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MON HR 2 013122

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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February 1, 2022 12:00 am

MON HR 2 013122

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Donate and listen to the podcast WR right here you go Jill immediately picking up where I lift up, we believe there is been a concerted effort among deadly grants. The Socratic operative to do just that infiltrate the GOP and run as progressives run progressives as Republicans will coarsely the they been that way they been doing this for years, their parasitical with which said this for years. The death of Greg Kime's party their parasitical they will they infest to get inside a healthy body and the leader from within the lake that they have patients to have a lot of patients they actually get in vote for example, you had on the border Catholic charities you had a number of planned creditor people who work for plan predators so they got on the board and the working from inside their eating it from the inside. The destroying of" society how they replant people report and organization of education, government, philanthropic groups subdivided today. Every major philanthropic group tied to the foundation. Priority the role liberal because they have plans to work their way up until very strict control of these organizations, so that's what they're trying to do is take control of a major part of the Republican Party here in Ohio. Jill, I was in a portable highway to life in 21 years and then when a number when the facilitators came in a number of us legally left and then what happened was Ohio right life auto. We formed the Ohio pro-life action committee and which is now the that the real pro-life organization where the major pro-life organization, Ohio, but they fought as they fought against our pico and so the magic word for fieldwork. Towards whatever you say that you know these are opportunities are trained to people who take a group of people and guide and direct them and lead them to a predetermined outcome. That's what a facilitator is, and so here are trained professionals on how the leader group through a re-determined conclusion is this woman Jordan nephew CHS the Georgia Deputy Terry Deputy Secretary of State who linked to the phone call with Pres. Trump and Sec. of state Brad Ruffin's burger is a former vice president of landmark Joe note here, I just got caught in fonts such as chemical pledges lied about the phone call to the press and then deleted the original audio file which was later found by an investigator Georgia Secretary of State Brad Ruffin's burger was also represented by landmark during his election.

According to David Bell. I'll around 20% of Ruffin's burger donations came from others stated that the Kratz in addition to the individuals listed in the Georgia record piece we identified another crooked so-called Republican connected to the landmark communications on the Lycan and profile of Mark Rountree, the president of landmark communications. Gabe Sterling endorses Rountree for his work with political campaigns to Pres. Trump was absolutely honored to present right everything you said about these people looking a bit further, we notice that Sterling was a vice president and landmark communications in 2005 Joe note across the country. We see cynical Republicans in top positions in states who do things that you would expect Democrats to do, not Republican bills or put you folks in Georgia, you better take a good look at who's that the top of the tree there because the foxes in the henhouse have come to get worse.

I'm working on an article where your sorrows that left billionaire who loved her contrary the one who claim to be a God is 91 years old last year 20 2020 and 20 million. I'm sorry 80 million in the election cycle for Democrats. Right now he is putting in a new contribution of $125 million. This is just for the midterm elections and he is set up with them. Democracy pack analyst produced on Alexander in charge he made it clear he expects this to keep on working far beyond the myth term right now.

Joe had of the November election. Right now the Republican national committee has apprised me hundred and 68 million the death the credits are pretty close behind. Even though because of all these billionaires you got like a you know from Facebook and only Mark Zuckerberg is always billionaires. These these these in gates and sorrows was sorrows of so there only like a million behind the Republicans and now you add what would sorrows put that that just about doubles and 25 million. The point of Roosevelt made such a big point of folks want to go there used to be an old joke. There were three forms of communication services for older people telephone and telegraph, telephone, and Tele was a female, but until a woman I remember you wrote: tell a friend and we don't have 125 million to match sorrows that's kaput.

The dams they had the Republican what we can do is tell our families tell our friends, tell your neighbors, coworkers, people at church listen to this radio program. Get out there and get involved. We have to fight this and we can fight it by picking up talking to our neighbors making a telephone call sending the text that in an email. We will have to do the legwork groundwork and we can witness but you're gonna have to get involved in work to counter all this money is people like George Soros putting up she will start you love to do start in the daylight is a pole shows a 50% of the US voters and I believe they say more than that believe Joe Biden should be impeached quickly shot you new pool this morning.

This is, this morning from rest. Most retribution finds that 50% of Americans believe Joe Biden should be impeached with this a lot more stuff coming on him by naming a lot more coming out yet. The reserve there are new book by Peter Schweitzer and peers Schweitzer's new book I recommend this to everyone out there red-handed how American elites like Biden get rich helping China when this new book and in it he talks about how the Biden family has collected over $31 million from entities linked to the Chinese Communist Party and most of the links are all with the Chinese military Intel intelligence agencies so that's in addition to general there was money that from Ukrainian energy company and things like that. The mayor of Moscow's wife 3 1/2 million.

This is just from 31 million just from China. We've got a really the Chinese have come out.

Joe the Chinese have come out and and I watch them on national Chinese television say telling their people that we own and we have bought all of the people in high places in America. Joe Biden is been bought and paid for. He's a bought and paid for a puppet of the Chinese. He's been committing treason, selling America out.

Bill Clinton sold America out Hillary sold America out and so we've seen this going on for years and years welcoming motor reader that this made me sick, Marine Gen. James Graham port he rose, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

This is one of those people that is retired, he said, quote talk about the tech the work that Google is doing in China is indirectly benefiting the Chinese military. Then he corrected himself and said frankly and direct me not be a full characterization of the way it really is. It is more of a direct benefit to the Chinese military. One of our good conservative generals who was former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff that Google is doing correctly helping benefit the Chinese military.

These liberals these people are making money money.

The love of money is the root of all evil, and they're willing to sell out here, your family, your children, your grandchildren for a little more power and little more money and this is a lot of our major corporations today. The results include 50% of black voters, 58% of other nonwhite voters and yelp listen to this 34% of death or Kratz voters while whether it is good and dangerous open borders are the 2.5 million illegals allowed to cross the country in one year melanoma stuff every minute I just heard today.

One of the spokesman, the Biden spokesman came out and out and she was saying that we we we must help the Ukraine. We must bring aids because a country without borders is in the country the time at Poulos. He was saying we need to send troops to defend the Ukrainian border, but she won't even supply money to protect our border say to us hypotheses. The bad things you know the Lord Jesus and won't you hypocrites will to them hypotheses is something to be embraced and and I can tell you Joe where it tells you right there in Isaiah chapter 32 in the Bible where refers to the liberals as hypocrites right very clearly whether it's dangerous open borders. The 2.5 million illegals allowed to cross country one year's disgusting withdrawal from Afghanistan. His record inflation or is complete lack of morals, Americans have had enough. Joe Biden is a failed president who is trying to destroy the United States. Joe Biden is not a president. He is the resident of and he is the enemy of freedom.

American voters disagree with the Marxist communist in their attempts to destroy our history, our culture and our economy back in September, 61% of voters supported the idea that Joe Biden deserves to be impeached a gay well I think I have one reason why there's a new study out our new report out the Biden administration is making it easier for these illegal immigrants to seek legal services with the launch of their own. The legal access at the border program called lab legal access at the order and this program is going to launch in seven border cities San Diego Calexico McAlester El Paso Laredo Brownsville Eagle Pass all cities in which the MICRA protection protocols was once the horse and that was that old regional remain in Mexico policy. Anyway there providing all this legal aid legal lawyers to help provide assistance to fight any of the US law so here's the government supposed to constitutionally support and defend the laws of the United States. They have created an organization to go spend money and attorneys to help people fight the laws that are in place, this is Joe Biden out.

That isn't the that that's a little worse than hypocrisy is the fastest yet. Is there something just as bad as we've said this before and I know there's been a lot of you like I be getting letters in the mail from from tents and and here you know to what you said. Well no not been the same week.

We've got it. He got home. As we got to fight back against the this these Democrats and here's what he did Pres. Trump if VP Pentz had absolutely no right to change presidential election results. How come death or Kratz and rhinos are trying to pass legislation to block it in the future. In other words there try to pass legislation in the future to make sure that if VP can't do the right thing wasn't allowed or wasn't possible then you don't need to make a log that you can't do it well, here we have this thing called the Constitution and shows a very clearly the Pres. Trump releases statement pointing out that recent adventure. Pentz had every right not to certify the 2020 election results. In general, not only did he have every right.

He had an obligation to the American people not to certify that it was his. This is corrupt and crooked as all is can be ephemeral laws and that are clear and we had all that all these people at all this evidence that nobody wanted to look at the pension that let marketing evidence before Congress. Pres. Trump releases statement there that Pres. Trump released a statement here.

Yesterday I heard him say it that there is no proof the Constitution allows for former vice president but we had the proof we had them think a however talk about long ago my parents not to certify the corrupted 2020 election results on January 6 20, 21, Pres. Donald complained that the vice president of my Prince could single-handedly reject certain lectures during Congress electoral college certification process. Turning up the pressure on him to help overturn the results of the election VP has the power to reject fraudulently chosen electors completed right Pentz in his role as president of the Senate is scheduled to preside over the Congress certification of the results Wednesday, as was detailed by the 12th amendment, but he can't intervene.

This was the this was false he can intervene in the process. This is what they put out the law governing the certification process. The electrical company electoral account active 1887 space specifically limits the power of the president of the Senate, precisely because the president of the Senate had intervened in the count previously in 1857 after James began his win. The Senate President overruled an injection against Wisconsin electors who have been delayed in their certification process by snowstorms. One of the points of the electoral account act is to constrain the vice president. Given the earlier episode makes it clear that he is a preside or not to decide if the former Federal election commission chairman Trevor Potter, president of the campaign legal Center. However, points out the Prince did did have the right, and even the duty not to accept the fraudulent results in the 2020 election. The evidence is that the current set up is trying to pass legislation that would prevent a vice president from doing this in the future.

So there you go there telling you that they're trying to make it the law because it is no law that he has the right and the trouble is hundred and 10% right on this and what is just unbelievable like I got one more article Joe and I let you do it.

Fauci is also involved in the ghoulish baby body part research and you go ahead and do an organ open the phone lines.

In fact, the phone lines are now open. Will let a load while you're doing the article 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 nationwide one more time. 888-677-9673 nationwide phone lines and no open, go ahead, Joe taken away. Fauci is involved in ghoulish baby body parts research way back when there was David Dollar General video center for medical progress deleting undercover videos of interviews and plan editor officials who showed how they work negotiating the sale of tiny baby heart lung parts, etc. and this caused a lot of trouble and he's been definitely in trouble. Taken to court is a long, long story. In fact, of even Harris are VP when she was Atty. Gen. issued search warrants to help go after him causing trouble anyway. The end result was that the there were some scientists from the government took scalps of aborted babies five-month-old of the reported babies were sticking them to the back of lab rat to keep them growing. This experiment was paid for with the half-million dollar research grant from the and I a ID NIAID office that Dr. Anthony found she wrote the National Institutes of Health run. They also were taking livers from five-month-old aborted babies to extracts themselves so they could be experimentally transplanted into adults so these premature babies were courting out to the center for medical progress.

These babies were aborted alive wash to keep them sterile and then cut open the harvest.

The liver that the scientist who invented this experiment received $3 million from the NIH national student health policy again published his research showing he was using this technique back in Pittsburgh.

As recently as 2009 teen so this David that the medical action group again. The David and deleting center for medical prime the has been fighting this and fighting this and trying to bring this truth, but the government documents that got Hector Pitts advised them that this be the best site for this grant because it could use labor induced abortions for the baby is pushed out of the mother and her preterm delivery. Other words, they would be alive. This Dr. fit said it would track record and minimize the time.

The kidneys were disconnected from blood circulation and other words they wanted the babies delivered aligned with the beating heart and the babies were killed as the kidneys were cut out of them and all again the money and everything applying these experiments came from. Dr. felt she thought she on about Dr. is really I don't think we want to call him Dr. D is a ghoulish piece of East Murphy is a pasty season is a mass murdering beast and then jealous you know we we don't have to play the all of these people involved, including the women they came and offered up their babies deserve. They deserve hellfire forever. They do their wicket is wicked. All of you prissy preachers out there.

Just keep your mouth shut. Go put your pink livers on any bill during that in fact we also found out one last thing that the the NIH grant money sends major kick back and medical resources back to planned creditors, and in fact Dr. fallacies agency is responsible for over 60% of federal spending that has anything to do with using aborted baby parts.

They are the biggest purchaser of the way in the world of aborted baby parts list playbacks, money, folks displayed. Join me in the imprecatory prayer I need you to join me imprecatory paragraph because these people know evil wicked little church little children innocent.

They are paying the price for their wickedness this and is power in prayer power prayer power prayer is the father.I would pray Lord God that you you would do these people just like you did with Manasseh, Lord, that you would cripple their hands.

Father God course.

Lord, you know, much better Lord, that you would take whatever it takes.

Father got a put those people little shown the pain that they've inflicted upon the children. Father God, and I'm talking about all of them.

I'm talking about the ghouls that have done this to the babies and then the wicked women offered up the children, Lord, that you could bring him. Father God to their faces screaming for repair and repentance.

Lord, and if they refuse to repent. You know you can see, you said repent or perish. So that's why prayer father, get these people the wickedness of so many out there wicket. I pray that you bring down the entire debt, the credit kindness collective is so filled with pedophiles is so filled with child abuse is the sole filled with the most wicked and evil and ungodly people out there Lord God and the these things we ask in Jesus name amen aromatic folks remember children were created, what by God in the image given to us to care for the love they were to be a blessing, not a research project to make money. These people are animals in Scripture says there are angels and are are in the presence of God. I heard a hoodie we have their Andy, Kevin, you're in there yet here hello brothers Ernie and Jill good evening just actually to think the neck. I think very long one you got up onto the much we can even tell you new information that you got the smart we have his son to worry about your service grooming him and right Alexander yeah and so that's one thing I want to put out and also let's let's let's start calling out elections and raising a lot of money. Now if you're if a person running has the right values. What do we really need money for well you pay your help to move your equipment you pay for whatever room you're renting a movie. Whatever Chuck you have to get it there.

You pay for your meal shamanic paper catering and hat people. Waiters and waitresses expect look at all the things and honest campaign can be 10 million copies and maybe even have some left over told this growing number of having to raise money every year. Keep getting bigger and bigger. We have a call that out of evil because what you doing your buying influence whatever reason for raising all this money and you asked us to talk to that but you know there was just last election. There was a fellow try to remember what state of that like 100 and something dollars in his campaign and he beat a lifelong Democrat right out of the New Jersey. I can't figure is name but it was a guy in New Jersey who spent thousands and thousands, but he was so corrupt that people know they they they didn't really vote for the new values they did know them but they voted against the death grant and I think that's that's what you gonna say was with Biden here coming up, but with a lot of these.

This is why a lot of the Democrats are like rats jumping ship for goes down and they know that if they hang around and the Republicans witness this going to be investigation. So I think similar, but are already been given the the ultimatum in either get out now. I get is good or were going to come after you.

So what are you heading in that. What I can't do and also look at you to wonder campaign so hard and throw money at one another. Why that met petitioner so important in well word has it that you know when you get and you can get a lot of money out of this.

All the running of politicians into different type of people I run people that wanted politicians because they heard about the gold that's involved in it and you have people honestly have a heart for the country and the art to have heart Americans still in community yeah that's basically the mudslinging and all that is like all now we figure it out. Look at look at Nancy Pelosi look at all of them had gotten rid still. That's why they fight so hard the mudslinging that happened Lord has it that you can get wicked. That's the line identity corrupt their corrupt government is why were in such a mess. Sold America sold its corporate soul political will for money. That's the whole basis of fact elections is a cottage industry. It's a huge industry. The TV and radio stations all kinds of advertising dollars. When it comes to elections there is money there.

There's all these attorneys and campaign managers and staff and people there a lot of professionals that do nothing but run campaigns if it's a national industry and then wave we really ruin things that should've been one person one vote fly care Missouri I should be able to donate to anything in Missouri, but why should I be able to donate their work for a race in Ohio or somebody's running in the state. I know nothing about money raised in Ohio and Ohio should go to Ohio elections, we shouldn't have California money New York money George Soros money buying elections in the state. It should be.

Money raised in the state for that state.

We kept it simple. We could clean it up but we got dirty politicians that want to make more money, more power, and pay off all their cronies who work running campaigns selling out and all the businessmen that want the extra dad money from the campaign.

You know all those that did you hear every election cycle.

So it goes back to the love of money is the root of all evil jokes of musical back back in the 80s.

I remember we had election will and there were there was the new Congress to the new Congress was just in and there they were standing out they were getting pictures taken in them and to death. The grass was standing there. They were both lawyers and I remember who they are.

I'd like in the same names because the and still have family you know these guys. I think both of them are probably dead by now, but a him they were saying how one of them turned to the other after they were just election and said you realize we now have a license to steal.

And that was overheard by the people standing behind and I remember that hit the papers I got up about no, but thanks again for consolidating Nablus okay will be back when emptiness and take some more calls come right back and I we have next right here in their it will write right are you there Ryan hello glad you're in there are yeah I do? Not related to talk about that okay yeah I guess so. (Like a growing movement out there like renting from Florida other than a whole busload of preachers and not going to like Gasparilla which is like a pimple pirate been made to them and what the people to preach to them.

You know, and so there they they lay claim to be perfect like they're not living in anything at all, and values versus like person John Wertz of the host with a bite of an infant not heat the committed thing that the devil that Jesus said like be perfect is your father's perfect that Noah was perfect and David walk perfectly and this is the only ugly so you know when there like preaching to people there calling them sinners and the people go crazy ass them are US and in there like no I have no spend on like walking perfectly on wondering what you think about that, like, especially somebody feeling condemned for maybe something there in and they like watching stuff for that because that's not what I originally learned to make this very simple flake is really not complicated WITH the Bible is a Bible says number one that when Christ died, and he paid for our sins paid for sins past, present and future now so so is that mean does that mean that we don't said no not at all because when we sin, the sins are paid for, but there's always consequences to sin is always consequences to sin. In other words, so what's happening when they they say that they don't said I got into a big debate with a fellow some years ago.

He was a nationally known on the radio for many many years and he's dead now and so I'm not going to bring up his name, but that he claimed he never he never send well that that's that's a sin in itself. That's a lie because the city let me ask you this if you don't send why should you repent of it is Scripture that when I thought they would do what they would pray that you maybe paper your past, present and future. But if you don't repent of them and you're not forgiven, and if you are repenting all the time then you're not actually repenting another word that you're doing the same thing every day and repenting again. The guards not actually going to forgive you for that. When you see that that's the point deals with that in Hebrews chapter 12 noon.

The vast majority of people out there that that do that he says this. If in fact you are saved, if in fact you are saved and you continue and you sin in a way which brings decided to God, he will chastise you, even discouraging, that's searching is is very very tough. Now he tells you if you're not being chastised locate then you're a pastor and right end date is not Delia so so these people to go ahead and innate they they continuing their said and they say whether not really sitting or whatever or if you know they continued. I remember I remember a fellow some years ago. He was comedian means that kind of a short unpaired pudgy type fidelity was well known comedian. He was going on. He was making all the circuits. The 700 club and Fox News in his newfound faith professing to be that Christian this and that. The next thing you know he's outvoted in the pornography and so this guy was never saved just like him. The fellow that made them the guy that was married to Jane Fonda the movie producer I'm trying think of his name. The guy that them Ted Turner yeah Ted Turner Ted Turner had gone and he had promised Jerry Falwell. He was going to give him his own television channel his own network and all of this and then so consultant Falwell was out there telling people that Ted Turner was a gentleman and a Christian, this snack is Turner had professed that he made then Turner came out and he was laughing he said synergy shows you what a fool this Falwell is what fools these Christians are there believe anything and he made a mockery out of that and he made a mockery. Ted Turner. Leslie repents and that's exactly what I'm talking about. He's in for an extremely rude awakening the following delegates are pure, whatever, what would you invite somebody like likely somebody would be afraid to die. They're afraid they're going to go to hell, even though they know they would greatly know they had like a life-changing experience and they were changed but maybe they follow back in there feeling like condemnation, what would you advise them that you can't lose your salvation.

Okay so what I advised him to do exactly what the Lord Jesus says repent and take it to the Lord.

He felt him take everything.

Him and prayer because what Scripture said he is quick to forgive and he knows that as long as we are in this flesh and the earthly body we will send even if we've already been born again are saying we will send by our thoughts or words or deeds or whatever and all we have to do is go to heaven so messed up today. I Lord, I'm sorry I did this and I'm sorry and then you are forgiven. And it doesn't mean being a Christian doesn't mean you're perfect. We are sinners were saved by grace by his grace, and all we have to do is take it to the Lord that I get a little disease is submitted. But listen, you cannot lose your salvation and was happening if there if they're coming under conviction. That's the Holy Ghost doing that and the answer is repent right we have next although we got our compost is here clip Clifford hello you're in the air go ahead okay yeah Joe was mentioning this book red-handed by.

Flights are actually available on the Like $19, and I like that in this particular book read to you because of all the Chinese names but Google that statement up to leave a good doing it under the guise of academics, which may be partly valid in China but I have an AI center in China in conjunction with China Google but it could have military applications.

They are using it. You think they have all kinds of little things that made deals with the devil on these things out most of our major companies that make compromises with them and just remember the word dual use technology. There are so many things I have two applications in one and that is the key to understanding that Google maps yeah a complicated select all rents resting upon which Trent Lott said now he's working for the Chinese, but he originally set month iPhone isn't for Sal.

But it may be for rent that that was interesting is prompted by actually calling to this book was in conjunction with the Chinese government buyout. The rail system in place. Now it fell through France that it but that's interesting that Hunter had so much clout with the Chinese financing was with that they will, actually, project heroes working with some of the richest business people in China and they were given back by the Chinese military. He was a puppet and they had the money all and show another book On a Bullet Just Came out, Apparently, Is the Man behind the Cart Minutes on George Soros so I Can Pick up Some Good Information on That One of the Things I Said Is He Actually Donated 5 Million That That Guy Cavanaugh Working out to Make Sure That He Wasn't Confront. So We Put up 5 Million. Wonder If Some of That Went to the Witnesses like Logic for Letting Her Wonder If I Didn't Move, and Have the Money and Nothing. Thanks Ago the Board Slid Okay, Let's See We Have Next Joe. You're in the Hi Joe Mike I Dated Her Time but Do You Think God and Being Well I Think What Was Seen Now Is the Time of Sorrows Everything That's Happening out There Which Is a Prelude to the Start of the Tribulation.


Another Thing Is Called Birth Pains or the Will Day. So Where Were There with His Call That so the Tribulation. You Know, He Could Start Any Time to It'll Be You'll Know When It Starts Because the Church Will Be Taken out Here First. And I Know There's A Lot Of People Don't Understand It but You See That the Sink Deep. Everything Has a Purpose. Like Solomon Said, for Example, Do You Think That All the Saved Born-Again Believers Are Going to Hell.

I Write You Can See That's Where There's a Purpose of Being Born Again Is to Go to Heaven. They Say There's No Purpose for the Church to Go through the Tribulation. All the Purpose of the Tribulation Period Is the Purification of the Nation of Israel, the Wife of God and the Unrepentant Gentiles. Okay so That's the Purpose so There's Nope No Reason or No Purpose at All for the Church to Be Here during the Tribulation. Regulation Well See That's a Possibility.

Like I I'm Saying You Know I Believe in Theirs and There's A Lot Of Candidates out There and I've Said This Myself, According to What You Take from the Word of God. What We Know about the Antichrist. In My Opinion Obama at This Point Would Be the Best Candidate Makes It Clear the Antichrist Is a Gentile and the False Prophet Is a Jew Okay or Lease the Fallsview and the False Prophet Gives the Power to the Antichrist Know There's A Lot Of Reasons Why Say Obama's Name Is Even Scripture but Obama Out Of His Own Lips Said That He Was Getting His Power from George Soros and so You Know That's a Very Good Example. But There's A Lot Of Other Reasons Why in Scripture to Me That Obama Fills Fills the Bill, but That Doesn't Mean That's My Opinion. That Doesn't Mean He Is Because He Could Be a Type or Shadow of the of the Next Antichrist Learning. Thank You, Thank You Very Much I That It Loves You Too Already Got Blessed. We Have Next. Nathan, You're in the Air That Ernie Had like to Challenge You and Anybody Everybody to Get Your News from the Congressional Record and This Is What I Have Seen in 1971 May Pat Cotto Asked Find Planned Parenthood 298 Congressional Congressman Congress People Voted for It.

32 Opposed It and It Was 100 and Zero Unanimous.

We See That Thing That Same Thing Coming All the Way up. A Lot Of People Mess but Can't Prove That a 21 Hour 19 Minutes Segment Filibuster on September 25, 2013 and Devoted 100 Hundred 10 Zero and Then Two Months Later He's on CNN Would Come, Tighten Him over There Step Plan Again Thereto. The Two Parties Is One Party in a Menu down Here Democrat and Republican Thoughts and What Each Other but They Got behind It and and a Hot Mess and I Can Send You to Record. I Know You Don't Have an Email, but If You Give Me an Email or an Email and I Can Send It Didn't Take You Forward a Figure I Can Send You I'm Willing to Bet My Finger on It Will Not Let Me Let Me Just Delete Point. Let Let Let Me Time I We Have Six People That Spend Their Time Researching the Stuff in Getting Me Know. We Do Have an Email Is listen this we get between six and 800 emails a day. We get between six and 800 a day now a lot of people wonder why I didn't answer their meat email well is because if I did answer that I would I would do nothing else all day long, not even eight not sleep or anything but answering emails and so that's that's the reality. But we do look.

Believe me, Joe telling we were on top of those congressional records way back. Joe you might have more time to find from running there waiting for us, but we do check a lot of those, and have reported on different notes like The past when he tried to remember were all volunteers and we don't get everything that's for sure answer. Thank you. Thanks for calling and we have Next, we had time for this last one that we don't have time for anybody so all right. Joe, you got you got almost 5 minutes south Kaline go for. I want to start with the new commercial on TV where they play that music to cheers you know that song sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name yeah know I changed the wording a little bit of place you want to go were angels know your name and the saints are glad you came.

And then there's a little bit in between and it ends with you want to go where everybody knows your name. But I do like this.

You want to be where Jesus knows your name. Revelations chapter 2 verse 17 and I will give him a white stone, and in the stone is a new name written, which snowman Noah saving he that received it. When you get to heaven you get a new name your name by Jesus.

So you definitely want to be where Jesus knows your name because he's the one that gives you the new name for the new born-again believer that new creature that new creation in God we we just know from Scripture, God's word he said, if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in Reinhardt, the goddess raised him from the dead shall be saved. For with the heart man believe us under righteousness with the mouth confession is made unto salvation that comes from Romans 10 verse nine and 10.

We have to call upon the father we have to confess our sins, we have to truly repent, be sorry that Jesus had to go to the cross take our place.

You took my place your place. They went and paid the price for our sins, for those who would accept his sacrifice. We have to be willing to accept the sacrifice he made so we have to be willing to call upon the father. We have to be willing to confess that were a center that we need a Savior that were sorry for our sins are sins put Jesus on the cross and we have to believe we have to have the faith that were going to be saved, that God is good, freeze word, because it fit in the heart man believe if what is under righteousness in our confession so he tells us that in John five verily, verily, I say and do you see that here is my word, and believe it's on him that sent me hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation but is passed from death unto life. We were born again, we will not we will be have a rebirth and we will have everlasting life.

We have God's word on it so it's a decision we have to make. Are we willing to commit ourselves to Jesus that asking to be Lord of our life. That's all of our life without reservation that the big thing to ask, it's not a simple thing and we have to truly repent. Realize that we have sinned and send the penalty of what the wages of sin. God's that his death so if we confess and we asked Jesus then to come into our heart to give us the Holy Spirit that down payment on his promise of everlasting life. Then we become that new creation, a new creature. We become a child of the kingdom, a son or daughter of the living God, and we will look forward to that when we get to heaven, he will give the state that hidden manna.

He will give us that white stone, and on that stone our new name that we will have fraternity the new name to go with that new person that we become the new creature that we become. This is a decision that all men will make it the most part decision of your life more important than who you marry what you do what children you have. You never do you never generally never do anything that even comes close to meeting as much is that that's a reality, and again ran all of you in the thing of it is the Lord looks upon your heart so we knew you saying that prayer year. If you really need to realize that he suffered far beyond your ability to even realize that the pain when we got turned. The father turned his head away from that pain was so bad because God can't look upon unsettled without 20s without punishment. Any help with that pattern that similar Joe until tomorrow. We gotta say good night God bless and always, always keep fighting the fight.

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