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Is GOP Ready to Move Past Trump?

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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July 13, 2022 3:16 pm

Is GOP Ready to Move Past Trump?

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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July 13, 2022 3:16 pm

A new survey alleges that half of Republican voters believe there needs to be a fresh face in 2024. Agree or disagree?

Jason Yates, Jeff Katz,  Harry Hurley,  Allen Moro, and Raymond Arroyo join the conversation!

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We've got a lot going on here and I want to jump in and try to help try to help us understand what's going on with this G6 committee hearings be the ramifications if any of the implications of of the reports that came out yesterday because my email was exploding my text messages yesterday exploding from from conservatives who were very alarmed and that they felt like the reports coming out to Capitol Hill were bad news for president trumped now I I don't necessarily think that is the case and and you need to let you step back for a moment and it's important for us to understand something very very important about the G6 committee. This is a one-sided committee. You are only hearing and you are only meant to hear one side of of the report so this is not a matter of okay the the prosecution just to have it say and then the defense attorneys come up and have their say that's not how this works and that's why we been calling it a kangaroo court. This is not a this is not a fair trial in usable of course not.

Todd is not a trial it's up it's a committee know it's a trial. We all know what it's meant to be.

But in reality this is about one group of people and you will hear terms. Once a bipartisan committee will the bipartisan is Liz Cheney and Adam consider they're not bipartisan. They hate Donald Trump. It's not dislike.

They hate this man and Liz Cheney, who quite frankly could've one day been a female.

The first female president of the United States has decided to implode. Her entire political career to destroy Donald Trump so she is throwing herself on the grenade.

This is what were dealing with. So it's not bipartisan and you're only hearing bits and pieces your hearing comments and videos out of context so yeah at face value. It looks horrible for Donald Trump but when you step back and you understand that you are only hearing bits and pieces and those bits and pieces are meant to make you think a certain way to fit their narrative. It's sort of like when you're putting together a puzzle of the pieces don't fit in your sort of bite off one end of the of the puzzle piece and to put it together yet.

It sort of fits but it doesn't make any sense and that's where we are right now.

This G6 committee so there's been a lot of controversy surrounding Kassidy Hutchinson. She is the 23-year-old who, if we are to believe the G6 committee was was pretty much telling Donald Trump what to do.

Does anybody really believe this.

She is everything she is.

She is said to the committee is being taken at face value.

They are not going back and calling out her clear falsehoods and that's all we know them to be right. Our falsehoods about what did and what did not happen.

She has no firsthand knowledge of anything that happens what they did but the G6 committee pulled this 23-year-old who by the way that we now know is in dire financial straits.

They bring her before the committee and my question now is did they coach her did they tell her what to say. What promises were made, what promises were given were any financial arrangements agreed to before.

She testified because as you testify. Miss Hutchinson said at the moment. She was horrified that she did know what to do.

On January 6. She was telling people in the White House that we had to distance themselves from all of these people, and on and on and on and on. That's how she testified that she was horrified by Pres. and now we know.

Thanks to the daily caller. They have an exclusive report out that the January 6 committee's key witness, Kassidy Hutchinson was in such dire financial straits. She was in.

She had no attorney. She had no legal representation that she reached out to the truck campaign.

She sent emails to Trump officials begging for help. She said that she was primarily seeking financial assistance. She was in a bind. Financially, she said. I've had difficulty securing a legal team was hoping you may be able to put me in contact with any fundraising organizations, and attorneys are involved in the process.

Again, I don't how the daily caller.these emails, but they've got the exclusive she goes on to say, my aunt and uncle applied to refinance their house to loosen up some money since I don't have much immediate family, but they were not approved. Multiple senior trip officials and a person with firsthand knowledge told the daily caller that White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows would not answer Hutchinson's calls after she was subpoenaed and why is that, ladies and so because you're making a big deal about their making it sound like up on Capitol Hill that she was completely ostracized and isolated will. Yes, there's a reason because she was subpoenaed. Can you imagine what would've happened had Mark Meadows actually return her calls but accusations that he was trying to influence a witness. There were but accusations they were trying to silence Kassidy Hudgins.

So of course Mark Meadows as a matter of fact, the more I read the reports about what was going down the White House, the better. Mark Meadows looks every single day Meadows spokesperson going back to the daily caller story here, a Meadows spokesperson confirmed those claims to the daily caller saying Meadows did not return the calls to avoid the appearance of improperly influencing any testimony quote Kassidy Hutchinson reached out to various people in Trump world asking for financial help and a lawyer. She told her she was in financial distress had no family that could help and could not even afford food.

She was a mess.

She also told us Mark Meadows would not turn return her calls to our knowledge, she spoke with multiple lawyers and stow it and chose Stephan Pasa Tino to represent her and again this is according to people with firsthand knowledge of this testimony is already more authentic and verifiable than the testimony that she delivered to the G6 committee. The person with firsthand knowledge also said Trump officials were sympathetic because of her age and lack of employment, and said, at her request, Trump's pack agreed to help her financially and suggested attorney she could interview the person also said Hutchinson at the time made derogatory comments about the G6 committee to multiple people in Trump world, a former senior Trump official also meant mention Meadows not returning her calls and said she also reached out to Trump circle asking for help. She reached out to Trump world and was like hey, the committee reached out to me. I really need help.

She didn't have a job didn't have money to pay a lawyer Trump had been trying to be really helpful, especially with young people who were not like bad actors on G6 like you got a lawyer to pay for Meadows was not returning her calls and will and like her circle of people were not helpful. A former senior Trump official told the daily caller.

By the way, she was ecstatic about being offered a job at mar Lago but that job offer. According to the daily caller was rescinded and the reason why the reason why is because she was accused of being a leaker among her peers. So the other 20 something-year-olds in the White House. They knew who she wants. Quote she was in horrible shape financially.

Are you seeing this marriage of that sort that were get beginning to understand what may have motivated Hutchinson to do what she did. She was in horrible shape financially. She had no employment prospects because you know this is Grace Baker. I was trying to figure this out.

Whoever the whoever the people are that they're giving the daily caller, the Intel they're all twentysomethings, because every other word is like you don't like, you know she was like horrible shape you know financially.

You know that's a very, very hard, really does verbatim but short anyway like you know so anyway she says she had no employment prospects because like you know coming out of the Trump White House Alexa was not exactly. You know a great line on the resume and she was desperate, it's fair that I get that, by the way, she says that she had all these conversations with Kevin McCarthy and pets uploading the Trump's former attorney and now everybody is saying behind-the-scenes those those conversations never happened that she lied another former senior Trump official called the caller told the caller that Hutchinson was supposed to go to work for Trump in Palm Beach after leaving the White House quote she made it sound like all these people I mean I was in that West Wing. These people were basically reporting to her and she was giving Meadows advice so she was elevating before the committee. She was inflating her expertise and her abilities and her authority of the lighthouse. They say she was thrilled to go down the bar Lago and the person says thrilled for L and this was after January 20. By the way, so January 6 you got the right of the capital January 20. She is thrilled to know she's getting work. Bar Lago and then it all unraveled. This is the reason why the source tells the daily caller I was in DC and I met her and she was distraught because she was told she could not go to Palm Beach anymore. She was told that because they heard she could not be trusted, and she's a leaker and not honest in all of these things and I will tell you that was coming from all her contemporaries so other words, all the other 23-year-olds that were at the White House were telling Trump and his team. You better watch out for this one because she is a leaker leaker. Hutchinson then tried to get in touch with Donald Trump personally because she didn't want people to think that she was a leaker suits a time where we going through this why we re-hat what what's going on here. It's important for you to understand that Kassidy Hutchinson had an ax to grind, she was broke no money, no job. She was, she feels jolted by Donald Trump because she was offered a job at mar Lago that turned out not to happen and now she's turning on all the people all the people that she embraced and if I was listing. If I was Adam consider and I was a if I was truly wanting to be impartial here I would've used the platform of the G6 committee to call this young woman out of all of these things and to explainers but they didn't want to do that and you know why because they want to destroy Donald Trump and if that means 2324-year-old young lady sits before Congress and lies her butt off, then guess what there and let her do it. It's pitiful. It's pitiful. Ladies and gentlemen, so all that to say it's going to get ugly and it's good to get uglier as we move closer to 2024. There will be efforts by establishment Republicans primarily and I want you to hear me.

I I predicted this back in 2016 and I'm not sure that a lot of folks understood what I was saying, but back in 2016, I told people I so looked when it comes to Donald Trump. The biggest problem the biggest threat is not coming from the Democrats is coming from the Republican Party. The established between and the reason why is very simple. There are a lot of nasty creatures and critters that live in the DC swamp and many of them have an R after their name and they knew that Trump was coming after all of it because Trump knows how the game was played as a businessman.

He knew how those politicians behave and he knew that the establishment Republicans were just as corrupt if not more corrupt than some of the Democrats up on capital so I say again, this is going to get ugly and Donald Trump is is going to face his biggest threat from the establishment Republicans and is starting to be Liz Cheney.

She is from it.

She's just completely discombobulated herself and I hate to say this about Liz Cheney but she means nothing anymore. Nothing at all. I have Mitch McConnell and his gang of thugs going after Trump and that may have some sort of an impact. I don't know, but that it could be but at the end of the day Liz Cheney she's marginalized herself. There's a new survey out for the New York Times half of Republican voters are ready to leave Trump behind them will get more into this polling data. A clear majority of primary voters under the age of 35, 64% in college and those with a college degree, 65% say they would vote against Donald Trump in a presidential primary now would love to hear from our younger listeners here but also our older listeners and bring together this polling data as well. Do you do you agree that it's time to move on 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 this is the Todd surgeon.

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It's only $60 per year and great news. Anyone can join, go to a back .us/Starnes. That's a Mac .us/guards. This is to say, don't worry, I'll let you know when you got a word, but I have yet to see anything coming out of the committee that says Donald Trump charged with any sort of a crime. There's been nothing at all to suggest that anything criminal happened.

Now, it may be immoral.

It may be inappropriate. It may be unprecedented. It may be unseemly, but it's not illegal and and you need to understand that.

Alright so when if and when that happens, I'll be the first to say it because we are were fair and balanced on this radio program or let's get to the phone zero 844-747-8868 Statesville, North Carolina County allowable IWS I see Kyle what's going on will not do much about you. I'm doing well thank you what's on your mind you wanted to talk to people that are under 35 Trump should run again. Yes is that you Kyle yeah because I think Rhonda spent a little is a little bit more calculated and he had a little bit baggage that ammunition that they can go after Kyle. Kyle how old are you I am 33 years old. Alright so when you so it let me ask you this. If Donald Trump is in fact the nominee does he get your vote, yet he absolutely would, but I do think it would be the best play the Republican Party or when you look at the same as what is it about him that appeals to you as as a younger voter.

It just seemed like he is more calculated with the tweeting up like that and he does attract people but it doesn't it doesn't come off as abrasive and I think that's a lot of ammunition that used to get Trump when he ran when he was president.

The distinctive that's his way of I think you'll be a better contender. I Kyle when I when I see presidents from going after all these folks and in no doubt that they deserve to be gone after the problem is president Trump holds a grudge and he cannot let it go and and I'm afraid that working to be running the 2024 presidential campaign could very well be all about what happened in 2020, and I think that's good to be a big mistake. If that happens. I agree with you completely all right. I Kyle God bless integrate call.

We love hearing from our younger callers and and Lester's 844-747-8868 and that's what I've been hearing from a lot of people they love Trump they think that he needs to take heat. He needs to call it a day and at but if he's a David there to vote for the guy because again I think we all love Donald Trump. The issue here is he's got a he's gotta start thinking forward, we can only talk about the 2020 present selection so much 844-747-8868 that's her telephone number. Half of Republican voters say we need another guy in 2024. What say you, America will be right back.

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The I just point out an inconvenient truth here. Yes we we saw what happened on January 6 we saw the damage at the US Capitol.

Can I can I make this point.

Here ladies there has actually been more damage to church houses and crisis pregnancy centers. Then there was done to the capital on January 6 just want to point that out. And yet there's been zero national news coverage of all of the churches that have been destroyed by the program pro-abortion terrorist. I'll throw something else out out whenever a black church burns in America.

It is wall-to-wall national news coverage as well as it should be. That is a heinous evil and sinful from the pit of hell cried but whenever any other kind of a church burns. Nobody cares in the national media.

Why is that why is that, ladies and gentlemen art. Let's get the phone zero 844-747-8868 let's go to David North Carolina. The talk station all right, David.

What say you or your old and I've always got drunk and I wanted done president or the very beginning, the type president. We needed that time, but I think done better with the candidate and David. I'm curious to 954 is well and I'm curious why why you think Trump should have been a one and done guy because he just didn't get a fair shake.

Media to get that caused that negative exposure. There's not a lot of data people that are doing and it should be and they believe things that they hear and read. Rather than get through, so he was never going to get a fair shake, especially in a second term and it just would've been better but different candidate to run just got I love Trump loaded up the country like is that you find a better, more effective, wanted done and then just rode off into the sunset. I understand I understand exactly were coming from David and I've heard that argument before. I wonder though if this is what the mainstream media strategy is to basically where everybody out just with the constant barrage of negative stories flat out lies about Donald Trump and they just they want to wear everybody down. I agree strategy, but unfortunately it works on 90% of the people that don't do and I'm aware enough to know that it affects them.

I hear people at work. I hear them say things that are ridiculous. The trumpet that he said that I know I don't live but then their heart. They honestly believe it.

Oh no they do and and and I hear from conservatives again last night.

Got all these these text messages from people freaking out the there was a report from axioms about 10 Republican lawmakers who met with the president on December 21 and the whole point was to was to pressure tents to overturn the election. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. There's nothing criminal about that, but they're making it out as if this was some sort of a vast conspiracy.

It's not about the average American.

David has got so much going on that they're not paying attention to all of the details there get the headlines, and is not from CNN MST and see their kingdom from ABC, CBS and NBC.

That's where they're getting all of this Trump patron and they just buy into it hook line and sinker.

All right, David. Appreciate the call. God bless you. I let's go to main W LOP Steve on the line. All right, Steve. What say you are. Thank you taught by order, day one loaded farm life. What is the problem. I now he reminds me of a nap. Active alcoholic who just can't help it just has to drink and Donald calm and not let go of the last election, always talking about it. I live in a 55 club building and everyone ate obviously there's a lot of old people. Everyone hates nobody. You know the employees from the whole thing, but they will vote for anyone else other than Donald calm and I get that a lot wherever I go and no, I just don't. I just don't think he's going to do it.

I don't think if we want a Republican and the white out. I don't think it's going to be Donald calm it's it's still early and and I I understand where people were people stand right now.

I mean even within this poll that came out from the New York Times, 49% of Republicans say they would support Trump in a primary battle but still that's 50, 51% who say they want somebody else and you know you have to factor in age and president Trump is in great condition he's in great shape. He's got all of his mental faculties about him.

Will that be the case either by the time he ramps up his term when he will be well into his 80s are that something that were dealing with right now with the guy in the 70s who has the brain with the consistency of cottage cheese so it's tough. Steve appreciate the call.

What say you, ladies and gentlemen, 844-747-8868 David and George up WT UNR great affiliate there a David, are you I'm good thank you. Remember that Obama started siding with the rioters and looters and it just leaves which is still going on today defunding the police. The rioting really picked up and people started taking cities, sausages, burning down buildings.

It went crazy and I wish the Democrats were as concerned about that as they are for one day, arrived to get the Catholic no and we are talking about Trump should he run again. Let me just say this, but all of I don't think so because this country needs a president that both sides can respect and give wish. I pray that this country when you when you're asked are you left or right Democrat or Republican, no American. That's what we need we need a president that you give both sides together and that's why I don't think Dunkirk should run get well.

I'm not sure if they keep this in mind, here, David. I don't care who the Republican nominee is going to be there to get the same treatment. Trump.that's just that's gonna happen. So thinking about president that both sides can respect that will never happen yet that'll never happen with the media we have nowadays in this country.

Is this not so knowing that I think we would be better off with Donald Trump because he knows how to fight these people and he's not afraid of backing down.

I'm not sure a sign from Rhonda Santos. I'm not sure of the Republicans would have the courage or the fortitude to do what Donald Trump is been doing to the mainstream media. I David David, great call and thank you for that and and will keep David's right folks on the team. We just can't we come to a point in America where we will be able to respect whoever's in the White House. I think those days are long gone and a lot of that has to do with the mainstream media 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868. You know, one of my favorite treats. This summer has been a delicious glass of life change. See, it's amazing. It's natural. It's gentle and it's absolutely delicious. Three flavors natural peppermint and pomegranate made right here in the USA and it's so easy.

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You know $1 million worth of gold can actually fit inside a shoebox called legacy at 866-528-1903 or visit them is like a CPM I am and I'm no expert on the dementia and senility as you but I does not involve just going on to random children sniffing their hair is because that's what happened over in Delaware by and we got the video up on our website.

Todd Stern, Joe Biden, meeting the constituency and that he was out riding his bicycle with you, but the of the training wheels and the big helmet and he stops and he's like taking a photograph of the schoolgirl he standing behind her in his light leans in and he starts sniffing her here and you can hear people somebody was just randomly filming it and you could hear people saying this woman by IDs. What is that normal for people suffering, dementia, and instant it is that normal behavior or is that just like a perv old creepy kind of a thing for a guy to do, especially an old man to a little girl 844-747-8868. That is our telephone number.

Let's go to Statesville, North Carolina Robert with us on WSI see Robert who do you like in 2024 per knee hurt over any Democrat, but I would like to suggest Mike Pompeo would be awesome is brilliant.

Hayes very knowledgeable on a lot of things concerning the government.

He was a major role player in the Abraham accords and there's this.I think he would be perfect. You know Robert I I'm with you I like Pompeo I everything you said is is spot on accurate and that he is also a military veteran West Point grad so and he's was set in the CIA so he's you know he's got a lot of great credentials, 72-year-old retired myself and everything out thing in him I would be happy to Robert we got you down Mike Pompeo. I let's go to Martha on listening to S&W HK P&L nurse and Bill North Carolina pay Martha. What say you can't say and I love doll I love what he did read it.

I think he learned America, but I think you need to love America and not to his ego aside and cut his aunt away behind somebody else and we need a Republican mayor before the country is completely and totally ruin and that I don't think he would be the best thing for the country you're talking about somebody we can weaken respect in the White House when he's dropping F bomb and public is not good and I really like him and I love what it is that it kind for him to realize the best thing he can do for the country is to step aside and let somebody else cut his support behind somebody else that can win per shirt like that that I really like him. 9.1% inflation rate, the highest in 40 years Martha 40 years of horrible people, rich people like Rick Democrat like a very happy if Michael your writ poor people poor people they can't by growth three. They can't let Cara heartbreaking. I can't stand it. And there's a lot more things are not like China and stuff like that though Nina got again and I think a lot of people feel like I do like you do like your listeners do that. I don't think Donald Trump is the way to go that, ramps markets appreciate the call and I I'm hearing that from a lot of folks who are very conflicted and here's where I'm going out with this. Folks if all of these trump supporters feel this way the diehards from supporters. What is that really say about the mood right now in in the nation, and is it possible that the rallies as great as they are, maybe, just maybe, the president needed to take more time off the national scene re-group refresh, renew, energize, and then come back with up with a blast because we been in basically a continuous election election cycle since 2016. I let's go to Winston-Salem North Carolina Caesar on our brand-new affiliate WSJ as what's on your mind like America will wait boats that I know a lot about their affiliation grants a Republican because Democrats don't but I think it ever wanted in that America will or divided and it would be cool like that. Step back that somebody will America at heart all sad that this went bad all that that will America. That gate should be proud like they could be proud to be American. I hate that and I'm proud Caesar. I am too and I will say this real quick here. If nothing else.

Pres. Tromp showed the nation that you know what the message for Republicans. It's not just a white person's message.

It is for every American. No matter the color of their skin, and I think the parties stronger because of that I might well because of bad state, federal bank is that that's that that's great to hear Caesar. We got a run for out that the newsbreak God bless you, thank you for listening.

WSJ yes rearing for more and more of our listeners after great radio station and also really teases Youngstown Ohio. Guess who's coming to town live noon to three Eastern that's right, the Todd Stern's radio program were to tell you more about that and in the coming days as this radio show continues to grow border to border coast-to-coast not hang tight.

If you're on the line were to get your calls 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 Todd start' Have you checked out our website. We got some great stories to be talking to one of our reporters and just a few moments.

I want to hear that conversation. This is the Todd surgery progressive person's home for another house. I totally understand house from this just another. Some newer homes on the market looking at those other houses don't have a crack in the foundation, no matter how much you love it more knowing you could save a bundle in your home and aggressive situations. Universities do you in Memphis, Tennessee Charlie since conservative commentary from live genocide continue, which we must do every every day continue to bear witness keep alive the truth in honor of the Holocaust borrowed all the Holocaust honor those we lost about, you know. Did he really say what what I think he just said keep alive the truth in honor of the Holocaust sweepers are welcome to the Taj and radio program on Pres. Biden the human calf machine adjust landing in Israel a little while ago making the statements on the tarmac in Tel Aviv and it's only the first few minutes of the visit, so we'll see how that goes. I welcome everybody to the Todd surgery a program good to have you with us today. Hang tight. We have full lines were to be getting to your calls throughout the day, right down her number if you want to try to get in 844-747-8868 I want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line I we got a great guest with us.

His name is Jason Yates. He is with an incredible organization called my faith votes Jason good to have you back with us here with me and my my hand listening to the common way it's you know this would be probably the big story of the day.

Had it not been for the fact that inflation hit 9.1% about a 40 year high. People can be imported by eggs at the grocery store anymore. This is crazy out there a lot of things going on. We need to be in prayer.

Well yes and one of those Jason and Amber to get to the overarching point of what my faith votes doesn't just a minute. But you guys are boots on the ground and die you are really supportive of this value them both amendment and the state of Kansas and I want you to tell our listeners what value them both is all about who we row we know that the battle is not over. The battle goes into 50 different places 50 different state capitals around the issue of life and candid is dead center.

The first major battle taking place where they're actually putting a boat to the electorate to the people of Kansas and saying is like something we value or are we willing to resurrect a row in the state of Kansas that somehow get the balls print right to abortion, and so this amendment that happening on August 2, and in fact voting early voting in Kansas starts today and but the boat will be August 2 and it is to put it an amendment on the Constitution of the state of candor to say there is no right to abortion, and I'll tell you what Todd did. If this passes what it really going to do is to dock extreme abortion procedures because we know that that range that is not what everyday people want and it's going to stop that and stopped him from becoming New York workout California. This is the first state in the nation to vote and said to give people the right to vote on this issue. After the Supreme Court overturn Roe V Wade so this is a big deal.

I know that's among others, not just yourself but Mike Huckabee is endorsing a yes vote on this Kansas amendment and we have a lot of blisters across the state of Kansas and that this is a big big deal you. We have Mike Huckabee and our honorary national chairman for my faith both and you know II couldn't be more proud to elevate his voice and that the dwelling in let people know that yet candid candidates should vote yes on this amendment because yes is a pro-life vote of tell you what though in the past. Midterm elections in the last primary you know there was a 27% turnout for the boat so as we know primary don't get a huge turn out to every vote count in that state leading up to August 2 you live there we go.

Please vote yes it is a pro-life.

If only people of faith across the nation got out to actually vote and engage support the process we do we change the face and the direction of this nation and in at least one election cycle what my book is all about that week we got started because we want to encourage and motivate people to vote and worsening letter into candidates from other people in can and from other places and we know that this works where they just put a handwritten note of encouragement. Other Christian thing. Please vote and we've seen big increases in turnout from that and were doing digital ad there as well.

So that's what we hope were using proven processes and people can join with us do it as I love to get my faith and folks, we have a direct link to.

That's a great organization on our website and it's important to point out you guys are nonpartisan movement. This is all about getting people of faith. Christians in America to vote in every single election in Jason at you again Roe V Wade, it's just the start. So now the issue goes right back to the states and that's why, as you point out every vote matters.

Every vote doesn't matter in your week and we can talk about what happened with the Supreme Court and and we should celebrate what happened, but it the end of the day. What happened was the end for the Constitution right not to stand in in one direction or a specific religious beliefs or what have you, but instead it was recognizing the way our country was established that these type of thing don't belong with the federal government. It belongs with the state, but it also as you know, put the responsibility on individuals in every single state to show up and to bring the values you bought into a lie of the separation of church and state where people are believing that because they have a certain belief or certain set of values. They shouldn't show up and be involved in politics immersing in America. We the people we are meant to show up all of bring our different values and opinion but that's why we need people of faith so badly to do just that and Jason, I you and I have met a number of times and folks I can do this is his passion and his heart. And this is a very effective organization. My faith votes Jason, you're doing a heck of a great job out there and let's just keep mobilizing folks and look to it.

We needed many people to get involved with. Have a great program called action partners that are just activating people are raising their hand. What can I you and were resourcing people with specific tools recorded an opportunity to make a difference in our letter writing campaign is one of them are so many other opportunities. We need each of your listeners who sign Lovett are working to do that Jason and appreciate you are coming of the program gets back on the between now and like today as well. Would love it thank God love everything you do. Thank you, Jason Jason Yates everybody he is Chief Executive Officer of my faith votes. If you're looking for a way to get plugged in and encourage a people within your realm to get involved, whether it be your local church or Sunday school class your synagogue.

We want people to get out there and engage the political process.

That's what it's really all about 844-747-8860 we've got a lot of folks wanted to weigh in on the this survey that came out from the New York Times half of Republican voters say they believe it's time for Trump to set it just step aside that the president has done a great job.

He has just revolutionized Washington DC but it's time for fresh blood within the Republican Party.

I want to go to pastor Bob was listing to us on the talk station in Pastor Bob that most encourage you to hear of people like to Jason Yates saying we gotta encourage Christians to get out and vote in the office that Kurt would ever get together we could control the whole nation but I don't know don't know my Canyon about Trump is I think you should run again and that day he announces he's gonna run again. He should say he's taken to Santos, the vice president and campaign. From there and then crying him and help them to grow wheat, have him in the next eight years.

After that, or comp decide to retire in the middle. Get some of that. So you like to Santos taken Pastor Bob 04. I think that would just playing out and promptly reserves the right to get back in there that some of the things that this administration is messed up well note and there are a lot of people who feel the exact same way you do.

Pastor Bob and I appreciate your call. It's going to just see Jesse what say you, man. They wanted one of the Republican debate here in you by going to go at it with all of those Americans got my buddies but will come out to prove all the corruption and unify the standard farm home home business plan will be to leave.

I let's call it is as well yeah well I think I will be a strong ticket. I also like Tim Scott out of South Carolina. I think you would be a terrific uptake as well. Just a rocksolid conservative. The good news is Jesse that the Republicans do have a bench so it's not like you're going to be. I mean, when you look back at at 2020. The best the Democrats could come up with was Joe Biden that was it and they're scrambling now they know what the people are sick and tired of waiting hundred bagel only. You Atlanta law standard and the chosen people were at today woke up a lot of people and by automating I good stuff Jesse appreciate you listening Sir, there will WSI see no disinflation thing it's it's off the charts and people are really really feeling the pinch here and that the the hit in the in the wallet. What I find fascinating is that now the mainstream media there all over this and there's no way they can't be because a lot of those individuals are feeling the same heat we are and we put together a compilation of of what people are saying on the TV.

Take a listen, where the largest increases supply base gasoline shelter building the largest contributors confirmation of what a lot of us consumers now that inflation is rampant is pretty much everywhere these days.

In this report, suggesting that and I think the reason is because when I look at this report, I don't see any relief anywhere. We even before we got to this 9.1%. There have been some sectors that were behaving a little better. I look at rents going up.

I didn't see any relief in apparel. There was some hope folks that maybe with the inventory to Courtney Reagan's been talking about at some of the department stores you might see some relief in apparel is a lot worse than we thought. Let's get Stephanie Pombo a credit for that been talking about all year about the pressure being put on the consumer. The one thing I would note and by the way, we also know people are pulling back because the economy is expected to contract in the second quarter. Even the GDP now out of the land. If that is -1.2%. One really interesting thing is if you look at the course in EI year-over-year month over my head. It was expected to rise.

6/10 of 1% for the third straight month, came in hotter than that.

So if you look at the monthly trajectory core prices are getting hotter, not cooler catch that one of the biggest thing I guess I'm saying this right now. That's the highest number since February and 81 folks.

It's bad out there, and it's only getting worse.

So now the issue is okay, who do we who do we have out there that can fix this and work on folks. I'm telling you Donald Trump is still the guy in my estimation, Donald Trump is still the guy are we gotta take a break here when we come back I'm going to weigh in on this you found a video have you seen this one that there get the hand sanitizer with the police officers are standing out when you had dozens of police officer standing in the hallway while the kids were getting shot down and you got one of the cops a squirt in the hand sanitizer and another guy on the cell phone. What really really are and talk about that 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once. Much better now. I think you caused my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy. See full for I love this music I really want to talk Kyle, I would ask to sit back and enjoy the it's like sipping some iced tea. Having a good old time. Okay, maybe not. I love this. What song is omitted as Fleetwood Mac. The song is the song to slip and made it sound like Fleetwood Mac.

That's why was I was wondering the dreams gypsy Jim see Grace you can just holler out beautifully sees that she graces doing some call screening with branches frantically seem smart thanks for this recovery blow my cover. No problem Kyle think you are welcome back to the Todd Stern's radio so that summertime everybody is is a hot spot. I let's go to the phone zero 844-747-8868 Michael in North Carolina WS high seal lots of North Carolina callers today hey Michael what's going on and we love you. Thank you. You know right well you're trying to say that we try everyday Michael say everybody part time man.

Again he deserves that much Trump all the way all the ladies always want to draw a crowd like an ache.

I like buyer yet encountered that these don't come out come out all call this morning and going to row no doubt about it, no doubt about it I I'm I want to go ahead Michael. Oh I'm sorry Dougal you use a no go right ahead. You got about 20 seconds before they cut us off will will hold the line.

Keep the fight and look to break loose.I love it Michael, what a great word as we I had to the break.

Michael says hold the line and look up because it's about to break. I will bet on a coffee mug or something. All right, when we come back time for a radio rumble also want to weigh in on this you Val the situation with the police down there. What a mess.

What a mess that is also your call. So hang tight couple lines open 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 this is the time 7% of women who wear bladder weakness. Incontinence wasn't stressful enough intimate, skinny retention tent on the Internet. I need to try to an intimate type sample return for your free sample to skin protects like 10 are. I want to back everybody so good to This is the job search radio show citing news down Ohio were to be coming on board there in a couple of weeks Grace and they told us when there that know they just they were coming on board are at noon to three live in Youngstown Ohio that's can be a lot of fun to hang tight and we will send you the details of that. I want to go to the patriot mold is maker lines. First, one of the kindest and greatest radio morning host all of America.

He is the mayor of Atlantic City, New Jersey, or at least the oddity of the host of WPG early in the mornings Harry earlier Harry, how's it going is going great honor to be on the Well, you're the only person on it with a street named after him. So that's you had a butler in Atlantic City that is true.

That's an address never live that down.

I never will. That story and from W RDA migrate affiliate in Richmond, Virginia.

The one the only Jeff Katz Jeff, hope you're doing good I am doing well. I'm working on that street named after myself, Harry Harry, I gotta tell you something you did not know baby you did know this.

I didn't know this about Jeff Katz but he not only does he host a great afternoon drive show, but he also host an auto show in auto mechanics on the weekends.

I learned about that on social media. I was very impressed yet so I was trying to do in the break I was trying to see if he could fix the cattle I just got a little bit of a rumble in it so near the sound will diagnose with Harry.

Can we call you back later with well it was that it was great to catch up with both of you guys during the talkers convention which I Harry Hurley you are the really the star of the show in the Jeff chance with that incredible humanitarian award. Just so you folks know these are two giants in the talk radio industry and we always love having you guys on the show, thank you God will guys, let's let's let's jump in all of this I were we were talking earlier in the show about this new video that came out from you. Val the Texas where the police officers were just standing around in the hallway for air. One of them had the other hand sanitizer. The other was on the cell phone and people have just really got upset about all of this.

Harry will start with you. Well, you're getting with a former police officer. The great Jeff Katz. Speaking to the identical twin brother of the career retired police officer, the more you learn about this the more upsetting a cat. I I've interviewed countless police officers and yes I Just like you Todd and I hold you know the same position we support paramilitary every every chance we can. I don't know any police officers that could have just twiddle their thumbs for 70 minutes while baby little kids are being bludgeoned. I can't. I can't believe this happened with police right there just I yeah let me jump in as as a former comp I can tell you that I'm I'm old and I'm disgusted I don't understand how anybody who has the reader and taking the oath sworn to protect and defend stood and then just stood and stood and stood and stood to eat it. It is inexcusable. Now I will tell you that prior to Columbine and that's a long time ago. Prior to Columbine.

The thought process was well if something like this happens you show you call in specialty teams and you get primed over here and get prepped over there but since Columbine, everyone everywhere in the law-enforcement community says you go in and you get the shooter. That's it. You're not waiting for anybody else you're not caring that you're not talking about what's for lunch. You go in and you save the kids forgot I just don't get it, guys. You would think that at least one person one person would've said you know what the heck with this I'm going and I don't care what happens to me. I'm going and I will try to save those kids. But nobody did anything. Not a single person that usually what would happen at some point it wouldn't take long. If you are getting a direct order from a superior some crazy. Who knows what else broke out political politically correct order you would just pretend that the radio is messed up you said to go and were going and going and you just you just they would do it. You know that Google would absolutely stand by now you're absolutely right Harry, I mean there would have been one of two options if the guy is standing there directly in front of you giving you this order I got news for you. I can't repeat what the response would be from the vast majority of cops I know, but it wouldn't be colloquially stand beside we got to go see the kids and it was given over that radio with you, boy. I guess I didn't understand. I thought you said to Charlie to go and write exactly about the state did the wrong thing all the way around, but also they lied about it spectacularly lied about it, they they try to arrange some woman leaving the door open. I mean, they justified every step of the way. In addition to not know it's interesting to looking at this whole thing. The one group that actually did the right thing here is the mainstream media. They exposed all of this and that the city Council last night and that we got somebody writing a plan now but we got the audio of them basically attacking the. The reporters were broadcasting that video footage that were talking about and they actually said this wasn't supposed to be released so I had the cover to cover it up yet.

They were mad. Actually the video and audio had been released about that supermom don't get in the way of a mama tell you that that went in there and got her children out out of there when when the police officers were trained. They could've taken him down very quickly.

Don't you agree I think they absolutely could have addressed that issue very quickly and you know to to the point of the reporters here. Most of us will hold the reporters accountable when they do the wrong with Utah. They did everything right in getting that affirmation out guys.

Can we talk about tacos for a moment yesterday on this program. We celebrated taco Tuesday as as we should. Every Tuesday I'm curious to know your response for the mainstream media. If Malani a trumpet Give a speech in talking about the diversity of the NAACP and comparing that to a bucket of fried chicken. Do you think the mainstream media would've acted differently leave the garment on and they cook rich with what the message said on it. I love what the Spanish journalist said that if the national Association of Hispanic journalists.

They set using breakfast tacos to try to demonstrate the uniqueness of Latinos in San Antonio demonstrate a lack of cultural knowledge and sensitivity to the diversity of Latinos in the region. We are not tacos if you think about Todd and Jeff Biden family.

Joe especially, but now we see it here.

They have a lifetime record of this kind of unacceptable talk. Job lighting is a lot of things nice, polite, dignified, he's not and it would appear right if Dr. Jill Biden.

It is cut from the same cloth.

And that you're absolutely right time to give anyone else would've made any sort, and even remotely similar to this day would have been being top story for hours and hours and hours on end. It would've been inexcusable. Dr. Biden.

He does it and well all is forgiven. Everything applicable, let's move on. Shall we there more important issues and grant you, there are some more important issues such as inflation that's reaching almost 10% that's pretty bad but yet they got. Once again they got a D next to the name to get a free pass just wait is Latinos are migrating to the Republicans.

And it doesn't help the Democrats that really they know that she said it, even if the media tried to hide it. I want to play :-) I love this is the best take of all this lady running for Congress.

She is an Hispanic American, I will not try to pronounce her name but she compared Pres. Biden to actually a taco shell. Let's take a listen. Jackson here in Texas 16 taco Tuesday Jill Biden. You may think Hispanics are unique as a taco actually found the perfect title for Joe Biden see it's just a sound. By the way real quick. His Biden. He landed in Israel, and it took him all of three seconds to start with the gaps of Thursday to know where he was going right away got off the plane. Then I were to play in in rapid succession helmet like a number two and then cut number four. I will once more returned to the hollow ground of Judge Sharon Donner 6 million Jewish lives were stolen in the genocide continue, which we must do every every day continue to bear witness to keep alive the truth in honor of the Holocaust part of all the Holocaust honor those we lost and then and then guys we've got we've got this one where he doesn't understand Hill of the chief folks not to stand. Every time I hear him where the hell is wrong while you think I'm joking. Where is the present. Jeff Katz will start with you. Does this sound like a healthy president find an area good time I've ever agreed with Joe Biden. I think the same thing he look this is a guy who is just not up to this job. I don't know these update any job, and if this were my uncle might add, my grandpa, you know you have a family meeting and say love uncle Joe just know please. Not not get it all done. The way he did. We gotta take care of him. We gotta look out for this. I think this again goes back to Dr. Jill Biden, and Hunter Biden. I think they love the fact is present because they seem to be saying she wanted to live in the white out there is a party of the sky work break in my country a way to use.

I probably feel sorry for the family intervention would be taking the car keys away the drivers license x-ray would be turned in and let's not forget that the couple of days ago he set Highland Park mass shooting took place in 1918 there is a serious problem here.

He did check it out. He had it it it's really bad. I mean he read think he did the Ron Burgundy he read repeat the line. He read the helicopter. He did it.

You know everything that you know he was capable of doing and as just a little while ago let's not forget 9.1% inflation high at 41 years. Inflation is widely outpacing Paychex when he took office.

We had 1.4% inflation. January 2021.

It's now 9.1% less than a year and half later. This is serious guys of final final point here we were talking earlier about this New York Times reported 49% of Republicans say they they don't think Trump should should run again that they think they they love the president but they want somebody younger on the ticket. 96% of young Democrats, nine young Democrats 96% say Biden should not be on the ticket in 2024. What you think about that, guys.

You think it's time for fresh blood in both parties.

Well, I would look at it. I happen to have tremendous admiration for Pres. Trump I I've never seen somebody at his age who is energetic and vigorous as he is.

I don't have the concerns about you meet why do I have about Joe Biden but frankly, I had the concerns about Joe Biden's ability three years ago so I think there are plenty of great candidates on the Republican side. I think there are almost all inspired by the success of Donald Trump. So I think it's his choice. I think it's up to him if he chooses to run if he chooses not to run. Look, he's going all over the country.

These amazing rallies is headed out to Arizona on Saturday will be 20, 30,000 people there I think is a lot of excitement about Pres. Trump still.

I totally agree the biological and chronological age is not that you're about to 79. It how poorly he is doing so thought he age and I agree with the vitality commented that Jeff made Pres. Trump run. He wins.

He is the nominee and to win the presidency and will be the second president to serve two nonconsecutive terms if he doesn't run. Then I totally submit to what Jeff said the Republicans have tremendous bench strength. The Democrats are dusting off Hillary Clinton right now you know she's she's getting ready to do something right, is dating Bradley Cooper all things, so no wieners in that in that world that correct my word well and by the way guys my my long shot. Here is is Michelle Obama, and she is out there just working and I you know I get it. That's how desperate they may be that Iran would probably win the nomination, Hollywood would go goo goo. It would be good shot to get terrible general election candidate, but she can win the nomination all right. Jeff do you do oil changes to while you wait while you wait, my friend.

I've been distracted. The entire conversation I are good buddies very early for WPG Jeff Katz from W RVA guys always good hanging out with you.there were great guys. There is all right they look.

We gotta take a quick break your 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 you'll even talk about Pres. Trump.

While our good buddy Dick Morris, the great political strategist says Trump is running and few people know Pres. Trump better than Dick Morris Morris has served as his top advisor, he's got a brand-new best-selling book out called the return and it reveals Trump secret plan for 2024.

His real reason for running and his coming surprise announcement. Dick says Trump still faces three rats but Biden can never be reelected. I think we all agree with that. It's already an Amazon number one bestseller if you want to see Trump's plan to gotta read this great book by Dick Morris is called the return in bookstores everywhere. Or you can get the book free.

There's a free offer from Newsmax to be able to save almost $28. Just go to the return the return galaxies for all these new taxes might not like I just did in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles capture training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for contract and fit perfectly galaxies. He flipped for great vigor. Where you know you're supposed to be doing something remember what it is and it's been driving me bonkers all week and be honest, it always happens for your show. I feel that way. So I don't want you to be honest I want you lot that, yes, I feel that way, almost every day preparing for yourself. Like I've forgotten something. I don't what it is an empty unit was remember the weekend I need to be in the middle of walking, it shall be far and I'm and I'm getting a message so we're waiting for you to speak like wait, what is not good to run. You know what I think maybe it's just I'm looking forward so much to next week in Salem, Oregon KY case you think it's this we consider next year and all I can tell you is is like barbecue and she's gay. As I have another saying a wine testing at Todd's's winetasting and I like wait, what I'm a Baptist martini guy that I it is good to be five excited about our hang tight. We got folks on the line here and I really got a fair and I want to hang tight Dominus and have a few moments and I work at work coming up on the of the top of the arch ISU question about your local shopping malls do you guys to go to these things because a Memphis, Tennessee. All of our malls like the traditional big Galleria's have been overrun by thugs and thought debts and I'm just wondering if this is something that's just a Memphis problem or if this is something that is much broader because I think these shopping malls they would rather shutdown than deal with the problem of violence on this kind of curious working together. That in the next hour, 844-747-8868. That is our telephone number. If you're on hold.

Hang tight really get your calls. That's 844-747-8868 cigarette everybody will be right back galaxies.

He flipped for all these new taxes might not like I just did in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles capture training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for contract and fit perfectly galaxies.

He flipped for University studio in Memphis Tennessee. All my everybody are here by the FCC, but no young one hour three of the big show no grace. I want to go back to something a one of the callers said I believe it was Michael from North Carolina uses.

You know you just say what else is thinking and were happy to do that right. That is, that's the point is that a lot of people BBB because of their jobs or their position.

They can't really say what's on their mind so we can say it for all get in trouble for it and were happy to take the arrows not so much the bullets, but we think the Arabs are the plastic air thing will take the will take the Nerf guns, water balloons, oh my God, yet we will do the other painter. Have you been paintball and blowing.

I will not do that one time I did it in the church camp fun story church Hundred degrees outside.

I hid behind a tree.

The entire time in the stupid nasty make you put on. You can even see as it was fog and can I just say I just want to throw this out there.

If a Christian group invite you to go paintball you just run the other way. I I am tired. I never seen such ruthless behavior that the first Baptist Church papal competition is worse than a softball game and I didn't get it. What you baseball bat.

So, good Lord leasing defenders and then they shoot you with those paid anyways terrible. I am curious about shopping malls and I will why I saw the story last night and it triggered something in the eye when I moved back to Memphis. Now when I left Memphis.

The Wolf Chase Galleria was like the premier shopping dust on the people would drive hours to go and shop at the Wolf Chase Galarraga Todd that was a long time ago. You must be really old so I would you're fired.

Okay galliard, take exit 10 for you Kyle. Kyle gets a raise. I turned my back on how it Wolf that escalated quickly in the control room art. So let's talk about this grace. I go back to Wolf Chase Galleria, but I was been gone for years, and the place is like a ghost town. There's all the big fancy stores are pretty much empty. Then there are couple of other malls. There was what the Memphis. What is the ball of Memphis which is been destroyed. It's been long gone. A ball of murder.

Yeah Oak Ct., Mall, which was the preeminent it's in a very very wealthy part of town.

I surrounded by all these high dollar businesses and get the ball itself is been turned in to. It looks like a ghetto. I mean, it is awful, I am not a great crime and the violence so anyway at that they saw the Macy's and yesterday.

Last night a bunch of guys like eight people stormed the Macy's and they stole all the jewelry. Yes and I just curious, are people like abandoning the shopping goals I trained.

I notices are now moving to outdoors because we have one in the suburbs that outdoor only those are great and and one in Southaven, Mississippi great Alamo outdoor and everything's fine, but something about when they bring in endorses. I will go to the Wolf Chase Galleria by myself I do not say I haven't for years, I always have to take somebody with me and that used to be I mean and I wonder if this is the way it is in other places. But you know you got all these and I think the problem is you got all the unsupervised kids, people just got the kids off at the mall and say go out at you like and people don't look. People raise their kids and the raising little animals and that's sad to say but not teaching the kids right from wrong. So you let them loose the ball and it's all you know what breaks loose and it's not great, that's interesting. So anyway the problem is that the balls really won't address the violence because they can't because when they have addressed the violence they get accused of racism, of course, and so they would rather shutdown would go out of business and going to bankruptcy then accused the be accused of being racist when in fact not being racist. I don't care for kids, white, black, Hispanic, Asian-American. I don't care just like a fool in public yet just behave people. That's right.

That's what you when I was a kid and I will with this is like and maybe this is you people may feel weird about this, but when I was a kid, my mom or dad would say the following phrase and it would it would cause me to straighten up and go down that the straight and narrow path. Don't make me pull out my belt. Yeah it worked okay or just wait till your dad get so you did just that way. I can maybe pull off that belt, but I'm good so and we do not like a fool because we knew there was a price to pay. Anyway, I'm curious 844-747-8860 that's her telephone number. That's 844-747-8868 Grace Baker I am we have. We are blessed with the best interns. This is our first year of having full-blown interns on the Todd surge radio program and we don't just send them out hats and get some coffee either.

They get real life experience. We don't do that then execute some especially paving interns. Well not charge that by paving interns timely pay the what is the soil around here. Tell you what Alan Morrow is is one of our star interns here on the Todd turns radio program and he's from Liberty University Liberty University came all the way out to Memphis Tennessee and joins us in studio Alan good to have you with us you so much for having me on top. So I went to give our listeners low background because you been doing a lot of writing for the website they see your name, your byline, tell us a little bit about yourself while he said I'm Alan I am from a small town in Ohio I am about to be a senior at Liberty University studying political science and journalism here in Memphis for the summer and I'm having a blast and learning a lot. So Memphis, Tennessee a lot of people always ask me why why Memphis what you think about the city. I am a fan of Memphis. I think I was talking about it with someone the other day.

The food in Memphis is so good and I just had a blast getting to explore the city. There's a lot of history and it's been a lot of fun. That's good and and Grace Baker. She's good to work with all your grace is great although I will say I picked up her lunch today and she was saying we don't just send me interns to think of what you have me not in addition to what is a lot bigger responsibility that comes with the height of the host get invited release. Asked if the host wanted lunch.

Listen Todd, let me tell you it was by one get one free pizzas that we only had two people on board so you would've been the odd man out. Sorry the odd man out right now on we will discuss this after the show I was listening to Grace's orders. That's all note of this Baker euro euro thin ice today that ice alright so Alan Morrow you have been working on a story and I'm very intrigued because my arch nemesis and life is NPR national public welfare radio and you got a crazy story up on the website.

Want I want you to tell our listeners what NPR is doing alright, everybody.

So, NPR, National Public Radio and the segment that aired on July 4.

So America's birthday they aired a segment downplaying the threat of STDs to children. Specifically, they said, quote queer children so were talking about sexually transmitted diseases, and that this segment was actually geared for LGBT Q children are people but identify as LGBT Q yes. They were having a conversation about how sex education should be discussed in public schools, and it was part of a series called life kit which they call service journalism so NPR is trying to help us all understand these topics and enlighten us with all of their wisdom is always a context of all this, so they just throw this out there on July 4 was or something else going on while they began talking about the conservative states that have been passing legislation about what teachers can talk about with kids in schools. They specifically cited and criticized Florida's parental rights in education law, which the left is deceivingly calling the don't say de la but really it just tells them not to talk about these topics with kids like under third grade. Now, your unit holder you I'm 21 so 21 years old. I am curious within your circle of friends and encircled employment something.

It seems to me this would be a common sense approach you don't want to be talking to young kids about these kinds of topics incredibly common sense. This seems like a no-brainer to me. I was actually shocked at all the outraged law received from people on the leftist shocked art Alan Morrow who is a one of our writers on Todd's has a terrific piece of Panini to check this out on the website about NPR you this. Another thing Alan at your National Public Radio.

They actually get tax money from from you and me, and that the it's it's just outrageous as a radio station owner that my money tax money is going to fund my competition. And this is the kind of stuff that your compositions talking about on the air and encouraging educators and families to discuss with kids. Oh my God is just insane and again I aside from a couple of other publications on the people they're talking about this so well done here on on exposing what NPR is doing. Thank you Todd really enjoying the talk about the stories and shed some light on these things now is a what's it what's a life looking like your senior year on what you want to do after you get out a liberty. While I have just fallen in love with journalism. I love writing, I really love talking about these topics in one of the reasons I really love it were doing here is I feel like there's such a divide between everyday American people in the mainstream media elites. I think we have different values than then I think we care about different stories.

So on the fun things about being here is that I see a story that I care about in your audience cares about it too and I get help. Share with them is been such a blessing. So I really love to write. I love talk about these issues of interest in politics, so I definitely want to keep doing stuff like this. Are you getting of your parents a shout. I know they're listening today all yeah they are.

I love you guys and I miss you but I'll be home in a couple weeks apart so you just like an extra special treat would you to house close out out an extra scoop of ice cream or something. Sounds good to me. I Alan Morrow ladies and John working to get Alan on a time or two before the end of your internship and that we enjoy seeing your byline. You're doing a great job and I know our readers are really appreciating the great work you're doing well thank you Todd.

I look forward to coming back and I'm having a blast. Alright there you go folks, Alan Morrow, one of our great interns out here on the Todd surge radio program. Liberty University folks, they're turning out some great, great journalist and political scientist and all-around great American patriots. is the website are to take a break before we do that though were going about the number 844-747-8868 we have a couple of lines open were going right to the phones will be get back got to tell you about our good buddy Mike Lindell over my pillow and he's got some great offers for Todd start radio show listeners. It is the blowout slipper sale of the year.

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I love it I love the welfare what's on your mind. I got over under a tornado warning that you cannot in 2020 4488, politician, but successful for me to remained to make this country protected extent we people start trying to build the law, not people. The mark of a true leader to put the people start and went in the background. Now they might've been doing. That day the fight is in the White House are any way I have lately out key China bullying timeline rocket yeah that's a great point to your raising and an eye I see that so I again I think that the truck team is going to need to have a strategy going into 2024.

Let's get past the midterm elections and I think that's what Trump is doing and there are reasons financially and otherwise why he hasn't already thrown his his hat into the ring there. There will literally be a time when he will do. That is probably going to be after that the midterm elections, as are a frantic Morrises is suggesting. So Farah let's see how what see how things go here. I'm with you and look if Trump at and we hundred two radio host on for the rumble of Outlook.

If Trump runs then then it says and I think that's just the way it's going to be. If nothing else is the only fair thing to do, Farah. We got a run. Appreciate the call and the be safe out there in be safe out there, North Carolina. Once a tornado warnings instead of going you going to the basement. She called someone a great faithful listener.

Thank you for that fair alright I hang tight folks over to be getting to your calls. Also some bizarre testimony up on Capitol Hill. If nothing else, we're starting to see who the left really is coming from Josh call yesterday were to play some audio from that crazy crazy testimony were Josh Hawley because he believes only women can get pregnant is now trans phobic unbelievable 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8860. This is the time structure drivers are switching save with progressive save over $700 on average and the savings and imagine what you could buy and use the savings from switching from aggressive 50 years ago to finally buy my dream car is a self driving flying carpet flying future cars flying future. So switch to progressive and save big because the savings can add up in the national annual average in terms of customer survey to see the president quickly is one of those days. America, one of those days wherever you might be this great nation.

Welcome back to the Kaiser radio program. So, so I got up late as audio. This just happened up on Capitol Hill. So yesterday you had Josh Hawley going at a virtual will play the Josh Hawley versus his Josh Hawley going at it with a professor from Berkeley University. Let's pickles before. I want to visit with Eunice Minsky but before I do, it is one clear one thing up professor bruises you said several times you use the phrase I want to make sure I understand what you mean by you refer to people with the capacity for pregnancy with every women many women. Women have the capacity to pregnancy many women do not have the capacity for pregnancy on their also trans men who are capable of pregnancy as well as non-binary people who are capable of pregnancy. So this isn't really a women's rights issue. It's we should recognize that this impacts women while also recognizing that it impacts those things are not mutually exclusive and highly so your view is that the core of this this right then is about what so and whenever recognizing your line of questioning.

On his chance phobic and it opens at chance people to violence by not recognizing how you say that I'm open to people to violence by asking whether or not women pregnancy still and when I went in. Note that 1/5 transgender persons have attempted suicide. So I think is going to question it because we can't talk about it because denying that chance. People exist and pretending not to know that they exist.

People exist by are you are you when are you pregnancies do you believe that men can get pregnant now I don't think I met Lisa violence is this how you run your classroom are students allowed to question were also treated like this opening up people to violently have a good sign Pisces until Rhonda might learn a lot. Well, I would look hot.

I've learned a lot lately extraordinary art I want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line good friend of this program. He is a Fox News contributor. A New York Times best-selling author. He lives right down the river from us here in Memphis Tennessee down to New Orleans. Our good buddy Raymond Arroyo. Raymond, how's it going today.

I came today is not insane. Raymond well I mainly think that poor lady.

What is your Berkeley professors that what they said. I mean, I talked about albeit I act phobic. I mean, when you can't, you know, figure out that men do not get pregnant. Only women can get pregnant and you know that these are, we have to have some stable reality points which, in which to live, talk, and I really worry when people start mucking around with language. This way, everything starts to slip reality And it's imperative I think for all of us just to properly identify basic things like mail, email, pregnant women. These are simple concepts that are built into nature. We only have to recognize them and look if you want to say you know I know there are people who wish to be identified by themselves. You know the opposite sex.

After taking gender suppressing hormones and blend in writing, resorting to all sorts of surgeries but the reality is they are biologically and by nature a male or female, and that is why they can either become pregnant. Never become pregnant so that has to be established and it it it. It's disturbing frankly together and so confusing to the next and it all begins to unravel when when you're having debates now on Capitol Hill about, not whether or not a man can have a baby, but the idea that if you don't believe a man can have a baby that makes you an evil person, a hateful person.

I mean, this is your this is the culture becoming unravel and remember the place of new audio for you. This happened just that morning on Capitol Hill.

This is testimony from a young woman like these restrictions are intended to do is try and make people tend stop people from having abortions that licensed healthcare.

Iversen was the best decision I ever made that it was an act of self-love and I'm here today to make sure that everybody who currently needs an abortion without an abortion or will mean an abortion is not alone and I don't want the state tries to force the finest and act of self love Raymond Arroyo heartbreaker people can people do that really different and deeply held views on abortion. We all understand, but I don't think anyone certainly no one is losing it right now and say that this is an act of any kind of block.

There are always two victims in abortion. The mother and obviously the child whose life is taken so to say that this is an act of self-love.

I do believe at times it can be an act of selfishness away and get rid of what some perceive is a problem, but to call it an act of self love and further to suggest that the Supreme Court in any way stopped abortion in the country that is not what happened thought.

I mean, what they did was return abortion to the state to decide and determine whether they should be restricted or outlawed or allowed something to going to have them. Others will not. We can all disagree about the direction that that should proceed. But to lie and say that the Supreme Court somehow took away abortion. You know their people been praying and laboring for 50 years were abortion just go away and not gone yet. New/that's the fight really is just getting started and that was the point again it's it's really disingenuous for the media for lawmakers to say that's what Roe V Wade did when, when, in fact, that corrected a very serious political constitutional flaw sending this back to the states Raymond Arroyo everybody are patriot mobile newsmaker line has another great book and if you are a grandma or grandpa, mom, dad, you need to make sure that you have these books in your child's library.

The wise men who found Christmas Raymond's books are just incredible.

Are you it's coming out what October 25 Raymond is that when it yet. I haven't even really cover yet to come back and tell you all back talk about when we were talking about life and the wonder of life and protecting like your men, who may or may not be in what we assume them to be who you know and and chances are all the stories you've heard about the Wiseman along the new historical evidence that I uncovered and created this picture book around just activating biblical it's archaeologically based so I can't wait to share that with you but this is about chasing after the wonder of life and and people common people and highborn and low, recognizing that something amazing happened, something God divinely touched happened in Bethlehem 2000 years ago and continues to talk about it first. I'm glad that I was concerned about the cover art because it was just kind of like a blurry blob? I thought okay alright, thank you for clearing that up. Know your boys are just first mother beautifully written and their beautifully illustrated and and I'm excited for this.

This new project coming out in October, but you don't preorder it now and and we want you guys to do that so will beat you really get it on day one the wise men who found Christmas Raymond, I want to have you address these crazy gaps that you Pres. Biden steps off the plane Air Force One in Israel and first part of the honor of the Holocaust. You got Joe Biden on a topcoat you talk about tacos and Hispanic people are they in a freefall here. We've been talking about what Joe Biden resurfaced and said he was going to run for the Democratic Party ticket and end all along. We were saying wait a minute. History tells us always the more vibrant the more happy the more aspirational candidate who usually wins the day Joe Biden to find all of those historic precedents that we could cite lettering first from Reagan to Barack Obama but idle of those things and from his basement because of the pandemic. He basically campaigned from home and now subjected to the rigors of office to the stress of office and the weight of old age and in the collapsing mind. We're seeing tragic outcome. I mean, when the man gets off the plane in Israel and announces that it out Percival for he said he was there to contribute to the honor of the Holocaust. When he stepped off the plane look to the people around him utterly dazed instead. What should I do now where will I go, I mean cannot know you walked to the podium and you say your statement and then you're going to get in the car and go to your first appointment.

He must know the sequence of events for his day, but watching this freefall is sad it diminishes America's standing in the world and I've talked to people who work for all. Just say other state. In other countries and they are terrified by what they had witnessed up close at the G 2037 and behind closed doors. They say we can't rely on anything he tells us, so there defaulting to his his subordinates. Also, don't always know which end is up because they're not sure which Biden is going to take tomorrow so this is really thrown America very tense moment in world history into attempters and I don't know where this and can't remember 2 1/2 more years of this decline, we witnessed so far. Imagine it in another year or two measuring this not just in inbox but not even in weeks, but daily is just unbelievable and very sad and Raymond were to have plaintiff there always enjoyed having you on the program and we getting a trip to Memphis, Tennessee. One of these days that were going that are not broadcasted but I'll just say I'm visiting Tennessee soon so maybe we can make that happen were just right downriver my friend so down for you that I take you up on that long to get one of the you know just for a week and will work on our agreement, Raymond Arroyo, everybody all right God bless you.

Also, the best-selling author of the Little Rock Wilder series. So if you got it if you got kids you need to have your kids reading Raymond Arroyo books that that's all there is to it are folks we gotta take a quick break here and pay some bills. 844-747-8868 10 I taught you about your mobile phone coverage.

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That's 972 patriot use my provoker there and ask if our promo code. Given my first name Todd and they're going to hook you up with some great discounts there and ask if you're a veteran or first responder and if you are there to give you additional discount just a Todd I need multiple lines.

One of I do there to give you a discount for that as well. Patriot 972. Patriot will be right back galaxies.

He slept for all these new taxes might not like he's at the park. I found it in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles.

For sure training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video is compact and fits perfectly in my pocket galaxies. He flipped for yourself. I would like to redo our website, we have some is there. You just heard from Alan Mora, one of our great writers are stamp writers Kayla Parker, managing editor and will be introducing you to some of our other writers and journalists that are working very hard to cover stories that are important that get overlooked by the mainstream media and even conservative media, but we want you to know that to the news that you see our website has been vetted and it's news that you can trust. All right, let's go to the phones here Jean and Iowa Jean.

What's on your mind all now all originally not somebody out to go out the afternoon with beer or whatever, but that being said, I don't think there's anybody else but you know I seen your absolutely right about that. If I if you were to ask me who do you trust to get us out of this very bad 9.1% inflation best friend.

He's the only guy that I can think of that can do that. I'll bet you right now. Right now you ready to implement yeah Jean, I'm with you on that. I think you're right. And by the way, I'm a little.

I don't know why people why people think this, but a lot of people think Trump is a drinker, you know he's a teetotaler. He doesn't drink a drop of alcohol did you know that so maybe we should say if he was to have a him you know a diet Coca-Cola in the backyard but the other guys a teetotaler. A lot of people are surprised by that.

Well I'm not very sharp though he is and and also he had a brother. It's an amazing story, and you know Trump has this great family story and there's a lot of there's a lot of depth there. But looking at a brother that really struggled with the with the drink and he saw that and said you know that's not for me and and I respect him for that. So, but he does like the McDonald's and the of the KFC. I'll tell you that punched James Jean presented yet appreciate yeah go ahead Ramblin you know, probably right Gina taking up on you now think you that's true grace. I didn't realize it can like had the heated seats I got in one that I thought oh what's what's what's going on yesterday. In the summertime. Having no note of it done the two best things about this car, it's got the heated seat and the heated steering wheel salad rather have a cooling seat in the cooling steering will in this Memphis eat but anyway yeah I look I and by the way, maybe this is just me but I got the.

The latest upgrade was an iPhone. What 13 or whatever your fancy house and I met the 11. So this thing overheats.

I mean on a daily basis and just shuts off early anybody has any suggestions on how to fix that lamp keep in the 11 but I got that you had that you and typically you get the car for the iPhone on the seat you plug it in and the throttle to see them exit you know the thing is overheated. I've had that happen. It's like every day that's weird. I was talking with with one of our staff members and they got the same problem same.

They did the upgrade got the new phone and the thing is just very sensitive to heat. That's where it is that I died out I don't understand. Let's go to Jeff in Gainesville, Georgia W. Do you and Jeff. Welcome to the show got about 30 seconds.

Ears are like what you talk about another year of ministration on all but destroyed so and I just begun and I believe that they had on the very bankers, so I like to see everybody that can vote in everybody they can do whatever they can possibly do you know what the Lord get out there and do it now because these people are really beyond anything we've ever single Jeff something big globally is going to talk about this tomorrow so you got the protesters relock other nations, the Netherlands, we are setting ourselves up for what could be a world war, Ukraine, Russia could be the that could be the powder keg but then you've got the videos telling people in New York.

They're putting out these videos now telling New Yorkers what to do if there's a nuclear attack. There's something much bigger going on here. The entire world is being destabilized and bring together that you listen to tomorrow's program. Hey guys got a ride. It is been a great show great calls great yesterday.

Folks were to do this all over again tomorrow. This is the time for someone who's not working no chill trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full fork which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you caused my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen.

Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxies evil for

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