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Deranged Biden Declares War on Conservative Americans

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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September 2, 2022 3:25 pm

Deranged Biden Declares War on Conservative Americans

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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September 2, 2022 3:25 pm

Rep. David Kustoff and First Liberty Attorney Kayla Toney join the conversation!

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In the meantime I'm filling in for Todd here from the diversity Studios in Memphis and yesterday, a very cool thing in Memphis. It was 901 area code for Memphis is 901 so you over the last several years Memphis has been celebrating Memphis with 901 day on September 1 and it was a David Fouts, hollered in with their favorite things about Memphis. Of course, listed barbecue is my top three with different barbecue joints in Memphis. Of course being my my list of favorite things about Memphis and always willing to add new barbecue joints in Memphis. You're the best barbecue joints in Memphis and really anywhere in the south are the places as you pull into the parking lot you think. What am I really going to go into this place will this building fall down while I'm in there if it looks like the kind of place you would never want to go into. That's where to find the best barbecue. I mean the really clean pristine suburban shopping center looking places can have some good barbecue but the best you're going to find those places you feel like you're taking your life in your own hands to go into and that just anywhere. Get in the southeast those of the places to seek out in the country or in the cities. Those of the place you can find the best barbecue to slow barbecue tip for you today speaks last night. Biden's speech the demonic deranged president by declaring war on conservative Americans. Not only was the setting bizarre and and prep she seen on Twitter or Facebook. Other social media that the setting where he was posed in front of this kind of dark black and red scene with with Marines and uniform standing behind him.

Your politicizing of course the US Marine Corps as he gave this just hateful, derisive, divisive, angry speech that was supposed to be about unity and supposed to be nonpartisan in the present United States gave a political speech on taxpayer dollars. Last night the good news is you probably didn't see it because ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News, MSNBC, most of the, the media, broadcasting units, chose not to air it because they knew what was coming. They knew it was a partisan political speech pretrade as a you know bring us together Kumbaya. Can't we all get along speech by this deranged and divisive president and yet if you didn't get a chance to see it I will hear your thoughts on it when folks are panning it all over the map will share some of the thoughts on on Twitter and otherwise. Pres. Trump weighed in questioning whether or not present by is suffering from severe dementia and urging somebody to very slowly very slowly and passionately actually explained to him what magnet is that you do know that magma stands for make America great again. What about making America great again is so disturbing to Democrats so disturbing to liberal so disturbing to this deranged dementia addled President of the United States.

What's so bad about making America great again that the Democrats are supposed to mean they are clearly dedicated making America weak again and they're accomplishing their purposes with high gas prices, inflation that is rocketing to higher levels than we've seen in course is actually bouncing back open borders that are pouring millions of illegal aliens in our country where we then educate them provide healthcare provide food, care for them and in every way putting up in hotels that most Americans can afford what what about Magdala so disturbing to the left thoughts on if you watch the speech last night. I want to get your impressions of it as well. 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868. Have you seen a more disturbing image of a president of the United States ever in our history that doesn't evoke memories of Adolf Hitler. Even the two closed fists that Biden displayed as he was talking again showing his his toughness showing his anger showing his willingness for a fight really looked remarkably like Adolf Hitler at the peak of his popularity when he was also demeaning those in Germany who did not fit his prescription of what real Germans should be all about will get your thoughts on that what you thought about the speech, if you watch it. If you seen clips of AdSense 844-747-8868 here's the here's a sample of what you might've heard if you watch the speech, Biden says that magma Republicans are an extremist threat to our Republic too much of what's happening in our country today is not normal. Donald Trump and the mighty Republicans represented extremism that threatens the very foundations of our Republic somebody actually applauded that how exactly are the let's bring energy independence back to America.

What what about let's close our borders to an invasion of 2 million people illegally entering our country and and diving into our taxpayers wallets.

What what is so bad an extremist and dangerous to this Republic about fighting back against the covert requirements the mask mandates the vaccine mandates that were now increasingly learning were not only inaccurate, but were out right lies the national student health just posted that Iver Becton Iver Becton is a good quality treatment for covert here for the last two years. If you claim that you get kicked off Facebook you get kicked off social media, you'd be decried as a conspiracy theorist who didn't know what you're talking about but now late in the day when Iver Becton was being denied. People who could've used it hydroxychloroquine as well.

Valid legitimate medical treatments that could have saved lives. The doctors were being prohibited from prescribing under the threat of government interference route or losing their medical license.

Those are threats to the Republic saying no to government overreach saying no when Facebook is told by the FBI don't cover the Hunter Biden laptop because were telling you it might be Russian propaganda so cover this up until the election's over. We now know that a huge percentage of Americans would've voted against Joe Biden.

Had they had that information in the Biden administration. More importantly, the FBI knew that if the truth came out, it could have an impact on the Biden election plan. Those of the dangers to our Republic that Joe Biden also question those who question, election integrity, even though we know the people voted illegally. Their votes were counted illegally. The dead people around the polls and and that these drop boxes for poles were being used, to impact the election, but only with the FBI was doing with Facebook, but actual election fraud. The Joe Biden says if you believe that somehow a threat to America. Democracy cannot survive when one side believes are only two outcomes June election is a day when or they were cheated and that's where the magma Republicans are today. They don't understand what every patriotic American knows you can't love your country only when you win, it's fundamental arrogant democracy only works only if we choose to respect the rule of law and the institutions that were set up in this chamber behind me only if we respect our legitimate political differences.

I will not stand by and watch. I will not the will of the American people be overturned by wild conspiracy theories and baseless evidence reclaims a fraud. I will not stand by and watch elections in this country stole by people who simply refused to accept that they lost so we go into the way back machine. Mr. Biden to just five years ago when Hillary Clinton and most Democrats were claiming that somehow Donald Trump in Russia. Russia. Russia stole the election from Hillary Clinton for five years we been told. The present Trump was an illegitimate president that they launched two bogus impeachments, all based upon lies because they didn't feel he was a legitimate present that he couldn't have one because Hillary's poll numbers showed she was wearing. She had to of one they had to of been cheated. We are that for five years and yes Democrats refused to certify the election of the electoral college because they believe the trumpet stolen the election go far back in history just just five years when Democrats spewed that nonsense and never being told that if you spew that nonsense today.

Your threat to the Republic.

And finally, Biden said that Mager Republicans embrace anger and love chaos has he not seen when Democrats did on the streets of Portland and Seattle. In Washington DC burning a church across the street from the White House and yet is not black lives matter is not the leftist Democrat is not anti-thaw. It's good, God-fearing Bible believing decent Americans who, Joe Biden sees as the threat to this Republic and now America must choose to move forward or to move backwards about the future obsess about the past divination of hope and unity and optimism our nation of fear, division of darkness Mager Republicans and made their choice. They embrace anger. They thrive on chaos.

They live not in the light of truth, but in the shadow of lies but together. Together we can choose a different path. We can choose a better path forward to the future future possibility of future the building dream and hope were on that path.

Moving ahead did this guy even read his own speech as he was delivering the words talking about hope and positivity is the most angry, divisive, hate filled rhetoric we have ever seen from the present United States standing behind the presidential seal and with Marines standing behind him there make the sky watch his own speech until his eyes bleed and then point out the love and happiness. He was talking about this angry, divisive speech they will become backward and take your calls.

Did you watch the speech what'd you think about it and particularly if you're a Marine. There are no families with your Marine what you think about Marines being used as a prop behind this president as he attacked Americans almost exactly one year to the day when 13 Marines and other military service people were killed in the botched dispatch from Afghanistan will take your calls next. 844-747-8868 on Steve Gill filling in for Todd starts and we will be right back. My friend Michael Dell has a passion to help everyone get the best sleep of your life even stop by simply creating the best lullaby created the dreams that look and feel great with me that even better night sleep for me, which is crucial for my business. I found the world's best cotton called visa is ultra soft and breathable but extremely beautiful might help with the 60 day moneyback guarantee and a 10 year warranty first night usually public visa sheet you will never want to sleep on anything as a dream speech come in a variety of sizes and Mike's latest incredible deal is the sale of the year for a limited time you get yourself a decent drinking receive a set as low as 4999 my and click on the radio Leicester Square and use the promo code start by not only this amazing offer but also deep discounts of all my fellow products, including my fellow veteran, I hope that so much: 800-839-8506 my, the promo code start will will behind him sizing divisive in Philadelphia last night you're just about a year ago.

He spoke to God and promised he would never use American military personnel is prompt and there he was last night doing exactly that if if your Marine have Marine family members, former Marines, 844-747-8868. In particular, want to hear your thoughts of Marines being used for political props. At the present speech last night. I was go to Jerry in Milwaukee next year and welcome to the show. I don't think that all Republican when the clear, and they're all like a Democrat but I wanted to. There are a lot of Republican who are fundamental Republican loyal Republican likely Wyoming had to leave early because of the length of Donald Trump but people who are really making everyone where you make other people who storming of the US Capitol building.

People who did that people who like leave every lie that Donald felt Donald Trump with delight data collection, no matter what happened. There was general chance that Donald Trump belied the convention character. I knew what was good, happy years before that. I don't know how much of it. I blame him like Megan Republican. I think that she liked how the Achieve. Donald Trump and line can Americans collect 30 year different thing before you ran into politics. There are, you are those who believes Joe Biden is telling the truth when he says all of his stuff that is been proven false. Almost as soon as it comes out of his mouth.

I try to be objective or your car look like, like unto Biden or smartest, smartest man Joe Biden knows and that all the stuff was a line that his son never talk to him about business dealings with his foreign partners. Even though we now have emails and text and phone records of those those are outright lies by Joe Biden covering up his his criminal activities of he and his son right coming out. I wanted more information. I got it.

Oh like something, but I couldn't uncurl I don't know now looked like it true that it is abundantly as a lot of guilt and I tried to be objective.Joe Biden is somewhat corrupt and I want to look at it and I would hope Republicans would want to look at the skeleton the Donald Trump glove that Donald Trump Junior had been accused in the videotape of him with prostitutes, underage girls, snorting cocaine, naked, cavorting with that with prostitutes.

Would you believe that or would you give it the benefit of the doubt. I know I don't know it but more likely than not.

I try to keep my polyp not try again. It's not perfect on human being, but I try to be as objective, but I would hope that people on the other side would try to be objective in no interest when I look at things like like she on the right wing considers the like perfect unity interleaved by horrible human history of corruption and scamming people and being a grifter. I don't understand. I think I think I got to say dressing most most magma Republicans I count myself among those don't adore president Trump is a deity but do like the policies that he brought to bear the been reserved a reverse by by Joe Biden the music saying last night it did to bind and talk about inflation gas prices, grocery prices, the botched Afghanistan will withdrawal all the failures of his administration were not mentioned last night as he deflects by attacking individuals personally without any basis that whatsoever. Let's have the last word all about helping out when Christian conservatives were attacking Pres. Bill Clinton about it. I'm a legally blind or whatever. But to think that there are no moral values that they went all dead alive, but placate beginning. I bought the lie that they bought thinking about more value.

It was all lie along not think it was the fact the general prison United States in our office in the oval office, degrading women, he pretrade himself to be a pristine and and that was all a lie. He lied to the American people. There was a legal issue. I don't think there's any indication, the president Trump ever did anything to the file women in the Oval Office. Jerry, thanks for your call.

I would, I would point out, by the way, that when the president last night was talking about the magma Republicans loving chaos and anger.

I wonder if those in Milwaukee. Remember Kenosha just a few miles down the road where we saw not magma Republicans. But BLM and anti-thought and liberal Democrats literally burning looting and destroying in the name of their liberal policies to something people in Milwaukee might might want to remember when you come back we'll talk more about the speech last night, also of the Trump braided monologue. We now have a list of some of the items that were taken by the FBI that includes empty folders I guess is a real security breach to an empty file folder magazine articles covers of magazines. Some of Donald Trump's close. What was the security interest in some of Donald Trump closed and why were they rummaging through Milani's drawers, other than perhaps have some perverse desire to fondle her will drawers the sickness of what that raid undertook and were now learning more and more about what they took under the guise of of a legitimate interest in national security will talk more about that next half-hour get more of your calls at the 844-747-8868 are magma Republicans a danger to the Republic, was it more. The folks like it black lives matter. Some of the folks are burning and looting and attacking and murdering in the streets of her major cities run by Democrats. More about that the next half hour and Steve Hill filling in for Todd Stark. This is there is no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the Biden ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd Starnes and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds, and traditional market you are vulnerable.

Gold is one of the best ways to protect your retirement no matter what happens you own your gold. It's real physical always been valuable since the dawn of time, like you see precious metal as the company I investing in gold. They can help you roll your retirement account into a Goldbach IRA still own the physical goal also shipped the gold and precious metals safely and securely to your house. You know $1 million worth of gold can actually fit inside a shoebox called legacy at 866-528-1903 or visit them online legacy PM legacy PM investments Wisconsin filling in for Todd today and if you have comments here twitter at Steve Hill 1010.

Check those out in a course. So if you want to call in and add your thoughts.

844-747-8868 844-747-8868 and the Malaga raid has kind of taken a backseat with all the other chaos from the Biden administration last couple weeks, but that were were learning more and more about what the FBI actually confiscated at that rate and the judge is now released a bit more comprehensive list of the items that the FBI did collect during that rate. Keep in mind you they were rummaging through Milani or Trump's closet. What was national security items were they looking for their rummaging through her unmentionables for checking out her close, I guess, or try to do a comparison of the close that they've seen Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama and maybe even the Dr. Jill Biden wearing, but the bottom line is that they think is a business rummaging into their private closing wardrobes, and yet we now find out that the FBI actually took a lot of stuff that was not covered by the even expansive warranted, but that was issued among the items that that the FBI seized. We now know wardrobe items. One of Donald Trump's clothes are of a national security interest magazines, books 47 classified folders that were empty widely taking empty folders 11,000 documents and photos. This greater newly unsealed documents that the FBI took while they were scrounging through president Trump's private residence with a with a warrant. That was way too expensive way to broad now again at the end of the day. Most of the stuff that they have taken is likely to be ruled either unclassified by the president before he left office which was totally within her progress per view. His is right is present United States to declassify anything really that he wanted to declassify other items that he had were items that were clearly not classified secret by any stretch of the imagination. So again it was a fishing expedition.

There were now learning because the FBI to scoop in a lot of stuff that has Apsley no relevance to whatever case they're trying to build and ultimately judges will rule on whether or not the warrant was overly broad, whether or not the expansion beyond the warrant that the FBI clearly did.

Again, taking wardrobe items and other items were clearly not covered by the intent of the warrant. I whether that will render anything and everything they found to be inadmissible in a court and I think it also increases the likelihood that the American public will begin to realize the truth which is that this raid was all about.

I try to damage president Biden's prospects for losing to Donald Trump in a rematch.

This is all about politics had nothing to do with a concern about national security, or as we were told at one point nuclear codes.

Nothing in this list indicates that nuclear codes were being stashed at Malaga by former president Trump and the nuclear codes are changed every day. So whatever nuclear codes he might've had previously been of any use. Anyway, there are also invitations to parties other items that had clearly no national security implications whatsoever.

So this whole raid was not about trying to protect national security or were to collect overdue books for the national archives. It was all about trying to smear and and damage Trump before he could announce a plan to run for reelection if he plans to do so now you have a lot of folks who would prefer to see Rhonda Santos as the Republican nominee and Emily go ahead and and calm some of you think well yeah we need to go to DeSantis rather than than Trump because Trump is damaged goods there to continue to smear him and attacking. Yes, they will, but you really think you're going to give a pastor, Rhonda Santos Minter already taking out shots on Rhonda Santos that have been effectively you guys like Gavin Newsom is overseeing a state where on one day they declare that everybody has to have an electric vehicle in the next couple of years and then on the other hand tell people don't charge electric vehicles because our energy grid can't handle what we've already got on the roadways you that the attacks on Florida and Texas in real America by Gavin Newsom argument. White, but at the end of the day. Rhonda Santos will be targeted and attacked and lied about by the mainstream media just as they've done to Donald Trump so he's not going to come out unscathed with his reputation unsullied things about the when I think a huge reelection in Florida is going by huge margin. He is taking the position on issues that show that he is Trump without some of the bluster and some of the antagonizing ways of using twitter to the full effect, but there's no way that is to give Rhonda Santos a pass and now we find we also got to Lori Lightfoot in the Chicago who's who's attacking Gov. Abbott in Texas for dispatching illegal aliens to New York and Washington DC and now Chicago and and she's claiming that it's racist to move these people out of Texas to Chicago. Keep in my Lori Lightfoot has declared Chicago a six were city euros if they want to welcome all the illegals to Chicago and yet when they're actually being delivered to Chicago. Now it's racism it's it's Gov. Abbott being un-American neck. Keep in mind that the Biden administration has been busting and flying. These illegals all over the country dumping them everywhere around the country and always been accusing Biden of racism for moving the illegals from the border areas to Chattanooga Tennessee to Chicago to New York is as he's been shipping people by air in the dark of night and try to cover it up for these howls and screams of protest from the New York mayor the DC Mayor Laura Romer Lightfoot. But when Gov. Abbott is voluntarily taking people their green to get on the buses they want to go to these places. In many cases there, claiming they have family members there and you've got these liberal Democrats running these failing blue cities claiming that there welcoming the illegals another screaming when they're having to take just a small portion of what the border states been experiencing for quite some time.

So here's Lori Lightfoot the mayor Chicago were people were gunned down and shot in the highest gun control.

City of United States laming Abbott for racism for moving these people the same way present Biden's done for months Texas. Obviously, if none of these migrants were sent anywhere else would have to bear the brunt of this themselves as migrants better off going to places like Chicago welcoming cities to care for now. I think Ottoman employers kind of alluded to this Intake entering Texas of all of this residence, I would want to live in the state with the governor like that.

I certainly want when you want to live in a state where they are doing everything they can to strip people of their basic rights and let's not forget about what they done to women and others who are thinking about reproductive healthcare so we welcome Texas to Chicago and will rent the buses next time to bring them here. That is a great idea mayor Lightfoot wanted to start sending the buses down. Let them load them up but you pay the bill for the moving these illegal aliens from Texas to Chicago and by the way, maybe mayor of New York and the mayor of DC will do the same things because they're just getting a small portion of the millions of illegals that have come across the border during the time the present, Biden has been that claiming that the border is secure.

His is a homeland security chief. My work is claiming the border is secure and yet 2 million people coming across and being slept around the country by the Biden administration and now they're protesting when a few thousand particular Chicago ticket to New York and taken Washington DC she wants to drain Texas. She needs to look at the figures of what's happening in Illinois now I live in Nashville and I could tell you about every third car in Ashley's day seem to have an Illinois license plate.

If it doesn't have a New York license plate or Washington DC license plate or a California license plate folks are fleeing those blue states that become havens of crime and violence and in an economic decline. The last several years and it's and it's increasing in speed. She's going to have to bring your those liberals in Texas. The few that are there. Maybe beta will work and moved to Chicago where he will feel more at home. Then I have to move a lot of people back to Illinois in Californian New York and Washington DC to make up for the flood of people who have departed those failed blue states. Just last couple of years to realize that you are lost numbers of Congress because people were leaving states like New York and California and in Illinois. Incest roasted states in the South where there moving to Texas and Florida others are adding congressional seats and dare I mention electoral votes because people are fleeing from your states.

So while you may decry Gov. Abbott in the policies. The Texans have people are leaving your state for the reasons that the other will get gunned down in Chicago. They don't want to see the drugs that are coming across the open border fennel that is killing 300 people a day in this country. It will shut down the whole country for death toll that was was about that in the early days of coven and yet we got 300 Diana day because of fennel coming across the border, slipped in from from China to Mexico and then taken by the cartels along with their human trafficking you talk about taking care of women, human traffickers are dragging women across the border using them as sex slaves and Lori Lightfoot has no problem with that 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868.

The good news for the Biden administration is that while they denied that people are coming across the border seen it on TV received video they don't think anybody's come across the border to border secure all is well. Unless you look at reality will talk a little more about that. How the White House is just absolutely lying now. Love, Steve Ducey, he's holding the account and and exposing their lies and let them just talk. As a young lawyer. I learned sometimes just let the depict opponent this let the other side talk let them bury themselves in their own words and in the Biden administration and his Press Secretary. The Cabbage Patch doll seems to be doing a great job that will talk more about that when we come back. This is the time start show on Steve Gill filling in frittata will be right back with more uncle Tom to is the eye-opening documentary everyone in America should see Todd Stern's here and uncle Tom to offers a compelling and brave analysis of the true history of black America. The cultural shift from prosperity, integrity and faith to its current perceived state of anger, discontent and victimhood. Uncle Tom to offers historical footage, photos, correspondence and data to reveal the genuine strides of black America in the 20th century the deliberate marks a strategy to create racial tension and replace God with government and the NAACP's sinister agenda. Don't miss uncle Tom to from executive producer Larry Elder and director Justin Malone with Brandon Tatum and voting Baucom and Chad O. Jackson watch the movie on demand or by the DVD now at Salem. that sale Salem see really determined walking the same group attempt term with the woman walking is something that's beyond their ability to deal with it. Earlier this week.

The president's press secretary Steve Ducey got into an exchange about immigration where she denied that people are walking across the board to keep in mind we got video we got reporters even even leftist reporters on the border watching these people walk across and yet the White House official spokesperson denies that people are not only walking in Memphis but barely walking across the border so they are two different things to different things.

So our house are two different things. Somebody comes over somebody lost Arizona their last essay I think we actually want is how we thousands of people. One day some of them turn themselves over some of them are caught tens of thousands a week are not is what is the White House denying the people walking across the board.

We see it on video we do these people never leave the bubble of the White House.

Do they never watch the news themselves. I know I know they don't watch Fox News because they see that as the propaganda tool of the dangerous mega Republicans. But even CNN and MSNBC, and ABC and NBC and certainly local news and Arizona, New Mexico, Southern California, are covering it. How can anybody that has an IQ above room temperature. Deny the people walking across the border now. Maybe there's like the word walk. Maybe they're striding across the board. Maybe Steve Ducey needs to use in other words, maybe maybe that's not the right word for the White House. Maybe they're striding across the border there striding across the border there sashaying across the border there stumbling across the border when they're coming through the Rio Grande River through the water there, sloshing across the border. They are clearly getting here directed by cartels being sex traffic along then and again, if you watch the videos, which apparently the White House has the capacity to do, you'll see that the, the, the large majority these folks have come across our military age males and are not just coming from Mexico. The knots coming from the Golden Triangle of Venezuela and Colombia and South and Central America. They're coming from all over the world.

They realize they can travel and how are they getting there.

By the way is they're not coming from China across across the ocean there flying there flying into South America, Central America, Mexico and then there walking across the border with all due respect to the nitwits of the Biden White House the other. Walking into the US. The fact that they can even deny that tells you that they are incredibly stupid or they're taking it for granted that the American people are incredibly stupid that she didn't stop there. White House Press Secretary also claimed that buying things that mega Americans are a threat to our democracy just getting a little preview of what the president laid out in his remarkably offputting speech last night. Specifically, as he smiled and does he feel like you out of your life ahead of the president's speech is not a good thing to do. As you know that the president thinks that there is an extremist threat to our democracy. The present has been clear as he can be on that particular piece we talk about democracy when we talk about our freedoms the way that he sees as the mag of Republicans are the most energized part of the publican party that extreme. This is an extreme threat to our democracy to our freedom and to our rights just don't respect the rule of the hockey heard that from the president and down they are pursuing an agenda that takes away people's rights. So which is what the president said last week on Thursday. This is what the president said yesterday.

That's what he's going to continue to say and here's the president going to shy away to call out when he clearly sees is happening in this country and again mega Republicans are this extreme part of their party and paste his facts and that's what he's going to continually whether not facts and the fact is that this was a president who remain silent when black lives matter and antiphon another liberal activist groups were literally burning and looting in cities like Portland and Seattle, and Washington DC. They literally burned a church across the street from the White House across the street from the White House that he didn't condemn that hasn't condemned that his vice president bailed people out who were committing these atrocious violent acts so they go back to the street at least one of them is now committed another murder after Kemal Harris and her group bailed the guy out of jail they were bailing them out and putting them back on the streets to continue their violent episodes there dangerous violent riots in American cities. In the present is never condemned that and the rule of law. The rule of law about when assassination attempts are being plotted against the Supreme Court justice advised Department of Justice did nothing about it didn't do anything to stop the protesters were violently breaking the law in the front of home don't talk to us about flawed with lawbreakers feel filling a fa�ade start these days.

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I did start having that little beep beep beep sound so that we know that sooner or later the president is going to back up his already walking it back from his disgusting speech last night.

I don't consider any trump supporter to be a threat. He says I do not.

I do think anyone who calls for the use of violence and fails to condemn violence when it's used refused to acknowledge election has been one that is a threat to democracy. Mr. Pres., have you seen the kind of stuff that your Democrats have been saying encouraging people to go get in the face of Republicans encouraging violence against Supreme Court justices and the next thing you know protesters are at their homes in violation of federal law for sure. Department of Justice didn't do anything about it.

You have an assassination plot against a conservative justice on the Supreme Court.

You never condemn it, you never director DOJ to do anything about it. And by the way, your Press Secretary as we go back in the way back machine and find one of her tweets said on March 12, 2019 on her Twitter account, referring to the presidential election that just been allegedly lost by Pres. trump yes the race was stolen. What the White House Press Secretary cream John Pierre saying the race was stolen and that she went on trump always finds a way to take it to the lowest of lows. Not only is he a petulant daughter but also a deplorable illegitimate president that that would constitute a threat to democracy, but she goes further. She pointed out on the December 23, 2017. Just before Biden stole the presidency reminder Brian Tim stole the gubernatorial election from Georgians and Stacy Abrams so elections were stolen, which according to president Joe Biden a refusal to acknowledge election has been one is a threat to democracy. Shouldn't he fire his press secretary today shouldn't you be fired today for being a threat to democracy may be jailed and held without bail like the January 6 so-called insurrectionist jail pump water right out of the White House because she's a threat to democracy. According to the president of the United States that she's also trying to distance herself from the distance, the White House and the fact that they had Marines posted behind the presidency gave his disgusting black and red Nazi looking speech in Philadelphia but Marines were posted behind them a politicized speech that the White House claims was not political at all, despite the fact that he urged people to go vote spend his time attacking Americans attacking Pres. trump by name ON the political speech, he says, but she also tries to justify the Marines being there.

Posing behind the president as political props in the presence of the Marines and the speech was intended to demonstrate mining respect is enhancement e-services service members. 19 these ideals in the unique role are an independent military planes in defending our democracy, no matter which party is in power and no matter which power party is in power. Seriously, they were there, so he honors and respects the Marines almost exactly one year after his bottle of withdrawal from Afghanistan left 13 Marines and fellow servicemembers dad and as they brought the bodies back.

He couldn't help but keep looking at his watch as he had better places to be.

That's all he honors and respects our military and not a single leader in the US military was punished was brought down or resigned in the wake of the death of those 13 heroes and navigate during the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, 844-747-8868 if you join us on the phone lines will go to James in Arkansas next change on the Todd start show welcome in today. Thank you.

What you know I'm calling in reference to Eurodollar that you try to be objective when you know you look the political process, which I find it very hard to believe because you know me personally and and I would vote for Democrats if they could put one out there that actually had some things I believe Van they can't. But I know personally, Democrats that they don't care. The candidate is negative vote for Democrat and you know a friend of mine at Dell for a brother that was the Democrat St., Democrat vote for. How would you tell the difference. Well, the thing about it is American people need to look at okay and and I had about not looking good, particularly good day. You know thought and hard about what was Joe Bob making the Boston speech and everything was right about speech because he wants to try to buy Republican, Democrat, and whatever and and put them at all with each other so they're not looking at what he doing magic that they look over here and I want to pay attention to gas prices, inflation, food prices, the open borders the deck by Sentinel you and get none of those issues James were brought up last night. This is supposedly a nonpolitical speech, a policy speech, he didn't bring up a single policy that's affecting the American people will look at American people need to look at right now and I know it's really hard for a lot of people what they need to look at me, look at you know a lot of people and probably what Donald Trump personally I don't care and I was in a panic is a big pain in all site I did not think I did about 2020 but our boat agreement 2020. Not because what he did personally.

What he did for the country. I did not agree with what he did. Personally, I did agree with what you did for the country. I don't agree with what Joe Biden of the country. The voters need to look at right now is guy like Greg and they argue better all that's why they don't want to talk about that James because they know the answer is a resounding no gimmicky looking inflation. You look at the open borders look at the Sentinel death you look at grocery prices and it's going to get worse another trying to placate people with no saying all that the economy is getting better.

I don't think anybody that's shopping or filling up the gas tank. It's a little bit better than it was two months ago at the gas prices but it's not better than it was when when buying abandoned our energy policies and they know what the answer is if if voters look at the policies and look at the issues will get past it and I know it's not not not my lifetime and out years old what they need to look at public and it Democrat looking about and it looked an independent and liberal Democrats and conservative looking to look at is what this candidate is doing for the country at this candidate good for the country aiming to span all not to go but a large part of why folks, I think, voted for Biden is that he was promising to be a uniter. He was promising to bring us back together. There were a lot of folks that were disturbed that even though they like the that the trunk policies they didn't like his tweets. They didn't like his his blustering and his his personality and and Joe Biden ran promising that he would bring us together, we saw that speech last night. That's the last thing he intends.

Here's the real question is, is it working because his is voters go to the polls in the midterms just about two months from now. Is it working it is it bringing folks to the polls now. I think James that what the what the Biden policy and and proposal is in terms of of political maneuvering I think they've written off can serve as anything written off the trunk voters what they're hoping to do by by this divisive attitude.

Like you said is divide Republicans but more importantly mobilize their base mobilize those those Democrats that might stay home that are there disaffected from from Biden because of the policies of inflation that are there, costing them more than than anybody, and yet they think that if they could just mobilize those folks by hating trump hating trump supporters hating their fellow Americans that maybe that will get them to the polls and will take a look at a few of the polls here just a moment but appreciate your call James, thank you and and what are the post. Phyllis isn't working well is the new Trafalgar pole, the Republican Party holds a six point lead over Democrats on generic ballot that when you look at generic ballots, you know, would you rather just generically not knowing anything about a particular candidate. One or the other would you vote Democrat or Republican. Typically, if you have a lead in the generic ballot. Your urine win big in house races and Senate races governors races across the country, a six point generic ballot lead would be the kind of red wave that some of been talking about the Democrats keep saying all the that the Biden policies the last month of have been great because were working to give people free money back on their college loans will try to buy votes is actually going to work because a lot of folks it didn't go to college that are typical Democrat voters are thinking.

When I'm not getting 10 grand.

I didn't go to college.

I'm not getting a freebie from the government to buy my vote in the midterm elections and and wait'll some of these people really talk. By the way, with Congressman Cust off in the next a half-hour congressman from the Memphis area to talk about this giveaway plan. This student reimbursement for student loans plan that that some people think is going put 10 grand in their pocket. What wait'll some of these folks that are embracing this plan because I was gonna it's gonna reduce Mike my debt load for my student loans are so high they think are to get a check for 10,000 bucks.

That's not how it works. If you owe 50,000 100,000 on your student loan it's gonna reduce that debt by 10 grand. If the Biden policy goes through with it illegal because it's not being done by Congress. But if it goes through these people to be shocked when they realize or not get a 10 grand check like we have some of the federal giveaway during potable people actually got checks did it mean the difference is you don't owe 50 grand anymore.

You still owe 40 and you gotta keep paying each month the student loan you still owe you to check for 10 grand in this tumor can be a little angry when they realize not Satan's and their put in 10 grand in their bank account to go spend on whatever it is they want there to have to keep paying off the loan that they ran up and you're also going antagonize the people to realize I paid off my student loan. I worked two jobs I saved. I earn scholarships number military that turns out to the G.I. Bill, their college in their lives at risk, force these Marines that Biden's press secretary says they want to honor all they want to honor them by letting them put their lives at risk or cost their lives.

What really have somebody that majored in gender studies and ran up 100 grand and some liberal University at 10 grand break on repaying the loan they signed up for this to be a lot of people are to be angry at this, not the least of which can be people who think they can get 10 grand. So that's being reflected in the polls. Republicans holding a six point lead over Democrats on the generic ballot and is receiving some of the individual races. Let's go to Nevada like salt in the Bardo are running for Senate and for governor and they're seeing are themselves tied with their Democrat incumbents is dwindling Hispanic support puts Nevada Senate and government gubernatorial seats in play for Republicans seen the same thing in Arizona seen the same thing in Georgia where Herschel Walker is now showing himself ahead of the incumbent senator Warnock down in Georgia were seeing a race in Pennsylvania Republicans with the Dr. Oz have a legitimate chance of beating a guy who can't do a debate because he's claiming he's not mentally capable of doing a debate but is mentally capable of being a US senator for the next six years there. Granted, even with his mental disability. It probably be in the top percent of the intellect of the Democrats of the U.S. Senate. Even with that on Steve Gill filling in for Todd starts will be back with more the tide start show in just a moment. In the meantime, you can call in at 844-747-8868 did watch the president's speech last night when you think did it when anybody over. Is this a good political strategy. Forget the policies forget his refusal to talk about policy and the so-called nonpolitical speech.

Is it working for Democrats. Will it work for Democrats 844-747-8868 the number. If you are waiting nature's fruits and vegetables in a capsule changing the world one night at a time. My wife and I hope not for my 40 years.

I've always been biking and swimming, skiing yada yada yada, always looking for something different that I following morning I woke up and I went well.

It was like the missing link was just fantastic and we haven't stopped taking it. My wife feels basically the same way. The single thing that changed and convinced that the best thing don't�� Along the bank.

There is no chronic dialogue not only try. I did not start your journey to better health with balance of nature right now: 800-246-8751 go to Townsend to get free shipping. And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order by using discount code balance was back on Steve Gill filling in for Todd Starnes on the tide start show that look I've got a pallet. Todd is accurate hundred percent of the time I'm only 99%. So when I was referring earlier to Steve Ducey holding Karin.

The Press Secretary Jean-Pierre accountable.

It was Peter Ducey not Steve Ducey. Steve, of course, is Peter's dad and the outlook I get confused people confuse me with my sons all the time, not because of looks because because of names so I apologize. I want to give credit to Peter Ducey for being the Brett best reporter at the White House brief exactly holds them accountable and some of the other reporters are now starting to maybe ask a couple of the tough questions. It happens rarely but every now and then it happens. But the and that it happens rarely that I'm wrong but I said Steve Ducey and I met Peter Ducey's unhappy computer Ducey credit for holding the Biden White House accountable now.

Peter also had to uphold the president Biden accountable today you earlier I mentioned that that whenever Biden gives a speech there needs to be that beep beep beep sound the javelin truck backs up well we got the beep beep beep going on right now because present. Biden had to back up Peter Ducey asked him this morning. Do you consider all trump supporters to be a threat to the country and Biden says and I quote I don't consider any trump supporter a threat to the country. Does he not read the speech that he gave last night.

Did he not watch the speech. Should he see some clips of the speech he gave last night when he considered magna supporters to be a dangerous threat to our democracy and of course not, his press secretary who was denied the trump on the election is denied that Gov. Kemp won the election over Stacy Abrams. He actually denied those things that she's a threat to democracy, but but the Biden hasn't fired her. But he did give us the PP beep sound as he backed up once again after the most despicable disgusting speed to present his ever given coming up but after the breaker to talk to Congress but David cussed off Congressman from Memphis in West Tennessee get his take on the present speech last night. Also this giveaway for students who don't want to pay their student loans back even though many of us did many of us have children who paid their student loans back people work double jobs you've done whatever it took to pay their bills. What about this whole proposed giveaway. Is it even legal when the Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats acknowledged in the past that the president doesn't have the authority with simply the stroke of a pen to to waive that mortgage debt Carlo other giveaways to the Democrats try to do five votes between now and the talk with artist David cussed off about that nature.

Changing the world one life at a time and things around the house. I rarely like your product and happy waiting you really think about it anymore.

You got it in your diet.

Regularity away very good because I don't always a bother. So I know about her work, more energy and feeling think that overall the work of the complaint. You have a little more energy to work with people I didn't want to do stuff and just one of the I think that a little more energy and older disabled person, but I generally eat properly feeling a little stronger now. I start your journey to better health: 800-246-8751 go to Townsend to get free shipping. And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order using discount code balance what's happening in our country today is not normal. Donald Trump of the Meyer Republicans represented extremism that threatens the very foundations of our Republic yeah like a truck backing up beep beep beep present today denying that he sees Megan trump Republicans as a threat. He didn't even read his own speeches or watch them or maybe staff and letting nobody saying is read whatever's on the Teleprompter.

We start with the anchorman did the same thing right. Congressman David cussed off with this congressman from Memphis and West Tennessee. Dave did you get a chance to watch the speech last night out of the present dinner not what you know when a president of the United States gave a time, drafted people watched it in the network. And I think they were all in one repeat last night on the show that very many people thought it and like I thank you for having me on today though. If I'm right and most people didn't watch it.

They came away with that visually you know exactly what I talk about this photo did made the rounds I've shown on social media in to me and I think the most people listening and and most people watching who did watch it that that speech and then visual came away angry and divisive and I say demonic I mean the black and red. It was like from the gates of hell. I think what you're saying is whoever limited the stagecraft last night dessert not have a job today you not been involved in politics for a long time and and have done advanced work in and been involved that staging an appearance is about 90% of the game and whoever did that last night is as you said, then we should be fire they all would be dispatched to some you glue in North Alaska for the rest of the term in it and it really is really sad.

You want to rewind the clock on the calendar to win. Biden was sworn in, and he talked about bipartisanship and unity and that good enrollment paper that but from the get-go to win the very first piece of legislation that he wanted us to vote on this American rescue plan, which was purely partisan and purely divisive up through last night so let me think that things that people talk to me about our gas and groceries in the in the cost of everything and you know now you listen to that speech last night you you read what he said. We know that he he railed on Republicans. He railed on people who are supporters of present probably know you well and everybody who is in him you know all all the problems you know last night how many times you mentioned the word inflation. See what you are hearing and I don't think I heard insulation grocery prices gas prices Sentinel enemy and you know here in Memphis and in your district and around the country. It is like 7 tons of Sentinel that have come across the border didn't even mention it. No act that would portray now in some states were dealing with rainbow tent which is which the traffickers are trying to use to attract young children and young paint so you write him.

He did mention inflation.

He did mention gas prices. He did mention that.

No, he didn't mention crime he did mention the border. Those are the things that people every day Americans are concerned about that they're trying to fight.

They look they want a place that they can educate their children that they can note that they can afford to buy the gas to go through the refrigerator, a new car or used car. If they can find it. To stay away from the club traffickers to make sure the borders are secure and he didn't talk about. He didn't talk about any that in and the sad thing is is that speech further divided and already divided nation and instead of being the uniter achieve these fees clearly the divider achieved and it at a time when I think people are looking to they're looking to leadership and and look right out of Washington. Everybody knows that it is one party control one party controls the White House, one party controlled the Senate one party controls the house and it it's deeply concerning I know to my constituents and I'm sure that there are 434 the congressman across the country to hear the exact same thing. David cussed off with the 78th district in the Tennessee West Tennessee and Memphis. Longtime friend David what what is your take on the fact that the major networks didn't carry the speech last night that that to me was the most shocking of you know, exit the speech was more shocking, but why are they not carrying out was supposedly major speech by the present United States. You know I suspect that I got the advance copy of the other script and they they saw meeting and ended their run by we know to run by people who were left of center and left and left and left of center. They started a campaign vehicle that's dead that speech was designed to to try to motivate his base which is across the country, which is fairly demoralized the conventional thinking is that the Republican take back the House of Representatives and I think that they smartly decided not only that, but they want to make a time on today because they could marry any commercial so they might as well air whatever there is there any here and try to make a plan to make a little bit of money and and that I think that that was that was the right decision, but just think it's so sad because this president he didn't even talk to people very much he didn't take questions like godlike Pres. Trump would from the from the media. This was a chance to see and hear something substantive from the President of the United States and they got.they can an extremely divisive speech. We were talking about earlier that this is not working for the meter means attacks earlier in the week since claims that somehow that the economy is improving. When people are going to the grocery store and and know that it's not you. Inflation was not happening. Then it was going to be temporary and and now they've fixed it apparently is a claim.

Last month it was zero win again. Everybody is feeling that the impact is this working politically. I know you're you're working with the other Republican candidates across the country trying to take the gavel from Nancy Pelosi and and hopefully have enough of the red wave that gives us a good margin.

I pointed out earlier that a new Trafalgar pole has a six-point advantage now for Republicans over Democrats on the generic ballot is is you're talking to your colleagues and those who are trying to become your colleagues around the country. Is this working or not know, and you mentioned a number of things that they try to name and rename and redefine and when gas prices were climbing it.

One point that would be prudent price hike 16 your point.

The American people want done that they get it in and they know what they were paying for gas before Biden put his hand on the Bible.

They know what they pay for gas. Now they know what they were paying for groceries 18 months ago. They know what they pay for groceries. Now if they can find the groceries on the shelves and and that it did get some if not bizarre world to me. Will we we know they know and it's just the main complaint I get now is how expensive it is to to live and survive in an these times, especially over the last over the last 18 months in the heel.

I've done a pretty good job over the last couple minutes talking to you pointing out the problem.

The issue is that Biden and Pelosi and Schumer. They are not running any solutions that have a real affect you and they try to blame Republicans say when you guys are offering any solutions. And yet I hear Republicans like you and others consulates reopen our energy resources let's let's lower gas prices by getting our gas are natural gas reopening pipelines. These guys have shut down, you will reduce inflation. That's step one right and those are your point. Those are all decision that Biden made note 1st day first couple of days issuing these executive orders to kill the Keystone pipeline and discontent of eyes American oil and gas producers wanting to wanting to produce.

We and we all know we went from being in the last two years under Pres. Trump in a nation with energy and end up independent what we were actually producing more here and we were importing to where we are now where we are now importing once again, more than were producing here and you don't have to have a PhD in economics to know that that has negative effect on on price and the Internet causes the price of gas and an energy to go up and and then the other thing Steve.I mentioned this huge building, Pelosi and Schumer shut down our throats.

Last year the wood to call the American rescue plan which is which is a miss naming a built $1.9 trillion, coupled with Steve the building. I voted against in every single Republican in the House and the Senate voted against last week, Biden called the emplacement inflation reduction act, which leave inflation enhancement act when you talk about another $745 billion in new money at the federal government prints that much new money and then flushes it into the system. It can't do anything but have a massive inflationary effect on our on the American people. How do we deal with with the fact that they literally just just lie with us with such boldness and the inflation reduction acted like if I called my new diet. The banana pudding and rendezvous ribs fat reduction activated just because you call something something it doesn't mean it's accurate. Your idea friend yesterday and he said to David, when you guys take control you need to hire that guy named their bills because it comes up with. So here she comes up with them kitschy time to write a bit, but again people people people see through that and and they get it and I think about that bill that I just talked to about and you mentioned the inflation reduction act inflation enhancement act go back better. Junior whatever whatever it is when you when you look at Bill like that and again Biden talked about wanting bipartisanship and it was not one single Republican in the Senate, not a Romney not a Collins Donna Murkowski, nobody on the Republican side that voted for it in an essentially mansion sold out.

If you will to get a pipeline going in or through West Virginia. It's really sad in the house where we supposedly have a few a few moderates in acute blue dog Democrats left every single one of those members of Congress every single Democrat voted for that big bill every single Republican in the United States House of Representatives voted against it. David Cust off with a few more minutes I want to talk about the that the student loan repayment debacle whether they can do it whether it would actually help if they did do it, you're the president does have the capacity to do it. According Nancy Pelosi has now changed her tune to hang on for a few more minutes and take talk about that after a quick break. Sure, that sounds good perfect constant David Cust often hang with us and let's get to this this other brilliant ploy of the Democrats to buy votes by giving people a reduction in their student loan debt in all the spokes and majored in gender studies pottery making in the 18th century getting their student loans. We'll talk more with Dr. David Cust off about this. This is the Todd started showing Steve Gill filling and we will be right back to nature's fruits and vegetables in a capsule changing the world one night at a time. My wife and I hope not by 40 years. I've always been biking and swimming, skiing yada yada yada, always looking for something different that I following morning I woke up and I went well was like the missing link was just fantastic and we haven't stopped taking it.

My wife basically the same way. The single thing that changed and convinced that the best thing don't� Along the bank.

No dialogue, not only better because I get start your journey to better health with balance of nature right now: 800-246-8751. Go to down to to get free shipping. And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order by using discount code balance is Todd started to show Steve you're filling in for Todd. He will be back in action next week.

We've been doing that today by Congressman David Cust off the rational district in Tennessee which includes Memphis and a large swath of the West Tennessee and David's healthy and that he would never subscribe to my fat reduction diet of barbecue and the banana pudding, but I'm using data I figure if I can just rename it to work well for me.

I think that we we got we got.

You know and and met this week and West Tennessee.

We got the best barbecue anywhere in the nation, and I know that there is a doctor that would file the prescription here in Memphis that I did want to touch on the student loan forgiveness push that that Biden thinks he can do with an executive order Nancy Pelosi a year ago was was clear that you can't do this. The Congress controls the purse strings Howard and their climber to get around this and some sort of application of the heroes act that was applied to an emergency or the border open 40 statute that that that they're sick.

I mean now that the crisis is gone away on coven so we don't. We can't control the border do remain in Mexico but we can give student loan money back at me. There's there's no basis for what they're claiming it's a bad deal all the way around on on the student loan forgiveness on the audit not only on the fairness part which I am happy to tell you from a constituent standpoint we're hearing from a lot of people who were really upset number one it not they are not paired to anybody not fair to the country is not fair to the people who years ago paid their student at it. It obviously obligates only our generation, but future generations of Americans to pay down but Pierpoint is really not lawful in and if if and when this case is in the court system, which in which it will be there. There, to quote a new view talked about closely. Biden a year ago February of last year. This is Biden own words about debt forgiveness.

He said I don't think I've got the authority to do it by signing the 10 minute bend by and then with with Pelosi in in July last year, she said, quote people think that the President of the United States has the power per debt forgiveness. He does not he can postpone he can delay but he does not have that power. That has to be an act of Congress, so this is one of the few times on the inquiry Woodmansee close strictly, strictly purview of Congress is to whether this bad idea can be implemented in the first place and we haven't dealt with it not, I will cosponsor the bill that would it would absolutely prohibit what Biden is trying to do, but he doesn't have the authority to do even a broken clock is right twice a day.

David citing Pelosi credit for her time is is is is a broken clock. She called she called out when exactly right. And I would put on the witness stand and letter contractor owned her own statement with this. Was this really more of a press release, I would know that the presence actually signed Executive Order doing what he says he's going to do and so it it's kind of been it's kind of a no man's land right now in terms of in terms of the fact you know I you and I just talk about the substance of it in the legality of it on the politics of it. It began with with Republican are opposed to even even a number of the Democrat coming. You ask US Tim Ryan to defendant is running for the Senate in Ohio. He can run as far away from this issue is the possibly can and that that's true for any other any other Democrat.

This kind of trying to win votes in a general election is it bad politics. Just like that speechless. I was somebody somebody talk Biden into doing it and he's doing it to placate his left flank but you know and I know that when you're executive or near the President of the United States. You need to you need to cover and this is not this is not effective governing it's not it's not good politics, and is certainly not in the best interest of the nation work for the people who think they're going to benefit from the many of them think they're going to get a check for $10,000 and actually is to reduce their outstanding debt is time to put money in their pocket but again I don't think they're looking at the whole picture.

Even looking at what the beneficiaries benefit funds with David Cust of always great talk with you next time I come to Memphis will get together and look forward to seeing you soon. Thank you defect somewhat randomly on. Thank you. Will be back in just a moment.

Kayla Tony's with this first liberty Attorney at Fire Chief is fired. Nature's fruits and vegetables in a capsule changing the world one at a time. My wife and I hope not for my 40 years. I've always been biking and swimming. Always looking for something different that I following morning I woke up and I went well like the missing link� And we haven't stopped taking it. My wife basically the same way. The single thing that changed and convinced that the best thing don't� Along the bank. There is no dialogue, not only better because I did not start your journey to better health with balance of nature right now: 800-246-8751 go to Townsend to get free shipping. And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order by using discount code balance. Liberty University studio in Memphis Tennessee is now the voice is taken a day off on the five hour. The show today that we were talking with stuff in the last hour about the inappropriately named inflation reduction act and I've adopted my fat reduction diet that includes barbecue ribs here in Memphis. The banana putting the Memphis fair that the Delta fair is in the action this week got here in the Midsouth enzyme adding funnel cakes and corndogs to my fat reduction diet in the hope that even though it's Miss Appling named it will have the effect that the inflation reduction, excellent health, but that there funnel cakes and corndogs that are then out of work just as well I Kayla Tony's with us on the line. She is with the liberty first liberty Institute. They are representing a Fire Chief California Fire Chief, who was fired for attending a leadership conference hosted by a church.

They that the lower court that the trial court granted that reprove the dismissal is now the food appealed to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and that can't care what's what's the prospect of New Guinea got the night circus not exactly a friend to conservative values or religious liberty, but that that's your next step before we have to move move above the Ninth Circuit and thinking so much for having me on the said band.

I didn't care and yeah I work for the Institute. We represent clients of Allstate. Chart and workout out all of their constitutional right that indicate we represent Ron hit all here is a public servant and eat. And that's Capt. fire department for 24 years and his right there recommended that he attend some leadership training and when he dead. He was fired because he happened to choose a training that took place in a church and on to the world-renowned leadership conference at the global leaders I met and its attendant by people of Allstate and it had a lot of big-name speakers like Tony Dan Jean Andy Stanley and Armida business take the ER did very well in fact that by dictating bad debt because it was late day and it was conducted by a church and he was going to lose a job and not violate title VII on which a very important legal protection for religious rights of the employee and fell representing him at the Ninth Circuit and were actually optimistic because his story of the powerful line and the line very clear that when there's evidence of direct incrimination and hiring someone for their religious belief done violate title VII and anybody doesn't believe the left is coming after Christians should pay attention to this case. In particular, I think if this case involved a mosque. It would not have happened, but that remains to be seen. One of the things Kayla jumped off at me is that other members of the pull of the fire department went to the same conference and they were given the opportunity to change that. The fact that that he had gone this conference on quote work time because he was told by supervisor to go. Others that went were allowed to simply backdate and use vacation time for that day and not get paid for the day that was not offered him with nothing really underlines your intentional discrimination against him. In particular, I took several employee who were also Christian and he went harming the leader and not data management goal and that he really went after him and yet it seems like all they cared about when you think that he requested that they certainly would have allowed him to take the case and that date and he would have been more than happy to do that thank you paint for the conference South because he knew that that that he went going through at budget and he wanted to look on the Internet and in that way.

I do believe � I going after him in the reality and public employee have a constitutional right to expect their fate. And so there is no constitutional problem with him going to the distant bank on fire.

Do not time and it's a great way for them to be involved in their community when when will this case be heard by the Ninth Circuit in which there would be heard by by a smaller number of the Court of Appeals and then and then not be you have to go up to the next level of the full corridor real, what's the status of where it's going. At this point in the Ninth Circuit and went back to court on nowhere. Hoping for them and good resolution here in a long time coming, that I actually paid 10 years ago and that the bankruptcy that went.

And that the court tend to be cloud and he is still waiting for you yet were hopeful that the Ninth Circuit will hear arguments in the next few mind and then on issue decision after that and the first round of arguments will be infinite panel just rejected and that Dell had their opinion and nine to win fair IQ thing you know will be very excited and not will have the opportunity to go to the ball Ninth Circuit and hear from the gadget and particularly legally only the lady think legal fees for Stockton far exceeds his one day of the of being paid to go to church conferences for if you look at just the economics just one day of legal fees far far exceeds that that payment for the chief that day when people go to find out want to keep up-to-date with this first is that you have updates there is absolutely Treated got. I went and got where we have a cage page for a cheap hell. It's really a great story. Very inspiring public caravan and where proud to represent him. Great job Kayla thanks for being with us and go get the win. I will drive back Kayla give us an update on again if you think Christians are under fire by the left to me is not paying attention, and it was on the present speech last night where he's attacking half of America because we don't subscribe to his political views in a supposedly nonpolitical speech that was disgusting both in terms of the visuals of looking like some sort of satanic demonic Nazi rally and at the same time what he was saying attacking. Quote Magda Republicans the ultra mega Republicans as well tell me you are listening in on W DU in in Georgia one coming on the present speech last night damage it did. Did you watch it really just mainly watch the clips like most of us have been around that I can take it out and you came and I started liking and I mean when I would hear him say religious life. I am glad that he would pay no hateful able to back. I just never heard it and planted it dented at Landoll attacking people in their own country simply disagreeing with his policies. Policies that are not working again. Whether it's inflation or were controlling our border, stopping the flow of fennel, which he mentioned last night. None of the issues affecting folks in the north towards Oregon. In Tennessee around the country. None of the issues that were actually experiencing with higher prices, gas prices and the threat to our kids with Sentinel, the open border none of that was mentioned last night and I think make any thing that I have hiding thing and if the ministration agent. After that they currently cut out and I would like it happening to our country and me. This is like an extension of the Obama era now or in the alignment era where it will write back to bank Quentin bankrupting America. I mainly think many firemen now hearing mandate talk about the security can't be finding it used to, I mean you know what exactly is going on and later by the dented support there dangled nation of America and their government takeover of thing you trample transport healthcare. I mean their own and then be subjected to a bio weapon and people are still state. Diane Coughlin and we not been anything but be done about bad and the people of the last one that we need to get back to what was coming to work in American African-American kind of thing our family and take care of each other and were under attack from an administration that moved to take over election. Thinking he didn't holler and take out that the medical travel government can counter that we have to do whatever they are. You know you're not going to get these the same folks that mandated mass mandated vaccines told those are military, they had to take it or get fired told people they had to take her to get started now are finding out that the Pfizer in Missouri knew that these vaccines were not as effective as they claim were not as safe as they claimed it again more of the information is coming out the national Institute for health just acknowledging that I've affected. It's actually a good treatment for covert after we were called conspiracy theorist and crazy if we were using Iver vector hydroxychloroquine to survive covert now they're acknowledging that a guest that we were right. Despite all the bans on Facebook social media doctors being threatened with losing their licenses if they prescribed these very products that were just not not meeting the agenda of this administration trying to get there, what's really going out on mainstream media they're not getting out Facebook or twitter got out gab and and for the things that are coming across the air that are going about the people they take in the back, neck pain, how many people I Diane him eating food supply without poetry and the grain shutdown if people are not wake up and get out if they want to think them things going on there trying to do away with that P5 to �35 or just suddenly dropping dead Britt and other countries are starting to report those numbers still being buried here in the United States but the sudden death syndrome. The vaccinated people that the media is covering up the same media that was tell everybody get the facts get the facts that year they were they were your propagandist for the administration and for those that were promoting this and keep in mind the vaccines there still using are not FDA approved. The FDA approved versions of the vaccines, but they kept using the emergency you authorization vaccines because then they're not liable if they were using the everyday vaccines they would be liable for the for the consequences. So even after he got FDA approval. They were still not jabbing anybody with the FDA approved VAX because they were wanting to escape liability and I think they will still face it Tammy because ultimately if it's found that they were reckless, or intentionally failed to disclose the dangers and new knew of those dangers things that we found liable even though they would do would not be held liable for simple negligence or or for failure to know the truth if they knew the truth and covered it up. We still may be able to stick him with it. Tammy, thanks for listing on W DU and one of my favorite stations. By the way, you know a lot of folks down in North Georgia that love W DU in appreciate you listening to the Todd start show down there with a quick break when we come back to talking about about that. Another failure of the left that defines the police talk another denying they said it, although again it's on tape. There's plenty visuals of of every Democrat demanding defund the police will now the New York Times is saying that will defund the police is pass� it's gone it's over, but the Democrats are now still denying they ever were for defunding the police will talk more about that in a moment is the Todd start show continues right after the spring nature's fruits and vegetables in a capsule changing the world one night at a time.

My wife and I hope not. For five years, I've always been biking and swimming, skiing yada yada yada, always looking for something different that I following morning I woke up and I went well. It was like the missing link was just fantastic and we haven't stopped taking it. My wife basically the same way.

The single thing that changed and convinced that the best thing don't� There is no dialogue, not only better because I did not start your journey to better health with balance of nature right now: 800-246-8751 go to Townsend to get free shipping. And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order by using discount code balance effectiveness is the Todd start show Steve Gill filling in for Todd today and the other new stories that got some attention in the New York Times dated deserves little attention of the New York Times is mourning the death of the defund the police movement in their warning that Americans will regret rejecting it.

So what caused the death of the defund the police movement or maybe it was people seeing violence in their streets increase. Maybe it was seeing police officers decide to resign. Police officers decide that they were getting support they were getting the backed up when they were actually enforcing the laws they were being targeted. And so lease officer started leaving and a lot of cities were way under the number of police officers that we need and it's getting worse. Police officers when they arrest somebody see them out on the street before the police finished the paperwork and art on our cities are more and more violent that the that the videos were sitting in places like New York city where they've adopted the defund the police have a have a mayor and and the DAs that have the attitude towards no bail. Let people go. Don't don't punish the criminals punish the victims.

In effect, I never see people just walk up and punch people for no good reason attacked them. You rob them and Rob little ladies you're dragging them out of their humor vehicle and an so the New York Times in New York seeing this happen where they live is decrying the death of the defund the police movement saying that they never really got it to catch on broadly that the PR of of the both Democrats and and those that on the left, that were supporting it really could not convince the public that that less police, less law enforcement was going to make our streets safer.

Our cities more livable. They can convince people of that so New York Times now acknowledging that it's it's just not something that that that they can continue to sell the worst thing is about to the Democrats are denying the river for defunding the police for me despite the videos despite the calls in the clamor for defund the police they were writing it on crosswalks in major cities along with the black lives matter logos another crosswalk paintings they were demanding it in cities that are now awash in crime and in folks that are moving from the Chicago's in the New York's and the Washington DC's when they see violence on the streets see crime, just not even being enforced. We see these mobs these thugs that go into a Walgreens and just start stripping the shelves bear, of whatever happens to be there and then when a Walgreens or another store decides what is not going to keep rebuilding in these inner-city communities where crime runs amok where people can just come in and mobs and just steal from us.

Then they get accused of racism they get accused of of not fulfilling. Somehow their corporate duty to let people steal from them. Crime will only be pushed back when criminals are punished when it cost more than they benefit to commit those crimes and that may mean spending a lot of time in jail spending a lot of time spending time in court paying lawyers losing whatever resources they have the don't amount to what they stole, the more poorly we got to keep the violent criminals away from the rest of us.

And if you got prosecutors DAs judges that return them to the streets before there even going through the bail process anymore then then you're not only sending a message to them that they can commit further crimes sending a message everybody in the community that a you're not safe from the criminals and you're sending the message to the thugs they can do whatever they want and there's got to be no price to pay, which is the lead to vigilante as of this can lead to citizens enforcing the laws and protecting their communities themselves.

And we are not like that process. That's a lawlessness that we do not want to see in our cities in our suburbs and those who think that these are soft on crime. DAs soft on crime. Judges are somehow gonna limit the crime to these urban centers where people are you having to lock their doors and stay inside because the fear of even going out on the street puts them and their families at risk.

It's not good to stay in the cities. So some of the soccer moms in the suburbs that don't see crime is an issue don't see that as a an issue that they need to vote on because it really doesn't affect them. You're going to see in no pun intended crime in our cities continue to bleed into the suburbs continue to bleed into the quote nice parts of town. There was an old bank robbery was asked one time when you rob banks since that's where the money is so when you have inner-city thugs and criminals who were wanting money wanting to take stuff from people who have earned it and amassed it and they want to take it. Rob people in poor neighborhoods where the money is increasing.

The money is in the quote nice neighborhoods in the suburbs.

They will go to where the money is in the violence will follow. So at some point we need to make sure the crime is an issue that every voter is thinking about, not just those of been directly affected. I'm Steve Gill filling in for Todd start will be right back with more natures fruits and vegetables in a capsule changing the world one night at a time. My wife and I hope not for my 40 years. I've always been swimming always looking for something different that I following morning I woke up and I went well like the missing link� And we haven't stopped taking it.

My wife basically the same way. The single thing that changed and convinced that the best thing don't got along all right. No dialogue, not only by get bounced. Start your journey to better health with balance of nature right now: 800-246-8751 go to Townsend to get free shipping. And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order by using discount code balance, or 7788 that 844-747-8860 a Lotta point talk about the president's speech last night. Will get back to more of the conversation. Some of the clips of what he had to say when he didn't talk about that northern talk about inflation gas prices. The issues actually affect the American people but talked a lot about blaming magna Republicans for chaos and violence.

He also didn't talk anything about education which is interesting because the new student test scores came out to just yesterday and revealed that our student test scores have plummeted in math and reading.

After the pandemic to the lows we haven't seen in 20 or 30 years for minority students scores are lower than anything we seen about 30 or 40 years. So all the progress. What little there has been international test scores were raced during the covert crisis that had the teachers union, demanding that schools be shut down, demanding that little children be forced to wear masks that we now know, according the CDC really don't have any effect in preventing the transmission, or spread of coven just to see who would be compliant who would do what they're told to like in a fascist society where you do what you're told, or else have the president with his stark demonic -looking setting last night telling us that that half the country is apparently fascist, and a danger to the Republic because we don't agree with the socialist agenda. This brief report put forth by the by the Biden administration. So again in a grim side of the pandemic's impact math and reading scores for nine-year-old across the US plummeted between 22,020 and 2022. Again we see our reading scores are math scores of mummies on kids at the lowest level we seen at 2034 years and in Tennessee, for example, our reading proficiency among third-graders is like 30%, 70% of her kids can't read at grade level. 70% if you had a coach in football we just now launched college football season. Again, if you coach losing 70% of their games.

They wouldn't be back the next season, the coaching staff would all be fired. They they be lucky to find high school coaching jobs and yet we have 70% of our kids, not just in Tennessee but across the country, unable to read at grade proficiency reproducing illiterates who then vote for whoever promises to give them a reduction in their student loans that they got from some college when they majored in gender studies whether it's nine-year-olds performing the same level in math is nine euros did back in 1999 with the same reading level MMIV that the scores of plummeted and yet did you hear the present talk any last night about education about the education crisis and it was not just the fact that they can't do math or can't read it in a proficient level.

It's the socialization it's the communication skills that these young children thickly first second third graders were they learn to speak, they learn to communicate by watching other people's mouths move can see that with a mask and then you have other cities where the virtual schooling that was demanded again by the teachers unions. The negative point the finger at everybody but themselves and point the finger at lack of funding.

Despite the fact that funding has gone up and up and up over the last 20 or 30 years and yet despite the increase in funding test scores are now back to where they were 20 or 30 years ago because the teachers demanded that the schools be shut down. They didn't want to have them start back again this year. Still, the fear that another covert push might come thanks to the fear tactics of Dr. felt he and others in our education system is producing abysmal results. 2 million 2 million students nationwide have left the public school system because parents are recognizing the public school system is not providing the teaching not providing education, not providing the safety and security that they expected demand for their kids not happening and people are leaving.

The interesting thing is a lot of statistics showing that a lot of those who are leaving the public schools of the sons and daughters of public school teachers. Those who know our school systems.

Best, opting for other options other than the public schools in which they themselves teach.

Imagine a restaurant we figure out that the chef and the staff are all eating somewhere else rather than eating the free food at the restaurant where they work when they tell you everything you need to know about the restaurant we see public school teachers leaving the system, making sure that their children leave the system.

They were part of what more do you need to know about our public school system. Every seen over the last several years that we were doing the virtual teaching that public school teachers were wanting to have take place because they didn't want to be in the classroom with these kids that might be spreading coven to them.

Even though there was no indication that child to adult transmission was even happening as an excuse to stay home and still get paid and we also found that in school systems like here in Memphis. Massive numbers of kids never even went online for the first time. Huge percentages never did anything even virtual over the last couple of years and we want to run the test scores are bad. I wonder whether test scores were bad before the we weren't exactly knocking it out of the park before covert and now is regress 20 to 30 years in the test results that we have and what we going to do to make it better when going to make it better, throw more money and education system that already spends in the classroom. 15, $20,000 per child got 30 kids in the classroom you're talking $600,000 a year don't think you can find hired the best teacher the best teacher take 30 kids in the classroom. Take a private school teacher $200,000 to teach classroom of 30 new save money with. There are other ways to make sure that were providing the education our children desperately need. And yet the president did not even mention it last night. Despite these test scores popping out.

Just this week my woman something he would wanted to mention this at present who did mention inflation did mention gas prices did mention that the crisis of fennel that's killing our kids affect their now making rain both signaled appeal to kids didn't hear anything about the botched withdraw from Afghanistan a year ago were 13 Marines and other military personnel were killed, but he had time to stage Marines behind Timothy as he gave that disastrous demonic speech is backing up from today claiming no I wasn't accusing any Republicans being a danger to the Republic. Yet in the next segment will let you hear some of what the president said and compounded against what he saying today denying that even gave the speech. Perhaps didn't mention any issues that Americans are having to contend with the Americans having to deal with thanks to the policies of this administration.

Gas prices are not high because of prudence war in Ukraine. He did mention Ukraine last night either did mention China did mention supply chain.

All of the issues that are affecting Americans present left of the sideline, but to talk about trump to talk about Mager Republicans did talk about politics what was billed as a nonpolitical speech.

So how to play what most people didn't see it because the major networks chose not to air it so while were talking about it and you can go to twitter and see the images of this demonic Nazi looking Hitler asked speech. In fact, some of the phrasing the Joe Biden use last night. It is exactly the same phrasing that Hitler used to decry the Jews and blame them for the for the suffering of Germany's economy in the lead up to World War II. The exact phrasing, but this time blaming Republicans instead of Jews as Hitler did the meanings the same threat to the Republic.

Your threat to our country. If you don't follow the lead and do exactly what you're told like masking upper getting vaccinated, due to told the sheep and we have to censor truth and information like covering up the Hunter Biden laptop by the FBI that took effect in election to steal an election by covering up information we now know would've swung votes would have swung votes to Donald Trump and away from Joe and Hunter Biden that stashes that's dictatorial control by government and at the present, blaming Republicans, Mager Republicans for violence and chaos. What Republicans were burning Portland sealing the doors of police departments in the trying to burn the police inside what Republicans it burned a church just across the street from the White House and then attacked Gen. Miley Pentagon Chief of Staff for four chairman of the joint Chiefs for walking across the street with the president and you can pose Marines behind the president last night and not have any concern about the fact that that might be using military personnel for props and our present Press Secretary today has acknowledge those intentional was to show honor and respect for our military who defend this Republic really the same honor and respect the present showed when the bodies of those dead Abbey gate military personnel were brought home.

He kept looking at his watch as he had better things to do better places to be that actually honoring our troops that we got a bunch of the clips from last night's speech will share that with you in this last segment you will talk about a did you see the present speech last night.

Do you think this helps them politically.

That was their intention. Did it help will it hurt if you didn't get a chance to hear some of the presence comments last night stick around will share them with you. We come back from one side starts show in just a moment remembering to eat your fruits and vegetables. We all remember these words from a child that anyone had kind of nice store, prepare and eat and drink and vegetables is the line balance of nature keeps it simple.

Our produce is powdered after an advanced vacuum quote which stabilizes the maximum nutrient content that produced it into a scientifically researched, designed with your body and mind. Once these plans are encapsulated and packaged instant right ear to work. You can get all the benefits of a colorful variety of fruits and vegetables every day experience the balance of nature different than yourself announcing company hundred two 468-5135 percent on your first order using this is because our bill here filling in videos so lifelike present gives us being wildly condemned even by some on the left CNN host actually criticized the look in the tone and tenor of the present speech, and now Democrats are castigating see it in their their attacking CNN for telling the truth about a horrible speech, horrible appearance because the left now eating their own over this thing, because they all know it was a horrible disaster that hear some of the things that the president had to say last night to keep in mind that while he specifically claimed Mager Republicans are an extremist threat to the Republic. He's denying that today here's here's his comment last night in the speech. The opinions already forgotten too much of what's happening in our country today is not normal Donald Trump in the my Republicans represented extremism that threatens the very foundations of our Republic now today Peter Ducey asked the president if he thought that Mager Republicans were correct to the Republic and the president said I'm not saying any trump supporters are threat to the Republic really didn't read or watch his own speech last night is already backing up. Like I said before, the guy needs to have one of those little beep beep beep things like a truck backing up every time he gives a speech because either he or his staff have to come out deny that he said we heard them say he doesn't remember what he says from last night.

Today, that he also claimed that that anybody who attacks election integrity is some sort of a threat to up to the Republic as well. Democracy cannot survive when one side believes are only two outcomes.

Election is a day when or they were cheated and that's where the Mager Republicans are today. They don't understand what every patriotic American knows he can't love your country only when you win, it's fundamental American democracy only works only if we choose to respect the rule of law and the institutions that were set up in this chamber behind me only if we respect our legitimate political differences. I will not stand by and watch. I will not the will of the American people be overturned by wild conspiracy theories and baseless evidentiary claims of fraud.

I will not stand by and watch elections in this country, startled by people who simply refused to accept that they lost the keep in mind Mr. Pres. that Hillary Clinton and Democrats, including members of Congress who refused to go along with the electoral vote confirmation when Donald Trump got elected claimed that he stole the election claimed that he was an illegitimate president of the danger to the Republic. In fact, your own Press Secretary Mr. Pres., your own Press Secretary Karina zombie yeah back in her heyday as a private citizen declared on her Twitter account. The present Trump was an illegitimate president that he stole the election and was more than Brian Kemp stole the election from Stacy Abrams in the gubernatorial race.

Four years ago in Georgia, he stole the election from Georgians and Stacy Abrams. That's what your own Press Secretary put on her Twitter account that you will see that go to my twitter account. Steve Gill won the number one Steve Gill one. I think that up. See for yourself why is he firing his Press Secretary today is a threat to the Republic should be PB perp walked out of the White House and directly to jail held like the so-called insurrectionist on January 6 for being a threat to the Republic between throughout their still out there that have a permanent declaring elections stolen yet present doesn't see her as a threat to the Republic. And finally, the president said last night that Mager Republicans embrace anger and love chaos. Did you not watch the summer of love in 2020 when burning and looting and and and riots were what the Democrats were normally doing.

But his vice president was bailing people out of jail so they could do it some more and now America must choose to move forward or to move backwards about the future obsess about the past divination of hope and unity and optimism our nation of fear, division of darkness Mager Republicans and made their choice. They embrace anger.

They thrive on chaos. They live not in the light of truth, but in the shadow of lies but together. Together we can choose a different path. We can choose a better path forward to the future future possibility of future the building dream and hope were on that path. Moving ahead to anybody watching that speech watching clips today think it was a speech about hopes and dreams and positivity and Kumbaya hit we all come together and and find a common path. He didn't talk about a single issue that Americans are dealing with gas prices, inflation flooded illegals across our border that will be brought in by the cartels killing children.

Talk about any of those things to talk about supply chain issues.

Reading of the Christmas tree think the Christmas presents will be delivered on time from China okay also did mention China where his son is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Chinese government. Like I mentioned it was not about hopes and dreams. It was not about positivity and peace and love.

Can we all come together as an angry, divisive attack speech to present himself to try to back away from today that one of the other issues that came up that people paid attention to was the kind of the dark red and black Nazi looking evil demonic looking staging for that speech. Somebody made up a tweet today that said, even Satan was embarrassed by the satanic visuals of of the speech, but among the other things that were done were the props of US Marine soldiers standing behind the present literally as props using the military is as props for his political purposes.

Now it was not accidental and again the presidents Press Secretary today acknowledge that it was intentional and tried to spin it that was somehow to show honor and respect for our troops in the Marines and the speech was intending to demonstrate mining respect is enhancement e-services service members.

19 these ideals and the unique role of independent military planes in defending our democracy, no matter which party is in power, no matter which power is they believe that they would believe anything he said she said that you seven race weekend. I'll be back next week. In the meantime, the website find more tales about changing the world one life at a time, physician not been in practice for four years.

When I started taking this I like medicine, probably taking more people off medicine on and so I looked at it pretty much a natural element, and there's no question in my mind, knowing of my patients that people my age 60 and over.

Do not eat right and they certainly don't get the appropriate nutrients to the vegetables, fruits and things like that and I think it it supplies the building blocks that your body normally would use to heal itself and they don't get you don't know. It's amazing what I did two years ago. Start your journey to better health: 800-246-8751 or go to dans to get free shipping.

And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order using discount code balance

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