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Trump Vows to Obliterate DC Swamp

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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July 25, 2022 3:37 pm

Trump Vows to Obliterate DC Swamp

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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July 25, 2022 3:37 pm

President Trump promised to fire tens of thousands of government bureaucrats if he’s elected. In other words, he’s going to obliterate the Swamp. Call Todd with your thoughts 844-747-8868

Rep. David Kustoff, Rep. Jim Banks, Peter Northcott, and Clare Ath join the conversation!

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See full for welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by the legacy precious metals. There's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM investments.job liberty University studio in Memphis Tennessee Charlie since conservative commentary from our duty is to see.

Wow, what a busy week them on on the road to Oregon and jump in the story today. May I just say a huge thank you to all of our good friends in Salem, Oregon, KY Katie on the great radio station there. Adam's ribs, smoke out so they they delivered an incredible barbecue had a huge turnout at our event over the weekend in Salem Oregon got to meet a lot of the Republicans or conservatives that are running for office there, and folks. If you are a conservative in Oregon. You are made of sturdy stuff and affluent of the airport.

Doug landed in Portland and it was just it took forever to get there. Grace Baker does as I was supposed to be there on Wednesday then they cancel the flight and after the after the flight got canceled.

The weather kicked in and it took something like 23 hours to get to Portland you had quite the adventure. Todd did you get the chance to read a book or something like you could've gotten through half the Bible and then that I was a little irritable at the airport enough so I finally get there and grace. The it was it was dark it was like midnight Portland and all I could think of was NT for own thinking to try because I am because I called it Wilbur. I did that Wilbur and I wanted an X. I guess you get the XL which is that I speak you know someplace just and I got like the level I which was like a Camry and so the guy pulls up and I I'm like I did. I hope the guys not you know NT from yeah so I'm to print. I had not what what ready to go just in case ended up in like some encampments so anything I'm thankful you're back safe and sound.

Todd it was a good trip that you the guy go.

The driver Chinese guy didn't speak a lick English buddy loved 70s BG's music that's all we listen to driving to Salem. That's good.

Nice guy, though you Esq. I have it I think so. I try to have a conversation. I did understand like as I can just not I thought I heard Google Guy Panama and eggrolls on.

Maybe it's lunchtime maybe idled up so anyway KY can I guys, thank you so much that a lot of our great listeners out there and we hope to hear from you today as we make our way through the conversation all right. There is a crazy story over at actio's and if this is true, then I think Donald Trump should be reelected in a landslide. So, according to the reporting of actio. So this is Jonathan Swan and he's got some pretty good he has some pretty good Intel some pretty good insight into what's going on inside the Beltway. Trump allies are preparing to do a complete overhaul of the federal government now one of the reasons and it's it's easy to forget these little nuggets but there are important nuggets. One of the reasons why the establishment Republicans despise Donald Trump and especially Liz Cheney is because Donald Trump was cleaning out the swamp in Washington with Chaney's father is one of the largest swamp creatures. I mean the guys making tens of millions of dollars all these government contracts of the military industrial complex. It's unbelievable the amount of money that Dick Cheney has made as a result of his connections in federal government and Pres. Trump was eliminating all of that he was. He went in there and he started getting rid of as many swamp creatures as he could. The problem is and anybody who lives in Louisiana you folks in Laffey Louisiana.

You know all about this the swamp you got tons of that yet the snakes and you got the crawfish of the alligators, all sorts of critters down there. Not to mention swamp thing so there was a lot of work to be done and the president was not able to finish the job will according to actio's if Trump goes back in and is president of the United States, but they are going to implement a policy that is going to immediately terminate the employment of thousands if not tens of thousands of government workers in Washington DC are this is reading from the actio spacer. The impact could go well beyond conservative target, such as the EPA and the Internal Revenue Service. Trump allies are working on plans that would strip layers at the Justice Department, including the FBI, reaching at a national security intelligence, the State Department, the Pentagon actually is goes on to say during his presidency, Trump often complained about what he called the deep state. We were just talking about the heart of the plan is derived from executive order known as schedule F it's already been developed, it's already been refined. It is ready to go. The plan was to originally implement this over the second half of Trump's term and launched it was launched 13 days before the election, so the report and it is massive immobile link to it over on our our website as Trump publicly flirts with a 2024 come back. The planning is quietly flourishing from our logger, Washington with his blessing, but without the knowledge of some people in his orbit, Trump remains distracted by his obsession with contesting the 2020 election results, but is endorsed the work of several groups. The work could accelerate a controversial policy and enforcement change but also enable revenge tours against real or perceived enemies.

They intend to stack thousands of mid-level staff jobs, well-funded groups are developed developing list of candidates in line with Trump's long-running obsession with draining the swamp that includes building extensive databases of people vetted as being committed to Trump and his agenda. The groups are operating on multiple fronts, shaping policies, identifying top lieutenants curating an alternative labor force of unprecedented scale and preparing for legal challenges and defenses that might go before Trump friendly judges all the way to the Supreme Court.

And I say good for you, Mr. Pres., tens of thousands of civil servants who serve in roles deemed to have some influence over policy would be reassigned to schedule F employees upon reassignment, they would lose their employment protections.

Using this is the problem in America. This is the problem with the federal government. Right now the federal government is controlled by the bureaucracy and who is the bureaucracy it's all these left-wing lunatics, it's all of these pajama boy snowflakes. It's all of the hairy legged women wearing the Mexican Manchu.

It's all of these people who don't know their preferred programs. They're the ones that are running the government and they been there for years if not decades.

We gotta do something about you. We were talking about Fox news a couple of days ago, Fox news when you look at the prime time lineup you got the hose to the right is a conservative right, but then behind-the-scenes. You got all of these lower-level employees who are radical leftist who are sabotaging the efforts of Fox news channel. The same thing happened during the Trump administration. You got the leadership coming in the White House is rocksolid conservative but you got all the underlings. The bureaucracy those people up and around for decades and their flaming leftist morons and Trump if if this is to be believed, there is a plan to fix it and it if if this works.

This will this will bake Trump the greatest president of all time. If he is able to implement and this is why people like Liz Cheney and others are so horrified because they know what this president is capable they know that this president will in fact deliver on those promises. He had already started to do. May I just throw onto the pile. Here he needs to follow the advice of former education Sec. Betsy DeVos last week and he needs to eliminate the Department of Education but this is why this is why Liz Cheney is so hell-bent on destroying Donald Trump to the point of racking ruining her own political career.

She was on the weekend shows cut number five no matter what happens on August 16. I'm gonna wake up in the 17th and continue to fight hard to ensure down. Trump is never anywhere close to the Oval Office ever again. If you end up losing your job in Congress because of your work on this committee. It will have been worth it to you. There's no question that I believe that my work on this committee is the single most important thing I've ever done professionally. It is an unbelievable honor to represent the people of Wyoming in Congress. And I know that all of us who are elected officials take an oath that we swear under guide to the Constitution and that it has to mean something and that oath means that we cannot embrace and enable the president as dangerous as Donald Trump is and my obligations and my responsibilities on this committee are to ensure that we understand exactly what happened so that we can establish legislation and recommendations to help ensure never happens again but but she's lying in and that's a problem here.

I don't have an issue with a committee that is fair and balanced.

The committee that is willing to hear everything and then get to the bottom of what ever happened on January 6, and the truth is we don't know because the narrative that's coming out of that January 6 committee is completely scripted.

Another good thing here is that an overwhelming number of Americans are not watching the hearings, they don't care about the hearings they don't care about what happened on January 6, but there is another there's another point to all of us and Liz Cheney and the Democrats on this committee want to want to convict Donald Trump of something they want him indicted on something and that something is insurrection because they know if if he is found guilty of insurrection of the courts.

He will not be able to run for president. So they're trying to.

This has nothing to do with with getting to the truth of what happened on January 6. This is about using that as an opportunity to destroy Donald Trump. That's what this is all about.

You say taught how can you say that with such certainty. It's very simple. If in fact Liz Cheney was a fair arbiter if in fact she was not consumed by this Trump derangement syndrome. She would be pushing back a little bit know it's all all right, let's just on face value.

She hates Donald Trump she wants of destroying okay, fair enough.

But you can still you can still push back, you can still question witnesses when they contradict one another. You can still ask questions like why did why did Nancy Pelosi not ask for more help for the police department. Why is it that Pelosi told the Capitol police to stand down.

You can still answer those questions. It's okay, you can still hate Donald Trump, Liz Cheney, but you can actually follow up and ask some follow-up questions so we can get to the bottom of all this, like, for example, how is it we still don't know who planted the pipe bombs outside the RNC and DNC headquarters.

How is we don't know that, especially since, Harris was allegedly at the DNC headquarters when all of this went down. How is it that we still don't know Liz Cheney. How many FBI agents were involved in the planning of the execution of what went down. How is it that we don't understand why police officers opened the doors and allowed the protesters to him to walk into the capital building who gave them authority to move aside, the barricades who gave them permission to open the doors and allow the crowd to come inside who did that mean, these are questions that are very important questions.

Again, if were trying to get to the heart of what happened because as it now stands.

You have a president who several days before the January 6 attacks actually recommended having upwards of 20,000 National Guard troops in Washington DC ready to go to protect everyone you're the President of the United States who told the crowd to march and behave peacefully, and yet when they showed his remarks at the hearing. They they left out that part. They added that part. Why, why would they do that because they're crafting a narrative. The truth be damned. They're crafting a narrative they want to destroy Donald Trump.

That's what this is really all about. And that's why I got a problem with Liz Cheney. It's okay to hate the whole Trump it's okay to despise Donald Trump. It's okay to. It's okay to to say that this man is not qualified to be present. It's okay, but you know it's not okay to lie to make up a narrative to get him thrown in jail. That is not okay that is not okay. Are we gotta take a break or lot you folks going to weigh in 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Sgt. we are all feeling the pain at the pump and at the grocery store to the market is plunging and Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, but even worse. Seniors are struggling to survive. It's not time to panic, but it is time to act by friends and a Mac the Association of mature American citizens will help you save money on things like cell phone plans travel and restaurants but eMac does much more than offer senior discounts.

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Click on the radio Lister Square and use the promo code starts. That's 1-800-839-8506 use the promo code Starnes or go to but the radio listener square all right yeah well going back there were bodies of the Todd Stern's radio show goes across operatively hundred and 838 radio stations, doctors, and so by the way a president Biden still has the the China virus and oh by the way, speaking of the China virus. We have some news to share with you from Los Angeles County where the entire county is about to be on lock down and going through the mask mandates again as a matter of fact, Culver City school district will be mandating mass policies for children beginning August 1.

Looks like the. The masks are coming back in California. Can I just say something about that. You need to pay very close attention between now and election day because we are working to be faced with a full-blown assault by Democrats to try and steal this election.

They know what's about to happen and it's going to get ugly. I know I've been telling you guys camping like your 20 points per hand behind. I think you are, but the reality of it is the Democrats are to get slaughtered in the midterm elections so they can look for any opportunity they can to gain ground. One of those ways is the mail-in ballot so you better pay very close attention to what's happening in California do not be surprised if you start hearing calls for mail-in ballots across the nation as president. Biden deals with his his case of the China virus 844-747-8868 let's go to the phones Ron in Salem Oregon on KY Cayenne and Ron I know you were at the big barbecue over the weekends. Yes, we were ever brother it was very will meet you and you brought a good message at ongoing needle. Especially from the jelly run amok in my county and region. You know I'm alternate chairman in Polk County and my chairman was there amendment. We had a little needed good crowd and I will say that your message resonates.

What we gotta do we gotta reach out to the people that I base the jellyroll moccasins that even one represent as an ethnically minimalistic they just think what you can make bunch of thing the division know I believe the hand of God is upon our country as there is a tale about going on throughout the country. There is also a rise of patriotism and tired of the stuff is Scott Miller 46 Arnold so far and counted live under the Biden administration the bill back will situation dollars a month less and less my brother God bless you keep doing what you're doing and I will open you up on his radio station next two years will your time is less your time to say that my great guy. By the way just really fun fun blisters out there 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 this is the Todd starts my pillow is having their biggest sheet sale of the year you all of help build my fellow into an amazing company that it is today. Now, Mike Lindell, the inventor and CEO once to get back exclusively to his listeners the percale bedsheets that is available in a variety of colors and sizes and are all on sale. For example the Queen size normally 8998 now only 3998 with our listener promo code ordered out because when they're gone they're gone. The percale sheets are breathable, have a cool crisp feel these come with a 10 year warranty and a 60 day moneyback guarantee, so don't miss out on this incredible offer.

There is a limited supply, so be sure to order now.

Call 1-800-839-8506 and use the promo code Starnes or go to my

Click on the radio Lister Square and use the promo code Starnes. That's 1-800-839-8506 use the promo code Starnes or go to and click on the radio listener square and allow my Chinese driver is welcome back ladies and gentlemen good to have you with us. This is the Todd Stern's radio program here in studio. We are honored to have my Congressman Congressman David Costa and Congressman in the first segment. I explained I when I was in Oregon might move her driver was a Chinese guy who love the Bee Gees and that's all he played on the drive to Salem, Oregon.

So see that some got some good stories about organ and I'm sure even organ you met some really good solid conservatives so yeah.

And believe it or not, you know, when you're in an area like that you know you gotta work hard to be a conservative and I think those folks are the real deal here they go out there every single day and fighting based.

They seem pretty encouraged networking to see you that red wave hit Oregon. You'll the red wave looks like it could be really strong this November and and and it can lift a lot of boats including Pierpoint and organ were we got a chance to pick up some congressional seats which would be really good for our majority.

Note Todd put in perspective, we all know that's a tough time in this country.

It looks to me a lot like the late 70s and early 80s in terms of where we are, the economy, where we are geopolitically and people are ready for a change and they they see Biden and Pelosi and Schumer running the whole show. They know that they're worse off now than they were 18 months ago when I find fascinating watching the Democrats strategize and they know what's coming and they they're trying to figure out how to they stop it.

They've decided to go the culture war route which I don't think those issues are to play well with the general voters in the general population. Meanwhile, they are ignoring the economy are trying to tell us convince us that the economy is doing great right now you know that the number one thing, the people talk to me about is just how expensive it is to live like that with her. That's gas, groceries in Todd are saying that to their congressman as well and the fact is, is that we all know what.what life was like 18 months ago under Donald Trump. We know we are paying for gas for groceries for appliances for cars and booties came out several weeks ago with the statistic. The average American family is paying $460 more per month than they were paying just 18 months ago. That's over $5000 a year and that's real money. I think goes back James Carville. You and I agree with disagree with him, philosophical, and almost everything that in 1992.

He summed it up right when he said it's the economy, stupid. That's it. That's it. And the Democrats are completely lost all that that idea. It's almost as if they forgot history you think about a time I thought about this last week we've got very few days in Washington were were were were working on trying to legislatively addressed people's real problems and remember that it where I am in the house. Pelosi sets that agenda, at least until January. We didn't take any votes on anything that that substantively improves people's lives economically and financially in the last several weeks.

We keep voting. She keeps putting bills forward that are either social messaging issues or their massive spending increases out last week that the big number was 14% more in government funding then than the last year I voted against and peck every single Republican vote against it. They just don't get it in and because that people people really hurting their frustrated and they want to change and and that's why you're there to see up a big Republican wave come forward in November. Let's say that the polling data holds out the Republican sweep the House of Representatives. You guys have the majority based on the number of dumpster fires are burning right now. How do you determine how you prioritize is what you think should be the first thing on the agenda for the Republican Congress so great?

I'll I'll credit Kevin McCarthy who is our Republican leader in that he has us working now in different taskforces. Todd Weatherby, the economy, China big tech. Some of the social issues where we are getting down deep in the weeds so they come January we can try to address these these crucial problems. I to be when you look at the polling the number one issue is about the economy and inflation.

We got a terrible inflation number just a few weeks ago, the CPI, the consumer price index, which showed inflation was growing at 9.1% more than was last year. By the way, I people.

The sad I don't think those real numbers because I know I'm paying more than 9% for generally in people's wages are rising like the worse. I think I think here's a bit of a bit of give this to you.

Maybe your interview me but I'll ask you if Republicans take the house back which I really think we've got an excellent chance of doing we take the Senate back then what is behind me.

Does Biden stay in the far left corner or dizzy, look to Bill Clinton in 1995 business model and try to work out some some issues and some deals with republics.

You see, I've it's it based on my studies of the Clintons, even Hillary Clinton. I think that up at the heart of the Clintons or their pragmatist. So they're going to you know and that's why Bill Clinton worked with republics he worked with speaker new to try to work out some sort of dealing compromise. I'm not sure this presidents going to do that because honestly Congressman, I just don't think he's pulling the strings and I'm really wondering how much influence the progressives are having on this administration and would they be willing to compromise. I don't think they would. So if the results come out November the way I think they will.

There will be a W staff change that we turn over at the White House number one is no normally that's what happens, but to if it's a wipeout they're going to have to make changes in so who goes and replaces a Ron clean. For example, and his name is already out there you know is that he's on the chopping block because you're right, there is no doubt that that his staff Biden stat that is there there calling a lot of the shots there helping him make those decisions right and I guess it depends in part on who goes inner and replaces some of these far left progressives their party is getting pulled so far to the left look as I look at the district. I represent 20 years ago. It was a it was a Democrat district but was kind of a blue dog Democrat of right-center district. If you if you will. Those people my constituents for the most part have moved farther and farther to the right. Like a lot of the country, but it in the Democrat party they're moving farther and farther to the left. There is one, one pro-life Democrat left in the United States House of Representatives. It's a shocking but shocking the divide that by the way folks are.

You are listening to the Todd Stern's radio progression of this today because of radio per your answer you're asking I'm answering. I really did mean tested I was. I was interested in what you're what continuation thought their tires well you got your finger on the you got your finger on the pulse of what's happening, you know you you mentioned crime and hearing that the Memphis area. One of the deadliest cities in the country and it's a horrible thing on me. This is a great city. It's great people and people of all walks of life are incredibly frustrated. I just the other day you had a Methodist minister who was gunned down carjack tragic 15-year-old. Now we find out that the 15-year-old just a few months ago was had been arrested for carjacking and actually had a ankle monitor on when he was committing this this murder allegedly and people are wondering what's going on here what's happening with the district attorney's we've got a guy running who's a Democrat and he believes in raising the age of juvenile crimes to 25 years old. I mean, you know this is a big issue not just here Memphis but nationwide. Yeah so Todd, I'm a former United States attorney had the tremendous audited to serve 15 years ago was the US Attorney for the Western District of Tennessee.

You see big spikes in violent crime in cities all across the country in its end and I think it's an issue all over, but it really does matter who governs and we seen these social experiments with a very liberal progressive DAs play out in places like Philadelphia, San Francisco, LA, New York. My colleague Lee Selden who was attacked and his his attacker was released the next day without without any bail. Fortunately federal authorities later charged that attacker and arrested him.

But would you when you look at this locally new reference this local district attorney's race and you see national money national progressive liberal money come in for the Democrat candidate that tells you something. These experiments have not worked eight. They recall that very liberal progressive district attorney in San Francisco because even in San Francisco that were there were fed up. It's so you care about this community I care about this community I I will appear with a high school here went to college here. You're the fact that matters. One thing is the Tennessee legislature did something as you on the in this past session with a past a truth in sentencing law, and that hopefully will keep some of these people, these offenders locked up for real time we went out play Chinese math and try to figure how long somebody's in prison. But again, the bottom line. Elections have consequences, and there's an opportunity for people in just a couple of weeks from now here in the Memphis area to to do the right thing no doubt about it in an inherent Tennessee. It is so easy for people to vote. There's a for those people listening outside of Tennessee. We have two weeks of early voting. The code. In the Shelby County Memphis area from 11 AM to 7 PM and that's for 14 or 15 days or however long the time. Along with election day. We got 12 hours. We make it very easy for people to go vote Ed and that there plenty of ample opportunities. All right, my Congressman loses all endeavor cost off.

By the way, your I was. I got the email you're doing like a shindig like is a Bar-B-Q picnic player so eat you a few years ago we we have the IDE. I know this is going to shock you, but elected officials are always asking for something in return times I dealt with. This was my wife and I were thinking we want to do something nice for our constituents where they don't have to feel like they've got to give anything they can to show up they can come they can talk to me just it's it's low pressure and so we have that we have our annual family barbecue White outside of Jackson, Tennessee this coming Sunday. We got the information on our on our website it again.

I want people to come. I want them to be relaxed people to talk to me visit with this with a lot of other people. We we fed a really good turnout and expect the same thing on Sunday. Well, it looked free Bar-B-Q. You know people go to children Tennessee yeah is cut in its you know what in this area, you know, it's really good barbecue you got that right. Absolutely Congressman great to see you and good luck out there on the campaign trail hey Todd, thank you, thank you so much for having me and let me coming into the palatial studio stop at absolutely good. The bunker all right of folks we gotta take a quick break here and pay some bills. 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show. There is no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the blighted ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd Starnes and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds, and traditional market you are vulnerable. Gold is one of the best ways to protect your retirement no matter what happens you own your goal.

It's real physical always been valuable since the dawn of time. Legacy precious is the company I investing in gold.

They can help you roll your retirement account into a goal back IRA still own the physical goal also ship precious metals safely and securely to your house.

You know $1 million worth of gold can actually fit inside a shoebox called legacy at 866-528-1903 or visit the online legacy PM legacy PM and welcome back to the Todd Stern's radio show. Always nice when the Congressman can come by and he is one of the good guys up on Capitol Hill. Let's go to the phone zero 844-747-8868 Charles WSI see a North Carolina was not about draining the swamp. Hey Charles.are you doing today good reinforce what you were saying earlier I heard about that schedule F plan. I guess it was maybe Friday talk about the band and Joe Scarborough at the talk about it, but I think that is a great plan. I didn't think about that for a long time and hope now that it's going to be implemented and along with that you mentioned about doing away with some cabinet department like the Department of Education, you know, I'd like to say that extend maybe some other departments that are unnecessary like the Department of Energy to think of the Department of Homeland Security. A lot of these agencies that need to be reformed from the top down, such as the FBI, CIA, DOJ, all� What concerns me and look to the Congressman is something else that I think the Republican Party in the upcoming elections needs to do and I'll see them going is that I heard Newt Gingrich talk about this Friday I will fear can't you contract with America like we had in 1994. It's not enough just to win the midterms and we capture the house but we need to dominate in the way we need to do that is I think they have a contract with America and that every Republican weather there in Oregon, Oklahoma, whether you're in South Carolina South Dakota. The final and I think you need to focus on a few things. One, the economy, inflation, the southern border energy independence, crime, and then lastly, the culture and reaffirming our commitment to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, because I go to prologue Republican 1980 and I can't say I'm anyone's a bit disappointed in case in point, most recently in 2020, with time to listen to your core that Richard Burke will Charles say this that when you go back to the 1990s and Newt Gingrich and what a brilliant strategy that was again the Republicans were were not expected to win those races and because Gingrich was able to mobilize.

He was able to focus everybody's attention. They had this great contract contract for America that that actually change the course of that election cycle. I like this idea. The challenge for Pres. Trump is going to be able to as it is he going to be able to stay on message. He cannot run the 2024 election cannot be a rehash of what happened during 2020. It just cannot be there has to be a shift in thinking and a shift in strategy after the midterm elections not only agree and I think that that contract with America needs to focus on that and I think it's a good guide.

I think we could pick up 60 maybe 70 feet easily because we just need to draw the distinction between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party taken an independent rent Republican Party. The commands that you know what we don't embrace this. Impulses of man-made climate change where we're going to move forward with energy independence were all for drilling for oil, natural gas fracking and solar and wind are to become a component that but you know we need because the alternative is to do what the Democrats want to do what you Sharon and dark energy in the minutes away and there's other things like that but we just think if we do that, you're going to attract a lot of voters but all that you get criticize somebody you gotta show people in alternative and I think I think that we needed to Charles good thoughts. Good call. Thank you for listing root had to leave it there were up against the unused break hey by the way last week Dick Morris on the show. His new book came out and he says Trump is running for the presidency and right after that, the Pres., Trump said, is not a matter of if but when.

Which is why you need to reject Morse's new bestseller the return. It reveals Trump's secret plan for 2024. By the way, Morris also says Hillary Clinton is going to run again. Yep, that's right, Hilary Newsmax as the return is the best book of the year. Already a number one Amazon bestseller. It gives you Trump's plan. Big media big tech the deep state they want to stop Trump at the return shows that Trump will be triumphant. All you need to do is get your copy in bookstores or we got a free offer from Newsmax. It will save almost $28 go to the return that's the return the return and get your copy of Dick Morse's great new book. All right folks, we gonna take a break when we come back working to do a deep dive into a lot of the stuff that happened a turning point USA's big conference over the weekend. Also we have some news about Fox news channel that we will share with you.

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Todd shots reportedly fired the terminal at least part of the terminal has been evacuated other parts of the airport on lockdown.

When looking at video of people in one of the terminals and there on the ground hiding underneath their chairs. So if you Bennett at Dallas love Field.

You know exactly where this is no word on and on any injuries or if, in fact, shots have been fired. We do know the FAA, the Federal Aviation Administration has placed a ground stop on love Field.

What is that mean that means nothing's going end up things going out as the police continue this investigation. That's all the information we have right now are working to keep monitoring this Todd We've got video of what ever is going on, you'll be able to see that there and will keep you updated throughout the today's program I want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line of very honored to have with us on a busy Newsday are good friend from Indiana Congressman Jim Banks, Congressman, Hope you're doing well today a target with you always on you as well Congressman you have been in the thick of things of late from what's happening with inflation and the economy. But I want to start with the military because there are grave concerns about military preparedness and we understand the latest reports that the Army is having a hard time finding people target under the armed services committee. We got all of the service chiefs, testified or is the Army, the Navy, Air Force, and all of them.

I posed the question, how can they justify watching their their soldiers and airmen and sailors out of the military because they didn't take overnight feedback being at the same time we see recruiting falling short 40%.

The Army is offering $50,000 signing bonus is the same thought that wiping out two entire battalions were soldiers because they didn't take the vaccine so in this case you get it you get a sense that the leftist views of the of the Democrats and those who are pushing for these wild vaccine mandate that have been so highly politicized. That's actually a national security issue for America when the result is that we can't keep our our military fully manned at a time when the world is as dangerous as ever been in my life. It's it's really shocking Congressman, and I know we've heard from a number of moms and dads to say their sons and daughters have legitimate reasons for not wanting to get the vaccine. And yet there to be forced out their religious exemptions were were denied is or is there going to be a time where there will be some relief for these of military personnel, some of whom are facing the ends of their careers. I don't see that I'm coming until next year when Republicans get the majority back at the leverage of the majority to push in the House armed services committee to lift these ridiculous mandate and and go back and allow those who were who were flushed out of the military to come back at that their ranking at the full pay that they were up before so it it is likely to take taking the gavels away is the work you are pushing for these mandates to go into effect and 50 to see our troops punished for it. At the same time military lowering standards so whether is that the weight requirement yard.

I had to lose weight to join to become a Navy reserve officer or a lot of the recruits to might not have a high school degree or GED. The lower standard academically and for training and physically to get the to get the men and women in the military to serve the position that the service took that that shouldn't be our answer. Our answer should be common sense and that put these ridiculous vaccine mandate in the rearview mirror and that make our military strong abiding etiquette but the base I'm just going to throw this out there and and I'm curious to get your your take on it. Is it possible that some of the 17, 18, 19-year-old boys they see what's happening with all the woke stuff the pronouns of the gender stuff in the CRT as it is remotely possible that a lot of these young fellows from the south of the Midwest.

Say you know what, I'm not up for that. I don't want to sign up or something like that here� I hear from parent to hear from others that especially from from veteran trip. That their kids would there they tell me that I'm not sure that I would recommend rope. I won't recommend much to my kids to serve in the military because of that, that the nature of that woke leadership at the very top. So I think that is a severe consequence of the lust control of the military. Everything the trust in our military. Drop by 11%. As Joe Biden became the commander-in-chief and confidence is fallen among Republican families. 34% among independent families, 28% like their correct 17% 2018.

So we see as we continue to head in this direction for the left uses are our military as a tool to socially reengineer America, yet you see the consequences of that their dangers we can't we can't go out and expect the next generation raised the right hand like I did Sir protect defendant potentially give the ultimate sacrifice for our country. At the same time, the teaching critical race. Anti-Americanism in our schools and teach your kids that America is not worth fighting for. So it is not is not attainable or not, that the tractor wrong with you with these leaders in the White House and and at the very top of our military is not a recipe for America Congressman Jim Banks, chairman of the health study committee with us from the great state of Indiana Congressman, I know that that Kevin McCarthy wanted you on that January 6 committee Nancy Pelosi did not were watching what is playing out before us is is quite frankly, in my estimation, a travesty and and I like to get your thoughts on this. It just seems to me that somebody on the committee should be able to stand up and say okay fine we yell we hate Donald Trump. We got that. But we still need the least have a fair committee hearing because this is this is a joke. Watching the American people are there. There on a date they get that and that they recognize that the Democrats hyper partisan focus on January 6 is a distraction from high gas prices, inflation from Fenton becoming a leading cause of death of Americans were IH working age. The open order supply chain crisis what's going on all over the world because of weak American leadership.

I think the American people by large get it. That's why we are on the precipice of use of a historic red wave election to the fact that I now spent over $10 billion dollars bond. This committee they interviewed nearly a thousand witnesses obtained over 100,000 pages of evidence and where they got to show for it with a list of the second prime time hearing late last week and what came out of it.

I have yet understand that where the conclusion of this committee. The conclusions that they probably don't want to stay, to appear on the ballot in 2024 that the conclusion is that they hate trump supporters and they want that they want to demoralize you and so you and in the American workplace in the American culture. The result of it is that it is obvious by Democrats to prevent Republicans are winning back the majority in the maternal I shall think any of that any of those objectives of this committee are going to work because this is all they have to show for it, so it should get the shameful attempt to distract and change the subject does not work well I got with you on that. I you see the numbers nobody's watching this nonsense, but let's let's just hope at the end of the day we will get to the bottom of all of this and that the truth will come out and I think at that point doesn't focus on that committee are to be looking mighty mighty bad and for the American people Congressman Bradley with era. We really appreciate your time this afternoon. Thank you again are Congressman Jim Banks out of Indiana weighing in on inflation of the military in these these chamois hearings that are underway up on Capitol Hill. Liz Cheney was on the Sunday shows. She says that the attack on the capital was the worst since the war of 1812 cut number four there's no cross examination of witnesses duty deeply ingrained.

They say American notions of due process.

They say house rules require an aiming for ranking member to be put forth by the minority. They have a problem with the fact that you are that ranking member even though you were selected by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. So how do you how do you respond to that criticism. I think it's important to remember the facts and the first fact is that we all supported a bipartisan outside commission. Kevin McCarthy himself sat on the floor.

The house we needed a bipartisan outside commission to investigate this attack and then after he negotiated with the Democrats and that all of the terms he wanted people to ride out from under the Republicans who are supporting it, and make sure that was defeated in the Senate and said then once the bipartisan outside commission was defeated. The only alternative left ass was this committee and after Kevin McCarthy names his members to the committee and Speaker Pelosi rejected two of them.

Jim Jordan and Jim Banks for good reason.

I supported her decision to do that. McCarthy withdrew all of his other nominees. And so the notion now that somehow the committee is incapable of getting to the facts of what happened because Kevin McCarthy withdrew his nominees is nonsensical and also is a diversion and I point out again nearly every single one of our witnesses has been a Republican in arrestee powers Brad Rath and spend less time filling our cross-examination is for the fan committee is right right that's right that I would also point out that I think it is highly unlikely and I think you would agree that any of those witnesses testimony would be any different had the questioning been different, and it is it is it would be a dereliction of our duty to be in a position where because Kevin McCarthy decided to withdraw nominees and he decided to do that. I'm quite confident because Donald Trump told him to because Kevin McCarthy decided not to participate in the committee that somehow the House of Representatives cannot investigate the single worst attack on the United States capital since the war of 1812. It's all she and I want to share some information with you. This is from our good friend John Solomon over just the news. They got their hands on the actual capital police timeline according to their timeline. The Trump Pentagon first offered National Guard troops to the capital police on January 2. That was four days before the riot four days. The police turned down the offer, but then they began to have second thoughts. The capital police went to their bosses. The house Sgt. of arms and they asked permission to accept troops on January 4, but they were turned down, and the reason why they were turned down.

According to the official records is because they were afraid that a show of force would create bad optics reading from Justin use the John Solomon report of the most compelling piece of evidence of Trump wanted to thwart rather than incite violence is contained in a lengthy memo written by the Pentagon Inspector General. It chronicled the assistance of the Defense Department offering Congress both ahead of and during the riot in that account. The IG were accounts of people meeting on January 3 in the White House when then acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller and Gen. Mark Millie, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, met with Trump on national security measures during that meeting, the president mentioned there would be a large number of protesters in Washington on January 6 and that there should be sufficient National Guard or soldiers to make sure it was a safe event. And here is what general Millie told the Secretary of Defense. We've got a plan. And we've got it covered.

We've got a plan. And we've got it covered. Does that sound to you like a President of the United States who was trying to wage some sort of an insurrection. It sounds to me like a president who is trying to make sure everybody protested peacefully and if in fact that is true and the Pentagon memorandums are true and we have no doubt we have no reason to doubt their authenticity.

The question then becomes, why did Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats reject offers for help. Why did they leave the capital building exposed to a mob 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number folks 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show galaxies.

He slept for all these new taxes might not like best selfies of the part I found it in fact not capture hands-free tax from multiple angles.

For sure training sessions for his followers.

I simply wave my hand to start recording video disease look for is compact and fits perfectly in my pocket galaxies.

He flipped for some new information about the situation over with love old light. A woman one woman had opened fire and she was taken down CSA saying that the shooter was down. People have been evacuated, everybody. Everybody seems to be saved but it's gonna be a big mess. If you are traveling in and out of love field that is a big hug for Southwest Airlines so if you're stuck at the airport. That's the reason why so that's all the information we have at this point. No word on any other injuries other than the shooter being taken down and the early indications. It is a female.

That's according to Max Garin who was the police chief in Rockwall, Texas, who happen to be at the airport and was being evacuated with this family. I got a question for it, so that the big turning point USA conference over the weekend in Tampa, Florida and it's it's about the high school kids basically in college kids and so you have a lot of the a lot of the big celebrity lawmakers there again talking to high school kids and here are some of the here are some what the kids are. This is Congresswoman Lauren Bogert talking to the children. Part you look like you know what Ted Cruz and my pronoun is kiss my ass now in my approved here but is that appropriate are those kinds of things appropriate for a room full of high school teenagers. This is an organization that prides itself on being all about the Lord right I'm either doing the Lord's work and it's a very religious in nature. I remember what in 2020. They had a couple girls and spandex bodysuits shooting money cannons.

They were called the bank girls and Yvette caused a bunch a hullabaloo, but I'm wondering is you people are a little upset about all of this. There saying hey like they they support turning point.

They like turning point USA but they feel like a lot of this language I mean talk to kids up you know about the coolest thing that she's heard Lauren forward is that she that she was a prostitute. No, really.

I mean, is that really it is that really what we want to expose the kids got all baby it is. Maybe that's the new conservative movement, 844-747-8868 that's her telephone number. This is the Todd surgery process. Don't do it yourself okay fix the water heater is to secure the 60 seconds difficult and appreciative that that is interesting, because I know the things that we should just underlie humming out with progressive and pay someone to do it for us.

That's cool.

The stools Ross is safe when bubbling a little with progressive and use the money to do it yourself reporting to respond is about a little sticky situations back to the Zaza's radio show breaking the use of words on we have the latest information on that over at the airport in Dallas Texas love field. They have two big airports. There and the latest information including some video from the scene, you'll be able to find all right to a big doings in the nation's heartland Arkansas is going to be the first state in the nation to set a vote on abortion, that vote is set for August 2 Arkansas heading to the polls to decide whether the state's Constitution protects the right to abortion. It will be the first such constitutional amendment to be determined. Since Roe V Wade got overturned. I want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line were honored to have with those four from Kansans for life Peter Northcote Peter, hope you're doing well today, you are a Peter so I'm curious about the scuttlebutt I know of folks have been out there on both sides of the issue.

What you guys hearing from folks there in Kansas yet on the ballot in America that the court overturn Roe versus Wade and donkey Jack, and unlike other state with the overturn Roe versus Wade states now have the ability to come become effective when it comes to abortion when but not in Canada that the radical left that targeted our state in 2019.

Presumably, knowing that the Roe versus Wade was going to be overturned and they work through a radical judiciary to assert a nearly unlimited right to abortion in our state competition, and so there are many opinions on the issue of abortion, but our judiciary chose to take the most extreme possible position which is to presume everything the pro-life law on the books as unconstitutional the literally we are heading towards abortion up to the moment of birth for with tax dollars into our state and respondent but a referendum or a constitutional amendment on the ballot which will be voted on August 2 next week that would please say the people are allowed to have avoid profit for the bill become look on the very controversial topic. And so the radical left and didn't funding a massive campaign against our effort outright lying. The radical left is actually met with the divided White House and members of the coalition and opposing RR constitutional amendment called the value to both amendment have gone so far as to say that they want to fund abortion and not, very fitting that you're talking today about the shooting in Dallas know that the radical left ultimately but very interesting hearing and not only are they pushing for abortion up to the moment of birth but are also pushing for a defining of police than mixing the two very under extreme conditions. I'm confused here so so you're saying that the other side is also interested in defunding police yet that of the coalition opposing our ballot initiative that they put out papers for years now their position paper they that they should fund abortion to do that one of the way they can get more revenue defined police and the son of somebody that good and long for 45 years understand that the day in day out grind their faith thing on a daily basis to have these organizations, and we standing out there work is worth anything to take that money and resources and fund abortion up to the moment of birth is unconscionable and specially in a place like and the heart of America. I also understand that some of the opponents actually want to put young girls against their their parents on this issue. Basic question of constitutional freedom. Again, their campaign. Third, get to the one that met with the abiding White House here recently to talk about the ballot referendum a database supported zero limits on abortion whatsoever and that they want you to like and that is the destination for unlimited abortion so they want taxpayer-funded abortions up to the moment birthday even though even close the parental notification that they believe that a 14-year-old girl could be dropped off at an abortion clinic and have abortion performed. Dr. without her parents knowledge. We're raising the alarm bell and let and in nationwide and this really is the center of the radical left war on America when it comes to the most extreme position and were encouraging him to get out and vote on August 2-4. The value to both amendment with their yes vote also raise awareness around the country that this issue now is good to be fought on a state-by-state level and so keep keep a close eye on him with the radical left is doing. Again, for unlimited abortion and there are now wanting to defund our police to get there all right and Peter Peter Scott on the patriot mobile newsmaker line I Kansans for life Peter one are what are your boots on the ground telling you house. How do you think this votes coming so we launched the largest grassroots mobilization in our in our state. We are going door-to-door church to church, neighborhood to neighborhood and we are working to overcome the flat out why that are being used by by the abortion industry.

So right now the late there has been public polling that is been released showing that the yes side as a four point advantage which means it is very very close to having been on lot of the radical left it out through television commercial even our complacent media trying to been back there trying to lighting in the in-state of the value the book that banned all abortion the value to both amendment does not mean abortion ban taxpayer-funded abortion and allowed our state have limits on abortion, but that is a lie that there that they are spreading so it is a battle that is going to be down to the wire here and we are working diligently every single day to get to get out and vote yes so we feel that we are in a good position to get our people to the polls that we are going to have to continue to push every single day of the polls close at 7 o'clock on August 2 to ensure that Natalie someone that good stuff. I'd Peter Gottlieb at their good luck to you and I know the rest of the country to be paying very close attention to what you guys are doing things are coming to the program. I think I Peter Northcote from Kansans for life and that's it would be a big big big election coming up next week. All right, oh by the way I'm gonna play this full audio congressman mandates a talking to the children at turning point USA. Of course this is a very religious gathering attorney point USA and I here's what Congressman Gates told the children pro-abortion Pro murder rallies. The people are just disgusting. Why is it that the women with the least likelihood of getting pregnant since you if you look like a these people is on the inside and out to 350 pounds, and the like. Give me my abortions are all get up and march in protest. I'm thinking March you got ankles weaker than the legal reasoning behind in March that in the get up and march like an hour and get the blood maybe mixing the salad is he is the wrong ladies and gentlemen, is the congressman wrong 844-747-8868 that's her telephone number 844-747-8868 will be right back something you probably do no progressive cannot only offer you a great price. We buy the home and auto around-the-clock protection something you probably don't know the average garage door is made up of 1.3 mm aluminum panels something you probably do know your neighbor likes to tinker with his dirtbike something you probably don't know really dirt biking to get your garage door and a good portion of your home and auto with progressive and get more than a great price. Around-the-clock protection. You know the things you don't know your scheduled insurance of the affiliate reporting services of the depositor hospital the middle of the two situations I want to start on the number one way to tell you the facts as we know it. To this point, not only my probably will, as we look into this investigation even further.

But I'm going to tell you what I know at the current time.

Second part about it is at this time we will not be taking any questions until we get all the facts of the case, but today this morning at about 1059 37-year-old woman gets dropped off goes inside near the ticket counters in front of Southwest goes that one coming into a restroom exits the restroom now and she's either put up some sort of hoodie honored some other different type of clothing that she had. She walked in at some point simultaneously.

One of our officers is in the area. She produces a handgun and begins firing at this point we don't know where exactly the individual was aiming for most overseen house was aiming at the ceiling, but there is several rounds are found simultaneously as she's doing now are officer engages the suspect strikes are in the lower extremities.

She's taken into custody is currently apartment hospital no other individuals were injured in this event, other than the suspect to again visit. That's all we have right now we want to ensure that our community knows that this is not a situation we want to make sure community knows that there are no other passengers. Family members are our people in the airport that have been victims enough work at this time. I think you police chief Eddie Garcia there in Dallas Texas right outside of love field that's the other airport, one of two airports in the Dallas Metroplex and was like good news. We type it sounds to me. I mean if she was firing the gun into the ceiling may be suicide by cop. I don't know. It's a really will will get the will figure it all out with the good news here. The only person that got shot was the bad person there you go. All right. Well done. By the way of folks. It is brutally hot out there and I love what you drink to make it through the day, but might I recommend life change T life changed.

He is amazing. It's natural.

It is gentle. I drink a glass every single day. It's a wonderful combination of 12 herbs comes in three delicious flavors natural peppermint and pomegranate. I'm a big peppermint died not so much pomegranate ally GC by the way, having a big summer sale buy three get one free. They been around since 2007 they make 30 right here, the US of eight and it super easy. All you gotta do is brew a big pot.

I keep it in your fridge and I drink a glass every single day go to get the to order yours today get the use my code Todd 1030 leave you $10 off plus free shipping. That's Todd 10 for additional 10 bucks off and they're going to throw in free shipping. That's over $50 in savings works is a pretty good deal. Get the R let's go to the phones here Patty and North Carolina WSI C wants to weigh in on turning point USAA Patty hi how are you I'm well I want more, you know I I gotta tell you, Patty. That was the best Bar-B-Q I've had it so it's called tri-tip and it was absolutely phenomenal and I'm not a big sauce guy, but they make their own sauce there and that's good for dip and so you got some white bread or something.

You dip it and it was spectacular. And those cheesecakes and will make you slap your mama okay I turning point. But I'll tell him great. I think put me in the hospital.

We all, everybody, like now, I think what happened at turning point line so you if it's a group of adults really college kids okay but were targeted at high school kids. I mean you care about her and spread my guy the conservative party okay like every airline what they want to cry aiming people get pro-abortion probably all depressed like I do think I did appreciate what Sen. Ted Cruz had to say prayers and my pronoun is kiss my ass. I may use that line*a bright spot.

You mean a number 11 you you to sell well there you go you see the videos Patty have you seen those protester looks like the bar scene on the Star Wars daughter that mom while yeah you know, I would say that shower a good shower and maybe some shampoo might help just decided I happen right now guy you know God we need back in the country. We need to bring God back country all right Patty, I'm glad you're doing well.

Take care of yourself. Don't let things you don't get to call you. The therapy all right by taking her I Patty from north Carolina. The gray speaker did you ever go to the turning point US that you are young Americans found that yeah I never went to a turning point USAA having on the same team here, but I never will. I mean, there was never a need for me to go to one of the ones a party team say no that's true. I mean, they had the reputation yeah there was a reputation even when I went to Jesse Waters that is where you go to party is true and that you know definitely gotta learn for you as they were eager to party with us.

I mean, and there's nothing wrong with a good time with fellow conservative. The sharing of sharing, you know a Shirley Temple of Baptist Martin because are all underage.

They are all underage know what's interesting is you half of the Young America's foundation, but they have their conferences.

Mom and dad have to go along if you're for high school. Sure yet I never went to high school and but I wouldn't call itself, but is clear there are no chaperones turning point USAA owner now are that's I believe that in itself is rather daring to put that many un-chaperoned the high school kids hormones are blazing. That's a lot to deal with near a beach that's A take him somewhere I count the middle of nowhere.

Like in the desert or something like a conservative survival camp that'll that'll several well we started with 500 kids were now the three weed out the weaklings please.

I'm kidding, I'm kidding Paul says Todd is talking about mandates. He's very, very upset mandates I can we play cut number 11 again you he says Todd mandates is absolutely wrong.

There are some really skinny ugly girls to his harsh little heart is not commenting on this all will know you can't comment on.

You know why that don't come after one tear yeah. Good Lord, all right out folks. We got a lot more coming your way. Our to be speaking with an up-and-coming young conservative by the way clear path is going to be here big story coming out of University of Michigan students are walking out of a pro-life event at a medical school and you believe this Crayola crayon people all they've gone full-blown transgender walkable explain all about that as well. 844-747-8868.

Give us a holler as manager skinny young microphone galaxies. He flipped for all these new taxes might not like I just did in fact not capture hands-free text from multiple angles capture training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for contract and fit perfectly in my pocket galaxies.

He flipped for universities to really see yours.

Wow welcome everybody.

How are three of the Todd Stern's radio extravaganza broadcasting from Memphis, Tennessee. Our flagship radio station KW a mighty 990. Hope you're doing good. So by the way Pres. Biden. Can we talk about Pres. Biden for just a moment.

He said he had cancer about a week or so ago and the White House cannot said no Mr. Pres., you don't have cancer and then we found out that the president came down with, of all things. The China virus news and there is good news of the president is allegedly doing better and as a matter of fact that they say he's he's cleaning his plate now cut number 10 and is you all saw just a few minutes ago. The president is doing better. He slept well last night I ate his breakfast and lunch. I wholly showed me his plate of the menu, but an empty plate with crumbs and I some guesses about what was there but did not Parmesan cheese.

Maybe this throne, the leader of the free world. So when he cleaned his plate. Ted Cruz limited Ted Cruz to always look at the bright side of things.

Sen. Cruz made a made an observation cut number 7010 is that it impairs your ability to spell rest easy, boys and girls.

Those of you going off of the White House tour, you can best easy nobodies know what is going to be smelling her hair. That's good news.

However, there is there is another great epidemic that has befallen America and dare I say the world they're calling it monkeypox. This is your the CDC.

This is great I thought I could do this really is tough.

So the CDC says this is not one of those diseases where you pick up monkeypox in the produce section illustrated was really naughty so this is a very bad situation. Newsweek made a faux pas grace.

I don't know you laugh anymore. So just mere moments ago. Dr. Anthony found the chief medical president said that men who let me back up your heart. Can we just backup for a moment. Are we about to go into something weird. Yes, I need to talk. We need to get serious about monkeypox, so there's something they don't want to talk to men of the male variety, and they don't want you to know that monkeypox actually only happens within a certain demographic work on learning worldwide. So there's up, so we should not be so.

The fact that maybe the outbreaks are happening in South Beach and San Francisco in the Castro district and West Hollywood and pretty much all New York City including the Bronx is just coincidental. It's just a coincidence. I see a court were not allowed were not allowed to say what monkeypox really is. They want you to believe it's a pandemic, but this is a sexually transmitted disease and quite frankly, the best way not to get it is not to do it. That's the best possible course of action going back to high school. Well, it's pretty pretty disgusting and Emma got into graphic detail here, but again it's people are starting to freak out because now there with Dave. They said this is a worldwide health emergency. What 80 people have gotten it yet and it's a worldwide health emergency.

Just try to come up with a new one before the midterm. So all that's exactly that.

It's pretty obvious so but so again they don't want you to know it's having relations with other so that they have to make it sound like it's everybody's getting like it's in a mask up America but it's not only one specific demographic is getting the monkeypox so anyway Dr. Pouncey came out to share that with you ahead of what I'm about to share with you now because again they they have been trying their hardest to not say what monkeypox and who was really susceptible.

Do not play that's what I will throw something at his guile is ready euros can't take it anymore so so based on what we now know, here's what Dr. says.

He says men who have sex with men and they they put in parentheses MSM that uses information stream media, but now MSM is short is code for men having sex with men. Dr. Pouncey says those people should be prioritized for the monkeypox vaccine in the United States a fair statement. Well of course it's fair that Suze had that she was coming to his contracting. The media doesn't want you to know that because that was stigmatize somebody so they so that what you think everybody can get it and know everybody can't get everybody's probably going to get it because you know how these things are is disgusting.

I really know I think about it. Still, the lunch hour. I discussed this a horrible disease but it's an STG don't freak out. Everybody don't freak out this just everybody reading your masks away.

Unbelievable 844-747-8868 we just try here on this program to share facts with you because we know that were all grownups here. We can all handle the fact we can handle the truth and the truth is the truth is not everybody's got to get monkeypox BC powder. I really so little in the crayon race did use the about the Segway right outside. I tell her yes I did try to get this back on the tracks I did colors get you didn't did you have a favorite like you know we were Crayola and we had like the big like 64 being box of crayons � favorite like the color blue is the I was on the set was a blue person kindred spirits and so anyway so you got to Crayola and that they got the crayons and so now Crayola is under fire because they are promoting transgender risk and crayons in the house so they've used a disabled transgender person to promote and to affirm the transgender lifestyle and are they posted a series of messages on Instagram and Facebook and now Crayola is walking at all `like deleted. They've deleted all of this because people were saying there to start there to start boycotting crayons.

Why not just go get another brand. Is there another brand that was but I was thinking about that.

Is there another brand of crayon. I may do some deep digging that pretty I know I'm curious about this so because the blaze says that Crayola is facing a boycott after they were accused of pushing a trans gender agenda to the children of America by the individual.

By the way his name is Scott. He's he's known as the disabled hippie and he was being celebrated because I had no idea. But you know June is pride Bob and then there's disability pride month. What's is apparently this month I can keep up with it all. Julian Covino, he/him. Can I just stop if ladies ladies here refer this to what I want to talk to all the single ladies out there in Todd Stern's radio world.

Ladies, if you're dating a guy and he shares his pronouns with you just turn away and just walk as fast as you can make it even easier if he's got pronouns in his Instagram bio. Tell you anything and you have say anything that is Instagram bio that giveaway. That's a thing now.

I made it is option on their you can just add reply. It's not even like you have to manually. It's like there's a category you just click it.

Crayola posted three images of Mr. Trevino, including one where he was wearing a leopardprint jumpsuit and another with a lime green jacket with a chain brawl and this is by the way two-year-olds. All right this is your Crayola is meant for children as young as two years old. He was also wearing latex pants and high-heeled boots, kinky boots, Crayola disabled all comments on Instagram and limited who could comment on Facebook but now it looks like the. The post had been taken away because I guess moms and dads like pretty angry about.

Understandably so why not just let the kids be kids. There are a couple I was reading a couple reports over the weekend and I'm working on the new books are knee-deep in the stuff right now, but there are there are educators who are now saying that children as young as two years old should be exposed to ideas about gender fluidity and it's as if they are are just hell-bent on radicalizing our kids at a very young age so I'm a little time with Grace here. I think you you know if if there's another crayon brand out there use that one.

Stop giving your money to these companies that are spewing this radical nonsense we gonna start teaching these folks a lesson I was more of a marker gal myself, I think markers are better than crayons of the magic markers yeah just sniff the markers, the ones that were sent to like different fruits give those really know they were scarcely like the red one was musty smell like strawberries.

They were supposed to sniff it and smell it. No I did not have the whole back all right. I think back when I was a kid we just had the crayons or we weren't rich enough or wealthy enough to get the magic markers, but we got the crayons all right got a take a break your folks. Now more than ever gotta support companies that share our values were just talking about this with Crayola. That's why we support patriot mobile. America's only Christian conservative wireless. By the way, Verizon. They've dropped one American news. I'm telling you gotta switch to these companies that are supporting our values and patriot mobile.

Does that.

America's only Christian conservative wireless carrier and there are out there supporting organizations that fight for us.

By the way, patriot mobile.

They have incredible nationwide coverage. They use the same towers. The other carriers use and they got a plan to fit any budget along with great discounts for our veterans and first responder heroes switching is very very easy go to patriot

That's patriot give them a call 972 patriot. That's 972 patriot use my promo code Todd there to give you free premier activation and a special discount will be right back galaxies. He slept for all these new taxes might not like southeast of the park. I found it in fact not capture hands-free tax from multiple angles. For sure training sessions for his followers simply wave my hand to start recording video clip for its contract and fit perfectly in my pocket don't easy flip for well president from not too happy with Fox and friends posted an item over on prosocial by the way, are you to follow me on prosocial if not 10 and check it out. Followers Todd Starnes rules. I'm one of those a check mark people over there so you'll be able to help me down and we president troppo says Fox and friends really botched by poll numbers.

No doubt on purpose. That show is been terrible gone to the dark side. They quickly quote the big turning point poll victory of almost 60 points. It was huge, huge, and then hammer me with outliers will almost all polls have me leading all Republicans and Biden by a lot rhino Paul Ryan, one of the weakest and worst speakers ever must be running the place anyway think it a turning point the crown in law was amazing. He's not wrong. By the way, I'm telling you that Fox news is they're making that turn over the weekend.

Rupert Murdoch's two big newspapers, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Post both published editorials within minutes, mere minutes of each other, attacking the president and saying Pres. Trump is on fit for office.

Now I've a question about let's forget about everything else from you but do you believe that Donald Trump has disqualified himself from office. Do you believe that because the New York Post and the walk Wall Street Journal, which by the way are both very conservative publication. They say that Trump is now disqualified himself that he should've. He should've stepped up. He should've done something immediately when he saw that the crowd was attacking the capital building 844-747-8868 that's her telephone number. That's 844-747-8868 I that is the general thought among the establishment folks is that Trump cannot, must not be allowed to run for president. And that's why that's why Liz Cheney is unleashed and Liz Cheney is not all that worried because she's can have a nice big cushy job shall pick up where her daddy left off trying to get us involved in wars we got no business being involved. I said I don't know the grace bond. I don't mind people I have been very vocal about the fact we should have been in Iraq this story from Delaware, a law-abiding homeowner and small business owner was stunned when there was a knock at the door.

A doorbell ring and fortunately for this homeowner. He has one of those camera devices that is built into the doorbell. So he's able to record whatever's happening on the front porch. He looked outside and saw a Delaware state police officer to ATF agents and they were demanding to see his legally required firearms. So here's the deal. The gun owner had gone out a couple weeks before bought a couple guns that put him on a list, a government list of possible straw purchases. In other words, they thought that he was buying that gun on behalf of somebody else. Somebody who cannot legally buy the gun and we got the video of all of this on the website.

You gotta see it is just kind of shocking. The officers seems somewhat apologetic and felt bad about having to do this final point is.

Why do it's unconstitutional. So anyway they made the poor guy bring out his guns on the front porch so they could check the serial numbers of they brought a mountain. No charges were if I didn't do anything wrong. Managers offer a word of advice if the ATF or any law enforcement show up at your home and they want to see your guns you asked for a warrant if they don't have a warrant, tell them and be very polite about it. You want to be but tell them you know what you're going to get a warrant if you wanted see my guys. That's what you needed them into the house get along with general insurance presents some invalid/everyone does something in the shower. It turns out generally to quality insurance company saving people money for newly 60 years to six years of quality, radical general insurance services, Inc. insurance agency Nashville, Tennessee summer sections apply from the Hollywood from the rest. Paul Sorvino has passed away all my gosh he was. He was one of the best character actors in all of Holly Paul Sorvino was 83 years old. You know he played.

He was on the I believe your original law and order, where he played an NYPD surgeon and nobody was also in Goodfellas. So many of you a big Goodfellas fans out there. He played up Polly Cicero and Goodfellas. One of what a great movie. That was 50 years. More than 50 years of the entertainment business of born in Brooklyn and I passed away in the great state of Indiana, his wife breaking the news DD Sorvino so I'll certainly keep your thoughts and prayers are with the Sorvino family. Another great Hollywood legend has gone on to glory. I walked back to the Todd Starnes radio program want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line honored to have with us Claire Avenue who is working on her PhD at liberty University in public policy. She is also serving in government as a Commissioner in Jefferson County is that Virginia Claire West Virginia all right well good for you and good luck on your reelection campaign. Claire a bunch of stories we been following and I want to start with this crayon business. Crayola has gone full-blown woke and they can hire well creeping into their product. So everything point yes it is. And of course with Crayola. This is a company that clearly is targeting children and we have seen this time and time again Claire where you got the school board should got the public libraries. The drag queens it's it's it seems to me that they come in after the kids.

I'm on a newborn and a partner at home and really miming. One of the trains gender able to individualize bondage and lingerie over there cloud crayon and I think absolutely nothing on like you think there targeting children and I think that grander product for children children and family there following Crayola social media. Just 1 More Way for the radical left click both children dangerous gender ideology clear as a young mom. Are you having conversations with other young moms about this craziness in the culture and and how they seem to be targeting children as young as you wanted to years old, I mean all of my neighbor rocking.

That we talk about a lot coming from you, but never like Fran being on there and you can't show my Jurassic Park to my Netflix meeting had killed women can cart you happy so much effort monitoring hobby too much clear answers on the patriot mobile newsmaker line clear. Another story we been looking at this from the University of Michigan where medical students walked out, of a white coat ceremony because the speaker happened to be pro-life, what's going on there.

I think in practice and kind of shocked at the University of Michigan and the repetition percolating kind of outcry over the speaker. He now I think we need more Oliver and I got a look at liberty University time. Working at majority are higher and he can their lack of pain. And I think that there defeat ideological. You think one kind to me that anything about her collectively. Honestly, I think she eking on the field and congratulating hobby on their white coat ceremony.

If you can handle.

They couldn't handle that. She had a different idea than many something you mentioned and you are studying your work on your PhD at liberty University. What is that experience like because liberty is the world's largest Christian university, but it is certainly not an echo chamber for what I understand you are right.

Got a job in their curriculum, offering all kind Uganda at Tinker and biblical viewpoint, which is something I really and I didn't get in my undergraduate education on. I think that I'm learning so much more now at liberty than I know it's early, and of course they have that base which is the Christian worldview. But I know that in the past they've had people like Bernie Sanders speak at convocation so there are those moments where they invite speakers who may not necessarily agree with the University's philosophy solely students are exposed to to what the other side is thinking. I think that prayer here are all different kind you can scan it to look at everything and come up with what you believe and I think that liberty and other liberties. A great school and and again these are the kinds of schools that I think were going to have to have you have to support it for Everett have any hope of taking back the country and restoring our values agree that I'm preparing because I think that we don't have and who are offering a different kind of you, and in political science and public policy on teaching the truth about our founding were not every country in the end of the things I like what I think that's terrific unclear working to get you back and were excited to have your support of the crew here and weighing in on some of the big culture stories that are out there where can people know what they want to get more information about player asked where my clear and you can thank all right will clear. Great stuff. Thanks for coming of the program. Good luck as you wrap up that degree.

Thank you for having me on all right clear answer everybody she is working on her PhD at liberty University in public policy. You just heard her. She's a young mom and there shall be weighing in on some of the big culture stories. We talk about moving forward here of the Todd Stern's radio program. We have a link to her website all right 844-747-8868 is our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 let's go to Georgia Suzanne listing to us on W GUN wants to weigh in on the crayon controversy hey Suzanne, I will think about the crayon lack gallon I ran a call� Let me.

I read me how to lesbian, although one against Groening and she came out, they said you think about whether in her year and fighting for her lesbian out power whenever he had now that this would've happened if I need that building link out to Frank Gandara show, black and be there. Gandara before they cheered the collar on it.

She would never never get what you need to show me they have pushed and pushed back to people quickly. I am not.

I cannot get out but when I heard about this Crayola clan nine children. What about Patty Dunlap well look Suzanne, you, you ask what's next. I mean they're tearing down the walls and this could be an anything goes Society when it comes to sex that that's what it's all about and that's why they want the children cavorting about with the drag queens that want to normalize all of the stuff and then and you watch what's going to happen here. There will be in there already is an effort to make the make pedophilia part of the alphabet people. Now you're going to get a lot of pushback from the alphabet people but that's where all this is going, and an ice hi just say Patty are Suzanne, I just say let's step back watch others play out because I guarantee you there are a bunch of liberal moms and dads who will put their foot down over stuff like this and will end up voting Republican. As a result of it that there people. I can't want him like a lead now.

Now that we want, not what we were going for. Everybody has their God and they believe that she, I think we have to realize that all gay people only now where a human being. If people are basically good and Look Suzanne, I Appreciate the Call Lucked out.

The Reality Here Folks Is This I Would Say the Average Gay Person in America. The Average Lesbian Person in America.

They Don't Care about All of the Stuff They Want to Be Left Alone. They Want to Be Able to Live Their Lives As Are Allowed to under the United States Constitution. The Challenge I Have Here Is That I Believe That and I Know They Believe That but Nobody Was to Come out on the LGBT Side and Condemn the Transgender Movement. Everybody's Terrified of These People Terrified. But Sooner or Later You Got to Stand up and Have To Speak out Your Can Have To Fight and I Don't Know If There to Do It or Not, but It's Time All You Log Cabin Republicans Enter You out There It, Where Are You Stand up Say Something Fight Back Got a Country to Save Your Folks. We Got a Country to Say. Are We Had to Take a Break Here 844-747-8868 Toll-Free Telephone Number That's 844-747-8868 This Is the Todd Stern Something You Probably Do Know Progressive Cannot Only Offer You a Great Price.

We Buy the Home and Auto Around-The-Clock Protection Something You Probably Don't Know about Including the Base Weighs around 400 Something You Probably Do Know There's a Whistle Don't Know.

That's about Tipping over and over Your Home and Auto with Progressive and Get More Than a Great Price, Around-The-Clock Protection, Something You Know the Things You Don't Know Progressive Casualties Rest of the Affiliates of Third-Party Insurers Excited about the Terms of the Two Situations All Right. We Have Some Election Results Share with You from the Great State of Michigan Solicit Bodies. These Are Primary Numbers of These Are This Is the Republican Primary Election That A Lot Of Money in the Republican Primary.

Grace Baker You Know What's Interesting about These Election Results on about to Share with You Just Come out.

Use the Elections.

Not until Next Week.

That's Particularly Odd News Channel 3, W. WMT.

Michigan's News Channel.

They Publish the Results of the Republican Primary Election at a Time Traveler's That's a Great Question. And Guess What Grace Baker, It Turns out, the Rhinos Win. That's Right, the Television Station Published Graphics for All of the Republican Races Showing That 100% of the Precincts Are Reporting Tutor Dixon, Who Is the Rhino Got 47% of the Vote. 445. Tommy Then Counted Everything and They Got the Results for Governor for Congress.

You Name. These Are like Old Numbers from the Last Election People. This Is All Current, Somebody Called the TV Station. I Don't How in the World.

Is It Possible for You to Already Have Votes That Have Not Been Cast. They Replied, According to the Gateway Pundit, Our Good Buddy Jim Half They Have Someone Said How Is It You Have Election Results When We Haven't Voted in the Primaries, yet and They Said an Affiliate Is Testing Our Election System so a Follow-Up Question Who's the Affiliate and No Answers.

So I Working to Follow That Story for You.

And If That's the Case Then Selling.

They Put a Disclaimer at the Top Are like No Editor's Note or Something like Hey Were Just Doing a Test. This Isn't Real and Normally They Would Have Liked 000 That Would Not Have Pacific Numbers There. So My Question Is Really to Get That Stuff Running the Numbers from Working to Follow This Lead Is We Will Keep You up.

Unbelievable Are the Associated Press the Stylebook That Every Journalist in America Uses Has Updated Their Latest Addition and They've Included a New Woke Guide on How to Cover Transgender Issues There Already Advising Journalist to Use. They As a Singular Pronoun, According to Report on Yahoo! News. The AP Guide Instructs Writers to Use Unbiased Language and Avoid False Balance by Giving a Platform to Unqualified Claims. In Other Words, They Get to Decide Who the Authentic Sources Are on Stories, the Associated Press and Writer Should Refer to Those They Write about by Their Preferred Gender Identity and Avoid Dead Naming US What Is Dead, Naming Ari.

Let's Say Let's Say Your Name Is Jerry but Now You Go by Geraldine so Jerry Would Be Your Dead Name That's Is All Very Confused. So There You Go. Oh, I've Got Assure the Story We Got End on a Positive Note Today Here Folks, There's a Guy Named Tony Follow and He's 90 Years Old so Tony Follow Started Working at McDonald's Back in 1962 He Was Earning below Grace Baker Wages a $0.90 an Hour He Was Slicing Cheese Well Just Get It. We Can Verify We Do Pay You More Than on Yesterday Dollars It's Disinflation Anyway Yeah He Was Cut the Cheese $0.90 an Hour Back at McDonald's so 60 Years Later, This Guy Owns What Seven or Eight McDonald's across the Midwest and He Is a Beloved Owner 90 Years Old and He Still on the Job so He Told His Staffers at the McDonald's in Mayfield Heights and They Got about 90 Workers of This Will McDonald's on the Bottom. Altogether Some Folks We Got to Shut down. We Gotta Do Renovations by Your to Be Out Of Work for Three Months and That's Pretty Terrifying. If Your McDonald's Worker Because You Know You yet. Let's Be Honest, the Minimum Is Living Paycheck to Paycheck. These Days, so You You Could Tell the People Are Freaking out and Then Tony Dropped the Bombshell Is As Hey Folks, I Want You to Relax, You Go Home You Enjoy Your Families and Come Back and Workforce of Three Months Working to Pay Your Rent to Pay Your Weekly Salary and That's Exactly What Happened.

All of the Workers Have Been Getting Their Regular Weekly Salary While the Restaurants Been Shut down and the Tony Said Yeah They Were Interviewing Him on the Today Show. He Says Hey Look I Walked in Their Shoes. I Noticed like to Live Paycheck to Paycheck and No Doubt We've Heard the Stories about the Fast Food Industry Are Getting Hit Hard. Can't Find Good Workers Get This.

Most of the People Working for Tony Fuller with the McDonald's in Ohio. They Been on the Job for Decades, Decades, and Why Is That Was Very Simple to Respect Your Workers. You Pay Them Good Money. Maybe Get My Free Big Mac Every Now and Again in Your to Have Them for a Long Time.

That's a Lesson for for All You Folks out There. Good for You Tony Follow and so If You're Looking for a Good Burger Pedaled over the Drive through Mayfield Heights and Tell Him Todd Start Ribose. Gotta Get Outta Here. Todd Check That out Newsletter Coming out Momentarily. This Is, This Surgery Is As It Presents Don't Do It Yourself Okay Fix the Water Heater. He's a Peaceful 60 Seconds Doable to the Pressure Tip That Is Interesting to Think That We Should Just Underlie Home out with Progressive.

We Can Pay Someone to Do It for Us. That's Cool. The Stools Ross Is Safe When Bubbling a Little with Progressive and Use the Money to Do It Yourself to Respond Is about a Little Sticky Situations

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