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Doris Burke: So Excited For The NBA Finals

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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May 31, 2024 5:37 pm

Doris Burke: So Excited For The NBA Finals

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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May 31, 2024 5:37 pm

5/31/24 - Hour 1

Rich and the guys react to Luka Doncic and the Dallas Mavericks dispatching the Minnesota Timberwolves to reach the NBA Finals and a showdown with the Boston Celtics, and to the announcement that the Chicago Bears will be this year’s team on HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks.’

Rich previews the NFC North and lays out the best-case scenarios for Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings.

ESPN’s Doris Burke and Rich discuss the keys to wins the Celtics-Mavs series, what calling the NBA Finals means to her career and to all women working in sports media and shares her fondest memories of the late Bill Walton.

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Welcome back. We're kicking off The Rich Eisen Show. Now, now, now, now. What are you waiting for, huh?

Have you got my money? Jaylen Waddle now being the third highest paid receiver in the National Football League. Live from The Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. What the hell are the Dallas Cowboys and the Minnesota Vikings waiting for?

What am I waiting for? Today's guests, NBA on ESPN analyst Doris Burke, NFL Network insider Tom Pelissero, actor Jacob Batalon. And now, it's Rich Eisen.

That's right everybody. Welcome to this edition of The Rich Eisen Show live in Los Angeles, California on the Roku channel. This Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliate Sirius XM Odyssey and more.

844204 Rich is the number to dial on The Rich Eisen Show. The NBA Finals is set. It is going to be Dallas at Boston one week from last night. Doris Burke will be at the microphone on ABC for that broadcast. She's joining us first up to talk about what happened last night in Minnesota, what might happen once everything tips off in the NBA Finals.

She'll be joining us shortly in our number one. Tom Pelissero, our favorite from the NFL media group in terms of coming on this show all the time on Fridays during the season. He's going to be here in person. Apparently, he's in town for a wedding because he's all about love.

Destination wedding and he came. Apparently so. Apparently so. So, we'll talk to Tommy P when he's here in studio in our number two and then in our number three, Jacob Bottolone will be right here on our program. He's in a new sci-fi hit called Reginald the Vampire.

We all know him from the Spider-Man films. Apparently, he's a die-hard NBA fan. So, we'll be talking hoops and vampires and Spider-Man with Jacob later on in our number three of this program. It's a What's More Likely Friday.

It's also a glass half full recounting all of what I think or previewing what I think are the best case scenarios for all the teams in the NFC North. That's coming up on this program. I like this bit. What a great segment. In very short order, as a matter of fact.

Very short order, we'll be doing that right here on the program. Good to see you over there, Christopher Brockman. How you doing over there, brother?

Yeah, I'm great, man. What's happening? DJ Mikey D and Deez Nuts is keeping the Fox Sports ship afloat, personally. So, Jay Felley is here. Good to see you, Jason.

Mike Mudd and Tom Brady? Like, what is going on? I don't know what he's doing. Geez. Graphics. I don't know. Honestly, he's the hand-picked audio executive of The Rock for U.F.L.

Action. That's a dope job. I mean, he will put that on a business card. You know that, right?

What can I say except you're welcome. Look at you, Moana. What's up, DJ?

How are you? I mean, you are a wordsmith, Rich Eisen. You are a wordsmith. Or I've seen Moana way too many times. It's a great movie. I guess there's no such thing as seeing Moana too many times. No, never.

I feel that way about WrestleMania 17, him and Hulk Hogan. You've never watched that too many times. How are you over there, DJ? I'm great. How did I see you? Good to see you.

Sorry, Chris. You can't have too much of a rest advantage if you're a Celtic fan over the Mavericks. We were going to get some magic last night.

Right around five minutes to go in the first quarter, you began to see that whole concept of hoping to get more of a rest advantage over the Mavericks beginning to slip away. Was it Luca's second or third 30-foot-3 that I was like, oh, this game's over? 20 points for Luca in the first quarter, 36 points overall for Luca, who won the Magic Johnson Award for Most Valuable Player of the Western Conference Finals. Kyrie added 36 of his own. 72 combined points for Kyrie and Luca. They had more points combined at halftime than the Timberwolves had as a team. Yep. That's a fact. That's just ridiculous. Hey, listen, if you told me before the game, Anthony Edwards and Karl-Anthony Towns would go for 56-28 apiece, I thought, okay, they got a shot for playing game six in Dallas.

Instead, it wasn't even close. 36 and 36. And I'll just give you this heads up, Chris, because I care for you. I want you to be happy. Do you? I do. I do. Well, his son is a Celtic fan. Definitely also because it would make my household very happy if the Celtics won it all.

You have an ulterior motive to see him happy. Yes. Yes.

It would make this a very happy June in my neighborhood. And the Mrs. is a Celtic fan. That is correct. That's important. So put it all together. I'll just give you a heads up. Try and prevent Kyrie and Luca from combining for 72. Got it.

And then I think you got a good shot. I'm going to forward that to Joe Mads. And we're assuming Porzingis is going to come back and he'll be the Porzingis that Dallas hoped he could be. Well, I mean, he sat up all year.

He should be healthy. You know, but Luca is just seem to kick it up a notch. And the Mavericks are now back in the finals for the first time since 2011, when the guy in the glasses on the screen, their head coach, Jason Kidd, played for the team.

And it just seems that Luca is on a different plane than even his all world plane that we have seen. And Kyrie has just removed all of the non basketball matters from his life, from being front and center of his basketball life. And this guy averaged 27 points a game in the Western Conference Finals. He had 30 points. He had a 30 point Game 2, 20 in Game 3, 33 in Game 4, 16 in Game 5. Pardon me. My bad. 30 in Game 1.

Pardon me. 20 in Game 2, 33 in Game 3, 16 in Game 4 and 36 in Game 5. I mean, that's that's the good stuff. And P.J. Washington, if he can continue to play like he's Robert Horry, that would be good.

Derek Lively has become quite an important piece for this team. And that's the way they're going to have to go into Boston and try and take a game. We would think, you know, they've got to take at least one game in Boston. And that's going to be up for grabs coming up next week.

And we'll talk about it with Doris Burke. But for Mavericks fans, man, this is the Luca that you wanted to see all throughout his tenure. And you did see quite a bit of it, but you didn't see some sort of a swagger championship, swagger of I'm going to steal your heart and show it to you pumping type guy. And in key moments of key series, it did help, obviously, that the team that they vanquished in five games got rid of the defending champs for him.

But you have to sit here and think they would have done it themselves because of the way that they've been playing. And I send my wholehearted congrats to them and Cuban putting this team together and then selling it to somebody else. Is it weird not seeing him on the podium last night?

When they handed the trophy last night, it's like, who's this dude? Yeah. You know, when did he ever run a Dairy Queen? You know what I mean? But isn't it true Cuban's still running the day-to-day stuff for the night?

I don't think anybody really knows what's actually true. Because that's what he said when the cell went through. It was weird not seeing him last night.

Well, he was there, but it was just weird not seeing him front and center. And so congrats to the Mavericks fans out there. We'll talk about it with Doris Burke shortly. When we went off the air, the inevitable was finally announced because they were one of the three teams the National Football League could just basically compel to allow NFL Films cameras into their training camp for hard knocks. I like the way you use compel as opposed to make them. They compel is the word to say because teams are essentially, even though NFL Films cameras are, and the NFL Films crew is so top notch, everybody knows they're not going to get in the way. And we all also understand that the team will be able to see a, I would think, a rough cut of what was being planned to put on HBO. But the Chicago Bears are, without a doubt, one of the stories entering 2024 of the NFL season. And they are a team that has one of the most fascinating quarterbacks to come out of college. Now, first overall pick and franchise hope, the word savior getting thrown around and involved Caleb Williams. And they also got one of the best wide receivers in Roma Dunze.

And they have so many people in Chicagoland and Bears nation, if you will, worldwide hoping against hope that this is it. And we will also see the magic of Iberfluz. I'm hoping that we do get to see his hair preparation. That's right.

That's Kaitlyn Clark's new BFF right there. That episode of Winning Time when they went through Jerry Buss's whole hair routine. I need to see it. You want that? Yeah.

Honestly, I don't know, Hoskins, if you have that split screen that I asked you to help create and you so expertly put together. I don't know who the man on the right is because apparently the man on the left was the original Matt Iberfluz when he was introduced as head coach of the Chicago Bears. Now look at him. Now look at him.

I mean, his hair is a different a different shade. Breaking bad, honestly. No, see breaking bad. Actually, that's breaking good. That's breaking good. He's breaking good.

Bears are not breaking anything but good. We would assume. I don't know who the guy on the left is. He's got some South Side Chicago barbers hooking him up.

This is the stuff I'm interested in seeing in Hard Knocks. Where did that guy on the right come from? Swag. When you get the number one draft pick. That's right. Well, he was doing that before they got the number one draft pick. He was beginning to start to put the pomade in and get the whole look going on.

Well, he got the next season script earlier. Elite. So he knew.

Elite. On fleek. That's what he is.

Iberfluz on fleek. That's John Miller from years ago. Wow. You got him to say that? That's an archive. I think he just said that.

I don't know. At any rate, can't wait to see it because so many people are seeing that glass half full in Chicago. It's like their cup is runneth over right now. And we get to see what Caleb Williams' first training camp looks like up close and personal. And of course, we'll get to meet a whole bunch of other players that the Chicago Bears already know in their system. There are characters and cards and we'll get to see it all.

So I can't wait to see the Bears on hard knocks this summer. It is a no brainer. That said, it leads me now to give to you in honor again of our friend. The late great Bill Walton.

Shine the light, be the light is what he told me. Whoa. We're going to get to it right here. The best case scenarios. The sunniest scenarios.

The glass as half full as it possibly can be without being anything close to empty. Addition of the best case scenarios of the NFC North teams entering 2024 with the drop hit please. Best case scenario for each NFL team. Here we go.

Give me the music, please. Thank you. Here we go.

Let's start with the Minnesota Vikings here. Okay. The Minnesota Vikings, I think their best case scenario is starting with giving Justin Jefferson the bag.

Okay. He's got to get the bag first. Let's get J.J. that J.J. happy and paid.

Pizzade. And get him in a fold and get him out there for I don't think it's the other J.J. I think this is Sam Darnold and I think the best case scenario for these Vikings would be exactly what from what I heard, what I heard that Kevin O'Connell told Sam Darnold that if we get one of these guys in the draft that we're looking for, that doesn't mean you're not the starter. It means that we're going to give you the opportunity to be the next Baker Mayfield, who last year won the division and made the divisional playoff round. And I think that is the best case scenario for these Minnesota Vikings with all due respect to a team that thought if they just had Kirk Cousins healthy last year, they could have won their division and made the damn Super Bowl and won it. I just think this team getting Sam Darnold out there, winning the division, making the playoffs, making the divisional round of the playoffs exactly like Baker Mayfield did last year, and then maybe give J.J. McCarthy a little cup of coffee every now and then and get ready for the future.

That is my interpretation. The best case scenario for the Minnesota Vikings going into the season. OK, now then, the Chicago Bears best case scenario. Offensive Rookie of the Year goes without saying, right? No, no, no, no. He'll help Caleb get it.

He will help. But I'll say this. I kept sitting here thinking best case scenario would be for Caleb to be like C.J. Stroud, who was in a unicorn, right, and took this team in Houston and remade it in his own image, along with a head coach who's a defensive minded guy like Eber Flus and and went ahead and won his division and made the playoffs and made the divisional playoff round. I'm thinking more like, you know, Roethlisberger.

I'm thinking more of like Marino when they first started. I'm saying the best case scenario for the Bears is this kid takes him to the Super Bowl. Oh, this year? Yeah. I'm saying that's that's the best case scenario, like the glass couldn't be more half full if this happens. That there that defensively they can do it.

Yeah. Defensively, they're they've got some real young studs who can really make your life difficult. Don't forget the kid from Iowa who can punt his head off and give yourself a great shot to three and out Caleb Williams onto his own damn 40 yard line half the time. So listen, I'll just go make in the Super Bowl that this team put puts it together and the Bears fans get their dream scenario.

And that's his first time going around. And I'll leave it at that because the other two teams are even higher in the NFC North. You can make the case that this is the toughest division in football. I think it's the AFC North.

But the Green Bay Packers best case scenario. Jordan Love is the MVP of the National Football. Oh, yeah. And you said, what do you think? You even in overreaction Monday gave him a gave him a top five status, right?

Five. I don't even know if that's an overreaction. I don't know if not, but he's the MVP of the league and put it up on the screen. Green Bay Packers win the Super Bowl. This was a team that just arrived early last year. And let's just say that that is the momentum that they take into the season this year and that they win the damn thing. They win the damn thing that all those youngsters just take another big step forward.

And this kid is, you know, the guy. So that's my best case scenario for the Green Bay Packers. And Mike Del Tufo buys another another share of the Green Bay Packers. So so they're there. Their coffers go up, you know, on the management front. And then number one overall in this division, the Detroit Lions. And you want to know what their best case scenario is? Here we go. No, I'm not even going to go there. OK, I got to save that for Kansas City here.

Sixteen and oh, man. Jameer Gibbs, offensive player of the year. Oh, Aidan Hutchinson, defensive player of the year. Head coach Dan Campbell. Coach of the year sweep and the Lions win the whole damn thing. Win the division, win it all. This guy actually kicks field goals instead of going for it on fourth downs. He pulls it back, dials it back from the Lions 11, the Dan Campbell Spinal Tap 11 and decides to just.

Pull it back to dial down to a 10 and Amman Ross, St. Brown getting paid is exactly what they should do. And Laporta and all the other kids, Terrion Arnold shows up and he could be. I'll throw that in there.

He's defensive rookie of the year. I'll even give you one more. Like that's the best case scenario. Everything from last year is prologue and everything this year hits. And the Detroit Lions finally gave their fans the Valhalla season and they win it all in New Orleans.

And that's my best case scenarios for NFC North teams. OK, let's take a break. Doris Burke is going to join us to preview the NBA finals that she will call with Mike Breen and potentially the next head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers. Doris Burke.

We say hey to DB when we come back. Reality Steve podcast, part of the Believe Network. Just search BLEAV on YouTube or wherever you listen. You need to make more money, make smarter choices and build a better life.

Afford anything wherever you listen. Back on the Rich Eisen Show radio network, sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk, furnished by Granger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Granger has the right product for you.

Call click Granger dot com or just stop by. As Doris Burke has kindly done, she gets set to call the NBA finals on television alongside Mike Breen and JJ Redick. Look forward to that analysis and this chat. Good to see you, Doris Burke. How are you? I'm great.

I'm great, guys. That just gave me such joy. And I have to tell you a story that JJ Redick shared. He spent a minute in Dallas right at the end of his career.

Yes. And of course, we want to know what Luke is like. You know, he's such an incredible player.

But brilliant. But I said, JJ, what's he like? He goes, the most normal guy who wants no drama. He wants to have a beer with his friends. He wants the locker room to be drama free. And the only he goes, the guy outside the lines versus the guy inside the lines, two totally different things.

And you'll love who he is in both places. So that video is just too great. Yeah.

The one where Michael Finley comes over and sees him having a beer with his dad after sealing the deal and winning the Magic Johnson Award. He just took it from him. It's just like, where are you going with that? All right.

OK, I'll get room service because what do you think? It's Michael, like, concerned about conditioning or there's more there's more games to be played. Right. I mean, like, that was funny.

That was really classic. I know. So what do you think happens now in the in the finals? Doris, what do you think of this matchup here?

I am so excited for this, Rich. You know, you have the Boston Celtics, who have by far had been the most dominant team from the opening tip of the season. The additions of Drew and Kristaps Porzingis have fit like a glove.

And I do think we can sort of dive into this a little bit, but Kristaps has to play for them to win. And then you have the Dallas Mavericks, who feel to me and I don't know what your take on this is, Rich, but you remember Steph Curry's last title where they had scuffled to start the year, but they found their traction and hit their stride at exactly the right time. That, to me, feels like the Dallas Mavericks. And we need to give Nico Harrison a ton of credit, because early in the year, this team had to outscore people and they were going absolutely nowhere. No one would have been shocked at the Dallas Mavericks had they stood pad. You know, would have been a first round series exit. And now all of a sudden you put this incredible amount of athleticism and defensive toughness around the two best closers in the game in Kyrie and Luca and look out. You've got a potent foe for the Boston Celtics. So you said a couple of things there that I want to I want to touch base on. The first one, you think Porzingis has to play for the Celtics to win. That's your belief here?

It is, Rich, and I'll tell you why. Because what have Gafford and Lively done for the Dallas Mavericks? Number one on the defensive end, incredible rim protection. And the two best players, Jason Tatum and Jalen Brown, are both dynamic drivers who make tremendous rim reads and put a ton of pressure on you. So Gafford and Lively are critical on the defensive end for the Dallas Mavericks. They also are vertical threats at the rim for two guys who understand how to attack and, you know, find people. So there's pressure at the rim and they're shooters on either side of both guys. So that's their influence on both ends is significant. I was just watching the tape of the March matchup between these two teams.

Sorry, just lost my AirPod. I was just watching the matchup from March when both teams are, you know, as presently constituted. And the most striking thing I saw in that film, Rich, is Kristaps Porzingis picking and popping and pick and roll action. And so what does that do? That makes Lively and Gafford come out. You draw away that rim protection. You draw away that rebounding threat because you've got to cover. I think Kristaps Porzingis on threes averages about 27 feet per field goal at theft. And that was, you know, it's my first run through of that matchup on tape.

But that was the thing that was really striking to me. And let's remember, Kristaps on the defensive end is holding opponents like 44 percent at the rim. He will post a mismatch if you happen to get him in a switch.

He's going to punish that switch. His post up opportunities were one of the most effective and efficient plays in the entire NBA. Yeah, I think they're going to have a hard they would have a hard time winning the series. And listen, he hasn't played since Game four of the Miami series.

So what does he look like? It's one of the most compelling storylines as we start this playoff or this matchup. And then you start you mentioned the the defensive prowess of Dallas that the Mavericks identified was necessary. Do me a favor and give me some folks that you mean actual players and how they might match up against the Celtics starting Thursday night with you at the mic on ABC. Well, yeah, so this is this is the biggest test for this Dallas defense that is vastly improved.

And to me, one of the most striking aspects of the P.J. Washington, Daniel Gafford and Derek Jones Jr.. Can we remember that nobody I don't think Derek Jones Jr. had a lot of suitors. He didn't sign with the Dallas Mavericks, I believe until August, maybe. And yet he is a starter on an NBA finals team and nightly absorbing an incredibly difficult matchup. And a couple of things have happened that are important. Luca and Kyrie are playing as hard and as engaged on the defensive end of the floor as we've ever seen them. And for the longest stretches we've ever seen them. But nobody covering this series. I don't think it's going to say, oh, those are two elite defensive players.

Right. So there are still some opportunities for this talented Boston team to attack. But the thing I think most is something Jason Kidd told us in one of our coaches meetings.

And this is important. And this is why fit and chemistry and the vibe of this team is important. Derek Jones Jr., Daniel Gafford, P.J., they relish the fact that they can cover up and support maybe some of the pieces around them that aren't as good defensively. Maxie Kleba's return is enormous for two reasons. Maxie is one of the most outstanding defensive players in the league, really smart, cross positional. And he has a knack for making big three point shots.

And that's facing that's critical. So there's any number of defensive players. Josh Green off the bench, the ability to apply ball pressure. Can you use your depth a little bit if you're Dallas? So.

This is the biggest test. Boston was the most efficient offensive team in the league. They put shooting on the floor at all five positions in almost every lineup they run out there. So this I'm telling you, I'm so excited.

And then there's the delicious storylines. Kyrie leaves Boston. It doesn't feel very good when he leaves that fan base is not happy. Kristaps Porzingis, his time in Dallas didn't work out well.

How motivated is he if he's healthy and well and can participate like there's so many things happening here. Yeah, I know. And by the way, you definitely were putting a nice silver lining on it. It didn't feel good when Kyrie left and and and Boston fans are not happy. Those that's a very sunny disposition way of looking at it, Doris.

But you're right. And then and then there's the the you know, the whole sense of the Celtics trying to get back to the mountaintop. It has been a while. And clearly the Mavericks trying to do something that nobody expected them to do.

And then there's just the players that you didn't expect to be in the NBA finals. I'll ask you this question. When did P.J. Washington become Robert Horry?

When did that happen, Doris? You know, it's a it's a great point because, you know, it's looking at his stats like all season from from three point territory. It's only in the regular season in the in the twenty nine games he played with them. Only a thirty one point four percent three point shooter. But it feels like his baskets are loud baskets. And when the ball finds him in a swing swing situation because teams are doubling or blitzing, you know, Luca and they don't necessarily want to come off of Kyrie because of the big, big shot making.

Well, the ball's going to find those other guys. And what impresses me is how fearless P.J. Washington edge is. And there's an edge about him. Right, Rich? Like there's an edge of defensive toughness. OK, you can bring it at this stage.

I will be on bout and Luca. You know, here's a guy who's played since he was 13 years of old, 13 years of age. He played professional basketball 13. He wins the MVP of the league at 18, playing against 29, 30.

You know, guys much older than him. I really this team fits well. There's a toughness about them. But Boston's Boston's their biggest challenge. There's no question because Boston has been complete both ends other than these teams. Who is the best team you saw all season doors that that didn't make it?

What do you think? Yeah, I was shocked at the way the Minnesota season came to a thunderous end, like just, you know, having worked so hard to get the spacing right with Carl Anthony Towns, with Anthony Edwards emerging as the superstar on this stage and showing moments of absolute brilliance. And the Rudy Gobert storyline just remains polarizing. I was shocked. I was shocked that it came to such an abrupt and ugly ending for a Minnesota team that really had a hell of a season.

Truth be told, they had one heck of a year. Doris Park here on the Rich Eisen Show. Few minutes left with you, Doris.

If you wouldn't mind just taking a moment out of this conversation to talk about yourself a little bit. You have called the NBA Finals on ESPN radio since 2020, but this is TV. You are you've got a big assignment for, you know, you and your career, obviously, but for so many people who can follow you. Doris, you are the first woman to be at the microphone on television for a men's major finals in the United States in the history of our of our medium.

And I'm wondering if that's hit you in any way, shape or form. Well, thank you for making me more nervous than I already am. You shouldn't be, Doris. You're nervous is not the end. Honestly, you're you're outstanding.

You're awesome. So let's just remove that from the equation if we can, you know. Well, I'll be honest with you. You know, it's meaningful. There's no doubt that that sentiment hasn't dawned on me. Obviously, like what what could be better for me if in some way this assignment helps women in some way? There could be nothing more meaningful, right? Like just and I can't help but think about so many women, like even my predecessors, whether it's Jackie McMullen or or watching the brilliant Candace Parker work in so many spheres, business, television, all the women behind the scenes at ESPN who love the sport and grind it out.

You know, local beat writers, somebody like Caitlin Cooper, who does an incredible job in new media covering the Pacers. Like, if this helps, I am thrilled. But, you know, like what I've done my entire career is like, what's the next game I have and how can I be best prepared and hopefully bring the viewer as close to the game as I love? And I know how fortunate I am to sit there.

And it's funny. Anybody calling their first finals game is going to be nervous. There's no question.

So I'm going to try to just put that other side, that thought aside so that I can just because that would be overwhelming. And Mike Breen, I've worked with him for so long, Rich, so, so long. And over the years, I've heard him tell the story about his first NBA Finals game as the play by play. And now he's iconic and he's, you know, synonymous with the sport. But he's calling the game next to the great Hubie Brown and he's nervous or whatever's happened. And he goes, we go to break and he just looks at him, makes him take off his headset, puts his hand on his arm and said, kid, just call the damn game.

And so I hope I, I hope I can just settle in and call the damn game. And I'm working with two extraordinary gentlemen. J.J. Redick has been a phenomenal teammate.

Mike Breen is the master of the position. And we have, you know, this because you were once with us. We have the best of the best at every position, graphics tape, producer, director. And, you know, we're going to try to do the job as well as we can. That's for sure.

No doubt. And listen, I mean, you go back with Breen, I'm sure, to the MSG days when you were with MSG, doing the Knicks before you joined ESPN. And this is not your first NBA Finals.

You've been doing that at the radio mic for the great ESPN radio since 2020. And, you know, and plus, I mean, the chair that you're that you're in was previously occupied by another star Big East point guard. You know, so I guess that's that's that's that's your role here. You know what I mean? Like, you know, you have you have everything that's that that's necessary.

And I just wanted to point that out. And in terms of your your college career, four years in Providence, if there was a WNBA then, Doris, would you have gone into it? Would you have played in the WNBA? I'm not sure I was good enough to be perfectly honest with you. I had a chance to go overseas when my career ended. And my final game, my senior year of Providence, where we were playing in the WNBA, WNIT. And I had played three games in three days was a heavy minutes. And literally the last 10 minutes of my career, we were a running team.

I go to catch an outlet pass and turn and spin to get in transition. And I blow my knee, both ligaments. And the surgeon right there, the surgeon right after said, you need to make a decision.

Are you going to go or because it's going to impact the kind of surgery I perform. And I sort of took that as a sign, like I wasn't going to make very much money over there. And but now, to be honest, I don't think I was good enough. I could get anywhere I wanted off the dribble drive, Rich. But I, I was not a great shooter. So they always said off me.

But I will say this. Like, I'm always indebted to the WNBA. It's 1997 when that was formed. I was in the business. But that was the first time a woman as an analyst. So doing what Raft or Dick Vitale or, you know, any analyst in basketball was doing.

And that's make a living as a color analyst. I could do like 35 games of the WNBA and then 35 games of women's college basketball. And I was saying the last game that we were on, I'm listening to Chris Paul back in the studio teasing our halftime. And I'm sitting next to J.J. Redick and I'm like, God, I covered Chris as a freshman, his first game of Madison Square Garden that week. And I covered J.J. as a freshman.

I looked at my friend and I go, I am so old, it's frightening. No, you are experienced, Doris. Let's call it that.

Before I let you go, I'm going to take I'm going to throw a dart here and hope it hits the bullseye. Do you have a good Bill Walton story? Anything from your history with Bill, Doris? Yeah. So my first analyst game for ESPN in the playoffs was completely by accident. I believe it was Tom Tolbert, but I'm not 100 percent sure. The noon game on that first Saturday was up in Toronto. And Tom, I believe it was Tom, was assigned to that game and his passport had expired or something.

So they send me up last minute. And I don't know Bill at the time. And he and I just texted this to Luke and expressing my condolences to him. I didn't know Bill at the time, but he had tracked down my email via ESPN and sent me this incredibly long, thoughtful.

That was absolutely incredible. You have you know, I don't even remember exactly what I texted Luke. I mean, to me, Bill Walton, if he doesn't have the foot injuries, would have been a top 10 player all time. I mean, I know he's on the 75th anniversary team, but just an incredible, incredible player. So I never forgot that email. There's been so many people who have built my confidence over time. You know, players, coaches, whatever, saying a word or two here and there that was timely that helped me feel like, OK, you can do this. And Bill Walton, because of that note that he sent me, that he clearly went out of the way.

He's just an incredible human being. So you're saying your first NBA on ESPN playoff assignment was last minute because Tom Tolbert had passport issues. And you call the game and Bill watched it, took it in and just reached out. Bill watched it. Bill watched it. Didn't know me, but but, you know, knew I was an employee of ESPN, obviously got my email from somebody and wrote me the most beautiful note about the job I had done and the meaning behind the job I had done.

And I thought Bill Walton took the time, number one, to watch the game, which he's going to watch. He was an enormous basketball fan, of course. But then to take time to reach out to a colleague of his who he didn't know, who was scared to death about the job I had done. And yet you get one of the iconic figures in the sport reaching out to you.

So, yeah, just. And then every time I saw him, big hug, laughs. There's a picture of us. He joined us. They were Dave Pash and I were calling the anniversary of their championship team in Portland.

He came over and joined the broadcast. It's a picture of him. It looks like he's sitting on my lap. Not sitting on my lap. He's sitting on a stool.

Somebody sent me the picture the other day. But he was just vivacious and full of life and kind hearted and, you know, a man of such character. And I was thrilled for the brief interactions I had with him.

Well, I'm sure his spirit will be there next Thursday in Boston, for sure, for an NBA Finals tip off. And I can't wait to watch you and listen to you. You're great.

Watch and listen with Mike and J.J. Doris. You really are. And I look forward to it and hopefully maybe, you know, we'll have you back on during the finals, if not after. Appreciate it.

Sounds great. Thank you. You be well, Doris. That's Doris Burke, everybody, right here on The Rich Eyes. The best.

The average 18 and seven at Providence. Oh, no, she had it all time leading assistances when she was good. I think she was in studio a few years ago when somebody just flipped her a basketball and she started showing off her hand.

You remember that video? Yeah. And everyone's like, well, I really she had a hat. She has handle like, yeah, she she's handle. Yeah, she's got a handle on this.

All right. We'll take a break. Eight, four, four, two or four rich number to dial something about the blowout loss last night as well. I want to bring to the floor, certainly since we talk a lot about that here on The Rich Eyes and show.

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Lowest price. Guaranteed. So again, the line Steve Levy always used to say. I don't know if he still does it. I don't know if he does Sports Center very much anymore.

Big bag of leaves. But his line always used to be whenever he did an NBA highlight. It's the NBA. Everybody makes a run. You always used to say that. It's the NBA.

Everybody makes a run. Except the Timberwolves last night. It was three fifty six to go on the first half.

P.J. Washington, of course, made a three. And that made it a 20 point game.

Fifty six thirty six. Never got closer than that. Again, just after the four minute mark of the first half, the Mavericks went up 20 in Minnesota and the Timberwolves never cut it down, never made it even tighter, never made it like 15, 12, 10 single digits where it's like, oh, they're making a run and everybody's going crazy. And I just thought to myself for the Timberwolves fans and all those folks who are wearing their wolves back T-shirts and dressed the same and excited about this season and what could possibly be. And they're coming off of that game four win. And we were saying, hey, game four leads to a game five at home.

And then you never know what happens in game six and then maybe you get a game seven back. All of that optimism went right out the door with Lucas 20 point first quarter and then the 20 point lead with four minutes to go in the half. And they never got it any closer. And I felt for those Timberwolves fans. Didn't you feel for them? I mean, you had a feel for the Timberwolves fans. I thought I would feel for the Timberwolves fans, except that I thought to myself, one of them is A-Rod. No, not that one of them is A-Rod.

I thought to myself, you know what? At least they didn't have the heartbreak of it going down to the wire and having the Mavericks just stick it right in them. Yeah, they had the heartbreak. Oh, those fans. At least they got a blowout.

They would have rather gotten swept than lose like that at home in game five. Stupid. What are you nuts? So stupid. Did you or did you not text the entire group last night?

What an embarrassing performance. I did. OK. Was I not right? Who wants to be embarrassed? Nobody. Nobody.

Did you see the memo? Apparently they did. They forgot there was a game last night. But that's not the way you want to lose. You don't want to just think this thing is done. You're finished. The fork is stuck. It's embarrassing.

You're looking at the clock on the wall. Everybody in the building just wants to have something happen. Anthony Edwards gets his ass handed to him at home. You can live with that because, you know, you're just not good enough if Luca hits a game winning three. You're like, we were right there and we got it stolen from us.

I don't understand why you so hard skinned and hard hearted are somebody that can't handle the difficult loss. It's not about handling, but you're at least in it. You're watching. This is exciting. Your whole idea of a sporting event of this magnitude, especially, is that you want to see a competition. You want to see one punch thrown and then there's a counter punch. And then the person who counter punches gets punched back and the one who gets punched back gets hit again. And you get to see some sort of heavyweight slugfest. And at the end of the game, I can't wait to see what happens in the last two minutes. And one team loses because not everybody can win. That's great. And you have zero stakes in it. If you're if you're a Wolves fan, you would rather have gotten swept than sat through game five.

I'd love to hear from a Wolves fan. Yeah, I don't know. Is it possible one sitting in our in our green room right now? No, he lives in Minnesota. Seems likely, right?

I don't know. Tom Pellicero. Oh, he's here? He is.

I just went back and said hi to him. His lovely wife is here as well. The Pellicero's together. Together? Oh, yeah.

They're here for a wedding. You mean Tommy Piggy's in the back and he didn't poke his head? Brockman. That's that's a little different. He's not poking his head out because he's one of us. Because he has his head to take care of.

Oh, that's true. You understand Sarah's in the back. She's probably jacked up to have somebody here to work on hair. No, we don't understand. The two of us.

Honestly, three of us. She's just makeup with us. She don't touch the locks. So, I mean, she can't help me. Makeup?

Hair and makeup? Good Lord. She's like, she might have to take a nap later.

I just never understand this thing. I'd rather get blown out than hurt at the end. You're such a wallflower. Get out of here. First off, how dare you? That's what I'm saying.

That's the guy I know. Secondly, 30 seconds. Let me take this back to 03 and 04 baseball, OK?

Sure. Would you rather have a million percent? Would you rather have gotten Aaron Boone or how you did in Game 7 when your team totally didn't show up at 04? What would you rather have happen? I would rather have game in 04.

It was over in the first inning and you knew it and you accepted it. John brings his skewed sense of humor. Jeff brings tips to cut strokes off your next round. Together, it's those weekend golf guys.

They'll pay a lot of money to PXG and Tylus and Callaway and on and on. How many yards do you think you're going to pick up with that extra driver? I think I can get an extra 5 to 10.

What if I give you a 15 to 20? You can pay me more. Jeff Smith teaches on a sliding scale. Those weekend golf guys. The podcast. Part of the Believe Network. Just search BLEAV on YouTube or wherever you listen.
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