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Jay Bilas: Danny Hurley Is The Top College Basketball Coach

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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June 6, 2024 4:17 pm

Jay Bilas: Danny Hurley Is The Top College Basketball Coach

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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June 6, 2024 4:17 pm

6/6/24 - Hour 1

Rich and the guys react to the news that the Lakers are making a hard push to bring UConn Huskies head coach Danny Hurley to Los Angeles.

ESPN’s Jay Bilas tells Rich why UConn’s Dan Hurley would be a great fit for the Lakers, how LeBron James (and possibly Bronny) would mesh with Hurley style of coaching, the odds Hurley will ditch UConn for L.A., and who he has winning the NBA Finals in a 7 game series.

Rich and the guys recap the epic, first-ever Shohei Ohtani vs Paul Skenes showdown in Pittsburgh.

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Discounts not available in all states and situations. This is the Rich Eisen Show. You need a Q-tip? Let's go! Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Do you have any sense of what the Los Angeles Chargers are going to look like?

I think they're going to look a lot like all of Jim Harbaugh's teams. Who's got it better than us? Nobody! What he does is so identifiable. Today's guest ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Billis, Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski, comedian Sal Vulcano and now it's Rich Eisen. Hey everybody, welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show. We are live right here on the Roku channel. This Rich Eisen Show, Terrestrial Radio Affiliates, Sirius XM, Odyssey and more. Hey, call us.

844-204 Rich is the number to dial on this program. The NBA Finals begins tonight in Boston, Massachusetts. It will be the Celtics opening up against the Dallas Mavericks.

The Celtics we expected, the Mavericks we did not. We'll have three hours to talk about it and get you ready for tip-off. 844-204 Rich is the number to dial if you're taking on this program. Listening to it, watching it, watching it live on a stream, listening to it live on a stream on Odyssey. We're on Sirius XM, we're on Terrestrial Radio, we're on a podcast all three hours you can take it in.

Kevin Stefanski, the reigning coach of the year whose contract has been extended in Cleveland. He's on this show on hour number three in a fellow Staten Islander. Sam Vulcano will be in studio, one of the impractical jokers, if you will. Sal will be here on this program in hour number three and it will be outstanding. Good to see you over there Chris Brockman, how are you sir? Anything going on tonight? Is there a game tonight?

Oh no, you're excited about it. Good to see you over there. Jay Feli everybody, good to have you here. Happy birthday mama Feli.

Happy birthday. Fantastic. Good to see you over there TJ Jefferson, candles lit? Candles lit, it was mama Jefferson's birthday on the 4th, I didn't give her a shout out on the show but I did send a plant. Okay, great. Fantastic.

Phone lines are already lighting up, I always appreciate that 844-204 Rich. We're here to talk about whatever you want, NBA Finals, Stanley Cup Final. If you want to talk about what's going on in Major League Baseball, the Yankees and Phillies are unbeatable right now. The Dodgers are heading to New York to have a three game series with the Yankees after they're done with the Pirates.

Paul Skeens versus Shohei Ohtani last night was quite the show for sure. Whatever you want to talk about. If you want to talk about somebody left a food delivery service in the lobby of your apartment and we'll just chop that up for 20 minutes. That happened on yesterday's show, we'll take it again today.

Whatever you want. We're here for you. And Adam our call screener is in the back right now to take your phone calls. 844-204 Rich. I need calls.

Where are my callers? Thank you Larry King. That's a great Larry King drop from I think 2014 from our first year I think.

That might be closer to a 10 year old drop. So listen, tonight the broadcast on ABC and Mike Breen the reigning Emmy Award winner. We spoke to Doris Burke last week. She will be making sports television history tonight. The first female analyst to be part of a broadcast of NBA Finals action.

She's the first to do that and it'll be great. And we all assumed that the man who's joining those two is just the Los Angeles Lakers head coach in waiting in J.J. Redick. There's been a lot of buzz about that. Certainly since J.J. and LeBron have been doing a little bit of a podcast together over the last couple weeks, couple months. And the general sense was that J.J. Redick was the Lakers coach in waiting and we were just waiting for the Finals to end. And that would just be the end of the coaching search that's been open ever since Starvin' Ham got bounced once the Lakers got bounced from the playoffs.

And then Adrian Wojnarowski held everybody's beer today. Certainly since there were some in the NBA information business who said yesterday it was Redick's job essentially to lose. And if that's the case, he's lost it. And according to Woj, he's never really had it. Because according to the Woj bomb today, the Los Angeles Lakers have been relentless in their pursuit. That's the word Woj used on ESPN this morning. Relentless in their pursuit of UConn back-to-back national champion head coach Dan Hurley.

Relentless. And they've been on him since their job was open. He also called the other interviews that have been had as essentially informational. And that it's been Hurley from the beginning. There is, according to Woj, I wrote down these words, traction. There is traction in the interview process right now as the Lakers are preparing what is called a massive long-term offer for Dan Hurley's services.

And they view him as a quote-unquote program builder that will span the end of the LeBron Anthony Davis era into whatever the next era of Lakers basketball. And Hurley is quote-unquote listening. I assume like Frazier Crane, I'm listening.

Oh, wow. A hundred million dollars will make you listen. Well, let's just say this. As a man who has left the state of Connecticut.

As a man who has left the state of Connecticut and moved to Los Angeles to start a new career. He gone. He gone. Be very honest with you.

I believe he gone. Yeah. And I will say this. I mean, obviously, if Woj is saying it's a massive long-term offer and they are relentless and they are 100 percent. Into it, and they're going to put the proper money on the table. So a guy who just signed a six year, 32 million dollar extension to try and do something in college basketball that John Wooden was the last to do, which is win three in a row.

And to be able to at your name in that style of the record book. That, yes, you'd need to come correct in a way that the Lakers are not known for coming correct in a way for their. Head coaches, we were talking the other day that the last one that they kind of paid in this manner, top of the line was Phil Jackson. And we've watched Ty Lue come to Los Angeles, but not the Lakers. And we've seen them with Frank Vogel and we've seen them with Darvin Ham and we've seen them not go and give top of the line money to head coaches.

Butenholzer is now in Phoenix. You watch that happen. We just sort of all assumed that they would just keep on keeping on like that.

And we all know about assuming because I will say this. Rob Polinka, Michigan man. And yes, Los Angeles would have to say they now would have not one, but two reigning national champion head coaches who left college to go coach a team in Los Angeles. I will say to Jeannie Buss, this would be an absolute monster coup. Certainly because LeBron, you know, LeBron would like it because fascinatingly enough, LeBron. We know he thinks Dan Hurley is on the cutting edge of coaching and coaching offense because Dan Hurley's special brand of coaching and play calling.

How about this? You can't make this up. It was brought up, broken down in a brilliant conversation on a podcast hosted by the guy we all thought was going to get this job and may still in J.J. Redick on his old man in the three pod. He brought up to Dan Hurley a particular offensive set that Redick hadn't really seen and wanted to break down. And the three of the two of these guys went on a three minute conversation that I would definitely.

You know, send you to go to. The Internet tubes to go check out, LeBron wrote when he heard this conversation about Hurley breaking down the offense with J.J. Redick, he's so damn good. Three exclamation points, along with his staff, super creative with their oh, love it. April 19th, 2024, who would have thought we would be here on June 6th, 2024, talking about. J.J. Redick maybe not being the next coach of the Lakers, Dan Hurley might be the next head coach of the Lakers. We all know LeBron would kind of, I would imagine, approve it. And in this day and age where eyeballs are important, hearts and minds of fans are important. I know this is a Laker town. And once upon a time when the Lakers were really down and the Clippers were looking terrific. I even made mention into this microphone.

Could this possibly in any way, shape or form twitch in the direction of being a Clipper town? Oh, man. OK. And that was silly.

You didn't check your mentions. It was silly. But the Clippers are opening up a new dome. They're moving out. They're creating their own space. They're creating their own brand.

They're creating their own sense of selves. And they're also opening up a brand new dome that I know. Many people in this town are curious what it will look like and hear about. And it'll be cutting edge. And they've got all sorts of violence and bells and whistles. Wow. And folks are going to be curious.

What's it like there? What are they going down there and whatever? And if they say, come see LeBron and Anthony Davis and the rest of the Lakers with the two time defending national champion, head coach of Yukon basketball, Dan Hurley, and you never know what the hell he's going to do on the sidelines. Right.

What do you put somebody? Yeah, he's going to he's going to shove D'Angelo Russell or whatever in the back to go cover somebody. Like, who knows?

Come see Dan Hurley. That's a metric that you have to entertain and also tell the rest of the league. The Lakers will spend on coaches. They will think outside the box.

They will be aggressive. And if you really want to extrapolate it out, I mean, who better? Who would who better to coach your son than Dan Hurley? If that's the way LeBron's thinking, he's going to be there long term. Oh, so I'll play with my son and then I'll set him up with a guy that I'm very happy to have coach my son and be the architect of his career.

And if you're Dan Hurley, what better time than now? Your stock is as high as it's going to get. That's a good point. And college is as off the rails in terms of knowing what the future is than it's ever been. And you're sitting up there in Yukon in the NIL world and sitting up there in Yukon in the world of, you know, meaning to compete about apparently at some point about with other institutions of higher learning about being able to pay your players and collectives and and. Also, your facilities.

And. The Lakers come knocking and offer you potentially a generationally enriching contract, an opportunity to come coach the Los Angeles Lakers, and you get to scratch the NBA itch that you've made known that you're interested in one day scratching. You know, where do I start? How do you say no to this?

I don't even need to know the number. Can I just say why? OK. Well, like you've always said, when it comes to coaches and family, right? The wife plays a big part. Absolutely.

You have Danny Hurley and his wife. She's from Jersey. Yeah.

She didn't want to move. Right. They're both East Coast. I see the bone.

I got you a core. He was the Arizona State coach, though. Yeah. But they've already lived on the West Coast before.

But now he wife, he got to go back home with the family. I'm just saying that could be a way. He's going to have way more job security in Connecticut than he's going to have in Los Angeles. You know what I mean?

I'm just saying these are just some reasons why it might not be. No, because when it came to when you know, you're also thinking of his brother, unfortunately, Chris. But when it when it came to him, when he came to him, maybe being the coach of Kentucky.

Remember that got bandied about when that got dropped. Well, he was also saying, you know, his his wife is from New Jersey and, you know, like UConn was as far as he would take it or what have you. I understand. I understand East Coast and whatever. But if the Lakers are going to put the scratch on the table that I'm thinking of, you know, you can tell the misses about PJs and things like that. They can be by.

I don't know. But but you're right. There is the personal aspect of it. And I I am just only considering just the sense of his professional playing of his professional coaching career. You know, so this one sounds to me like it's it's too tough to turn down unless the Lakers don't offer certain X, Y and Z, because he does have every. Every piece of leverage right now, which is why I'm like his his leverage will never get any higher. Unless he does win three in a row, but then the Lakers job won't won't be available to him. One would think they will fill it with somebody that they will obviously give a longer term contract to. The last thing they want to do is Vogel out Ham in this guy in that guy now out and move things around. And, you know, one last thing, his leverage also could be name a wealthy Yukon alum.

Name a handful of them. They must be getting together right now, figuring out how do we how do we put a stop to this? You know, I don't know how you do if the Lakers come correct.

If they come correct. You know, I cannot imagine Dan Hurley is not the next head coach of the Lakers, and that would send a lightning bolt through Laker Nation and this town to add Dan Hurley to Jim Harbaugh and Sean McVeigh and Ty Lue. You know, and Lincoln Riley and our friend, you know, got to say Deshaun Foster, who we're very big fans of here. You know, I mean, this is exciting in this town. Very exciting in this town. And I say to the Lakers down the street, tip my cap to you.

You kept this one underneath the radar, literally down the street, too. I do. I know right there.

I love it. What an idea. And if it doesn't work, you go back to college. Oh, you'll be the most sought after college coach on the market.

You can name your price. I don't know how it wouldn't work. I don't know.

Well, I mean, Darvin Ham thought it would never not work. I got it. I don't know. Hurley will be here after winning a title. I guess so.

You're right. Well, we'll talk. That's why we got Jay Bilas about to zoom in. We'll ask him how this works. And then Kevin Stefanski in hour three, as well as Sal Vulcano will be here, fellow Staten Islander. And you have a game that we're going to be playing is we are going to play.

Do you know your Staten Island? Sal has no idea. He's he's going to go down.

He's going to go down hard. I don't know. You've been gone. You've been gone for a while. Oh, I've been away a long time. But I don't shine shoes no more.

Obviously. But I do remember the shine guy from the ferry. You can get your shoes shined on a Staten Island ferry. There's a guy who would walk around with a shoeshine box and he would walk around and he'd scream shine.

What's his name, Tommy? On the ferry. On the ferry. Wow. On the ferry. That's like a half hour ride.

Please. That's incredible. I'm a former staff member of the Staten Island advance for three years and was a summer intern for two. I have been through every ounce of territory of that island. Trust me, Sal's in Fort.

I can't wait. He's in Fort. Sounds like, you know, I still live there. I understand. So there's that. Chris Brockman's got his five burning questions for the NBA Finals and also I have the best case scenarios for all AFC South teams. And then there's your phone calls. Eight four four two oh four rich number to dial. And I heard the words from T.J. Jefferson. I've been waiting here since the middle of May when the NFL schedules came out.

He said prior to the show, I'll do the win loss for the Dallas Cowboys. We were like, well, and you had me at hello. I really did.

So we're going to do that. I was walking and I stopped in my tracks. And then you began to suggest something else he do. And I'm like, no, I don't care what it is.

I don't care what it is, unless it's him bringing the ping pong table in. I'm not going to. That's what he's doing today. We know that's not happening. Settle down just a little bit. Eight four four two oh four rich number to dial your phone calls as well.

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The family doesn't want to move writ large to Los Angeles, all of that. It's entirely possible, though, that Senator Chris Murphy of Yukon will pass legislation to try and prevent it, which is what he tweeted out today, retweeting the WOJ report, saying so far I haven't discovered any legislative remedy to stop this, but I'm still researching broad based anti-lakers sanctions could be very popular, I'm guessing. Says the senator, one of the senators from the state of the great state of Yukon, anti-lakers legislation.

I can't offer pushback there, I think. I meant to that, that would be very popular. That would be big, like the Massachusetts senators might get behind.

Huge, huge, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont. I think there'd be bipartisan support right now from Texas, right? Probably. Don't you think?

Yep, I think so. New York. I mean, it just crosses isles.

Yeah, no. Look, the Lakers aren't popular in that section of the country anyway, so this would only make it worse. I mean, this would, this would, this would, I mean, nothing as we all know in Congress right now is, would be unanimous, but there might be pushback from one state. That's it. Well, I mean, even I'm trying to figure out, I mean, because the senators right now in California, I think they're, they're both from Northern. Oh, that's great.

So it might be 100 to nothing like unanimous consent. Let's go. Just throwing it out there, guys.

Get this going. You know, back on The Rich Eisen Show, sitting at The Rich Eisen Show desk, furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger has the right product for you. Call or just stop by. Jay Bilas, when we last had him on was just two weeks ago. And I, you know, I texted him, I said, thanks for coming on. He goes, call anytime.

Well, Jay, I took you up on that. I took you back in the, are you back in the golf club? Jay, are you back?

Are you back? No, I'm actually, I'm at Davidson College right now. My basketball camp starts this week.

Oh, wow. We've got 60 coaches and 150 players coming in in the next two days. So I'm, I'm the administrative guy now. I'm, I'm giving people dorm rooms and giving them their, you know, rooming assignments.

It's really fun. Well, I'm, I'm truly appreciative of you taking time out of an important venture for you to, to chime in here, Jay. You know, cause as soon as I read this news from, from your colleague, Adrian Wojnarowski, I'm like, I got to get Jay on here to talk about it. What's your thoughts on, on Woj's report that Dan Hurley and the Lakers are talking and the Lakers have been relentless in their support of trying to get him, Jay?

I'm not surprised, Rich. I mean, Danny Hurley is the preeminent coach in the game right now, and he's certainly the top college basketball coach. And I think for the Lakers who have had, I think seven different head coaches since Phil Jackson left, establishing a coherent program that's going to last long term really makes perfect sense. And with the way Danny Hurley operates, especially the way he operates on the offensive end, I think you've seen a lot of us in college kind of documenting and diagramming the offense that he runs.

It's really kind of a European pro style that the NBA has, has been moving toward. So I think, I think he'd be great if he wanted to do that. I'm not one, though, that thinks that the current landscape of college basketball is that big of a variable that it's something to get away from. But it's hard to turn down not only the financial package that the Lakers are reportedly going to throw at Danny Hurley, but the idea of the challenge of coaching in the NBA and being able to have the leeway to put together that type of program on the NBA level would be really attractive.

OK, so let me take a few piece by piece what you just said. So you think what he has put out there on the court to win back to back championships in UConn X's and O's that that would fit the NBA? You think it would be a good transition, a successful one? Not only good, I think it'd be great. I think that offense is next level good and the type of conceptual play that the NBA is looking through to be able to use. And there can't be a single NBA coach out there that wasn't watching UConn play that say we can use some of this. This would be good for us.

But more than that, to me, it's not just an X and O thing. I think any time you get in a cycle of bringing in one person and thinking that, OK, we bring this person in, we'll see if it works. And then two years later, we'll try somebody else.

That's not sustainable, in my view. And I think this sort of commitment to a coach and specifically Danny Hurley, I thought it was really interesting when Woj brought up the point about establishing a program that the Lakers want to establish a program. And I just can't think of a better program person than Dan Hurley. There are going to be some idiosyncrasies that if he takes this, the Lakers are going to have to get used to. He's got all these things that he likes. He wears the same socks and when he wins, the underwear doesn't change.

Hopefully it's washed. But all these superstitions that he has, they'll have to get used to that kind of stuff. It's funny, Rich, he asked me last year, UConn was playing in Seattle, they were playing Gonzaga and I was at their practice and he asked me, hey, would you speak to the team? So I did. And then later on in the season, I was at UConn and he said, would you speak to the team again? We won last time you spoke to the team. I said, you win every game, like whoever speaks to the team.

But it wasn't the message he cared about. It was just the superstitious thing of you spoke to the team and we won. And they had just come off a loss to Creighton.

And apparently they needed to win so much that they wanted to hear my BS again. You're a factor, Jay. There's no doubt about that. But in all seriousness, the stuff that we see Dan Hurley do in a huddle, for instance, admonishing his players for the huddle not being tight enough around him when he's calling a timeout. Does that stuff work in the NBA or you think he'd have to modify what he's doing with the grown ass men for with long term contracts?

What do you think? I mean, you might have to modify the volume of some things. I think Woj also pointed out when I saw him earlier today and it resonated that Dan Hurley told them, look, you know, I talked to my son a lot differently when he was a teenager than I do now that he's a grown man. And it's the same sort of thing. The message can be the same.

The delivery might have to change a little bit. I think college coaches have a little more leeway talking to teenagers and young adults than you might have talking to, as you put it, grown ass men. But that's a that's more of a volume thing, in my view. I don't think a lot of coaches talk about about their huddles and how they communicate, how they relate to one another on the NBA level. So that's not a big deal. I think the concepts wouldn't change all that much.

I mean, even even going back to when Coach K was coaching the Olympic team, I was lucky to be around a little bit with some of those teams when they were working out in Vegas. And I didn't hear anything different than than he used with his Duke teams. It wasn't substantially different. The length of practices was a little bit different.

But other than that, it was a lot of the same stuff conceptually. And I think you see the same thing with with Dan Hurley. Basketball is basketball and he's a great basketball coach.

And I think greatness doesn't really know a level. And then also in your first blush answer, Jay, Bill is here on the Rich Eisen Show. In your first blush answer and reacting to the news that the Lakers are relentlessly pursuing Dan Hurley, he is listening.

There is traction. Those are all words that was used on on ESPN. You you you mentioned the current state of college sports and how the world of basketball isn't similar. I guess if I'm putting words in your mouth to the college football conversation where, you know, Jim Harbaugh left Michigan after winning a national championship there. And part of the conversation, obviously, is whatever was going on between him and the NCAA was something he probably wanted to get away from. Also, that's the general sense that college football has changed so much that there is less coaching involved and more administrative and all sorts of portal and NIL sort of business. And I'm already hearing that subscribe to this conversation involving Dan Hurley, that maybe this is a perfect time to get out of college athletics and go to the pros.

You don't subscribe to that for college basketball, Jay? Not as the that is the leading factor. Rich, I think it can be one factor, but it's not the leading factor. I don't think that Dan Hurley has in any way been unhappy in college basketball.

There are always things that that are minor annoyances. But look how quickly he was able to take last year's roster and turn it into an equally talented roster that he has for next year. I mean, UConn is going to be from a talent standpoint, top three or four in the country going into next year.

And and given their track record, I wouldn't be surprised if if they were not only a contender, but if they they were a three peat. That's possible. Now, does that mean you walk away from that or it makes it harder to walk away from that? But I tend to think it's more going forward if he decides to do this.

He's going toward something, not away from something, if that makes sense. Jay, Bill is here on the rich eyes and show a few minutes left with him here. So the last college coach that almost left because he thought he had a chance to coach LeBron James, if I'm not mistaken, was Tom Izzo in Michigan State when the Cavs were reaching out. And then the comic sans stuff happened and LeBron wound up taking his talents to South Beach and Tom Izzo stayed. Now, LeBron is in a potential transition. I think everybody believes he's going to stay with the Lakers. We saw a tweet of his based on a conversation about Hurley's innovative offense on, of all places, a podcast hosted by J.J. Redick, of all people back in April. So obviously we could see by LeBron's reaction to Hurley's conversation with Redick that he likes Hurley.

Another thing that we're hearing right now is who better to place your son into whose hands to place your son for his development professionally than Dan Hurley. Do you think all this is another good piece of connective tissue for this to happen? Jay? Certainly. It certainly could be. I think it's more forward looking than just LeBron, or at least it seems that way. Right. When you're talking about putting a program in, it's not just a one or two year program. I don't know how much longer LeBron has, but the end is certainly closer than the beginning. But if you're looking at a 10 year window, that's going to be post LeBron. So putting in this this program for the Lakers and and your point about development is really important. I think that's where the NBA has become more like college over the years is there are so many younger players coming into the league.

The development of those assets is really important. And Danny Hurley in all his years in basketball. And he's been a basketball lifer with his father, Bob Hurley, senior at St. Anthony's and basketball Hall of Fame and with his brother, Bobby Hurley at Arizona State.

You know, he's a he's a basketball lifer. And the development of players in the NBA is really important. It's not just the development of stars, it's the development of, quote unquote, role players, because so many of these guys, there are very few superstars in the league that are going to are going to change the fortunes of a franchise by themselves. You're going to have to you're going to have to have players around them. So when you bring in a young player, you're not just bringing them in for right now. You're bringing them in for the future. And and Danny is very good at developing talent and and taking the longer view. So I think this is this is about who Dan Hurley is, what he's capable of. But it's also about a long term vision. And it sounds like the Lakers have a vision for a program rather than just a vision for a coach to come in and take a seat and and see if he can fly the plane.

If not, they'll put somebody else in there. Doesn't sound like it's the latter. No, I hear you. But I mean, in order for this rocket ship to launch, you know, LeBron's got to be in the mission control right now, OKing the countdown, you know, like greenlighting the countdown. Right.

And so I guess that's the reason why I'm bringing all this up. Plus your next your next assignment, I imagine, is the NBA draft for ESPN. What is your assessment of Bronny James as a professional prospect? Jay? I think he's a good talent. I saw him play in high school at Sierra Canyon. And did I think that if his name was Bronny Smith, we would be covering him the same way?

No, I think he's a very good player that has a very good future. But the comparisons to his dad in high school, I thought were horribly unfair to him. I saw his dad play in high school from the time he was a sophomore on. I was on the crew that did his first first game on ESPN at the University of Akron back in the day in 2002. And I was the only guy on the crew that had seen him. And at the time, I said that LeBron James is the best high school player I'd ever seen. And then people were saying, what about Oscar Robertson and Lou Alcindor? I goes, how old do you think I am?

I didn't see those guys. That's the best I've ever seen. But but Bronny's different and he's going to need some more time. And I think he can he can be an NBA player and a solid one.

But but he's going to require some some time to develop. Well, and obviously Dan Hurley would be the guy to do that again. So, you know, I'll put you in this position.

You can take it if you'd like. What do you think? Do you think this happens? Do you think Dan Hurley takes this gig? Jay, if everything all things being equal, his family is OK, moving west. The money's right. What do you think?

I don't know, Rich, honestly. You know, I know some comparisons have been made when Coach K had a dalliance with the Lakers years ago. I do think this is this is different. I could see him doing it. But at the same time, like yesterday, everybody thought J.J. Riddick was getting the job.

So I have no idea how long this has been going on and how far the discussions have reached. But if you're going to do it, if you're going to make that jump, it seems like there's no better opportunity for Dan Hurley than to do it here. It's an iconic brand. It sounds like the Lakers are all in for the long haul. And it certainly sounds like financially it's going to be hard to turn down.

But but he's leaving kind of a big he's leaving a big job where they're on top of the heap. But but I do think it's a fair variable to consider that that will the Big East and will UConn have the resources to be as competitive as Dan Hurley would like? And I think they will.

I think they do now. And I think they will long term. But but look, it's going to be easier financially in a lot of different ways in the NBA than it is in college. It's going to be all basketball.

He's not going to have to worry about some of these things. And I can I can tell you, you know, this being out there, I grew up in Southern California. I like it better than Connecticut.

But that's just me. That's what I started the show saying is somebody who moved from Connecticut to Southern California. By the way, he's from Jersey. I'm from Staten Island, which is practically Jersey. I'm like, he's gone. That's that's what I said, you know, but, you know, no, just no disrespect to any no, no disrespect to anybody.

But Mystic and Manhattan Beach are not comparable. That pretty much does finish up. And with with the risk of that not being a mic drop moment, you want to take a crack at the finals before I let you go? Your two cents on what you think is going to happen? Tipping off tonight in the NBA finals, Jay? I like Dallas, even though Boston is probably more talented top to bottom with Porzingis back.

I like Dallas because I think Doncic is the the one he's the one problem that you just cannot solve. You're going to have to double him to get the ball out of his hands because everything else does not work. And once you get it out of his hands, they're capable at other positions. I think he's that good when he's done. We're going to be talking about him, not just top 10. He could be a top five player before he's done.

He's that talented. Wow. And of course, I'm a sports talk radio host. I'm mandated to ask for a number in how many games. What do you think, Jay?

What do you got? I would say Dallas. I think it'll go seven. OK, wow.

Game seven Dallas victory in Boston would be something I'd be I definitely would pay to see a game seven. We'll see what happens with the result. Jay, thanks again. Best of luck in your in your venture there. It's what you're you're moving into Steph Curry's old dorm room. Is that what you're doing, Jay? Is that what's happening there at Davidson? No, there is no way my name's on the campus. The J. Billa skills camp. I do not stay in the dorm.

I am sleeping in my own bed. Thanks, Jay. You're the best. Really appreciate you taking the time and and being a man of your word, saying any time. Appreciate it. Thank you. Always a pleasure. Thanks.

Right back at you. J. Billa's skills camp. J. Billa's camp dot com.

Be part of that right here on the Rich Eisen Show. That's J. Billa's. So we'll see him next week. Just think about this, guys. Yeah, right. Any time I had it written down in my old book somewhere.

But if Dan Hurley takes this job in Los Angeles. Because I started the conversation the day of the national championship game. There's no way I'm going to find it in my old notebook, but I just pegged the date of that law. I think they lost the Big East championship. They lose it to Marquette before they were the five seed. Right before the five seed in last year's tournament, not this year's tournament, but last year's tournament.

Just go back to that day. Right. Where UConn.

Became. You know, a runner up in the Big East, losing in Madison Square Garden. Right. Because I don't think they went into the NCAA tournament off of a Big East tournament victory.

And go up to Dan Hurley that night and say, you're going to win the next two NCAA tournament. March 10th. March 10th. March 10th, 2023. Right.

Correct. Go up to him and say, listen, you're upset you didn't win your Madison Square Garden or whatever. But you're going to win the tournament, anybody. You're going to the big dance. You're going to win that. Then you're going to have a whole different crew, mostly, and you're going to win that one. And the Lakers are going to come and offer you a generationally enriching contract. Be like, what?

You want to talk about a magic carpet ride, rocket ship ride, whatever you want to say? Yeah, they lost in the semifinals to Marquette. They lost in the semifinals?

OK. Wow. They didn't even make the final. They weren't as ranked as high as Marquette back then. Were they the four or the five seed in their first tournament win? So they were 11th nationally when they lost to Marquette.

I mean, whatever they were. Unbelievable. Go on that ride, then followed up, win it again. And the Lakers are now relentlessly pursuing you. Unreal. What a run. Eight, four, four, two or four rich number to dial right here on the show.

Your phone calls. Our number two is wide open. We've got lots to plan there for the AFC South.

Best case scenarios. The five burning questions for the NBA finals. TJ might play the win loss game for the Cowboys. Man, the hoops finals are right around the corner. How cool would it be to go to one of those games? You might even be thinking that right now.

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And it was just being rented for people to do parties for their kids and all that. So we wanted to settle the case right away, but they wouldn't settle it because they wanted to make a they wanted to make an example out of it. So we went to federal court and won. No kidding. We won.

And and we won. Then it went to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. I had to argue about Barney the purple dinosaur one step away from the United States Supreme Court. The funniest part, because the case is over, I can say this now.

Yes. I had I had had the costume, the evidence of the trial, the costume at home for some reason. And my wife and her friends used it to have a birthday party for some of our kids, for some of the kids in the neighborhood. And they had all this back before cell phone pictures and all the pictures of all this.

And I'm like, are you what are you doing? Do you realize this could end the trial right here? If the other side got a hold of this, I subpoenaed Barney to the trial.

Honest to God, I subpoenaed Barney to the trial. The other side said, you know, your honor, you know, we can't do that. There are only three of these costumes in existence.

It's on the road doing this and hardship of bringing in. And the costume is six foot eight inches tall, weighs like two hundred and fifty pounds or whatever. And I stood up.

I said, your honor, I'm six eight and I weigh about 240. I got in there just fine. And so the judge ordered the costume and they brought it. They brought it, opened up this big truck, and they wouldn't let anybody see it unless somebody was in it. Barney pops out of the back of a truck onto the loading dock. The judge came down, all the court reporter and every employee of the federal building was there to see it. It's celebrity, right? It was the dumbest thing you'd ever seen in your life. I love Jay Bilas's appearances.

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Can carry all the food condiments and utensils you need. Get fired up for your new Weber slate rust resistant griddle. Ben in Vancouver, Canada. Vancouver is first up on the Rich Eisen Show. What's up, Ben? Hey, guys. Glad to be calling in again. I called in last football season, gave Chris an overreaction Monday and he loved it. He agreed with it, but then later in the week he did say it was a hot take, so I'm a little upset with you, Chris. But I got one for Chris.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on. What was it? What was it?

What was it last year? It was after week one and the NFC had beaten the AFC in all interconference matchups and I said the NFC is actually the better division. And Chris was like, yeah, yeah, I agree, I agree.

But then later in the week he's like, ah, that's the hot take everyone's saying. Okay. And then I picked the Niners to win the Super Bowl. True. Almost right. Okay.

So what's on your mind today, Ben? So I got one for Chris and one for TJ. For TJ, I'm the first overall pick in my fantasy league.

It's a Superflex PPR dynasty league. So one and two are probably Marvin Harrison Jr. and Caleb Williams. Who do I take? Because I'm keeping Kyler Murray.

Should I take Marvin Harrison Jr. or do I take Caleb Williams? Wait, you're keeping Kyler? I am, yeah.

Oh, that's Maserati Marv, baby. Let's go. So you're handcuffing, right? Come on. That's what you're saying? Yeah. Let's pull up the points. Yes.

Oh my gosh. Let's go, Ben. Okay. All right. Well, I guess I'll do it. And if I do lose the league, I'm coming for you, TJ. All the way from Canada. Ben, you got to make moves during the season, too, baby.

Hit me up later on. We'll guide you through the season of fantasy. That's very aggressive for a Canadian. It is.

It usually is, folks. I'm just joking. But I am, next week I'm going to Boston and I'll be at the Yankees Red Sox game. So, Chris, question for you. If there's one place I got to go see in Boston, what is it? Cheers. No, please.

One place he's got to go in Boston. I have no idea. I never lived there. Okay. I mean... No, I know. It's called New England Patriots, right? Yeah. Okay.

I honestly don't know. I haven't been to Boston in a long time either. The one place to go in Boston. I would go to the Boston Commons, you know, just to go there. It's nice walking around and then you can move out from there.

You can make a lot of food options. You can go see the Red Auerbach statue and, like, wear your bird shoes and stuff. Yeah, but who wants to see the Red Auerbach statue? Who wants to see that? Everybody.

Really? The Boston Market. I don't know. They've even got to... Faneuil Hall. Yeah, Faneuil Hall. Go to all that stuff. Just go to all that stuff.

Yeah. There you go, bud. You're welcome.

Also, I am a part-time Uber driver, so if you guys have any Uber-related questions, I'm here for you. Thank you very much, Ben. Ben in Vancouver, everybody.

One stop shopping right there from Ben. Hey, man. You don't want any piece of the Yankees right now.

Nobody does. I mean, oh boy. That series is going to be ugly. Dude, they've won seven in a row. The Yankees season right now is flat out drunk.

It's drunk. Judge had a triple last night. A bases loaded triple. He had five RBIs last night. Okay, and then Verdugo, who, by the way, has no pressure on him at all.

It's great. He's currently batting in between Judge and... He's after Soto and Judge. And before Stanton, who hit his 15th home run the other night. And he's barreling stuff up right now.

Like, I don't even want to talk about this out loud. I'm sure you're watching. Stanton's home run the other night was so far. A Stantonian blast.

All rise. And so he, you know, for... So Verdugo sack fly knocked him in. Did you see Judge, you know, slid into home plate and the glove went flying basically into like...

I've seen... The catcher's glove? Yeah, catcher's glove went flying. Like almost... It went so far and so high. It was high and far.

It might have gone over the netting. I've never seen anything like it. And, you know, five perfect innings for Radone last night. Luis Hill. Let me tell you, this guy, Luis Hill, has now seven straight outings of six innings and fewer than one run. One or fewer runs, okay?

Seven straight of those. Do you know who else has done that in the history of Major League Baseball? Nobody.

Nobody. So what he's done in his young, like technically rookie season with the Yankees... I mean, Kay brought this up on the broadcast last night. Like, not even Dwight Gooden, when he was looking that way. Not even, you know, Guidry, who I had to tell Cooper about. He goes, who's Ron Guidry, Dad? Little piece of me died. Not gonna lie. But I explained to him.

But didn't that make you happy? He wouldn't know who Ron Guidry is. Something happened, otherwise I was just gonna grab YouTube and show him how Guidry... Guidry was like, you know, like 180 pounds soaking wet at any rate. And then the Phillies can't be beaten right now. Last, but also yesterday too. I mean, Paul Skeans versus Shohei Ohtani in Pittsburgh. He blew away Ohtani with three F-you fastballs.

All 101. Okay, just like, and the first two of them, he just, when he followed through, he just did it with a flourish. Like, you know, I'm going to strike you out, sir. And Ohtani just was swinging out of his shoes, but kind of waving at it. It was strike one, strike two, strike three are out. The prototypical good morning, good afternoon, good night at bat. Ohtani comes up the next at bat and parks at 447 feet. With two strikes. It was a two strike. A two run blast. And it was just like... Dead center.

You know, and so... It was like Major League. It was like, oh, it's too high. It just kept going.

Coop and I both have Skeans in our, we have Skeans in our fantasy team together. So I was picking him up yesterday at school and I texted him on the way over. I'm like, Skeans struck out Ohtani in three pitches. And then he gets in the car. He goes, Dad, Ohtani won round two. And I'm like, what do you mean? He goes, 447 foot home run.

And I'm like thinking to myself, this is what I'm glad we're talking about it on this show. That's what baseball is right now. Star of Stars gets struck out in three pitches by the Phenom pitcher in Pittsburgh. And then the Star of Stars gets in the next one. Fun.

Fun stuff. Our number two coming up. 844-204-rich.

Number to dial on the program. And then at night, you know, the best, maybe the best reliever in baseball right now. Mason Miller on the A's. Has a 2-0 lead against the Mariners.

102 down the pike. Julio Rodriguez takes him deep to make it a one-run game. A's ended up winning, but absolute straight cheese.

These guys are taking yard work. It was a pretty awesome night in baseball. I mean, the arms are live.

Maybe a little too live as, you know, our first guest of the week. Jeff Passan was saying how runs are down right now. Batting average runs all down. Not for the home runs, but man, I mean, Yankees are playing some of the best baseball I have seen them play in a very long time. And Garrett Cole hasn't thrown a single pitch this year at the major league level.

He's coming back. Yes, exactly. So I can't, I can't.

Think about the live arms. I saw some graphic the other day. It was the top 10 fastest pitches by starting pitchers in Major League Baseball this year are all Paul Skeens and Jared Jones. Both the Pirates 1 and 2 starters. Do you notice who's not part of this conversation right now?

The Mets fan. Well, yeah, I mean, what I got to add to this. I got nothing to add to this. Nothing. You know.

Nothing to add? Well, my boy, one of my best friends, Matt, he was at the Pirates game yesterday. He was sending me videos of Skeens and I saw it said you guys that that kid throw. I love him so much. I know he's kind of must see TV.

And by the way, it's hard. It's heel versus glass now. Sunday Night Baseball, Yankees, Dodgers ESPN has stepped in it, man. It's good. Every story eventually comes to an end this June. Here, the final episode of season two of the hit podcast series in the red clay. Durham in the red clay tells the unbelievable true story of Billy Sunday. Bert, the most dangerous man in Georgia history in the podcast that people are calling riveting, incredibly moving, captivating and addicting. Binge seasons one and two of in the red clay now wherever you listen.
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