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Gerry Dulac: it's full steam ahead with Russell Wilson as QB #1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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June 5, 2024 1:29 pm

Gerry Dulac: it's full steam ahead with Russell Wilson as QB #1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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June 5, 2024 1:29 pm

6/5/24 - Hour 1

Rich and the guys discuss the controversial ejection of Chicago Sky rookie Angel Reese, and weigh in on the impending payday for Dallas Cowboys LB Micah Parsons.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Gerry Dulac and Rich discuss Justin Fields’ role in the Steelers offense, how Mike Tomlin completely revamped his quarterback room with additions of Russell Wilson and Fields, what to expect from RB Najee Harris in the run-first approach of new OC Arthur Smith, and more.

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Discounts not available in all states and situations. Stillers Radio Network host Jerry Dulac, senior writer for the M.M.Q.B. Albert Breer.

Plus your phone calls, latest news and more. And now it's Rich Eisen. Yes, it is. Welcome this edition of the Rich Eisen Show right in the middle of the week. The first full week of June right here on the Rich Eisen Show on the Roku Channel.

This Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliate Sirius XM Odyssey and more. We say hello to anybody watching us on, as I mentioned, the Roku Channel. Anybody listening to us on our podcast. Anybody who's watching us through our clips on YouTube. We say hello to every last one of you.

We appreciate everybody. Listen, right in the middle of Major League Baseball season, the NBA Finals tips off tomorrow night. We're on the verge of the Stanley Cup Final, getting a puck dropped on it.

Angel Reese gets ejected from from action in her first game after everything went down against the Indiana Fever. So there's all of that. And I'll be very honest, they got football on the brain because damn near every team is involved in organized team activities or practice or a mandatory mini camp. It's after June. We've got to see what teams are looking like. The Cleveland Browns made some big headlines today. They extended their head coach and general manager, Kevin Stefanski and Andrew Berry, getting extended.

So that's big news in Cleveland, although not surprising, it is just very un-Cleveland Brown-like. We'll mention that later on on this program and open up the phone lines at 844-204-RICH being the number to dial. Also on this program, that being a Wednesday and during a football season, normally I will have power rankings for you where I will power rank the teams one through 10 in terms of their strength and their power and their ability to win football games. Normally you've got a football season to order them properly and in a way that you can really make sense of it.

And I'm going to actually do that here on this program at the top of June. I'm actually going to give you a way too early power rankings. It is as dumb as it gets. I'm not going to lie. But you like it.

The dumber, the better is the way you kind of dig it. All right. So there's all of that on this program.

I also have the top my best case scenarios for the AFC North teams. That's how we unpack today's rundown. Good to see you over there, Chris Brockman. How are you? Good to be seen, man. What's happening?

DJ Mikey D isn't these nuts? You're still here. I thought you weren't supposed to be here today. Tomorrow. Tomorrow I'll be leaving for St. Louis. Be more excited about it.

I am tomorrow. You're going to to make sure the UFL playoffs sound great, right? Yes. It'll be a packed stadium.

It'll be fun. Going in the arch? Yes. Very good.

McDonald's. Yes. How are you, TJ Jefferson? What's going on? I'm great. I just wish that ref from the Chicago game realized that Andrew Reese is a star.

We don't pay to go to the game to see her get tossed out for just a flick. Yeah. I mean, you want to you want to hit on that a little bit more? No, go ahead.

Go ahead. Hit on it. Well, it's just like, what are we doing? What is she doing? Did you see what happened?

A target toss. She said she said something. She said something like, come on.

That's the age old conversation that we've always had. People don't pay to go to these games to see the stars sitting on the sidelines. They get tossed out for something that wasn't even very demonstrative. She must have really like dropped some on the ref. Right.

To get. Well, first of all, she was involved on the foul call, I don't believe. Then it was just like a dismissal, like, OK, whatever. She's getting shoved around, too, by the way. Yeah.

Like so this is really weird. Like right now, when all the eyes are on this league, you're going to toss one of the look. We know Kaitlin Clarkson stars, but she's still one of the most recognizable females in the league in sports right now. Do you think let's let's let's just since we're comparing and contrasting. Right. Do you think Angel Reese is playing a Draymond Green role here?

I think Angel Reese understands social media, all these kids now in this day and age. Right. Grown up with it. But her saying I am who I am. I'm advocating for who I am. Play the role. And if I'm a villain, so be it. Although I think anybody who says if I'm a villain, so be it, doesn't really want to deep down play the villain role.

Probably not. But you're willing to accept it. But she is willing to clearly accept it.

She might be saying things that officials are now looking for to have a more, I guess, faster trigger finger than for other players in the in in a league or an association. I'll make this prediction for you. She will be in a commercial with Draymond Green by Labor Day. I'll make I'll make a prediction. I'll make that.

And by the way, her and her and Kaitlin Clark have to be in the commercial together. Well, I don't know about that. Smart. That ain't happening. Why not? Because they don't like each other.

I don't care what they say publicly. Magic and Bird didn't like each other either when Magic pulled up to Larry's house in the limo and they left as best of friends. So, you know, there's that.

This ain't the 80s, man. Well, what does that mean? Well, but in that point, though, he's right that there are, you know, players in the WNBA NBA now coming into the NFL who have had an NIL existence and have already a personality formed through marketing, through attention being paid through in the case of Reese Championship. Right. In the case of Angel Reese, also just recent over the weekend where she dapped up and loved up a teammate who roughed up Kaitlin Clark. Who, by the way, was on the business end of a tongue lashing from Kaitlin Clark that might have been unwarranted as well. But this is what I'm saying.

This is the sort of mix up that the WNBA needs. I look across our landscape right here. We weren't planning on leading with it. You just mentioned it. I'm like, let's let's unpack it right off the top of the show here. I'm looking at it.

A lot of shows similar to this one, although not in name or, as I like to say, consistency of information and entertainment value. They ain't got Del Tufo. Oh, that's correct. That's true. And, you know, and in terms of name, image and likeness, he has a deal for his Instagram account yesterday.

But we will hit before you go to St. Louis for a week and a half later on in the show. A lot of people talk about it. Yeah. So spell the name right.

Spell the name right. But Teresa Weatherspoon said afterwards she had no idea after the game what had happened. Still didn't know. No, still had no idea. So, by the way, keep an eye on all that.

Teaspoon was really, really, really good in her day. Oh, I know that. I know that. So, meanwhile, back at your ranch of Dallas, Texas, Micah Parsons spoke yesterday. We didn't get the sound bites in in time to play them during yesterday's program, but we certainly have the runway to do so right now. By the way, Albert Breer will be joining us on this program in a matter of an hour plus to lend us an ear on all of our questions, what's going on with the NFL. Jerry Dulack of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette will be joining us in about 12 minutes time. I want to check in on the exact nuts and bolts of what is going on with Russell Wilson and Justin Fields and the rest of that team. And that's coming up on this program as well.

And you, at 844-204-Rich, never to dial. But Micah Parsons did in fact speak on on Tuesday. And he's another guy who's going to have to get paid.

Dak Prescott, who Mike McCarthy today said is having his best season of practice. Oh, all right. Oh, so there's that.

Raise that banner right now at the star. So he said that. He also said that Trey Lance is close to mastering the system. Oh, baby, you don't want that. Oh, then just have him start. The master of the system, which, by the way, great Seinfeld episode. I'm out. And so Micah Parsons, we all know, is going to have to get paid. He knows it, too.

C.D. Lamb did not show up. We know he's getting paid and it does appear that he's first up, although Dak, his contract, we think needs to be addressed in every single show.

I seem to mention it and I'll mention it here again. This is a situation we know the Cowboys need to address. Certainly Dak's contract, because if he goes through this season, there's no trade clause in his contract. There is a no no trade clause and there is a no trade clause in his contract. There's also an inability to franchise tag him. So if you don't sign him or extend him prior to the season, then he can be walking out the door.

So there's a lot of contracts to be addressed. Micah Parsons, however, has taken the unique approach of basically saying he knows he's got to get paid. He's fine showing up right now without having been paid. He thinks and has admitted that C.D. Lamb is first in line for this and has no problem with that. But he is also kind of let he's kind of let the Cowboys know exactly how much he intends to be paid. Once they, the Cowboys, get around to addressing the situation.

This was Parsons at his locker on Tuesday. Oh, I mean, C.D. about to hit the green truck. He about to get his, you know, but I can't think of someone more deserving.

You talk about hand in hand. I think C.D. 's, you know, the best receiver in the league.

If not, if you ever want to argue a top three. But in my eyes, seeing his mindset, how it comes every day, I think he deserves every penny. So I'm going to be super excited for him for whatever his contract lays out.

It's going to be a nice contract for sure. If you were his agent, what would you pay him? Oh, I mean, if I'm his agent, C.D.

's getting about 36. But I'm not his agent. I don't think, you know, numbers aside, I don't know, obviously, what goes on. What's the combative arguments on who on who or whatever it is that may be. I mean, Jefferson said, I think you can argue a C.D. 's better, however you want to put it.

But C.D. 's should be right there with him. Is the green truck coming for you? I mean, one day, time will tell.

You know, I can't really put a timetable on mine. All I got to do is keep getting sacks and, you know, that stuff's going to handle itself. That's right. He even said that Mike Zimmer, he has had conversations with Zimmer, the new defensive coordinator. Zimmer's is no nonsense as they come, but some great players have played for him and love him. Dion is at the very top of that list. He said that Zimmer's had some great players, but he's never had a Micah.

I love it. Parsons then spoke to Clarence Hill, who said basically he has no problem being patient and waiting on his contract. The longer he waits, the higher the market will rise. He fully expects to be the highest paid non-quarterback in NFL history.

So that's why if he says C.D. 's going to get 36, the reason why he says that number 36 is because Justin Jefferson, just earlier this week, got 35 and a half for sitting now atop the list of highest paid non-quarterbacks in NFL history. He got 35.

Pardon me. So 36. He gave him an extra $500,000. 36. Nick Bosa's at 34. So he's basically telling Jerry Jones the exact slice of the pie he intends to take when it is his time.

And that's kind of new, right? To basically say, you know, save enough pie for me because it needs to be at the very top of the list that Justin Jefferson's on top of and C.D. Lamb will go on top of that, which is another reason why I think Micah Parsons doesn't mind having C.D. Lamb go first. Because as I keep saying, getting in early to make deals that you know you're going to have to do for stellar, generationally brilliant players, the earlier you go, the better it is for you because you don't, A, have somebody else set the market for you, and B, you could set the market and say, I've got the highest paid player at that position. Great.

Fully knowing somebody is going to top it anyway. So you might as well go do it now. And if you're Jerry Jones, you should do C.D. Lamb now because somebody else might go ahead and set that market right after C.D.

So maybe you should do C.D. and Micah like together and have one big old press conference, a palooza, you know, when you start your training camp out here in Oxnard, California. Just takes a nice chunk out of the pipe. Just saying. That's never not going to do that. So we now have a guy who is like, yeah, I know I'm going to get paid, but so does one of my teammates. He's got to get paid.

Don't mind just making sacks this season while C.D. gets paid because I intend to top whatever he makes, because I know whatever he makes is going to top the current top of the list of nonpaid quarterbacks in the history of the National Football League. Everybody get this?

Is it pumpkin, pecan or apple? And by the way, I think, well, it's Micah. It's like whatever, whatever that is, Micah, because, you know, listen, and I think that's a very sound way to look at it.

I know some other players might be like even C.D., like I'm not coming in. Micah could have taken the same approach and really put the lid on the boiling pot. Instead, he's like, I'll just show up and make sacks this year if that's the way it's got to go, which is an interesting way to, you know, take a lid off of a boiling pot. But that's his approach.

Others have other approaches. You and overreaction Monday said neither of them should show up until the contract is done. I think some people might be counseling Micah Parsons to do such a thing. Because you can go for a sack and turn an ankle and then suddenly your season that you want to be at the top of your game during now suddenly is less than. And that's how you go into a negotiation with Jerry Jones is the best way to do that.

Oh, and Dak needs to get paid to have I mentioned that on this program at all? Again, I will keep pounding this table on this subject matter until I'm satisfied right now. Not very satisfied. I don't understand it. I don't get it, but I'm not in that cap room. I'm not in the in the star either. I need to call up Stephen Jones and see if he'll come on this program. I'll do that. Have him right here. Steve, I'm going to text you. I'm gonna call you out there watching on the star right now.

Should I hit him up? Yes, please. Yeah, we have a zoom later this week, but I'll please feel free and do that. All right. Eight four four two or four riches. The number to dial best case scenarios for AFC North teams. Browns have already taken a nice step towards that in resigning Kevin Stefanski and extending Andrew Berry, the general manager as well of the Cleveland Browns.

Also, I'll have a way too soon. Dumbass power rankings. Stefan Diggs has spoken in Houston. I don't know. It's kind of interesting.

But you guys encourage me. Yes. You know, you know, it's Wednesday. It's June, right?

It's gloom. It's what are we doing? Power rankings. Let's go. Got it. I got the power.

That's later on. Eight four four two oh four. Rich is the number to dial right here. When we come back, Jerry Dulac will tell us what the hell's going on. And then what is he thinking? Season six of Suits now?

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Call or just stop by. Last few times that we've met with this man and chatted with this man, what he says went viral because Steelers fans are hanging on his every word and trying to figure out all this stuff. And then we also find out where he is rewatching Suits.

So I don't know how with the order you can figure it out. But the great Jerry Dulac is back here on the Rich Eisen Show. How are you, Jerry?

Good to see you. Rich, I'm fine. I will let you know that when I have guests on my golf radio show, I send everyone a dozen logo golf balls for coming on. So I'll wait for my gift in a couple of weeks from your show. That's OK. Well, what do you want, Jerry? I mean, we got we got T-shirts, we got hats, we got mug. You want a mug? I can send you a mug. Rich, the only thing I want is the ability to be able to appear on your show. That's fine enough for me.

Well, here's what we'll do. If you make it, do the Steelers come out here to Los Angeles this year? They don't do that, do they?

No, Denver, Denver and Vegas are the furthest trips for them. OK, so the next time and whenever you're here in L.A., I'll make sure that when we book you, you'll be here and we'll book a celebrity guest from the show Suits so you can meet them. Well, they ask for more than that. I cannot, however, get any royalty that I can't. I didn't think you I didn't think you could pull that card. I've got cards to pull, but not that one. By the way, I love when we we Chiron, you confirmed Suits guy.

That's definitely one way to describe Jerry Dulac here. All right. So you're you're you're in Pittsburgh. You're in the facility. I know the room, in fact, in which you are currently zooming. And so what what is going on there today?

Is it mandatory? Where are the Steelers right now? No, it's week three of their voluntary OTA's day two of their three day this week. And so I am down here, you know, practice is, well, starts pretty soon. And so I instead of doing the zoom from the comfy confines of my office, I came down here to the facility so I could kill two birds with one stone.

And I appreciate that. So where are the Steelers right now on their starting quarterback for twenty twenty four? Jerry, where are they? You know, yeah, Rich, I don't think anything has changed from the moment they signed Russell Wilson. And he's the number one quarterback. And, you know, and Justin Fields is number two.

And I just not walk on in one day. Their intention is that Russell Wilson will be the quarterback. Everybody wants to know, are they going to work in Justin Fields?

You know, do you what point do you think we might see him? Is there going to be a special package for him to utilize his skills? And I just you know, their their plan is that Russell Wilson will be their starter week one. And to me, the only way Justin Fields is going to play on any regular basis is one, if Russell Wilson does not play very well or two, he gets injured. Otherwise, it's full steam ahead with with Russ. So there's no sense of a Justin Fields package at all in the, you know, sure.

You know, certainly it wouldn't surprise me, Rich. But knowing Mike Tomlin, Mike Tomlin does not believe in taking his starting quarterback out of the game for special packages. I'm not going to sit here and say he won't do it, but that has not been his style.

So I'm not expecting it now. Maybe Arthur Smith can come up with a package or two here and there to utilize his special skills. Justin Fields is special skills, but I'm not going to hold my breath only because I know what Mike Tomlin typically believes. Well, I mean, what about putting him on the field at the same time? What about that idea?

Well, that would be a possibility. I mean, using him like as a slash, you know, as an H back or wide receiver, perhaps. But, you know, again, he is not much of a gimmicky guy, Mike Tomlin. So I'm not going to sit here and say that would be a first. But I'm trying to think of some other gimmick plays over the years. And I'm not saying there haven't been some, but they're not jumping out at me right away. It's just not something that he typically believes in doing. And what about the idea of in this brave new kickoff world, the idea that kind of got bandied about? I don't know who was bandying or how it got out to bandy. But to put to put Justin Fields as one of the two return guys in a new kickoff world where all you got to do is just get through one wave of defenders who are starting only about 10, 12 yards in front of.

Wherever somebody is receiving the ball and you can be off to the races. What about that idea? Rich, that started by the backup running back, Jalen Warren, who naively and somewhat ridiculously believed that that would be a possibility. I can tell you the Steelers have no interest in putting their number two quarterback back to receive kicks with the possibility of an injury.

And so that has been shot out of the air like a clay pigeon. And I didn't believe it for one second. And then a backup running back would believe that that they would do that is it was kind of surprising to me. Well, the only reason why this sort of stuff out of gets gets mentioned or bandied about or talked about.

Well, I guess there's two reasons. One is that we're many of us are suffering sheer boredom waiting for football to be played again. But another one is the idea that anything could go for Pittsburgh, because if I had quizzed anybody in the Pittsburgh organization when they stepped off the field after losing the playoff game, that a lot of people in our industry didn't think Pittsburgh was going to make last year. But if I quizzed anybody in that organization and attached him to sodium pentothal and got a truthful answer, they would. They would not have said, yeah, our first choice to start the season at quarterback. And the first thing we're going to do is hand the reins over to Russell Wilson.

I don't think anybody would have said that. So now we're here in this situation. And that's why I think anything could go, Jerry. Like, how did we get here? Well, I agree with your premise, Rich, in that, you know, to sit there and think you're going to continue to do things the way you've always done them. When you haven't won a playoff game in seven seasons and you've lost your last five, I believe three of which have been at home.

And you've been bumped out in the first round in your first game. Yeah, you can't keep doing things the same way. And the fact that they, I don't want to say overhauled their roster, but let's face it, they were the most significant changes they've made in a long, long time, maybe ever in the off season.

So that would tell you, you know, OK, we need to do things differently. When they signed Russell Wilson, you know, they didn't sign Russell Wilson with the intention they were going to get Justin Fields. That only came about when, you know, Kenny Pickett basically forced his way out of town and they thought, OK, see you later. And they shipped them off to Philly and then they made the trade for Justin Fields. So when they brought Russell Wilson in, you know, with his resume, the idea is, OK, 10 and seven and getting eliminated again in the postseason isn't working.

And so we need to try something different. And we are going to start with the most important position on the team. So pretty much the idea, even though at the time they had alluded to Kenny Pickett that he was going to battle for the starting position.

I don't think there's any question, you know, talk about being naive. Anybody who thought they were bringing Russell Wilson in or Russell Wilson wanting to come in as a backup just wasn't going to work. So Jerry Dulak, Pittsburgh Post Gazette here on The Rich Eisen Show. Any sense of how he's going to look, how he is looking and how he is taken to Steeler, you know, football, Jerry? Well, I will tell you, he's really taken to the city and he's put himself out in a number of different places, including concerts, baseball games and whatnot.

So, I mean, he you know, look, Russ is a pro. He knows how the game works. So he's made himself very visible. He's acclimated himself to the teammates.

He says all the right things about the city. He has certainly embraced it. I'm sure for now they've embraced him. We'll see what happens once they start playing football.

But, you know, I mean, you know, I'm not a big fan of football and shorts and OTAs. I've always felt that I won't evaluate anybody till at least training camp. But what you see so far is a guy who knows what he's doing is a nine time pro bowler, as we know, he's won a Super Bowl. You know, he comes out on that field and he takes charge and the players sense it.

They see it, they feel it. And that's the biggest attribute he brings. And, you know, Rich, I mean, twenty six touchdowns and eight interceptions last year. You know how many teams would take that from their quarterback?

Quite a few, including the Steelers. So does he still have something left in his tank? Well, you know, based on last season, you would have to think that he does. And so we'll see going forward. We'll see how he meshes with Arthur Smith's offense. But I mean, hey, everybody, you know, all signs are pointing up and everybody's excited. But again, I will caution. It's June.

We'll see what happens. Yeah. And then obviously when the when the Broncos released him and took on the biggest dead cap hit in the history of dead caps and hits and things of that nature.

I don't know. Anybody would think, OK, he's going to find a spot and it's going to be his role in Pittsburgh. But that is, in fact, the case. And obviously he he must be over the moon about that. Justin Fields, different story. I think when everyone was at the same time having this conversation about Russ, Jerry, the conversation was maybe the Bears do somehow stick with Justin Fields. And if they don't, he's going to go somewhere where he can start right away and have the career that everybody thought he could have. And in Chicago, when he was a top draft choice, instead, you just mentioned he's not getting on the field unless Russ is hurt or somehow completely ineffectual.

And and he's traded for a draft choice, fifth round draft choice and not even in this year's draft. How is he handling everything? Jerry, you know, I mean, again, so far, so good. We'll see how it plays out. You know what?

I'm curious to see. Rich is how they handle this going forward. You've heard me tell you before that both the Steelers intention and Russell Wilson's intention are to sign a longer deal after the season.

That is their intention. Now, what do they do with Justin Fields? I do not believe they brought Justin Fields in for a one year rental. But we knew obviously they weren't going to pick up his fifth year option, not at that price. But I mean, I don't want to say I'm not going to sit here and say I expect them to sign him to like a two year deal, but to make a trade for that guy with that skill set and to be able to, you know, kind of, you know, hinge your bets a little bit. You know, with where Russell Wilson is, I just don't see them bringing in Justin Fields and after this season letting him go. And then it becomes the question, OK, what does Russell excuse me, Justin Fields want from his career? But I think despite his skill set and his talent and you've heard me tell you before too, Rich, when he was coming out, the Steelers love Justin Fields. They loved him as much as any quarterback in the draft.

Of course, they were never going to get a shot at him. But let's not forget, he's won only 10 games in three seasons in Chicago. And that's hard to do. There's a reason why he's only won 10 games.

And let's not forget that. Terry Dulock, few minutes left with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reporter and Steelers Radio Network host right here on the Rich Eisen Show. So you just mentioned how the Steelers did not pick up Justin Fields as option expensive.

And you can understand that, I guess, based on the circumstances. Why did they not pick up Najee Harris's fifth year option, Jerry? You know, I was a surprise to a degree. And then again, I wasn't because the financial nature of what we see going on with running backs. Mike Tomlin loves Najee Harris. And I thought it could be a bit of a battle between management and Mike Tomlin as to what they want to do. But I don't think they've given up on Najee Harris.

And, you know, I expect them to sign him, excuse me, Rich, to some type of two-year deal that will maybe at least make up for, well, and probably will make up for the $6.9 million or whatever that exact number was that he would have made if they picked up his option. So they're not ready to give up on him. You know, they wanted to see how he fits in Arthur Smith's offense.

I mean, I just think it's a natural fit. I mean, we saw what happened with Derrick Henry and when Arthur Smith was the OC in Tennessee. Najee Harris is the closest thing that you have to a Derrick Henry in the NFL. So to me, how is he going to perform in Arthur Smith's offense? I would be surprised if he didn't have a fourth 1,000-yard season and even more. I think he's probably set up to have his best season yet. So they're not ready to give up on him. And I don't think they'll let him go. I think you might see them try to sign him to some type of two-year deal before they get to next season. Well, for his sake, I hope that happens because, you know, ask any Falcons fan over the last couple of years and they'll tell you Arthur Smith likes handing the ball off to multiple backs. And they've got Jalen Warren and Cordarrelle Patterson, you know, somebody who we've seen what Arthur Smith can do with him if he is healthy.

So you've got that. Obviously, I'm biased. I think drafting Roman Wilson is fantastic.

I agree. Van Jefferson is going to get a shot here that, you know, I'm sure he was eager to get in Los Angeles with the Rams and did not get. I mean, what's your general sense of how this offense is going to look? Because I'm sure that's the main concern for a lot of Steeler fans right now. Yeah, I think a lot of Steeler fans are worried that their wide receiver room is very thin.

I disagree with that from this standpoint. What do you think the people in Kansas City thought last year with their wide receiver core when all those guys defected over the last two years? Last time I checked, it didn't seem to bother them or Patrick Mahomes. You know, they expect George Pickens to take another step and be a star in the league.

And I'm with you, Rich. I like Roman Wilson. You talk about a guy who is a perfect number two type of receiver, you know, kind of a Heinz Ward type with the physical nature of his game.

He catches everything thrown at him, loves to play in traffic. That was Heinz Ward's signature. I'm not going to sit here and tell you he's going to be Heinz Ward.

But I like the signing. I mean, the draft pick. And, you know, they brought in a couple of veterans.

You mentioned Van Jefferson, Kez Watkins. And, you know, they still, you know, Calvin Austin's in his third year, but it's really his second year and he's a speed guy. So, again, we'll see how Arthur Smith utilizes those guys. I'm not going to tell you it's the greatest wide receiver room in team history, but I think it has some nice potential with the addition of Roman Wilson. And, you know, they'll keep their fingers crossed that Calvin Austin, you know, that they can utilize his speed the way they envisioned when they drafted him a couple of years ago. Man, they drafted Fatano, too.

He's really good. And you stick him at left tackle, right? And then Peyton Wilson, I know he has some injury questions.

But, boy, is he a thumper. And, you know, he's second on the depth chart to Alex Highsmith, my goodness. And Patrick Queen is a free agent signing that I think few people are talking about with T.J. Watt wanting to win Defensive Player of the Year again after, you know, he thinks, and many Steelers fans believe, and his brother definitely does, that he got robbed for D.P.O.Y.

So, overall, I imagine it's sky-high feelings in that building where you are right now. Yeah, Rich, I think the addition of Patrick Queen was the biggest move they made in the offseason because now it not only elevates their defense, it fills a spot that has really been a rotating door annually since Ryan Chazier's career-ending injury. So, to me, that was the biggest move they made in the offseason. And you mentioned Peyton Wilson. I tell you what, I think that's not only potentially the steal of the Steelers draft, it could be the steal of the NFL draft.

This guy is not only a thumper, he can run. And, yeah, he's had injury issues, but not the past two years. And I will tell you, Rich, if the Steelers red-flagged him at all, they would not draft him.

They've always believed that way since Dan Rooney was in charge. And if there were any questions about him medically, they would have passed on him. And to get him where they got him, to me, I think, as I said, potentially the biggest steal of the draft.

All right. And so, could this season go so well that some Steeler fans are happy that Mike Tomlin's there, Jerry? I mean, could that possibly happen, Jerry?

You mean finally not want to throw him out of town? You know, the way I look at it, Rich, they were 10-7 last year and made the postseason. Right. Right now, they are a better football team. So, you can go from there is the way I look at it. You know, 11-6, maybe with a few breaks, 12-5, who knows?

But there's no question they're a better football team than last year's 10-7 squad. Jerry, thanks for the time, man. Appreciate it. We'll catch up with you when training camp hits, if you don't mind.

Look for us. Rich, you got it, man. It's always good chatting with you.

Right back at you. That's Jerry Dulack. Everybody should check him out on Twitter. He was also talking about Cam Sutton has been signed, or he's about to be signed by the Pittsburgh Steelers. Right here on the Rich Eisen Show.

That's Jerry Dulack, everybody. That's what I'm talking about, man. I got my power rankings later on. I'm twitching to put the Steelers in my top 10, man. Twitching to do that. Stop it.

Twitching. Hey, they're his power rankings, man. I wouldn't let him do that.

How is a team that won 10 games last year that's better, potentially 11 or 12 wins, not a top 10 team? Black and gold. Here we go. Right? I'm serious. They're your rankings.

No, I know that. But you wouldn't put them in top 10. I don't think they're 10, no. I'm not saying they're not 11, but they're not 10.

I can't wait till you hear mine later on, because this is tougher than you think. In the NFL season, you could see who's right around top 10. Well, there's hope. We don't know how good everybody is. I'm saying there's literally two-thirds of the league saying, we are a top 10 team. Right.

I mean, it's really not that hard. You go Dallas. Okay, this guy. This guy.

What are you, this guy? I think it goes at nine. No, no, no. Dallas top 10? By the way, six through 10, six through 10 is not easy.

Top five, I think is, I think you'll all agree the question is where you want to put them. But that's later on. And when we come back, you know, the Steelers just took Patrick Queen from the Ravens. Somebody across the state took Saquon Barkley from their rival and their coach is already very happy to have Saquon Barkley. That's a great soundbite that will resonate up the turnpike from Nick Sirianni. He's already, he's already feeling it. He's already puffing his chest out. He's already Sirianni-ing. Sirianni-ing. That's coming up.

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Last minute tickets, lowest price guaranteed. Yusuf in Baltimore, line two, DJ Mikey D. What's up, Yusuf? Yeah, how you doing, Rich? How are you?

I'm well, I'm well, thank you. What's on your mind? So I've got two questions. The more important question is the second one, but I'll ask the first one first. Okay. So you're burying the lead. Go for it. Yeah, there you go.

I wanted to know, especially, I don't know if Brockman is there, but do you think that people are kind of disrespecting the Celtics going into the finals? Okay. He says yes on that. All right. Okay.

Okay. How are the Celtics being disrespected? Because people aren't saying they're going to sweep them in four? No, everyone is picking the Mavs. Oh, who's doing it?

Really? Literally everyone. Just run a poll. It's 60% Mavs.

Put one out at Rich Isaacson. Every analyst picking the Mavs. It's like they haven't watched basketball since November. Okay.

They only started watching in the last three weeks. I was unaware of that. So now I understand why you would feel disrespected by that. Continue. Okay, Yusuf, what else? So I also have a social etiquette scenario to run by you. Oh, okay. Let's go. Okay, so here's the story. A few weeks ago I came home to my apartment and I came home late at night, let's say 10 p.m. I walk into the lobby and I see on the table in the lobby, I see a takeout box. Okay. And I've lived in this building for more than a year. I've never seen a takeout box left in the lobby.

So I walk over to it and I realize that it's a smoothie bowl. And on the sticker it says delivered 6.05 p.m. So around four hours ago. Okay.

So based on all this information, I am pretty convinced at this point. It's fair game? Fair game?

It was delivered to the wrong address or whoever delivered it doesn't want it anymore. Yes. So I was thinking I should snag. Yes.

Yes. So Yusuf, what is the point of no return? Like how much time does it need to be sitting in the lobby unclaimed for it to be past the failsafe point of being able to be claimed by its rightful owner? Like an hour. An hour? I'm a food safety guy. So I would typically go for four hours. Wow.

Ironically, the amount of time. What is the resume of a food safety guy? Like what is that? Are you like an importer?

I just have a career in science and biology. Okay. Understood.

So you're saying out of just general public health concerns. Four hours. Yes.

You could claim that. Was it cold originally? It was cold, yeah.

It was still cold to the touch. Okay. This was a smoothie bowl? Smoothie bowl. Okay. So Yusuf.

How could it stay cold that long? Yusuf, you did take the smoothie bowl, did you not? Clearly. I did not. I didn't take it. Oh, okay. I messaged my friend and I was shocked by the responses.

Not only did everyone tell me that I shouldn't take it, they were shocked that I even considered taking it. They said it's not yours. But it's four hours. It's four hours.

Still though. That's right. It's not his.

Yeah, whoever. I had the response that if I come back tomorrow morning and it's still there, I will be so annoyed that I didn't take it. And guess what happened? It was still there. It was still there.

Oh, Yusuf. An unclaimed smoothie bowl could have been yours. But if you only just did not have a conscience as well as you clearly do.

So I mean, honestly. So you were saying an hour? If somebody doesn't claim a food order for an hour? You order some food and you get a notification that's delivered. But maybe you didn't get the notification. Sometimes that's happened in our house.

Postmates doesn't ring the bell. We have no idea. But wouldn't you go downstairs and be like, where's my food?

Do you know what's going on in my household? It's just like we forgot. An hour? Yeah. Sometimes we're like, wait a minute.

We didn't get that food. And it's been sitting out there. I feel so good. That's like your house. This is an apartment building. Yeah. Downstairs. Yeah.

You go check. Yusuf? No. No, Yusuf. You did great. Excellent work.

Thank you for bringing that to us, Yusuf. This is a great phone call. Not a good phone call.

A great phone call. Well, thank you very much. But thank you for also being a great member of your community and society.

Thank you for that. Well, I'm highly remorseful, so I don't know how great I am. But that means you are a great member of society. That there's conscience.

Do you know how many people don't take responsibility for stuff anymore and point the finger elsewhere in our society these days? I will say this, the Yusuf, though. A smoothie bowl? Nah, after four hours. Yeah, I'm not eating it. Now, had that been a pizza?

Oh. No, we might not know what your conscience really be your guide. I want people to call us if they would have taken it.

Not a smoothie bowl, though. I wouldn't. But I don't mind. I wouldn't have had a problem. Thanks for the call, Yusuf. Alright, Yusuf. I would not have had a problem if the story at the very end was, he did eat it.

But as you called it, it was a plot twist. You went M. Night. M. Night.

I was gonna go O. Henry. Okay. Hang on here. It's a different, you know, initial.

Yeah. You get a shipment from Amazon, and it says on the outside, like food. No, no, it's different. Well, it says on the outside. That's enough. Like it has some type of food in it?

No. Let's say it's got the packaging. It comes in non-Amazon packaging. Yeah, but it's not fresh food. It doesn't matter. It's been Amazon.

That's it for like three days. Are you gonna take it? Come on. I think that's a fallacious analogy. That's not close. Chewy comes and you have a dog. You have a dog. You're like, oh, okay. No, that's wrong. No, that's wrong. Chewy comes. You know if it's a dog thing, he's not gonna do it.

Get out of here. Four hours and you like know you have a delivery coming and you don't go check? It was clearly the next day. I think by four hours, I think I would go two hours, two hours. One hour is... We can meet in the middle. I think we just met. You get five minutes. See, that's what society is. That's already us consulting right here.

We're helping people help themselves to things that don't belong to them. He regretted it though. He regretted it in the morning. That's a great way to end hour one. He wished he had taken it.

That just blew off what we were gonna talk about Nick Sirianni talking about Saquon. If it's a pizza, 10 minutes, 15 minutes you got with me. I'm taking it. By the way... 15 minutes runs. That's it.

Over. I once, I told you this story. I'll repeat it again here. I once had a friend of mine, when I was at Michigan sophomore year when I was living off of campus, I had a friend of mine in New York City because I missed New York pizza so badly with all the dominoes and Little Caesars and all that crap, with all due respect, you know, all the pizza in the state of Michigan that's not even close to New York style pizza. I was jonesing. And so I had him send me a slice of New York pizza.

That's great. Snail mail. Put it in like a manila, you know, packed envelope and wrapped it in like a paper towel. See that was my big question. And it took like three, four days to get there. And I ate it. Oh, that thing is probably still sitting in your stomach. I was just going to say, I ate it. I did. I heated it up and I ate it. One piece.

I ate it. Yeah. No, two slices. One on top of the other. Oh, of course.

Sicilian. It's terrible. It looked awful. It looked awful, but it smelled okay. It looked all right.

It's it didn't, it wasn't worth, it wasn't worth the taste either. Smell test is always what you would do if Zan told you he ate some like, I would be so upset with him. Oh, the number of times I shouldn't say this into a microphone, but certainly since he's now home potentially from school.

But there's lots of times where he's, he says something, he does something and I'm like, you shouldn't do that. And I think to myself, did I do that? You ate mailbox pizza.

That's true. Mailbox pizza. He still was better than what I could have had. Hey guys, welcome to the candy Valentino show. I'm candy Valentino. I was a founder before I could legally order a drink. And for more than two and a half decades, I've built, scaled, acquired, and exited multiple businesses in diverse industries. Now my goal is to help you by sharing the knowledge that I've learned, the mistakes that I've made in the wisdom that I've developed over my journey, biweekly episodes every Monday and Thursday, the candy Valentino show wherever you listen.
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