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Speaker Johnson and His New Democrat Friends

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk
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May 9, 2024 4:28 pm

Speaker Johnson and His New Democrat Friends

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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May 9, 2024 4:28 pm

MTG’s motion to vacate Speaker Johnson failed, all because he was bailed out by his new allies: The Democrats. Has Speaker Johnson gone completely to the other side? Charlie reacts and speaks to TPUSA Frontlines reporter Jonathan Choe about his first hand experience getting attacked by an ANTIFA mob at the University of Washington.

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Hey everybody, it's the end of the Charlie Kirk show. What happened with Speaker Johnson? He got bailed out by Democrats.

He is a Democrat supported speaker. And then Jonathan Cho from Seattle, Washington recaps our time on how Antifa tried to kill him and how the radical left is supporting it. Become a member to listen to all of our episodes advertiser free That is As always, you can email me your thoughts, freedom at That is freedom at

Buckle up everybody. Here we go. Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House folks. I want to thank Charlie. He's an incredible guy. His spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created, Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country.

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Register now at slash peoples. Yesterday, the breaking news was Marjorie Taylor Greene went to the house floor and proceeded with a motion to vacate the chair. Now look, you might like MTG, you might dislike MTG, but you got to give her credit.

She's got stones of steel. I mean to do this and does not make you a fan favorite in the kingdom of Washington, DC. Now whether it was smart timing during election year, that's all stuff that people could debate at a different time.

I'm actually not that interested in that. I'm instead, I'm more interested in who bailed Mike Johnson out. There was a small group of Republicans who decided to say we want to vacate the chair.

Small group. The majority of Republicans, vast majority, 90 plus percent, said we want to keep Mike Johnson and Democrats agreed. Here's Marjorie Taylor Greene going to the house floor invoking the motion to vacate.

Play cut 123. I seek recognition to give notice of my intent to raise a question of the privileges of the house. The form of the resolution is as follows. Declaring the office of Speaker of the House Representatives to be vacant. This is the unit party for the American people watching.

Gentlelady will suspend. So she's booed on the house for interesting. That's the same house that was celebrating with Ukrainian flags a couple of weeks ago. The same house that was celebrating waving foreign flags is the house that is booing MTG for vacating the chair.

Something to think about. The same house that passed warrantless spying on Americans. The same house that has no concern about securing our southern border or quelling the invasion. But who do they boo? Oh no, it's not booing the fact that we are adding a trillion dollars to our national debt every 100 days. No, they're booing MTG for challenging the status quo. The same house that is spending, by the way, more than Nancy Pelosi.

Your Republican party that is digging our country deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper into debt. But MTG said something quite wise. MTG said, you see that? This is the unit party. Now, we use that phrase all the time. MTG is part of the Republican MAGA base. We know what the phrase unit party means.

But the media, they've never heard this before. The media, they hear this, they think she's saying unity party. Okay, there's a difference between unity party and unit party.

They're similar, but there's a difference. And the deeper you dive into politics, which is why we need Trump so badly, which is why you need to get to work for Donald Trump, is that you need to work for Donald Trump. The power center in Washington, D.C. hinges on agreement, not disagreement. They make it seem as if D.C. is more divided than ever. They make it seem as if that they're quarreling and screaming at one another, when in reality, there has never been so much agreement in the Kingdom of Washington, D.C. Agreement to obliterate the First Amendment, Anti-Semitism Awareness Act.

They keep on spying on Americans unconstitutionally. Agreement to borrow money that we don't have. An agreement to fully fund the corporate oligarchy and the military industrial complex. MTG was spot on when she said, hear that, that is the unit party.

And while they're booing and groaning, who's doing the booing and the groaning? A Speaker of the House should first and foremost have support within his or her own party. Otherwise, you are a coalition government speaker. Now, this is not about doing I told you so.

It's not. And I know a lot of you have disagreements and do not like Kevin McCarthy at all. However, here's a couple of facts for you. When Kevin McCarthy was Speaker, he went out of his way to listen and to try and accommodate the grassroots conservative base. And he did not always succeed in that regard. McCarthy did some things over the summer that I didn't like and you certainly didn't like.

And you deserve to be mad over that, specifically on spending. When Kevin McCarthy had the chair vacated by Matt Gaetz, not a single Democrat bailed him out. Not a single Democrat bailed out Kevin McCarthy. And now when we try to, or not we, but when MTG tries to vacate the chair of Speaker Johnson, the Democrat Party bails him out.

Why? Because they're getting everything they want from Speaker Johnson. One of the things that we warned about and tragically it came true. One of the things we warned about even during the first speaker fight when Kevin McCarthy had to go through 10 or 11 or 12 rounds was that we might get a uni-party power sharing agreement or a coalition speaker.

We were told that will never happen. You will not get a coalition speaker where basically it's halftime Republican, halftime Democrat. Speaker Johnson is a coalition speaker. In fact, Speaker Johnson is a Democrat Speaker of the House.

They love him so much that they bailed him out. Again, I am not speculating here. I am not unfairly attacking anybody.

I'm simply stating a fact. And the fact is that Speaker Johnson's base is not Eli Crane. It's not Andy Biggs.

It's not Chip Roy. And I'm going to list off the folks who voted to change the Republican Party for the better. Andy Biggs of Arizona, Eric Burleson of Missouri, Eli Crane of Arizona, Warren Davidson of Ohio, MTG, obviously of Georgia, Paul Gosar of Arizona, Thomas Massey of Kentucky, Alex Mooney of West Virginia, Barry Moore of Alabama, Chip Roy of Texas, Victoria Spartz of Indiana. Now under the old standards, those 12 Republicans would have been enough to take down Johnson. It only took eight Republicans to take down Kevin McCarthy, but that was because under the old standards, a speaker was only supported by his own party. The Democrats were happy to stand aside and let Republicans topple McCarthy.

But now things have dramatically changed. Hakeem Jeffries privately cut a deal with Speaker Johnson. And I got to give Kevin McCarthy credit. Kevin McCarthy did not cut a deal with Nancy Pelosi.

He could have. You know that there was a deal on the table for Kevin McCarthy to cut a deal with Nancy Pelosi to keep his speakership, and he didn't. I'm just stating facts here.

I'm not asking you to be a fan of Kevin, but it's true. Mike Johnson cut a deal with Hakeem Jeffries because he wanted to be speaker more than he wants America to be strong and America to be a prominent nation again. Thanks to Speaker Johnson, the Democrats got their government funding. They got Fisery authorization. They got $61 billion more for Ukraine.

No concessions on the border. Jack Smith is fully funded. The FBI is fully funded. We have zero spending cuts, and we are borrowing a trillion dollars every 100 days. Democrats, they're thrilled. Democrats basically got everything that they would have received if they were running the House.

And the effects of this will be felt for a long time. Once we've normalized the idea of the minority party propping up the majority, it's far, far more likely that we'll see a left wing Republican hold power as a speaker. To keep his hold on power this year, Mike Johnson might have damaged the conservative cause for years, maybe even decades. And I want to repeat this because it is very, very important for emphasis, which is Mike Johnson, he could have told Hakeem Jeffries, no deal, I'll resign as speaker.

My own party doesn't want me. You cannot remain as speaker under typical order if your party doesn't respect you. But Mike Johnson wanted to be speaker so badly, he is willing to have people like Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Hakeem Jeffries bail him out. So Mike Johnson got what he wanted. He remains speaker, but not a Republican one.

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Use discount code Charlie to get 35% off. Mike Johnson just wanted to hold on to power. And he was willing to hold on to power and not even deal with his own party. Again, this is more defection votes than Kevin McCarthy received. Interestingly, Matt Gaetz didn't vote to get rid of Mike Johnson.

That's interesting. So Matt Gaetz was the original one who got rid of Kevin, but he didn't vote to get rid of Mike Johnson. I'd love to hear Matt's reasoning for that. Andy Biggs of Arizona, Eric Burleson of Missouri, Eli Crane of Arizona, Warren Davidson of Ohio, Paul Gosar of Arizona, Thomas Massey of Kentucky, Alex Mooney of West Virginia, Barry Moore of Alabama, Chip Roy of Texas, and Victoria Sparta of Indiana. They were the ones that decided to advance the motion to vacate. You might say, but hold on, Mike Johnson had more defections than Kevin McCarthy. It's because the Democrat party, they whipped votes for Mike Johnson. You think that that whipping of the votes did not come without a cost or a price? Of course, it came with a price. Hakeem Jeffries saw an opportunity and Nancy Pelosi trained him in this, obviously, and Mike Johnson asked for a bailout.

Mike Johnson went to Hakeem Jeffries, was like, hey, can I remain speaker and have the big office with all the trappings of power? You get whatever you want. How's that?

How's that? You get whatever you want. You can keep on borrowing money. Jack Smith gets unlimited funding. The FBI gets a beautiful new building. The border goes unsecure.

We keep on funding reckless, endless war. But I want the big office and I want the trappings of power. Mike Johnson could have and should have done the honorable thing and just stepped down, just said, let's just get a new speaker.

I'm obviously let's not even go through this motion to vacate thing. I'm not supported by my own party. I refuse to allow a new tradition to begin where we allow the minority party to then combine forces with the majority party.

Do you understand the historical significance here? What Mike Johnson has just done is he has now set a precedent supported by many people in conservative media and supported by many people that are trusted voices to effectively say that Republicans may never control the House of Representatives again. I'm going to repeat that. What Mike Johnson has done is set a precedent that has just demonstrated is that you can get away with betraying the entire base of the Republican Party.

You can turn your back on them, not care at all. And so let's just play this out. Let's say that Donald Trump hopefully wins the presidency this fall.

I give it a 50-50 shot, 50-50 shot coin toss. We got to work harder, got to register more voters, got to chase more ballots. And let's say that Mike Johnson remains a speaker and he only has a three-seat majority or a four-seat majority. Why wouldn't Mike Johnson just do an alliance with the Democrats?

He wants to remain speaker. This totally empowers the liberal wing of the Republican caucus to effectively destroy any future House Republican majority. You can say what you want about John Boehner or about Paul Ryan. They did not even go to the depths of this.

They did not even go this slow. They did not want to be speaker that bad. John Boehner just resigned when the motion to vacate was bubbling up. Meadows was threatening it. He was done. Paul Ryan says, I'm done.

I don't want to deal with this anymore. Kevin McCarthy was like, I am unwilling. Kevin McCarthy was unwilling to cut a deal with Nancy Pelosi.

And I could tell you on good authority, that deal was probed. Basically, Nancy was like, if you want to remain speaker, let's talk. So I want to just hope you understand that Kevin McCarthy could have cut a deal. Mike Johnson, he saw this threat coming from MTG and he wanted to remain speaker. And so Hakeem Jeffries made the very same call that Pelosi made because Pelosi and McCarthy from the same state, they've known each other for a while.

They've known each other for a while. And Hakeem called up Mike Johnson, you want to remain speaker? And Mike Johnson said, oh, yes. He said, I want to remain speaker. I said, OK, so what's it going to take? We don't know that we do not know what deal was cut, but we know a deal was cut.

Why? Because we're up against bitter Machiavellian Marxists that would not bail out Mike Johnson unless they were getting everything they wanted. All the Democrats care about is power and they're good at it. And if you still support Mike Johnson after all of this, you're effectively supporting the Democrat caucus because that's his base.

You want to know a fact? More Democrats voted for him to remain a speaker than Republicans. How is that not a Democrat speaker?

Mike Johnson crossed the Rubicon. He said he might have profoundly changed the House of Representatives permanently. Even if we might win the House in the future, it doesn't mean anything. He'll just go cut a deal with the Democrats to remain as a coalition speaker. But, hey, Mike Johnson gets chauffeured cars. He gets private security. He gets the big office.

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And then I want to get into Israel Gaza because that's overdue. The Uniparty is what really runs Washington, D.C. I like the term a lot because Uniparty means one. Meaning is there's a single. That there's not a Republican or a Democrat Party issue, is that there is a singular party issue. That the moderate parts of the Republican Party and almost all the parts of the Democrat Party, they might act as if they disagree on stuff, but in reality they agree on the big neoliberal stuff.

Unlimited mass migration, adventurous ferocious and aggressive international war, unlimited amounts of free trade coming into the country, dumping products and destroying American manufacturing, a complete indifference towards the social issues in our country, grooming of children so on and so forth, and fifth and final a unwillingness to restrain the administrative state or the fourth branch of government. Marjorie Taylor Greene on the House floor correctly said, this is the Uniparty. This is the Uniparty. And okay, you might not like the vote that MTG is doing, but you have to boo her.

Meanwhile, you guys were flying Ukrainian flags. No one better embodies the Uniparty than Ken Buck. Ken Buck is from Colorado. He used to be great, and now he's not so great. He used to vote really well, and now he's going on cable television doing the thing that drives me the nuttiest. It's one thing to not like Trump.

Okay, plenty of people like that. What drives me up a wall, which I consider to be the highest form of betrayal, is when you abandon your promises to your constituents, and then you go to liberal media to say what they want to hear because it makes you feel good. Ken Buck is a perfect example of Stockholm Syndrome. Ken Buck is a perfect example of Stockholm Syndrome. Stockholm Syndrome is where you fall in love with your captors, where you have been held hostage for quite some time, and you've been held hostage for so long that you then fall in love with the people that are holding you hostage.

You want your captors to love you. Here's Ken Buck. First of all, this Xanax wine mom on MSNBC, she screws up the whole thing. Oh, Unity Party. Okay, it's Uniparty. Okay, it's not about unity. It's about oneness. It's about that it's built on agreement. Not the betterment of the country. And here is Ken Buck, who then goes as far to say to mention that the institutions in this country are working. Tell that to an average 23-year-old, as he is a member of the most depressed, suicidal, alcohol-addicted, drug-addicted generation in history. Oh, the institutions are working? You mean like the CDC, the FDA, the CIA, the FBI that have been inverted against the American people? But this is your average Republican.

Play cut 107. There's use this term Unity Party like it's an insult. It's a negative. But that's not what the American people are looking for. Unity, bipartisanship.

I agree with you. Bipartisanship a few years ago was a good thing. When people could work across the aisle and there was common ground, it was a good thing. Well, it was a good thing. A common ground. It was a good thing. What what Marjorie Taylor Greene is trying to do is send a message to the American people that the institutions are corrupt, that the institutions are against you, the hardworking American.

I think that fails and it should fail because the institutions are made up of a lot of really good, hardworking people who are trying their very best under difficult circumstances, under very polarizing circumstances to get good things done. You think Anthony Fauci was trying his best? You think Deborah Birx was trying her best? That's who Glenn, that's who Ken Buck is defending. That's who Ken Buck is defending.

He goes on TV and tells them everything they want to hear. Meanwhile, we have a smaller house majority thanks to people like Mike Gallagher and Ken Buck. It makes you wonder, were they ever actually on our team? Were they ever actually in agreement with our value system? And the answer for a lot of these people is no, they were not. And his legacy is going to be betrayal.

He turned his back on the entire House Republican conference. He ran for office asking voters to entrust him with a full term. You see, it's hard to resist the trappings of the Kingdom of Washington, D.C. When you get to the Kingdom, they offer you all the sweet, seductive, alluring, tempting pleasures of life. They taunt you with it. They say, oh, vote with us. You can get all the beautiful things, the easy things, but they're actually not beautiful.

They're actually rather ugly. You have to understand, a lot of these people are dorks and nerds, and being at the cool kid table is a big deal. They ran for office, they won office, and now all of a sudden they get to be treated well. Meanwhile, the country is collapsing. They're happy to become lobbyists after they serve.

They're happy to go back into the very same system that they said that they did not like. Here is Ken Buck on CNN auditioning for a new job, Playcut 106. My experience with Marjorie is people have talked to her about not filing articles of impeachment on President Biden before he was sworn into office, not filing articles of impeachment that were groundless on other individuals in the Biden administration. And she was never moved by that. She was always focused on her social media account. And Moscow, Marjorie is focused now on this Ukraine issue and getting her talking points from the Kremlin and making sure that that she is popular and she is getting a lot of coverage. Did you hear that? You see, that's that's a perfect example of who Ken Buck is. Ken Buck can't debate on the substance, but Ken Buck says that she's getting her talking points straight from the Kremlin.

There is not even zero evidence there's not even zero evidence of that. You mean that making the country a priority? America is a talking point from the Kremlin.

But that right there is the picture. That's what we're up against. We're up against one party rule. It is not a problem that America is more divided than ever.

It's that our political system is more unified against us. And all the disagreements actually don't exist. There is no disagreement in D.C. on spending. There is no disagreement in D.C. on war. There is no disagreement in D.C. on corporate lobbying.

AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Northrop Grumman, Bowie, Lockheed Martin. There is there is harmony because they're all on the take or or they're all afraid and they want to be at the cool kids table or less or so they're ideological zealots for the advancement of the kingdom of Washington D.C. And this is where Donald Trump that's why they're trying to put Donald Trump in prison for 700 years. He's a class traitor. He used to be part of that ruling class. He used to be at the top levels of that American society and he defected from it to go and represent the underclass.

We actually have a caste system in this country and it's brutal and it's ugly how it's been calcified and almost made permanent. And Donald Trump is a symbol of reckoning against that ruling class. Donald Trump is now part of something much bigger than just Trump and the if you fail to grasp understand his appeal, he is now a placeholder for a population of the country that sees a ruling class that gets richer, wealthier, that gets more and more pompous and prideful and has contempt for the people that put them there in the first place. He is a symbol to go and overturn those tables.

He is the symbol. Trump is a threat but the movement is the real threat and they know that. That's why they try to put him in jail. But people like Ken Buck, that's your average Republican.

You want to know what you get? That is your average Republican. Spineless, deceitful, baseless in accusations, bought by corporate interests, certainly not loyal to this country. Three star general Michael J. Flynn, head of the Pentagon Intelligence Agency, knew all the government's dirty secrets. He was one of the most respected generals in the military. Flynn knew what the Intel world had been up to. He understood its funding.

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I want to make sure we make time for this. Jonathan is with us. Jonathan Cho from Seattle, Washington. He was assaulted in the Antifa deal during our event there at University of Washington. Jonathan, welcome to the program. Walk our audience through what happened on the campus of University of Washington.

Well, first of all, Charlie, glad you're okay. You were inside safe and sound while all the insanity was happening outside, but it was an incredible event. But unfortunately, again, this past couple days, the TPUSA Frontlines team, we were out there recording like we always do this Hamas encampment, essentially, that's sprouted up here in the quad. And we were doing interviews, and Antifa militants, who have essentially infiltrated this camp, spotted us, and they tried to chase us out of the quad. We were running around, and we finally got to a staircase, and that's when we got cornered. About 20 folks dressed up in black block armor, essentially ganged up on us, mobbed us, and started throwing punches. Thankfully, I had two security guards with me, and we were able to make it out. One of my security guards ended up with a gash under his eye. But other than that, they kept us safe, and that's the footage that you're seeing right now.

I got in a few blows myself, and cleared the space so I could get away from that. But the real story here is the fact that the administration right now, the UW administration is failing to do anything right now about numerous incidents of violence, anti-semitism, Jewish students not being allowed to walk into this quad area, and still no sign or timeline on when the encampment is going to get cleared. Yeah, a Jewish student came up to me when I was on campus for a couple hours, and he said that he walked through the encampment, made a mistake of answering a phone call of a relative in Israel, and he answered in Hebrew, was surrounded by members of the encampment, and they said, we're going to kill you if you come back here, and that Jews deserve to die.

Jonathan, does that sound like an accurate answer to that question? Yeah, not only are we seeing that type of intimidation and threats made openly here on the campus, you have, you know, a few counter protesters out there holding, you know, Israeli flags. Those are being immediately snatched away. Again, I want to be very clear, the vast majority of the people right now in the quad are not students. This has been infiltrated by professional activists. These are the same people who are the ones who are the ones who are the ones who are professional activists. These are the same people who helped fuel the BLM riots here in 2020, when Seattle got wrecked, and they're back now trying to cause more mayhem and chaos.

Look, this is no longer about being, you know, for Palestine or not. What's happening here is you have so many outside agitators, far left activists with different agendas, pushing their communist, Marxist, socialist agenda here, and they're trying to capture this next generation on campus. So, Jonathan, I suppose the question I have is what percentage of the people that are doing this are students versus outside agitators? Look, I personally counted now 160 tents.

I don't know exactly what the breakdown is, students versus outside agitators. But when there's a tent that has a sign that says death to fascists, and all these Antifa activists are, you know, pretty much, you know, hanging out in this tent. I think the vast majority right now are training up the students, how to fight, how to deal with police, because eventually, this place is going to get cleared. Okay, that's inevitable.

It's not a matter of if but when. So again, they're getting ready for that. We saw a glimpse of what that would look like during your event this past Tuesday. UW administrators gave the activists metal barricades to keep out counter protesters, let that sink in. Instead of clearing the encampment, they gave out metal barricades.

So counter protesters couldn't get in, the public couldn't walk through the space. All because they're protecting, it seems like this quad encampment right now. Jonathan, how can people support or follow the great work that you're doing with Frontline's Attorney Point USA?

Yeah, no, thanks for that, Charlie. Again, we're on all the TPUSA platforms, but follow me on social media at Choshow, C-H-O-E-S-H-O-W. Yeah, and just finally, they're trying to, they come after you personally, right? They had all your personal information that they were releasing. I mean, this is vicious.

Oh yeah, I forgot about that part. That was probably the worst part of this ordeal rather than some of the blows that I took. They put my personal home address out here on cardboard signs and even wrote it down on Umbrella. So if you saw an address on the local news the other day, that was my address. So look, at this point, whatever, bring it.

I'm ready. Well, watch your back. I don't know if you're allowed to own a firearm in the state of Washington, but if you are, make sure you know how to use it and use it legally because they want you dead.

That's why they had these big signs trying to target you. But you're a stud. We have your back 100% and stay safe. Thank you. Thanks, Charlie. I'm all about the Second Amendment. Good. Thanks so much for listening, everybody. Email us, as always, freedom at Thanks so much for listening and God bless.
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