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Why Should I Pay for a College Student’s Fiscal Stupidity?

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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May 19, 2022 3:23 pm

Why Should I Pay for a College Student’s Fiscal Stupidity?

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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May 19, 2022 3:23 pm

Dallas Maverick’s owner Mark Cuban supports the Biden Administration’s plan to forgive student loan debt. Todd Starnes discusses the news of the day with Monica Crowley, Arkansas Senate candidate Jake Bequette, One Million Moms director Monica Cole, Senator Marsha Blackburn, and Chris Stigall!

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Find help for your mom or welcome to the Dodge dart show sponsored by Legacy precious metals. There's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM investments The legacy PM universities. Do you see will write a very across America on lots of information to share with you right out of the gate and the congratulations to our good friend to buy the wood is going to be with us tomorrow on the Friday edition.charge radio program and the Dinesh celebrating this incredible incredible documentary he produced 2000 mules of this is the evidence that demands a verdict and in my personal opinion I think Dinesh is done a terrific job of laying out that there there were shenanigans there was election fraud in 2020 valve of the question is what will law enforcement do about all of this and the. The documentary has really created a firestorm within the conservative community. You know Fox News you won't even talk about it that you're not a lot of talk about 2000 mules on Fox News Channel. As a matter of fact, the only place where address was really able to promote 2000 mules happen to be talk radio know there's been a lot of discussion of the trades people say well radios dead and gone, talk radio, the influence of talk radio is waning and is just talk radio has no power anymore. All contrary, ladies and gentlemen, because thanks to talk radio 2000 mules is the number one the top political documentary of all time. Thanks to talk radio because that that was the only place that it is to get out there and alert people and say hey you need to see this for yourself.

This is the evidence that you need to see. That's that the election was stolen in 2020. So anyway, it's been so successful that we have some exciting news. It turns out that 2000 mules, is going into the theaters. Now this is a big deal because these movie theaters. They don't take just any movie that comes along, but they see the same thing.

We are that that hundreds of thousands of people are watching the documentary and so a 400 theaters have decided were going to show were going to show the. The 2000 mules documentary and if you go to 2000 2000

Click on theaters and you'll see where that movie is where the documentary is of over the next couple of days but but here's here's where I need your help. We need to pack these theaters and the reason why we need to pack these theaters because this 400 theaters if were able to sell out 400 theaters guess what's gonna happen next week.

It could be 800 or 1200 or 3000 theaters around America, the nation needs to see this. More importantly, law enforcement needs to take action and I will say this. If you have seen the documentary and some of the selection fraud was happening in your community in your city and it was documented in Dinesh's film what you need to be doing is calling your local District Attorney's Office. Your local law enforcement with your sheriff, your policing and find out why are they not investigating these allegations because they're out there so anyway 2000 Bring a friend bring a neighbor and and let's pack out these theaters starting tonight. All through the weekend as the Dinesh's movie now goes mainstream. What a phenomenal story and it really is because of you guys. Thanks to all of you folks who listen to to talk radio. So anyway we we got a lot going on today and yesterday. I will revisit something that happened on yesterday's program we were in the final moments of three hours of broadcast excellence and the. The phone rang and we were talking about student loan debt, Mark Koopman, the leader, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks remember JFK back a while. I was born back in those days, but JFK used he wouldn't call it Cuba. He called it Cooper Cooper so I barked Cuba and the owner of the Dallas Mavericks graces looking at me very strangely right now the owner of the Dallas Mavericks came out and said that he supports the Biden administration's plan to forgive student loan debt and says that you American college kids. They deserve a second chance and it's a it's the right thing to do to cancel student loan debt and so the phones started ringing. We asked you the great listers the taxpayers of America are you in a forgiving mood. Do you think that we ought to be forgiving the debt that these kids are compiling so we had a gal called her name was Kate. She sound like a very lovely lady. She's British had taught top of the border into Utah and that she was very kind Kate and she said she took me to task and she says she said that that she believed that American students should be forgiven their debt and she gave a pretty compelling reason why she said that that by and large, these kids are having to pay out the wise zoo for college education and it's a fair point.

She's she made, but the reality is the kids should've known when they signed their name to the bottom line that they are obligated to pay what they owe. Now it seems to me and and again we we were coming up at the very it was literally the final moments of the shows we were unable to have an an ongoing conversation about this, but I think Kate was beginning to come around to it. To my thinking on what college education is all about.

It's an industry as a matter of fact the public education system. In many communities is the largest employer in those communities.

The fact of the matter is, many of those tenured professors do absolutely nothing. And they're getting paid outrageous salaries outrageous and all of you folks out there across the fruited plain you're the ones that are having to foot the bill for all of us and that's one of the reasons why it costs so much money to go to college or university, and I am curious because again the phones lit up.

We had that was one of the few times we've actually left people hanging on hold but we had no more show and and so were to open up the phones this hour of the program to talk about this that Romney, by the way, has joined several Republicans to introduce a bill that would ban the Biden administration from canceling student loan debt. The student loan accountability act would prohibit Biden's education department from taking any action that would cancel or forgive student loan borrowers outstanding balances or even a portion of the balance because one of the Biden plans out there would cancel $10,000 worth of debt. Others wanted up to $50,000 in debt.

Congressman Richard Burton, but rather Senators Richard Byrd Tom Tillis Tim Scott and Bill Cassidy all rhinos by the way, except for jobs got some kind of surprised that this introduce the bill in Congress this week.

The bill is unlikely to become law because the Senate is deadlocked 50-50 time and become a lot it cast the deciding vote. So far, more than 40 million Americans hold more than $1.7 trillion in student loan debt on the Campaign Trl., Biden promised to forgive at least $10,000 per person. So word and have to wait and see how all of this plays out. But the fact of the matter is, when you do the math and we have done the math hero that's on surgery or program. We have an abacus and when you do the math. Nearly $2 trillion. That's how much debt Biden is willing to forgive nearly $2 trillion in your tax money. Ladies and gentlemen, your tax money. So the question is very simple. Should we forgive this student loan debt. One of my favorite calls in the history of this program and it happened back when I was still doing the show at Fox we had a guy call it. He was Lila 24, 25 years old and it was very noisy in the background and I asked the guy where he was calling from.

He said well I'm calling for my school I sorority go to school. He says well I'm training to be a diesel truck mechanic and I'm going to diesel truck mechanic school sobered out in Florida and the guy was telling me that you don't get no interest in going to college that will that wasn't what inspired him. That wasn't what he felt called to do in life. He wanted to be a mechanic you know is fascinating is that kid is probably out of school by now and already earning enough money to put a down payment on a house because he doesn't have this massive student loan debt over, and I suspect there are more stories out there like that young man no going back to the Obama administration what they did to this country. It is we cannot overstate what the Biden of the Obama and the Biden administrations have done to this country because Obama told a generation of American young people that there's something wrong with you if you don't go to college that you are somehow lesser than if you don't go to college, and a lot of people bought into that and they went to college. Many of them flunked out of college.

Many of them are stuck now with tens of thousands of dollars in debt when they could've gone to a community college or they could've gone to a trade school or or maybe just maybe they want to be entrepreneurs and they stepped out and said I don't need a college education undertake a few classes here there but I got to start my own business and a lot of those people were she by Barack Obama and his ministration into going to college and spending money. They did not have. But here's the thing folks we need to start teaching young people in America a very simple thing that when you sign your name on the dotted line. There comes responsibility with you have an obligation, you must meet your obligations in life that is a that is something that they used to teach in schools that something they used to teach and in scouting that something they used to teach around the supper table. Unfortunately a lot of families and a leader of the supper table anymore.

A lot of families well Boy Scouts of gone completely woke. That's why we support groups like prayer life USA because we know their teaching young men to be accountable and to honor their obligations. That's who we are as American people are liquid over the phone line 0 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show you're listening to stories rent since November of last year. The stock market has plummeted, but gold has been all the right gas prices are in sync.

The stock market extremely volatile ablation is even worse than it was last year and now you have a war with Russia and Ukraine that could spread to the rest of the world. But markets do not like instability. You have options. All prices are rising as investors turned to gold for protection gold provides a hedge against inflation and protects against a weakening dollar legacy precious metals is the only company I trust for investing in gold and silver you mean an investment that will protect your wealth and return be proactive while there's still time. Number 2008 those invested in gold saw huge gains, while others lost their retirement legacy. Precious metals can advise you of all of your options for investing in gold and silver. You can speak to an IRA expert legacy, precious metals, 866-528-1903 or download their free investors guided legacy PM all right while in the numbers. Let's go to the hearing. 474-7883 eight Dennis in New York. What's a user not elected that what you want what they want to forgive the mortgages or car loan that you are responsible for and pay it off and I don't think the government should be paying people's death, but that the credit card you know that's a great point that as I remember when I was living in New York City. I wanted to get on the Carnegie deli nor the old Carnegie deli in downtown or is over Midtown New York City $20. I am better at what Buffalo and will love and let me tell you they have a pastrami on rye is like 3 pounds of meat, but it cost like 20 $30. I didn't have enough money at the time when I was living in New York City. What was I going to call the government up and say had my pastrami on rye and it's a great point at a house you pay your mortgage or the bank. They will forgive my house feel good. My by Carl old could go on this it's it's a great point. Sure is a lot of common sense over in western Buffalo. By the way, have you been over is that the anchor bar is that where they do the hot wings yet is that the place to go.

I'm heading up to Buffalo later this summer.

Santa had told Avenue location.

Also, over in Amherst are applied.

I got to go to the original going okay yeah are a good several Dennis appreciate the call by the way anchor bar of that's where the hot wing was a been a great speaker.

So you see, you learn something every single time you listen to the Todd Stern's radio program, something about America. This is what we do here.

All right, let's go to North Carolina Rick on the talk station hey Rick, what's on your mind will leave the previous colored by about what earning money and giving it away. You know it is not there to learn that the credit card and I go back to college and take a load truck and you know it is just ridiculous. The, the free money going out the window and that you and I got paperwork and work got paperwork.

There's no responsibility in America anymore Rick I remember when I got I got my grandpa's El Camino pickup truck when I was 16 years old. But you know what I had to do before I got that gift from my grandparents. I had to go get a job to pay for the insurance and to pay for the gasoline that would that was on me. So until I got that cleared up. I was able to drive that car sobbing.

You got that you had a bleach gives responsibility. The Way of them not Wilbur economically but is it intentional where they actually do what go to the next level giveaway through the one that okay with you later. And that okay will get our whatever this reset ideas all about the digital currency type bank doing away with the American dollar is this all the bigger plant to the distraction for the bigger plan that they want to eliminate debt. Get a good question.

It's a good question raising and I think yes this is a part of that. But more so this is a cultural issue going back to the entitlement generation where everybody wins the trophy.

Nobody loses there are no really no consequences for your actions and unfortunately that has now become that has been mainstreamed that idea. Look at what's happening our public school system.

I remember back in the day when I did something in the classroom and got in trouble just what the teacher was calling my mom was coming to the school not to chew out the teacher but to to go after me.

That's not the way it is anymore.

The teachers are always to blame is not little Johnny is not little Sally. Everybody else is to blame for your problems in life and that is part of the great reset because Rick, the government will come in and say you know what were going to take care of you. Now don't you worry about that student loan don't you worry about your health care. Don't you worry about your pronouns were to take care of all that for you right. I don't agree with it but I will quickly go in. Thank you for you doing what you do. Talk radio before I learned about Starnes. Another concerted radio about Rush Limbaugh. So what you do is basically current works were for conservative news upgrade.

I appreciate well you're trying to say that Rick can we love L Roscoe I'm a I'm a rush baby from back in the day and it's an honor to be able to exist in this timeslot and they just had these great conversations have some fun and the talk about the big issues of the day, Rick. It was a holler back one of these days all right.

We've got Dylan Statesville Patty and Hendersonville Jackson and Iowa folks really get your calls but we gotta take a break here. We gotta pay some of our bills. 844-747-8868 is our telephone number and by the way you talk about free stuff and we do have some free stuff you take a loan here to get our podcast. Our newsletter, these are great resources for you and especially if you're out on the go during the lunch hour and you can't listen to all three hours. You can go back to the sum of the five parts to grab those will be right for you and your gun, something was not right about the 2020 election.

Well, you're right.

And here's the proof you been waiting for Dinesh to Susan's explosive new documentary 2000 mules will see the jaw-dropping evidence of exactly how the will of the biggest American history drawing of meticulous research, election integrity group through the 2000 mules uses both cell phone tracking data and video evidence uncover a massive network of illegal ballot trafficking in all five key swing states, not election fraud to change the outcome of the 2020 election thousands across America attended a nationwide theatrical release. Now you can watch from the comfort of your home.

Any device with a web browser other friends, family and skeptics alike. But don't visit see the movie the president truck calls a real blockbuster go to Salem to watch today that sailor Salem sponsored by Salem media group is saying that America is only will the face of the earth.

You can come here from wherever you want in the world. It is a matter if it's a Third World hellhole. You can come to America you can live the American dream. You can end up owning your own Chick-fil-A franchise. You can be whatever you want to be if and if you want to go to college and you want to major in gender studies with a minor in lesbian literature. You know what, by golly you'll go live your life, your best life because that right is protected by the United States Constitution, but don't expect me or the American taxpayers to foot the bill for your degree in lesbian literature. That's all I'm saying here. Let's go to Patty and Hendersonville North Carolina W HK peak now Patty. I've been to your beautiful town and I know by and large, an overwhelming number of the people and Hendersonville are filled with great common sense.

What say you, every man to have that old-fashioned term that you don't hear very much day-to-day outliving within your main NIE like you said yesterday on your yard shed you kid have a conversation with you children around ahead of time and you should that down and you guys either your bail and teach children how to date a Bag check company never hear anymore. Patty is again common sense is overflowing and Hendersonville, North Carolina.

You're absolutely right.

And in that phrase living within your means, they'll be teaching that in schools. And you're right. I remember back when I was in elementary school. They were teaching kids. Those early concepts of learning how to budget and learning how to you know I remember middle school learning how to fill out a checkbook and making sure that your accounts balanced. I'm not too sure they do that in today's public schools down. I had a teenage granddaughter that cannot go in and I doubt Patty anything about what what is it That Anna and I don't even know what that is anymore. My goodness will Patty, you're doing a great job as a grandma and tell your grand children listen to the Todd serve radio show will do our part to try to fill up with little knowledge and education as well. God bless you Patty and I thanks for listening to us. I want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line. We are honor you know what we need to do guys moving forward whenever Monica Crowley, the Queen of the American podcast genre is on our program. We need to give her like an introductory like idle low trumpet fanfare, Monica Crowley welcomed back to the show.

What I learned that I did not think it might bring you in the shower where breakout room. I enter the last thing I mounting my arrival I love it because I hear you whenever you're over Sebastian Gorka and in subsequent front of the program and that we broadcast a show on KWIC amid Memphis and that he is probably the best when it comes to music and introducing just I mean it's it's that's what he does so organized up our game. That's all I'm trying to psych you do a fine job and I'm honored to join you all, and it's a is an incredible podcast evokes.

It really is one of the fastest growing podcast in America. The Monica Crowley podcast you get it where ever you get your podcast of Monica a lot going on this week especially looking at gas prices all time high. People are scrambling to find baby formula. This is Biden's America, any bully you know that when child turned over the economy on January 20, 2021 Joe Biden handed economic recovery from any kind on record in US history.

Within the space of 24 hours that Biden attempted and began really good destruction of that economy and not economic recovery. On day one.

He killed the Keystone pipeline energy feeds into all aspects of our economy and everything you consume and you go literally from day one began to torpedo this economy that skyrocketing inflation that were all suffering to invite Alcott that literally began the day Joe Biden signed into law the American banking plan nearly $2 trillion a completely unnecessary spending that we could not afford date they hooked into company belief that the economy was well on it 2 feet by time we did not need it. We couldn't afford it. They did it anyway. All the things that we are suffering.

The baby formula shortage to comply chain Christ that the labor crunch inflation gastritis.

It is all rectally and immediately connected to what Joe Biden and the Democrats on Capitol Hill who had total control of the government. It's all directly connected to their catastrophic policy and the really scary thing is they're doing it all on Kirk. It's entirely on purpose and and that's what gets me and I appreciate the fact that ABC and the broadcast networks are starting to cover the story but Monica, it's too late. If you listen to the farmers there warning about the shortages to come and we were there talking now gas regular unleaded $10 a gallon. That is, that is a great possibility were facing some very dangerous times coming up in this country where everything.

Indeed, in fact brought rate area first quarter with negative GDP growth doubt the economy actually shrank by 1.4% during the trunk years made a booming economy because we had common sense, progrowth economic policies in place, but now you've got the economy actually shrinking, and we may in fact be in a recession already.

Todd and if you get to consecutive quarters of negative growth like that you're in a recession.

We may already be there. I don't know will will have to see. But the economy is certainly going to get worse before it gets better and I tweeted yesterday there to inform all that very accurate indicator of the shrinking economy or at least to slow down and it was the Walmart earnings report in the target earnings report that these are stories nationwide on that carried the most basic items and their earnings reports were absolutely grid all and what they put that look remain high by really brief in our pockets or punching it because inflation is still out of control and we don't want to raise Christ there on our customer come in for baby formula and toilet paper and why they're boasting look where were trying really hard not to wait on the consumer because we don't want to get that inflation is eating into our pockets and fell it cost more to stay in business. All of this is a warping of the market. All of its intentional, all by design any kind.

Democrats get into power. They throw the free market into complete disarray because they're trying to run it from command cost care right there.

Try to find it. From Washington DC we know that this is done throughout history that have one command economy all faltered. They've all failed and the only lead to deprivation, misery and poverty and again I you know I go back to I believe it was Jack the Soviet above posted this on his social media feed a few days ago were about nine were nine meals away from anarchy you think about that most people do not have enough food enough supplies in their homes.

The right kinds of supplies to survive these food shortages that the farmers are warning us are coming.

Other already telling folks across Europe to get ready for what's going to happen later this summer. I would want to be anywhere near an American large city, a window supplies run out right now and you know Joe Biden has been talking about that sort of blurt out my theory on that because dementia is correct, it gets work, never get better on Joe Biden actually been briefed on these things and what it planned. Okay including food shortages.he's briefed on the thing and then every once in a while he goes out to the microphone and blurt it out when he is not to blurt it out by referring to food shortages and everything like hot well I think he engraved on what's coming up what's planned and he accidentally says he thinks out loud on any luck with the United States is always been the land of opportunity and the land have plenty. Why, because we've always had a robust capitalist done which reward risk, whether at the Henry Ford or the Wright brothers work or work.

For example, when people think big. Derek did reward on the other side.

If they succeed, they could cut out a course but that the system always produced abundant and it's always produced a range of choice when you go into a drugstore there like 15 brands of toothpaste that you can choose from like 30 different one fluoride you want fluoride.but the free market delivery right now.

Every time you've got to heavy-handed government deriding us closer to socialism or even coming in the pictures that have come out from the Soviet Union over many decades and it all and Teachout why because there's no profit motive why because the government is directing the economy, which again never works. It will be talk about these kinds of things.

Understand that this is all a result of how the Democrats are pushing us away from economic liberty which drives choice and abundant and towards socialism and communism, which is about a command economy, and always predicted mass poverty very well said, and that is exactly where the Biden bus is is heading Monica Crowley on the patriot mobile newsmaker line hose to the Monica Crowley podcast Monica a real quick. I want you to weigh in on Nina Jake Woods, who was I don't know. Maybe she's heading to Broadway. Let's remind our listeners of the vocal stylings of Ms. Janco. It's really Monica I drive I drive yet so the Ministry of truth mothballed for right now. Nina Jake Woods has resigned and it is not by me.

This is great news, but this is far from over yet and you know that woman. What an raving lunatic taxis, the frustrated Broadway chorus girl I got with Dr. wacko on it so much more today and I think that when they realized there they don't want to do this kind of course they wanted to let because she was such a letter that they had to ditch her son because I tweeted and put on trick trick social yesterday only on pods and what they will get no intention of getting what they're going to do with real granddad and then we launch at maybe under a different rubric in a different agency instead of Department of Homeland Security, but they will launch that went under the radar.

We gotta stay vigilant because they've no intention of abandoning that's like yeah well said leave it there. By the way, Monica just followed you on true social and folks will encourage you to head over to true and follow me and Monica and lots of other great conservatives. And of course our great Pres. Donald Trump, Monica, always great having you on the show.

I can't thank you alright Monica Crowley hosted the Monica Crowley podcast we got a link to that of our live show blog. And of course you can find your podcast really right where you get your podcast and yes seriously true check out my little red checkmark there and we would love for you to follow us were growing our audience their own true shows social as well as gather some of these other platforms and we go wherever they let us go, you know that's that's the thing wherever the audience is weak, we go there and that we would love for you to it to join us and I will be following you, as many of you as possible over on truth art. We gotta take a break.

Bill and North Carolina Jackson in Iowa couple of lines open your folks 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show signs radio show. Well, our good friend Michael Dell is back at it again hello everybody I'm Todd start Michael Dell not only created the best hello but now he's created the best towel in the world. That's right, Mike Lindell found the best tile company right here in the USA.

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That's 800-839-8506 use the promo code recently announced that been gone for a couple have been just a little vacation. I got email. Somebody said to Grace do something wrong.

We haven't heard will be here for yeah you know when the very question tell me go stand in the court of alive, but in the corner for three days straight. It's a fair question. By the way.

Last weekend we all went out to the two Overton Park Overton Park yelled beautiful over the shell Bellevue Baptist Church. Their orchestra was doing up Pops concert and they had the these incredible choirs from Cordova high school, I mean those kids sounded like they were ready for the recording studio. Oh yeah they were great but the star of the show was Marlowe always our nation. So many people came up to her that at the dog is very the dog is very friendly yes she does pretty well, except when she sees another dog wants to play with it unlike now. Right now, buddy not known about yet, but she knows she knows when it's time to behave watch the music in the in the little kids come up to her and she's very calm of what was a great guy. He's right. Now let's go to the phones here are Jackson in Iowa Jackson what's going on. Did you hear that the going to be where the beautiful state of Washington state there literally out of gas very literally. I think it couldn't happen to a nicer state really burned out Portland all that they're talking seven dollars right now and $10 by summer that's insane.

There is actually a story in the New York Post about this and we understand that a number of destinations like you dissenter just flat out running out of gas. Why me, what are people going to do well it couldn't happen to nicer people.

After all, I mean there's a lot like me and I'm sure that others get what they asked for. It's true I paid for 49 a gallon here in Memphis. Just the other day Jackson and it just it staggers the mind to think that even here in the in the southern states were paying that much money for gas, that what I we pay here two or 49 unbelieving thing here. I think it's going to be five dollars after Memorial day myself I'm I'm with you on that Jackson and and you you know you and I world enough to know what's going to happen what that's can look like later on the summer I mean were talking prices are to be off the charts for everything at your local grocery store. Here comes a recession. That's it. That's it. Jackson great calls. I want you to keep us updated on that bad, folks. That's really what this shows about were all in this together. But if you haven't started stocking up on dried beans and rice and so those goods you might want to go ahead and do that adjuster has some stuff on hand you never know will get all red beans and rice will get you through a recession, by the way, the village market out there in Washington state they got a big sign of their they're charging right now for 99 a gallon for regular unleaded for 99 a gallon.

They got a love note, there'll be on the board of the village market.

Taco Bell is the only place you can still get gas for about 39 so that our Tyler is there shaking his head yes. So I got a lot to do about the death of Fabrice. Alright you know what were going to have to take a quick break your of your own holding tight really get your calls 844-747-8868 coming up. We got some angry moms Fisher-Price is now launching a series of toys that promote drag queens know I'm not making this up drag queens over and we talked with Monica Cole from the American family Association and will tell you about their new room group all Fisher-Price figurines for toddlers so they want your toddlers to start embracing the drag queen movement. There aren't there you go. 844-747-8868 that's her number. Todd start' that's the website by the way, we got that story up about RuPaul, you read that back America will know someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once.

Much now I think you calls from iPhone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen.

Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy.

See full for universities to really see George.

This is broadcasting border to border crossing the interesting story up at our website. Todd Stern' it involves Fisher-Price you know what I remember when I was little kid. We had the Fisher-Price toys.

I have an airport with you guys remember that the Fisher-Price airport had little jetway that moved out and you handle airplanes and then you have a little toy characters and I love that thing is a kid and that and the barn. They had a Fisher-Price Barnett will open the doors. Do you know it would do Grace Baker, the Fisher-Price barn. When you open the doors. Let me guess, of making animal noises it will lie.

Remember the little likes anything that had the animals on it you would spend it and it would make different animal noises all you know that's I remember that you are so annoying he would pull the string go chicken goes, the cat goes non-binary lesbian. No, I don't know it's you that they had some fun toys back in the day they did Lincoln logs. Oh I love the Lincoln logs say ones at the weevil levels. Although the weevils the weevils sorry but they don't fall down together.

Weevils wobbled a little fat little things that I love those, but they were hard to kind of, you know, integrate into the Fisher-Price Lincoln fit through any of the doorways there they needed those extra seatbelts at the airport exactly to say anyway. I mean, I'm sure audience remembers those are awesome toys well Fisher-Price it's a new day and Fisher-Price has announced a line of products that will encourage children tiny children to embrace drag queens. Now I know I am not making this up to help us figure out what the heck is going on our good friend Monica Cole.

She heads up 1 million bombs over the American family Association bought a God good to have you with us today. Did you have Fisher-Price toys growing up.

Monica and I love them what they their nice family-friendly. I mean nobody was trying to like you to get me to wear a feather boa and stiletto heels as a four-year-old not, or even younger than Hamre you're talking 12 month old and I would imagine 50 toddler and preschool toys young young children were talking about that play with the toys and let's talk about this Monica so word I'll set the stage for you the their little people, toys, and very, very doing a riff on RuPaul who is the man who does the drag queen show on Bravo TV and Fisher-Price is very excited about introducing children to the drag queen movement had had energy a RuPaul figure at three of the little people doll that for children that had an airplane room with any kind is hoping to indoctrinate young children as young as toddler and preschool rate to blur the gender line and to attack children continue this type of drag queen right now Monica when when you first heard about this you start investigating you guys do a terrific job that you look into these things work. What really surprised you were took you by surprise about Fisher-Price or well in that it had to be replicated. RuPaul dressed in a flamboyant evening down quick to make a inky blonde with ending and then had him dressed and requested bailout in bold red and purple and he had head man and grand. I can imagine going on the 22 are well, and how confusing a day, and ask their parents let that commandment to women with any competing to children and of course it has RuPaul written on the on the pot down and just talk it, I can't believe Fisher-Price is trying to groom children, especially young children and just trying to think he think he liked the dry clean lifestyle by glamorizing it and making it look so happy with the coming Jacqueline Delisle out into the little dog all glamorous looking and it had the one in this note right. I just couldn't believe that Fisher-Price did all of 20 companies being that irresponsible and wanting to know my kindred Gloria Monica Cole is with American family Association director 1 million bombs. Monica, this is not the first time this is happened just yesterday we were talking on this program about Disney launching a clothing line that is supporting the, the LGBT movement across all of their platforms for children as young as birth all the way all the way up, so I am curious in a word, some of the things your hearing from your fellow moms out there.

They just want their kids to be able to watch a program and have a good time and not be indoctrinated, and it seems to be harder and harder and harder to find that these days. Thank you. Lincoln gave me had in mom program that is art.

There I came on on Clifford the big red dog to me and to get married. Arthur and get continued and canceled after that. At that Eric that all that you have different 20 companies like McHale had to a line here that way. A mix cannot be a boy or girl close interchange in the hairstyle. Take care dollars where go to therapy. Don't like that at that moment had it had addressed the dog and the tree and conservative parents are trying to teach their children. Obviously that treated the boys are going to grow.

The girl you never thought you'd ever had it come out where it would even be at the lines that genders would be blurred and you could get when everything like, or whatever you want today and we are dead or more in entertainment that often now and that toys are being pushed on children and there was well aware, we are warning parent at 1 million we can get resources we can take action.

Kitchen if you can find it 1 million to Fisher-Price asking not only that they quit predicting this particular figure that every pile that says to continue to fail, not just the stamp of production to just nip it in a bad beat and let it and we don't imagine apology that your doctor will eventually scale at Toy Story three at Walmart or wherever family got a soccer toy he think that were extremely disappointed we mentioned that in the petition to Acer cry and asked that our that they did not know my kindred Gloria and we will not be back Fisher-Price toys for our families or get until they did all right.

Will Monica leave it there 1 million inflows are encouraged to go to another website great resources for young families and it's I got to be incredibly difficult these days to navigate these waters where were clearly society is now trying to indoctrinate and groom children as young as one year old for what ever it's just insane.

Monica really appreciate the of the update and thanks for bringing this to our attention. Unbelievable happening. All right, Monica Cole 1 million bombs part of American family Association. We really like the work they're doing. Did you know the Clifford is that is that your generation a Grace Baker the Arthur yeah for the dog will ever see. I knew about Arthur and I did like Arthur's a kid, but I did know Clifford will woke I was really confused about that, I will.

And what's the guy with the rugby shirt of the soccer shirts.

The green striped shirt went on a hike. I don't know.

It's the Blue's Clues blows glue Steve okay I knew about that one too and I knew Arthur there was like of a gay wedding and they apparently one of the teachers it's been on the show for ever since I can remember a teacher is 20 seasons and apparently you say the stick that in the last minute and then Clifford again. I'm not really sure I was trying to do some research. Maybe something about a lesbian neighbors something unlike only domestic Clifford the big red dog.

Please, you know, we don't judge all right. By the way there's a lot of controversy over on Fox news channel. Speaking of just you can't watch anything these days so earlier this morning. You had all there on Fox and friends all who's the blonde you all of the shows that Fox it's I love it's mandatory to have a blonde on the show this is Ainsley Ehrhardt, Ainsley Ehrhardt was defending the new White House Press Secretary Karen Schall before he went to Korea.

Lucy asked this question of the Press Secretary $5000 a year and so years ago where you have not, to make sure that we lower cost EL.

It is important we see and understand what the American people. His car is going through and that's why we're doing everything that we can't, there's the strategic petroleum reserve. There is the ethanol 15 to make sure that that that the American people are not feeling prudence price hike. This is where this is coming from 60 to 70% of the current price hike that we have seen has come from whose aggression against this is my folder so must be true, she's off to all. I mean I cannot like I don't have to keep that job.

She didn't know anything instinctively was reading things off. I remember I did you sales in college and Lisa say I was doing this in the Savior six objections you read off the board. If anyone objects to the price will have soon know you don't want to do it or you have enough to just sit there and just read off the board about what they said that's what it was like okay prudence price hike. Let me go find that page is present do you have to understand the issues in order to build answer the questions it makes you think you can even use a soundbite for a new story has to be a very nerve-racking job that I was on board well engine Sakae had the same big book of answers and you know is is light years better from day one. Maybe just give her a chance. Maybe in a few weeks will listen is getting better. Are you kidding me this is the White House Press Secretary you come in ready for that job they want. You don't grow into. I never thought I would hear one of the other news babes or dowels or whatever recalling of these days. The lady anchors defending on Fox news of all places, Fox and friends defending Biden's in apt Press Secretary and why is she an apt use was very simple she was not hired for her ability.

She was hired because she happens to be a black lesbian emigrant those were her qualifications and we know that because that's what she announced to the assembled press corps.

Just the other day.

Those were her credentials in the Biden administration. They don't hire people they do not hire people based on ability. So good luck with that and it will give them to Sean Hannity in just a moment front lines of the culture will start as it presents don't do it yourself okay simple enough just to get in there with my screwdriver.

You mind handing me my Scripture, screwdriver, well I'm in your Senate. Weird. But yeah, look mainly to bundle our home and I with progress as we can save and pay someone to install this for so you don't have to pretend you can. I know my way around screwdriver is going to go.

Philippe said Fisher. When bubbling a little with progressive and use the money to do it yourself to respond is about a little sticky situations I Sean Hannity is fighting back, rightfully so, Kathy Barnett is blaming Hannity for her loss in the Pennsylvania Senate. I mean, she had a terrific showing all things considered. There was that last-minute surge. But then all you know what broke loose and you had everybody piling on Kathy Barnett and Hannity was using his 9 o'clock hour to smear her to that and there were videos posted taken out of context heavily edited, as we we ask and we were able to explain through a lot of things on this program, but quite frankly, the Fox News prime time lineup was behaving like they were on MSNBC. So anyway, now Hannity is coming out and says I had nothing to do with that she lost that race on her own that Hannity says I did nothing wrong, cut, number 12, and I will belabor this point third-place finisher Kathy Barnett is now attacking yours truly on Twitter she putting out videos blaming me for her loss. Kathy, my first instinct was to put up all of your incendiary tweets again and there's a ton of them. But I really don't need to defend myself. You're the one that really needs to answer the questions about all of your comments and all of your tweets that are there you can lash out at me all you want and not the first person but everything that we revealed his true prior to the election. We attended reach out to you and your campaign for comment over and over and over again.

You and your team refused to get back to us to give us answers now baby stand by your past comments.

Maybe you don't. But you refuse to answer our questions. In fact, you only responded to be publicly on Twitter and then I tweeted you back and said I would invite you on for a debate the other day before election day, with all the other candidates, 675 stations nationwide. You never got back to me that unfortunately would be on you look I think Kathy Barnett is an enormously talented person with an incredible life story, but she will never get elected to statewide office. In my opinion, unless she is willing and able to answer questions about her past comments conduct rhetoric and tweets. I like Kathy Barnett without addressing those issues. She is unelectable in Pennsylvania and a general election. She lost in 2020.

By 19 points and make no mistake, this is a must when Senate race for Republicans, if in fact they have any hope of taking over the Senate so and you know that may be the case.

Maybe she is unelectable. But for Hannity to come out and say oh my gosh she's attacking yours truly as if he somehow surprised, and Hannity's been out there from day one. Attacking Kathy Barnett but look, I think people now. Maybe they now you see what's happening over at Fox and especially the prime time lineup and I just go back to a couple of weeks back when when Hannity opened up his show with Caitlin Jenner and roof. Use the use the preferred pronouns, the whole 9 yards and that's it's clear to me that the 9 o'clock hour. It has become a culturally liberal show, the politics may be conservative but then again, even with the politics that allow me Sean backing Dr. Oz who was pro-abortion and wants to take away your guns that doesn't sound very conservative to me and I'm just curious is your opinion changed the Fox News over the past couple of days watching all that player 844-747-8868.

That is our telephone number 844-747-8868 this is the top surgery is because their parents are getting older doesn't mean they don't have lots to do. Just need a little help and you will find people who can take them to appointments and events help pick up groceries and cook great meals. Whatever it is they like to do the right caregiver can help. And since everyone it's background checked, you can be confident that you are getting support from someone you can trust find qualified local senior caregivers for your parents and presents a lively and well I want you to hear what George W had to say about all offers. In contrast, Russian elections are rigged political opponents are imprisoned or otherwise eliminated from participating in the electoral process. The result is an absence of checks and balances in Russia and the decision of one man to launch a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq coming of Ukraine correct 75 sorties he he says he 75. That's why he made the mistake. I don't think I don't think he made a mistake. I think you said the client part out loud. Now I want to take you back to that war and I was one of the few and by few. I think I may have been the only one in the conservative talk radio world who was shouting from the rooftops that war in Iraq was a bad bad thing and I was a I was on that island by myself for a very long time. I think now people understand you how bad of an idea that was.

But George W. Bush we went into a country of what was said that he said he said he called Iraq the invasion of Iraq, a brutal, unjustified war, and then he corrected himself and he said he was talking about Ukraine, but the fact of the matter is, the war in Iraq was unjustified.

They never did find those weapons of mass destruction. Saddam Hussein had no role in the 9/11 terrorist attacks and instead of taking care of business in Afghanistan. What happened they picked up the, the Army and they moved everybody to Iraq, giving people democracy who did not want democracy and the biggest walk. I don't mind fighting alongside other people who want to fight for their freedom, but I've got a big problem when they don't want to do the fighting and they does want us to come and do all the work and lose all the treasure and that's what happened in Iraq.

So anyway, there you go. You can call it a faux pas, but that is what it is 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 now there's a big, big controversy in the state of Arkansas Jake. But that is on the ballot, but his name got misspelled and they're not fixing the they're not fixing the misspelling of Jake is on the patriot mobile newsmaker line right now Jake good to have you with us. So what's the what's the problem here what'd they wanted they do that has you riled up typo war really got it all day last week. Early voting started Arkansas last Monday night and shortly after polls open on that Monday morning before the messages from outraged voters in multiple Arkansas counties and a screenshot showing that my name was wrong on the ballot on the jack, so we we spring into action. Colby's County election official, and they knew about God they they knew that they admitted on spot they had known about this week's meeting. Present evidence in court actually follow lawsuits that they knew about this week, not just County election official of the Arkansas Secretary of State and the Arkansas State Board of election commissioners and not try to fix it. Please notify me.

Notify my opponents. Notify the voting public media try to sweep this under the rug and slap me around. I guess what like a typical Arkansas wino, but I will record all lawsuits.

We got results that we got the voting machine actually were unfixable separatists you know what I like in Arkansas. Election officials fix voting machines on the spot national disgrace. Clearly Arkansas political has been lined up. Day one and I improving over the course of this controversy that I'm not going to virtue signal about key issues like less integrity actually care about to move the fight back back or did result in that exactly what happened. Now Jake, there's another big controversy over there a pack which I understand you say is funded by the RSC putting out a flyer and their calling into question your military service that they're saying they're accusing you of making false claims eight and this is from the from the information we have here you and that they're accusing you of embellishing your military service falsely claimed you were an Army Ranger falsely claimed you joined the Army two years before you actually did.

How do you respond to these charges will audit sick and disgusting for the Bozeman swamp cronies smear my military service record. Just mere days before election day.

It is truly unbelievable day. Since this mailer out specifically for veterans in Arkansas just to try to smear me and frankly pretty amazing. The exact same smear that the radical left right you the gift that are Tom cotton last year you were called big coordinated effort to save you lied about being Army Ranger and Ranger school at a Ranger tab developing his record. And last year he went on Fox News but you said so the time about my military service is about my politics is the exact same thing here Bozeman swamp allies DC swamp using the same tactics as the hard left the hard left you to get Tom cotton big IV serving with Walter was Ranger who also serve the hundred or more divisions like I did and were going to take me out to be ridiculous for me are absolutely disgusting it beneath the dignity of the offices that are both old and it just feels like he's an old man who can barely speak cod you doesn't media campaign is incapable of defending his record so he is he is thinking this new low. Trying to smear my military record right before election.

Did you know is on the road. It has allies, no, that is all about politics, I'm conservative America first patriot. They know that Washington is not to be under the control enough to be an establishment pulpit like the Bozeman are doing everything they can up to and including smearing my military service and stolen valor. What was for all the George Can be level. The one who wore the uniform and it is not likely absolute disgusting smear on the patriot mobile newsmaker line Jake Beckett who is running for the U.S. Senate and up a pretty heated race and I know that what Jan Morgan is also in that race. She's calls you the spoiler here.

How do you respond to that will certainly not through Arkansas so if no candidate gets a 50% majority of the primary go through it though be a Bozeman boat and to be an ongoing and I think that by the way that you pulling your independent public polling has adjusted that is going to a runoff between myself and an NSF reality. That's why the Bozeman millions of dollars on default attack ad smears of my military service because you know want know, everyone that if he goes into a Roth between beings that are Bozeman over the next market so they're doing everything they can, including smearing my military service record to prevent that.

So what. Let's talk about that record, I want to make sure that that we we are audience understands what were talking about here. Now this is coming from your website.

You say that you joined the service in 2017 you were commissioned as an infantry lieutenant graduated from US Army Ranger school and were deployed to Iraq with the hundred and first Airborne Division now this ad that's coming out from the and RSC says that you falsely claimed you were an Army Ranger.

Let's tackle that one first thing why the same. Why did use again patriot like Tom cotton and Sean Parnell McCormick and other graduates of US Army Ranger school year and Ranger school on Thursday Ranger school graduation is called a Ranger critically 500 on the end of the range agreed, recognizing that I volunteer as a Ranger unit so it it it absolutely seem to say that you call me Army Ranger. Why that it is absolutely ridiculous smear because the situation is that I'm stolen valor that I'm claiming something that never happened. I graduated Ranger school. I proudly wore the Ranger leader of the hundred and first Airborne Division deployed to Iraq with the hundred and first Airborne Division, and that the left and I guess now the right to use these smears against veteran to try to distort the truth and can create clouds of doubt great patriotic candidate, you were trying to actually serve their country again and want, and this they say that you claim you joined the Army two years before you actually did what settle about. So again birthday. We want our campaign. There was hypo on my campaign website like to work that I joined the Army in 2017 bright good that I do in the Army in 2015 hypo be corrected immediately. Ridiculous distortion because what I was playing with.

In 2015, I was on the claim that I was in the Army in 2015 is preposterous. I've lived my entire adult life in the public eye playing college football notability. Using these things to smear Jake who funded the school funded this nasty attack. So these are all small right donors. They are in our feline donors. Some of the big names in Arkansas worn Stephen Walton family-family all these all the swamp packs to have funded like Bozeman for their entire lives and they know that you you you.

I want that when they call him exactly what they say and you always going to call my friend people I'm always going to represent the people of Arkansas. It might interest alignment in the boat. The line with certain people that don't know I was going to but they know that everyone that is my opponent. I'm going to be independent conservative America for voice and him not to be someone who can hold up as this might most important so that's what it's going to take me out on the other five steps to protect in Arkansas right now.

The running nonstop attack at 33-year-old Army veteran college and pro football player and think that they had the entire swamp spending millions of dollars solely to stop me from runoff give jumbos because I was a runoff US that all right, Jake would have to leave it there will be certain to spell your name correctly on our website and good luck to you and to keep us up to this pretty nasty stuff out there, but be prepared for it because and they will use conservative media come after you to my friend so I'm just again. Watch her back out there on the campaign trail. My goodness. All right, Jake Beckett, ladies and gentlemen running for the U.S. Senate out there that's terrible. And again, a type is a typo but for the NRS eating brother disparage a man who served this country.

I don't get that real quick. Let's go to Conway Arkansas. Scott was listening and that Scott what he what you think about Jake here, you know Me say this is right about the five pack that are out there, but were sick and tired of the rhinos in Arkansas. Okay and levitate Jake.

It is true.

Israel wants to make a change and he'll do it. He said I don't even know Jake that well but I know it study. I study all these and let me tell you he is the real deal and whatever.

And there they will do that will stop talking about work unite worked always been this way and Jake can handle it but I'm okay if it goes to runoff. It will win the will win.

People are sick and tired of the rhinos in Arkansas.

Just like everywhere else will Bozeman Bozeman refuses to come on this radio program and you we have reached out many, many times not to mention another certain person who's running for governor over there and that individual refuses to come on because we've actually again.

There are many candidates running and we have the other candidates on and they took offense to that. Well you know what, I can't speak to that but I do know this. If it is not going to come on your show because he got the answer that the Walton the big, big way. They're the ones that are finding that right he's right and they were sick of it and it's just like any other area. Everybody has a problem, but is the real deal on your show every now and then so but I do. I do my research and he is the real deal Scott.

We got a skedaddle for break. I appreciate that you had your Savior and all the latest pulling out.

This is why they're coming after Jake Bob Beckett, he's pulling at 19% of Bozeman at 45%.

This is back just a couple of days ago. The survey came out this polling data comes out and does so I clearly Bozeman sees Beckett as a threat to his campaign to Morgan by the way, 16.5% in that that Republican primary race. No doubt about it. Bozeman is a is a rhino and so you folks in Arkansas got to figure that out 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 this is the time surgeon radio star's new galaxies. He flip for all these new taxes might not like the best selfies of Oxnard and capture hands-free text from multiple angles capture training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for compact and fit perfectly in my pocket galaxies.

He flip for today because we we got a very resourceful we have a very resourceful audience loves is that we should cook with gas and have a barbecue but will I love that idea we could grill some burgers, but has little barbecue now.

I remember grill out. That's one thing but with all the food shortages coming of people want to be maybe phone to get some food. Some things that you know the average folks could do. You know I mean I will call in with tofu rest below to. I'd rather start potted meat potted meat meal. Potted meat is delicious you yeah should mirror it yet is smear the potted meat on a melting assaulting cracker while bath love potted meat always grossed me out really just potted meat and canned tuna all the chicken of the Sea.

That's how it used to come. It smells really there used to not be such a thing as pouches of the tuna used to come to Kenya and I just don't so much better now not in the way that so anyway, all that to say that maybe if you have a food hack or some ideas like again grace were talking about. I just don't think the average American understands what's about to happen. I don't understand it myself. I'll admit it. And so it might be good for people to know what to do with those big role sacks of rice and dried beans that I do know what to do that. I guess cook it all in food prep and put it in containers and put it in the fridge washday, read beat you see my mom back when I was a kid growing up, but we would have washday and wash and she makes you put on a big pot of red beans and rice, but that cook all day have to get back to that 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8860 food hack will take that route. Folks, this is the surgery because their parents are getting older doesn't mean they don't have lots to do. Just need a little help and you will find people who can take them to appointments and events help pick up groceries and cook great meals.

Whatever it is they like to do the right caregiver can help.

And since everyone it's background checked, you can be confident that you're getting support from someone you can trust find qualified local senior caregivers for your parents and universities. Do you see Charlie since conservative Germans vary from the other day to see not too far from where I and I pull lead and I didn't even bother to look at the price until I glanced over for 49 a gallon and now that's gone up just a couple of days ago. People all over the country been phoning you to this program. Warning us about rising gas prices and their neighborhood seven dollars a gallon in some parts of Oregon and Washington state. But for 49 a gallon.

I text messaged Grace Baker. I'm literally at the pump.

I don't muscles to use the phone at the pump. But I'm texting Grace Baker Gad Sen. Marsha Blackburn on the show.

Yeah it's a bit of a dire circumstance. It is dire and I know Sen. Blackburn was on the patriot mobile newsmaker line. I know Sen. you been all over this and warning people about these dangerous economic policies of this of this unbelievably stupid administration care all committee. We had a secretary or questions pertinent great gin can I say and what are you doing every single day to try to get down like a gallon morning, get on and kept going back to school going to be six dollars a gallon working everything Kelly Keystone pipeline not getting drilling rig naming the lady not allowing Mark not allowing offshore drilling not being energy down we worried that you took your drinking everything you've done. You want to tell me you're working every day to get down the cost of a gallon of Descartes far from the tree.

Sen., I not only are people trying to scrape for gas money. People are going to local message boards trying to find baby formula to children in the Memphis area were hospitalized because they didn't have baby formula and I was listening to an interview did in Nashville and your hearing from a border patrol agent who says they got plenty of baby formula down the border like more formula border guard. We have not worked for best selling baby formulas are completely out of stock and can Think is not quite get on the border cannot find formula and baby turned the light you Morgan you can ever you, Sen. We've got a long way to go before the midterm elections, and even then, once elections are over. January what do you tell people because I don't see this getting any better at all. How do we how do we prepare and protect ourselves for what's about to come down the pike financially this country well what we know that inflation is going to get more knowing that the price of gas going up knowing that because when you talk to farmers and soybeans, cotton crop or farmer. Each party crop because they can't get fertilizer and all free energy is going to drive the cost is something that comes out of college I was that active carbon and you get time to do a shut down off the field. There is no alternative plan. Sen. Marsha Blackburn on the patriot mobile newsmaker line. Sen., you're also raising some concerns about what could be happening. Starting as early as next week if title 42 ends were talking about a massive number of people crossing our border title 42 away what you're going borderline title 42 white, and everything I want border agent that you're going thousand people per day.

You look at 340 content population down on our lack of population. My chemical baby coming across that border every single it's unsustainable and you they have brought in a way at the border, and way border patrol power that out of the way people think surveillance and then the number of got away greater that they know hundred and 50,000 here we 3 million people and the country about population rituals that are coming into the country entered illegally and therefore it is going to be harder for them to learn is going to be more difficult for Dan to get their children go all content are going to be different (Gerard border. It is imperative that we give the border control number one thing to barter for Carl had asked for 30 while I wall a wall built on more attention on the areas where we can build the wall to interrupt you have to break and I wanted to get this question and I were talking six months, but between now and the election.

That is a lot of there's a lot of dumpster fires that can break out between now and then and I'm wondering if there any colleagues on the other side of the aisle who recognize the severity of the economic calamity that is befalling the event the average American people are doing fine wine that you are ignoring their kind are not are not very find the information before they are trying to tell our true are all in our file.

They want me to believe that economic art I work with on greatly to the American people so far not well they need to come stand in the self checkout line over the Kroger in Germantown and they become your full old grocery shopping with me. All right. Sen. appreciate the great insight. Thanks for fighting for the American people up on Capitol Hill. I write Sen. Marsha Blackburn everybody I would love to see that happen.

Just get pile you know what just go ahead pile all the Democrats into the Buick. Come on down. We don't even go to the good. The Kroger will go to the superlow and it will show me exactly how much people are having to spend to buy groceries.

It is absolutely insane and you just think about this. We have six months between now and the election and then you gotta wait until January before the Republicans can step in and take take control and take charge and try to start undoing some of these economic policies but Marsha Blackburn is absolutely right. There are literally telling you that what's happening is not really happening to you there's there's been a photograph going around on social media grace on all of you seen this, but it's from. It looks like it's from the 1940s or 50s and it's some it's something it's all old school that something that they would give you at the drugstore called your babies formula. See back in the day you would make your own formula okay you never heard of and they have this and there it looks like there's this cute little baby picnic looks like me back when I was I was laughing and laughing.

To do this is what from the 1940s.

Well yes, but I was bored of the 1960s the high 60s but I was an attractive baby I was you, or you on the cover of like a Gerber's commercial but but locally here in Memphis I was a baby bottle. Yes, I need proof know I will. I look good but anyway you got the oldest in the quarter. So the so anyway that the form is so photograph and so I actually kept theirs from years ago when they shared for all the pain and they said you for moms and dads. If you're looking for a holy baby formula. Here it is, and it's got Bob pet evaporated milk. That's a brand not actual pet milk have water and 2 tablespoons of Carol, which is a syrup and it gives you instructions on how to make your own baby for wool there you go.

Dave slapped a warning label on this on Facebook. Oh no, this is you can even get help with your baby formula there telling you this is like bad for your health or something. Generations of American babies were raised on this kindest this what were dealing with 844-747-8868.

By the way, were also taking your food tax.

So if you've got recommendations what people need to do to start preparing canning is a big thing.

Whatever. Give us a call 844-747-8868 this is the Todd search backup and*will know someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full fork which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you caused my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy full for RA. Welcome back to the radio so good to have you with the phone zero 844-747-8868 Darrell and states will North Carolina WS I see the great radio station there. I understand you have some recommendations for people that it might be scrounging for food. The coming days we will my grandfather's great great catch rabbit trap little flower on some salt, pepper, brown gravy stuff like we were born in the late 50's and early 60's that we we butchered our own pigs and curator own amps and raised 23 acres of vegetables and candid, freeze it with fish and the beach and brought back cooler school of fish in recent years ago, grandpa Starnes. He loved fishing.

He was a big he loved Doug Bass property, you name it and he would back in the old days Darrell before the plastic milk jugs Riverview said the big paper milk cartons to remember those glass Trials. Well, We Had Well Back in Memphis Back in the Day We Had These Big the Milk. What You Can Get the Bill Could Big Huge Paper Containers.

Grandpa Would Use Those He'd Wash Them out and He Would Store the Fish He'd He Played the Fish and He Put Them in the Freezer and the Freezer Was Just Packed so We Always Had Fresh Fish Course Catfish, You Name It, but That Was Good Eaten Back of the Day We Made Our Own. We Called It Lord the Court into a Container. Let It Cool off about Very Little Crisco Used Are All Well Yeah I Made A Lot Of People Just Made Stuff at Home. I Me. There Was There Was Not A Lot Of Prepackaged Stuff. I Remember That Even Growing up in the Early 1970s, but I Love about Squirrel Darrell I'm Just Telling You How I Very Much Keep Going until You Get Better Well. All Right. Well That's Good to Know but You Taken Taken Us down Memory Lane. Darrell Thanks for the Call There, Let's Go to Ron in Hendersonville North Carolina W HK Pay the Great Radio Station There. I Don't Ron Doing Well. What's Going on.

Well, I Just Ran a Couple Interesting Thing like San Diego and She Said They Showed a Picture Her Local News Warehouse Full of Baby Formula Is Not Right.

So What Are They Doing with the Formula Then There Giving It to the People down There. The People on the Border Needed. I See so Illegal Aliens. I Would Imagine Coming across the Borders.

That Is That What What You're Saying Absolutely. That's Disgusting. They Showed It on the on the News out There so Is Not Something That She Just Didn't Know about It, but It Is Something That They Actually Showed Then This Morning We Went to out the Breakfast Were Talking to a Person Who Was the Manager over at the Cracker Barrel and You Have To Make a Bank Deposit. One Day the Brinks Truck Was out There and She Said Hey Queen Shortage Got a Couple of Queens Were Allowed to Give Them to Present Right What He Thinks What Is Going on Here on What You Getting I Think They're Trying to Create a Feeling of Fear in This Country That in Order to Run Out Of Gas Got According Shortage You Can't Get Baby Formula for Disappearing off the Shelves. I Saw Part of the Campaign Just to Make It Interesting Thought Ron Could Be.

I Mean, I Know the Gas Shortages Are Real. We Know That for Fact yet That Stuff Because of the Policies, but Those Are the Policies Right Things Are No Controlled Yeah It's a Good Point Ron Appreciate the Call Real Quick.

Let's Go to Ernie, the Talk Station. Ernie, You Got about 60 Seconds Okay Well I Don't Think That Any Conspiracy Theory about Lack of Baby Formula. What I Do Know I Was Born at the End of World War II. My Mother Was a Registered Nurse, but She Could Not Nurse Me Because He Was so Busy with Emergency Cases and My Brother and I Used Four Years Longer Were Raised on Condensed Milk Caro Syrup.

I Guess Water and Whatever Else the Diluted and Again Launched Almost 7070s Four Years Younger and We Did Just Fine so It's Not the Emergency That They're Making It out to Be. We Just Have To Show People What They Now Call These Life for These Food Acts in Our Ernie. That Seems to Be the Exact Recipe That's Being Labeled As Fake Views on Social Media, but to Your Point Ernie Sounds like He's Doing Pretty Good Guys in the 70s Back to Do Some about 600. I Gotta Take a Break Your Folks 844-747-8868 That's Her Toll-Free Number. Hey, Head over to the Website and Sign up for the Newsletter and Download Our Podcast Are to Love and I Promise We'll Know Someone Who's Not Working No Chill Trust Me That Used To Be Me, but Then I Found Galaxy Full Fork Which Allows Me to Do More Things at Once. Much Now I Think You Caused My Phone and Use It to Take Notes at the Same Time or Check My Shopping List While Ordering More Scented Candles and Facemasks on the Foldable Expansive Screen.

Don't Take Your to Do List One Line at a Time Multitasks He Can Relax, Click the Banner to Get Your Galaxy. See Full for the Radio Show That Every Primary Race in Pennsylvania. What a Mess. What a Mess Want to Go to One of the Great Radio Host from the Answer. A Great Salem Colleague Chris Stegall over in Philadelphia.

Chris Good to Have You Back with Those Wow What a Mess yet.I Just Want One Time I Had Something Fun to Talk about but I Haven't Found It Felt Good to Be Here Anyway. All Right, so What Are You Guys Hearing and and What's the Latest from This Race over the You from Tuesday to Close the Call Obviously in Pennsylvania.

If You Are 1/2 Percentage Point or Less.

Victor, You Have 25.5% or Less of the .5% or Less. One by Butchering How to Say This.I'm Sorry for the You If You're Winning by Less Than a Full Percentage Have To Present or Less. You Have To Have an Instant Recount Automatic Statewide Recount. The Problem of Course Is We Have Always Outstanding Male about God and That's a Fairly New Development since 2019 for Pennsylvania. The Introduction of Mass Mailing Ballot Has Largely Been for Benefits That the Democrats and Then Democrats Are Taking a Graduate but Yard Looking Both Strictly so We Go around 20,000 Mailing Ballot Counting but Probably Not Good Amount to Much.

So This Razor Thin Margin between McCormick and Oz Won't Really Change a Whole Lot about 1200 Boats That Separates Them and Going Automatic Statewide Recount Were Still Looking at 10 Days to Two Weeks You Talk to before We Know Who Wins and Chris Pres. Trump Is Saying He's Hinting That There's Been Voter Fraud and That Dr. Oz Should Go Ahead and Claim Victory. How Do You Think That Would Go over and There Were Reports of Voter Fraud. No, No, Not the Republican Primary. I Can Imagine a Scenario Where All of His Election to Been Well Certified J Surveilled by Both Parties. There Been There Was a Printing Error in Lancaster County, for Instance, 3000 Ballots Printed and Then I Had the Commission on to Lancaster Is One of My Show. I Asked Him What's Going on. Why Did Happen Because Were Dealing with Massive Volumes of Mail and Boat Request That Something Would Never Done before. Used To Be You Know That in the Old Days You If You Were Out Of the Country Out Of State Busy Traveling Whatever You Want to Ballot You Requested That You Go to, but That Was A Few Hundred, Maybe Tops Now with the Advent of Mail-In Voting in Pennsylvania Tens of Thousands, and As Such You Get Counties That Are Renting Tens of Thousands Ballot. Sometimes They Get This Predator Screwed up and so This You Know in a Close Election When You Gotta Go Back and Count Tons and Tons of Mail-In Boat after Election Day. That's Why Were in the Mess We're in Today.

Chris Kathy Barnett Is Furious at Sean Hannity. She's Blaming Him for Her Performance. Quite Frankly, I Think She Did Pretty Darn Well All Things Considered of It Hannity Now Is Saying at Last on the Show Was I Didn't Do Anything Wrong. Disappointing to Put It Mildly, and I Got Cut off on This Morning in a Way I've Never Done before.

John's a Colleague. I Have No Personal Grudge against Shawna Don't Know Sean Well below That of a Couple of Times. I've Never Seen Sean Behave This Way Ever. I've Never Seen Him Turn His Television Show into Something so Personal against One Rate a Minute National Show. To My Knowledge He of Millions of People to Watch Them over the Country. I Is a Programming Decision. I Think It Strange Minute a and Florida or Tennessee or Alabama. I Don't Know What You Make of Watching Sean Rita Woman Who Came in Third in a Primary in Pennsylvania Last Night but He Did. It Seems Very Personal to Him. For Some Reason I'm Still Kind of Trying to Assess the Psychologist Alive, but It's Undeniable.

Very Personal.

I Decided to Go after This Woman Who You Know If She Had a Questionable Castle. But It's Kind of in the Tank Thing That He Did for All over the Top in the Tank and Cross Admonishing Pennsylvania Voters Who Didn't Choose or or Chose Kathy Instead. It Was Basically 1/3 the Third and the Third Main Unit That the Commonwealth Was Broken up in the Senate Boat.

Three Different People and I Just Don't Think Appropriate. We Certainly Didn't on My Show Try to Admonish Pennsylvania Voters and Listeners Because They Choose a Different Candidate. Maybe You'd Support or like Your Friend. You Know You Respect That I'm Disappointed in John Yes It's It Was Just All and I'm with You, like I've Never Seen Him Do This and and Go to This to This Level I Get Dr. Oz Is He Sent. He's Stands against Everything That the America First Movement Stands for, Especially on the Culture Side That's That's What Really Got Me and Is a Staunch Pro-Lifer Myself, I Just Have Big Problems with That Eight Claims.Show Three Times in Point-Blank Culture about the Transition. You Have Asked Him about Abortion Has Been Radically Whatever the Tapes Are Said or Whatever the Shows of Implied Were Not to Misunderstand It Was Anything but Vehemently Pro-Life against Transgender Biological Males Are Competing against Females in Sports. You Think That Something He Says He Doesn't Support It or Fight against It. He Says He's Pro-Second Amendment and Pro-Gun, and He's Been Saying All the Right Things He Would Use Anything Less Than a Conservative Mega American I Just Let You Make That Decision Pretty Well and Clearly, the Overwhelming Number of Voters in the Republican Primary Disagreed Only When You Put Barnett's Numbers and with the Comics and I and You Do Wonder Who Would've Ultimately Benefited If If Barnett Had Not Been in the Race.

I Tend to Think It Looks like I Talked with the McCormick People Last Night. It Looks like Those Who Were Deciding Early As You Know When People Start Mailing in Their Boats. That's a Good Time Capsule Boat so That Maybe Voted As Early As a Month Ago or More and That's a Far Different Scenario If You Were Voting Back Then You Would've Thought They Were Really Only Two People in the Race. McCormick Kathy Barnett Didn't Really Come on Strong into the Last Couple Weeks the Closing Few Weeks. I'm Not Even Month so If You Voted Well before That. You Didn't Even Know Who Kathy Barnett Was Fairly so If You Take Kathy Barnett Out Of This Altogether. The McCormick People Feel and I Think Correctly. They Feel That They Had the Edge over Odds Date They like Their Odds with the Mail-In Boat. The Question Is What I Have Enough I Don't Think so.

So It Did. Now Were Getting down to 1200 Boats Separate Guys McCormick I I Don't McCormick Combine Them or Not They Still Feel Optimistic, They Can but I'm Not Sure While If This Causes the Guy to You Is When That Seat in the Fall Yes Oh Yes and Tonight I Will Say You Know Cynically Just Purely Political Economy, I Get It from Pres. Crum's Perspective. I Understand Why This Is an Interesting Pick Trump Likes Show Business. Trump Likes High Ratings Cute and I Don't Think You and the Computer Conspiracy Theory Says I Mean Curating That His Familiarity People Know Him and Oz Was Very Clear with Me. I Don't Think It's Inaccurate Say He Can Walk in the Places in Suburban and Urban Philadelphia and Pittsburgh and People Say Hey You're the Guy from TV That Matters. And so, from a Purely Cynical Play.

The Celebrity of Dr. Oz May Well Be All He Needs to Get over the Hump and Beat a Guy like Fetterman and Maybe Donald Trump in 2024 Who Might Run against Pres. Pennsylvania and He's Calculating Oz. Fascinating. Alright, so Still Too Close to Call. You Think We May Be Still about a Week or so Away from from Knowing Who One Is. That Way I Don't Think Enough Votes to Make This Not Going to an Instant Recount That .5% or Less Is What Separates Them and I'm Hoping to Find Enough for Either One of Them to Keep Going and Will Recount Alright. Good Stuff Chris Took Always Appreciate the Great until a Host of the Krista Call so We Got Links to Chris's Page As Well As All of the Social Media Platforms.

Chris Appreciate It Been Too Long Because It Has an IQ Part We Will We Will Alright Thanks Chris. Great Guy Right There and Want to Mess. What a Mess in That State. Alright Folks, since November of Last Year. The Stock Market Has Dropped like a Rock. It's in a Freefall Gold Though Has Been on the Rise. Look at What's Happening. The Stock Market, Volatile Inflation Worse over What since 40 Years, Gas Prices and Same the Markets Do Not like Instability. But the Good News Is You Have Options. That's Why I Want to Tell You about My Friends over at like to See Precious Metals. The Only Company I Trust for Investing in Gold and Silver. You Need an Investment That Will Protect Your Wealth and for Your Chart and Your Retirement and That's Why You Need to Call Precious Legacy Precious Metals Today. You Can Speak to an IRA Expert Legacy, Precious Metals, 866-528-1903. That's 866-528-1903. You Can Also Download Their Free Investors Guide Legacy PM That's Legacy PM Coast-To-Coast Historians Made the Switch to Patriot Mobile Is Not What Are You Waiting for Come on America Patriot Mobile. America's Only Christian Conservative Wireless Carrier and Has Some Great Deals Just for Blisters of the Concert Radio Program That Make It Super Easy Go to Patriot That's Patriot or You Can Call Them at 972. Patriot Johnny Is My Promo Code Todd When You Do There to Give You a Special Discount along with Free Premier Activation Got Is a Promo Code. Todd Alright Time for Us to Investigate Crime News across the Prudent Plan Keeping You up to Crimes Sweeping Trust Is the Story in the Middle of the Supplies Please Say See Rule and Several Witnesses in the Process Knowing Police Said the Incident Happened Made to Quote the Defecation Was Significant Enough That Eight Lids Were Destroyed.

He Thinks She Is the Brunette Wings of the Blonde Wig Probably Had Hornell Chili That'll Do It Right There.

Police Said the Incident Was Captured on Video Surveillance, but Quote for the Good of You All. We Are Not Posting the Footage of the Offending Piccolo Salt. I'm Not Surprised That's a Very Good Thing They Call Her the Police. Very Clever Call Her a Pooper Traitor All My Gosh, I Think That's That's Very, That's Really Clarifying Why Moving along from Florida. A Circumcision Gone Wrong. You Know, I Can Say without Due Process As a Whole Another Discussion of 28-year-old Florida Man Was Arrested.

This Is from the Smoking Gun Was Arrested for Allegedly Battering His All His Ex-Boyfriend during a Predawn Confrontation about Man Parts Jobs Report That Kyle Perez, Who Shares a Home with a St. Petersburg Man Woke up and Confronted the Victim for Not Having Compassion about His Desire for Being Uncircumcised As a Producer Guy. Let's Try Answer Kyle Thank You for That. I'm Not Going Any Further. That Story Because It's Family-Friendly. I Haven't Had like to Sit There All A Lot Of Those Today. I Was like Oh We Cannot Remotely Talk about This All Right Next Story. Speaking of Pooping a Florida Woman Was Arrested. Apparently, She Retrieved a Bucket of Tea from Her Bathroom.

She Was Angry That a Neighbor's Chicken Had Been Pooping on the Back Patio. This Is a Revenge, yet the Revenge Was Retrieving a Bucket of P and Then Doused the Chickens Owner with the, the, P. So a Couple of Questions Here. First, Why Did She Have a Bucket of P Did You Disco like That in the Bathroom Meant You Must Drink A Lot Of Water That Day. She Reminds Me the She Had a Bad It Was a Bad Mug Shot This One and She She Reminds Me of a Male Professional Wrestler from Back in the 1980s When Feathered with the Feathered Hair Right down the Middle. So Anyway She Was Very Upset That the Chicken Was Using the Bathroom on the Patio, Which Is Why She Went inside, Got the Bucket of P and through the P on the Owner of the Chicken Will Ease Police Said That the Victim Was Wet and Smelled of Urine. That's According to the Official Police. Lovely. There You Go.

All Right, Next Story. The First Rule of False Name Club Is You Do Not Claim to Be Tyler Durden. For Those of You Who Are Familiar with the Movie Fight Club Never Seen so That I a Guy Was Arrested for Drugs and He Told Police His Name Was Tyler Durden and You Know, John Doe, or Whatever He Admitted Later to Giving a False Nice Because He Didn't Know I Was Being Arrested so Sorry That My Next Story Good Well Good Well before Grace Baker Sure You Go Get the Cheap T-Shirts of the Closing I Found Some Good Teachers.

I Got There to Donate A Lot in Liberty Township, Ohio. They Found an Unusual Donation at the Local Goodwill Store. Police Were Called to the Goodwill on Belmont Avenue a God Was Found in a Donation Bin Don't Think You Can Donate Those Don't Think so, but Police Said the Gun Board. No, Make, Model or Serial Number, so You Know It Was Used like Some Bob That's Terrible.

Maybe That Was Maybe's Connected to That with Durden Fella from Fight Club Could Be Good. Be All Right. Well, There You Go.

Next Story A Lot Of Weird Stuff Happening down in Florida, Key Largo, Grace Baker, Do You Have a Bucket List List Europe That's on My Bucket Well That's What Trying to Say If You Do, Be Prepared. They Don't Drink Ice over There Okay I like to Drink Water with No Ice.

What's Wrong with You Because They Stepped into the Ice Trays at Home, and I Hated It. So Now I Just Don't Have Ice As I Traumatized That Make Sense Actually to Work. Actually, That Makes It You Know, Caleb Parker, Managing Editor, He's from Ohio and I Remember the First Time We Took Him to a Cracker Barrel and He Ordered Iced Tea with Sweetie without the Ice and the Woman. The Waitress Looked at Him like What's Wrong with You. Fair Enough and and I Didn't Have To.

She Didn't Have To Express What's Wrong with You. I Just Looked at Her and and Saw the Expression I Said He's from up North. Those of You Then People a Little More Lenient Than a 19-year-old South Florida Woman Who Fled Law Enforcement in the Florida Keys Told Police That Getting Arrested Was on Her Bucket List.

So Gina Douglas and Her Middle Name Is Shay Miracle All Right Is That like a Ron Hello You Know Orange Jell-O Envelope Miracle Whip Gina Douglas from Homestead, Florida Charged with Fleeing and Eluding the Sheriff's Office. She Was Driving a Toyota Sedan.

She Was Speeding, Driving Recklessly and so They Turned on the Rent They Turn on the Blue Lights and Other You Go They Arrested. She Was Very Excited. She Said That She Had Always Wanted to Get Arrested and Have Been on Her Bucket List since High School.

Well, I Mean, That's Only to Do It. Just Speed the Brightly over All Right. Finally, in a Busy Crime Segment Today a McDonald's and Wendy's Customer Has Filed a Federal Lawsuit. She Claims the Fast Food Chains Are Falsely Advertising the Size of Their Meat Patties and Sandwich Toppings. You Know I I like to Sign on to This Letter on the Commercially Insured Does, Especially at McDonald's Riddles like They Just Throw Stuff into the and Wrap It up and Shove It out the Window and Maybe Squish It Stomp on It A Few Times and Then Throw It like a Frisbee. That's Right. Meanwhile, If You're at the Chick-Fil-A There like Delicately Preparing the Check in Place, Even in a Little Allies. The Particular America What I Say I like All the Lawsuit.

Hey Folks, Get out There. Have a Great Day All over. This Is Someone Who's Not Working No Chill Trust Me That Used To Be Me, but Then I Found Galaxy Full for Which Allows Me to Do More Things at Once.

Much Now You Close My Phone and Use It to Take Notes at the Same Time or Check My Shopping List While Ordering More Scented Candles and Facemasks on the Foldable Expansive Screen. Don't Take Your to Do List One Line at a Time Multitasks He Can Relax, Click the Banner to Get Your Galaxy. See Full for

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