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John Smoltz: Pirates Are The Most Intriguing Team In The National League

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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June 18, 2024 5:05 pm

John Smoltz: Pirates Are The Most Intriguing Team In The National League

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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June 18, 2024 5:05 pm

6/18/24 - Hour 2

Rich weighs in on whether the Jacksonville Jaguars were right to hand Trevor Lawrence that massive $275M contract.

Baseball Hall of Famer/FOX Sports MLB Analyst John Smoltz and Rich discuss the impact of the Dodgers’ key injuries to Mookie Betts and Yoshinobu Yamamoto, Gerrit Cole’s return to the Yankees’ rotation, why Paul Skenes and the Pittsburgh Pirates could be a tough out if they reach the playoffs, the reason for the rash of arm injuries to many star pitchers around MLB, and more.

Rich reacts to the 49ers’ conundrum when it comes to paying disgruntled WR Brandon Aiyuk.

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Blue This is the Rich Eisen Show. We did it! Batter number 18 has been secured.

Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Tatum switches to the left hand. Attack to the mid-block. Stop and start. And Lively runs it off the window.

Score and a foul. These last seven years have been a roller coaster. I had to listen to all this **** about me.

It was worth it. Earlier on the show, Dallas Morning News columnist Tim Cowlishaw. Coming up, Baseball Hall of Famer John Smoltz. NFL Network insider Tom Pelissero. And now, it's Rich Eisen. All right, everybody. Welcome to our number two of the Rich Eisen Show on the air.

844-204-RICH is the number to dial. Have a conversation with us. Celtics win Banner 18.

Discuss that. Also discuss the Mavericks side of things and the Cowboys future in 2024 with the Dallas Morning News columnist and voice of one of the Around the Horn voices from ESPN, Tim Cowlishaw. If you missed it, don't worry.

As soon as this show is over, there's our YouTube channel as well. John Smoltz, Baseball Hall of Famer will be joining us in the middle of this hour. We just discussed why of all the banners of all the teams that TJ roots for with me celebrating a banner from the Michigan football team this year and you now with the Boston Celtics, Chris.

We're wondering when TJ can get his. And we talked about how the Mets are on a heater right now because they haven't lost a game since Grimace threw out a first pitch. Can't wait to talk about that with John Smoltz. You know, we might actually talk about, you know, the Dodgers losing Yamamoto and Betts for who knows how long in the span of 48 hours.

Yankees losing Anthony Rizzo as well. Sure, if you want to bore him. Might discuss that. But you got to get into this Grimace thing. Okay, we got to dive deeper into the Grimace thing. Hour number three, Tom Pelissero will be joining us on this program. While I was out of office, this happened. And I knew there would be hay made by you on this program, Chris, while I was gone. Because there was another generationally enriching signing in the National Football League and a contract awarded to somebody who has a non-crooked number in the career playoff win category. That'd be Trevor Lawrence. And the one win that he had as a Jacksonville Jaguar quarterback in the playoffs came in a game in which he had such a dreadful first half.

We were all wondering if he'd get benched in that game. And then we all know part of the reason why, and a lot of folks say this, or not, if it's legit, is that the Chargers were Chargering in that game as well. That's also part of the reason why Jim Harbaugh is now the current head coach of the Los Angeles Chargers. And Trevor Lawrence got that contract, $55 million a year. $55 per tying Joe Burrow for the highest such mark in the history of the National Football League. And Trevor Lawrence's contract as well. Overall, in terms of the amount of money thrown at him, a five-year deal pays a total of $275, $142 of which is guaranteed. And the only other person who's been paid a higher total dollar amount in the National Football League's history than Trevor Lawrence is $275. It's Patrick Mahomes. We all know he's not in the category of the realm of the galaxy of being wonder if he's worth it. So he's on the cheap now.

And I will just say this again, once again. If you believe that the quarterback that you have seen in the first three or four years of his professional playing career has done any of the following or a combination of the following. One, shown you a path to a championship with his play or his leadership skills, has put in the time, has shown that he, in your opinion, is a true lead pipe wielding professional.

If he has shown all that and also been good in the community and has also been good in the locker room and is somebody that has given you zero concerns of being a bad apple. If that person also came in highly touted, if that person is somebody who the general manager there is, you know, hired for you as a head coach has come in separately and you have together individually, collectively, as an organization, as well as a front office or coaching staff, everybody rowing in the same direction, doesn't matter what you pay them. You have to pay them market value.

And that market value is what Trevor Lawrence got. Certainly compared to what Jared Goff recently got in this particular non-playing season, what Burrow and Herbert and Hertz and Jackson Lamar got in last year, knowing that at some point you're going to have to pay him because what is your other option? Your other option is to let him play out his deal and show you what he can do for you. Go all in, if you will, with him and then wind up putting him on the Kirk Cousins plan, which is franchise tag and making him think maybe you're not all in on him because you haven't given him security in a contract. Or you make him play it out and then go to free agency and get an older quarterback with more miles to the gallon already.

More miles on the tires. Do you do that or do you go back into the draft and start all over again because you're not going to pay market value? And if you do that, you don't pay market value.

If you do that, it does two things. One, it sends a message to the rest of the league. You're not willing to do that for somebody who's put in the time. And free agency might come to bite you if you want to do that. Why am I going to go there so you don't pay me like Trevor Lawrence at some point? Even though maybe you'll pay me now, but what about that next contract I'm worried about? Or it's the message to within your locker room that you're saying to somebody, hey, we saw how much hard work he put in and did this, that, the other thing.

And we saw him got hurt, get hurt last year, and we're not paying him because we need to see a little bit more. These are all messages that you are sending if you don't do it. So what? Well, I mean, here's the alternative. Here's the alternative.

Here's the alternative. You have put all the time in. You do believe he's the right guy. He can grow.

He can keep growing. You do understand what's gone on behind the scenes. You've also told your locker room, hey, everybody, not only are we paying our quarterback market value and enriching him because he's put in the work and that's what we tell you all here.

You put in the work for us and you show us that you are a professional and it's your time, your turn. We'll pay you market value. They did the same thing for Josh Allen, their pass rusher. Now, did they pay him top of the market like Joey, like Nick Bosa? No, they didn't.

They didn't. But Josh Allen took it. Josh Allen's better than Trevor Lawrence.

Now you could make that case. But what they have done, the Jacksonville Jaguars have placed their bets. They've placed their bets in an NFL world where the salary cap is exploding and going up. They have placed their bets with their quarterback and then their major pass rusher. What do you need to have in this league? You've got to have a quarterback and you've got to have your pass rusher. You've got to have your coach. You've got to have a locker room that buys and all that and obviously other players around them to create the championship team.

And the Jaguars have said OK to Trevor Lawrence and Josh Allen and Doug Peterson and saying we're placing our bets and we're going to work and that's that. Otherwise, they would be telling their locker room, we're not paying you. And also Doug Peterson, we're not going to put the folks in the locker room that we know you love because that's the market and we're just not going to go ahead and pay it. Well, you can put more folks that Doug Peterson loves in the locker room if you pay everyone appropriately and you have money left over to get more talented veteran impact players.

He's got a point. Well, then you're also walking into the walk year with Trevor Lawrence and you're letting that clank around your locker room. How'd that work for Joe Flacco? It worked out really well for Joe Flacco.

And then we all understand though what it would mean if it also worked out in a way that the rest of the locker room's wondering what the hell's going on in their spot. Why aren't we paying Trevor? He's our leader. We're following him anywhere. They're not paying him that. I'm just telling you, Chris, just because... No one in their right mind thinks he's as good as Joe Burrow.

Nobody. Or this is the year that he does. I'll be stunned.

Okay. They've been things that have been more stunning in the history of the National Football League than Trevor Lawrence panning out as the best player at the position in the National Football League that he can possibly be. I don't know why that would be stunning, because as I've said over and over for years, this guy was touted as being next. It's just an insane business strategy that these owners are performing now. It's still better than the previous one where these contracts would have been given to Trevor Lawrence before he's taken a snap in the NFL. But this is basically the exact same thing.

It's not the exact same thing. It's the exact same thing if Trevor Lawrence had three-plus years of National Football League quarterbacking on his belt. You're giving your guy who hasn't earned it the most money in the league, which is exactly what the first overall pick used to get. This is the way the NFL does business, because there's money coming out of every single geyser.

It's a gusher right now, and the cap is going up, and this is the way it will go. And the only question, the only question is which one in the NFL, which owner, which coaching group, and which player will wind up being in a boat together, and they decide to try your way, which is you've only won one playoff game here, you are, our offer is less, and if you don't like it, go get it somewhere else, and let him go. And not franchise tag him, and let him walk, and let him see what's up. And let's see if there's any other team in the NFL that will throw all that money at him, and see how it goes, and also run the risk of alienating people in your locker room, and telling people, sending the message to everybody in the locker room, we don't care. If you don't, if you put in the work, and you do everything right, and you do everything that we say, if it just comes down to it on a January day, that we get one and done, or we have a terrible game, that it's on you, and you're all gone, and we'll do it again, over, and over, and over again. And the guy who's close to that right now, more than anybody else, is Jerry Jones.

And we're all wondering, what's he doing? Well, he's doing exactly what you're saying, Chris, but at the end of the day, I believe Dak's going to have to get paid, and to not pay him now means you've allowed the Jacksonville Jaguars to set the market. You've allowed them to do it, and the longer you wait on Dak, you're going to let the Miami Dolphins set the market.

Now, is it possible that the Dolphins are taking this approach as well? Is it possible that they're looking at Tua and saying, 55 million a year, like 275's not the floor for you, bud, because we've seen X, Y, and Z, and we have our questions, and we have this, and we have that, and the longer it goes, the more Tua might be more prone to find an adjective closer to the word pissed off, than he did the last time, when he was finding the right word to describe his feelings on why a contract had yet to be delivered to him by mandatory minicamp. Training camp's around the corner. Now, you might sit here and say the only spot where Tua can show off his craft in a championship caliber is Miami, and if Miami says no to him and lets him walk, who's going to give Tua an all-time great contract? Who's going to do that and have the horses for him around him, like Tyreek Hill and Jalen Waddle, those guys under contract, and have a whole host of offensive weapons that can run like A-Train and the boys, which I started watching on my flight. How's that for my first reference by the boys? So, that's the conundrum when you're the player.

Am I in the best position for me to succeed professionally, and how many yachts do I need to water-ski behind? But the fact that a team makes you sit there and wonder if you do have the back of the franchise, because they won't set the market with you, they won't top the market with you, that's exactly what's potentially causing Brandon Iuch to tell Jayden Daniels in a conversation that they had on a FaceTime that went and got posted, him saying, the Niners don't want me here. I'm sure the Niners would push back and say, what are you talking about?

We want you here, it's just at this price. And he's probably thinking, well, the only way that you really want me here is by hitting my price, and this happens at every position. It just happens to be that no team has really pushed back on their quarterback, right? And Trevor Lawrence wasn't going to be the guy, and the Jaguars weren't going to be the team, and Doug Peterson wasn't going to be the coach that goes, hey Trevor, you got to show it to us, like more than just what you did two years ago. We're not going to talk about you being eight and three before you got hurt significantly in a way that you fought through. We're going to be talking about that eight and three, we're going to talk about the rest of what happened last year and the picks that you were throwing, even though he might have been back-footing it because he was hurt, and they would know that, and we're not going to pay you because of that, and everyone in the locker room might know that and be sitting here going, huh, so I do everything, but I get dinged up, I'm not going to get paid when it's my time, is that right?

That's the way the NFL is going to go, and as long as the cap goes up, quarterbacks are going to get it. So that's my opinion on Trevor Lawrence. Is he worth it?

You might sit here and go, he's not worth it. Look at the results. He hasn't done it. We've seen guys who in the first three years have done more. Like, say, Joe Burrow, he made the Super Bowl. This guy made a divisional round, and he couldn't even beat Kansas City like Burrow, so Burrow deserves it, even though Trevor Lawrence's camp might push back on how many games has Trevor missed this first few years? Rich Gardner-Minchu has better stats than Trevor Lawrence. But how many playoff wins has Justin Herbert had? How many has he had? What's he done? What's he done to make that money? Kind of insane to pay him that much, too.

Except the market bears it and allows it, and you might say it's insane business. It's still better than what it used to be, where those guys got it without playing a single down. Now at least you get a look-see before you have to make that leap.

Right, and we got a look-see, and we can see they're not worth it. That's easy for you to say right here, wearing your Celtic zip-up on a show like this. If you're sitting in a front office, or you're sitting in an ownership suite, you're sitting in your coach's office. It should be easier.

They're the ones with the checkbook. I get it. Problem is, you just can't pluck anyone out and put them in that position.

It's the toughest position to play. Brock Purdy has proved that all incorrectly. And he's also a unicorn. He's also a unicorn. And by the way, how good might he look if they let Aiyuk walk? Well, that's been the media narrative, that they have a super team, and that's why he looks so good. Look, that was my narrative. I've come around.

If Brock Purdy had played for the Carolina Panthers, would you be getting the same results? Probably not. If it's some butts for candy and nuts, you'd all have Banner 18. You're going to be very annoying. No, no, no, don't worry about it. Don't worry about it. Don't worry about it.

Don't worry about it. You got Grimace. Speaking of which, Jon Smoltz is going to be Johnny Snuts and talk about the Mets. By the way, Rich, Smoltz knows. We're not sure what Aiyuk was talking about. We discussed this yesterday.

Well, we're going to talk about it later on. I think it was his bowling league telling him that they didn't want him back. Smoltz is joining us.

He's zooming in. Let's get to Jon Smoltz. And we come back right here on The Rich Eisen Show.

One of the finest voices of baseball in the Hall of Famer, Jon Smoltz. Thanks for joining us. We'll be right back. We'll be right back. All right. Back here on The Rich Eisen Show, a radio audience will return in a couple minutes.

That's when we'll turn to Jon Smoltz. I didn't know this news. When was this announced, Mike Hoskins?

Was this just recently? Okay. There's a quarterback named Brady.

Okay. You know, I kind of dig those names, right? Heard of that guy. His last name is Hart. H-A-R-T spelled like Mike Hart. So when somebody's named Brady Hart and I find out he's one of the top quarterback recruits, and LSU wants him, Clemson wants him, and Ohio State wants him, I'm like, okay. Is there any chance Michigan has a chance with him? We can't because Jim Harbaugh left, right? And Harbaugh's the guy.

Harbaugh's going to be the guy to knock on the door of a quarterback and say, I can turn you into J.J. McCarthy and I'll just hit you on your shoulder pad and you'll come here. Michigan does have a shot, right? Michigan has no shot at that.

He chose Michigan. Oh, no fun. That's good to know. Okay.

Must be smart, you know? Hey, you can't say anything today, pal. Today's your day.

Today's your day being a Celtic fan. This guy dressed up like he's Jerry Sheasting in M.L. Carr all wrapped in one. Jerry Sheasting. They're after me Lucky Charms.

Nice. I'm a leprechaun, come on. He broke out the green socks. Look at me, man.

Those guys are short. We're not supposed to get the top one of top quarterbacks, right? When Ohio State's knocking on his door. No, you're the national champion. Dabo, right? Brian Kelly says, come on down, LSU.

You should get him. You're the champion. But no, we're supposed to be less than, man. We don't have that anymore. This argument's not holding weight anymore. Is that right? No.

I don't think it holds weight, but that's all I hear. Oh, he won a Florida state championship. We're going to get curb stomped. You're hearing that because people are haters.

That's what they do. What'd he post? Oh, it's yesterday. He was blessed to receive an offer. Oh.

Then he must have read the scoreboard of what it's on the right. What happened to that? He committed today. Okay.

See, that might have something to do with some of the things we see. How it started and how it's going. Right there. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show radio network, sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk, furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger has the right product for you.

Call or just stop by. One of the greats, a hall of famer, and love listening to him on Fox and joining us in advance of the American Century Championship Tournament, where he will be in that mix in Lake Tahoe next month. Jon Smoltz here on the Rich Eisen Show. How are you, Jon? Good to see you.

I'm doing great. Hey, does the young man know he'll be playing his college first two years on probation? Does he know? No, no. No, Jon. No, no, no, Jon. No, Jon. No, Jon. Jon. Jon. Jon.

Jon. You've been away. Yeah. You might have missed this, but no. The president of the NCAA even said last year as Michigan was being dominant and getting to the national championship podium, there's not much there. So no.

He won't be on any probation, Jon. Gotcha. That's good to know. You know what? It's kind of funny. When players, and I don't know if you ever said this, when you won your championship and you were going on championship runs that no one can ever take this away from us. And everyone's like, who's trying to take it away from you? You.

Jon Smoltz is trying to take it away. You. You're trying to. You and all your Spartans. We got, hey, I'm not one of those Spartans that didn't root for Michigan. I was rooting for Michigan. So I'm a home state.

We're all in. If Michigan state can't win, then Michigan is allowed to win. I don't, I don't hate on them like every true hardcore fan. So I, I was happy for them. Well, you know, and then, uh, I appreciate you saying that, which kind of makes it even worse for me to say I'll return the favor whenever that day might actually come. I just hope, you know, it's, it's sometime this decade, you know, John, you know? Yeah, it'll be basketball before it's football. And by the way, Izzo is one of my favorites. So now, now we can hug it out.

Jon Smoltz here on the Rich Eisen show. So how, how do the injuries to Yamamoto and Mookie Betts harm the Dodgers long-term success in 2024 in your mind, Jon? Yeah, the only thing it does is it diminishes maybe how many wins they were going to get to win their division by. I mean, they safely, unless somebody gets super hot in the national league West, they safely will win the division and they should still get one of the two best records in the national league. The roster was built for it, but there's no doubt between them and the Braves.

You couldn't ask, uh, or want two guys to get hurt by these two guys did for each organization. So it's definitely something that's different for the Dodgers because they're going to get them back. The Braves aren't getting theirs back. So they have to play the remainder of the year without their two stars. So at least, you know, you're getting them back and the Dodgers are in the right division right now.

Um, again, given something unforeseen with the, either the Padres or the giants or the Diamondbacks, it's really not going to hurt their chances of, of putting themselves in position for that deep postseason run that they're hoping for. And then Anthony Rizzo goes down on Sunday night in, um, in Fenway park as the Red Sox take the last two games of a series. You were in Fenway over the weekend. Did the Red Sox expose anything on the Yankees over this weekend, John?

You know, it's a great question. I kind of think they did, um, in this regard, look, the Yankees lineup works, starting pitchers about as good as anybody. They take a lot of pitches, they're deep in counts and they kind of take care of business as they should when they're built right. But what happened with the Red Sox, they spun a lot of breaking balls to them. They got ahead of them early and they really took the sting out of their lineup. And I don't know if that's a format moving forward that you can have success against the Yankees, but it made them go just a little bit neutral and backwards to think that they're a little more human because they were on such a great role. So give the Red Sox credit on paper. There were some mismatches and they didn't adhere to it and they won two out of three and they're now one six in a row where they almost feel like they could be a playoff team. There wasn't a lot expected out of the Red Sox. So again, good thing they don't play the game on paper because they have the hottest starter in baseball, Rodone pitching, and then this guy named Chris Wall just carved up a little bit of the lineup, even though we only went four innings. So I think you're right.

There's a little bit of that concern that creeps in every once in a while. But I'm sure that the Yankees will figure out a way to close that door. Well again, yeah, they have 50 wins. They got their 50th win on Friday night, but then they lost the last two of the, you know, in the, there was the Boston three party in hoops on Tuesday night and the Boston steel party over the weekend. They stole nine bases on the Yankees in one game.

So that's something else they potentially may have exposed. Garrett Cole though, does return on Wednesday. What are you looking to see out of Garrett Cole, John? I think, I think the biggest thing is he knows how to pitch with the stuff he has and he may have used one more, let's just say rehab start to build his numbers up, but he's going to do that now and he's facing the, you know, probably the second best team or some people think the best team in the American league, the Baltimore Orioles. So that's going to be a good test for him. But I think the fact that he has been so experienced in how he pitches with his, his stuff that he won't overthrow, he won't try to do too much. And I'd say three starts is the maximum that it should take for him to get into a group. When you've had a cert, when you've had an injury and you've missed this amount of time, I don't care how good you are. It still takes you about three starts to get in that routine that you're used to.

John Smoltz here on the Rich Eisen show. And the, the conversation about the Orioles, you know, last year, obviously they, they, they may have arrived earlier than expected. And this year seems to be a terrific followup to it. Are they a better team this year? Do you think than, than last year, John?

On the surface? Yes. On the roster? No, they lost some really big pitching, but they are a much better team with what they went through last year. They have a young core that is absolutely hungry. They are a good hitting team in a ballpark that is kind of taking care of their pitchers with left field being about three 80 now. And I just think that if the epidemic of injuries doesn't slow down, every team's vulnerable. So it's kind of hold your breath. No matter how good you are, if you don't have 12 deep, that could start a game during the regular season.

Think about how absurd that is for me to say 12 deep. That's what it takes for teams to get through a season now. And I think that's the only thing that holds them back. We know they lost their dominant closer last year, but then when they lose two, three, four starters, that puts them in a, in a, in a very vulnerable position, but so far so good. They have been holding the ship steady with, with missing those guys.

And hopefully Braddish is not gone for the year. And are the Phillies the best team you've seen in person this year so far, John? I think what they're built for is this kind of chip on their shoulder last year, sour taste in the mouth.

Yes. They have a roster that, that has got the least amount of weaknesses. They have to stay healthy, you know, they've had their best catcher go down. He'll be back. They had Jake, Jake Turner coming back. So Trey Turner coming back. So I think they, they definitely have cured up most of their issues that were kind of plaguing them the last three to four years, their bullpens way better, and they just have a chip on their shoulder. If they get to the playoffs in a position, which would be ironic, let's just say they get the best record and they have to wait the five days and see how they handle it because they've beaten the best team in baseball the last two years when they had the five day break in the Atlanta Braves. So this will be an interesting dynamic, especially if the Braves end up playing the Phillies in a reverse role.

So we'll see what happens. And it seems every year, John, there's some team post all-star break that just goes on a run, some magical run. It all fits.

It all guts together. Is there one team that you can identify? I know you don't have a crystal ball. This is one of those tough predicting type questions, but if you could say that's the team that I think can either make a move or figure out, iron out some rough spots from the first half to go on some sort of second half run to make them dangerous to potentially even win it all would be which team, John? I think this team management will have to change their philosophy in a drastic way and start adding for a change. The Pittsburgh Pirates are the most intriguing team in the National League with their power arms at the front of the rotation, and they have a chance to spoil a lot of people's dreams if they make the dance.

But they've got to add. They've got to stop doing what they've been doing and kind of recoiling every time they get in a position of just adding talent and trading their superstars. So to me, they're intriguing along with the Cincinnati Reds, and certainly the St. Louis Cardinals have battled back. But I think the most dangerous team with Jones and Skeans and Heller and all the different things they have going for them, man, I would not want to play the Pittsburgh Pirates when it comes down to a short series, let alone any kind of series, and that's given they give the leash and manage the innings of those two young pitchers.

Yeah, only a half game out of the wildcard despite being two games under.500 in this crazy National League mosh pit, but a game and a half out of the second best seed in the wildcard picture. I mean, Skeans 4-0, 53 strikeouts and 39 and a third, seven starts so far, just seven walks with an ERA of 2.29. How good do you think he is and can be, John? Well, I would say he's this good, and I can't find too many pitchers other than Jacob DeGrom that you could say this. He could throw all fastballs and win a baseball game.

He wouldn't even need his secondary stuff. Now, he's becoming a complete pitcher, and the only thing he risks with that low three-quarter angle is that slider can get a little flat at times, and that's the pitch that they can only have a chance on, but when he's right and he throws his fastball in the command zone that he has, he is an illusion that hitters don't like to see. It's an awkward, big guy release point, so different than what we're used to, and again, I cross my fingers.

I hope he stays healthy, but you know what the rhetoric is, and you know what baseball has had a problem with, is these hard-throwing, flame-throwing freaks are not lasting as long as they should, so I hope he's an outlier, and I hope that the Pittsburgh Pirates can start keeping their own talent instead of us talking about all the great pitching that is with everybody else, and they need to start keeping their own talent, build that fan base back and be relevant again, and baseball is better when they are. Are you a proponent of the pitch clock? Is that fault for a lot of the arm troubles we're seeing, John? Not even a 2% reason. I mean, it's so cop-out answer that it's not even in the relative scope.

The two biggest parts of reasons that the guys, first of all, they're chasing the reward system that is getting them paid, so I don't blame them. Max velocity and the grip of the baseball. The baseball has changed over time. It hasn't been able to perfect what we all can view as acceptable grip so that pitchers don't have to put their forearm at risk with that grip, and then, of course, whenever you let science go too far, we saw what happened a year and a half ago with the substance. But max effort.

Spin rate. I'm telling you right now, people don't understand, I've been saying this for 10 years, you could throw 150 straight fastballs with no fear of results, not care if you give up 100 home runs or 10 base hits. That is not detrimental to your arm.

What's detrimental to your arm is redlining, max effort, trying to get results, spin it, and break it as hard and as fast as you can, and that is the reality that we're in. They're not asking pitchers to kind of get through seven innings. They want them to give them everything they have for as long as they can, and they will take them out as soon as it gets to 95 pitches.

There's no scientific evidence in it. They have not been able to shorten or even slow down the injury rate, but nobody talks about it because they just move on. And so whenever somebody talks about the realities of what's going on, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. And that's what we've got. So they've got to change the reward system or they're going to make a rule change in two years to effectively change the philosophy of how we view starting pitching. How do they do that? What's the rule change?

Oh, they're going to do it just like they did that made the game vibrant again. They're going to make a rule change in either roster limits. So if you have roster limits and pitchers and the amount that you can use, you're going to ask them to do different things. If you get creative, like I asked, I said about three years ago, I said, tie your starting pitcher to the DAs and everyone goes, you have lost your mind.

I said, but no, think about it. If you wanted a competitive advantage and you come up with a crazy idea like that, are you going to start an opener? Are you going to start a guy and then have four pinch hits the rest of the game and try to navigate the game that way? So baseball has been trying to self-correct on its own and they realize philosophically they won't. So what did they do? They enlarge the bases. They changed the ship. They changed the pitch clock.

We got a game that's action built, build again and moving along. Well, the same applies for philosophy to pitching. You think anyone's going to change philosophy even though the injury rates going through the roof and this has been happening the last five years?

No way. So there will be some creative rule changes down the pike if this they're doing some studies are trying to figure it out, but it's right there before everybody's eyes and no one wants to talk about it because they just want the next guy to just fill in and we'll just keep getting the next guy up. So don't have the pitchers hit, but still act as if they are in the lineup as a hitter. So anytime you change the starting pitcher, you have to change the designated hitter. Is that what you're saying, John? That's right.

Yeah, that's right. So now if you want a competitive advantage over the next organization and your pitchers are only going five and a third on average, you're going to have to fill two pinch hits. But if you get a pitcher to go, oh, man, to go seven innings, if he goes seven innings and his arm doesn't fall off, then you only have one pinch hit that you have to worry about. So I think those are ways that you would take an organization and say, we're going to still play it the same way. All right, good for you.

You try to survive that way. And then other organizations are going to say, you know what, we've got to look at it differently because I don't want to have four pinch hitters in a game every game that we play because we know no one throws a complete game. So the threshold is how do you move starting pitchers from five and a third to possibly six and a third to possibly seven innings? John Smoltz here on The Rich Eisen Show. OK, for those listening, John Smoltz appears to be in a spot working on his game in advance of the American Century Championship tournament he's on to talk about. And you know, you got your golf shirt on, it looks like you're in a very nice spot on the top floor of some sort of living arrangement where you're going to be there multiple days.

Have I nailed this down right, John? Yeah, this is my home club, Hawks Ridge, already got 18 in, going to go play another 18, working on the game, trending in the right direction. And I am, I finished sixth in January in the celebrity event, second in April at the tournament in Dallas. And there's only one spot left, right? I mean, sixth, second, first. Correct. Third time. Right. So we're going to get past Vinny Del Negro this time, John, or what do we got here? We're going to get past Romo, we're going to get past Mark Bish, Mark Mulder, we're going to get past, I don't know if the defending champ is going to be able to place because of the Olympics, Curry, of course, won it last year, we're going to get by them all.

This is a plan that has been working in progress for a while. Two new hips, first time going into Tahoe with two brand new hips. So standing on my legs for five hours and 45 minutes is not going to be an issue. I don't win.

It'll be because I just didn't make enough putts. So I'm ready. I'm 57. I'm on a mission. Right.

Yeah. I'm on a mission and I'm going to be the oldest winner to ever win Tahoe. This is something for you to shoot for.

No question about that. How low do you have to be? I mean, because again, we're stable for what do we, what's, what's the right, what's the winning number? So I got to average, I got to average 25 points a game around.

That's going to be pretty strong, but that's what I've got to get to. And I'm the par King out there. I get the most pars of anybody every year. And it's only worth one point.

That's no value. So I'm going to turn into just, I'm turning into birdies or bogeys. That's all I care about birdies and bogeys, because I'm going to be aggressive. Birdies is three points.

Bogey is zero. If I make enough birdies, they way outweigh the amount of pars that I've made in the past. That's kind of like a basketball way of looking at it.

More threes, take as many threes as you possibly can and turn down the two point attempts because the number of three, if you blitz with the threes, you know, it's better. The math adds up. I like it. Yeah.

One would say, yeah. Um, and I think this approach will have to be a little bit more aggressive from round one. I, my, the reason I don't for whatever reason, win tournaments more than I should. It's because of round one, I'm way too conservative. And I always think that I can work my way into the tournament by being okay. First round, but then there's too much to pick up after that.

So I'm going for it. Course record, maybe just try to just shoot course records every single time. Now who do they pair you with? Do they pair you with equal sticks or do they just throw anybody in there and you gotta, you gotta fight through that first round with some duffer out there holding you up, John, how does this work?

What does it do? You know, in the past, in the past it used to be Glavin and Maddox and you know, look, I've played a ton of golf with those two guys. I mean, it's not that I don't want to play with them, but you know, playing with other people every once in a while is nice. I, uh, it's a random thing and it's usually pretty good golfers that I get to play with.

I've played with Annika a few times. I have yet to be in a group at Tahoe, I believe with Marty fish. I really want to stare the bully down. He's our best.

Um, and I, and I really want to be able to just look them in the eyes and just say something. I don't know what it is yet, but he's the best and I, he's one of the greatest guys in the world. So, uh, he's the one that beat me in Dallas. He birdied the last hole. I double bogeyed the last hole. Um, I I'm kind of over it. Um, I've learned from it. I've moved on. Um, I didn't go outdoors for a couple of weeks and now I'm fine.

Everything's fine. I think, did, did Marty win you or us a free golf bag once travel bag? Oh yeah. We played with Marty before. We we've, we've, we've ridden the Marty fish train to, uh, to, to free stuff, John.

We've done that before. So good luck. Good luck with that. Thank you. You're the best, John. Thanks for the time, man. Go hit him straight again. Appreciate it.

Thanks again. We're going to be playing the 20th century championship tournament, uh, in less than a month from now, uh, Friday, July 12th through the 14th on NBC special coverage on peacock and the golf channel. It's John Smoltz here on the rich eyes and show. Love it.

There you go. Great list of celebs this year. Well, it always is, man. So good.

Can you imagine I get invited and they're like, they stick me with Smoltz and he's like, he's got to get playing. And I'm like looking for my golf ball for 15th time. Where is it?

Where's that thing? I'm not invited. Elevation helps us though. Rich and we'd hit a little further.

It doesn't matter about how far, so to go deeper into the forest that part three along the lake, some boat is done. Some boat is like a hundred feet out and they have no idea. No golf balls going to get here. No good.

Then I step up, hit Del Tufo right in the head, staking some terrible shot of some, some energy drink, hoping to get a free gig out of it. By the way, did you know that we got the answer to his, uh, to that, to that paid partnership? No, I did not hear it. We got the answer to it. Yeah. The paid partnership photograph he took of some can that was in the shadows because he was so terrible at taking the picture.

He added paid partnership to it, making people think he's got a partnership, but he's really just hoping to get the attention of the energy drink. Yeah. Well yeah, we saw that coming, right? I mean, I'm not mad at that. It was, it was a line in the, uh, in the water trying to reel in the fish. You missed one.

So how'd it go? Because it's a terrible picture. That's true. But it's still got 450 likes. Well that's par for the course. Always. Same as every other one.

They all do. Ah, 844-204 Rich number to Donald right here on Rich Eisenshaw. There it is. That's the way he did not get a paid partnership.

How'd he just moved it further and forth? Oh my God. It's a lovely boat table. But a boat table company reached out and said, hey, that's beautiful. We'll hire you.

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Hello. You play to win the damn game, right? You don't play just to play it.

When you start telling me it doesn't matter, get your ass out of here, then retire because it matters. Well done. That's number one. Next up on October 16th, 2006 after the Cardinals blew a 20 point lead against the Bears on Monday Night Football, Dennis Green. They are who we thought they were as as portrayed by Victor Numan. Bears are who we thought they were, you know, that's why we took the damn field.

Now, if you want to crown them, then crown their ass, but they are who we thought they were and we let them off the damn hook. Very good, very well done. All right. Last one for you.

I'm glad that we got it rolling because here's the last one I can feel on May 7th, 2002. The famed practice press conference of one Allen Iverson, as recounted by the man who plays Victor Numan, Eric Braden hit it. I mean, listen, man, you're talking about practice, OK? Not a game. Not a game. Not a game. All right.

Not a game that I could have then die for and play every game like it's my last. I know it's important. Yeah, I do. I do. I do. I do. I honestly do. But you're talking about practice, man. What are we talking about? Practice. You're talking about practice, man. Love him.

Love him. Back on the Rich Eisen Show, ready, set, griddle this grilling season. Get the Weber Slate Rust Resistant Griddle with a carbon steel cooktop that's safe for metal tools, pre-seasoned, ready to cook on right out of the box. It's the griddle that stays ready, not rusty.

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We are big fans of the Weber Slate Rust Resistant Griddle. Get fired up for your new one today, 844-204-RICH, number to dial. All rise, Terzo and I was here on the program. How you been, Terzo? Good to see you. Doing well, guys. Hey, congratulations, Brockman. Thanks, buddy.

Thank you. On your win. It's always hard for me to give any credit to a Bostonian winning a championship, but I did call it in five games, so I was pretty happy about that. We've had a lot of practice, so it's fine.

So Rich, now with the Celtics being the top dog in the NBA and our recency bias, what do you think it will take for your Knicks to overcome them next season? Because I do believe Jalen Brown is that guy. Yeah. Well, what they need to do is they've got to add somebody to take some of the heat off of Jalen Brunson.

That's all. Somebody that he can't be picked up all 94 feet. I mean, Dante DiVincenzo provided that punch. I don't know if you can expect it from him. Josh Hart turned into the modern day Rodman. I don't know if last night's game five panelist in Julius Randle is going to be that guy.

I don't know. I just hope they draft somebody that's particularly that good. And I just assume that they just need that one more player to be just as good as Jalen Brunson. Who's that going to be? Who's that going to be? Is it Julius Randle?

I don't know. And I don't know if it can beat him either. I think there has to be somebody that you need to target in free agency and or through the draft. But that's kind of the thought that I had for the Knicks. To kind of touch on the Brandon Ayug story, as a 49er fan, man, we all want him back. We just can't pay him at the top level because I don't think he's at the top level.

And I know the market can bear it out. But the unfortunate part is I don't think he gets paid as a top five receiver. Well, because he's not in the role of being a top five receiver because they don't have to have him as a top five receiver, thanks to the Calterso.

And if I was his agent, that's what I'd be saying. I'd be saying you've got Debo, you've got Kittle, you've got McCaffrey. If you didn't have any of those guys, you know who would be playing like CeeDee Lamb? Our guy.

And he does have that ability. So we need to take less because you've got so many other guys. And the answer from the Niners are, yeah, we got to pay all these other guys. And the quarterback who can help make sure your guy stays top five, we got to pay him and look what the other guys are making. I mean, Purdy's going to, I mean, Purdy right now, if you're Purdy's agent, you got to be like, OK, Trevor Lawrence for this one playoff win is fifty five million per year. And Trevor Lawrence gets that.

And Justin Herbert with his zero career playoff wins. And Joe Burrow with his one Super Bowl loss season makes all this much. Guess how much Brock Purdy is going to demand? A hundred million dollars. More than all of them.

More than all of them. So if you're John Lynch, you've got to sit here and figure out how to make this work. And all I will say is we went through this with Debo Samuel, where Debo made it seem like I'm never showing up again and they sign him. So Ayuk saying, you know, they don't want me. It's just they don't want you at this particular price. And you've got to sit here and say, do I want to play one more year for them and then make a killing somewhere else? And that somewhere else I might not be on such a Super Bowl winning team? Again, these are the questions he's got to ask himself.

I just don't know what the number is on the table. If it's so low that it's insulting or it's something that he can potentially live with. And if you're the Niners, you've got to stick it out to see if he'll live with it and look past all of the stuff that he might be putting on social media, because none of it appears to be worse than what they got through with Debo right now. Debo is like, I'm not coming back. Ayuk is like, they don't want me back. That's a different story. So these things tend to get worked out is the way I'm looking at the club.

Ayuk was at home when he was just at the club, when somebody walked past with a sign saying, you know, come back and he's laughing at it. You know, Ayuk, these things tend to get worked out and the Niners tend to work them out. So I'm not, you know, at DEF CON one on that yet.

We'll talk about it with Tom Pelissero in just a couple of minutes time. All right. Can we work something out in the next couple of minutes? Because this thing's driving me crazy. You know what I'm talking about?

I now know what you're talking about. Want me to go move it? There's this yellow cone that's been directly in the three foot radius space that anything gets placed in our courtyard can be seen on this shot.

I'm going to go move it right now. All I know is that, hold on a second. Whatever, whatever that, but whatever it is protecting, not a single, that person's maybe not walking into it because there's a cone right there. What is it? Is there like a pothole that somebody could turn an ankle on? Could be wet. What is it? It can't be wet now.

They haven't, it's been two hours. What is, needs to be protected? Great question.

What is out there? Great question. That's what I said.

Let me go research. It's just, honestly, it's just directly, that person's walking behind it. Well done. That's another life saved. That's another lawsuit averted by that one cone that is perfectly placed to be in my background area.

So can we find out what it is? Says caution, Rich Eisen. No, it doesn't say caution. It says place here to piss off Rich. It's probably what it says on that one cone, it's been there two hours and I've really restrained myself.

Let me go make good tea. This is the first time I've noticed it. How have you not noticed it? It's been sitting there the entire time. I don't know.

All right. Tommy P's coming. Every story eventually comes to an end. This June, hear the final episode of season two of the hit podcast series, In the Red Clay, Durham. In the Red Clay tells the unbelievable true story of Billy Sunday Burt, the most dangerous man in Georgia history. In the podcast that people are calling riveting, incredibly moving, captivating, and addicting. Binge seasons one and two of In the Red Clay now, wherever you listen.
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