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Where Is Aaron Rodgers?

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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June 12, 2024 3:40 pm

Where Is Aaron Rodgers?

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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June 12, 2024 3:40 pm

6/12/24 - Hour 3

Jet fan Rich reacts to Aaron Rodgers’ day two AWOL from the team’s mandatory minicamp.

Comedian Lewis Black joins Rich in-studio to discuss his new ‘Inside Out 2’ movie, Aaron Rodgers’ whereabouts mystery, his Washington Commanders fandom, his all-time favorite ‘Daily Show’ rants, and more.

Rich reacts to the latest comments by Bears HC Matt Eberflus and QB Caleb Williams, and new Pittsburgh Steelers QB Russell Wilson.

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Players matter more to me. Earlier on the show, Ravens linebacker Roquan Smith, Cardinals running back James Conner. Coming up from Disney's Inside Out 2, actor and comedian Lewis Black. And now, it's Rich Eisen. That's right, hour number three of our show. It's been something the last two hours, that's for sure. And we came on the air talking about the passing of Jerry West, not just amongst ourselves, not just with you, but also with Suzy Schuster, who joined us top of hour number two to give us her recollections of a man she met when she first moved to Los Angeles to cover the Shaq, Kobe, Lakers in the aughts.

And it's just been moving having so many people give their stories and their memories and what Jerry West meant. And if you missed the last two hours, don't worry, we've got you covered on the Roku channel, channel 210. The show re-airs as soon as it's over. And then we'll be back on the air tomorrow with a whole new fresh three hour show. There's also our podcast version of the show. So if you like taking in a show via that format, we've got you covered there, too.

Three hours, all of them are distributed hour by hour each day through the Cumulus Podcast Network. We'd appreciate if you hit us with a follow there. Then, of course, there's our YouTube channel. You could subscribe to that as well.

We greatly appreciate you following anything that we do, certainly with our crew doing Yeoman's work every single day. Lewis Black, the very funny man, is back in our green room. He's going to be joining us in about 20 minutes time.

He's in Inside Out 2, and that's in theaters near you this Friday. So we'll be joined by Lewis Black shortly. Chris Brockman and Jay Felley in their spots. Good to see you over there, TJ Jefferson in your spot. So we began our show on Tuesday with the news that I was kind of surprised to hear that Aaron Rodgers was not at the mandatory minicamp for the New York Jets. He's not hurt. There's no contractual dispute that would cause him to make a stance for not showing up. He's also showed up for everything. He was there at the outset of the the offseason workout program. He was there for the volunteer stuff. He was there. He's been there. He's been present. He's been talking. He's been leading. He's been doing all of that stuff. And then he also said at the end of last year's season, that was a total loss season because his Achilles gave way. Saying that that anything that has nothing to do with winning all the BS needs to get out of the building. And now he's out of the building for mandatory minicamp.

And just so anybody hears it, my concern wasn't about week one. My concern is the fact that the Jets called this an unexcused absence, that Robert Salah said this is not an excused absence, now leads to all of us to wonder what's up? Why isn't he there? Where is he? Salah would only say it's at a place that he finds very important to go to do. And how will Rogers take in, process, handle, deal with his first full-blown New York City sports talk, 24-7, 365, long-time listener, first-time caller, kerfuffle? Because that is exactly me. Listen, born in Brooklyn, raised in Staten Island. Listened to Mike and the Mad Dog for years while working for the Staten Island Advance. I know exactly how New York fans think.

I know exactly what the front or the back pages or if not front pages will handle it. And that this would absolutely be something, even though I don't believe when Aaron Rodgers does return and does show up in week one in the tunnel, Monday Night Football, Jets at Niners, he is back on a field. His hard work and rehab is paid off to get him on the field. This will not matter at all. Unless he doesn't trust the coaching staff, unless he doesn't handle this stuff with the media, right?

But when it doesn't matter at all, when he's in that tunnel, I don't think it's going to matter at all. That's what I thought yesterday. That's what I wanted to set up today's conversation with that background information, because sure enough, you saw the post in the Daily News right on cue. Call him Aaron Dodgers was the back page of the Daily News with an empty face and helmeted Aaron Rodgers number eight. QB suddenly disappears as gangrene begins mandatory minicamp.

That's awesome. New York Post, full of hot air. And they actually used that January quote about the BS that has nothing to do with winning needs to get out of the building. That's January 8th, Tuesday. Rogers AWOL from Jets first mandatory practice.

Last year, it was a love fest, then he got hurt, then everything that happened with the Jets had nothing to do with him. He was completely removed from this fray, completely and totally removed from this fray. So now, then, Robert Sala steps to the podium today. Follow up question. What's up, man? What's up with that? Essentially hit it. Getting some blowback from media people about the use of the word unexcused, because you were okay with him not being here, but did you use the word unexcused? So I'm wondering maybe if you could clarify why you used that word. And also, did Aaron know he was going to be termed unexcused and how he reacted to that?

No, you're fine. Talked about it yesterday, but Aaron and I are on the exact same page. There's no issue between Aaron or his teammates, for that matter. So like I said, we addressed it yesterday.

It's not it's it's more of an issue for for everyone outside the building than it is inside. And that's about it. Before that. He said he was asked, were you aware that Aaron was not going to be here before yesterday?

Is that correct? Sala said yes. Follow up and to Rod, meaning the backup quarterback to Rod Taylor, said he'd only found out that morning about being the first team reps quarterback. Is there any reason that that wasn't communicated to him before? Sala said, nope, it's a one on one conversation. That's not something the team needed to know about.

Another question, there was a lot of craziness that came off of Aaron's absence yesterday, as expected. Did you have any contact with him, like talk to him between yesterday and today? Quote, No, I haven't.

OK, so now then, no, no, no, no, no, no. Because, again. There we don't know where he is. And we don't know what the term unexcused means and all of that stuff. So before we before we start diving into all of this. OK, well, I see what unexcused means is that it's something that the Jets just couldn't countenance calling excused.

Because they were told by maybe some front office type or legal individual that if you call this excused, now the doors are open to no mandatory minicamp will ever have teeth to it, because you said even for this guy is excused. Right. If it's just a vacation, let's just find out what it is.

What is it? Yeah, sure. And nature and New York media and Rogers haters and bored NFL fans waiting for training camp to begin.

All of those folks abhor a vacuum, so income spilling information. First up, let's put up Connor Hughes, who covers the Jets for SNY. He said that Rogers planned this trip while he was still rehabbing. The Jets have known about it from the moment there was an overlap with the release of the minicamp schedule. Rogers is, quote unquote, unexcused because you can't excuse a trip. Ah, but not a contract dispute, which is Hassan Riddick, who's not there. Semantics, but there's no unrest inside the building. The Jets don't think it's a big deal. Not sure why the world is reacting differently. Oh, boy.

Rogers missing these two days after being at every voluntary workout the last two years will have zero impact on what the Jets and Rogers accomplished this coming season. So now. A couple of things about that. Is. If that that let's just take all of that as gospel, not saying he's making any of this stuff up, I'm just saying like if the Jets are he's getting this from somebody obviously within the building, if the Jets don't think this is a big deal. So the issue I have with all of this is the statement of they don't understand why people are viewing it differently.

It's just like they did not live in the New York metropolitan area. I mean. In all honesty. Do you not know what it's going to come across is like that all of a sudden out of the blue, Rogers isn't there and it's called unexcused. And if it is a trip, let's just say it's something that Rogers planned when he was rehabbing and told the Jets about it. You've had months to set the table. You've also had an ability to potentially move the mandatory minicamp to.

Last week. When Rogers may not have the trip. And you could avoid all this stuff because, you know, if you're just going to come out of the blue and have your coach sit up there and say he's not here and it's not excused, that there is going to be a major huge ass back page screaming headline or two or three to deal with. And why would you want to deal with it, even though, as I've said, by week one of this year, when he's in the tunnel, it's not going to matter.

Juices will be flowing and he's going to want to beat the crap out of the San Francisco 49ers and do what he needs to do. I'll be back. That's number one, though. You had different ways to handle it.

Why this way to handle it? Because it's possible Rogers will be viewing it that he's being made an example of for whatever reason, after he's done everything else right, because it also opens up. Him to this interpretation, one of his favorites, I will just come out and sort of place tongue in cheek in this, because I believe it was this reporter who once upon a time said the Jets had a list from Rogers of players that he would like to see on the team and have fulfilled for his first year there. And he pushed back considerably against Diana Rossini, then of ESPN, now.

Of the athletic. She tweeted this out. Which is just a fascinating way to look at it. But oh, pardon me, Diana Rossini tweeted out the following. Let me get this for you here. Sorry, we got a lot of moving parts here.

I thought I had provided that. But this is this is exactly the sort of thing that I think is an issue for Rogers. She reported out Aaron Rodgers is skipping all of Jets mandatory minicamp this week because he prefers to be somewhere else away from football. That's his choice. Because that's an interesting way to term it.

But every word of that is, in fact, describing the situation. If it's not an emergency, if it has been planned, he has decided this is what it is and he's not there. And part of the reason why maybe he's not talked to Robert Sol about all this is it's possible, as you were talking about last hour, T.J. He could be on one of his retreats where he's got the offense. He knows the offense.

The OC is there in name only, essentially, because he's got full, complete hardware software wiring into Rogers's brain about what to set up play calling. He's got this thing down pat. He doesn't need two more days of this stuff. The thing that's most important is for him to be somewhere to get his mind right. And that does dovetail into him not being in communication with anybody right now. So if I'm not mistaken, our friend Pat hasn't even said something on his show as to where Rogers is, right?

Yeah, no, Pat doesn't know. So that kind of dovetails into all of this, if that's where he is. And I don't know where he is. Nobody knows where he is.

And it's all a guessing game. And then you see what Chase Daniel, my colleague at NFL Network, tweeted out. Wait until you hear where Aaron Rodgers is instead of with his teammates. That's an expensive absence.

And then he didn't elaborate. I don't know if that means, I don't think he's going to get fined. Although the Jets, there's reports that the Jets will fine him. But it's just weird and awkward and a very long mandatory minicamp for the Jets right now when there's talking to members of the media.

They are all working out. I'm sure to a man, they all know where Aaron is. And I'm sure in their minds, it's an excused absence if that's what Aaron wants to do.

If I had to guess. But for the Jets to just basically know about it. See that the freight train, media freight train is coming and then stand on the tracks.

And not jump off it and say, here's what we're going to do. We're going to send Robert Saul out there and he's going to call it an unexcused absence and then act like, according to Conor, he was apparently like, well, I cannot believe there's gambling going on in Casablanca. Are you serious?

Really? You mean the New York media is going to take our coach calling Aaron Rogers an unexcused absence being AWOL and they're just, they're going to they're going to make something of it? The national media is going to make something of it? So if Rogers is somewhere incommunicado right now, whose job is it to get him up to speed? That'll be quite the gig. And then how is he going to process his first full blown New York sports media?

Kerfuffle. How will he handle the questions from the New York media that I think this time will be a bit more aggressive than they ever have been with Aaron? And if that is a parry and thrust that he goes through, the only thing that it can affect during the playing season is that the first ever parry and thrust that he might think was either manufactured by management or the coaching staff, although they say they're all on the same page, or he feels it's unfair because he knows what's best for him and he's done it.

And his teammates didn't have a problem with it. And now he's got to go through all this stuff. And this is the first one of those which might make the one that happens during the playing season, if the Jets are one and three, a little bit more contentious then. Because we're already one of these in. And I've been through these things, man. I've seen it. I've grown up there. I've heard it.

I've seen it. Because I'm just trying to factor all this in is how will it affect a win or a loss during the fall? And are we just making a big deal of it right now because there's no football?

But it is weird, man. Quarterbacks are there for their team. They're there for their guys.

They're there because they're the leaders. They're the first one in, last one out. They're not the ones who aren't there because they're, as Connor Hughes even explaining, there's not much going on.

They're called a trip. Diana Russini is talking about it is a conscious choice to not be around football when everyone else is there. Chase Daniels is saying you can't but wait till you hear what it is. Distractions should be out of the building. Well, they're in the building.

Calls are in the house. How will it affect a win and a loss again? We shall see. I say week one doesn't matter yet. Well, we'll see what happens during the season when rubber meets road. And that's the latest. Hope the mind is being expanded.

Because the back page headlines sure are, if that's what it is. 844-204-RICH, number to dial on the program. Let's bring out Lewis Black. He knows where I Rogers is.

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You should go and see it with your kids, the whole darn family. Thrilled to have you back here on the program. Nice to be back. You're the perfect anger. No offense, but I think that's the compliment for you, right?

It is a compliment. I've done nothing but try to perfect it, actually. How long have you played anger? Since colic. Since I was colicky.

It started there. Really? You're going to feed me that?

No, it's not happening. Since colic. That's funny, man. Oh my gosh.

So Inside Out 2 is back and it's, it's, it's as good as ever, man. So congrats on that. Well, thank you. It's really, I'm kind of stunned at how good it is. And it's been an easy to talk about.

Yes, you don't. I'm like this effusive about it at times. It's, it's almost disturbing how much I enjoy.

You're uncomfortable. How, how happy it makes you? Yeah, well, it works on one level, but on the other level, I can only, you know, it's like I know how to control anger. I don't know how to control happiness, right?

Neither does Riley sometimes, and she's now a teenager in this film. Yeah, so it's, there's some new emotions that are, or they're appearing in this movie. We've got, and the biggest one being anxiety. And then there's ennui, which is terrific, envy and embarrassment. Ennui. Ennui, which is tremendous.

A French actress whose name will escape me. Right. Is playing ennui. I mean, the boredom. Right. Boredom and disgust and fear and sadness. And Amy Poehler is back as joy and you're back as anger as well.

And again, that's in theaters near you on on Friday Inside Out 2. Lewis Black is here on the program. And the reason. Yes. To see it. I mean, this is the thing. It really the level of the animation went up. I mean, it is we've gone to Pixar went to is technologically advanced now. It was so advanced that they Amy had asked them, can you, you know, at least you can bring up our characters again? And they said, no, our technology is so advanced now that we have to recreate your character. No caring. Yeah. In order to fit the level of, you know, it's just like going from, you know, whatever 4D to whatever the next thing is. They couldn't basically like recycle the same old. They couldn't recycle the basic animation. Interesting. They had. And so I'm much, I'm much better looking. Yes.

But you're still just as angry. And I can't wait to again for kids to see this again. It's on on Friday. So, Lewis Black, do you know where Aaron Rodgers is? He's at ayahuasca camp. He's going back for a retooling, a redying, something I would never do.

Just, you know, when they say, oh, and you vomit for a while. No, not gonna happen. Not my idea of fun. Okay, I did it once as a kid.

I took morning glory seats. Don't do it. And that's part of it. If you lay on the ground for an hour and you just kind of feel nauseous and think you're going to do it.

And then it's good for three hours. Not throwing up now. You know, peyote. No.

Okay. It would be wild if that is, in fact, where he is. You know, would be. But, you know, we're not going to know. And I think you did a good analysis. Thank you very much, Lewis Black. I appreciate that. I wonder what his emotions are. Like what, what characters are inside him? Wow.

Yeah, I don't even want to go there. That's not even being the anger for Aaron Rodgers. I think it's I think the inside of his head is mostly a hall of mirrors where he's seeing his own reflection. And I'm sure I'm sure he's glad to hear that from me. I'm sure he would love. Well, I mean, but if he is where you're suspecting he is, he may not be hearing that right now. He may not be.

And he may in the mirrors may be torn down and they construct something else. So you're a fan of which team, which which is the Washington commodes, as I call them. The commanders is ludicrous. Just, you know, it's a Dean Snyder left over. He, you know, nobody voted on this. That's BS. What? Right.

What's the basis of that? So you want to go back to football team? What do you want to like Washington football team? I thought it had a nice old school ring to it.

We suck. You'd went, well, they're historic. You could say that about. Yeah. But I just thought there would be some other name, you know?

Yeah. I mean, if they were the Washington football team, the WFT, and if they played poorly, just flip the F and the T. That's what you can pretty much say about your team. Yeah, but I mean, they got the new quarterback and Jayden Daniels. They might have a better, a better year. Now they've got new ownership. I mean, and we've got a better, you know, we got to I think we got a coach. I mean, I think that's moving in the right direction.

Exactly. We'll see what happens. And I know that because I was watching as I was sitting in the green room that you guys have you showed that Detroit. Yes, a Detroit fan that chimed in that they're going to win 11 of their of their first 11 games. They're going to start. They're going to do very well, but they didn't have the courage to play Washington, did they? No. No, that's, you know, they took that one out of there because they realized that with, you know, the power that they would face because what we would do, Washington is remind Detroit of also how bad they used to be. Right, exactly.

And then that would be a long game. Did you ever go to the old RFK? Yeah, you did. Yeah, I went there a few times. It was a great stadium. You know, I think what's going to end up happening is they're going to end up building a new stadium.

They're going to put it downtown. And this thing is just going to be kind of back on the tracks of where it was when, you know, everybody thought of Washington and their football team and their program as being one of the all-time greats. I think we're back moving in the right direction. It's like the my other team, the Orioles back moving in the right direction. You know, all of a sudden what we were great at was we had a great farm system, which they let go fallow and now that's back again.

Yeah, the Orioles are just one game behind the Yankees in the loss. Yeah, no, it's fun. I just all I care about anymore is can we just be competitive?

Right, you know, because we're kind of, you know, every everything is kind of evening out. I mean, we've got so much talent. People, kids are being developed. Gee, here's a three-year-old and he can catch a 95 mile an hour. Let's get him, you know, and then they just kind of work on these kids.

And now we're seeing, you know, what we get for it is some remarkable parody. Yeah, they're there. They're they've got a very young but really good team that came. I think came into being a little sooner last year than people expected. Well, that's because of the amount of prayer that I did.

It's about wondering where it came from. Yes, you know, just me at night. Yeah, by the my bedside doing your thing, doing my prayer thing for sure. I like that. You got tour dates to talk about us to you.

You can go to the Lewis You're going to Cleveland. Yes, and August. That's when you're starting off in August and then Vegas. And then Vegas because you know what? I like in Vegas in August. It's already at 4000 degrees.

And what I'd like to be as close to the sun as humanly possible. When did you first play Vegas? When did that happen?

Early on 97, 96. I played a place that was a Bally's. I was a catch a rising star there and it was a great, great room. Okay, it was a lot of who else was in that room.

Who else would we know of that was in that room? I think Paula Poundstone probably played it. I'm sure that a lot of them did. I'm sure Paul Reiser probably played it.

There are a lot of them out of New York. Richard Belzer. How often are you doing the Daily Show now still? I'm doing it. I'll be doing it two more times before the summer ends. I'm on it a little more often now because it's because John's back in the chair.

Partly because John's back in the chair and partly because they rediscovered what a gold mine I am. How do you come up with those segments? They use it. They they write they they basically say this is what we're going to talk about because I'll send in something.

I'll go this would be great. I'd like to talk about this. Oh, we're going to talk about it tomorrow.

So it's they decide what it is. I'll talk about and and then the writers send it to me and then I go this keep this. This is great. That's great. We can change this and and then we work together. I go in that day and we work together and get it out there.

Throw it on the prompter and then you do your thing. Yeah. What was your favorite rant that you've come up with? Gosh, I really like Lewis Black's Baby Factory and I can't even remember what it was about Baby Factory. Yeah, and there's a picture of me in front of like a farmhouse and all these babies in the background. I can't even remember what the segment was.

But you liked it. I like the idea of Lewis Black's Baby Factory. I like the idea of doing this for sports, Lewis. Like coming up with a sports like what like.

Oh, that would be great. I did it. I did it for HBO for a bit for the that show that they did when the NFL was on HBO. Because there's always something about either watching a game in person or maybe watching it on television or there's something that I think that you can find a common thread with a sports fan. Like for instance, like what like what's your pet peeve going to a game or watching a game or you have one of those I don't find just amazing to me that fight. The problem is going to the game and sitting far away, which is what I did, you know, and they're charging in an exorbitant amount of money to sit in the nosebleeds to sit in the nose.

Please come on guys. Because when I was I rooted for I mean I wasn't rooting but I went to see the I was in New York and a bunch of actors. We were all broke.

So we pooled our money together. So we could get like two tickets for the season each and and part of it was just like so I would go to see the what were the Wizards. They were the bullets then a real name as opposed to Wizards, which is the goofiest where it you know, there's no magic happening figurative or Magic Johnson. Literally, right? Correct.

There was no magic. It was we could use Magic Johnson now could start for them. You realize that and he's in town.

Yeah, he's in town with a new ownership. Yeah, exactly. Okay, so I was sitting so we we got these tickets. They were way up there. Yeah, and then they and then the next year they hired Pat Riley and they jacked up our ticket prices like by five bucks a seat. Oh, come on.

I'm going to pay for him. I'm talking about maybe something like the sports fans that are always standing in front of you. Cheering like can't you cheer and sit like there's certain moments in a sporting event, you know, two outs in the eighth or a minute to go in a game where I understand standing but every single time to cheer for something in the first quarter or the second inning or before halftime of a basketball game right that to me. You know down in front, you know what I mean? Like and having a Lewis black moment. Yeah. Oh, yeah. No you but but also it's like you must you go through this you doing the show every day.

There must just be a point during that time period where something comes across your desk and and you don't want to be charming or nice or disgusting. You just want to go. I can't believe I got what you write to be and to go full Lewis black it's usually something that Chris over there says is that right? Yeah to just start me up, you know, just to just jam that I know how to twist it.

Yeah, he knows how to he knows how to game the system. So again, Lewis You've got two dates in Cleveland, followed by Vegas Huntsville, Alabama, Keene, New Hampshire, Great Barrington, Massachusetts.

Inside Out 2 is available in theaters nationwide this very Friday. Keep an eye out for you on the Daily Show as well. Thank you. Thanks for being in here.

Oh, it's great. Anytime, Lewis. You're one of the few reasons I like coming out here. I appreciate you saying that and I will I will take it at the Lewis black on both Twitter and Instagram follow him through the gates of hell.

I would follow you sir. Lewis black right here on the Rich Eisen show. We're back with the rest of this program the latest from Pittsburgh and Chicago football camps.

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Just search BLEAV on YouTube or wherever you listen. I did not approve this but you know, that's that's part of me delegating to you our social media Grand Maester. You put out on Instagram a photograph. It says Breaking Bears trading for Russell Wilson and what's today's date? What's today's it is April 1st, and that is what it is April Fool's Day. So it's five minutes to air and I have my phones on the desk and it's buzzing and yeah, and I see it is, you know, it's it's it's Jeff Garland is the caller there is the caller there on the return.

Jeff from Chicago. What's funny about it? Nothing funny about it.

Nothing is funny about it. Our friend Doug Robinson text me the Capitol. Russell Wilson. He says, you know, Rich doesn't usually get the scoops. Adam Chester should be on this. Well, that should have made me suspicious. Yeah, but no, I have so much respect for the Rich Eisen show that I know that they have connections that nobody else has true. Well, you know what, Rich?

I'm not going to swear but I got to tell you, you're a little social media boy. He's going to get his. TJ, do you have anything to say to Jeff Garland? Yeah. Happy April Fool's Day.

All right. Hey, TJ, you don't know what you brought down on yourself. You don't even have a clue. You know the powers that I have, especially in practical jokes. I'm going to nail you so hard. You know what? I hope you enjoy your testicles right now because they're going to disappear.

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So get fired up for your new Weber Slate rust resistant griddle. So we've got a cadence now whenever the Bears speak, certainly on the Rich Eisen show, where we got a soundbite from the perfectly quaffed out-of-nowhere, newly Eberflus-y Matt Eberflus. And then he's talking about his quarterback and then the quarterback will appear in a soundbite where he sounds very professional and he talks about football like he is a 10-year veteran and so on and so forth until the kid starts playing football.

I mean, that's just the way it's going to go. So let's do it again. Matt Eberflus today looking very Eberflus-y, talking about his quarterback.

Hit it. You know, the one thing with, you know, the development of Caleb, you know, in terms of what he's gotten to do this off-season has been outstanding, you know, taking him from knowing really just a little bit about the scheme from that pro day at USC all the way to where he is now and it's really good. He's been able to really refine his understanding of the scheme and obviously we've got a lot of work to do in the summertime. Okay, so basically he's making progress and there's more progress to be made and he's a quarterback who can progress when given the opportunity to progress himself.

And I may have mixed up the way I'm supposed to say progress in progress. But I'm just trying to stay in the system here on The Rich Eisen Show. Now, here's a sound bite of Caleb Williams sounding very veteran-like, talking about what the word connection means. Did really somebody ask him, like, what's your definition of connection?

How you're connecting to teammates? My goodness, honestly, we can't wait for him to start playing football. Is that really the question that was asked of him? Okay, let's see the answer. Yeah, it means the world because I've been in situations where we go 7-5 when it's college. I've been in situations where we go to championship, lose. I've been in situations where I won a championship.

I've been in situations where we go to championship and lose. And, you know, the biggest thing every time you hear and listen, I was just watching Matthew Stafford's Super Bowl. And, you know, the sound pieces from that is, you know, they go around and they all say, I love you brother. I love you this and that. Everything's, you know, everything's about the bond and trust that you build between each other because then you go out there and you play with a different level of, you know, kind of your mentality is different. Everything's different when you're out there playing for each other and, you know, not out there playing for yourself. So the connection to be able to build a bond between not just 11 on the field, but the next 11 that comes on the field, which is the defense, and the next 11, and then all the other guys, the 53, and everybody's treated with respect and love and care, but also, you know, pushing each other to be at our best.

So, you know, that's where the connection comes from because you can't build something, you know, pretty special at the end of the year without that bond, love, and trust for, you know, your brothers. All right. What the hell did you just say? Who cares? It's perfect. How do you not love this guy? Okay.

Chicago Bears fans must be doing backflips. Which is what, what do you just say? He just gave, he just gave me a minute long answer of what connection means. And it was perfect. What was perfect about it?

Everything, all of it. Talking about, I was just watching Matthew Stafford the other day. So that means he's watching TV. He's dialed in, watching tape, learning from vets, future Hall of Famers, Super Bowl winners. Now listen, or he was just watching TV the other day.

Hopefully it was NFL Network. Just saying. Okay. Then he, and he's been in, he's been in situations like last year, which sucked, 7 and 5, or he's been in situations where they've made championships and won, made championships and lost, and other times he just didn't win a championship, but he didn't suck like 7 and 5.

So there's a lot of that. What do you expect when you're asking a rookie who hasn't played yet? What's your definition of connection?

Like, what do you want to do to connect? It would have been great if he just took out, oh, here's what it might, here's what it is. His dictionary. No, no, no, not a dictionary. A Connect Four, like an actual Connect Four.

Four in a row, pretty sneaky, sis, and just did a whole thing, but then he would have to be much older because that's a commercial from way before he was born. Listen, we can't wait for this guy to start playing football because you are looking for, you're looking for any sign right now that he's going to make you the prophet, that you believe, like he's like NFC Championship Game good, like that sort of, that sort of like, it's all set up. Ryan Polz has wired the table and he's hitting the point and he's hitting the point to the tune of double-digit wins for the Chicago Bears in a playoff spot.

High-powered offense. That's what you're looking for. That's what I'm looking for. That Eberflutz is going to handle the defense and he's that real thing, that real deal, and he's going to come out of the box fresh like a daisy, like CJ Stroud.

Mahomes had 50 TDs in year two, 50 TDs year one. That's what you're talking about. You're so, you so want it. I'm hyping up Bears. You know what he's ready for. He's already ready. This is how you know he's ready. He's already come up with a signature walk-off phrase.

Hit it. Whether it's actual game day, offseason, whatever the case may be. So yeah.

Awesome. Thank you, everybody. Go Bears. Go Bears. No, it's Da Bears. He's doing the Swarovski thing. Have you not heard me sing that every time that we've taught?

His very first conference, he went Da Bears. That's what he's doing. So I've been doing it every day. He's not doing it. That's what he's doing.

That's a legend. Thank you, everybody. How are you not so excited if you're a Bears fan? You got it.

Oh, you know that number one, you got to be excited, but you also have to be deep down scarred enough to know that if anything that can happen to you with this kid will because just that's the way things are going. Bears law instead of Murphy's? Maybe.

Maybe. Cutler law. I think it's Trubisky law really is what they're saying, but it just doesn't have that ring. Honestly, that's why we can't wait for games to start.

Does he do Da Bears if he's one and three, one and four? I mean, honestly, because you know they're going to be, I'm assuming, defenders who want to treat him like Kaitlyn Clark. Pick him up all 94 feet, denying the ball, and hit him. Hit him. Well, yeah, that's what they're supposed to do.

I hear you. By the way, they better because if they don't, he's just going to be picking them apart. Well, speaking of quarterbacks who have a phrase when they walk off and say a lot of things and you hope they're right.

So Wilson spoke to the media. Black and gold. Here we go. Here we go.

Black and gold. I will just say this. Here was his sound bite yesterday talking about his rejuvenation in Pittsburgh. And the fact that he is, again, the undisputed starting quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers is, to me, it's still surprising to me, again, again, because of how poorly things did finish up in Denver.

And I understand the numbers support a better accounting of how things finished up in Denver. But it did not go well. Like the whole idea was supposed to be him in a new spot.

He's going to be able to cook. He basically cooked in that opener against Seattle. Nathaniel Hackett, for some reason, took him off the field and went for a 90 yard field goal. That didn't work out.

And everything just went straight downhill from there. And then it's supposed to be fixed with Sean Payton coming in. Sean was going to be like he was going to be the breeze to Payton's. Payton and off we go. That didn't happen. And the fact that the Steelers are just like, he's our guy. That is it. That's the way we're going to go.

And Justin Fields gets in if Justin Fields can get in. It's still surprising to me. It really is.

It really is. But Russ looks great and has a major opportunity in front of him. Major. For somebody who might be running out of them and for somebody who has a Hall of Fame resume building up until the last three years of his career. An opportunity here to win here at this juncture for this franchise that hasn't won a playoff game in a while and just re-upped their coach for three years and a large part of the fan base is wondering why and hearing people like me talk about how great the coach is. Clapping back at me for doing that. For him to be in this spot where George Pickens is standing there and Najee Harris is standing there and Pat Fryermuth is standing there and Jalen Warren is standing there and my guy from the University of Michigan, Roman Wilson, is standing there and Arthur Smith is the one making sure everybody who's standing there is running around properly. Wow, is this an opportunity.

This is what Russ had to say on Tuesday. I feel the fountain of youth. I feel revived in every way. Mentally, emotionally, spiritually. I feel confident.

I think at some point you got to know who you are. As a player, as a man, as a competitor, as somebody who's been fortunate to be able to play this game, and I don't doubt it, I just trust it. I felt really good last year playing. I felt really confident in the midst of everything. So I think right now I have all that confidence to understand. So I just use it all, just use it all.

You just trust it. You take one day at a time and you just put in the work. I just think that's the part that I love. There's nothing like doing the work. There's no substitute. There's no substitute for the hard work.

And that's the part that I love. Here we go. Black and gold. Here we go. Here we go. We added that last part. I will say this.

Again, I'm just waiting for the right time to unpack this thing. And it will be part of it. I just don't know what number it is on the top five storylines that could shock or make the most people happy.

I'm trying to figure out what the wording is for the positivity of top five. But Russell Wilson returning to form and taking the Steelers to the Super Bowl would be one of the most mind-blowing roof blown off the top storylines of the 2024 season. That he does do what the Steelers fans are hoping he can do and few people think he would, that he does do that, that this fountain of youth that he feels that he has found is in fact something that he's drinking from and it's not just Kool-Aid.

You know, like that is that would be something else, man. Tomlin gets playoff wins. Everybody gets off his back. The Steelers win a division and win playoff games and go to the Super Bowl.

And what if he wins the damn thing if he goes back there? Because Patrick Queen standing there in the middle of that defense too. That is some serious players.

TJ Watt doing his defensive player of the year stuff. The stuff is there. The possibility is there. And if Russ is that guy. A Steelers-Seahawks Super Bowl. Oh my goodness.

He beats the Broncos on the way. Now we're talking. I don't know how possible that is. That sounds a little fanciful, but boy. Oh boy. Oh boy. Finish up at the Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry.

Grainger has the right product for you. Call or just stop by right here on the Rich Eisen Show radio network in our Roku Channel feed. For everybody that's been hanging on. I greatly appreciate you doing that. Might sneak one of you in on the Roku only finish of this show. See you Thursday every story eventually comes to an end this June here the final episode of season 2 of the hit podcast series in the red clay Durham in the red clay tells the unbelievable true story of Billy Sunday Burt the most dangerous man in Georgia history in the podcast that people are calling riveting incredibly moving captivating and addicting binge seasons 1 & 2 of in the red clay now wherever you listen.
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