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If You Had One Wish for America, What Would It Be?

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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June 3, 2022 3:17 pm

If You Had One Wish for America, What Would It Be?

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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June 3, 2022 3:17 pm

Tim Van Horn's birthday is today, and he wants to use his birthday wish on America. However, he needs your help. What would your wish for America be?

Rep. Mo Brooks, and Jason Miller join the conversation!

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Will know someone whose work and no chill. Trust me that used to be me, but then I found out his evil form which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think video calls my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy. See full for welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by legacy, precious metals, there's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM investments… The legacy PM investments.job University studio in Memphis Tennessee Bible today. It is Friday, almost to the weekend for that finish line hard today. What you say is an honor to be here with you our phone number 844-747-8868 and as always you can find the best in journalism best in commentary as walk along on all the great radio stations across the fruited plain as well. As streaming across on getter and many other platforms.

We thank you for being with us today. Grace Baker is here Kyle is here as well. A grace I have to tell you I usually come in out of the box just really full of vinegar ready to go, fired up today I come with a very full, happy heart to the little babe, I don't know that the kinder, gentler, and more. But my heart is very full and so is my stomach with all the Chick-fil-A that has been consumed. Today we I guess we should just go ahead and tell the listeners it's your birthday today so it's a great day when it's embedded Horne's birthday so we Artie started celebrating this morning with a full platter of Chick-fil-A. We had the chicken many of the chicken biscuits the fruit we had, of course, the sweet tea got. I had through three yeah really touched the prayer because we also had Gibson's doughnuts shout out to Gibsons. Our Favorite Doughnut Pl. in Memphis, TN. I know I know voodoo donuts in Portland and for our affiliate in Salem Oregon.

I know voodoo donuts are awesome. I have heard the really good glides Gibsons's are the bees knees.

Yeah, no offense that I want started doughnut when I do want to started on or send them all and will be the judge about that. That's true. I'm happy to taste, but the morning show on TWA I'm in Memphis was so wonderful this morning. It was so bizarre that I did not even recognize my wife's voice. When she called and wish happy birthday because yeah she never participates in the morning show. That's how big of a morning it has been yes exactly the fact that she called Ed yes so III come today with a very full heart. Your love bank is full.

My love bank is full of never to call that loss will go with Margaret. What if grandma says that it must be cool.

I'll go with that. But I have I have a wonderful wife. I have a wonderful child who is a camp who I miss very much. Hopefully she's she's let them know it's it's a church cancel. Maybe the lettuce listen on live stream there, but I have great friends I have great coworkers.

I'm in a building here in Memphis where there's plenty of opportunity some impact on a national show my birthday coming.

This is good. This is work. This is a labor of I I am honored to be here with all of you today and it is it is just it. It's just great to be here and I know that we are in the midst of some troubled times, and there are a lot of things that are going wrong in this it in this country.

But today is been very humbling and it allows me to just take a moment and you know I got a lot to be thankful for to blacked out. You didn't come here for a birthday polluted you came here for great conservative common sense radio and that's what working to give you over the next three hours and that we got Mo Brooks lined up a little bit later today. That's got a fantastic Jason Miller from getter were streaming on getter so if you haven't gotten getter get better. Okay, got it.

Sure you do that and I we got some other terrific essence of surprises coming up a little bit later on, on the Todd Stern show, but as as I I sit back and review the last year and just think about all of the things that have been going on in this country.

There are a myriad of things that if if I could take my birthday wish today and blow out the candle, I would want it to be something for America. I would love for it to be not about me.

But something about us because we have seen the reality over the last 16+ months of what has happened since Joe Biden has taken over in this country and the Biden agenda. The lefts agenda. There are so many things even into just the recent weeks that we look at and we go we could not have fathomed this would be going on in our country. I we look at the baby formula shortage across the country.

We have a president's who swears up and down that he had no clue that there was a baby formula shortage in and he we have spokespeople out there that can even tell you who the person was that told Joe Biden that there was a baby formula shortage so we don't even know if the president even knew what was going on with his own economy. If that doesn't scare you. There's plenty more that's going on in our country.

Of course the numbers they talked about inflation today Joe Biden coming out today and he had numbers that he thought he could brag about is like the Emperor's new clothes, please, please don't look at the facts that you don't have as much money because of by inflation that your real wages are going down and then you throw on top of that, he went for the gun grab last night know we are going to talk about the gun grab we are to be talking about that on on the other. Todd start show today as they are not letting up on this and they are coming in hot and fast for the guns but fortunately we do have some brave conservatives out there taking a stand and pushing back against all of this nonsense and then on top of that, have you looked at TV lately or have you looked at at businesses lately, you know, this is the month, by the way where you ditch the Ukrainian flag and put the pride flag on your corporate logos you you know this, of course, right which to me grace. I still don't understand this. How do you reconcile praying for Ukraine and then going straight to the rainbow flag when when in Ukraine.

Gay marriage is banned. That's a good point. How do you reconcile that.

Is it all just isn't the woke Olympics. Do you just switches that the topic of the month and yeah, whatever is the cool thing to be supportive of at that time, but the wind blows, but we have big money trying to tell the rest of us what is good to think what's not good to think and it is leading to a continued moral decline of our country like an titer pride month. All the big companies are making money off of this.

Oh, it's that's the big thing it's an absolute marketing ploy. Yeah and I would like to think in my own world I treat pride month. Just like I do Valentine's Day and here's house, you're looking at the quizzical land there are yes going with this. Timothy is you different ways you give me that Timothy look not bend him one when that is and I just got pulled over for speeding.

I treat pride month.

Just like I treat Valentine's Day if you have to have some company tell you how to be nice to somebody than you're doing it wrong. The rest of the year low drop in bonds at the beginning. The show already got pretty good on Valentine's Day. I am not a fan of Valentine's Day. I love my wife.

I love my wife 365 days a year and the extra day on I do not leave your I don't need a greeting card company to tell me that I need to go buy a card take her for a steak dinner or buy flowers.

I don't need that. If I'm not already doing things for her and showing how I love her, then doing this is symbolic gesture is nothing but virtue, signaling, and I'm doing it wrong. The rest of the shots fired is the same thing with pride month. If you're having to tell people how much you like people that have different sexual orientations.

If you're going to tell people how to do that are telling that you like people that have a particular sexual orientation.

What about the other 11 months, what, how are you treating people, then why arch wire acute wise in your heart open to everybody all of the time wise at the welcome mat out in your heart, all of the time.

You know why because it doesn't pay. Oh no, it doesn't pay doesn't bring home the bacon. No, no, it does not bring home the bacon with a phone call. The phone calls at you and end it and I want to do this to him through this question on advertising to the question. As I mentioned at the beginning of this.

I for my birthday.

Of course you can applaud candle you're going to make a wish, I would make my wish today for America but there's so many things wrong in America right now.

I'm not sure I could pick which one thing so my question to you at 844-747-8868 if you could take my birthday wish and wish for one thing for America. What would you wish for. Let's go to Jerry Lynn in Georgia on that world-famous W you and Jerry Lynn, thank you for joining me today on Todd start show how are you will be part thank you so much. It's great to be here today and it's great to hear from my friends in northern Georgia. What how's the weather down there and honey as a South way we like it's only way we drink sweet now. Not one. Your birthday would be a debt that Damon wrap party went down.

I don't like and wait never hear from any again ever.

I like unambiguous birthday wishes. I will like you where you're going with that because you're very specific with that and and I'm right that dime to keep a list of these because at some point later today. I got a blowout birthday candles on the cake and I got to pick something from somebody and so I'm writing that down after happy birthday. I may have demon rats in the back of my mind as I'm getting the blood.

How's that for visual Jerry Lynn Georgia sure okay primary and I would just break yes I've had Blalock bring a man and work the pulp.

Okay, that night when she got that right here at that. What it can't do anything to do an amp that the Republican Party yeah it is Thanksgiving a finger on it. Campeche started going back to the red turnoff handed over 100,000 Damon wrap about it in the Republican primary in Georgia and I put that my aunt and rat burger went back and it sounds either one of them. It sounds like an operation chaos where they did that to force Republicans to hold their nose for the general election from watching from what you're telling me. But wait a second I have to question you right off the bat Jerry Lynn because voter ID is racist. How do so many Democrats get the boat make camp out lately in Georgia where Aaron registered Democrat or Republican primary. However, you want to and make college down in they were going to print a blind date night and they were going to a better broad investigation that that Damon ran oh goodness gracious. Well that then I would assume that many of our conservative friends down listening to WD you in may feel the same way. Are you excited that Herschel Walker could be your next senator lately and we watched trunk rally Saturday night (not yeah you know what what it is applying the client then and there aren't any. I don't have what I need it or you not to allow the Democratic Party in a Republican primary. Burn it. How about try try them apples on for size for sure. Jerry Lynn, thank you for joining me this morning and thank you for your suggestion for the birthday wish to be part on all of the copyright. I love Dolly Galvani and let you everything all day. Thank you sweetheart and I write you right. My daughter yeah what yeah I tell you what you call her back and get her birthday because if you don't make that promise you come good on birthday and Christmas okay. I politely met him happy happy birthday. I think Jerry Lynn is Jerry Lynn from W. In our phone number 844-747-8868. Today is my birthday. I would love to make one wish for America if you could take that one wish for me what wish for America would you make 844-747-8868 stem and for Todd. There is no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the blighted ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd Starnes and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds and traditional markets. You are vulnerable. Gold is one of the best ways to protect your retirement no matter what happens you own your goal. It's real physical always been valuable since the dawn of time, like you see precious metal as the company I investing in gold. They can help you roll your retirement account weight goal back IRA still own the physical goal also ship precious metal safely and securely to your house. You know $1 million worth of gold can actually fit inside a shoebox called legacy at 866-528-1903 or visit the online legacy PM legacy PM for Todd Starnes on this Friday, 447-4788 68 talk about Biden's gun grab coming up in just a bit, but you know we were looking at. We can know I'm not really that we can dining plans in every now and then you know you will will go out and and blower card limit and have some pizza that we love going out for pizza 1 Pizza Pl. that I think I'm about ready to just go just scratch off that list Pizza Hut folks I met who make great pizza in fact growing up. They had a reading program you read, you read books and you bring in proof you can get like a slice of pizza or personal pan pizza been doing this for years but it has now become quite the twisted program grace and that this the head scratcher for me because they're now sponsoring a program. It's great incentivizing kids in preschool to read books, but now there's a different twist to it.

One of the suggested books on the list is called bigwig.

Now you think maybe it was about a boss or maybe the big guy like 10% for the big guy Biden about economics or something but it but it is not is it now apparently this is about a child who becomes a drag queen and I was like, of course you know it used to be.

Dr. Seuss Horton hears a who read that book and now it's like there's a lot of these books that are about kids to become drag queens or kid, you know, boy.

You think she's a girl and just to gets very confusing but apparently there incentivizing kids to read this book to get free pizza, the, the cultural onslaught is on because I feel like I can't. I have to look everywhere before I let my kids eyes yeah go to a particular place. So you would think a reading program from a restaurant and I would maybe be like some crayons or coloring book.

Maybe a book on all look you know you know John and Jane make a pizza pie. But know this is about transgender-ism. It's about being a drag queen and corporate woke-ism has just continued to sleep in that now it makes it difficult to go. Just enjoy some of the things used to take for granted and I think they've taken a lot of that goodwill and think that people will tolerate this and see how far they can push exactly and it it's ridiculous because you know you go to get some pizza at a family-friendly place. You wouldn't think to look at a lot of these places but you can't put your kid in front of a Disney movie anymore. You can't put trick in front of I don't know Gerald out Paramount's bad and like you can't put your kid in the book section at a target at a Walmart without being afraid.

What books looking to pick up and look at. I don't want anything on gender identity or sexuality of any kind. I just. I yeah I just want to eat some pizza and if they want have a coloring book or a book about how to make a pizza that's fine with me first. It's bigwig you know. And if this doesn't get stopped with it so ironic.

This company was founded in Wichita Kansas.

Like right in the heartland and now you got this going on. It's ridiculous. What this is kind of the gateway will if we can push the envelope this far. The left never stops. There's going to. I guarantee you that if the if they get away with this, it will be even more next thing you know that I have a book called pizza slot there whether the intent to me that you give evidence and still take a mile. Yes yeah yeah I think that yeah now I can't get that image on my brain. Now I feel like when it before I order a pizza for take-out or for delivery. Now I have to scan the website to see what kind of crazy mess that they're disseminating to a kids across America exactly. I just wanted all I want is my sound that was a slice of pepperoni pizza. Not too much to ask.

You know, though, to most people I know like prefer Papa John's anyway so I think Pizza Hut's already been struggling this spy can be the nail in the coffin. Yet this is Pizza Hut, folks. I'm telling you, and you know they've been closing all those old school stores. Anyway, by the droves. And I don't think this is maybe pointing the moral compass in the right direction enough to be Pizza Hut used to be a gathering place for families and forbade up in the baseball season in Little League or soccer season we go with yellow metals are trophies. We get a couple slices of pizza play a game or two.

You American traditional get hyped up on your soft drinks and then we go home used to be a tradition. It's not that way anymore coming up. We got your comments on our live chat at Todd Starnes 844-747-8868 were to talk about Biden's gun grab attempt he still out of focus is tell me for Todd. If you are looking for my fellow you will not find it in the big box stores and the reason why it's pretty awful by fellows being canceled by the canceled culture Bob.

That's why Michael Odell wants to sell directly to you that comes with some great savings to get the lowest price of the history of my fellow for their classic standard normally 6998 now only 1998 with the Provo costar by fellows does more than just fellows have over 150 product where the slippers even and open my\start, that's my\the promo code Starnes or call 800-544-8939 my\start or call one 800-5939 promo code start time 447-4788 68 welcome welcome welcome. It is Friday. It's national donor day. But it's also my birthday and it's very humbling. I've got a lot of great wishes on our live chat get some of that in just a moment, but as I told Grace at the beginning of the show and I told all of you in the audience that you later today I'll blow out the candles for my birthday, and as you as you get older, you realize the birthdays really not about you and it's it's about everybody else and counting your blessings and later today you get that one wish. And for me I want to make that wish about America, but there's so many things that America needs. I'm not sure what to pick, so I I've wanted to to toss this to you out of the Todd Starnes audience 844-747-8868 and a course that Ms. Jerry Lynn from WDUN down in Georgia was out-of-the-box this morning and and called in and said she should love to get rid of the Democrats which you got demon rats.

She's a demon rats. It's called the honey three times so my day is already made, but 844-747-8868 if you could take my birth birthday wish and have one wish for America, what would it be and grace folks have been chiming in by the droves on Todd Starnes Facebook live chat this afternoon.

It is a very humbling and they got some great ideas. Yeah. So David says that he wishes. We would repent on a national level, and turn back to God. Several people said that including Melissa said she her wish was a prayer revival and also we've got low prices across the board voting straight read this November. We've got to get a lot of people wishing for revival for our schools for God to be back in our schools. That's what Caroline says and Jeff says for God to return. Rick says abortion what he wants abortion to be abolished. Great gift. This birthday month for 4 AM minimum 63 Road outweighed that would overturn a rate that would be awesome.

So those are comments, but they're so poor and it all right keep coming at Todd Starnes on Facebook, live chat and at 844-747-8868 and if Joe Biden had his wish he would get to the hundreds of millions of guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens and take your second amendment rights away in a course. We are now you know a week and 1/2 away from the last school shooting in Baldy Texas and Joe Biden spoke to the country last night and he is not going to let go of this.

He is going to try to keep this new cycle as long as he can and try to demonize you, the law abiding citizen and try to take your guns away. Here's Joe Biden, and not only does he want to take your guns away. He wants to punish those who sell the guns listen to what he said had to say about gun manufacturers cut nine repeal the liability shield will often protect gun manufacturers being sued for the death and destruction caused by the weapons, the only industry in this country that has that kind of immunity and you know what, Mr. Pres., they're the only item listed in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights that is specifically protected as well. Why, why would you want to strip those rights from the gun manufacturers instead.

Once you go strip the lot. The liability shield from the covert vaccine makers instead. While we got people with inflamed hearts and people dropping over a slow trickle of information should go worry what you go worry about these drug companies that are making billions of dollars off of these semi-mandatory shots and what what you go hold them accountable for some of this rather than something that is listed in the Constitution as a right. We are given by God is not a right to be taken away by you or anyone else who thinks they are above our God given rights. Shame on you for that. If you are a conservative right now and it's always a tough time to be conservative because you have the left.

They never ever stop. They always want more. They always want more. I have to tell you I I was so encouraged here in Lauren Beaufort's on the floor of the House of Representatives this week. This is how you handle the left when they try to demonize you for being a law-abiding gun owner you what she did. She instead of placing the blame for the school shootings on the Republicans and letting that stand.

She flip the script. Listen to this genius on cut six and speaker again this evening, thinking my colleagues standing work and encouraging in Americans to celebrate their second amendment rights by purchasing their first second breathing 100 firearm riots in cities across America to buy the rights to strip away our constitutional rights. Democrats are single handedly responsible for the sale of millions of firearms. Bravo. Well, that not only not only is she saying that the Democrats are not going to get the guns. She's actually telling everybody that they are the reason and she speaking 100% truth here is they are the reason why there's even more guns on the American streets these days and why more people are carrying and why more people are training on how to carry improperly use a firearm, but weight just like a great TV deal.

There is more then she went after the Biden family and when she did. I guess she dropped the mic so whoever's cleaning the floor in the House of Representatives don't vacuum up the microphone because Lauren Beaufort. Just drop this would cut seven questions for these hairs call. I need chief executive the basement dweller told his own son accountable for his gun. Kind line federal firearms application, which is about 10 years, 200 and thousand dollar fine will not be going to the big guy pretty but not had Parmesan smoking gun criminals sign that's what you do you stand up to the bully and you pushed back everybody has a great plan. Like Mike Tyson says, until they get punched back in the nose and then everything changes good for you Lauren Beaufort. I love that 844-747-8868 going down the said revenue always talk to my friend Janice Janice. Happy Friday.

You want to talk about the Democrats. It is it it is my birthday. I am celebrating 40 for the 11th time and I thank you sweetheart. Now I want to say that you go don't think it's right and everything is and how you get there to get what they call it. I can't think of what it called when you inhale smoke, but you're not doing the smoking and secondhand like that I couldn't think of it. Okay, downwind, and I'm still coming down with gun smoke and drink and smoke in Ellington places and stylish people because that route, but because of that that today I am who I am and I know all about the pilot now much happening in my well when they got it tell me you can open on the radio and taken a guy on his plate on and he told me what he is talking about a put it on and it changed my whole home well but he told me. Looking to buy the Democrats come up with an idea day. No Carling going until you have no doubt that you know Rush Limbaugh said this many many moons ago that the downfall every single time of the Democrats is they don't know when they've overreached way too far. They don't know when to stop. You know Joe Biden yesterday was talking about magazine maximums. The number of bullets that could go in a in a gun magazine and he throws this number out but Janice, you and I both know that that is not a hard fast number if he were to ever get that past that would only be the beginning of first instance if he said most you could have in a gun is 30 rounds. You know, a few years later than it would be 25, then it would be 20 then it would be 15 and and it can and scan any time that you pass legislation.

It opens the door to be more restrictive.

I'm sorry but not out. Not with my God-given right, sister.

I don't know it in and out, you know, I don't know what is really going to go because I know people are not really good and it's not good. Know really isn't good at all. That would criminals when it comes to criminal I'll get you and I go to child unit don't kill somebody get penalty if you kill somebody like you went back to this woman a cardiac date date. They do not and not down the street literally tell Haman a body like take the lead people.

I put them in jail. I get them tonight. We might treat them very well until they become legal.

All women and men get execution. You don't like to get into what have you found that white line down the middle got on one side life. On the other people now. I played everything with them and I tell them if you don't when it died in counting the thing.

If you don't want my jail.

Don't give those things don't sound don't do that don't happen to click with the minor child out right but one man torturing animals ASU selling my second grade teacher Mrs. Finley. She put the fear of God in me with with some very harsh consequences if you do bad you. You will suffer the consequences. We are becoming more and more a consequence free society. Janice, thank you for calling doubt we don't have beignets really in Memphis or what I'm to do is I want to go to Gibson's doughnuts and get them sprinkle a little powdered sugar on one of those doughnuts in your honor today and have that. How about that know and I can tell you what a play really will have a have a wonderful weekend. Honor is all mine Matt in North Carolina on the talk station hello, thank you very much. Thank you for calling today. You're very welcome. Michael Clark about a little lower your ago happening with so-called rodeos 20 shall remain nameless component of your show your what about the 24th amendment guy can't do his job.

You who work in the White House.

By the way explained under you know me explain to me that it's very complicated all the details how complicated that is. Everybody knows that went through, Harris happy birthday anyway.

It's like like which you prefer getting shot in the left arm shot in the right arm. It is pretty much ate a lose lose such a situation, for sure.

But hey, thank you so much for listening on the talk station, Matt, and thank you for the birthday wishes my friend. You're welcome, sir. All right. Take care.

There's Matt on GE talk station in North Carolina. We appreciate that so much a 447-4788 68 and I today is my birthday but I want you to think about what wish I should make for America if you had one wish for America. What would be 844-747-8868 Tim and for Todd galaxies. He flipped for all these new taxes might not like the best selfies of the part I just found in flax not capture hands-free text from multiple angles. For sure training sessions for his followers.

I simply wave my hand to start recording video dizzy flip floor is compact and fits perfectly in my pocket galaxies. He flipped for. They don't advertise on a 747868. It's a fabulous Friday.

The sun is out at our flagship station KW AM Memphis next door.

Mo Brooks will be joining us very excited to have him on the program will be rock 'n' roll and with the with the general wants to be the next senator from Alabama. Folks now more than ever it's important to support companies and organizations that share our values. Patriot mobile is America's only Christian conservative wireless carrier may not only share our beliefs, but they actually do something about it. Patriot mobile donates a portion of every dollar organizations that fight for causes you care about.

Switch to patriot mobile now and use promo code Todd to get free activation and a free gift patriot mobile has the broadest nationwide coverage and uses the same towers. Other carriers use their plans to fit any budget along with great discounts for veterans and first responder heroes as well as multiline users switching to patriot mobile is easy just to patriot or Calder US-based customer service team at 972 patriot get your special discount and free premier activation by using promo code Todd for more details visit patriot this patriot call 972 patriot. That's 972 patriot's wow it's not easy being Prince Harry and Megan Markel these days grace looking at what has been going on with the platinum Jubilee ceremony honoring Queen Elizabeth. You would think that they would just come ease their way in, and that in the background is not a warm welcome that window.

No, not at all. Unfortunately, they were met with booze. As I understand it, which is you know I think Megan Markel just needs to go back to the TV.

So what is it suits that she was all she was but she was one of my favorite suitcase holders on deal or no deal as well. Numbers are on there but I did see are in suits and I was like, wait a minute. That's the Megan Markel and she looks much happier in that show than she does now. My wife Benj watches the show called Castle. I will of heard of that show is it's a mystery throat thriller writer and she she's in that she's in that as well and but St. Paul's Cathedral in London in London. I've been there before.

It is gorgeous gorgeous building the acoustics and there are incredible so whenever they're singing it for it just sounds like Angels are singing and when people are booing you would think there were 100,000 people that disapprove that's rough. Well you know when you basically just the royal family, don't get to reap the benefits honey know so that they made the trip over from their usual job of virtue, signaling, and attending. You know every environmental cause and every euro BLM rally to to show up and it and be there at the service, which was respectful.

I see that but the folks in England do not quite appreciate them coming back after essentially taking a a big old torch and thrown it on the bridge and burn that down with the Royals in public sites, exactly, I don't think that the I don't think that she is well received over there and I honestly don't blame the people because she's been back badmouthing the royal family, and then she just walks in, like, how dare I would like it if Pres. Trump had 1/100 birthday celebration. It would be it would probably be the equivalent of Mary Trump walking in the mirror now yeah yeah that's pretty fair comparison but I like Megan Markel is one of the most disliked people right now I think I was up there with Jayda Pinkett Smith. Yeah.

And the thing is is Prince Harry was so likable because of his military service.

Interesting individual maybe had his moments when he was younger but then again if if your mom passes away, and there's a public divorce for the whole world to seek that's going to impact you.

Of course let his service in the Middle East and serving his country was great and then and then of all the women in all the places you had to pick Megan Mark had to pick Megan Markel. They got food.

You would've thought England and Scotland were playing and he played for the Scottish national team that incredible 447-4788 68 to been on it for top stars will be right back will know someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once. Much now you calls from iPhone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen.

Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxies see full for universities to really see George America. Todd R on Monday.

No worries. Our phone number 84474788 so glad to be with you on this Friday just hustling back upstairs at the flagship nation KWIC right here in Memphis Tennessee and just finishing off a couple more this chick like chicken minis were downstairs. They had breakfast cater today. Today I celebrate a listener say I'm eligible to get those mailers about senior discount 51 today, but enjoy some AAA grace we can find out what they do to the top of the chicken minis a check for lightly brush them with butter or honey or a mixture because her something glossy that makes it taste sort of sweet. I bedded butter and honey it might just run a letter just love it could be that to but they are so good and you guys will be. Today I want to thank you for that and our phone number 844-747-8868 and are questioned that we've given her audience up for the phone lines and for our live chat at top stars on Facebook is has been more today later today to blow out my candles for my birthday I decided I'm to make my wish something for America if you could take that birthday wish.

What one wish would you have for America 844-747-8868 shock in Gainesville, Georgia listing on the wonderful WD you and good afternoon Chuck, thanks for calling every birthday talk.

Thank you, my man, I appreciate it's been one of the best ever.

I got I got a saying it's only getting better.

What, what's on your mind on this Friday, while got a great start will bring it. That would be to return to the Ludlow.Ludlum of America filed so that we once again have common ground and not not be like we are now where there is no common ground. That's a great when you know what I would even say maybe that's a great wish and what might an extra if I can get a bonus wish would be that we could just simply have a dialogue and talk with each other and discuss problems rather than me pitching an idea and then somebody calling you know me knows enough homophobe racist… Have a dialogue and let's look at back to ideas and back to the Constitution talk. I love what you're saying let's get back to the basics because that's what made America great, but I know you also wanted to talk about Biden in this push for guns with you wanted to control group form 100 talk about that secret about it, you could prevent them from voting or or put questioner net profit which is why nearby space right now but there's something else that you could do that huge that contemplates nobody please you could restrict their movement so law imagine what if everybody instead of the amount or if you want to go to Alaska long as you can afford the gas you just hop in your car and go. What if everybody drove a car that only had a 50 mile range on it until it was charged well and also you could pick the winners and losers on the utilities get to decide maybe who gets how much electricity based on your social score. Besides the following people and like you and lick your representatives yet how easy would it be crap people right near their own label to flee if thereby electrically you know so that that's one of them pictures your sanctimonious I find it kind of benign sounding thing, but I think there's something nefarious behind it a lot more than what's being thought about lefties charging stations that have a diesel backup generator in case the power goes out.

That's pretty rich you could so easily crap a whole city full of people.

Yes if everybody had to buy gas after they got the range of their time that takes forever just build makeup, but if it took hours and hours you know to charge each vehicle you could trap crap a whole population of people that were unarmed and yelled atthe winter. California is already on the brink that they can barely keep the lights on with fossil fuels as it is if you put every body on the electrical grid. Can you imagine the chaos that would happen in California practically, we are not even anywhere near that if you want to talk about restricting movement by taking the guns. All you gotta do is look up Australia and there's exhibit a right there. Chuck on the great WD you and thanks for calling this morning and we appreciate you on the Todd Starr show our phone number 844-747-8868 and it is about holding you hostage if you don't have protection against tyranny. What are you going to do. How about this for Tierney guys the Biden administration put this in a nutshell for you if you don't follow our interpretation of title IX and let those guys go into the girls bathroom's in school were not going to give you any money to feed the poor kids in your school. That sounds like a conspiracy doesn't but it's not the Biden administration is now threatening to withhold federal funding for school lunch programs enough schools and districts don't adhere to their definition of title IX which would include gender identification, and if you discriminate based on gender identification and sexual orientation. Well guess what, they can take away that lunch money for the school kids. Have you noticed how the Democrats who always want to play the compassionate card. In fact, they played so much that they should have it laminated because it's always pulled out but have you ever notice for group that so compassionate anytime that there is a disaster or anything that that happens.

Bad children are typically going to be involved with. Think about every time the government shuts down or there's a threat of a government shutdown what the Democrats threaten will happen if you do not pass the extra funding or the continuing resolution, guess, guess who's not going to have lunch money like people are going to die. The children are going to stop children, you coward terrible Republicans. I was that this was perfect and sometimes it's children only sometimes they play a different card words its women and children and minorities, which I guess then they lump everybody into one group will suffer next author on the puppy dogs still throwing up, though, throwing up the puppy dogs yet dealt with it well.

Yet Ouchi Eagles but I will say anything else.

So you are looking at an administration now and if your kids are in government schools on called in public schools because they're not of the people they are run by now they are run by the government. Randy Weingartner, the head of the teachers union. She she's the one, and you've heard soundbites on the show and and I'm sure on your on your shows throughout your daily lineup wherever you may be of Randy Weingarten trying to sneakily push CRT trying to push gender identity and push these radical leftist policies while this one is out wide in the open and this is a threat to school safety I think is an absolute threat to safety. How can you send your kids into a den of wolves. Yeah when you're trying to send your little lamb and to learn to grow up to learn values and all you want to do is have your kid in a school building know that they're going to be learning to be in a what should be a safe environment will talk about school security little bit later, but in an environment where if they need to go to the restroom. They don't have to worry about nonsense and then have more questions than answers.

When I come home for the day know exactly. And, you know. Also, you want real to send your kid in and these teachers a lot of them are hiding this gender ideology business from the parents alike. You know you can ask your kid what's going on but like you're probably not getting the full story and you can ask the teacher because the teachers tell the kid don't tell your parents and the teacher will tell you either. So you're totally in the dark and you see that the government knows this because you've got you've got Merrick Garland, the Atty. Gen., who is now more than happy to sick to sick the wolves on parents who push back against local school boards whether the critical race theory or if it's on gender ideology. Yeah, the parents are starting to get in the got during the pandemic. When they started to look over the shoulder and see some of this nonsense that's being pushed in the schools and now that the parents are getting at. The government feels threatened. They feel threatened by the sanitizing light of truth.

Yes, another scrambling. Now they are not only are they scrambling but they are getting nasty about it. So now they want to withhold school lunch money. If you do not conform to their idea of title nine I think they personally got it all wrong.

Kyle, I good friend of mine here, a former County Commissioner by the name of Terry Rowland taught me everything I need to know, and I think he could teach all of our audience. Everything we need to know about gender identity, God created man and will you have a problem figured out which one you are all you gotta do you know don't make the right guy don't make mistakes. If you got a question of who you are just looking your britches says Terry, really I think you know we don't even need a gender studies course. All you gotta do is put that on a T-shirt or put that at the top of a notepad and you have learned everything you need to know God don't make mistakes, just looking your britches.

That's all you need but you know what the Biden administration is going to continue to push this, and folks out there in radio land. Let me tell you, you think critical race theory has been pushed back. That's great. You better keep an eye on that.

But now you better be ready to fight this fight in school because it is going to be here there and everywhere. Some mama bears Papa bear's rest stop. The summers coming, but the new school year is going to be on the way and there's got to be more fights to fight in front of that school board 844-747-8868. Today is my birthday. You heard Chuck's wish if you had one wish for America, what would it be 844-747-8868 we got more of your comments from our Facebook live chat will take your calls. We have so much more to him and for Todd galaxies.

He slept for all these new tracks it might not like best selfies of the part I just found in flax mode and capture hands-free text from multiple angles. For sure training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video dizzy flip floor is compact and fits perfectly in my pocket to go. It's easy flip for Todd Starr four 747-8068 water mode works joining us also distant future. Jason Miller, CEO of getter be joining us. Two 844-747-8868 we go back to the phone lines that WDs UN in Gainesville. Paul called again this afternoon on the Todd Starr show hey Paul, thanks for calling you Helen all right serving enjoying the show mount.

My wish is that America's churches would realize who I was and let it rise up and like the right place.

They come out of the wall and come into society because if you change if the Lord touches the heart and change.

You don't have the school shooting people look totally different. Do you think culturally that there are not enough churches that are engaging in, and has created a massive moral vacuum.

Yes, very lovely looking to what Paul's got a little bit of a phone issue was with Paul there in Gainesville.

You're welcome to call back but but his wish and are in a question of the day. Today is my birthday but for me my birthday wish would not be about me, I would love to blow out the candles and make a wish for America and my question is been to the audience.

If you had one wish for America, what would it be 844-747-8868 and course he is. He is welcome to call back Joe Biden the gun grab continued last night it was kind of a creepy's the location where he gave it last night and one of the halls in the White House. It was very creepy. He walked out on this red carpet. And all along the path. It was about 30 feet and it was lit with those. What would you call and tea light candles or tea candles that were on the floor. It almost looked like he was walking to some sort of sacrificial ritual when he walked out and started talking about a myriad of things including a course each, of course. He says every time you know enough enough and for God sake Lance Paris and me are present at he wants the guns and he he began by demonizing the Republicans and he wants them to jump in with bipartisan support to begin to strip the second amendment and and and. For instance, he's happy to take it down. Brick by brick. Oh yeah, he's more than happy to limit the magazine capacity on guns and everything.

By the way is this is an assault weapon extra heavy everything got into a gun store and tried to buy a non-assault now and if that means hello I mean it. I mean it's it's a it is a self-defense device.

You can use hunting at you the evil comes from the user.

It does not come true from the device and Waukesha abandoned cars and trucks because of Waukesha tried to bed. They tried to ban knives because that's you know they say that's an assault weapons that we are because know don't have guns over their sacks are now now everybody turns to knives over in Britain. Same thing could happen.

Here's what I'm saying.

It would just turn to something else. Where does it stop just like Ms. Gina said while it stops once once you don't have anything to protect yourself true. If you have it as it is, but this is what Joe Biden does Joe Biden goes out there in terms out for God sake. Enough is enough and then he begins to tell you exactly what the Democrats want to do and that's and that is to take the guns.

Bit by bit. If they can at first, limit the magazines if they can just get that on paper if they can get bipartisan support to get that on paper. That is simply just the crack in the door that they can eventually kick open because what you get that on the next thing to do is to modify that number of rounds from safe 2525 round magazine down to 20 down to 15 maximum 10 down to five and that's how they're willing to do it if they can get anything out of this, that, whether they get a little bit or they get a lot they want to go for the guns and they'll take whatever victory they can get, however small or big 844-747-8868 couple minutes there was Dave in North Carolina on the talk station talk guns hey Dave Michael sure this is something going on the day after the shooting. I called and mentioned that there were talking how much it would cost to protect schools and everybody's trying to put that up front and then Biden said he would not pardon the target is where you would not fortify the school so he has absolutely no desire to protect the children in the bill is called protect the children. Well the thing is back after I mentioned that years ago after you know I had volunteered personally volunteered to go in as part of anything and set up programs in Everett I am a retired Marine and there's a lot of people that I know the retired military retired law enforcement everything would volunteered to do her shift or do whatever you going to protect the schools or years later the schools are not protected and Joe Biden who send him to the problem, refuses to protect the children and what else on top of that, is the fact that if you have if you have parents you have neighbors that have a vested interest in preserving that neighborhood to protecting the kids. You then create an environment where the kids know who their protectors are. They're not as intimidated by those who want to protect them and then we also turn the table on this anti-police defund the police rhetoric unit. It would be a great way to protect the schools and also change our culture that is a great call from the talk station in North Carolina, 844-747-8868 seven are taught starts this is for Tom Starnes 844-747-8868 on this Friday to have you with us was just it's just good to be right on the cusp of the weekend. Got plenty in store for you. In fact, let's go right now to the patriot mobile newsmaker line and joining us right now from the great state of Alabama. It's our pleasure to be joined by Congressman Mo Brooks, Congressman, always a pleasure to talk with you sir how are you I'm great thought about yourself. Everything is going fantastic Congressman, I gotta tell you, it's good to talk to again affect you work last year at sea pack in Dallas.

It was 8 o'clock in the morning. I just showed up and you are my first interview of the day and just walked up and we just started talking and I got to I will never forget that it's great to talk to you again sir.

Under these circumstances, so there's a lot going on here in the country and and now as I look in grocery stores and not just in my neighborhood, but a Cosco wherever across the country. It's just flat out tough to find baby formula still to this day, and I am absolutely shocked Congressman that the president is acting like he had no clue about this at all until just recently got government has a role to play the Greek they shut down at one of our larger baby formula production plant date and fairness their allegation that babies a couple of them of my memory spurs me correctly had died because of some kind a contaminant associated with that figure plant that's something that I'm sure court will resolve later on determine whether to cure or not but any time you have a major production plant shutdown you're going to have left the fire. Whatever it is they're supposed to produce and the federal government has not been reacting nearly as fast as they should and trying to make sure that that plant reopen on I'm cautiously optimistic that it's reopening is not that far in the future and with that's every how do you not pull in business men from those companies right away.

How do you not calling Abbott in colonies other companies and say listen, you know there's a problem and not let them leave the room until a problem is solved anywhere even hearing that he didn't even know and and the and the spokesperson Karen no Jean-Pierre can even tell us who eventually told him about about that problem. How can you solve a problem when there is not when you don't even know that there is one and that's just the tip of the iceberg. There's a lot of things missing on our shelves.

Congressman Joe Biden has been economically added for a long period of time and quite frankly I'm one of those that believe that unfortunately with a mental acumen.

I've been familiar with him for well over a decade a lot sharper than 15 years ago when he was by Pres. sharper still only third and I think that it but now he doesn't have the mental ability in my judgment to grasp all the different back and challenges that are present on his face as opposed to grasp and it is unfortunate different people age at different times, but the president certainly have been aware of this crisis months ago now granted I have a little bit of advantage over. I've got twin girl grandchildren that are eight months old and another granddaughter who's five months old, so this was very quickly brought by my daughter-in-law not only your kids have to shop that you have some ready and I guess in the cupboard when they come to visit. We've got to be in a position to help.

We have 13 10 grandchildren and we do it weekend helping out around all the family needs an obligation and it's wonderful when you have those baby grandchildren over, but you do have to have baby formula you know what, I'm not naturally equipped to handle that hundred. My wife is a grandmother gotta have it now, wait a second woke ideology says you want to be able to handle that, Congressman. Now are you so sure about. There are a lot of gaps between woke ideology and biology and find a good disgrace that is for sure. Congressman Mo Brooks joining us from the great state of Alabama. I just saw gas to Another $0.10 here at our flagship station in Memphis to around 459 a gallon. How are things looking down in that sweet home Alabama. It was pretty bad. I was driving about 400 miles yesterday brought the state and between Huntsville in Phoenix city, which is very southeastern quadrant of the state of Alabama and the gas prices typically around four dollars and $34.40 a gallon. Just give an idea by Mary. I remember what it is about 2321 things per gallon and so gasoline prices have gone up astronomically in all of this is self-inflicted by the Biden administration went the very first day, when the Biden ministration took office. They made it clear that they're going to act oil production and oil supplies, and they did so by unilaterally shutting down the Keystone pipeline that would shift a lot of Canadian oral a reliable ally to our refinery along the Gulf Coast of the Texas Louisiana and other area and it's just economic stupidity. You can't move the truck at the fine good you don't have diesel fuel, you can't move people to and from school to and from work unless you got gasoline you can do a lot of things if you don't have energy production and the signal that the Biden administration gave it the very first day of his having been sworn and was at work and have a war all oil were never war on coal that has an adverse effect on the psyche of the industry and of course speculators went wild. The entire market anticipated that prices were going to go up and to some degree you had the actual reduction in supplies, pushing up prices, but you also have the adverse effect on the psyche of the people are in these markets just came to believe the prices are going to go out and in fact, as a result of the self-fulfilling economic prophecy prices have gone up and now all Americans across the board are suffering very badly by the Democrats were on energy and in Congressman. I know you're looking for a run in the Senate. I want to ask you this because every summer we had down the Baldwin Beach express and and head down the Foley express down to Orange Beach every year to see my my my uncle John and my aunt Kim that live down there. They love Alabama they're never going across the state line, but they love what's going on down there. What you say to my aunt and uncle and folks in Alabama. As we look at the midterms.

I look at 2023 and beyond is is there a hope to turn this around. Well, when you first and foremost start electing conservative public and primary in my own. It is supported by Democrats which ought to tell you the real conservative, and so I ordered people across the state to become more aware and also to do homework that you be able to discern the true against the brazen dystonic attack at that are being financed by special interest groups against me that want open borders and cheap foreign labor for the establishment wing of the party that blocked us in 2017 and 28 when we tried to build the wall and repeal Obama care. The two principal promises that the Republicans made to the people of America in order to earn their trust get elected to the White House out then it in 2016 will the very people who failed our country in 2017 and 2018.

They're the ones who are fighting me in the United States Senate right anybody wants to help the primary runoff is just 18 days away and I very badly need campaign contributions of please go to Mo Mo I can't get my wallet filled by special interest. You know what I put America first yes and at the exact opposite of what special interest groups want Congressman is an honor to have you back on again. It's great to talk with you, and before we go I want to say congratulations to the great state of Alabama. It looks like space force is going to be located in a place near and dear in my heart just down the road in Huntsville Alabama at Redstone. That's gotta be exciting if it if that all comes to fruition. The number one place live in America. According to US news and world report.

Best place to live.

Uncle Alabama my congressional district just give you an idea of what I've been able to accomplish, along with five a lot of other city, county and state elected officials collectively we been doing great in the valley but having said that, all you liberals ignore what I just said say where you are elsewhere. We only want welcome third in the state of Alabama. That's right.

Mo says no Mo liberals in Alabama. Congressman Mo Brooks, thank you so much for joining us. Good luck in your runoff again that's Mo Mo and hopefully will get to talk to get very very soon. Have a terrific weekend, sir, but thank you theirs. Congressman (love that guy. All right coming up. We got school anymore, although I want to see Kat or have Jason Miller on another Todd Stern show, and we've got a wonderful patriot that will be joining us. In addition to Jason Miller in our number three, but we got 20 more to get two 844-747-8868. Today is my birthday later today I'm to be blowing out my birthday candles.

I want to make a wish for America if I could make one wish for America. I'm not sure what it would be. There's a lot of things we need to wish for. If you had that one wish what would you wish for. For America, 844-747-8868 Tim and for Todd Todd*sent me.

747-8868 next hour Jason Miller with better. He is the CEO folks. As you know, our friend Mike Lindell has a passion to help everyone get the best sleep of your life.

Stop by simply creating the best pillow though owning. They now Mike is done it again were introducing his my slippers for limited time you'll save $90 on a pair of my slippers. This book failure won't last order now Mike has taken over two years to develop my slippers. My slippers are designed to where indoor and out all day long and there made with my pillow foam and impact gel to help prevent fatigue made with quality leather, suede, call 800-839-8506 use the promo code. Starnes my Click on the radio listener Square and use the promo code Starnes. This offer will not last long, so order now with the promo code Starnes at my pillow.calm 844-747-8868 we go to the phone lines W. D.

You and the pride of North Georgia Mike joins us on the Todd start show your talk with Mike, thank you for taking the cops at some what I wanted to mention you know there's talk, why don't they ban cars.

The course they wouldn't end up wandering decent good people drive cars.

Not that Mo Gooden told people that can look down on by a lot of folks usually gone. You're not. You're not look that is real good with long a lot of people but everybody in the car and those respectable well you know if they had their way if they could get their act together and get public transportation done which by the way, I'm in California. I don't think I thinks I think we'll see St. Peter before they ever finish all the high-speed rail project in California if they can ever finish government transportation. Oh, they would more be more than happy to get those cars out of the garage is and be able to pick winners and losers of where businesses can go and where you can move freely. I've never been to New York but at your will talk later. But they get to the subway.

Some people don't. They live out past the you know that the Berger Burks limits your I guess I guess you gotta get a pair of my slippers for my pillow and take a long walk somewhere. That's what I would do just for the long walk, so wouldn't have the fatigue but talk you that you know it it's hard to get around by car in New York City and in all the big cities and in that that is a that is a global fact. But yeah, you're right elite elites do tend to look down on the Bible, clinging done token Americans. That is, that is a for sure Mike I will put you on the spot here with it with a simple question today is my birthday and I want to make one wish today for America but there's so many things wrong so many things I'd love to see happen if you had one wish for America, what would it be world. This is a beauty pageant. It's a radio show, Mike. The one thing I like your writing out the Lord, you know the Lord, that would be a great answer. That's a great answer Mike, thank you so much for joining is not always talk to the great folks in Georgia have yourself a good day and don't don't forget to vote for Herschel Walker in and for the Republicans will slip that back to red this fall 844-747-8868 a lot of people coming in with some wishes grace on our live chat as well this afternoon if you can have one wish for America, what would it be and I love our audience. Doris says put the Bible back in America, restore the Constitution and repeal the emergency power spark proclamation of 1976 hey, now that's is that all it did one person say all three things that music, so is that one thing about which I would put the Bible back in America just take the first one. If you do that, everything else falls in the line yeah I got enough about that.

Jennifer said that Pres. Trump be reelected, okay. Well, that may not happen in 2022. But maybe in 24 heat.

He is sure is playing coy in the lessee. Yeah, absolutely. Also, Alisha says that everyone would find the Lord a lot of spiritual awakening wishes on here and I love that because people are putting everybody else first on this live chat and I think that is fantastic.

Jennifer also says more strong leaders like Trump with a backbone to stand against the swamp and to trust the Constitution. That's it. That is a group that is great because this is something in this is a civics lesson that will not get taught in school. Grace and there is a massive difference in how government works when you have a conservative versus someone not conservative I'm not even just to say, left versus right, I'm to say I'm to lump the rhinos in with the left conservative versus non-conservative when a conservative wins. They want to push back in the other direction swing the pendulum closer to the Constitution. The left always wants to further their agenda and I want the rhinos in with them because when the rhinos when we jump up and down the day Republicans when but the Republican rhinos only want to slow down the left's agenda. They don't want to stop the agenda so it is the same as the agenda progressing.

It only progresses at a slower rate than if it were a full blown leftist assault, and they do not teach you and civics course. So if you have kids listening turn up the radio.

I can't get your college credit for it, but it is something that the kids need to know as they get older and learn when they go vote that a rhino victory. Often times is a hollow victory and Mo Brooks set it great last segment but you gotta have strong conservatives in office.

If you're going to not only beat back the leftist agenda, but to promote the conservative agenda which is simply returning to the metal and returning to the Constitution to American values to push America forward. The country is not broken. We have politicians who were trying to break it. If we go to the Constitution. I believe that there is a salvation. I believe there is a reawakening of American exceptionalism just waiting to be had. We only have to get the right people in place to make that happen. I think it is just that simple folks stick around coming up after the top of the hour, Jason Miller.

He is the CEO of getter. It's a wonderful platform. I want to say hello and blow a big kiss to all the people watching on the getter lifestream today. You guys are so loyal to the Todd Stern show.

We love you where to talk to the CEO of getter coming up next. 844-747-8868 if you had one wish for America, what would it be. Give us a call to hard for Todd will know someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once. Much now you calls from iPhone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen.

Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy.

See full for universities to you in Memphis, Tennessee since conservative commentary from Friday. I think this is going to be a great third hour, I'll just his baseball cap backwards either were three runs down in the bottom of the ninth return of a huge this hour. I didn't think it be awesome. 4747 88 XT eight that's their phone number and you are welcome to call on this Friday we got a lot going on here on the Todd Starnes show and the let's just go right back to the phone lines to the patriot mobile newsmaker line joined me on the show is the CEO of the wonderful social media platform, which by the way, if you go to Todd Starnes were live streaming right now on getter Jason Miller joins us now. Jason, thanks for joining us on the Todd Starnes show how are you doing I have to tell you, you hire wonderful people. One of my best to social media friends in the world Kalon door. We have some of the deepest conversations about life, politics and Star Wars from time to time on the K.

W a.m. morning show love your folks there door who work both worked in the White House is our Senior Global Dir. of engagement is a great guy but a longtime teammate and here's the funny thing is when I show to these events will get Trump rally Wyoming whether feedback or something like that. The first question you're the one who literally talking everybody will know it was a great guy you know we we really stuck to the president. You're the believe in free speech in your post, cultural, gotta get your boarded when I was first thing through the qualifications and characteristics of one employee looking for that and I think can you eat 10 pancakes in one sitting because he can take that box is pancake challenge was pretty epic now. What's also spreading is not just a great attitude, but getter itself continues to grow and it gets bigger and it gets better every single week and I know that you got some big things on the horizon should sooner rather than later with getter. Can you speak to that. Here's the cool thing we launched last July that we grow to be 5 million users that are on the platform happily left the house from around the rest the world. Great global growth with widescreen which, again, the Todd Starnes show is lifestream on getter right now watching like chat now had over 120 million lifestream launch that in October, here's the cool night at complete.

This evening is part of the most recent Apple App Store Google play store upgrade will be turning on for everybody and expanded beta testing for which is our short real competitor to tick-tock Instagram real so all in one platform one out one platform you're your microblog, your your timeline. You have the lifestream you have.

Vision actually wrote a non-CPP control person Instagram real and this thing is so easy to use put this evening. I was a figure out how to start "patient post and the easement on these things are so much fun no longer just a bounce around between 10 different apps on your phone, put it all in one place. So after I finish at the gym in my tank top and then flex in front of the mirror and start taking selfies. I can just let everybody know with one click.

That is that what you're saying absolutely anything put on stickered out in music so maybe wanting you know a little outgoing trunk or something in front of the mirror you with clickable know Schwarzenegger. There are also to cool one up gold coins will know around all of the fun stuff there again. None of the political discrimination which again is the key is wearing thin tick-tock Instagram real what you mention COBIT you mention November 3. You mentioned anything like that in the all automatically. Jason just a moment ago you mentioned many of your users.

About half in the last half globally. Can you talk about the global gross of getter. It sounds like people are thirsting for freedom of speech and you are providing that oasis will be our unit wouldn't work with getter to get the idea about platform market initially out about this. You must let the folks like myself it would work the present Trump so what happened when they stop the Hunter Biden story from being shared on the ultimately deep level the president. What I didn't realize we started doing our research here how big of a problem this political discrimination and curtailing free-speech rights is around the cloak difference you're looking that were big back. That's really the big monster here in the US around the world. What places though authoritarian government for the UK you even even as we look at the Supreme Court in Brazil that were quite present to her boss, Nora, but the actual Supreme Court which there actually get investigating the road while the policy totally bonkers by the government directly to the bad actors in the free speech and so it's important we defend accurately your skin around the world because what happens when the rest the world can impact our market as well and seems you've gone overseas going to Europe, I know you're heading back to Brazil for CPAP last time I got it got a little interesting.

Last time, but I mean this is can we go there. No, we will absolutely cancel the time to fill, we would first be back at the end of last August beginning of last September and Brazil again for 2022, this next weekend, and end results are number 214% of our user base and present all sorrow were blessed to have him on the platform and I'm going to the airport.

The couple about plainclothes officers of their like a blur like that like all is this what Michael like my only private young male private plane garlic know it gets to the interrogation room and asked me these questions likely are you calling what will we want to talk about two secret investigation like what what are they about to go with her secrets. We can't tell you what ended up being about three hours or so. They wanted to question such as, are you monetizing platform are tells will your platform how to January 6 that had a break and some of it.

We can even watch the clock until July 2021 so you know, and we haven't even started the bonnet on the platform.

You might find Dr. want me to start monetizing or doing to get some guys and I'm sorry can't help you out your book pretty clearly what was just a brush back like we don't want.

We don't want anyone perceived the ball snarl ally to be here one mixer that we have full control and it's pretty clearly put their foot on the skill October selection comes up, it just reinforced more than anything how important the global level course I can get a lawyer will quickly call your Gothic magic, you're just a political activist and you have a Supreme Court going to QA to some secret detention room. You start realizing that a lot of these countries it can go from 0 to 60 real quick.

Yes yes and Miranda rights.

What are those in Brazil, so I was like a document from you but if you find this paper then you can leave and go to your plate. While I will tell you what is that like them but not like a lot of like I didn't go to law school that I could watch the first 21 order something in English or important you come on get your lawyer.

So if it would laugh about it.

Other is your regular person in a country like you don't have to write the First Amendment right your company. What is the thing that boggled my mind.

We think the First Amendment for granted that we have the freedom of speech is so important to me that literally literally the First Amendment doesn't have a diverse number First Amendment UK ever First Amendment most countries around the world do not have anything in the Constitution to actually protect speech we are so lucky here in the US we take it for granted everyday and we gotta be careful not just about the First Amendment Jason but the Second Amendment as well. A Biden has been hot and heavy. After going after the guns now to and I know that's been trending quite a bit on getter absolutely ended very clearly that part of the leftist progressive push to become authoritarian regimes and it's not just Joe Biden. The liquid Castro Ami Trudeau is doing up and ended up first with the bank account after the gun. It's amazing that the so-called progressive governments are the ones who work become the authoritarian fear in the match done anything for that setting him free speech or second amendment right. No wonder things just what was present Trump to generate speech last week and what was shocking to me was how many elected officials ran away last week in the face of the horrific shooting but rather than deleting call out the issues of mental based mental health issues and start actually addressing the real issues about why the limit to do with the two people were coming up with scheduling excuses and starting to kowtow to the gun lobby. The radical anti-gun lobby to trying to take a well respected member right and it's just amazing that more politicians than in a completely present Trump to take work to support the second amendment and really going to actually deal with mental health issues that clearly are being taught and I gained a new respect for South Dakota Gov. Christie know because I know she had caught some flack on some some gender some gender identity bills up there earlier in the last 12 to 16 months, but she showed up in RA. She was there she she's one of those ones that did not back down and and you do have to appreciate when somebody takes a stand and goes against the the wind and stands for the principles and stands for the First Amendment stands for the sacrament amendment as well. Jason I were coming up on a break, but one more time tonight. You got big doings on getter. Please share with us one more time. What's going down like three were programming literally from the morning till about midnight.

Multiple shows with Todd Stark showed up about noon to three every day like getter all be on doing another Miller light coming up later to talk about the 23rd anniversary 33rd St., curator of Kinnaman Square, which is tomorrow. The 64, which is how the Chinese team referred with me talking about how the people, the thousands who died in 1989 how that fight still could eat today and how important is that we don't back down and then keep an eye on your app because you got new features coming up now sometime tonight sometime tonight vision which will be the logo right out of the screen.

Click on it and start making your own short form videos like tick-tock of Instagram real bounce around it all in one place. You post on your timeline and a lot of fun.

Fantastic and folks are so blocks you can get all the details were how you can follow Jason Miller personally, but just just go together and get the app it's fantastic Jason, thank you for sharing a few minutes with us today. Congratulations on the continued growth that you're experiencing. Good luck on your trips and we look forward to the new features on getter. They seem to be coming all the time. Thank you so much. All right, there's Jason Miller and it is it's it's a great app and were streaming live on there right now. We appreciate that for sure. Our phone numbers 844-747-8868. Today is my birthday.

What better way than to spend it with you on getter and on our live streaming on great radio stations all across the country. I got a birthday wish coming tonight after I have a little bit of birthday cake blow out those candles. I would love to make one wish for America if you had that wish what wish for America would you make 844-747-8868 it's Tim in for Todd for Todd Starnes. Our phone number four 747-8860 a and are making the sprint to the weekend. But before that we've got a gun expert coming up by August. Col. Austin Bay will join us as an author but talk a bit about Russia and Ukraine today graces 100 days of Russia and Ukraine seems like it's been going on for six months but just over three. I know I can't believe it when I was doing some research is like minutes only been 100 days, it seems much longer than that – absolutely. We got that coming up in about 10 minutes. Here some breaking news for you Peter Navarro who is is a former White House economic advisor just got arrested by the FBI and this stems from him being held in contempt for refusing to testify at the January 6 committee hearings. Navarro and what a coincidence. Boys and girls because just yesterday Navarro was on MSNBC making a promise that he would certainly take the reins and be happy to lead the effort to impeach Joe Biden if the Republicans take Congress back in the November midterms which it looks like there is going to be a red wave coming but why do you know the day after he says he would impeach Biden.

They send the FBI after him and arrest him on those contempt charges. Navarro is among several witnesses who have sued the committee in federal court claiming that it is violating the separation of powers by performing a law enforcement function and that it has violated the terms of its own resolution speaker the House Nancy Pelosi took the unprecedented step of choosing not to seek some Republicans on the committee. When Kevin McCarthy, the White House minority leader would withdraw all of his nominees. In response, Pelosi then handpick the committee of seven Democrats and two Republicans contrary to eight Democrats and five Republicans that the resolution requires the committee has no official member that we would call your fingers quote the ranking member which a lot of folks that are experts on. They say that makes the subpoenas in valid 844-747-8868 Chris listening to us on the flagship station K. W. AM. He's in neighboring Collierville, Tennessee hi Chris, I am. I want to point something out last night when Biden was talking about when we going to do something for the schools. When we got to do something well, excuse me if I'm not mistaken most of the people on the school board and you spit on the County commission and city calculus. They are Democrat Democrats run these big city okay and they say when it comes down to smaller down. I don't know you know the demographics of Democrat versus Republican on the school board or whatever like that but really when it comes down to public education, mostly to Democrats that run the school. So for him to stand up there talk about when we got to do that when we going to do something what everybody who is conservative. The conservative parents the conservative community leaders now say look no let let the retired veterans going there let let let's get these schools taken care of every time somebody comes up with a commonsense policy Democrat shoot it down in the school, so for him to point the finger need to point a finger in the mirror. What I let's talk about all the Texas because down there you have the you call the school district police chief Pete Redondo, the, the, the top cop of the school district.

Not only is he probably not gonna face a ton of scrutiny that may sit you know I take I want that by just a little bit.

Perhaps he will face some scrutiny, but guess it will face scrutiny from from the city Council.

And guess who just got sworn in as a city councilmember, the town of Vivaldi Pete Redondo the man that is the top top of the district is now a city councilman now. I would wonder Chris is how tough will he be on fortifying schools will here be a believer in that and if so is that an admission of his own failure or will he do what's in the best interest of the kids and of all the taxes that remains to be seen, but I think he may have just insulated himself from some criticism because he's got to sit on the decision-making board for that city. Coming up we got plenty more to talk to a Col. Austin Bay rental not rushing Ukraine at seven for Todd 474-7860 new galaxies. He flipped for all these new tracks it might not like the best selfies of the part I found in flax not capture hands-free text from multiple angles capture training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for compact and fit perfectly in my pocket galaxies. He flipped for 447-4760 a may ranking easily top five birthday days ever sent a blast today where we are broadcasting from the flagship station K WA M in Memphis, Tennessee, and just just having a blast for birthday. The staff brought in check fillet which was terrific chicken Minnie's chicken biscuits. I promise Grace I will get to some of the fruit and others a fruit tray down there. I know you're saying hey your your older tab you need to take better care of yourself. Get some of the fruit.

I will do just that, a promise I'm not no idea Tim news Inc. K. M. News anchor Ben Dieter hears already know the fruit while him eating the rest of the fruit. Now is like August him that I get 90 cell. Sorry bud, then, is my morning cohost for the show at K WA M so he and I may have a little tension on the show on the day that all go somewhere and I'm sorry because I'm radio marital strife and how you are not to know your pots third grade. I know I know people like you.

Goodness gracious, but we've had so many comments in our question of the day has gotten terrific response and it's in regards to making wishes on the birth that you get one wish, I would love to make a wish for America, but I don't know specifically what you wish for because there are so many problems in this country. So I leave it up to our audience, the smartest and radial world.

What wish would you make for America, and Doris chimes and on our live chat on Facebook says I wish for America that each person would be guided by a moral compass that is fantastic. Patricia says that the border would be closed. Elaine said that there would be no politicians. I think she means no swap. I don't think she's calling for anarchy here think probably not just of this is probably not: for in our now I would.

I would wouldn't believe so. William says get rid of all, in our government that doesn't have Christian values and put ones in their place that do. It wouldn't be nice.

I think this all goes to our audience. Many are saying hey, let's get back to conservative values with your moral compass let's let's base things on the Constitution and that and move America in the right direction.

It's just it's just not happening right now and America is suffering the consequences for it.

You have a president who last night went for another gun grab as he spoke from the White House and to unabashedly now looking to take away your guns. Bit by bit. Whether it's by the number of rounds in the chamber are skewed in the magazine. Whether it's the size of the gun, the type of a gun and here's the thing they're going after AR 15's that the sexy gun to go after. In the end, and people have asked me why are they singling out the AR 15 one. It looks like it's a scary gun. Okay, it looks like it's a big gun and it looks scary. And if they can plant if the left can plant that imagery in your head that it is the root of all problems. What they're trying to do is make that the poster child of hell like the statues grace. Let's take down one statue just one statue you take the first statue down is like guns you take the first going out. Guess what comes next. Then another, then another, like a domino effect and then the next thing you know you got Ulysses S Grant statues coming down and he won on the good side and George Washington statues trying to come down to places like Lee University and yes it's incredible but that's what that that is the same playbook that the leftists are using to go after the guns if they can get the AR 15. Guess what they've got now.

Now they have their victory, the doors open. Now they have president. They have a playbook that works. You go for another then you go for another and they're going to go the same way on these magazines on the gun clips 30 rounds.

Well, let's make let's make that the bad number then as that happens, let's amend that to a smaller and smaller. Next thing you know, maybe you can have a gun with five rounds maybe three rounds maybe maybe you have to Barney Fife it and keep one round in your pocket and you have to call a city counselor. Maybe you have to call somebody in to help you to break up the dispute to have a have a social worker come out before you can maybe use the gun it it is and I say that with tongue-in-cheek, but that's the direction that the left really wants to try to took to push it and that is toward taking the guns away and once they do that you are your own hate in Memphis you seen this so you know this, you are your own line of defense in Memphis. We are understaffed with police. They are under appreciated and when.

When seconds count, the police are just minutes away and this is not a slam on the they're overworked and there's there so spread out.

It's nearly impossible for rapid response and also I mean, let's be real here. The some of this may sound crazy to some folks but having a Babylon be headlined today reality tomorrow. We've seen it happen for multiple times, so who's to say you know other discussion for this kind gun and the next thing you know it's all the guns. Next thing you know it's a pocket knife. I mean just a Bible and anything since 2020 is that anything can happen.

So, to dismiss the conspiracy theories right off the bat. I have to admit I'm very nervous watching Mitch McConnell turtle man the Senate Minority Leader the Google I'm very nervous about that because sometimes he can be extremely savvy and a sense I will credit think he's been great when dealing with Supreme Court nominations. I will give him that. Okay, I'll call it as it is, but if he were to say yeah let's bring this to a vote. I'm very nervous because he has a lot rhino and him and I don't know how squishy or how much ground he would give yeah but I also don't know if he's trying to reel them in to try to get them on record and then say absolutely no way in then slammed the door on this.

I don't I don't know and trust McConnell enough to know which way he would go with this. Does that say that this that seem like a fair assessment of the guiding that's definitely a fair assessment. I mean you just one of those onesies, wishy-washy and we don't need wishy-washy right now we know it we need to make a stand because the old adage is true. The Second Amendment protects all the others, and we've even had a local congressman here that has been trying to push this ever since the all the shooting and it it is it is a shame when you take advantage of an opportunity like that but you don't even say a peep when you have a record rate of homicides the last six years in your city. Never let a crisis go to waste, and it benefits her side looking at you Steve: I like that you had a feeling that they were getting hit only be it can only be one.

It could've only been one for sure and I really you take. You take the gun grab and then you take what we are looking at when it comes to inflation. You heard Mo Brooks talk about those numbers continuing to skyrocket in the state of Alabama and then you look at the supply shortage of food at an and the baby food and it's not. It's bad enough that the food is not there on the shelves.

What really terrifies me grace and an LOI want to knock out a couple of clips here with Kyle and it's it's the questions for Karen Jean for Pierre who is now the new White House spokesperson and it's not bad. It's all it is not bad enough that what's bad enough that we have this problem. But what makes it worse is that the executive the commander-in-chief.

The president had no clue about this. Apparently for the longest time.

Listen to these conversations with the media and the White House spokesperson's. In this case Karen Jean Pierre cut for pleadings that the issue is to say there is a person is not answer when you have seen your assistance to the president. There is a paper trail. I'm sure that everything is present as a domestic policy Council, Chief of Staff at some point most likely that is presented to the president. As you know we've covered many administrations and they are just regular channels that that happened that goes to the president invasive to not have the most senior people in the White House willing to say is context and were also all suicide and understand the information flow in this way tell you is brief and countless priorities.

He is the president United States. There are regular channels. He is briefed by his senior White House staff and that is just a process that we have and I'm not going to. I'm just letting you know that there are regular channels in use and you know it's senior senior White House staff that when elevate issues to him when the time comes and they're just regular channels that's free. They're totally weird that the she can't even share who told him about the baby food crisis. I mean how bizarre is that we have we have all the streams of information yet. You also have computers and have recording devices and you take notes.

It's like we get all this stuff and then we just, whatever. We have notes on a few things. It is III. It just boggles my mind how we can have a president that does not even know that there was a baby food shortage until just recently, which then I have two questions. What else doesn't he know about and maybe as importantly, who's running the country. If he doesn't know everything who's calling all the shots out there.

If he doesn't know. Then who's in the know in the White House. If Joe Biden has no idea on this. What other critical issues are he not, is he not being informed on who is who is running the White House 844-747-8868 and for Todd starts new galaxies. He flipped for all these new tracks it might not like the best selfies of the part I just found in flax not capture hands-free text from multiple angles capture training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for its compact and fits perfectly in my pocket galaxies. He flipped for 4747 80 for my birthday dinner tonight. I am heading down the road to Germantown, Tennessee. My favorite places to eat.

I had a steak.

They are remodeling and it your level of state based is steak is good when you don't need to put sauce on it all but see they have the best steak that's like marinated in this like coffee grounds, that's fine. But once it comes off the grill. Yeah, don't put anything like A1 sauce except for asking people to catch up. I don't get that. Well, a lot of stuff catch up next anyway yeah but I agree with you.

A good steak only needs bladder. I in fact they are going to give me the Todd Starnes corner booth which is typically cordoned off with a red velvet rope. Oh, believe and aren't you special and there is a jug of half sweet, half unsweetened tea waiting we get there.

Typically well so wait a minute, so your you're pretending to be taught on his show did not like to did I just got to know Tom apparently reached out to stony River and said hey one of the guys is coming out there for dinner. They can use my booth will that was nice. Yeah, like that sometimes so like that all the time. So Todd will be back on Monday when he says he just taken some time off and that he will be back joining us out right here in Memphis, TN 84474 seven 8860 8WD you and in Georgia, it's Randy. Hey Randy, let's talk. Let's talk about guns all out all the problems that occurred over there right, looking at the teenage girls find it right now because a lot of the federal government will move your life either a firearm or whatever like alien your okay you want to go. She does get the glory on it. Look what way that they boat that can all be called state-level.

Watching the no go around behind your back and slowly chip away at your right area they want to make decisions on your kids who go to schools that typically don't have the same security that their kids get to have in their schools. Randy and and that is a big difference because that they are they are simply out of touch and bear so far out of the schools in North Georgia to do whatever they did over there. It would be like trying to affect the right we have, we thought at our school every morning throughout the day to day. There's one that shares the same driveway school and the sheriff on the same in our state already taking that by just putting police officers around the area. There's never been a day that I think my child in her doctors appointment at 112 thunder and thought but there while the public school state-level bacon in a state like Georgia where you have a open carry right that while you know my fellow get what you and thank God for state legislatures that get it and that's why that's why II think the federalization of education is such a disaster. One.

Education is not in the Constitution, there should be no Department of education that should be at the states.

Like many other things but you know I am sick and tired of the left, Randy, that will will come up and and they'll say or they'll post you just want to make the schools like prison you want to make these kids scared you want to put them in lockdown. No if you've ever been to a concert. If you've ever been to a ballgame. You know, when you walk in. Typically you're going to have a bag check or a metal detector. There are armed security guards or police at the ballpark and honestly Randy when I quit when I go watch the Memphis Redbirds minor league baseball team. I don't feel like I'm incarcerated you do you do you feel like you're going into a jail setting when you go watch a ballgame. Absolutely not what I look at people rightly, yet they're not infringing the anyway. But I know a lot of I don't know at all with whatever I know that I guys around here got what you know combat will follow the approach and again how I know you like it Randy thanks Sharon a few minutes with us here. We appreciate you and everybody down at W.

D. You and I don't think there's a ballgame this weekend, but that won't stop me from having a cold one this weekend. You don't then you don't need a good reason not to have a Baptist martini.

It'll little Diet Coke with a little lemon squeezed in there that's got to do it for today I want to thank Todd Starnes for the opportunity to a guest host today. Don't forget you go to Todd Todd any time to check out the great stories there and also you can listen to this and any of his other past great shows anywhere any time. Thank you. You have made my birthday. Absolutely wonderful.

God bless each and every one of you.

God bless America and until next time to bet aren't in for Todd Starnes will know someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you calls from iPhone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy. See full for

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