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STARNES: The FBI Will Not Intimidate Me

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes
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September 14, 2022 3:26 pm

STARNES: The FBI Will Not Intimidate Me

The Todd Starnes Show / Todd Starnes

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September 14, 2022 3:26 pm

The FBI is now targeting all Trump supporters — but they won’t be intimidating me.

Lee Greenwood, Dick Morris, Greg Baylor, and Dr. Emir Caner join the conversation!

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Welcome to the Todd start show sponsored by Legacy precious metals. There's never been a better time to invest in precious metals visit legacy PM that's a legacy PM liberty University studio in Memphis Tennessee Charlie since conservative commentary from and hello America, I am Todd Darden and we are broadcasting Atlanta or just north of Atlanta, Georgia in Gainesville, Georgia in our great affiliate W do you and I'm sure the FBI already knows all about that.

While we've got a lot going on today everybody and a lot to get to freaking use developments, even as you and I speak and I hang out together on the radio border to border, coast to coast across the fruited plain now. Last night we got word from our good friend Mike Lindell that he has become the latest target of the federal Bureau of investigation cut number one FBI. I hear this. I am probably already here and in the news. The LPI came after me and told my bonding surrounding the parties and took my phone, I read all the girls is everything. They could've just done as well, denies the LPI Cisco since I don't have a computer. Everything I do have cell phone was on their and they told me not to tell and not tell anybody, okay, I will call you so all right. There's you heard from Michael Michael Dell and we can confirm through the FBI that agents did in fact stopped him during a a run at Hardee's restaurant. This all happened as though Mike was heading back from a hunting trip.

He was in the drive through at all Hardee's and all of a sudden he was surrounded by all these FBI agents now. Personally I think the most interesting part of the story is the fact that Mike Lindell likes to eat at Hardee's and of course Hardee's is is now responding people get to their response just a few moments. Very clever of the folks who run the Hardee's Twitter page, but Mike Lindell. He was ordered to surrender his cell phone and that he might did what what we have been instructing you to do in the event that you get the knock on the door you get accosted in the Hardee's drive-through by the FBI is that you immediately call your attorney. You don't talk to the FBI.

The FBI ladies and gentlemen, not your friend, and I don't care who you are Republican or Democrat, you need to immediately lawyer up if the FBI has a question for you.

They can wait until your legal counsel arrives on the scene because the feds the government.

They are not your friend. They will try and twist everything you say and again I I heart I harken back to the 1960s when the FBI was literally waging a a a really a terrorism terrorism unit targeted at members of the civil rights community, including Martin Luther King Jr. so anyway poor Mike Lindell of the founder of my fellow and a great supporter of this radio program. By the way, a sponsor of this radio program Mike Lindell was ordered to hand over his cell phone. He was then question for about 15 minutes interviewed for about 15 minutes of the agents are presented him with a search and seizure warrant, and it's our understanding that Mike Lindell actually shared the gospel message with one of the agents and hopefully just hopefully that message took hold. He was not arrested. So we reached out Mike as it has been a longtime friend and I actually we we have exchanged a number of text messages over the over the years and so I sent him a note this morning Grace Baker asking for if you if you would come on the program and explain what went down and he replied, almost immediately, that he would and then I realize Grace Baker wait a second. Mike Lindell may not be in control of his own cell phone right now. I could very well be talking to some sort of a government agent posing as Mike Lindell, that's true, Todd. We don't know exit exactly who you are corresponding with their so and so then grace. What did I do, I gave, I gave Mike's number two you to call so that he could call our listener line and now the FBI may in fact have your number. I don't Todd and listen if they come for me and they take Marlowe there will be protests in the streets.

I have no doubt a light yet.

There's no way they're getting Marlowe know no national treasure. So anyway I'm sitting Lindell so I sent him a follow-up message and I say, not sure if you got your phone back from the Gestapo. 00 and you reply there so no reply at this morning yeah only on anything so I don't know. I will say this Grace last night as I was getting this information and again this is all about intimidation. The FBI is sending a message in the messages. If you are a Trump supporter. We don't care who you are, we will come after you. It doesn't matter if you're a guy who owns a pillow company. It doesn't matter if you're a campaign supporter. It doesn't matter if you are a talk radio host. The FBI is coming after you know, last week the FBI what issued at least 5050 raids on trump supporters simply because they support Pres. Trop so grace here I am sitting at the hotel last night in Atlanta and I'm wondering to myself when when is the door going to burst open and when will the FBI change is becoming intimating my phone will obviously talk to you they don't care where you are.

I mean, he was that flipping party party like what's next you get it taught her to be at Chick-fil-A getting your sweet tea and it's like below my lunch. Give me a break.

Hardee's put out a tweet now you know that we exist.

You should really try our pillowy biscuits. That's clever.

Gotta get a hello there very good biscuits.

By the way, think I've ever been Hardee's. I was like I heard the name of the garden with the server.

It's a fine fast food restaurant and they deserve a whole lot better than this, but I can tell you I think the people at Chick-fil-A. If the FBI tried to stage a raid they would push back, not on our property to get out of here FBI agent. It is not our pleasure to serve you exactly what they would say that's exactly. I think that's exactly what they would say. But the message here. It's a and its here's the you.

I'm sitting there last night Grace and again. I'm covered politics for years we've been in more fights over the it's just you get used to this kind of stuff but even in spite of all of that you're reading about Mike Lindell and here I am sitting in this a beautiful hotel and in Atlanta. I'm thinking to myself, well what what should I do if the FBI comes knocking on my door and they want you and the whole point is they want you to think about that because that they believe is going to intimidate you yeah live in fear that they would like. That's, that's all they want. You support Donald Trump. There could be a knock on your door at 3 o'clock in the morning. That's the message I mean it is.

It's very simple and sadly it's very effective because there are a lot of people who are diehard trump supporters and you know what they eat their free speech is going to be chilled because they don't want the knock on the door then want to be sitting at church singing you know love lifted me and all of a sudden they're being dragged out of the church house by armed government goons. Nobody wants that. And the idea that we now ladies and gentlemen live in a nation where we have to live in fear of that is that the kind of a country you want.

I mean I hear what the Republicans are saying but if in fact they do get the majority in the midterm elections there. Not only must there be hearings there must be justice served. People need to go to jail for what they are doing this weaponization of our federal government. We pay the salaries of those FBI agents. We pay the salaries of the Internal Revenue Service agents and we know this is all coming from Barack Hussein Obama. We know that, ladies and gentlemen, because that's exactly how they operated the government during the eight years of the Biden administration. You stand against Obama your to pay a price and a lot of us did a lot of us pay that price but I'm prepared. I look, I'm not to be intimidated by the by the Federal Bureau of investigation and they may try to knock down the doors of my radio studio. They may try to take away my cell phone but I'm not saying a word got a telephone call out of the blue. And this is why I'm suspect now because just out of the blue a few weeks ago I got a telephone call or rather email message from a Forbes magazine reporter demanding to know what I was doing at Mara Lago recently will first of all, is none of their blasted business. What I was doing at Mara Lago but since we are all friends I will tell you that I'm working on a new book and the president graciously agreed to sit down for an interview for my book the Forbes magazine, people were demanding to know if the president shared any confidential information with me. Well, that's none of their business and they want to find out what the president said there meant to buy a copy of my book but I got to thinking in light of what happened with Mike Lindell.

I got to thinking will wait a second. What if what if were on somebody's radar. What if they really do want to know what was happening during that interview down at Mara Lago, which by the way we we had recorded. Why can tell you this or not. They're not getting diddley squat from Yours truly folks when I can play that game. I'm not to be intimidated are knocking to be bullied by the FBI and you should not either. This is an outrage and ladies and gentlemen, I know it is probably terrifying for a lot of you, especially if you are new to politics. Maybe Donald Trump excited you and you decided to get involved in campaign and become a supporter. Maybe, like many of many Americans.

They believe that there were shenanigans in the last presidential election.

Maybe there are some of you out there who are young Americans and you've never experienced anything like this and you're worried you're worried about getting the knock on the door. You cannot let that control your life.

You cannot allow yourself to be bullied or intimidated by federal agents. You just can't do it, folks. That's what they want us to be. That's what they want us to do, but we cannot do that we gotta take a stand here is as painful and as scary as it may be just like when the FBI was dispatched at the request of the Biden administration to go and bully and intimidate moms and dads who stood up at school board meetings. What happened well in the wake of that more moms and dad stood up at school board meetings so we gotta take a stand here. We also need to take a stand with Mike Lindell and what is that mean what means we need to go and support his company and we got our own page.

My and I would encourage you to go and buy something and show your support for Mike Lindell will talk about that a little bit later but I'm curious to hear your take on the latest FBI raid the FBI stopping Mike Lindell and a hearty straight through in the middle of nowhere, which means they were tracking the guy there probably tracking all of us are you intimidated are you really be bullied. 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show. There is no doubt the nation is facing a financial crisis because of the Biden ministrations economic policies hi this is Todd start and no doubt our economy is in trouble and you need to take steps to protect yourself of all your money is tied up in stocks, bonds, and traditional market you are vulnerable. Gold is one of the best ways to protect your retirement no matter what happens you own your goals it's real physical always been valuable since the dawn of time, like you see precious metal as the company I investing in gold. They can help you hold your retirement account into a goal back IRA still own the physical goal also ship precious metals safely and securely to your house. You know $1 million worth of gold can actually fit inside a shoebox call legacy at 866-528-1903 or visit the online legacy PM legacy PM Pres. Trump came right out of the gate last night and condemned the FBI over the attacks on Mike Lindell and I want to read to you what the president had to say.

Writing on truth.

Social the president accusing the FBI of being weapon iced of the president said that our nation is now a laughingstock. We are now living.

We are now officially living and I weapon iced police state, rigged elections, and all the president says that the majesty of the United States is gone. Can't let this happen.

Take America back. Do you agree with Donald Trump here that we are now a laughingstock that we are now living in a weapon iced police dates 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number. Will you stand with Mike Lindell. Let's go to Georgia and on the line and what say you, good are on market dollars owed morning at the end and I called and made a program that get off your blessed assurance and doubt and not believing in this so-called red rate because the Democrats do not want us to get out and vote and too many people get back go out right away. I don't need to go about when you're 11 and the time of Shadrach me shack in Bendigo, you either bow down and keep any reasoning or you can firm with God, and fear not, fear not. If they connected not just okay and the FTI, even though I'm calling you and you and you brand with Mike Lindell. There are more than likely interested in my phone call, let him come in and I think I think that's the mentality we have to have is it were not going to be bullied. When I can be intimidated by the FBI were not to be intimidated by the Internal Revenue Service and by golly if if in fact the Republicans do take control of the House of Representatives and the Senate. They better get off their blessed assurances and they better fight back and they better get justice for all of the patriotic Americans who been victimized by the federal government and appreciate the call and thank you for listening and I love that phrase because it is time for all of us to get off our blessed assurances and fight back.

By the way big elections last night and working to get to that little bit later on of the program. Great news for even more Trump endorsed candidates up in New England where you could see the red wave sweep across even places like Vermont and New Hampshire me. That's how disgusted people are with what's happening in their country right now. 844-747-8868. That is our telephone number. That's 844-747-8868 Tucker Carlson. Among those weighing in last night on Fox News Channel on the Lindell Ray. Let's take a listen told you last night. The Biden administration has politicized law enforcement to the point where Phil Soviet we were not overstating the FBI has just rated the guidance sells pillows on this channel is the pillows that because it likely voted for Matt finish check valves in this way tonight Tucker Michael Dell known as the pillow guy reports on his lifestream. Lindell TV that FBI agents located him questioned him showed him their badges and asked him questions about Colorado and Dominion voting machines and then provided him with a warrant to seize his cell phone so all my bet is yours and don't come across anybody you know there's better people you want to talk to Paul Mike Lindell said he initially told those agency would not surrender his phone because he does not have a computer and runs all of his businesses off of that phone Lindell published on his lifestream. What he claims was the warrant for that phone but we do not have Lindell's account confirmed right now but we will be looking into it and keeping you updated. Tucker FBI rating the Pilgrim Scotty peak insanity. If that's true, if that's true at some point you know is this And it is true we we can now confirm through the FBI that they indeed did raid Mike Lindell at the drive-through of a Hardee's restaurant and it does real and III like the word Tucker used or it does feel Soviet dozen ladies and gentlemen, 844-747-8860 toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 our website we have the stories we have Mike Lindell's videos.

You gotta go check that out over the website.

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That's my use the promo code. Starnes I like the way your brain that because it does feel like Soviet style feeling in our federal government. Right now this is what Donald Trump was talking about for years. We would talk about the deep state. These very nefarious people within our federal agencies who are who are hell-bent on circumventing the United States Constitution and silencing dissent in America. And unless unless we rise up and route that out, which is what Donald Trump had been doing and what this is why people in the federal government hated this man, this is this is why the FBI tried to stop him from becoming president in the first place. When you go through the numbers of of investigations they have launched against Pres. Trump and were talking about well over a dozen and every single investigation turned out to be fake.

Every single one of them so they're just trying to find something to stop him from running for reelection and they're trying to do something to stop you from vocally and actively supporting him. What is it that Trump always said it's not that there's so much after him as they are coming after you and I think now they've realized that it doesn't matter if they come after him.

He's not going to stop Trump is not going to stop. They thought just maybe they might be able to intimidate this guy, but it turns out that Donald Trump well, it's a family-friendly radio program. Let's just say that he's got a backbone of steel that would and so what is the FBI doing well. They're going to plan B which is to go after you thinking that you may not have backbones of steel, and you may very well stop supporting Pres. Trump if it means your to get a 3 AM wake-up call from the FBI. Let's go to the phone zero 844-747-8868 I want to start a Nevada Tom on the line Tom once a user agreement that started already so gorgeous, but it is time it is different like I would put it down to make up evidence against him or get an DragonDictate was something that way they don't want to. And we have to stand we don't take back the house and Senate in the midterm were all at the proverbial creek without well, it gets worse and Anton because that's exactly what they did. They did try to make up evidence against Donald Trump that when it was called the steel dossier and now word broke yesterday that the primary contributor to the steel dossier and, in other words, the guy who wrote most of the dossier. A guy by the name of Igor Dench and Co. turned out he was a paid confidential informant of the FBI, so they're already doing Tom what you feared they might do in the first place. It is that bad and we've got a root out every single one of these people can't appreciate the call good thoughts there, let's go to Mike on WHKPR great affiliate in Hendersonville, North Carolina Mike, what's on your mind today. Well on and I am retired veteran for Germany Korea. There's a store and when I hear people going to people out there like Gestapo that I feel about that.

I hate to hear that serving our country thousand of its ergot complete some of the some of them gave their life.

And you hear people like that going to brilliant out, and a total disgrace, and that God is called president what I could say something but I won't because on the phone that's real thought to shame. I'm not only my stuff is the veteran out better and then this guy becomes out, because what he's doing disgrace greater to America.

It's what they are doing and it's not that they're doing the bidding of the Biden administration. They're doing the bidding of the federal government.

I think in a way, you almost have an on elected bureaucracy. That's actually running the country and making those kinds of decisions and this is what Donald Trump was trying to root out and and that's why there has been such fierce opposition to this man from day one is that they knew that they could not control Donald Trump. They knew that he was his own band and whether you like his tweets are not whether you like is is a language that he uses or not. He doesn't care. Donald Trump is who he is. He is comfortable in his skin and he doesn't care what the FBI does and he doesn't care because he know he knows he's done nothing wrong that's that's the issue here Mike appreciate the call got a run 844-747-8868 let's go to North Carolina Kirk on the talk station Kirk what's going on about the morning about I with the comment about killing and confronting Republican and I don't know that it's rhetoric and but all that aside, why you get the kind of the answer why is it that Republicans get nailed for rhetoric repast. You literally can say anything they want. I see no backlash to ensure nothing from his fellow congressmen. Nothing in the care and know no one. No one just care in the media is going to give Tim Ryan a past had that been a Republican out there calling for the execution of Biden supporters.

There would've been marches and Washington. There would've been another committee formed on Capitol Hill. There were been they would've thrown the congressman had he been a Republican out office, but they tolerate that kind of language and and here's the reason they they do that, Kurt, and it's a pretty despicable reason but but this is this is how they operate.

They don't believe Trump supporters are deserving of rights they don't even look at Trump supporters as as being human and I wanted to illustrate this point. This is not hyperbole you have to go back to the Hillary Clinton basket of deplorable's. She used another word in that description. She was speaking to a large LGBT organization in New York City on 42nd St. and she told them that we were not just a basket of deplorable's but we were here redeemable that meat we were beyond redemption. You had Joe Biden coming out on the campaign trail in the last presidential election cycle and what he calls. He said that we were the dregs of society.

So in their mind and their thinking Kirk. The Democrats are conditioning people to look at house as as not being worthy to live to even exist. And that's why you see so much hate and violence directed at people who support the conservative movement. Sorry Kurt appreciate the call and I hope that answers your question 844-747-8868 let's squeeze in another call before we go to break Jerry and Oak Ridge Tennessee. What say you, I think my call like this under the following people in your you're going to like this but when you consider the state of the country right now with the FBI with the DOJ with the crime of going out with everything you just talk about with Micah supporters here redeemable and things like that for all those people who were spent in Pennsylvania to vote for now your local government elected portion of thing that's maybe put this country down the toilet figure fight abortion right now and as much. I know you are no I feel like I'm interpersonal 20 minute that Weigert we've got to pick our battles right now, we gotta save the country.

There's no chance of convincing Fetterman about the abortion but there is what and for all those people older not not hold stay home because abortion your licorice huge, huge mistake so so look I I'm glad I don't live in Pennsylvania because I can tell you, but I would tell you that a doctor still not getting my vote and I look I hear what you're saying Jerry but I think the bigger issue facing America is flushing the dead babies down the toilet. Brand thunder wrong.

It's not there so many things that are more important than that I'm a finger built flushing babies on a train to try to mitigate the small Springbrook my God you can't walk out.

You know what it's like in Memphis. It's the most dangerous city in the country because there is no respect for life, Jerry.

There's no respect for life and look for law, no respect for the police, but there's no respect for life life like life Jerry what you want. I'm sorry I love you I been looking at remember when you're on Fox and Nike contract listener call (I remember I remember that was me up in the Sunday forever and I hate to differ with you but you walk there so it's so much more important to save the country abortion for nothing.

You looking out windows at night. I Jerry you and I are going to disagree on the side and and and I get that I look.

I respect your opinion. I know you respect mine and were able to have those debates on this radio program, but I need to throw your question out to the audience because I think it's a fair question you ask and I and and unfortunately in Pennsylvania, people are to be faced with this choice. Do you save the babies or do you save the country.

Now I will say this, that even if we just we just have a conversation about inward in redeemable deplorable's. This is all about marginalizing life and that's why I do believe this is the quintessential issue facing our country so folks don't throw it out there to you and Jerry appreciate the call and you give us a holler back one of these days where you stand on this. I mean you people in Pennsylvania are to have a choice to vote for Fetterman or do you vote for someone like a Dr. Oz but I'm telling you, we gotta get out and vote on election day. I don't care if you're Pennsylvania over Georgia or any of the other battleground states. Every vote is going to matter on election day 844-747-8868. That is our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 and we talked a lot about supporting our friend Mike Lindell my Mike has been a long time supporter of what were doing here and he gave us a special website was to make sure that all of our listeners are getting incredible deals and discounts and access to all of his great products and I appreciate that my, and I can imagine a better way to send a message to the FBI and send a message to the Biden administration than all of us to get on that website right now and go buy something and Christmas is coming up. Got birthdays you got anniversaries. What better. What better way to to celebrate than with a beautiful collection of the bipolar towels of the bedsheets or those incredible my fellows on all sorts of great sales going on right now use my promo code Starnes. That's my use the promo code. Starnes once in a message that were not to be bullied or intimidated will be right back. Uncle Tom Sue is the eye-opening documentary everyone in America should see Todd Stern's ear and uncle Tom to offers a compelling and brave analysis of the true history of black America. The cultural shift from prosperity, integrity and faith to its current perceived state of anger, discontent and victimhood. Uncle Tom to offers historical footage, photos, correspondence and data to reveal the genuine strides of black America in the 20th century, the deliberate Marxist strategy to create racial tension and replace God with government and the NAACP's sinister agenda.

Don't miss uncle Tom to from executive producer Larry Elder and director Justin Malone with Brandon Tatum and voting Baucom and Chad O. Jackson watch the movie on demand or buying the that sale ceiling alright ladies is only great to have you� A lot of people want to weigh in today soreness to get right to the phone zero 844-747-8868 let's go to Randy in Georgia listing to us on W GUN Randy what's on your mind where airport Georgia double-click thing when I go to let the American bowling that is not gonna happen and the other thing I'm like this. I agree with your phone call.

If we lose the country.

We can't, I the other fight against the board. So there we we lose the country and go that route, board, or do we you know fight against abortion and lose the country on the lot you get.

You have to do the big one first and then then the next would later I get it. We go to church regularly. We hundred understand what you're saying but you know you have to fight the big 545. The other battle that's my opinion on that. Well I'm I'm hoping and look at me. Dr. Oz right now is I believe neck and neck with the stroke survivor, John Fetterman, so maybe he's going to pull.

By the way, by the way, Randy, have you seen pictures of this guy, you know, Fetterman looks like the guy smoking dope in his parents basement eat the funny ones. He wears the hoodie all the time and nobody could figure out what's what's the deal with the hoodie will now we know it's he has some sort of a massive like mound of flesh protruding from his neck. It's almost like a second head and a people are really wondering if there's something medically wrong with this guy want one more lap thing about Dr. and why personal personal hurt. The walker was my first toy, but I can't vote for Warnock so it will work out of them that, very thing. Well I heard Herschel had a chance to visit with him a few days ago I was speaking at an event where he was speaking as well and I can tell you a lot of people in Georgia are fired up and I think he's not. He's going to be finishing very strong so we'll see how that will seal that race goes really appreciate the call. God bless you and yellow folks were not going to agree on everything that makes for a boring talk radio program right. Let's go to North Carolina Mike on the line wants to talk about my fellow hey Mike what's up.

I love great show.

Look, I'm I'm actually going to live by my pillow every company that great.

Talk to other people support and support the movie� Look. Spray All-American critically, but the box up. Braden so I think every chance we get to speak with our dollars is absolutely great and I don't know what their ugly ball like animals in the wood babies on father, both Republican and Democratic every single whatever you anyway. Keep up the good work is great and thereby get out there and by some of my great Mike Mike and that's the cheapest or to get ice got some great discounts on literally everything and and and cinema message to the and that's really what this is all about sending a message that were not to be bowling when I can be intimidated by these Gestapo -like tactics. So Mike appreciate the call and thank you for listening. Of folks, we got a great show coming up we've got our good buddy of Lee Greenwood who is going to be here in just a little while. Not only is is Micah or is Lee a great singer. He is also God, a brand-new Bible out. It's kind of it's a Bible season to tell you all about it. It's pretty awesome what Mike is doing. Also, our good friend or from true McConnell University.

Dr. Amir Cantor is going to be here to weigh in on the big culture issues were also to get into another scandal involving this Museum in Memphis Tennessee. The pink palace. Now their mocking Catholics with drag queens dressed as nuns what they think is going on over there and and by the way, your tax dollars are funding this nonsense.

Are we to take a break here were to be taking your calls as well 844-747-8868 if you agree or disagree. Give us a holler and by the way, if you disagree you the right of the top-of-the-line right back America.

This is the Todd surgery King's College as part it's for students with the drive and dedication to grow in their faith and develop leadership skills as they run a bachelors degree. The Kings College offers programs online in New York City. I did a combination of deliveries, every major and minor is designed to prepare students for success. Find out more. Start the journey will just go to college Kings, the King's College that's T to find out what the King's College has to walk universities to you in Memphis, Tennessee. The dream will know is not when you and he is saying is seems no rain and and the vocal stylings of Jim Johnson starts radio so bright I will give everybody hope you're doing well today were broadcasting our national show from Georgia on the road tomorrow.

I'll be delivering a keynote address at the pre-vote stand conference in Atlanta. If you are anywhere in this area of the country. We would love for you to get out there and to be a part of that incredible incredible three day conference, by the way, Dr. Ben Carson among the keynote speakers and of course I'll be delivering an address tomorrow but right now were so honored to be hanging out at W GUN are great affiliate here in the North Georgia mountains will folks. We got a lot of people wanting to weigh in on what the FBI has been doing the. The raid on Mike Lindell from my pillow are good buddy Mike Lindell was in the drive-through of the Hardee's which I believe is the best part of the story, when in fact the FBI surrounded his vehicle and took his cell phone. The message we cannot be intimidated.

We cannot be intimidated. Brook running our Facebook live page Todd that the Gestapo is out in full force David riding in the FBI was born out of corruption and still is today.

It has always been used as political fog force and he's absolutely right. By the way, I mean, from day one. The FBI has been used as political muscle Wendy's as I stand with God Mike Lindell and Todd start's we love you Wendy, thank you very much for those kind words Mark says. I get a buyer my pillow and send it to my local FBI office. What don't do that.

I don't these people get a good night sleep. They need to be punished. No by fellows for you. FBI agents know I get a little sick and tired of him to tell you when I get a little sick and tired of all of these people call you will Todd you know this is this is not about the rank-and-file. This is no you know what at this point it is about the rank-and-file. We talk about heaven, what, 14, 15 whistleblowers are on before or 5000 FBI whistleblowers and at this point. If you are employed with the FBI and you're not out there raising raising your voice in standing up to this thuggery.

This Gestapo -like jackbooted thuggery the guess what you're part of the problem to I said the same thing about the TSA. The touching sensitive areas. People you know what you're doing your you know you're violating the civil liberties of people every time they go to get on an airplane to go visit their grandma and just stand there and you do nothing about it. But guess what, you're just as guilty in my estimation are eight 844-747-8868 let's go to the phones here Judith in Georgia. What say you were working the late 1938. Jeremy was there that I can tell Republican people who lead their freedom country. I think they put the wrong crowd and because they don't get not all, they are still afraid of what he cannot get rid of him at all like the Confederate never counted anything better plot.

It's interesting you made that comparison week and we have made it many times on this program and especially during the pandemic when who did the government who did the government target. They targeted the Christian churches in the Jewish synagogues. They didn't bother the mosques that those folks were were off-limits, but they even went after the Jews trying to bury their dead. You might remember we we talked about this, we have the video on our website. The New York City Police Department going in and breaking up mourners at several Orthodox Jewish funerals. This is pretty despicable stuff that the event that the the left and the mainstream media have been doing so I I appreciate the reminder of of that comparison, Judith God bless you and I think you for listening to W GUN let's go to Minnesota James on the line James oh so my apologies James has left us are eight 844-747-8868 working to take a port quick break here when we come back are good buddy Lee Greenwood is going to be here with an exciting new project to announce were to be taking your calls as well on the on the Gestapo -like tactics of the FBI.

Also, we have an update on some exciting election news coming out of New Hampshire. Another huge tromp win in the New Hampshire primaries and also some very interesting data coming in from Vermont will get to that as well. This is the Todd Stern show natures fruits and vegetables in a capsule changing the world one life at a time, physician not been in practice for 40 years. When I started taking this I like medicine, probably taking more people off medicine on and so I looked at it pretty much a natural element, there's no question in my mind, knowing of my patients that people my age to 60 and over. Do not eat right and they certainly don't get the appropriate nutrients to the vegetables, fruits and things like that. I think it it supplies the building blocks that your body normally would use to heal itself and you don't get you don't know. It's amazing what I did two years.

Start your journey to better health: 800-246-8751 or go to Townsend to get free shipping. And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order using discount code balance November shame on you will make decisions about nationalism where that term come from anyway. It is hard enough to get Christians to vote and then you have these folks putting we love America and idolatry guilt trip is our crazy days we are living. Keep up the good work done and thank you Phil from Daphne, Alabama, leaving us a shout out on the Todd Stern show, and you say Todd how can I do that was reasonable discover a website on download the free app and you can actually send us a shout out just like Phil from Daphne, Alabama did I walk back to the Todd surge radio program. Good to have you with us so I the other night I was speaking at another event of the faith and freedom. Victory dinner and a Forsyth County, Georgia.

A guy comes up to me and he gives me this beautiful beautiful Bible that is deemed after Lee Greenwood's beautiful song. God bless the USA. This thing is amazing on the petri mobile newsmaker light rock line right now is our friend Lee Greenwood Lee good to have you with us and you and greetings from natural well luckily I gotta tell you the Bible I have a copy of it. It is beautiful. It is easy to read and I love the large print and the King James version that's pretty awesome. We we elected to put the Bible together because I don't believe my wife and I can we been married 30 years we have our individual Bibles on her nightstand, but we have a family Bible gives a history of our of our families together and and on on the coffee table in the living room and when the idea came to us about having of the Bible you look at 20 Bibles in other all the house and and Mike my brain again. My publisher came to. How would you like Something that has the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Pledge of Allegiance and and and and and and the Constitution. The back of the Bible as well. It can we do that, I mean I'm you know this is God's book and they said well and let's see what the public thinks, and we presented it. A lot of the pastors underground church and in Nashville and and they said you know it's something I really think we need to find out how this country got started.

We didn't come here to escape, so let's tie them together and that's our country got started with the document and not only does it include in this is this is the holy Bible solely Greenwood did not rewrite the Bible the gospel according to Greenwood way way what this is. This is God's word of the King James version translation and it's got all these wonderful features. The cultlike use of the Constitution the Pledge of Allegiance the and and is one of these beautiful gift Bibles.

One of my favorite parts is the handwritten chorus to God bless the USA.

What we included at only because I do so again. I question whether or not that appropriate date and if you know that that that when I wrote the song God bless the USA in 1983 and was on the international 1985 in 2020.

During the pandemic. We recorded another version with home. Three. The a cappella band and United States Air Force fingers over 200 million people that that tells me we shot a Christian nation, but I'm not worried about it at all, but they said will please put your lyrics and for USA and in the Bible and I did in the very back and and and as you notice I put God first in my song I will do so in this Bible as well as a beautiful beautiful leather bound book. As you notice with those cross flags at the bottom that I think you think it's so nice to hold it's nice to read and then identify yourself with reading the Constitution once in a while. I wish those idiots in Washington would read it more often. I'm with you I'm with you. Only when it comes to that in this whole idea that there's it's a weird movement that sort that surfaced over the past couple of years where people are saying. If you're Christian you can't love America. Or, you shouldn't have a flag American flag flying at your church house. I just think that's a hello to great a hooey and I know we don't wondered where is redundant for over 11, 12 years and will continue to do so in a very fast pace and and if you don't think that freedom is free. Then you need to go somewhere else because it is not free and start our our military that states that a heavy price to keep it free that it really bothers me when they work so hard to keep our flag crying and somebody else think that they can disregard or disrespect our flag by putting in the underground you know you need to stand for the flag and and Neil for God and and I think if he had keep those two axioms.

People will be not so quick to condemn us as a nation that is not Christian you have a link to this website on our life. So blog but if you want to go directly to Lee's website. God bless the USA that's God bless the USA and the one of the things I love about this is that you can also use this as a Bible study so maybe if you have a small group within your church. You can use this Bible in that Bible study and being we have the international version of the Bible at home to, but I prefer the King James version with the highlighted phrases and and paragraph spoken by Jesus Christ. So I you and I think it could be a great tool to use in Bible study leader that there's an old gospel song if John the Baptist use the King James version that is tricky. I'm not sure about theology but it's it's a catchy tune like a good oh my goodness, Lee Greenwood solely are still out traveling and and and meeting folks and singing. How is house in California like I had to be encouraging.

You know I had with Ashley in 2021, 200 million people viewed and downloaded my my Python goblets USA at a time when we were looking at Carol and not knowing where the next meal would come from and whether or not we be ever associating with each other again. We were so divided.

We were so lonely and and and and so it's encouraging to know is I tour across the country and I were going out West for the first time in probably 15 years and were I'm from California and republished it with disco at the plate. I did you know I because of the opposite side of the fence being out there an awful lot.

I do have a brother and sister still living in the Oakland area and my my sister is raised with moved to Boise Idaho would have a show there as well. But during out West will give me the encouragement that I've always always know is there and that it we are much more alike than we are different we are all patriots. We love this country. Do you know if you don't let the country.

I suggest going somewhere else you we love you here on this radio program and Lee I'm with you there a lot of patriots out in California and there there hanging type there fight the good fight and it is encouraging. I think that's one of the things when you see these huge trump rallies you have the tens of thousands of people coming out.

It's just a reminder that we have a lot more in common than the media and the politicians want us to believe that I'm proud of you and I haven't in my hand. Your your book better America and and I and I love the picture with a gun in one pocket in the Bible and the other is proud to be a gun owner and I'm proud to be a Christian. And so they going to call me that you call me that. By that week attend a change media is our enemy and and colleges are all stuffing our children with the wrong message. So I had two sons one just graduated TCU in Fort Worth Texas is a great school and they were not teaching him the wrong things are older son Dalton is 27 just got married in April and heated Vanderbilt getting a PhD in cancer research. He is also getting the right message that science is not necessarily the only answer, but God has the final answer and so we we do get we do get messages occasionally from people who think their date that are knowledgeable about how this country is going. But I think they're getting fed the Kool-Aid drinking the Kool-Aid and and and not listening to the real message of Christ.

I think your item or leave it there and leave you know I make my home now in Memphis where I was born and raised in some of the everyday come arrive 40 and I'll treat you to some little barbecue down to Memphis Tyler that's on our first shows with the judge. It was there but island and course shops is helping us build homes for wounded warriors is that huge facility there. I haven't even been in it yet but I've seen it many times is pretty spectacular and some great restaurants and there is as well so Mike I really rather thank you so much for overcoming on the show. Congratulations on this great beautiful on you Bible you guys have about their thank you very much. Have a great day. Lee Greenwood everybody and this Bible. God bless the USA We have a direct link to it that they gave me a copy night before last, and I've been reading that using it is in my quiet time since I've been here in Atlanta and is just a beautiful Bible. One of those keepsake gifts or maybe if you got a kid graduating high school.

Or maybe you just have a loved one in your family knew what to give it to them. I would encourage you to get yourself a copy.

This this is God's word. It has not been rewritten or anything. This is the King James version of the translation and it's a large print Bible so and I can with all my eye issues. I appreciate the that part and by the way, may I just say Lee Greenwood has very good penmanship, Grace Baker. I he wrote the he literally handwrote the course to God bless the USA the guy's got some good handwriting. I believe it. You know that I had a great singing voice that say well you know they don't really teach. I'm good handwriting anymore, but he is set high notes. He got God bless cursive writing. I now can I. I know it right right. We had to take a break here folks pay some bills. We will be going to your calls as well 844-747-8868. Again, that's a toll-free telephone number 844-747-8868 a link to the Bible over our live show block check that out will be right back from Gainesville, Georgia.

This is the third nature's fruits and vegetables in a capsule changing the world one likely time, physician not been in practice for four years.

When I started taking this like medicine, probably taking more people off medicine on and so I looked at it pretty much a natural element, there's no question in my mind, knowing of my patients that people my 60 and over. Do not eat right and they certainly don't get the appropriate nutrients to the vegetables, fruits and things like that. I think that it supplies the building blocks that your body normally would use to heal itself and you don't get him. You don't know. It's amazing what I did two years.

Start your journey to better health: 800-246-8751 or go to Townsend to get free shipping. And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order using discount code balance and welcome back what is right and you program 747-8868. That's our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 our website. By the way, and we get somebody come every time I go out and I'm speaking to a group of the first thing people do is they come up and they don't say we we listen to the radio show, which many of you do, but the first thing they say is thank you for sending out those those emails. Thank you for covering those stories and letting us know about what's happening and I can tell you that our team is fighting every single day to tell those stories and it's tough look. We know that the the censorship from social media is there is a matter fact I we were checking some analytics are engagement on Facebook this month, down 90 it's down 92%, it's only because Facebook is throttling our information and it's happening to a lot of people. It's also happening to our good friend Dick Morris. You see him all the time on Newsmax. He is a best-selling author and Dick is being censored even as we speak and he is on the patriot mobile newsmaker line that good. Have you back on the program what's going on, get it corrected in the middle of the show. I hope that you and me both Dick and I was dig out before it's how good it is.

I was texting Mike this morning. Michael and I we were longtime friends and I stopped midway on like holy cow, I think I may be talking to FDI because they got as I had very very different. That latter document.

I think I'm right. Totally opposite of what I do not think that the document were important to the FBI. Again, I think those documents were sent down against the FBI and I think that's why Casey I think of one complex matter, Lago you like and keeping the documents click scrapbook good grandchildren writing a book or anything you want them around memorabilia he wanted them because they contain the smoking gun to prove the FBI complexity and collusion with every campaign in creating and fomenting the whole direction, collusion, oak and using the money argument back to get Pfizer want to buy that and I believe the new German investigation would get going nowhere and confirmed today did not and he knew that this would be buried in the act unless he took the document itself and you to go after the FBI and I think that that's why the FBI actively did, they wouldn't be the evidence. I think a little happiness will take on November and will convenient hearing about the FBI and the Republican.

I think that documents will be a really indicting the FBI not on the patriot mobile newsmaker line is our good friend Dick Morris, a best-selling author of the return trumps big 2024 come back you know Jack, I think the other message here, the FBI is sending and especially going after all of the trump supporters upwards of at least 50 of course Mike Lindell yesterday at the Hardee's restaurant.

I'm wondering if they're just trying to intimidate and bully.

Those who would dare speak out in defense of this of this president will speak out currently working very hard for Republican Senate candidates around the country and they are sending. People approaching money at least calling them in the thing. Please contribute hundred thousand dollars and that morning they get in the FBI investigating whether to engage in money laundering, corrupt activity scares the hell is that a deliberate effort to dry up the money for the Republicans because the FBI with distinctly political party. Now notice that they coming after them. When the election is over, and of course even in New England you have the primary yesterday in New Hampshire where the trumpet endorsed in a very crowded and competitive Republican field of this president has supported Dick II I'd never buy into the polling data, but I've got a gut feeling that word and I have a very good November for Republicans. I think we are.

I think it I think that people are increasingly coming to understand the real danger of placement that I don't mean you abated every year cycle going on the inflation because of the matter pending by getting inflation then because of the inflation Democrat at new programs more spending. Help people offset the problem place and that causes mournfully and that could afford to raise interest rates. The question that the late and that will reduce the democratic new club. People can make up for the income they lose, we could get a card to play and you end up with a the current currency that nobody except and huge huge crowd that dollar and at the same time that that's happening in the movement for the BRI CX 30 Indian in there about to take on that that Saudi Arabia not accepting the dollar and accepting their own currency and Market Basket and I think all fitting together. The greatest threat to American economic superiority that we've ever had to ask you about your book of the New York Times. It did not appear on their bestseller list and this happened to me with my book a couple years ago we were. We should've been number nine.

We are on Amazon's list. Publishers weekly USA today and the same thing happened.

You hear your book should be number four on the times list but it's nowhere to be found if you will, and to go to bookscan, which, if you know the ultimate goal, but that week. I am higher than all but 11 of the 15 books that lift electric before. But I'm nowhere and night. I believe it not. They wanted they wanted me. I think the thing with yet. Blood would commit Harry Carey before they let you turn come back in 24 appear on a little of the bestseller.

I love it. It's absolutely all my words I did were to leave it there. Good stuff. As always, your crushing it on Newsmax and we love you man your great American patriot. Thank you. All right there you go Dick Morris censored by the New York Times and as he said we all sort of living in this sort of weird world where at any moment the FBI could come in because more connections in our ties with Donald Trump and either haul us away or or take away our cell phones and the somewhat simple Todd, are you what you got to do it. That happens to you. Well I can tell you that I've had conversations with with my attorneys and God forbid something of life that happens we have a plan in place and we are going to surround ourselves with our constitutional rights. That's what were going to do and I will keep you updated. So if suddenly you hear Grace Baker anchoring the show grace. You know that I've been a whole data here. Oh, please.

Please note, don't leave the show in my hands by the way I so once you sent me a text message of the photos. What will somebody's is sending you a gift. Yes, one of our listeners. Chris sent me a plaque that says you had me at Marlowe and it's got a picture of you know a wineglass with Marlowe and the drink because because your dog's name alone yes because my dog's name. Marlowe is a very logical thinking. Chris very that's very kind of you, so it's you and we love it whenever you guys send us a handwritten note or us to do something and that we love. It really makes everybody's day so grace you've gotten something I've gotten something but poor Kyle he's just you know all tile may be our baby or our friend at the sausage company complaints case that's always welcome by everybody here, there you go. All right, we gotta take a break here I were heading to the phones 844-747-8868 that's 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show me Terry's fruits and vegetables in a capsule changing the world one at a time. My wife and I hope not. For five years, I've always been biking and swimming yada yada yada always looking for something different. I only morning I woke up and I went well like the missing link and we haven't stopped taking it. My wife you'll basically the same way. The single thing that changed and convinced that the best thing don't� A lot. So you live not only try and start your journey to better health with balance of nature right now: 800-246-8751 go to Townsend to get free shipping. And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order by using discount code balance.

So now there calling for investigations into this Museum in Memphis Tennessee.

I noticed the pink palace. Now it's the Museum of science and history but they're all up to all sorts of LGBT QI A+ hijinks and basically it's a museum celebrating the LGBT community that's basically what it is a lot of questions about how much if any tax money.

The museum might be getting, and does some people running for office now are calling for investigations but now it turns out, so this was the this is the Museum that's hosting the. The family-friendly drag show and they're telling people is family-friendly because the the drag artist are not going to be taken their clothes off with so glad to hear that now. Apparently the museum is hosting some sort of an adult event cocktails and chemistry and is hosted by a bunch of drag queens dressed as nuns.

So there. Now they're mocking the Catholic Church over the Memphis Museum of science and history.

I find it hard to believe that people of Memphis would tolerate that kind of stuff but maybe the good citizens of Memphis. Maybe they support their taxpayer-funded Museum. It was supporting this kind of a drag show event 844-747-8868 Lotta people wanting to weigh in on the stories of the day. Let's go to Jeff in Georgia WT UNR great affiliate there Jeff what's on your mind, your previous caller talked about my pillows into the I think you that when you buy new. My pillow keep it for yourself and delete all your old pillows into the and like the Washington headquarters or to the headquarters in Minneapolis is a process. You see I like that. Yet, the old, nasty, dirty, sweaty smelly fellows. I think that's a brilliant idea and partly I think everybody should do that is approach that Jeff, great idea.

Don't don't send the new ones I'm with you. Don't send your brand-new my fellows you don't want to have a good nights rest. You want to be Russell S all right, Jeff, thanks for the call. Let's go to James in Minnesota. James what's on your mind and thought I was liberty really call me after Lee Greenwood and Dick Morris. Now the problem following them was both of those guys great interviews with both my gosh, I'm so impressed with Lee Greenwood. Anyway, this caller that called you and was arguing with you about abortion was not the most important thing I 1000% disagree with them and agree with you if you don't understand that abortion is the crux of the moral issue.

Therefore, the crux of really all the problems we have in our society, then to me that the major problem yeah James, I see a lot of people trying to justify that. I just can't square that in my mind. I think when you go back to the root of the problem and if you're really gonna fix what is broken in America. That's for me that's the starting point Morris got happen morally, morally, and internally, and all that other stuff means nothing right. It will exactly and and again with Dr. Oz and we can and believe it's a moot point now, but the fact is, voters did have an opportunity, but I think they got snookered. I really do.

And you know it is what it is, but let's hope that a lot of these other races of Dr. Oz is there I hope I hope that he has had some around verse All right will thank you very much for that.

James appreciate the call. I think we may be having some phone issues or something guys I'm hearing two different some folks about the James appreciate your calling in today 844-747-8868 let's go to Mark in the villages, America's friendliest hometown.

Hey Mark what's up. I'm well, thank you. Midterm talent this country possibly being guided by a younger generation role abortion act. I would like to see. There may be one out a percentage chart on abortion based on interest rate work flat out your responsibility by some of this younger generation. We are now dealing with a percentage of younger generation are irresponsible and don't care but yet we let him go because that's the right I think by targeting the younger generation by giving them free money for college tuition. Everything targeting the younger generation.

That's where the problem is coming.

It no doubt about it and and Mark when you look at you.

You hear people talking like for example the other methods Museum controversy. The museum says it's all about tolerance and it's all about inclusion. You know, that tells me Mark that tells me that people who just recently graduated from colleges and universities are now working at that museum and they have been that has been pushed into their brains through their entire academic career.

And so now they're trying to shove all that nonsense on all the rest of us that that's what's happening where were dealing with a generation that's been brainwashed absolutely no problem Mike Lindell and yet yeah you know there targeting targeting the little people. I believe there targeting people like you like Lindell and all those big like your previous caller said that going after the money sources and the ones that have to be millions of people.

That's why there targeting Lindell that's like probably are you where morale support from that's what it is about the little people they want to stop you yeah and you know III wish them lock bus. I don't think it's going to work. I can tell you is not going to bother me one bit. But I have noticed Mark to that point in the past week or so. We have seen yet another crackdown on just after the Forbes magazine call we noticed another crack down on social media, letting us share our postings.

We've heard from a news aggregation site.

That said, there no longer going to carry our material so I wouldn't be surprised if all of this is connected. But here's the reality of it. We have well over 300,000 people that subscribe to my daily newsletter, and those people cannot be silenced and they can't get a hold of our email distribution list. We hold all of that, privately, internally, and working to keep getting our message out there so they may try to shut us down, but we've got a work around every single time they do it that people have to get out and vote in the church is about right now to be the deciding factor on what happened to this country in the next assert defect ministration. We have now that market we are leaving their great call Mark and I will say this.

If Christians do not get out to vote and I'm talking in record numbers.

We will not and in November that's just a matter of fact we have some breaking news regarding the FBI and president Trump you want to stick around for this will give you all the details coming up next. This is the time surgery is nature changing the world one life at a time to get things around the house. I really like your product you really think about it anymore. You got it in your diet regularly very good but I don't always do. So I know about energy and feeling overall work of the complaint a little more energy work will want to do so. I think that a little more energy older disabled person but I don't always eat properly feeling a little stronger now.

I start your journey to better health: 800-246-8751 or go to Townsend to get free shipping. And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order using discount code balance is universities do you see Todd Stern's radio show Howard a lot going on this hour, including breaking news regarding the FBI and president Trump were to get to that adjustable but also your Kohl's 844-747-8868. Again, that is our toll-free telephone number that's 844-747-8868 we have been following some developing news in the culture war fraud where Congress is looking to to codify language that would protect same-sex marriage and I want to go to the patriot mobile newsmaker liner good friend Greg Bailer who is senior counsel from allies defending freedom. There is a letter that has been sent to the U.S. Senate on the respect for marriage act and there is a warning attached to that letter. Greg first. Good to have you with us. Second, what's going on here, but it is great to be with you and what is going on is those who support the respect for marriage act of a very deceptively named Bill that actually disrespects the American people and threatens our most basic freedoms. This bill does not simply codify the Supreme Court's decision in Oberg cell but it creates an ability for the federal government and activist organizations to go after and sue religious organizations that hold reasonable and honorable beliefs about marriage, see again. The concern here is the is the way it's being presented. What seems like a noble effort but when I was reading the letter was surprised to know that they could actually use this legislation to actually support any any form of marriage.

Yeah, that's right. One of the things to build is that it first of all, repeals the definition of marriage that's in the Defense of marriage act and that definition was one man and one woman. Now course, the Supreme Court has already said in the Windsor case will that's unconstitutional.

So this is an utterly unnecessary act, but instead of just saying you know marriage is with the supreme court said it is they say that the federal government is required to recognize any marriage that is recognized by a state, and in one part of the bill. There's a limitation. This is poorly talking about two-person marriages in this part of the bill. The build the tells the federal government to recognize the marriages. There is no limitation to two-person marriages. So if this bill passes in its current form essay like Massachusetts that you know what would happen with me here. The federal government itself be required to recognize same-sex polygamous marriages as well. To be flippant here but I'm you got people out there trying to I think there was a Massachusetts, a case of a of the trio of falafel they wanted to get married. You're the guy that wanted to get married to his laptop computer. I mean it's an again I mean if you are going to take that step of redefining what God had already defied once to stop people from saying why can't I Marriott on staring at a can of air freshener. Why can I marry that can of air freshener. Yeah, I mean really, where are the limits and there's no limits expressed in that part of the bill and his mom.

Some people might spark that the fact of the matter is in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to local jurisdictions have already recognized polygamous relationships and conferred some sort of legal status, and think about judges you know what the same-sex marriage thinking marriage came thing came first from judges. We think there's a judge out there who might say you know what the reasoning in a case like Oberg cell extends to polygamous relationships.

I think there might be a judge like that out there.

So where does all of the skill. Let's say the U.S. Senate does in fact codify mean you got hundreds of Republicans that have already signed petitions, many of them lawmakers suggesting that other to be supporting this as well. Yeah it was unfortunate that things went so quickly in the House of Representatives that a significant number couple dozen Republicans voted for the bill. They had one day to look at it and I think they made a mistake fortunate thing about the Senate is that it was a little bit slower and we had an opportunity as have our allies and have her people interested in just respecting Rick just liberty in defending it. They been able to communicate to the Senate look slow down. This is not a good thing.

It's not what it purports to be.

It's not simply a codification of your birth will decision to create serious threats to religious liberty it will ease the foundation for the pet potential stripping of tax-exempt status by the IRS of nonprofits that don't adhere to the current orthodoxy about what marriages so we hope that the Senate will slow down.

We hope that they won't be 10 Republicans to join the Democrats in order to overcome the filibuster and make this thing into law alright well again we appreciate your great coming of the program today alerting our audience about this folks, we have the story up on Todd's but also the ADF and get all of the other background on the. The story there is a great piece here called the respect for marriage at can't answer the question what is marriage and you can read that it ADF are great. Thank you again appreciate your time this afternoon. Thank you.created our eight 844-747-8868. That is our toll-free telephone number I want to get to that breaking news and this really is a bombshell of a story. The FBI according to the Jew are on brand-new filing from John durum and he's been investigating the whole Russia collusion story for gosh a couple of years now. We now know, thanks to a new filing that is just come out that the FBI paid a Russian agent to frame president trump the story up on our website at Todd's the alleged principal source of the discredited steel dossier became a paid FBI informant Igor ditching Co. has been charged with five counts of lying to the FBI as part of jurors probe into the origins of the original Russia collusion investigation, but a filing unsealed this week says the FBI actually paid Dan Janco as a confidential human source during the years then-President Donald Trump was under investigation by the way Dan Timko is the guy that has supplied the most salacious accusations in the steel dossier which all turned out not to be true durum claims that Dan Timko hired by the FBI in March 2017 remained a of spying for the FBI during Robert Muller's probe into the accusations against the trunk campaign were starting to put the puzzle pieces together here and again you can read the full story up our website right now, but were beginning to to put the puzzle pieces together and it certainly appears as if all of this was concocted by people within the FBI and the Clinton team. The Clinton campaign organization to take out Donald Trump by using this fake this phony dossier. This is pretty despicable stuff your legs and Solomon. We can only pray that people are brought to justice over this. This is just nonsense are working to take a break when we come back going right to the phones folks are are you intimidated are you concerned that your support for Donald Trump could result in a visit from the FBI 844-747-8868 this is the Todd Stern show. Remember to eat your fruits and vegetables.

We all remember these words from a child that anyone had turned a nice store, prepare and eat fruit and vegetables busy line balance of nature keeps it simple. Our produce is powdered afternoon advanced vacuum coldpressed stabilized nutrient content to produce it into a scientifically researched, designed with your body and mind. These plans are encapsulated or packaged incident right here to work. You can get all the benefits of a colorful variety of vegetables every day experience the balance of nature different for company hundred two 468-5135 percent on your first order is as old as will is a lot of so there were some there was a big primary yesterday in New Hampshire. What's interesting about this is that you handle all of these bag of Republicans on the ballot, but president trump actually stayed neutral so the president and what was it that I read the. The establishment parted electrons go to stay out of the set of trump stays out of this, then the establishment candidates are going to pull out the winds with well it turned out not to be true as a matter of fact, all of the magna candidates approach front candidates in New Hampshire won their primary battles and it is freaking the establishment out. What does that tell you ladies and Solomon. What does that tell you that conservatives antiestablishment conservatives are winning primary battles and of all places New England. What does that tell you 844-747-8868 that's her toll-free telephone number.

A lot of folks wanted to wait and let's start in North Carolina. Matthew I once to weigh in on this marriage Bill hey Matthew, what's on your mind not read the bill, wondering that not yet more people getting married and the Republican vote on it because it's going to allow more light on the problem I have with all of this and going back to what Justice Clarence Thomas wrote about marriage and overfilled the problem with the older fell just like Roe V Wade, you have the federal government weighing in on what should be a state matter and honestly I'm not sure why the government is in the business of marriage anyway but again it it's it's a disturbing thing that's happening there being flat-out dishonest with how they've written the language in alarming Republican. What would drop well look, I mean you got for what the reality is that the Republican Party is going to be his pro-gay marriage, I mean, by and large the Republican Party is pro-gay marriage, and I don't think I have people standing up in opposing this like you would have five or even 10 years ago, Matthew appreciate the call got a run let's go to Patty and North Carolina Patty.

I understand you're going to the big trump rally out that's coming up what in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Now I'm going to Ohio, all while severe drought will you know he's going to Trump is coming to Wilmington, North Carolina soon and that one can tell you now are mine in the RICO act care at my door at 3 o'clock in the morning Patty I would if you do that I want you to have the cell phone camera going because I can probably go viral like Mary walked every day. I know you your good Southern lady. I have no doubt your I got over the wall. I live great find on my lawn already know, I hear you.

Now I know you're you're from the north, but you live in the South now and you you act like a Southerner so we count you as one of our Patty just say say y'all how y'all doing really what I'm doing. Well, you're kinda sorta a southern house that sold for Mike Lindell going to party around me. You know in the sand thing here is Patty that it's always a possibility. I mean that you we just had to take Morris on it. He's a toddler. If we get disconnected. I hope it's a bad phone line and not that the FBI dragnet you. We also do think that way you carry them. I want my car. Good for you Patty hey look, you gonna let give us a call when you get to the rally.

We want to hear how things went and you be safe driving or heading over to Ohio driving. I went one thing now can I think I'm trying, yet he should but I don't think he cares otherwise he would've apologized don't care. I y'all Patty Alderson just y'all just let it just kind of flow that's we love Patty. It's tough. You know I grace I tried to him to try to teach some of the Northerners I worked with at Fox News a lot I called more than his own to be respectful on Yankees. But it's a yes it that they just can't this you write it said by the way, can I just say something about going to win it all into stopping a southern city you know everybody it's don't they call it the New York City of the South. Nobody talks with an action around here. I don't see any pickup trucks in the metro area of Atlanta games will yeah this is the South, but grace I got up for breakfast this morning and you know what I have to have a breakfast sat down and I asked for my scrambled eggs.

I asked for some bacon.

I asked for a glass of sweet tea and I asked for a biscuit and they got notice gets no biscuits and see no biscuits. What's wrong with these people. The world just spiraling quickly like a bagel.

Know what I paid off. I want a bagel. I go to New York City. I want to biscuit New York of the South. Unbelievable. It would be like going into one of the Jewish delis in New York and asking for a bagel like we don't have any bagels. Yeah, what's wrong with you know the problem is the need to carry my show in the Atlanta area and we would fix that problem. Yes definitely I just say I'll get on it think you great sorry let's go to In Georgia listen to us a W deal with You know what I'm talking about Atlanta doesn't feel like the South probably got out of there long. Good for you. You made the right choice. What's on your mind About some of the stuff you're talking about, Bobby, I think would help on the cases and send them to the guys they complement Hillary just get some bleach little bit bit of bleach. Bedding is absolutely coming. Just send him the Hillary coming to the FBI or even just carry an X going around in your pocket.

You now are in your in your car when they stop you just given the busted up found in a Ziploc bag of a I like you. It's a caloric style. You know it's interesting By the way, for those of you that are listening and that God forbid the FBI knocks on your door. If you have everything uploaded to the cloud. All you have to do is going to be phony you get is re-download everything so that that at least one possible solution. There are a God bless you and thanks for the call 844-747-8868 that's her telephone was called culture Creek. That's what it is not Grace gets upset every time I get off on these tensions but it's like kudzu. Once you let the left in to your community that it covers everything and it kills everything it touches.

That's what liberalism does. I do say I gotta take a break or our good friend Dr. Amir Cantor is dropping by in studio, president of Troop McConnell college or university doubt that Stromectol University will be taught with them coming up as well. We are broadcasting live from our great affiliate W DU in here in Gainesville, Georgia. I'll be speaking at the Paris boat stand conference that's coming up tomorrow. We got information nature changing the world one life at a time. It all felt that the doctor told us all like and I all supplements but I think taking throughout the years, there were good there more in the high, but nothing compares the balance of nature is not." Years I can tell you because it is the same path years that Myla and I really thought about start your journey: 100 246-8751 or go to Townsend to get free shipping. And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order by using discount code balance concerns radio show we are on the road this week.

By the way, tomorrow I will be speaking at the prey boat stand conference in Atlanta and our good friend of the host of wake up Memphis K WAN Tim Van Horn will be filling in for me tomorrow so and then I'll be back in the studio with you on Friday.

Then off to California will be broadcasting the show from Los Angeles and then Charlotte, North Carolina and then Wichita Jesus Lou I'm already worn out contractor Amir Cantor though joins us from Troop McConnell University resort in your neighborhood, Dr. Hannah, good to see you today. Always good to see it's looks like were two of the four Horsemen exactly of course true. It is has been a longtime friend of the program and you guys are just doing some incredible work as a Christian university and you guys certainly do not shy away from from patriotism at true know and why would you you know it were never going to teach her students to hate themselves hate each other hate our country and that's the typical indoctrination of K-12. It's on steroids when it comes to diversity, equity and inclusion officers within most secular universities. It's the craziest thing. Dr. Cantor, we have seen this movement really over the past couple of years. Maybe you can pinpoint it when it actually started this idea that you can't be a good Christian and support America or if your church you shouldn't have an American flag in your sanctuary read all that stuff come from well it universities always incubation unit for this and so when you're looking at dangerous philosophies like critical race theory which comes from critical theory of that actually was birthed in Germany they came over here and it stayed the stuff, but it really came full form right before the pandemic and they knew with the great reset it's time to launch.

It's not to apologize and radicalism really became mainstream to such an extent that you're now seeing stories like in Ireland were a teacher that would not use a pronoun for student is biologically male was kicked out of school and awfully arrested because he wasn't allowed to teach a course it hasn't gotten to that extreme just yet. Here in America but we have certainly seen teachers that have been fired teachers that have been punished for not going along with this subsection engender revolutionary ideology that we talk a lot about on this program.

Why would they get all the funding from the feds to get all the funding from every state, including red states and if you would just shift that into funding for a student instead of funding for bureaucracy you would correct it because why would you have a degree in gender studies that gives you nothing at the end beyond an activist for the liberal cause allow them to have it. If people want. That's capitalism. But right now we don't have capitalism we have in infused socialism were funding to come, regardless of what you teach and what they want all on this program. We encourage people homeschool if you can.

If you can't make sure you get your your kid to do a good Christian private school, but even then that could be problematic. Tell me what is it that people that moms and dad should be looking for, not just on the grade school and high school level but really on the collegiate level. What should they be looking for a university well and you hit the target on the head with homeschool. I homeschool my children and my sons now a junior forensic psychology major Troop McConnell and my daughter will be nursing on me.

They get all the education they need homeschool movement, which only half a million is about the birth to five by the end of the next decade you're having this massive growth pattern simply because parents realize they can do it themselves they can do it better. They can do it cheaper. All things but on the University front absolutely key that the first person they meet at universities, not the admissions officer smiles at you. But go to the DI officer.

The diversity equity inclusion officer and asked them what their role is here asked to see some syllabi. For example, I have a friend who was doing a PhD at one of our universities here in Georgia, and the entire syllabus was black lives matter in his first project was since your white you are a racist. How are you going to apologize to you and if he didn't write it.

He would fail.

So he dropped out of the program.

Is that right of this is that in your face it, it's if people think it's audacious on the media, social media platforms. You have no idea how strong and how uncontested it is at the university level. So when people say when it happened it didn't happen overnight, but they immediately took over universities and then they were self-perpetuating. So then places like sociology, you can't find any conservatives you may find a smattering in a business school law school history school. But even now that's gone because the whole Montrose critical race theory, which means if you don't hold to this Marxist philosophy you're not welcome, and worse than that you're somehow phobic or your racist or whatever it is there's no intellectual thought aloud. So let's talk about what's happening Troop McConnell because you guys are clearly your you're not ashamed of the gospel message. You are also conservative and you also you guys love America well in to the positive front, if you're looking at the negatives. What you should look for and I would also tell people if their children go to a secular school. That's what they chose to do. Gotta get yourself in local church or I promise you, your compass will be off at Truitt. What we do is we tell them here so we are we are a school that has a confession of faith. So mom and dad do not have to worry about the fact that we are going to teach something that it doesn't align with Scripture.

But secondly we teach not only the most biblical, but the broadest. So when you go to a UG AR Georgia Tech and you go to biology or only to get evolution. The student Truitt gets evolution and creation then also understands how to affirm creation. They get a broader education and more biblical education as you get the Truitt those are crucial issues that mom and dad have to look for and I would add one more. It's not merely the theology or the religion department needs to be conservative. It needs to be all of the schools or else you're going to have a bifurcated word may be bipolar education. One sides liberal of one substance that is that that's a great point. I've never really heard that described it like that before, but I think it makes a lot of sense of VP Mike Pentz was at liberty University. Another great school of speaking at convocation. He said that the people calling for tolerance have little tolerance for Christianity. Do you agree with that idea from the vice president.

Yet the NASCAR race toward socialism that liberals have gone to a speed nobody's ever seen.

You know the liberals of old would say we are right and were trying to convince you that were right. The liberals of new it. There is no toleration, but there's there must be a full form conformity. That's why the intellectual term Marxism is use Marxism means there is no other alternative opinion that is even allowed and you check to see if there are any aloud when you see conservative people try to go to secular schools and try to speak.

They're not even allowed on the campus. Also, the students shut them down, they scream if they do show up. There's no free speech allowed whatsoever. Dr. Abeer Cantor from Troop McConnell University here in a beautiful North Georgia a Dr. Cantor.

You guys are also in the throes of a big, big congressional race. A lot of other races here. How are things going and how involved are your students in and politics would say, a plurality of our students are deeply involved or their noticing what's going on because it impacts them everything from saying your student loan debt is forgiven. Which it isn't just placed on another generation is placed in the debt and people that didn't go to college is pay our pain for those who did go to college but they know they know it because when you hit the grocery store and you hit the gas tanks and you hit everyday life.

It wasn't this way.

Two years ago and the only question is to whom is responsible. So here in Georgia. Of course you have two Democrat senators and they both voted with Biden every single time to spend every single penny that you have and more. So what they really have done is infused so many dollars in the economy that the dollar that you hold in your wallet is not worth this much as it was two years ago which creates not an inflationary pattern of 8.5%, which is announced. That's a cheating number because they change what was counted there, if you count votes counted 30 years ago. It's a 16% inflationary rate. That's we see in groceries and again going back to the root problem here.

The reason why college costs about your looking at the salaries of all of these woke professors, all these woke degrees and the reality is, if you know if you're going to college in your majoring in 16th-century lesbian pottery to pay back your all your loan me working to get stuck working at the foot the bill for that stuff and add to it the whole point of pain also in student loan is a first step.

Progress is very good at this second step is they want to own universities so that you can only study what they tell you to study because are now paying for you free college education is not free thought and it's not free at all in the same way that were now spending $20-$26,000 in the state of Georgia to educate a K-12. Imagine what you have to pay any University because is not merely the professor doesn't have a student success anything in mind it's them massive massive administrative overhead every universe. So knowing what's out there and I mean there are a lot of enticements to go to the public universities and colleges.

What is it about Truitt that that you are hearing from your students.

What is it that's bringing them to your campus, so I first say the majority those come say they have a sense of belonging and a sense of faith.

Those two things are crucial to our students that they are welcome in their faith and they are maturing in their faith, but also their welcome as a family there a cohesive unit we hang together.

I played intramural basketball last year. That may sound odd because of the �52 does sound odd very odd looking I I'm a nerd at the arms of a thinking man I have a 3 inch vertical. I don't belong here were undefeated. We never want to game so undefeated is a certain turn to it, but it's that part they come to chapel together there part of an athletic team together and that type of intimacy growing in the faith and being unapologetically Christian, which means that we hold to a biblical sufficiency in every class, every class that we have and I'm curious how that has has worked out when you you came to the University there was a college and there were just a handful students are in and take us through the process of where you guys are now so the first process was a confession of faith that all faculty would be united around a core theology that Jesus is the only way to heaven.

The Bible is the word of God. Religious liberty is in with our confession of faith and sharing Christ with others in other the second was to core that value to our students. Every one of our students. We have 10 different schools, whether it's criminal justice music business Christian studies. Whatever every one of our students before they graduate have to take the great commission. Minors have to take a theology class a Bible class a mission trip or omissions class Christian worldview class, a class on the free church so they can graduate. We ensure that every one of our faculty were fully bought as full believers devout in Christ, so that when they're in biology taught by PhD from Harvard, who also is a Bible believing Christian and you can do the best of both worlds. The lie of the University as Christians are not intellectuals.

When I would challenge anyone with schools. We have compared to any other university in the nation. Dr. Abeer Cantor is hanging out with us so the president of Troop McConnell University 844-747-8868 if you would like to ask Dr. Cantor a question that's 844-747-8868 were not working to take a break or can you stick around for a few minutes. That's all right this is the Todd surgery Neosho nature changing the world one life at a time like that. I met a girl it all the stuff that the doctor called all my and I all supplements but taking throughout the years, there were good there more in the high, but nothing compares the balance of nature is not." Years I can tell I you. Same years of violent and I'm really start your journey: 100 246-8751 or go to Townsend to get free shipping. And don't forget to get 35% off your first preferred order by using discount code balance is a dream and all I know is not when you say is seems no vocal stylings of Jim Gosset here on the Todd surgery but didn't realize we could were doing DJ music stuff. Dr. Tanner all so classic when he said will be fine. Biden wasn't lined by. We met him and Jill rest of us are in trouble, but doing just great. He's got all the Chinese money he made as others here and here you have the FBI out there and they're reading your poor Mike Lindell and all of these trump supporters. Meanwhile, we still don't have a clue what was in the of the documents via Jeffrey Epstein case hundred Biden's laptop. They're not touching that with a 10 foot pole, but the governor after Mike Lindell of my pillow there back to interviewing Hillary Clinton.

That's a classic thing. How should we react when Hillary Clinton was asked about Trump and his classifications. Hillary Clinton want to add superclass but and and just thousands and thousands of classified documents in her control, not to mention her own private email server. It's it's very clear, I think, to the American people what the FBI is up to right now in the abide administration. Well, that's a key. You can't just win in November. You can't win by one or two seats you gotta swing 456 cents each get a swing 4045 house each can't get happy with how we get 20 in the house. That's not enough house Herschel doing here is the polling numbers are looking pretty good for Herschel's got a good campaign running. I think people realize, and they will between the voter and the likely voter that Herschel will swing a 3 to 5 point when Gov. campus absolutely doing phenomenal here because he staying on course is visiting every small town there is and talking to the people and not merely going to any big rally and what Stacy Abrams doing Star Trek shows in writing romance novels. Yeah, no wonder she's down eight I mean she doesn't even know how to campaign well if that's the best she has those theatrics only work in them where the cheese get the money in Silicon Valley. All right people want information about Troop McConnell University if they want to donate to the school. Maybe there's a student listing where should they go TRU and we do have 15 programs online both undergraduate and graduate dual enrollment all the way through graduate degrees. We would love to have anyone of course it again stressing that online education so you don't even have to go to North Georgia. You can do that's take your studies from nine from your living room yet. We have students all over the world that are taken degrees and many are missionaries. Many are different than just family with triple, good to see Dr. Cantor's by the way Grace Baker have to share this news with you know we were talking about the collegiate grill and how I'm a huge fan of the of the Chile slot arch their. Oh yeah� I guess I will rush over there after the show polio and find a parking spot and I opened the door only to see I'm opening the door as they're turning the sign that says closed tests is sad. That's heart-wrenching, I'm sorry to cry a little bit. I know it may have been an FBI time that you graced our focus is been a lot of fun. Dr. Cantor, thank you. Great to see you folks.

Tim VanHorn and tomorrow, if you're the Atlanta area trump I'd say hello to big book signing speaking engagement at the first Baptist Church in Atlanta got America remember to eat your fruit and vegetables. We all remember these words from a child anyone nice store prepare written vegetables Townsend nature keeps it simple.

Our produce is powdered afternoon advanced "stabilized nutrient content to produce it into a scientifically researched design with your body and mind.

These plans are encapsulated or packaged incident right here to work. You can get all the benefits of a colorful variety of written vegetables every day experience the balance of nature different hundred two 468-5135 percent on your first order

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