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Pence Seems to Think he Can Win Presidency

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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August 18, 2022 3:15 pm

Pence Seems to Think he Can Win Presidency

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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August 18, 2022 3:15 pm

Vice President Mike Pence seems to think he can win the presidency — of the USA.

Rep. Kat Cammack and Pastor Allen Jackson join the conversation!

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Welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by Legacy precious metals. There's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's a legacy PM delivers universities viewing movies to see Charlie since conservative commentary from the typo here, I was sending somebody a attacked right before the light over the start of the show when I was to say oh my gosh, it is said, oy vey how the world of this AutoCorrect thing is killing me on the on the laptop here. I'm hello everybody water to the Todd surgery field program. A good debut with his grace we can figure out how to turn the turn this AutoCorrect thing off is going to get me in trouble.

Yeah, I've had a lot of issues with it myself.

I understand have you notice I got the I got the new iPhone is not new. Now with the iPhone. What 13.

The latest will. Yes, I like the 11th so it's got a functioning and this called me yesterday. I was I was doing the show when I normally have those people who watch us on the debtor or Facebook live. They know I'm usually looking at my phone is right down beside me because because our parity guru Paul Shanklin's always texting me in the middle of the show, adding commissary usually and does so anyway I looked down yesterday and apparently there there is a record feature talking to and it recorded the entire segment of the show was about to sell is not a word I've done that before an accident.

What in the world anyway before we go any further after told this to ensure this. Because we got a pack show and the and I got to share the story with you.

I have a weird there's something weird that I do every day after the show just about Arby's, which is I'm not a big Arby's fan but for some reason Arby's has the best fish in America who will hire a man of what Donald has been all they got it.

I love the folio for but I don't think that's real fish or something else makes Mary a bad person at the raw human being is the fried fish with hushpuppy matter, love, and I'm trying to eat healthy. So I thought you going to do the fried for what I can do that. I mean it that's called coleslaw but but I so I've been trying to eat healthy.

So I'm trying the fried fish and Arby's and is very delicious. If you call that healthy.

I think I think I've lost a pound or two maybe I can ask Al because alright so you know I guard I really doubt.

I think that the roast beef. Here's my thing.

They have good fries. They have good shake sell. Given that, but the beef I just think about it that this roast beef is just been sitting there and like a foil packet and it's kind of slimy. I just don't do it. I like roast beef sandwich when it's fresh, not from Arby's. I remember when I was a kid. They had been to me that was like the upscale fast food place to go to. It was like the chick below and sort of be, but now Chick-fil-A's gone full-blown woke on some of their there for me to offer the plant-based stuff that's always the warnings of kale salad. You know you know that they're turning to the left, I knew that it Chick-fil-A when they got rid of the carrot salad.

Things were going to the left and truthful and they got rid of the house. I would not let the kale salad at the kale nobodies that garbage.

That's what we have lawnmowers to make a mean kale chips but anyway I think you grace. Alright, I will award all were talking about bike pins today. Hello everybody.

I walk in the show so this this is somewhat unbelievable but I'm I'm going to help us work our way through this bike pins is going to challenge Donald Trump for the Republican nomination for the presidency know it's not written in stone just yet, but that's the only reason to be in New Hampshire right now and Mike pence does not own a vacation home in New Hampshire. He doesn't have relatives in New Hampshire buddies in New Hampshire and he is laying the groundwork folks for a run at the White House and he's not the only one. But this, this could get very interesting because on the debate stage, you could end up having Donald Trump, Mike pence and Liz Cheney. Another question is what is Donald Trump pick up on the stage and smack around the other person is that Liz Cheney does he pick her up and physically just smack the living daylights out of my pants or is it vice versa but they're all going to be running for the White House so look Mike pence had a couple of things to say first of all, he was talking about whether or not he would testify or consider testifying at the January 6 committee chairs and they were real.

If there is a Michigan Constitution a few times and redirected the role of president in history for VP. Some just as so many well know he's prejudged. I mean we all. He's about to throw the president or somebody of the boss we we don't know, but this was a conversation he was having with folks in New Hampshire and eggs in one of these eggs in politics, ideals, and it was what I thought was interesting was the, the level of applause. It was not all that great. I mean he was, he was not. He was well received that it like for older eggs. Adam but he was it was it was polite applause. It was not like oh yeah were ready to storm the US capital for you too soon. My apologies. He was he was in the crowd wasn't ready to march in the streets were Mike pence that that's all I'm saying. So anyway, Mike pence and you need to understand this. Why is it that the the people of the Republican Party.

The people of macro world. Why are they so upset it might pence because by all accounts, he's just a good and decent guy. I mean my pincers is a born-again Christian.

He was a radio host so we do is good people. He was the governor and that he was a loyal he was a loyal member of the Trump administration, until literally the very last second and then it all went to you know where. So I mean he is a good guy.

He is a decent guy. He's a good Christian man, but but it's parts.

You have a have those queasy Viking for I'm trying to explain this and so that we can all understand because I really don't want to disparage Mike pence but but he does have a certain character flaw.

So I a few days ago they had the 87,000 IRS agents and they can become an after your butts lives in Sullivan, they're not coming after the wealthy that I come in after the Democrats are coming after all of you conservative middle-class working-class blue-collar Americans. All right, they're coming after us. So let's say you here at church with with Mike pence and you tell Mike hey, you know, Mr. VP, hope you're doing good. He says how are you doing to the economy. All Mr. VP, it's bad, it's bad, was vice president had to take up a part-time job, off the books got a bluegrass cash only so that you know the IRS doesn't find out. You know, Mike is going to is going to smile and nod his head, and you know what might pence would do bike pence when he got home he would pick up the phone he would call the Internal Revenue Service and he would rat you out because it's the good Christian thing to do pay into safes. What is Caesar's.

That's what he would do it for the record we pay her taxes are just just in case. The vice president was so here you have Mike pence now considering a run and a lot of people are saying why.

Why do people really not like this guy.

He's the guy that will always go in to handle, but he would do it in the name of the Lord and that somehow makes it okay.

Let me explain, and we have some audio. This is from December. So the election the 2020 election. It was in November you had the controversy. This is in December all right and Mike pence and in this is very close.

This is very close to when the certification was about to happen and here's what Mike pence told the crowd and as our election contest continues to make her from working to keep fighting until every legal vote is counted as legal vote is thrown out say America will never stop writing the president of the bus. That's what he did so Mike and nothing changed and that's what really angers a lot of people is that nothing changed. Mike pence was out there he was rallying the base. He was the one getting the people fired up. He was getting the people to go to Washington DC for the big rally that was Mike pence and when when the going got tough. Mike pence went running and that's ultimately why people are so upset with Mike pence if Mike pence would've just stayed quiet.

He could've he could've told Pres. Trump. You know what I got up I got little touch of the China virus, Mr. Pres., I got hacked I have to stay here at the Naval Observatory but even do that know Mike had said you know what were going to fight this and what so so think about this, not because her saying the mainstream media there out there saying all this is a good and honorable man. Okay, what is good and honorable man was literally out there standing in front of thousands of people and he was saying that the election was what was stolen. You just heard. He taught out where got out by what I fight on the battlefield right and it was like the big Churchill moment and worry about fighting until every illegal vote is thrown out. Those are not my words, those are the words of my pencils are not the words of Donald John Trump. Ladies and gentlemen, those are the words of my parents was he lying was he telling the truth, you tell me.

I think he believed it, but something happened and and I'll tell you what happened.

Mike pence Lord loving is squishy. He squishy ladies and someone it's an official medical political diagnosis. The man is squishy and we know this because in Indiana as governor he signed the religious freedom law that would've protected churches in the bakery owners in the wedding shop people from getting sued by the alphabet. People he had a chance and he stood his ground, and then the complaints came and he turned tail and ran, and he abandoned the Christian people in Indiana. He can't fight good man good man great husband great father good Christian, but he's a lousy fighter and I'm a little ladies and gentlemen.

If Mike pence is the guy, would you vote for Mike pence. Honestly I'm I'm curious to hear your thoughts on this.

What you vote for Mike pence if he was the Republican nominee given the choice, Donald Trump, Mike pence is Jamie, I'm sorry. I tried to say with a list general to general Tecumseh Cheney, would you vote for 844-747-8860 that's our toll-free telephone number, no I'm serious about this.

I mean these people legitimately think they got while Liz Cheney doesn't think she has a shot list.

Cheney wants to stop Trump. She wants to be the female Ross Perot of this up of this political season, but Mike pence really does believe he's got a shot here and he's listening to his advisors telling about 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show.

All right coming up in about 90 minutes or so. We should from federal judge going to decide whether or not to release the affidavit so you got the Justice Department they don't want they don't want anyone to know what they were doing what they were looking for inside Mara Lago Pres. Trump originally now the DOJ and let's get them will give her by the back story here so early on that the Justice Department said well we can't really tell you what we're looking for. Unless president trial wants to release it but really not quite sure he's going to do that so on. But it's really up to Pres. Trump so Pres. Trump comes out and says release the affidavit. Go ahead and open it up. We have nothing to hide and then all of a sudden the FBI comes back and says well we were really yeah, we really don't want to do it. After all, when I can release anything. After all, it said. There's just too much with it.

It might affect some other investigations. We got so yeah what is going to back off and so now the judge is going to decide and and honestly what needs to happen is it needs to be released.

We need to know everything that was going on at Mara Lago. That's what needs to happen because what if the president if a former Pres. Trump is guilty of harboring top-secret information or information that could've led to the destruction of America. We need to know about that if in fact that information that would lead to the destruction of America and the FBI do it for eight teen mods and did nothing yet we can need to we need to know about that as well so there's a lot we need to know about what happened out there and I don't for a New York minute believe Pres. Trump did anything illegal is a taught how can you say that a very simple village of the man's record. He's never been arrested never been charged with a crime.

Oh yeah, there are a lot of people out there making all sorts of allegations but at the end of the day Pres. Trump has never been charged and we know that plot after plot after FBI planned plot has been dismissed as fake fraud. So yeah, I'm I'm sticking with Pres. Trump on this one. Now a lot of people are already jumping jumping ship. You've got Alex Jones out there who now says that he's going to be around the Santos man you've got Fox News and Fox news is making the shift and it's sort of like this are like the Titanic Fox News. They had a straight shot to New York City and what happened.

They deviated course and their head right into a bagel iceberg and you got people that are jumping ship.

Laura Ingram just the other night suggesting that people are just too exhausted. People are exhausted there tired of the drama and there there ready for somebody else. I mean the entire news divisions been anti-Trump from day one.) All background Chris Wallace.

The only glimmer of good news coming out of boxes. They hired Sheena bream to host her Sunday show and she is she's the best, have nothing but great things to say about Sheena bream but the rest of them. Well, it's kind of a mixed bag over there.

But all that to say there. There are calculations being made right now that many of you are ready to move on beyond Trump and and I'm not one of those people just yet. I love Rhonda sentence if Trump decides not to run. I'm I'm to be in the Santos's corner will be singing his praises, I think he's a he make a great Pres. but right now I want to sort through this Trump stuff. I think the guys been given a raw deal and I believe we owe it to Donald Trump to do him right.

What say you America.

Do you want to do right by the president or or is it really time to move on 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show. My pillow is having their biggest sheet sale of the year you all of help build my pillow into an amazing company that it is today. Now Mike would tell the inventor and CEO once to get back exclusively to his listeners the percale bedsheets that is available in a variety of colors and sizes and are all on sale.

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Click on the radio Lister Square and use the promo code starts. That's 1-800-839-8506 use the promo code Starnes or go to and click on the radio listener square right away real new polling data in Ohio big battleground date turns out, Ohioans are more like to vote for Trump in 2024. After the FBI raid, according to a new poll from Emerson College.

They did a pretty decent job while abusing keeps all go welcome anyway.

For some reason this in my headphones your folks. But again, this Ohio poll from Emerson College, 51% compared to 41% say they would likely be voting for the other party this year. Interesting.

So Republicans looking good in the Buckeye state. Meanwhile, Tim Ryan is leading JD Vance in favorability.

That's for the big Senate race there.

54% over 50% or 54% over his opponent there.

This Fox News story is clearly riddled with with errors of folks and so I'm just gonna stop you chimes you to stop reading this I hello what's going over Fox but their numbers are way off the mark.

844-747-8868 that's our phone number. Let's go to the phones Margaret in Georgia what's on your mind. I'm more determined than ever to vote for current after this ongoing persecution and only convinces me more and more that his efforts to drink this world are desperately needed. If America is ever going to be what it has been in the past so so Margaret you have been turned off by the nonstop attacks on Trump over these years making more determined to realize that this one doesn't want you there because why they're afraid they're afraid he's going to stop the corruption in the fraud going on out there that is been expelled to us now 80 years old and I have always looked to the federal government to be aboveboard and lately we've been able to see is Americans more Lord that the swamp is indeed corrupt and it needs to be drained and I don't know anybody else's any tougher than trunk to be able to handle that. Yeah, I mean Mike pence is a nice guy but you don't want him in the sky but nice guys don't don't do that yet. You don't want to the foxhole next to you when the going gets tough. I hear what you're saying in Christian and not appreciate my parents. Christianity but we need somebody tougher than to tackle this will all right Margaret, I suspect a lot of people agree with you out there appreciate the call ladies is open.

Margaret says hey she's with Trump and we need to keep fighting 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 now Eric Trump was on Hannity show the other night. He says they were ordered to shut down the surveillance videos of the FBI comes in and they say you gotta shut down the.

The video surveillance and the FBI apparently thought they did. But they did not. So they got all of the surveillance video. Now Eric Trump is saying you know what we may we may release this this videotape, and people are freaking out because all you can show the phases you gotta bore the white why do that. By the way ladies and gentlemen were talking about your tax dollars at work at Mara Longo. So I say let's see what the FBI was doing.

Let's see those spaces and then let's compare those spaces to the faces of the FBI agents who plotted to kidnap the governor of Michigan and let's compare those spaces to the faces in the crowd outside the US capital generate the six and then let's take those spaces and compare those spaces to whoever planted those bombs outside of the RNC and DNC headquarters. I think we might be very surprised by what we see in that video, I certainly do. Meanwhile you have Fox News Channel and they are completely in the tank for the FBI, Steve Ducey on Fox News, Fox and friends.

He sits on the left side of the Kirby couch. Here's what he had to say back to the midterms were less than 90 days away from it and obviously out of the campaign trail. Some people are townhouses and hey what you guys blow it so badly on COBIT and stuff like that and now they got an answer. Will there were mistakes. Mistakes were made, but we've reset a Job either ministration mistakes Joe Biden administration is going to save us all. So that's the new midterm thinking. You would think going forward, along with it's not inflation. You were not in recession all that stuff is just spin and also rates random raids in the middle of August.

I don't think of surrender. That's okay. I think it was ran I lose interest and ran it in the sense that why that timing why three weeks, three months before the midterms you Ducey's duties out.

He's out, he's you. You can tell with the tone of the tenor of his voice that something is not right there and by the way, you know what might princes to Mike pence brought up the FBI and everybody's upset. Oh how dare you how dare you say anything about America's premier law enforcement agency you un-American.

You Hater you know here's here's Mike pence cut five earlier today and elsewhere.

I also want to remind my fellow Republicans. We can hold the Atty. Gen. accountable for the decisions that she made without attacking the rank and file law enforcement personnel that the FBI about a long authority stands with the men and women who serve on the thin blue line at the federal and state and local level these attacks on the FBI must stop close to the front yard just as wrong as cars to defund the police truth the matter is we need to get to the bottom of what happened when you let the facts play, but more than anything else.

The American people need to be reassured in the integrity of our justice system and the very appearance of a recurrence of politics playing a role in decisions of the Justice Department demands transparency as never before, and I will continue to call on the Atty. Gen. and the Justice Department to make that information available to the American people and do so now.

And that, ladies and gentlemen is a great big pile of grade a crab Pola crap.

I said it crap. These are the same. FBI agents who tried to take down the Trump presidential campaign.

The same FBI agents who were plotting and text messages to destroy Donald Trump. Once he became president of the United States the same FBI agents. By the way, who went out there and targeted innocent moms and dads. Their only crime. By the way, was complaining to their local school board because they didn't want their little girls using the same bathrooms and showers causes little boys. They got all God visits by the FBI. Now I get to make a lot of people mad here, but I got a problem with any FBI agent who was still on the job and opposes what the FBI is doing a Mara Longo and stay silent their cowards, cowards, if you see a government agency that is been a weapon eyes to take down a political opponent, and you say nothing, then you're a coward. I say the same thing about the TSA all the time and it drives people nuts, but time, I just have to have a job and is the only job I can get old me in handling a molesting grandmothers and children.

That's the only job you can get Gorka McDonald's with the only reason that we have Tierney in America is because we the people allowed to happen. Ladies and gentlemen, so I don't have a problem saying the FBI and yet there are probably some people rank-and-file. We you know what you need to be a whistleblower. As a matter of fact, the only way to fix the culture immediately in the FBI is for all the good and decent FBI agents to stand up and say hold up a minute. This is not who we are but they're not doing it except for the 20 or so that Jim Jordan says have come forward. The whistleblowers, but there ought to be a whole lot more. So if your dentist if you FBI agent. If you're just gonna stand there and watch all of this happen and watch these people manhandle United States Constitution.

You are just as guilty as everybody else in your agency.

Now I know that's a hard pill for a lot of people to swallow, but that's the way I see it in the TSA is every time you walk into an airport is like you're walking into some sort. It's almost like you're walking into a demilitarized zone into North Korea at all. I'm trying to do is get to Atlanta, Georgia on Delta Air Lines ready when you are but instead of getting on the airplane. Yeah got through it. You gotta go through a TSA checkpoint and they molest you. That's what they do. It's ridiculous and the only reason it's allowed is because we allow it to happen so I don't have a problem calling out the FBI I don't have a problem releasing the tapes and maybe just maybe a people can actually see what the FBI has really been up to. Maybe then we really can facilitate change. Maybe then we really can clean out the swamp that is Washington DC. But you got people like Mike pence out there and Steve Ducey and they just do not have the courage to call out what needs to be called out and if you can't do that you are part of the problem 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 folks working to take a break before we do. I've got to tell you about our good friends at life change team.

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Let's go to the phone saloon in Georgia what's on your mind. God will let you know that.always at the I got no bad place for the meal that you job that you work it is known everywhere. You know, in the but I think we need to put it. The blame back on Joe Biden because he had ordered this. Don't be for this to happen now and be like to be told Grace Baker to make you a couple coffee than anybody get sick, you know you don't barge at Grace Baker know you was one about the coffee you know and so I think then we need to put all the blame back on Joe Biden because you know if you notice that this is happened is running that what he didn't have one Afghanistan. He has been hiding from everybody. And because he knows he's done it and he's guilty of it. He was on vacation in Delaware now is back on vacation in South Carolina, but the guy that's all he does is vacation ultimately somebody else which we all believed to be Barack Hussein Obama is the guy actually running the country and this guy be so out of his mind and write about. If you look at that day that he was leaving, you know, and after checking jokes you were saying and you go check again. They looked each other right now L and I think some that stuff sometime in the proto-and not I think he knows what he had done and that's was what you want to get out of town. I know I got Lou I think you're onto something. There's you think we'll call it Joe Biden's rate, not the guys right. Yes sir. We go to sleep you look back when he called Tobit he said about how she got it going.when you did that is going on abound, but dad day you die today gallantly and he said lock a lot older then the glut don't come and drop the you know the gate new so you think this was like a loose so they're trying is like a squirrel so they want the FBI chasing after tromp as opposed to Hunter and the players on cheese yet because the I said it say they all got to go, but you know I don't why Outlook Tobit said that they want to be a breath of God up there.

He was scared. Good luck think the definite is so when he did. He goes in on this thing.

We know we get a leak in all the FBI and quit looking honors in this thing we know they rainwater Lago all right Lou, that's an interesting, that is an interesting theory. Lou will see what's what the audience thinks about that. Let's go to James from Arkansas hey James what's on your mind today. Well I'll talk about drop of liquid for is for us to move all the legal thing to be his friend and partner when he was elected president like Steve, do you think Mike and I would vote for Micah vote for a Democrat before I bookmark the you know what a Christian but he still leave that's a fair point and there are Christian weasels out there. James looked at me that Mike pence is your typical Republican Hill say one thing to get get your vote, and they'll do the exact opposite. When he gets elected. That's all he is you know you know what my integrity is my bit of integrity is what you do. Nobody's watching there you go you know what, that's it.

James and and it just seems to me, and maybe will get the full story here and appreciate the call that the anger between Pres. tromp and the vice president is real and the president is a very he's a loyal person he values loyalty and he feels like that that pence was disloyal, but I'm very curious to know the the final interactions between those two because I suspect I suspect that Mike pence was dispatched to the United States capital and Mike pence was in fact going to intervene and then somehow changed his mind so he told Donald Trump, Mr. Pres., I'm going to do your bidding. But then when he got to the capital. He change his mind.

I suspect ultimately that's what this is is really all about our eight 844-747-8860 were to be taking your calls in the next hour.

That's 844-747-8868 I we got a great show can't cam it just going to drop. I also Alan Jackson, the writer not the singer is going to be her brand-new book out of order to be talking to him about that as well and I coming up after the top of the already use. We got a bizarre story from the border. Brand-new video shows border patrol agents opening up a gate on private property along the border and allowing illegal aliens to come to the country. What's that all about Sen. Marshall, blackbird also very upset because were now getting word that more illegals are being dumped in the state of Tennessee. Specifically, you people listing to us in Chattanooga and you know who's going to be foot the bill for all of that so will be talking about that coming up as well as some exclusive audio from this is pretty unusual some patriotic illegal aliens will explain what that's all about coming up again 844-747-8868 and our website and were super proud of it, folks. Todd We have some of the best writers in America but not great copy and content just for you exclusively all the time surgery is uncle Tom to is the eye-opening documentary everyone in America should see Todd Starnes here and uncle Tom to offers a compelling and brave analysis of the true history of black America.

The cultural shift from prosperity, integrity and faith to its current perceived state of anger, discontent and victimhood. Uncle Tom to offers historical footage, photos, correspondence and data to reveal the genuine strides of black America in the 20th century, the deliberate Marxist strategy to create racial tension and replace God with government and the NAACP's sinister agenda. Don't miss uncle Tom to from executive producer Larry Elder and director Justin Malone with Brandon Tatum and voting Baucom and Chad O Jackson preorder it watch the movie on demand or by the DVD on Friday that Caelum sale University studio in Memphis Tennessee and border to border play hello and welcome to our two of the Todd Stern's radio program. Thank you for making the choice to hang out with us. The true conservative talk radio so couple of things happening this hour of the program were waiting for this federal judge to weigh in on whether or not the FBI warrant, the search warrant and affidavit will be unsealed word and keep you updated on that we are monitoring our news partner news Max and the really get to that in just a few moments, but I am I want to go to the folder. We have a very interesting caller Linda listing to us. Our line stream from Wyoming and Linda. I understand that you had some sort of a leadership position there on election day in Wyoming.

I got servant and election judge and down because I can't.

I wonder I said I got to serve as greeters, so I was near the cable where people can hear registration it right in Wyoming you can register to vote on today of the election. You can change your party affiliation you can make any changes you need. We tried to get changed. Hopefully this year. People need to pay attention to their local election because this is our local legislature that I would see because I was close to the table. People go and change their affiliation come Democrat to Republican, they would go vote and they would brag about just voting for Cheney because they could and then they wouldn't make any other selection than you can see that the results that came out yesterday and then they would go back to the table change their affiliation back from Republican back to Democrat we have two Democratic counties mainly in Wyoming course Teton County, Jackson Hole, and Albany County where University is and by and on counties primarily Democratic very much so. And by midafternoon. One of the pre-things we had to precincts where I was serving they had over 600 vote only 35 were Democrat because people change their affiliation rights.

You see, Linda. We hearing we been hearing the words of that happening, but you're telling me I was tall with your own eyeballs absolutely absolutely so whole lot. Thought in early election as well is I have to ask you have to ask you. I mean, what are people in Wyoming saying about the computer because you're right if the Democrats had not jumped in.

This could've been.

I mean a a massive landslide allowed that she will probably lot. I say that now even CNN news story that encouraged and in Wyoming you can change your party affiliation to vote in our primary P&L and that oh yeah they tried to change it last year in the legislature. And they said oh no no it's too close to voting our rhinos and Democrat. We were overrun and they wouldn't let us change the law so that you can't change or register to vote on election day Linda this is this is pretty significant because Liz TV for all of her career has been voting conservative. She was probably one of the most loyal members of the trumpet campaign released political ideology. All of that changed. Of course now and I'm wondering what was the attitude the atmosphere for voters going in with our date and are the angry at Liz Cheney are an email I would come in and out some other men there like my head was in another area and eight people we don't know it. Come talk to us. We gotta get him out. He just stand there and that what could he have an election judge you have to be totally in L nonpolitical and get out and just because I can't talk about that now that they would come to him and say and then I would see them at questioning about when we would stay would feed the paper ballots and the machine they were concerned about it. Concerned about the fraud that happens with voting machines. People like to think that rural people are not aware that honestly when we lived in Tennessee.

We moved back to Wyoming from Tennessee five years ago. People are very aware oh no doubt about, probably because you know we said we see with your own eyes what what's happening out there. Linda what what what was it was at the Trump stuff about Cheney or was it something as simple as you note your choice be our congressperson people are you.

Why were the angry at Liz Cheney January whole commission when she started back and her boat started getting more and more liberal. We all felt that I need and that when that Republican it was last spring in 20. I guess that almost 2 years ago here napped out that the Republican party condemned her.

Whatever it was they had about and down the party.

Yeah yeah this is an art, and it was hilarious we were at the Republican breakfast on week. We were tired and so now are really trying to get active. As you know, when you're working sometimes a tart and at the Republican breakfast.

They said okay everybody voted for Cheney and 2020 racer hand. We all raised their hand.

Anybody that's voting for Cheney now raise your hand. Not a single hand went up in the Albany County Republican Party. What you say to those establishment Republicans out there. There are people that are up on Fox news channel. Now there they're condemning you guys in there accusing you guys of being un-American for not supporting Liz Cheney may need to read history three finished rereading Bonnie Hoffer and Hitler. I mean, it's all a lie.

Everybody knows what they're all and they don't know their history and I would encourage parents to stay home and homeschool their children and youth David Barton to carry all and heritage. Let me see Hillsdale College had three course baking you speak to American know your history. It's a great piece of advice yeah yeah all right. Linda is old one that homeschooled mind from nursery school through high school and all of them chose not to go to college and they're all doing very, very, very well know how to thank you thank teach your kids to thank Linda were to leave it there. I want you to promise, so you can call back. I want you to be one of her regular callers. All I will have anything to say all right you know how to you know how to reach us all right.

Linda from Wyoming and invokes. I look Linda is involved. She says hey look for retired the husband.

We were tired we decided to jump in and get involved and save our country want to great what what a great thing that they are doing, not just for themselves but also for their family. Him and for the country. 844-747-8868. That is our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 stories of the daily wire to means writing families are fleeing Portland because it's a hellhole. I I will save as I when I was over at Salem we were doing an event for our radios stationed there KY KM and you have to fly to Portland is what about 60 miles away anywhere the airport. It's, it's, it was nice enough but people were saying Todd just to stay away from Portland, but according to according to daily wire. People are literally evacuating Portland because of the homeless population. Greg Dilks is a North Portland resident of three decades, told television station Kate GW, the number of homeless people in his neck of the woods quote makes you not feel that great about living here. Quote. It makes living in the neighborhood harder not as congenial as it could be. It's the first time in a long time that we've actually seriously thought about moving. According to the local NBC affiliate. There are at least 6600 homeless people in the Portland metro area that number more than likely higher. The city had to do a federally mandated count of vagabonds in 2022, but they ran into a staffing problem so that one table with maybe they could cancel almost people give them some dim sum work one real estate agent told reporters. The problem of vagrants is a pretty testy subject but she is seen it firsthand.

I would say the migration of the suburbs. I've seen quite a bit of the last two years. Most people don't have to worry about it if they can leave their car parked in their driveway overnight without maybe having it broken into know that's a big problem here in Memphis Tennessee a lot of people are old, some people are actually rolling down their windows so they don't break out the window when they when they go to steal something inside the car, and I know if you've noticed this but a lot of the police reports and outputting the they're there putting the blame on the actual car owners so you have a responsibility to make sure there's nothing in your car but look ultimately the criminals are to be criminals, thugs are going to be thugs. Speaking of that, you know we got all these illegals that are crossing the border and I don't know how our parity guru Paul Shanklin finds these great scoops. But it turns out a lot of people been questioning the patriotism of the illegals who are invading our nation at record numbers.

Now illegals who are disrespecting our nations laws and quite frankly, as the first thing there for their footsteps foot on American soil. They immediately break our laws, but there are some patriots within the bunch. Let's take a listen to what we've discovered hello, I'm John McCain.

We now close today's broadcast with our national anthem boys hello and see there the way across the room where he and I will rise. We had the time I on in the we and the oh and and will and in will be see. All right, I want to bag ladies and gentlemen good to have you with those Todd Starnes radio show a raging debate right now over whether or not the president president Tromp should release the surveillance video from our Lago. There are many people saying that the that the president should protect the identities of the FBI agents and that if in fact the video is released it would lead to violence or something. I don't know. I say release the surveillance video. Let's see what the people see what the FBI was doing let the people see how their tax dollars are being used. Let the people see the FBI agents the big burly FBI agents rummaging through Monia trumps closet and her drawers. Let's see what say you, ladies and gentlemen, you want the president to really so surveillance videos 844-747-8868 that is a toll-free telephone number by the way I want to play some audio from Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and the the governors is very alarmed at the hiring of these 87,000 IRS agents cut number nine do that because you're not able to contend with us therein across a lot of people by doing that and I think of all the things that come out of Washington and outrageous. This is gotta be pretty close to the top and I think it was basically just the middle finger to the American public that this is what they think of you all these problems we have to deal with anything the way, is to do 87,000 IRS agents is to be more people in the IRS like a lot of these other agencies combine now you are not putting very much my order I can tell you that right now they want to be able to do it and unleash them on American taxpayers and so so that's wrong. Fortunately, one of the reasons we don't have income taxes. If you have an income tax you don't empower revenue agents.

Once you do that income tax that gives them the ability to really go in, potentially dark, and it's going to be targeted at people that the government doesn't want well yes and who were those people. Anybody who voted for Donald Trump, anybody who gave a single penny to a Republican candidate all you people that live in small towns that to the Internal Revenue Service is going to target and Dana Perino over at Fox actually interviewed some ranchers cattle ranchers down in Texas because they were targeted by the IRS.

People that are out there as well to know that this is a possibility. Your chances of being audited are going up.

Yes the race Mike and similar audits, but middle-class people are to which they be prepared for.

I had no idea how or the scope going in three years of my life. I'm sitting in my living room table, any control over the information he was given it was very, very, you feel very bad when you believe or not it. Want to see your receipt your life apart. Not the American dream is for something small business and IT people living the American dream $50 from us that he was there for three days he came from Dallas or Layla. It's unbelievable but it's it's true, and during the Obama years. In all my years 54 years 54 years I've only been audited three times. They all happened while I was employed at Fox news channel during the administration of Barack Hussein Obama.

You think that was a coincidence. No of course not.

It wasn't a coincidence. They're coming after us therein at targets. That's why we gotta send Republicans who are rock solid with backbones of steel to Washington DC again. Mike pence good guy, but he's not the guy you need a Washington DC party really go to the phones. Gotta take a break 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number.

That's a 447-4788 68 this is the Tod's furniture, raising ends of the broadcast studio is a development with ranking grace delivered at the breaking news alert and we got met yet, but each has this know that's no Limbaugh had like a whole. You know thing is not in the budget. Sorry, look, I realize were I realize word on the road but were not poor. Come on, I'm making do you I'm sorry our whole lot. Ladies and gentlemen we Lord breaking news on what that was part thank you okay we do have some breaking news to share with you from CNN this is that and we have confirmed this through NPR Brian Stelter is out at CNN.

Brian Stelter is has been fired. His program has been terminated where they collect reliable sources on the problem there is. His sources were always unreliable and the whole point of Brian Stelter show was to attack Fox news channel so they CNN literally paid somebody to sit there and watch Fox news channel CNN was paying someone to watch their competition and then come right back on the air and talk about their competition. Now there is an unwritten rule in broadcast news.

Whether you're on the radio or TV you never, never talk about your immediate competition because what's gonna happen.

If you're talking about your competition, you're really going to change the channel. See what they're talking about and that's what happened was CNN just unbelievable. So anyway, I'm surprised it took this long, but the new owners of CNM have said right away there there really a clean house and this is part of it now. We called him the dwarf keying and grace were talking about this so that you during the break that the dwarf King has been dethroned.

He was a short little fellow. Yeah, that sounds like it. And I've also heard people are saying the tater has been tossed the tater has been tossed. That's the name I love it, but we got a bit so that to Caleb parts are managing editor he's working on a breaking news story.

The tater that's been taught that's a good one, but I like working today. That's a good one as well by good design really keep you updated a great supper bring me details we need reaction. That's what we need. Meanwhile, it's a go to the phones here by Haley of Mississippi Rebecca listing to us on KW AM hey Rebecca what's up you talking about which I believe but they said they had all the cameras turned off.

According 08 come from well so you're talking about the surveillance videos] yet so so the FBI agents told the staff at mar Lago to shut down those those surveillance videos but Rebecca, the staff did not comply.

So we don't know if they told them or they said yeah sure, no problem. We got it we got it, or if they said yeah. No way.

I suspect they said sure we'll get right upon that and they never turn them off work that I'm glad that no I really got rid of that little tater tater that he's no toss that tater I Rebecca, thank you. You know there's a lot of wisdom coming out about Haley of Mississippi feast yet so we just posted on Twitter farewell tater there you go, it's it's a good day for this guy hates conservatives hates conservatives okay got another one Humpty Dumpty fell off as well to hear that sad man. He does have sort of an egg shaped head light eyes.

You know he reached out to me this is funny after grace. After I left Fox news and I had I left Fox and it I guess was about a month two months later word finally leapt out that Starnes was gone and I immediately as soon as the first story hit the wires that I was gone I get it I get a message from tater tot no you didn't, will answer you a job.

He wanted he wanted it inside he was writing his book and he said hey look I'm you. If you want to. If you want to tell me everything to I want you to tell us everything else is still that means the juicy insider info will make you anonymous and I like I will be that anonymous I think the decent details, but I was on the give it away. An unnamed source who was a former radio host with a southern accent and affinity to barbecue told Brian Stelter. No, so I sites I sent him a note back and and I I said yeah yeah were not. I don't play that kinda game I'm not that kind of a person. I said if if I want to spill the beans. I'll do it myself. I'm not gonna go through you and I'll use my name, yet we honestly tater tots around tater tots what it what what was the tater. The tater has been taught, Seder lost to me about a T-shirt.

I like you before Gorka doesn't LSO's to make a few bucks off of the dock. I guess he's heading to the unemployment line I guess so now I just want to ask your thoughts on this. Grace Baker just as the objective is the objective woman on the program okay where where Zach and I got Rick Rizzi to go next.

I mean he's not exactly at TV heartthrob. You know what I mean know he's no Bill Hemmer. He's no Sean Hannity, Eddie working at sonic serving the tater.

He's no Geraldo Arby's Arby's this I get I say sonic as they serve tater tots rollerskates. You see, I thought about that Humpty Dumpty in homeboy that's terrible right so there you go. That's the breaking news rights over any word yet grace are you guys been monitoring the other court proceedings. I know no word yet pilots could stop. Meanwhile, the Associated Press wants to clarify something. The Associated Press is the is the news organization that your local newspaper and radio station and TV station use for national and international news. And so every year or so. The AP will issue a stylebook and these are things these are ways you should format stories and this this past week, the Associated Press issued a clarification of their stylebook over when to use the term pregnant woman and when to use the term pregnant people because according to the Associated Press. Men can now get pregnant so here we go. This is from the Courtney Weigle is the writer of this piece. She says just a few months after updating a style guide to include phrases such as pregnant people and people seeking abortions. The AP is attempted to clarify the context in which such phrases should be you. In most cases, the AP says gendered phrases that referred to women are now acceptable according to a tweet from the AP stylebook account phrases that specifically identify women as the group of people to get pregnant may now be in fact be appropriate.

Well thank you Associated Press, thank you for allowing us to say that only women can get pregnant but there's a catch phrase or attach quote phrasing like pregnant people or people seeking abortions is also acceptable to include people who have those experiences but do not identify as a woman, let me just say something here. If you're a man and you go down to your local Planned Parenthood and you tell them you want an abortion and they put you on that table and they knock you out and you wake up a couple hours later, you might want to go down to the doctor's office to make sure your spleen or kidneys or liver is still there because they didn't take a baby out of you. I'm just I'm just telling you I know yes Grace. I know I just trigger people but I don't care we wait we speak and facts here. In truth, listen yeah if you have that happen.

You might need to go make sure all your parts are still there because they took something out. And when the baby that set I just say and and folks, if you if you're a man and you're walking around and you got a big belly and you're going around telling people that you're pregnant know you are not just put down the whole hose put down the Doritos go on a diet because your you're not having a baby this world. I'm telling right this story out of the daily wire. The British Royal Air Force has now started hiring white men. This is from sky views the British Royal Air Force as they've had an effect of Paul's old offering jobs to white, male recruits, because they have to keep up with diversity quotes several different sources told sky views that the head of the Royal Air Force is willing to compromise British security at a time at a dangerous time in the name of diversity.

So here's the deal, folks, and is very simple. If you are a white dude and you're a straight white dude, you are not allowed to get a job in the Royal Air Force right now. That's where we were. That's where they are the head of recruitment for the Royal Air Force as a female officer.

She resigned her post to protest the alleged change.

The senior officer handed in her notice her resignation in recent days, as reports leaked about the racially restrictive, hiring, fearing the change would undermine the strength of the Royal Air Force quote.

The only thing that should matter in your recruitment is the content of your character not your sex or the color of your skin, so what the British are dealing with this as as much as we are here in this country where our fighting men and women are not even allowed to be called men or women.

Meanwhile in Minneapolis, there has been a decision made in this is just this is bonkers. But again, the left will tell you there's no such thing as critical race theory, and yet we have all this evidence to counter those arguments and there was a story to Kevin a couple of days ago we did not. We can talk about it at the time, but this is a big story. There has been an agreement reached between the Minneapolis school system and the teachers union.

So when they have to start laying off teachers and they're going to have to start you because so many parents are pulling their kids out of public school of their setting up private schools of their homes going so there you have to start laying off teachers and so they have reached an agreement between the school district and the Minneapolis teachers union that white teachers are going to get whacked first. Now lawyers are say what what what you can't do that. That's just discrimination.

May I suggest they get rid of the white liberal teachers first, but I don't think they're gonna do that if there any conservatives they'll be the first ones that will get the heave ho. The agreement ended a two week long strike, and it protects underrepresented populations from layoffs here in Memphis that would be the Caucasian persuasion right every time one of our local leaders talks about well, we gotta protect the minorities. I like a big brother preach because were majority minorities say that but anyway good luck to you folks in many Catholics and you know what's good what's happening in Minneapolis right now you have all these little woke stores that are school teachers and their singular going wait, what want. But we love minorities and weak blank lines meander and will be a NT 5 and UAA alphabet people that matter. It doesn't matter if you're an alphabet person. It is a matter of you got every color of the rainbow in your classroom and you feed the kids fruity pebbles.

It doesn't matter if you're white your get the heave ho I think that's called karma are we gotta take a break your 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 this is the top search back everybody good to have you with us, let's go to the phone zero 844-747-8868 that's all listening to us on K WA, Memphis, Tennessee hey Mitchell what's going on.

I think you buddy Gelineau great. I will list the conflict might obligate Hitler because of the security you talk about the log.

Video if he would have somebody Photoshop by Obama alone fascia all of the top about that was that security will be revealed and would be a letter that have all the faces Photoshop on the head of the circuit is so maybe I have by and maybe Pelosi little Obama AOC work right. You know they did remember when they it was the pro wrestling video root did you ever see viral meme with ICANN blockhead you remember their outrage about Larry Mitchell this is this is a brilliant height. I will get it done and it does not reveal the I like Larry.

I hope he hears this and I hope you have somebody do art I am sending this.

I get a text to text Don Junior just a minute and organization Don Mitchell from Memphis has a great idea. I love it. I hope that the are eight bits and I think he did it to a good meal. Larry R were all over Mitchell. What a great idea thinks of the call 844-747-8868 that's our phone number that's 844-747-8868 that video enraged CNN I help you people there just threatening violence.

Pres. Trump is threatening violence. He was stuck he wants to do that DDT in the middle of the ring to the entire see the network.

Yeah, I'm sure he does I'm sure he does. Unbelievable are real quick. Let's go to Doug in Arkansas hey Doug what's up there, just want to understand why everybody be exhausted. Will you know Trenton and yeah I heard one word out about being exhausted and he's been through all kinds yes but Trump is not exhausted and I think the reason why Doug is very is very simple. This is a man who's got nothing to hide. He knows he's done nothing wrong. That's why he says hey find you want to release a video release of video what we go for now so I think the truth is on his side.

Your dog right rider to let you know I just cannot understand why you know how can the public supporters be exhausted. You know when you have an early morning meal plan, you know that he's exhausted, you know, I know I'm not you know I'm not either Doug and Amber fighting the good fight. I mean, I know a lot of people are jumping ship and they're embracing DeSantis and that's all well and good, and I'm what all support DeSantis of these anomaly but I think after what Trump's been through. He deserves a second chance. Are you close. Gotta take a break. This is the Todd surgery is universities do you still see his little torch. All right, David on your way. At this moment to the other or not Rita Mara Longo will be on so little to know exactly what the we will let you know as soon as we find something outdoor team monitoring that information here.

In the meantime, I want to head over to the patriot mobile newsmaker line from the great state of Florida are good friend Congress only can't chemic can't. Good to have you back with us today.

You know II I'm still bragging about your great governor down there around DeSantis hears.

I want you to react to this piece of audio cut number two guys.

The state of Florida is the state is the place where woke goes to die. We are not just a descendent of some type of dumpster fire cat eye while what a guy that my got yeah I mean is it love it if you if you had other Republican governors idolizing all the more you know, quiet as it was church about church mice, but if they had that kind of an attitude. Imagine what kind of a country we have right now I have a ride Republic more people led like Gov. Ron and very much a no nonsense approach to governing for nearly compassionate and very tracting out he really empowers people to make the back to them about their family and what to buy greeting and company are all about their about dependency and control and here in Florida were about freedom.

Freedom to make ourselves, our help, our children are our line and not the thing that I think so many other state are yearning for the leadership that govern and that he had played out one heck of a blueprint that can be replicated and really what we need all across the country and a small government conservative might doubt I will hardly believe in the 10th amendment returns so many of these overreaching, overbearing government program at the federal level and get them to the states where they always belong, and lack reduce that by the government in it entirety, but also in our lives. You see, I'm I'm with you on that and that's why so many people are moving to Florida.

That's why businesses like Disney are not leaving Florida because they know if they do there any get hit in the pocketbook exactly I mean not only do we have an incredible environment. Note income tax.

We have one out mode print.and work for me are so rich in actual work that you aren't Connie and and what we do globally with trade incredible 14 deep water port 23 military insulate 22 million people and some of the best universities in the country. We got a lot going for our Gov. but we got a lot going for brand-new survey outside. This is from Newsmax Southwark with the reporting on NPR� Poll that shows a majority of Americans believe the border invasion is is underway in writing. I thought I am an early day that the lack undertaken Redefining everything right they want. I want a woman as they want to redefine what pregnant Greek. I also been what I heard repeatedly from secretary Alejandra Meyer get that order to care yet.

I've been told I'm a member of the moment. I didn't realize that walking across the border freely drugs coming into our country with no problem. No medication or nothing meant that we were secure. Anyone think that is border care is lying or they are oblivious and neither is acceptable, especially from our leadership buried a full-blown invasion underway impacting out in so many ways. One of the weight they get, particularly an alcohol maintenance from last night I met a mother name is Rebecca that she lost her 28-year-old daughter. I know in March of that year. Her daughter.she was getting a Xanax. Tell it was a pill that was nothing but methamphetamine and that no and she died happening in every community across the country and heartbreaking at destroying family destroying community. I needed just one element of the open border policy that we had that it not be here in invasion and we need to 100% reverse course if we are going to add our national security be a priority.

Can't chemic is on the patriot mobile newsmaker line here represents Florida's third congressional district. I can't midterms coming up polling data starting to tighten up a little bit and in some of these races across the country and that's not much of a surprise, but the we been telling Republicans campaign like your 20 points behind every vote going to have to counter not to fight for an holiday for candidate that you either run a poster you run scared there only two ways to do it and it doesn't matter how much money you throw in there. You gotta work and you gotta earn everything will go out there you can't take it for granted that I am home right now actually in the middle but no air.

I get Gary not long ago and were driving Them them them agricultural operations. Right now, everywhere I go. Whether people are a registered Democrat, independent Republican don't like where were headed don't like where were at earlier in the week I was down with Americans for prosperity.

We lowered the bright look at two dollars and 38, the day before out what it was the day before by the topic and we had hundreds of people coming through� Got to get that right people from every walk of life announced that it is amazing we want to get back today.

We can't get there with Joe Biden change the grass root out bank they don't like that in the poll I think will always try to tell a different story and what is truly happening on the ground because Janik get it, money you now people make money they want to have you know intrigue and prompt that I don't think that the social issues of the left trying to push our moving the needle economic issues at the kitchen table at you and it where people are feeling about their pocketbook applicant people out all right. Can't you have to leave it there.

Appreciate the great work you're doing. Good luck out there on the campaign trail. I appreciate you more than you know and all right can't chemic representing Florida's third congressional district there on the patriot mobile newsmaker line of folks we gotta take a quick break here 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show.

All right, what about everybody good to have you with and use in Memphis Tennessee. The radio station I own K WAN is celebrating its 75th anniversary big bash tonight down tell of the river. Grace are you ready for the party. I am ready once I get home and get freshened up you not like up will have a live band yes and working on the where my thoughts and she's beautiful rooftop overlooking the Mississippi River and is good. I think a couple hundred people to show up can be very nice were serving beef lots of beef, not the fake beef, not the impossible media. There's nothing plant-based there might be a planter there with windowsill relay like as a decoration, but you know vegan stuff over the over 60 web celebrations crazy all right time now for some crime news across America keeping you up to crimes sweeping across the face. Is this times from the state of Florida, a man nabbed by police driving while naked police. According to breaking 911.

Police say a naked man through a machete and a surveyor and tried to rob him of his clothes.

He was taken into custody and of the land station. While there's a lot going on with the story. Grace like to keep up with. So the guy was naked and that he's driving around but naked.

I wonder if it's like the cloth seats of the leather that's got me pretty painful.

In the summertime. Yeah, more than other aren't yet with the humidity in the heat, yet still leave a mark is to leave a mark anyway of the victim was a said the victim said the suspect was picking Palmetto buries the woods with foraging on that's row that's a little bit TM I'm just wondering how the victim you of it is a guy come up to him and say excuse me sir, I need your pants. Why did in my pants while I'm foraging for Palmetto buries, I guess so I don't know Halsey would know that, unless the guy was the guy the suspect had the buries and the guy goes a look at while those are Palmetto buries about that I love. Those earlier so anyway they had to call the air chopper that's always fun when you get the helicopter up and oh yeah, dear one spotted of the suspect overhead gave updates on his location of the police were able to track down.

I think he would be pretty easy to spot the guy running down the street he stricken. Anyway, the guy was the escape vehicle a white Dodge Challenger. There you go Lawrence next story. This is from the Christian Post.

This is not necessarily a crime but it audibly was very pastor apologized after he threw a spiritual temper tantrum in the pulpit and called his congregation broke busted and disgusted calling cheap sons and daughters because they did not honor him with a watch from the luxury brand Ms. Lovato Vado don't look at me out of a watch God work with David Weimer from Weimer's jewelry in Memphis. He would know yes he would. They have great watches but the pastor Carlton Funderburk of the church at the well in Kansas City confirmed that he's a charismatic nondenominational pastor. It's called church at the well that's kind of a well he said in the video that he expressed is just fattest dissatisfaction with his congregation for failing to deliver only one year old request for a watch. According to the company's website watches for the luxury brand range in price from $300 to more than $3000 he says and this is the pastor, preaching here, that's how I know you're still poor broke busted and disgusted because of how you been honoring me. I'm not worth your McDonald's money.

I'm not worth your red lobster money lie like red lobster and I were Joe St. John knits you all can afford it.

No only care I called Louis Vuitton.

I wow that's expensive. I feel proud.

I'm not what the old Gucci while only care so apparently in the guy goes on to say. I guess you can you can actually find him.

The watch in Sam's Club so that's conveniently thinking down the door and talk to my cheap sons and daughters will be creating brutal crimes like a Baptist church anywhere right next story this from the smoking gun. The headline police say a boyfriend. It was jailed after felonious cheeseburger battery at Burger King during an argument of the Burger King, a Florida man, always in Florida always this time in Clearwater. That's in the Tampa Bay area lovely cigars down there that person the suspect through a cheeseburger at his girlfriend with such force that when the sandwich struck the back of her head and stayed there and she fell over a curb onto the ground. Was it a whopper. That's what I want to know if you want turn. It was a double whopper. The victim's chin and lip hit the pavement, resulting in abrasion and a cut upon arriving at the Burger King cops observed blood on the wood victims. It could've been catching kind of England.

They always put the ketchup on the other has to get. Can you take out the I'm not a big mustard mustard. I don't like to see llama mail guy gotta be the Hellmann's or the troops blue plate sometime okay anyway I digress a Burger King worker told concept before the suspect walked away from the restaurant. He struck the struck the girlfriend on the head and admitted to throwing the burger at a safe Heathrow with that much force you really got her that she fell from a cheeseburger heading on the head that does away muscle must've been like a double-decker situation. There's the cheese sometime in the cheese, heavy weights down the depend it could be all right there seems to be a theme here and all of our crime used today. Next story this from Florida again a Florida woman was busted for attacking her male partner with meats. Police say Rochelle Wright and the male victim were involved in a verbal fight and they were drunk. Not surprising, as you know you want to comment on their mainly meat, you gotta be sober.

They were intoxicated with the uncooked meat went airborne on no I want to know is that ribeye we talk in filet mignon on. That's the real question they don't listen to me this is so disturbing and this is the problem with journalism these days that you got. It's the attention to.

Gotta know what kind of you ribeye was burn ends was a flank steak, at least as long as it is not the vegan stuff. It's you know it's okay in the police hymn of the police they need. I do mean it could've been any. It could've been any kind of my ounces that we talk and 8 ounces a 15 ounce of fully was the brisket doing the world may never know right next story from the New York Post. This from the writer Adam saved us, the general manager of a barbecue restaurant in Texas, says a thief stole almost $3000 with the brisket on August 4. May I just say for the record, I have an out by I've got to ask you Allison. Clem is the general manager of that barbecue and print name is what to say barbecue come on big barbecue.

They go the general manager says somebody jumped a fence with 20 brisket's impressive feat.

I just want to point that out.

I actually got to give them a little round of applause without they were stolen right out of the smoker. I would've it out. Seems to me that if you're going to do that you need to go ahead and steal the smoker to write. I mean, you're already in it so you might as well go all the way while she said so the general manager said this handle been somebody had to do a lot of planning. She says one of my strongest guys can barely lift 10 briskets in a box and the thief lifted him over his head. Tell about the form but the brisket about $3000 but there's more. When you factor in labor and seasoning.

That's true. I like to know what was in the seasoning. Maybe it's a secret that could be. I look if I were them, I'd head over to like planet fitness or something and just look for the guy that's doing the deadlifts substrate at that your guy right there had to be trained and gotta all right there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Crime news across America so it's all meat related for some weird reason. Gotta take a break here 844-747-8868 will you know I was to sit still cauliflower carrots. Yeah, caretaker employees, nobody's my I fax a couple of stories we've been following you over at CNN hunting got jobs were talked about rising culture. He got fired there canceling is so unreliable sources and just mere moments ago.

The. The federal judge Bruce Reinhart it. He's the guy that signed off on the on the raid at Mara Lago. Now he is ordered that some of the documents connected to the raid can be unsealed. This is of the reporting of Fox News, the judge finds that the entire affidavit should not be sealed. A Reinhart is given the government one week to submit proposed redaction's under seal by noon August 25. The judge will review the redaction's then decide how he wants to proceed.

So there we go. That's were at right now, so a partial unsealing I just say release the whole thing. Ladies and gentlemen, what say you, 844-747-8868 or go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line brand-new book hitting bookstores and it's a big one is called big trouble ahead. A real plan for flourishing in a time of fear and deception. Let's go to Nashville pastor Alan Jackson joins us.

The author of this great book pastor good to have you with us today. I pastor let's talk about this.

I think the average American right now can relate to the title of this book, because we all believe there is big trouble ahead, whether it seal in the finances, whether it's the you know what's happening in the culture of the country right now what it what you tell people look really would me about the time we walked into the pandemic. We go on for two weeks, the children going to go back to normal and it didn't take very long. I think we all begin to understand that probably wasn't going to be our reality, but I think really coated with the introduction and now were 30 months into this and normality at a stable place to things like it's a long way that this is I don't think we found the bottom of the turmoil yet so we need a plan. We need some attitude we don't capitulate and give input turmoil quickly we can find our strength and skill do what we need to do. I have to imagine it's it's easy because I'm I've seen myself doing this a minute you get anxious. There's anxiety. There's a lot of stuff coming at you, and it's hard to really know. I will compartmentalize the sometimes what are some of the concerns that people were coming to you as as a pastor will the enormous amount of fear. They were told to follow but they didn't follow so that created confusion on almost a daily basis. We are told things but don't align with what we're watching someone stand up, because our southern border is secure and we see tens of thousands of people screaming across it or someone else stand up because we have zero inflation but my groceries got more this week than last, that create put it out, go to the emotional equivalent of vertigo leaves you unbalanced and confused and so helping people identify the truth and sources for the truth and then how to build their lives upon those things that it really forces us to organize kind of a trust transfer.

We put our trust is something that have proven to not be trustworthy, and so within the Christian community that went to begin with repentance and back up again begin to rebuild on the truth of God's word and acknowledge that we had built some straw houses that really needed to be addressed and again I like the word plan in the in the book title because we we do need to have a plan and you provide that. Let's let's talk about some of the steps. Some of the things you recommend people need to be doing will limit your exposure to the media. 20 minutes a day you can get the update on the news cycle, spending hours a day listening to cable loser tracking that your favorite conspiracy theory on the Internet like crazy and so you want to stay informed and pay attention to what's happening but you need to limit your intake of like sugar a little bit good. A lot and have you done that you want to be sure that your spending time getting a God perspectivism that comes from spending time with your Bible, that comes from spending time with friends or acquaintances who have a biblical worldview. There is a clash of worldviews being lived out in the public square. Right now, and unfortunately too many of our churches are not really reinforcing the biblical worldview and so you need some voices in your life that will help you not only construct that but understand that otherwise you feel like you are you losing your perspective is unsettling when they redefine marriage redefine family and fellow genders confusing gender not confusing. People are confusing.

It is an evil thing to do. The children so be sure you have some spent some time constructing that worldview based on Scripture and it offloads your fear don't don't make clear a companion. There are frightening things happening in our world that we don't have to leave their lives. Our trust in someone who will secure our future beyond the Constitution beyond the Bill of Rights beyond Wall Street or the strength of our economy of the one who secures our future created the earth and everything in it and we have spent I'm actually thinking about that focusing on that it will begin to do those things that I think we have a stable platform with which we can integrate with our culture and our society as ambassadors and not be there all right pastor Alan Jackson on the patriot mobile newsmaker line in his brand-new book out called big trouble. I had a real plan for flourishing in a time of fear and deception, pastor of one of the big concerns I've had is this movement among some churches to disengage from the culture and really going so far as to encourage their their church members not to engage or participate in, and in the political world, and I'm wondering what you would would say to to that it how would you counsel people who were Christians.

Thank you Gertrude Bell are your courage to do that and then I think we have to recognize the church as an assignment to our current culture I don't. I agree that we don't have to be political and not at getting for candidates or parties or platform. I'm an advocate for the kingdom of God, but our faith has to be understood in the context of the culture in which we live. Anyone who had theological education in a formal way or even if you don't formal Bible study you've attempted to understand your New Testament in the context of the culture of that first century environment or if you study the Hebrew Bible.

You tried to understand what the Hebrew prophets had to say in the light of the culture in which they live. It strikes me as more than just a bit ironic that we would be interested in first century culture in our Bible but not interested in 21st-century culture in our Bible. I'm pretty confident John the Baptist would've lived a bit old man again talked about current events. The apostle Paul would've been much less time in prison because he will riot if he had talked about current events in the city.

We have to have the courage to tell the truth about our culture in light of the biblical perspective I understand why there's anxiety around it. Not everybody agrees.

The pastors are employees some time to quit their jobs at risk, but we still have to have the courage to tell the truth all right pastor regularly with their congratulations on this very important new book, big trouble. I had a real plan for flourishing in a time of fear and deception folks will go to Cobb we got a link to this over on our website, but you can also go to Alan that's a LLE and Alan and check out the pastor all of his great work. All right, pastor, don't be a stranger come down I 40 were just hanging out here in Memphis, Tennessee. Our head pastor Alan Jackson everybody on the Todd Starnes radio show you we talk a lot about patriot mobile Americas only conservative Christian wireless carrier and that they have been a longtime supporter of the work we're doing here and I really appreciate the things they're doing it. Patriot mobile because they're mobilizing freedom across this nation and are also helping to support organizations that are fighting for causes. We care about. Most recently they are leading efforts in many communities to to take back global school boards and that's something we need to be doing on a on a local level in every municipality in this country and I will encourage you to switch the patriot mobile they got incredible nationwide coverage and they have a plan to fit any budget. If you if you're a first responder. If you're a veteran there to give you even bigger discounts patriot That's patriot, that is the website got is my promo code taught in there to give you a special discount and free premier activation.

You can also call 972 patriot. That's 972 patriot during that you're gonna talk to somebody who is an and I'm an American. Their customer service team is based right here in the US survey. So again, 972 patriot or patriot are and I want to play what just happened to our listeners. Now if you are in the Memphis area. You didn't notice anything or if you're listening to the stream, but this program that emanates originates from Memphis and then goes up to the Westwood One satellite in at that point is distributed to our radio stations around the nation of the satellite went down and does so there was some dead air. We have it back up now so you should be hearing us, but I got a note from one of our affiliate owners a great try out in no states will North Carolina WSI C hey Starnes, we had to put on some bluegrass. You better hurry up because people are starting to enjoy the music that could be a problem.

I don't play the banjo so anyway so our apologies posters is really out of our hands so but were glamour backup and and running and of course if you want. If you miss the Alan Jackson interview will have them posted on the podcast and that's that's free of charge and let's go to PJ and George WD you in hi PJ what's on your mind. I like the little girl leader.

I believe that you know I believe the Lord stops caulked and where he is actively judge the world and you were just so evil, they just can't lose people call evil good and evil and I piggyback off that because I believe it that God stops combat all the good people to rise up and do something and really look at it real serious well and that could be I mean I think that the Bible says nobody knows that the time or the hour but I did. I do believe in and God's judgment and I have to imagine that a country that's slaughtered so many unborn babies millions and millions. I think there's going to be up a price to pay for that the PJ II truly do now what is that mean I don't know, I know what that means. I hear arguments on both sides of from theologians. I'm not a theologian like this. Is this the view from the pew, but I I'm just surprised that were not going to have a price to pay for allowing so many of those unborn babies to be to be killed when you when your contract was it was actually a step up. You because you're doing a great job on what you're doing here, like a watchman that's stop there or so. So you keep up the good work. Well PJ, thank you for that and you were going to do our best. We've got the greatest team here in Greece and Kyle and the chucker engineer they keep, they keep us going and are good people and I were working hard and I appreciate the call by the way he's right, PJ is right ladies and gentlemen, we have not reached the bottom of the barrel just yet, but were getting close. This is the headline from the New York Post and grace. I'm curious to get your thoughts on the story.

The Internet is now panting Papa John's all do pizza without a crust like so they're calling it blank in a bowl I can't repeat the words all hear about the poop in a bowl is at the hello pay much so Papa John's has a brand-new all toppings, no crust pizza. In other words, they take all the stuff that would normally be only pizza and they would put it in a bowl and send Kelly taco salad was like well there are years ago. I don't they still do this, but people wanted like a hamburger with the toppings without the bread and at that point out before.

Okay, that's a Salsberry steak me what's basically for you to I have done that. So they put it like a note in a lettuce wrap is disgusting. I prefer it I just take a fork in the knife deceit. It know this is no at that point is a hamburger steak that's blind you can edit that which you can get at Piccadilly. Fair enough even to Piccadilly know what what places mostly broccoli or so logic of Elliott's it's a it's a Southern institution. I swear that they smell like broccoli.

That's fine eating cafeteria style of the Perkins I told you I did in college a lot provincials been really lazy.

Piccadilly's ride to the line just not my kind of thing you know if these people screw up pizza our countries.that's true that's all we got left is the piece you got that point. Are they sending you this stuff like precooked. It's just been cooked in a bowl oriented not know then you make your own. It's like so you know when you get the pizza.

Sometimes you get a pizza and you'll try to that is that first slice and you had to pull it up and lifted and all the toppings slide on like that happened and they took us and put it in a bowl one suggests that the bread the crust is the best part have to get gotta have it, ladies and gentlemen, I mean, you guys have to back us up here at 844-747-8868, but I'm not by I think we peaked at cheese filled crust palm. It was all downhill.

Papa John's is now saying that the nation is going through pizza, fatigue is anyway I think I love pizza. I did not have the nobody Papa John's is the reason their numbers are dwindling is because you know why their numbers are dribbling the drop dwindling that the company went well and they fire Papa John's. All they did about this is Don's address.

Bring back Papa John's and bring back the crust. Think Papa John's see all my friends. I am Papa John's is the best.

Take out there's so many local spots, if I'm in a get a pizza. I just now all right write this down and I know we should do a pizza sectors but all does pizza in Memphis Tennessee. You best freaking pizza in America. See, I think it's good that I think again local, but Memphis pizza Caf� is the best but I like the thing crust. I don't know this. I love it, but then crust is the way to go. Then another tieless shaming.

It is a notice.but all those is great guy. I like anything that is what is on our I just it it looks like I'm just looking at the bowl here of the meatless of the crustless pizza.

It looks like somebody threw the ball. That's what I'm thinking of like a dog got a hold of it, tore it up.

That's exactly what it looks like, yeah, no, not for me. I will skip it and I'll just go get a regular pizza in the rented out ideas Scott Rodriguez is the company senior vice president of menu strategy and innovation.

Talk. He's good to be out of jobs or yeah you got a job.

Here's what bring back Papa John's bring back the crust and I think will be okay. Oh, by the way they got of a lot of people on twitter are waiting in here including some guy was dressed up like pizza. The hot oh, that's for us. Here's the thing that they're not accounting for don't have money to go spend on a bunch of take-out pizza.

It can get expensive with the delivery fee and everything.

Have you noticed on grub hub that the delivery is almost as much if not more than the order itself for Todd. It'll say you know $0.50 delivery fee eager to check out other taxes and fees and it's like another $10 happened.

I know it's crazy. I got like a five guys and it was like 2020 box like for what it's did you get one. I got up it was very high up. I like bonds. What can I say hi. We gotta get out of here been a lot of fun today.

This is the thoughts are

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