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What's More Likely? Justin Jefferson or CeeDee Lamb gets paid first?

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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May 22, 2024 3:14 pm

What's More Likely? Justin Jefferson or CeeDee Lamb gets paid first?

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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May 22, 2024 3:14 pm

In ‘What’s More Likely’ Rich weighs in on Caleb Williams, Caitlin Clark, NFL rookie quarterbacks, the Pittsburgh Steelers’ QB depth chart, the Cowboys, Vikings, Tom Brady, and NBA playoffs..

New Michigan head basketball coach Dusty May and Rich discuss leaving Florida Atlantic to take the Wolverines job, and more.

Rich and the guys weigh in on how Tom Brady’s dual role as Raiders’ part-owner and NFL on FOX analyst could rankle some teams.

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Find out how to bring your ideas to life at Welcome to Now. In Los Angeles, earlier on the show, senior writer for Sports Illustrated Chris Mannix, twenty twenty four PGA Championship winner Zander Shafley. Coming up, Michigan men's basketball head coach Dusty May. And now it's Rich Eisen.

That's right. Our number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. Eight four four two four. Rich is the number to dial here on our program.

We got phone lines lit up. We'll take him in a couple of seconds before Dusty May will be joining us. Very, very 21st century story is that he'll be zooming in from the Big Ten meetings because he can't get here from an hour away in Southern California in time. And as the crow flies, it's what, about 18 miles? Is that what it is? Something like that?

Something like that. It's not that far. But just the fact that there's Big Ten meetings here in Palos Verdes, California.

Right. What the hell's going on? So he will be joining us shortly on the program. Last time I saw him was when I was rushing to make my flight after the NFL draft in Detroit.

There he was taking his bag off the off the conveyor belt and security. I'm like, good to see you. I was in my full suit and tie, man. And you blew him off and you just ran back. I didn't blow him off. I just said it was great to see you.

I would love to chat with you more, but I need to make my flight. And then literally on the day that Run Rich Run was presented, I was running through the airport in a suit and tie. So that actually happened. He'll be joining us shortly.

And again, as I said, 844-204 Rich is the number to dial. It is a wild week for me. Again, this is the only day I'll be in this chair.

Susie did yesterday and Monday and Kirk Morrison is on tomorrow's program. And so we're also dark on Friday, so everybody can have a good breather of a vacation here. So we're going to do What's More Likely today instead of a Friday. And What's More Likely is presented by T. Rowe Price. Hit it. Hit it. What's more likely?

Never say never, but never. Christopher, what do you have over there? Hey, guys.

Happy Wednesday. Yes, sir. Am I good?

Yes. Mikey, you good? I'm good. I'm good. You're like sneezing over there.

No, I wasn't sneezing. Which more insanely hyped rookie is likely to have a better winning percentage this year? I was going to do total wins, but that was really disrespectful to the second team. So I went winning percentage. Caleb Williams or Kaitlin Clark?

Oh, so you're asking me this question is Kaitlin Clark is got a winning percentage of zero, correct? Yeah, they're both through four through four. They're both even. Yeah, they're both even at the moment. This coming season.

I don't know. Watching Caleb Williams throw at OTAs. Hope baby he looks good. I'll take Caleb Williams because he's on a better team from what you can see so far through four games. Yeah, so. Yeah, I'll just take Caleb Williams since I'm going to look at the Bears. Is he going to start on four?

You know, say interesting question. Williams could start out and own four. Yeah, he could start on four Tennessee Houston on Sunday night. Indie Rams could be owned for. You know what I mean? I do know what you mean. I mean, the WNBA season, I'm just trying to figure out what what percentage of games is for forty games. Right. So she's through 10 percent of her season. Right.

Ten percent of the Bears season would be like going to. I'll still take Caleb Williams right here. What else, Chris? How about this one? We were just talking a little bit about the Vikings.

Yes. Drake May looks fantastic at the Celtics game last night. How about the top 10 quarterback to start week one? J.J. McCarthy or Drake May? Oh, J.J. McCarthy's a better, more likely. But the likely thing is neither of them.

I thought you would go. What's more, what's more likely is a number of Caleb Williams wins versus combined starts of J.J. McCarthy and Drake May. How about that? That's fun. What's the answer to that?

I would take Caleb Williams wins. I don't know about that. I mean, I have been told Sam Darnold. I have been told that Sam Darnold has been told it is his job for twenty twenty four whole season.

And they're going to. Yes. And that they believe they can make the playoffs with him and they they are giving him the opportunity to basically use the Vikings as a transfer portal. Interesting. And and and that, you know, the Patriots know that Drake May, who showed up last night, looking like an extra like an extra from the town.

Yeah. You know, because he looks so young because he is that young like that guy. His first start, his first start, if everything goes according to plan, is twenty twenty five as well. And so Caleb Williams is going to win. I think I would take Caleb Williams wins over McCarthy and May starts combined. Kobe Brissett, those talking like it's a QB competition. Great. I don't think it is.

Right now, obviously, it's the middle of May. Which one would you take? Gents, chime in. I think because I think I think I just I think I just workshop this as a as a more compelling. You comboed one.

That was pretty good. I would take I would take Williams wins. OK. But I would take McCarthy here. OK. I mean, I know this isn't the game I agree. Neither one is going to start, but.

I don't know. Like I said, he won me over. I'm team JJ. OK. All right. We were just talking Steelers more likely to be the Steelers quarterback after the week nine by Russell Wilson or Justin Fields.

Oh, what a silly, what a silly thing. Again, Mike Tomlin by. Week one of the preseason, 10, 15 days in the training camp is absolutely going to have a moment. I can't wait for this moment at the press conference.

He's like, I all I appreciate the job you all have to do. And I can understand what you're asking me, but I am not going to have a daily temperature check on the quarterback competition here, because inside the building we are building a team here and everybody relishes the competition. And that's what we do here at the Pittsburgh Steelers.

And when I have an answer for you, I will give it to you like that moment is coming. I don't know when it is I'm picking I'm pegging between weeks one and two of the preseason. That may not happen between weeks one and two of the preseason because one will get a preseason one week, one start. The other will get another start, maybe.

And that's another way to just keep the lid on this thing. But you're making me make a guess. Middle of May, who's going to be the middle of the season? Let's look at the Steelers schedule. OK, Atlanta, Denver Chargers, Indy. Tough start. Dallas, tough start. The ending is the Raiders, Jets, Giants.

And then look at the end. They did them no favors. Week 11 all is insane. But it's their schedule.

What do you want them? I mean, you've got to play them at some point. You got some primetime games before the by the whole country can see everybody looks like everyone has to just keep the schedule up here for a second. Everybody has to when you look at a schedule, don't look at who they're playing because we supposed to hold a second. You look at who they're playing, obviously, but don't look solely at who they are playing because, you know, these teams, they have to play them. And obviously you're going to put them all back to back or whatever. You're like, that's a tough stretch.

And then last year, who looked at the Texans in the middle of May and say that's a very tough stretch for them when you saw them on the schedule? You don't know. The thing you need to look for are the short weeks, the short weeks on the road, the Monday nights that turn into Sundays. And you take a look at the Saturday Wednesday. That's not easy.

You're going Sunday, Saturday, Wednesday in the Sundays at Philly and the Saturdays at Baltimore and the Wednesdays home for Kansas City. You're proving my point. No, but that's just it's not just the names.

It's the dates as well. That said, I'll say Russ. Oh, yes. I'll say Russ. That they're going to give him enough time.

And I understand that eight weeks, two months is enough time. I'm still questioning this. I'll go Russ. Oh, I'll go Russ. Three thousand yards passing. Twenty six touchdowns. Only eight picks.

It was such on a bad team, though. Rich, this team wasn't good. The Steelers team is going to be a lot better. And he's not going to have to go in there and throw for four thousand. The Pittsburgh might honestly start one and four. Oh, come on, guys.

You don't believe what else, Chris? Let's talk about receivers here. Which OTA absentee is more likely to get the bag for C.D. Lamb or Justin Jefferson? Well, that's easy. Why is that so easy? Because it'll be Justin Jefferson.

Yeah. Because because Jerry Jones will wait. He'll keep waiting. What are they waiting for? Geppetto likes to keep us all on the street. One of these guys, the dollar goes up.

Who's going to keep us? Yeah. Dollar goes up every day. I don't get it. There's no pie. I don't understand it.

We don't get to see the pie. Look, either my cousin's going to get his bag or my guy on my favorite. JJ, get in the bag. When's it get in the bag? We know it's in the bag. We were talking about the bag in February. You know what's in the bag? A lot of green stuff. A lot of money. I mean, an insane amount of stacks.

Dollar, dollar bills. Holler. And of course, you're going to go if you're saying it's not just you could take Justin Jefferson out and C.D. Lamb's name out and make this a mad lib. OK, which is OT absentee wide receiver to get the bag first. Proper name cowboy or proper name anybody else on anybody other team.

You're going to go with the proper name anybody else on any other team because proper name cowboy never gets the bag early or before. They always get the bag late. They want to make sure that's it. They want to make sure you're the highest paid player.

No, yeah, that's what they need to make sure we want. I mean, if I'm C.D. Lamb, if I'm C.D. Lamb, I'm C.D. Lamb. Of all the players, seriously, all the players and in that locker room that you're going to ask to see more of to see if they're going to be part of the solution. Is he the last one or is Micah Parsons the last one? Name it.

It's neck and neck for who's the last ones to wonder if I need to see more from them to see if they're part of the answer and not part of the problem. Get out of here. Do you think it's likely if I had to change this to current cowboy great to finish their career on a different team? Yes. C.D.

or Micah Parsons? Oh, man, I don't know. What a crazy question. What's more likely workshop and is off the charts today?

That's an excellent. I mean, do you have to answer it more likely to finish their career on another team? Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Oh, man. You know, you know, it's Micah Parsons. Well, you know, it's probably it's more likely the wide receiver. How many wide receivers just stay put? That's their entire career.

He wears 88. So they don't leave. I don't know.

Unless you're Dez and Micah. I'll I'll I'll accept that answer. What else?

Just a few others here. Let's switch sports a little bit. Young MVP finalists to finally win their first title. Luca or Connor McDavid? Go on.

Oh, go on. I'll go Connor McDavid because I think Luca is going to have a problem against the next two opponents. Both picking the T wolves. Right. I kind of think the Mavericks might.

That would be right. But why do you say it that way? Just because everyone's kind of why do you say it that way? They're underdogs.

I don't know. Everyone's fallen in love with and Connor David, man. He's so good.

It's I will never forget the first time I saw him play here in L.A. and I brought Coop just a couple of years ago. And he goes, Dad, which one's Connor McDavid? And I said, look for the largest player that's out there skating the fastest.

Pretty much he was he was so obvious who the superstar was just on the eye test of size and speed. So I'll go with Connor McDavid. All right. How about this one? If you saw Serena Williams tweet this week, I did not. What happened?

She tweeted out, hey, maybe I should hit some balls, please. How about the goat to make a comeback this year? Tom Brady.

Stop with the Tom Brady. He's in the blue. He's done when he stops. He stopped. He keeps talking about it. Dude, please.

He's trying to become right now an owner of the Raiders first and an Emmy Award winner at one. If not, he's that's one. OK, he's he's out saying he's out the game. What if I get Serena back? You get her. Oh, I will be I will be front row center. Yes.

She was like, maybe I should hit some balls. Yes, please. Yes, please. That'd be fun. You got one more. Yeah. How about this?

How about which series you like to go? Seven Celtics Pacers after what we saw last night are wolves. Matt, you know the answer to this question. No, I will give you the answer to this question. Hold on a second.

Hold on a second. Mavericks, Timberwolves going to a game seven will be so insanely wild for the first six games that I think that that would make it. Why? I mean, I would love to see that go seven games because I just think it's going to be wildly entertaining.

But in terms of content for this show, you'll see the Pacers push the Celtics to a game seven. I should have a life. I am all in.

I am all in. Oh, no, you'll turn it off because you did turn it off. You're you're you're very delicate heart. I'm mad. Rich, I'm sorry you're not a fan anymore. I mean, what are you talking about? I got a real fan.

What do you mean? No real fans. Don't just say I was close. I had to turn it off or I would have went viral for like punching my TV. Oh, come on. Well, that's lunatic behavior. That's why I turned it off and I calmly went outside.

Whatever. Well done. That was What's More Likely presented by T. Rowe Price, where confidence comes from a curiosity to uncover opportunities others may miss. T. Rowe Price asks smart questions to better understand risks, develop insights and give clients an investment edge. Better questions, better outcomes.

Learn more at T. Rowe Price dot com slash curiosity. Let's take a break. Still to come.

Phone calls. The latest on Tom Brady's attempt to become a Raider minority owner in the National Football League. What the NFL is up to with technology to make sure there is no more index cards to finish up. Figure out first downs and also still to come on this program.

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It was one hundred percent. You need to make more money, make smarter choices and build a better life. Afford anything wherever you listen. So as the Timberwolves are getting set to host the Dallas Mavericks this evening, as we all know, Anthony Edwards response to Charles Barkley saying he hadn't been in Minnesota in 20 years. He said, bring your ass. Right. Is that what he said?

That's what he said. OK, so in that spirit, the governor of Minnesota, Tim Walz, proclared today Wolves Back Day. OK, which is great. And you could see there are multiple whereases in the proclamation. And we zoom in on the first letters of the first five whereases from the proclamation.

It begins with the words, a basketball raining, it nows and games. And the first letters of those five words is bring. And then the next ten were five, whereas to complete the different whereases of proclamation are young at Anthony sportsmanship and sports, which spells out your ass. We see you, Governor. Well done, Governor. We see you. Wolves Back Day.

They certainly have something to lead off tonight's inside the NBA from from Minneapolis. Oh, God, I love it. Anthony Edwards is just leading the way in the most profane manner either. You know, you don't usually see that sort of thing where everybody back fills.

It's kind of like he's the roast master. Right. Everybody else coming out and feeling a little bit more free to say things they normally wouldn't. Very good.

Like a governor of Minnesota spelling out ten different letters, spelling out three words with ten different letters. Well done. I wonder who saw that first. Right. Yeah, I don't know. I wonder how the conversation went even. Yeah. Who pitched the governor? I don't know. It's a great one.

And I'm wondering if Jason Kidd is going to show this proclamation tonight in the locker room. Oh, I would. Back on the Rich Eisen Show. 844-204-RICH. Number to dial. I'm at the Rich Eisen Show desk here on the Rich Eisen Radio Network. The desk is furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry.

Grainger has the right product for you. Call or just stop by. We wanted our next guest to stop by in person since he's just down the road here in Palos Verdes, California. Just down the road from us.

But he's not flying on a crow. And we didn't have a helicopter to get him here on time because it ain't easy when you're in the Big Ten here in Southern California, the head coach of men's basketball at the University of Michigan, Dusty May here on the Rich Eisen Show. How are you, coach? Good to see you.

It's great to see you, Rich. Like you said, we're out here welcoming in the four new members of the Big Ten. Is that what is? Is that what this is about right now? Is that what's happening?

That's that's what the intent was. It's it's it's flew in several other directions now with the landscaping of college athletics change in by day, it seems. Yeah, it's that's by the way, if I was, you know, sitting in an institution of higher learning in a climate that might be in the 30 or 40 degree range, I wouldn't mind welcoming in new members of the Big Ten if it was in Palos Verdes, California.

I'm not going to lie, Dusty. It's not a bad way to do it. I think it's it's much warmer Michigan this week, coincidentally. Oh, how about that? OK, very good. So it, by the way, great to see you in May's. It's very becoming. I like it.

It feels right. So was John Beeline a crucial part of the recruitment of you, Dusty? I wouldn't say I wouldn't say he is crucial in the recruitment. He was obviously crucial because of the program that he helped building in the vision and the success that they had. But, yeah, when that when I came to when I went for a lot of to meet with Ward, he was there and we spoke for probably 30 minutes. And it was just a great reassurance of everything's in place to be successful and to be able to do it year in, year out. So obviously, he's a legend in our game, a Hall of Famer and someone that's done a lot for our sport. So it was nice just for him to kind of stamp stamp the whole thing. Yes, it's certainly in for, you know, a lot of us in the alumni fan base just hearing his involvement because of what he was able to achieve in his tenure as the head of the program. What was great to hear. What if you don't mind me prying that you're willing to share of what you needed to hear in that conversation to feel confident to take the gig?

Well, obviously, like all of us, we get a lot of our news from Twitter or from X, whatever you want to call social media outlets. And so you've heard all these things with the mission standards and NIL and they just weren't you know, there was a little bit of validity to a few of them. But for the most part, it was just, you know, rumors and hearsay and just wanted to make sure that that you could attract quality people, high achievers. And Coach Beeline assured me that there weren't many roadblocks to his success.

And in terms of NIL, because that really wasn't part of his world when he was there at Michigan. What role does name, image and likeness and whatever the current setup is that might be changing in short order anyway? What is the necessities for being successful on that front? Well, we all have to have collectives that are actively involved in raising capital, helping our players secure advertising deals and car dealerships and whatnot. And so they're a big part of our success. And we look at it as we have to work together.

There has to be some form of partnership because without NIL, I don't think any of the power five schools will be able to maintain success. And it's it's just so fluid right now where you're always trying to figure out ways to help your players, because without that help, it's going to be very, very difficult to recruit. And of course, you've got, you know, six transfers coming in, including some that you're quite familiar with because you coach them at Florida Atlantic.

If you don't mind walking me through that process to build your roster out for next year with you taking the gig somewhat, I would think, late in the game. Well, we're actually only one player is coming with us, Vlad Golden, who has his aftermath at you, and he wanted to go against power five bigs night in, night out. So the timing was right for him. And he's also kind of a unicorn where he's seven foot one. He loves to screen. He enjoys passing. He's an unbelievable teammate. So when you start with that foundational piece, it's easy to recruit, too, because it's not as if when he's not getting the ball, he's complaining.

He probably should complain a little bit more to his coach that he doesn't get as many touches as he should with his percentages. But that was a great starting point for us because of how much he impacts winning. And when you look at his metrics, I mean, he was as impactful as probably any big guy in the country last year. And then you factor in what he does and tangibly with his physicality and his ability to make his teammates better. We just thought he was crucial for our first year success.

How does one monitor the transfer portal? By the way, I know, you know, and and having that open during the men's basketball tournament is just I can't grasp it. I mean, what what is that like for you?

It's tough. And unfortunately, our staffs have grown. So we look at it as our support staff and assistant coaches. They're filtering the information because there's only the only so many guys you can target and go after. So we rely on it. And it's worked out where most of the guys that we've recruited and signed, we have, I guess, history with them or at least some relationship background.

And so when you have that information from maybe the summer circuit or, you know, their coaches, if you know who they are as people, then it makes it easier who to target. And we feel great about the character and the guys we brought in because we were familiar with each and every one of them. You know, my favorite transfer is Roddy Gale. You want to take a guess why he's my favorite transfer coach?

Because he's he left the school down south. Yes. Red meat or scarlet and gray meat for this conversation. And by the way, you can say the words Ohio State. They have the problem with us. You know what I'm saying?

Don't noted, you know, I'm just I'm here to help because they you know, they can't even spell out the letter M. What whatever. But you did take him right. We did. He's he's a very talented player. He was successful for them. He's familiar with the conference, the physicality, the Big Ten. And we think with the personnel that we have around him, he'll be able to elevate his his his numbers, his efficiencies as well. He adds a lot to our team.

And we were very, very fortunate that he made the move. Dusty May, men's basketball coach new to the University of Michigan here on the Rich Eisen Show. Let's talk a little bit more about you.

The last time you were on the show, you were phoning in when you were in the final four at your previous stop. And your first we were going through your history. And again, you were what for Bob Knight at Indiana? What was your role there?

Dusty? I was a student. I was a student manager and rich things were a lot different back then. There were three assistant coaches and there was a trainer and then the coach night secretaries.

And so the manager program was a hierarchy in that it almost you're as a senior. You're pretty much a video coordinator or director of basketball operations. So it was it was an opportunity to learn the business side of basketball and also just learn from coach Knight on a daily basis. And most of the guys I work with all moved into Division one basketball or the NBA. Joe Pasternak, the head coach of Santa Barbara, and Mike Shraggy, who's a Duke now that was head coach at Elon. There were three student managers at the same that were working together at Indiana that became Division one head coaches at the same time. So it's a testament to the program and also just working for Coach Knight. Yeah. And I else stood for the chances you had if you talk back to him. Right. Pretty much at that time. You never talk back to.

Yeah, that's there's no there's no NIL. What would he think, Dusty May, if he knew you were the head coach of the University of Michigan basketball program? Well, he was close with with Coach Schimbeckler. He he he had some great battles against Michigan, actually, as a young child growing up in Big Ten country. I remember the Indiana Michigan games so many years. They were unbelievable matchups. And it's a big part of Big Ten lore.

Oh, yeah. I remember being in Chrysler Arena when he brought in Steve Alford. I think that was when we had Gary Grant.

Antoine Joubert was another great player. And then and then Frieder was beginning to build the team that wound up being in Steve Fisher's hands for the eighty nine championship run. And I just remember when Bob Knight came into Chrysler Arena, that was an absolute gem. I mean, that was it was a cauldron on those games when I was a student athlete, a student there, you know, not an athlete, but I just remember them. So pretty wild that he that you're now in charge of the Michigan basketball program.

That's pretty cool. It certainly is wild, Rich. No doubt. So I guess what do you want the fan base to know about? Because obviously last year was quite a disappointment.

There's no other way to put it. What would you like them to know going into your first year as the coach that Michigan is going to put a product on the court? Michigan basketball is going to put a product on the court that the Michigan alumni based Michigan fans are going to enjoy rooting for. They're going to, I guess, take pride in how they're represented as far as aggression style of play. But more importantly, the way we interact with each other. Just I think everyone wants to watch a group that functions as a unit, as a team. And we take a lot of pride in and we took a lot of pride in bringing in guys that value the block game, that take pride in wearing it. And also we're going to play the game the way we think it should be played. And as you talk about Coach Knight, he was very, very stubborn with the way that the game of basketball should be played.

And that's something that we're going to hang our hat on as well, being very, very stubborn and playing good team basketball. And was there any conversation at these meetings at all about a possible settlement that's coming to revenue share with student athletes and private equity and things of that nature? Is that on the table for, again, I know you're new to the gig at Michigan, but you're certainly not to the business of being a coach in big time college basketball. Is this a conversation that's being had there? There wasn't a lot of conversation on the private equity side. Obviously, the settlement has been at the forefront of conversations for the last couple of weeks. I think everyone within NCAA basketball assumes that something will be resolved sooner than later. But to be honest, it was more of just we'll know more in the next week. I think as all the leagues continue to meet and gather information and decide, because we all have to be on a unified front. This is something that there needs to be resolution and there needs to be some stability going forward. So I think basically, as we've finished up this morning, it's just something will happen very soon.

So that's what you're being told that maybe in the next week is when you're going to get, I guess, an update on the details and how. Because I imagine that would definitely affect the way that you run a program. Clearly, right?

Without a doubt. I think that's kind of how we all have to be fluid right now because you never know which direction the courts are going to go in. And what direction the other leagues are going to go in. That's another part of the problem.

It doesn't seem like all the leagues are, there's no conformity. And so, yeah, we have to stay liquid as a group, as a coach, because it could look a lot different in a week. It could look a lot different in a month. And then it could be completely turned upside down in a year.

It's part of the landscape. But at the end of the day, there's more people than ever watching Big 10 basketball in the seats on TV. So it's a great time to be a part of this league, especially with the expansion. We're excited about it. Well, congratulations on the gig. And like I said, take as many Ohio State kids as you want.

Feel free to say the name. Don't worry about it. You know what I mean?

Don't worry about it. And I look forward to you getting the W's that you want, coach. Well, Rich, we'll see in L.A. on the USC UCLA trip this January, February. You can count on that, sir.

Count on that. Good to chat with you. Last time I saw you, I was running to make a plane.

So I appreciate having more time with you. You're still very fleet footed, Rich. You said a poetic part in college.

Did you hear that? I'm fleet footed. Excuse me, men stick together. This is a man who knows what high profile athletes look like.

OK, that's a fact. He understands what five star athletes look like. Seriously, how quick was my first step away from that security area, coach? Very elusive. Very agile. Gone.

I mean, there were steps to negotiate to use an escalator moving steps. Rich, I got a question for coach real quick. You know, I ask all the Michigan hoopers this. Coach, I'm just wondering, are you guys going to bring the baggy shorts back? You know, I'm out of date on fashion, but apparently baggy, everything's coming back in.

So I think the baggy shorts within the next couple of years will be will be in the maize and blue. OK, there you go. I like that. Do you feel better for that? I do. OK, could you imagine how much faster if I was dressed in that instead of a suit when he when he saw me leaving the security?

I'm so fast, he wouldn't have seen you see you out the door. Coach, thanks for the time. Appreciate it.

Yeah, I appreciate it. You bet. That's Dusty May, head coach of Michigan basketball joining us here. And you're reading about private equity that's potentially coming to college athletics.

I read that story today in Yahoo. And I honestly I needed I needed at least three more read throughs to basically grasp what a lot of people were saying is the end of college athletics. That was the initial sense that the number of people that retweeted that story into my timeline. We might have to get on that a little bit more in our future shows just to dig in and what that all means. Yeah, because the league is talking today, the NFL is talking today about adding private equity into into into all that. Into teams. So I don't I don't know what this all means. Let's take a break when we come back here on the Rich Eisen show, the latest on Tom Brady's ability to become an owner in the NFL prior to him taking the booth for Fox and more of your phone calls. Eight, four, four, two or four, rich number. What's up, everyone?

It's reality. Steve, your number one source for all things bachelor nation and reality TV every day. I'm giving you the behind the scenes juice and your info on all your bachelor nation stories and also interviewing some of your favorite reality stars.

My name has been synonymous with spoilers, but I'm so much more than that. Give me a listen. The reality Steve podcast, part of the Believe Network.

Just search BL EAV on YouTube or wherever you listen. The first quarterback of my Michigan fandom, the coach of my team, the man who gave me the honor of representing the team as an honorary captain and a man who would tell me to attack each day with an enthusiasm unknown to the man. Common man. Yes, sir. Who's got it better than me? Jim Harbaugh's on the Rich Eisen show, aren't you there, Jim?

I'm here, Rich. Happy birthday. Monday 50th. Big five. Oh, wow. Awesome.

Big five. I was supposed to be at your surprise party. Saturday night.

I heard that story, but you got caught up with being a family man, which is. Yeah, I got my daughter's graduation party was that Saturday night. Her graduation was Thursday.

It's all good. Party was Saturday. So are you going to have more honorary captains? Are you still doing that?

Yeah, we're still doing that. We're going to honor the 69 team. OK, so that means Deardorff comes back. Deardorff says he'll be in the radio booth.

So tie law tie law is going into the Hall of Fame. Yes. If you need me to let them know how high the bar is set in terms of speechifying, just give them my number. I'll tell them that the how high the bar is set. Jim, you know, I mean, that's I will tell them that I will let them know. I'm going to let them know. That's how we do it. You know, listen, you're going to be honorary captain.

You got to talk to the team. Yes. You got to watch this.

You got to watch this clip from Rich Eisen. This is how it's done. This is how you do it. Hey, Jim, thanks for calling in. Really means a lot. You are you're you're one of my all time favorites for many, many reasons. So thanks for taking the time. You're enjoying your joy.

You're continuing 50. It doesn't sound like it's just one day. It sounds like it's a eyes and palooza. It shows up for weeks.

Eyes and palooza is still one of my favorite drops back on the Rich Eisen show. Get your game time app on a mobile device immediately. The basketball playoffs have reached the third round, the penultimate round. And any time like I'm watching one of these games, I'm thinking, how cool would it be to actually attend one of these games? Game time is an authorized ticket marketplace for basketball, which means getting playoff tickets even faster and easier because prices on the game time app actually go down the closer it gets to tip off. As a matter of fact, the prices go even more down if Brockman turns the game off.

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Terms apply. Visit for restrictions. Again, create an account, redeem the code, R-I-C-H. You get $20 off. Download game time today.

Last minute tickets, lowest price guaranteed. Eisenpalooza. I love it.

All right. Mitch in Dallas. Let's get him on the one right here. Mitch in Dallas.

It's line two. What's up, Mitch? What's going on in Dallas? Oh, you know, not too much.

Just hanging out here, waiting to get on and give you a little Tampa Bay update. Oh, really? Oh, okay. Because here I am thinking, okay, the Mavs and the Stars are each in the conference finals in their respective sports. And you're thinking Tampa Bay Buccaneers football.

Is that what you're saying right now in Dallas? Well, you know, you know, yeah, I'm kind of, I've become a big Baker Mayfield fan. Okay. I like it? I like it? I was a Browns fan my whole life.

And then once they did that fiasco of a thing, I got tired of their impatience and said, now I'm going to follow Bakers. Okay, very good. Look at you. Look at Mitch in Dallas coming into a correct with a Tampa Bay Buccaneers win loss. Here we go. Is this our first of this, Chris? No, someone did the Bucks yesterday. Okay. Commanders at home.

What do you have to start? I have them winning. I have them winning, beating Washington. At Detroit, week two. Yes, loss. Home for Denver. Win. Home for the Eagles. Win.

At the Falcons on a Thursday night. Loss. Three and two at the Saints. Win. Four and two home for the Ravens on a Monday night. Loss.

Four and three home for the Falcons. Win. Five and three at the Chiefs on a Monday night.

Loss. Five and four against the 49ers at home. Win. Six and four off the bye at the Giants. Win.

Seven and four at the Carolina Panthers. Win. Eight and four home for the Raiders.

Loss. Eight and five at the Chargers. Win. Nine and five at the Dallas Cowboys. Win. Ten and five against the Carolina Panthers. Win. Eleven and five home for the Saints. Loss. Eleven and six. Alright. Mitch and Dallas.

Who's a fan of Baker Mayfield. Thank you for the call Mitch and Dallas. Eleven and six.

Okay. Ironically, Mike in Florida yesterday did the Bucks. Had an exact eleven and six record.

Just like that gentleman. Is that the Mike in Florida that Susie was singing the praises of? When I arrived last night she said somebody had called in who was an all-star win-loss game player. Was that the one?

That might have been the dude who had the Eagles going 17-0. Wait a minute. Hold on a second. We had two Mike in Florida's back to back.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. We had Mike in Orlando and then we had Mike in Florida. So let me ask you this question. We had some good callers yesterday. Hold on a second. Somebody said the Eagles were going 17-0.

Ron in Los Angeles. Is that what Jake Topper did a couple years ago? He had that with 16-1.

No one's been that bold to run the table. 17-0. 17-0. Is that the only 17-0 we've had in the two-year history of the win-loss game? Yes. Yes.

I actually have done this more years than that. And he did it in a voice. He was almost like macho man. He was kind of doing a wrestling promo kind of. And then Mike in Florida who did the Bucks had them 11-6 and then had the exact same playoff scenario as this year. Beating the Cowboys at home, going to Detroit winning, going to San Francisco winning and then winning the Super Bowl.

Beating the Eagles at home. Speaking of Suze, she did the show expertly for two days and then once was done yesterday, recorded the latest edition of What the Football with Amy Trask. And Mike Torrico is the guest this week. They talk quite a bit about the future of the NFL and the future leadership and ownership. I guess looking over the steering wheel in a post-Jerry Jones, Bob Kraft dominated world.

Also, talking quite a bit about the future of private equity which was discussed today. And Amy being an expert in owner's meetings, dropped this gem when Suze brought up the question of Tom Brady's ownership play with the Raiders. And this is interesting in many ways because haven't you asked, we've had the conversation like how did Brady get connected to, of all teams, the Raiders? Yeah, absolutely.

Right? Like would you have chosen the Raiders to be a spot for him to join or be interested in joining? I don't either, yeah. Here was the exchange with Suze and Amy Trask in the latest episode of What the Football. How did Tom Brady come to be a part, do you believe, of the Raiders organization? Oh, through Jim Gray. Jim Gray facilitated the relationship between Tom Brady and Mark Davis.

I'm certain Mark knew Tom before then, but maybe facilitated is not the right word. He has joined the two of them or united them with both respect to the Aces and now potentially with respect to the Raiders. What a lot of people don't know is back while with the team, Al had me sell an interest in the team for him. And Jim approached us at the time and wanted to broker a deal for someone. And I had to explain to him why that was not going to be a match for the Raiders and it angered Jim a lot. He wanted to broker that deal. And now he has an opportunity to do that with respect to Tom and Mark. It's unbelievable.

It is. I mean, I'll tell you one thing I'm not doing as a broadcaster is brokering any deals of somebody to try and become an owner of a team in the NFL. You could though, probably.

Of course I could, please. But Amy says the individual from years ago was somebody that was in money management and is someone you wouldn't know. But, you know, I don't think Al was selling any paths to ownership to anybody years ago. And I don't know if that's part of what Brady is inquiring about because the details on all of this are kind of murky.

Roger Goodell at today's owner's meeting press conference said that there's still some issues to work through about Brady's path to having a piece of the Raiders. My colleague Tom Pelissero, who I believe was on Monday's show with you and Sue's, wearing a backwards cap, which was... Which is actually cool on our show. Other shows, not so much. No, no, no, no, no.

It's also for people who were follically challenged, completely counterproductive. What is he doing? What is he doing covering that up? Well, he pulled the hat off and the hair was still... I'm sure he had a bad hair day, so let me just throw on a backwards cap.

He was in a hotel, no product. He didn't want to... What a waste, Tom. But at any rate, be that as it may, the reason why I'm bringing up Tom is because he says part of the issue is Brady's broadcasting career, which by the way, Tariqo also hits on that with Suzy and Amy on the latest What the Football World podcast can be acquired, that in his endeavor with Fox Sports, he's going to have a lot of information on other teams that owners usually are not privy to. There's a lot of competitive questions here. So he's going to be able to what, do a Chargers game and then turn around and be an owner of one of the teams in the division?

It doesn't matter a division. It's just any other team one would think. It's proprietary potential information. And my push back to Tom was like, first off, we don't know how much Tom is acquiring of the Raiders, like one, two, three, like a very, very small percentage.

So he's going to do these meetings and then call Antonio Pierce and be like, hey, here's what I saw. They got a trick play in the third quarter. Like, really? I don't know.

I don't think so. I mean, that is let's put it this way. I think Brady can be completely professional and silo these things in the same way that, you know, there's a Jets Vikings game in London. If I'm so blessed to call it another London game for NFL Network this year, and I believe that's in my future, I can be absolutely professional when it comes to offense.

Tony Romo and Troy Aikman call Washington games and Eagles games. Exactly. They're still tight with Jerry Jones. So I believe it. But I'm also not a member owner of the National Football League where things can kind of make you a little paranoid and crazy and nutty.

And it's also your for many respects, for people who are generationally wealthy, the thing they care about the most of their businesses. And if somebody has a potential in with another team or whatever, I mean, Brady might run into that, too, where he's going to a meeting and we're like, yeah, we're just, Tom, we can't tell you because we're taking on the Raiders in a couple of weeks. And he might sit there and go, really get out of here. And they might be like, yeah, I can't. Because their owner is telling them that's crazy. And you might think it's crazy, but I've heard crazier things.

Things you know, you can start thinking sideways when you're in the NFL. Like you tell me, take off the tinfoil hat, people. Come on. I'm just telling you. I'm not saying that to you. I'm saying it to these owners. Like, really? Be real. I don't know if that we are totally speculating as to why this is a deal that needs to be worked on longer, because he's definitely the only minority person seeking minority ownership of an NFL team who, A, has 10 Super Bowl appearances, seven rings, and B has a job to do with another broadcast, a broadcast partner of the NFL where he gets access to all 32 teams. It's never been done before.

Speaking of what's never been done before, it's a conversation like that to the win-loss game. Oh, by the way, What the Football, again, with Susie and Amy, where all podcasts can be acquired. Check it out.

Great episode. Just fresh in your RSS feed today or last night. Tony in Altoona, Pennsylvania. Let's get this in here. I don't have a Miami Dolphin one. Did anybody do Miami Dolphins over the last couple of days? Here we go. What's up, Tony?

How are you? Altoona PA for the Dolphins? Oh, yeah. Is that what you got? Well, I'm a Dolphins fan from Jet Country. From Jet Country?

Living in central PA? Is that what's happening? Yeah. I got banished here.

Okay. Got banished. You got banished. Wait a minute. We talking playoffs?

Did you get relocated? What happened? Okay. Here we go. Let me tell you this.

I also went to UB and I saw the Bills lose four Super Bowls. Okay. Wow. Let's get to it because we've got a hard out coming here. We're going to whip through it. Tony in Altoona, PA. Home for the Jaguars. When? Then you're home for the Bills on a Thursday night. When? At the Seahawks.

Lost. Dolphins home for the Titans on a Monday night. When? Three and one at the Patriots. When? Four and one off the bye at the Colts. When? Five and one home for the Cardinals.

When? Six and one at the Bills. I'll give it a loss. Six and two at the Rams on a Monday night. At the Rams?

I'll give it a loss. Six and three home for the Raiders. When? Seven and three home for the Patriots.

When? One, two, three, four. Eight and three at the Packers on a Thanksgiving night. Lost. Eight and four home for the Jets.

When? At the Houston Texans. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Nine and four home for the Texans. I'll take a win now.

At the Texans. Pardon me. Did I change your thing? No.

All right. Ten wins home for the 49ers. Lost. At the Cleveland Browns. When? And then at the New York Jets. When?

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, and five. Tony, will you do me a favor today? Yeah. Will you go to Texas Hot Dogs and just get a hot dog and just think of me? And that'll just make me happy because it's my favorite thing to have in Altoona.

If I could pull out three dollars for it, I will. Thank you for having me in action. And that's what we call a walk-off mic drop. Thanks to Dusty May, Chris Mannix, and also right here on the show, a great chat with Xander Schauffele.

We're back to wrap things up in a sec. John brings his skewed sense of humor. Jeff brings tips to cut strokes off your next round. Together, it's those weekend golf guys.

They'll pay a lot of money to PXG and Tylus and Callaway and on and on and on. How many yards do you think you're going to pick up with that extra driver? I think I can get an extra five to ten. What if I give you fifteen to twenty?

You can pay me more. Jeff Smith teaches on a sliding scale. Those weekend golf guys. The podcast. Part of the Believe Network. Just search BLEAV on YouTube or wherever you listen.
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