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Why Should Taxpayers Foot Bill for Deadbeat College Grads?

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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August 24, 2022 3:15 pm

Why Should Taxpayers Foot Bill for Deadbeat College Grads?

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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August 24, 2022 3:15 pm

It’s not my fault that college graduates can’t pay their bills with their advanced degree in Feminist Pottery Theory.

John Solomon, Trish Regan, Scott Walker, and Dr. Kathleen O’Toole join the conversation!

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Welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by Legacy precious metals. There's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's a legacy PM liberty University studio in Memphis Tennessee Charlie since conservative commentary from surgery is so great day. You might be well.

We got a lot of news to get through today.

By the way Don Solomon is going to be here from just the news. I hope you are just little while to give us an update on some breaking news that Tamara Longo will also will also give you a rundown of what happened yesterday in the eye.

Mary's in Florida and New York and some pretty exciting news coming out of Florida and Lord knows we can use them, but we do have some breaking news at this moment Pres. Biden announcing that he is going to cancel $10,000 of federal student loan debt, and he's also going to cancel up to $20,000 for Pell grant recipients now. I got a lot to say about this and I got a big problem with this because what the federal government is about to do were about to borrow what $300 billion to pay for loans and for that that students took out that they could not afford other nations, federal student debt is $1.6 trillion.

In other words, we a lot of deadbeat college kids out there that's all there is to it. A lot of people who are not meeting their obligations and I got a problem with and I hope you do as well because you and I are the ones who are paying for these kits now look, it's very simple.

If you go out there and you spend 100 $200,000 to get yourself an advanced degree in 16th century, lesbian, pottery, and you can't find a job. You know I get your butt down to the Chick-fil-A and work the drive-through. It's very simple. I remember many people in college working two and three jobs just to make ends meet.

As a matter fact back in the good old days.

I remember grandmother starts telling me a story about how one of our relatives literally brought a cow with them to college so they could have milked a dairy cow and they would sell that milk was a long time ago but again you gotta do what you gotta do to pay the bills, but unfortunately we got a deadbeat generation. What kind of a message is this going to send to that to the next generation generation. See that you don't have to live up to your obligations that if you sign your name. If you sign an oath of pledge that you're get up borrow money a vendor to repay that money that that is a mean anything.

I mean, at what point does a bite administration come in and say well you know what there a lot of people out there and they were forced to get loans for houses they could not afford. So we gotta cover the bill working to pay for everybody's house in America. What about everybody's car.

What about all you people take it out alone to go on vacation. Maybe the federal government should step in and force the taxpayers to pay those bills to at what point ladies and gentlemen, do we say enough is enough.

Now look, I have zero sympathy for anybody who took out a loan to go to college because nobody's forcing you to go to college as a matter of fact, Donald Trump, one of the greatest things that Donald Trump did as president of these great United States is tell the American young people.

You don't have to have a college degree to be successful in life is a matter of fact there are plenty of people out there that are making tons of money being mechanics and welders, electricians, running construction companies. So don't tell me that you had to go to college only has to go to college. A lot of people just go right into the workforce. There are others who decided that you know what were to go and were to get ourselves ready to go to community college.

Again it's it's a cheaper, it's a cheaper option for a lot of people.

I can't tell you how many times people have told me all my good if if I'd only known that community college I could've gone to community college got my first couple of years out of the way and saved a boatload of money is not my fault that you're stupid. Why should we the people.

Why should you ladies and gentlemen, the great listers of this radio program. Why should you be forced to pay for the stupidity of somebody else, why should you be forced to do that. I mean, here you are ladies and gentlemen I know our audience. We have great Dimmitt. We have a great demographic and we know that many of you have been busting your bots. You've got jobs. You're responsible you pay your bills on time, your law-abiding patriots you file your taxes you pay your taxes when you're when they're old. You do what you're supposed to do you live your life. And here you are. And now the federal government is coming into Joe Biden saying you hard-working American citizen.

You gotta pay for the financial stupidity of these of this of this previous generation, the millennial's now some of you may say peptide, but these are these are people who maybe is their first time ever somebodies it from their families ever going to college what you see that you're just being cool, less untrue, as a matter fact, most of it at an overwhelming number of people who have this debt have advanced degrees and are actually in jobs where there making a significant automatic so the reality is that the people and again I greatest get up a step back from reality for about now. If you are looking at this story you would you would think, oh, wow. That means that most of the people who came up from idling a lower a lower X socioeconomic group was just that your your your parents were dirt poor. You're the first person of the family go to college.

You would think those are the people were talking about, but that's not who were talking about.

As a matter of fact, the people who came out of the trailer parks to go to college and the people who came out of the shotgun shacks to go to college. Those people are actually paying their bills. Know what is and tell you what it tells me that mom and dad in the shotgun check. Mom and dad in the trailer park actually taught their kids right from wrong taught their kids that when you promise to do something you do it you be men and women of your word. What sort of a message is Joe Biden sending today. The NAACP is outraged at Joe Biden but not for the reason you you might think so. They believe that Biden should have canceled a minimum of $15,000 in student debt.

The NAACP there only concerned with the advancement of one specific demographic. They basically tell all the other demographics to go screw themselves, but the NAACP quote the student debt crisis has a disproportionate impact on black borrowers and their families all across all racial groups black borrowers hold most student loan debt despite also being consistently underserved by post secondary institutions final with actor talking about. Not only can a black suit. Go to any any school in America.

They also have historically black schools, so I'm not quite sure why the NAACP is upset other than the fact that they want more money so I got up or I got a question for illusions on are you upset about all of this.

Does it bother you that your hard earned tax dollars are being used to bail out these deadbeat brats. Here's what I would recommend I would II think levers go to be running for president in 2024. This ought to be the campaign slogan is that what we ought to do is hold these people accountable.

If you have defaulted on your student loan. Guess what will come after your house were come in after your car, and after everything because it's our money that they have squandered and quite frankly stolen. You put your name on the line and you promise to pay that back and you don't. That is theft.

Just my opinion are, let's go to the phones or 844-747-8868 Shane and North Carolina what's on your mind today. A lot want to give you a little bit of background, Jan 47 years old when I left high school I took a guided added know I did it I was seven years old, but I had paid alone in Darfur. Student loan at a college in Georgia to play baseball.

Now, back then you didn't get any type of regulation that was what happened to your 20 years, could you want the school to have fun and learn to play ball. You know you did that type of thing.

No one told you when you win a college that 20 years now you going out $45,000 because your 17 so it cannot fall back on the parents like that, but not about the deadbeat. They didn't know any better when you go to school like you just go to school to get away from home. They want to get away learn something new, meet new people play ball. Things like that but the thing that bothers me the most is that yes you can call deadbeat, you won't. But these colleges make millions and millions of dollars, so why not teach the first year you walk in the school like you keep English 101 take them and listen, you're going to be in debt for this program very long time.

You'll get ahead of credit card for going to come to your mail every single day is that you turn eight years old and there can be free. You want to open a go spend $500 on crap will never use wreck your life but even though it you know it all back, but no one teaches you that nowadays kids can get away little longer but it's always funny that the government gets away with giving millions and millions and millions of dollars to Harvard and all these colleges are worth billions of dollars and they still get all this money you gotta do all this for ever to take a long time for people to get past it, but I had to teach them.

Shane, it looks here's here's how I think about colleges and universities. It's like going to Las Vegas and walking into a casino inking that you walk out of there, a multimillionaire, it's a joke there there to take your money and they're there to scam you and that's what many of these public universities are doing right now there sent anything� Get a part of the other party that is like now, I'm 47 years old about what if I was that bad at eight and I never had a credit card in my life I never had anything else to me that was free. All I do is just find I ought to call the one 800 number and I got $500 if you that the colleges would teach you listen, don't do this unless you're ready for the root repercussion if you're not throwing the trashcan and just stay on your failure path and do the thing that you came to school to do. But if you don't want to go to school to do that you want to think it's all three.

That's your problem, but also the same point when and I have to disagree with you about this when you think deadbeat. It I don't believe that because most kids go to college before the right knee belly developed a clearance column.

Now what they know they don't really think what a look on the phone and have the time to start get away from me go to school, learn, hope you graduate, Dr. but what best 1% real well Shane I ice I'm standing by my use of the term deadbeat. And here's the reason why so Brookings Institute to the study. Back in 2021 and they discovered that most of the people that are not paying back their loans are among the highest income earners in America. So these people are intentionally not paying back that they've got the money to pay back the loan, but they'd rather buy the vacation house or a second or third car rear. This is this is offensive to me as a person who is a small business owner. As a person who is being sucked dry by the federal government and they're going to turn around and take more by money to cover the loans of these deadbeats won't like what you like it. I don't know what how long ago the years of study are talking our but I graduated college at night school in 1993, the back then you didn't have any that there was no free loans on the Internet.

There was no there was none of that.

You just literally was told where to go or you are accepted based on your grave are your applicability. You went on to pursue what you wanted you could be a baseball player back but by whatever hardware that in the day you didn't know that you're going to have to pay all this back so nowadays it's very easy to go and look online ago. I will I get $20,000 a year and you start out here and then all of a sudden it's all you know everything breaks loose and you go I will now I will hundred $50,000. Chad gotta stop Shane stop. Stop.

We got a run for a break here I get your point.

I get your point, we do have to run for breaker what James point is hey look, all these kids. They had no idea there and at the pay back this money is ignorance and excuse.

Should I meet again you all have to sign something right you have to do you read it if you don't. If you read Anita don't understand it is to find somebody to help you understand what you are signing is ignorance and excuse here 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 this is that on stage. My friend Michael Dell has a passion to help everyone get the best sleep of your life even stop by simply creating the best lullaby created the dreams that she may look and feel great with me that even better night sleep for me, which is crucial for my busy schedule, I found the world-class cotton called visa is ultra soft and breathable but extremely beautiful might come with a 60 day moneyback guarantee and a 10 year warranty first night you sleep on the keys as you will never want to sleep on anything. He's a dream come in a variety of sizes and Mike's latest incredible deal is the sale of the year for limited time you get yourself a decent dream she received a set as low as 4999 my and click on the radio listeners wear and use the promo code story by not only this amazing offer but also deep discounts of all my fellow products, including my fellow veterans offered by public health that so much: 800-8395 06 my, the promo code start engines. Remember happy hour policies out Thursday night and didn't even have the power to bail out. And yet here we are are let's get to the phone. Sure a lot of you folks want away unless start in Chattanooga, Tennessee Eric on the radio.

What's the user on the first caller welcome. I'm 34 I'm wondering if I don't have any student loan debt. But you know I'm just happy to see that some American people are getting the money from the government and not in Oak money to fund all the illegals that are coming across our borders and you know it's just nice to see people day you knows that better good American get some of this filth. Read the rest of the world because I feel like we don't really get given too much. We get the short end of the stick.

Don't you know I'm not going to be in a two horse on this topic but I do feel like that is not actually help but for a change. So you know, that's it, I get a little daring yourself like a good man. I will admit this is a fair point you're bringing up your I want you to give us a call back. Great first call. I want you to be sure to give us a holler back one of these days we promise to do that absolutely all right here. Thank you sir Eric. He's got a good point. There are, let's go to Craig main WL oh be the big lobster I Greg got about 45 seconds or sounds kind of info that you want your old dear Greg, yes or so.

I want to weigh in on Shane comment area and that you know I went to school I went out college at 38 and no we we have to sign these papers for the loan and you have to go through each paragraph and check off that your credit and to its pre-stated that we know you gotta know what your time into and it pretty adamant about it to the big gold over, over and over. When you make sure that you know what you're getting into it. I think that people are Nubian, you know, they just want the money for free know I have to pay my loan back other people out there to say no, no, I didn't know kind of you gotta read till the end of the contract. Greg got me that's common sense.Greg appreciate the call and and I get it Shane but I'm telling you.

Ignorance is not an excuse not in my book. It's not for gotta take a break here 844-747-8868 will be right back America. There is no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the blighted ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd start and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds, and traditional market you are vulnerable. Gold is one of the best ways to protect your retirement no matter what happens you own your gold. It's real physical always been valuable since the dawn of time, like you see precious metal as the company I investing in gold. They can help you roll your retirement account into a callback IRA still own the physical goal also ship precious metals safely and securely to your house. You know $1 million worth of gold can actually fit inside a shoebox call legacy at 866-528-1903 or visit them online legacy PM legacy PM inside of your own hold to go anywhere when you get back to your conversation momentarily, but I want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line always on or have one of the greatest journalist in America with us.

John Solomon from just the news just John, you have been breaking all sorts of stories about the raid, the guns drawn radome are like a good to have you with us today think that John let's just jump right into this and you were the one who broke the news about these memos you abide in early onset that Doug did know anything about it White House as we didn't have any involvement but you found the memos that show that was not exactly true yeah exactly right from the beginning of this investigation in April 2022, which is the flashpoint from the FBI to open a criminal investigation against the former president Joe Biden is right out White House counsel were in direct conversations of the Justice Department and even perhaps more importantly, they authorize the initial release of evidence that would give the justice department, a predicate going to investigate and there is a letter from the national archives at the back of the FBI and abide by the apathetic conversation and Joe Biden authorized the White House counsel the sending of some of the documents that were found at marl.

I don't to the FBI, then the out the White House counsel's office conveyed to the NASCAR typeface combined won't invoke a recognized executive bullet for president Trump is a great legal question whether he could do that but I will recognize it and you can use the archives can waive privilege until after the FDI not happen so divine right out give the initial evidence to open a criminal investigation against the chief political rival and then takes away one of the potential legal challenges are legal defenses that the former president, the current head of the opposition party of might have in the court system and traditionally many can't come to grips with other trying to find everything they can to write about this letter without having to mention that but Joe Biden was at the ignition point is White House was of the ignition point of this a criminal investigation of the chief rival, and as you plan a brand-new story that's up here and I find this fascinating because I'm I've been looking at Biden's administration as Obama's third term in office, and you point out that the whole legal path for the Trump raid was set by Barack Obama � this is a very important thing so for most time to find 11 of the lease of the first decade after 9/11, the prevailing law. The prevailing executive regulation that governed the executive privilege of former president went something like this, the former president retains executive privilege key and the current president can to mutually waive or invoke it. But if the former president to claim executive privilege over materials from his administration and the current incumbent president disagrees the former president get the final say that's basically what the Executive Order did when Barack Obama came in each change that dynamic and basically took the prerogative of the former president to preserve executive but was I mind to wait on God in this government presently only want to get to do this and I can waive or uphold executive bullets of my predecessors and nobody noticed a little noticed a change in a month for 500 executive orders that Barack Obama did when he first came in executive order was never changed out the truck didn't go back. Exit change in and so the reason Joe Biden can say I'm piercing the prevalence of Donald Trump's Obama made the change. PPE made the change and that the prevailing rollout is a great question constitutionally. Whether that is going to withhold scrutiny.

The present design objective or doesn't mean the constitutional people like Alan Dershowitz.

By the way, lifelong liberal, a lifelong Democrat who admits he voted for.Joe Biden 2020 would never vote for Donald Trump says he thinks that Biden's piercing ability is completely unconstitutional will not hold up when you get to the Supreme Court. So the fact of Obama change it.

Biden used it will have to see if it gets to the Supreme Court. We get a different position on you been doing this for a long time now you know everybody inside the Beltway were you when you think the endgame of all of this is talk about that the radar on bar Lago. It looks to me like they're just trying to find something to stop Trump from running at 2024 sermon after the Trump team feels like, and I think when you look at some of the statements that people around the Democratic Party of made people like Mark Elias, the great category of the unit involved in everything Democrats ability equipment Joe Biden that he says are trying to create a notification that you want to nullify Donald Trump scans and I do want to remind people something I have to say that even if someone was convicted of a crime and I met with us and that they can run but Linda LaRouche ran for president from prison numerous times in the courts never stopped himself. I'm not even sure the legal theory the Democrats without their serving. Historically it hasn't been held without but if you take the Democrats afterword, we don't have to guess there executing a nullification strategy to try to get� It's really interesting to Joe Biden feet deep down thump as tenderly as he did. Why would you be worried about Donald coming back and running against him again. You think you want to do it. Something is made Joe Biden in the Democrats concerned about a Trump candidacy that they're going through all these machinations and I guess I'll find out what happens is history invoke what you think that is what he think that something is listen. There is a fundamental transformation of the two political parties. Right now the working class closing art for the eared for six regular graduates of college there gravitating to the Republican Party in large numbers of Latino Hispanic voter has been predominantly in the Democratic camp. Moving to the Republican Party in large numbers so the working class Hispanic cost younger African-American voters more willing to open the open Republicans in the entrepreneurial free-market Philo of the Republican Party, the Democratic base is eroding in there. There hearing the elitist guess what, there aren't enough elitists in the country to create a national coalition to win elections in the future.

So if the Latinos ball as they are suburban women who left in 2020.

Come back and if the working classes left the Democratic Party in a large way the Democrats have a worry about the base of their party. They may not have an electoral base capable of winning the see if that's true in the November election, voters will speak find out when you talk to Democrats you really do that counting you tighten your people like the former Clinton strategist from the 1990s Jim Carl among them.

They know their party has moved so far to the left that they can't communicate with enough Americans to create a majority.

They keep warning about it.

I will see if this position is a great great observation jumper. Natalie was there. We appreciate your great work and thanks for staying on top of the stories the mainstream media doesn't want to cover about something so much that I John Solomon just the By the way, are our former intern from Liberty University Charlotte hazardous Charlotte graduated and is now working at just the news. There were always excited to see alumni the intern alumni's of the show heading out there in the make a name for themselves in the and in the in the media are.

Here's the deal were to reset here were going right to the phones we've got Dora and Florida Donna North Carolina James in Arkansas a few lines open 844-747-8868 should the federal government forgive student loan debt. This is the transformation boxers, no doubt, were dealing with a lot of problems at the gas pump, not to mention the grocery store, restaurants is bonkers out there.

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As a result of being in a Mac member that's a Mac .us/Starnes all right, let's go to the phones as promised. Ladies and gentlemen, let's go to Florida Dora on the line Dora what's going on time, and/is gone. I like lightning on the radio and Mary R. And I couldn't believe that I shower you can think you meant that I educate all of and thank you for being there.

Thank you. I mean, I love your work and I never caught show on Fox, so here's a guy I am yesterday and I'm glad you're there now and we need you on how things went out and they can kick my grant as I'm concerned, like the one pushing college education back after that you can no damn job finding Abraham telling people to stay in school and then they extended hello and you not get Neptune for a three party could University because they color chaos to their constituents. That's what I'm concerned. I put myself. There's gold garbage, not when I was coming to the pipeline really can't stop about it. Number standpoint Dora by the way you did a great job for the first time caller your your spot on accurate.

There was an effort and it's not so much that he was pushing everybody to go to college Dora. He was shaming people. He was telling people that you know if you go to trade school. You're lesser than and that's one of the things I loved about Donald Trump Dora is that he embrace the trades he embraced community college and he said you know what there's something noble if you want to be a diesel mechanic.

You will be a diesel mechanic right. Great job working women sometimes eat more unbelievable and when I moved here 20 years ago Pennsylvania NiCad.

I'm glad I matter there. I am glad to know it. Then out of the liberal lot going on in the collection, decree or state in the country right now. I need guys are doing a fantastic job here and let me tell you last night to get to this in the next out of the so last night one of the best stories of the night, not so much the other big elections. It was the school board elections where conservatives swept every single school board race in the state of Florida. What a great day in the sunshine state and Pick back up the corruption on getting it like you can't get a straight story from anyone. All corruption and glad that you're leading) and I listened you every day and I'm screaming now because I don't get you down here and kill 3 o'clock in the afternoon.

It starts at 93.6 and I get that in my car and screaming ice cream you now and I'm the great work because your line on top of all the issues you just right there. Dora you are so kind to say that I got to tell you. You sound like our kind of people around here. I just tell it like it is and you can agree or disagree, but at least people know where I'm coming from and that you know that's all you can ask Dora I want you to hang tight gray, sweet Dora, can I get I want to give you a copy. One of my books is that okay all right working to send you a cot what's in her copy of the cultures she hawed how to stop a letter from killing a nation, your love this book. Dora and I think is really an open your eyes to what's happening and you give us a call back.

We we like the way you think there all right. Let's go to Dodd in North Carolina off the talk station hey Don what's up doing I'm good thank you. Couple things and I was thinking the lab to 15 minutes since your show came on, why didn't the administration take a look at the students that pay back part part of their loan like 20%, 30% of their loan are students that are actively making payments and say as a result of your good behavior and your hard work were going to forgo 10 grand or 20 grand or the rest of your love. That would've been rewarding good behavior, right now that's in her point on, you know, if somebody is struggling in making their payments and have has $100,000 loan student loan but they repaved 30,000 of it or they're making monthly payments.

Those would've been the students that I would say okay you're on the right track to doing the right thing, let's go ahead and give you a break in the deadbeat, which is your word, which I agree with that or not doing it. Go ahead sick those 87,000 IRS agent on them and say what's the second Tahoe that you got what's is $350,000 house that you got what's this iPhone 14 that you got. And yet you can't make $100 or hundred $50 a month payment. Don it's a fine point you raise. And again this goes back to taking personal responsibility, but we praise an entire generation and it's somebody else's fault. It's it's never just never your fault it's somebody else's fault and an no shame in Georgia but I heard a little bit of that in his commentary are in his explanation of its colleges fault for not teaching us how to manage money is the daddy's fault for not telling the sun you're going be responsible for this long when you get out. I heard a little bit of that is explanation and it is age of 47. It's right in there with this group coming my wife and I sat in front of the stove with the stove open for heat in our kitchen when we were paying back our student loans. That's it. And that comes from personal responsibility. When I was a huge Dave Ramsey fan growing up and I appreciated what Dave said you talk you talking about financial responsibility. You don't need a new car. You don't need a lot of new stuff and that's a problem, people's priorities are all screwed up and reinforcing the bed yeah off the and when is it going to change me understand the more logical rate understand that inflation reduction act. That's just all stupidity, politics. This is actually financial degradation. I don't know if this is ridiculous and and and Don let's go here because were coming up on his break in and God bless you for your for your comments here, but the broader issue.

Ladies and Solomon and will will jump into this later on in the program. This is going to cause inflation to get even worse. This is a very dangerous thing economically that Joe Biden is doing and why is he doing this. It's very simple. He's bribing the millennial's. He needs those people to get out and vote in the midterms but I think this is a I think this is a bad move politically because he's miscalculating this. These morons can't even pay their bills. You think they're going to get up and go vote on election day.

I don't think so.

All right. Hang tight. We got Amanda and John, James, Pete and Iowa Joe in Georgia really get your calls but we gotta take a break first 844-747-8868 that's her phone number. This is the time surgery is universities through viewing movies to see are really sunny Thursday subdivided loan forgiveness plan.

It ranks right up there with both a bad idea about the time surgery or program everybody good to have you with us and very rarely have we had a story like this explode. The phone lines, but we've got a lot of folks that are wanting to weigh in here on Pres. Biden's decision, which by the way the Wall Street Journal like they got a piece just now and they say that this ought to be called the inflation expansion act and the concern here is that forgiving. What $300 billion in loan debt is going to explode. Inflation we're heading down a dangerous path.

As a country folks a dangerous path.

So we want to get to the phones here.

Do you believe that we should be forgiving the loans of these deadbeat students.

844-747-8868 I want to start in Tennessee Amanda listing to K WAN. Our flagship station so Amanda I understand you got a daughter and she's paying off the student loans where working monthly art, long got turned over to a collection agent because we couldn't afford long and are going to graduate from college. Our lungs were aware thousand dollars a month and we get taken out approximately eight different loan and had individual accounts for the master got one place to deal with and work with it and got a patent got they were spelled out another company and take those off and in that now were hanging off the large amount of sound and we make a payment of $307 a month for the next 18 years.

Wow, 300, but you're working through your you guys are paying off that debt. Yes, and lack of grace. Well Adele, I mean I don't have a problem with paying out the fact of the matter that you have to have the individual loan for each connector and then you know yet it that misleading. Why do we have to have an individual loan 102 Macon open in loan and then turn around and consolidate all the interest-rate together instead of having an individual interest-rate and an email ending up with $78,000 that's taking out which not ours are low compared to some and Amanda what is your daughter and what is your daughter graduated as you have her degree yes it has an ad communicate degree and he is a line sales rep now that's what her job is to think how whining I find it wanting sales by the key where studios pay off all of those loans well a day maybe we'll get there, where it will get there that you know yeah he able to find a job in her mind had agriculture back you know it is still not what hurt you know what it set out to date Amanda as we pointed out and I sure these the stats back in 2021 that in a survey they wanted to figure out who owes all this money and by and large it's people that are making upwards of 100 or hundred $50,000 a year, people who could afford to pay back the loans, but are not doing. And then there are people like you and your family and you guys are paying back what is owed here so that's the bigger problem are the folks in the higher income brackets that are not paying back what they know now and my daughter does not and I do not make 150,000 year only nowhere near making it like that.

Eileen so that's why it is very frustrating over the house like Annie but it I agree with the caller that earlier elites are given the money that the American people and not given it to Ukraine or whoever else out there. You know the illegal immigrants they still I don't how were they misled it alone. I mean anybody with common sense knows alone has to be paid back if not idea speaking about Amanda. By the way, yesterday we didn't get will this just a few hours ago Joe Biden announcing were to be sending $3 billion more in aid to Ukraine to your point ridiculous ridiculous and you know everybody said when Ukraine winning the war. War with Russia and 90 made the comment.

One day they said, you know, at least not enough. That way he won't be in Russia's back pocket and I like okay now what we do, then working in Ukraine. All that money and tell him back pocket. Good question Amanda. I would you give us a call back and thank you for a listing to K Wam and we appreciate your good words all right 844-747-8868 was Arkansas James listing to us on KW AM James. What say you completed group job and the reason is because first of all, don't tell me a 17-year-old, 17-year-olds were sleeping I mean by phone. A lot of my granddaughter has credit card could teach her and she she's got everything there is to teach her to use money wisely, and when I was a kid my father had like a lot have robust lust of the great YouTube we need to get a job by your card and I mean this first mortgage is taken money out of people's pocket and there's a lot of people involved in the character of all because the parent should think strategically. Space they give their kids a great service by not teaching them that you agree to something Beaufort specialist Blalock. There is no free ride lot you will place and somewhat with the college.

Smart owes military because I signed a contract no. But hey, I'm verbally military. But I got out a place my mother college mean there's ways you did it, you'll just have to default on letter factors join the military and they will pay back the existing loans that you James. It's Outlook it's a Fairpoint and again that you're right, there are multiple layers here ultimately be responsible for yourself, moms and dads do have a responsibility to teach their kids right from wrong moral values you sign your name to something you take an oath. You take a pledge that you live up to that obligation and also they need to teach kids how to balance a checkbook and viewed some parents are doing better discover their kids money James.

I don't know about you but when I was a kid growing up if I wanted candy or I want to go to the movies want to buy a comic book. You better believe I was taken out the trash or mowing the grass up money was just not handed out in our household and mine either. Back when I was 14 years old I get to you exactly how many bales of hay. I had to pick searching for Bob urging you all plan.

I'm now I'm just playing a mean kid looks terrible to start. They really are giving it's it's a dangerous path were going down because ultimately these people are going to be in charge. One day that's what I'm concerned about. I James hang in there like II had to bales of hay one summer.

That was that the last summer I did that, but I can promise you this idea. I knew right away. I was not cut out to be a farmer that's of some backbreaking work there. I want to go to Pete and I will listing to us on our lifestream.

Pete has an interesting observation. RIP what's going on. Great sellout requested our answer is that I'm 69. My brother, Victor seven I went to college.

He didn't.

I work five, eight, 10 years to get my bad. But what I think is it green collar job is not blue-collar job because you take four years, the college that my brother got four years earn it from the day you have a high school so I spent four years paying his first deer was far years, earning eight year deference. If you now four years 30,000 college for years. 30,000 income that 240�30,000 hundred thousand hundred 20,000 so that time earn Burton pay that 240,000 that's you know 1/4 million deference from going to college and earn and then like you said again yeah go yoga are pottery their candle.

Like that when you come out you don't have income versus somebody want to trade that the first four years our college yet low paying income as though it is started. There's an old saying that says either do it. If you can't do it, teach it. If you can't teach it. Get a government job.

Yeah you look at a lot of these you know people they went out the liberal college they did politically oriented even at both the community organizer like Obama, you don't have any job you get politician jobs her government pension and look at these tensions that the congressmen get that they get 180,000 pension after five years hundred and $74,000 year.

There may come. Everyone's a billionaire.

How do you do that I want to know how I now therefore they should be financial advisors.

That's what they out of it. I got a run here. I can't get over the go yoga but that's actually a thing. Ladies and gentlemen, it is actual seen on college campuses. I tried that once but unfortunately the half-moon turned into a full mood. It was very appropriate Outlook. We gotta take a break before we go.

I gotta say this about something. Pete brought up Barack Obama never held an actual job.

He was a community organizer. His job was to destroy and to cause mayhem and disruption. Barack Obama has never created anything in his life. Just a reminder 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number.

This is the Todd Stern show cell. I still maybe just like in so and so and I desired my money when I was a kid I can sense a great work your tail off to give 100 great. That's 10 bucks. Keep up the good work that all right well I think you so very much. And by the way, that one was Philip from Daphne, Alabama, and Philip left us a shout out and you can do that on our official lifestream app you say how can I get that. Very simple. Go to Todd's click our live show blog and you'll see the link there and it is a free download and listen to us and send us shout outs like Philip Justin, I want to go right out of the patriot mobile newsmaker line so honored to have with us. The proprietor of Trish Trish Regan Trish, hope you're doing good today Ray, Harry, Trish, I'm a little frustrated right now. To be honest with you.

The fact that you know hard-working American citizens are going to be forced to pay for these student loans. It's outrageous pretty wild but we can run any number on November any can buy you both along the way you look at the lack of engagement among young people right now doing work with young people rent any other group, or something interesting we have $1.7 trillion in outstanding loan that we could try to learn reading tonight which I can explain but it's awful any more than 1.3 trillion we had in the subprime mortgage crisis line number 57% of that debt is held by people under the age of the court. 48 group tied Nick doesn't like him very much so I fact that there was a lot of political motivation that went in today and that's discouraging for Oliver because it shows you where you can honey politician for a candy bar how they think they can vote. I don't work ultimately very political. Trish you are knee-deep in the economy, the markets, politics, others a lot of concern by many of the economist out there that this decision by Biden is going to bite all of us in the behind. Very soon, why not you know it is and on your house or start planning your your vacation or whatever it is you get $10,000 in your pocket. If you're talking about trying to rein in inflation right now. Time which is exactly what they want to do giving away $10,000 anybody make 1125 grand a year it has been long that they need to pay think about right where we on this quote unquote inflation reduction act, which will but actually, .20 but the Federal Reserve is doing right now that is desperate to get inflation under control. They did not help Trish Regan on the patriot mobile newsmaker line.

Trish, I think you're right about the political calculation here, but I don't think is working with these people. They will pay their bills. You think you're going to show up on election day, maybe already think the guy is too old and these are Democrats were talking about not going to win as much with a very thinking while talking .0 I know, I forget about or even give Arlington time they wanted day and it would warrant a resident they think will be going to be what have you done for me lately how you go to college. I say that as someone is a big believer in education and now you are, but also a big believer in that you can educate yourself and find a way. There's a lot more to do than just go to college and is a plumber who lived down the street from the confines or anyone else think you said all the funding companies in New England and the guys with a fortune.

Trish leave it there: hang tight. Trish don't go anywhere there's an account of software Trish Regan, this is the Todd start back America have you with us today.

The radio so watch the clock little bit better for Greece was like screaming and pounding on the windows we got so Trish Regan was kind enough to hang out with those. So through the break and the Trish we you were telling us a very important point in making a great point that not everybody needs to go to college. Currently collecting} told everybody this idea that somehow you're going to college you break anything un-American and not who we are an American could been brainwashed into the idea that there go to school. First of all, let's all remember you.

Dormitory can't be, you know Friday night club to be well educated all the money has gone to write because bit to start more and more and more money. Crazy tuition putting young students think that family and that government created this entire cry which will even affect the right of the problem. The problem is I get fired up about the time because it really makes me mad back in 19 6500 Lincoln didn't know what everybody is entitled to an education. Everybody should be able to get one. You don't have to be some rich kid parent can afford for you to go and we don't want looking at these young people anything lower not take a risk on Monday And asked what would happen to the government putting the loan program the way it would like don't think they think needed to get.

Now you get a blank go wherever you want and the car just said thank you very much will take that money and he started relaxing in patient standard.

There became the start of ammo that go to college and entrenched in our society in a way that discouraged. I think a lot of vocational activity which is still so important and we are now left with $1.7 trillion worth of student loan debt, and it's really attractive graduate date.

They don't graduate Elvis or they go to some no-name place where they charge them a fortune anywhere. The public Leaving that either philosophy degree and I you not to be able to pay the bill so the whole thing is one big racket created meeting with good intentions but you know what happened on the government get away created by our government and now the government trying to solve it by lot more money to work. It's a great point and Trish are all over this over Trish will and the podcast as well as a yes so and what tell us about the podcast.

By the way, because you you have some great casting great info you along with your heart on bona fide and you can go to YouTube. I am there with all video version of the podcast every day and digging in because I know a lot about that and going back to the history of how it all started. All explained. The reality is how it is not the only one doing well frankly party. Trish always good having on the show. Thanks for being a good sport and had testing through the break. We really appreciate your time anytime. Craig all right Trish Regan everybody Trish is a website you get the podcast there. I do want to go back to the patriot mobile newsmaker line and from Young America's foundation. Our good friend Scott Walker. Scott, thanks for hang a lot I I'm running behind today.

Scott is one of those days. No problem. I understand that NPR yet the bill you got that right.

And unlike you know it's funny Scott, you humans of that one of the. The bees in my bonnet as we say that as a radio station owner there taken my money and they're giving it to NPR which is my competitor always had a problem with that.

Well, it's a lot like the topic were talking about you know it is and I Scott I know that you guys are working with. With college students, high school and a little school students all over America. What are you hearing from the conservative kids about this Biden announcement well they understand what it's all about it and we do: frequently all our kids.

We pull all broad cross-section of the normal general population called college high school in their work at middle school kids, and that's one of the questions we ask the reason for what you think the federal government should forgive loan debt and you can imagine that I don't like conservatives but just kids in general terminal numbers that they got that made sense. But here's the kicker tie-dye after file? Do you think someone who never went the cow you have to pay taxes to forgive someone else to load an interesting response from those college-age students as well as I took in college was interesting that a majority of know that's not there yet that's exactly what you might do if you didn't go to college you went to college and get Pedro way to loan debt.

I think most Americans get that it's not fair to ask all those people to pay taxes so that we can write off 10 or $20,000 with the someone else's student loan debt. Don't do it in your out with Carlo and we don't go with mortgages on hold. This is the only place where we say it's okay to take on more debt you can pay it's it's the most bizarre thing and I'm glad you brought up that point, there are a lot of people who did not go to college and are to be forced to pay for the people who did that for whatever reason could not afford it. But again, this goes back to even a broader issue of what is the point of college these days we had some guy call in and he was making a joke, but it's true. You can go to college and major in go to yoga our feminist to you Libya lesbian literature.

I mean it's just crazy stuff now on college campuses well and add that no star. But even young people were trying to get your legitimate career preparation.

Your they increasingly have to go there and we actually get corn bread light blue graduation cords. The students were involved with the Young America's foundation because you made it through or five years of liberal indoctrination to me for the moment they get their kids going to school right now just taken off the college, you know, the moment they walk in it over the head with gendered of transgender issues in their head over the head with racial issues. You see the vision that anything else.

This is where there putting kids and dormant by the great things that are grandparents bought again there now doing on the website. It just shows you how radical it out of such things are getting increasingly it big? Is the weather gets go to college. It's it's a very point. Scott Walker from Young America's foundation of the patriot mobile newsmaker line Scott. We were also watching the elections last night and in Florida where something rather remarkable happened. You had conservatives sweeping those school board races, and now Miami-Dade is the largest school district in America controlled by conservatives that you got to be feeling good about that. Well you this global pandemic is what you it will pair appeared to even good writers that are thinking. A lot of times it did old thinking about my kid doesn't live in this bad school district. Therefore, my school disk is great life. School district aren't great and so parents woke up like what they saw took after the school board.

Older kids out with her private school.

In some cases, a homeschooled but I love what we saw Miami-Dade we saw earlier this year with the recall of three different school board members in San Francisco, of all places. This is an idol. It what I said last year the Virginia governor's race and that it don't stop there. That's it and and I think that the Santa said the campaign, they phrased that the parents revolution and I think that's what were seeing and I can't wait to see what happens in November when more school boards.

I suspect are going to have a reality check. What they really are. That effect that do theater in Arizona just fine.

This is amazing the most consequential effort to fund and not likely fully giving the appearance card and he quite a similar phrase with that. He said that we have to be the parents party think those of us who are conservative and yelling that year. Put parents back in charge.

Get these bureaucrats out of the way get the nonsense of the way it's insanity and think that parents woke up with just Erica Kovic pandemic that could happen but it did. Well said. I will let you go I know where I'm coming up in a very important thing that Young America's foundation does to remember 911 tell folks what's up what's happening yeah you are interested in your student. No student leaders in college. This is in schools across the country on 9/11. We put up one American blackberry and live loss of 2977 flags go up. It's an amazing thing in the 20 years since 9/11.

We started about two years after that we put up over 12 million why you're listening to your kids or grandkids niece or nephew. Find out how you get them involved.

It's a great way to kick out the school year and remember all those kids in high school of Boston College were born after 911 we can never let them forget what happened on that day, nor what the people who did it would try to do America. Well said Scott wouldn't leave it there.

Appreciate your time today and all the great info.

Thanks.Scott Walker, Lisa Sullivan, president of Young America's foundation I'm a big supporter of this group and they just do incredible work and I have spoken at the Reagan Ranch a number of times done a lot of their national conferences just good people and other great thing yeah the kids have a good time but it really is about educating that next generation about what it means to be a conservative and what it means to fight for America and they've been very effective over the years. The oldest conservative student organization in America. You just heard Scott on the patriot mobile newsmaker line patriot mobile is America's only Christian conservative wireless carrier. They not only share our beliefs but are doing something about it by supporting organizations that are fighting for us standing up for the First Amendment, standing up for the Second Amendment, standing up for the pro-life movement. And I want to encourage you to check out patriot mobile and consider switching your wireless coverage patriot is the website that's patriot or you can give them a call at 972 patriot I get this.

They've got plans to fit any budget. They offer great discounts and especially if you're a veteran first responder use my promo code there to give you that discount and free premier activation, but you gotta use promo code Todd that's patriot 972. Patriot will be right back and read your problem with Facebook this morning and noticed your Facebook feed. There was some sort of a hack overnight. I'm not surprised. So apparently everybody's newsreels were flooded with celebrity news and they Videos known. I can't but it was worse celebrity news that it was hard as that might seem yes I'm not a big fan of callous videos that celebrities some weird looking people there. They really are very troubling. So anyway, I'd said. But Facebook says they have fixed the problem with good and now everybody's getting dog and cat videos the world is balanced again, there you go Boston University. I'm curious grace about the story out of a Boston Boston College is a Boston College, Boston University. Anyway, they have announced that you get to pick your own pronouns and gender doesn't matter what the what's on your birth certificate if if you identify as large, but you're really Larry. Then you can you know identifies Marge live your truth buddy. Now here's the question what happens if you take out a loan and your barge but you know then you become wary is a Larry responsible for what Marge did you ever really good cover. It's very strange, very strange. All right 844-747-8868 what's go to the phones Bobby and South Carolina has a very interesting observation about all of this. Hey Bobby, what's going on.

Good afternoon Todd yeah before that sound like fake wrestling gimmick involved gender with their man about situation with you that long. It caught me all the way back to 1990, when there was a debate in Georgia L Miller was elected governor of that state. He promised a lottery for education, gambling, then all the other state bought into this gambling for education impact in our very state. The guys who eventually led to gambling for education place later was able to sell our state energy company to Virginia and later became and family for discovery that is DMN. I call it discovery now so nobody this is an interesting point because and I do remember this is L Miller who was one of the great you. He was one of those yellow dog Democrats and I he became a Republican and endorsed.

If you remember this endorsed George W. Bush and gave that big speech at the Republican national convention in New York City after 9/11 happened but you know he was some you know he was one of the people that was really pushing what they called the Hope scholarship on.

I always call it the hopeless scholarship. Bobby only because your people were people were be able to get they were able to go to school there. We get the scholarships because people squander their money on lottery tickets and now we have our Democratic gubernatorial candidate Joe Cunningham now trying to push sports betting for the children. You know, it would be amazing if we didn't waste all of her money on this stuff. How much money will we would actually have interbank accounts. Bobby yeah but we could die with gambling so much of the scholarship. What eventually happened. I thought slinking through college before we had gambling scholarship but the gambling scholarship are in excellent form of stub just like the Pell grant and other financial aid.

So what happens is when you have the gambling scholarship everybody else pays more for their gambling subsidized scholarship and that includes grad school so yeah how many people understand every time you feel one of those Powerball were mega millions lottery what you really thing is the exact reason for the high cost of education. It's a fair point, Bobby, and what I got a run here. We are running late for a break so I appreciate the call but again I mean Bobby brings up a good point and not this this goes back to.

Not everybody needs to go to college and we really need these hope scholarships. Are we really comfortable with people losing tens of thousands of dollars on lottery tickets so your kid can get a a scholarship to go to a state school. I guess some people are they coming up.

We gotta talk about these elections that happen yesterday. There's a bit of troubling news for Republicans coming out of New York State and George Pataki of the former Republican governor of New York, sounding the alarm bells but we a lot to celebrate down in Florida were moms and dad said enough is enough really talking to someone from Hillsdale College to be a fun condo 844-747-8868 that's her phone number. This is from Liberty University's do you see is yours. So the body well done throughout our 30 have you with us today 844-747-8868.

That is our toll-free telephone number that eight 447-4788. Oh, here's that story I was looking for the story Boston University. So anyway, but it's not college anymore.

I guess they change the name they upgraded Boston University now allowing students to modify their names and pronouns in the school system. This is all part of the queer activist collective's are like the board of the LGBT world for you Star Trek fans, the queer activist collective along with university administrators have provided name and pronoun changing guidelines for the Boston University systems have you heard this phrase Grace Baker is called dead, naming never heard of it.

I just thought it was like calling out the dead, yet you would like grandpa Starnes.

Or maybe like your highlighted name versus I married name. I may names dad. So here's the deal, and I don't know what you think using Marge and Larry, I thought Utah so so anyway they they got a protocol now what you say that your name is is Marge okay okay and you're more you're born Marge, but now you identify as Larry because you're as big as a linebacker.

Hello my name is Marge and then Marge becomes Larry hi Larry so you know the voices. That's the way it always changes always changes. Anyway, they give you some examples. So they're very concerned about professors not being respectful of the preferred pronoun crowd. The real concern, so they give you some guidelines and templates for emails and conversations, you know, one of the worst jobs in America. Aside from the guy that has to sweep up behind the elephants of the circus parade is a university professor and it's pretty bad just sort kind of feel sorry for the but then you realize they're all raging lunatic leftist at this point, yes. So I don't feel so bad.

But anyway, they gotta use these templates in the event they inadvertently mispronounced somebody.

And so here we go. This is hires us to handle this.

Hi Prof. Brown what is why Brown why not Prof. White Prof. him. I do it. Hi Prof. Brown I noticed you referred to be using. She her hers pronouns during class. I just want to remind you that I use.

See her hers that states IRS instead of a G you know you know the name tags and telling everyone just said that.

However nametags is too confusing.

I'd really appreciate it if you'd use these to refer to be enough either Prof. I'm like what you're absolutely right. I did referred to you as a female pronouns because you have the president of the China I have a bit sorry left me speechless there. I'm just saying I maybe you're in college you have those conversations just with the left that email on red. Another reads hi Prof. Brown I get what's up with Prof. Brown. What's up with Larry and Marge hi Prof. Brown I noticed you referred to me as a man during class. I'm not really comfortable with being referred to by that term, and I'd appreciate it if you don't use it to describe me, feel free to use student or person to refer to me instead.

How about was how about you pajama boy snowflake. How about you when this Bubba man you got a bad you're more of a woman that I'm mad is womanly speak you're right there Grace yeah I'm just try to catch my breath and the guideline also advises against dead, naming and choosing a student's legal name instead of the name they associate with their chosen gender again born Marge identified as Larry very simple people keep up. However, there's always a but here, however, and this is a big dog, a dog, but right here that attempting to change one's legal name on the diploma may hinder valid credentials for employment and license that's kind of a big deal. So what they're saying is you should just keep your name I here's another story.

University of Arizona University of Arizona student. This is from the college fixed Christian Schneider author, University of Arizona student was reported to administration for attempting to get her friends to guess the word cotton. Online dropping know the draw.

My friends game called again. It was very popular on iPhones for a while there, I do not.

I'm still working through solitaire. Oh yes on Facebook I forgot.

Wow, that was hurtful quote while she claimed that she did not specifically denote the race of the person of the witnesses claim she chose a dark brown color for their skin tone. Maybe they were just teens or brought no quote. She claimed she was only trying to make a historical reference.

It did not have discriminatory intent, but several members of the resume call told her the drawing was an appropriate so so what she could to get kicked out of school because she drew a picture of somebody picking cotton.

You know, I think Arizona is not a woke state, but their schools. They there are a lot of these stories I noticed they were playing know that was what was the name of the game you said they were playing draw. My friend is a Pictionary called a Pictionary like online game called scribble several of Alan RIP be out to see they're not teaching kids how to write what is this mean SK RIP BL.II scribble yellow something according to one of the teammates. The student began drawing a black person picking cotton in the field because the Word was God dead the fabric of our lives were crying out loud straw T-shirt went to the other students as it was very inappropriate and distressing. All of us felt deeply ashamed that a member of our organization will be so insensitive. Okay, may I just say something I want to know who those people are because they need professional psychological help. This is true. That's all I'm saying here. The student was reported to the University of error about Arizona's bias education and support team that exists, also known as best sounds like the worst to me.

Sweet Lord help us. I here's an interesting story from the Buffalo Bill, Buffalo Bills reporters have a lot of exciting content to discuss this year. Whether it's a positive impact of their numerous off-season acquisitions. The elite status of quarterback Josh Allen blah blah blah blah blah. So anyway the problem here is that the Associated Press bills reporter John wall row was very concerned about the songs by female artist on the soundtrack. I guess this is a soundtrack the plays at the football games and during the practices. You know another reporters or their course that all is not music on so anyway John wall, who clearly wears Mexican managers wrote this on Twitter. He's wondering why Buffalo Bills practice music never features a female act. This tells me he's not doing his job.

He's paying that much attention to the music and not to the football going on around him unbelievable.

Everybody so sensitive it's it's prophetic. This from the daily wire.

Speaking of insensitive and pathetic. Dr. Oz� St. Dr. Oz is pathetic, awkward, since all but Dr. Oz is catching fire. Because of this, and remember the TV commercial where he said hi. I'm Dr. Oz I'm a regular person like you and I got to go to the grocery store because my wife wants a crudit�s and of course we film basically chopped up vegetables and appointed nobodies with ranch salad dressing so anyway he's gets all you know what because of the apparently the average Pennsylvania does not know the definition of crudit�s hit me being one of them looks like Rod so anyway, John Fetterman, who is the stroke victim who is actually beating Dr. Oz of the bolt holes John Fetterman ladies had a stroke time and the guy looks like what uncle Festus cousin Festus. I looked at talking about today's arrow and nobody in our audience knows it's the Adams family may cousin faster cousin Festus or what is Festus, Gunsmoke, wrong name but almost there. This never happens. The Limbaugh Sweet Lord.

Alright, so it's cousin Festus master. That's like Pastor faster cousin, faster, and who is he what show was he on you on Sandy really was the Google who was the there was another. There was another monster comedy show at the same time and Fred Gwynn was the Frankenstein type character. I'm looking right now. I'm sorry she's older I don't know alright so anyway cousin faster, who's in a hoodie and survived a stroke could barely get through a five minute speech yesterday.

Yes, Chris Baker. Nothing on this thing so we can get to the speech, the poor guy is like he's not there. His brain was clearly damaged by the stroke and were not mocking the poor guy.

But anyway Dr. Oz's campaign did and they're very upset about this. So the the honest campaign senior communications advisor. Her name is Rachel Tripp and she said if John Fetterman had ever eaten a vegetable in his life that maybe he would not of had a major stroke would not be in the position of having to lie about it constantly. I just I just it's a fair point.

I may have you seen the guy decided he's got the hoodie on always wearing the cargo pants, shorts, he's got these little chicken legs and he's a big guy and clearly he is not well, but the Democrats don't care they seem to think that they can run a stroke victim for the for the U.S. Senate and right now he's ahead of Dr.'s let's get our can we go to see we go to Patty and let's go to Patty and Mina together can we do that we got Dean up in Germantown and Patty in North Carolina hello Dena and Patty how are y'all today hi alright so Dena and Patty just thank you, for you have called you been gracious for two days I been trying to figure out the name of that stupid program so the count of three.

Anyway, when Herman might ruin the moment.

Patty I was going sail the counter 314 is like why am I on the phone live on the radio show. I'm having a rough day, ladies ice cream to well this is true this is like for like the double stuff for you are the cream filling. It's great. I think this conversation is getting very inappropriate. Now Dena Dena here in Germantown which is where I live, we may be neighbors were alive in Cleveland, Georgia oh wow okay well that's a ways away, then, alright, well, Dena and Patty, thank you both for helping us is the monsters and I know this is silly, but I will why I just had a brain freeze all that alright ladies and thanks for the call. Thanks for making my day. Dena and Patty. We got we have some of those beautiful ladies and all of the merit of the list of this radio program. I am not kidding you. And I know that because we had a huge party over at the downtown Memphis to celebrate that the big anniversary and I meet people there like me and this is one of the best looking crowds we've ever seen like, well, you're welcome.

It is what it is. All right all we got to take a break here 844-747-8868. That is our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 this is the Todd storage alright coming up waiting for president five were waiting for a bite in the about the loans, student loans, we will depend a bad when that happened. This should've already happened, but they may be trying to wake him up or something real about this story from the Gateway pundit California pay attention here. Gas powered vehicles are expected to be banned by the year 2035. So by 2035. All cars sold in California have to be free of fossil fuel emissions now on this on this program. We like to deal in facts and reality. I want to share some facts with you. So if you're in the ever having this conversation about you with one of these people that want to buy one of those low metrosexual cars you gotta plug in the wall and they took while don't you love the environment. I mean you're driving that take huge SUV that Kant's guzzler and is just blowing a hole in the ozone it's blowing a hole in the ozone judo cam about the environment you just what you want you want us to all burn up and you want to destroy the planet and so the next time you encounter one of these people. I want you to share some facts with them and here are the facts. Those batteries are made out of lithium and over a single year, about 60,000 tons of lithium means digging up as much as 30 million tons of earth. That's more than the annual amount of earth dug up to produce all the coal in seven or eight of the US states.

I want you to understand that you're better off environmentally speaking with coal then you are with lithium but it gets better because once you remove the lithium from the earth, well then then you've got a get it ready to go. Put another cars and how do they do that, according to streets blog and this is a great website and is filled with great information removing the lithium from the war is done with the industrial economies dissolve or of choice, corrosive and toxic sulfuric acid, the developer, Canada-based China back lithium Americas Corp. plans to acidify bolts and sulfur on site is still require 75 tractor trailer loads every single day and by the way yes how those tractor-trailers are fueled, you've got it. Fossil fuels, so don't buy into this argument that those battery-powered metrosexual cars are actually more environmentally friendly, when in fact they are not there. The exact opposite.

Just a little bit of fact a little bit of knowledge here on the Todd start radio program are you coming up again. We are waiting on Joe Biden to get out and mumble something.

Also, Dr. Kathleen O'Toole is the Assistant Provost for K-12 education over at Hillsdale and were to be speaking with her and also going over some of the good news about parents in Florida. They decided you know what when I'm going to tolerate localism in the classroom. 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number are you ready to fight back. Take back your schools give us a call will be right back. All right hello America will have. You gotta give a big tile are audio engineer and little stories is that your second that's the middle right trial the little brother.

And anyway, he's taller than all of us now but the place football and scored the other day we got the video on the Instagram.

It's a pretty awesome thing of score the game saving interception as defined as the clock was was that was expiring. It was great. People were shouting and celebrating.

It was great joy all over Burke anyway 844-747-8868.

That is our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 Hillsdale is doing some incredible work.

Hillsdale College, and it's not just on the collegiate level. I would go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line over just so delighted to have with this Dr. Kathleen O'Toole, the Assistant Provost for K-12 education at Hillsdale doctoral tool happy to have you on the show today. Thanks for having you know before we jump into this. I want to get your reaction to what happened last night in Florida where you had school board after school board where the conservatives defeated woke candidates at the ballot box and now Miami-Dade is actually the largest school system in America now controlled by conservatives on the school board line like that across the country starting at the fact that the nation is paying more attention than ever to let our children in learning are learning in school and parents are rightly saying we have a right to to know what you're going to teach our children and we want take content rather than how to then on.

Had the students participate in Kenneth a new experiment. Let's let's talk about the Hillsdale mission because I think this is so vitally important. What you guys are doing and specifically, let's talk about the importance of having a non-woke education well here at the college we are. The college was founded in 1844. The purpose of teaching all who wish to learn and if you look at early photographs that graduates from college, you will see women there you will see African-American fair ion. In short, we were committed to the education of all Americans from our earliest days. Today we have a K-12 education office, which I ran and then mission. The mission of that office is to teach public schools, private schools. Charter schools about the principles of liberal arts education. A well-rounded education. What that means for the study of history is that rather than approach the study of history with a specific agenda for going to read the document that he the fact learned the story and then draw conclusions about what it means after we learned the information. This is an approach education that scholarly reputable.

It's reliable and it's the kind of work that we've been doing here at the college. Since our founding, I love how you frame this because it Hillsdale you guys consider yourself a trustee of Western philosophical and theological inheritance and that is something that goes back generations through world history exactly right. Educating student classical education recalling Nightingale at we didn't invent it here and I in fact it wasn't even invented in America a tried-and-true way of educating student that used to be the way that things were done in this country and we think that standards used to be higher. We think that teachers used to be happier in their work.

Didn't you stay come out at that K-8 K to 12 years. Knowing more than they do today, and there's no reason why we can't get back to that for every American students take us through what you guys are doing there at Hillsdale to specifically reach grades K-12 Chartwell where are part of this K-12 education and we had a private going on campus called Hillsdale Academy which is 30 years old and together we provide guidance and resources and everything that classical educators need in order to bring quality curriculum and great teaching into their schools.

All of the resources that we provide are freaking we don't charge schools for anything that we do and we do it out of the desire to to see quality.

No come back into come back into all schooling option. A lot of times we will work with a group of local people who want to see this type of schooling classical education in their community and they approach I think they lack want to volunteer at time we want to bring a school into being in our area and we will work with those local groups sanitize them and provide them with resources and help and if they're successful, and in founding the school. Then we take on all of the teacher training provide curriculum and and we connect that school with a network of others across the country that are devoted to the same mission. You see, I think this is such a brilliant strategy and again I love Michigan is a lovely state but I'm a Southerner I don't have to move all the way up there. But you're saying you don't have to. You can actually start that's that form of education that form of schooling in your town in your community and your state if not anything. It relies on here.

Looking back to to couple of generations ago this country. This is the way my grandparents who are from Arkansas and were educated and they were not fancy people that they did learn to diagram sentences and write in cursive is envied primary source documents and memorize beautiful things that are worth knowing. In school, and they came out of that no well educated people even though they weren't academics and were never going to be academic delete. No, we think that this is something that transcends transcends boundaries. I something that should be available to every American child and it's something that it's it's a high-quality choice with which parents should be presented well said, and the folks can go to Hills that's for more information. As I write doctoral tool you want to look at our our K-12 work all right and we've got a direct link to that on our live show blocks right Dr. O'Toole. Thank you so much.

What have you back on the so I think what you guys are doing is so vitally important to not just the health of the country. But really the future of the country might think it's a pleasure to talk with you re: Dr. Kathleen O'Toole. She is the deed.

The Provost assistant Provost offer K-12 education at Hillsdale Hillsdale College eight fine fine institution. All right, we've got to take a break your 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 may I tell you about one of my favorite beverages of all time. It's life change T and they're doing some incredible work. We are so excited they are sponsors of her program Grace Baker stop laughing. You will fire you laughing ghost in the closet ghost clause in the corridor.

I'm going I'm going I want you know it was after the Oreo, things went downhill pretty quickly. As Paul Shanklin correctly noted in a text message a few seconds ago by the way, Paul is one of our great parity guys and Jim Gosset as well just incredibly terrific and very talented fellows and they need to be Georgia life change T as well of folks they got a big summer sale buy three get one free.

It's an amazing natural, gentle cleanse and you need to drink this tea. By the way they comes in three delicious flavors natural which naturals granola peppermint pomegranate is also good life change T it's been around since 2007. Now here's the deal. If you go to get the right now type in Todd 10 that's my promo code there to give you $10 off plus free shipping. That's over $50 in savings. So get the use the discount code. Todd 10 and the number 10 and you are going to be feeling great and refreshed all summer long and never take it away never to education away and I remember my senior year I got into little libraries and I got a number schools and try to get the money was financial assistance to be able to go there for kids all over all of us want to go to school and I remember going down after baseball game I will want to really good school, Claymont, Delaware and Pennsylvania border and drove down to Newark to my dad worked in villages and I walked in my spikes because the reason is going down dead works and little Bill is a great advantage to get a new card from you could use car so I think I'm joking much of this I went down my 51 Plymouth with the beach towels for she covers, and I had my uniform on my spikes offer renin woman's name was Mary.

Renin play sessions were strategies of the Langone repair shop to my word.

True story.

My dad was a well-dressed fine fellow walked out of my dad was sort as he has got his lust was shop and tour going out of showroom. Joe so sorry I'm so sorry. I thought got some happens before cell phones. Some have been one of my brothers or sister or my mom or something switching that is want to see the guys name was Charlie Belcher was VP of farmers Bank, which was a state owned bank financing, purchase a car what's going on. Charlie has to borrow the money. He said associated damage know my dad know my dad was like millions of parents all across the country want to help the kids at school just no way to be able to do it.

Noah because he believes I education is a ticket to a better life for something jewellike, and to understand deeply. I'm sure the best you do as well but over time the tickets become too expensive to many Americans.

All this means is the entire entire generation is now saddled with unsustainable debt exchange for contempt of these colors the burner so everything if you graduate you may not have access and how hungry want to write awfully many people.

Many people can qualify for mortgage to file who continue to carry no caries is too high to come up with a down payment anyway. A lot of folks are putting off starting families because the costs and the dream started running the business is just way off in the distance with the dentist someone is that if you had to leave school because of financial strain was much too high. About 1/3 of the borrowers have debt but no degree. Worst of both worlds did no degree burns especially have a heavy black and Hispanic borrowers on average have less family wealth to pay for no known on their homes to borrow against be able pay for college and the pandemic only made things worse, but we respond aggressively to the pandemic, to minimize the economic impact of the harm: impose on individuals, families and businesses all over.

There was recovered with increased unemployment benefits for workers were laid off. We provided loans small businesses so they can stay afloat, take care of their families and their employees. We provided assistance to people to put food on the table those long lines you guys all film cars decent looking car not jalopy is nice cars waiting for a box of trying to in United States of America, waiting for over an hour to get food and trunk because you shut everything keep people from being evicted part thrown on the street. Our approach to help Americans who needed most was necessary was the right thing to do help people avoid financial crisis which helps our whole country.

As a consequence of pension benefit that benefited the whole economy. Our approach is why America's economic recovery economic recovery was faster and stronger than any other advanced nation in the world. Now it's time to address the burden student at the same way. Working closely with sector education is our job to know Sen. Cardona. Here's what my ministration is going to do is provide more breathing room for people so they have less error grounds are student debt and quite frankly to fix the system itself, which we can then we both acknowledged broken in terms of anyway. There are three key factors were first made incredible progress in advancing America's economic recovery wound down pandemic relief programs like the ones unemployment insurance and small businesses. This time we do the same thing for student loans student loan payments, pauses, and it's going to end December 3 am extended to December 31, 2022 as command at that time is time for the payments to resume second my campaign for president.

I made a commitment I made up cannot provide that would provide student debt relief. I'm honoring a commitment today is the authority Congress granted part of education will forgive $10,000 in outstanding federal student loans. In addition, students who come from low income families which allow them to qualify to receive a Pell grant will have their debt reduced $20,000. Both of these targeted actions are for families who need the most working and middle-class people hit especially hard during the pandemic making under hundred and $25,000 year make more than that. You don't qualify no high income individual for high income households on top of the 5% in the top 5% of income will benefit from this action. In fact, about 90% of the end of the eligible beneficiaries make under $75,000 family that means you make under hundred $25,000 you get $10,000 knocked off her student to make under hundred $25,000 and received a grant you get an additional $10,000 knocked off that total for a total of $20,000 just said 95% of the borrowers can benefit from these actions. Okay, that's enough. What .3 is but we really don't care because running out of time. That's he's took a whole lot of time to say, not a lot of stuff your folks, but the gist of it is this you are about to foot the bill for a lot of dead beat college students across America who, for whatever reason chose not to pay their bills chose not to read the contract they signed and now you've got to pay the price for that.

I don't think that's right, working to keep the conversation going over with social media pages newsletter coming out momentarily.

You can sign up for that by the way, over have a good day. America

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