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Jeffrey Simmons: trash talk can sometimes get reckless

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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June 25, 2024 2:39 pm

Jeffrey Simmons: trash talk can sometimes get reckless

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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June 25, 2024 2:39 pm

6/25/24 - Hour 2

Rams All-Pro RB Kyren Williams and Rich discuss playing for the same team he grew up rooting for,  his breakout season last year, learning from Sean McVay and Matthew Stafford, his goals for the upcoming season, the team drafting RB Blake Corum, and more.

Titans All-Pro DT Jeffrey Simmons and Rich discuss his football origin story, how he goes from cool, calm and collected to a trash talking maniac on game days, how things are different under new head coach Brian Callahan after the departure of Mike Vrabel, and watching Derrick Henry leave for the Baltimore Ravens.

Rich breaks down the Titans’ schedule and explains why they might be a lot better than pundits are predicting.

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And I know you're gonna love this Chris. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Rich! We here baby! Rich! We here baby! Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles.

Um, let me tell you something pimpin. He has a naked heart on the back. That's exactly how it looks on Joe Bird boo boo. Earlier on the show Eagles tackle Lane Johnson. Coming up Rams running back Kyran Williams.

Titans defensive tackle Jeffrey Simmons. Two-time Academy Award winning actor Kevin Costner. And now it's Rich Eisen.

That's right. Hour number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. Kevin Costner at hour three.

Hour one at Lane Johnson. Jeffrey Simmons of the Titans is walking into our Los Angeles show studio as we speak. We just ended hour number one talking about the Florida Panthers finally breaking through and winning the Stanley Cup and bringing it to South Florida. And we showed a photograph in the Roku channel segment leading to break of the Florida Panthers champion Matthew Kachuck hanging out in a school bus as a ninth grader with his fellow classmate now NBA champion Jason Tatum.

And this is just unbelievable. And so the only thing that's left right now is to keep this St. Louis flow going and welcome in from that city now with the Los Angeles Rams. Kyran Williams here on the Rich Eisen Show. Good to see you, Kyran. How are you? I'm good. I'm great, actually. It's good to see you too. Thanks for having me on the show. You bet. Was that an appropriate introduction, Kyran? Oh, yeah, that's great. You could have done it better right there.

You could have did the better, right? Because there's in that photograph, there's a Stanley Cup champion and a Larry O'Brien champion. We just need to add Vince Lombardi and we're good, right? We're good. Yep. And that's the plan for this year. Now, you didn't go to their high school, right?

In St. Louis. I didn't go to their high school, but our high schools were in the same conference. So I played Chaminade every year at football, any sports, honestly, because they're in the MCC conference.

So we definitely went ahead, went against them for sure. I'm sure you did. So then let me ask you this. Did you grow up a St. Louis Rams fan? Oh, yes.

One thousand percent, yeah. Actually, one of my good friends, one of my lily coaches, he has season tickets to all the Rams, obviously the Rams games. And every home game we were at, we were there and we were like three rows up. And so like when the players came off the field, we were down there screaming like, can I get your gloves? Can I get your cleats?

Can I get anything? Honestly, you know, so just I always spend a lot of time with every Jones domain. So it's a surreal moment, you know, circling back with the Rams now. So what's your favorite memory of watching a game there other than just, you know, asking for somebody's pads or gloves or something like that? Yeah, for me, it was me and Stephen Jackson. And I met him like multiple times. I was down there for an event one time where he, you know, I was able to take an up close picture with him and get an autograph. And also like one of my little league teammates, Isaac Tinoisamoah, his uncle, Pisa Tinoisamoah, played for the Rams during that time.

So like after all the games, we would go back to the locker room. And so I just continue to keep meeting Stephen Jackson. And that's like the vivid memories I have. Like just being so like shocked and like just amazed that I'm around NFL players. This is where I wanted, this is obviously where I wanted to be. So having those experiences as a little kid, I was in awe.

So then walk me through the the night of or the afternoon of the third day of the 2022 draft and your phone rings. Yeah, it was stressful, honestly, because I wasn't I wasn't bad in college. So I thought I was going to go higher up. And then what I did. So it was it was a lot of stress.

You know, those three those three days, man, it was the most stressful days I've ever had in my life. But I'm glad it's past me. But, you know, just waiting for that call and getting that call. And instead of thousands of California, I had no idea who that was.

But I was going to answer either way because it was my dream come true. And then when I heard that it was the Rams, it probably didn't hit me till like two days later to where like all the adrenaline was gone. That like, oh, wow, it's a full circle moment. You know, God never fails. But like, I'm going to the Rams. Like it might take forever to take those three days to get there.

But, you know, I'm going to the spot where I grew up watching and grew up loving. So like, you know, God never fails. And it's a full circle moment. Yeah.

A space proceeded, obviously, you know, decades removed and also one city removed from a spot Stephen Jackson once occupied. You know, what if I told that kid that day about this? He wouldn't have believed it. Right? He would have believed he would have been like, are you what are you talking about?

He wouldn't have believed it for sure. Did the game slow down for you last year? Oh, yeah. Yeah, 1000 percent is coming off my rookie year. I knew what to expect. You know, there wasn't really no any more surprises for me going forward. You know, I knew that I just had to work and it wasn't really nothing else for me to do.

I had a point to prove and that was only going to get proved by the work that I put in. And so coming into that second year, I was I was confident more than ever because I had put in the work. I went home. I went to St. Louis.

I came down to Florida. You know, I did the things I had to do to get ready for the camp. And then so I just knew that whenever my time was called it, I was going to, you know, do the things that I do, do the things that I usually I've done my whole life.

I mean, you know, so this was nothing surprise for me. It's just, you know, it took a while like everything does. And so now that this year, I'm just going to keep on, you know, grinding for grinding like I wasn't like I still still trying to get to this point where I want to be. And so, you know, it was definitely it was fun. Not that, you know, I'm going to put you in the position of your coach who remembers every snap like it was literally three seconds ago and circumstances. But is there a snap, a play where you did realize the game is slowed down for me?

1000 percent. I would even say that I'm going to tell you a snap, but I just want to start with the game. Like the Arizona game where I really came out of my shell. That was the first time where I just felt like, oh, yeah, this is what I've been doing my whole life.

You know, this is nothing new. But for a play specifically was when we played the Giants going into the who's on a 28-yard line that we call the mid zone play. And we've been working this since camp. Honestly, we've been working this obviously this play. But when when the defense brings a pressure on his play, a lot of things, things tend to happen differently. And so the receiver has to stay front side. The tackle has to set wise to keep to do it outside.

And so that gives me called a lagging pin. And so being able to get the handoff realize that what was happening in front of me, knowing that if I continue to keep pressing this landmark that K dot Kevin Dotson. He's he got he's going to get through the line free and get to that backer. So if I keep pressing this, pressing this, pressing this hole in his line that his back is going to flow and K that's going to be able to kick him out.

And so once I seen that happening, I was able to, you know, drop my weight sink and really get vertical behind K dots block. And then the receiver is doing what they do best, obviously, downfield blocking. And, you know, allowed me to get to that touchdown. But, you know, just being able to like really recognize what was going on during the play. Like I came back to the sideline. I was like, that was a lagging pin.

Let's go. Like, good job, fellas. Like, yeah, we've been working effort for the longest. And, you know, we it happened and we executed to the to a T. So, you know, things like that was definitely like for me is like, OK, I understand this game now. So that you said that was in the Giants game last year. Yes, that was the last game of the regular season. And I'll tell you straight up, Karen, it looked like the game was slowing down for you in the weeks before it, too.

No, it definitely was. But like that Pacific play where like everybody had to execute on a different type of a different look. That's what made me realize, like, OK, like, you know, we're firing all cylinders. OK. And what is it like to have a conversation about ball with Sean McVeigh?

You got a good example of that for me? I mean, it's not really what it's like. So, like I said, he's going to pull up a play, whatever he thinks of from last year on a 20 yard line, the right half going towards the scoreboard or going towards the end zone. So but it's really just breaking down, just kind of just explaining to him how I'm thinking, and then he's going to be able to explain it to me how he thinks, because, you know, his terminology doesn't really like he's smart. He knows the game. He obviously he's a very master masterful mind person when it comes to this football game. So not everything that he says, you know, I'm going to understand. And so it's to me to go ask him, like, OK, this is how this is what you wanted. And then that's how he explained this to me. And then I'm just going from there.

But I think Coach McVeigh, he's he's great at being able to be like talk like to the Matthew staffers, but then talk to like rookies as well and get them to understand the same things. What's it like being in the huddle with nine? Oh, it's great.

It's awesome. He's a dog. He's an absolute dog. Like I remember just last year, just like during a couple of times specifically the Indianapolis game where he's he's literally hobbling to the line and he's going to go go on a winning drive to go win the game. And so being around guys like that, it leads you not it leads you to only want to be great. It leads you to not only want to live up to this expectation that, you know, he's doing it.

If he's doing it, then why am I not doing it? You know, and so like he's he's one of the if not one of the greatest quarterbacks to play this game. And it's a blessing every time to go, you know, just take the field with somebody like that.

Well, what's what's your goals for this year? I mean, again, last year you had a breakout season. You went to the Pro Bowl games the weekend, right? And you got that experience under your belt.

You played in a wild playoff environment in a dynamite, like in the best game of wild card weekend. I know it did not go your way in terms of the final result, but there was a lot you put under your belt last year. Kyron, I'm wondering what your goals are for 2024. Honestly, it's just growing off of what I did last year and being a leader out there on the field, being somebody that, you know, people can come to, or people can just watch and observe and see how see what they need to do to be successful.

And it really, like I said, it really doesn't take much. You know, you got to be dedicated. You got to, you know, you got to work every single day to get to where you want to be and knowing that.

You're the angle is not going to happen tomorrow or might not happen the next day, but eventually, if you continue to keep working each and every single day, that's going to get to where you need to be. So for me, it's just living by that, you know, just picking off what I did last year, being, being able to create more explosives in the run game and also being able to create more explosive in the pass game. Like, I'm super excited that we went to go Jeff Blake Gordon, you know, somebody who can run the ball very well.

I mean, hopefully that allowed me to get to the slot or allows me to just run routes out of the backfield so that I'm able to, you know, be able to showcase my skills and the game and that I have for this game. It's interesting. You mentioned, you know, the rookie that was just drafted and, you know, I'm a Michigan guy, Kyron.

So I know him and who he is as a person and obviously as a, a terrific warrior on the field. Twenty-two, twenty-three and twenty-two. That's the depth chart right now, right? One and two, baby. Yeah. So what, what do you, what do you guys talk about what you can do together as a unit? I mean, I know obviously we talked together what we can do as a unit, you know, with every guy, myself, Ronnie, Zach Evans, Boston Scott, even Blake Horner. We all talk about what we can do as a whole.

And, you know, we're just working every, each and every single day to get where we want to be. There's not really like conversations where we're like, oh, Blake, I can't wait till, you know, I hit this run and then you hit this run. We're just, we're just grinding, you know, and then when those times come, those are the conversations you have on the sideline during the game. Like, like I'm gonna hit this 15 yard run and when you come in, please, like you get a first down, like it'd be stuff like that, you know, just during the game type of talk. But there's not really, right now in practice, we're just trying to get each other better, you know, just watching each other move and whatnot.

Just being able to coach, coaching what you think we need to get better at. Well, I'm looking forward to seeing what you can do this season. And, you know, last year, Kyron, you were, as they would say, a waiver wire fantasy darling, Kyron. A lot of people weren't having you on their draft radar screen. Chris, this year, he's, where is Kyron Williams right now?

Yeah, according to Pro Football Focus that I follow, RB4, number 12 overall. What are your thoughts on that, Kyron? What do you think? You know, I'm always going for the number one spot, you know, I don't like to be anything that's not number one. If you're not first, you're last. So I'm continuing. Wow.

You just went Ricky Bobby on us, huh? Okay. I hate when I say that. Okay. So, you know, one is McCaffrey, Kyron. It's all right. I got to tell you something. Okay. I love that.

So, right. Who's two and three? Chris, you got two and three right there? So, Kyron, can McCaffrey?

McCaffrey is RB1, Bijan, RB2 heading into the year, and Breece Hall, RB3. Okay. Young guns?

Young guns. You got this, right, Kyron? I ain't nothing but a little work. That's all it is. Okay. Very good. Kyron, what a pleasure to chat with you.

Say hi to everybody up there in Thousand Oaks where you now know who's up there. Yes. And let's connect throughout the season. Total pleasure. For sure. I appreciate you again for having me on the show. You bet, Kyron.

And hopefully maybe in person next time. Let's get you here. Hey, if I'm out in LA, I'm down.

Let's do it. That's Kyron Williams of the Los Angeles Rams. He wants what Matt Kachuck and Jason Tatum have, which is a trophy from St. Louis. Kyron Williams right here on the Rich Eisen Show.

Good to chat with him right here. You know what the Rams problem, I think, is going to be is not enough energy, guys. Not enough energy, guys. Yeah, the coach doesn't have the energy. The coach doesn't have the energy.

Yeah, they're way down here. Yeah, Pukunakua doesn't have the energy. He doesn't have the energy. Coram doesn't have the energy. You know, what, Stafford? He's just, yeah, there's no energy there.

And the announcer at SoFi. Oh, yeah, yeah. Low energy. Who's house? Who's house? Rams house, right?

Third down. Don't you say, I haven't been there for a Rams game, I don't think. You guys said he's really loud, though, right? Oh, yeah, he is. There's no doubt who's house it is. He's very excited about everything, which is what you want.

That's probably a dream job. Why not? Dude, they're so young and they're so good. And then Stafford's like.

Last year, it's like, OK, you got Kyron Williams, you got Pukunakua, and you're like, who are these kids? Never heard of them. Right.

Add Corum to the mix. Cooper Cup, healthy. Come on now. I had both of them on my fantasy team. Well, you picked them up, right? After week one. I picked them up after week one.

No, you probably picked up Puka after week one. Hold on a minute, let me get, I have Kyron's game log here. Because when he's just like, yeah, the Giants game, I'm like, wait a minute. That was cold, right?

I mean, it was a cold day. And then it's like, they're last games. Like, that's when these things slowed down. He had three touchdowns in that game. By the way, that was one, two. He had three multiple touchdown games. Well, week one, he scored two times against Seattle in that shocking 30-13 opener. I already thought, okay, here comes Seattle after making the playoffs the year before. Geno with the comeback player of the year.

And they put the Spankalanka on him. Maybe you picked him up then. He had two touchdowns in week four.

I definitely had him in week four. Okay. I'm not sure if... Puka was just a revelation. Who is this guy? Yeah. He's a revelation.

Week one, I go to that waiver where I'm like, oh, let me get this guy. Let's take a quick phone call here on the Rich Eisen Show. Robert in Wisconsin wants to hop on here. What's up, Robert? Yeah. I just broke a channel viewer on my days off work, and I noticed something. I don't know if it's the recent Celtics championship, but Chris Brockman's normally looking like he runs the front desk at a haunted Caribbean hotel.

He missed three buttons. Is that a glint of pain that I see? A haunted Caribbean hotel. Okay. Very good.

Hotel Transylvania's finest. We're not taking this, Robert. No, you're not taking it. What's going on? No, I'm loving it. I'm loving it. Normally, you look so uptight.

This is a fun show. Yeah. Normally, he goes top button. Top button. Yeah. Normally, he goes like Rain Man look. You know what I mean? He goes all the way top button.

87. So you noticed it, Robert. Do not adjust your sets. Do not adjust your sets. I just thought that Joe Burrow's not the only one with surprising fashion choices. Let me tell you something, Pippen.

You don't want me to turn around, Robert. No. It's full fabric. By the way, you, of all people in this room, could never wear what Joe Burrow wore. Ooh, it's got a rug. Yesterday. Because, you know.

Wow. You of all people. The carpet.

The carpet. I'd have to get a wax first. Let's just say that. Let's just say yes. You'd have to go to Brazil, not Paris.

I'd have to go to Brazil first. I know. And, you know, kind of. Thanks. Thanks.

Listen, Robert. Your attention to detail is impeccable in it and very much appreciated. So thank you. I appreciate that.

Being on hold this season is like waiting on Santa Claus. I just needed to remember. Red rifle.

Red rider. Oh, man. See, I already messed it up. No, it's all good. Robert, Wisconsin. It doesn't matter.

It's all good. It's all ball bearings these days anyway. It's all ball bearings.

What was Jay Pharoah's show? Balls. Balls.

Yeah. Quiz with balls. Quiz with balls.

Ball it. It's so great to just at any point of the interview, if it's going to flag at any moment or, you know, it kind of strays into a lane that might be difficult. I feel like Jay's people yesterday were kind of nervous. No, not at all. His PR person, she was sitting here on the phone like she's like, this was just a day in the life of Jay Pharoah. Yeah. What do you think? He, that's, that was just an outlier for him yesterday? No, no, of course not.

But we seriously, we seriously saw the video 10 minutes before his live hit. We saw the video come across of, of Joe Burrow and Justin Jefferson just walking, walking in by the way, high fashion, high fashion. They were outside somewhere.

Oh, I believe that was a Place Vendome, if I could guess in Paris, if I could guess that's where they were. P-I-C V-E-N-D-O-M-E. And I believe there's a little carrot over the O. Listen, I'm a traveled, I'm a, I'm a well-traveled man.

Yeah, a little carrot on top of the O. Excuse me, excuse me. Just because I'm not wearing my rakish hat doesn't mean... Did you bring the rakish hat last week? I didn't. Oh, what a fail. Susie actually even turned to me on the flight saying, you forgot your rakish hat. Oh, what a fail. He told me right before he was leaving for the airport that he didn't have it. I was like, what are you doing? Yeah, man.

That should be like, that should be mandatory for you to travel outside of the country, Rich. I mean, come on. Yeah. All right. Okay. Welcome back to the rich absolute show.

Thank you very much. Is that getting us focused? That's Sir Davos. That's Sir Davos. Hey, guys. Uh, listen, uh, I believe a very bad man is in our green room right now. Is that correct? Am I correct in saying that?

All right. I've never met him. I'm guessing he's enormous. I cannot wait to meet Jeffrey. When we heard he was in town, I'm like, okay, let's get him.

Tennessee Titans, one of the finest right there in the middle of a defensive line. Jeffrey Simmons is to me joining us next for three Oh five coming at you on a Roku channel. This rich eyes and show radio station. This rich eyes and show podcast is sponsored by progressive insurance. Whether you're driving, cooking or doing laundry, progressive knows the podcasts you listen to go best when they're bundled with another activity, much like how their progressive home and auto policies go best when they're bundled, having these two policies together makes taking care of your insurance easier and could help you save to customers who save by switching their home and car insurance to progressive save over $775 on average. That's a whole lot of savings and protection for your favorite podcasts, listening activities like going on a road trip, cooking dinner, then even hitting the home gym. Yep.

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Last minute tickets, lowest price guaranteed. Back on the rich eyes and show radio network. I'm sitting at the rich eyes and show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger has the right product for you. All click or just stop by the Tennessee Titans, defensive lineman, extraordinary.

Jeffrey Simmons is here and just bringing the radio audience up to speed when we're just chatting in the Roku channel only segment. You said you were offered prior to your sophomore year of high school by Mississippi State. What was your, what was your size, height and weight at that point in time? I was only, I probably was like, um, maybe like six, three, six, maybe six, two, six, three, but I was real light at the time because I was, I played stand up the end. So I really didn't start gaining weight until like going into my senior year. So I was right around, I want to say maybe like two 60 my sophomore year maybe. Um, but my junior year, I probably like to send in, then I played right around two 75 to 80 my senior year.

All right. So when did you realize that you could play football particularly well? I started early, man. Like, um, it was, so my, I have an older brother who two years older than me, and I remember going to his football practice one day and I was like, I want to play football.

And, uh, you know, that next day coaches, I come back to practice. I was five years old and, um, he was seven years old. The league started at seven, it was seven to eight was the first team there, um, first age group. Um, so, and I, I remember going to his practice and I was like, I want to play football and I kept going and, um, um, just messing with the coach. Like I want to play football and, um, I play, I started playing football at the age of five. And as I, as you know, as you grow love for the game of football and, um, especially as a kid, you know, that's, that's how we used to do it, especially as a kid in my, in my household.

It was just me and my brother. We used to go in the backyard and just put it on our shoulder pads and him and we used to have this big pantry and tell everybody the story. He used to have a big patry and we used to just run into the tree and run into each other sometime. But, but man, it was just, I want to say really, I want to say like right around the peewee football time, like I want to say my 11 and 12 year old, um, around that age where I really like, I think I was like, yeah, I really, really love the game of football.

And, um, from that, from that I guess age, um, on like it just been, um, the love, love for me. So I'm just trying to shake my own memory tree here, Jeffrey Simmons. Um, were you in the green room for the draft? I wasn't. I was not. I wasn't. And it was in Nashville, right? It was.

So I, I would actually, um, I stayed back in Starkville with my family for the draft. So what was that night like for you? Uh, that night?

Yeah. What was that like? It was, you know, it's, um, it's very, it's crazy cause that video came back up.

I want to say maybe a month ago. Um, well maybe around a draft when he first, uh, I think the Titans reposted it and it's just every time I watched that video, I get chills because it's like, you know, the, the journey, um, you know, it's, I ever want to have their own journey and their story. And it's just like, when, um, I don't know if you like, I tore my ACL training for the draft. Um, it was like a week before the combine and it's like, I didn't know what, what was going to happen. Um, leading to the draft, I didn't know, you know, you hear these teams said, you are a guy. Um, you know, we really want you. I was looking at you to drop you here at this pick, but it's like that whole night.

I'm like, I don't know what's going to happen. So I'm sitting there in my family and I, you know, at the 19 pick, um, I was thinking at the end of the 18 pick, I get a phone call and said, Nashville, Tennessee, man, it just, all the emotion just came over. And like I said, that's one of the feelings that, you know, it's like no other. So I've been drafted that night, especially just being there with my family. That was, I think that was that, that right there just meant the most to me just to, you know, when all the, you know, sometimes you watch the draft videos, you see all the hoop and the holler. And it was like, everybody was just, it was like one of them real, really relieved moments right there.

So 19th overall draft choice and you, you know, then you, then you get on a plane to Tennessee, pretty much every other first rounder that was there got on a plane to get out and you know, just, you had to be sitting at home watching that scene. I just remember I getting goosebumps, just even remembering it, just turning around and seeing sometimes just the side of, of lower Broadway, just packed with people. Oh, that's what a scene that was. And when I got in that, cause I, it was Thursday night, um, Friday night was the same thing. Yeah. So when I got there Friday morning, I'm like, just no way. And then we was supposed to went to dinner, but we did go to dinner that Friday after I got done with all the media, I'm like, how can I move around here right now?

And now, I mean, our great thing, I didn't go to Broadway cause I probably would've got stuck down there for sure. I'm sure. Yeah. Yeah. That was crazy. I mean, we had a ball concert that night.

It was lit. I mean, that's, that's what it would look like if you bring a championship. And we, that's the goal, man. I, um, been preaching that, you know, we just trying to find the right thing, find the right pieces and, um, just find, how can we get back to the winning side of it?

And I think this, this the year for sure. Well, I mean, you're, you're a huge part of that and that's part of the reason why I wanted to have you when I heard you were here, Jeffrey Simmons here on the Rich Eisen show and in all honesty, the reason, you know, when I heard you were here, uh, I'm a fan of watching what you do and how you go about it. And I just wanted to see what a bad man looked like up close and personal, you know, and you strike me as very, you know, calm and cool right now. What happens on a game day? It's like a switch.

Everybody says it's a switch and just man, it's like when I, when I turn it on, on the field is like, it's different. You know, I don't, you know, everybody, you're asking that some of the players around the league who's who to like one of the probably biggest smack talker on the field. Yes. That'd probably say me. Um, you know, especially why would they say you cause I, I talk a lot. So you admit this.

Yeah. I admit it. Like I would say I admit it and sometimes it can get reckless, but I don't mean, I tell people like, you know, a lot of guys see me off the field and it was like, you totally different on the field, but I'm, I'm like, that's who I am on the field.

Like I, it's a, it's a flip, it's a switch that flip and it's like, to me, I have to feed my family when I'm on the field. I don't have friends. You know, I got guys who I played with in college that I didn't, you know, that I re I'm really close with, but I'm glad to play. Got like, I was just at my guy Elton Jenkins count that played for green bay.

We got them the third game of the season. Like we not friends on the football field and that just how I go by the man. Like I just, it's that, it's that switch for me. When you say reckless, what do you mean reckless Jeffrey?

Sometimes it's just any things that come out, I mean, I don't know, family, maybe not family. Okay. Looks like I could get, I can like make, I can really get on the people's skins where they could go and tell the referee sometimes complain to the refs about, about your words, like words, sticks and stones and all that.

Most definitely. I didn't have the ref come to me and was like, you have to calm it down. Like I didn't, this, like maybe then sometime the ref probably heard me like really talking smack sometimes. Like it was like nine, eight, like calm down. So somebody like actually went to the principal's office and complained about Jeffrey Simmons his language.

It's been like that a couple of times. Yeah. Do we know a player who, you know, a player that actually did it. Yeah. I'm not really going, I'm not going to do that. But you do know the player who actually went. Most definitely.

Was it to a, to a complaint? Don't don't, don't do that to him. Don't do that to him. Was it him? No, I'm just, no. No.

Was it, was it a, a, a lineman is most definitely be the line because I mean, I don't really see, I mean, I'm in a trenches, so. But do you get to the quarterback? I do. But do you say something?

They didn't, I mean, like, like I'm playing against a Joe Berry. He, he brushed me off sometime. Like I, I try to talk smack to him. I get to his alignment because I know if I could get to his line, I could get to him. I got, if I could talk, smash his lime and get in their head, I'm about to beat you now. Now I'm going to get you to your quarterback.

I don't think you can get thorough. Cause he's not only just like a cool, but am I mistaken? Did he tweet out at one point that you, that taunting should be allowed? Didn't he said, didn't he tweet that out once upon a time?

Cause it's like, it's also, it's like as a kid, I made a play. I can flex at you. I could point at you now you're getting a 15 yard penalty plus a FedEx.

Joe burrow did tweet. Let the guys taunt. Yeah.

Let the guys talk. Yeah. Okay.

So then let's do that. Uh, by, did you see how he was walking? Did you see how he was walking? I'm not a big fan of that open back thing. No, because if he says to taunt, I'm for sure, I'm, I'm asking why Jersey and I cut open in the back. Is that what you can say? Yeah, no, that was, that's kind of like, I wouldn't never do that fashion read though.

So everything different, by the way, I mean, if, if, if they gave this jacket to you, um, they, they could probably create another suit out of the material they've cut out of the back. Yeah. That's like, you know what I mean? Yeah. I'm not, okay.

I'm wearing that. So that's what you would say to him? Like when we play them this year, like I got to say something about that.

All right. Jeffrey, what kind of trash talker are you though, bro? Are you the type of go through the program kind of pick up on some family type stuff and just like cursing at them?

Are you trying to hurt them mentally too? Like what do you do? I'm not going to say, I haven't never said nothing like family wise, but like, I'm, I'm also like, I want to find something that I know, like that, you know, when you say something you, you, you hear guys like, or you'll see guys like, look at me kind of weird, but that's when I know I got them. But like, but like, I don't know, man, I, I, I don't know. I like to, I just, whatever come to mind, that's what I say, but you're not trying to make them laugh, right? No, no, no, no. I'm trying to, I'm trying to defeat you. Right.

So when I say something to you, I want you to like, you're like, yeah, I want, yeah. See this is another reason why I wanted to have you here because you, Jeffrey Simmons, week one of the national football league season will be the first human being on the other side of the line of scrimmage in a game for Caleb Williams. So you've got that plan. Oh, it's going to, yeah, it's going to be one of them games, especially, I mean, he, he probably get talks, man. I mean, smack talk to his, but you know, his teammates right now, but like, it's going to be especially a game like that.

My first game, of course, I missed the last end of the season. Right. It's going to be the first game of the season. They got us coming to Chicago. He going, all the hype is going to be around them.

Of course. So it's like, that's going, I think when, like, when, especially like not even prime time games, cause you know, everybody liked them. I wish I would have played a man game, but like everybody to count Tennessee, which we all know and the game like Chicago, and I'm sure they thinking we about to get beat out to other like bad. So that also make me even talk more smack and boost me up a little more, make me get in a different mode as well.

So I'll be in a different mode again. Well, speaking on behalf, if I may, of the national media of which I am a part, um, there's no doubt in my mind that entire game leading up to it will be all about the Chicago bears, Caleb Williams and Keenan Allen and, you know, Roma Dunze and what the bears have done to get Caleb Williams all set up. And you guys will be absolutely an afterthought. There's no doubt in my mind about it. Oh, definitely. And I say that to you with no conviction. I get it.

I get it. When you got a first round pick like Caleb Williams said, which is a great player, you know, watching a couple of games when he was at USC and you know, he's a hell of a player, but it's a different league and, you know, I'm, I'm excited to play him the first game. Well, because I'm sure you're well aware of what's going on in the rest of the sports world right now, say with Kaitlyn Clark and the WNBA, right, and how there's a lot of players in that grown woman league that is, has been eager to welcome her to the professional ranks. Oh, definitely. And you kind of are going to be the guy that could lead the forefront to do that to Caleb Williams. And that's like the goal, like that's my mindset.

I don't, then again, I really don't care who it may be. Sure. It could be, you know, Tom Brady first game of the season, you know, I want to go out there and set the tone, not just for him, but for who we are trying to be as a defense and as a team in Tennessee. So but like you said, it is one of them games where it's real first NFL game and you know, I just hopefully, you know, not out to hurt no one, but at the same time, our goal is to get to him and you know, it's like you said, welcome him to the NFL. You know, it's interesting you mentioned Brady's name because if I'm not mistaken, you and your rookie season were part of the team that ended his Patriots tenure.

Correct? That was like one of the best feelings like our, that game, I remember that game was actually Logan Ryan who picked it up, picked it, picked it off and thank you scored on that in the game. And I mean, that was like, I mean, that year we went to the ALC championship and everything like as a rookie, I'm like, I'm living in heaven right now, you know, thinking I'm about to go to the Superbowl, but of course, lost to the chiefs as a year. But that year it was like, you know, like I said, I came in hurt.

So I think I started playing in like week seven or eight. So I mean, when I got to that point, I mean, it was a playoff game right there playing against the Patriots. It's like, I'm playing as Tom Brady as a rookie right now. Vrabel must've been out of his mind in that locker room after that game.

It's like every time we get to play somebody like, um, of course, like the Patriots when Vrabel was there and the Steelers, you know, of course it was the Steelers to play with. It's like, it's like he, everything was different leading into that game week. You know, he, his mindset, the way he was like the intensity was up a little more, um, especially against the Patriots. What's Brian Callahan like now, now that you're post Vrabel, which is kind of surprising for a lot, but yeah, it's, it's, it's, the culture is different.

Um, I would say, and not, not in a bad way in a great way. Um, you know, every coach is different. His coaching style is totally different from Vrabel. You know, he don't, you know, I haven't experienced the, um, his, a lot of his coaching style yet because, um, you know, I really didn't participate in many count, but, um, just about being in the means rooms, um, you know, it's going to be good. Um, I feel like with him, I think he very more like, I guess, teachy, um, especially from a head coach because he, he actually is going to be one of the ones who calling some of the, um, plays on offense. So just being in the mean is like, yeah, he's very direct, especially what he wants from his offense. Um, but then, uh, you got guys like the North Wilson who I'm around, um, in the defensive meeting and just to see how he coached him and his energy is like no other. Um, I mean, I'll be in the mean and the defensive means trying to learn the playbook. I'm like, let's go play football right now because his energy and the way he wants his defense to play, it's like, that's how I want to, uh, that's the type of defense I want to be answered. I got to tell you, I mean, you know, I knew you're talking about the defensive side of the ball, but that wide receiver room, nobody's talking about Calvin Ridley took, took the cash and he's coming to you and that's Deandre Hopkins.

That's D hop and still D hop. Let's be straight. Okay.

Yes. And, and then, you know, Tyler Boyd coming with the coach from Cincinnati and his dad, bill is one of the best at the, what he does, you know, uh, it, it kind of makes it feel like, uh, the quarterback comes along. You guys are going to be sneaking up on some people this year. I'm excited, man.

I would tell her, like I was talking to one of my family members, I'm like, he was like, uh, and they said, we'll dissing them. I'm like, man, you, you watch guys like will prepare is, is we're like wanting to be great, especially, you know, with a good, I mean a new offense, you know, you can see a guy's like him getting frustrated that, um, you know, especially when you're trying to learn a new offense. But, um, like you said, we, he have the pieces around him now with, you know, he already had D hop, you know, another guy who I'm also excited to see in the room this year is trailing, you know, he'd been having like the up and down, you know, with the injuries and trailing perks and a lot of guys, you know, a lot of people count them out and, you know, from as far as you, as I'm watching OTAs and I'm watching mini camp, this is going to be one of his years. And, um, I think it's just having guys like coach Callahan and, um, around him and his new offense. And now you got another veteran like Tyler Boyd with D hop that could kind of help him. Um, and, and Kevin just to help him mold a little bit better, especially as a young player.

I'm excited to see our offense score a lot of points. So Taji sharp with, with Tony Pollard in the running back room, but is it weird without Derek Henry though? Uh, I wouldn't say weird, but is it is different, you know, not being able to, you know, you get on social media, you see him in his purple, um, two, two, it's like, man, he like he gone, but now it's like, is that what you're referring the Ravens uniform?

I can't, I can't. It's sometimes just like, man, yeah, he in his Raven uniform, but nah, man, it's, it's like when you walk into the building and it's like, man, you know, we, we also, I'm, I'm very like big on Taji though, Taji, um, and then of course, Tony, probably like I was, when Taji came in, I was a big fan of his when he first came in. Oh yeah. I think, I think them two going to be a one, two punch for sure.

Yeah. I'm telling you, I can't wait to see what you do this season. I'm, I'm so glad that you were, you were free to come in here and that we got a chance to meet and I had all these questions about the Titans and, and uh, obviously your first assignment cannot wait to give a listen to, cause you know, the centers are miked.

I can't wait for the first snap of the first game of Caleb Williams, professional regular season career. Just keep my ear peeled to hear painted nails, painted fingernails. Is that what it's going to, is that, is that the plan? I'm not going, ah, it's going to come out, but it's not probably going to come out as clean as you said, especially because that, you know how everything, I'll be on my, be in a different mode on the field understood understood right now.

It's just the two of us talking in a late June in the studio in Los Angeles when it's a Chicago September day and it's not going to be cold. I ain't gonna have nothing else to worry about. Okay. Play football. Fantastic.

Jeffrey Simmons. What a pleasure. Thank you for doing this. We'll look for my calls during the season. Let's chat when you're, when you're playing and whenever you're in LA, just let me know. Will do. I appreciate you for having me. You bet.

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You can carry all the food condiments and utensils you need. Get fired up for your new Weber slate rust resistant griddle. If I took out, this is again my uh, now coffee stained NFL schedule booklet from NFL network research.

That's an unfortunate thing to have. Thankfully TJ, you laminated the other schedule that's somewhere in my system over here. But the reason why I bring this up is the number of times that somebody's taking on the Tennessee Titans and the person who calls in and gives them a win against them.

No doubt. For instance, Mike in DC, the Washington commanders play the Titans. He had them beating them win.

Um, let me take a look. Seattle Seahawks with the Tennessee Titans play who so I can make this easier, uh, for me, taking a look at the, uh, Indianapolis Colts, for instance, the Colts fans, um, call them up here. One Colts fans had them beating the Titans, not once, but twice sweeping them. Uh, the Minnesota Vikings fan that had them take on, uh, the Tennessee Titans.

That's a win. Uh, the Patriots are taking on the Titans this year. Even my own son and Jacob Batalone, the actor coming in here and Ed and Carolina, all three of them have the Patriots getting a win against the Titans.

Hold on a minute. The Minnesota Miami dolphins are taking on the Titans again. You don't remember the Titans. You heard Jeffrey Simmons just lament. He wasn't healthy for that nationally televised game in which they came back in one shockingly, uh, Tony and Altoona called in and said the dolphins are going to avenge that loss. They're going to beat him. I don't, I don't, I don't see a single, uh, Jacksonville Jaguar, Kevin and Jacksonville had them beating the Titans once he did have them losing in Tennessee because we found one, literally found what both chargers fans who called in to play the win loss game, have them beating the Titans. Oh boy, oh boy. The Indianapolis Colts fan, as I mentioned, right?

The Green Bay Packer fan at the Titans. That's a win. So on and so forth. Okay.

Here's a new thing we should do. We should let Jeffrey Simmons sit there and interview the person as they're going through one loss. And we'll see if that changes how they feel about several.

Everyone will pick the Titans 17 and 0 if that's a thing. Well, I'm, I'm just pointing out again when Jeffrey Simmons is pointing out and I mentioned your first game is going to go be against Caleb Williams. And he basically, before I even said Caleb's name, he said painted fingernails, right?

He did immediately. But again, for those who are joining us just now, Jeffrey Simmons pled guilty as charged to being one of the worst smack talkers in the NFL, as he said that a lot of his opponents would name him as a top five smack talker in the NFL. So he's, he's ready and he said, not only is it going to be big for him because he was injured last year, didn't finish the season, it was his first game back. But he mentioned how everyone's going to be overlooking them and talking about the Bears going and Bears being on hard knocks too.

I'm just pointing it out again. I might be talking myself into something with this year. Nobody's talking about them. Look, I look at this, you don't, the look ahead odds for week one, the Bears are four and a half point favorites, Super Bowl odds on the season, only four teams have worse Super Bowl odds than the Titans. The Titans finished horribly last year.

Giants, Broncos, Patriots, Panthers are the only teams worse. Finished poorly last year with the exception of that, you know, that Monday night game with Will Levis and Will Levis did show some sparks towards the end. It was a wild game, but Miami kind of blew it. They were up. But their season was terrible.

It was awful. And they've remade themselves, but name me a wide receiver room that is on par with Tennessee's, the three guys who can do it. Oh, there's several. I think, I think you're putting a lot of stock in DHOP still being the dude. Oh, stop that.

I think we need to stop that. He's still the dude. He's still the dude. I don't know that there's, he's still the dude. There's several, three teams with the talent of those three receivers. I don't know, man. There's, there, there are some that, you know, I mean the Bears themselves can, with Rama Doonze.

Seattle? No, he said, he said, don't forget Tralen Burks too, who was again, the guy that they drafted when they traded AJ Brown away and the height, weight, speed comp for Tralen Burks was AJ Brown, but he hasn't played, he hasn't played like an A or a J. He hasn't played much.

I know. The fact that he's like, yeah, I had guys I'd go to college with, but when we're playing against each other. Oh, he's not friends. There's no jersey swap with him, I guess. He's like CM Punk. I'm here to make money. I'm not here to make friends. Miami, Houston.

He plays the game like a WNBA player. Seriously. Unfortunately going to find that out in a few weeks. Seriously. The Bears. Kevin Costner in studio next hour, Horizon in the theater near you this Friday. So much going on here. Don't you dare move your phone calls an hour, three as well.

Green Bay, Seattle, Philly. Jay, you wanted to ask a question? Yeah, that dude was so nice, but so scary.

So I have to ask, what the hell were you trying to accomplish when you said I didn't clap for him? We had like a one on one view and my heart sank. I was like, oh. By the way, after he left, Jay felt like calls insurance company to make sure all his premiums are updated.

Yeah, he was very scared. He's a nice guy. He's good. He's trading in his car. He's looking at clapping and then I look over there and Jay's just like, you know, I'm looking at the faders.

And he's just looking at me like, oh, thanks, Rich. Oh, yeah. With Del Tufo out.

I mean, we're trying to get, I don't know, I don't know if we have a next man to be up. By the way, all I'm just speaking of Del Tufo, I am looking right now at this Euro cup championship matches that are going on right now on Fox and Fox, Fox Sports one. And I bet you they sound amazing. With the sound down, I'm watching some of these moments with the sound down on mute. And I'm thinking to myself, I'm glad he's there to provide the audio experience that I'm not needing right now anyway.

I don't have everything ready. I mean, that one, one France Poland draw, I'm sure sounds amazing. By the way, I do love watching these Euro and Copa America. They're amazing. I'm really enjoying it.

I remember somebody might post something the other day from the room or something. Okay. Oh, yeah.

He hit his faders and his mixers. Okay. Okay. Kevin Costner in studio hour three. Crack. Every story eventually comes to an end. This June, hear the final episode of season two of the hit podcast series In the Red Clay, Durham. In the Red Clay tells the unbelievable true story of Billy Sunday Burt, the most dangerous man in Georgia history. In the podcast that people are calling riveting, incredibly moving, captivating, and addicting. Binge seasons one and two of In the Red Clay now, wherever you listen.
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