going to do anything with it. There's that mounted so that something we could pressure our efficiency doing vote for the right folks coming up anyway. I think that the David perdue to win a landslide in the primary for the simple reason that John Solomon think the best investigator reporter in the United States is investigating the Riviera automobile plaintiff situation yesterday on the John Frederick show and he thinks it is loaded with corruption and Is involved, so I think onset newsgroups. I think Mr. Campos can go down in defeat go down in flames.

So that's my opinion will frame. I think that the Mr. perdue can beat Ms. Abrams very well I'm I'm hoping that whoever the Republican nominee is will be able to do that.

Frank den and I appreciate that telephone call. I want to go to Diane in George listing to us on WT UN Diane I understand you are supporting Brian Yet. Why is that not you just heard Frank on he said there some sort of a looming scandal involving an automotive plant all the polling data we we have seen all of it shows camp with double-digit leads over Purdue. There dear. They go around all the time back at the George and I can tell you that Brian can't get this date fell well during the hearing, how big he got it back up and running. When other states for clay day on, but then a couple of my self employed or back there job.

We were able to keep job we were able to get the door to able to go out to eat. We were basically like Florida that we got not much coverage and we did a fantastic job and I understand you had thought. I think anybody dad but I know that during that time we needed a leader. Brian Was there.

Fred now does this diminish your support of a Pres. Trump one way or the other. The present trap that I'm proud to say that idea. I think she pregnant can't that live in Georgia and understand all the things that happen. Darren, the kind that we needed a strong Gov. that no bill transporter. I do love him. I'm not sure that he should grant again but I'm proud that he formed the last Teton all right Diane that music means we gotta scoot out of here in a good note.

To do that on. Thank you for the call of a couple of lines open your folks 844-747-8868 Sen. Marsha Blackburn coming up as well and don't forget you can watch our show live the TV feed on Todd's will be right back. When you buckle your renters and auto insurance with progressive, you could save money, but it doesn't cover any terrible memories looking for you and your shower wall and you realize that your bathroom shared along with your neighbors bedroom was stand there silently and all the other things and in turn the four years he lived there times. Sorry, but we could save you money. Bundling your renters insurance with progressive situations all right hello people well go back to the conference radio show Sen. Marsha Blackburn coming up in just a few moments.

By the way, the new White House Press Secretary Karen Jean-Pierre. Not a big fan of Fox News I want you to hear what she had to say about Fox news channel race is nothing here is all on being state TV Donald Trump and so they will continue to get this information so Asian Americans right now is yours for 1616 and older will change the crisis that went global in danger is where we are right now is the danger that Fox News is now playing out there is going to hurt people and help that's Karen Jean-Pierre her own words saying that Fox News Channel over and over and over and over and over and over and over again is racist. So, at what point is she going to get up in front of the cameras and acknowledge days she made a mistake or BC still holds to those values and it can't be one of those well I was just, you know, speak it out by Juan Sue on national television. No, no, you don't get to do that you don't get to you don't get to call Fox News Channel racist but number one cable news channel in all of America and then take a job behind the White House podium and represent this illustration. You don't get to do that all right 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number. Let's go to the phones might and main WL 0B are great station there.

Mike what's going on talking called her partner and through that little red lion yeah I hear you like what you might want to mark the guarantee to the American people $40 billion. Some of it will be reachable to the Biden current family or the Clinton Global initiative which the real little bit ago. Here gets me like, and I've been pretty upfront about this on the program happy to provide Ukrainians with whatever they need to fight the Russians but good Lord, what we talking about $1 trillion 2,000,000,000,003 truly where you draw the line well and where does money go listen to. They brought it up at three in the afternoon. Another bill they haven't read.

They have no clue where this money is going to none. People should be outraged over the look I II wish that every taxpayer every voter would channel the outrage that Congressman Tripoli because this is gotta we've gotta stop this. We just gotta stop it, and this is Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell.

This is their leadership. This is happening.

All right, bite.

Good call good thoughts. Thanks for listening. Let's go to Jim in Statesville, North Carolina WS ICR great affiliate.

By the way, celebrating 75 years of broadcast excellence. Hey Jim what's up Democrat hacked at the White House and would like you to let it come from there you were in court for my job and I am sure that they changed about an old computer like it did in the servant walker to get over it always Jim I would just encourage everyone listing to my voice to get to their computer and download this this movie the documentary Dinesh decisions 2000 mules.

Dinesh does a brilliant job of laying it all out there and is not. Oh, this is a grainy photo of somebody possibly doing something he's got the goods on all these people might my issue is why haven't the Republicans stepped in and demanded action on these things all that's it. And you're right that's that's what they do all the time all the time. Jim got a run. Thank you for that call this story from the Delaware news Journal, a college women's lacrosse team felt traumatized after its charter bus was stopped by police while traveling through Georgia where they traumatized because there on the lacrosse team or were they traumatized because I got pulled over. The story is the lead. The lead sentence is not quite clear, but the incident has left the school's president incensed the Delaware State University women's lacrosse team was traveling on I-95 in Liberty County, Georgia, and it turns out that dealt Delaware state is a historically black school and the bus driver when he was pulled over. He was told that he was improperly traveling in the left lane and so then the police officers wanted to search the bus. Now here's where it gets interesting.

It turns out, the police officers had no idea that this was a black, predominately black lacrosse team until it was pulled over because of the intent of the vehicles as a matter fact, according to the sheriff the deputies were not aware of the school was historically black. They were unaware of the race of the occupants due to the height of the vehicle and the tent of the Windows. So now the police officers are being accused of racial profiling and the law enforcement photos were taken, it shows the white police officers and they were investigating a lot of the luggage and stuff under the bus so now the University presidents very upset and is demanding action quote. We have also reached out to Georgia law enforcement owner exploring options for recourse.

Well maybe the bus driver shouldn't be on the wrong side of the road. Maybe the bus driver should be obeying the laws of the road.

Or maybe they're exempt I mean is, is Delaware State University exempt from following the rules so people are very upset about this now. How dare they pull over a black lacrosse team that is basically the anger here there very upset about this. How dare they, the governor of Delaware released a statement calling the video upsetting concerning a disappointing you know what's upsetting concerning a disappointing as the driver of the lacrosse team bus did not follow the rules that every other person in Georgia has to follow on the interstate, but that doesn't matter anymore because as we now know Delaware State University because they are historically black.

They don't have to follow the laws that everybody else has to follow that apparently is the lesson here, or maybe the lesson is white police officers are not allowed to pull over anyone other than white people. I don't know it's nuts. It's completely nuts. There's no evidence that these officers were out there just driving around looking for a black lacrosse team to pull over and and and and give a ticket to but this is where we are in America, 844-747-8868 this is the top surgeon Russians from coast to coast.*We will know someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you caused my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy. See full for all right folks walking back to the concert radio show good to have you with Marsha Blackburn is doing a terrific job warning bonds and dad about your kids and big tact and the big issue here. The big challenges. Don't let your kids get schooled by big tact.

She's got a new statement out of you a call about it. We got a link to this over on our live show blog but as the senator points out summer break. You know what happens.

Kids are at home. They got a lot of time on their hands and they've got a lot of opportunities to do things they normally would would not be doing and moms and dads we know you're at work or maybe you're out shopping and you never know when the kids are to get on the Internet and that is a dangerous thing. Beyond that big tact is clearly an enemy of families in America and that is a problem and the center Marsha Blackburn as she is the ranking member of the Senate commerce, science and transportation subcommittee and she's got questions on why big tech refuses refuses to crack down on these predators that are working on line look away to get to the senator in just a moment I want to go to the phones here 844-747-8868 Carol and George up once to weigh in on that lacrosse ball sorry Carol what's going on. I tell you what I morning about that day did get the policeman did get on and with their dog found absolutely nothing but being part that is sense to me.

So what they open those lady luggage and had the dog sniff through everything and there was nothing found.

Similarly nothing and finally� I don't know yeah but the part that I think we just think that they went through their luggage piece body. Well, I think Carol that I don't again.

I love the protocols and procedures of the Liberty County Sheriff's Department but but if in fact they are pulling over a vehicle. They do have the right to inspect whether or not they should have done. I don't know where not finding any. They were encouraging sheriff deputies and wanting to have a dog with them is a normally carried out well. The I-95 corridor door is traditionally a drug court nor I mean, it's that is not surprising they would have a dog there to your point. I mean if you're going through me for talking about a traffic violation.

I would like to know how a traffic violation results in opening up all the luggage and sniffing around in all of that you have the dog sniff around all the luggage, that's a question okay well that the report and down that was on the Atlanta native this morning and I guess it was taken from CBS's somewhere I don't know who it was Errol, here's here's my thing and I you can you can have that that is a fair fair debate about the idea that Eunice had a bunch of white police officers driving around looking to pull over a black lacrosse team yeah not buy that argument. I don't that there's not a race.

I will see a racial component to the window all by well maybe I don't know. Maybe David wore a potty break somewhere. I don't age making that. I don't know, and so will get to the bottom of the main Almighty. It's just, you know what I me what you do if your police officer. I mean once you pull over.

The bus and you get on is like oh I'm a white cop.

This is a black lacrosse team have a nice day.

Me, that's the way all really. So you think that's what you should do anything well but what it though but what I'm saying is, as soon as they pulled the bus over even if they committed a crime is a matter because there to make a racial issue well yeah well maybe yeah it's it's terrible. I mean, look, I'm with you I and I and again that is a fair discussion that can be had, whether the police went too far, but something is something is is a foot there and Liberty County, Georgia Carol God bless you and I think for me happy to do it you call us back sometime. Carol highlight Carol by the way, words were being told that Marsha Blackburn is in a meeting that ran long problem.

I would be is some Democrat you are long-winded those folks are gas bags. She's a little all right so will try to get the senator back on some other time. Let's go to Rich and George up once to weigh in on the camp election. All right Rich what's going on here know around here did a good job with COBIT and get back to working with economy shortfall back D election so totally ignored our please call everything we knew something was wrong. We just knew it. And you know you have much of a record but go at it.

I've never seen a very argumentative type of debate they had on TV. It was, but do you think Republicans are to get behind whoever the nominee is really the big thing is nobody wants right so you know you get behind Support Purdue were all come together, but I do think that's the election and all that's going on to come out and will be held accountable or looking for, but I think it would be a better person to go up against the wind that Republicans and leasees want to statewide office. That's I mean that's what concerns me about Purdue is is that he did not, you know, and again you can just debate election fraud and whatever the reality is camp one Purdue did not take all right Rich appreciate that call. Thank you sir man dislike WDs when you guys are all over the place today and the KY cayenne to and so is W. H. KP, Hendersonville, North Carolina. Judy wants to talk about 2000 mules.

So you saw the film Judy I what what it what were your thoughts.

There were you surprised by anything now I get it back. I know that they did something wrong that the meal not believe what you saw back I would confirmed that get confirmed in my mind that I was right along something it happened. The question is one of the Republicans going to do about it.

I mean that's ultimately the issue at hand, I agree. I don't know darn well to get up and have some uprising that but I think I Judy I can what you think is going to happen.

What should I meet you see how bad the country is is a dumpster fire out there what you think and I happen come November, and they don't address the selection, fraud nonsense, another Democrat somehow sweep Congress and when all the seats what he thinks could happen them. I will be high due to I think you got a CT party ocean again.

Ocean watching the ocean.

Yeah, I mean if, and that's ultimately what we could be facing here. I mean it's and it's a it's a real possibility, which is why every single Republican breathing alive.

Republican needs to get out and vote on election day to make it next to impossible for these Democrats to steal this race but I'm with you Judy if if the Democrats are able to maintain both houses of Congress in the apartment the house of the Senate. I'm I don't think the average American.

The average gun toting Bible clean patriot in America is going to stand for that morning and I have to tell you, there's a lot of Republican that good and we need more all right. Judy got a run run and were running late and the show is ramping up for the day.

Thank you for calling in on folks is wow a lot going on today great to be back in the saddle were to do this all over again tomorrow so be sure to check out Todd start' that's for all of our stories, videos, you name it and don't forget to tell your friends. You'll be able to watch the Todds turns radio program on our website as we continue to migrate everything there. That's really what we can fight back against this cancel culture. Bob all right, folks, get out there because America general insurance presents shower valid/everyone does something shower. Turns out, generally, the quality insurance company saving people money every 60 years since you call general insurance services, Inc. insurance agency Nashville Tennessee some efficient supply

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