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Absurd Truth: Hunter Found Guilty

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch
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June 11, 2024 3:56 pm

Absurd Truth: Hunter Found Guilty

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch

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June 11, 2024 3:56 pm

Hunter Biden is found guilty of 3 felony gun charges. Dana explains how Hunter Biden broke one of the laws that the Democrats are desperately pushing. Meanwhile, 24-Hour Fitness internal documents show that “Transgender members and team members may use whichever locker room they prefer”. Ugg launches their Pride Month collection and campaign.

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Dana Lashes of Sir Truth Podcast sponsored by Kel-Tec.

It's his life mission to make bad decisions. It's time for Florida Man. A 73 year old naked Florida man defends his alleged alleged naked stroll through the park during his arrest. He says there's nude beaches in Florida. What? Yeah, well, that's that's what that's what was being said here. And yeah, you're good heavens.

I'm dealing with a pop up bad. I make it in public because there's nude beaches somewhere. Exactly.

Exactly. This was in Lady Lake, Florida guy find himself behind bars. He was caught walking around his neighborhood totally buck naked like a weirdo. And it was about it was like in broad daylight. It was in broad daylight. In charge with exposure of sexual organs and resisting arrest. It unfolded at the recreation plantation RV resort in Lady Lake and it was on the Lord's Day of all days.

Good heavens. They said that according to the arrest affidavit from Lady Lake Police Department, he was approached. Witnesses called the police he was walking around his RV lot totally nude. And then when Brian answered the door after an officer made contact with him at his camper, he answered the door quote wearing a t shirt as shorts. With his bits exposed through the neck.

And his excuse was there are nude beaches in Florida so I can be nude in this neighborhood. It's not really how that works. But okay, yeah, it's not that's not how it happened.

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Our freedom can never be secured. What? What did he say? What did he say?

Is that? Good. She knows. She knows so long as she was denied.

Our freedom can never be secured. So long as you're nerd near hide, hide. That sounds like what he said. Remove marbles from mouth, then speak. Welcome back to the program.

Dana Lash with you. That was the President of the United States who, by the way, guys, he's added to an Everytown event. A mom's demand. Bloomberg creates an astroturf group on guns and then acts like it's grassroots. He's on his way to he's going to be speaking at their little gun control conference thing that they're having in DC. That's what that's what he's doing today. Talking about gun control. Everybody's out there promoting it. I said to the hashtag on x so I'm either going to get totally throttled or just spammed by anti gun trolls. Welcome to the program top of the second hour and you can stream the show you can do all that jazz.

Find us on rumble we're over at rumble everywhere. And channel 347 direct TV as well. This is I don't do not get baited into this debate with the Hunter Biden guilty verdict because as you know, as we were telling you, he was found guilty of lying on a federal form. It's the form it's called a 4473. It's the form that you fill out, ask you a bunch of questions like blah, blah, blah. Are you a drug user? Have you ever been convicted of you know, like asking if you're if you're a prohibited possessor is what it's trying to figure out. Are you legally barred from purchasing or possessing? Now, there's a whole bunch of other things that we're talking about.

There's a reason why, you know, criminals that drive the crime rate don't fill out these forms, as you can obviously see with questions like that. But Hunter Biden, he decided to do something super genius. He wrote a memoir about and and merged his, you know, tried to sell his story of drugs and strippers and cocaine, hookers and blow.

That's what they should have called the book. He tried he wrote this memoir, trying to rehabilitate himself. And so that he I guess so he was going to saw it as like one, you know, two birds, one stone, he's going to make some money off of telling all these stories about himself and then try to rehabilitate himself as this infant baby. He was seized on by drugs, and it wasn't his idea or fault to be hooked on drugs and all this other stuff. And I think it well, it backfired because in the book, he was very, very detailed about how high he was and when he was high and for how long he was high and where he was high at.

And so here's the kicker. It turned out when he bought his firearm, that's the literal exact time that he wrote in his book that he was high as a kite. And what's more, they found out that he had withdrawn $800 from an ATM and met with his drug dealer, literally hours before he purchased his gun.

And that's according to his own actual text messages to his drug dealer. Now, okay, let me ask you something. If you are because the firearms transaction record the 4473 the question on here, let me scroll down to this question.

Oh, here we are. So they ask you in this, you know, they ask your country of citizenship, they ask if you intend to sell it, if you've ever been convicted of, you know, terrorism or all this other stuff. Drug trafficking. I filled out one or two of those. Yeah, I filled out a lot of these before in my time. I filled out a lot of these forms. They ask, this is a question or subsection at 20.

Question 21, subsection F. Here's the question. Are you an unlawful user of or addicted to marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug or any other controlled substance? And they also add, the use or possession of marijuana remains unlawful under federal law, regardless of whether it has been legalized or decriminalized for medicinal or recreational purposes in the state where you reside. So actually, I don't think that's legal or constitutional, but anyway, that's a whole lot. Dem's the laws.

Dem's the laws. So the question, are you an unlawful user of or addicted to any drugs or other controlled substances? If you had met with your drug dealer hours before, like withdrawn cash to give to your drug dealer for drugs hours before you went to go buy a gun, how would you answer that question if you're being honest? If I'm being honest? Well, I'd have to say, yeah, I mean, if I'm being honest, but also if I'm a drug user who just purchased drugs.

Literally hours. Not going to be honest. Well, that was his initial defense.

He's like, the hell do you expect? I'm a drug user. Of course I lied about using drugs. And everyone was supposed to go, well, at least now he's being honest and I guess let it slide.

Who imposes the penalties of lying on the 4473? But he literally he withdrew money for his drug dealer for drugs. It's not like he was buying tomatoes from a roadside vegetable stand. You know, he withdrew money from the ATM for drugs for his drug dealer per his text messages to said drug dealer hours before he went and bought a gun. And it was the booger sugar, by the way, that he purchased. Oh, so it wasn't just marijuana. OK. Yeah.

I mean, it literally is on the same day. And so he that's how he purchased his crack cocaine at 7-Eleven stores. He was texting his drug dealer. Can you meet me at 7-Eleven now? Hey, this is Junior, the one you got that at the 7-Eleven is one of the guys wrote. And he's like, yeah, can you meet me at the 7-Eleven now? He's like, yeah, I you want the same. It's literally what he wrote.

I didn't say that. I.G.H.T. He probably had, you know, get an autocorrect your phone probably or self correct. And then Hunter's like, yeah, I mean, you know, I'm here at the 7-Eleven blah, blah, blah. He got the Wells Fargo receipt. Here's the Wells Fargo's receipt.

By the way, you want to hear something hysterical. So do you know the Wells Fargo that he went to to go and withdraw the money from? Which one? You know, you know where it's near? Where's what's it by the Wells Fargo that he threw the money from? Where's the Wells Fargo by? It's near Rittenhouse Station. I'm not even making this up.

I promise you I'm not. It's an ATM labeled Rittenhouse. It's by Rittenhouse Station, a University of Delaware State Department building in Newark, Delaware. So let me just get this right. Put it all together. So Hunter Biden hours before he purchases a gun and lies on a federal form. Withdraws money from the Rittenhouse Station ATM. Text his drug dealer, I got the money, meet me at the 7-Eleven.

Gets his booger sugar and goes and buys his gun. I point out that there is an impressive amount of evidence that the prosecution had in this case. The amount of evidence is like the amount of gold bullion that Scrooge McDuck has and his giant vault. The jurors were just taken to a big vault and the door was open and they walked out on a platform.

And beneath their feet, mounds of evidence. That was it. That's it. Now you wonder why there's the guilty verdict.

You don't wonder why. I mean. So, yeah, I mean, if you're lying on the form, can I just touch on the fact that it was the Rittenhouse Station ATM. And it just showed up as he got money from Rittenhouse to go and illegally buy a gun after he snorted some booger sugar, after buying it from his drug dealer. Just saying. Golly, just the dumbest man alive.

He is. This is like the juicy sommelier guys that he hired who walked into the hardware store on camera buying kidnapping supplies. Right.

Or they had the zip ties and the rope sidebar. If someone ever came, like if you were a cashier and someone came up with that stuff, the first thing I would I could not be a cashier like at a hardware store or supermarket because I would be endlessly judging people. I would be endlessly judging you.

Oh, this woman's coming up with Little Debbie's and Chardonnay Rough Night. I mean, judging everybody. So that's what we see. He's guilty on three different counts. Clearly crimes.

What again was Trump's crime? Again, if you had a I mean, am I am I make believing and or am I being real? Hopefully being real. OK, because I mean, technically there wasn't one. Right.

I mean, for which one? The impeachment. They just didn't like him. Right. I'm going to impeach you because that's what that's what morons do in D.C. now, if they don't like you. They're like, you impeached the 34 felony counts. Oh, yeah. What crime?

He paid off a chunky escort to shut up, which isn't illegal and morals illegal if he did. I don't even. By the way, I just seriously.

Have you seen how much butter costs? I got bigger issues right now. OK.

Apparently, bigger issues that don't affect Chonky McChonk, who was like the star of the show when she went in to testify. Just think that. Can I can I say one more thing? It's really mean, but I got to get it out of my system or I'm not going to be able to progress this hour.

Your side piece should not be twice the size of your wife. OK, moving on. Tina, that's so mean. I'm just saying if it were true, but there wasn't it. That was like that was him doing whatever he wanted to do with his own money.

And they were trying to make it into a crime. Don't tell Bill Clinton. I mean, Paula Jones was like, look at my check and turn it into like eight syllables. Look at my check. She was like all proud of that.

Look at my check. She got money from Bill. Bill gave her money, you know, because he was trying to get her to shut up. I went illegal. The Whitewater stuff was illegal. That wasn't illegal. What he did was it immoral? I mean, you know him. I can't blame because he had Hillary at home. I'm not justifying it. Stop.

Where are we going? The whole point is that Hunter Biden, if you just joined us. Fun fact. Hunter Biden, hours before he went and bought his gun, pulled money out of his ATM at Rittenhouse Station in Newark. And met his drug dealer behind a 7-Eleven. But he answered that question.

Twenty one F. He answered that question. No, I'm not on the drugs. Totally. I'm totally sober.

Not on the drugs. Caltech. American made firearms. I love Caltech.

This is a great Florida based company. And Caltech makes boom sticks. When I first started talking about Caltech on air, the people in the simulcast were very terrified because you couldn't really talk about guns and you can't say guns.

So just to be a complete wise. A double snakes. I was like, oh, boom sticks. And they got a they got a pew button and you can push the pew button and send pews down range. Look, everybody understands this country is founded by firearms and the type of firearms that Caltech makes. And George Kellgren immigrated over here the right way from Sweden, founded this amazing company in Florida, joined the big American family and started making those awesome innovative boom sticks down there in Cocoa Beach. And they are awesome, awesome firearms.

I have a lot of them. Their newest one. Well, one of the newest ones that they had that they're shipping now is that Sub 2K, the Gen 3 version of it. I just think it's neat because it folds in half and I have the Gen 2 version.

And yeah, I have to detach my optical mind, but the Gen 3 you don't have to you do not have to detach your optics anymore. There's a couple of other upgrades or just, you know, changes as well. They have a redesigned operating handle. You got added comfort, lightened action for easy racking, ambidextrous bolt hold open.

They also have a reconfigured trigger so they have a lightened five pound pull. All made in America, family owned and operated American values at their best. See everything Keltech has to offer for yourself at, and make sure to follow them on social media.

That's Tell them Dana sent you. And now all of the news you would probably miss. It's time for Dana's quick five. So John Fetterman and his wife were involved in a Maryland car crash. This is thankfully they're OK. And I say that I mean, Fetterman is the kind of Democrat that we've kind of been liking a little bit. We can we can work with that. Right.

We can work with him on that. They were. This is yesterday. It was in Hancock, Maryland. It happened shortly before.

Actually it was 8 p.m. Sunday, but it was announced yesterday. They were on Interstate 70 in Hancock. And apparently he was driving a Chevy Traverse when he hit the back of an Impala. They were taking a nearby war memorial hospital in West Virginia to be evaluated. He had a bruised shoulder and was released like we don't need him getting shaken up anymore right now.

So wrapping the bubble wrap or something. I don't know. I don't know. Like what the circumstances of it that what it was in order for that to happen.

I don't know. But thankfully, no injuries. Plant based ultra processed foods are apparently linked to an increase in heart deaths. Vegan fake meat.

Also, probably not the shot either. But you know what? If it's not actual protein, it's garbage. Don't sell me your plant protein. I don't care what it is. Don't.

Done with it. If it's not animal protein, it ain't protein. But all of this like fake the fake meat. I mean, people realize that that's like that's that's so ultra processed.

It's so bad for you. Dockworkers have canceled bargaining and threatening to strike at a number of USC ports. According to The Wall Street Journal, the union that represents workers at ports from Maine to Texas has canceled labor talks in a row over use of automated machinery. So a bunch of different terminals, like the ones in Elizabeth, New Jersey, Port of New York and New Jersey, all this. It's the dockworkers at East America's coast and Gulf Coast seaports and the International Longshoremen's Association. They were the ones who canceled talks for Tuesday. Today in Newark, they said they don't like the automated machinery at some some of the ports.

It violates labor agreements. And also, let's see, Jill Biden's three thousand six hundred mile round trip from France to Delaware to spend two days at Hunter's trial could cost up to three hundred forty five thousand dollars. Forty five thousand dollars to us taxpayers. That's what we were asking yesterday. World beater cow fetches four million at an auction.

The animal is described as closest to perfection. What I didn't what that's the thing. So apparently that's I don't know.

That's the way it is. It's a two thousand four hundred pound something. I don't know. It's a huge I can't even pronounce the name. It's cow. It's a fancy cow. Right.

Guinness World Records sold for the equivalent of four point three eight million in Brazil. It's a prize winning cow. Fancy cow. All right. We got a lot more on the way. Stick with us now because it's alphabet.

Excuse me. Alphabet month. You know, Memorial or not Memorial Day, but D day only gets a day this month. And day. Alphabet. How you have sex gets a whole month.

Twenty four hour fitness internal documents show and this is Carlos Trachiras who has the story. Show that transgender members and team members may use whichever locker room they prefer and that pride and BLM expressions are allowed all year. But the flag and U.S. logos are only for certain holidays. And they say that member privacy transgender individuals do not always have to basically tell you that they're transgender. You just got to just believe they don't have to prove anything to you. And they said that religious concern. What if a member or team member states they have religious objections to share in the locker room with a transgender member or team member? And the answer to this is a member's or team member's religious beliefs do not trump a transgender member's or team member's right to equal and full access to the club. So if a dude who identifies as a woman wants to take his wing out in front of you and show you his lady balls in the locker room, you got to go along with it. Doesn't matter what you believe. Doesn't matter if you feel threatened. You're a bigot if you do. True.

This is wild. And they said no proof is required for gender affirmation or anything like that. And they said that if you require someone who is transgender to use the facility to which their bits are from, then you're violating their right to privacy. But you're not violating the right to privacy of like the women or the dudes or anybody else. They have zero concern for safety or comfort in there.

And these are memos that were circulated within the company. Wow. I wouldn't want to go there.

Can you just be a gem? Yeah, I mean, you have no right to to make women feel uncomfortable and threatened. If a guy out on the street were to drop trow and show you his frankenbeans, that's an arrestable offense.

But if he goes, wait a minute, I'm a woman, and he does it in the locker room, you're the bigot if you feel uncomfortable. Right. And we all know that no one ever explored would exploit that rule at all whatsoever to prey upon anybody. Right. We all know that. It's just it's just wild to me.

But that's that's that's the that's the way it is. Now, can we talk about the Ugg stuff? Jeez. I can't even talk about Uggs.

What? I don't hate Uggs. I have a pair of house slippers that are that are Uggs. I never wear them outside of my house. There's several things I will not wear outside of my house. I agree with the late Karl Lagerfeld, who said that sweatpants were a sign of giving up in life if you wear them out publicly. If you want to wear joggers, fancy sweatpants. I just don't like sweatpants. I don't like I don't like any of that out in public. I don't care if you're going to the store, you know, you know, no one's asking you to dress up like you're going out to a fashion show. But do dress up like we are a civilized society.

And, you know, just saying don't wear pajamas out. And I don't Uggs only make sense to me in a casual setting during the winter. And I only think that the boots make sense.

All their other shoes are weird looking. Everything. Why? What is up with the platform stuff? Why does every woman want to look like a damn Clydesdale? Why do you want to clomp around like a giant horse? I hate the big giant platforms. Your feet look enormous and it makes your legs look like chicken legs. Stop it.

I think that platform shoes are a sign up on women to make you look stupid. All right. So Ugg partnered with that. Do we have video of this dude? Oh, yeah. There's video.

It's on my rundown. I don't know who this guy is. He has said before that, quote, little girls are kinky. And if a dude uses a bathroom, it's and the woman feels uncomfortable.

It's her fault. He's a dude. He's a hairy dude.

They're butt lighting themselves. And I I don't know why they feel like they got to use this guy. His name's a lock man on. And they're using him for alphabet month. And they've got a video of him running around. I think he's skinned Oscar the Grouch for a coat.

And he's running around in a pink dress. And like literally shut do it. Yeah. Show some of this video one. We probably can't play the audio. You can show the video.

Can't play the audio because they'll cite us for copyright violations. So they're using this guy to promote. Uggs the shoes. What I'm trying to understand this is that that doesn't make me want to buy your shoes.

They have a whole page for this guy on their on their website. The problem is trying to understand that. Does he wear shoes differently because he thinks that he's a girl?

And he wants to I don't know. Do you wear shoes on your hands? Is that how you wear shoes? I identify as wearing my Uggs on my hands. Look, it's Ugg hands. I don't like what is that?

What it is like? What is it? Their shoes. It doesn't doesn't make sense. So they say it's about his collection. And it's about his shoes are ugly. It's the intersection of self-expression and pride fashion. And it just sounds like all word salad. Like we live in a world that's taught us that we can only belong if we minimize ourselves.

No one's thinking that you're minimizing anything. So he has he made a really a dress that looks like he skinned a Muppet. This is 100 percent real Muppet. It's this pink dress that he's wearing. 100 percent real Muppet.

And then he's got these weird, ugly platform grandpa slippers. And no woman in her right mind would wear that, by the way. I don't know. I think it's ugly.

Why do we got to do this stuff? Also, can I be real? I've met gay people. They're gay people that are I'm related to some of them. I isn't the stereotype that they have taste.

Typically, that stereotype kind of came from somewhere, right? I don't think he's gay. I don't believe you because you are too damn tacky. I don't believe you. Prove it. Go kiss that dude.

Prove it. It's a piece of flair. It's so ugly.

Do you see this stuff? It's so ugly. Oh, why does why would you want to do that? Nobody wants to wear that. No, you know, the only people are going to buy that are him. Look at this. Look at this jacket. It's 100 percent Oscar the Muppet. I can't deal. Thanks for tuning into today's edition of Dana Lash's Absurd Truth podcast. If you haven't already, make sure to hit that subscribe button on Apple podcast, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.
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