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President Tucker Carlson? People are Talking

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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July 18, 2022 3:19 pm

President Tucker Carlson? People are Talking

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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July 18, 2022 3:19 pm

There are rumblings in the conservative world about the possibility of Tucker Carlson running for the White House. Good idea or not?

Rep Mark Green, Monica Crowley, and Troy A. Miller join the conversation!

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Will know someone whose work and no chill. Trust me that used to be me, but then I found out his evil form which allows me to do more things at once.

Much now I think video calls my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy. See full for welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by legacy, precious metals, there's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM investments.job live from Liberty University studio in Memphis Tennessee is America's George radio so hope you guys are doing great today while we have a lot going on, and the birds want to give a big shout out this good Samaritan over over an Indiana water. What a great story and it has a very happy ending. Thanks to gentleman a young man who was engaging his Second Amendment rights. The story broke yesterday. We got the piece up on our website, our news guys all over this but now we know that a good guy with a gun stopped a bad guy with the God in the food court of the Greenwood Park ball that's near Indianapolis happened around 6 o'clock o'clock to 6 o'clock last night when some guy opens fire. Several people were killed, others were injured and you can imagine, it could've been much much worse.

Had it not been for a young man, we believe to be in his 20s who pulled out his handgun and by the way in Indiana.

They have concealed carry and he pulled out his gun and he took out the bad.and of my estimation that makes him a hero and we need more of this in America you think about this guy who was probably I don't know.

He was sitting down having a having a meal catching a break from doing shopping he sees what happens. And instead of running away instead of going over getting some hand sanitizer. This guy actually engaged the suspect and took down the bad guys shot and killed him and he is a hero.

As a matter fact, just about everybody in the Indianapolis law enforcement community. Just about everybody who was there at the scene say the same thing that this guy is a hero 844-747-8868 is our telephone number. That's 844-747-8868.

Now we've got some we got some audio. We will play and we will get to from the police department. Again, this is Scott number seven but I tell you the real hero of the day is the citizen that was lawfully carrying a firearm in court was able to stop this almost the same as that he is a 22-year-old male from that is all that releases there you go. 22-year-old young man great American patriot.

It was interesting. I posted this on the twitter feed yesterday and it was one of the season goes viral. Every now and again we have some viral stuff in this one headlight on tens of thousands of people waiting on a lot of these woke for Angelica's of these never truck Christians were very offended that I would call this guy a good Samaritan and the one of the people in particular.

Set a good Samaritan would not go and shoot people know that's not about shooting people.

It's about protecting people and by the way, that's what the good Samaritan did.

So I say good for you Sir we don't know who you are, your hero, and we hope that this individual will probably get his name and working out where to honor this this young person.

No doubt nobody was right there and shoot somebody. Nobody expects going to the mall to go shopping better than have to use your weapon but you know what he had it because of situations just like this. So what happened yesterday your Second Amendment at work. Ladies and gentlemen in the united states of America, 844-747-8868 answer toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868. Now there is another big story we been following and I want to get to the. The Biden tromp stuff and just a moment, but from the University of Pennsylvania, me in this story just keeps getting worse and worse.

So it's bad enough that the University of Pennsylvania let a man swim on the female swimming team as a matter fact a guy who is not that great of a swimmer and he really wasn't that you can look at the records.

The guy was just he was not able to compete as a man, so we thought. You know what I think I'm to go with the girls and I'll have a better shot at winning if I swim as a woman and a that's what he did.

His name is Leah Thomas. Now here on this program.

We don't practice proton hospitality. We we use the pronouns connected to the plumbing that the good Lord gave you. So if you are a man then that you are a man if you're a woman you are a woman.

We do not believe in transgender as we do believe in something called gender dysphoria, but we don't believe there's any such thing as a trans gender and that's how we operate on this radio program. So here you have the University of Pennsylvania.

They have been in the throes of controversy for months now over this. You have biological female swimmers who are just outrage because they been told to shut up and deal with it. They been threatened. They been bullied. They been hooray and they been told, you don't get that you will get to have a say in this woman just woman go to the kitchen. Make me a sandwich that's basically what you'd University of Pennsylvania is telling these young girls. They don't have a say and a lot of them are so terrified they're not able to speak out or speak up, but their moms are now Kim Jones was on Fox news channel, and here's what her daughter by the way, is a swimmer not you pin but has had to compete against this man, Mr. Leah Thomas.

Here's Kim Jones. At this point far left activist that will run you and just taunting us by nominating Leah Thomas for this award that hereto for up to this point was only given to women absolutely.

I think that message all year long fountain pen. I see the Ivy League NCAA has just been women don't matter, they're not worthy of receiving access to fair competition.

They're not even worthy of dignity and comfort in their locker rooms and this nomination is just the embodiment has not message so it's humiliating.

It's devastating.

It's really frustrating to understand where that current NCAA I believe, especially pens by stances on the value of women in modern society, and site grading. They don't fill you women and that's the whole point of this, the whole point of the transgender movement is to put women in their place. To say they are not welcome in the public marketplace to say that you don't matter anymore to say that your beliefs, your abilities are marginalized it. It doesn't seem to bother the left that the man who the person who set these these NCAA swimming records for the women is in fact a man so here we have the University of Pennsylvania now nominating Leah Thomas as the NCAA female athlete of the year. This was this was their opportunity to right a wrong here.

What what you pin could have done is actually picked the biological woman who always came in second place was originally their top swimmer they could've selected her, but they did not.

Instead they chose a man know what is that tell you what is that tell you about the University of Pennsylvania.

While it tells me that if I a biological female I am get the heck out of there and also if I'm a coach, you better believe I'm to be searching for every transgender swimmer, every man in America who wants to swim as a girl I knew to be recruiting those people looking at getting scholarships and you know why because coaches want to win the coaches don't care about anything else. They just want to win so the NCAA has this award there. It's for female student athletes and it specifically for female student athletes who distinguish themselves in academics and athletics and in this particular case.

This is a guy who smacked around women in the swimming pool set all sorts of records but what the University of Pennsylvania doesn't want to recognize here is that there are biological differences between men and women what they're sending with that they're sending a messenger with this nomination is that it doesn't really matter that there really is no such thing as woman. You see, when it comes to the left when it comes to the academic community in America.

It's not an issue of biology.

This is an issue of of mental wellness because now as long as you think you are a woman who you're a woman now it doesn't matter if you have hairy legs like some of the radical feminist to it as a matter you could be a dude and have hairy legs and still be a woman. That's what the left one suitably so anyway it's a horrible thing that happened and I feel bad for a lot of these folks. You gotta speak out.

By the way, all these girls I know, I know it's it's a terrible thing but you gotta speak out. You gotta go on the record, and more importantly how to refuse to swim with the dude and until that happens, the at the NCAA University of Pennsylvania. All these other places are just gonna run roughshod over the Dalles. So here you have it, the University of Pennsylvania, their most accomplished female student is in fact a man right.

Gotta take a break were opening up the phone line 08 what you tell what utilities biological girls because, by the way you think is just happening in college.

No logo. This could be happening in your middle school and high school teams we're going to have dudes wanting to hang out with the girls in the locker rooms, all they gotta do is put on a dress and self identified by name is CM but call me Sally.

By the way, want to welcome our brand-new affiliate in Youngstown, Ohio, WY. C. L. Cool 1540. What a great radio station. What a great moniker want to welcome all you guys. If you are listing to us will WY CL AM 1540 you call and you make it on the program word and hook you up with a great price package. All this week way of saying welcome to the neighborhood. 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 this is the time charge. We are all feeling the pain at the pump and at the grocery store to the market is plunging and Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, but even worst seniors are struggling to survive. It's not time to panic, but it is time to act. My friends at a Mac the Association about your American citizens will help you save money on things like cell phone plans travel and restaurants but eMac does much more than offer senior discounts. Your membership will support their nonprofit eMac action which takes the challenges against our Constitution and the free market straight to Capitol Hill.

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So there's some interesting rumblings. A couple of emails over the weekend of some folks up in DC down in Florida and that they been they been paying attention to some of the maneuvering of folks like Mike Pentz, Gov. Christie no Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley, even Sen. Tim Scott over in South Carolina, not so much a Scott as as the others that I just mentioned above, there are Republicans that are starting to maneuver themselves brought could be presidential runs now the general thought and the working theory within the Republican Party is that trump is going to run and that if Trump decides to run that the nomination is trumps if he wants.

In other words everybody else in the party would stand down if in fact he decides to jump into the race. Now you could say that's a good thing.

That's a bad thing that I can see that the pros and the cons of both, but do we really want a long drawn out Republican primary where you got all of these up-and-coming Republican superstars taking cheap shots at at Donald Trump.

There are also rumblings that establishment Republicans are gearing up and that someone like a Liz Cheney could enter the race. Alyssa Cheney, who by the way, is trailing her opponent in her congressional race in Wyoming by what 20 points but there saying she might jump into the race and and it might be that Mike Pentz is going to be the establishments die Pompeo is has been mentioned as a choice, but I don't think he's ready to jump in and I think a lot of these folks are going to wait and see what Trump does. But people are already starting to make moves Fox news channel is very interesting. You know, Fox News has been very critical of Donald Trump in recent weeks, and that's interesting because Tucker Carlson is now being talked about as a candidate now. Yesterday, Fox News ran a montage nonnormally a montage and I know this because I've been in the business for 30 years. A montage is usually about a minute to 90 seconds worth of soundbites with people trying to make a point will Fox News Channel did something very odd.

The other day they ran a montage that ran nearly 3 minutes long. Of Republicans of trump supporters attacking Donald Trump take a listen I like likely stands for electedsaid too many people really bad so hard to get back from the light started, it's too bad that he did what he did do was fought all way along coronary everything that he did, but what happened so I like to see him.if he did I would vote for him, but I would not recommend heroes I die, I voted for some both times that night my love. I love him. I think he was a good candidate, but I think the time is passing. I couldn't care less about the president. Trump personally I prefer somebody different but if he is the nominee, you probably don't know. I voted for my very first time I voted for him.

I don't think you'll be best for our country for two run for reelection not done by our party united at this point is polarizing and I think that there is goes on and on and on and on and on. So we Janet I'm Fox News's is not going to be supportive of a Trump candidacy that that's the bottom line here. Now the question is why.

Well, yeah, Paul Ryan, and we know that Fox is controlled by the rhinos week after but there there could be something else at play because Tucker Carlson. There are rumblings that Tucker Carlson may be entertaining the notion of a presidential run and he was in Iowa over the weekend at a very prominent events and that this is that it's sort of a stop. You've got a make up your to be running for the White House. It was the Iowa family leadership Summit enjoy what I find especially interesting about this is that this is for evangelical Christians and Tucker Carlson is not an evangelical. I mean he is friendly to people of faith, but he is not a devout you know this is not a Sunday churchgoer guy so it was interesting that the family that the Sunday churchgoing crowd would invite Tucker to come out and give a speech, but Tucker and and I heard bits and pieces of his speech. It certainly sounds as if he's wanting to run for something because he had all of the big you know, he beheld the big issues.

Whether it's the Second Amendment, attacking the press defending religious liberty.

These are these are very interesting days. So the question now is okay is is Tucker up to something.

I don't think you would run as a Republican of Tucker Carlson did jump in the race. It would be as an independent and maybe if Trump doesn't run. Maybe Tucker jumps and I don't think is going to do that because he's making way too much money at Fox News Channel.

Why would you give that up for four years of hell, which is exactly what they put Donald Trump through by the way, it's eight years of what they put George W. Bush through just something to keep in mind here. So ladies and gentlemen who get your vote, if if somebody else is running or if if they decide to jump in, would you vote for DeSantis over Trump for Christie no mover Trump order.

The Republicans also seem to stand down and let Donald Trump have his day 844-747-8868 toll-free number is 844-747-8860, my pillow is having their biggest sheet sale of the year you all of help build my pillow into an amazing company that it is today.

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Click on the radio Lister Square and use the promo code starts. That's 1-800-839-8506 use the promo code. Starnes ordered a and click on the radio listener square back to the Todd's radio program.

We're so glad you decided to hang out with those new to three Easter and I do want to welcome our brand-new affiliate WY CL they call themselves cool 1540 and if you are listening to this program from Youngstown, Ohio. Are you calling to the program today working to hook you up with a prize package just our way of saying welcome to the neighborhood. 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 so Betsy divorce, the former secretary of education in the trump of restriction making some headlines. She was speaking in Tampa over the weekend and she made an announcement which should make all of us smile.

She says that we need to abolish the Department of Education quote. I personally think the Department of Education should not exist to.

That's what the boss said to the moms for liberty Summit and she has been a staunch supporter of private school vouchers organizing. This is all well and good, so why didn't she advocate for this while she had the platform. Why did Betsy divorce not dismantle the Department of Education when she had the opportunity when she was secretary of the Department of Education.

What really bothers me about these Republicans and this was a huge complaint I had with the trump administration is.

This is the most important issue dismantling the Department of Education and it wasn't even on the radar. It was not even on the radar. The teachers unions, all of it needs to be dismantled as a matter of fact you had Dr. Mrs. First Lady Joe Biden, the woman who doesn't have announced bodega but she's a professor. She spoke to the teachers union last week and said that the most important thing for the teachers union is to look out for the interest of the teachers not the kids, not the children but the teachers it's all politics.

But beyond that we talk on this program a lot about wanting to change the culture of this country wanting to save our nation people wondering why is it that we've raised a generation of kids who hate America who hate capitalism.

Why were raising a generation of Americans. I don't know their pronouns. Why were raising a generation of Americans who can't do basic things like reading or writing or arithmetic answer is very simple, it's because our public education system.

And until we give local control back to the schools were never to fix that problem. So right now across America in every single taxpayer-funded classroom you have orders coming down from Washington DC on what can and cannot be taught in that public school classroom. It is, it is the classic definition of indoctrination and until we get a hold of that when I could be able to fix this country.

I don't care how many Republican presidents we elect. We will never be a by the way, there will be that many if we don't fix this problem.

You know we've got the elections underway a lot of a lot of local and state elections. The most important race in any community is the local school board. If you don't believe me go. As the people who live in Loudoun County, Virginia.

They had to fight tooth and nail to retake control of their local school district. It was not an easy thing for them to do. As a matter of fact, the federal government intervene. They even had the Biden administration sending the FBI agents goon squads down the Loudoun County just to bully and harass and harangue the law-abiding parents of Loudoun County and why is that because the left understands the Biden administration. They know what's happening in the public school classroom and they do want to give up the power. They don't want to give up the control because when they do they know the day is over and that's why we've got to be able to fight this fight and I appreciate Betsy divorce calling for the abolishment of the department of education, but it's a day late dollar short. Should have done that when you are actually in the chair as a matter of fact, what Trump should've said is here's Betsy divorce. She's the Secretary of Education, but not for too long 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number you can agree to disagree and by the way, if you disagree, you go right to the top of the list. But again, Betsy divorce says we need to abolish the education department. What say you, America would say what Dick Morris says he says trumps really running got a copy of his brand-new book downstairs in the office is called the return and Dick Morris, who by the way does trump better than most people because he's been as top advisor for years and his brand-new bestseller out and reveals president trump secret plan for 2024 and his real reason for running again you spec says you gotta read this book. It's already an Amazon number one bestseller.

We got Dick coming on the program later this week the return shows that president trump will triumph and and he explains all of this of the book you can get the return in bookstores everywhere. You can also see the free offer from Newsmax and save almost $28.

Just go to the return that's the return you will save almost $28. When you do, that's the return are really take a quick break here folks, 844-747-8868. Do you think Trump should run again and do you think well to be abolishing the Department of Education to questions this hour will be right back.

There is no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the Biden ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd Starnes and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds and traditional markets.

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It's real physical it's always been valuable since the dawn of time. Legacy precious is the company I investing in gold. They can help you roll your retirement account wake Goldbach IRA still own the physical goal also ship precious metal safely and securely to your house. You know $1 million worth of gold can actually fit inside a shoebox call legacy at 866-528-1903 or visit them that's like a CPM articles. Looking back to the phone Sally on the line WP a lower grade affiliate phase, Sally. What's on your mind include people like note from five After the point that I will share some sell you. You just think that that Mike pence hanging out for couple months in New Hampshire and South Carolina and Iowa. You think that's a Democrat employee went okay with okay back what gets promoted in LA everybody gets why they cannot play with any map didn't work out.

Now I see I see so you think this is so you really think there's really nothing to worry about here that if Trump says I'm running everybody's going to jump in behind the president sat down now people are really triumphant to add scale and the ability to work within international leader leader and didn't think that he was able to do that they would stand up and not back down and they're not people who will do that when you lift proving that will do that yet. Look, I mean I don't object to that.

And again it if you got somebody like a Nikki Haley Europe Christie no and they're really not running but everybody's all this calculation but yeah but Sally, I'm going to tell you that some of these folks really are thinking about running and we got that went we hear from their staff. They send us notes behind the scene so there are people that are making moves of the question is, oh yeah.but think they know anything Internet platform to get out there and got everything in the hat now want to make Them around. We promoted us when we don't say no, haven't you seen the numbers don't you know that from the one that people believe and trust letting why should we have to going and even not in that field is zero point Sally and we will see how this plays out. We got plenty of time what I think. Here's what doesn't need to happen.

The midterm elections do not need to be about Donald Trump that at all.

Just let's get through the midterm secure Congress and again the president is going to make some sort of announcement sometime in the fall and it's the speculation it's one of two things. He's either to do it before the midterms are after. If he does I before the midterms. I think it energizes the Democrats to get out and vote and that's why Handy's two-way bag. I wouldn't know what to one third why we can learn I can add here not yet clear enough and again we still have primaries together. The president has a very very good track record when it comes to making these these endorsements, but there are going to be some bellwether states Sally Georgia being one of them you to the center and things like that. I am not going to consider that by, but it can bet that.

But what I'm saying. The fact that it might be a good pro-life to put him down with that and having to go to the trouble to keep cooking up something to get there you go, Sally. Great call. You give us a call back. One of these days we like how you think and Sally's got a pretty good pointer folks.

When I got I got to get to the story. This is crazy Grace Baker. There's a story from a an amusement park park called Sesame Place.

Have you heard of this I have, but I've never been there yet I have never been there either. It's in Philadelphia and so they had the costume characters right yes and so the costume characters.

They wander through the park and wave at people and and do that kind of thing. If sell movie or I think that I know is I know that it's Sesame Street theme so I guess I just assume he's there. So anyway the video that's gone viral.

There was a costume character, and it was shaking hands are doing high-five but then it character put up a hand and said you talk to the hand when a couple of black children wanted a hug from the character� Decide video. It was horrible.

It was terrible. I will say this I mean keep in mind the eyeballs are not real. So even though it looked like the character may have been looking. Those were not. Those were fake eyeballs.

Just as there is plot lines. Keep that in mind, and also the characters don't high-five every body, but they did high-five several kids and then they has no doubt is there. It is there and it was like so so now Sesame Street is being accused of being anti-black.

I will say the character was Rosie.and she was high-five and the other kids.

But if Rosie was white. Larry from the suburbs inside the my question is what colors the person inside the soon that would be begot and they need to get to that pretty quick because it is getting nasty out like a whole social media mob Kevin after Sesame Street. Let's be honest that I'll be for real with you. I don't really have much sympathy for Sesame Street because they've done a lot of terrible things lately getting back with my popular like this is terrible but I'm selected unfold because Sesame Street deserves whatever scope it is people are riled up there calling it and sit so Sesame Place but it Sesame Street nursing Sesame Place has anti-black energy will my first while I'm not sure.

As a parent I would allow my child to hug one of the costume characters because those are nasty yes how you now just smelly is in the hot you don't know what's been hug and what benefits the elbow you don't know what's been what's been tickled and what has. I just know that my best impersonation. Alright, so there is no reason Solomon Sesame Street is apparently racist to do. Who knew Walgreens.

This is a bizarre story Minnesota so a couple went to Walgreens and are doing their shopping and they wanted to go buy some birth control products. They wanted to purchase condoms and so they they bring all their stuff up to the front counter and the cashier is ringing up all their purchases and when it came for came time to ring up the condoms. The cashier said, oh, I can't. I can't sell these to you because it would violate my faith. Would you like me to call a manager and so the couple was horrified of. They said they were appalled and they said yes we want to speak to your manager so the manager is called and the manager finishes out the transaction and then the couple they get on social media, and they raise holy you know what and everybody ends on social media. Once the. The cashier fired so some further beyond said and I will at the kids. Religion is but he said it was a violation of his religious beliefs to sell birth control products. Now the question is, should this guy be fired. Walgreens has a policy and the policy is very straightforward as an employee of Walgreens you do not have to do something that you would morally objected. So for it. So this young man did the right thing by calling the manager because that's the company policy. If you can't sell them the condoms call somebody on the intercom system of Larry� We got one please Larry, it's Larry to let Larry's done but Larry the white guy from the suburbs of Philly I guess he lives in Philadelphia do Larry went got a couple here are not dialogue. They want to buy some condoms and Larry comes up and I will. That's what he said that would be embarrassing to say so now really was poor Larry fired. I know that's his name and I see what Larry did that was wrong. He was following the company policy here. Now some people and this is an interesting argument, and they're saying, okay, great. We got it. You're a Christian, or your Jewish or Muslim or whatever and you don't believe in, and birth control. So why would you work at a place that sells condoms that's I guess it's a fair question, but for me the overarching issue here is that Walgreens has a policy and the policy was was lived up to. I think I think the kid did what he was supposed to do anyway. Walgreens is apologizing. I'm not sure why Walgreens is apologize. They got nothing to apologize for as far as I know the couple was able to get there double stuff Oreos, and there condoms and have a lovely evening.

The Mr. and Mrs. I will think it's a problem 844-747-8868 let's go to Steve and Central Arkansas Steve what's going on about two cents for about Padre Republican ticket .00 dream with the politically go ghost. I or ultra broader status is. But I think that has several benefits but promptly the economy are all asleep order stuff like that. Let deals with all the best and I think they would make a heck of a whole. You will. And why there focal site policy wise there focal and really that is the plate maybe when it's all said and done, Steve.

That's the obvious choice. Trump and the Santos DeSanto certainly has congressional you know, he served in Congress before he ran for before he ran for governor of Florida, so maybe that's that's the playwright will see how it will see how it plays out.

But I I think that may be the strongest ticket but I'm not sure. I'm not sure if trump and the Santa see it that way there we got a run of folks hang tight. If you're on hold. Don't go anywhere 844-747-8868 this is the time surgery is progressive insurance protects people's cars, homes and other vehicles thinking everything our commercials or even just heard. I name you probably Artie knew that what you may not know is that we support humble design, a nonprofit that furnishes homes for families and veterans emerging from homelessness because a little help goes a long way and a lot of help, well you get the idea that he already knew all of this about Progressive Insurance burn pressed left to find something ethical to tell you next time.

Find out more about how were dedicated to our customers and that the Intention company affiliates University studio in Memphis, Tennessee since conservative commentary from I was always trying to get my head� Coffee and we were having a conversation.

I nearly forgot it was time to come out on the other program about their bill. You know what what we are having. I will what it is I've been I've overslept the past two Sunday and we have been to church services. One is like you, we had the big choir and orchestra, and the other is kind of like you know contemporary genes. That's kind of old school now, but.but yet to contemporary service.

So anyway we go in there in the mornings, the first service which is what I normally go to stand up and you sit down mind is that you they make a stand up in that second service like 45 minutes allowed know all the and this is how bad what is just like this two weeks in a row. I like to think they not let people sit down on the service meeting to go the other one.

I felt really bad because they announced over having baptisms and it was a very exciting thing in the church. Yeah, I you clap you stand up every time we were still state so was like in a 25 minutes and then it's time for the baptisms and you stay in for the baptism yeah and so there like it.

We got like five people to baptize today and I'm like oh geez hello stand up for the basement. Okay.I will not have, but I can put in the adjustment of Congressman Mark.

Okay he thinks of the good churchgoing Baptist and the congressmen have is real.

The patriot bubble newsmaker like so I guess I screwed that up. I hate Congressman how are you today I'm great are you congressmen doing well.

We are managing through the heat and the chaos of the political season, but otherwise doing pretty good. You know what crimes are going great beyond Congressman.

Let's get to this and believe a lot of ground to cover with you and one of the things that we've noticed a coming off of this this trip to the Middle East. Pres. Biden does not look like a well man. I know Congressman Ronnie Jackson has been offering some thoughts on that. I'd like to get your take as a lawmaker.

Well, I know I'm not a neurologist in New York, but I mean I know enough to know if some of these Searches they pile up. You have to wonder a little bit about his cognitive ability. Clearly making this left be going bananas. I do recall them to cognitive test which he did and passed with flying colors. So it will frustrating the double standard but I mean every speaker get time to time. Your brain goes a little faster than your you know your belt the dog and you say it not the way you want it bad or you say the opposite. With every speaker, but as it just consistently tiles up with the president very important setting when were actually negotiating with foreign powers becomes problematic and it is something that certainly communicate our Abbott. Incapacity. There, but equally, and perhaps even worse than his gaps are just too bad you look at Afghanistan you look at good delayed approach to Ukraine you look at the selling oil to China and all of those pigs also show tremendous weakness on which is worse, the gaps are just stupid decision-making.

It's it's bad no matter, no matter how you cut it, Congressman. Also we been looking at how deep the Biden Pentagon has been treating members of the National Guard soldiers, airmen and Marines. Anyone who has a religious exemption or they don't want to get the vaccine. For whatever reason you tried to introduce an amendment to allow a Guardsman to stay employed.

We understand I'm we were hearing numbers all over the place from 1/4 million to 400,000. But a lot of people could be in jeopardy. It looks like were getting from the state and that's where I'm relying on an accurate number. By the way, not deity, is about 60 to 4000. I checked with the about 4000 of those that actually will slightly less than that Alabama is 1400 to put it in perspective to our our region about the same proportionality of Alabama state, about half the population of our state there with you at around that dies in every state, it adds up to about 4004 division troops think about the combat power. The United States granted a lot of ports are or what in the guard, but there are combat units in the garden of these these units are now getting critically short of personnel and they just added by taking 62,000 thousand people out of course is the stupidest thing on the planet, particularly when it comes to COBIT because COBIT noted that this population group 0000. It's just an contestable at some point you have to today at zero and it it makes it makes note that whatsoever. Meanwhile, the DoD is allowed HIV-positive patients today in the Army and boy, so a surgeon on the battlefield and in the chest with ribs all cracked bone exposed. The patient may very well have HIV and dad's glove. Tears of the bone doctor now is taking are the medic is now taking HIV prophylaxis drugs for the rest of his life been interested makes note that your thinking is backward in this entire administration and Congressman just so people know. Not only are you a congressman you are a combat veteran, a physician and a businessman so you know what you're talking about here, and I will so it sounds like you're saying this, this issue is really not one of of medical safety, but it's one of political expediency.

Oh, absolutely no good. I get the need for back in the military I get the need for mandatory vaccination. Take a anthrax or smallpox. I had to get all of that stuff.

I was in a special operator so I had I had weird vaccination Japanese encephalitis virus get all that and I totally get that unit deployed after court immediately go down due to a major sickness, but what were discovering about COBIT is that it doesn't devastate this age group like some of those others so from a military strategic standpoint, it doesn't make a lot of that. Is there anything that can be done on the state level, the governor of Tennessee, a Republican, Billy, is there any way that he could intervene here. Yeah, absolutely. And I think they are. I know I spoke to senior leadership guard bureau and you know Darren writing something I talked to legislators like Jack Johnson there. They're planning something, what they can do is move them to the state guard the state would supply the money to the state guard to cover their salary. We think it's around seven to $8 million a year.

So it's not you know, and in terms of the budget.

It's not a huge amount of money but you know it.

It then maybe you guys in the state guard. Now they could how you use them have to change to mostly be in state actions, but there are plenty of things that can be done and what they could drilling get paid a congressman you another another big story we been looking at these January 6 hearings, which I call a kangaroo court and it seven. It's clear, I'm not may be a friendly way of saying about this is this is all a hit job.

I mean there they have no interest in getting to the bottom of the truth. It's their version of the truth that they're trying to control here yet so everything is true but audibly it hurting them.

We did and swing state that shows the vast majority I should think that he would like 57% of independent and swing voting. State thought this was a party a joke so they're actually hurting themselves, and I was talking to a Democrat colleague sharing her perspective on it. She was out knocking doors, talking to people who had voted for by the Biden boater in a Democrat district that I'm not paid any attention at all, so that there themselves with this thing no doubt about no doubt about that. I think hurting the country to this.

It's shameful what they're doing and especially the Republicans on the committee a listing in and consider.

They should know better they've had the opportunity to to pose questions and to to do some redirect, but they have no interest to the new that because of their hatred of Donald Trump and you know what that we arty know what cancer is going to do there and Liz Cheney is in a world of hurt and harm congressional district now. Yeah, we knew that this was where they were to go because the Democrats directed and determined who was going on. The committee normally you know, the Majority Leader are are the speaker and the minority leader picnic people to go on the select committee and in this case Losey would not allow the selection that McCarthy had she picked the Republicans so we knew from the beginning that this was preplanned orchestrated exactly the way Nancy closely wanted it to be that hit job that you describe. Only it's backfiring right before we let you go there's some exciting news. You guys had a bit of excitement of the farm over the weekend and just share the video you got a share with our listeners what happens yeah my wife you know that we got horses for long time. My daughters is a competitor and report we actually decided to have a bowl and by widespread are overbearing and we got a new baby this weekend.

It was really exciting.

She just run around the bar right now got a love it will, congratulations, is exciting news. Yeah, yeah, life goes on even though you're a God it does and Congressman.

We know you come out to West Tennessee a lot.

Don't be a stranger you got a lot of fans at her on this part of the state often will give everybody I love the bathing day we would be Tuesday without the boat and went to the we would be about the folks in Memphis love you guys. Thanks for all you do for us. All right, Congressman Mark Green ladies and someone representing Tennessee seventh congressional district and a great American patriot right there and a lot of folks a lot of big issues and you heard the Congressman weighing in on a lot of those.

But most importantly military readiness. As we look at what's happening in Russia we look at what's happening with Iran. By the way, Iran now says that they've got the ability to make a nuclear weapon and we've got a deal with by the way just to showing up in Tehran next week. None other than Vladimir Putin. So this is coming from ABC News, the Kremlin says that Putin will visit Iran next week. This is after after word leaked that Iran actually has nuclear capabilities.

By the way the US has warned that Tehran could provide Moscow with drones for action in Ukraine.

So again all the moving components your folks as this administration just moves us right into a shooting war with the Russians and it may not stop there.

Gotta take a break 844-747-8868 were going to the phones. That's 844-747-8868 this is the time structure when you bundle your letters in auto insurance with progressive, you could save money, but it doesn't cover any terrible memories looking for you and your shower, and you realize that your bathroom shared along with your neighbors bedroom to do was stand there silently and on the other things and in her in the four years he lived there times.

Sorry, but we could save you money bundling the renters insurance with progressive situations are a list of all you good people out there heading to Florida so I'll be out Thursday and Friday of this week.

We have some great filling host guest host that will be in the anchor chair of the reason why I'm heading to Salem, Oregon for some big doings is called a summer barbecue with Todd Stearns and we've got to book signings planned all sorts of great stuff happening and that we would love for you to be a part of it so you can go to KY that's KY and they get you to consider all sorts of great sponsors, beloved cheesecakes got the Adam's rib smokehouse and many other many other folks, but will be doing a book signing at the barbecue joint which is a believer not not the first time that we've done something like that. So we would love that. We want you to come out all of our events are family-friendly.

The Marion County Republican Party hosting a big barbecue picnic as well and I'm to be speaking at that and that we just went up we want to show some love all of our great listers out on the West Coast. All right, let's go to the phones, your states will North Carolina now. Eric wants to weigh in on a phone call we had last week from a guy who said I was no Rush Limbaugh and that I was a Rino. I was a closet rhino. So Eric, welcome to the program and what's on your mind and called well and your program almost a year ago and then when you get them. Currently it is what goes in my ID but when you know when you went what went in my ear about you being a total of good Christian and not just a little so that we may call this man who told him he was around.

And� You talk about and thought about it. You said you did great banquet to get on the program. So what you was doing Jewish on love and protecting was with you� The Lord well here kinda say that Eric at work were, protective of Grace Baker around here and what really got me about that and and I like old Harold, I hope he calls back. One of these days but but the reality is if someone disagrees with me.

We take them right to the top of the line you because you know I'm happy to debate the issues may not agree with me but but at least you know where I stand on the issue were all right Eric, thank you for that and I were to be coming to Statesville were to be working with our friends at WSI see we had had an event last year because of illness and all that kind of stuff was able to make it work out but were coming were coming to town. Eric would love to meet you and your family and all of the great people that listen to us all in on WSI city, I mean Grace can take care of herself right honey so it's not like that that is a sexist remark, but what I can let folks you not to let folks bulldoze me right that's right well you know you're a tough cookie sister back and forth with folks before. I'm sure there's somebody listening is like yelp. I have done that with grace before but I but it's fun having it done by the way, when we are talking about barbecue. I got a brand on this place. It's in Memphis Tennessee. Now you know Memphis is a support town. Grace it is and there's a lot of competition and their couple of the barbecue joints are knocking to name names. They tried to do brisket and they don't do brisket. Now that's a Texas thing and yelling the brisket to the Texans. Well, there are some there's a young couple.

They came, they moved to Memphis and they started a a brisket joint in the we took that we took the guys down there and we order. What 5 pounds a brisket and like mac & cheese all the fixings and it was insanely good to take a nap that afternoon.

While our chief engineer fell asleep in the candlelight I was I thought was going to slobber all the grace that I like Chuck wake up so I guess called veins BA IN as is. So if you're driving through Memphis and I know this sounds like heresy, but you gotta check this place out. It's really good Barbie it sounds good.

I need to stop by there and to give her the white bread so I guess that's like a Texas thing white bread to sop up the sauce you got to find a big sauce but it's pretty good. Veins barbecue so there you go get the brisket up.

Gotta take a break your folks 844-747-8868 Monica Crowley coming up next. This is the time of surgery will know someone who does not work and no chill. Trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once. Much better.

Now you calls my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy. See full for Prince Harry has condemned the United states during a speech of United Nations. This is the breaking news headline coming out of New York City, Prince Harry, saying that were horrible people and that were contributing to global warming. Yada yada yada got, you know, this is why we need a strong border security policy who let this red coat into the country in the first place. By the way I meet there could be something could be something to what Prince Harry is saying that were on the verge of of losing entire continents ordering this headline from from the Associated Press. UN predicts disaster of global warming not checked, a senior UN environmental official says entire nations could be wiped off the face of the earth by rising sea levels.

If the global warming trend is not reversed by the year 2000 know that's not a typo because that story was written in 1989, so they were telling us that by again and they were continued windows in 10 years, we could lose the entire city of Manhattan in 10 years. Boston could be underwater. Well guess what happens 10 years comes and goes and nothing happens except they keep raising our taxes all right. Welcome back to the Thompson's radio show good to have you with us today. Let's go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line. The host of one of the greatest podcast in all of podcast and dumb. My friend Monica Crowley, Monica, hope you're doing good today. Wow thank you and thank you for talking about the podcast Monica Crowley content purifier you're not already guiding I recommend that you give and listen think they show you got a lot of great teas give us a who's the guess which are to be talking about weld to relate to the nominal ear warrior for freedom.

She's a Republican candidate running for governor of Arizona and she's leading the pack hi Mary, I believe, on August 2 right around the corner, but she came out of the media, and she literally clearly in pushing back on the cake and the liar in the crack while talking about enforcing the border talking about how when she is elected governor. The first thing she can to declare an invasion on the Arizona border and basically lock it down.

She's just an incredible person and warrior and you got presidential endorsement that she will be my guest. And then I'm off to spend a lot of time breaking down becomes clear that voter fraud and irregularity that we found the 2020 election not live or not anyone doubt that I talk about the 2020 election in terms that the fact we know them and they're quite stunning you. That's a good point you bring up Monica because there were in fact instances verifiable certifiable instances of voter fraud all over the country absolutely and hope if you really think about that question that Hunter my laptop and their wingmen in the crank near you.

You were a Russian ask that you just gluten or you are just plain lying about what's going on think you all is not to discredit you and you discredit the story that they know is true and they've done the same thing with the 2020 election and called it the big lie in order to get credit anybody raising any legitimate question about the credibility of that election though I'm on seashell and then going forward week on the Monica Crowley Comcast I break apart the fact as we know them from Wisconsin to Arizona and fell on and I think it's really important that people understand what happened in the past, not because we were expecting a change or Donald Trump being back in its president, but you need to know what happened in the past that that we can fix it. Going forward, the midterm election are less than four months away have been infected and how not all of them.

We need to know what outstanding that we can fix it before November. And of course before 2024 and people have to get out and vote. That's that is crucial.

We have got to have a massive record turnout among Republicans. Monica, I've been telling folks to get out there in campaign like your 20 points behind 100. We cannot take any of it for granted when looking at polling now that looks like November could be a very good election for Republican. But again, that's contingent on a couple of things contingent on whether or not these races are clean and not think what we just went through in 2020 till I would encourage everybody you know it when people talk about election integrity of what can they do.

I would encourage everybody to volunteer your efforts before heading into the election and election day to be election observer election monitor's hearing attorney to volunteer your services that is in your district or state. The recount that you are there on can be able to provide legal services they have for decades and it's only now that are cited kinda getting Kitties kind of illegality and shady activity going on, on the other side.

If you have time or money or talent like if you're an attorney. Please consider volunteering one or all of the thing. The effort to keep clean.

It's great advice, and the folks you should definitely take advantage of that.

I Monica I want to play some audio before we jump into Joe Biden. This is a compilation of Joe Biden and some of his gaps. His brain freezes the ticket.

Let's take a listen. The best way to get something done. If you hold near and dear to you that you like to be able from from Chartres should be from Charlotte one another line going from Florida down to Tampa. America is a nation can be defined in a single word with him. Ideas Los Angeles and and when I don't care for two reasons. One, we haven't been able to communicate in a way that is on my mission with the nature not solid meeting with Melissa. They make a very good point. Here's the deal here is what drives the driver states that are affected is that you can do the drivers want to extract pink pre-k for three or four different care. Okay let me jump in and Monica just goes on and on and on. It doesn't even include the shuffling his way through the Middle East and that the fist bumps. This is not a man who was well no not on my pot all the time can't have dementia you can call it early onset dementia what it is I'm not a doctor but dementia is granted and only get worse, not better with every passing day demanded getting worse on and obviously president all okay on hand. His cognitive decline at increasingly increasingly unable to do this job.

But we see that our credit for them to the broader Democratic Party that he is out of it and I'm incapable of doing this job site that is like in a constant state of nervous breakdowns that she's not really capable of doing the job, but it also went large, the Democratic Party, because our policy is not one man against I know if the president very powerful and the ability to do a lot of harm. But when we criticize, we have to make sure that we keep it out. The broader party Democrat coming are taking US economy and destroying it on purpose. Taking the entire country off the cliff found that living style gown Biden for Ned Benin City, but we have to make sure that what happened in November and again in these races are clean.

What happened to the Democrats in November has to be an extinction level event because I was all by design. All the intentional distraction of the country as we know it and they've got to be stopped dead in their tracks and their openly admitting that you people to judge the transportation secretary, how many times she's been on the national television admitting that the high gas prices are meant to force you to buy one of these, 55, $60,000 electric cars out there� Exactly right but remember all junk air topline argument it when you hear but a CAD or any of the Joe Biden or any clown talking about the green agenda. I need to get away from fossil fuels and get you out of your Wing vehicle and into NED understand that yes they might have done concern for the client had done concern for the environment but that's not what this is really all about.

And that's not what you hiding what it to writing as is the fact that they need to see the energy sector in the country because sector is the biggest lever available to them to fundamentally transform the rest of US economy and therefore the best of the United States of politics or culture everything out without energy which is built into everything you can transform, they can leverage that into the neo-Marxist revolution that's going on all around. Keep that in mind, like, but the farmer in Europe and all of that now the spelling of that farmland here in the United States want these farmers to engage in all compelling and organic farming topline argument now farmers that they can seize the land and gain evermore full of her our food comply. Our medical care. All the neo-Marxist revolution topline argument they're giving you even more attention to the deeper reason why they are doing. It's good to be an explosive podcast folks and yet you heard it here first. Monica Crowley, the Monica Crowley podcast we got a direct link in our live show blog you're gonna want to tune it. It's going to be explosive Monica, great stuff, and the good having you on the show.

I can't think right, Monica Crowley, everybody, again a host of the Monica Crowley podcast which is available over on our live show blog. It is so vitally important to support companies and organizations that are fighting for freedom. It is her Monica talking about that. This is why we support patriot mobile. America's only Christian conservative wireless carrier, but the bigger question you have okay great. We get them and that's important.

But will we be able to have the coverage absolutely is a matter fact over on their website. All you have to do type in your ZIP Code and they will show you how much coverage you have in your area. Patriot mobile has incredible nationwide coverage. And it's because they use the same towers that other carriers use and they have a plan to fit any budget. It is a matter how much money you have in the bank there going to be able to work with you. Patriot That's patriot, or even give them a call 972.

Patriot, 972 patriot.

Now get this. Use my promo code Todd and there to give you a special discount and free premier activation that's patriot is a process. Don't do it yourself okay using 1/3 screwdriver trying to get how that that's what was plaintiff's house on this if it sets the something of the language to progressive, he can say think and pay someone to do for us. Maybe next time you see an Protestant hair salon Latin safely bubbling a little with progressive and use the money to do it yourself to respond is about a little sticky situations that I will boggle up for this one. So Pres. Biden's assistant secretary for health and human services.

Dr. Rachel Levine.

He's a man of very large man in a small dress.

Dr. Levine is actually advocating now for your children to receive puberty blockers and to get sex reassignment surgery. This is Dr. Levine on MS DMC that we really wanted to to base our treatment and into our firm and to support and empower these youth not to limit their participation in activities the sports and even limit their ability to get gender affirmation treatment in their state. These people are beyond radicals beyond radicals. That's Dr. Rachel Levine, a man who thinks he's a woman by the way, showed up at the French Embassy the other day. Have you seen these photographs. The Russians are laughing at us. So the photograph features features Dr. Dr. Levine and address with pantyhose attending a party at the French Embassy on the anniversary of the storming of the Bustillo now. There was also a another individual in the photograph. The deputy assistant secretary of nuclear energy. CM Brenton who also identifies as a woman, or is not binary.

I will this guy is bald as all get out.

He looks like a Dr. evil and he's wearing some sort of art, a cocktail dress that you would you and I'm sorry to say this but Grace Baker.

I mean, you're a woman your of your fashionable but this looks like something a woman would wear if she's working the red light district. The streetcorner roof in its own really. I mean, it's not even a party is like a slip and the guys a guy. He's a bad bad looks like a lady know they don't look like ladies. Those students do not look like, but the Russians are the Russian bloggers are going bonkers over this and their people are laughing at the world is laughing. Laughing at Biden laughing at these folks and I don't care if you're a sidewalk Sally and if you work a streetcorner at DuPont circle.

I don't care what you know that's inappropriate to wear at any sort of official gathering. When you're representing the United freak and states of America. Yeah, that's all I'm saying. There's a time and a place and that ain't it a listen. Just wear the suit put on some pants � but on your company tried to say please and even wear suits like a square soup swear pantsuit, therefore launching their full and by the way the mind nuclear dies not even qualified now I know no matter� Just matters about how they identify. Let's go to Georgia.

Paul wants to weigh in on Trump and Tucker Carlson hey Paul what's up question for you. If I was able to somehow lose come out of the enabled run for office somebody like Tucker Carlson run and then bring him in as his vice president well. Not only that truck could run as truck could stage an independent campaign and he could run as an independent. I believe Teddy Roosevelt is that of so it could anywhere you could have a Carlson or trunk Carlson ticket yeah yeah but even if I was somehow.

You know this qualifies you to learn on independent thinking well know know know know now if they if there if they're able to convict him he would not be able to run which is the whole point of the committee. By the way, and that's why they're there to light the burners on this because they've got to get this done. If, if, in fact, the Democrats lose control of Congress is there and had to get this done pretty quickly, but I don't think that's the work Paul I really don't legal vice president.

Either that way I don't think so, but I have to check we have to check with the constitutional expert, I mean they could try, but I don't think so, but it's like to get to that point that the issue might be okay will of the Republicans really do try to try to pull a fast one would Trump run as an independent court he could come right of the date and save final will see. I still think Trump shall be the guy Paul, great call 844-747-8868. That is our number hours three, this is the Todd surgery will know someone who does not work and no chill. Trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you caused my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen. Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxies evil for University studio in Memphis Tennessee is important for us to out of the open as a matter of public service and but here the Todd surgery a program we make sure that all of our staff members are wary. That's sort of the baseline that the baseline when it comes to working except for Kyle and he wears the short shorts and grace of I know it's a little offputting, but he doesn't interact much with them with the public. This is true simulant five pennies and athletes and he comes and you're going to the gym and the anchor chair and as the only woman here. I do wear skirts sometime and that's fine. But all that to say where wearing proper clothing.

Yes, you're on the Todd surgery yes thankfully so there was. So we have some video up on our website. Todd there but there's been some ongoing issues.

Grace I guess with the TV networks are doing these zoom interviews how you and by larger there'll be some funny stuff like somebody's kettle come running into the room with her dog will start jumping up and down or whatever right or you don't yet so some sort of an animal or is it just a humorous little you know, get half a meter a toilet flushing the background something something of that nature. Jeffrey Toobin, which we will not get into know it's not so over at CNBC. There was a woman and she was doing a live hit on national television when some guy in his underpants just comes wonder, it just gobs noise not straighten. I mean, he's got the underpants is more fun to say that the stricken with streaky we are to be accurate okay if he was a blur.

If he was, but connected. That would be a different story. Not naked naked.

Anyway it happened it's I do get it happened during an interview of Karen Firestone I guess is the guest and she's got a lot of attention.

Yeah, I mean, when you're where it was her husband, correct. We think it will think it was her husband running across sort of course at the viral video waiting to happen.

She also had dogs get the dogs apparently interrupted the barking of the dogs were basically trying to speak human other like you're in your underpants.then I don't want to write. The dogs are doing what they're supposed to do guard dogs guarding the shot they could, they probably would have. They were to just pounced on the thing they didn't like grab his underwear and pull down on the back. I wasn't like you to scratch it is butt cheeks or snow that happened did receive is where in the boxers of the tidy ladies tell they were tidy Whitey's other the other, otherwise they were dingy great tight and nobody what nobody wants to see that we got the video if you want to. I don't want to let Grace one as last time you're in Washington DC in a couple years and I'm heading back up there the end of August really see friend what you do see a friend right. She lives up there by herself. Okay. Good stuff. Okay I'm not trying�. Mayor Muriel Bowser. She is the mayor there, which is why the color barrier Bowser I think it was the Mario character that is terrifying.

He's a very upset very upset the mayor says that they've got. They've been overrun by illegals and knives. I want to be somewhat sympathetic but I really don't and here's the reason why because she asked for her party is her party is responsible for the chaos that is that is happening all over our country right now. So anyway, Mayor Bowser was one old was on one of the weekend shows and you might recall the story that the governor of Texas has been sending busloads of illegals to Washington DC and dropping them off and the governor of Texas you got you got to admire his his thought process or he says why should I restate be forced to take care of all the illegals.

Why should our local communities along the border be forced to feed and howls and clothe these illegals. So he said you know what working to spread the wealth here and working with the people in Washington DC take care of these people. So anyway, the mayor on one of the Sunday shows. Here's what she had to say 3 PM. Washington Post reported last week that homeless shelters in DC were selling out and groups are getting up around by these by, says that governors of Texas and and Arizona are sending careful of my grants. How significant is this influx. How many people well. This is a very significant issue. We sure called on the federal government to work across state lines to prevent people from really being tricked into getting on buses. We think they are largely asylum-seekers were going to final destinations that are not Washington DC.

I worked on with the White House to make sure that FEMA provided a grant to a local organization that is providing services to folks, but I fear that they're being tricked into nationwide bus trips when their final destinations are places all over the United States of America. Yeah, here's what I say to dance and again when you look at the numbers from just last month in June over 200,000 border crossings over 200,000. Not to mention a record number of terrorist sightings by the weight more than 15,000 unaccompanied children. What out of the parent. What kind of appearances their child across the border without any sort of supervision.

What kind of a parent doesn't.

But it doesn't matter what the mayor of Washington DC.

His fingers were overwhelmed. We know what today we got all the homeless shelters are full of people are sleeping on the streets all woe is me, will you know what tough cookies lady because that's how people in Texas and Arizona and New Mexico and California have to live every single day of their lives. So here's how Gov. Abbott auto respond here what he wanted to do is call up the bus company in order about 2530 more buses and start shipping even more people. Washington DC let them literally overwhelmed the city. Quite frankly, here's what needs to happen every single sidewalk in Washington DC our nations capital should be a tent city with all of these illegal aliens every single one of the lawmakers people on Capitol Hill. They should not be able to walk anywhere because after walking the streets because of all the other tent cities in Washington and that's what needs to happen and then and then we need to go to Delaware and do the same thing and Joe Biden's town just dump thousands and thousands of illegal aliens you got 200,000 thousand people coming across a month. You know what, let's take some up to Nancy Pelosi's place and just keep it up but get those people out of Texas and make the people in the in the blue states take care of these illegals agree, disagree, 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 we got the story up in Todd can I tell you what a summertime it is been extremely hot and I have really loved life change T. It is an amazing natural gentle iced tea. I brew a pot once a week put in the fridge and take a glass every single day. It's delicious. The right combo of 12 herbs comes in three delicious flavors natural peppermint and pomegranate. By the way, like change T it's been around since 2007 Craig three laughing at me like you laughing at me saying no, I see you listen you notice your funny Todd also. This is so, I think that he has me a little slaphappy today because it's so freaking hot like I need a glass of tea. I really did not get to some life-changing so it's great to see his minarets and stop interrupting my conversation I changed is been around since 2007 is made right here in the USA. It's so easy to brew.

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That's about tipping over a ruefully channeled her home and auto with progressive and get more than a great price get round-the-clock protection something you know the things you don't know commercial progress because of the stress of the affiliates of the reporting service of the deposit terms available if these are situations, here is back at it again by the guy's got dementia and again he can't help, and quite frankly he may be better off not knowing that he's married to such a horrible person in the first lady Dr. Mrs. First Lady Joe Biden because what she was doing his elder abuse of my book, elder abuse, shameful. Anyway, layers got no excuse. She's one in her 50s, so I mean I'm the Lord love her. She's dumb as a is a load of bricks. Anyway I here's Carla Harris we know and ACP that our country has a history of claiming ownership over human body in I thought was the in AA is just she said one area.

It's the NAACP and she's comparing the Supreme Court decision in Roe V Wade to slavery. Quite frankly, what she doesn't seem to understand is that in essence this Supreme Court ruling was an emancipation act for the unborn. So it was the exact opposite of what she was trying to say here is more from Tom Alaris. Like many things, there is a design is a purposeful design will sell that then then design is gel human being quickly no green then the weapons will on the streets. She also said, and the audit was a bit rough years all redistribute and that we may be be at the more you know here just a moment to what you know how to do because when you do what you do, you know, I she must've smoked or sniffed a lot of stuff back in the day. Maybe that maybe that's just coming back in Wellton. Let's go to Hendersonville Dan on the line.

WHKPR great affiliate there I dad what say you, well you alien, and and I'm so proud of these governors, Texas and Arizona shipped number two state that I think they are doing the right thing. Let these folks deal with it there declaring themselves as sanctuary cities and states there you go there one number, so why not take Dan, I'm with you 3000% on this and I know there are some good there some good and decent people that live in those cities. But they've gotta stop electing these enablers and that's exactly what they're doing and their lawbreakers to their refusing to enforce the laws of the land, turning their cities.

Other states into these sanctuaries for the illegal aliens so went so until that happens, I would recommend just moving out of the town of moving to a state or city that understands and abides by the rule of law.

I agree I agree. And like I said once before on your show. We need to put troops down on that border. We need to stop get food out of and a lot, Dan.

It's been out of hand for a long time and I have but at the way the government people worked there all looking for votes and that's all they care about. I don't care what party they're looking for vote did you think about this. We are spending billions of American tax dollars to arm every Ukrainian citizen were giving them handguns were giving them rifles were enabling them and providing them the resources they need to protect their border from the Russians you know what they were doing with those weapons along the border. Dan they were shooting they were shooting back at the Russians trying to invade their country and it's beyond me why we don't have the fortitude, the courage of this country to do what is absolutely necessary to protect the sovereignty of America. And that's why we need troops all that border. It's you know what's gonna happen at work and I have another large-scale terrorist attack. Whoever it was is good to be coming across that border. We could've stopped them, but because of these insane policies that have been acted by Republicans that are controlled by the Chamber of Commerce and everybody else out there along with the Democrats. They don't care about the American people.

They don't care about American sovereignty. They care about the almighty dollar. They want power and control.

Both parties do, which is why we never secured that border. I agree with you hundred percent. I politician I don't care what party they're in their their college and and and they'll say anything that they think their constituents want to hear and and then they'll just turn around and forget them after election day. Dan got a run. Appreciate the call.

You make a lot of sense, but it is. It's both parties.

It's Washington DC. The whole place is corrupt.

Trump was so right. Calling it a swamp and trump was trying to do something about that border and his own party fought him tooth and nail, and the reason why is that many of these Republicans there get big time dollars from major corporations of one of these corporations done and especially in the car sector. The automobile sector wanted they don't. They have taken their factories and they moved him across the border.

They take him overseas for the cheap labor. They don't want to pay the American workingman and audible decent wage and there get all this cheap labor and they're not the only ones doing the trump was trying to put a stop to all that nonsense.

He actually was trying to put American workers first.

He was really trying to put a mind American minorities first. That's what's going on here, but for us to have a call almost 1/4 million people almost 1/4 million people crossing that border just last month alone. Both sets a full-scale invasion and it's beyond me. While why this country is giving weapons to the Ukrainians while trying to disarm law-abiding American citizens you or Monica Crowley talk about this is a few moments ago. This is part of a much grander scheme from the left and from the progressives they want to disarm us. They want to shut down our church houses. They want to control our children in the minds of our children in our public schools we have, as Khrushchev predicted, we are being taken over from within. Let's go to Terry North Carolina WSI see what say you Terry. Lovely day. I well lit, pretty regular and out, my mind we're in the country as a whole are you want shake day that we weren't there and think them defiant when out or publish that enough is enough. We have no representation at all in Washington.

I feel certain I don't know maybe you want your there, but I'm pretty sure I didn't want tax dollars going to Ukraine, but we got to me, your home would bet that homeless people and they're not there for long term limit but yet they current go right back in the same people back in an apartment because there's so much money, but these politicians that they just flood the market with its all about the money. Tear your spot on accurate and I think you've got a point there, folks. You agree that the countries in worse shape now than it was in 1775 844-747-8868 that's the number to try men will be right back. Everybody will know someone who does not work and no chill. Trust me that used to be me, but then I found galaxy full for which allows me to do more things at once. Much now I think you caused my phone and use it to take notes at the same time or check my shopping list while ordering more scented candles and facemasks on the foldable expansive screen.

Don't take your to do list one line at a time multitasks he can relax, click the banner to get your galaxy. See full for hello Youngstown, Ohio.

Our brand-new affiliate 138 stations across American broadcasting. This program, WY ECL rebranded as cool 1540 and I like that I like that name. Welcome all of our good listers in Ohio Buckeye state, country will be good friends except during football season, but otherwise will have a good time. I walked back to the Todd Stern's radio program want to go right out of the patriot mobile newsmaker line were very honored to have with us. The official new president and Chief Executive Officer of National religious broadcasters, Troy Miller, Troy. Good to have you back on the show good to be back with all the great work we call you Mr. Pres. I Missouri is there a theme song I we should've asked ahead of time, anything you need some help. I love well, look, this is this is an exciting time for the NRB. Are you guys represent thousands of broadcast television and radio stations around America and of course not too much of the digital world, explain or listers. How broad the NRB is right, we represent radio broadcasters broadcasters folks about Today over the Internet on digital what we call over-the-top broadcasting to produce programming for all of those outlets. Membership reaches around 95, 90 in households daily, so we have a broad membership it's really reaching and talking into the American audiences today is interesting going back to the early days of broadcasting. I mean there was a religious component, even a lot of the networks the secular networks would broadcast to various denominations in their church services on on Sunday. That was a regular thing. That's right about that was regular programming limit when I grabbed his regular programming of broadcast came in. You know if life from infancy back in 1944 when radio broadcasters work in church services on Sundays and programs for the weekdays. People all across the country and some folks decided they didn't like that Troy was talk about the modern-day version of NRB are you guys have been at the forefront and I truly appreciate this. You've been just incredible. Proponents of preserving our civil liberties and especially free speech in America free speech, freedom and freedom to assemble the exercising of the First Amendment are our founding fathers really you know set this country in motion with those kinds of freedoms in your right knee. That's kind of our purpose we have been fighting for those rights, especially with Christian communicators in today's world map by this tougher than ever for nearly 70 years of name that was government regulations and laws. Things were going on in Congress. I'm STILL a major problem were still fighting the males halls and those avenues today.

We have a hostile corporate board rooms across the country.

We have social media networks, which is today's main communication platforms. It would do like nothing more than the shutdown.

A lot of the Christian messages in Christian worldview" really very hostile mainstream media toward Christian worldview as well. No doubt about that and and we been at the forefront of some of those battles we have been targeted over the decades are just two decades now with these far left is that are trying to shut down anything that they disagree with your Troy.

It frustrates me because I'm a I'm a constitutionalist. I look I may not agree with you but by golly under the printer fight to say it. Unfortunately, in many cases the other side doesn't want to return that honor you know about the funny thing about the last of the other side will preach and talk tolerance until the tide changes against their memory of the most tolerant group but felt there and you let your program have seen that you have been canceled.

Some of the major social media platforms and try to marginalize and we just see it happening all over the place. Maps work becomes illegal to grow our sleep supplements to the corrected ballots were not in this together.

Why do you most isolate separateness and pick us off one by one becomes of the table.

We bring back collective voice Christian communicators to say enough is enough and you guys doing a very winsome way which I really respect it can get kinda crazy out there, but you guys are girded in your faith and it is a it's a great thing to see you guys facilitating change out there and righting wrongs when you can. You do what we do and do it in love. So we try to do that, but sometimes you just you know that you start to speak the truth and the truth has to come out out first in there so many things out there to multiply was just reading give a damn. A lot of snow up about it was recently decided by the Supreme Court on on abortion rights and pushing those back to the states of the pro-choice group family so there's a profamily when I'm outside and what is the pro-choice group do they lobby Google. Searches from funding crisis pregnancy centers and so it's those kinds of battles. It will really at the heart of Troy a little bit about your background. I love the fact that not only did you really save the NRB and you came in such an incredibly difficult time and really just revolutionize what was happening NRB, but you got a great background as well.

You served in the in the U.S. Navy and spend some time down at one of my favorite places Pascagoula, Mississippi. Good memory usage after five years. Maybe I have the privilege of being that English occurred that Mayor Levy constructed by the construct of the USS Bunker Hill served� Maybe we call it the original plan for that ship himself, so I let my needy time I made a career and all the veterans out there guys. Bill can tell you that we loved our time serving this country. So what's up what's on the radar for NRB moving through the rest of this year as we had of the midterms. Again we are doing what we've been doing for the last 70 years of matters protecting the rights of Christian communicators. Whether you're a broadcaster, program producer or podcast or if you're a blogger if you're communicating in the Christian worldview in the gospel well after to make sure you can do that in the public square. As I said earlier, just so many so many entities out there that would love to silence the Christian worldview. So we we have a fence right now going on the legislative side on the distal side in the corporate board rooms and in fighting with mainstream media just to keep that battle going. We the gospel message of Jesus Christ is what this nation needs more than anything to get it back on the right track.

Well said. Will Troy congratulations and working to get back on whatever those big issues pop up and we want to do our best to stand alongside you guys and help fight the good fight out there yet. Thanks, Thanks to your audience him and now like you said were fighting hard for this nation and we appreciate all your doing on your show Todd as well.

Keep up keep up the good work and keep up the fight as well. Working to get you know it will get healed of the cheese next time. Or maybe some Leonard Skynyrd said that I don't think I Troy thanks again, Troy Miller, everybody brand-new president of NASA religious broadcasters vitally important organization there out there standing up for freedom fighting for religious liberty and other doing a great job I'm a proud member of NRB and I'm a member of a lot of industry organizations talkers Magazine.

Another great one.

Michael Harrison is good group but we want to stand on the fight for freedom along anybody that's out there willing to fight the good fight. By the way, I told you in the first hour of the program that this is going to happen so I'll reset the story over it was yesterday run around 6 o'clock central time and 911 started lighting up over and Greenwood, Indiana, a gunman had opened fire inside a mall and the Greenwood Park Mall, killing several people wounding others. Another guy a 22-year-old was in the food court saw what was happening took out his concealed carry to get his handgun and took out the terrorist and I believe that this man had enough and stop probably would've killed and injured a lot of other people in that mall so the police chief. The mayor just about everybody is healing this guy as a hero but not the mainstream media. I just want to share this with you Justin Kohler who is the's the traffic reporter for CBS Indianapolis so he was quoting he was quoting the police chief and the police chief says the real hero is the citizen that was lawfully carrying a firearm.

Let's take a lesson but I tell you the real hero of the day is the citizen that was lawfully carrying a firearm was able to stop this almost the same as what to tell you that he is a 22-year-old male that is all that the releases so this coming and now from the CBS reporter who points out that it is against the code of conduct for anybody to carry a weapon inside the ball so what exactly is the point here. I mean what what what point is this guy trying to make is the reporter suggesting that the better course of action would've been to do nothing and quite frankly if that is in fact ball policy. Maybe they already think that mall policy because of the ball policy had infected and forced the only person with the gun yesterday would've been the bad guy, but fortunately there was a good guy with a gun who stepped in and did what a man would do and he saved the day. I think we ought to be.

We are to be saluting this guy is a hero not what banning him for the ball is over there to try to do other than to tell him you know what, you're not allowed to come to the ball anymore because her broker policy, 1-844-747-8868 is our phone number going to take a break your calls coming up next is a process.

Don't do it yourself okay fix the water heater. He's a peaceful scene.

I secure the 60 seconds doable to the pressure tube that is interesting to know the things that we should just underlie hung out with aggressive we can do it for us. That's cool. The stools Ross is safe when bubbling a little with aggressive and use the money to do it yourself to respond is about a little sticky situations tell you guys about children and nobody wants to listen welcome everybody Joe Rogan. This is from media. I Joe Rogan went off on another rant against Donald Trump, Joe Rogan, who has the most listen to podcast in the world. The Joe Rogan experience was ranting about Pres. Trump calling him a man baby and theorize that he was on Adderall. During his presidency. So there you go. That's Joe Rogan I know all these folks all Joe Rogan he's a friend of the conservatives know Joe Rogan is a friend of himself.

That's all that's all for Joe Rogan.

It's all about the Benjamin's. That's all it's all about the money.

That's all it's about. Let's go to the phones WS IAC North Carolina Patty on the line was to weigh in on Tucker and Tromp, Patty. What say you don't know that will never work on so you don't think Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump would be good for all my guy why you were nowhere to get the nomination, I believe that there is other people like no no no, I am competing, but Patty I'm telling. There are some evangelicals out. I know this sounds crazy, but they just latch onto the celebrity and it is the matter with the person's belief system is that there is going to jump on and my concern there would first want Tucker Carlson is not a conservative. He's a libertarian certain certainly conservative in some areas but I'm not. I just don't see how that would work in and honestly I don't see Tucker Carlson giving up the millions of dollars. He's making to take a job at the White House anyway that that would be heated.

He was ready for the believe all the text messages he was actually the de facto president. I mean, he was the president chief of staff, of course, you, whatever her name may die. My guy could you well. Patty and I appreciate the call. There, thank you for that FedEx folks that there is a lot of people who are very very concerned about things. I'm not sure we need to be concerned right now. I think that whoever the Republicans are going to put up. Whether it's Tromp or DeSantis. Whoever it is working. I think were to be able to win in 2024 most important thing is getting out of voting right now we have we have an election coming up in August. Guy here in Memphis. We have booked the general election in November, but we also have an election in August and it's it's very disappointing to share this news with you, but early voting out of what 1.3 million people here in the Memphis area. Only 9000 people cast early voting ballots. I mean, Republicans, and I can win elections. That way, I'm just telling them I made. August 4 is when the selection is and there's a lot of maligned.

We got it we got a George Soros district attorney on the on the on the ballot, and that guys gotta be given the heave ho. Not to mention a bunch of other progressive Democrats by the wealth you heard the story, there was a an attempted mass shooting in Memphis over the weekend some guy lives near the FedEx for their heaven was that you know God, he is at the guises that the artist name Joe Gotti. He was having a concert of this guy would told police he was going to shoot up the shoot up the concert after I was coming out of the FedEx for so this is mind blowing. But they they arrested the guy they searched his apartment. They found all these weapons all this ammo he's he is jailed and the judge. The judge let this guy out on $50,000 bond and attempted terrorist attack and she let them out. This is on the judge so then the feds got involved and the Fed. So what is this guy is he's he's going to be charged with all these federal charges. He's got all these other charges. They rearrested the guy but the idea that you can have a leftist judge in Memphis Tennessee letting out a guy who was threatening to slaughter people coming out of a concert. It's ludicrous. Look at what happened in Malibu over the weekend we got the video. One of these high dollar stores were the Kardashians. Although shopping they got bombed they said over 1/2 $1 million was literally taken right out of the store. The thugs and forgets of the thug lings that they beat up somebody in the one of the security guards and off they went. There's lawlessness all over the country. Lawlessness all over the country. Gotta start having those conversations. Elections matter. You gotta get out and vote.

It's that simple.

I folks, we gotta call it a day. Get out there begot America were back tomorrow.

This is the Todd surge radio show progressive home for another house. I totally understand from just another. Some newer homes on the market looking at those other houses the crack in the foundation, no matter how much you love it more knowing you in your home with aggressive situations

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