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Adam Thielen: It's Been A Great Offseason

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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June 19, 2024 3:11 pm

Adam Thielen: It's Been A Great Offseason

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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June 19, 2024 3:11 pm

6/19/24 - Hour 2

Panthers WR Adam Thielen tells Rich why changing the NFL’s offseason workout schedule could extend his career, why he has big expectations for Bryce Young after the quarterback’s rocky rookie season, and what mindset new head coach Dave Canales brings to the team that’s inspiring much-needed confidence in the Carolina locker room.

Rich and the guys play the “Win/Loss Game” with a VERY optimistic Carolina Panthers fan, and Rich reveals his ten favorite comedy movies from the 1980s including ‘Caddyshack,’ ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High,’ ‘Trading Places,’ and others.

Mets fan TJ makes a bold prediction about his team after they won their 7th game in a row after McDonald’s Grimace threw out the first pitch at a recent game. 

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When you found the one, you'll get it delivered right to your door. Go to and use promo code POD to get $50 off your purchase of $500 or more. That's code POD at for $50 off your purchase. code POD. Coming up, Panthers wide receiver, Adam Thielen. Packers linebacker, Rashawn Gary. Actor, Judge Reinhold. And now, it's Rich Eyes. Hour number two, the Rich Eyes show is on the air. That radio open. That radio open where you're ranting and raving, Chris, from yesterday's show. Kind of blackberry screaming about, get ready for five, six more Celtic rings. It's kind of like telling a Brady roast joke weeks later, out of context, and people... By the way, have you told any Brady roast jokes to people when they're, you know, weeks later, and they look at you like, what's your malfunction?

It's like, no, no, no, it's not the setting. When you take the roast joke out of the context weeks later, now you're the a-hole, right? Now I'm just coming off like a mad lunatic on the radio. That was, for anyone who understands, that was the 90 seconds of mass-hole that we gave you yesterday as a Celtic fan to just say whatever you wanted. TJ, would you say he was mostly restrained during yesterday's program?

Dressed like a leprechaun, practically, like a Lucky Charms box? His original point that he brought up to me months ago, the way he just very defiantly set it over and said it to me with every bit of his chest, he didn't really hit it as much yesterday. I think because you put a clock on him, so he was trying to time everything out.

Right out of breath. Might've been it, but he wasn't as convincing during the rant as he was when he originally gave me his thoughts on what was going to happen. We've got the rest of this calendar week to pry that out of Chris. I don't know if today is going to be that day. The thing is, it's like, he doesn't really want to say what he said for some reason, like he's holding back. No, we're going to get there. We're going to get there.

Look at him, he knows he's holding back. Hour number three of this program, Rashawn Gary of the Green Bay Packers will join us. And in studio, Judge Reinhold getting ready to replay his character, Detective Billy Rosewood of the Beverly Hills Police Department and Beverly Hills Cop Axl F with Eddie Murphy and John Ashton and the whole crew back together again.

And I've got a power rankings of my top 10 eighties comedies movies. That's coming up in honor of judge joining us, but joining us right now on the rich eyes and show back on. It's been a while since we talked to this gent.

He's joining us right now in the Carolina Panthers wide receiver, Adam Thielen. How are you doing Adam? I'm doing great.

Thanks for having me back on. I'm kind of sitting here thinking, talking eighties movies with you that, that, that, uh, that might be like somebody born in the sixties, like Lisa talking fifties movies. You were born in 1990, right?

Adam? That's right. So, okay.

What was the first movie you saw in a movie theater? Oh man, I have no, I have no idea. That was, that was too long ago. Not at all.

Huh? Couldn't have been something in the late nineties. You were eight, nine years old.

You don't remember? I mean like mighty ducks or something like that. When was mighty ducks come out?

Okay. Well, your kid there in Minnesota, you probably liked seeing a movie about hockey, right? You probably into that sort of thing. I mean, I'm not a hockey player myself, but I mean, growing up in Minnesota, you have to like, at least have like gone on a pond skating or, uh, definitely watch mighty ducks. You don't watch mighty ducks and you're from Minnesota.

Like I question if you're from Minnesota. Okay. Very good.

All right. That's Adam Thielen here. Now you're, you're, are you in one of your gyms right now? Where are you?

Where are you zooming in from Adam? Yeah, I mean, I'm here at, uh, ETS performance, like our HQ. So, uh, good to be back here in Minnesota for a little break here for a month and, uh, training, training with ETS and doing the same kind of thing that I've done my whole career and just trust in ETS and what they can do for me to get prepared for training camp. And it's always fun to get back here because I just actually, uh, was in the gym, you know, in the gym before I popped on here with you guys. And there was probably about 40 other 40 kids in there, probably ages, maybe eight to 18 in there. So it was really cool, cool thing to see them in there grinding, uh, trying to get better.

And, and that's why I love, love being around it. So, um, here we are in mid June. And again, you're just mentioning you're, you're at your ETS gym in Minnesota getting ready for training camp next month.

It's entirely possible that in future years, if not maybe even next year, you could already be in some sort of an OTA and training camp right behind it because the concept of what the off season workout programs, how they're all laid out could change. Would you like that? Would you like to basically start up right now and have April and May more to yourself, Adam, would you like that? I think that, um, it would probably extend my career a little bit. Uh, just having the ability to just, you know, focus on my family and, and training, um, taking care of my body, uh, kind of having that time basically from the end of the season, all the way until July 1st, I think the proposal is right now, uh, having that time to just truly train, prepare. And then, like I said, spend that time with my family, I think it would probably extend my career.

I'm, I'm definitely for it. So you would, you would be up for reconfiguring the, the off season to, um, you know, I, I w w would you think that you'd need to touch base in Carolina at one point between the end of the season and July 1, or you think being left to your own devices, you're, you're fine writ large or more than fine. I think it's, I think, I think the way it's structured right now, I think there's a little bit of a flaw in the fact that you come back for OTAs, you kind of, you kind of grind in the off season to kind of prepare for OTAs. You get to OTAs, you grind for two and a half months or so, whatever it is. And then, and then you, it's like, boom, now you have like a month and a little over a month, maybe five, six weeks. And you have, and you're like, well, I just grinded. I'm like ready for camp.

Like, like, like on last Thursday or last like OTA practice, mini camp, whatever you want to call it. I was like, man, like I'm, I'm feeling great. Like I'm in shape.

I'm strong. I'm like ready to go. And then now I have like this month break and like, it's kind of weird, right? Like, I just did all that progression. We had this really cool progression that they've kind of implemented where you kind of just ramp up towards the end and then, and then boom, now I have a break. And then now, now I come back to training camp.

Here's my, my issue. Now you come back to training camp and it's like zero to a hundred. It's like, I haven't done a practice in a month and a little over a month. And then like, boom, now it's like training camp practice, like two practices a day, not to practice, but, you know, walkthrough practices, all this stuff. And it's like, oh, there's no ramp up. So I think the way to smartly do it is you ramp it up from July 1st.

You kind of slowly ramp up or you can just kind of work out together, start to get in shape, whatever you got to do and ramp it up all the way to like actual training camps starting at the end of July. And then now here we go. Let's, let's, let's get ready for the season and here we go. Here's a couple of pushbacks, Adam. And again, I'm, I'm, I'm not saying this in terms of this is what I agree with.

This is just what I hear. Okay. One pushback is you're a vet. You can be, you're fine with downtime. You can handle your business downtime. There are some other players that don't handle their downtime as well as somebody like yourself and need some form of a structure, not like go work out by yourself between February and July 1st and that they're going to show up in the same manner that you are a long time professional would show up. And so there is some structure that is needed. What would you say to that? I'd say it's pretty simple. Uh, today's day and age, today's NFL, it's so competitive there.

There. If you are not getting to the grindstone right away after the season season's done, figuring out a plan to become a better player, you're going to get cut. And there's plenty of guys out there that can do your job and can do that at a high level. If they take care of themselves and are training hard and, and, and taking care of their bodies, their minds. There's so many guys now that, that do the extra stuff that, that have a nutritionist that have their own guy that's helping train them. That, um, it has a body guy that's helping them kind of get back to a hundred percent from the season before and then actually get better. Um, so I think it's just that the NFL has gotten so competitive that you can't not work out it even right now.

Right? Like when guys come back to OTAs and they're out of shape and they haven't done anything, they're getting cut. Like there was, there was a few guys that, that aren't on the Panthers anymore that came back. They were out of shape.

You could tell they haven't done anything and they're, they're not there anymore. Like that's just the reality. So I just don't see that an issue. And if it is an issue, like we'll find someone else. And now the other pushback would be, um, that, that play is choppy enough, uh, in September, because the general sense is there's one fewer preseason game. And if we're going to be taking practices, uh, in April and May away, or at least May and June away, that w you know, with, with the rules and being able to put in pads and things of that nature, that practice time will be lost. And that will wind up in the pudding when it's time to play for real.

What do you say about that, Adam? I think that's the beauty of progressing right into training camp. You know, you're not taking the month off. You're not, you're not taking a break of five, six weeks where guys go to Mexico and go do things, whatever, and then you have to come back and, and, and play football like instantly. Uh, so I think, I think that's, that's easily, uh, figured out by the way that you're just progressing right into training. If you're not losing any practices because you're just doing it instead of doing it in April and May, you're doing it in, in July and you can get just as much done in that time and progress right into training and be, you know, be at full, full speed right when you start training camp. So, um, I just think it's a, it's a great way to get in line with all the other pro sports. You know, I don't think any other, I know there's no other pro sports organization that has off season workouts. No, they just go to training camp and they get ready and they go. And just like, you know, uh, being here at ETS over the years, I've trained with baseball guys.

We've had hockey, NHL guys where, where they, you see what they do in the off season. They, they come in here, they work out, then they go do their ice time or they go do their baseball stuff. Um, and then they're getting ready for training.

They go to training camp and they go right into the season. I just think that, uh, that's the smart way to do it. I think you, you, uh, avoid hamstring issues, um, soft tissue issues by training and a progression, everyone together in the same system from July 1st, all the way to that first game. So, uh, last one for you, by the way, I didn't expect to go this deep on the subject matter with you, Adam, but you clearly have an opinion and, and, and, and you're, you're there in your gym.

So you're in this portion of the, of the workout calendar for yourself. Uh, are you talking to your, your fellow players? Uh, are you in the majority?

This is your opinion, a majority of, of the players about reconfiguring the off season? Uh, that's a great question. I don't, I don't really know. Uh, I haven't really talked to too many people, but honestly, it's probably the most I've talked about it.

So I don't, I don't really know, but, um, again, I just think like logically, I think it makes sense. I've talked to a few people that are on the other side of it, whether it be coaches or, or, um, you know, people in the building that maybe like at first we're like, no, that's my month. Like that's how it's always been. Like that's when they get time off. But my argument to that is like, well, why not just take them up to June off for them? You know, like your drafts over, you've already got your young, maybe, maybe it's your zero draft picks, whatever to your three guys that have been in there for a quick two week mini camp or something.

Um, you've had some time with them. Now you go, you coaches, staff, everyone who normally gets that break in July, just take it in June. Um, and then, and then we start, start the ground running in July. Adam Thielen here on the Rich Eisen show fresh off your third career, thousand yard season, first in Carolina, obviously for yourself. Um, how is Bryce young looking right now after his season, Adam? It's been an awesome, awesome, um, and not only him, just a lot of the young guys, a lot of the staff, um, it's just been a great off season to just see some of these guys who haven't been in the league very long, just the way that they've come in with confidence. Um, you can tell Bryce's demeanor in the building.

He's just more comfortable, right? Like, and, and you don't realize it when you start getting to be a veteran guy, just cause you forget about those times. But I look back at it now, like after, after being around Bryce first two weeks, OTA, I kind of started to think, man, I'm like, I look back to last year, those first two weeks. So it takes, he wasn't even there yet. He was still not even on a team that he was, was not the draft hasn't gone on yet. So I'm thinking back to that, like now he's there now we're getting routes on air where we're around each other. We're in the locker room together. We're, we're BS and talking about how great the Timberwolves are.

Cause I'm a Timberwolves fan. Uh, so, you know, you have that time together that we didn't have last year. And so you kind of started thinking, man, like that's, that's tough as a rookie quarterback, come in, you're already behind the eight ball, learning the playbook, learning your players. And then it's like, again, I can take that month off. You get away from each other.

Maybe we get together quickly for a day or two. And then it's like the ground's running, boom, like training camp. Like we got to figure out what the starter is. Like, okay, now he's the starter. Now we've got to figure out the games, the preseason games and all that.

So, so it was a whirlwind in a lot of ways and that's not even talking about the system and the coaching and the adversity and all that. So it's been a really cool off season to see how he's just come back with. Okay. Like I got urgency. I got confidence.

I have comfortability in the, in the system, in the, in the facility and the locker room. Um, and what that does for a player. So, um, and that's not even talking about the new staff and just what they can do for a guy like that, what they can do for a lot of us as players, just their confidence and their kind of demeanor. Uh, so I'm excited about, you know, what that looks like going into training camp. Again, like I said last year, and we'll never not talk about this. Uh, things are always great this time of year, right? Like there's no wins, no losses.

Um, there's no adversity. It's just, it's all, it's all good right now. Every single team thinks that they can go to the playoffs and, and have a chance to win through bowl.

So, um, we'll see how it goes in the, when the bowl started flying, but we're in a good place. So how is Dave Canales changing things? How, how, how, how much of a difference maker is he?

If you can give me an example. Yeah. You know, I think, I think one of his strengths is just his confidence and his, um, intentionality. He's very intentional with everything he does. Everything has a purpose, a plan, a reason, and he's going to explain the why. He's not going to just say, Hey, do this and do it. Well, he's going to say, this is why we need to do this. And this is why we need to do it.

Well, because this is what it looks like when you do that. So that intentionality, that confidence, and then that demeanor, you know, like I had heard a lot about, about him from afar played against him when he was in Seattle and Tampa Bay, obviously last year. Um, but, but I think what really stuck out to me is everyone talked about how much energy and passion he had. And yes, he does have that, but I think it's like the cool and calmness that he has that he has with having that passion.

That is very unique. Uh, you know, for now, like be like, I'm just all passionate. Like I don't have like the calm and cool and collected, like, uh, but he has a unique ability to kind of ride that line of like, not too, um, intense, um, but not too calm.

So it's, it's been cool to be around. And I'm sure Geno Smith and Baker Mayfield will kind of test about what, what it's like to be plugged into him and vice versa. And, and look, man, I mean, coaching change in the middle of your first season that you're the first overall pick in a draft and you're coming from Alabama and CJ Stroud's doing what he's doing in Houston. I mean, that, that's something that can really break a player like Bryce young or, or, or, and not like him, but break a player. And now here comes Bryce young in a year or two. This is kind of a crucial quarterback coach relationship, Adam, to be straight up, you know? Yeah. I think that's why they hired him.

I don't think they beat around the bush with that is like, Hey, this is what coach analysis, uh, his strengths are. And this is, um, you know, what has kind of transpired so far. And, and he's our guy, Bryce, you know, his first overall draft pick. He's our guy. We've invested a lot in him.

Um, guys, you know, love Bryce and who he is as a, as a person and who you can be as a player. And so I think, yeah, that was, that was the reason for the hire. And again, there was a why behind that, which is, which is great. I think that goes to, um, you know, the GM and the owner.

And I think that is kind of their mindset as well. Like, Hey, there's some intentionality of who we hired. We didn't just necessarily go and just say, Oh, this guy is the best coach to hire. No, no, there's intentionality. Like, who do we have as a team?

Who do we have as a quarterback? Who have we invested in? And let's, let's hire the perfect or the, the, the, the best fit for that. And so it's cool to see intentionality, right? The longer you're around, along with the more experience you have, you realize how important intentionality is. Um, and you can see that throughout the organization.

Yeah. Last one for you, speaking about being around a long time, you have, so what was your first impression of Xavier LeGette when he walked in the wide receiver room for the first time? I just, I just love his personality. He's just a fun guy to be around. Um, most people can't really understand what he's saying because he's real country, which I think is hilarious. Uh, our receiver coach still can't figure out what he's saying. So I kind of have to semi translate for him, which is, which is fun, but, uh, um, no, he's, he's just a good, good person to be around a good kid.

Um, and then, yeah, then you add, like, I think I saw a little snippet of, of the Panthers did like a little documentary deal that they do every summer and a little snippet of, of how coach canals kind of talks about him and his ability to have that size of length and then pair that with speed and movement and the way that he attacks the football. You just don't find those guys everywhere. Uh, there's not a guy like that in every draft.

Um, there's not a guy like that on every team. Um, so I think the sky's the potential, you know, the potential is the sky's the limit for him. Um, and I'm excited to be around him. And, and I think a great thing about him as well as is he's kind of a sponge in the fact that he does want to learn. He's not a guy that is just coming in thinking that he knows everything because he's a drop cop graphic and had successes last year in college. He's a guy who just is a sponge and wants to learn, wants to grow as a player, wants to grow as a person. And, um, I really enjoy that part of the game.

Yeah, man. I watched him run the gauntlet at the combine on the air live. He looked like it was like game of Thrones. Like he did it in like eight, 10 strides. He, he was unreal.

He was big, he's strong, he's fast. And now he's, he's, he's a weapon for, for you and your quarterback and your team. And I, I look forward to watching it all at him. So thanks for the time. Really appreciate it.

Absolutely. Thanks for having me. Hey man, let me know if we are in Los Angeles at any point in time.

We'll, we'll, we'll chop it up here. Thanks again. Thank you. You got it.

That's Adam Thelen joining us again from his ETS gym in Minnesota, getting ready for training camp right here on the Rich Eisen show. Okay. Mighty Ducks might've been the first movie he, uh, he ever saw. So it might have been Mighty Ducks three that came out in 96 if he's born in 90. So it's a six year old, six year old, six year old going to the movies for a fun kids movie, hockey. That makes sense.

Okay. That was fun stuff right there. Hey man, listen, nobody's talking about, you know, you know, he's talking about Bryce Young right now having a bounce back season and doing something significant in 2024. Nobody 0.0 full blue Tarski. That's what's going down and we'll see.

We'll see what they can do. Nobody's talking about him. I'm seeing him in Munich.

No, nobody's talking. I'll be seeing him in Munich against the giants. He went out a good year last year. Good times. He had a very good year on the low last year and really, really kind of cleaned up for you. Dude, everyone started out a dumpster fire was last year, a thousand yard season. Yeah.

Yeah. So Bryce Young had to throw it. He couldn't catch and throw at the same time, right?

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Last minute tickets, lowest price guaranteed. Guys, before we go to break, Rich, I don't know that we've had any Panthers fans do the win loss game. So if you're out there, hold on a minute, hold on a minute.

You want Omaha on us here. Let's hold on a second. Um, I do not have a Carolina. I don't have one either.

I don't know either. Is the number to dial. We've got some time. We got some time this hour to do some of that.

Maybe Steph Curry can call, but we come back. You know what we're going to do a power ranking of my top eighties comedies, eighties movie comedies in honor of judge Reinhold coming in to talk about the new Beverly Hills cop. This rich eyes and show podcast is sponsored by progressive insurance. Whether you're driving, cooking or doing laundry, progressive knows the podcasts you listen to go best when they're bundled with another activity, much like how their progressive home and auto policies go best when they're bundled, having these two policies together makes taking care of your insurance easier and could help you save to customers who save by switching their home and car insurance to progressive save over $775 on average. That's a whole lot of savings and protection for your favorite podcast, listening activities, like going on a road trip, cooking dinner, and even hitting the home gym.

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And I would have been right up there with the Philadelphia Eagles bringing in the good times and year because you know, celebrate celebration time. And I say the next time I need you all to know who I am, because I'm the biggest star on the freaking planet. Like it's me and a rock. That's it. This is me and a rock, rich. That's it.

So nobody else credible. I'm about to sell out the solar system. Bam.

That's what I'm gonna do. And the rock says, I'm just playing good rock. The rock says you're bro. Do you see rich? Rich Eisen, the rock, the Brahma bull sitting here. You're talking about Kevin Hart. Why did he get, why did he get escorted away from the Philadelphia Eagles? That's because he was drunk, rich.

He was drunk, rich. The rock doesn't drink the rock. You know what the rock does? The rock has a juice. The rock has a cleanse because every day at 2 PM, I said 2 PM, the rock drops a deuce. That's what he does.

I got another good one for you. I'd like to ask Jason Statham. What do you think about the NFL's new targeting rules to make the game safer?

Let's see here. In the game of football, you have to be really, really rough. And if you're rough, that's when you get a good show. Now, if you're not rough, then it's going to be a little pansy. So I think they shouldn't do it because I don't like pansies. I hate pansies. You know, pansies, people that beat up in my films, I beat them up all the time. And you know what I do after I'm finished with them, I sit on top of their bodies and I have sex with me, girl.

Again, that took a turn. Jay Ferro making a return trip next week in studio back here on the Rich Eisen Show radio network. I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger has the right product for you.

Call or just stop by. All right, TJ, you asked for it. You got one. Yes, indeed. Michael and Albuquerque, you're here on the Rich Eisen Show. You there, Michael? Albuquerque? Yeah, what's going on, guys?

Long time fan, first time caller. This is a couple of things. First of all, the home of Jesse Pinkman and Walter White. Correct. Also the place where Bugs Bunny would famously take a wrong turn. Albuquerque. Exactly.

Thank you so much, Michael. Kind of out of place for a Panthers fan, but. And your Panther, they're a Panther fan wanting to play the win-loss game, is that right?

Why not? I've looked at the, you know, our upcoming season, but I haven't exactly. That's the beauty of the win-loss game. That's the beauty of the win-loss game.

You get lost in the win-loss game. You ready? Can I get some music here? This is Michael and Albuquerque, the first and to date only individual to give us the win-loss for the Carolina Panthers who open up at the New Orleans. Rich, I figured I'd give you guys a call and give us some hope.

Okay. At the Saints to start the season. Hey, we're going to run this out. We got to start sometime. So let's get that with a win.

Very nice. Home for the Chargers. Chargers, I'd say that's the L. Okay. At the Raiders.

Raiders, let's go jump. Two and one home against the Bengals. Bengals, no, not quite there yet. Two and two at the Bears. Bears, yeah. The Bears screwed us over with our draft pick. Let's get a win.

All right. So far, so you're aware, Michael, we're 3-0 on the road, 0-2 at home. Into your home date with the Falcons, 3-2 overall.

What do you have? I'd say that's a win. We've never had a good record at home, but that's all right. All right. Four and two at the commanders. Oh, come on. That's a win.

Five and two at the Broncos. Oh, God. It'll get me started. Let's get it up there.

All right. That's a four-game win streak. Six and two home for the Saints. Hey, hi, I'm Hopey. I'm on the offseason.

Like Adam Stevens, that's a good time to have some hope. Seven and two going into Germany to take on the Giants. Come on.

I was born in Germany, Rich. Let's get that stuff there. Eight and two off the bye. Home for the Chiefs.

Chiefs, no. Eight and three home for the Bucks. We're going to sweep this out, like I said.

Let's get that going. Nine and three at the Eagles. Eagles lost. Nine and four home for the Cowboys.

Uh, lost. Oh, nine and five home for the Cardinals. Come on, I'm not that disillusioned. Give me a break. Ten and four.

You're not that disillusioned. You've got them ten and four at the Bucks. Hey, hey, hey. What do you got? Uh, let's go out there.

All right. Ten and five at the Falcons. I guess that's south. That's a top.

So it's one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, and six. Michael in New Mexico. Yo, I liked our off-season pick-ups. Let's go Panthers. Keep pounding. All right.

Thanks very much. Yo, I'll buy that dude a steak if they go eleven and six. Let me tell you. You say it after he hangs up. Did he, did he, did he, uh, did he go to Los Pollos Hermanos for lunch?

The blue stuff. The Panthers are eleven and six. Man. Well done, TJ. You smoked him out in Albuquerque.

Literally, I think that's what was going down. We'll take Evan in Portland's steak, and I'll just give it to Mike in Albuquerque if they go eleven and six. All right, guys. Let's get really serious. Let's get really serious here. We've got Judge Reinhold in studio. I think we're about to be seriously upset.

No, no, no. We got Judge Reinhold in studio in hour number three. Beverly Hills Cop, Axel F, going to be on Netflix first week of July. July 3rd.

You can see it right here on the Roku portal. And in honor of him being here, because Beverly Hills Cop is not the only eighties comedy that starred this man. I've got a power rankings of my top ten eighties movie comedies, and you will be very upset about this. Power rankings! It's very odd for me to start a power rankings this way.

We already know what number one is. Very odd for me to start a power rankings this way of my top eighties movie comedies. I will die on this hill. Oh, gosh. I'm going to die on this hill. It is my favorite comedy of all time. 1988. Oh, I thought this was going to be number one.

No, I'm not going to do that. Bounty hunter Jack Walsh sent to go find the rogue accountant Jonathan the Duke, Mark Dukas, who has ripped off the famed Jimmy Serrano, the Chicago mobster of his money, and there's a midnight run, for Christ's sakes, going down. And Alonzo Mosley, FBI, is trying to track everybody down.

Joey Pants, come on. Midnight run is one of my favorite comedy of all time. It is also a beautiful movie.

John Ashton plays Dorfler, who is another bounty hunter on the case trying to get the Duke. And John Ashton, you will hear his name again in this list. That's number 10 on my list of power rankings. It's your list. Why isn't this number one? Can I just get some music in the background? Just give me, give me, give me whatever you can right here. Don't, don't go NFL films.

Give me the basketball music here. Number nine on this list. Number nine on this list. I got to put Michael Keaton in here.

I have to put him in here. And I'm going with 1983's Mr. Mom is on this list. A fired husband takes over taking care of his three kids while his wife becomes the wage earner in the house. Michael Keaton, the beautiful and funny and talented Teri Garr plays the mom. Martin Mole plays her boss.

It is laugh out loud funny how he goes down the wormhole of watching soaps and being in the the moms groups. And he is brilliant in this movie written by John Hughes, who became, as you know, one of the most famous 80s movie comedy directors. That's number nine on this list. Number eight on this list.

This is where rubber really meets the road. I was going to put airplane on this list, but if I'm going to put anything starring Leslie Nielsen on this list, I'm going with the naked gun in 1988. Lieutenant Frank Drebin is saving Queen Elizabeth from assassination at the hands of Reggie Jackson, all set up by the rogue businessman, Victor Ludwig played by Rethink.

Mr. Ludwig played by Ricardo Montalban. Give me a break. OK, this is Leslie Nielsen.

It is absolute finest. And I understand all the, you know, jokes from airplane and what airplane is. Airplane is not on this list. I put the naked gun on this list because Enrico Palazzo is a tour de friggin force. And all of the jokes in this movie are just as funny as airplane, if not even funnier. The naked gun is on this list of 80s comedies on my power rankings list. Number seven on this list. You're going to hear a lot of the same names.

There's a lot of through lines here. This is the first appearance of one great name in the history of 80s comedy movies. Rodney Dangerfield is Thornton Mellon going back to school as a rich businessman who enrolls in college to Grand Lakes University to help out his son who's struggling in school. And Grand Lakes University is a dean named Martin and a Professor Turgerson who's played by Sam Kennison screaming his head off. It's also got a diving coach diving coach Turnbull played by the great Emmett Walsh looking for some help. And Thornton Mellon comes and he starts performing well in school.

Call me when you have no class. One of the greatest lines ever. Also on top of it, on top of it, he pulls off the triple Lindy at the end. One of the greatest, greatest cameos, Kurt Vonnegut shows up because Thornton Mellon hires him to help write a paper on Kurt Vonnegut.

I'm canceling his check. And his son's roommate is played by Robert Downey Jr. Gotta see this movie. Number six on this list is the first appearance of one Chevy Chase as he plays the private detective or writer who turns into private detective Fletch on the case of a drug trade on the beaches of Los Angeles, California.

He dreams of playing for the Los Angeles Lakers was when the first indication that this movie was going to go completely off the rails. Chick Hearn's voice is in it. Every single time I try to pull off a scam on somebody, somebody, I use the phrase that I'm putting it on the under hills to put it on the under hills.

It's all it's dude. It's all about ball bearings these days. Moon River. When the doc, he's asked the doc if he's using his whole fist, the doc, by the way, played by Emmett Walsh.

I'm telling you this through lines as well. Dr. Rosen, Rosen and Rosen, you know what the corrupt chief of police, Joe Don Baker, who played the whammer later on in the natural. Come on. This movie's got everything. Fletch is brilliant.

George Whet is like a homeless guy. Okay. Norm from frigging Cheers was in this. Now let's get to the top five here and I'm going to put on this list a ton of Eddie Murphy right here. Okay.

And I'm telling you though, it is not coming to America. I do not think coming to America even cracks the top three Eddie Murphy comedies of the eighties. Ooh. Okay. I left 48 hours off this list. It's not a hot take because you could even put Eddie Murphy raw on this list. I mean, Eddie got hit.

Okay. But so I would put 48 hours three and I would put at two Beverly Hills cop, the original Beverly Hills cop right here. Axel F the Detroit cop fish out of water in Beverly Hills, trying to take down the evil Victor Maitland. He wrecked the Harrow club.

As we all know, he put the banana in the tailpipe, Bronson Pinchot still the scene. My name is Sarah. Okay.

Serge were, you know, trying to help out. Okay. I make a little espresso and John Ashton, who played Dorfler as we all know is in this movie as well as Taggart Dorfler from midnight run is in this movie. John Ashton, Ronnie Cox, as funny as it gets.

Okay. As funny as it gets, it's not saying number four on this list is another judge Reinhold movie. The coming of age story, unlike any other coming of age stories, fast times at Ridgemont high is in this movie in this list from 1982, it had absolutely everything. Sean Penn, who I'd never heard of this is coming out role. One of the greatest thespians of, of movie of movie generations comes out of the box is a lovable stoner, Jeff Spicoli, who orders a pizza in class and tells Mr. Hand that it's, it's, it's not ordering the pizza on his time. If it's his, if you're here and I'm here, isn't it our time, which is exactly what you always wanted to tell a teacher.

And then of course, and there's nothing wrong with enjoying a delicious treat on our time. I'm not going to, I'm not going to lie here. Okay. I will always shoot you straight.

You want to talk about coming of age for me personally, it was seeing Phoebe Cates for the first time in a red bikini. You had everybody. All right. End of story. Period.

Period. I love Kevin Kline, but I just disrespected him. That's his wife and their mother of his children. No disrespect, man. Jennifer Jason Lee in this film as well. My God. Number three on this list. Now we're getting to the midi and the gritty here. The blues brothers.

Okay. The blues brothers from 1981, Jake and Elwood blues going on a mission for the penguin who they refer the penguin was the nun that ran the orphanage that they grew up in and was in danger of being shut down. They had to pay $5,000 in back taxes and they raised the money by putting the band back together on a mission for mission from God, as they would say. And they were trying to, while putting the band back together, avoid the long armor of the law in the form of John candy or beer bottle throwing Illinois Nazis or whatever, and rednecks to get to the cook County assessor's office in time to pay off the debt. It is a thing of beauty, by the way, the cook County assessor's played by Steven Spielberg.

You want to talk about also you want to talk. It's the great, you make the argument, the greatest soundtrack in movie history, Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, James Brown, cab Calloway. They're all in the movie as well. And John candy ordering three orange whips, maybe the funniest thing I've ever seen. And this is, it was also showing you and you'll hear this again, that Saturday night live characters could become film characters and successful ones at that. Number two on this list is the, by the way, that was directed by John Landis. Here's another John Landis movie and another Eddie Murphy movie, the best Eddie Murphy comedy ever is trading places. And it's number two on this list, Randolph and Mortimer Duke, two callous gajillionaires who mess with their lead broker by having him switch existences with a mere street con artist named Billy Valentine to see if a person is made by nature or nurture Billy Ray.

Is that you? And they bet a single dollar over it. And the reaction of Louis Winthrop, the third and Billy Ray Valentine of switching places and trading places with each other is laugh out loud.

Hilarious. Jamie Lee Curtis also was one of those moments for me as a youngster playing Ophelia Ophelia. That comes out of nowhere.

Clarence Beaks and the crop report and stealing it, setting everything up for the frozen concentrated orange juice market scene at the very end is one of the greatest end of comedy movie scenes, the train ride, the cameos, the beef jerky, all of that stuff. Al Franken. Al Franken.

Merry new year. Jim Belushi. Okay.

All of it. Number one, the greatest eighties comedy of all time from 1980. It's Caddyshack.

Oh, baby. I'm sorry to all y'all out there that may see it and think it doesn't stand up to the test of time. It is 1000% the greatest eighties movie comedy because it set the stage for everything else after it and stars the most underrated comedic genius, potentially of all time in Ted Knight playing Judge Smales, the highfalutin member of Bushwood Country Club from the exploits of the Bushwood Country Club from the Caddyshack to the clubhouse to the groundskeeper shed.

All of it. Ted Knight versus Rodney Dangerfield, Chevy Chase, Bill Murray, for crying out loud. Lacey underalls. Of course, the poem to christen the ship that it's easy to grin when your ship comes in every single thing, even to Spalding, the snot nosed grandson.

Do nothing unlike it of Judge Smale. I want a cheeseburger. No. Number one of all time, the most quotable potential movie.

That's my top power rankings of 1980s comedies. I'm not even mad at you. You're not. I'm not. You hit a lot of my favorites in here.

So, I mean, there's a few that we differ on, but yeah, that's fine. I went naked gun over airplane. No major league. No, I didn't do any of those sports movies. I could have put a Bull Durham in here for sure. What are you taking off? Well, Bull Durham. What are you taking off? Not exactly a comedy. Major league. Definitely a comedy. But I mean, what are you taking out?

Weird science. I know. I know Midnight Run.

People take that out. It is a beautiful movie. Midnight Run is a fantastic movie.

Yeah, that's totally fine. And the acting in it. The Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Well, I do have a John Hughes movie.

He just wrote it. Mr. Mom. I would have had like Vacation in there from 83. Well, I put Fletch and Caddyshack. There's Chevy Chase in it. There's Rodney in it twice. I had Bachelorette.

Personally, me growing up. Party in mine. Adventures of Babysitting.

Okay. No, I know that I left off Stripes, but I put Bill Murray in for Caddyshack. I've got Eddie Murphy in twice.

Fast Times has got to be in there. If I'm here and you're here, doesn't that make it our time? Beautiful. Back to the Future comedy? Yeah, I think so. Kind of. It is, but it's not like Laugh Out Loud. You know what I mean? Right. These are wild animal comedies. That's my power rankings list.

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Shopify dot com slash Westwood One. All right, back here. I haven't seen this yet, which is not, you know, the greatest promotion yet, but you know, I've been traveling quite a bit. I can't wait to see it, but I lived it.

The pick is in the Roku original documentary on the draft in Detroit. You've seen this, right? I watched it, yeah.

You like it? It was awesome, and I mean, you didn't know because you haven't watched it. You were a huge part in this. I appreciate it.

That's pretty much you in this. Thank you. Well, which means it's got to be great. Here's a clip I'm told it's night two prior to the Michigan players being picked. It is time for night two and rounds two and three here in Detroit, Michigan.

We might see five or six Michigan guys in this next round. Well, let me just tell you something as well. Look at that grin. Look at that. That's incredible.

And right to a one shot. Apparently, before the bills go on the clock, the University of Michigan Wolverine national champion football team might show up on the stage and have a moment in front of this very partisan crowd. Okay. They went back and forth between being sick and tired of me talking about it, but also, but then being happy for me, sort of like you guys.

It's funny how that works, isn't it? Yeah. I told him at one point, like, I know how this feels, you know, because my guys go back and forth between being happy for me and being sick and tired of hearing it from me. Well, let's be honest, Chris, when it comes to Michigan is not happy for you. I'm okay with it. I don't think he is. I mean, anytime someone can enjoy winning a championship, it's a really cool moment and you should enjoy it. TJ, I hope you again feel that. Boy, TJ's feeling left out in the cold.

Not really. I went to WrestleMania. Back on the Rich Eisen Show radio network. Ready, set, griddle this grilling season, folks. Get the Weber slate rust resistant griddle with a carbon steel cooktop that's safe for metal tools. It's pre-seasoned, ready to cook on right out of the box. It's the griddle that stays ready, not rusty. It heats evenly edge to edge. It reaches up to 500 degrees. The Weber works prep, cook and store systems. Really cool. It keeps cooking supplies handy so you can carry all the food condiments and utensils you need.

Get fired up for your new Weber slate rust resistant griddle. Updating a story we, we broke yesterday. And by breaking, we, we just, you know, we're talking about what everybody else is talking about and taking credit for it. Yeah. The Mets, a total mess all season long, looked like the season was essentially lost. It felt that way. To never return.

I won five to start the season. And then some genius in their marketing department or their ad department or whatever. I don't know who it is.

Their business, their business sense was spot on. They're like, you know who we need to bring out here to break up the monotony and maybe get a bit of momentum? Grimace. Let's put them on the mound. Let's put them on the mound. Let's give them a big ass glove and let him throw out a first pitch with how many fingers he has. We have no idea. The glove's on the wrong hand.

All right. And so let's get them out there. The Mets were six and oh going in last night's game against the Texas Rangers who put up a five spot right in the middle of the game. They take a 6-2 lead right in the middle of the game. And then the Mets scored in every inning the sixth inning on. Including a two piece to tie the game in the eighth and then Pete Alonso with a game-winning double in the ninth.

And then Eddie Trumpets comes out, even he's turning around. Mets have won seven in a row. Hey. Seven in a row. Let's go. Since Grimace threw out a first pitch.

Grimace. And look at them now. They have as many losses as last year's NL champion Diamondbacks. They're tied in a loss column with the team that's sitting at closest to them in a wildcard.

They're only a half game behind the Cardinals after that. Look at that. All because you were trashing us a couple of minutes. I wasn't trashing you. I was telling the truth. I was spitting facts. This thing was over.

And then McDonald's is now even taking notice. This is their Twitter profile. It says Mets go Lex.

They put a med hat on. Is this real? With 4.7 million followers and we did this. No, no, no, no.

I'm on it right now. It's very real. Their last tweet is from last night and it's a picture of a Grimace autographed baseball. I mean, this is beautiful. It's a beautiful thing. I mean, let's go.

Hamburglar bobblehead night doll. Let's go. Let's go. Wow. Huh? McNuggets for everybody. This is amazing. Well, I'm looking at the Mets Twitter right now and they don't have Grimace as the picture, but they have the Grimace effect in the bio.

Oh, okay. I think I'm McFlurry, but only if the ice cream machine's working. Eight wins. Can they get eight wins in a row out of Grimace?

Eight wins, Rich. Let me tell you what's about to happen now that the Grimace effect is in full effect. What is happening? We ain't losing the rest of the year now that we got the rest.

125 and 37. We're coming back. It's going to be a record. Meet the Mets.

Greet the Mets. We're back in this beep. We're back in it. Here we go.

Cause of this little purple dude. Let's go. Wow.

I was three coming up. Wow. We're fired up. Can we play the Mets song? I don't know if we can. It's like, you know, Grimace is the color of Roku as well.

That's true. It's all about the purple effect. It all makes, it's all happening as Penny Lane said in Almost Famous. It's all happening. It's all happening. What is happening? It's all ball bearings. The Mets, the Mets are going to get back to 500.

Oh baby, over 500. This is amazing. They're coming, they're coming back from four run deficits. And I gotta be thankful for this.

They couldn't even tie their own shoelaces in May. What I predicted a few weeks ago, Rich, probably would have come to fruition. Your boy Rizzo is out four to six with a broken wrist. Yeah. My whole fear was Alonzo was going to be changing boroughs, which if we weren't on the seven game run, who knows?

No, that wouldn't happen. I don't think so. Yankees had this kid Ben Rice that they called up and he got his first major league hit.

It was actually really awesome. He was smiling on the way to first. Look, he's not the polar bear. We got to save our money to make sure you don't take Soto. And by the way, Soto loves McDonald's. There was like two hours in my life last night where I thought Aaron Judge had broken his pain.

Oh right. Did not look good. Honestly. I thought about you when I saw you. Oh my God, when that happened last night. Did not look good. It affected my mood. And I thought to myself, what is wrong with me?

What is wrong with me? You're a fanatic. I almost went full lock and four.

Never go full lock and four. I started drinking. It was red, of course. Oh yeah, man. I was starting to drink red wine.

Susie comes home from dinner and she's like, who drank all the wine? I'm like Aaron Judge might be hurting. Judge almost broke his hand. Like Lebron came over. That's what's happening.

Rashawn Gary's coming up, speaking of Michigan players. And Judge Reinhold is in studio to talk Beverly Hills Cop, Axel F. Hey guys, welcome to the Candy Valentino show. I'm Candy Valentino. I was a founder before I could legally order a drink. And for more than two and a half decades, I've built, scaled, acquired, and exited multiple businesses in diverse industries. Now my goal is to help you by sharing the knowledge that I've learned, the mistakes that I've made, and the wisdom that I've developed over my journey. Bi-weekly episodes every Monday and Thursday. The Candy Valentino Show, wherever you listen.
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