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Democrats Have Destroyed Memphis and Many Other Cities

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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September 7, 2022 3:17 pm

Democrats Have Destroyed Memphis and Many Other Cities

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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September 7, 2022 3:17 pm

Democrats bear responsibility for failed policies that have turned major American cities into war zones — where criminals prowl the streets looking for victims.

Ben Deeter, Rep. Mike Johnson, Councilman Chase Carlisle, and Sen. Bill Hagerty join the conversation!

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Start your journey at the King's College Welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by the legacy precious metals.

There's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's legacy PM liberty University studio in Memphis Tennessee coming since conservative commentary from Midas with the men which is best organized in the country had a booming economy and beautiful municipal parks. A lot of the more than 100. He had one was modern sanitation systems in the world. Something we take for granted now when yellow fever was real. No one took for granted. Memphis was such a big deal that in fact was the informal capital of an entire American region Mississippi Delta. But not anymore effect by the last year.

If you went to Memphis was hardly that any that had ever been true at any point because by that point and now Memphis had become a hot skinny highly threatening one in 2021, according to federal statistics, Memphis, Tennessee was the most dangerous city in the United States last year reported a total of 342 murders to how many is that by comparison, San Antonio, Texas, which has more than twice the population reported fewer than half as many murders.

So by any measure at all. Memphis was absently falling apart. Welcome to the Todd Stern's radio program. Ladies and gentlemen last night on Fox news channel. I was rather surprised to hear Tucker Carlson talking about my hometown and right now if you go on the Fox News website which I don't encourage her to college and listen to us, but if you do, you would see that Memphis Tennessee is the number one story right now at Fox News and it's the number one story that people are talking about all over America. This horrible murder and kidnapping that occurred in my hometown of the place where we broadcast this this radio program and I I wanted to start out we talk about politics a lot on this program.

We talk a lot about culture, but I want to use what's happening here in Memphis as as a jumping off point for what could happen and what will happen in your town in your city in your community and we have seen this play out in New York City and San Francisco in Chicago and Philadelphia, Baltimore, Los Angeles, and it's hard to it.

It's hard for some of us to wrap our heads around what's going on because it's it's easy to just dismiss what's happening in your well it's a big town. They are what 15 million people. It's New York City. They're always shooting people up there but when it happens in a place like Memphis, population 1.3 million. It resonates with folks there. There something about that because Tucker is his right. Memphis used to be a crown jewel of the city and it's been decimated and it's been decimated by Democrat policies. We have been under the control of the Democrats.

For decades we have been under the control of progressives for at least the past decade and it has nearly destroyed our city.

Do you realize we have what one major shopping mall and its nearly empty.

Here they call it the Galleria people don't even want to go there. It's too dangerous and that's in a good part of town we we live in constant fear and it some. If you want, but if you walked out on the street and you asked somebody they would not tell that to you but subconsciously we all do.

It's it's where you get your gas you know where not to go at night. You know that when you do get out of your car. You better immediately lock your car you got a look around when you're when you're waiting for the gas took to fill up your tank. You're constantly looking around your head is on a swivel praying, you don't get carjacked, and by the way, God permit that happens, what you do.

Ladies and gentlemen is you take that nozzle out of your car you hose down the bad guys with the gas that's what you do. Just try to be helpful to offer some pointers.

But this is what happens when you allow Democrats complete control and it was a horrible thing that happened in our town over the the past year or so as I've gotten acclimated and re-acclimated to living back here Memphis I came to understand that the the old money control the Republican Party the country club Republicans and they don't like Tromp, they don't like mag. They don't like conservatives.

They are there just old-school Rockefeller Republicans.

They don't want to rock the boat because they want to be able to get contracts they want to be able to get business deals with the Democrats who literally control everything in this town and if it means that true conservatives don't get elected. They're okay with it. They are there okay with. We've been deep. We just came out of an election in August and the district attorney was on the ballot, and that she is a good and decent person. She was tough on crime.

She was a Republican and she was one of I think she was part of that old school network that old Memphis network of Republicans, but she was very good at her job. They went out they campaigned. We had we had one of theirs. We had a what you call it a country when you call the kid that that the poor kid a running for mayor never held a job, but he was from old Memphis money and then he got beat, but he was there guy and they embraced all of that but they really didn't push back then and talk about how bad crime was here in the city. They didn't talk about how people live in fear.

Then talk about the fact that were one of the most deadliest cities that they didn't they didn't talk about any that supplicants would make the Democrats look bad. The people they do business with the people they go to church with in their highfalutin you know uppercrust churches then want to talk about any of that stuff and then what happened on Friday. One of their own. One of the one of the members of old Memphis that community was kidnapped and was killed. And guess what he's talking about now got a get tough on crime got to have the death penalty one blather talking about that, but why were they talking about that a couple of couple weeks ago when you two black kids got shot in the face.

Why were they talking you talk about crime in Memphis, Tennessee. It's true that most of the perpetrators of the crime are black men. But you know what else is also true that most of the victims most of the victims are black Americans here in the city, but nobody was to have that conversation with her having it now because a 34-year-old white woman whose grandfather was the head of a billionaire company billion-dollar company was kidnapped and murdered. I will a what that says about us as a country I don't know maybe we can have that moral discussion the same time this young lady was kidnapped a black teenager went missing. That didn't make than the news it's much we had kidnappings and murders every single day here and now we have a district attorney who is a Democrat of the George Soros variety and people are genuinely frightened because this guy is all about bail reform.

This guy wants to raise the age of the juvenile crime to 25 years old. So if you're 25 years old you out and shoot somebody you kidnap somebody you murder somebody are to be treated like a juvenile here in Memphis, Tennessee. It's dangerous. This is the reality that sent.

This is our reality, Grace Baker, the person that you talk to when you call it of this program. Grace you live here, you know what you have to experience as you live this.

Oh yeah and went to school here lived here my entire life. It's depressing to say the least bit sad and Tucker at asked a question we got summer audio want to play this account number two place so it seems a little weird to a lot of people and some like Liza Fletcher's when he could live anywhere voluntarily moves back to place like Memphis, not to some suburb of Memphis to the city of Memphis that seems weird to people, but is not weird it's not odd at all.

When you think about it.

Liza Fletcher was from Memphis. She grew up there and she had a right to come back.

This was her country to just as it's your country to an American citizen should be able to live or walk anywhere in America without being raped or murdered for.

That is the baseline requirement for civilizations: order but increasing the don't we have what we have is a country just can't go some places not wanted there. It is too dangerous for you to go was to accept this by default but we should never accept this under any circumstances, to accept something is to concede that is more or less normal. Once we know something as normal. Whether it's children being castrated.

The name of trans rights of women being murdered by rapists who should've been in prison for work because equity once we accept that is normal. We are stuck with it for ever is the new status quo. It will never change except to get worse. The good people who lived in Memphis a century ago would never believe what is happened to the city.

They built they would meet if they sought that will be the experience of every American for long until our entire country will be Memphis if you don't put a stop to this insanity right now with as much force as is required I mean to their little streets I just say no don't live there.

You know, I'm looking I been kind of looking for a house to live in because we live in an apartment and their literal just streets and ZIP Codes that I see on my search sound like no not safe.

I know it's not safe, not live in their will do it for me listening to Tucker. This is heartbreaking.

I mean he's talking about our town. Yeah, and we never a bill like we never make headlines for a good reason. Whenever I see Memphis turning on my own know what happened now is it's always something. You know, depressing.

It feels like there's a lot of good things about the city.

I like a lot of things about here, but I have always dealt with no don't go to this area after this seven. I don't go to that street don't drive alone. Don't walk alone because something bad might happen in an and we've been ahead of the curve here.

I'm coming, Tucker said, our entire country will become Memphis if we don't stand up how long we've been talking about the program and we we really have so our audiences were the head of the curve here on yes I'm glad that Fox and the others are jumping in here lightbulb. But again, an overwhelming majority of the people getting slaughtered here are black American.

Oh yeah, where the hell is everybody been wake got we got a white woman who was kidnapped and murdered and all of a sudden becomes an international crisis. Yeah, somebody needs to do some soul-searching there are great because we been talking the violence we've been talking about for very long time on this program has been black on black crime. That's all terrible and it's all horrible.

It is all horrible but II just shocking.

Maybe it should be shocking that it took this particular crime to wake people up, but I hope people are awake now, and I hope people are seeing what's happening out there. I want you to hear something about about Memphis. It's one of the it's one of those beautiful cities you talk to you love trees and that the architecture, the river. We have beautiful sunsets here.

We have beautiful parks and those who and we have incredible food, and the people are unbelievably generous. We have more charitable organizations per capita Memphis Tennessee than any other place in America people you your neighbor need something you got somebody that sick, you better believe there to be showing up with a mess of fried chicken and some biscuits or whatever at the front door that that's just who we are. But people are living in fear right now and it's not right and Tucker is right about this. If we do not do something and we if we do not address this with force if we do not get out there in the streets and demand that our elected leaders do their jobs if we don't get out there and stand alongside the police if we don't get out there and do our jobs we will lose our cities, we will lose our town's and if you don't do something in your community you will become Memphis and I wanted tell you something I wouldn't wish that on a gender confused pronoun confused liberal whack.

I wouldn't wish that on anybody. I know you love your towns as much as we love ours.

That's why I moved back here, I could've stayed in New York City. I could've moved to Washington, I could've done the cool hip thing and moved to Nash Vegas could've done that but I came back home. I wanted to make my community better in word about Starbucks trying to make that happen, and I hope your to do the same.

That's a part of this radio show is to let people know hey here's what's happening in real America. Are we gonna take a break your 844-747-8860 if that's her toll-free telephone number 844-747-8868. Our website is Todd will be right back. We're all feeling the pain at the pump and at the grocery store to the market is plunging and Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, but even worse. Seniors are struggling to survive. It's not time to panic, but it is time to act. My friends at a Mac the Association of mature American citizens will help you save money on things like cell phone plans travel and restaurants but eMac does much more than offer senior discounts. Your membership will support their nonprofit eMac action which takes the challenges against our Constitution and the free market straight to Capitol Hill. Joining is easy just go to a Mac .us/starts to start saving today. 2.3 million Americans have already joined a Mac and you should to a Mac cares about you and America so save money and support conservative causes go to a Mac .us/starts.

It's only $60 per year and great news. Anyone can join, go to a back .us/starts that's a Mac .us/start with is Todd Stern's radio program broadcasting from our fortified bunker.

The let's go to the phone zero 844-747-8868 is the crime getting bad in in your town and in your city. Dan is in Kentucky wants to weigh in on what's happening in Louisville hate Dan will welcome to the program that correct me a litany of monologue and locals are very similar to the Memphis weave that 53 straight years of Democrat rule here and it's gotten progressively worse.

I did a quick search and 10 years ago 2011. We had 51 murders last year and years later, 2021 we had 175 bars more than triple in 10 years and it is getting progressively worse that this should be a wake-up call for people, but you know, a few years back we had a drive-by shooting in which a toddler car seat on the front porch was killed and that didn't even wake people up so I really don't understand what was going to take other than you don't get rid of these crazy liberal Bob policy that are ruining our big day in water where average folks doing are you guys talking about this on the local talk radio or are people like yourself are are you guys in the majority.

So what we have available election coming up this fall and I hope and pray that we switch. We also rent the radical school board here made up of seven members for those are up for reelection this year. People finally woke up to the travesty that is the school board so were hoping to flip the school board where "the mayor itches. I've lived here my whole life. I'm 53 years old I was born the same year that we had our first Democrat on this tenure and I've seen it progressively get worse with graffiti and grill almost in hopelessness and nothing is done about it is you know the funny thing is every year at Derby time. The Kentucky Derby that he will go through will remove homeless camps to clean it up the cut the grass to make it look good all the visitors and then week after Derby everything goes back to the way it was while I I wish I could say I was surprised and I we got a run for a break here but Dan you hang tight and you fight the good fight and move your city is worth saving.

Memphis is worth saving your town is worth saving. The question is how we do it. What is the first step in taking back our cities. Ladies and gentlemen, 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number 844-747-8868 this is the Todd start's radio show by pillow is having their biggest sheet sale of the year. All of help build my polo into an amazing company that it is today.

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That's my use the promo code. Stern's hello ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the Stern's radio programs so honored to have you with us. The phones reflect the let's go to main W LLB they call that the big lobster Ray Richardson country good good friend radio host up there. Scott on the line. Hey Scott what's up what's going on in God) God� I'm safe you say, I just wanted to mention that you know in light of what you were meant to me about the assault on our major Mike lives in Longmont, Colorado, and there have been to shooting two separate occasions right in his neighborhood.

In one of the parts were a 13-year-old boy was killed and 15 was injured and just drive-by shooting, and this again happened a couple days ago Rick Henshaw were fired in his neighborhood across the street from where my son live and it's just an onslaught of just horrible things that are going on nationwide we going to turn this around and I'm just tired. Like you, you know with these progressive liberals who just turned their back on Scott what we've got to get away from this is what drives me bonkers. Here is when people go and there, get ready to vote that they're clearly not educated on the issues of the candidates and they will ask one of two things. What color is the candidate are they a Democrat, and depending on the answer depends on who they're to cast their vote for. And it is it's it's shocking to see but I saw it first hand and we have got to get away from that mindset, or it's going to destroy the country exactly exactly. And then another thing is the comparative need to rally what I want to bring up as well as that we should not grow weary in well doing the work and what concerns me more than anything is a lack of understanding by literally half of our population that concerns me more than the rhetoric that we hear the rhetoric destroying our nation and we as conservatives and believers. I do not grow where you and II will vote for Donald Trump. There is no question and I'm not ashamed Scott I'm not ashamed to say it either.

He will get my vote that he is the only person I know that will be able to deliver on his promises. And we need a strong leader with a strong backbone and end at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. that's exactly right. And you know what I tell people here. The reason the reason why they go again. Not because although and I get it and you know that's not fair that I actually got up I get that, but that's not the point. They're going after him because he's exposing the true animated and those who are assaulting our nation and all they do, the enemy. They project their people on we maggot people and it's not out causing the issues. It's not us at all and we better wake up, start your you're absolutely right and I appreciate the call and to Scott's point Kathy Griffin the link the comedian with the bad face job and she got what it was a horrible situation.

She went in and got the other plastic surgery and they made her look worse. I mean, bless her heart and begot Jesus, but it also affected her personality and she was to be funny and then she became really better and that you might remember she had the whole thing where she chopped off. The presidents had had the holding.

The fake blood he had. And so now Kathy Griffin is saying if you don't vote Democrat there's gonna be a Civil War and people in it.

Scott is right to remind people of this.

It's the Democrats who been fomenting all of this hate and violence out there going back to what was a 2016. The presidential campaign where you had all of these progressive's going out and beating up trump supporters, leaving them bloodied in the streets.

I did, I did a full year of reporting on that you had Maxine Waters telling people to get on the faces of the other Trump supporters.

What was that you had the Pam Bondi who is the Atty. Gen. Florida she went to go see the Mr. Rogers movie and they literally ran her out of the movie theater. They didn't want her to be there neighbor. I was terrible. I mean the level of violence. Remember what happened after the George floor. There were three days of riots in Washington DC.

They tried to storm the White House 60 Secret Service agents were injured.

They tried to burn down St. John's church. The church of the presidents. Where were the federal hearings where were the congressional hearings on that.

Where was Liz Cheney condemning the violence condemning the attempt to literally storm the White House and drag president trump in the first family out and leave them debtor bloodied on the on the rose garden where were the out where was the outrage that ladies just throwing out those questions.

844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 so to bring in our news anchor. He is been making national news of these days a binge eater who does the news at KW AM our flagship station and then I have to first of all, you're not from these parts, you went to university in Ohio and we hired you down or do you regret taking the job here in the war zone. No I don't. Weirdly enough, because I'm a journalist and sometimes I feel like I'm a wartime reporter and it's been an interesting and fascinating way to start ignoring a wartime correspondent.

Yes, in Memphis Tennessee because you're from, like peaceful Amish Concorde field where they have like the birds chirping and you know people frolicking about churning butter things about someone. Jaywalking hits the front page of the paper while yeah so here you are and you been covering the Eliza Fletcher kidnapping and the aftermath of that and I thought it was interesting that the people are coming together and then on Friday there something crazy happening here. I want to tell our listeners what what what people are doing church taught a lot of people here are terrified in the city and then face and you know this is a big running community. Of course you know that yet the St. Jude marathon. That's one of the biggest races in America.

This is a running town why women are scared to get out there there paralyzed and run in the morning to taught. It started out as a Facebook post a runner here. She said I've got to do this.

This is a way to cope and scared to run in Memphis and she said this was her words quote I have the right to be a runner." I have the right to actually get out there and ride so she writes on Facebook right to push. He says he ladies out there doing to join me and a friend this Friday at 420 in the morning where Eliza Fletcher was kidnapped and let's finish her ride boom. The post went viral. I just checked before we hopped on this segment over 1200 renters have committed to getting out there for 20 in the morning.

Now, nearly 3000, and it's either interested in getting out there to finish the run. What I find fascinating here is the other side of this, and there's been a big argument and conversation of this country about toxic masculinity, men standing up and protecting women and what I find interesting is that were getting reports that men here in Memphis are volunteering to stand guard as the women run on Friday because that's also he's been affected in all of � yes, a life was lost is devastating that mother Earth to that below schoolteacher, but there's a husband there's a father and she was the mom of two boys, you know, this affects men as well. And so it started out as a ladies only group. It grew so big and these guys were like eight. Our ladies are out there going to be running up for 20 in the morning on the heels of the biggest international news story in the country working to be out there as well.

So Dave included. Now the man who will be out there. Some are going to be driving along of bicycling beside the women so will be standing out protecting the vehicles. That's another big one. The carjackings are out-of-control here said the men are stepping up and saying eight. This affects us as well. You see, and and I think that is me that is a noble thing for men to do. We are called to protect, as we say the fairer sex of that.

I know that that's a very unpopular thing to say.

These days, but I do believe that men have a responsibility to step up and stand in the gap and protect women and I'm glad to see that happening your minute. I want you to hang on a binge eater who is the a news anchor you been hearing him of the national news broadcast all over America of reporting on this. I want to go to the phones. Keith is listening to us from Memphis, Tennessee on TWA him I keep you want to weigh in on the running part of this welcome to the show what I live in central guard. By the way of I think that Eliza lived in the corner car and I'll let and I live on Central. And I want right you know that a lot of people to make comments about what was she doing at 430 the morning outrunning well I'm here to answer that she was a serious long-distance runner. She qualified for the Boston Marathon. And if you're serious long-distance runners. You don't just run one or 2 mile gift limelight 10 mile day just to keep up. Where you are not and she belong to second Presbyterian Church so it's obvious what her and also she had a full-time day job. She was Junior kindergarten teacher at St. Mary's school school, so she had to run in the dark if she was going to be a long distance are Jackie to run in the evening or in the early morning.

She chose early morning and she ran down Central Avenue and you probably went down all will let this gentleman down Central to church and it's a beautiful area keep it is a beautiful area and I see a lot of people running in that area every day. While it's called romancing the popular Carter that's the safe part of Memphis to live in if you're like okay, let's just put it out there. It's like a Indian era.

The further west you go, the narrower it gets further east you go, the wider gets and basically of bilingualism in the real estate market is that if you buy a house outside of the popular Carter you'll have to sell because my road will get more dangerous. And when you do so you will sell at a loss. If you buy within the popular Carter.

You won't have to sell and if you do so you will sell at a profit international question about this because that that has been a big issue. I think the debate was why was she she should have been out there running at that hour of the day, but as you pointed out she had to be at school at 7 o'clock in the morning she you got long hours. She had two young boys. She had to take care of, and as a long-distance runner. That's the time of morning that you normally run.

I'm curious Keith to to hear from you, a citizen of Memphis.

Why do you think this particular case has caused so much attention nationwide.

Let us take it locally and nationwide locally is because this happened. This induction and murder by saying right. There is a right also happened in the popular Carter. This is mostly the safe part of town. Okay running down their Central and you know second Presbyterian Church in the PDS press during day school board school are all and central guard and the Bonton East neighborhood that goes through before you get there all considered safe quote unquote parts of town and the fact that it happened in the popular Carter is really a wake-up call to a lot of magazines and think that you know this is just a problem go together only got about 30 seconds are but nationally I think because it's obvious that she is a good person. She wasn't doing anything to provoke any type of problems and if Clay also gives and had actually served out his entire sentence he be in jail now rather than waiting you know that murdering Eliza Fletcher. All of these things are very important to Ameritrade as the decline of America as a place to live, in particular in urban areas is what is resonating. I think with the rest of the country. Keith, I think it's very well said, and we are in have to let you go but I thank you for listing Northlake substation TWA him and Memphis and Keith raises an interesting point.

We coddle criminals in this country, we coddle criminals.

If this man had served on his full sentence we would be talking about the story right now.

But how many others how many illegal alien criminals are prowling our streets right now. Very bad people that have come across that border that we don't know about that have been causing all sorts of horrible crimes. We under the Democrat rule we do not consider the victims to be the victims art binge eater.

I want you to hang tight and come back and were to wrap up this hour coming up really talk with Congressman Mike Johnson in the next hour crazy story about Disney that you're not to believe. Also, Hillary Clinton working together that as well. This is the Todd's turn show. There's no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the blighted ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd Starnes and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds, and traditional market you are vulnerable. Gold is one of the best ways to protect your retirement no matter what happens you own your gold.

It's real physical always been valuable since the dawn of time.

Legacy precious is the company I investing in gold. They can help you roll your retirement account into a cold back IRA still own the physical goal also ship precious metal safely and securely to your house.

You know $1 million worth of gold can actually fit inside a shoebox called legacy at 866-528-1903 or visit the online legacy PM legacy PM why let's go back to the phone Jeff in Morehead city, North Carolina detox jump. What's on your mind your own beer with Ben Dieter there. Call, I just wanted to respond to your previous caller that he would stand that she was a long-distance runner and she had to run several miles a day and you know that the mad and you know first of all, it's a tragedy of what happened.

She leaves a husband and children and and pupils from where she taught it says it's terrible. And my heart goes out to family, but I'm calling for your other millions of listeners to say there might be a lot of things that we can do legally in him may have been labeled into jogging three or 4 AM but was it smart and that's what we have to start thinking about when we go to the shopping center and my wife has still get a gallon of milk. I tell her it damn if their lights aren't good at the market.

Don't know when.

Make sure it's well lit. We have to be vigilant.

We have to be smart about what we do it for jogging early in the morning and I don't care if it's the safest neighborhood. John was a runner or do it in the daytime or if you can't, then it might be better to take a another sport that won't jeopardize yourself and your family. I just hope that the millions of listeners out there will start thinking about danger is all around us.

It's a good point.

It's a good point you're bringing up here and I don't know I be binge eater you're a runner as well. A very accomplished runner. I mean me as a possible it took to run a long-distance with an air 50 you know it's not just you raise a great point and I myself I'm a marathoner. I fry in a marathon and you do have to run some of those long-distance runs. I believe her regular route.

That morning was 8 miles and 8.2 miles and so when does someone fit that into their day. That's what he's asking what he says maybe you don't or can you even I think what he's making the point and I think he's he's he's needling that line of of the non-victim blaming, because that's where were at with some of these statements I don't think he's at all. Blaming Eliza Fletcher. He is calling on her and other runners like her to be vigilant and I think geographical context is everything where I grew up. It's probably a lot safer in the morning to go out on your morning ride in the city of Memphis and your Chicago DC Baltimore use some common sense folks all right binge eater news anchor at K WAN, but you probably been hearing him on your national radio broadcast of Ben appreciate all the Intel and information and know you're going have a busy week.

That's right will are telling the story for good side of our bed. Think you folks.

We got to take a break here.

It's an interesting thought that our caller from North Carolina says you gotta use common sense 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 hours to of the Todd's turn the Kings colleges and for the faint of heart. It's for students with the drive and dedication to grow in their faith and develop leadership skills as they earn a bachelors degree. The Kings College offers programs online in New York City.

I did a combination of deliveries, every major and minor is designed to prepare students for success. Find out more. Start the journey will just go to college Kings the Kings College go to TK that's to find out what the Kings College has to offer University studio in Memphis Tennessee. I bring all you fans out there, but apparently the people now in rollover at Walt Disney have given Prince charming that he oh and they fired the Prince of darkness, the know I'm no I'm not making this up. Disney is embracing the cold, and specifically the antichrist to help us and I'm not making this upgrade is the God's honest truth is the most bizarre thing big big controversy surrounding a Disney cartoon that was advertised during the LSU Florida State game. I would go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line, our good friend Congressman Mike Johnson. Ashley brought this to everybody's attention.

We were to have the congressman on yesterday when the wind was the big game. Congressman, it was Labor Day Eve on funding that's that's right him and your staff told you were in morning yesterday, so we wanted to bring your font today. What a game.

By the way, let's not even thought about that Mike Geiger there, but that was not to point out that that was not with trailer for this crazy cartoon build a sitcom.

This new animated feature by FX which is owned by Disney in court.

They own a PC as well that the network it was during the game and they chose to run this ad during the second quarter is the trailer for this I mean truly demonic. By by design, a demonic sitcom cartoon and I just was so. I was so disturbed by it on. I just felt like people needed to know so I'm a little goat started it's it's called Little Demon's is the name of the show and it involves a wealth I'll just read this out from the from the description. 13 years after being impregnated by Satan, a reluctant mother Laura and her antichrist daughter Chrissy attempt to live an ordinary life in Delaware only through the pines, but are constantly thwarted by monstrous forces, including Satan, who yearns for custody of his daughters, so it seems to me there just trying to normalize paganism here and that's exactly what the producer says was the intent of this cartoon goal, and not hiding it. I mean, they're saying the quiet part out loud now gone on in popular culture and the media for years but now it just right there in your face and admit that's not even the worst of it. I mean, you know, if you read some his online reviews about this program is very aired for episode. It's just filled with quote unquote spectacularly gory sequences.

It has lines in the end of the programs like quote. Let's go boil some babies mother.

You know, it sounds like were making this stuff up, but there liberating Disney FX companies have decided that they're going to embrace and market what it obviously evil, right and and my only admonition on social media was a parent know. Be careful what think they pointed out that I didn't call for censorship and call for new legislation. I didn't call for a boycott of Disney, although that started organically. Now I just said hey y'all be careful right. Our job as parents is to guard the hearts and minds of our kids in this culture become so alarmingly dark and desensitized. You gotta be on guard from death and demand and to tell you what it has gone everywhere.

I mean millions and millions of people are seeing this and engaging in a debate about a noun, an audit, it's really truly just a congressman. I think the issue in your right you didn't call for a boycott. You didn't say all you know we gotta shut this down you are just cautioning moms and dads, and I think that's what really set the left off and they don't want they don't want parents involved in what their kids are learning whether it be in a cartoon or in the public school classroom exactly right. And then the trim out here in vivid color now. I mean that they can't deny it. That's what all of this is about and look you and I thought about that� The culture war Israel okay we have to be careful today.

You can't let evil things be overlooked all the time you get B minimize it gradually becomes normalize the court that is the goal of the work. This is a spiritual battle like no, it is what it is free speech is important you know all these people come out, you know were taking incoming department where it doesn't bother me at all hard right, but I've had to point out in and I did another post list and free speech is an important principle and everybody obviously can make their own decisions about whatever media they and their families are to consume, but a corollary to that is that Christian people of faith have the freedom to fulfill our biblical obligation to speak the truth in love, and that's especially important if the message and the truth is not popular and that's what we have to do we have to call it out, and I'm grateful that this has raised awareness and you know hopefully it has the desired effects and I think, quite frankly, it also did something that is really a miracle these days. Snopes actually got something right over there fact checks right to uproar that they demanded, don't do it `and yeah I think they came out this morning and he said representative Johnson's post is true everything in their look thought, you know, I'm a lawyer to put something out there is not well documented and thought out.

It is assumed that they would disagree with this oak everybody go verify this with a bit of this and you know their claim is all. Don't worry, this is marketed to adult.

Don't worry, it's on the streaming services on FX and you have to go find it well. It's a cartoon. Of course it's going to attract tenet that the main protagonist. The main character in the program is the antichrist think they depicted as a 13-year-old girl think they know what is abounded about the almighty dollar and ended in controversy attract viewers may know the kids are to find the stuff by the way, it's already streaming on Disney plus overseas verify this morning as well. So just be on guard that we have to know what were up against what I think it's great advice and I'm glad you pointed it. I think parents do need to know about these kinds of things and that the rule now is you can't even trust Disney to have the best interest of your kids at heart. Whether it be promoting Satanism or promoting this radical sexism and gender philosophy and ideology these days that right and there is a battle for the mind of the art of her kid things in classrooms now that we couldn't imagine even a decade ago, the popular culture is gone completely dark side and went with them in think of what Walt Disney would say about this event.

Can you imagine how far the company has slid in and you know again they're not hiding until I get challenges, that's fine.

Were going to market, and so need to be on guard is not your your your parents Disney Walt Disney Company okay and and it is not your parents? I will congressman we really appreciate you jumping on the show today to bring us up to speed on this and sorry about the other football game a good lock. It's a long okay that's Congressman Mike Johnson that's GEA UX go Tigers and so they sit down in a Cajun country are crazy. I believe we've got the story of our website.

Todd's in a congressman's right he is not calling for a boycott. He's just saying hey mom's dad, you need to be aware. But those are trigger words. I'm surprised the congressman didn't get a visit from the FBI but that the left the progressives they don't want you moms and dads of the equation that your birthday kids and then they belong to the government that's there. That's her belief system. The phone for a quick care. We stirred up a bit of a conversation with the caller in the last hour who wondered if it was really appropriate for women to be jogging at 44 30 in the morning. Are they needlessly putting themselves in harms way. I want to go to Morehead city, North Carolina. The talk station are good buddy Lockwood Phillips who is the owner and by the way, an incredible American patriot and the guy does all the great restaurants in that part of the country. Lockwood good to have you back with us to be dark very much I appreciate that we need to get you back down here. We had a great time right there near here are the sanitary whole of the sanitary fish house. I remember that every country restaurant you got it any real quickly. I just wanted to respond to the caller called in about being safe. Let me explain.

As an arm of I like to brag.

I run a marathon in my daughters have already marathon runners and right grandchildren, etc. the reason we run at 4 o'clock in the morning to Jeff's comment is because it is safer.

At that time of day because there are fewer cars on the road and when there we do see the cars on the road there far and few between. They are happier usually have their lights on and we of course is runners have relit out so that we're visible as well. So in regards to the issue of safety. It is safer to run it 3 o'clock in the morning because there are fewer cars on the road and there's less chance of being in the middle of the day.

There's too much traffic, and are too distracted. This is one of those issues that is very serious to runner so I appreciate his concern about being secure running in neighborhoods where it safer, but the reason we run at that time at oh dark 30 in the morning. We aren't roadkill and that's well that's good to know that's yet you don't want to be roadkill like going out there in Morehead city.

How is how is crime there.

You guys have a lot of military bases around a lot of very conservative folks in that part of the country will bring that topic is the topic in our local newspaper the news times which are associated and we have three murders that we are taking down right now and one of them. Interestingly enough to place in Atlantic Beach.

The individual was heading out early in the morning because that's when fishermen like to leave he was heading out to do some fishing and he saw three individuals. We think it's number three breaking into vehicles and I were not sure if he tried to stop them or if they simply saw him as a target, but he was stabbed to death not shot to death and then we have two individuals who work housebound to brothers who suffered from a genetic disease that they were mobile but still I had to be very cautious about being out in public and they were killed.

So you know it it it is interesting were seeing this great use the term cluster of murders and you know it's interesting there.

The elected all 22 gun manufacturers they are pulling the triggers, but the other interesting thing to your point is look at where the events are actually taking place in safe cities like Portland, Oregon.

What is the common theme here.

I think you look at the politics, that's it. That's a Lockwood week we got it we got a leave it there and it is always good to hear from you and that we love your radio station. You guys are in a great job out there and North Carolina. Thank you very much. Love Avenue.great program.

Thank you. All right Lockwood Phillips everybody for Morehead city. The talk station. Gotta take a quick break.

We don't go right back to the phones but we do have a special report. I don't know how our investigative reporter pulsing, which I think were the only conservative talk radio station in America with her own investigative reporter, but he was able to get his hands on a classified Clinton message. Let's listen and let's see what Paul's got force now a message from former Pres. Bill Clinton, my fellow Americans like you. I was shocked that Donald Trump brought classified documents and empty classified folders to his home in Mara Lago we only remove furniture. Some of the bushes and tiles from the White House. When we left and a Secretary of State. I need to remind you that Hillary took no classified emails on her hard drive that could be recovered. When she left office now because of the sensitivity of this raid volunteered to personally help the FBI on side right now. I can only reveal that Milani is not a size for especially in her swimwear. Thank you thank thank you Mr. Pres. is easily torrent.

I love how Shanklin finds this this Intel but good friend who knew Bill Clinton was involved in the rate of Mara Lago, God only knows how Hillary is covering her part 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 this is the Todd's charge. Remember to eat your fruits and vegetables.

We all remember these words from a child that anyone had kind of nice store, prepare and eat fruits and vegetables in our busy lives pounds of nature keeps it simple. Our produce is powdered after an advanced vacuum coldpressed which stabilizes the maximum nutrient content to produce it into a scientifically researched plan designed with your body and mind. Once these plans are encapsulated or packaged incident right here to work. You can get all the benefits of a colorful variety of fruits and vegetables every day experience the balance of nature different yourself down to company hundred 24 687-5135 percent on your first order using their America. This is the third radio show broadcasting from our fortified Memphis, Tennessee. Let's go to the great state of Ohio. The Buckeye state hey Joanne, guess who's coming to your town.

Pres. Tromp yeah he's I get to be doing a big rally in Youngstown Ohio so exciting to use the other day but I do have to say I think the will list the women wanting to jog now. It will alley oh so you think you know I was talking to somebody about that Joanne and someone told me that the long distance runners if there training for a race. They can't really do it on the treadmill. They gotta be out, you know, pounding the pavement, as they say how I got pregnant anyway.

I show in thank you for the call and thank you for listening. Ren�e says Todd I would love to a been a long distance runner but when I had two babies husband in a job. I laid the running idea down because it didn't make sense really to take the risk. Sure, it's her right but you gotta use common sense these days that boils down to good choices. That's when I purchased the treadmill and elliptical machine. I'm sorry this happened to her. But come on, ladies.

Use your head that's coming from a fellow lady named Ren�e writing our Facebook page a, let's go to Mark in the villages, America's friendliest hometown. Hey Mark. What say you document in this country where the killer get the plea bargain and getting light. Case in point, the 2007 was adopted in parking lot and rate and thought of my strangled by our own belt throwing away Melissa Miller.

Not far from my mother in Connecticut. He was killed by an excessive individual to never really got caught it. He confessed to reach her. Four years later, Todd. We live in a new era need to be very costly widely want to jog alone is way beyond my way beyond me. My advice, don't jog alone. If you must have a gun and learn how to use it also change your routine and don't do the same thing over and over again. Always be aware of your surroundings at all. Crying when it parking lot and box truck. The cars full to that look shady. Use common sense time with this ignorant administration letting illegals into this country and prosecutors let killers back onto the street. This is only going to get worse. I emphasize this don't jog alone or if you do, be trained to handle a situation that simple capital murder security at death that don't do it honestly six months to a year and I say do it publicly, Mark.

I think this guy he's found guilty a holy mount and put in before a firing squad. Do whatever you gotta do these kids need to know there will be consequences if they go out there and kidnap somebody or shoot somebody 844-747-8868 will be right back. Nature is fruits and vegetables in a capsule changing the world one at a time. My wife and I hope for five whole years I've always been biking, swimming, D. Yada yada yada.

Always looking for something different that I probably morning I woke up and I went well like the missing link was just fantastic and we haven't stopped taking it. My wife basically the same way. The single thing that changed and convinced that the best thing don't hot dog got along.

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You gotta support companies and organizations that share value. That's incredibly important especially nowadays. Which is why we support patriot mobile. America's only conservative wireless carrier. Other doing an incredible job. I mean tens of thousands of people are making the switch. I've heard from a number of our listeners who love the service. It's super simple. All you need to do is go to patriot

That's patriot and check out all of their great opportunities and deals get this use my promo code Todd there to give you free activation and a free gift. First responders veterans you guys are gonna get an additional You can also give them a call 972 patriot. That's 972 patriot, but be sure to use that promo code Todd are very honored to have with those in studio here in our fortified bunker, a good friend of this program a great patriot and he is one of the City Councilman here in Memphis, Tennessee, Chase, Carlisle, Chase. Also, your family has done a lot to really change the skyline of Memphis, Tennessee.

You guys are invested here in the city we are and thanks for having me out today. It states we like many people born and raised here in love Memphis and NRA to fight and invest in any way we can make a better Tucker Carlson last night Fox news channel. I think it really stunned a lot of people and we been telling people that what's been happening in Memphis really is a microcosm of what's been happening all over America but for Tucker Carlson on national television to say you know this is what's happening in Memphis. Why would people moved to Memphis.

What's my hometown and I wanted to come back and invested.

This is your town. You guys are invested here and I I I was so encouraged to hear you this morning.

The anger in your voice which is righteous indignation. We need that tone right now the city absolutely love Memphis has a lot of good things going to going for it and a lot of people that are checking on and fighting for but there is really evil out there in the world and it needs people that are willing to fight and stand up against what are you guys facing on the city Council. We know that there are many who are anti-police and leadership ear of the police department that they did an amazing job. I don't know how they were able to do it because there down, what, six, 700 officers from their full complement.

Yes, we complement early segment, and somewhere around 2500. We have 1900 officers what occurred this week and was nothing shy of a miracle within 80 hours of notification of the missing person to have a suspect in custody and it and recovered Liza's body. It is his incredible work and they and all agencies involved should be commended for that mean I will. I understand some officers were working upwards of 24, 30, 40 hours chief Don Crow who who led the investigation is second in command, as is your old school rank-and-file officer and well respected was a masterful in the command center and I don't think he took but a few hours all throughout the process.

You have a connection. Your family has a connection to Eliza Fletcher.

Yes, I've unknown lies in her family for many many years. My wife went to school with her since the second grade and is very close. It's been a very difficult week for us and for a lot of people but more and more more portly estates keep the focus on supporting Liza's family and praying and thinking about them into anything we can to help them work through the grief I I can't even imagine what they must be going through. I have you had a chance to talk to the family.

How are they doing. I think that week that I have reached out to to a couple family members. I think again they are still processing. Just all that is going on is the details kind of come in about what has transpired. Just trying to process again just the evil that has that has occurred here and just how something like this could happen.

You are one of the first people to to speak out about the seriousness and the significance of this moment. We had a tough on crime Republican district attorney, the voters said we don't want that we want a progressive Democrat in the George Soros style Steve Mulroy who wants bail reform once to raise the juvenile age what to 25 years old for crime.

What is your message to the district attorney yet look my my extraordinary circumstances require an extraordinary response in the state of Tennessee. Capital punishment is certainly on the table and I believe as the details continue to come out more and more the public will understand that we need to send a very clear message that that things like this will be tolerated and that includes seeking the definitely I heard you say that earlier and I don't want you to get into graphic details. But I've heard some pretty horrible things we haven't heard the full story of what happened.

Eliza know this Police Department and their agencies are still investigating the enemy's office obviously is still conducting their review and examination and and and I think you're gonna see some more charges coming. I can't say much more than that, but I will say that even without this charges.

We think we've approached the litmus test for bringing the death penalty. Your euro. The city Council of one of the largest cities in America. One of the deadliest cities in America.

How do we fix this. How do we make Memphis safe again. Yeah, I think I think there's a couple ways you have to look at yet.

Look at the near term right so when we look at the tree, so to speak. There is only one thing that I'm aware of in the data point that when you talk about violent crime and deterrence. And that's arrest and conviction spirit. You look in New York in the early 1990s.

You know through the mid to late 90s its arrest and conditions will send about crime and over the long term. We do have responsibility to bring back family. The nuclear family and support community services and make sure that the kids are going to school and that their literate have access to your economic opportunity that work for Rudy Giuliani went when he was mayor of New York City. Faced with a very similar situation and they started cracking down on the nuisance crimes the broken windows and I know a lot of people get upset about that but in reality that actually stop crime in New York City absolutely look the truth in sentencing law that's become comic kind of a divisive issue really is not targeting everybody serving a friend were talking a very specific violent offenders. Nobody wants to send a kid that 17, 18 years old for selling an ounce of weed to jail for 35 years of content we want to help find that kid a work release program and get them the counseling and and support they need and so but but we know, statistically speaking, that that these sentences were you're serving aggravated assault you get turn out 15 years he served for is not working for us and we know that the suspect who was who's in jail now we know that he had a violent juvenile criminal record before the kidnapping.

So my question is knowing what we knew and what they knew about this guy. Why in the world would they let somebody like that out of prison even 24 hours ahead of what he was supposed to be set free and I can't speak for the DSC.

The data will specific have data typically in the white papers will tell you that that there is a crowning issue and so that they look for opportunities with with percentages of of time release for good behavior and and whatnot but it just becomes a no one's doing the work to really review these cases and say whether or not these people are quote rehabilitated and I think that's why I'm really have been supportive of of the mayor's effort and Cameron Sexton that the state government. The speaker the house for those listening that that we have a truth in sentencing were for for violent offenses euros or hundred percent your presence and the shocking part of that is even the governor who is a Republican.

Billy refused to put his signature on that yet.

I was very surprised.

I understand the governor believes and works in a lot of prison reform groups in it in his plea for that but but were not talking about us will say this very clearly. We are not talking about somebody that got upset a parking lot in and punch somebody in the face and the speed of a parking we are talking about aggravated rape, aggravated assault, attempted murder, 1st�. Second, we are talking at the worst of the worst serving on percent of their sentences. If the district attorney in Memphis does not go for the death penalty will what kind of message does that sound. I think it sends a message that were not willing to work. We are taking one of the largest deterrence and punishments off the table and so look at it this way if he's a negotiator. How do you negotiate for life without possibility of parole. If there's nothing worse on the table. I think it sends a message that were going to be soft on crime. I think you're absolutely right there and as a developer.

Again folks if you've been to downtown Memphis of the Carlisle's have revolutionized our city brand-new skyline and more buildings are going up. I have to imagine that's bad for business.

When you've got a war zone and down in places like downtown to look, we are still very committed to the city Memphis and will do everything within our power, both from political aspect and investment aspect we've invested in the trying of us close to half $1 billion in downtown Memphis alone, but the statistics are the statistics and we are going to try to get builders risk insurance.

They do crime profile. They say hey we had 63 acts of crime within a milder hotel that's it. That's hard to explain away, so we've really really got to continue to get people to invest, be active, be dense and have the police department out there being a presence she's I know that the city councilmember is you guys are nonpartisan. What is the message that that other cities and towns need to hear from what's happening on the city Council of Memphis yeah with the city councils come a long way from defined the police like a lot of other places and I will say that we we held strong through the last few budgeting processes, but they need to know that were very serious and we voted for over during our $42 million for police. We put another hundred million dollars and for recruiting retainment. We not only want the best police officers. We want we want the best to stay with us and were very serious about that tomorrow I chase. I appreciate you coming in today and we appreciate the commitment.

Your family is made of the Stearns family were committed on the that the communication of media side, but there are a lot of people that want to make this city great and do it.

It really is the best place to live in America if you're truly committed to seeing the best possible Memphis don't let this moment go stay involved, stay active with elections coming up in October with elections coming up in this November and October 23 show up to the polls 25% of people showed up in the Shelby County elections of registered voters. That's unacceptable. So show up and be a part of the system. Elections have consequences.

Ladies and gentlemen writers trees Carlisle of City Councilman in Memphis Tennessee, 844-747-8868 I want. We have listeners all across America and I want you guys to learn from what is happening in Memphis. We cannot allow this to happen naturally. We just can't do it. Gotta take a break will be right back. Remember to eat your fruits and vegetables.

We all remember these words from a child. Anyone have kind of nice store, prepare and eat fruits and vegetables are busy line balance of nature keeps it simple. Our produce is powdered after an advanced vacuum coldpressed which stabilizes the maximum nutrient content that produced it into a scientifically researched, designed with your body and mind. Once these plans are encapsulated and packaged incident right here to work. You can get all the benefits of a colorful variety of fruits and vegetables every day experience the balance of nature different for yourself company hundred two 468-5135 percent on your first order using O Lord, yet the deal is she saying that if you don't want to Civil War you need to vote for Democrats in November yet not exactly a baled threat.

There you might remember Kathy was, but was it 2017. She had the photo with the fake severed head of Pres. Trump the blood he had folks I want you to understand something about Kathy Griffin and these radical progressives out there. Violence is their calling card.

We saw that during the 2016 presidential election. You had trump supporters. They were attacked in the street. Remember what happened in 2020. Washington DC, in the aftermath of George Floyd what happened three days. They tried to burn down Washington DC.

They literally set fire to St. John's church. They tried to storm the White House 60 serve the Secret Service agents were injured in the attacks. There were no hearings there was no condemnation from the mainstream media absolutely nothing. So that's why when you look at what happened on J6 and whatever happened on Jason's which we have condemned.

There is a clear double standard here, by the way, let's talk about Civil War for just a moment. If history serves me correctly, the only people talking about Civil War right now are the Democrats and they did the same thing back in the eight teen 60s so they sorta have a track record.

Here are, let's go to the phones 844-747-8868 Memphis, Tennessee. William listing to us on Kate W a.m. William what's on your mind today. Thank you. You know what you call it started right now I will run along and you know you're not gonna let criminals care changing our complete live just because you know one point, bring a compliment on I know quite a few legal and I know a lot of them actually resign great and one of the thing. The other thorn money, they got a 5% increase this year 5% increase next year.

But the problem is the policy that the upper level management of the week apartments are pushing on to the lease for you can't pull people over for no reason at all� This is, no matter what color they are all about what limitations on what they can do now we have a Giuliani effect was never broken window. They try to stop the small thing. The bigger the criminals but it started with a small elite went to the Lord stop the bad guys all murders that you think will and the police right now are not allowed to do the smart thing that it sort of guilt will compensate you look so but he was so out of place, but you do want to be there like weird banner like you made to be there early so I come� I need to say this. It was like a place he looks like a snowflake compared to the Republican Amy Wyrick and I got it so you say what you will about the former district attorney, but she would've gone out there and after you know all is said and done they find the guy guilty. She would, you know, I don't know I should be on the firing squad. She was a fierce woman and I think I think that's why they they were terrified of her because she enforced the laws on the books and I don't think that's good to be happening. Moving forward 25.

The next morning. I really didn't even think about. I thought there's no way I woke up in our credible update. I like know what you kidding me I was literally when I heard that I was there I really can't believe people were just that oblivious to let these progressive leaders.

I was going around around across the freaking country let that happen or what crime is already out of control. William elections have consequences.

My friend absolutely have answered as I leave it there.God bless you, sir, and thank you for calling it's it's true. I mean if you don't get out and vote. You folks in Georgia. I mean you got lucky. You've got a responsibility to get out there. You folks in Pennsylvania. Some of the battleground states got a lot of work to do and are working to talk politics with a full hour in our good friend Joe from Ellijay's good behavior on because there are some there's some good polling data now coming out of Georgia without Herschel Walker, Rafael Warnock, race, and begin again at the bat. Also, this Fetterman guy out of cheese hello out of Pennsylvania. The poor guys had a stroke yet he's had a stroke and I'm I just want to say this and will play the audio coming up in the next hour. This guy is not well he he has had a stroke and it's very clear that his health is not good. I will say this in 2009 I after my heart so I had heart surgery major open heart surgery in 2005 to repair a birth defect and as a result of that, I ended up having a stroke in 2009 and by the grace of God I was able to fully recover. But it talk a good year year and 1/2 to get back on my feet. After that moment, and for for Fetterman John Fetterman to be outback on the campaign trail that is obscene that someone in his family did not step in and say hey Fetterman, John. You can't do this man. You just can't do it and they who they did the same thing the Democrats are really bad about the stuff they did the same thing to Joe Biden. I don't think Joe Biden really wanted to run for the White House. I think Joe Biden wanted him to run.

I think Joe Biden.

Quite frankly, at the end of the day is probably guilty of's of elder abuse because Joe Biden can even string a sentence together. He has the consent. His mind has the consistency of of porridge or cottage cheese. It's and it's not his fault he's as good no, anyway. It's sad because they have it's it's it's simple it's it's a symptom of being soulless.

That's what's happening over the Democrats. I got to break folks, this is the Todd surgery nature changing the world one life at a time. Things around the house.

I really like your product and happy waving, you really think about it anymore. You got it in your diet regularly very good because I don't always the truth so I know about her work, more energy and feeling overall work of the complaint. You have a little more energy to work with people I didn't really want to do so.

I think that a little more energy older disabled person but I don't always eat properly is feeling a little stronger now. I start your journey to better health: 800-246-8751 or go to Townsend to get free shipping.

And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order using discount code balance universities. Do you see is yours. So is underway right now at the White House. President Obama is speaking know there was a coup.

They they were unveiling and this literally happened within the past 60 seconds. Suggested the official portraits of Pres. Obama and the former First Lady Pres. Biden. Actually, He kept calling Barack Obama, Mr. Pres., and I hope that Biden is aware that that is actually his job. Anyway, it's working to get a will and will post will post images of the portraits.

Now that I know the one with Barack Obama looks weird, it's just it's Barack Obama with a completely white background. And finally, what that means I will what that symbolic of a Mrs. Obama's looks pretty good from what I can see it's very not very lovely portrait of the former First Lady. Anyway, I want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker line right away. Sen. Bill Haggerty from Tennessee joins us a sender good to have you on the program today to be back to you.I just assuming you are not of the audience at the unveiling of the portraits know with not not invited to that unveiling and I'm glad though we we got a lot to talk about Sen.

I want to start with the news coming out of these FBI investigations the radome are alive ago we learned over the weekend, a Pres. Trump says they actually rated Darren Trump's bedroom. The 16-year-old, now 16-year-old son of the president Bilotti and Trump's private possessions were also rummaged through.

Should we be concerned about all of this Sen., we certainly should be concerned what the Biden immigration started absolute weapon like law-enforcement.

America to their own political and and you are the point made very clearly at the parent room had been raided out on a bike.

Don't bother.

Biden is been clearly involved masses.

Biden, Inc. eight apply operation getting money to the big guy and abusing his power instead. What would they do if they go down and read Barron's room stock up like a 15-year-old boy.

It's just that it is just beyond the pale. The American public sees the Todd and they see right through it with the Biden ministry is trying to do is well beyond anything this tolerable. Here in America. This is moving us toward some totalitarian state with one party in control. Clearly, by think the himself and the Democrats get got to stand up against this November I will yeah I'm I'm with you on that and I think people have to get out to the polls and send a message about all of this again by the president from just a few moments ago coming out and say not only did they steal his passport and the FBI came and said no we didn't do that and then it turns out they had to admit they in fact did do that another president saying that they also took highly confidential medical files and medical history. All this information, you really wonder what is the FBI up to and and why would they overstep like that and take that sort of information� That they took his tax returns they can obtain them through the article about the whole thing is just as I said, beyond the pale that should never be happy to get America you got killed by basically using the FBI to go out for number one political opponent. It is shocking to all about.

And when you look at the double standard here me.

We just got to bring to justice in America right now straight don't want to the Democrats where you let people like Hillary Clinton and her husband running one of the most corrupt data play operations in the world.

The Clinton foundation zero out of state for you with with confidential information getting bleached it.

They never searched Bill Clinton was able to keep all the tapes were that he took from the White House.

He actually got a federal judge to predict that those were note declassified by virtue of the act of taking the state from the White House. Why does mixing legal authority to bind this department just it is just making it up as they go along it's all political American public. It had completely I think you're absolutely right. And it's important to hear those words coming from you because Sen. your you're not one of the firebrand. You know you're not out there every single day on these issues.

You've got a lot of other you got a love lot of other irons in the fire. So for you to come out and say the American people need to be concerned about this. They need to be aware that should speak volumes to the seriousness of this issue.

Well, I certainly do it concerned me as deeply as any American you know what I been focused on. Like the economy is related to our national security because I'm the only person serving your who himself was a former ambassador you where you want when you want to try to serve your state or you can make the biggest difference when you have the very foundation of America being attacked your vinegar for me about your and this is one of those where you seen AAA political party come in, take charge. They are, they control. Now the house, the Senate and the White House and their abusing their authority like never before.

Their policies of the disaster we all know that inflation at record high levels with the with the gun with energy and basically waiting on the possibility for your America is made us weak origination and then collapsing our southern border. The crime rate we got Sentinel � you know, raging America. Thanks to the collapse of some important over 160 different nationalities been apprehended at our southern orchestra Bard took office, so you think about the lack of our security. The disgrace that we thought since Afghanistan overseas and the fact that the walls become far more dangerous. That's what we need to be talking about right now. Instead, the Biden ministration is you are going around getting student loans and having the president stand up at that in Independence Hall in Philadelphia and wage war on 75 million Americans going is all unfit mega Republicans that are enemies of the state. It's just shocking beyond the pale again, and I Sen. Bill Haggerty, from Tennessee on the patriot mobile newsmaker line Sen. I would be remiss if I didn't ask you to weigh in on this national news story coming out of Memphis, Tennessee. With this horrible kidnapping and murder involving the granddaughter of a billionaire, philanthropist Eliza Fletcher. People are very concerned and they're especially concerned about about the District Attorney's Office and whether or not justice is going to be served here. Well you got it hardened criminal hear somebody that's already done that done this client for the kidnapping of your sexual assault. The whole thing is just just beyond comprehension that these people are put back on the street. My understanding is that his entire apartment complex lived in fear of God. Yet he's roaming the street.

He bet he comes back and repeat the same crime. Clearly he was not not rehabilitated in the judicial system and for him to have been put back on the street.

To create such a heinous crime. It just all my heart goes out to her family to her students.

The community that always loved her dearly. This other thing should never happen. I certainly see it happening in my own state. We gotta get this this under control. The crime situation America is taken on a new twist since the Democrats came out with a sold to fund the and you know it's made it very hard for law enforcement recruit good candidates.

They feel like the American public. In many cases are not what that's been true in the cities that have these Democrats that you are in charge of enforcing the law as prosecutors you have these guys are funded by George Soros, the law that guidance does not enforce the law and what you have is lawlessness and bolding of the criminal class that results in crime that sweeping across the nation and then just came unglued to Memphis and Sen. you're talking about economic development. You are a businessman. We just had cheese Carlisle and of course the Carlisle family.

Huge developers here in Memphis.

I'm a small business owner, but there are so many people that want to make their towns and cities all over America great. You can't do that if there is lawlessness in the streets that is absolutely true and you mentioned economic development you know thought I see. And that was a time that we turned our states economy around. But one of the critical elements to making Tennessee attracted to have not only a good business climate, but a safe environment for families to live and grow. We may Tennessee I think one of the most desirable places to live in America, the crime got exactly the way we need to be strong on crime.

The diligent and as we look at. Note: criminals like this we need to be diligent as we look at who is responsible for prosecuting criminals in our cities and states so it's it's it's a real important area that we need to focus on and it's critical to our economic dominance will soon leave their hope to run into you at Nealon Stadium sometime this football season I look forward to that.thank you very much is always good. All right. Take care Sen. Sen. Bill Haggerty, from Tennessee on the patriot mobile newsmaker line so been following the developments here from the White House, which is just bizarre were getting the photos up on our website of the portraits something is just off II can't put my finger on it but something is not right about these portraits and ends.

I was just so Barack Obama has. It is just it Grace. Currently if I'm wrong, here's just a white background, is that right yeah I don't see anything, his weird. I think hers is really pretty I do too, but his is weird. It's odd is like playing so anyway we got what Joe Biden is whispering in the ear. Oh yeah, it wasn't the big F and whatever did you drop an F bomb okay are good.

Regardless, listen to what Henderson Michelle. He knows we all know without you so weird that's creepy what to deflate again. You know Michelle, he knows we all know without you notice talking about like one that's creepy. That's weird all right working up. We posted these, let's get them up on the live show blog we got on the live show blogging to go to the portraits something is off and I cannot put my finger on it.

Maybe you can 844-747-8868 toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 this is the time charge.

Remember to eat your fruits and vegetables. We all remember these words from a child that anyone had kind of nice store, prepare and eat fruits and vegetables in our busy lives pounds of nature keeps it simple. Our produce is powdered after an advanced vacuum coldpressed which stabilized nutrient content to produce it into a scientifically researched plan designed with your body and mind. Once these plans are encapsulated or packaged instant right to your door.

You can get all the benefits of a colorful variety of fruits and vegetables every day experience the balance of nature different for yourself hundred two 468-5135 percent on your first order using their looks like it was like a passport right. That's exactly what it looks like the great you had to go get a passport bullhorn driver's license they make you stand behind this white background, yelp, and they snap your photo in your blinking half the time.

There you go. That's what it looks think it discovers is very nice but anyway the White House actually I guess a lot of people to him asking the same questions we have. Yes, so they've sent out some information. These are not, it looks like a photograph, but it's not I can.

Again, I can tell hers is a painting they're calling it photorealistic wool. So what's the point. I mean the whole point of a portrait as you can tell it's been painted true right anyway that the portrait was done by Robert McCurdy during a short photo session.

It's his preference to work from images rather than sketches so anyway they say that I'm just going to read the description here just so I'm you it's them talking about this and not me but they say that Obama is standing in front of a stark white background. So what is that me. What is the symbolism the black president in front of a stark white background. What does that symbolize. Meanwhile, the first lady looks good and normal portrait. She's wearing a formal blue dress on a sofa with a lovely pink background. Yep, that looks like what you would think that it's a nice portrait. Yes, I think Obama got that got the short end of the state.

Dad felt terrible and the other one. Remember the other one that's in the national portrait Gallery where it looks like he's like in a forest yes with all this foliage will that's what everybody thought was the official and you know and I know where they got the idea. If you been to the Atlanta airport and you have to go into those the underground tunnels and each one has their own like little love theme. You've got to Atlanta old history. That's the white people are really evil section and then you've got Zimbabwe with the drums and the out of the whatever's with the statues and then you've got this forest and it's got birds chirping and foliage. Yet that's it out. I was going to very stressful. I was going through them like I feel like I'm in a Barack Obama.

I felt like I was in Barack Obama's portrait.

Gosh, well that was in the official portrait so no, but this one is pouring yet it is better really. I mean they couldn't put like something in the background like a tree staircase, even a portion of Maidstone hello may be smoking a marijuana cigarette. I don't know how we know he did that he may still do that. Maybe I don't know that it will be in the White House forever. They dislike sketch it would be great if Obama said he got a magic marker. Anybody had a magic marker. We got a fix that man I'd like when you see the unveiling. Eli looks at his and then he looks at hers needs like hers is good with Scott for hers. See our beautiful Liberty University studios right around the corner from the art where they do all the painting very talented liberty think I got somebody from liberty.

It's very true by me. They could've put out all call and somebody was, you know what I could do it I can fight that he was a former president you got it you don't have just somebody yes this is her like one is likely to be somebody accomplished,they got one of the sketch artist that are now in the French quarter that will draw apparently also Obama just said, he that the person who did this photograph painting whatever also talked about wearing a tan suit say was originally can know where to and say what's up with the suit. I don't know that was always an issue with this guide to tan suit. I don't know, where Stan suits as well. I like the 10 things on her is not a good handle worn ATM suit you would've been able to see them in the foot in which the that's why the guy was like no you're not wearing a tan signature. Can I have just a white background so you can save the president because of the whiteness so it's really stark white yes I did know this is not a cream light. This is so this is stark white light dose white. It's like you're in a blizzard nor'easter in you can see that's exactly what it is just nothingness like there's something racial going on here.

There is something that well you know his mom was right, maybe that could be maybe in Omaha I tell you. I should've majored in art history.

Maybe I could've understood and analyzed it.

It's very complicated like a streak across the canvas in the obit like this is where you come from nowhere today and all your hardships like really all the colors of the right. So I don't know.

I don't know.

I know somebody will look at this and say, oh Todd, here's what it is. Here's what this means, yes 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number. We need an art history professor /n/ 844-747-8868 or maybe somebody who does raise the funny papers. I don't know those funny papers graze that used to be me explain the reference. The newspapers, which is what you used to read they used to have a comic section which we called the funny papers.

It's kind of old school sorry sorry they used to come and they used to be in color. On Sundays, that we always are is always black and white, Monday through Saturday. Oh. Sligo does that name ring a bell note beetle Bailey note the family Circus note Dag Ward and Blondie don't what are they teaching kids six days got helpless America. This is the Todd Sergio nature changing the world one life at a time.

It all felt that the doctor told us all like and I all supplements but I've been taking throughout the years and there were good there more in the high, but nothing compares the balance of nature is not." Years I can tell you how I because it is the same path years that Myla and I really thought when I can tell I haven't start your journey: 100 246-8751 or go to Townsend to get free shipping. And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order by using discount code balance my sketch artist don't hire me an official portrait of the lobby of the of the bunker. That's what we might be a little creepy just to walk in and see you like :-) I would like ;-) remind me to tell you what happened at the at the big chili contest. Oh I well I but we got to go to Joe Joe from Ellijay who's been holding on for about 48 hours.

Now it's so good to have your thoughts on American great great political walker right in the country. I think will get control of the Senate and the great news is a graduate of Georgia Tech and although I'm a great day. I'm all for virtual walker not only my vertigo but tons of other Georgia Tech supporters and taken George are coming together to elect virtual walker and I want to predict all your great national joke that Herschel Walker will definitely win in Georgia will take control of the Senate and also jump will also note, I have great news for you yet. I'm really fired up about you get taken George of people together for something like virtual walker is going to make sure went virtual, so I'm really fired up. You have a great show and the great bikers the best she's really wonderful your wonderful and have a great day and don't go Todd start to go or walk.

You know Joe, it's interesting there is there is a new poll out there suggesting that Walker's about four points ahead of Raphael Warnock in the polling data right now.

So that is good news and I got you get taken George together still be bigger than I'm fired up and keep on doing a great job you're doing okay I just appreciate the call there. Joe from Ellijay. He's pretty excited about what I think if if conservatives get out there and vote on election day, you're going to see that tsunami but if they don't see 844-747-8868 are you are you confident arguing are you becoming more encouraged I was sort of like a roller coaster ride. But that's how things are. As we head into the midterm elections, but Republicans really do need to unify around a couple of key issues.

One of them being crime which is what we've been talking about for a while on this program so grace after the show I went over to the Delta fair which is one of the big job. It's the big County fair. Yes Shelby County, and there are couple of issues I didn't realize is that happen. But there was an escape, so one of the bulls they got.

This is a huge is called the Aggie center and so they have poor shows and livestock shows no yeah it's a lot of fun and have a big farmers market.

I go out there get my Mississippi red tomatoes, delicious. So anyway, apparently one of the bulls got loose he think he was headed to Chick-fil-A. The bull was not going to Chick-fil-A but I'll tell you what the problem was so right next to the livestock thing. There is a steakhouse called the butcher shop. Oh, and I think that Kauai or the bull. Rather, I think the bull saw the writing on the wall and I made it made a dash for an art. Very smart about a date. The bull was last seen running down Germantown Parkway today capture yes and it did not end well, so they had they had to put down the bull.

It's very sad for Buddy.

So anyway, while that was going on.

I showed up and they're very nice people and this is kind of an old school.

I mean you're judging quilts, canned goods, it's all organized guards and for the food competition, which is what I was asked to judge you can. Last year I judge the casseroles and there were very good this year they had casseroles in a crockpot and then they had desserts and they had chili and my judging companion happened to be the Memphis police chief, look at that small world. Her name is CJ Davis very nicely and that she came in full regalia. I mean she was, you know, ready to shoot somebody or take somebody down with the handcuffs so anyway and we got photos all of the Instagram we post to be at the photos on the instrument way to set up so we were judging for about an hour at least has a lot of chili so and and what were we talking about yesterday but got me in trouble with the nation you don't like being senior chili. I do not like being chili so anyway, I felt it was important to let the people in charge know that I am not a beans and chili guy, but I was not. You let that impact my voting decision and the look on their face of sheer horror as of I just don't get it. Am I the only person in America who does not like beans in the chili producer Kyle is not know know there's got to be somebody else out there now listen to each their own.

So somewhere where they give us the aprons and see the Instagram page is critical to give us these really cool aprons and so the chief and I were side-by-side word she's taking this very seriously and it was like she was making notations and equipment and so should we. I was only a Kuhlman some writing down like she is.

I have no idea what I'm tied I know is terrible but anyway work, she and I had the same pallets and there are a couple there was one. The chili hazard.

What a sauce like a gravy right yeah so there was one, and we opened up the lid and there was no sauce. As of the chief goes. Is this a taco meat now and does so. We both took a bite of that and the looks on our faces. It was really sort of funny anyway.

This is weird. Three of the entries had mushrooms that's gross.

That's my letter that I like best is that a thing or are people really preparing chili because my thinking is the only thing in chili should be the tomato sauce you got the ground be you got the things that's about it at the onions at all the vegetable whatever and I favorite way to eat it� Will hold on, that's what getting so so that I read that the police chief came with her full entourage. I mean a full and so a lot of the public information officer was there and she was from St. Louis also. So the chief night and we were talking about. I made the comment oh, this would make a good chili. This will make a good chili for a hot dog and so the St. Louis gal says wait you put chili on HotDocs and I both looked at her name is Rodriguez, is that it seems like what you talking about Rodriguez Ludlow Rodriguez was in hot water and silly as a and and so I I was trying to help Rodriguez.

I said well I yes I said we put chili on hot dogs and I was going to say and we put slaw and then the chief we said in unison and we put slaw on HotDocs lease lot on we need.

We bonded food.

Just bring Southerners together, but can I just say there were very few beef chilis. We have like venison is different. They were doing these like you bison we had bison chili but a lot of it had the big chunks of mushroom and I'm I'm like, who does the size and texture of mushrooms.

Squeak who puts mushrooms in Chile who puts beans and show why did they do a vegan one. So we were concerned about the chief actually I really credit. Yes, he was very concerned but we were assured there were no vegetarian chili. Very good. So it was all it was all meet. I mean, it is the cell for goodness sakes, you would think but there's always that one person who comes the party is like like thing. It means your site so we had 1010 crockpots full of chili and so we were able to crown number one number two number three, and then the chief and I think because she had a badge and a gun. We were also allowed to take part in the desert competition even though it had Artie been judged. Will that was nice. I would imagine the strawberry cake was delicious and good the top off of chili nice. I told them I told the police you by severe I could go for glass of wine right as you design Kelly champagne and I said you try per Secco, Jesus, you talk about language. Wow again I think we bonded. Like when we say it's just the South only judge the fried chicken biscuit categories next year and that's what I when I sons pretty good. I gotta take a break your 800 Rush Limbaugh ever had to judge the chili competition 844-747-8868 this is the time charge. Remember to eat your fruits and vegetables.

We all remember these words from a child anyone happened in nice store, prepare and eat fruit and vegetables is the line balance of nature keeps it simple. Our produce is powdered afternoon advanced vacuum coldpressed which stabilize nutrient content to produce it into a scientifically researched design with your body and mind. Once these plans are encapsulated or packaged incident right here to work. You can get all the benefits of a colorful variety of written vegetables every day experience the balance of nature different for yourself company hundred two 468-5135 percent on your first order. Our good friend Rita Cosby she host the evening time show W ABC in New York, and the reader had Rita had me on yesterday or last night.

Talk about the chaos of the craziness in Memphis Tennessee a great rate locally owned radio station W ABC in New York, John Fetterman, running for the Senate as the Democrat in Pennsylvania. I want you to hear this is Fetterman talking yesterday from the podium. The stakes in this race send me to Washington DC to send so I can work with Sen. Casey jersey in DC thank you, thank you very much. I live there when I leave tonight I got 3 miles and draws his mansion in a friend sent me to Washington DC wow no I did say having the poor guy had a stroke. He only woke the trap said it looks like the guy that says smoking smoking dope in the pit in his parents basement with the haughty and the whatnot.

It's it's really tragic. I mean, it really is.

Meanwhile, you've got you've got Dr. Oz out there and you guys know I you know how I feel about Dr. Oz.

I I want to go to an interview yesterday that he had with Brett bear now Brett bear asked him whether or not he considers himself to be a mag Republican and he would not answer that question, he would not answer whether or not he was a mag Republican. I got a problem with that night again if you Dr. Oz.

Knowing what we know about him and knowing that he embraces a lot of Democrat policies, knowing that he completely erased every reference to Donald Trump on his website and no you won't even just acknowledge that you know what yeah I wanted.

I want you guys. I wanted these bagger Republicans anyway. He was also asked about Mitch McConnell cut number six pride last one very quickly. Will you support Mitch McConnell's a leader if you're elected. I look forward to being in the United States Senate having to make that decision for the next leader of the United States at a time. It will be Republican for you can't make it tonight to make it tonight.

But as we appreciate the time answer the question stop playing games answer the blasted question how difficult is that you either support McConnell or you don't. You're either pro-life or you're not there either Pro CRT or you're not. You're either pro-transgender movement or you're not just answer the question were all grown up here. We can we can accept the truth but don't drive doesn't want to go down that path.

I mean, it is a bad choice that you folks in Pennsylvania have to make your either to be voting for a stroke victim order to be voting for Dr. Oz who has rejected and let's be honest at this point he has rejected the Trump magnum movement. I live in a why bother to show up at the Trump rally.

It's really unfortunate.

So there you go Hillary Clinton. By the way Hillary Clinton says she's not going to be running for the White House.

So let's take a listen. Hillary Clinton has on a new campaign of sorts with her daughter Chelsea for new Apple TV pleasant hockey series highlighting extraordinary women.

We sat down exclusively with the former secretary and asked her what's next, which is run for president again.

No no time to do everything I can to make sure that we have a president who respects our democracy and the rule of law and upholds our institution Donald Trump once again he should be soundly defeated. It should start in the Republican Party grow a backbone to stand up to the sky and heaven forbid if he gets the nomination, he needs to be defeated roundly and sent back to my Rolando the Florida mansion now in the spotlight after an FBI search for classified documents. Donald Trump is saying that the search of his home is politically sure he would say that in 2016 Hillary Clinton was under investigation for her own handling of classified information and questions about using a private server as Secretary of State.

Then FBI director James Comey ultimately recommended Clinton not be prosecuted, but said she and her team were extremely careless and a very different situation where I was cleared and the guy just kept talking and talking and then came up with a new reason to talk some more 10 days before the election is coming. Yes there was. There's no doubt at all that he impacted very negatively. My chances of winning. So it was in the middle of an election. There was no there there and the guy never shut up so I think it's a really different comparison to what's going on here when it appears that the Justice Department FBI have been incredibly patient client careful until they finally apparently thought that national security was at stake. She told us she's watched all of the January 6 hearings. I think she's done a great historic service to the United States and paid a price for it, which was, it was unpatriotic. Un-American. I want to give a real shot out to the witnesses when young women and two point about being a gutsy woman couple of young women who have come forward out of the Trump White House. They have been vilified had to have known that they were going to be criticized that I give them enormous credit for speaking the truth and doing the right thing is she the one who stood by her man when he was having his way with the interns in the oral office.

Isn't that the same person here. Just wondering. Anyway, she's running. I know what she says but she's running this is all part of what this is all part of some sort of a rehabilitation plan when it comes to a Mrs. Bill Clinton but she's running and I would be surprised again by the long shot. Here is Michelle Obama was waiting in the wings or something 844-747-8868 that's our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 folks we you folks in California. Man, I I feel bad for you you can you conservatives out there, but I hope you have already charged up your battery-powered vehicles because the rolling blackouts of started, I think the only place that will be allowed to have full power and 68� on the thermostat would be the French laundry which is Gavin Newsom's favorite restaurant there in the Napa Valley.

But anyway was 120� in Sacramento.

I know it's a dry heat but that's like roasting temperature. Goodness gracious. So anyway there to be rolling blackouts across the entire state. And if you haven't charged up your your battery-powered car.

Juergen have to go full-blown Amish get out the old horse and buggy.

I folks, but a good show today all over again tomorrow 844-747-8868.

That is our telephone number. Write that down. Todd is our website, you really need to remember that America nature changing the world one life at a time. Things around the house. I really like your product and happy waving, you really think about it anymore. You got it in your diet regularly very good but I don't always know about energy and feeling pretty good overall the work of the complaint a little more energy to work with people I didn't really want to do so.

I think that a little more energy older disabled person but I don't always eat properly feeling a little stronger now.

I start your journey to better health: 100 246-8751 or go to down to to get free shipping. And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order using discount code balance

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