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Way-Too-Soon June NFL Power Rankings

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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June 5, 2024 3:35 pm

Way-Too-Soon June NFL Power Rankings

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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June 5, 2024 3:35 pm

6/5/24 - Hour 3

Rich weighs in on how Stefon Diggs will fit in with a crowded Houston Texans wide receivers room, reacts to CJ Stroud’s hot takes about Matthew Stafford, Aaron Rodgers and Eli Manning, debates if Dallas Cowboys HC Mike McCarthy deserves to be working without a contract extension, reveals the top ten of his way-too-soon June NFL Power Rankings, and previews the AFC North by laying out the best-case scenarios for the Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns, and Pittsburgh Steelers.

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Discounts not available in all states and situations. Earlier on the show, Steelers Radio Network host Jerry Dulac, senior writer for the MMQB, Albert Breer. Still to come, your phone calls, latest news and more. And now, it's Rich Eisen.

That's right. Hour number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. 844204 Rich, number to Dell, wide open. Hour number three will take some phone calls this hour, but we've got a lot to get to on this program as well. After we chatted with Albert Breer for darn near a half hour and hour number two and Jerry Dulac talking about the latest of the Pittsburgh Steelers decisions that they made on their roster and how it's actually coming to fruition right now at the quarterback spot, the running back spot, everything else with the Pittsburgh Steelers. That was an hour number one.

If you missed anything, hour number three is just getting started. As we mentioned, after that, we re-air on the Roku channel. There's our YouTube page as well. slash Rich Eisen Show. Subscribe to our channel and check us out right there.

Why don't you? There's our podcast as well. All three hours. You can listen to it. We're all podcasts can be acquired. Good to see you over there, Chris Brockman. Rich.

DJ Mikey Diaz and Deez Nuts. This is his last day of this week and then I heard you're out all next week too, huh? I'm gone, yeah. Where are you going? I told you guys, the U.F.L.

playoff and championship. Oh, gosh. Indiana or someplace else. And that's a week and a half? No, I'm five days this week and then four or five next week.

He's got to lay the cables, guys. So you're going to St. Louis and then you're coming back? And then I'm going to St. Louis again, yes.

Back and forth. Is this a quick touch up next week or you're not coming in here at all next week? I heard you're not here at all next week.

I think maybe one day. Oh, so you're just showing up? I'm like spring scene at the Stone Pony back in the old days. On one night, you know, I come in full. Very good. So boy, do we have a ton to get to, DJ, this hour.

Ton to get to. Hey, listen, we had not heard from Stefan Diggs since the Bills sent him to Houston and ended his tenure in Buffalo. And the conversation that I have heard about Stefan Diggs and Josh Allen's relationship over the last couple of years, we we kept asking both of them when they've appeared on this program and the answers that they've got, they've given us 100 percent do not match the rumors and conjecture that I have been told. And I don't really bring to this for because I only talk about rumors and conjecture once a year. And it's what I hear at the combine. And a lot of what I hear at the combine has turned out to be, you know, what's the word for it? True.

Maybe my favorite. Not all. Not all of it. Not all of it.

True. But any rate, Stefan Diggs spoke about his departure from Buffalo. And one would think this is where he can, you know, take his shots if there's shots to take. But I mean, the high road that he took when talking about his tenure, about leaving the Bills and, you know, and Josh Allen, you know, the the the altitude was so high.

To be honest with you, I think oxygen tanks came down from the ceiling. So this is what he had to say about his departure from Buffalo. I mean, for me, I try not to get too personal, but I kind of felt it was going in that direction. Like, you know, throughout the season, you know, I had some ups and downs, especially after the first eight. We had coaching shift and different things going different ways.

You know, different scheme was schematic and, you know, the ups and downs of it. But for me, I kind of you know, you kind of filled it in the air a little bit, especially in some personal feelings. But for me, when I got traded, obviously I was you know, I was happy. I was in a good place. Like I said, I told God to like my path and here I am.

So he makes no mistakes. I'm saying I'm standing firm and that I'm standing strong. So when I say I've been smiling, I've been smiling. So that was his OK. Story of events that he got the sense of it. Everybody got the sense of it. Everybody did.

And this is what he had to say about his quarterback, Josh Allen. I feel like he was a like intricate piece in my career because at that point, you know, when I left Minnesota or whatever, like I presume it was like I was a good player. But I always felt more for myself. I felt like I was better than that, that I could be better than that.

And I kind of up to that point, I was just like, I'm a roll the dice and bet on myself. And he sent me to Buffalo. I don't know if they sent me to Buffalo with the most kindness, you know, with the most great intent. But also as well, you know, when I got to Buffalo, Josh was, you know, Josh is still my guy.

I'm saying like people don't really understand what it's like to be out there. I'm saying he really he really embraced me and he kind of had a southern hospitality. So for me, he embraced me, spent a lot of time and I probably wouldn't be right here if it was. You know, I got I got a lot of love for that boy. So I'll give him a hug and a kiss. And that was his walk off. You all get a hug and a kiss for him.

Send it to him. Wouldn't be in Houston if it wasn't for Josh Allen and he wouldn't be I guess he didn't say I wouldn't be in Buffalo if it. Weren't for Case Keenum. I didn't hear that one.

That's a send a stray case, what case his way. He seems to think he was sent to Buffalo to to get exiled. Yeah. Yeah, pretty much.

Well, I don't know. I mean, he was exactly what Josh Allen needed at the very at that time. Right.

And he's exactly what he was looking to show is that I can be the number one on a on a team and and take that team to new heights. It's just they didn't break through. And then whatever.

Led to not breaking through, I think, led to a break down. And nobody just has any interest in publicly hashing it out like nobody does. So there's that. But now it's just his new role and how he's going to fit in. And and and certainly with the ability to get another contract based off of this year, how how it play out where Nico Collins gets his and Tankdale gets his. And but you have to sit here and think, as Albert Breer said in the last hour. The team that everybody has consensus on and we talks to other GMs and coaches and other people who call. You know, the number of times that an information man or woman in our business gets calls from other people saying, what are you hearing? And then the person will say, well, what are you thinking? And that's the way it goes.

That's why I always ask folks who are in the information business, what are you when you talk to others? What's the consensus on certain subject matters and the consensus on the subject matter of which team has pressed the most buttons properly to set themselves up for ultimate success this year? He said Houston Texans. And I think adding digs to this mix is going to create much havoc on other teams defenses, don't you think? Oh, yeah, it was already going to be a problem, you know, and and we'll see how Joe Mixon looks here, too. Right.

Because Devin Singletary ran like the wind. You know. And we'll see what Mixon looks like added to this mix, if you will. In Houston.

With digs in that in that fray here. And, you know, Damian Pierce had an off year for anybody that drafted him in the first round of their of their draft or second round of their fantasy draft. He's still there.

They got a stacked offense, man. Noah Brown is terrific. I mean, when he was and Robert Woods.

Bobby Tree's. He's still there. Mixon thousand yards rushing for the last six seasons. I mean, Dalton Schultz with Laramie Tunsil and Jack Mason in the line is ready to go. I mean, that's why you see if you will get the fantasy rankings. You know, Stroud is a top three, four guy right now. No doubt. No doubt.

Certainly based off of last year. Speaking of C.J. Stroud, we found out something hotter than his play.

And it's his takes. C.J. Stroud with, you know, some takes on on a podcast he appeared on recently that would make some folks on, you know, FS1 or ESPN blush like.

Go, really? Oh, well, we'll take that and make it a topic bar on our show, as we will right now as well, because honestly, early June, we're you know, we're we're in full on motive. What what can we talk about?

We're hoping somebody says something. Well, I mean, C.J. Stroud had a lot to say in regards to Aaron Rodgers.

And let's start with what he had to say on the subject matter. Of Rogers's years in Green Bay and how at the time that Rogers had great teams in Green Bay and only one won, Matthew Stafford was toiling away in Detroit and hardly won a damn thing. And I don't know why Stroud thought to put Stafford on those. Terrific Rogers quarterbacked Packers teams, but he did and had this to say about how it would have gone for Green Bay if Stafford was a QB there. Stafford. Hey, that's another one.

He thought he might be up there with Brady in them. No, that's crazy. That's great. That's great. I mean, let me go back.

Hey, look, I don't know. I must do it again. So after the dog, he is a dog. You understand, brother, you saying that that's all I want. I want nobody else. I watch my homes at times because my home does some stuff that like you can't coach Stafford dog. He will beat you with the same thing every time. All that no licks.

I got that from breath. That's one of my big. I'm a fan of his like that. He's a great quarterback. I'll be trying to find, bro.

I'll be trying to like go to where they working on his watch. That's all I'm saying. Like Charles Barkley. If you give Matthew Stafford a chance like Aaron Rodgers, I guarantee you might have had more rings for sure. I think that you still have. Oh, yeah.

You have another ring problem. No, I'd say he had like three, four months, bro. He good. I thought for a second when I first heard this, by the way, this is on the million dollars, million dollars worth of game, worth of game podcast. Gillian Wallo. Did I pronounce that properly? You do it right.

Thank you. Straight out of Philly. I thought when I first heard it that he thought he was going to say that Stafford would have had more rings than the one he currently has. And then the follow up, an excellent follow up was like, oh, more than Rodgers would have had. And he says, yeah. So he meant if Stafford was the Packers quarterback.

That's what I took when I that's what everybody's taking it to mean. And so then I watched it back and then I heard him say, hold on, if Stafford was there, he would have had more rings. And I thought there's always saying that Stafford would have won a championship there. And then the follow is like more than what Rodgers would have done. And then he goes, yeah, three or four. But he's also saying that Stafford was like his guy he looked up to.

Exactly. He really liked him. And by the way, him saying that Stafford can sling it is one hundred percent right. You know how I feel about Stafford and how I think he's Hall of Fame worthy. He's Hall of Fame worthy. He's got a ring and and and he may get another, you know, for for the Rams. He's going to be up there in all time.

What he did last year, he was stupendous last year. But just in case you're wondering if if, you know, maybe this is being disrespectful of Rodgers and having, you know, something against Rodgers or less than for Rodgers. He had another take later on in this podcast about whose career he would take, Rodgers or Eli. I talk about Tom Brady, if you had to pick a career to have, I may have Aaron Rodgers career or I may have Eli Manning's career.

Who career you're taking. You want the rings, you know, that's all that matters. The rings get you.

I got to guess what? Guess what fans don't celebrate. MVP trophies. We don't give a fuck about that.

That's you, buddy. Yeah, I feel that. We give a fuck about rings.

Damn. When you think about it, when y'all playing that game and they all way up there in them booths, that's all they're worrying about. Exactly. They worry about the ring. We respect that. We worry about one thing.

We humans too. When the year starts, you worry about one thing. CJ, you just won a Super Bowl. Where you want to go? I'm going to Disney Land, man. Me and Tate.

I'm going to the IE. Listen, I think Rodgers, I think Rodgers would rather have more rings than the one that he currently has. And that's why I think he's still playing in many ways. But I mean, this is the quintessential rings versus, you know, stats. If Aaron Rodgers, I'm not a Rodgers defender. If Aaron Rodgers had zero, I'd take Eli's career. But he's got one. Correct. And he also has four MVPs and all the, all the, all the, all the stats. Right.

And has had more success regular season. And I would say they probably made equal amounts of money, you know, takes and his ideologies aside. Of course we are. We have to do that. That's not part of this conversation. Yeah, but I'll say this, right? Yeah, Rodgers does have the MVPs and he's got a ring.

But I think we all are under the same impression. You win in New York City. No doubt. There is nothing bigger than that. And the fact that you won twice in New York and the fact that you took out the greatest quarterback of all time to win those rings. Like there's something to be said. That's why Eli's a Hall of Famer.

You won in New York. That's top of the food chain right there. But I'm glad we're also bringing this stuff to light because I think it comes across as, you know, that, that Stroud, of course, I think if you're asking, what is he, 22, 23? Very young guy.

Hey, at the beginning of your career, what do you, what do you want to have? He cares about rings. Of course. That's refreshing, right? Well, the reason, and the reason why, the reason why is.

22. Also is every kid coming into the NFL now, every kid coming to the NFL right now is shooting for Brady. Yeah. It's shooting for Brady. It's shooting for Brady.

When Brady came in the league, he was shooting for Montana and he was shooting for Terry Bradshaw. And he, and he doubled them up. Yep. Most of them.

Okay. Doubled them up. So everybody's, of course, they're going to choose rings over MVPs and stats and whatever like that. But we can't sit here and forget how insanely physically talented Aaron Rodgers has been and his entire career. I mean, Eli, Eli, basically he's drafted first overall. And he, he, all he's got to do is supplant Kurt Warner, who had no, you know, tenure in New York and was clearly a placeholder. He'll even tell you that he knew it. So.

He, he, he, he had a weight behind far. I mean, honestly, we can go on and on and on about this sort of thing, but, you know, of course you want to have rings. But Aaron Rodgers will show up to Canton as a first ballot Hall of Famer with the conversation of one of the most physically gifted and successful quarterbacks in the history of the National Football League. And for all of my friends who root for the Jets, also Lord football, Lord willing, multiple rings on that front. That said, I would not be surprised if any of this is couched in the direction of Aaron Rodgers as disrespect or couched by Rodgers in anywhere of the realm of disrespect.

And for that, if you are part of that, I would say stay tuned. Halloween night on Amazon. Oh, prime video Texans at Jets. Hey, it's a thriller that night. And look at you, this guy over there.

It's my last day. You know what? For such a thing, I'll even call you a PYT for that. Thank you, Rich.

You know, as opposed to you, as opposed to you just normally being off the wall. Listen, what can I do right now? What can I do? Keep going. You got one right now. You got one more.

You ought to be starting something now. Mike, it's nice for you to chime in with a helpful comment because normally you're just bad. Thank you. He's right. I like that.

Okay. You know, it's my favorite thing. He just keeps it black and white all the time. This is, we've got to stop. We have to stop.

When you really sit back and you start with the man in the mirror. Guys, it's time to beat it to break. That's it.

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Lowest price guaranteed. Hey, listen, I know I just turned down my opportunity to say, I'm taking Eli's career over Roger's career and or, you know, hey, we just turned down the opportunity to say, you know, absolutely Stafford would have won three out of four or more than than Rogers. It's it's it's a fun conversation to have on a pod or on a show like this one. But, you know, straight up with you.

I mean, who the hell knows? And and in saying, you know, I love Stafford, I'm going to denigrate Rogers or to say Rogers, you know, just had all of these things that happened that Stafford would have had the same problems. You know, yeah, the Packers teams, let's be honest, we do really break it down. They weren't built to win in the cold in January during during Rogers later years. And that's kind of what faulted them, you know, and Stafford would have ran into those same issues is that the hands team that didn't get an onside kick in Seattle would have happened to Stafford as much as it did to Rogers. Stafford would have got Kaepernick just like Rogers team did. Oh, my goodness.

So it's this on and on. And by the way, the Rogers that has shown up in Los Angeles might not have been the Rogers ready to win. And I mean, I mean, the Stafford showed up here in Los Angeles might not have been the Stafford ready to win in Green Bay at the time either.

Right. So, you know, or Rogers, you know, blew it and Stafford could have actually won. It feels like Aaron probably should have one more.

There's no question about it. That's that's and if he doesn't get one more, that'll be part of the conversation going into Canton. But why the hell should he care? I know he does. Stafford was never going to get one in Detroit.

He feels like they, you know, he did great by kind of overachieving the Rams. And this is too reasonable to one at this point in time. We have to go to break. Hey, do you guys remember the time? No. All right. Very good. Nice. Oh, just jam one more power rankings way too soon in June.

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Just go to slash direct and get started. Back on the Rich Eisen Show radio network, sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry, Grainger has the right product for you. Call or just stop by or just tweet out bad stats about Micah Parsons apropos of nothing in the middle of the first segment of our show as Chris Brockman did. We were talking about Micah Parsons. And I'm the one who is accused of trolling on the Dallas Cowboys.

Both things can and are true in this situation, though, you know, like you can be a troll and he is trolling. Man, you know, the Dallas Cowboys, you know, being all in and not giving contract extensions out to or renegotiating contracts any right now. I mean, and how many times I'm sitting here and saying, we know DAAC has got to be extended because you could potentially lose them after this year and you could also create the cap space to maybe sign the two other guys that, you know, you got to sign, CeeDee Lamb and Micah Parsons.

But then again, DAAC might be the guy that of all of those three, that you need to see something in the playoffs before you pay him, despite Chris Brockman throwing up a tweet at 9 16 a.m. Pacific time. I waited until we went to break. Right. You were focused.

I was locked in on the first segment. He failed to mention his 40 and a half career sack. That's what I'm saying. And through, you know, one sack and four playoff game, what do the 40 have to do with winning a game in the post?

Excuse me. Maybe it's got to do with the other guys on defense not performing well enough and double teams are difficult to triple teams and triple teams to get through. Maybe it's not a Micah thing. Right.

Maybe it's performing the playoffs. Well, we all know in my what I'm saying is that it does appear in my estimation, two of those three are going to get a contract with the Dallas Cowboys. Micah you're not letting walk and you're not letting C.D.

walk. You're going to let Dak walk. You're playing with fire. One guy who's definitely not getting a contract extension right now, if ever, is Mike McCarthy. And how do you coach a team when folks in that locker room know coach could be gone? Now you might sit here and say, well, then they'll play hard for you. What happens if you start five and three, three and five?

I don't know. But it's also not the most difficult thing that is on a head coach's mind or plate when they're not given a contract extension going into their final year, but still kept. Here's Mike McCarthy on being all having, I guess, this contractual conundrum in his all-in season. I think you can throw the contract part, I think, to the side. Those conversations, it wasn't easy.

I mean, no one wants to be on any one of your contract. We all understand that and, you know, the emotion of what that does to your family and so forth. Yeah, your family, honestly, sometimes I'll get questions at home like, so have you heard about something, you know, and it's like two weeks from now, what's your schedule two weeks from now? You know, it'll be like, well, I mean, because we're planning stuff out with kids going to camp and stuff like that sort of thing. And you know, what's happening in 10 days, do you know if you're going to that thing? Do you know if we're going to that thing? And you know, I'll ask that of Suzy sometimes with her schedule. You imagine you're going home and you don't even know if you got something, if you're going to be living in that area in seven months.

Kind of what you sign up for. I understand that's part of the coaching experience and I understand there are many people within the sound of our voices right now who are dealing with that in a job that isn't as well paid as being the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. I get it, but it is something to just keep in mind and consider. That coach in life, man, I don't know that sound bite just kind of jumped out and hit me.

Just want to point that out and see how that works. He's also won a lot of games, so it's a pretty disrespectful how he's being treated, but but to my own point, the way, and this is one of the storylines and we will be discussing it all June, all July and August, and then the games get started in September and all the way through. To the end of the Cowboys season, which for your sake, Sir, I hope is a confetti laden moment in New Orleans.

I mean, it probably won't be, but I keep hope alive. OK, and we heard next area earlier on the show today, looming over this whole NFL season is Bill Belichick. I get it. I understand it. But the way Jerry Jones handled and is handling.

The one and done. At the hands of the Green Bay Packers last year is 100%. One of the top storylines entering the 2024 NFL season and the one that will have a season long storyline arc, especially even if the Dallas Cowboys have like a twelve thirteen regular season, a 13 win regular season. Let me tell you, it'll be what happens in January. We're not going to have a 13. OK, so then you'll have what, a 14, maybe 16. Got it.

All right. It's one of the storylines and one of the wildest and not just for this season of any of the seasons that I've been part of since NFL Network's creation 21 years ago, which happened in large part to Jerry Jones's stewardship. And Pat Boland's and Bob Crafts and all them, Paul Tagliabue's and Roger Goodell's and so on and so every year becomes the most interesting and wild football season of all time, certainly involving the Dallas Cowboys. And in terms of being able to predict who's going to win and who's going to lose or who's going to be excellent and who's going to be doing that on June 5th is nuts. No, it's now it's great. It's positively nuts.

Let's go. But it's a Wednesday. Yeah. You know what that means? And it means it's time for an actual power rankings. You know, when I've been doing power rankings on Wednesday, I've been just kind of having my fun with other subject matters other than the one that I normally associate with the power rankings, which is ranking the NFL teams in terms of their power and their their success rate and their ability to win.

So it's now time for my way too early in June. Power rankings. Hit it. Power rankings.

Power rankings. All right, I should call it the way too soon in June. Way too soon in June. Way too soon. Dumbass. Way too soon in June. Dumbass power rankings. Yes, because by the way, you you guys are going to railbird this and start screaming out.

I can't wait. It's about to happen because right now there's so much optimism and we don't know. And on top of it, you know, 10 that for instance, the 10th spot could be filled by anybody. Virtually anybody. Honest question. How many teams right now think they can win the Super Bowl?

I think at least two thirds of the NFL thinks that 25. All of them should think that today. Well, that's what you do. But being realistic. I understand that. But being realistic. Like heart of hearts?

Yeah, heart of hearts. How many teams think they can win the Super Bowl? I think two thirds of the league feel that way right now.

And maybe they're right, because worse to first, I mean, magic carpet rides are frequent. So I'm choosing number 10 on this list right now. A team that looked really strong. They did lose an all time great, however. But I just love how young they were last year and how good they were being young last year with a veteran handed quarterback who hopefully will be very happy by the end of this summer to get a deal. And they also drafted one of my favorite Michigan Wolverines of all time. I'm putting the Los Angeles Rams 10th on this list.

They are in my top 10. I don't hate that. I kind of dig Stafford still hate it. But that means you got two NFC West teams. That's true. OK. That's true. Think about this. At this point last year, the Rams here, my man over here was thinking that the Rams, they were just I was not alone, you know, by the way, I was not alone, sir.

You were not on that island was very full and had some occupants. Oh, yeah. But what they did last year was incredibly impressive. It was really impressive.

And they gave the Lions all they could handle. And I can't wait for that season opener on Sunday night season ticket holder. I'm inspired. I'm inspired. I'm inspired. Number 10. All right. So. So you check.

I kind of like that one. Number nine on this list is a team that has Super Bowl aspirations, and they had it all last year and they've got a ton of players. But I just I just can't get past the way that they've handled their entire offseason. I'm putting your Cowboys nine, OK, I'm putting your Cowboys nine in the same way that Jerry's all in on on needing to see stuff.

I got to see stuff, but I still think they're very talented at the right spots. And I need to see who is going to run the football and how are they going to handle the all in season pressure? So I got the Cowboys ninth and I will tell you this. It's the only NFC East team on my power rankings.

OK. Now, I was going to say, was there two leads me to number eight? The only AFC East team on my rankings list. And it is the New York Jets.

Seems like a bit of a homer pig. This team is stacked. Greeny on line two.

It is not greeny on line two. I'm not wearing a Jets jersey, OK? I am ready to admit and I think everyone else should, that this is a very talented, young, talented team that addressed their glaring issue up front significantly by draft and by free agency.

And if it's the biggest if of the season, if Aaron Rodgers shows up like the Aaron Rodgers the Jets got from Green Bay, then then all bets are truly off, man. They still can't believe they weren't even like they weren't like five and 12 last year. You know, they were seven and 10. So I'm putting the mates on the power rankings list and you bet they are. My only AFC East team on this list, wow. Number seven, that is number seven. They did something on this day that they haven't done since 1999, which is extend a coach and general manager together for for they haven't done it.

They have not extended a regime. The Cleveland Browns are set guys. If Deshaun Watson can show up and show out. And I'm putting them on this list, guys, because they are stout. They are physical and they are deep.

And I just there's a lot I need to see, but I'm just going to put them on my on my list here at seven right here. And certainly since, you know, I love the Bengals, this team beats the Bengals in the same way that Burrow has a winning record against Mahomes. They beat Burrow. And they also in Watson's last game, they went into Baltimore and beat the Ravens. There's a lot to like about the Browns fan, the five of the remaining teams are I'm trying to figure out who the one is number six, you know, the one number six. This is the team that messed up Dallas's world.

And Jordan Love taking a step forward. I'm putting the Packers six, whoa, I'm putting the Packers six. I do need to see what Josh Jacobs is going to do that Aaron Jones apparently wasn't able to provide them any more Josh Jacobs younger runs harder, I guess maybe. But these receivers, you know, keep them don't don't draft them in your in the leagues that we're in together. Save them for me. I'm going to stick. I'm going to stick one of them on my team like seventh, eighth, ninth round. No doubt.

OK. And try to snake love kind of late. I like the Packers, man. I just like them a lot.

They've got an outstanding coach outstanding. So I'm putting the Packers six. Number five. Let's get to my top five of my way to soon in June power rankings. I'm putting the Houston Texans. Yes, sir.

I'm putting the Houston Texans here. Everything. Boy, the moves that they made. It's the Von Diggs, the Neil Hunter. I mean, Al Shaheer on defense to just to name three they have going on. Let's see. Let's see if C.J. Stroud's hot play can match the heat of his takes. So they're number five, number four on my way too soon in June power rankings. Your Detroit Lions sitting there at four.

Dan Campbell. Do you hear he said they're going to add a fullback even though they don't have a fullback on the team? They're like they're looking at tight ends on the roster to play that role just to see because they want it.

They want you to declare on defense. Right. You know, and you can kind of do that with their fullback play.

OK. They kept their offensive coordinator or he stayed. I mean, they got it all working, man.

They got it all working. They're number four in my power rankings. Top three. Number three. Where are you going here?

I'm going Baltimore. OK. Derrick Henry on this team right now. I think that's pretty good. One of my one of my sons, Kyle Hamilton, he doesn't know it, but I keep calling him that. Oh, he knows. We told him. Number three on this list now.

Top two are the Super Bowl winners of the Super Bowl contenders from last year. OK. But in what order?

In what order? And I'm going to do this. I think he's going hot. I'm going to do this going hot just to give you in advance of what we're going to hear over the next few weeks.

And when toe meets ball. Here we go. We're going. We're going to be hearing. Here we go.

It's where she writes only didn't speed. OK. They've got a lot of stuff going on there. And what you know, everything else going on there with with Harrison, Butler and all this sort of business, all right.

And but the various needs not there anymore. So defensively, things are a little bit dicey. All right. I see.

You're going to be seeing that and hearing that, but and that's why I'm putting the Chiefs to hear. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Good. The Niners are just the Niners have.

It's there. They have the best roster. They got talent everywhere.

Absolutely everywhere. And so and they also took the Chiefs to overtime last year. They were this close. They were there.

They were that close. Well, had we been playing, you know, horseshoes or hand grenades? I just don't know. No, no, no. I'm not taking anything away. I just tell I'm not taking anything away. But that's my way too soon in June power rankings for the National Football League. I like I don't hate you.

You want to go to break and I can critique this after or go for it. Foretime defending AFC East Champ Buffalo. Not on the list.

Correct. Nor the Dolphins. Dolphins. Not on the list. The guy you the quarterback.

Maybe you have the most in the league. Joe Burrow. Not on the list. Correct.

Let's see. Your favorite coach, probably in NFL history. College coaching history.

Jim Hartman. Only one AFC West team. Not on the list. Only one NFC East team.

One of your sons. Not on the list. Baker Mayfield. No. Not NFC South teams on the list. No South team.

The Falcons probably got a better path to win their division than the Jets. Not on the list. Who are you taking off the list for the Falcons?

Chicago Bears. Stop. Not on the list. Now you got to stop.

Now you got to stop. Because now you have to take someone off the list. I mean, you could make the case that Jets and Browns shouldn't be on the list. Why the Browns? You could make the case the Rams shouldn't be on the list.

No, I know. You could change any number 10 out for anybody. I would say Cowboys maybe should be a little bit higher. Then who? Then who? The team that bounced them?

One and done? The Browns. I think. I guess we'll see week one with Brady in the booth. We'll see. I don't think I'm too high on the Browns, guys. Just got to get out of your head that they're the Browns.

You got to get out of your head. Well, if that were the case, we wouldn't be high on them either, though. We haven't seen it from their quarterback in a very long time. I understand it.

I mean, that's why it's way too soon in June. Quarterback. Important position. So, yeah. A little surprised. I mean, the top six, I think, is very strong. I might have had Texans over Lions.

OK. We'll take a break here on Rich Eisen Show and my best case scenarios for all teams in the AFC North. I forgot. That's still the Cubs. That's right, baby. It's that time of year, people.

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All right. Boy, we have housekeeping. Who knew?

Housekeeping. Who knew? It's mind-blowing. It is, indeed. It's time for the AFC North edition of the Best Case Scenarios.

Hit it, hit it, hit it. Best Case Scenario for each NFL team. Yeah. Here we go. And let's give you the best case scenario for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Yes.

Yes, sir. Here we go, Steelers. Russell Wilson returns to Pro Bowl Forum.

He's cooking. Here we go. Fields, he gets out there with a dominant package. Justin Fields' package is dominant.

Yes. T.J. Watt wins Defensive Player of the Year. That one's for you, J.J., and the Coach of the Year finalist is Mike Tomlin, which means everybody in Pittsburgh is like, yeah, we have a good coach here, huh? We're not going to be burning up phone lines 24-7 trying to get him fired. We're not going to apologize for winning.

Because guess what they do? They eliminate the Kansas City Chiefs in the playoffs. They're the ones who personally envy possible three-peat, and they win the Super Bowl. Stay by your phone, man.

I may need to. That's right. That's the best case scenario for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Best case scenario for the Cleveland Browns. Deshaun Watson returns to his form, and he's a finalist for the Most Valuable Player. Nick Chubb wins Comeback Player of the Year.

That would be nice. And Miles Garrett leads the league in sacks, again, I'm not going Defensive Player of the Year. That's for you, J.J. And guess what? They win the division. First time since 1989, they win their division, and they're the ones who eliminate the Chiefs. And Deshaun Watson, let's say he goes up by like 24, holds on to that lead narrowhead, and wins the Super Bowl. The Browns get their Super Bowl. I'm telling you, you think the Browns care in the Super Bowl this year, as a best case scenario, you've got to check yourself.

Cincinnati Bengals. Joe Burrow wins the Most Valuable Player, which would put him in a Maybe Comeback Player of the Year candidate, but he's going to be so good. He's going to be so good, they're like, let's leave that for somebody else. He wins MVP. Jamar Chase wins Offensive Player of the Year. Chase Brown finishes top five in scrimmage yards. Everything that they hoped for with this kid coming out of Illinois last year, showing some burst, he fills in for, not fills in, he takes over the Joe Mixon's role and betters it.

Hendrickson and Higgins, who are demanding trades, they're somehow happy. They win the division, they're the ones who eliminate the Chiefs, and they win the Super Bowl. That's the Cincinnati Bengals' best case scenario right there.

Get him out of here, you don't live in Cleveland. Look at you with that drop, all right. And then the Baltimore Ravens, their best case scenario. Lamar does what Aaron Rodgers was the last to do, back to back MVP. Kyle Hamilton is a Defensive Player of the Year finalist. The only reason why I'm not giving him a Defense Player of the Year award is they don't usually award that to folks who play his position. Usually it's somebody who rushes the passer, right? It's sort of like in the same way MVP is a quarterback-driven award. This is a sack-driven award, usually. Derrick Henry wins the rushing title. He is the number one rusher in the National Football League, the most yards at the position. Mark Andrews plays all 17.

He stays healthy. And they eliminate the Chiefs, and they win the Super Bowl. And of all places, the spot where they won the Super Bowl, with John Harbaugh, New Orleans.

And there's no blackout. And that's the best case scenario for the Baltimore Ravens, the 2024 season. First division we've done, I've done six now where everybody's best case scenario is winning the Super Bowl, which is my way of also backing up my thought that this is the toughest division in the NFL going into 2024. And I don't mean to put the ziggy on this division, because last year we all thought it had to be the AFC East, and the year before that it had to be the AFC West.

And neither was the case. Well, last year at one point, TJ, you speculated that all four North teams could make the playoffs, and that looked kind of likely. From the AFC North. Yeah, we won Week 11.

Yeah, it looked like... Yeah, all three wildcard teams would come from that division. Yeah, that was close. Fun show. Fun show. Fun show, everybody. Fun show. It's certainly a great show in which I only had one cup of coffee, and the new shirt I bought was totally unsuitable to be on television, because it strobed.

And I found a sweater, it was a last minute curveball, I fought through it. I know, I know that now. Look at him.

Drop happy out the door. But he's spot on. He's nailed all of them.

He's like, you're on fire. Nailed all of them. That's it. Well done, Mike. You can head off to St. Louis, head held high. Have fun.

There's pizza at my apartment when I get home. Thank you, Mike. Every story eventually comes to an end. This June, hear the final episode of season two of the hit podcast series, In the Red Clay, Durham. In the Red Clay tells the unbelievable true story of Billy Sunday Burt, the most dangerous man in Georgia history. In the podcast that people are calling riveting, incredibly moving, captivating, and addicting. Binge seasons one and two of In the Red Clay now, wherever you listen.
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