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Remembering our Heroes on Memorial Day

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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May 31, 2022 12:51 pm

Remembering our Heroes on Memorial Day

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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May 31, 2022 12:51 pm

Monica Crowley, Brad Dacus, and Sen. Bill Hagerty join the conversation!

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We all know someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found out it's easy for Fort which allows me to do more things at once.

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There's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM investments… The legacy PM investments.job liberty University studio in Memphis Tennessee Charlie since conservative commentary from our I'm telling you is everybody is off their rockers say over the gun grab it happening across America and we got a lot of vote to hold and work were about to go right. The phone I want you to understand this about the second member of the reason why the second moment is so important and some people say will Todd if it was all board wise with the First Amendment. While the reason why is that the.

The Second Amendment protects all the other amendments without the Second Amendment there to come in and take whatever they want from us and that's one of the reasons why this great big beautiful huge country has never been invaded. The reason why is because they know that just about every American citizen is loaded for bear and they know how to use those guns, and by and large, the overwhelming number of gun owners in America are law-abiding, decent people and yesterday I have these bad actors out there doing horrible, horrible, heinous things, and I can't imagine anything more awful than what happened down in Texas just a few days ago, but the reality is, it is a matter how many laws are on the book that young man that 18-year-old was going to do what he was going to do. There were no laws, no laws on the books. No proposed laws that were to stop this guy from doing what he did all that to say you got Chuck Schumer now who is up there on Capitol Hill and that we we have this audio. This is Sen. Chuck Schumer just a few moments ago on that from the U.S. Senate. No mental bloodshed seems to be enough for mega Republicans. What what is that mean you had Joe Biden a little while ago saying that all you you all of you people out there who own an AR 15. The only reason you own an AR 15 is because you want to go kill somebody.

This is off the charts insane rhetoric that's going to get somebody hurt.

That's what concerns me here, but if you look at who has gods by and large, most Americans own guns to protect themselves. That's the reason why because it takes a long time for the police to get to you. That's not it. That's not a slap at the cops, not a slap at 911.

It's a reality of the situation you got somebody busted down your dork is going to take the cops a little while to get there and you want to be able protect your wife and your or your husband you want to be able to protect your kids and your grandkids. That's what it's all about our let's go to the phone zero 844-747-8868 Georgia Hartwell Bob is on the line.

All right, Bob. What say you all know more and interesting is illegal and in this gold little gun rights only and have a special child. AR 50 weight you want children you want to arm the children Hartwell, Bob, of course, one time I come to the room and I got a good night nobody at least some to discourage the babel seven in the ship's yes but you do what you want 1st to 2nd graders showed up at school with guns, not without a couple hours training okay Bob Bob come on come on Bob. You're serious, you're telling me Hartwell Bob listing to us on W. Do you and youth your wanting to your recommending that they actually build little gun racks and schools so the first-graders can bring their guns to campus. Now don't tell them 16 have the load of a regular kick to bear your bank about your pulling my legs are Hartwell Bob about what I've always fired them in the military didn't seem to have a kick. All right, Hartwell Bob, thanks for calling in.

Okay, first of all to just see it now when kids still so what else is rollup for rollup in their life.

That's what would happen.

It also reminds you of a Christmas story read like this is a whole lot worse than a BB gun highly Hartwell.

Bob was born her like I don't think you you don't think so you you you determine that he was good enough to come by on the radio, print yes my lie detector was is pretty sharp and I don't think he was trying to pull my leg so you think he was actually serious.

I think he was a cousin I think. By and large, all of us agree that it is not a terrible idea laughing because it's absurd because, unlike like I we we can talk about arming teachers who are adults, but I thank you, Grace.

Let's go to Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Ruth off the line Ruth. What say you well going on 1999 on a large scale, and yet lawmakers are schoolboard appellee have not been contained.

I can except that my doubt how motivated are they American and who make a lot yet, but you can call if they're knocking to protect that child very I want my child my grandchild. He can't do that.

You have no business like a curriculum pilot who know any rate, you know, in a crime. If you have knowledge of the potential crime and crime take quite nothing about it.

That's what all the work she held account. It shouldn't take quite a parent and grandparent. I do like her, not taking care of it.

Ruth look at what happened to go back to parking Florida. A lot of people don't want to remember this parking Florida that that was completely preventable. But was Obama care education policies that That kid in the classroom and at that school.

This could have been prevented. All of that and there are people out there advocating. They want to take away the guns they don't want to arm the teachers. They don't have armed security guards.

They don't have schools or security at all, and they're basically saying okay here you go, have your way with the kids every every chick take back the power to demonstrate over and over again and capable of doing the competition and to secure the border and take care of any state, either loudly job either in my opinion, that incompetent your credit note allowed them to continue in that role I like your idea. I like your idea Ruth and we got a hold the school boards accountable here.

I mix clearly the investigations in the early stages and working to get to the bottom of all of this, but if if in fact the police allow that guy to stay in that classroom for 40 minutes. It was shoot-apparel, then somebody's got a paper that they got a paper I don't care got Up I mean you have to be ugly. You have to be breaking the law Shirley country every publicly got smart lawyers in this country. They could start advising parents and get power back.

It's a great thought Ruth appreciate the call. Good hearing from you.

Let's go to Conway Arkansas. Scott has something he wants to say to Hartwell Bob, what you I am so. Oh my God. I believe it. I don't want to be me, but that is breaking his heart will Bob like a little triangle.

Is he trying to play with assess what I'm trying to figure out what he can't serious.

I'm sorry I had to stop and stop driving anyway. They got an art are spelled a lot. You don't getting it.

You will not get in there's cameras. And you got, you know they say okay you can come in they know you are. I don't understand all this money we spend of these other countries in the money on security for your school in the country that would stop the more education, more money spent on this. I think we can. We could probably nip this the terrible, horrible dollars are building all these brand-new schools and their coming up there going up all over the place about got a couple here in Memphis or are they building these schools. With these security procedures in place are they doing that and if not, what the heck is wrong with these people. I don't know but I don't stay at Texas Texas. You would think that every school would be a lot to think so. I don't know anyway that Hartwell Bob. It was funny I had to call Scott give us a call back. One of these days. What a horrible bombs. A little tiny racks with the children.

That's nuts. I gotta take a break here 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 this is the Don Stearns well I don't have to tell you, folks, America is facing challenges, soaring inflation, alarming crime rates. The worsening crisis of our southern border and radical ideas being forced on our children. Folks, it's time to join forces with an organization that loves America a dissociation of mature American citizens is America's conservative 50+ organization by friends at Amax are action oriented and fight every day to represent your interest on Capitol Hill with the Amax advocacy to so join today that .us/start start receiving amazing benefits like this counsel travel cell phones and restaurants, all while writing to serve America as a causes that conservatives care about $16 a year you could join forces with a back and 2.3 million Americans who share your values.

I'm a proud member of a map that you can be what Amax .us/Starnes join or renew today North Carolina on very well military veterans living a better life. Dave is on the line and Dave I understand that your Marine Marine veteran and welcome to the show. I'm retired Dave iPod.

I tell you why a pause there because I introduce a buddy once is a retired Marine and I got all these calls like Marines never retire. That's what they told me well from active duty for us. You know the old saying is once Marine, always Marine. That's and that's true there's no such thing as Marine except for those who have been dishonorably discharged and show and a lot of people believe you know it's an oath of enlistment. It was not well last a lifetime for us so I may not be on active duty. But I'm as much a Marine at heart is all. And here's the thing. Here's the call to civic duty is part of. So after the Parkland shooting and I told Don Trout this last night on the Jim Bohannon show because I just got so fed up I had to call back and when I was up for Greg some years back during Parkland. I called and I told Jim that night. I said, you know, here's the thing I would stop what I'm doing right now and would volunteer. I know a lot of people in law enforcement a lot of other non-active duty military people who would volunteer and we can get you know, we can coordinate your state and county and everybody else to come up with regulations and standards and training programs and everything else we can provide our own equipment. We consider in our vehicles and if nothing else we could provide surveillance even if we just do half-day shifts or whatever. But here's the thing. It's not a problem or solution and work.

There's people across where we get moms and dads and uncles and everybody and we can get trained groups.

If somebody if somebody had been sitting outside in her vehicle.

Just watching yesterday. She sees a guy coming across a fence with a weapon on 911 call at that moment and they said that the guys were already in pursuit of this guy is updated information. Right now the thing is, if we go through a network of people and the call starts to get relayed to different people know you got other reactionary forces who are in play, you can get more responders their quick work because you're going through. You know you got multiple information releases going up so here's what gets me we've got all the and they don't want to stone guns. How many times do we hear about representatives.

After spending 100,000 thousand $400,000 a year in taxpayer money for private security for them and it's always the same, but but they don't want to spend anything on schools always the same thing when we have a school shooting shows big drama last you know about how many times there's this have to happen once till it happens once once is too many. That's how many times Mr. Biden don't you understand that and it's happened more than once Joe Biden, here's all these other actors up there all these people who pretend to be upset to: Greg Murphy, the congressman in the third District. He's posting my representative who I would be the first in line and I would start impeachment get Greg Murphy today is your day. Get up there, pal start impeachment because nobody in the Biden administration protected these children. Nobody will protect the children. I hear them say take the guns. I have not heard one person say stop the world.

Everything we've got to protect kids. We gotta protect children starting right now nobody saying that it's that's that's what gotta be done. Oh well, here you use the attacks on these families is a reason to to take away second amendment rights. Are you me as an active, this was springing out and people like that will work everybody out all the showmanship that's going on.

People lost their children get a grip on what's really going on, let's get a grip on what the problem is were not protecting children. Now here's something a lot of people don't find this outrageous, so buckle up as we go. This is coming from the administration who cannot murder children who are still in the womb gun really is a child. It wasn't yet. It's a great point Teresa I and and you're right.

The focus has been getting John's not how we protect the kids and and you're right day we got a skedaddle closed will break your God bless you and thanks for that.

For that insight and I will say this. You humans in Fort Bragg, by the way this is coming from ABC News Fort Bragg is one of a number of military bases that are going to be renamed so they're getting rid of any any military bases was named after anyone connected to the Confederacy.

Their names are to be scrubbed to Fort Bragg will soon be known as Fort Liberty that will be the new name of Fort Bragg in North Carolina.

There are there are other military bases that are also going to be renamed Fort Hood Fort Rucker Fort Polk Fort Benning. By the way Fort Benning is going to be renamed Fort Gordon in Georgia of Fort Hill and Fort Lee and Fort picked it in Virginia. So, by the way, Fort Gordon, you guys are to be named after former Pres. Eisenhower, who was of course the great general. So that'll be for Eisenhower and you folks and at Fort Hood. Your military installation is going to be renamed after Richard campesinos who is the first Latino to reach the rank of four-star general and in the Army.

Also there to be naming military bases. After a number of first in the African-American community as well.

So there you go. That's that information coming exclusively from ABC News that got some inside scoop on that blue panel or blue ribbon panel are gotta take a break your folks 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Starnes radios. There is no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the Biden's economic policies hi this is Todd Starnes and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds, and traditional market you are vulnerable. Gold is one of the best ways to protect your retirement no matter what happens you own your goal. It's real physical always been valuable since the dawn of time. Legacy precious is the company I investing in gold. They can help you hold your retirement account with Goldbach IRA still own the physical goal also ship precious metal safely and securely to your house.

You know $1 million worth of gold can actually fit inside a shoebox called legacy at 866-528-1903 or visit the online legacy PM legacy PM welcome back. Good to have you with us today. Todd website and people are very upset about this NRA convention in Houston on people say, well, you gotta cancel it. We should be having the NRA we should be having the NRA convention and now you got people say well we got a bit so now apparently firearms are actually banned during president from speeds and people are making about that mountain of of controversy out of that and they got a couple of lawmakers are Crenshaw and also Conyers, who are recorded rather who are knocking to be in attendance. As you can look attend don't attend.

I mean, I don't see what the issue here is our eight 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 was go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line of from the great state of Tennessee Sen. Bill Haggerty joins a senator good to have you on the program today. I am Sen. I want to play some audio for you on this just happened. Moments ago up on Capitol Hill. Sen. Chuck Schumer had this to say, no amount of bloodshed seems to be enough for macro publicans. How do you respond to stuff like that is. This is just appalling what the Democrats are doing it completely beyond the pale. Everything time to mourn politics with people like it's just it's terrible and and I'm I'm with you. I mean, there has not been a time for anybody to grieve the poor moms and dads still even know what their kids are alive and you got all these people from Pres. Biden on down trying to to stage political and score political points here right America by the reflected whole numbers. What you got it.

Basically a political hack bouncing around going from press release to press release and are not running the country.

They are just trying to score political points everyday in the public is fed up with inflation is running rampant know you got a quite happening right now in Ukraine we basically funded because the bodies were on energy that is raised prices around the world went on the web.

That is, in turn using war machine you got the crisis in Afghanistan which is in bold and everyone is buying over and over in Asia. Just earlier this week statement you know having to walk back is really really walkable approached almost everything that they do. Sen., let's talk about some of those big issues, not the least of which is inflation. People are suffering not just in Tennessee but all over America. How concerned are you that we could even see those food shortages that they're predicting come summertime and what a great thing to behold incompetent when you look at what happened with the baby formula situation. The fact that I Get on that location.

It was allowed to occur.

There I think there's a big problem. We can get there. There's a lot of wheat there can be a lot of audit countries are to be starving around what we can get that out of a lot of fun to do. The next part. So we got rookie you got the power head of USAID in exchange I had with her, but the morning talk shows may be a good thing. All the fertilizer for the fourth former organic farming methods like manure and compost. I asked her she knew Dr. Thomas Malthus was hearing for me. She didn't seem to buy reminder when I was present at my face after high school I did study conducted, not what is one of the original run out of food because the population is growing, and he assumed that there would be any improvement in well they underestimated the innovation in American agriculture. Modern fertilizer is one of the people will starve or we go back to Goldbach because meals are high enough that people in Syria were not thinking that not being here is not the possibility they should and the results of the catastrophic event. Wake up. I was thinking about being in Germantown, Tennessee filling up my car. Just a few days ago for 49 a gallon for regular unleaded and I'm reminded of Joe Biden telling America that this is all about it. This painful transition so I I hope that that incredible incredible runnable transition.

I'm not positive that you could go to electric vehicles which are even available yet vehicle who rely upon China with her battery and other countries for the lithium cobalt make those batteries up peacemaking again dependent on other nation that terrible for national security think about the whole solar panel to make and it's just unbelievable and not to not to mention that we don't even have the infrastructure necessary to accommodate all of these green new deal policies exactly right God, we don't have the infrastructure in place to take some time and I was talking with the CEO pilot oil. They are the largest purveyor of diesel fuel in America and they said that there's a real state. If you think about taking 40 minutes to go up and look at the cars there a lot of things that have to be thought through very carefully before we go out thank you policies right up there killing off the possibilities "people toward vehicles that we don't have that capital on the patriot mobile newsmaker line is Sen. Bill Haggerty, from the great state of Tennessee Sen. you also signed on you eat a letter concerning the proposed acquisition of Forbes by an entity linked to the communist Chinese party. This is insane. The Chinese art is running roughshod over the entire country.

It is amazing and we've got to have our eyes open.

We gotta be on the lookout at every turn. I'm sure that this is not what Americans want the kind is already proven what they do when they control the media and the propaganda and we need to be very careful to happen here. It already concerns me about the biased media here, but are you affiliated entity controlling one of the major media.

Well said.

Well said Sen. have to leave it there. We appreciate the great work you're doing and I keeping a close eye on what China is up to.

I thank you again all right.

Sen. Bill Haggerty everybody on the patriot mobile newsmaker line 844-747-8868. That is our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 folks if you made the switch to patriot mobile.

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Todd your to get a special discount and free premier activation that's patriot if you are looking for my fellow you will not find it in the big box stores and the reason why it's pretty awful my fellows being canceled by the canceled culture Bob. That's why Michael Odell wants to sell directly to you and that comes with some great savings to get the lowest price of the history of my fellow for their classic standard normally 6998 now only 1998 with the Bobo costar my fellow does more than just fellows have over 150 product where the slippers even an open my\\use the promo code or call 800-544-8939\start or call one 800-5939 promo code start. What is the deal here. Grace transgender Barbie things itself, so the new limited edition Barbie doll. Okay it's kinda like a normal Barbie doll. You could tell the arms are slightly more would lift the dresser fire. You know, I would like to not only wonder what they put under their I was thinking that I didn't want to say it. Basically they put a Barbie head on a Kindle is basically what they did right sickly. Are you added features, accessories, yeah will call it that good golly I think you yes we are. Let's go to Bill and states will North Carolina wants to weigh in on the military, renaming all of these bases hey Bill, what's up you doing Virginia court. Being a child knew all about the war or lever during one year retired: the date of the doubt remained backing pre-World War I buildout will one along with the bases in the north as a way basically at 50 years after the great conflict there of basically assuaging the doubt and was a cop and it was a consideration actually put people in the seven generals were named in without faith in general remain for the northern date and at that. I did it.

If you look at the current composition of the forces that will never see when you had to unite the rainbow division. They had 70 National Guard units and individually had North American gardening and oh by the way other National Guard units you have their origins in Civil War unit on their battle scream or the gray colors overtop of the blue and vice versa for the throwing history again out the window just to be look okay our bill and and it doesn't matter what the facts are this matter with the truth is it doesn't matter that that that we are one of the few countries to reunite after a civil war. How did that happen and a lot of it is based on reconciliation and that was built was you just eloquently described.

That was one of the ways to reconcile to bring people together but bill it.

It greatly concerns me. You know that that were were not just forgetting our history where returning that history trouble and one thing about Virginia. The renaming of courtly let's not forget the Lee family was very common in that state and light horse Harry Lee Robert Ely's father was a hero of the Revolutionary war and wanted to keep the name claimant courtly and put all the leave name on their historical mention it's fair that we that we know what this is all about and they're doing it here in Memphis Tennessee for goodness sakes there digging they literally dug up the body of Confederate Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest because he was buried in what became a public park, and I mean if you're to be digging up bodies. You know it's anything goes. Bill appreciate the history lesson and the and it's a shame you know, I wrote a book culture. She hawed how to stop a letter from telling a nation and it it explains what's going on in this nation.

I would encourage you to get yourself a copy of it and educate yourself about about what's happening here.

Let's go to Statesville, North Carolina Ron WS IC wants to weigh in on electric cars want to make a quick call man you know you could give everybody the electric car and you could make although charging station very readily available, but if you did away with fossil fuels. You couldn't charge though that is that this is this is absolutely true Ron I don't know, maybe if you did away with fossil fuels. You could name charge you rent your battery in your file.

I don't understand what were these people are coming and I'll say well you were going to use wind energy.

Okay have you seen what happened to the wind turbines during the blizzards in the snowstorms when they froze solid or the tornadoes that come through the heartland and rip him apart.

It's it's it's not work.

We we do not have the infrastructure in place to do what they want us to do maybe 5% of the people could charge her with me about about the maximum that the hold your color your way and can run one of the funniest things I have ever seen in my life in New York City.

They were trying to get people to stop driving so they raise the tolls to cross the bridges into New York City and is an astronomical amount of money so they wanted people to ride the subway. That was the more I lower their minds. That was the more environmentally friendly thing to do, but they also they also put out these bicycle racks. So if you if you paid by credit card, you could rent a bicycle and there were thousands of these things all over the city. Ron do you know that not a single person wrote those bicycles. Every time I would walk by a bicycle rack.

They were they were still there so yeah but somebody told about. Oh yeah big time big money somebody's brother-in-law or uncle. Our father told the boxer Karen that's all it is all about. You got that right. All right. Ron, thanks for the call. I never did understand that that's you about people, mainly because it's too dangerous to ride a bicycle in New York City have to ride in traffic with the cars and those taxes will blow you down our eight 844-747-8868 let's go to Bob in Morehead city, North Carolina hey Bob, what's on your mind and body going by and then indirectly sponsor more dead Americans than all over 100,000 have died from illegal drug is allowed to bathe this country by his open borders in support of the drug cartel and resulted in the death of 13 troops in a botched withdrawal from Afghanistan killed our economy and it is by anti-American executive orders go by and the Democrats are the party of supported by black lives matter and Planned Parenthood and all their releasing early in the prisons by the liberal mayors and governors body and Obama and Biden was previously the most lawless administration by over and turn this country into the United Socialist Marxist and killed killing all about freedom. I can is the most dangerous weapon in the United States about a damn thing away from yeah I hear you Bob. I mean, what he is done on this border and the amount of drugs that's been allowed to flow across the border and and the impact that his hand and in our nation and especially in the urban centers but keep in mind Bob. They want that chaos. The Democrats thrive on chaos and and that's why they haven't secure the border.

They want the cities to be in turmoil and and there have their way. Bob appreciate the call got a run, this item are just down from the White House. Pres. Biden is going to be meeting with a Grammy non-nominated musical group from Korea.

The group is a tabletop phenomenon I not gotten into the cave pop. I don't understand the attraction to kapok, but there's a very popular group called BTS and it stands were beyond the scene anyways.

Is it a boy band is basically at the cave.

Pop is basically a board and that's only way Pres. Biden's inviting the band to come to the White House to talk about Asian American hate crimes and to figure out ways that he can promote diversity and inclusion within the Asian American community.

So there you go. I I'd hesitate to ask this question, but I feel as if I must. Does Biden is Biden were what kapok really is the bite.

Biden understands that is not corn pop right that this is a different that this is something different right okay well we we hope so they'll be entertaining our folks, we gotta get outta here, Tim VanHorn and the anchor chair tomorrow to be a lot of fun. This is the time Sarge radios someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I you because my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list about ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy. See full for universities to see his little torch hello everybody radios and we are trying our hands wrapped around in our heads, wraparound crazy stories is developing data where they're putting their having a hard time putting together a timeline of exactly what went down. But here is what we can tell you that the gunmen had about 40 minutes to bow down the people that were in that classroom that fourth-grade classroom. Now we do know that a couple of police officers ran in to the school and is an and here's the here's the timeline, as we know it. That two police officers ran and Amber quickly shot by the gunmen and at that point the gunmen barricaded himself inside. Inside the fourth-grade classroom. According to police officials of the government enter the classroom barricaded himself inside for about 40 to 60 minutes. All of the 21 people killed and 17 injured were inside those classrooms at this point they don't know if the classroom doors were locked or not, or how the government was able to access the school. A school resource officer was on the scene and was armed but it was unclear if that officer actually fired his weapon. What he did in response to the suspects entry to city police officers followed behind the gunmen into the school and both were shot. There are also confirmed reports now from law enforcement that police officers did run into the school.

Other police officers ran into the school not to stop the gunmen but to get their own kids. Now I'm just curious here and this is a sticky little situation but if you are police officer.

Let's say you're at a crime scene to find out you got family members that are at the crime scene.

What is your first responsibility do you do you going get your kids or do you do you stop the shooter. The attack that conversation will be had in the coming days.

What makes it even more disturbing. There is video of police officers holding parents at bay. You can hear the gunfire of the parents are begging the police to go in and save their kids got to the point where the police had to threaten to tase the parents so imagine the situation you got moms and dads that were not afforded the same rights as a police officer said the police officers were going in and they were trying to save their own kids. But these moms and dads were not allowed to do the same. Does that seem right to you.

So again when when you step back here and look at what's happening in Texas. It's very clear to me that a lot of stuff went wrong a lot of stuff went wrong at that school. And let's hope we get to the bottom of the problem is were probably not going to get to the bottom of it because everybody is focused on getting the guns. Our telephone number 844-747-8868. That is our toll-free telephone number 844-747-8868 we've got stories and video up on our website. Todd and it should really check that out.

Pres. Barack Hussein Obama could not resist so he decided to equate the death of George Floyd to what's happening down in Texas now keep in mind you had 21 people shot and killed and in Pres. Obama's mind. He was saying. Don't forget the anniversary of George Floyd so he's he's trying to explain to you that what happened to George. Floyd is more important to the nation notes what's happening in Texas right now that that's what Obama is trying to set Obama road as we grieve the children of you Veda today. We should take time to recognize that two years have passed since the murder of George Floyd of the knee of a police officer. Yes, George Floyd, a man who was clearly the police broke the law and they're paying the price for that, but George Floyd was not some sort of a saint. As a matter fact George Floyd was under the influence of drugs allegedly at the time of his death. Obama goes on to say is killing stays with us all to this day, especially those who loved him. I have no doubt about that.

But what is Obama want to see what all of the people down in Texas to take a moment and stop what they're doing. Does he want all the moms in the dads the grieving parents to stop and say a quiet prayer in the name of George Floyd. Is that what Obama is suggesting that we do here should should grieving moms and dads really care one iota about about George Floyd and for that matter what is George Floyd have to do with what's happening down in in Texas right now, Barack Hussein Obama never let a crisis go to waste. That's that. And there is no uniter in chief. There is no comforter in chief. It's all about the vision that's all these people know how to do is divide divide divide our let's go to Hendersonville, North Carolina Stephen online WHKPR great affiliate there Stephen what's going on you I'm good thank you for asking. I wanted to agree with your comment in visual police officers sometimes don't have their correct priorities.

Well, I don't. I mean I know what the book says, but you have your thinking as a parent and you show up at the scene and you realize only way to second my kids and their you know what you do as a police officer while your possibility is along to get the situation under control regardless of whether you have an individual family member in the school are not Stephen, are you in law enforcement. Do you have law enforcement in your family. I do not are well look, I appreciate the call and I thank you for listening. I would like to hear from police officers because this is going to turn ugly. If if the communications director, the spokesperson for the Texas Department of Public Safety is in fact accurate with how all of that went down there are gonna be a lot of angry angry moms and dads there because they were not afforded the same right to try and save their kids and I got say they got a pretty darn good argument.

A pretty darn good point art.

We had to take a break here 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stearns galaxy flip for all these new taxes might not like I just did in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles capture training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip are compact and fit perfectly galaxy flip for is a retired George W. D. Went to station there Frank. Good to have you with us today Frank are doing well. Really curious to get your take on the latest developments coming out of Texas so my comment but the fact I don't have all on the timeline and why certain police officers entered some didn't. Dr. Nolan, in general, though, my training, we made entry just as soon as we arrived at the same you didn't wait, you win in as far as allowing parents to go into the school. Can you imagine the chaos, especially about the parents also got shot and killed. No doubt about that frame. You certainly understand their position where they don't they don't see the police and now the reports coming from the Texas criminal Public Safety that they actually did have comps in that building, but the cops were there to save their own kids and not thinkers.

Well, certainly there number one priority and not listen.

If you have a child.

I can understand their mindset. But their main purpose for making entry is to take the shooter out if I spent a lot of time looking for their their own. Note the school. The size of the typical elementary schools in Georgia that they're fairly big and you can spend a lot of time looking for your own kid when you could have the time spent on taking out the shooter and do you know I don't disagree with the parents understand their feelings but if you allowed parents to make entry and they got shot with the conversation now would be a line the world that the police allow about unarmed care and now they're dead and anybody anybody in their right mind thinks of the parish that is been allowed to run in but their argument is somebody should have, and I think that's an argument that were going to have to have a conversation on in the coming days. Frank got a run.

Thank you for the insight. I want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line. She is the host of the fastest growing podcast in America, Monica Crowley, Monica. Good to have you with us today and you know Monica this this guy Frank was just on a retired police officer and and you were trying to make sense of what the officials are telling us from Texas that that guy. The gunman was allowed to be barricaded inside that classroom for at least 4040 minutes a lot of questions about the reaction of the response down there. Yeah I know, I think there are more questions now. We operated under a social contract and the social contract a lot of different direction. But when it comes to law-enforcement and read that they are sworn to social contract assumption is that if you are in a place of danger during the difficult, perhaps even life threatening situation that law-enforcement will put themselves on the line and you or to rescue you.

The assumption that we all operate on and the criminals know that you write that. That's what makes the entire work and what we are hearing it again. Were still waiting because to be fleshed out and confirmed that it is true that goes to a direct breakdown on that social agreement with law enforcement and the injury and what makes society even able to function and not defendant PKI. Let's see what comes out of that, but it is true you know we've got some real work country still hang together as a functioning. Five. I think that's a fair point and meanwhile you got the federal government, which is not being helpful at all, Joe Biden, and Monica, I gotta tell you the first few seconds of his remarks than the night of the shooting were moving and then he turned on the switch and went you know full bear on, we gotta get the guns we gotta get the guns you know the murder of children singular evil and when you singular evil people in leadership positions ought to live for the moment, especially the president of the United States, any president break a lot of different But one of the to be the comforter in chief.

When something like this happened on this kind of gal on most. Okay then take a moment to unite the country in grief to uplift the country in a dark moment and communicate by bringing together all of that this president did not have that you referred to the first couple of mad about couple of minutes with okay go down to responsible and thoughtful. Brodeur what he did but for his daughter. Remember, he lost a daughter that car exit which I think is what he was trying to convey.

I understand what this pain is like no know that but but but then just to just to declare war on most of the population. That's right got a big problem was absolutely twofold, one every every remark like that he sent it upon himself and his own experience and why keep doing it, but we know the story already and I'm sorry for him all the American people. Okay… Given that it remark that transcended politics and united the country in grief, launching that left-wing problem hires them all. Left-wing talking points about guns and gun control just completely growth in inappropriate but you know what Juliet is a hot pack and can't, you know you can be when you're in the United States because you're one of the hundred and you can hide behind the other 99 but when you back when you are president and the nations either turning to you that kind of the moment. You just hear often dumb like that.

I inappropriate and a grotesque display of partisanship. Monica Crowley on the patriot mobile newsmaker line and Monica on the other side you've got Barack Hussein Obama now telling all these grieving parents what they ought to be doing is taking a moment to hello pray for Floyd. That's just insane. Well, I tweeted about that yesterday I retreated Obama on this and all I could do are great disgraceful display any American coming from Obama to be the great uniter and healer of Rachel Rachel division division even further.

George Floyd died that way I'm not in the in the situation. Anything helps to account George Floyd was a career criminal tripping on what out to compare that to the water. 19 innocent children is just beyond the pale. But it shows you they are left will never miss an opportunity to exploit any kind Christ to advance their left-wing agenda. Well said real quick.

Monica what's coming up on the podcast. I love thinking drafting the moniker Callicott along if you don't already I'm doing it three days a week Monday Wednesday Friday and it just been dynamite go to whatever platform wherever you get your podcast, Apple, Google modify picture I downloaded.

I get it free. Once you prescribe it will automatically come to and you know tomorrow you get a bite away and everybody said what I did an interview with Naomi while was incredibly brilliant and brave on all of the threat to human freedom climate coming from the global creditor like the world economics on the peak is a tremendous interview. Please describe my contact list and yesterday shout with Naomi while I'm inclined to talk about shooting and broader issues here because you know I can't. This is not a crank that the policy of the stall and I'm getting get into that mom the podcasts love it.

All right, Monica Crowley, folks. We got a link to her podcast on the live show blog Monica, thanks for a couple of the Saturday I would might think you are a Monica Crowley everybody and if you have not downloaded the podcast, you really should.

She was an absolutely terrific job again Monica Crowley podcast. You can find the link over on our website coming up. Our good friend Brad take us from Pacific Justice Institute is going to be here little bit later on Sen. Bill Haggerty, and apparently there's a big national lifeguard shortage one of the kids doing nobody's going to work.

I mean come on, will tell you more about that are coming up as well 844-747-8868. That is our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 will be right back. Someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you caused my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen.

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You can speak to an IRA expert. Right now, that legacy, precious metals, 866-528-1903.

That's 866-528-1903, or you can download their free investors are you want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line honored to have with us Brad take is the founder of Pacific Justice Institute Brad hope you're doing well today. Oh yeah, Brad. You guys have been at the forefront of fighting for religious freedom all over America now and really I think there has been an effort to remove God out of the public marketplace which I contend has led to a lot of the turmoil and the chaos of the evil that that we see in our society right now I want you to weigh in on yet. The last two years of a court shutting down churches while allowing the liquor stores open was the classic blatant demonstration of bias and bigotry against the house of worship and people of faith hurting people of faith in the workplace like I've never seen ever in US history. It very greeted the court. Both of those we've had a lot of by getting at the cream court injunction against the state of California ordering churches to be opened up have major victories with regard to employers like Amtrak can help ordering them to read to rehire the people of the required simply because of their faith and conviction about a mandate.

We deftly have. Pack now. It is also becoming very apparent that schools and I think old Christian school.

Our ardent are not used to be an protective measures definitely need to be taken what what do you recommend I me, what are you guys advising churches and in those Christian schools to consider doing a first for me to make it really clear for people who don't have a paper in may not be able to write all this down a memo on our website that they go I think under church resources and find an article on church security measures are church security memo is called, but on their think we talked about of first off is the external security. Every church should have cameras they could have protective fencing to whatever they can recommend it to inhibit the via coming and going of people in on on off hours and I we also recommend that they have people in the church trained to how to use guns and a defensive manner course and and how to an end to get licensed to have concealed weapon. Every church should have at least two or three people every service with concealed weapon to protect the congregation.

The absence thereof is negligent at Beth and and we this is now becoming a standard protocol for churches who want to truly protect and love the congregation from such terrible tragedies and of course when you when you look at what happened down to Texas and with as far as the spiritual component of all this and and you guys are. This is what you guys do you you will you fight for people of faith every single day. Brad, when you see what's happening in Texas right now. What do you see as the root of all of this is in effect the guns or is it something bigger. It is, it is very definitely spiritual matter deftly not just isolated to text anyplace vulnerable, where we have people were mentally ill people who are nonbelievers who are angry at God.

There is a risk and that's why churches that are needed take the measures also want to comment those who have children in public schools a course public schools are the main way spiritual death camp and of themselves, because what they're teaching in public schools all across America Fort Worth to Chicago Miami to Seattle so that there is also a physical risk as well because so unfortunately provided public school special needs very little more dangerous places often fan faculty administrators from having any fire on and so we saw here in Texas you doesn't take long for Q to be shot and killed. If you have teachers maybe one per grade level that that has a concealed weapon so that if shooting starts to happen. They can immediately step and act undertrained and I can can they live. This is another example where that was not the case of the shooting continued continued leak. They actually did back while the shooting was taking place popping very quickly. So not going to leave but the fact is there.

There needs to be more preemptive measures taken before the police arrived and not rely on one security guard of potentially at a school at a certain time. All right Brad, we appreciate your great insight. We salute the great work that you guys do a Pacific Justice as we have links to your website there on our live show blog. Thank you very much well you better do I keep up with her medicated litigation also go to your legal insider newsletter without charge legal insider at P. we got it all right. Brad take is everybody, founder of Pacific Justice Institute and if you need legal counsel there. The folks to reach out to and they've got a great team of lawyers all across America that are fighting for you. Brad, thank you. 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 I wanted a bike in Georgia W do you win bike what's on your mind this afternoon thinking about and that daughter with a car wreck.

I'm thinking why don't they try to outlaw you know cars that hold over one person to person. You might have a car with four people and creating everybody be killed or ran. They told Nader school bus 66 people in it in on it, it's gone and not the car you know it's it's it's the gun they try to say but we know it's not. It's there's people that that man up north you. You ran that car thrilling people in that that parade but they're not trying outlaw cars and give me a break. It it's it's just crazy. Mike let me somebody here because we we come armed every single day with facts and views you can use on this program and and you break up you bring up a great point. According to the CDC, 40,000 people a year die in the United States because of car accidents, about 40,000 now the number of gun related deaths is about 45,000 that's according to the pew research Center. But here's where it gets interesting.

Like when you break down that number over half of the gun deaths in America are actually suicides. So you're looking at around 20,000 or so you got twice as many people that are being killed in car accidents, then you do being killed by somebody holding a gun pointing that got it you I don't want to kill so many others do the same thing will never know that's true, Mike. It's a great point. Thank you for thank you for calling and we appreciate that. I let's go to Suzanne on the line Suzanne you want to weigh in on something Monica Crowley said like the white line parent Gary great family morning, but what about what we talking about the correct criminal got die lock working by the board. What going on. Suzanne it's it's a great question and it looks to me and all this information and is coming from.

Officials were not just when not sharing info with you this coming from a reporter. This is actually coming from the people of an element of all of this is accurate. There was a complete breakdown of public safety and that a complete grandchildren. No more go you will my grandchild will now where now I want to share this with you. This is coming from Chris Hayes and the Suzanne God bless you, thank you for that call. This is coming from Chris Hayes MSDN C and here's what he says I want to get your take on this. He says I am more certain of this than I've ever been stopped lockdown drills in all schools immediately. It does nothing to protect kids. All it does is traumatize them in the worst-case plant. The idea for some of them to and I got a continuous thought here to actually engage in school shootings. I never thought I would hear somebody like Chris I say that you agree with that idea that it's time to stop the lockdown drills time to stop all of this stuff because it's traumatizing the kids 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868. A lot of people were asking why do you think Obama said what he said. Why did he interject himself and remind everybody as as people are still grieving for dead children.

Why do you think you get that I have a theory. And I just you know what, I'm not even going to share the theory I'm just going to share some facts with you. Fact there was a man shooting in Buffalo and that generated an immediate response from the White House.

It happened in a predominantly black part of town that prompted an immediate visit to the scene by the president of the United States. That's a fact. There was also a horrible terrorist attack in Waukesha, Wisconsin, where a black nationalist bow down lots of white people, and there was no condemnation from biotin.

There was no visit from the president. It's almost as if that story didn't happen. You had another black nationalist attack people on a Brooklyn subway and that story was completely disappeared from the mainstream media. And then you have a predominantly Hispanic school now that was attacked predominantly Hispanic boys and girls lost their lives in here. You have Pres. Obama inserting himself saying no no no no no. The big story here is George will what is. That's all you ladies and gentlemen, I gotta take a break will be right back.

Someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full floor which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you caused my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy full for what he said already. Leota has died. He was only a movie down the and they say goodbye what he was starting and that really just blew him up onto the national scene. A really incredible actor just did a phenomenal job with his portrayal of Henry Hill is 67 years old. They say he died in his sleep. No, but as it was natural causes will wait and see. That's a coming from TMC. I let's go to Mississippi Brian listing to us on K WAN the mighty 990 Brian what's on your mind regarding or that there was an armed guard got to start yeah so there was that we know there is a security guard, we don't know if in fact he was armed and if he was armed. We don't know if he engaged the suspect and that is that is unknown at this point about at least two officers police officers did enter the building and were immediately shot by by the government and then he barricaded himself in the classroom a lot of report will figure out what happened and things like raw installed all know but nobody really which many people reported that still goes back you know what have money on you can do quick that and money to Ukraine with one of those black leopard phone that will ever but while walking. We do that here. Order on three talk about your thoughts on, you know that's a great question and we ran the numbers and the numbers have actually been run up on Capitol Hill and it's about the same price to exceed $40 billion were given to Ukraine. It's about that same amount.

If we were going to send. If we were innocent.

What five or six security guards armed security officers to every school in America, so I mean if you're to spend the money. You may as well say okay, how do we keep our school safe because no doubt about it is especially great schools. Brian those are the softness of the school targets or let you know entity… What are you still feel that those are all great but you know you and Bonnie go here all but it really bugs and many of these people that are raising Cain right now were were staunch advocates of not having police anywhere near a public school open it up to your anything was shot but I think there are some on the right uploads already know they thought out plan are not blue Bell brought in it right now but yet it is worth the body that you know what what was 11 only 11 voted again. The crying Lord actually what I'm hearing is that what I want to talk that gone on your report online. It's a lot more than that, Brian a lot more than that.

That's just the specific aid package so I mean it's just it's insane then they turn around and they said they don't have anybody to take her American people. I got up that I have a problem with why we got a run for the newsbreak. Thanks for listening to our K WAN couple of lines open earphones 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern's radio show someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once.

Much now I think you caused my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy.

See full for universities to you in Memphis, Tennessee radio program. Our delight that you have decided to hang out with us here in our beautiful which has been fortified again. The looming monkeypox apocalypse and the by the weather.

Say more cases of the monkeypox are popping up all over the place so I must be a lot of raves across the printed played anyway. We've got a lot going on today. The big news coming out of Texas, and Washington DC, and there are a couple of dueling stories that we want to share with you first of all, the, the Associated Press, and while everybody else under the sun is now reporting that it took police officers between the time the gunmen stormed the elementary school building at the time he was taken out there. There was 40 minutes. That is the reporting coming out of Texas this afternoon and if you are in law enforcement and I know Fox and friends this morning was disputing some of those reports but literally every body is reporting that it was about 40 minutes and there is video of of moms and dads pleading with the police officers to go inside to storm the building of one of the dad says will look if you're not going to storm the building we could do it and it was a very emotional scene outside that grade school and again, the investigation has to be had, but here in this country, people are able to ascertain the facts before the investigation has been hand. So yes the authorities are now saying yeah it took 40 minutes between the opening.

The opening gunfire and the time we were able to breach the building but we don't have an explanation as to why what happened and how did all of that go down.

Meanwhile, you got the NRA and people are beginning to our beginning to posture their presidents from Sen. Ted Cruz say they are still going to speak at the NRA convention, which I believe gets underway today in Houston just bad timing all around. But it is what it is, Sen. Cornyn, John Cornyn and Sen. or Congressman Dan Crenshaw say they will not attend the NRA gathering in Houston and other guys who wrote American pie. He's not going to perform. So he's pulling out of the he's pulling out of the show. Meanwhile, you have Joe Biden yesterday up on Capitol Hill. I get a plate this soundbite first and explain what the Pres. was talking about cup one.

Please as measures ensures that laws are enforced. Second Amendment is divided by the Bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms and explosives yesterday has not had a Senate confirmation letter for seven years because of the strips to eat what you gave the new agency of the other part all the government agencies. I know the FBI, the CIA, the EPA. I've never heard of the FT. What is he talking about what is in Sullivan. We decided to do immediate research on the president there and we believe that he meant to say VAT have not the AFT. So the president not a new agency it's been around for a long time. The a T. F.

But then Biden went on to talk about the Second Amendment and to play this audio for you. There is you know it let's I want to go to cut three because I want to get the context of what Biden is saying about the Second Amendment and why you need to be very concerned about your gun rights in America as a nation. I think we almost be there for everyone and we must ask when God's name will we do what needs to be done is not completely stop fundamentally change the amount of the carnage goes on to state the obvious core and a lot of other people here. I'm sick and tired of the sick and tired of what's going on continues to go.

I spent my career as chairman Judiciary committee VP working for common sense gun reforms as a citizen. Sen. VP while they clearly will not prevent every tragedy we know certain ones will have significant impact and have no negative impact on the second amendment.

Second is not absolute when it was past you couldn't own a you couldn't own a Canon you couldn't own certain kinds of weapons just always been limitations but guess what these actions were taken before they save lives. They can do it again. The idea 18-year-old can walk into a store and buy weapons of war designed and marketed to kill this I think is wrong just pilots common sense in the manufacture, the inventor of that weapon as well know where is the backbone. Where is the courage to stand up to a very powerful lobby here today for the same purpose to come together and say enough to act must alright so there you have the context but why would he go back. I want to talk about and focus on a couple to keep parts to what Doug Biden was spewing and and kudos to the president. By the way, because he was able to speak without getting lost in in word salad so he deserves credit for that. But the spewing of lies is what I've got a problem that you heard the president there saying that that when the Second Amendment was created you as an American citizen were not allowed to go out and buy a Canon right. We all heard it.

He said that the Second Amendment is not absolute and you could not go out and buy a Canon so I want to turn it to the fact checkers on this and very rarely. Very rarely do I quote from Washington Post but on this one. I will because that line is a standard line from a Joe Biden campaign speech is of the Washington Post decided to investigate and the Washington Post determined that what the president is saying is simply not true. As a matter of fact, as a matter of fact, historians have found no evidence that anybody was banned from buying cannons back during the Revolutionary war. They actually gave the president for Pinocchio's for Pinocchio's on their fact checking website so the president keeps referencing this over and over and over again and I love he's doing it intentionally refused just addled in the brain.

Either way, it's not good and the White House needs to come out and Easter correct the record here now. Dave Coppell is a research director and he is also the project director at the Independence Institute, and he points out very clearly that after 1791. There were no federal laws about the type of gun you can own and no states limited the kind of gun you. It wasn't until the early 1800s when there were attempts to pass restrictions on what sort of weapon you could conceal very hard to conceal a Canon just throw that out Kermit Roosevelt, a constitutional law professor at the University of Pennsylvania says this and I'm quoting for the Washington Post. I think what he saying here is that the second amendment was never understood to guarantee everyone the right to own all types of weapons as phrased. It sounds like the Second Amendment at self-limited ownership, which is not true. Look, you can have a debate about whether or not we should ban this gunner that got but the reality is the Constitution of the second amendment. Ladies and gentlemen, the Second Amendment does not limit what sort of weapon you can all want to go out and buy a Canon then by golly, have at watch for the cannonballs. Now as for this other part of the conversation were Biden is now saying the Second Amendment is absolute. What part of shall not be infringed. Does the president not understand. So look this is why the elections matter when you have someone like Dr. Oz who may or may not be the eventual, the eventual Republican nominee in Pennsylvania. Another guy like Dr. Oz who for most of his adult life, until he decided to run for the Senate was anti-gun rights what happens if he becomes the deciding vote in the Senate on whether or not to curtail your Second Amendment freedoms. That's all. And I don't know about you but I would like to know the answer to that question before election day. That's all ran skinnier. That's and that's the basic concern. We don't want anybody to pull a Robbie or or you people who might remember Obama care. We don't want him to pull a John McCain. There you go. So it's some it's no surprise, the Democrats are going down this path of Robert Francis O'Rourke, the fake Mexican Bobby Francis made a complete jerk of himself in front of God and country, and the families of the dead children by disrupting this this press conference yesterday, which by the way, we broadcast on this program.

It happened late in the show and the mayor. By the way is, and will play this audio little bit later on, but the mayor is upset everybody's upset at Bobby Francis CBS news is reporting that the whole thing was states.

This was not some sort of a spontaneous outpouring of outrage from Bobby Francis. This was a well thought out and well orchestrated political political theater.

That's what CBS's report of the reporter was actually in the room, not Fox News.

CBS news is reporting this so look where we going all this.

Yeah, we got it binds, and after Oregon's Democrats. They wanted guns. I get that. My question is okay so you want to gun law on the books we gotta have background checks alright go down to your local gun store wherever you go by your guns and and try to buy good. You never bought a gun before and and ask what can happen. Alright you have to go through a background check art the background checks are there. So the question is what sort of law on the books that we currently do not have do we need to have. To prevent something like this from happening ever again. What is that law. I know that passions are running high. But somebody has to think critically here. Somebody has to think logically. What is it what is it that we are not doing right now what laws that are not on the books right now. Do we need to have. To fix this problem know some people are to say what we gotta get.

We gotta be in the AR 15's all right. So who's going to be going door to door to confiscate the AR 15's from law-abiding gun owners who, how is that going to work out how a second William thought of what you gotta think about that.

If you have that kind of a lawyer to pass out sortable law. How do you and and where do you stop, where do you stop a bullet is a bullet is a bullet so if you want to have that conversation.

That's a fine conversation to have but you're gonna have to answer a lot of questions and you're going to have to think this through and nobody's thinking with their brains right now and that that's the problem. But beyond all of that, the issue for me. We we ought to be focusing on a much bigger problem and in our good friend Mark Hancock from Trail life USA brought this up yesterday was the one thing that most mass shooters have in common with each other. Most of them come from broken homes. They come from a home where there is not a father in the home and there is chaos, but I'll even go a step further.

I think a lot of these homes you the these guys these kids have no exposure to religion. They have no understanding of right from wrong and I do believe that what we are dealing with here is a spiritual crisis at its core. At the root of all of us but but nobody, not even Republicans really want to talk about those issues, we can't we can talk about religion well you know what somebody better because this country is going to hell in a handbasket and you think this could be the last mass you know of course not. I mean you're going to have guys get into cars blowing people down in Christmas parades. I people with knives attacking people on subways. This is going to happen. We live in a violent nation but guns don't make our nation violent.

It's the heart of the people thought that is what makes people vital. But again, if you want to talk about guns okay will start about guns but you let let's talk about video games.

Let's talk about movies. Let's talk about the music and we could, let's talk about social media. You could go on and on and you know what you could get rid of all that guess what folks mass shootings happening long before Facebook came along that shootings were happened long before call of duty came along. All those other names so we can have that conversation with the root of the problem, and until you address the root of the problem were going nowhere this country are we had to take a break here 844-747-8868.

That is our toll-free telephone number. If you agree or disagree. Give us a call 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show someone who's not working no chill. Trust me, that used me but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once. Much better now.

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Let's go to phones 844-747-8868 was go to Milwaukee. Our good friend Jerry on the line.

All right, Jerry. What say you hold limited to, any amendment libel committed, though I'm not sure that limited portable. I don't think nonviolent felons should be banned from owning gun after probation and parole. I think that restricts that right. I don't think there's a perfect amendment rights being violated if the so I'm not opposed to the second amendment.

What I stating that there are there are limitations on it and there necessary are likely shows like gun shows that are licensed dealers violent committed mass shooting have indeed done from none like gun shows like websites so that is a loophole that I think we can look at in the country and other things to maybe like crackdown on gun stores and so the straw buyers or you know some gun stores transfer records like there's one in Milwaukee who had a history of that transfer records between family members and what I don't know that story what happened to that incident. I think I might technically learn what Milwaukee bumper of Milwaukee did.

I mean they was law enforcement called in Wednesday today face any sort of fines and penalties for what they did, I would have to I would have to reread the point is, Jerry, is that in that if if that happened, it clearly was in the news and it sounds to me like somebody expose and if they were breaking the laws that were currently on the books, then they should be punished.

They have to abide by the laws of the books, but my question to you Jerry is based on what you just said.

Would any of those have stopped the shooting and in Texas a few days ago shooting I can say that a law would stop one and I said there are people who did commit mass shootings, not just murder.

In general, the mass shootings who didn't buy them through things through you know legally little Jerry in this incident and sure we got this canal for the breaker but in this particular incident.

This kid legally acquired that firearm.

He he went through the background check, the whole 9 yards. At least that's what the police are telling. My question is why laws laws to stop this from happening.

Both gotta take a break 844-747-8868 this is someone who's not working no chill.

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See full for all right by yet another statement I knew this guy there. Turning boats I'm telling you the PR machine is up and running up a wide abide by the way, why, despite God's name in vain. Like you noticed one call today. He did it again abide and says the idea that an 18-year-old can walk into a store and buy assault weapons is just wrong. What in God's name do you need an assault weapon for, except to kill someone. All right, so let me try to help the president out here. Just remember to go to the phones.

First of all, the reason the reason why the murder rates as well and were talking about people killed with a firearm reason why those numbers did not go down when they originally banned those weapons is because most people in America if they're shot and killed are not shot and killed with an AR 15 there is there some data how this is coming from the from the FBI roughly 2.6% of the shootings in America involve an AR 15 or a rifle 45.7% of gun murders in America gun deaths in America 45.7 are from handguns. So again if you want to have that conversation had that conversation but you got a come armed with the facts.

If you want to have that conversation. Not to mention M.

Pres. Biden seems to think that the only reason that you God-fearing gun toting Americans want a one in AR 15 is because you want to go out and kill somebody, and that's not true. As a matter of fact. Overall, let their Americans own over 11 million AR 15's. That's a lot of AR 15's and most commonly the reason why some and and some of you may own an AR 15 and you can call and verify this information.

By and large, most people buy those AR 15's for home defense want to make sure they want to make sure that they they and their families, their home, their property are protected and that's why they have an AR 15 but a lot of other people usually are AR 15's for all sorts of gun competitions for training, you name but Biden seems to think and that's what he said in his tweet that you be the only reason for you to own an AR 15 is that your go until somebody are, let's go to the phone zero 844-747-8868 let's start with Pete and Iowa RIP what's on your mind today will be better got me started out mad and AR 15.223 diameter 22 caliber which everybody is always just right or whatever, but at 22.2 to about 1/4 minute diameter 23 223-3000 of the different diameter you can actually get a converter and you 22 caliber rifle shell and at 223 at the same diameter but at 223 actually as a bit larger K and gunpowder, but the actual ball at the project goal is 20 2223 AR 15 and if you compare that to a 12gauge shot down Mike what Biden had double-barreled that much bigger than the 223 and well here. And again I don't want to get into the weeds here, but let's just be honest, it was Joe Biden who suggested use of the double barrel shotgun and just opening fire through the screen door exactly are you take a party of 45 caliber .45 that's almost at double at the 20 223R. 22 so you told Greg he wanted to talk about the candidate we haven't got around to that. So what's your point here. Pete okay that you 23 smaller than a shotgun shell and Biden had want to shoot in the air felt by 12gauge is much closer to a Canon then at 223 and there you go. And that is a that is a valid, well thought out point P which we need more but people are not thinking with their brains Pete.God bless you. Thanks for the call. Let's go to central Arkansas Steve on the line. All right see what say you thinking so I don't hear anybody agree with it.

So I will almost always especially entered my mother usually at night same 19 year old socially dysfunctional Danish goo functional, problems going to go to $5000 worth of school equipment and body armor all the money coming from, please think about this. I was wondering the same thing and they haven't really sent information but I never you never someone that I would like somebody else just as much know it doesn't make sense and I'm I'm with you there and but again, we don't know the financial background of the grandmother grandpa in the did they give them some sort of a birthday gift. You know, he just turned 18. So I don't know I'm been one heck of a birthday present. Stephen I'm I'm with you I was wondering how he was able to to get the cash to buy to buy the weapons that links to some of the stuff going on the border and some arriving on the money coming from all these got several things going on that that's a question that they used to be. I don't know and I'm sure the investigators will hopefully find that information out.

Steve got a run, thanks for the call. By the way, I've been I've been seeing the headlines.

We don't need and somebody's got talking points other than just keep that in mind, there are lots of talking points of float around social media. Somebody's been one of the floating talking points is that 18-year-olds have no business owning a weapon of war. While I want again were dealing with facts here and and folks I know there's a lot of passion out there.

There's a lot of emotion, but somebody in talk radio world needs to share some some basic facts and here is a basic fact, the DAR 15 is not a fully automatic military grade firearms so it's not this not the same weapon.

You see, the military using contrary to the reporting in the mainstream media. Now the NRA has a great website and they refute all of this information. All of this fake news and I would encourage you to take full advantage of what the NRA has out there because it's good solid information. Now it's what I don't mind a fair and balanced debate. I've got a problem with people intentionally spreading fake news.

That's what I got a problem are, let's go to Arkansas Alice on the line hi Alice, what's on your mind not call problem all born Catholic world like what I don't care.

We behold all week but cannot we guy good guy long after we got to live so perfect. You better get that spiritual problem talk about all that way X and L as I looked I know people in the conservative talk radio world they don't like talking about religious stuff but I think we have to. This is at the heart the root of the problem in an alley sure right and you sound like a sweet churchgoing Christian lady and and I we need more voices like yours feeding truth into the culture. But ladies and gentlemen, Alice, God bless you and thank you for that call. Ladies and gentlemen, when you look at absolute truth. When you look at that idea now that everybody has her own version of the truth will guess what this is what that chaos looks like when everybody has their own truth. You can take away every single gun in America and people are still gonna find a way to kill each other.

That's just the reality of and you can you can bet you know what, how many people have been stabbed to death have been killed by knives where other people out there say well we gotta get the coloring. We got a bad butter knives. We can have butter knives in America where you draw the line here 844-747-8868 or toll-free telephone number.

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You can get info about her new show. All you have to do is text the word Greta 230 9747 that's Greta the 30 9747 or go to Greta is that's Greta is make the switch today.

Folks to Newsmax America's fastest-growing cable news channel and get the latest on Greta's new show text.

Greta took 30 9747 Newsmax is really for real people need galaxies for all these new taxes might not like I did in fact not capture hands-free tax from multiple angles capture training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for contract and fit perfectly in my pocket galaxies. He flip for yourself have shelves. As I told my wife we live in an area that's what it is somewhat secluded to Jill. If there's ever a problem just walked out on the balcony or walk out with that double barrel shotgun and fired two blasts outside the house. I promise you is ever coming in is not. You don't mean AR 15 it's harder to aim.

It's harder to use, and in fact you don't need 30 rounds to protect yourself by shotgun by shotgun. All right there you go. That is Joe Biden and his his plan to defend the Biden family compound double barrel shotgun just open fire right which by the way if there outside of the home.

Technically, I believe that is illegal to do that.

I walked back to the Todd Stern's radio show I want to share this Intel with you, so there is a video which I just watched a Texas Department of Public Safety spokesman is now confirming that that police officers actually ran into the school but not to stop the shooter. They say the police officers ran into the school to save their own children. This is it's I I went back and listen to it twice just to make sure I heard what the spokesperson was saying here.

But again, just picture the situation outside of that school you got moms and dads begging police to let them in the save their kids. Nobody's going in except police officers were going into save their own children. Folks they've got a get a handle on this and they got a get a handle on whatever the whatever really happened and they need to get that information out there. This is a powder keg down there a powder keg.

All right, let's go to the phones Rick and North Carolina listing to us on the talk station hey Rick, what's on your mind through clicking the preview collar asking where the kid got the money from Gaultier similar tricks and then and/or I believe I don't know how accurate this is. I think I heard somewhere that it recently got a job at fast food restaurant wins Wendy's right and a lot of these three restaurants are everywhere posting $15 an hour. Start now so there you go. Thanks to the quick money to be made in your for young people there weight is going to open up a note that measures not only if it's true or not. Just think he did get a fast food restaurant job to pay for the purchase and any may have. I you know I mean it's a lot of money and you throw when bursting anything of the kid got any birthday money.

I don't know. I mean it's a possibility.

My question is how how was he able to get that weapon even though there were issues with him as a juvenile, and if there are juvenile records involved dental care where you are. I think if you're going by a gun.

Those need to be a part of whatever decision is made. That's a big problem in my book) was speaking earlier and made a point that going to been around for years and mental illness is been around for well since the fall man in the Garden of Eden and you know this is really mass shootings is better than your only answer times throughout history.

Whatever I don't know mainly run out new phenomena within the last 30 years what has changed to make it work people was the everyday life handled weapons and it was never an issue. Well well and is not now, all of a sudden Rick, I mean we here in Memphis, Tennessee 01 almost 400 people were killed shot and killed in Memphis Tennessee. You got hundreds of people monthly that are getting shot in in places like Chicago so it's all out there honey bees are horrible, horrible tragedies and I get that I understand but banning the guns is not the answer.

When you do that the only people who will have those guns are the bad guys. Rick got a skedaddle.

Appreciate the call.

Thank you for listening. Let's go to Matt and states will North Carolina WS I see that God about their right really the bigger the government the small now, think about the larger these consolidated school that was created. The smaller the student and as a federal government does it work look at our inner cities whether set up but the small communities that decentralized community small school and maybe set up or maybe your home like my mother used to be a small school you have a family that the community there and he could get help. You know you wouldn't be radicalized in a small community of small hometown fail even even if lifetime was, not better. In other words, and again I get a small town communities. Everybody's and everybody's business and know yeah I thought I think I get where you're going with that. But in this particular instance. This is a small town school, so it really has one of those instances and everybody knew Everett and he drew this Matt, we are up against a hard break here. Otherwise, we keep you going. Folks gotta take a break Monica Crowley coming up.

Also Sen. Bill Haggerty is going to be here your calls two 844-747-8868 Todd is our website. Check that out folks download our free podcast, sign up for the free newsletter will be right back America someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once.

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