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Get Ready for a Race Card/Gun Grab Combo Platter

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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May 16, 2022 3:30 pm

Get Ready for a Race Card/Gun Grab Combo Platter

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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May 16, 2022 3:30 pm

Don’t be surprised if President Biden lights the fuse on a race card/gun grab during his visit to Buffalo Tuesday. Todd Starnes is joined by Kathy Barnette, Art Ally with Timothy Plan, Tiffany Justice from Moms For Liberty, and Michelle Woodhouse.

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You are going after you wear when they are rarely right now I read all me, do not read great right at target right now I make any imperative that I lead. Although they blend their entire life at my country. I like it. I think it will. And I think that the reason why where you look at where we are. We have any talking about creating a department. Our FmHA, but if not, you know, the people battery that I live in a free boy that had allow some of the work individual that every ideology makes people better.

People arrived that day. My whole pocket the past 13 months Kathy. Were you surprised when Pres. Trump came out it's not just addressing Dr. Oz but he really raised a lot of suspicions and questions about your character and your background really surprised by that. I at all and I felt a great book about tomorrow and you know why Florida RMD and do that for them and I have a lot of hope and the people here. I over mild everything the week we started out 13,900 miles away and ran out in these last several my doing about 15 miles a week. Wire and cable talking to people going and people that I am what they want my complement to here is valid over the course of 13, Mark they close the deal with all their highfalutin and dark math that all their date here I come on everybody went along my yeah and that the people in danger what they say to the do want to go back to Pres. Trump because his his endorsement. What he says carries weight especially in the Maghreb movement, and he raised questions about you do have any idea what he was talking about. Have you had a chance to talk to the president and now I doubt that I went back to get a phone call to Dan and I are over for we the only thing that I'm more working on that they haven't done any well on about 8 PM when I found that I talk to me morning Twitter followers are anything we had about 13,000 Twitter followers today. I think the devil number of Twitter followers almost immediately I worked about the way I spell that out tomorrow. No hope, will be very you very, we never align now you can always talk will align with our value as though he gave that we all knew right away they wanted that endorsement. I have gotten all that on overwhelming all of that moment on why they contrary to me like I just fall, the rock yesterday but right of way for over four weeks. A few million dollars worth of derelict responsibility and what had he are the people here know why I was out yesterday in Philadelphia, a cartel of people out there. We talking about my baby Connie gotten over our wife Laura about baby right here and what he is currently a carpetbagger and ideally a big point. He never paid any people. Number four. Recall any time on on on the ground hot and bothered for a rainy and now I'm waiting my fall, and what people all-American can be on the patriot mobile newsmaker line can't be burned out door running for the U.S. Senate from Pennsylvania and in Kathy one of the things that concerned me about the coverage. I see this almost is bullying.

I mean you're coming under fierce attack and seems to be again.

Dr. Oz is not a conservative anyone who is pro-abortion. Anyone who supports these radical transgender body mutilation surgeries for young kids. I don't see that as being a conservative value or ideal. That being said Kathy.

There are some people out there in the conservative media Washington Examiner, for example, and they have some pretty straightforward and simple questions that that you and your campaign had had trouble responding to what what's going on there. I will salute Selena's, the Washington Examiner and this was documented in the national review they offered some pretty straightforward questions. The name of your hometown where you were an adjunct professor and with when you were in officer candidates will know you're starting to really some of that information over the week and you release your military credentials and documentation. But why wait, why not just put all that information out there because it is important that you don't have a record and officer people take a look at art. I always always available out of ambiguity, not because I called my Philadelphia. I like coming out of elk County and you know it horrible. One of the many here that are drawn back. It made my campaign manager may back down right away that everyone in the small group graph people. I loaded. I don't have any paper, no doubt, allocation, our campaigner, we gather right away story take me out five hours down County, I don't walk around with my back pocket, but all of it on a day out in the outline and FLV created a pay your listener (Barnett, and pay down their call. Everything you want to know all of the information is there not ambiguity, but we are small P a lot of time down County or a Kathy Barnett on the patriot mobile newsmaker line. Kathy was to say things do not go your way on the primary will you vote for the eventual Republican nominee if it's not you will I and other medical moment, and I don't think we have a little longer and vote for a warm body are not away away so really come tomorrow. I got everything hi dad, like a baby because I know I have everything I need to do and then you did not have to hold out no and both of the lack of legal Kathy one final question, Pres. Trump run for reelection in 2024 will he have your vote and your support.

I doubt that arrived with, I really like I had always have my part on the data that I've ever lived down there I get policy carrier about how about banality.

Mark, as you know what what what what did you get off work and make America great America America I'm in most any doubt that are directed. I felt very clear policy are far. And though the I have a lot Wednesday. I will take all of their phone call and I will be looking for. How can we be unity as well.

I know you had you taken a bump on his offer to come on the show is happening.

What's the latest there okay yesterday on my dreamy quality me on a very well on Friday we know that everything on the ringleader. I want you time. I will be out all that well there you go, and I think that says a lot. Kathy, I appreciate you coming to the program.

We want to give you a chance to have your say and you answer our questions and the best of what to you in the big race tomorrow. Yes, you are a Kathy Barnett everybody are running for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania and ultimately it's up to you of the voters of Pennsylvania guys. This one's on you. Clearly there were questions about the holes in her biography. I think those questions have been asked and answered.

We went out and we verified Kirk where she worked at the University Johnson University of Illinois that was a big question, so at this point me to people really do have a problem they need to go ahead and throw out all the goods you if you got the dirt. Let's see the dirt 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 this is the top storage you're listening to dog stories will I don't have to tell you, folks, America is facing huge challenges, soaring inflation, alarming crime rates.

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I'm a proud member of a fact that you can be what Amax .us/start going or renew today our radio show.

By the way in Pennsylvania really upset very frustrated with Pres. Trump, especially lawmakers who went out on went up there and were endorsing Pres. Trump during the GOP primary in 2016 before he was even the nominee. They put their political careers on the line for Pres. Trump only for the president to turn around and adore somebody else and they say that the president is not a loyal person. Meanwhile, Pres. Trump just came out a little while ago and endorsed Madison called for.

He says that Hawthorne deserves a second chance are you folks.

We have a lot of folks in the conference district listening to this program. Do you think Hawthorne deserves a second chance seems to me he's working on. Chance number 12 844-747-8868 that is her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 looked up after the about of the hours are working together to the story that happened over the weekend in Buffalo, Buffalo, New York. Pres. Biden is going to Buffalo tomorrow and we all know it's going to happen. We all know the president is going to be conciliatory he's started to be compassionate he's going to use that as a platform to advance his notion that there some sort of a race war happening of United States of America. We all know what's going to happen and is also going to without some sort of a gun grab initiative you can say what you want to say and by the way, I've I've got people from the White House that are coming out and attacking me on twitter and I'll get to that as well, but I got all these folks after me because I'm pointing out that the administration needs to treat these attacks equally. For example, the president has yet to visit the survivors and the families of those lost during the terrorist attack in Waukesha, Wisconsin, which was perpetrated by a black supremacist. So why is it that the president is more than happy to go to Buffalo, New York and console people in the aftermath of a white supremacist attack, but not a black supremacist attack was very similar to Brooklyn New York for that matter. It's very simple. The president doesn't believe that all lives better and neither this is a ministration of that's why that's why their status far away from Waukesha Wisconsin is humanly possible already. 447-4788 68 toll-free telephone number. This is the.surge radio show print since November of last year. The stock market has plummeted, but gold has been all garage gas prices are and see the stock market extremely volatile ablation is even worse than it was last year and now you have a war with Russia and Ukraine that could spread to the rest of the world markets do not like instability.

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You can speak to an IRA expert legacy, precious metals, 866-528-1903 or download their free investors God legacy PM all right. What a terrible terrible weekend. It was it was off and you can sit back and you can have a large can have a debate over what was what's going on in our country. I reviewed what almost these are just the big reported stories on me and on and on a weekend on an average weekend in Chicago, for example, you got 5060 70 people better better gun down there shot there. There's a lot of there's a lot of violence in America right now, no doubt about but just in these mass shootings were you had what 2122 people that were shot in the streets of Milwaukee after the NBA playoff team over the weekend. You have the church shooting yesterday out in Southern California, Orange County, and then you well, there was the Houston you and what five people shot at the farmers market of this fleamarket down there in Houston and then you had this horrifying shooting at the top's grocery store in Buffalo, New York they'll urinate hear a lot of stuff in the media. People are blaming Tucker Carlson. They're blaming Fox News. They're blaming Donald Trump. They're blaming the NRA, but ultimately the only person to blame here is the sicko monster that open fire. He's the guy to blame for was an 18-year-old kid Peyton Chandran is his name drove a couple hundred miles away from his home to Buffalo to shoot black people.

That's what he wanted to do.

I read the guys manifesto. Apparently he was. Apparently he video that he filmed it live on twitch and so now they're accusing Twitchell of the government of their and your Kathy Hogle was the governor. She says it twitches to blame was what what it should say we had shut down social media now is that it is that the argument, but I want to throw this. I want to throw this thought out there and I know this is going to rankle some folks, but I'm kind of in a wrinkling mood today. Is it possible I just remotely possible that one of the reasons why the nation is I don't know absorbed just here lately.

The past two decades or so it one of the reasons why we are so enraptured with these mass shootings is it possible because we have raised a generation of young people, all they do, they'll go outside. They don't play anymore but will play make-believe federal runaround of the woods there sitting in front of videogame screens in many cases, from sunup to sundown. All they're doing is shooting people.

Well, that doesn't mean that every person in America who plays video games is going to turn to some sort of the serial killer, but I do wonder doesn't have any sort of an impact on the psyche on the are we are we that deadened now to this level of violence, I'm just throwing the question out there, because really the art. The art reflects the society that we live in an art music are movies are entertainment.

It's very violent video games throw those into it's all violent. So I I'm just no I'm not.

I'm not saying banned all video games. I'm just throwing this out there.

Let's just say that you got a four-year-old and you're going up your let the 40-year-old play I was some sort of a violent videogame and of the four-year-old was hawked and for the rest of their life there playing these games would be that much of a stretch for the kid to go out to do something like this is mom and dad's fault, but all indications, the other two kids are normal and they're saying this guy though this guy was a nut job. I will if he was those of the spawn of Satan. I don't know, but last year they they say that he threatened violence at his high school and whatever whatever it was was so severe that they put the kid in the hospital.

This was last year is not even a year ago was a Jew of last year and of the day and 1/2 later couple of days.

He was released and that was a record of the New York Times.

The kid fell off the wall. Enforcements radar and then we have what happened over the weekend. Now I want to say something about the shootings, the mass shootings over the weekend and working through Illinois because that happens every weekend, and nobody bats a vital.

The man shootings happened in states that have the strictest gun control laws in the nation on the books as a matter fact. New York State has a red flag wall. So my question is why wasn't this kid on some sort of a government database in New York where they could keep an eye on the he went up there. He bought a weapon.

How was he able to do that when last year. They thought he was some sort of a nut job that was going to shoot up as high school's graduation again just asking questions are 844-747-8868 that's her phone number 844-747-8868. Meanwhile, meanwhile the same law enforcement in New York State had plenty of time to go after our friend James O'Keefe over project Veritas and their only crime was doing good journalism, then you've got that down in Virginia and who knows who knows where else is to place you have the FBI investigating dozens and dozens of moms and dads whose only crime was to be concerned with their school board's policies regarding transgender is a loving boys use the girls bathroom and critical race theory classes so the FBI's out there.

State law enforcement God knows who they're out there investigating all these law-abiding citizens were doing nothing wrong. Meanwhile, meanwhile, you've got this potential psychopath that's wanted around buying guns. And that's okay until it's not okay. By the way, this is fascinating. One of the one of the neighbors and eyewitness at that supermarket left reporters dumbfounded so you know this is all about race and it's all about guns. That's what this is all going to be about moving forward. Probably more so race than the guns one eyewitness reps to be a black man said, hey, wait a second. This said this has everything to do with the person with the God, not the gun itself. Take a listen to.

It's not the gun. It's the person with the God that from one of the witnesses there who just left the supermarket when all of the shooting broke out all right there you have it. There's the guy and he said hey, this has nothing to do with the gun and he's got a fair point. My issue is at that point. Unless you are a trained marksman somebody jumps out of their car with that kind of firepower. I mean it's over in a matter of seconds, so I hear the guys say. But the reality is you would've had a lot of people in that supermarket aren't.

I'm not sure they would've ended up been able to ask them if you're reaching for a can of Kraft macaroni and cheese and the next thing you know gun fires blazing. Do you have enough time to drop the Kraft mac & cheese pull out your weapon and then return fire. I don't think so, but it's a dangerous, deadly world out there folks and was a terrible thing that happened I right out of the gate called this guy a white terrorist and that's what he is he I read the manifesto, but I wanted to kill as many black people as he could, by the way, to white people were also shot as a matter fact, one of the first victims on the video that I saw it happen to be a white person. So where do we go from here. What binds going to make this a big race issue and they're going to declare tomorrow that there's a big race war in America and there may be a race war in America but I'm not sure it's going down the way Biden thinks it's going down. I want to go back to what happened in Waukesha. Why did Biden refuse to go to Wisconsin. Is it possible that going to Wisconsin would give validation to the fact that there is a very significant issue with black on white crime to this country and by the way, what about black on black crime.

Anybody want to have that discussion. Nobody was to have that discussion because they're too busy playing politics, but I'd like to think that we can all live in a country where we can agree that a black terrorist white terrorist Hispanic terrorist Asian American terrorist it's terrorism, murder is murder. It is evil. 844-747-8868 that's her telephone number.

Let's go to the phones. Zion is in Auburn Maine listen to us on W LOP. What's on your mind you hired wanted to say, this is ridiculous work, go by what you think. The error rate for me.

He didn't nothing when what happened in Waukesha and I'm not saying that what man did wasn't bad at all, but Biden did not ridiculous. Well, it's look, it's evil. I don't serve your black or white person I meet if you're going out there shooting people in a supermarket, you deserve what Scott I looked I would let the fight of the cops on you know what to go and shoot yourself, save the taxpayers from some somebody that's what I said or turned the guy over to the families of those that were killed in the supermarket.

Let them handle it. But I'm's you, but again Zion appreciated the call here the issue I have is of the White House is making his girly playing politics with this and they do it all the time this happened all the time during the but the Obama restoration all the time this matter fact I think that was the whole point of Obama's administration was to create racial unrest in America now have to rise above that your people.

All of us black, white, Hispanic, all of us would have to rise above this and not buy-in to this nonsense that Biden and his cronies are to be's to be spewing in Buffalo and elsewhere. So, according to take a break here were going right back to the phones when we get back 844-747-8868. That is our toll-free telephone number 844-747-8868 show. Well, our good friend Michael Dell is back at it again hello everybody I'm Todd start Michael Dell not only created the best hello but now he's created the best towel in the world.

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Click on the radio list or special defense counsel on my fellow product towels.

Enter the promo code start or call 800-3950 six were these radio specialists. That's 800-839-8506 use the promo code right away manifest. He did a Q&A visit was like 100 pages will and at one point the guy does a Q&A are you a conservative.

No I am not a conservative you are you a Christian. No I am not a Christian and I say this because that part of it is good to get left out of the mainstream media coverage.

Matter fact or trying to blame Tucker Carlson for all of this because the guy ascribes to this replacement theory white replacement. In other words, letting all these illegals invade the country to dilute the white population of America so anyway think the guy actually hates Fox news, but they're trying to portray this as some sort of we gotta get rid of Tucker Carlson because Tucker Carlson is to blame Tucker Tucker is the thing to do with this at all. But anyway, you're not going to hear this in the mainstream media, but the guy did pledges allegiance to socialism. So this guy is a neo-Nazi.

That's what he is.

He is a white supremacist. He's a terrorist but is not conservative and is not a Christian, are, let's go to the phones here 844-747-8868 Michelle North Carolina what's on your mind.

I want to start out by now my my heart on Buffalo and I thought about him all weekend and not just about what they're going through that you know when the first thing online. What they quote people with constant really expect me that they didn't get that narrative that Buffalo got its nose. It comes down to controversial it comes down to a very simple issue. The lives of the people were taken in Wisconsin. Their lives don't matter to the vitamin restriction they can't they can't score political points with those victims and that's all narrative, and that makes me rant about it all week and by that would let me and it wrong and we shouldn't add up with it is not right yet you just click sitter Michelle over the week and consider how many people consider how many people in the mainstream media and cable news are broadcasting their shows from Buffalo to compare that to the number of people who did not bother to show up to cover the story in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

It was a night and it is like in Brooklyn, New York 190 and they don't want to call and they don't recall what happened in Brooklyn on the subway.

I hate crimes but again the suspect in that case was a blank supremacist just like the guy in Waukesha Wisconsin but it is very curious how this administration and look this goes all the way back to Barack Hussein Obama. This is nothing new. Those kinds of attacks don't matter because they know they cannot score political points. Michelle great great call. Thank you for listening to the program or by the web go play this audio for you of this is from Orange County. This is a Presbyterian Church Taiwanese folks gathering for the after after church meal when a guide is 60 showed up and I here's what happened after he opened fire at lunch. Lunch following the morning service to remind you this is all very preliminary information churchgoers hogtie laying extension leads to weapons from him.

He was detained when the deputies arrived churchgoers is exceptional bravery and interfering intervening. The suspect undoubtedly prevented additional injuries and the suspect was not injured during the incident was taken custody is believed to be an Asian male adult in the 60s, lives in this area. Working in his city of residence and whether he has any connection to this church wisely good for the churchgoers of there is another report that said the pastor of the church through a chair at the gunmen add this guy was loaded again. He was prepared to take a lot of people, but the pastor intervened through a chair or other church members jumped in. They hogtie the guy and he was all wrapped up like a Christmas day present for the police. When they finally got to the to the church house there in Orange County.California so I say good on those church members, but again folks when it comes to these kinds of situations where you got met these shooters going on opening fire.

I say take out the bad guy right away. You know, just do the American people a great the taxpayers of service so we want to pay for these three squares a day for the rest of their lives down for bed. They get out. Thanks to these are no account leftist DAs, but maybe it's time to bring back public executions and maybe, just maybe, these bad guys will think twice before doing the unthinkable unbelievable right hey folks stick around our two coming up 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show. If you have credit card debt. I want you to listen to this credit card rates are now close to 17%.

That's more than three times. Current mortgage rates, meaning you are overpaying your debt really should consider a cash out refinance and please do it now. The Fed is going to keep raising rates as the year goes on.

That'll cost you more than you're used to. You really should take advantage of a free mortgage review from American financing because of your homeowner, your equity can help you pay off any debt faster and at a lower rate you're paying less than interested in saving significant money long-term affected American financing there saving folks up to $1000 a month. Think of the difference that could make then give them a call to learn more. Eight 660-9749 that's 866-890-9749 or visit American in MLS 182334 in MLS consumer delivers universities to you and George are of the big show. Good to have you today man what a crazy weekend and it was just horrifying.

I mean just mass shooting after mass shooting after mass shooting and you wonder where were all of this is coming from going to tell you right here and right now I just believe that we are dealing with a with a great evil that has followed up on our country and you can yeah I do believe it is a spiritual problem. I this is not something that were to be able to legislate our way out of and until we can get these thickheaded politicians to understand that where it's just going to get worse. But this is this is a matter of shutting down our church houses for a solid year during the pandemic. This is a number of our churches. Refusing to even address things called sin anymore because I don't offend people, and it's also the result of a mainstream media that is more than happy to perpetuate this idea that there is some sort of a race war in America and I don't believe there is one. As a matter of fact I yeah I guess I do believe there are white supremacist. I think there are blanks the purposes of this country. I think there are a lot of very bad people of this country, but by and large I don't believe that white people are just going out and killing black people or black people are going out there and killing white people.

But when that happens it's fascinating to watch the mainstream media play the race card and that's what's happening and that's what's happening with the situation Buffalo. That's the only reason Joe Biden is going to Buffalo tomorrow along with the first lady so a lot of you folks want to weigh in on this 844-747-8868 let's go to bike in Statesville, North Carolina Mike, welcome to the program. What's on your mind. I want to make a comment on the young following Buffalo. It been like they were in the 60 when he got in trouble. He would either been sent to reform school or the judge would you have a chance to go into the armed forces Marine through the Army and the troublemakers in our town. There were few that at that auction went into the military and being in the military and the 60-year-old book about what went when they come back after basic training that walked to school in her uniform. There were different people and maybe we'd gone so far. Now were you know young guy could maybe had a chance at not having a life spent behind bars now he could serve the country well. Clearly somebody knew something about this kid I'm you don't go within the span of less than a year to becoming a full-blown white supremacist who wants to kill kill black people killed by the way, he also wanted that he also wanted to kill white business owners and you summing the guy with this guy was this kinds of evil monster, but that doesn't happen just overnight and and again I go back to the initial police investigation did they do their due diligence on this kid. Or did they just say okay you know behave yourself. Don't threaten to kill people anymore and go about your business.

I mean yeah mom and dad or mom and me as you do have kids Mike well I bet I would be willing to bet that if you had kids and you got the kids there on line drawn the computers you know exactly where they're going to you know what pages are going to you know everything about their their social media, history of that's and and and I do question the mom and dad at that point were they paying attention to what they could have been doing on social media.

I go along with that reasoning, but think the country of change. So far no, they're just not like they were when I was growing up like it when my older son was a senior in high school I was already talking to him about either going to college or going to military you will get a good day I'll get a free ride. You know that we had to do thing you know, and in a chosen anyone into the military you know make a good career choice and now he's out doing very well well and I have no doubt I have no doubt that the military can straighten people out there that the stories have been legendary.

That happening, but in this case, you do wonder who dropped the ball. Could this could this have possibly been stopped and how many times have we seen that either law enforcement or the courts just simply did not follow through. Mike got a run.

Appreciate the call. Let's go to Matt's listing to us in eastern North Carolina. Matt, what's on your mind, love your idea about public execution and not really in clothing racks or go out and murder people.

In addition, for example, North Carolina. We know we have $121 per county public execution and if I may say one more thing you have million dollars were burned around Biden's personal residence in Delaware. It's a great question Mike protect our southern border. Why should we attract potential Biden's borders.

That's I just don't get that Matt but I will say this yes public executions, people, young people especially need to understand these severe punishments under the law. That's what that's what we need to be focused on is that young people need to understand there are consequences in America and what is acting to stop every horrible awful crime know, but it just might stop some and I say let's do it and save the taxpayers.

A few dollars for alright man appreciate the call, but by the way, you could even be environmental. You could use a hemp rope. You know I'm in at some there are ways around that. Let's go to Jerry, Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

Great part of the country. Hey Jerry what's up my call from your been talking about some of the cause of all you will find all called: Michael Carlson you will go you said the parent favors one child over the other. You charter. I think that's what what's going on here that all these little groups defaulting to five nobody getting along and I think that would explain the list. I will print a large part of what going on right now you think it's good to be fixed.

Is there a way out of all this Jerry a couple of people talking over the weekend, but I don't know. I know you know you don't like inflation, no coursework at Waverley Butte. Inflation is to raise interest rates, where you race for wanting you are not advocating but I was going to have to move along. That's what they want the Joe Biden of the Democrats. It is really natural, but he does not get brain of cottage cheese.

It's whoever's controlling Biden which is Barack Hussein Obama. They want a race war this country for only one reason they know that out of that chaos can advance their ultimate goal which is to take over this country and implement socialism.

That's an and what scares me is there are enough people in this country that would go along with something like that it's it's very troubling, Jerry. Appreciate the call and I think you for listening real quick before you go to break. Let's go to our good friend Mike over the radio in Chattanooga, Tennessee Mike, what's up my some great appropriate drug and everyone of them.

It was psychotropic drug involvement really coming off the mother on so my question was, what you will like drug was the under psychiatrist care.

I was always mental background, here's something interesting in 1974, one in 10 Americans were diagnosed with psychosis and beastlike yet to see the street about 500 million year as of four years ago they received billions of dollars a year that diagnosed wanted to Americans with psychosis. So this is definitely an industry and unfortunately kids are being put on these drugs at a very early question you know that's a fair question. We don't know we don't know the answer that question just yet. Micah, we do know that he was hospitalized for a day and 1/2 and then he was set loose. I don't know that's enough time to to get somebody on medication and whether or not he was still on that medication, but to your point. I mean, there's no doubt about it. We've got generations of young boys will been heavily medicated their entire lives and what you what is that look like I don't know why didn't why all three received more money more psychologically know a man right exactly hard by good hearing from you sir and I keeping things under control over on the eastern side above the great state of Tennessee. Folks, we gotta take a break here 844-747-8868 we have lines open. That's 844-747-8868 coming up for Congressman conservative Congressman Trump support Thomas Marino out of Pennsylvania. He was president trumps Pickford drugs are and now he is fuming, accusing Pres. Trump of throwing a pro Trump lawmaker under the bus and accusing Pres. Trump of not being a loyal person working together that we got some crazy audio share with you.

844-747-8868 this is the Don Stern show front lines of the culture will the fight for the unborn is raging in our country an unprecedented leak from the Supreme Court indicates Roe V Wade is on the brink of being overturned during this critical time a new movie is about to be released.

The award-winning film the matter of life cuts through the rhetoric of hatred and exposes the real issues surrounding the plight of the unborn, the better of life will be in theaters nationwide for two nights only May 16 and May 17. If you care about protecting the unborn. This is a movie you will not want to miss go to fathom now to reserve your tickets for theater near you for May 16 or 17 and have your own life transformed. As you watch the matter of life. That's fathom there's a Battle Taking Pl. in America whether you are pro-choice or pro-life. You need to watch this bill put my head welcome back everybody good with us 844-747-8860 that's her number by the way, I met a Twitter war right now with with Jill Biden's press secretary. Don't these people have work today were paying their salaries for crying out loud, so a guy by the name of Michael wrote Michael LaRose. He is a Joe Biden's press secretary and I pointed out that I'll share with you what I wrote and then the guy goes bonkers on the I just asked a simple question and here is the question. So why didn't Joe go to Waukesha I will be back up your whole whole I got a backup because there are multiple tweets about so anyway he's accusing me of of lying about your Bible. First, while Biden didn't go to Waukesha that's not a lot.

He did not go to Waukesha.

He sent the he simple wife over about a month after the attack. So anyway, LaRose ago some right wing bloviate retweeted me some right wing bloviate or no one's ever heard of questions Joe Biden's empathy and compassion in times of tragedy. That's a new nice drive. Well first of all I would say think you love me but you got the press secretary for the first lady of these great United States of America, taking time to reach out to our right wing bloviate, or that nobody's ever heard of. So thank you very much Mr. LaRose so I answered.

I responded normally I ignore these attacks, I but since again this guy salary is being paid for by we the people I decided what I will do more. So I said so Mr. press secretary. Why didn't Joe go to Waukesha if as you say he so compassionate and he responded the last guy told us to drink bleach as tens of thousands of Americans were dying at April 2020. Do you really want to play this game LOL well first of all, that's a flat out lie. Trump told no one to go out there and drink bleach as a matter fact, Trump is responsible for the vaccine nodule by but anyway we shall play this game.

I had to stop because I have a job to do, which is to broadcast his radio program border to border, coast to coast across the fruited plain so will get back to the First Lady's press secretary a little bit later on as your friendly neighborhood right wing, and dare I say ultra mega bloviate our let's go to the phone zero 844-747-8868 Larry Arkansas what's on your mind started I wanted call with and I wanted to thank you for taking out the time and put candidate for Senate opening your show today and that's a lot more elevated. Sean Hannity was going to start wanted to call their job will start. Thank you very much sir Larry or you're trying to say that I looked I I don't have a dog in the hunt there. I you know I'm looking at McCormick's record.

He looks pretty good. I can tell you right now that there's no way that I would ever support Dr. Oz because he's pro-abortion, but you know what I mean if I'm looking at Kathy Barnett. I think she's answer all the questions I just think she got a raw deal by Hannity and by a lot of those Trump supporters out there and not just bear the person you were reporter called the questions about her putting a negative spin on it when you answer so this is not just all the media, but you start to stand out to stand up but the people on the question posed what actually is not just an arcade but just about everything you do everyday while you're trying to say that Larry and look at. We think it's only fair that that these candidates are offered a platform and they can explain themselves or it will pull any punches here and at the same time were not into the gotcha journalist but I can tell you this, Larry. I have never come under such fierce attack on the Maggio world.

As I have over the past week or so with the with you getting Kathy on the program. People don't want you there are people within that Trump circle that do not want her to express her opinions on the national stage and I'm just curious about that something doesn't quite make sense. Come out on top. All right Larry appreciate those kind words and the Bible you know and again we have an open invitation on this program to anybody except for Dr. Oz because when I get to give a pro-abortion is the time a day.

That's not what we do here but Tom Marino has a beef with the president, and I want you to hear what Marino had to say.

He's defending him and supporting a candidate named Lubar Lehto who did not get Trump's endorsement, even though he's pro-Trump. Let's take a listen. As this is extremely where the hell is the loyalty first heart force control is for selection. I first or someone else will toss me jump in here and again.

He goes on and on and we don't have a lot of time. The segment to get to finish that, but but he's he's got a pretty invalid pointer doesn't mean he says you were out there were supporting Trump. We took a lot of arrows for the president of any turns your enemy throws us on the bus what's going on who you think is ultimately call the shots.

There until a Trump who endorse and who not to doors 844-747-8868 toll-free number. This is the Todd Stern show something you probably do no progressive cannot only offer you a great price. We buy the home and auto club protection, something you probably don't know the average oak tree branch can hold 70 pounds something you probably do know leaders building up to the treehouse something you probably don't know a falling tree house would take offense to your home and auto with progressive and get more than a great price, round-the-clock protection, something you know, for the things you don't know your schedule, concerns of the affiliates of the reporting services of the deposit terms but little else. The two situations morning announcing concerns for pain experienced nations, baby formula shortage shows no signs of letting across the country out of stock rate is over 40% figure. The White House dispute by formula everything is gone, they feel a formula maker pair ago, one of the big four manufacturers predicting the shortage could the rest of the year the empty self-supporting desperate moms like Katie Miller to use social media to find the formulas to feed her twin daughters to all of the stories within the lower rate you can't find what you need to resort to measures that all right there you have it folks that's a report from ABC News about the baby formula crisis. This insane, just insane of the administrations clueless as a matter of fact, the bite was asked about this out on the out out on the campaign trail. Here's what it was a cut for you. You don't mind if we been better, my readers, I guess we could remove as quickly as problem became apparent to us in. We have to move with caution as well as speed.

Are there you go by and says why my what you what you expect from us. We expect you to do your job is to present to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line were always honored to have our friend Art Allie. He is founder and president of the Timothy plan Timothy and arts your reaction to to the bite in the ministries alike. They were not mind readers here.

Well, ma'am, you not only a leading newsmaker you're very entertaining as well. A lot of material in my goodness along to get away with doing the world knows, but it's great that serious about forming a monarch character at the formula for baby. What the world is going to do. You and I are probably old enough to remember the poor baby formula so I don't know. Maybe there are options in such a blessing to parents and not when you connected it, and that one lady I heard gravel two hours and couldn't get it that serious stuff. Well it is course are you know when we were going.

You know I was born in 67 and you know it.

There were, they were still promoting what is it the you do the evaporated milk or whatever kind of milk. It was on the Carrows the holder and we all turned out okay well I grew up on milk you know and in my generation, we never even heard a lactose intolerant so I don't know. Maybe there is something in some of this manufacturers, but at any rate, if I'm a parent with a little child that I am going to be up in arms when I connected with the child, especially when it is the government knew this was going to happen and they turned a blind eye and they did nothing about.

Well you could name a litany of things like that and you know it at first sight, thought, incompetence, and you probably due to but you know there's a real good chance a lot of this might be purposeful, especially like the gas prices that are going through the roof trusses I bought a motorhome so I teleported to get out of the driveway, but I there's a real chance are doing this on purpose to try to eliminate fossil fuels and no matter what the pain and suffering they cause it doesn't matter because I've done it them I was going to fill up the car after church yesterday 449 for the regular unleaded 49 a gallon and that's here in Memphis, Tennessee. It is just insane and I'm with you.

This is all intentional.

They want to force us back to the to the horses and the buggies that's that's the whole point of all of this, no matter what.

I really don't care about the people becoming obvious, but be grateful you got gasoline and diesel my my motorhomes a diesel man enough tuneup around six dollars a gallon so yeah that's that's that's nuts nuts Art Allie on the patriot mobile newsmaker line. He is president of Timothy plan the nations leading biblically-based pro-life, profamily mutual fund group Art, how are things looking economically, and others. A survey about 70% of the country say were heading on the wrong path right now. I got worried about the other 30% maybe thinking, but I'll tell you this. We just have our quarterly processes reading it out Timothy plan as a Board of Trustees or 12 we meet every quarter and this time we met with all of our sub advisors money managers are actually the various forms of managed various funds and you know there was a ray of hope. Good glimmered through their not that they can see the future, but they do what they do and they been doing it for 40, 50 years of them got all kinds of analyst you know that the bottom line they didn't see a recession coming this year. Maybe next year maybe the following year mean it isn't going to but at least there were some you know things are kind of good at all time low, especially bond so they have not gone down this much in 40 years because of the rise in interest rates, but in the meantime, all I know… I've been doing is 45 years and markets go up and markets go down, and they generally go up a lot more than they go down and were one of those is going down. And the only people lose money are those that give in to the twin toxic emotions of fear and greed. There when it's going to come to lose everything we lose everything there is value there are companies or real, but they show toward the bottom of the market and want to go up on the recovery among the greedy church management then somewhere near the top of the market. You just can't get the market time.

You have never seen it work because you got to guess right place consistently to know when to buy Windows all I know you're diversified to save the course like good managers, management you will you will come through this and do all right. You have to leave it there, sir. Always good advice coming from you and folks. The important thing you need to know about Timothy plan they use stringent moral screening criteria and it's all the help you invest your money in companies that are fighting invest in companies that are supporting causes and ideas that you care about Timothy We have a leak in our live show blog are always good hearing from you sir.keep up the good work. All right. Art Allie everybody from the Timothy plan. Gotta take a break. Our good friend Scott Walker from Young America's foundation coming up next's radios so when you buckle your renters and auto insurance with progressive, you could save money, but it doesn't cover any terrible memories looking for you and your shower wall and you realize that your bathroom shared wall with your neighbors bedroom to do was stand there silently and all the other things and in her in the four years he lived there times. Sorry, but we could save you money. Bundling your renters insurance with progressive situations back to the radio so great to have you with us want to go right now correct.

The patriot mobile newsmaker line, our good friend from Young America's foundation Gov. Scott Walker Gov. good to have you back with us today. Well Walker, but we not not you got and I continue to get mixed up.

Well, let me say Mark extremely sorry for that and my goodness, my apologies.

It's Monday. What can I say it. Sometimes you have people throughout know know worry got five men I don't have what about you know Congressman we been we've been talking for a lot today about what's been happening in Pennsylvania where you have a hard trump supporters, members of the administration that are very frustrated because they feel like they've been betrayed that they feel like that that loyalty doesn't seem to matter. They were expecting endorsements from the former president and then those endorsements went to someone else and I know that's a big that's a big issue in the state of North Carolina as well. Last year state convention.

We had won the 1200 delegate Strobel, 44% by the triple point in being drunk was talked into endorsing another gentleman and a preacher guy but about time I I continue to be the number one rated America first go trump candidates right on the highest-rated conservative ever served in the top four leadership USL. We continue to work hard, the Lord, but it is interesting and I think about all the great thing is probably the one thing that might be like a very spiritual discernment employee has to rely on advisors around him and I think there's been a couple of the myths as recently as well. And there in North Carolina, especially why is it that you think you are the better man for the job, but I think that quickly. If you look at her record, I there was no path, but my first term of the first member to get elected to the largest caucus in Congress with that picture by Jim Jordan. With that I was able to leave the house and refilling Obama care and defunding Planned Parenthood the last member to get about budget and I understand, probably most importantly in the God that this is a big spiritual warfare about his political Republicans for years continue to try to take a political approach to fix some of the problem. When I believe it.

I've watched over the years. I believe you concurred the love that you is strictly turn your back for God. The Bible Congressman Mark Walker on the patriot mobile is maker line running for office in North Carolina.

You know it's interesting Congressman going back to before Pres. trump weighed in on your raise, you had a head start there and you are you are really running and gunning to be the picnic.

How is that going now and how do you combat that because that's a tough thing people love trump, but they also love you will.

All go. There are people that are perplexed about when they look at our record big one America first. Just last week go to get the 57 conservative, but it would meant to close in everything the Democrats another $40 billion over see what our country struggling the biggest producer in the number one industry in our state and the diesel gap to the list of all the things that are being what it is confuse people. In fact I was doing interview.

The night that the other way with people assuming that because of our record, we would be Theodore's pick look I'm an everyday guy. I come from modest means. I don't think the dark many group you're willing to go to Washington and call up want what you sometimes just the Republican side, their argument that the Allie drag you all on ramp. You're not part will continue to fight. Whatever the result.

Meanwhile, there are other races across the state and it's just him again.

I think there it seems as though there's something happening within the Republican Party where there's a battle between the establishment rhinos you got the macro world and then you've got whoever is recommending these people that Pres. Trump is endorsing drug observation and there are three different things play out perfectly for you have this conflict. This is the first time never had anybody endorsement in our history impact of the GOP like prickly heat earned because the mind and accomplish much of what he said he wanted to do it is confusing because you get evangelical one You get establishment and another Sometimes you have mega world who are going to promote the ideal of family breakdowns I think are problematic for believers. So it is an interesting time.

How this washes out over the next year will be.

What concerns me. Congressman is Dr. Ross. Are we are we willing to redefine what it means to be a conservative to include someone who was pro-abortion, pro-radical transgender gender reassignment surgery for kids and someone who is pro-gun-control. We cannot rebut the battle.

What you think somebody between Mitt Romney and a conservative Mitt Romney had acquired conservative leading to have Dr. think If you don't get stuck instinctively. What were battling for right now when it comes to a generational education war lost many of our children if we don't understand why this is not something the fact there's no evidence that Dr. like that kind of instinctive conservative warrior we got.

Be careful with what were trying to do last week 200 pastors across the state of North Carolina came forward, even though it's difficult would not have the trump endorsement became thwarted endorsements across the state.

And again, as they say, all eyes on North Carolina and of course Pennsylvania to tomorrow.

What are your what your internals telling you about the primary route we have Mr. but is leading in North Carolina former government built her neck and neck. We believe it a lot of how the unaffiliated. We do have numbers 62 to 64% of the deleted are requesting and pulling the Republican ballot, which is a good, sorry but but but with escort.

Knowing how those are going to break it very difficult to limit more difficult to get all the crime rate in the general election, but I think anything can still happen, but I would be remiss Mr. but ducked out a lead with endorsement and do you want to be the dark many group spending $50 million in the state on his behalf of the judging as well and and here's mine and here's my concern.

We got about 60 seconds to to deal with this one you got Ted bod, who is still trailing him. He was pulling in the single digits before truck came in through his support behind your opponent and he is still trailing McCrory even with trumps and endorsement.

What is that tell you about Mr. but as a candidate man but right now we need warriors, not followers, and even somebody thought this is important even made it may click the right, but more often than not, it's no longer enough in Washington DC you have to be able to grab the bull by the particular weight for to come to you. It will never arrive.

All right Congressman appreciate you coming on the program. Good luck to you look great work. Art Congressman Mark Walker everybody from other great state of North Carolina running about Senate race and this is going to be a very interesting race I will. I like Congressman Bud very surprised that Mark Walker, who was probably one of the most loyal trump supporters on Capitol Hill did not get the nomination or did not get the endorsement and will see how things go tomorrow but clearly Ted bod in the lead there and and I wonder you know again we framed we framed the argument. It does, it does seem as if there are three factions fighting within the Republican Party right now you have the establishment Republicans you have the make America great again conservatives and then you have the trump conservative and it's going to be interesting to see if will be able to coalesce around whoever that the winters are tomorrow. By the way Kathy Barnett said she will not be supporting if she loses she will not support the Republican nominee.

That is an interesting thought. I will say this is something if I lived in Pennsylvania and Dr. Oz was the nominee.

Dr. Oz would not be getting my vote. I don't vote for pro-abortionist but I just don't do it. I don't care who you are what's behind her name. All right, I gotta take a break your folks 844-747-8868 who do you support in Pennsylvania you folks in North Carolina who do you support tomorrow would be talking to Michelle Woodhouse coming up next.

This is the Todd Stern's radio show someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you caused my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen.

Don't take you to to list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy. See full for universities to see Charlie since conservative coming from Todd today. Hope things are well ladies and gentlemen, we've got a lot going on while you folks on hold patio North Carolina Connor in Boston. Hey guys were to get your calls.

I do want to go right now, go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line a few days ago we got word from our friend Congressman Mike Johnson out of Louisiana that a whistleblower has confirmed that the Justice Department did in fact investigate dozens of moms and dads around America. Their only crime raising concerns at their local school board meeting on the patriot mobile newsmaker line is Tiffany Justice from bombs for liberty. Tiffany good to have you with us today so I went to get your reaction. I know you guys have been sort of the tip of the spear when it comes to getting parents engaged in at the school board meetings. What was your reaction to this whistleblower report and family parent. You were out there being targeted. We knew had an impact contacted when environmental and we found out about that. We had turned to merit the committee to make them aware that I'm get extremely concerning the Character Mr. parent in America. Parent you want to have their voice heard at their school board meeting and may not like what's happening school district. And now, as I've said before, and now I'm laughing together for school board and First Amendment protect each Tiffany.

I'm curious about this Bobby that you said was targeted within your group.

What happened to this person. Mom and had a child that had been quarantining 40 80 and you know monster that it is in the beginning, quarantining healthy children can go with criminal healing their education. From there, and found it incredibly hard for parents between her and eating out, and on the evening mean an excellent education to delay our children really progressed during the term covet contacted dinette yelled out that a number of question and and deemed obviously not in any type of threat to her community in America, and we completely have a check and continue to reject the idea. Parent care just after the particular well it will it is and and my concern here is of course are of course are to find that the law did nothing wrong but the point is they want to scare they want to put the fear of the government and all these bombs within your organization that if they speak out.

They too could get out of a telephone call or knock on the door from the FBI right when running your ear making meeting in acute pain in the next minute I calling you on it :-) okay now Deborah fell openly about the issue. I mean I therapeutical board member and I only happening in our local area buckled on what might a way that the group that would that anyone would care and concern about what is happening in a school board meeting. Instead, I deftly think you try to kill each and where and think strongly.

Kellermann greatly another minute on art and we end up right.

The only way to write the check in, and out and down our moms are not willing to do that we had encouraged beginning of it all in a month coming in speaking out and having a quick particleboard meeting we can get it in very bad of what America is able to address and hold your elected leaders accountable and again Tiffany.

We also need to encourage these bombs to reach out to their elected leaders on Capitol Hill.

There's no way were to allow the FBI to be turned instead to some sort of a police state apparatus that's trying to target law-abiding moms and dads were simply looking out for the best interest of their kids in general. When your parents per year. Larry E. 95 children are learning in school and learning lot looking for quarantines? Think we're at the accountability rapidly react every parent in America.

Reach out your elected your elected official better in Washington (noted important to you that you will not allow them and I let the innovation of United States federal government against parent and together to fight the fight for our right to protect the First Amendment rights of any justice is one of the cofounders of moms for liberty and Tiffany. I went to I give you a chance to plug a big event you guys are having a leader this summer in Tampa Florida what's going on very very you and we would like for anyone like a lawyer liberty national Blackfoot in Tampa Florida and unifying towering parent to create the next amazing special gaps from across the country and you very learned and Florida at government elected. We help everyone doing that but think that July all right and that we will post information on our website to support that the joyful warriors national summit. That's moms for liberty.

July 14 through the 17th in Tampa all right will Tiffany, you keep us updated on whatever's happening and with especially with the, the FBI agents. That's just unacceptable and were going to call him out every time we can. Thank you for your help and glad to do it all right.

Tiffany Justice everybody on the patriot mobile newsmaker line.

Can you believe that just you and again like she said one. One minute you're making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the kids, annexing others a knock on the door of the FBI's demanding to know if you got a problem with your local school board.

Unbelievable are 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868. Want to go to Keith and North Carolina. Now Keith, are you the guy you been buying up a lot of the biscuit box. Is that right away.

Hope you don't mind Wilkie final by you could sell up charge to make a few dollars I guess. But that's very generous of you what to give away those box well a lot of friends and relatives them avoid the mark that is but one of them that I feel like it's a good investment. I like how you think these and and how are folks enjoying the biscuit book well about 20 so far about.

Then they were gone.

Like today, about 10 more none down the four or more John and the pastor gave him one and he enjoyed it so much he included one anecdotal story in Sunday's service is not right well is a good day when you could be quoted in a positive way by the preacher thought you'd enjoy hearing that you are at an earlier what people can do around the country. I think that second Chronicles 713 and 14 basically raised her head to God and pray and ask for forgiveness and he will forgive the land well that's there's a lot of truth in that Steve and one of the reasons that I wrote the biscuit book with my dear friend Michelle Cox. By the way, folks, I Keith is talking about our daily biscuit devotions with a drawl, Keith. It's a reminder of the goodness and the kindness of the American people, and especially the Christian community and and I think a lot of that gets lost in the in the daily headlines as we deal with this nasty crime epidemic that's been sweeping across the country and world in which we find a well but my Bible going to happen if we don't write so all we can do right yeah yes sir, you are absolutely right, and the key.

Thank you for for buying the biscuit box and I and I know that people are going to be so grateful and I think there to be encouraged and inspired by those great stories of God bless you sir, thank you for writing a lot. I sure well I'll be sure to let her know that Keith and that God bless you Keith from Maysville, North Carolina, and we would love you to buy 20 copies of the biscuit booked it so it really is a fun read. And if you got a loved one. Maybe somebody that's going to the hospital. They need a good laugh or two.

It's the perfect kind of a book for that are look working to take a break. I want to bring you up to speed on an event were doing down in the along the Gulf Coast.

This is in Theodore, Alabama. I'm I'm going to be speaking at a great church and a great Christian school lighthouse Baptist Academy of that's coming up a little bit later on this summer, but you can get tickets to the scholarship banquet swallow. This is meant to raise money for the school and that we would love for you to be a part of the evening. Go to LDA. That's lighthouse Baptist Academy LB a as in Theodore, Alabama LB a and that you'll have all the information there, especially you folks. That was news in Pascagoula. It's just up a short drive over and we would love to see you were to be doing a big book signing down there is good to be a great great weekend of fellowship down in the in the Gulf Coast area LDA is the website revokes Connor in Boston, Patty and North Carolina.

Hang tight will be right back home on such a screwup walk in closet.

If you have any unfinished basement rooms to me no matter how much you love it more knowing you and your home and aggressive situations like the back of the Johnson radio so good to have you with us today. Let's go to the phones, North Carolina Patty phone hi Patty, what's on your mind. Wonderful. I hope you enjoyed it a lot. Like I am on perjury, no doubt about it because he lied he flat out lied Patty and we got we got the goods on that guy you talk about the election tomorrow.

I'm going about voting for Tom and helped a lot of people will that's a fair point about the Mark Walker certainly didn't turn.

I like him a lot and I think you know I'm talking about timely North Carolina person will wanted to go ahead Mitch because I was only I'm not quite sure, so well, that's a fair point. He takes a lot as I know it's interesting Patty because Mark Meadows son is about the same age as Madison Hawthorne and they happen to be very good friends and and maybe just maybe that's why truck came running and gave and gave Hawthorne the.

The endorsement died.

I don't know if that that would just as mind blowing to me.

I think I like. I probably help right now. Everybody loves a good success story and let's see if you know if Hawthorne will do that but I don't think he is and I think this endorsement by Trump is going to embolden and will see how things go tomorrow and that primary Patty, good hearing from you and the don't be a stranger. And thanks for thanks for listing 844-747-8868 folks at atelier America facing huge challenges, soaring inflation, alarming crime rates.

The crisis at the border goes on and on and on but I got some great news. I want to tell you about an organization that loves America a Mac the Association of mature American citizens. They are Americans. Conservative 50+ organization my friends at eMac are action oriented and they fight every day to represent our interests. I see our interest because I'm in a Mac member so I want you to go to Amax .us/Starnes and you can start receiving amazing benefits journey to get discounts on travel cell phones, restaurants, all while fighting to preserve America and the causes that conservatives care about what folks $16 year. That's all it cost you get to join forces with a Mac and 2.3 million Americans who share your values. I am a proud member of a Mac and you could be 12. All you need to do is go to a Mac .us/Starnes and join today. All right a crazy story out of Wisconsin, three middle school boys are facing an investigation after they referred to a classmate by the wrong pronouns so the kids are and were talking about what 1112-year-old kids. I guess they're being charged with sexual harassment of this is in the keel area school district in Wisconsin. The district filed a title IX complaint against the boys when they refused to call a classmate by a different program and I think the classmate it's you know it's hard to follow these transgender things you don't know what's up or down or if they pee standing up or sit down. You don't know.

Anyway, this particular child wanted to bot be identified by the they them combo platter programs they them Rosemary Rabideau talk to the local Fox station says her son refused to call a little girl they, them, saying it was his constitutional right. So anyway, the boys of lawyered up and looks to me like they got a pretty good case. The school can't. The school can't criminalize pronouns school district says the boys by refusing to properly pronoun their classmate were guilty of bullying and harassment. I don't know about.

Seems to me like the boys are to be given like a bell or a gold star or maybe like a treat in the cafeteria because clearly they have an understanding of basic science and human anatomy and if you're ever in doubt.

It's he and she, not they, or them just want to throw that out there are, let's go to the volunteer Boston Connor on the line, what's going on. I will break agenda regarding electric car. I don't think the government want your love for American American dog person. Yeah, I mean if you want to go out there. You will create a card that you got a plug in your wallet charge up its America have added if there's a market for that to be a very wealthy person. I think by large, there are a lot of issues with large-scale production. First of all, just the basic utility bills are to be facing. Not to mention what happens if the power goes out, and you're not able to relate there a lot of questions about that. I would have but you know again I think that think it's your right out Connor hygienist were late for a break here. I gotta run.

This is the Todd Stern show, as it presents don't do it yourself.

Okay, stay directly and how that is what was going to just how that fits.

This is the language progressive and pay someone to do for us.

Maybe next Protestant hair salon Latin safely bubbling a little with progressive and use the money to do it yourself to respond is about a little sticky situations.

All right, folks will come back to have you at this tomorrow.

Big primaries all over the country, Idaho, Pennsylvania were to be paying very close attention to what sampling in North Carolina Congressman Madison called Thorne and this is a fascinating piece out of the New York Times that there saying there are strong opinions of called Thorne for and against in his congressional district in spite of the horrific reports coming out in videos and photographs want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line of the woman who wants to replace called Thorne and Congress Michelle Woodhouse joins us. Michelle good to have you back with us so that the latest news on Pres. Trump now endorsing Madison says that he deserves a second chance.

What say you voted that Western North Carolina had been caught by multiple or all incredibly appointed and what we thought would be a great member of Congress that wonderful runway and and this is one of the reason we stayed in this rain we had copper and supporters that come over to us and rose every day and what working here on the ground that Congressman Hopper is not earned another chance with the voters of Western North Carolina and we we put that the latest headlines and video and I've been the guy that need sexually inappropriate things that we've all seen and can't un-fee. At this point would put the thing died and look at the work performance. Congressman Conklin had more about any freshman member of Congress. I believe in our country as the country get close three of the four outfit and daddy tonic and dump about that and that they're still open. While we fee codes defined with them closed and empty and we know that Congressman called Thorne is not your present in the district made it to thinking to lead the district to run in Charlotte. In fact, last night at an event in Mecklenburg County in Charlotte at one of their TLP meeting first thing right here in our congressional district where families and Western Carolina are suffering under the failed policy that Joe Biden, Michelle, when you look at the record and and and that's to me seems to be the most important issue.

I mean, I get it that there's a lot of perverted activity that is very well documented and things we can't really even talk about nor do we want to talk about on this radio program, but this guys involved in some pretty pretty awful terrible stuff and it does make you wonder how he can square his behavior with his his beliefs in God because he portrays himself as a devout churchgoing person, when in fact he's doing things to the contrary, absolutely. And that's the question that many people here in my truck Carolina are at really what went wrong and when did it go wrong, but we know that we don't have to year for Madison compound where at his relationship while serving in Congress. We know that anything well over it. Got an ethics violation, a thing multiple at the investigation and what that means. If he were to go back to Washington DC, have no committee assignment, you will not be an effective legislator Clark and the people of Western North Carolina will be the one that Dr. which is why they now that they can been in America for spider and Michelle Woodhouse will get the work done for them in DC open constituent services offices across the track and that's what they're looking for. We need a member of Congress who is going to serve and fight right here and that is what we're doing and that's great.

It would gotten another lien with that I can it at that establishment had spent about 1.5 million kind of guy that beat or a moderate establishment rally public and who would not vote the conservative values of the people? I Michelle of the reporting whole commission by the GOPAC election fund. They found that call Thorne support drop from 49% in March to 38% in April that is still well above the 30% threshold he would need once again to take to to sway those called Thorne supporters to you. Well we really believe our market and write about her that that different makers were talking to voters. Every day we been making calls all day today we been out in the campaign trail for November and we now when people hear the America first message for my day. Now that a contract to go there and get the work done.

Congressman can't learn approval ratings continue to drop. I think I'm whether he'll be able to make that 30% +1 threshold is yet to be seen.

I guess we'll know tomorrow evening site and Congressman Hawthorne would lose their feet. If he were to come out of the primary trait that very very radical liberal coming out of the Asheville area and voters are very wise and discerning here in the mountains. They now that this is not a state Republican feet, the wrong person were to come out of the Republican primary. All right, so Michelle working people know they want to get more information about your campaign, it's a big day for you tomorrow big day thinking that Woodhouse for an absolutely that the great faith and and were we feel so honored to have your endorsement, we got the blessing of our lieutenant governor Mark Broderick then over the weekend and absolutely felt so great about where we are right now the trick here in Western North Carolina is incredibly strong. We need everyone to get out and vote tomorrow. All right.

Well, Michelle. Good luck to you and will be paying very close attention of Michelle Woodhouse running for the GOP nomination in that primary race for Congress. Michelle, thanks a lot now all right there you go. It's this is it's a head scratcher clearly call Thorne has now done a lousy job of the district but is that enough is a trump endorsement enough to for a lousy congressman who is been engaged in. I think it's pretty arguable of perverted behavior. Is that enough for him to win the day. 844-747-8868 I'll know it's it's all crazy. You know if your I just don't get the whole, I just don't get it. I folks. I just don't get it. We've got Madison called Thorne he's the ideal make America great again candidate Dr. Oz pro-abortion, pro-gun-control Dr. Oz is the ideal back a candidate come all, if if this is how were going to be folks were no better off than the Democrats. Let's go to Salem, Oregon Tom listing to us on KY Cayenne radio great affiliate. There are a top. What say you want to call it last. I can hear you and all the that I think Trump should all immediately pulled it endorsement is put in jeopardy all his future endorsement.

This is crazy. I'm not. I'm a diving wall.

Tom you there got choked up know the border all the way you're jeopardizing your reputation and not take a look at it and pull it right, or the like can you put in the whole rest of your organization jeopardy. If you go down this line Tom we were. I got a note from one of our big clusters in Nevada on the Nevada talk radio network and they're dealing with the same issues there that all all these trump supporters like wait a second, why did all of the rhinos Jeff that the trump endorsement, it doesn't make any sense and it just it's confounding people.

It's confusing people and quite frankly, in places like Western North Carolina. It's making it downright angry. Not to mention Pennsylvania that Dr. Oz thing makes no sense whatsoever. Really not up to going there. But what is ridiculous and nuts about Madison specially been affected. If you get crazy.

It is crazy always and I can hear the passion look, I get it it's on a people are invested and the other giving it their all. People donated money, time, effort and energy.

And for something that these endorsements it just it's it's it's really confusing people. Tom got a run.

Appreciate the call 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 your calls coming up next coast-to-coast star presents don't do it yourself okay using a Phillips screwdriver trying to get how that is what was going to just how that fits the something of the language to progressive and pay someone to do for us.

Maybe next Protestant hair fell in Latin safely bubbling a little with progressive and use the money to do it yourself to respond is about a little sticky situations coming up tomorrow we will have coverage in the primaries all over America want the races tomorrow and of course later on in the week on Wednesday will have analysis for you the winners and losers. Hey Todd It is a great leaning place.

Bookmark our website and if you haven't already done so, you should download our free you can do that and we have a link directly on the website. It's free and it's a great way to listen to our program wherever you might be in America are, let's get to the phone zero 844-747-8868 Hunter and Western North Carolina wants to weigh in on Madison called Thorne Ari Hunter what's going on. I think that Hawthorne clicked. I think I think he embarrasses the people of Whatcom, North Carolina, on a daily basis and I hardly get Michelle in their minute ago, Michelle Woodhouse will express my absolute support for her is really you got Michelle Woodhouse Chuck Edwards and Madison called on Chuck Edwards is a rhino, no single person on the ground and so I think the cop was in there an embarrassment to young conservatives that make it harder for other young conservatives run for office. I see you're 19 years old. What was it about what was it about Hawthorne that that really cause you to say you know what yet this is no workforce it was. It was a lot of things I think about it. What in the moment. For me, because I realized early on that he was brought but I think the moment for a lot of people going to abandon the district a large statewide office.

Now that is a fair point Kaufman left the district. This is what I find fascinating about the story Hunter Kaufman left the district running a larger district. He actually asked Michelle Woodhouse to be the nominee. So he said I throw my support behind you, but then he finds that he can't run a video just recently comes back and enters the race again it is I'm it's just all over the place with the sky, think I think that you only out never really out to me is something that putting out their own prosocial is still supporting Hawthorne because we article come out of the week and that I read that the caulking originally when he was first run for office called and said he was not been a vote for Donald Trump and then we get an officer switches rhetoric around whatever source, and best well I think a lot of people are beginning to see Madison called Thorne for what he really is. For who he really is and hopefully voters will make the right choice. I endorsed Michelle Woodhouse in that race.

I think she do a terrific job representing you guys and then we'll see what happens. All right, Hunter, thanks for the call. Don't be a stranger and that we love hearing from all of our great listeners. Let's go to Mooresville, North Carolina Kathleen once to weigh in on that is a big Senate race Ari Kathleen who are you support important one in the region because of the way to geography the better geography if you will, North Carolina violet and thankful and am about halfway between Charlotte and one a candidate for the mayor of Charlotte as well as our governor and we would be stronghold and also catbird with my legislative representative did a wonderful job probably croaked all that, it would be a strong place for Bud to run against the other candidate and I think that's probably why he endorsed could be.

And again I like Mark Walker. I think either of them or to do a fine job, but Walker I think was really devastated because he was anticipating that trump endorsement and really the Ted Bud the switch to Ted Bud literally happened you and you might remember this Kathleen when trump to the big rally and he announced at the rally he was supporting Ted Bud nobody knew that until that very second. Well really I think we got lucky and we had two good choices.

You do a lot to glad you're not in that call for district athletes absolutely love this.

Yeah, we got here. All right, Ari, Kathleen Hagan, there thanks Oliver great listeners of WSI C844 747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 I would say about this church in Florida. This is some freaky stuff going down so there is a United Church of Christ and those folks are barely Christians don't mean to paint with a broad brush. But you know the truth hurts Naples United Church of Christ. They have announced their inaugural youth pride conference and so the church is hosting a drag show for the church youth group and other also providing forbidden queer literature in the church library youth ages 12 to 18 are invited to the all-day events of their in Naples Florida at the United Church of Christ of their going to feed the children our breakfast, lunch, and a free drink show featuring some local drag queens. The conference will also feature several breakout sessions with a variety of speakers from across the state talking about gender dysphoria, inclusive sex education intersects analogy and prejudices within the gay community and forbidden queer literature. I'm not quite sure that they don't exactly explain what forbidden queer literature is maybe all these books are being banned idle a sigh not making this up. The drag show for children have exploded in popularity in recent years River that inscribing this started somewhat innocuously and then everybody and their brothers doing drag shows story time and all these wild moms and dads what their two and three-year-olds to learn how to be drag queens and look that's on you Bob and II don't know. It used to be where you moms and dads. One of their little girls to grow up to be princesses on the little sons to be idle. You just up Cowboys are police officers. But now they want the other four and five-year-olds to put on the the of the pantyhose and high heels and shaker moneymaker in public for a couple bucks. That's a different world. I let's go to Barbara North Carolina Barbara what's on your mind you, I'm well, thank you for asking him okay Cory, it was that I really didn't know who I was going to vote for because I never heard of Todd and unfortunately he didn't do any debate any of the candidates. So anyway the other night I was listening to the sock. They had both can God attend but on N.

Macquarie when I first heard Ted Bud speak I like yeah I like his voice. I like his enthusiasm and passion and then had a break and had A curry I'm living been living in North Carolina for 13 years and, Cory was the governor.

Our governor at one point I thought he he tried, he went down in defeat over this whole transgender bathroom nonsense so your Pap clearly so were not this Barbara but we are the computers going to cut us off of folks. We will continue this discussion tomorrow is been a lot of fun a lot going on. Busy busy new cycle because America will see you tomorrow new galaxies. He flip for all these new taxes might not like he's at the park. I found it in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles for short training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for contract and fits perfectly in my pocket galaxies. He flip for

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