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Yes, leftists really do hate you!

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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June 9, 2022 4:14 pm

Yes, leftists really do hate you!

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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June 9, 2022 4:14 pm

Tony Pham, Rep Bryan Slaton, Charles Billingsley,  Rep Kat Cammack, and Dave Brat join the conversation with guest host Jeff Katz!

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Drivers are switching say with progressive save over $700 on average and the savings and imagine what you could buy and use the savings from switching to regressive 50 years ago to finally buy my dream car is a self driving flying car flying future cars fly in the future so switch to progressive and save big because so savings can national annual average in terms of welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by legacy, precious metals, there's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM universities. Do you see our universe sitting in for my dear friend Todd Starnes. They do not have People's Republic of New York. I hope he is well another couple left course that he's got to be aware of a couple of memos obviously gotten told not in New York and Bible clinging there barring the Bible in the state of New York as well.

Now the weird part about it.

Todd went up today.

I'm headed up to New York tomorrow we have a national convention of talk radio personality and it's been a year since I have attended wanted to put on by talkers Magazine the old fish trade paper. The Bible really of talk radio so I'm just thrilled that tomorrow be able to see Todd a number of other great people from all around America who were up there and I gotta tell you that we are on those front lines. Now, not on the front lines the same way as the military or first responders, but you do understand that the leftists despise you, and they despise psych to break your day like that strike that show can read the room I know but you know how much you and I are by the leftist in order to get into that thermometer breaking story out of Maryland that we have to address, because it's a great example of how much the leftists proud Americans about 1/2 hour from now. Another dear friend Tony Pham is going to be� Tony Tony is the personification of the American dream. Tony and his family fled Vietnam one of the last flights out of Vietnam. Tony was a tiny little guy in there. There are one or two photos of him as as a little kid. I mean, he's really, really, a little kitties absolutely adorable but he's confused you can see in his eyes.

I'm hoping Tony will shoot me one of these photos I'll ask Grace to put it up on the Todd Starnes website Todd and you can see what Tony looked like 40 years ago. 50 years ago, Tony has lived the American dream is a set of what it's only wind up doing well. He became as he describes it a country lawyer. Lotta self-deprecation there because he is a brilliant brilliant guy, he served as a prosecutor he served as the director of ice for president trump so Tony's go to be with us a couple moments. Let me share with you the breaking news story out of Maryland.

It's Chevy Chase, Maryland, which is the home community for many of the Washington DC insiders, including Supreme Court justice Brett capital they have moments ago arrested a California man who was in his mid-20s carrying weapons and burglary tools. He was arrested right here Supreme Court justice Brett Cavanaugh's home. He's been taken into police custody. And if you think well listen, just some kid from California now just happens to be carrying burglary tools, but doesn't do that these days and he is carrying weapons. Well, you know, some of us may carry them legally and some may carry them really, but he's a stopper stroll right yeah here's the detail that really needs to come to the forefront of this he let the police know that he was there to break into Supreme Court justice Brett Cavanaugh's home and kill Supreme Court justice Brett Cavanaugh let that sink in for moments.

Is this a delusional young man is this a kid who is off his meds. Is he just bat crap crazy or does he have an agenda and if he's got an agenda let's figure out what the agenda is what guess what, we don't have to go that far.

We don't actually have to do a lot of research because this 20 something-year-old guy from California told the police he was there to kill Cavanaugh because he's upset that Roe V Wade may very well be overturned. He also said he was upset with recent mass shooting, so you are upset with shootings and the way you're going to demonstrate your displeasure with the shootings is to shoot and kill somebody. He was arrested by the Montgomery County Police Department taken to a Montgomery County Police Department's second district.

Now is this a one-off. I think we'd all like to think it is most of us of the certainty would like to think you know you can disagree on issues you can get into debates getting dark and they were all good people. We all want the right thing were all in favor of America, etc. etc. etc. I hate to tell you something. That's not the way it is anymore.

It just isn't the leftists hates us and this sooner that you realize that the quicker that you understand that the better off you to be.

I still have friends of mine who are served and they continually think I could sway those liberals. I would just I just don't share some common sense. I'll share some thoughts, and there may be some of those folks laughed, but the real leftists the real progressives. The leaders of the Democratic Party in this day and age.

Those folks who control the Democratic Party have any interest in chatting with you. Chuck Schumer, the leader of the Democrats in the U.S. Senate. Not too long ago called out Supreme Court Justice Neil Gore such member talked about all the things you had unleashed and how terrible things would be visited upon anybody else would've investigated anybody else might very well been prosecuted, but Chuck Schumer's part of the in crowd he's part of the leftist establishment. The controls DC.

He is the swamp.

Make no mistake if Schumer were not the leader of the Democrats in the Senate you'd see on a UHF station somewhere pitching a slip and fall law firm is a little bit like a slip and Jimmy Magill at my so he gets away with the San Fran man gets away with it in the House of Representatives right could could anybody else have been pictured in front of a $25,000 freezer filled with ice cream that cost approximately $20 a night without being ridiculed. Nobody could do that but San Fran man can she gets away with it comes to DC she gets off the broomstick Juan and she tells everybody had to save everybody. I don't like it. Top then she wants to get into an argument with the entire Catholic Church. I thought this was fascinating to look. I'm not Catholic, and so I don't sit here and say that I'm still sort of an expert on the practice of those who belong to the Roman Catholic Church. I can't sit here and do that I can sit here and tell you about canon law, but I guess the Archbishop of San Francisco can absolutely positively say she is not to receive communion anymore. Why because she has advocated three years for the wholesale slaughter of little babies were just not on board with that. She shocked she's appalled you get some of the other leftists cool on any other given they would tell you about how evil religion is knows they have the very idea of personal faith, a religion, they hate the idea that there is a God above all of us who has told all of us. Each of us a this is right and this is wrong. They don't want that. They want you to worship him.

So I find that to mean absolutely fascinating that they could do it in well in broad daylight's you know it's the sort of thing. You think maybe they could cover it will talk about it and close circle soda right out front of everybody.

And those people who purport to be the real reporters serious journalists who quite frankly if they're in the legacy news media for large part on everyone. I don't want to slam each and every one of them, but in large part, they have become part of that DNC operation. They really have, and does so no shock there. New York City Todds headed to New York right now.

I'm heading up there to meet him tomorrow or both to be part of this a talkers Magazine convention and I'm reading a story from the New York Post where the may of New York, himself a good upstanding left-wing Democrat talks about how dangerous New York is to give you those details in just a couple of moments I want to remind you, you need to go to Todd for anything and everything related to time, there's always great material. Their wonderful stories is books. His commentary is insight. Todd Todd If you want to send me a note I'm always looking for some feedback.

I won't get her you can look for the Jeff cat show on getter. If you don't mind me a follower over there.

I really appreciate that the Jeff cat show on getter the Jeff cat show and want to send me a note while you and I are having little chat here thrilled beyond belief. My friends Jeff Katz sitting in for my dear friend Todd Starnes. This is the Todd start show. There's no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the Biden ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd Starnes and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect her son of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds, and traditional market you are vulnerable. Gold is one of the best ways to protect your retirement no matter what happens you own your goal. It's real physical always been valuable since the dawn of time. Legacy precious is the company I investing in gold. They can help you roll your retirement account go back.

IRA still own the physical goal also ship precious metals safely and securely to your house. You know $1 million worth of gold can actually fit inside a shoebox call legacy at 866-528-1903 or visit them online legacy PM legacy PM and I headed up to New York not always voluntary really headed up to New York and actually headed to exactly the same place tomorrow were going to the big talk radio convention. Believe it or not like any other industry there's a trade paper, talkers Magazine has been the other Bible of talk radio for God's gonna be 30 years now. Michael Harrison is the publisher that it really interesting thing about Michael, and I don't get too far into the weeds and the business side of it, but Michael is himself a great talk radio personality and he really had to give that up. In order to become the guy who did the trade publication yell at me like he's not looking for a job and talk radio is covering the industry and so he put aside his own personal ambitions. I think was equipment just phenomenal.

Yes, but not my here maybe once in a while sitting in for somebody here, there, and I've known him forever but he owns and operates talkers Magazine. Long story short, the Todd and I'll be up there tomorrow and Friday for the big talk radio trade meetings. The good stuff Todd as he said is going voluntarily. I'm going voluntarily. Although I'm looking at this report and read the New York Post rag to get up to speed on what's going on in New York these days the mayor up there, Eric Adams, who himself big time left-wing Democrat loves all the left-wing stuff. He says nobody takes the criminal justice system seriously.

New York anymore. In fact, he called New York City's criminal justice system.

Quote the laughingstock of our entire country. Well, Mr. Mayor needs you and your team who did that don't look at me thousand years ago when I was a cop I still lock people up and then we had prosecutors and they would prosecute the people I had arrested and then they would send them someplace sort of fork like a timeout but it's your side. Mayor Adams said Melissa Blair said, why do we need cash bail. Tell you what you need cash bail could have violent criminals who commit violent crimes. That's who they are.

That's what they do need cash bail. You know why really. Why should we support the cops because they're keeping you safe. So this guy and he's a retired New York City police captain which is the most amazing part of this. But even this guy now is saying quote we have to get serious about this because innocent people are dying he is right. San Francisco, believe it or not, just voted to recall their far left wing George Soros financed district attorney gravity, which has a boot who grew up in a domestic terror family situation he's been recalled from office so I'm just telling you when San Francisco the voters in San Francisco look at a situation and say you know this is too crazy even for us that want to tell you something further down the coast in California Los Angeles George Gascoigne.

I think he had been the district attorney up in San Francisco. Now is the district attorney in Los Angeles County. He also is apparently going to be recalled from office that seems to be the way it's had. So who's the most upset about that. Well George Soros is crying purely in cups of coffee I supposedly was fabulously wealthy. I'm sure he won't stop his financing of liberal leftist, but the time being. Looks like there's a little a little bump in the road for him, which is good for decent people you know who Janet Yellen is Janet Yellen used to be over bad it now she is secretary of the treasury for slow mojo what you take a listen to this is the most disturbing thing you're going to hear secretary Ellen cut number seven. Please with respect to energy administration is done everything that they plan to bring down energy costs. For example, through an historic release of the million barrels a day from the strategic petroleum reserve and energy prices.

Gas prices, while very high reason alive today would be higher without that. But prudence more in Ukraine is having impacts on energy and food prices globally flip and break lady everything we possibly can. We sat around and yelled a lot this and we had a Ouija board and and and and and and we do pictures and and nothing except break the economy.

It's member Pres. Trump.

Oh, I didn't like him.

Mean tweets.

He was an orange guy. Well it's a lot right about now. I give anything for a mean tweets because gasoline is doubled since the presidential meat puppet was moved into the Oval Office. It's a bold, empty shelves in America are you kidding me this is all on the Democrats. This is all on the leftists and they can continue to play this my John Vladimir Putin's fault is it really okay. You keep telling yourself that those of us in the real world we get somebody else and left just doesn't get it. Debbie stab at now is that one of the senators from Michigan listen to the good Sen. clip number three I essay just on the issue up at gas prices. After waiting for a long time mad to have enough chips in this country to finally get my electric vehicle. I got into and drove it from Michigan to hear this last weekend and went by every single gas station didn't matter how high it was in South. I'm looking forward to the opportunity for us to move to vehicles that are going to be dependent on the whims of the oil companies and the international markets. Of course she drove by gas station present, gas powered vehicle stop electric charging stations for electric all Jeff, I'm pretty sure it's unicorn power so it's fossil fuels. By the way, the average income for the average family in Michigan is $59,000 a year. The average cost for an electric vehicle in the state of Michigan $56,000 a year. All yeah she's one of the people. All right forever ice director for Pres. Trump Tony Pham is joining us just moments. For now, Jeff Katz, happy to be sitting in for my friend Todd Starnes. This is Todd Starnes show that you are looking for my fellow you will not find it in the big box stores and the reason why it's pretty awful my fellows being canceled by the canceled culture Bob. That's why Michael Odell wants to sell directly to you that comes with some great savings to get the lowest price of the history of my fellow for their classic standard normally 6998 now only 1998 with the Provo costar five hello does more than just fellows.

They have over hundred 50 product where the slippers even and open my\start, that's my\the promo code Starnes or call 800-544-8939 my\start or call one 800-5939. The promo code start Todd Starnes show for my longtime friend, my dear friends are our southern border is a mess is the understatement, don't you think understatement of the day. Understatement of the week understatement but I guess of the last years since the abiding administration took power and I want to get a little insight on that.

I also want to talk a little bit about this arrest that was made not too long ago outside of Supreme Court Justice Brett Cavanaugh's home in Maryland, a California man in his mid-20s were told came with burglary tools, and depending on the report you read one or more weapons that he made very clear. He told the police yet he was there to kill Brett Cavanaugh. He intended to break into his home. According to the report and then kill the Supreme Court Justice. My friend Tony Pham. I've told you is my opinion the American dream personified. He and his family fled Vietnam as it was falling to the Communists and he and his family know he was a little guy was much of the heavy lifting his mom and dad, but they just blew it out of the water. My friends and I mean to to see the accomplishments and Tony has held a number of very important positions throughout the years as a prosecutor is the principal legal counsel. Over at DHS and Pres. Trump asked him to serve as the director of ice as well, and I'm happy to say he's with us. Tony, thanks for making some time for us well beyond the pleasure is ours to let me start with the really nasty part of this this guy who was trying to break in. Were told are planning to break into justice Cavanaugh's house and do him harm to his family harm. Unfortunately you know about that situation firsthand. Don't you work in the first week of my life. Our property door.

A right after the initial office, which I buy corn defeated happening in our society right now this court. The outpost on the left believe it's okay to actually target official watch it all unfold helplessly on camera but I'm glad you have demonized for years now for it is a terrible situation Tony.

You served as the, the acting director of ice. You were right.

You were part of Pres. Trump's team you you knew the job that the members of the United states border patrol and customs and border protection were doing day in and day out. You've also been looking pretty closely.

What's happened since Joe Biden and his team took over some contrast, would you please mark my on or you know I you order your Arizona.

There is no longer there observing migrant illegally crossover. The applicant official bear being able to work immigration law was anything that we ordinary and then begin looking at the number of border encounters EP steadily increased every month for this year record last year compared to what I'm thinking accomplished during the southern border, but the border but also just look like you focus on the criminal on the you were happy to be there during operation you were unlawfully here and background� Now absolutely not take out their enforcement numbers dropped about 25 operation you have mastered basic wanting, allowing people who are over are out proper equipping our personnel to work deeply. Applicant you know it just about being welcome for quote 1000 migrant professional. I call it making their way up Mexico with unfettered part of the border without our BDP after dealing with what I think it will turn around and have to deal with that commanding which quite frankly, as opposed to a process work itself out and was going to get out.

I got you Jeff Katz in today for Todd Starnes in the Liberty University studio joining us in the patriot mobile newsmaker line is Tony Pham Tony served as the director of ice under Pres. Trump and there really is is really nobody that I'm aware of that has the of the insight that you have Tony again. You came here. Your family came here as legal immigrants and you came through the process you filled out the paperwork.

Whatever the though hoops and loops were you you did it all and you went on to achieve great great things and turned around served our country. Her sister is a is a doctor also serving our country by serving veterans in the VA medical system.

So what is it Sadie you just as is somebody who comes from a family who said were playing by the rules when you see people say they are following the rules and so many of the left-wing and white issue of being either a refugee law and refugee work of those in Ukraine by war versus those who try to illegally cross over our borders and only claimant violent. If there where we are very clear. I you have a lawful claim file for yourself land recorded entry be identified.

Your claim for asylum allow the practice that we have folks pouring over Grove River Rio grand River if they're apprehended if they're not there in our country that got away, and we all know that it is looking for some action.

If at lawful background court have folks like myself fled their native country because of global weighted year profit or oath of allegiance to the nation at Eric it it it it just undercut value of the loss of the great people don't realize the clear 2020 more than hundred thousand people. The we have lost our ability to market that positive moment there live my life would be unique and sleep the prospect of illegal immigration, lawful Tony, I am always just blown away by your story, but it just warms my heart when I hear the adventure that you and your family had been on for for a couple of decades and I'm I'm grateful that you have achieved everything you have am grateful to your parents for having the courage to to raise such good kids and to instill such great values, and I really am humbled to to call your friend Tony I thank you for taking time for us today. My friend Jaime on loving you.

I am your mentor happy to be on the bar and show your well thank you sir, that is Tony Pham Tony served as Pres. Trump's ice director during the final part of the president top trumps time in office and I will tell you that if truck Pres. Trump returns to the White House in the latest poll that I'm looking at this morning has him handily defeated Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in a primary race. I'm okay with that. Look, I would happily vote for Pres. Trump I would happily vote for governor DeSantis I think you're both good man. I think they will both be excellent presidents. We know Pres. Trump's record and we can look at governor DeSantis's record in Florida. Both of them are exemplary. So whichever way it comes out on going to be very happy to vote for either one of those gentlemen, I don't make predictions because I'm telling you right now if I made predictions I would've already won Powerball and Mega millions of other good stuff if I had to make a prediction whether it's Donald John Trump or Ronald DeSantis, who was sworn in as president I I can almost guarantee you each of them reaches out to that man right there, Tony Pham, it's is Tony please please come back to federal service want to remind you that you find everything Todd Todd all of the information all the show notes all that good stuff and a reminder about good people doing good thing you know, this is one of those important things we talk about the patriot mobile newsmaker line will understand something patriot mobile has the same values that you and I have.

You gotta support people like that. We look at our friend Mike Lindell, Michael and Delta canceled in this culture today. Why because he is a Christian and because he's a conservative. How shameful is it that he's lost 90% of his retail outlets.

Well, I'm just here to tell you, you've gotta support people who support us. You have shared values and a good way to know who is sharing your values is to you want to send me a note you want to stay in touch with me couple always on getter just followed the Jeff catch along getter. If you don't mind and love the follow the Jeff catch on getter and you can always shoot me an email Jeff at the Jeff catch Odette come Jeff catch very happy to be sitting in for Todd today. It is the Todd star and show someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full four which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you calls my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen.

Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy. See full four star Liberty University studio chip can happen to today is on his way to will be broadcasting from his I understand that's good to be very exciting very very siding to be meeting Todd up there tomorrow. I just know it's official. I just was swiping on my phone here and sure enough I got my boarding pass so no putting it off I'll be able to hang out with Tom for the big talk radio convention up there talkers Magazine putting it on and I would dare say that one of the things Todd is going to hear throughout the next couple of days in New York is we are so proud of you. Now I know time for a long time and I will let you know little secret.

Used to be a guest on my show. Gotta be 20 years ago.

15 years is a long time ago. I leave it at that. When I used to do morning radio in Boston and Todd was a reporter correspondent for Fox and I just loved his work. I said hey, would you mind coming on my show every once in a while so used to come on, we had a great great time and then the big pool bath is over there at Fox heard him on my show instead of working do a lot more with him, took him away from me, but I was okay.

I was very happy for Todd. Of course I love his writing.

The daily devotional. Now the withdrawal.

It is funny is meaningful. It's great stuff that Todd told last time I chatted with you be doing some sort of a cookbook. I don't know if that's true, but I did a few recipes. If in fact he is going to do that.

I said I hear a lot from people saying hey congratulations good for you why because the Todd star and show grows every single day brand-new this week W SJS in Winston-Salem North Carolina. Beautiful part of the world. The triad is really great W SJS in Winston-Salem, North Carolina news talk sports for the triad and so congratulations those folks for bringing Todd to the triad and congratulations Todd for adding that I got this wonderful note from Grace Baker that says if a caller calls it and gets on the air and a neighbor or listening on W SJS in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. They get a prize pack well, far be it for me to keep a prize from anybody. So let me just remind you what the calling number is all right 844-747-8868 844-747-8868 and was as we head through the next couple moments will certainly be talking to people about a variety of issues.

Now, will also be chatting with Congressman Brian Slayton of Texas. You know this January 6 Commissioner committee show trial kangaroo court. I don't honestly know what the appropriate title is I just know it's up bunch of bunk and it is all designed to steer your attention elsewhere why they just didn't say hey look we got something shiny look over here or follow that running squirrel because it's the same thing you need to understand how desperate and I do mean desperate.

The left in America has become the Democrats are desperate and they always do the same thing. You know the leftist always wanted tell you they wanted tell me how how stupid we are. How crazy we are all my gosh, you conservative. You just don't get it. And you're clinging to that Bible in your guns and blah blah blah you think well because I don't think it's fair when a man competes against the woman in a sporting event and I'm not alone in that lots when you look at some of the people were now on the record saying hey, this is not fair.

Martina Navratilova is on the record and she is getting canceled.

She was one of the groundbreaking lesbian professional tennis players a few years back and now she's getting canceled because she dares to speak out against the idea of biological males competing against biological females. Caitlin Jenner formerly known as Bruce Jenner is under attack because she is saying hey it's not fair. Let that sink in for a second. You know what's happening in the real world.

Aside from all of that were were worried. My gosh, what you cancel out my daughter, my wife or my my mom why is that happening. The other part of this equation. My friends is what's happening at the gas pumps. The price of gasoline across America has doubled since Joe Biden was moved into the Oval Office. It's doubled. Take a look at your grocery store shelves. Did you ever see empty shelves before. I swear I've never in my life seen empty shelves and yet that's what were seeing. There's something desperately wrong.

I'd appreciate it. Give me a fate follow. Overall, get are you looking for deep Jeff catch Owen make sure that you are following everything Todd start by visiting Todd start Jeff catch them for Todd Todd Stargell will know someone who does not work and no chill. Trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full four which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I you calls my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy full four universities.

Do you see is why no, I am about Lori real life as possible yet and I write I I do my show locally central Virginia NewsRadio W RBA we are pleased and proud to be the affiliate here in central Virginia for my friend Todd star's and congratulations by the way W SJS over in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, adding the Todd star and show this week. That's a brilliant move. I'm just telling you it really is great great great move on their part news talk sports for the triad and so when I tell you that I'm making up the right word, but I just I just ran with my life.

You know that's that's all I'm asking.

I grew up in Philadelphia in the city of Philadelphia and if you looked out my bedroom window when I was growing up you what you saw you saw a dirty alley way with trash cans.

Now every morning I wake up and I look outside. I've got I got a lot of trees and got flowers and I thank God every single day.

I really am just amazed every single day that I have been blessed with this life and so every once in a while say to my wife hey Heidi, what about blah blah blah, and shall say all that's a thing now okay because I'm not aware of. Always a good thing, ratchet the thing so all of a sudden I'm reading these new stories about kids and show us right guys are dressed up as women and the be behavior of these performers. I guess, is to put it mildly heavily sexualized.

I said to Heidi the other day was a story with all these kids a drag shows inches all yet something now. I thought no way that ought not be a thing and state representative Brian Slayton from Texas is kind of leading the charge these days to say now really shouldn't be a thing and he is with us as state representative Slayton.

Thank you for being on the Todd star and show the of the patriot mobile newsmaker line to be here.

So tell me a little bit about what's going on down there in Texas that has prompted you to say hey I think we need on this yes will quickly start to get report hearing about that. We have a a lot of things going on.

It's not just us one week. We have pornography in our school libraries and then we have gender modification. The children and now we have the drag queen events, whether they're bringing the kids and the kids are encouraged to construct a runway so to speak whatever and then at one point putting dollar bills in their underwear and the man underwear of the rare ladies underwear dollar bills and we would not say it was good and decent if the kids were doing that with strippers putting dollar bills and their underwear is completely inappropriate for children and as you mentioned, the sexualization of children that not happen. It is not a part of their development process. Kids we saw this video best we can get anywhere from two-year-old to 12-year-old, and is not appropriate for them to be there. Part of this activity and any should be labeled as child abuse because we have other protections in law. He kids from things that can harm bad for them, developmentally, or even where they can be taken advantage so I'm asking about two-year-olds. They didn't get there on the road you're telling me that parents talk to-year-olds to some drag queen show yes sir.

Oh my gosh, okay, so I would say I would play devils advocate, but man, I can't.

The other side of this. So what are you what are you hearing me these parents who took the two-year-old. I'm sure they had something to say what's your motivation for doing this. Do we know know you don't know that exactly all category we try to understand why parents want their young child reach puberty through gender modification surgeries right. Why would you want to do something permanent to them, irreversible that might not be what they really want in their 1819 20 kids are known to have a lot of ideas what they want to do would be there 56789 and you know I'm not sure what is behind I don't want interesting when you see the dirt directly. Basically they only take the qualities of a woman that are purely sexual qualities of woman they quote Jack a fine woman right. It's just the ex-wife back and then that's what they're pushing on the kid only enjoy quote sexual aspect of women but the whole time they claim to support women in don't treat women like objects but all this stuff is purely about the no other qualities of a woman, so they're not dressing like a mom who is reading a lot of Bible passage to the children. They're not dressing up as a mom who says boy I'm going out to to a meeting of the PTA, either not dressing up as as moms who are part of this relationship with the dad and the reason children properly or going work whatever it is it's only that sexual aspect of it.

I mean, you know, it's a package right there dressed in women's lingerie around like you would see sexually oriented establishment.

Yeah, wow. Alright, so I remind everybody a Texas state representative Brian Slayton is joining us in the patriot mobile newsmaker line. So tell me now about the legislation that you are introducing what is it say what would it do what we have 3 to 4 different avenues were looking at implement all very new, but the idea where this comes from in and as we tried to people. We're not trying to end drag shows in Texas. We are trying to stop them from doing in front of children. This is very basic very low level leave him alone. That's all you're trying to do and I don't know which way were going to go about doing that but that's what were looking to make this stop because it like a say if someone came to me and said there was an event where people take their kids and they were putting dollar bill in women's lingerie is 8 inch round like a stripper. Whatever I would be again that I would say that is wrong and we need to keep children from so it the same constant protect can't leave them alone and let them be children somewhere not doing that in our culture work for forcing things on. I just think it's outrageous knife. I do have to wonder about the parents who were involved in this, you take a two-year-old, two-year-olds, don't make decisions they they go along for the ride. I learned that with each of my three kids, you know, we were we were in the transportation division that was that was my job was getting from place a to place BI just can't understand a father or a mother saying yeah this is this to be a good experience, and then getting them dollars. As I read the story state represented Slayton. The parents handing dollars to these little kids to go stick in the underwear just outreach. This could be two other issues we see with with parent or child or something, and we have grown adults who have their own insecurity with who they are and what they've made in their life.

And then they try to live out their child and a lot of times it inappropriate lately.

Maybe raise a bully or just too obsessed with the cheerleading team, whatever it could possibly be in this could be the same thing that we have some parents very insecure and they see this bad trend of having quote LGBT Q child and there forcing it on their truck and it could be something as simple as that. They think their own insecurities are forcing these probably permanent damage to their child is a great point.

I appreciate you being a state representative Brian Slayton from Texas. He is pursuing a couple different avenues exploring a couple different avenues as he discussed here. The idea that any parent would take two-year-olds to a strip club just seems insane.

I met on any level and to take the two-year-old to the drag queen showed same sort of thing. It's a sexualized performance and giving a toddler dollar bills. Absolutely outrageous Jeff Katz so happy to be sitting in for my dear friend Todd start is today not to remind everybody during the triangular listing out the Todd started showing WS JS news talk sports for the Triad, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and there is a very special opportunity for you. If you're part of the program you get on the air today 844-747-8868 844-747-8868 you're actually going to prize package from Todd start so I don't even know what's in there. I can just guarantee that to be good stuff. So if you want to grab a piece of the other drag queen show here, by all means happy to chat about it. I know Todd's been talking about it. But now that your bird would state representative Brian Slayton from Texas has to say maybe a little more information than you want to become part of this experience. 844-747-8868 over on the social media let me tell you something Todd start one-stop shopping want to be someplace you are visiting multiple times per day. Todd and while you're over there. I would sure appreciate it gave me a follow on debtor. I know Todd does the live cast every single day on getter and he's got 30 billion followers I have slightly less now but I can always use you so you don't mind giving me the following getter I'd appreciate it. You're looking for the Jeff catch on getter B Jeff Katz show on getter if you want to reach out to email wise. Feel free to shoot me a note Jeff at the Jeff catch odor, it is Jeff Katz sitting in today for Todd star and the liberty University studio. This is Todd start show someone who's not working no chill. Trust me, that's just me but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you calls my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy full for the liberty University studio Todd start show check So happy to be sitting in for my friend Todd. Todd is finding his way to New York.

He posted some photos already on Facebook and Facebook to check it out as I would imagine once the league talk radio conference in New York gets underway.

There are going to be some great great photos that make it to Facebook and you know if Todd has one of those Baptist martinis was an extra sweet and low in the BIC is no telling what could happen. Those photos probably won't be posted but I'm looking forward to catching up and thought it a whole slew of great talk radio people up in New York. It's going to be up tomorrow and Friday. I believe Todd's actually broadcasting live from New York so that's going to be exciting. So make sure that your you're up to date on everything. Best way to do that in my opinion go to website Todd start Todd there are a lot of issues that we have to address and make no mistake, filling up your tank now is next to impossible. I really do feel like I either need to sell a kidney. Before I get to the gas pump ready to fill out a mortgage application it so expensive. Tom is listening to the great Todd start showing KY K and in Salem, Oregon. Tom welcome to the program here. Yes sir whole gas bill really bugged me and watch her like you like on Fox burning in the morning Maria Bartiromo were some of the Fox and friends are the chart on their when Biden took office with the price of gas was and where were at. Now he's managed to double it. Time is been there and all the room is what he did. The first month or two blazing wardens. The petroleum industry under trump. The price of oil so it actually for a little bit went below a dollar a barrel, I I had to do this I have to correct you on one issue you said all Biden did this in his first couple months in office Tom he did in his first couple of seconds in the Oval Office. The first thing this man was the shutdown the XL pipeline and then cancel all the drilling leases and everything and and water so I'm one. He turned us from an exporter of petroleum to student to a better nation and its and it's an embarrassment and not doubling the price of that hundred percent increase hundred percent increase in the year and half, I yeah know I he's and he's not done yet. Let me let me ask you the most painful question out of all this.

How much are you paying for it out of the regular where you are today about the bird like 537 left.

I filled up that the Midwesterners are still lucky.

The left coast crazy California. They've got their own blend and plus I texted Moore's the better part of their own problem there celebrated. Remember the California plan also includes, I think it's 11% Chardonnay.

So that's the reason that there gas prices are so Todd got expensive out there Tom, I appreciate the call. Thank you so much for calling the Todd star and show you what were not anywhere close to seeing the end of the petroleum disaster now nevermind about another part of this. Most of us are paying attention to the price of gasoline right I mentioned a couple of months ago to somebody as well. The real crisis is diesel well don't matter to me. I don't have a diesel car sick know I understand you don't have a diesel car but everything and I mean everything in your home in your office has at some point touched diesel it's been on a diesel powertrain it's been delivered to the local store in a diesel powered truck diesel where I am now was almost 6 dollars a gallon and I have friends who were business people, I give you one example dear friend of mine really a family member owns and operates a tow truck business visa. Jeff my particular tow truck is his own favorite tow truck drives out of the fleet. He says that my particular tow truck to hundred gallons of diesel every day, every day. It burns 100 gallons of diesel.

If I get 25 calls in a day.

Okay. Sometimes there are days. Well, you get two or three, but it doesn't matter because that truck is running because it has to be able to go anywhere in our area to take that job. So think about it, he's starting the day $600 in the hole $600 in the hole every single day.

They know what his decision is been. I hate to say this but I want to tell you his decision is been. I think the park the truck. I don't know that I would answer these calls anymore. How many other people right now involved in some sort of a business that utilizes diesel are thinking the same thing. The price of fertilizer has gone up 300%. I got a dear friend of mine owns and operates a supermarket great great guy just dear Freddie, said Jeff, you haven't begun to see the price increases of the supermarket as it will what I'm looking to. He says the crops that the farmers would bring in in September are going to be crops that are there. As a result of this fertilizer. They've just gotten that's 300% higher so your cost is going to be considerably higher in September. We've already got empty shelves. Talk about an American situation empty shelves in the United States of America people unable to travel people unable to transact business. That's not America, my friends, at least not the America I know Jeff Katz sitting in for Todd stars today you are listening to galaxies.

He flip for all these new taxes might not like I found it in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles for short training sessions were as follows my hand to start recording video clip for contract and fit perfectly in my pocket to galaxies. He flip for all apologize for the beautiful song in amazing ways to get this out of the way to chat with Charles really easily beautiful.

I Jeff Katz so happy to be sitting for my dear friend Todd's hours today on the Todd star and show from the Liberty University. You and Todd. As I mentioned to you on his way to New York for the big talk radio conference up there to be headed up there tomorrow.

I have just a little bit of fun. Maybe even a moderate amount of thought. But when I am done sitting in for Todd today. I would assure the song from Charles Billingsley with my wife Heidi because it's just beautiful.

Charles, thanks so much for joining us via the patriot mobile newsmaker line. Man I'm doing your job well, listen, let me let me give all of the details you are the worship leader the vocalist the teaching pastor at the Thomas Rd., Baptist Church and you got a voice that will just blow everybody's socks right off their feet. My friends will very kind out of the whole world would agree. But you know what you're making my day anyway. I'm happy to be making itself, so give us a little background because I'm listening to that song. I don't know if I would hear that on a Sunday morning, but maybe you write well different character sure I mean it did any good. I've been doing it now for 30 years and that done nothing but great directors you know for 30 years and I get yeah I get it clean. 15 years I wanted to make a record that just to celebrate the art elevate the boy but it also could possibly open up, here's a new audience you're maybe not a churchgoing audience like to search crowd of everything and thank people for 30 years and around the thing conferences and churches all over the country and it's been wonderful and they're very loyal. I left them. It's great that man before. I'm getting too old here. I sure would like to do a wreck at the showcase of local and open up an audience to me that maybe you know me well I did this record.

The purpose of expanding an audience leaving the church by any way shape or think that people like be found.

No I and let's be clear, even though you been seen you said to the same folks for 30 years.

I don't think anybody looks at because it's Billingsley again. I don't think he's doing that, I think you're okay. Truck's let them make me very happy to hear that I hope they don't just tell me a little of the shadow of your smile. Tell me tell me tell me all about it.

Well, you know, crazy. We get started started down this road of beetle and I wanted to make a record full of beautiful tall beautiful new arrangement record 14/15 at five been recorded 100 times other artist and I think I'm not in it. Everybody then were not breaking new ground yet all that it new for me and my little listening audience and so were having a blast and I started out thinking a long line of big band record and then expanded into a couple of these light jazz numbers likely you would just plan the shadows is and then that then I went ahead created a calling card to get all these performing arts companies that were hoping to be playing in and by doing that I needed you will probably numbers that we could bring him home from a man and then I added a classical number that I was off a minor in college where we threw in a classical piece.

Time to say goodbye and you little Italian on their it really is humongous eclectic group of songs that somehow feels really cohesive.

I think because I used to, you know, the same vocal production in the same guys, the mix allows thing. The Rangers did all the song. It feels very put together.

Although the way we did it was pretty sporadic record though we work out all of the map and it turned out really cool and I could not be happier. So you're talking about doing songs that had been recorded by other artist it takes to take the wrong way, but man, you got see to step up to the plate.

Yeah I'm singing Sinatra sit down and get ready for this guys I know the number like that, yes, let's bite my neighborhood. My friends yeah yeah that's what it will. You know what you write and that's why about though very adamant about the arrangement great had to be greatly in them and you know that that really is what turned out that the stringer and the brat very very really strong and you know the matter of no put my voice on it.

You know what, do not in others might let me go hey you know what, that's pretty good, though.

Hopefully hopefully my take on the dollars will be will be a welcome to the people who are big deterrent yeah I'm telling you right now Heidi and I are huge Sinatra fans and I let some of your stuff, she hasn't heard it yet because she's not home yet but when she gets home tell you right now were sharing it and for other folks. Maybe you want to check it out there hearing Charles Billingsley because you know I'm just tell you right now you know there are some people sitting on Charles Billingsley isn't the guy over Thomas Rd., Baptist Church gospel level. I'm good, no, no, I got my hands down. I got it with me and this is so different and so unique how to think yet. This album yeah well we got copy of you listening that have they declare other people you download it right on Apple music or downloaded on Potiphar and/or anywhere you can get anybody up music you should be able to find it on and it really so much on record and build take you through all kinds of you know, up and down the main thing is, though, there's the interlocking theme throughout the pain and the reason I did it because for two years between faces with no smiles because the app and I just wanted to create a record that would bring churchgoers and monster doors like a little smile on their face and give him a little little jolt of happiness.

So fire up the grill, turn up the phone and have a great time listening. This is so beautiful, so I just want to make sure I get it right.

It is the shadow of your smile. Let's name of the album as well that the name of the album get there okay and Charles Billingsley, now Charles, I tell you something Heidi when she gets home. I guarantee you you'll have an entire brand-new download on spot a fly like what you will and will be on her phone and before I know it's a shop on my phone but I am one of those guys I got sign books and sign records and signed CDs to somehow someway be on the lookout for an email from me because I want to CD and you have to sign out something nice you know I'm here. My best friend like that where I think we got all Mark by the other thing that yeah and that you will think in the fall, now in final, and so when we get the vinyls out. I love it all right to Charles go there, get the personalized Charles, I just can't tell you you talk about bringing smiles back. I just had a giant smile listening to the tunes. I can't wait till my my lovely bride gets home to downloaded for us and the man you just you just keep doing what you're doing you have a whole new crop of brand-new listers because you have one heck of a voice.

My friend that is truly thank you. You made my bro thank you and tell Todd have a great backup. I will do that I will do that is Charles Billingsley and I'm just telling you if you are looking for a great change of pace.

His brand-new recording is called the shadow of your smile. You can get it. Charles Charles you can find it on Apple or spot a fine as he said he's these got the final coming out soon got the CD out right now and you think it well what else well you know he is the worship leader in the Teaching Pastor Thomas Rd., Baptist Church and I just I wasn't familiar with that part of his life but I hear this music thing. Oh my gosh, now I gotta go and learn a little bit more about that. What an absolute thrill it was to chat with him and I do think my my my dear friend Todd star's for letting me sit in having that experience.

It is Jeff Katz sitting in today for Todd.

It is the Todd star Joe will know someone who does not work and no chill. Trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once.

Much now I think you calls my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy. See full for God starring show Liberty University so happy today so much going on as well and have the opportunity I want to know about 40 minutes or so from now to catch up with an old friend, Dave Grant. Dave was wonderful member of Congress.

It was always my go to guy for anything related to the economy.

Now of course he's the Dean of the business school at Liberty University. I see these new stories were headed for a recession have to have a recession. Janet yelling and you know inflation was bad. I'm sorry I really I miss that really you are absent that day is like Econ 101. I am sitting alone right now and I'm still not the smartest guy in the room and you know what even I know that inflation is caused by too much money too much currency chasing too few goods.

So when Joe Biden said will complete the sentence. I think he passed on, but somebody there in the White House and fire up the printing presses were print another jillion dollars worth of money. What could possibly go wrong. This is what could possibly go wrong what's going wrong. It's all going wrong, isn't it. You have a retirement account, 401(k), IRA, whatever it is much money stuff under your mattress buried in the hope chest out the backyard or something is losing value every single day.

It's incredible absolutely incredible and then you hear people who I want to be nasty and say they're stupid so I won't say that you get the idea. The stupid people push. This is great.

I'm making $15 an hour now. Okay explain to me now that you're making $15 an hour.

What are you by why don't you be okay well let's go through this that two years ago how much we are make I like seven dollars an hour and when you went to buy lunch. What could you buy for seven dollars. Well back then I bought a sandwich and a soda and what it cost about seven dollars.

Okay what about now. Now I make $15 an hour okay great. What you buy for lunch. I normally get a sandwich and a soda. Okay, how much does that cost you about $15. Do you see a problem here. Do you understand what I'm getting at your salary went up. So congratulations on that front. I suppose, but your buying power is the same, and in fact, truth be told, your money is worth less. It's actually worth less and so your buying power will be diminished more involved we get with this out Regis ridiculous bite. Inflation now want to remind you about something. I said this very beginning of the program. I would say it again, I'll say it again.

Leftists heat.

I hate to say that I really do it bothers me to no end that we've come to this point, but it's become clear and and the great reset right you heard about that. My my Franklin back Roy marvelous book about it is hiding the great reset world economic forum elitists are not hiding at the time your flight. We know best for you. You're not smart enough to handle things on your own, just let us do it and are looking at making all of us serfs, and instead of acknowledging that you were hearing from the left. The left claims that it's right wing media. In fact, we have the former Rosie communications director for Barack Obama was a David per flight for clip number six. Please, or from Isaac with really revealing that their people within the White House to feel like they're not getting their message out.

How true. Definitely true and I put myself in the top percentile of American sympathetic to the challenges they have.

When I worked in the White House. It was hard to get a message out to the media environment was so chaotic, hyperbolic, and there was this emerging right-wing media machine that was certain to run our message. That problem is exponentially worse. Now the White House is an even you put aside all of the crisis is happening outside of the controlled or dominated the news.

The presence of bully pulpit is a promise on this is a huge challenge for Democrats is that we are losing the messaging was was Republican, as are in the book Robinson spent decades building up this massive Mass of a precipice cable news digital sites YouTube personalities Facebook messaging that is pushing the right wing disinformation propaganda at the expense of normal political conversation this country.

Democrats have to work extra hard to be omnipresent, the conversation is we don't have an apparatus is to do that for us I present attempted that's one thing that's interesting to look at which there is a segment of the country for which those hearings. I suppose you're saying will not exist, they will not exist. You can say the economy right when I am within the right wing media ecosystem went down some president the economy was great job numbers were the single most important thing right in business were the greatest economy in history. According to Fox.

Once you know I was allocated. The company comes or Thomas every now but the idea that we are having historic job growth. One of the greatest interest rate is not of this information is being communicated to large swath of population because right-wing media outlets in the building is a fun and do not want people to know that you gotta be kidding me. Do let me ask a follow-up question. Are you drinking/smoking.

The right wing media. I'd love to meet members of the right-wing media. I'd love to find.

The billionaires were funding and supporting right wing media you know what you've got.

You have a handful of courageous people like Todd who were standing up and exposing the truth of the left giving you the truth about Joe Biden giving you the truth about Fischbach Schumer's and the Nancy Pelosi's in showing you exactly what is really going on. And the problem for hiding in the rest of these operatives is even the legacy news media hacks who generally speaking, regurgitate Democrat party talking points on demand even they're paying too much for gasoline and happy about it. Well, will distract everybody with January. Since the dog and baloney show talking about that moment Jeff can you be sitting in for Todd.

Start today your listening universities to Charlie since conservative commentary from happy to be sitting in today. Todd is on his way to New York and we our talk radio industry that you have a major major conference coming up work to be broadcasted live from New York I'm headed up tomorrow.

Really looking forward to catching up with.I think the last time that we were hanging out in person was covering one of the presidential campaigns in New Hampshire. That's a long time ago.

But make no mistake, you learn all about Todd's travels and make sure you are listening to him by visiting Todd now the the dog and pony show are the dog and baloney show the January 6 commission is about to have some sort of show trial and II just think it's all about distraction, try to convince people not to pay attention to the fact there were now paying double for gasoline what we were before a Mr. Biden moved into the Oval Office. Congresswoman Mack is with us and dot-coms woman comic. I appreciate you being here you're you're up close and personal see it all the stuff what the heck is going on there and DCP stays actually coming right up. How or where starting the voting prompt that now and while very day that dog and pony show going on right now with Democrat, January commission, they are hell-bent on taking our amendment right away, and it is happening.

It is not a drill bit is a very real and scary prospect that were facing down in the legislation that were going to be voting on today and tomorrow and if everything from mandating ridiculous porridge or firearms in our home you putting domestic violence victim at red preventing them from getting their hands on their constitutionally protected means of protection and also something crazy that the judicial process that there will be no due prompt that more people in the country.

They want nationwide red flag lot and absolutely ludicrous that a one more step towards the ultimate goal for the last of dependency and control. Keep in mind that this is coming from the same people that want to define. Please tell me they want to eat and dependent on government crazy.

What were dealing with and and were happening happening right now or in the and we need to click on the phone and call the number Congress and demand both now so remind everybody red flag laws. What exactly are we talking about and how would they impose such a thing on a nationwide basis. We know that red flag log not work. I can give you an example after example of way of where those red flag laws have failed on the date bite what they're saying you are identify someone who could actually be a rat without due process without any negation, law enforcement will be mandated through the judicial calm and confiscate your crazy you to go get your gun back.

You're right back and there's no there's no burden of proof for losing your Second Amendment right in the prompt and so you can see how quickly that can go downhill. You can have people who maybe have a vent that will do who have nothing better to do but cause problems for other people know very very sideways, very quick and without that you profit you look at United States competition how to craft our Bill of Rights and what was put in place to protect our rights in the judicial due prompt each oh going to undermine and destroy the very foundation that we know and the fact that people are so casual about that today is like living in the twilight found to be quite on this yes absolutely Congresswoman so so obviously we do need to call our respective members of Congress. But then there is this part of the same ball, Nancy Pelosi, her crew controlled the house you've got the other Senate in the control of the Democrats will our voice make a difference is the question a lot of people going to ask you. Now I have overlap in mind, yeah and forthwith help many outlets like your we really been able to let people now how to engage with their members of Congress how they can call and boy their opinion but more importantly, how they can move the needle when Bill back broke with on the table and we were really fighting back the phone call that scared the moderate Democrat cared that the moderate in the middle into voting now and I think so many time there is nothing that a career politician cares more than an educated, motivated and activated constituent lighting. Phone calls are still important because the minute that the phones are ringing off the hook that the member in their team that led Arco 13 in and they are not happy we cannot get because we all know nobody in Washington both front the only people that vote brought folks back home.

I called her so important I think to make a different I hate to ask this, but I got to ask it. Is there any trouble on the Republican side of the aisle are there Republicans were willing to go along with this, a leftist gun grab really troubling member quietly pay me and I like that you know your human area: you like a ban on like now about so I think the covertly there's a lot of people that are over moderate or liberal, but I do think that many have been like where there constituent are speaking out and they know they cannot go that route.

I think all maybe have I gotten our lack Republican vote for the gun control measure. But the thing that I keep saying you are beyond gun control about our constitutional right and clear. About protecting arcane school safety and supporting violence survivor you would 100% be focused on that bill maker, paper maker community paper. They don't address mental health issues. They don't drag shortfalls within the background check that them, which would be fixing the neck that them you got a baker talk to each other right here nothing more than a gun grab and so we do have to be very wary of Republicans that are going to play ball with the Democrats on because the Democrats have not allowed a single Republican amendment or build the brought the floor on this issue so that it clear that they don't want bipartisanship rights on the ride. We do have some Republicans that are playing ball and not a very you give them an inch and they'll take a mile. Sunday, yes, you absolutely are correct on this when you talk about it being a gun grab the very beginning. You talked about the dependency and that is what this the left. Once they want people dependent on government they want people unable to decide things for themselves to make decisions to take actions for themselves because if they give you something and they can take away at some points, like that I can file point back to lack government is better government, you can what all government in our lives that are we've gotten part of the country and dollar a gallon gas leak.

I point blazing senior then working-class families are having to make in between. Do I buy groceries or gap order right. We got been going under because they cannot make ends meet. We don't have a labor fork of a pancake work and home and not work. Americans let me know baby party on the child. What is going on. I will is it is it's not in America. I recognized well Congress what I think you so much for joining us and you keep fighting the good fight. I know Tom will be back in touch with you will get an update on how this all plays out.

That is a Hammock who is a member of United States House of Representatives and you hear what's going on. I mean this is a gun grab and I want you to be very clear that you don't have to own a single solitary firearm to know why this is important we take a look at our United States Constitution. We take a look at our Bill of Rights. I will explain something I don't mean to be lecturing, but I just have to explain this. Our Constitution is unique. Our Bill of Rights is unique because when you look at it you realize it doesn't give us any rights there's not a single solitary right guaranteed or granted in any of those things is not. It simply affirms the rights which have been given to us by God. And you know what it really does. It constrains the federal government says mind your own dog on business. You can't take this away from people you can intrude on this right while everybody has that no they don't give you great example.

Take a look to the north, take a look to Canada over the last six months. Canada has a constitution and they have something they call the charter of rights and freedoms. All that's just there Bill of Rights isn't because you saw what happened, didn't you. You had truckers converge on Ottawa, Ontario, the capital of Canada and the government. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau did his very best impression of his real hero Fidel Castro and started taking action against those truckers, those truckers were protected by the Canadian Constitution because it's the Canadian government that gave them rights as the Canadian government that's taking them away and so those guys lost their pants, they were at risk of losing their trucks, their homes, their commercial driver's licenses take a look at what Justin Trudeau was done just now outlaw every single handgun in Canada.

Nobody will have one and there's nothing they can do. I'm telling you right now you better stand up and make sure that your member of Congress stands for boldness just can't sitting in today for Todd. It is the Todd start and show someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found out it's easy for fork, which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you calls my phone to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxies evil for this show from the liberty University studio chip so happy to be sitting in my old friend. I don't mean old when he's a longtime friend knows that better wording that I am, my longtime friend Todd start start is making his way to New York for the big talkers Magazine conference and convention and he will be quite successful up there a lot of people congratulating you because every single day. The Todd start show grows across the country. Now I'm basted NewsRadio W RBA in central Virginia and we are very very proud very happy to be the home of Todd start in central Virginia WSJ S has now gotten on board in the Triad, Winston-Salem, North Carolina news talk sports for the triad and that not only do you have a great host. Now you also have the opportunity to win a prize package from Todd yet. If you want to jump in at 844-747-8868 844-747-8868. If you are calling because your listing at the WSJ as well. Guess what, you will receive a wonderful Todd start gift package. Randy is in Georgia now he's listing on the K Wam app and I'm happy to have him here Randy, welcome to the program. Like all other comments although all log the perfect opportunity about what's going on directly. What it looked like last year I got a daughter who helped her get her credit card and I'm showing her how to utilize the day when you record thing about that quickly pulled up one year ago.

Statement and I'm showing her how much she paid for that. The where last month right to work every time she filled up possible for that gap start up take care of everything else, looking at me and I said honey, you haven't even hit this month and it will be double what you pay last year because right now the cost of fuel is more than what it was this time last year at golf directly onto the homeowners but call me to do something and you know there sometimes looking at me like you know why your costs going up the so it didn't have time on our kid on the next generation running all the help I cannot figure out. I absolutely do not believe it takes $1 trillion to run the government. I do not know where all this money is going. Nor do I know who to call Shelby the checkbook. All these funds are going. I greatly feel like there's an incredibly small people that know people in the government and how to get this money. I'm mad now because I don't know those people. I like to get some of that money. I'm not in the category of all these and out you and it is absolutely no I've got another phone out. Now there's more I hear you my friend.

I it is an outrageous time. We have folks in DC who continue to tell us say we know best. We know how to run your business. We know how to run your life will do what we want to do.

You got the folks at the world economic forum and Dabo Sue who are looking quite frankly, to make all of us into modern-day serfs. They don't want us to own anything and that they're doing it all in front of us and you still have the leftist were saying to you saying to me. Hey, you people are haters like no I just want to live my life and the more you leave the better off I am nobody called Randy were planning on sending hundreds of billions of dollars. That's right they can do it and you learn about it on the thrill with all the problems that we have here know it makes me very upset. I take care my household first audio they don't live like they take care of himself and everybody else so they know that they got and what money it for whatever you look at your your retirement baby yes I have it way down, with more than 30% down year now the previous guy when you got it all. I watched my savings blow by 100%. That's right, I appreciate I appreciate I got a run here but ranges it on all cylinders there. Randy is absolutely right, a service using diesel fuel is gotta pass the cost directly onto his customers know he talked a little bit about the economy tell you something. We have an absolute treat in just a moment Dave brats who had been a congressman for a number of years a college professor at the Randolph Macon College for a number of years.

He's a brilliant brilliance brilliance.he's now the Dean of the business school at liberty University.

He'll be along in just a couple of moments. Maybe he can make some sense out of what the heck is going on in DC more and more money but more and more of us out of business. I can't start listening to someone who's not work and no chill. Trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full fork which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I you calls my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy full for you are listening to Todd start. Liberty University studio Jeff so happy to be sitting in for my dear friend Todd is headed to New York as we speak and it is voluntary times that I headed up to the big talk radio conference conventional therapy broadcasting from New York over the next couple of days. I'm actually headed up there tomorrow should be a great time. A lot of stuff going on. I got news for you. The only place that you are able to hear people defending real American values and arguing on behalf of commonsense principles that say this talk radio. In this day and age, and I look at what Sec. Janet Yellen is telling me what you say the other day, we've done everything possible that you've done everything possible to break the economy.

You've done everything possible to turn us from an energy exporter into a bigger nation.

These people are totally out of control. Even I with a very rudimentary understanding of economics.

This is an even Econ 101. Even I understand inflation too much money chasing too few goods now. Dave brats economic knowledge little deeper than that.

And as somebody who is been a college professor, a member of Congress, the Dean of the business school. Now that liberty University and just a really wonderful American Dave, thank you so much for joining us and Dr. Great to be on with you all my guys, I haven't heard your voice and in far too long.

It is great to hear you my good brother Ms. so we so miss you alright so I just I just delivered all of my economic knowledge on inflation. But I'm actually right on that right is that what it is a lot of confusion out there and conservatives are making errors to the lab. You know you are because inflation causes inflation the war because inflation fertilizer place to jot.

None of that through inflation. The definition it a general right in the higher-priced level of the United States. Right of an economy not just a good here and there.

That's important because that you can't make up stuff like that.

Yet the basic definition yet and secondly Milton Friedman that University Chicago won the Nobel Prize, but before politics got crazy and go back to the basic needs that we use that inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon.

It not caused by by Saudi oil like that. Not by anything. It just if you print too much money too much money. Kayden too few good within the good maned output GDP to the formula. Friedman and John Taylor now you want to follow the smartest guy on it now is John Taylor the Taylor rule but you're supposed to print yet. The economy growing at 2% which is right out and anemic different 2% money and at that and then you talk inflation. And now that the politicians are just spinning making stuff up and then we get we printed too much money back in 0708 and all that money went into the housing market and cause bad financial crisis, now we printed way more money and it be that we printed so much money it now, and every class it dense equity. There's too much in bonds or too much in real estate. Another calling it the everything bubble and the reason the Fed keeps doing zero interest rates and all the tricks and print more money because they're horrified that it did bubble pop, but were going to be. You know well fishing under bridges with Frodo. Yes, so we we print more money in our solution is to print more money but but Dave, I have to remind everybody I've been told by the president and that a lot of Democrats in the House and the Senate that lots of the stuff is just free.

Free stuff is free day but doesn't cost us anything. Dozens yeah well that the yet working to learn the hard way right. The pilot don't like that you know offering Bennett. Your thing will gotta pay you Reagan and poker did that right they crushed inflation in a matter of a year, it would name no one wants to deliver any bad news. I spoke on that power for 30 trillion in debt and the Fed have $9 trillion on the Federal Reserve� But on their balance sheet and that doesn't include the unfunded liability.

Medicare and all that. Another hundred trillion that we got we got terrible.

The real economy don't even know what it is right, but the real economy is gobs of their manufacturing, making capital investment, human capital education, not the stock market that's not Econ rightly can't make it up and it's a disaster. Working out the link with this anemic economy number 20 or 30 years that they got the real problem is that the rich interclass the oligarchs there just to return right to make bread because they got connection and we don't know what that with probably going on and maybe the kid growing up argument be faced with an economy that a disaster and in the labor market already shipped right in very tight and hard to find people to work at all to keep your eye on the labor market. Student out there and and and and Peter didn't retire.

I would not retire right I keep you guys keep your benefit get Guild up and play it conservative because we have some tough times ahead. Like Dave I was coming you for good news.

I called and buried.

Unbelievable. Dave Brad is doing is not Dave is the other Dean of the business school at liberty University. He was a college professor at Randolph Macon. He was a member of Congress and you always keep your highest title. So what's your highest title now. Prof. Dr. D what what is I had no idea they call. I don't care.

So listen you mention Stanford you may or may not remember my son Harry he's just wrapped up the second year at Stanford and automatic kidneys to sell.

I sold one for the freshman year one for the software. Dave, I just don't know well congratulate treatment get into the market. Yeah, you see is a smart kid, but I feel so bad day because I look at the country. My dad gave me and you and I are about the same age. I think you feel the same way we were were given a beautiful country and is always a bump here or something.

You got a sort about the house like an old car you keep it run. I keep it looking good man were to live into our kids and grandkids, something that seems like it could be on the 1920s.

Yet right and I'll give you another good piece of dreary nude Stanford go to Google Peter peel right good mark and I doubt it. It got them short little YouTube on on what a disaster. Our bubble that we had some innovation back there right 2000 it. It lasted only about five years showing up in the data no longer showing up dart innovation, and entrepreneurial like that in the top guy in the country on that Robert Gordon at Northwestern University and show you got basic simple graphs. You can go Google him and that you got YouTube out about six months ago, but total factor productivity that of the only variable that caused the long run economic growth. The only one in that the entrepreneurial like that innovation research and peel and him both both day it it's not showing up.

There's no productivity growth total total factor productivity showing up in the data anymore and that's the only thing that causes long-run growth when you mention Stanford and Silicon Valley.

Everything we got them all little flivver out there and Silicon Valley that the church should triangle it at Raleigh often. Do you know what works. We got smart people but not broad-based, and in the research. Very clever the way he met is not bad but it is just that everybody all the foundation for medical research. There detain people in the wheel do research, but it's not ending up in the cycle at all in there in the economy and you look at the Federal Reserve, all the economy of Florida and Florida researcher, not sure what the payoff. She's so so that's here in the United States is is it elsewhere either. Other countries looking the snowman to eat America's lunch everywhere. It's everywhere and like get your Gordon got your that 15 European Countries Way back after working they came out of the gate hot. After the war in Europe rebuilt, but now their total product total factor productivity zero is well and then China had been the exception, but they're throwing good money after bad now to write because they're not naturally innovative, so they thrown about as much you can.

It the real estate sector. Another tear down the building and infrastructure. There's only so many high-speed trains you could can build that you really enhance your productivity and generate can a dead end, and it started right up that that DPP would not want the Chinese people to be hurt, but the DCP needs to be replaced. The Communist Party just be grateful that I'm good night for things that I won't see this all come to fruition. Now you do what you you met all day lying to people what's going if you don't understand the problem, you don't not affect so that's why I go into the negative people and maybe like Duncan.

Yet every tailwind imaginable with Afghanistan blocking place in the order after 30 trillion in debt by trillion dollar budget for the government yet and he still only one by 3.47% of the people. The problem, what is going on out there in the water supply. I don't know yeah it is crazy. Well listen I set up what we certainly miss you and Central Virginia but we are so happy that you still in the Commonwealth. Our beloved Commonwealth and you're there, University molding young minds and get them to do the right thing and I just wonderful to hear your voice and I would reach out to get you back on our local show makers. That's the number one request I get. I'm telling you right now. Whatever happened to Dave Brad so far, our brother and but I'm not like you got number 11, and think parent out there if you want to come by him on the third board will come out bring your bring your Peterson theater tonight with Dan Bratt. Well listen black. I may bring a Harry after he graduates Stanford and maybe a couple years graduate school led to live it out takes his mind after force. The lineup will realize I love it you Dave that is Dave Brad.

He is just a wonderful, wonderful human being. I didn't is on the third floor. The business: liberty University got rising juniors and seniors in high school. In their thinking about economics. There's nobody smart America day, Brad and so down-to-earth and what it decent decent human being. I just love the guy I really really do 844-747-8868 844-747-8868 I remember, if you're listening to us on the brand-new affiliate WSJ address in Winston-Salem news talk sports for the triad. Well, you give us a shot and you get through. You've actually got a Todd star and's prize pack coming your way.

So yeah let me give you the number again 844-747-8868 if you're online right now you're a Todd start excellent.

That's a good place for you to be.

If you don't mind head on over to get her would you follow me please. The Jeff catch on, get her the Jeff Katz show on get her no I don't have a cute jillion followers like Todd does little tiny diet NewsRadio WR BA in central Virginia.

Brad love you follow the Jeff catch her on getter and you can always email me it's Jeff Katz and for Todd start is the Todd star Joe for all these new taxes might not like I found it in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles. For sure training sessions for his followers. I simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for contract and fit perfectly in my pocket to get you don't easy flip for Todd starting show liberty University studio Jeff Katz will happy to Todd today. I got news.

I believe Todd starting show.

Now is the quickest three hours in radio. I really do great listeners and what it amazing collection of guests. Thanks to Grace Baker in the team of the Todd star's building Todd star's international headquarters, not Todd. As I mentioned to you is headed up to New York, I think he's there.

I just saw on Facebook that he's I just posted a couple of new photos on the head over there and just see where exactly he is because I will be headed up to New York for this big city is in the yard. As right. He has discovered you're ready for this. He's discovered the Krispy Kreme doughnuts location right there in Times Square.

While all right well follow Todd's adventures on Facebook. I will actually be getting to hang out with Todd and Justin, just a couple of days. What a couple of hours, rather, tomorrow will be headed up there now.

I did want to share a couple of other things with you just quickly, very, very quickly. You've got to take a listen to some of what passes for policy out of DC.

Now I crash I just don't understand how we've gotten to this point, but we have gotten to this point and the point that we have gotten to is creating a disaster. Speaking of disastrous joint Behar is with the yakking enters the view you want to talk about a disaster. You want to talk about in excuse for policy take a listen to Behar cut number one. The criticism that it's an ethical event as they did hire a former ABC News Pres. go there used to work here.

We now have James Collins and he's doing something with them boxing this Thursday and what's coming up next week, but I think that is an important thing to do on Thursday night. My feeling is that they must present this in the most dramatic way they can, so that people will continue to watch something like on that day. These people try to have your vice president counts. That's a fact.

I mean maybe something like that will slap them into wow is that true, let's hear more about that and I so I don't object to the theatricality of it. It's really you've got to keep people's attention will is a shot. She doesn't object to the theatricality of.

I assume that's what I don't know. I'm not.

But of course she likes the theatrical part of its this is all will show you. Make no mistake about this is exactly 0 substance is January 6 performance baseline performance art. We used to use the phrase dog and pony show.

I got news for you. This is the dog and baloney show there's nothing there you've got people who apparently misbehaved to the extreme and they have been arrested and punished know how on earth you want to tie this to every Republican. America is beyond me, except I really know what's going on. I want you to know what's really going on is the fact is the fact that Joe Biden Schmucker Schumer Nancy Pelosi every single Democrat in America has failed us. Every single one. They have failed us. They took an economy that was cooking like nobody's business. It was firing on all cylinders and they broke its and they are determined to take.

We the people proud Americans and frankly turn us into modern-day serfs that seems to be what this great reset is all about. And so rather than have you focus on that rather than have you focus on the fact that gasoline is not double what was with this guy was moved into the Oval Office want to give you this.

Don't fall for its I'm not to watch it.

I have no interested. I live in the real.

Thank you so much to Kyle and Grayson Todd for their gracious hospitality. Make sure that you give me a following getter Jeff Show prototypes are not everything is sitting in my dear friends

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