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If This Is The Best Economy Ever, I'd Hate To See The Worst

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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June 10, 2022 3:50 pm

If This Is The Best Economy Ever, I'd Hate To See The Worst

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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June 10, 2022 3:50 pm

The last time inflation was this bad, the number one song in the country was "Physical" by Olivia Newton-John...and Joe Biden was a freshman U.S. Senator from Delaware. That speaks volumes about our current situation.

Edward E. Bartlett, Zach Nunn, Col. Austin Bay, and Andrew Giuliani join the conversation!

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Will know someone whose work and no chill. Trust me that used to be me, but then I found out his evil form which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think video calls my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy. See full for welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by the legacy precious metals. There's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM investments… The legacy PM liberty University studio in Memphis, Tennessee since conservative coming theory from 15 that there's a lot of passion a lot of fear a lot from many many people across the country about what they saw and document we have. If they want privacy to be respected. We want people to protest peacefully. If they want to to protest. That is certainly what the presidency would be here for some of the private side. I don't have an official US government position on where people protest I wanted what we wanted, of course, to be peaceful. I wanted tell you Garside's. I wanted tell you Cavanaugh you please land you will pay you well know that you if you go forward with these awful decisions. All right, that Sen. Chuck Schumer on the steps of the US Supreme Court. You heard Jim Saki back when she was White House press secretary welcome to the Todd Stern's radio show were brought yesterday from New York City. The great studios of WABC radio folks, this is a very disturbing time in American history and the idea that a Supreme Court justice could have been assassinated yesterday should cause alarm for every freedom loving patriot in the country of the patriot mobile newsmaker line honored to have with those from the volunteer State Sen. Marsha Blackburn and Sen. you really eloquently put this out on your twitter feed just a little while ago and asked the question were all asking why is Speaker Pelosi choosing to personally block increased security for the Supreme Court cannot believe how well now I think it is three-way way have not yet taken cell imperative move forward, to be certain that the screen court-martial service that the US marshals service. The FBI and the resources to pay in order to protect our Supreme Court. When you look at what transpired. The fact that there is something that never happened.

A yearly draft document is because I kind of start and the lab is saying expect a summer of range we need to get the bill passed and I think C should stop sending on that legislation she should pass it today.

It went out on a fully unanimous that when you hear people like Chuck Schumer, a colleague in the US and the majority leader calling for this whirlwind to be unleashed as does he need to tone down the rhetoric is if God forbid something it happened to justice Cavanaugh, do you think that he bore any personal responsibility for that with their work and redline out there and you call the print court out my name and threaten the world land and that they will not know what did something that is of concern that the majority leader in my opinion I think it would be appropriate for him to apologize for that remark to retract those remarks. I'd Ask him for all and for people to return to you all protest. You have when you are in someone's house ringing bell and bending drawn and hitting different musical instruments are worn in order to make a noise. You're not only disrupting the individual send out one half years fronting their entire neighborhood and the fact that children in the neighborhood can go out and play dead people drive like want they can't get in and out down there street the disruption to that entire community and why when you talk about peaceful protests you talk about the public square and having your debate in the public square. Now that you have to look at the fact that to harass or intimidate or harm a federal judge and adjusted in order to influence the outcome of the decision is something that is against the law. There is a state federal statute and people can look for something you want to look it up. It is 18 USC 150 and they are create committing a federal crime.

Every time they do that know you're absolutely right, and we have that statute on website for people to read that you're right it's out there and again, Sen., this goes back to people complaining about well your gun violence in America okay will enforce the laws that are on the books and again in this case enforce the laws that are on the books, you know, I should be book. I'm surprised that in the neighborhood.

People have not found charges and demeanor against the individual that might let them in and out of their neighborhood to Rotterdam. There street selector can I, Sen., we know you are on a tight schedule and we appreciate you coming on the program today. As always I thank you thank you Sen. Marsha Blackburn from Tennessee and she's calling on this program for Sen. Chuck Schumer to apologize for the rhetoric that quite frankly led to what happened yesterday outside of justice Cavanaugh's home what so you what is in John 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 I wanted tell you guys about our good friends over patriot mobile they're America's only Christian conservative wireless carrier and we are proud partners with them as they defend American freedoms across this country of folks have some incredible opportunities and deals for you. A lot of people say well okay will patriot mobile. Do they have the nationwide coverage is that's what I need you. I'm a patriot, but I will talk by phone. Yes, the answer is yes they do. They use the same towers. The other guys use what they don't do.

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That's patriot you can give them a call 972 patriot. That's 972 patriot use the promo code. Todd, there is no doubt that he is facing a financial crisis because of the blighted economic policies hi this is Todd Starnes and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds, and market.

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You know $1 million worth of gold could actually fit inside the box call legacy at 86 652-8190 legacy PM legacy PM investments always usually only want my sunny is here as well.the big boss downstairs is running for governor of New York, New York.

It is what it is your people to be puppet and out all over the place. In the meantime, let's go check out the phone lines here 844-747-8868 I was go to Patty in North Carolina WS ICR great affiliate there hey Patty what's up everything I love your show. Got a call before he had no clue what is going on okay George, I'm talking about. Anyway, I make one thing I cannot believe that gas prices are higher than Hunter by that's a fair point there Patty there pretty you pay a lot of money.

There are no North Carolina for Jess everybody North Carolina 501. She's telling you they want all of us Patty. They want all of us to be right around the horses and buggies.

That's world this is going.

Patty Patty story. I have a story that I got another story books.

By the way just to get you one drinks because were working remotely. There's a bit of a delay between the phone calls. As we discussed will just give you heads up. Anyway, Patty. I was speaking at a religious novelist convention years ago and I didn't realize at that point how lucrative the office romance fiction world was, and was actually trying to get me to want to write an office romance novel. They said you could sell millions of copies nuts I was The time I came up with.

My name is Yoder. The buggies rocket don't come knocking at night on camel and watch it like a comedian and perfectly charged you got more Cavanaugh getting you know getting gone to hell.

Now right guy blame Chuck Schumer's you want to play games is better for your Patty.

We got a run, but thank you for the call Jim Jordan out there and and he said you know what when we take over. It's hard ball when it retaken the gloves off, you did it to us to do it to you by the way, that's Old Testament justice right there doing to others as they do to you before they do. In this case they've already done it to us so payback is well but you know what they say, let's listen to this audio from Jim Jordan was not good for the old line if is good for the goose is good for the gander. So good on this road break every norm, every president do things I think are unconstitutional. Then then it seems like it's fair game for for for the next Congress, but we are Republicans were concerned to do it in the right way to the investigations that need to be done. If in fact that the American people put us back in power to do it in a way that's consistent with the Constitution to get to the facts and the truth because the American people deserve answers to why the school Board Association went to the bite of his face and then the bite is exactly what they asked for and targeted moms and dads with with with the patriot act treated as domestic terrorists we need to get to the bottom of the of the covert origins meeting at the bottom of thousands of Americans tax returns became public when you get to the bottom of the hundred bite situation. Bunch of other things with the border mass all those things need to be investments of the country. The people of this country right now 717 of our fellow citizens really think the countries on the wrong track.

They deserve the truth to all those issues if we put power to do it the way system with the Constitution you good for you. Good for you Congressman. I said go go.

I just take off the gloves and go after we had put a stop to this nonsense are, let's go to Allen listening to us on the talk station over North Carolina hey Alan what's up, Tertullian laid on the 2006. Conspiracy of the 2006 antigens that went on but as far as what's going on with the justices, especially with Cavanaugh, I don't see Schumer, I don't see the thread helping him with somebody like Cavanaugh anything he would probably be just as even more resolute unless he's hoping somebody could actually get to them and hurts him or her to her family and you might have adjusters resigned and sign up for this. My family through it. I think that's what they're hoping for, hoping for justice just end up in despair and then walk away and then Biden gets to appoint somebody they like but I don't see that happening with somebody is badly injured Cavanaugh or one of his children or somebody in the Schumer would try to make that happen is unforgivable. Given his position in the government is absolutely unforgivable and it's not like he's a backbencher. That's the point.

He's the Majority Leader of the Senate, so he speaks for all Senate grants and this is a Maxine Waters on the street corner route unit rounding up the street you were talking about the Majority Leader of the Senate and those words do matter and and I am terribly concerned that people are going to start acting on these threats and I want to go back. Just think about this Alan and and goblets work.

By the late great call Alan and we want you to give us a holler back.

Just think about this in comparison. Go back to the Supreme Court redefined what God it already defined were talking about marriage did you see any conservatives protesting at the homes of liberal Supreme Court justices, you did not because you respect and respect the rule of law and the same with with with the birth of their talk about well both sides have something to both sides bears but no, no, only one side is killing unborn babies.

Only one side is doing that only one side is going out there and firebombing pro life ministry centers right now and it's not the conservatives it's the Democrats the left. They have no they value, they do not value life and so were surprised with this kind of stuff happens. I'm telling you this is a dangerous place to be, but it's not.

It's not the Republicans is not the conservatives were talking about.

The Democrats were talking about the leftist and they been doing this for ages to continue to do because I know it is successful, but what they haven't counted on is Donald Trump coming along because keep in mind the plan was Hillary Clinton becomes president. That was the plan, and Donald Trump came along and he he thwarted the plan he upended the plan and now there is hell to pay in and that's what's happening. They have a devious plan for this country.

It is to soften the country. It is to weaken the country so that this nation embraces socialism that is a long-term goal here, folks wrote a book about this in 2019 cultures, she thought, how to stop him from killing a nation and I would encourage you to read it. I would encourage you to give it to a friend, let them read it because the.

The evidence is out there, and the evidence demands a verdict all right. Look, we gotta take a break here music sounding out, coming up.

We got our good friend Rita Cosby.

She is one of the great coastal WK PC great national syndicated radio host as well 844-747-8868 we got some lines open now. That's 844-747-8868 this is my fellow will not find it in the big box stores of the reason why the awful my fellows being canceled by the canceled culture Bob. That's why Michael Odell wants to sell directly to you that comes with some great savings lowest price of the history of my fellow for their classic standard normally 6998 now only 1998 with the Provo costar by fellow does more than just fellows have over 150 where you open my\\promo codes or call 800-544-8939\start or call one 800-5939 promo code start stories radio show on Friday. I'm Jeff Stein will take the baton from in the take you through the rest of the program. Always good to talk to Starnes nation from the liberty University studio please that your along on the program today and we like to talk about what is of interest to you at 844-747-8868. I know we've got at least one caller on the line will get you in a moment, but again it's 844-747-8868 and were happy to pick up on what the talk was talking about in the last half hour or whatever you would like to talk about. Obviously, the inflation numbers today mean it is just tremendously bad. You've got the sham hearings about January 6 from last night, eager to hear your responses to that or whatever is on your mind. Jerry listens to the Todd start show on the flagship, the mighty 990 in Memphis.

Jerry, thanks so much for calling into the store and show Jeff Stein here. How are you sir okay. Excellent what's on your mind today I want to quit, but every week woman who had the unfortunate experience probably was in Los Angeles walking down the fairly and have a stolen car. Try and run her and her baby over right and horrific is what is okay baby, Sean Tucker Carlson a couple days later. During the conversation, she admitted that only Democrat, okay fine, but you don't forget scone TV that you go to Frank and she thought he would clean up your penal system Los Angeles make it more fair amount scone was like this is going to move in applicable myself.

You know what you don't dream come San Francisco. How come I know that how come he makes the bed and want to sleep in a mall and I'm glad the trip is okay, but I think she made a bed. She should sleep well well here's the thing that occurs to me about that story. She at least has woken up enough and is telling the story of how she's very disappointed in the person she voted for now to your point about how is it that you know the guy had that record and she didn't.

You know, I think, especially in a place like California. They are so indoctrinated from the start that they just assume whoever has a deed by their name is the correct choice and while I concur with you that I would just as soon these Democrats not infiltrate our good red states and red cities and follow them up if they truly have seen the light and are willing to have an open mind on politics okay great, let's get those people speaking out and have and have as much of it is is we can handle but what's tragic to me and I'd be interested in your response, Jerry what's tragic to me is that these people just vote blindly regardless of who the person is the longest they've got a letter by their name. Okay like more intelligently going forward. So first come onto the Jetta people nervous. I know I don't trust people and plenty of bubble purple want to jump off yes no people will vote based on letter behind the name and then don't like the results. 126 thanks very much. Thank you Jerry for listing the program and calling in from Oak Ridge. There, in the Memphis area listening to the flagship, the mighty 990. Your turn now to call and talk to America on the Todd Stern show 844-747-8868 Jeff Stein filling in for Todd who of course is in New York at that wonderful Parkers conference there was a thing that was called talkers Magazine, and now they've branched up to so many different things as everyone has rights and now it's called Parkers and there's this big national event today and I guess something like 800 people. I don't know what the people all the cool kids are around the table and the Todd start show, proud to be a sponsor of the event and so were glad the Todd is able to talk to folks build the show and help make everything all this even better for those of you who saddle in the saddle up and then come on in every day for three hours noon to three Eastern either on one of these hundred and 20+ radio stations across the great country or listening on the again it's 844-747-8868 coming up in our next hour. By the way I want to give you a couple highlights here of what were going to have on the program.

We are going to talk in the first half of the next hour about a pull and it it talks about Americans definition of gender and sex and were going to talk with an expert in this field who's going to analyze the pool and here's the short of it. Don't believe what the now formerly mainstream media has told you about what Americans think about certain topics because the poll is very different than the narrative. No surprise, but it's always nice to have dated and will talk with Edward Bartlett coming up in less than 30 minutes. At the bottom of the next hour.

It will be my privilege to introduce you to a young man who is a Republican, hoping to flip a blue seat, red. It happens to be in my home state of Iowa, but I know what I have been here before talking to you all I know Todd does it as well.

We like to bring people on from braces from around the country so that you know many of you sit there and say what can I do how can I fix some of this I go and vote in my district is read my representative is read well if you feel good about what you're doing in your corner of the world keep that up, but maybe you also might want to meet some folks in other parts of the country where you either have friends or relatives that you might be able to influence maybe you have a few extra dollars that you could donate to help get these people across the line and again a true patriot running for Congress in Iowa trying to unseat a two-term incumbent, and we will talk with him. His name is Zach none and that will come up in this little less than an hour. Also coming up today. In the last segment you heard Todd talk about seeing Mayor Giuliani and his son Andrew walking by when they were in New York. There Andrew Giuliani will be on this radio program live at the bottom of our number three is running for governor of New York. Frankly, a lot of people sorta snickered when he put the hat in the ring that was when a guy named Cuomo was still pulling the wool over some people's eyes and Giuliani is now to the front of the pack and were going to talk with the front runner coming up at the bottom of the 2 o'clock Eastern hour time for you to talk with us, though, at 844-747-8868 as we continue on this edition of the Todd start radio program now more than ever it's important to support companies and organizations that share our values. Patriot mobile is America's only Christian conservative wireless carrier. They not only share our beliefs but they actually do something about it. And that's saying something in this sad day and time in which we live patriot mobile.

What a great company.

They donate a portion of every dollar to organizations that fight for causes. You and I care about. If you switch to patriot mobile now and use promo code Todd, you'll get free activation and a free gift you like the word free will. I do, I think you do to. And so free activation free gift just by using the promo code Todd with patriot mobile. These are the folks that have the broadest nationwide coverage.

They use the same powers.

Other carriers use plans to fit any budget. Great discounts for veterans and first responder heroes as well as multi line users, so that works really well for growing families. Above all, switching to patriot mobile is easy just go to patriot or call their US-based customer service team.

Thank you very much. At 972 patriot get your special discount you get the free premier activation, but you only get that by using promo code Todd for more details visit patriot That's patriot or call 972 patriot. That's 972 patriot 844-747-8868 is the number you can call and join the conversation. I would love to hear from anyone in the Todd Starnes audit got a raise of more than 8.6% going into this year. If you work for a living, or if you're on pension even that that works. Did you get a raise of 8.6% or more, because if you did not, you're losing ground and will talk about it when we come back. Jeff Stein filling in for Todd, thanks to the great folks at the flagship Kylie Grayson Memphis for keeping this all up and running. Hope to talk you on the other side. This is the Todd start show galaxy for all these new tracks it might not like I just did in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles capture training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for compact and fit perfectly in my pocket don't easy flip for going to live in for the liberty to quality 447-4768 and continue the conversation. That's the number that Matt used to call in from North Carolina, where he listens to the Todd start show on the talk station.

Matt, thanks for dialing in Jeff Stein in for Todd. How are you today on rain which again we just planted crops and I was so rain is a good thing here what your weather like down there now. I will well I tell you, you know will take whatever mother nature gives us because we have no choice but we do have a choice with regard to censoring the Senate Majority Leader. And I think that's what you want to talk about their now I know your lawyer correctness or my opinion. I'm not a lawyer but I started 800 page rulebook and live. You're like a great breaker anyone else threatening to pre-court justices would be arrested.

What you are. There's no question absolutely.

That's a direct threat.

Let's let's turn this around just a little bit Matt.

Let's say you and I met each other on the street and it would be a privilege to meet you but let's say you just didn't like my look for whatever reason and you said I'm going to unleash the whirlwind on you Stein, you won't know what hit you.

You think I should take that as a threat. I know I know you're a good person but where did this fall down then should do you think you think that the Republicans who had the majority in the Senate at that time should somebody have tried to censure Schumer for his comments directly threatening to bind members of another branch of government, Brody art I thought he should be arrested for communicating direction.

I don't think there's any doubt in that the trick is with any threat there has to be some sense that it could be carried out okay. That just makes sense.

I mean if if I say that I'm going to well you know send you to the moon. That's not a threat. I don't have a rocket okay so even if in that moment that you mention Schumer on the steps of the Supreme Court making the comment even if you cool and say well that's hyperbole that's just rhetoric. He doesn't really have any means to carry it out. It sure seems like we've seen that people have listened to him by showing up outside these justices houses by a very disturbed individual as it now sounds going there without much plan, but thinking he might take his own life and along with it. One of the justices I mean it's it's fascinating to me how we are willing to just ignore the fact that somebody had a gun outside a justices house recently and by the way, sounds like Schumer made more of a direct threat or encouragement of violence than Pres. trumpeted on January 6. Do you think that the shoe okay so what should happen. Schumer what you think should happen to him if anything right now based upon what we have seen in the last couple of weeks and control over, I would argue old record on the apprentice you're fired, the God that be good.

There is great fellow with Adam on this program, you might've seen them on Newsmax by the name of Joe Pinion and Joe is running for U.S. Senate, New York to take Chuck Schumer out and if you folks are interested in helping Mr. Schumer go to retirement that might be a campaign to support Matt, thanks so much for calling in from North Carolina enjoy the nice weather having there. I appreciate the conversation greatly 844-747-8868 is how you can connect with the Todd starting's radio program Jeff Stein filling in for Todd today I tell you, there are certain days when you think what more can possibly come out in the news and then your light was a pleasantly surprised certainly. But you you see things like these inflation numbers.

Now, as I recall, as I recall earlier this week while everything is falling down around us as a country. The president goes on the late night comedy show and is one the Republicans of gone on before. Two.

So let's be fair. But the Jimmy Kimmel toss the softballs to Joe by who is right there in close proximity without a mask, you find it interesting the president will walk across an open field with a mask but then when he's with one of the Hollywood cool kids doesn't need a mask to see the little odd to me. If you're worried about your health as opposed to virtue signaling, but as I recall, during that and I didn't watch it because I just can't stomach the stuff that the president said this is the best economy in the world. It's the best economy and you know how many years or whatever best economy really here's all I can think of. If that's the best economy.

What we have right now I don't want to see the worst economy. This is a new 40 year high for inflation that was released today. The overall consumer price index has gone up since this time last year, 8.6%. There's your consumer inflation rate 8.6% hourly earnings. The real average hourly earnings have dropped by 3% and that's when I mentioned before went to the break in less you got a raise of 9% in your pay in your retirement in your investments unless you got 9% of arrays since last year. You're falling behind and that's presuming you can even find good gas up 48.7%. Fuel oil is up 106.7% gas at the pump. Now, more than double per gallon from the time Joe Biden took office.

You go look at the chart. This is not who is price hike. This started with Joe and those stickers with the little finger pointing saying I did that, yes, Mr. Pres., you did that and we are all the ones suffering.

If you want to put this into full context highest inflation rate in 40 years. The last time the inflation rate was like this. The number one song in the country was physical by Olivia Newton John now I happen to be a fan. I actually saw her in concert. Not long after that because I was I think a freshman in college, for crying out loud so I love the 80s you know, big hair and all sorts of goofy music I love the 80s, but I don't need inflation like that and I don't think you do either.

Hey come on back and continue the conversation.

If you would, after this news break Jeff Stein and for Todd. This is the Todd starting show someone whose work and no chill.

Trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you calls my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take you to to list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy. See full for liberty University studio in Memphis Tennessee hello.

Jeff Stein filling in for today coming to you from my homebase that new start. 1540 KX EL in Cedar Rapids and Waterloo, Iowa 50,001 blowtorch scorching little America with accurate news and reasonable views. Todd is in New York. He is attending as the representative of Starnes media group, the national Parkers convention always hundreds of talkshow host in one room and Todd is there interacting with these folks and building this radio program for you and so it's my privilege to step into the liberty University studio today and handle things and that includes talking to you. Go ahead and queue up at 844-747-8868.

This is your chance to tell America what you think at 844-747-8868 it will get your calls in the next segment, but let's go now via the patriot mobile newsmaker line so that we can connect with Edward Bartlett.

Dr. Bartlett is the president of save an organization that focuses on college campuses. In particular, to make sure that they are handling things in the fairway with due process Dr. Bartlett Jeff Stein filling in for Tom, thanks for being on the show today. Whatever are you I am quite well and good to hear your voice for those who are not fully aware of the organization. I gave a brief little description give me a better one. Please what is save what you folks do you know you're on target date of the group working for fairness and due process in colleges and an increasingly were also looking at high school and even even primary school overseeing the Department of Education decided they wanted to change the definition of that and they want to shoehorn the concept of gender and gender identity into the definition of sex and its creating habit across the nation. I taught at the college level for about 25 years I've been away from it for about 10 years. It was getting bad when I left.

I don't know that I could even imagine the set foot on a college or university campus these days because of all of the cancel culture and political correctness. Do you find that it is getting exponentially worse.

In other words, is this much more necessary for you and your organization to take strong action on these issues now than even say five or 10 years ago it up and down and limit my wife say that during the Obama administration, the Department of Education enacted a new policy called dear colleague letter on sexual violence and what it is that removes the presumption of and remove due process protections for students accused of some form of sexual misconduct and that's where the term Of kangaroo court came into because, as a result, there were literally hundreds of lawsuit against colleges by student with that they had been wrongfully expelled or wrongfully suspended, then along came Pres. Trump he got rid of that that dear colleague letter and implemented a new regulation that was two years ago.

Well now we have a new president. Guess what Pres. Biden wants to eliminate the trump regulation and create go back to the campus kangaroo court and change the definite definition of sex to include gender identity house that well it's enough to make your head hurt. I'll tell you that because this is trying to change our culture in a way that the American people don't agree with and you got full numbers to back that up well and and so we did it all got the results last week, nationally representative sample and all that good stuff and we ask Americans they want the Department of Education to retain the traditional biological definition, effect, meaning male or female or man that definition to include gender and gender identity, and that you may know, there are 72 different genders for people to choose from 12 people in a list of the survey, and 53% of American no, we don't want to change the definite definition of sex work just fine for the last millennia, and we don't want to include gender identity in that definition of sex remind the audience here in the Todd star, and so were speaking with Edward Bartlett. Dr. Bartlett is the founder of save they are and again he joins us on the Todd start show Jeff Stein filling in for Todd today. That's a pretty clear Crossing party line percentage 63 to 37%, but there were a number of other things hi to this movement if you will. This blurring of identity that really make it even stronger case that this administration and what it's doing is out of step with the American people.


I think everybody heard the term transgender. Many people heard of the feet transgender name Leah, the Pennsylvania swimmer and has broken all the records all of the swimming records for college because Leah Thomas previously was a male former QuickBooks and also hormone replacement therapy for a year, but he still has the greater lung capacity.

He still has the longer arm, stronger musculature.

No surprise that Leah Thomas is continued to dominate now in women's sports. And there's something about that.

That's just not fair. So 71% of the respondent of our survey reported just last week that do not allow gender participation in women's sports. Certainly Jeff transgender's can participate in sports, but against other transgender and this is how we are and I don't say evolving because it doesn't feel like the right word if this is how things are changing to where you're going to have this large amount of people under the category of transgender. It would seem to me only to make sense to have that as a separate category just simply because of fairness, and I'm struck Dr. Bartlett by the number of people who for years were advancing the cause of women in sports and now all of a sudden you have women on the sidelines because of this unfair physical advantage that the transgender individuals have for people to say that if you take no one year of hormone replacement therapy is that a level playing field. That's just pure non-does not level playing field and that's why received over and over and I just gave one example, but there cases in Connecticut and Utah and and elsewhere were transgender dominated in women's sports is just not fair it's not right and once again the numbers in this whole that you go conducted for your organization.

Save online and save

This is not even a close call. I'm not talking about margin of error were not talking 52 to 48 you're talking about, 60, 70% of Americans agreeing on these issues. That's pretty telling to me that is stunning and let me give you another piece of the maybe even more outrageous. So the whole issue of in high school and high school there. Most high school counselor and sometimes teenagers experience funeral. The doubt maybe out of depression and so what's happening is that the school counselors have begun to talk to the teenagers and say well maybe you have a gender dysphoria that the cause of your your your depression that you're having right gender dysphoria.

I don't know if you if you're from where that term but it means that even though you have a male body you you actually have a female psychology or female identity and that you should consider becoming a transgender that actually happened through a girl in California she got caught up in this world being transgender to. She was originally female. She was transgender.

Male or depression only what were some of the point that she can but it suicide.

One very sad day and we have to attribute this to the secret secretiveness of the school to push this idea of gendered and again growing up is it's never been easy. It's difficult for teenagers but when the school the authority figure, if you will, is encouraging the young person to hide things from their parents because that's what were talking about with this sort of counseling times that the parents have no idea it's going on. That seems to be much more about an agenda and not the welfare of the young person. Am I missing something with that you're totally right to me by me.

Parent always at the right to know about any mental health concerns or issues affecting their their underage children living high school that that tradition and that law is being turned on its head by the transgender etiquette saying no to keep the secret from your your parents and were seeing the exact area playing out in and I mentioned California there's another case in Florida was started there is only schools across the country will give you another example. This is a Wisconsin were a 13-year-old boy was classmate of a 13-year-old boy said you need to call me by my transgender pronoun which is Bayer them. This 13-year-old boy no or speech does not free speech. I'm not going to call you pay down will this boy was then accused of sexual harassment and that only because he refused to use the transgender pronouns. Again, this is just outrageous. This happened just a few weeks ago in Wisconsin. It's ridiculous and there's your pull the pole that you go for your organization. Save 61% of those surveyed said there should be parental consent prior to school counseling on this topic and it just strikes me as we close Dr. Bartlett. You've got schools that require parental consent when little Susie or little Johnny is going to go on a bus field trip but yet they don't want parental consent when it has to do with something as important as what the gender is once again safe save SAV E save is the website for the organization save and Edward Bartlett has been our guest, Dr. Bartlett, thank you so much for taking the time in continued success with this works or thank you to check with your good to talk to you as well served.

Edward Bartlett. He is a former college faculty member, he founded save SAV E and again it's online. It save

The conversation took place on the patriot mobile newsmaker line when you think about that will take your calls in the next segment.

It's 844-747-8868 same numbers are used to using 844-747-8868. I'm Jeff Stein filling in for Todd, thanks for being along on this Friday edition of the Todd start show progressive person's home for another house. I totally understand house from just another. Some newer homes on the market looking at those other houses don't have a crack in the foundation's no matter how much you love it more knowing you could say in your home and auto with aggressive situations. The studio as always is a 447-4768 that's all you can join this national conversation and that is the number that Jean used to call in from North Carolina where she listens to the start show on news talk WSI C Jean, thanks for calling in Jeff Stein and for Todd today. What's on your mind. Dr. Bartlett, I would calling it the other day.

I need a snack that happened to the trailer for Matt, well, what is the woman they netted Larry and the best part about it if it the very end when he's in Africa saying based on not liking what you what you want to move and I laughed and said no. I mean you can market three on rumble. Just thought I'd mention that I haven't watched the whole film yet that the trailer is clearing all that such a wonderful tip. I've not had the opportunity to see a very well familiar with rumble we put my daily commentaries on rumble as well. Did you ever think we'd be to the point where we had to. Jean asked the question what is a woman just seems we are so far away from the America we used to have job everyone.

Thank you Know. Thank you for calling in and in suggesting and I do appreciate that Matt Wallace's documentary what is a woman. I have heard about it. I have not had time to sit quite honestly so alright so why am I here today and I'm going to alert Grace and Kyle is if you're able to come to the microphone. I I'd appreciate it because are you here's what's going on. Here's why I'm here. I am here because there is a national event going on in New York. Hundreds and hundreds of talkshow host. It's the talkers magazine big conference in the Todd start show is a supporter of it in Todd's on panels and growing the show by being back in New York, etc. right so here's my question and I would like to have Colin and in grace way in when you think about hundreds of talkshow host in a room like that. Yeah a is it that they all are talking at the same time and nobody can really get a word in edge wise. That's a or is it the it is completely silent because none of them brought their producers along to town on that's a good point will I go first. I think that it's probably been talking over each other, but I'd like to think it's because they don't have their producers with them because I'm kinda jealous.

I'm not in New York City right after the food there. The people are great but the food is where it's at.

New York City I would say that the prion talking over each other happy, don't you think it's literally called the talkers convention will clearly now all I let Kyle childlike.

I don't know how nodding his head. I think he is in agreement with me. I think that there talking over each other, very loud room and there will see this is what I first I thought okay they're just talking over each other. It's just a mess that was assumed to have a moderator like a producer to direct all of them I would not want that job. But they're not good to listen to each other if it's a talkshow host. Try to moderate other talkshow host.

The disaster seat. Thank you Jeff, I think you're making my case for next year to go right.

Love you being here and hang out with you guys, but New York again.

The food I miss you. Nice try to save on that, you know. Todd send an email to me a while back and said hey are you going to go to talkers no Tim is going to be there to invent him and Lauren was sits in. Jeff Katz is there, who was in the chair for this program. Wednesday all Larry Walters are there yes there will somebody schedule radio and I appreciate it. But here's the thing is we go to the spot of the hour break and then introduce you to a real patriot Tim VanHorn tweeted out a photo of the boys at a steakhouse last night and I am more jealously.

Grace is all right. I'll introduce you to a fee. I will have to display Jeff Stein galaxy for all these new tracks it might not like I just did in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles for training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for its contract and fit perfectly in my pocket to get your galaxies he flip for so and online storage.I Jeff Stein filling in for Todd today from the liberty University studio.

We invite you to call us enjoying this coast-to-coast conversation on more than 120 radio stations nationwide. It's 844-747-8868. Again, that's 844-747-8868 will take your calls a little later this hour but joining is now on the patriot mobile newsmaker line is Zach none.

Mr. Nunn is a state senator. He is a veteran. He is also now the Republican nominee in a congressional race in Iowa that is one of the most hotly contested and most-watched in the country.

So I want to introduce you America to a true patriot. He is Zach none. Mr. Nunn thanks for joining the Todd start show Jeff Stein here in our home state of Iowa. How are you here yet we are doing great. You're very your grateful for everyone who voted in the Iowa primary fear June 7. So congratulations on that when it was a three way race. You pull down something like two thirds of the votes and the very next day Saba toes crystal ball took this from tossup to liens Republican after you were the one who won the primary talk about the district and talk about who you are, so that America can see just exactly what is at stake herein. I was third district to other great primary but I think really that American all background are ready for a dramatic change what's happening in Washington DC, the district itself.

As I was lower third, north of the very anonymous reporter. There is a rural. It is a suburban and urban area as well. The largest population centers are into County. We have 19 other counties that are farmland, small-town Iowa and very different need in that path historically like no the district where the incumbent Democrat is only ever one in one county of Polk County but we grew up in rural Polk County are so and have run for the statehouse three times, each time winning a blue leave the to become a red after our double digit victory. All three races and were grateful that crystal ball came over and showed and this is now a leading red you know they really started this district with Dean as a leading blue favored and incumbent a month before the primary election.

It was ranked as the top of and an hour after our victory on Tuesday night. Cook also with from a top of the you a lien, Republican of the major prognosticators they deftly going to be a battleground and it is a winnable for the right kind Republican Zach none is our guest on the Todd start show Zach is the website. See ACH and you and and Zach and there's a very nice little red button in the upper right-hand corner of the main page that says donated and so if you are a patriotic American who would like to see the Republicans again, have a majority in the house. This is one of the handful of races nationally that is being spotlighted and this is the individual who has a chance to flip the seed I find it fascinating. Every time you and I talk and I'll call you Sen. none because you are a State Sen., you are a proven election winter winter in that metro area of Des Moines and Polk County. I find it so interesting that you got a member of Congress who has been now in office to terms.

She received fewer votes. The second time in the first time and again only wins with one Metro County. You have a much broader base of support and frankly much broader resume, I'd like you to share with the audience will trump district that she is able to win in arguably again of candidates to the direct type of fight you need to, when you're talking about an individual who pretend to be moderate both with native people of the Biden agenda.

100% voting record. We started off as a military veteran did combat tours in Afghanistan and Iraq plan operations with U.S. Air Force and most recently I commando squadron flying recon of Russia and finished off a tour here, I work directly for the staff of the Air Force and innovative operations against the Chinese to counter a Taiwan think that we are approaching the campaign very much the same way strategic approach towards a goal oriented accomplishment for building allies and partners only provide general firepower, leaving November because as you highlight not just about the district here in Iowa we will serve our constituents. But we also want to win back a majority in Congress to hold the Biden agenda accountable and start changing the course of this direction and time again. It's not about winning November about having a pragmatic interpretive agenda that can be path in January, 20, 23 because the American people want leaders, not talkers. So once again not only a veteran you still serve in the National Guard and thank you for that service.

You and your wife own and operate a small business you have four children at home. I believe you told me the other day. You also took on the responsibility of foster children as this race was starting to service this sounds, folks, if you're listening. Is this the kind of person you want representing you in Washington DC with these values and this experience.

If so, I suggest respectfully go to Zach and help him out in this race.

Alright so let's say Republicans have a majority in the U.S. House and you are a member of that majority.

What do you push for as the short list of how best to represent your district and all districts in America feel like myself and also being part of family of farmers infantry are here in Iowa I think you got to get under control.

It's driving up the cost of inflation. I would pick a playbook page right out of the bully down the aisle and repack a balanced budget. When the last time we have done that Washington DC didn't have to budget alone a balanced budget. The second aspect is we have to get our energy independence back 15 month ago America with the net or of energy in the last 15 months.

We thought we agreed new deal, Al Qaeda deftly does not make a minivan. I don't know how I like the ground or how our family farm would be able to function without a diesel engine work in the field so you got to be in all of the above energy approach energy is foremost among the national. You we cannot depend on other country and finally an area which we know his work here in Iowa again is that when you have when you take tax dollars and people you need to be invested in the growth economy, arguing that money directly back to the people who pay taxes before tax cut that money invested in their pocket, their family to their main street to their communities.

Integrating digitally is not a government program that years implementation of backlog and often a lot of red tape but control of your money back people and look energy independent region item. We should be tackling right out of the gate. January Zach none is our guest.

He is the Republican nominee in the eye with their congressional district, trying to flip that rather shaky blue see the good solid red color. He joins us on the Todd start show. His website is Zach. None.and you look at the world stage and I want to ask you this, to draw upon your expertise as a military veteran and her current Lieut. Col. in the Iowa air National Guard when you look at some of the situations around the world.

Whether it was Afghanistan hard to believe almost a year ago 200 days ago, or whether it's Ukraine now assess if you can without breaching any old what should this country be doing that it is not doing to help sick for the safety of American citizens like you know I America first, but never America alone national policy. There are national interests that every American has an mongoose is always never leaving American behind the debacle in Afghanistan last thousands of Americans behind the administration pullout military troops and basically abandoned Kabul and under week. You know, and veteran and then somebody who had served multiple tours with folks and the ground there in Afghanistan. With all that was of the trail. We felt we had a moral obligation to help in the vigil rewrite the money every clue a number of flights in the Mother Teresa in the north of Afghanistan.

This is after the. The Biden ministration amendment and we evacuated American and Afghan allies who are pre-vetted and approved, should, on the last flight out who were protecting our interpreters operations forces the cover our rear guard and we got a safety that shouldn't be on individual Americans to have to take that on.

The same is true when we look at what happened in Ukraine. We have a situation here where can the US national interests do not have skyhigh gas prices or fertilizer. Yield: the hands of the Russian Biden's ration that three times and for the invasion. Ukraine was likely going to be invaded and the Russians would take it.

If you're that is a green light for invasion not a current effect as a result, you know once) in the Ukrainian show this to be resolved and really defended their country. That should be an inspiration to patriots here as well, but it also impact you Americans your home that when we have autocrats for Vivian Russia or China or are wrong, that Freddie played like I want his role as well. If America is not willing to stand with allies and 50 down the cost of every thing American going to be much more difficult and we have the type of trade imbalance now coming from Asia, where we are buying far more than their buying from us. We are bleeding money out not only in the form of what we pay as a consumer of the type of jobs and careers. We can adhere domestically I would I would do if they pay full force and effect of what is in the national interest for America to build a great job and maintain careers here in America to stop the influx of real threat like things on the phone and more with 2 million illegal and the stand with our allies autocrats in Russia, China and Iran don't get the upper hand and have the ability to block the I have never met folks, Zach. None.

I have only talked to him on the radio and I have some very good longtime friends who support him. But every time I hear him I'm thinking to myself this is the blueprint of how the Republicans get the majority back twitter and get her at none for Congress and you and and the website is Zach. Z ACH and you and is a donate button right there in the front page. Well, you've won the primary, that's just the first of the battle and now it's on to November, Lieut. Col. none thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us on the national Todd start show and I'm sure we'll talk again before November, but for now. Best of luck Sir very much your great patriot and I appreciate your listeners taken the time to fight for America will find out you do it we can have another great chapter in American history to start right here. I appreciate it not working.

November you're right.

Have a good weekend, sir. He, Zach, none he is running for Congress, and I was third district. Again one of those handfuls that the Democrats have said they need to hold onto.

If they're going to have any chance of holding onto majority. And if you're interested in a Republican majority then I'd suggest you help this young man and all everyone's young compared me help fish and and help others similarly situated, not just in your home area, but around the country. Zach none Zach he joined us on the patriot mobile newsmaker line. What say you join us on the newsline at 844-747-8868 that's how you can connect and will resume from the liberty University studio with your calls in a moment 844-747-8868 Jeff Stein filling in for Todd, thanks for being along on a Friday addition of the Todd start show galaxies for all these new tracks it might not like I just did in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles. Charge training sessions for his followers my hand to start recording video clip for contract and fit perfectly in my pocket galaxies. He flipped for his son.

So Jeff Stein filling influence on this Friday 847-4788 68 is how you can reach us in the liberty University studio and I tell you I want to reemphasize something we just experienced in the last great. There are times you look around and you say I who's going to run for office. Who's going to represent us with honor with integrity, who's not going to fall victim to the swamp. These are the people we need to recruit and again I said it before, but I'll repeat I know is I have sat here filling in for Todd. We have had folks on it. I know Todd does on a regular basis. I know I do on a regular basis on my program in Iowa, even if the person is not from the geographic area or in this case and the national show we're bringing people in from all around the country. Why so you can meet these young people these patriots were standing up and saying I'm not afraid to put life on hold to be a lot easier to stay home and raise my family and and run my business but I have an obligation to that family have an obligation to this country to try to fix the mess in Washington and it is no longer enough for us to sit back and say well I voted.

I've done my part. You need to do more because the other side is doing more and if you really believe in this American experiment in representative government, then it does not stop at the boundaries of your own district, you need to be thinking more broadly, and we've already talked today about how inflation the rate is wars, then it has been for four decades. That's more than two generation where were you in the fall of 1981 wherever you were in. However, you were living. That's the most recent time we can find to compare how bad it is. Now you gotta go back to 1981, so I know money is tight but there's got to be some way we can get some of these people across the finish line. The people I know you hear on this program were already in office fighting the good fight, but their target these seats that are vulnerable blue seats that should flip again reapportionment is changed everything all around the country. There are shenanigans lots of places. If in any way you can help beyond the scope of your own voting district. We just have to do it and it might be nothing more than a five or $10 donation if you can handle it, but it might be nothing more than saying here's an email to the campaign, saying keep it up. I can't help you right now but what I'm here for you and I'm praying for you.

Maybe it's following them on social media and supporting what it is that they're doing. Maybe it's calling friends that you have in these other locations and say I just heard this candidate on the radio and he or she really sounds like they got their head screwed on correctly, you really need to get out there and support them. We need to do everything we can, beyond simply saying, well, I voted and I got my nice little sticker on my coat with the American flag that says I voted as the bare minimum friends that we can do. That's the bare minimum because everything is at stake third hour of this program coming up. Andrew Giuliani joins us at the bottom of the next hour. I just filling in for Todd thank you for being along on this edition of the sky. General insurance presents shower valid/shower. Turns out, generally, the quality insurance company saving people money for newly 60 years after nearly 6 years of quality cover) call go to general insurance services, Inc. insurance agency Nashville, Tennessee summer sections apply.

Liberty University studio in Memphis Tennessee is conservative little George radio program for more than 100 live as always it Todd hello fellow patriots on Jeff Stein filling in for day coming to you from my home base at new start. 1540 KX EL in Cedar Rapids and Waterloo Iowa proud Todd start is affiliate. The 50,000 W blowtorch scorching middle America with accurate news and reasonable views. Todd is at the talkers Magazine event waving the Starnes media flag and contributing to panels as a sponsor of that national event of talkshow host many of the folks you hear on this program filling in are there, Tim VanHorn and Jeff Katz and Mary Walter and you know everybody who's anybody is there, which explains why I'm not but in any event, I am coming to you from the liberty University studio and it is a privilege to talk to you at 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 will take your calls in the next segment but now let's go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line where we are joined by Col. Austin Bay retired colonel from the U.S. Army reserve.

He is the author of a number of books 8. In fact, his most recent book is entitled cocktails from hell girl Bay. Thanks so much for taking the time Jeff Stein filling in for Todd. How are you today great. Thank you for your service and your continued attention to some of these global issues you're not at all surprised at what's going on in Ukraine are you well know it. Wrote a column in November 2000 and security and military affairs column for creator civic about Los Angeles show 2000 and November 2004 about seven months on active duty in 2004. LOL I had to take off buddy Mike called time obviously could be elected. But I rock.

But I got back off active duty at the end of November and I'm not. Do not remember the exact ball thing that led me to like the column that week but I have been following Vladimir ever became recognized in political affairs, certainly like to 1990, and you will you was falling apart and I were riding what was the second edition of a quick and dirty got a metal wargame.

We were getting over 250 complex simulations and I use those techniques when I was an officer of plans officer regular time wargaming techniques short actually bought four years as a special consultant wargaming oversight.

I was not on not not sure a soldier there a doctor but I got Jim and I have the tech in one of the think we saw that the US is falling apart or looked at it, somebody to try to rebuild and without trying to be to pointy head about it. There were actually a couple of errors in the late 19th, early 20th century, the Greeley salt Central Asia booklet log on and so I tried to take control of it. So once the global power.

Now that you and I you can run numbers numbers don't determine everything. Take a look at all the Russian tanks are burning in Ukraine or Burkart are burned out, but they do tell you something you need to have a short number of millions of people to be a global power resources you got at agriculture and you gotta have some of the location that matter and we we did this in like 91 pieces of the Soviet would take the Michael Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan because you got all the resources and cultural resources in Russia and Ukraine.

You have not because Russia fell back. I forget what it's population is right now, but think about hundred 40 million, but that they when they were doing whatever the USSR made the population resource is primarily Russia and Ukraine agricultural resort. While all oil and gas exotic metals and Kazakhstan would be a source of people and the resource so that was our thinking and our proposal. Somebody pick up the sword and try to put it back together so go back there.

Go up to November 2004 I decided it's gotta be glad because this guy stretched with rebuilding the motorbike that was some great much later in 2005 that he called the collapse of the USSR, the greatest catastrophe of the 20th artwork and wrong greatest things that happened, but that's what it that's what you wanted to do so.

I'm not trying to sit back and be a Greek dramatist and a hero. You got the power in Russia and when he started playing those games in Georgia really want to get a little more.

I will just slow you think our without going to bars get caught trying to play games with the ball got a look and remember the electronic and hacking Worley was uninstalling it. Something else 2014 down the invasion and annexation of Crimea lot more aggressive Russian error.

Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden on the spiked up there don't apply wherever they go wherever they want.

Keep that in mind when we decide that one of going I work November and one in Sweden have always been broke by by rupture of the Bush we spent the entire Cold War look at Russian submarines out of their butt stepped up.

This is a sign of increasing aggression in Moscow on that. The November 2005 book the lockdown. I also added something kind of got the last time I actually you want to talk to a Rotary club in Austin Texas where I will 98 are not God and the lastly question about Russia one just talk while some try to put it back together and be Russia or Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan at got to get on the impromptu go and I used it with a couple of footprints upon riders strategies group. Now it's a terrible condo Rubiks cube, but there's puzzled and it turns out he took on way too much when he actually got a like you know all this theoretical stuff like, but certainly deep strategic calculation part. What's fascinating is the grand miscalculation and the failure of the initial Russia Russian blitzkrieg all why those failures occurred. I think were "have a good deal about all but one account strategy where you you co-authored five book 4 of them out of the quick and dirty. Got warship online military affairs, military technology website been online since 1999, but Russia got so many problems with the way their army structure and also with the way their try to coordinate their thereabout you go back and look at the McDonald's and my 15 year general take on it despite the massive modernized military courses that consisted on on to build an army that would scare the heck European Union and NATO make them the unquestioned master of the great Eurasian plate. Well, seems to be some real problems with the way they designed their pranks. There was some thought that they were going to blow up having three man crew not not on their ammunition storage for the reason they blow their parents only find little event fall out but in the back. I don't get to it on a radio show where you can show you. But does this really long blade on their weapons. The main thing is internal corruption that they don't get quality of products are the weapons late. They need they don't support the logistics is rotten because of the tires are stolen got shoulders adult dog show up in the commanders pocket. There pocket their pay and you're saying that results… Without corruption I need to feel the corrupt arm and you run into a nation that the shots show literature nation are what Ukraine have your body, your body every Ukrainian and some of these areas are all defense units but it's like you brought into a little work that looked a lot, a lot, but have to wear down by a cricket warfare is no question currently working.

I have to stop there because I have a break.

We need to take Col. Austin. They listen to that insight. What tremendous insight. The block cocktails from hell spelled so much of this out these online it Austin strategy They also tweeted strategy page. And again that's Col. Austin Bay. He has this thing covered from all sides and again we refer you to the book cocktails from hell. He joined us on the patriot mobile newsmaker line here on the Todd started show 844-747-8868 is the number and that's how you can join the conversation.

Next after this break, Jeff Stein, filling in for Todd Andrew Giuliani at the bottom of the hour on the Todd started show radio historians will know someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full fork which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think video calls from iPhone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy Z full for welcome welcome to the Todd Stearns program to have my microphone turned on because I was grooving to the disco music playing for the regional or about that. Jeff Stein filling in for Tana this Friday edition of the Todd started the program from the liberty University studio 844-747-8868. That is how you can join us and this coast-to-coast conversation were scheduled to speak with Andrew Giuliani coming up after the bottom of the hour. You of course know his father. America's mayor will Andrew is a candidate for governor in the state of New York and not just a candidate. The polls most recently have said he's leading and working to find out what his plans are for the Empire State that's coming up just after the bottom of the hour.

So if you were with us last hour. First, I hope you were second.

Thank you much for being there. We discussed the fact that I'm here today working with Kyle and Grace who are, as always tremendous at the home base of 9990 in Memphis. I'm here because Todd is at the national talkers Magazine conference which is held annually. Hundreds and hundreds of talkshows from across the country are there and judging from the Twitter feeds their spending a lot of time taking photos of one another in paragraph which is great. That's what you do when friends get together while I pose the question last hour about when you get hundreds of talkshow host in a room.

Is it either really loud because they're all talking at the same time or is it really quiet because none of them brought their producers to tell them when to talk to me. For example, I'm sitting here in my studio in Iowa and I hear the music commitment coming back from the break and then Kyle will tell me in the closed circuit in my you're okay you can go ahead and talk or Grace will tell me the guest is there, you can now talk to the guest of the Lord. I am just the monkey sitting here, I can't do anything without them telling me it's okay to do it. So this is why to me. I don't know if you get hundreds of talkshow host in the same room how that's going to play out.

Is it really loud or really quiet and every day on my station.

I put a poll question online and I decided why don't we let America in on this today.

So here is the poll question from my home station and I'll give you the website in a moment. Here's a poll question. It says that Jeff Stein filled in for Todd start on his national show, so Todd could participate in a national conference with hundreds of talkshow host a. It was loud because none of them would stop talking or be it was quiet because none of them brought their producers with them to tell them when to talk. I would love for you to weigh in Starnes nation go to KX is pretty simple. KX and weigh in and will leave it up all weekend. I'll give my audience.

The results on Monday. I'm on the air Monday right before Todd. I'm on the three hours before Todd okay but I'll share them with grace. In case she'd like to mention it, depending on how this poll comes out I'll share it on my social media also when I get done here with the program at the top of the next hour. You of course can get in touch with this program. As always, it's time and Todd is on the Twitter and again in the truth. Social at Todd starting she's on Instagram at Todd stars FNC.

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My website is totally and that's where you can see the links to the three different podcasts I do every day. Totally Iowa I/O and I have the same address on all the social media is that I have. It's at Iowa politics I/O WA politics on Twitter and getter parlor, Instagram, and through social which I really love now that there is a version for my android from the from the web's I don't have one of those fancy iPhones so I had to wait but I'm really loving the truth. Social so you can follow me on twitter getter parlor, Instagram, and through social at Iowa politics and I'll post this poll question later today or else you can just go there now it KX that's my home radio station here in the state of Iowa would be interested. I don't know is that it would be like a child. It's sort of like you know when you go to a conference of librarians.

They cut loose and talk at full voice because they can't it work. I'm just curious about these things, a more serious conversation with Andrew Giuliani the future governor of New York. When we come back outside and for Todd and the Todd started someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy Z full fork which allows me to do more things at once. Much better now. I think you caused my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take you to list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy Z full for welcome back to the barn. Joe Stein filling in today coming to phone is always the liberty University studio 844-747-8868 is how you can connect on this coast-to-coast conversation will take your calls a little later this half hour before we ramp up in about 25 minutes but joining is now live on the patriot mobile newsmaker line is Andrew Giuliani.

Mr. Giuliani is a Republican candidate for governor of New York. The website is NY for Mr. Giuliani Jeff Stein in for Todd, thanks for joining us on the program today great Bialik and I actually thought hard yesterday as a matter fact in audio and thumb very excited to be on with you today. Jeff can be great and hope everybody's looking forward to a great weekend around the country. Well it's a great weekend. If you can exercise freedom and feel safe and frankly in your home stay in. That's not as great as it was when a certain person you know well was mayor of New York know your actually right yet and I look at you know the major issues that are facing New York. We leave the country and outmigration in New York, and it's for a multitude of reasons, but I think the one that that it highlighted everybody, is the fact that from a client perspective. New York is gone the way of the 1970s and 80s. Recently we have a law called the our form casuals bail which had been climbed increased and she was finding the law by the former Gov. Cuomo all around the national media focuses specifically on New York City.

Rochester had the most murders ever in recorded history on day one. I pledge that I would fire district attorneys like Alvin Bragg and we cannot look at to go with the recall effort we don't have recall in New York, but the governor does have the ability to fire anyone of the target any district attorney that chose not to execute their oath of office would get a pink slip on day one. Now this is how you take care of business. You go in and you actually can take care of things that need to be done. How much of an impact with that simple gesture and it's a strong gesture, but it but it's pretty simple on day one. How much of an impact you think that would have in terms of sending a signal to New Yorkers first but also to the nefarious elements out there. I think it's very clear and you look when you look at Dragon what they typically get on the second day of the job which would write a memo which was publicized. It is turning. Thank were not to prosecute arm robbery were not brought with it and read.

He was standing very clear memo out to the police, which is I don't want you to make me direct because I am not to prosecute the offender very clear message then to criminals and saying you know what we have we have the right to show you we can do whatever on earth we want and unfortunately it's the wrong message to New Yorkers and why we've seen client I rocket all across the state of New York fighting offender very clear message and my staff and what old bike document but probably Rudy the learning from Rudy Giuliani working for years the president from in the White House.

It everything that I will ask myself and my staff what we can do today to make New York the state to state in the country. The truth is Jeff there's a playbook that works. We thought we New York with the blotting Apple in the early 90 become estate for large city in the country. By the late night.

We can do that it takes some leadership take backing our police and allowing them to proactively police again to get our quality of life after New York Andrew Giuliani as our guest on the Todd start show Jeff Stein filling in for Todd Mr. Giuliani is running as a Republican for governor of the state of New York. The primary is coming up soon. June 28. It's NY for that's the website. He joins us as noted on the Todd start program will obviously you learn from your father.

As noted, but what did you then learn to take it to the next level by working in the Trump administration. First and foremost a gap stand by your convictions.

I think you look at both of those men and you know obviously when I look at my father. I speak the greatest man is one of the greatest in the history of the country and taught me time and time again whether popular or not you stand by your convictions you make sure you're doing everything when you get enough when you are serving. But make sure that you understand that a way to think I'm not running like a box of 19.5 million New Yorkers. If the opposite way around that many politicians frankly on both sides of the album, we can point directly to the president in the White House right now in the old out American off the country when we look at the swamp in Albany. There are a lot of parallels what Donald Trump was speaking in Washington DC versus what will be facing when elected governor in in all and for me I think. And one of the things that really spoke on the White House was the regulatory agenda for present Trump for he said federal regulation defined what to eat one. By the time he walked out of Washington DC and that's why we saw the economic success that we did not present Trump was in Washington that the same type of approach we need take Albany our government in New York has grown way too big for comparison. Jeff we have a $220 billion budget state of New York, the state of Florida which had 1 million more people at a $97 billion budget. You tell me you'd be more efficient with taxpayer dollars Andrew Giuliani joining us on the Todd start program Jeff Stein filling in for Todd will here I am in the state of Iowa and I talked your father on my program here before and so I noted when you toss your hat into the ring and again it's when Mr. Cuomo was still the governor and I have to tell you I don't think you got a fair shake in the media where they were just kind of scoffing at the how dare he even think he can run this you're kicking him in the polls. Aren't you were looking really good right now and I can fill you with the date for our primary we are in a great way with a lap dog people at and went will have a debate upcoming on yet and I'm sure that those who are watching that may not get New York DBF they can go onto New York DBF website a lot p.m. Eastern bit coming Monday. What a couple other debate and I really love partitioning and all that one of the things that I could point you recently see how many people are satisfied with Vocal performance as governor, I can tell you that when she did her state of the state beach a couple months back.

But he did not mention client education until the night of her speech she brought up about nine or other issues before crime came top of mind. Look in the New Yorker anybody visited New York and watch TV over the last couple years.

They understand the Christ of New York and from a client perspective.

We continue to decline spiral out whole. We will continue with the family sleep job creators leave. Frankly, both poor take their dollars. The order dollars in spending the New York shoes to go somewhere else. That's why it cut cut it off at Right now and FY I chose to run. Frankly, I'm looking at my six month old baby daughter Grace right now as we speak and I I understand everything that my father was able to do for the king and the children of New York make New York paper plate, but the next Relation my responsibility now to make sure that I make New York paper generation for my daughter. Great for you to go to the website NY for there two things of note 1.

There's a donate button) so if you want to help Mr. Giuliani get across the finish line and you can afford it. In these days of Biden inflation.

I'm sure he would appreciate that. But there's also a tremendous photo of you with your wife and daughter right there on the main page and it just strikes me a me off and I will ask someone why are you running you're just looking at her and that's that's the answer to the question of why Andrew Giuliani is running for governor exactly right. You know when I think about my family and I think about the state of New York and where were in it and I think about you look you will would have no retirees that were in their help in your 75 delete New York lately for New York with holy had a lot of people like that younger people and young families moving into the last couple years that people in their 30s and in their 40's where they would normally raise a family here to go somewhere else, because obviously Klein being the issue, the fact that we are competing with California Hyatt at most overregulated date in the country unconstitutional health mandates which were dealing with on a daily basis over here where you can vote without having to show identification but in New York City you want to get a cheeseburger to show papers to get one after another after another and honestly why I chose to run because like that. I look at my feet and I and I know. There is a playbook that work that can implemented to make New York a better place and I would be able to live with myself if I did not make sure I did everything possible to make sure we see great empire state some folks in New York they know the primaries coming up on the 28th folks across the country are learning more. Obviously, through this conversation and the remaining 30 seconds or so. Make your best case as to why people across the country should urge their friends in New York to cast a ballot for you and why New Yorkers should do. Similarly, New York, and I know many people question whether New York days are behind. I can tell you ladies and gentlemen, New York's greatest chapters are still with you. Take a leader in the light of Donald Rudy Giuliani who can make sure they going to swap his Albany actually going there next week.

If you think but break it because honestly, New York need a change agent is going to truly make New York great again. I really believe we have a anybody can go to our website NY for that you mentioned or if it's easier to spell out Dave and come on out and check it out.

I really think the word nominee and I believe will give The local, but as she deserved. Come November 8. Giuliani, a privilege to speak with you. Best of luck in the primary, thanks for the time today and have a good weekend. Thank you very much and you and your listener that a great weekend. Andrew Giuliani is running for governor of New York, NY for is the website and he joined us live in the Todd start show on the patriot mobile newsmaker line Jeff Stein filling in for Todd today. Glad to have you along on the program and I'd love to talk you in our remaining segment is 844-747-8868. As we continue on a Friday from the liberty University studio again, Jeff and for Todd. This is the Todd start show back up and start start thought is that the talkers Magazine conference in New York and working with folks around the country is this show continues to grow and dominate from coast-to-coast in the it's always a privilege to fill in for him.

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Here is what he said I'm quoting now. We've never seen anything like pollutants tax on both food and gas are stop their we've never seen anything like Putin's tax on both food and gas I don't want to have to explain government to someone who has been in it since I was in Shorty pants but I'll do it. Putin did not put a tax on anyone in America. Our food prices started going up our gas prices started going up because your policies. Mr. Pres., Ruland, a robust economy. Gas prices are double now from when you talk office not double from when Vladimir Putin and his forces invaded Ukraine double from when you talk office and ruined the American economy. He then said the following quoting again. My administration is going to continue to do everything we can to lower the prices for the American people and the Congress has to act if you wanted to lower prices go back to the Trump era policies on energy but you won't do that because they were the Trump policies and to show you again just how narrow this fellow is trumpet approved.

Going back to the Kennedy era paint scheme for Air Force One red white and blue. He went back to remember how he just got ridiculed for it was emulating what had been done in the Kennedy era will now Joe Biden is put his veto to that were not going to change the paint color of Air Force One because Donald Trump that terrible individual said we should so it's not Joe Biden's fault is about Vladimir Putin's fault at all by the way, the Congress has to act because well, it's not my fault I'm just Joe Biden.

I'm just the leader of the free world and its Congress is full. I had president but when he was a candidate and across the state of Iowa over the past 30 years, and the person they are now in no way resembles the Joe Biden of the past. I just it. It's tragic and what's more tragic is what it's doing to our country. Okay folks, we can overcome it but only with good cheer and a good attitude go to church this weekend. No support the patriots in your community. Jeff Stein thanks Grace thanks Kyle, thank you God. Stars have a great weekend. This is then the thoughts on new galaxies. He flipped for all these new tracks it might not like the part I found it in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles for training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for its contract and fit perfectly good to be galaxies. He flipped for

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