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Jon Krawczynksi: No Real Concern About Justin Jefferson

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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May 23, 2024 3:39 pm

Jon Krawczynksi: No Real Concern About Justin Jefferson

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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May 23, 2024 3:39 pm

5/23/24 - Hour 1

Guest host Kirk Morrison and the guys react to the Dallas Mavericks thrilling Game 1 win over the Minnesota Timberwolves in their Western Conference Finals series.

The Athletic’s Jon Krawczynksi and Kirk discuss how much Anthony Edwards’ late-game fatigue factored into the Timberwolves’ Game 1 loss to the Mavericks, how Minnesota will need to draw on their resilience to bounce back in Game 2, when we can expect the Vikings to extend All-Pro WR Justin Jefferson, and if Sam Darnold can hold off JJ McCarthy as the team’s QB1.

Kirk and the guy's debate if voters got it right in selecting this season’s All-NBA Team.

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The Rich Eisen Show. From the Rich Eisen Show Studio in Los Angeles. With guest host, Kirk Morrison. I'm in your hood.

I'm in your house right now. I love it. Rich doesn't ever say hello to us. He just gets going and we're off and running. What's the name of the show?

I want to hear it please. The Rich Eisen Show. Boom! Today's guests, Senior NBA Writer for the Athletic, John Krasinski. Pro Football Hall of Famer, Jerome Bettis.

Yahoo Sports College Football Writer, Ross Dellinger. And now, filling in for Rich, it's Kirk Morrison. Hut, Hut, Hi! Ah yeah, I'm back. I am, I'm back. Welcome in, welcome in. Kirk, I'm still here doing that, Yeah, I'm feeling in for rich the guys are here.

I am here on a Thursday feeling in for rich man Excited to be here as always so much to get into to talk about especially coming off the Western Conference Finals game one I know that'd be a Topic of conversation for today along with got some NFL news got some college football news too as well That's kind of been circulating Through the web I should say and also maybe we got to talk about what's going on the winless Indiana fever of the WNBA Kaitlyn Clark not off to the start that we would all have expected So I guess had a lot to unpack here as we as we get started here Brockman great to see you Deltoofo TJ always great to be back with my brother and how we doing Man, I just got a glimpse of myself. I look like Elton John with these. Yeah, I don't know what's going on.

I mean, yeah, we know they're not real and just like take them off and bring that up every time I have a new pair of glasses. It's No What are we doing what are we doing it's called fashion, okay, that's what you want to call it You know what it's TJ like I couldn't do that like if I put those on you like oh, he's trying too hard One oh eight to 105 all right 108 to 105 that was last night's score of the game in game one of the Western Conference Finals of between the T wolves and the Mavs the Mavs take a one game nothing Lee they go into the Target Center over in Minnesota and they win game one and It was a very entertaining game a game that had you know, a lot of ups and downs had some great highlights You had Luca who came on strong in the second half. You had Kyrie in the first half. You saw aunt and Car on three towns go bear you had so much going on that you could feel the energy in that place But as I started to watch the game even more I'm always trying to find what's the angle right?

What's the angle? I'm what am I seeing but not necessarily? understanding and Then finally it kind of hit me it hit me last night watching the game and and I think me and you Brockman were talking a little bit before the show as We approach Memorial Day weekend. A lot of people have vacation plans. Oh, yeah, and Some families tend to try to go to do what go to a theme park. Yep And for some reason Disneyland came up right Disneyland came up and I thought about last night's Western Conference final matchup and I said It was like Disneyland There's an old head.

Hold on Kirk. What are you talking about? What are you talking about here? But I want to take you guys back. You remember the first time You went to a theme park You were the first time you walked in those gates and those eyes were were wide open. You're like wow What is what is this place?

Oh my and you want to do everything you want to go on every ride? You wanted every bit of candy the cotton candy the food the put everything you're like wow I can't and sometimes you're trying to do too much and what happens you get burnt out You get tired too quickly because you're trying to do everything and then have a city like wow Did I really have a good time right? Yes, it was an amazing time But I couldn't do everything I want so I was so tired cuz I was trying to do this I'm trying to that you missed out That's what I saw in the Western Conference final game one Except I didn't see Kyrie Irvin last night. I saw Uncle Drew.

Hmm Uncle Drew, you know, that's the the the nickname for Kyrie Irvin, but I saw Uncle Drew last night and Uncle Drew told everybody This is why I'm here See Uncle Drew Kyrie Irvin was the tour guide to Disneyland to the theme park To a bunch of guys in Dallas that hadn't truly really been there in that moment They all got to the theme park and Kyrie was like, hey, hey, relax Relax, I've been here before let's take it easy. Let's map it out It's gonna be exciting for a little bit You guys are gonna run around and be but guess what? We got a full day. Let's put a plan together See we've all been places where you've had a guy who or a girl anybody who's been somewhere before and you're like, man I I've never been here before like what should I do? What should I pack? What should I bring and It always helps you out like oh, man, if you're going to that outdoor concert, make sure you bring your your own chair You know bring bring your own, you know water utensils, whatever you need It always helps when someone's been there before To help you out That's what I saw from Kyrie Irvin Because Luca's been deep in the playoffs before we understand that we know that But there was a point in a calmness About the Dallas Mavericks last night even being down late in that game being down at halftime Kyrie Irvin was like hey I'll show you guys.

This is what I'm here for fellas. Just calm down. Just calm down. I got this Hey, we're having lunch at 1 30. Okay. Hey dinner's gonna be at 5 We still got a chance to do two rides a little later on like he was the tour guide last night that allowed Luca to just go be Luca to be the guy that we expect to be the face of this league moving forward See when you've got a guy who's already been there who's already won a championship and I saw this yesterday Someone says wow, what if Kyrie Irvin wins another championship?

I said cool. He's won another championship He was one of the main reasons why he won the first one with LeBron James in the Cleveland Cavaliers But you need players like Kyrie Irvin who as crazy as it sounds on his fourth team I still like laugh about it. Like he's on his fourth team, but yet he's a focal leader for This Dallas Mavericks basketball team where everybody is now uplifted. He brought them to a point in the game Last night that everybody was able to just play their game Well, everybody was able to just sit back and just be you Luca go be you PJ go do you?

Really? We got this fellas Whereas on the other side, I looked at the Minnesota Timberwolves and This was their first time at the theme park, right? Anthony Edwards was trying to get on every ride He was trying to do everything like no But you could see that and I get it and I understand it your first time there the excitement wanted to do everything I wanted to be in everything.

I mean he wanted to go into the parade's he wanted to do a little bit of everything And it's hard to do that especially in your first time being in this situation being in this moment and Guess what for a lot of people who've had Who've been the theme parks as a child been there as an adult or you've taken kids What happens at the end of the day when you're a parent and you take the kids what happens? They are asleep. They are followed. They're asleep.

They're asleep in this drawer asleep. You can't even get out the park They are knocked out someone knocked out either carrying them or they are in the store with everything you bought that day Last night Anthony Edwards we could hear a little Anthony Edwards here. He admitted it. I was tired Well, I can't I was tired His first time there. He didn't realize it Here's a little Anthony Edwards last night postgame after the loss to the Mavericks. We came out flat today I mean and then we found our energy then we went back to being flat So I think it was just on us everything was on us today.

I Didn't get downhill as much Um, yeah, just stuff like that. We was just a little tired probably I mean y'all can see it was a little a step a step behind everybody especially myself Kyrie got a transition layup from I think we scored and he just outran me and I was just exhausted man So yeah for sure, but we'll be alright He admitted he was tired, you know, he's 22 years old man, you're not supposed to be tired Yeah, be tired. Like we need the same energy for ant. I know we love him and he's the new face of the league Correct that we have for Jason Tatum. Could you imagine if Jason Tatum had said this? Oh my gosh, we were tired Yeah, and I was exhausted and come on, dude. I love you and you're the next superstar in this league Yeah, can't be tired Yeah, but you can't go six for 16. Yeah home playoff game of the Easter Conference Finals, man But you're mentioning Tatum Tatum plays for the Boston Celtics.

That's a little bit different We know the legacy of the Celtics same energy I'm gonna have the same energy for these guys and we're gonna bash a guy for it Tatum's making excuses everyone said, you know against Miami and Cleveland for the the one game that they lost in those rounds Same energy. Come on, man. We got it.

We got it. We got to kill this guy today for saying this No, we don't Hold the cell six way different Series and everyone thinks they're gonna win the NBA championship now and he's the next great face of the league You're 22 years old. You can't say you're tired.

Well, Kurt Morrison. You were a professional athlete Did you ever get tired? No, I say I'm not saying that he was the results last night were because it was all on him being tired Mike my whole sentiment what I've been saying is that This was his first time there Like he didn't know how to act Like I get it. He and this is a young player and look I love a lot of weekly, I like to listen to coaches press conferences and there are some coaches who will say hey, you know, we just interviewed at Anthony Edwards and he said man, I was tired and coach will say yeah, that's probably how he may have thought I don't say that he was tired I think that he overexerted himself and tried to be more than what he was in his first ever Western Conference final matchup That's what I'm trying to say. Is that what Jason Tatum? I think it's a little bit different There's a different standard that we hold the Boston Celtics to it's a it's a franchise who you can't say that That's not what Boston people want to hear.

This is Minnesota's what second time ever in franchise history in the Western Conference Finals I always the analogy I always use is that you're climbing up that hill and it's so fun when you're climbing and you're climbing And all of a sudden you reach a point and you look down and it's like whoa, how did we get here? That's what I think with Anthony Edwards. He wants to hear a 22 year old say that they're tired Yeah, he could he try to do too much.

That's the point. I'm trying to make was that And he said it right after the game in the conference semi-finals Right is there's an exuberance of why we love Anthony Edwards. We love him because he's unafraid He's unapologetic He's gonna tell you how he feels and after that game in the Western Conference semi-finals in Beating the Nuggets in a game seven.

What was he like? Oh, yeah, we ready and he's talking on emotion and I could speak to this that There are games in which you talk off emotion after it's over after a big win. You feel invincible You start to say anything. Oh, yeah, we ready bring them on bring Alabama on bring on, Georgia Bring the Yankees on bring the Dodgers on right and let's just Anthony Edwards. Yeah, I got Kyrie I got Kyrie. Yeah, that's a Well, he got what he wanted See cuz his emotions after a big win were like, yes, I'm invincible.

I got it. I feel this way and Kyrie Ervin, like I mentioned earlier uncle drew sat back and said, oh really young fella. Okay, you ain't been here before see I have you haven't I want you listen to what Kyrie Ervin said after the Gators. Here's Kyrie postgame Kind of what I'm talking about having been there before and kind of laughing at the young and having his first Opportunity in a Western Conference Finals.

Yeah, no as a pair man. I love that. I love it man. It's nothing better You know when aunt was a little bit younger, I'm sure he was watching me and you know when he was in high school I was watching him. So for me, it's more of those exciting matchups that I look forward to to Right after the game was funny because he said it right then and there and I think the whole world was looking like, okay You know Better know what you're talking about, you know And I respect that and that no fear mentality that he has is what is why I love him as a competitor and why? I love him as a person But we're on that court. I know he's gonna give his all I'm gonna give him all and at the end of the game You know, it's all love and we're in between those lines.

He knows what it is. And I know what it is And uncle drew had to let him know Uncle drew let him know he sat back and just said yeah Cuz you got to realize there's emotions that go into these bigger matchups I always had a coach that would tell me, you know, what's great about winning? When you win a game, it just makes the next one that much my much bigger So you win game or the the game seven of a Western Conference semi-finals? That means the next game is gonna be bigger because now it means more The expect it means more and so for Anthony Edwards, is it a learning experience?

Absolutely. I Bet you this he won't say that again Because he kind of poked the bear and Kyrie said hey, I'm still that dude. I'm still that guy Don't don't forget about it I'm still the leading scorer of my team my last night Luca got a couple more points at the end, but it was Kyrie's Start that allowed Luca to finish the way that he did I'm just saying if you didn't watch the game and you heard the first 14 minutes of this program You're gonna sit there and think that Minnesota got blown out, which is not the case We're talking about he was tired or poking the bear The fact is Carl Anthony towns gets called for basket interference or touching the ball in the cylinder Which was the quickest review in the history of? Sports that was too close I feel like you should have let that go that would have tied the game at 104 and instead they call basket interference on something Which you still never clearly saw if it was I think you got to let that go Maybe the game is different So I just feel like the way we're talking now it lending itself to seem like wow They got they got dog-walked and they didn't like that was one call away This could have been a different outcome to the game if that basket counts But see I get it the score was 108 to 105 and we'd say wow three-point game.

Your game was close But if we watch that final stanza that final four minutes of the game, they were up four with like two minutes left Let's just be honest. I'm watching it and I thought the T wolves didn't have enough They settle for jump shots. I mean Anthony Edwards kept talking about driving to the basket. He's always been driving He shot 12 threes last man that dude was over there He could have just put up a tent over there by half-court cuz he was just standing out there. He had nothing left He did his game is about driving slashing Getting to the paint Making, you know shots that like wow He couldn't do that cuz he was tired last I thought Reggie Miller did a great job of pointing it out like Anthony Edwards is tired Like we can't see it on television as much but he's watching it and he's not even trying to get down into the pay He's called him for a screen He's called Anthony's like nah, like usually he's trying to get off and in and go one-on-one for a little bit Especially in those moments.

He couldn't do it last night and I thought it was cuz he was tired He was in his first Western Conference Final and now he realizes. Okay, I gotta find ways to conserve my energy I gotta find ways to I want to do it on both ends Defensively and offensively but at the same time I also got to figure it out That I can't do what I did in game one and I can't wait to get the fallout over in Minnesota And what they're thinking this morning after losing 108 to 105 to the Dallas Mavericks in game one Somebody who can help me with this fallout John Krasinski. He covers the Timberwolves for the athletic over in Minnesota He's going to join the program next cuz I can't wait to hear What the T wolves are thinking coming off of last night? Coming up right back here on the Rich Eisen show with Kirk Morrison filling in for rich What's up, everyone? It's reality Steve your number one source for all things bachelor nation and reality TV every day I'm giving you the behind-the-scenes juice and your info on all your bachelor nation stories and Also interviewing some of your favorite reality stars.

My name has been synonymous with spoilers, but I'm so much more than that Give me a listen the reality Steve podcast part of the believe Network Just search BL EAV on YouTube or wherever you listen Afford anything talks about how to avoid common pitfalls how to refine your mental models and how to think about How to think Paula while certainly you can mess up on a million dollars a year It is far less likely than it is on $30,000 a year, right? I would meet wonderful people that were struggling with a budget that was super tight It was a hundred percent You need to make more money make smarter choices and build a better life afford anything wherever you listen Now welcome back to the Rich Eisen show on the Rich Eisen show radio network I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen show desk furnished by Granger with supplies and solutions for every industry industry Granger has the right product for you call click Granger calm or just stop by 108 to 105 That was the results last night of the Western Conference Finals between the wolves and the Mavs and the fallout from last night's loss I had to bring in my guy John Krasinski senior writer for the athletic covers the timber wolves And I just want to start here first John because this has been a long time coming it's 20 years in between But the T wolves hosted their first Western Conference final a game in a long time. Just give me the atmosphere I'm a big atmosphere guy John. Tell me how the atmosphere was last night in that in the Target Center Yeah, Kirk. It was electric You know as he as you said it has been 20 years 2004 when Kevin Garnett and Latrell Sprewell and Sam Cassell got to the Western Conference finals and lost to the Lakers and It hasn't just been 20 years. It's been 20 hard years for these fans. You know you're talking about tons of losses firings Different coaches different GM's trades and players and dysfunction and things like that and so for this team to sort of emerge from that rubble with a really exciting core Have coming off of an incredible win against Denver in Game 7 in the last series everyone was just really amped up though the the town I've lived here most of my life the the Twin Cities are as Kind of in the Timberwolves corner as they've ever been people got really really excited about it And I got the lights turning out on me.

They're shooting it, but Really really excited about it and and and it was just like it was super loud. They were standing the whole game It was a close game So a lot of fun at Target Center last night for sure you know John We played a little bit of sound earlier from Anthony Edwards postgame, and you mentioned the excitement in the arena I know the players they feel it they feed off of it and y'all you sometimes sort of start to do more than it's expected of you and Listening to Anthony Edwards after the game say look man. We were gasps.

We were out of it. We were tired I know he's very authentic you cover him You know that it's one of those things where you love for someone to be as honest and truthful But to hear him say hey, we were just tired and flat how does that fall with you and maybe the fan base? Yeah, I mean I certainly think there's some disappointment obviously that you know in such a big moment game one Western Conference Finals That you know your your best player is saying that he was tired but I also kind of can understand it right beaming they're coming off an epic game seven win in Denver to get somewhere where most of these guys have never been before and And so this is a first time experience for much of this roster And I think that as you alluded to Kirk you know this like there is a way for Athletes to get almost too amped up early in the day Right and you expend a lot of energy getting really excited And I think in Anthony Edwards case not only was he was that apart But he had to guard Kyrie Irving the whole game and that takes a lot out of you as well And so I do think that That the wolves were a step slow as Anthony Edwards put it because of all of that Adrenaline that they felt in game seven and and and they had a little bit of hard time kind of managing that I think in Game two there'll be a little bit more settled in to the series Understanding the stage and all of that, but it certainly was a factor in The coming up just short in game one He's a senior writer for the athletic covering the timberwell John Krasinski joint me here Kirk Morrison on the Rich Eisen show filling in For rich, but you talked about like Anthony and how he can adjust what he can do, but when you watch the game His first opportunity in this Western Conference Finals I know a lot is being put on him also, you know being an all-MBA player Everyone's gonna focus on him and on him and he's taking the bull by the horns and say hey, I want to play offense I want to play defense, but this is one of the best defensive teams in all of the NBA Is this truly something that he has to be a defensive standout or we say hey look? We need you in the fourth quarter where I saw last night He just didn't have the offensive prowess that you would expect could we see him maybe? Slough off defensively or they're changed defensive schemes for the next game.

Yeah. Yeah, you know, that's a huge challenge Kirk And it's it's probably something that they will look at maybe there's an opportunity earlier in the game to give let's say Nikhil Alexander Walker a little bit more of a crack at Kyrie Irving and maybe conserve some of Anthony Edwards legs, but One of the things that has made this Timberwolves team special and has gotten them to this point is that their best player goes at it on both ends and Ant wants these challenges. He wants to guard guys like Kyrie Irving and even Luca every once in a while He puts that on his shoulders and that's what kind of separates him when you're talking about of the conversation of best young players in the league is he does it on both ends and so I Do think that there might be an opportunity or two to look at? for him to take a little bit more of a side a Sideshow part a role in in the defense But with the way that the Mavericks are constructed with so much of their scoring prowess in the back court with Kyrie Irving and Luca Doncic it's really hard to do that because otherwise are you gonna put Mike Conley on Kyrie?

Are you gonna put? Nikhil on Kyrie. Those are tough matchups. And so I just think that The better path is probably just to let and experience game one and really just tailor His whole approach a little with a little more knowledge in the game, too And expect that he can he can still find a way to impact both ends Yeah, as much as we focus on Anthony Edwards though, I think John I'm looking at this series and we know it's Kyrie And Luca over there with the Mavericks and then anything that they get outside of that is great from other players When it comes to obviously the t-wolves, it's Anthony Edwards and you would expect to be Carl Anthony towns Maybe a mix-in of McDaniels as well Conley only had six points last night Is it really about Carl Anthony towns in this series because he has to play what we've always expected from him But now with the focus in the Western Conference final you call yourself the best shooting big man You call yourself one of the best players in the NBA This is a series in which he's got to be averaging 25 30 plus points if they expect to win this series, right John Yeah, I think so. I mean when you look at last night, it was you know, Kyrie had 30 and Luca had 33 So they're too they're big to show it up Anthony Edwards 19 Carl Anthony towns 16 6 for 20 for Carl Anthony towns 2 for 9 from 3 That's not gonna cut it if that's the kind of production that they get from both of their guys and and and you know Especially towns it there it's gonna be a very difficult series for the Timberwolves it is also uncharacteristic of towns to have that kind of performance because He normally is one of the most efficient offensive players in the league I do like a lot of the matchups that he has in this series whether it's PJ Washington guarding him Maybe Derek Jones jr. Gafford switches on to him every once in a while I think that Carl Anthony towns can take advantage of those and he had some good looks that did not go down In game one and I would expect those to go down, you know going forward for the rest of the series He came into these playoffs Kirk with a lot of questions about his ability to play on the big stage and answer Those did that call I think he's been terrific against Phoenix and against Denver But yeah, he was off in game one He did not hit the shots that he normally makes and he's going to have to get back to that form if the Wolves are going to be able to exploit some mismatches and create some other opportunities for Edwards for other people You got to get Carl Anthony towns using some of that gravity to bring some of the attention to the defense toward him Just from you being there and seeing these guys now they get ready for game number two What was the conversation like about what they need to do in order to win in game two and flush?

A game one where they were right there in it. You know, we were just talking about it, you know, they're a Basket interference play away from really tying this thing up and really winning this in capturing game number one What's the thought process now from them on game number two? Yeah, I mean you look at it and you're right Kirk They were so close and they had a lot of guys that didn't play well for them in in that game, and so I think there's a feeling of Just get back to doing what we do best and we'll be fine now remember this team Was down three to two to the defending champions in the last round they were down 20 points in the four in the third quarter to Denver came back and won and so resilience and Toughness is a part of this team's DNA They were not panicking by any means after the the the loss last night I do think they have to be a little bit careful because you wouldn't think that Dallas will shoot six for 25 from three again They they had an opportunity that they let slip through their fingers And I think there was disappointment in the from the wolves in that they knew that was a winnable game last night but they also know that they have Consistently risen to the occasion when their backs are against the wall. They're five and one on the road in these playoffs They're not afraid about having to go to Dallas and win a game which obviously they have to do now having lost home court advantage So there's there's definitely a calmness and a confidence in them, but certainly there has to be a sense of urgency as well They have to come out a much better in game two and try and even that series who you fall down Oh two with two losses on your home court.

You're in trouble Yeah, and they went out and won two games on their opponent's home court in the previous round So they understand that this series just getting started. We still got more games to go So I think they'll be able to to figure some things out but you know John also yesterday that was released the all-nba team and the first team did not have Anthony Edwards on that first team. He was a second team all-nba performer Was there any thoughts that he talked about but maybe he felt like he should have been on the first team or just excited to? Be labeled as one of the greats of the NBA right now currently Yeah, no, I mean ant sure feels like he should be first team again, and I think she's the best player in the league so So there is that from his perspective, but I do think if you look at the larger picture At 22 years old to be a second team all-nba especially Kirk in This era of the NBA where there's so much talent I think this is the deepest talent pool This league has had maybe ever and so when you are a second team all-nba in Right now that is saying something now Edwards will tell you now I should be first team and maybe going forward he will be first team in the next couple of years here as he continues his ascension to Superstardom But it doesn't take away from an incredible season that he had he came out of the Team USA experience At the World Cup and really made a leap this year Especially as a vocal leader Kirk the thing that stands out about him the most is you know Obviously super athletic. He is very productive great defender all of those things But his leadership at such a young age has been really impressive and I think that only You know kind of lays out a path for him for incredible success going forward and I'm sure he will have Some first-team nods on his resume eventually here Just not quite yet We're talking with John Krasinski. He's the senior writer for the athletic cover of the Timberwolves also the Vikings as well I got a couple Vikings questions for you in a minute John But I know we're also still seeing this kind of play out this Dynamic of coach Chris Finch who sits behind the bench and Micah Norie is right there on the floor How are they still navigating this because it always for some people it looks different. You're like wait. Wait, is he the head?

Oh, wait, he's not late. This is the head coach over there How are they still handling that dynamic of Norie being the assistant? But yet he's the one on the floor and coach Finch still being behind the bench Yeah, you know I was just talking to Stan Van Gundy this morning about this and and Stan said he would have been going absolutely crazy if it was him in that position having to be stuck in the second row not being able to Kind of interact with the officials and and be up walking around on the sideline and given players little Little tidbits and things like that.

It would have drove him crazy. I think I'm sure that Finch it feels like a Sense of being shackled almost I in that second row and but I think that the the Timberwolves have done a very good job of navigating an Incredibly unique situation one of the things that is really playing in their favor right now Is that Chris Finch is one of those head coaches that? Really does empower his assistants his all of his assistants have voices with the players have big saves Say has have big say in meetings in game plans and things like that and so The transition to Mike and Norie as the stand-up on the sideline coach is not as drastic as it may be with some other teams with head coaches that are a little bit more controlling of the situation and so They've navigated it well to this point certainly getting through game seven in Denver You know doing that, you know getting through that entire series and getting to there speaks to the effectiveness of it But yeah, it's still awkward. It's still really different and and difficult to deal with it's not ideal at all But they're just trying to make the best of it You know They're making the best of it may not may have too much longer with Mike and nor is his name us here flirting around Somebody's available head coaching jobs Excuse me in the NBA But I got to turn my attention to the National Football League John and the Minnesota Vikings look They've started their OTAs right now currently and I feel like the buzz in Minnesota is About the Timberwolves and being in the Western Conference Finals I feel like that gives cover for the Vikings who still have not come to an agreement for an extension with Justin Jefferson I know it's coming. We know it's gonna be the richest contract in NFL history, especially for the wide receiver position At what point does this thing get done in his absence so far from the OTAs? Yeah, you know Quasi Adolpho Mensah, the GM of the Vikings has been very vocal that this is going to happen. We're going to make this happen And and so I don't think there's any real concern just yet about it But I think ideally especially with a you know Just drafting JJ McCarthy at quarterback and bringing in another new quarterback in Sam Darnold The sooner that you can get it done and get him into the voluntary portions of these Workouts and and then getting ready for minicamp in June that would be ideal like he to have that done So he can get out on the field and work with these quarterbacks and get them involved and get them acclimated To the offense and build some rapport and chemistry with them.

That would be the the best case scenario Is it going to happen in the next day or two? I'm not sure I mean Jefferson was at the Wolves game last night watching so you never know It could be we could be closing in here But I think you have to get it done before the mandatory minicamps Just so that you can kind of have that put behind you Really get some work in and pave the way for what's going to be a very important training camp as they Try to get everyone on the same page and move on from Kirk Cousins to Sam Darnold and JJ McCarthy Yeah, you mentioned it there the quarterback Sam Darnold JJ McCarthy my last question for you because John sometimes I look into social media posts, especially by the teams. I don't know why I'm just one of those guys I'm always looking what is the team trying to show us? What are they trying to tell us and I remember one on Minnesota Vikings calm and a couple of social media posts Said Q is it say Sam Darnold and it kind of showing us pictures of Sam Darnold and I'm saying I hope you aren't telling us This is going to be QB one or you're setting us up that maybe JJ McCarthy may not be ready So they're kind of setting the stage. I don't know what is what but I look into it way too much Yeah, no problem I look at it way too much but what does that situation look like so far I know we're still early in the offseason process the OTA but they're trying to sell me on Sam Darnold early on I'm like, yeah, you trade it up for JJ McCarthy. You can't gotta tell me he's gonna be in the mix He's definitely in the mix for sure And I think really what this is right now Kirk is the team trying to keep expectations low Okay for a very new young quarterback, right? You know, they have they have been very vocal about saying we're not gonna rush this We're going to let JJ come in at his speed and learn things and make sure that you know They know this is a long-term investment for JJ McCarthy And if if they feel like they have to rush him out there that could potentially expose him to Maybe some struggles that Sam Darnold himself probably faced by being run out there earlier other young quarterback Zach Wilson Whoever you want to name who were thrown into the fire early and did struggle And so I think it's just a matter of not putting too much pressure on McCarthy But absolutely, I would tell you Kirk that if you know, they go through the the offseason program They go into training camp and it becomes clear that McCarthy is ready for this and and and is their best option I think that they'll start with him week one But I also think that they are not afraid to take their time with him to Give him if it takes till mid-season if it takes a full season The Patrick Mahomes model of sitting and watching and learning they're gonna do what's best for him because they know You know everyone Kevin O'Connell ways it off events They they all know that if it doesn't work with JJ McCarthy It's probably gonna be someone else making the next pick on their quarterback So they have to get this right and I think the early handling of this in the public is All just so that JJ McCarthy does not feel the pressure coming in to just play right away Well said John well said he's a senior writer for the athletic covering the Timberwolves and the Vikings The Mavs shot the lights out and maybe in the room you're in right now last night Can the Timberwolves keep the lights on in game number two? We will see man John.

I appreciate the time Thanks for everything and catch up with you soon. Yeah. Thanks Kirk.

I do think I read just walked in here That's the problem. I love it. John appreciate it brother. All right Then John Krasinski you follow him on X at John Krasinski on X No Kirk, it's Twitter. It's Twitter. Let's just go back to Twitter Please all right. I've tried I've tried I've really tried to give X a chance.

No, I would you yeah go back there Come on. Yeah, you can't be the armlet are the artists formerly known as Prince. You're still Prince Everybody tried to go back like oh, he'd be the artist There's the artist formerly known as Prince like now you still Prince like that's just what it's gonna be.

Oh, man. Um Yeah, all NBA first team second team 13. I got a question for a lot of people out there I'm gonna get this number out here to 844 204 rich 844 204 rich I saw this kind of up war on Twitter yesterday Because some people felt that there were some players who were snubbed There was also players who didn't meet the 65 game requirement right and that when they were not on the NBA's first second or third team if You could put some of these players on who would you take off and where's everybody deserving on this all NBA team?

I got some thoughts on that coming up next right here on the rich eyes and show Kirk Morrison fill it in for rich Back here on the rich eyes and shows we just days away from the Memorial weekend and you already know what that means. It's time to feel the grill and fire up the party Yeah Get that Weber Searwood pellet grill smoke roast and sear on the same grill go from low and slow on the smoke boost mode at 180 degrees all the way to high heat sear at 600 degrees It's got a full great sear zone so you can put more food on the flame Food will look as good as it tastes. I'm telling you this grill is hot in 15 minutes and this is the best part clean up is easy.

Oh, I love that easy clean up You'll cook on two levels at the same time so you can make enough for everyone not just for me You can add a heavy-duty rotisserie or a rust resistant griddle insert get fired up for the new Weber Searwood pellet grill by Weber. Oh Man back here on the rich eyes and show and I'm trying to figure this thing out because everyone's always in an uproar There's always like an uproar about something. No one's ever just happy. You know, I guess this is America I get it.

I get it. But you know this way Kirk nothing yesterday the Celtics won Brockman spent 10 minutes just mad I'm just I'm still mad I gotta say I've come down a little bit. That's New England sports fans. Like let's just be honest Like it's not about winning. It's about how you win.

You know what I mean? That's about how you win You can't just win an overtime in a gritty way. No, it should have never got to that point. Here's the problem Yes, and here's the problem.

Here's what would have happened yesterday. Okay, Celtics win by 20, right? Yes in game one Oh, they've got the easiest path ever in right for NBA history to go to the finals They should be doing it they lose Oh Tatum and Brown or choke artists break up of Jays They win like they did. Well, they didn't win by enough and then they had Tatum stunk in the fourth course He was amazing in overtime people. Yeah, but that was you. Yes.

I Was the third guy The other two things happen. That's what that's would have been the narrative Yeah, but that's always gonna be that because you're the Celtics that's always we love narratives and we try to run with the Jays I've underachieved they've only been to one Buddy of mine who's a Knicks fan, right? Uh-huh, and I told him I said well, you know what the narrative is what the narrative is that Tom Thibodeau your head coach? Runs his players into the ground and they never have enough at the end of a serious ask any bulls It was like no.

No. No, we got to know we got this So I'm just gonna tell you what the narrative is now you can change the narrative because people you're allowed to change the narrative You're allowed to do that as players The Knicks fell right back into the narrative right same thing as always a Tom Thibodeau led team Ran out it's like oh because we had injuries You know how injuries happen because you get run into the ground by head cuz you don't have a rotation and that's what happened here And speaking of like not having rotations this whole NBA 65 game minimum that you need in order to get the the accolades of the you know player that our MVP Defensive Player of the Year awards all NBA it left some guys off left Joelle Embiid off left the Paul George's off left Who else I got Trey Young was off like there's guys who are not Donovan Mitchell like Donovan Mitchell is One of the best 15 players cuz I think if you look at all that's a great question all NBA teams Is Donovan Mitchell not one of should not be should be on one of these teams are here. Let's run through it So yeah, it here's a third team is Donovan Mitchell better than DeMonte the sub bonus LeBron James Tyrese Halliburton Steph Curry or Devin Booker As much as I love Steph He was better than Steph this year. He was better than Steph this year, and I'm a Warriors fan So I'm same thing with Booker now.

Are we mixing names? With that always please that the names are always at all, but I'm gonna be honest Halliburton did not have a great second half of the year I mean there there's a name on there and people can say oh, it's been now 20 plus years, and he's been on a all NBA team at some point at first But I was making these on name only are we are we saying that LeBron James Was a better player over Donovan Mitchell or Joel Embiid had he been able to be it cuz if those guys who I think aren't eligible And they also throw in a Tyrese Maxey who didn't make it as well. I Don't know if LeBron makes this list also they changed the parameters this year In the past it was two guards two forwards and a center and that was that's what you had to vote for for first team Right now. It's just five players For years they won the position in this basketball and now they got it and now they got it basketball and now they got it and now I'm seeing a bunch of people now complaining about what you just brought up It's just like you can't have it both ways.

You can't hit what I tell you about before the show about listening to people Like because for years all this positionless, that's what they wanted. That's what they want I got it all you need a center now So I mean you can't please anybody Carl Anthony towns not available as well for all NBA So think about all these players who are not available. I'm saying like These are the top 15 I mean, these are more more players that deserve to be in this list But then it always goes to the other question now, who do I take off the list? Who do you take off?

Who do you take off? I kind of think Tyrese Halliburton can come off You think Halliburton come off? He had a great start to the year And then I mean if you look at his down the stretch he got injured for a little bit Again, I'm with you Donovan Mitchell should have been on there. I'm Kevin Booker Obviously, I'm biased to Jaylen Brown. But was this a nod to Anthony Davis just getting through a season healthy.

He was awesome He is a convenient and easy punching bag in the NBA, but he was great this year John brings his skewed sense of humor. Jeff brings tips to cut strokes off your next round together It's those weekend golf guys. They'll pay a lot of money to PXG and Tyler's and Callaway and No, how many yards you think you're gonna pick up with that extra? I think I need an extra five to ten. What if I give you 15 to 20 you pay me more Just my teachers on the sliding scale Those weekend golf guys the podcast part of the Believe Network just search BL EAV on YouTube or wherever you listen
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