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We're seeing a changing of the guard in the NBA

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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May 20, 2024 3:31 pm

We're seeing a changing of the guard in the NBA

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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May 20, 2024 3:31 pm

5/20/24 - Hour 3

Guest host Suzy Shuster and the guys react to the Indiana Pacers ousting the injury-depleted Knicks to advance to the East Finals to face the Boston Celtics.

In ‘Overreaction Monday’ guest host Suzy Shuster weighs in on the Steelers, the New England Patriots, the Denver Nuggets & Minnesota Timberwolves Game 7, the Knicks, Pacers, Celtics, and Caitlin Clark’s shaky start to her WNBA career.

Brockman, Suzy and TJ play the “Win/Loss Game” with Lions, Cardinals, Steelers, Dolphins and Bills fans.

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Eastern Conference Final begins Wednesday. The Rich Eisen Show. Earlier on the show, NFL Network insider Tom Pellicero.

Still to come, your phone calls, latest news and more. And now, sitting in for Rich, it's Suzy Schuster. Suzy Schuster here with you on The Rich Eisen Show. Thrilled to be with you.

I cannot believe it's already the third hour for wherever you're taking in this show, whether it's Roku or it's on the radio, if it's on a podcast, if it's on any app whatsoever, however you get it, thank you for getting it. Thrilled to be here with you with T.J. Jefferson, our color commentator here on The Rich Eisen Show. Good morning, sir. Thirteen years ago today, the great Macho Man Randy Savage passed away, so I just have to give him a shout out. So you're showing respect today. Good to see you, T.J. Jay Felley, always happy to have you here with us. In for Mike DelTufo. Happy to be here.

Oh, it's a pleasure. Christopher Brockman, how are you, sir? Hello.

He's got the mung, he's back from a golf trip. Is your name Suzanne? No. Susan? It's not? It's Susan? Is it just Susie? It's Susan Elizabeth.

Okay. Don't call me Susan. I don't think I knew that. Don't call me Susan. It's an awful name.

Really? Not a fan. Are you named after someone like Lucci or something? Are you named after someone? I mean, since you asked, the story I was told was that my mother was going to name me Elizabeth Lauren, and then when she was passed out after having given birth to me, my dad wrote Susan Elizabeth.

No way. That's a window into my parents' marriage. Your dad just came up with Susan on his own.

That's what my mother says, and my dad's not here, so I can't ask him. How about that? Hi, everybody. Aren't you so glad that you're taking in this occasion?

That's unbelievable. I mean, I've known you for a long time. I've never even asked you.

I know. You never asked me. I never asked. And now you did. I never thought to.

I just came out. Yeah, Susan. I'm not a Susan. I'm not really a Susie.

It's very cheerful. Most people call me Suze with a Z. Like Mike Tirico, the guest on What the Football Tomorrow with Amy Trask and myself.

If Tom Palacero can give a plug, I can give a plug. Mike Tirico joins us tomorrow on What the Football, and he only calls me Suze. Also said it was very disconcerting to throw to me in the field, because Suzy Schuster can be somewhat of a tongue-twistery kind of name. So he'd always say, let's go to Suze, Suze. Very funny. Suze?

Suze is very cheerful. I can't. I can't see Susan. Were you a Susan growing up in elementary school? Never. Never. I was always Suze.

Really? My mother didn't like the name Susan. So why didn't they just call you Liz or Elizabeth or something? I don't think I'm an Elizabeth either. Or Beth. No, Beth, definitely not. Fighting words.

Not happening. I mean, but when you're five, little Lizzie Schuster, you know what I mean? No, I think Suzy Schuster's a great name. I'm not saying it's not a great name.

Why would they change it? No, but I'm saying if you didn't like Susan, you could have went by your middle name. Listen, this is really cute, but I don't want to talk about, I want to talk about sports here, Chris. I mean, maybe you want to go do like a variety show here. I think this is a window into your soul. I mean, there's a couch over here. Would you like to lie down? I have a shrink. We can break this down.

I have a shrink. You're the one who clearly needs it when it comes to my name. I'm on no sleep. Hey, Chris, listen, I know you want to talk about girly stuff, but I'm here to talk about sports, all right? And Feli wants to talk about the pink fountain behind you. I'm mesmerized by it. Hey, guys, did you know that yesterday was the first ever single day with multiple Game 7s won by road teams? I'm here to tell you that.

Now I'm talking about girly things like my name. Which one was more surprising, the road team winning a Game 7 yesterday? That sounds like a what's more likely, actually.

I'm just kind of an either or. What surprised you the most? Oh, I thought that definitely the Timberwolves over the Nuggets, don't you think? Pacers over the Knicks. Let's talk about Tyrese Halliburton for a second, guys. Let's just talk about him cruising in with the choke sweatshirt on in 1994.

That's so baller. We all remember that, right? Wasn't it like, did he score like eight points? Reggie Miller scored eight points in nine seconds. I think it was eight in like 18 seconds. No, I think it was like eight and nine seconds. And then he came across with a choke and he gave a little bit of lip to Spike Lee. He did shove Anthony Mason in the back.

He may have. I think that should be pointed out. They did go on to lose to the Magic back then. But what have we to talk about other side from the fact that we had these Game 7 wins on the road? The Pacers over the Knicks 130 to 109. Jalen Brunson going out in the third quarter with a broken hand and the shot of his dad on the bench just looking absolutely miserable as he realizes that the Knicks chances to do the impossible. We're going to go into the toilette there with a broken hand in the third quarter and teach what were your thoughts when you were watching that game? That if the Knicks could have avoided the injury bug, if Julius Randle had been there, if Bob Donovitch, if you had a healthy OG who OG came out in five minutes had tried to play last. I thought it was OG Reed without OG Willis Reed. I can't help but think that if this Knicks team was healthy, this could probably have been a different story.

But on the same hand, a friend and I were talking about this. If Randall was healthy, if these guys were healthy, do you get playoff Jalen Brunson? Do you get these 40-point games? Do you get this Magic from him if Randall's there?

Probably not. So the Knicks did as well as they could do with the players and with what they had. They were so hurt and were missing so many key contributors that I'm amazed that they got as far as they did. And they should be very proud of themselves. Knicks fans should be happy because they stepped up and they exceeded our expectations.

Completely overachieved given the circumstances. Jalen Brunson is now a superstar and casuals now know who he is, appreciate him, and he's probably their favorite player, not on their favorite team. This guy has become a superstar in this league thanks to this run. Biggie was the king of New York and now I think Jalen Brunson is the king of New York.

King of New York, king of the fourth. The guy has been incredible. It's too bad. You never want to see a player have their season end like that with injury. He wouldn't have played against Boston in the next round.

They would have probably got blasted. Blown out. Let's take a second to listen to Brunson after the game last week.

He's been great. Would you look at this season as a success given what you guys had to go through and wear it on the day? No.

Why do you feel that way and how would you evaluate the year? Did we win the championship? Did we get close? Somewhat.

So, no. That's just, that's my mindset. That's just how it is. And as for the Pacers, I mean, they lost the first two and then rolled. And the question is like, obviously, you can't, once a star player goes out, everything shifts. But Tyrese Halliburton started the game four threes in the first quarter, 27 points on 10 of 17. And he did bark around that court to everyone, including Dante DiVincenzo. I mean, he had a, he was yapping. And he was feeling it. And oh, by the way, I mean, game one, Tuesday night in Boston.

Let's go. A lot of rest for the Celtics. I would imagine they're going to come out rusty because, you know, as Vincent Goodwill said earlier in the show, and as we've seen the last few seasons with this team, they do dumb stuff and just give away games.

And they're not a good home team in the playoffs the last few years. So I got to think Indiana is going to steal one of these in Boston. You know they had to. Game one or two. They're going to.

They're going to. And Rick Carlisle talks about it after the game. I mean, to win in Madison Square Garden, to win the win that they did.

That's epic. To win a game seven on the road. Let's roll the sound and hear from him right now. We played a great game tonight. But whatever we threw at them, they just, they kept coming.

They kept coming. The crowd was unbelievable. And, you know, I just told our team when you win a game seven in Madison Square Garden, you've made history.

It's very, very difficult to do. This is this is the most raucous crowd. No doubt. In the NBA that I've seen.

And we're going to Boston and Boston's up there, too. But, you know, these fans are are just unbelievable. Unbelievable. They were they were just like single handedly. All 19000 of them trying to will the Knicks back into the game in the third quarter. And, you know, and our guys held the line. You know, they were defiant about holding the line. And we found a way to to to go ahead and win the third quarter. And then I think we won the fourth quarter as well. Yeah, the Pacers just put on a shooting clinic, one of the greatest shooting halves in the 77 year history of the NBA, beating out that of the San Antonio Spurs in 2014.

And the question is, what will happen when they go to Boston to that raucous crowd in Boston? You know, this is just kind of off the beaten path because I want to say this earlier. I said this about three weeks ago, and I think I really mean it when it comes to looking ahead to the Olympics, which I know we're on the finals here.

But I'm going to say it again. Jalen Brunson has played long enough. I feel he deserves to be on this Olympic basketball team, and I am voluntarily wanting to remove my guys and beat and Kawhi off of the team, because if you're not healthy enough to make it through the playoffs, if I'm owner of the Sixers and the Clippers, I don't want these guys who can't finish the season to then go to Paris this summer and play.

I don't want them on the team. If you're a Knicks fan, you want Jalen Brunson to rest that hand. Yeah, you know, this guy's already played enough.

He's played 45 minutes every game in the playoffs. In a few weeks, he's got a hurt foot and a broken hand and you want him to play in the Olympics? Yeah, because I feel he's earned that right.

Because you're a Sixers fan and you want him to keep playing? There's something to be said, TJ. I'm a guy who looks at Jalen Brunson and go, here's a guy who's not blessed with out of this world athleticism, not blessed with out of this world height. There's nothing specifically like looking at him, making you go, that guy's a top athlete. This guy has earned the right. His hand will be held by the Olympics. I just feel like he's earned the right to be on that team now.

There's something to be said for performance based appropriation to go to the Olympics. Like you have to get to the next level. And if I'm Steve Ballmer, I am putting Kawhi Leonard in that Han Solo like freezing the Java put him in because I don't want that guy moving.

I want carbonite. I don't want to upset the Star Wars fans. Don't egg them on because they'll come after us. But yeah, I mean, there's something to be said.

I'm a genius. I don't want them. They can't get through the playoffs because they're hurt.

Like keep resting. Let's put a healthier person in there who's proven that he deserves the right to be on that team. You know, no hate to those two.

Those are my two favorite players. But like, let's just be honest. He obviously deserves it. But I mean, if you're a Knicks fan, like this guy needs to chill for a few months. Yeah.

Put him on ice, let him rest and then come back and become the superstar that he is absolutely destined to be. Eight four four two oh four. Rich is the number to call. I keep my word. I keep my promises. The phone lines are lit. Every single one of these win loss will be read out and challenged and we will chew them up and it's going to be great.

So don't go anywhere if you're on the phone lines. But first, Chris Brockman, fresh off of his celebrity golf outing on the weekend, is here with what's more likely. Play my music. Oh, overreaction Monday. Wrong one. OK, let me just. Come on. You weren't even paying attention.

This place sucks. Overreaction Mondays. Monday.

I was pulling up my topics. What day is it? Monday. What's more likely Friday?

Hot mess Monday. That I wrote for you last week. Did those come out well? Oh, by the way, those are really good. How'd those do?

They were great. You did a great job. I tried to do a few to upset Rich. By the way, every time worked, every time I read was a few. Every time I read one, he would say something like, oh, he's always got to twist.

That's a that's a proper twist. What does he want me to do? Take it easy. Do they forget what the name of the it's overreaction? Someone in the comments is like, you know, I'm just an instigator. I'm like, yeah, what is the point?

I can feel it. What's right. What's up, guys?

Monday. I did that, by the way. Yes.

Hi, everyone. And that was just like, did he tell you to do that? Right.

That in there or you just do it? I did not write say hi to everyone in parentheses. You know, you know, look, shout out to the tubers. What do we got?

OK, here we go. Did you guys see this? The Steelers, a couple football and then a bunch of hodgepodge. The Steelers don't play a division game in the first 11 weeks.

Did you see that kind of thing by the bad news? This is going to be the first year that Mike Tomlinson, Mike Tomlinson, I just made him with Daniel's dad, that Mike Tomlinson. Man, I am so tired.

Mike Tomlin finishes with a sub 500 record. Hey, look at the schedule we have. We have an alignment. Did you laminate these at home or did you go get them done?

I went to Kinko. But doesn't it make sense? I mean, the Steelers kind of took it in the schedule. They kind of took it. They played Baltimore week 11. That's their first division game.

Baltimore at Cleveland, at Cincinnati, Cleveland at home. Then they play the Eagles and the Chiefs are in there and then Baltimore, Cincinnati. They're going to go over to win unless they're 10 and 0 going into going. Well, they're going to be nine and 0 because they have a bye week nine. Unless they're nine and 0 going into week 11. How do they finish with a winning record this year? Week 17 is Christmas, right? I think they're going to be really beat up that last stretch. Okay, to end the season at Philadelphia, at Baltimore, the short week Kansas City Christmas and then home for Cincinnati?

At least they might get Taylor Swift for Christmas. That's all I'm saying. That's 0 and 4. They're going to split Cleveland. Yo, they're going to finish the year like one and six. I'm going to write that down.

I don't see it. I think this is the year. Also, talk about all the quarterback issues. I mean, Russ better start out hot. At Atlanta, at Denny, three of the first four on the road.

They better start out hot or it's going to be field's time. So that is not at all an overreaction. Thank you.

Alright. Good job. Alright, did you see Michael Rubin? This guy is killing it, right? The fanatics dude. He used to own TJ's favorite teams. He posted on his Instagram that Tom Brady was there meeting with a bunch of these NFL rookies.

Have you seen these? Guess what? You know what it was? It was an official passing of the torch. Brady has officially passed it off to Drake May. Multiple Super Bowls incoming for New England.

Look at this. By the way, is Drake May taller than Tom Brady? I mean, they look alike. You can be Brady's youngest son.

I mean, that's true. Multiple Super Bowls. Multiple incoming. They're meeting with everybody. Jaden Daniels was there.

Brock Bowers, Malik Nabors, Caleb. Look at this photo. By the way, Drake May and I have something in common. When we're in a big group of people, we stand on our tiptoes to take photos. Is he honest?

Let me see. If you zoom in on his feet, he's on his tiptoes in the back. Bo Nix was there, Jay-Z, and Michael Ruhan. Multiple Super Bowls. Do you think Drake May wins multiple Super Bowls? TJ, how about this one? Who finishes their career with more rings? Drake May or Dak Prescott? Ooh, that's so mean, TJ.

Don't let him talk to you that way. Let's see, Drake May is going to have zero Super Bowls, so it all depends on what Dak does. I think Drake May has more Super Bowls than Dak Prescott. Is that fair? I think I take that.

Thank you, Suzanne. Well, probably because at some point, the Patriots won't re-sign him. He'll go to another team, he'll be a backup, and then he'll win a Super Bowl on some other team. Overreaction or not overreaction? Multiple for Drake May. That's an overreaction. I'm going to say, Chris, I'm going to say you are overreacting just a little bit. I think your Patriots fandom is kind of showing. That got me so hype. I understand that. I was kind of off my phone this weekend, but I was like, oh, I have a second. Let me go. I was playing golf.

I was playing great golf. And I was like, oh, Tom Brady and Drake May? This is unbelievable. Look at this photo. I've been hyped for a few decades now. Look at this photo.

It looks like a Hanes commercial, doesn't it? Good call. Really good call. You had your run. It's now over. No, here's the deal. No, no.

Here's the deal. You guys had your chance. You had this post-Brady window to win your rings.

You blew it because that's what the Cowboys do. And now we're back. Once Drake May becomes a starter, look out. All right, calm down over here.

Sorry, sorry. We're back in like two years. I'm excited. We're back in two years. I'm excited. This is not Blenzo getting her and suddenly it's Tom Brady coming in and Chris Slade and William McGinnis are the line backing core. We're not quite there yet. Chris Slade, good one.

You're welcome. Shout out Ben Coats. I mean, are you trying to say the Patriots are winning a Super Bowl in two years? Is that what I'm getting out of you two? I think we start building in two years. No, I mean we're back.

This is not no reaction. I think in two years we're back. Like I said, 24 is going to stink. Let's go three and 14. 25, we're back. Okay. All right, here we go. Talking about Jalen Brunson, here is what we're talking about.

You know what I think? Well, they played so many minutes. Everybody on their team got hurt. By the way, if they made it to the Eastern Finals, you were going to get minutes. The Knicks should think about moving on from Tibbs after the exhausting playoff run. What are they, the Lakers? His style, unsustainable for this team. What are they, the Lakers? They're going to just start changing coaches every year?

Too many minutes. Guys are getting worn out and run down. He built them up.

Now, let somebody else come in and take them to the promised land. Okay, so Jokic was gassed. Are we going to replace their coach?

No, they won a championship. What has Tibbs won? Tibbs is building. He's building.

Building what? He's building a franchise. Infirmary with all these guys getting banged up? If a guy is that gassed under 30, just make him run more. I need more conditioning. You need to run more?

I want more conditioning. Can you tell that to Coop? Coop, you just see me. Coop, I know you're tired and your neck hurts. Just run more.

By the way, by the way, I make these girls do suicides and they run laps and every time there's a long gag rainbow pass, I make them run laps. Conditioning, let's go Tibbs. He's not going anywhere. Don't be insane.

That's dumb. That's overreaction. Nick should think about it. All right, how about this one? TJ, I think you're going to like this one.

The Pacers are going to push the Celtics to seven games in the Eastern Conference Finals. I think that's a proper reaction. No? Benny Goodwill basically told us that it was going to be a gentleman's sweep. I don't know if I agree with that though. Is Porzingis playing? Nah, he's not going to play for at least the first two, three games maybe. I don't know. We haven't really heard an update on him. He has said personally that he's trending.

He keeps posting that rising emoji. Just a legitimate question, how then do you match up with Siakam and Turner then? Got a big guard. Tatum 610. Al Horford has played out of his mind last series.

That is true. Al Horford, let me tell you, I thought it was over with him when he was a sixer. OKC and the Sixers. When he went to the Sixers, I was like, OK, Al Horford's retiring and then it's just like, this guy has found some type of foul in the view. He's made some type of deal with some entity. Yeah, it wouldn't surprise me because the Pacers are hot right now.

And they're I have to believe they have a real belief in themselves that they can go ahead and do this. So why not? I, I could see both of these series go in this. Woj is saying Porzingis expected to miss games one and two. OK, so we'll check back in week three. Well, which series more likely to go seven? Pacers, Celtics, Mavs, Wolves, Western Conference Finals, probably more likely to ask me right now. I'd say that's more likely. All right. How about this one? The Nuggets. Stop saying what's more likely, because that's what I know.

Well, we can't say what's more likely. I'm like throwing them right in there. It's Monday. It's Monday. Susie, we got you. Stay with me.

Are you saying that to me? Oh, my God. Really? Stay with me. We'll see.

The name of this bit is overreaction Monday. I know. Here's the deal, TJ. The Nuggets championship window just closed after blowing the 20 point lead in game seven. I'd say definitely not. It's over.

No. They had their shot. They had the best team all year. They had the chance to repeat.

They blew it. The West. The West is too good. We've seen what's coming with Minnesota. They're early. So that means they're here now, like Dion. We coming?

Uh-uh. We're here, right? Dallas. They're now here.

K.C. is here. They are here.

Think about the other teams. Phoenix. What are they going to do? Sacramento. They were just there. Lakers. They're coming. Clippers. They're coming. Nuggets had their chance.

Window closed. I think that is an overreaction because as long as Joker's still there and as long as Jamal Murray, who didn't play great in this last series until the last game, you just need to get one more piece in there. You know, it was it had been if Aaron Gordon is on, then you didn't need Porter or maybe Porter's on if Gordon's off, but you just get one more piece and I don't think they need a superstar. They just need a player to come in there consistently. Give them, you know, 15 points a game. I think the Nuggets are going to be right there again in the next few years.

They're too good. I also think that the Timberwolves were too good of a matchup for the Nuggets. They're 0 and 11 when held under 100 points this season, by the way, five of them against the Timberwolves. Great stat. I just think that it was a really tough matchup for them that Jokic needs to go sleep and rest for about three weeks and then they add a couple of players going home and yeah.

And then I think they're back next year. It's overreaction. All right.

Last one. I do think one thing I do think we are seeing a changing of the guards to some degree. We're seeing like Shea Gilges Alexander, a lot of young guys, young guys, Anthony Edwards.

I do think there's something exciting happening in the air out there. The judges are getting past overreaction Monday. Let's finish.

Let's finish. Hey, oh, and three lot of turnovers per game so far in her WNBA debut. Kaitlin Clark is not going to win Rookie of the Year in the WNBA.

Overwhelming favorite when the season started. We saw what she did to end her college career. But you know what?

It's a struggle. This is the list of big leagues, TJ. Not going to win Rookie of the Year. Kaitlin Clark, it truly is the big leagues. And, you know, a lot of people are kind of it seems like a lot of people on social media, which is a horrible gauge, really, of anything, a lot of people are kind of piling on right now because she didn't start off so great. But look, these are the top female basketball players in the world. You know, they're bigger, they're stronger, they're more physical. She went to a team who had the first draft pick, which meant that they weren't very good last year.

But they did have the Rookie of the Year in the League of Boston. So look, man, like I said last week, you weren't here. Get her while you can. All right. Because I feel like she'll figure it out.

It's going to be a learning process like anything else. These women are coming for her. Let's just be very honest about that. When you have that much attention coming on you like her and Angel Reese do, these other players are going to be a little hyped up to come and get you in and kind of welcome you to the big leagues. So we won't win the WNBA Rookie of the Year. Oh, man, I don't know if you know what?

I don't know. It's only been a week. I'm going to say that's an overreaction.

How about this? I don't care if she wins it or she doesn't win it. That she is there is why we are here. And I know and I appreciate Sue Bird was on the show.

I believe it was Friday when you were not here. And I appreciate the fact that there are legions of hardcore women before her. But guess what? There are that many more now that she is there. And she went to the Fever for a reason because they were terrible.

So I just go to the best team. So let the girl bring it out. But see, Susie, there is no backing off because now she is to some the face of the league and she has had all of this. Oh, there's going to there's going to be a Kaitlin Carr fatigue soon, I'm sure there may very well be. But I'll tell you this right now, a 10 year old at home said to me, why are they on her case all the time?

I just started with the team and you need chemistry for a basketball team, mom. That's a great point. You are right, Taylor Eisen.

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Just call click Grainger dot com or stop by. All right, as promised, let's get back to win-loss, because as Chris said, we could do this all day. We really could. And by the way, it's fantastic fun. I love it. It's fun every time, especially when we see- It's great.

When we screw up reading it. All right, Randy in Sarasota, Florida, the Lions win-loss game. You are up, my friend. How are you, sir?

Randy. I'm doing well. How are you? I'm great. Thanks. Let's have- Do you mind if I say something and ask you a question before we get involved?

Sure. I just wanted to say, Chris, I love you. T.J., I love you. Thanks, brother. I love the show.

I try to watch it on a regular basis. And then my question is, whose number was on the baseball? Randy, you jumped the gun.

That was going to be something I was working on for tomorrow. Randy. Bro, I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to cut you off, but I need to know. Randy, it was a good one. And Rich was beside himself. Oh, he was so mad. He was so upset. I think he's still mad to this day. We were just friends then. I don't think we were dating it.

Whose number was on the baseball? Well, you'll have to- Anyways. You'll have to call in tomorrow for that one.

Tune in tomorrow, Randy. No, it's okay. If you're not okay with saying it, that's fine. Let's move on.

Do I do it? No. Let me start off by saying we're beating the Rams at home. Whoa.

Whoa. We're going to start 1-0, and then now it's your turn. You want Chris to do it? T.J. or me? Randy.

All right. To be perfectly honest with you, it doesn't really matter who does it. I love T.J., I love Chris, I love you.

But it really doesn't matter. T.J. You're up. Go.

This guy just wants to rattle off lines. Let's go. All right. Well, I wasn't prepared obviously. Detroit.

I'll do this one. So it's 17-0, man. Okay, so we already started with 1-0. Randy, we got the Rams- We're starting 1-0 for sure. We're beating the Rams at home.

I don't know. No doubt about it. 16-0, man. All right, so then we got they're on the road against the Bucks. That's another dub. All right.

So now we have at the Cardinals. Oh, come on. Yeah.

That's an easy dub. And I read that wrong there at home against Tampa Bay. So you got them 3-0 right now? All right.

At home against the Seahawks. Okay, T.J., do you disagree with me, though? Like, where are we at? You know what I mean?

No. I'm just making sure I got it right. Randy, rattle it off. Let's go.

Rapid fire. Just make sure I got it right, Randy. All right. So week four, Monday night against Seattle.

What you got, bro? I'm scared of that game because Seattle always beats us for some reason, so I'm gonna call that a no. Oh, right. You got a week five by.

That's nice. Now, week six. Now, tread lightly here, Randy, because you're at the Dallas Cowboys, and you're 4-1. Yeah, I don't like that one either. I think that's an L, but I think it's gonna be because of the refs. Wait a second. You think it's what? No, it's an L, but it's because of the refs.

It's not because we're not a better team. All right. So you're taking the L on week six, right? I'm taking the L. All right.

You're at Minnesota. That's an easy dub. Even if it's JJ McCarthy, I love that, man, because I'm a Michigan fan, but that's a dub. All right. Week eight, we have you versus the Tennessee Titans.

That's an easy dub. All right. Week nine, at the Cheeseheads. At Green Bay, shoot, I don't like at Green Bay, so I'm gonna give us an L there. Ooh. Okay.

That makes sense. It's a rivalry game, right? You're 5-3 heading into week 10.

I'm not digging it. 5-3. Now you're traveling. You're on the road.

You've got CJ Stroud and the Texans. Yeah. That's gonna be back-to-back Ls. Wow. Okay. 5-4. Week 11 versus the Jacksonville Jaguars.

That should be a dub. All right. So that's gonna put you at 6-4. Week 12, you're at the Colts. That should be a dub. All right. 7-4.

Week 13. Dubbins. Not scared of Chicago.

That should be a dub. Oh, so you're saying Thanksgiving you're gonna eat is what you're saying. Well, I plan to. On both fronts. Week 14, you've got the Cheeseheads again.

What you got? You're 8-4. Well, we gotta win that one since we lost on the road.

All right. So you're 9-4. Now you've got the Buffalo Bills in week 15.

I'm thinking that could be... That's a 50-50 game, but I'm gonna call it an L. Okay. 9-5. Week 16, you're at Chicago. Dubb.

All right. 10-5. Week 17, you're at the 49ers on Monday night. Revenge game. We played a terrible second half in the conference championship. We're beating them this time.

All right. Now you're gonna wrap it up. Week 18 versus J.J. McCarthy and the Vikings.

No, we put them to sleep. So Randy, you have the Detroit Lions with a record of 12-5. 12-5. 12-5 should be the move.

Same as last year. And to be honest with you, it might even be a little better than that. Okay. I was trying to be unbiased. I like your style. I like your style. All right, man. Randy, thanks again for your time. Really appreciate the call. Thanks for holding on. I appreciate you guys, and I love your show.

Thanks for that. We really appreciate it. All right. We got to get everybody in here. We got to go faster. Okay. We want to get everybody in.

Jumping Jimmy and St. Louis Cardinals win-loss. Let's go. Hey. How you doing, guys? How are you? What's up, bro? Oh, fantastic.

Thanks for having me. Absolutely. Let's do this. Week 1 at Buffalo.

That's an easy one. That's gonna be Arizona. Week 2 at the Rams at home.

We are going Arizona. Win. Week 3, Detroit. Close game. It's gonna be a loss. Week 4, Washington. It's gonna be a win. Week 5 at San Francisco. Here we go. It's gonna be a loss.

Okay. Week 6 at Green Bay. We are gonna lose that one again.

All right. Chargers. Week 7. Another loss. At Miami. Week 8. We are gonna rely on good coaching. Turn it around.

Find the momentum. And we're gonna win that one. Wow. Optimism in week 8. Pew, pew, pew, pew.

Week 9, Chicago. Oof. Oh, that's easy.

We avoided drafting. Kayla Williams got herself a new coin. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh.

Oh. Kayla Williams got herself a new wide receiver who's gonna light it up. And we avoided the biggest bust in NFL history.

And we are now gonna win against Chicago. Wow. Wow. Overreaction Monday indeed.

Hold on a second. Biggest bust. Week 10, New York Jets. Hopefully the game I can go to. I've never been to a Cardinals home game. I've been a fan back in St. Louis since the 70s. And I wanna hopefully bump into Rich there and really console him when they lose that game.

I like it. Week 11 by week 12 at Seattle. We're gonna win that one again and now you have the national media talking about the Cardinals. 4-0.

Jonathan Gannon. Week 13 at Minnesota. Close game, but we are gonna lose that one. Week 14, Seattle.

Great, great competition. Those guys always play tough. We're gonna pull that one out. Week 15, New England. We will win that one.

Yeah, I know. Week 16 at Carolina. We are going to lose that game. Week 17 at the Rams. Unfortunately and at the loss. Yeah, week 18, San Francisco.

We will win as they are resting players. Wow. Jimmy, nice job. What you got, Chris? 10 and 7.

All right. Yeah, and we will not make the playoffs because we're the Cardinals. 10 and 7 misses playoffs. Take care, TJ. Love ya. My man Jimmy. Thank you, Jimmy. 10 and 7 misses the playoffs and Jimmy has that really hot take about Caleb Williams.

Really hot take. I'm telling the biggest bust. Biggest bust in NFL history. Avoiding drafting.

That was incredible. History, Chris? Biggest bust in NFL history. Like the history of the NFL? I mean, I think Steve Empthman, I think, would like a word.

Apparently it's overreaction Monday. Weil, like Lyle, let's see, in Pennsylvania Steelers. We already do Steelers? No. Okay, let's do it.

Oh, this is a good one. How are ya? Where in Pennsylvania are you, Weil?

I'm sorry? Where in Pennsylvania are you? Well, I lived in Pittsburgh for about 30 years and I went out to California and now I'm back in Allentown, PA. Oh, man. Because we're with that. Because we're with that. They're closing all the factories down. Because we're living there in Allentown.

They're living here in Allentown. Yeah. Let's do it.

Everybody must do that to you. Steelers. All right, week one. Yeah, everybody. Yeah, I like your name. Sues. Stick with Sues. Stick with Sues, right? Thank you, friends.

Stick with Sues. At Atlanta, week one. When?

Now I just want to say something. Steelers, I got to say, may have the toughest schedule this year. Yeah.

That's true. That's the toughest schedule this year. Steelers and Patriots have the toughest. Wait. Who's the quarterback? Is it Russ still? Russ Wilson. And I'll tell you after I'm done with my prediction what the headline is going to be for next year. Great.

I like it. Yeah, for the NFL. At Denver, week two.

Let's go. When? Chargers. Week three. When? At Indy, week four. Here we go. When?

Uh-oh. Dallas, week five. Ross. At the Raiders, week six. The Raiders. When? New York Jets, week seven. They're going to crush them. Six. I like it.

Six and one. Giants, week eight. When? By week nine. Week 10. At Washington. When? Baltimore, week 12.

Eight and one. Week 11. Ross. At Cleveland, week 12. It's going to be a tough one. I'll say it with a win. At Cincinnati, week 13. Ross. Cleveland, week 14. It's a home game win. At Philly, week 15.

Ross. At Baltimore, week 16. When?

KC on Christmas. Oh, no. I'm reading the wrong one. Hold on.

At Chicago. No, am I? No, you're right. You're right. No, you're right. You're right. You're right.

You're right. KC at Christmas. KC Christmas. This is tough. Ross. Cincinnati, week 18.

When? Chris, what you got? 12 and five? There's a lot of 12 and five predictions.

12 and five. Are we talking about Russ MVP? Is that what we're talking about?

So here's what I'm saying. Russ is going to win the Super Bowl this year. Steelers will win the Super Bowl. And the headline's going to be the Steelers pick up a quarterback for a million dollars while the other two teams pay over a hundred million dollars and neither one of them fits in the Super Bowl ever.

Russ was a bad team last year, a bad coach. And he's not done. He's the...

I was praying we would pick him up. With the right talent on offense and he gets the offensive line, the equipment building, the Steelers will make a Super Bowl this year, my prediction. And then again, headline will be for a million dollar quarterback. That's it.

Not a hundred million, a million dollar quarterback. Black and gold. Here we go. Black and yellow, black and yellow. That's right. Bold predictions. Thanks again for calling in.

Appreciate your time. We'll see you in New Orleans if that's the case. Let's take a break and wrap up this Monday edition with more callers because I mean, you guys, if I don't get to you today, I'll be here tomorrow. Let's do it.

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Last minute tickets, lowest price guaranteed. Let's keep going with this a little bit more. And again, like I said, if you don't get on today, guess who's here tomorrow.

I will bring donuts tomorrow. Maybe it's mimosa Tuesday. Hot mess Monday is almost over. I'm just saying it's been a hot mess of a day.

My takes bad. Was overreaction bad? No, I just forgot it was overreaction Monday. I mean, I did have other guests planned that suddenly couldn't do so it was a little bit of a scramble for today. We're scrambling. Scramble the jets. Hot mess Monday.

It's called live TV people for a reason. All right. Win loss. Let's go to Bobby in Colorado. Hey, Bobby. How are you? Hey, guys. How are we doing? Bobby. Bobby. How'd you get to be dolphins in Colorado? It's a whole thing, buddy. Got it.

By the way. Do you realize that we have the weirdest group of fans today with the exception of Jumping Jimmy? I mean, we have the fans are all over the place.

Jumping Jimmy was odd too, right? Who? I think we've had. He was St. Louis. Yeah. We have stuff all over.

He was in St. Louis. Jimmy. Yeah. Well, I am one who can tell you that your location should not determine what team you fall in love with and want to root for. So that's your opinion. Just pick a team, TJ. What's that? Some of us actually just pick a team though, buddy.

I don't know. Look, Bobby. I was on your side.

I was trying to help you out. Bobby just shut you down. Let's go.

Bobby in Colorado. Rapid fire. Rapid fire. What do we got? Let's go. Let's go. Who's doing it? Me?

Oh, Susie, for sure. Please. Thank you. You know where you're from. Exactly. Quiet over there, Rockman. Who the hell is Chris Rockman? Seriously. Week one, Jacksonville.

He doesn't have an Emmy. Week one, Jacksonville's coming to town. Home opener. Miami wins that one.

And I got better hair. Week two, Buffalo. Oh, man. This should be on a Sunday, not a Thursday, but I think Miami wins a close one. Week three at Seattle. They're going to lose that one. Week four, Tennessee. They're going to beat Tennessee. Week five at New England. Really?

Okay. Week seven at Indy. Sports one start. Five and one.

We suck. At home at Arizona, week eight. I think Miami wins that one at home.

Six and one. At Buffalo. At Buffalo, that's a loss. At the Rams?

That is a loss. Las Vegas at home? I actually think they have a three-game skid here.

Yeah, but week 12, New England. They win, right? Yeah. We're going to get right back on track.

Right back on track. I know. I know. At Green Bay, week 13. Thanksgiving.

Oh, man. That's Thanksgiving, right? Thanksgiving night game, yep. That's a loss. Jets, week 14. That's an easy win. Yeah, I know. At Houston, week 15.

Man, here comes another skid. We're going to lose at Houston and San Francisco. Ooh. At Cleveland, week 17.

Ooh. Cleveland's a win. And closing up at the Jets. Week 18.

I don't know about you, but that looked like money. 10 and 7, Bobby? 10 and 7?

Yeah, 10 and 7's rough. I think we're going to be scraping our way. Does that make it? All right. Does that make the playoffs? Are you in or out?

I have a feeling we don't make the playoffs this year. Wow. Okay. All right, brother. Good luck.

Hey, Bobby. Thanks for your call. Appreciate it. Appreciate it. One more.

Wow. Brent in Indiana. Bills win-loss. Let's go, Brent. Let's go. Brent, you there? Hello, Brent. Yeah, I'm here. Oh, hi.

Brent. Oh, hi. How you guys doing?

What's up? You're going to crush it. We're going to close it up with you today. Let's go, week 1. Okay, sounds good. Bills, let's do it. Ready? Arizona, week 1.

Yep. That's a win. At Miami, week 2. That's a win. Week 3, Jacksonville. That's a win. Week 4 at Baltimore. No, that's a loss. Okay, at Houston, week 5. That's a win.

Week 6 at the Jets. That's a loss. Really? Interesting. Really? Yeah. That's Monday night, though.

I don't know. That's a tough one. Week 7, Tennessee. That'd be a win. At Seattle, week 8. That's a loss. Miami, week 9. That's a loss. At Indy, week 10. That's a win. Taylor Swift's team. Week 11, KC.

Oh, I'm sorry. That's a loss. Hope it changes up in the playoffs. Week 12, bi-week. Week 13, San Francisco. That's a win. At the Rams, week 14. That's a win. At Detroit, week 15. That's a loss.

Yeah, I think so, too. New England, forget it. New York Jets, week 17. That's a win.

At New England, week 18. Win. You win.

Nice three game. What you got, Chris? 11 and 6. 11 and 6, Brent. Yeah, I'm hoping 12 and 5, but I'll take 11 and 6.

I would take 11 and 6 tomorrow for New England. Is that three seed? Four seed? What do we got? I'm thinking three.

Three seed. All right, Ron, Brent, Gordon, Dave, and Jon. See you tomorrow, guys.

We want you to call back in. I love the win-loss. It's actually a great way to interact with everybody. It's also fun.

It's really fun. Right? All right, so what teams tomorrow? The New England Jets.

We'll get to those tomorrow. Yeah. Everyone come correct. We're doing win-loss.

You know what's so depressing? Wait, we need teams that we don't ever hear from, like Bucks. Give me the football team, TJ.

We haven't seen the commanders. Colts. Yeah. Cowboys, did you go last week? Bengals we haven't done. Not yet.

No Bengals. Are you going to ruminate? You're thinking about it for a while? I was going to do it last week, and then I guess we just ran out of time.

Falcons. You do it tomorrow. Let's do it tomorrow.

Let's do it tomorrow, TJ. What's Sarah's dad called last year? Carolina Panthers we don't have, I don't believe. Panthers. I don't believe we have Bengals.

Here's the thing. Every year, there's a sneaky team that comes out of nowhere, and this might be because I just saw some Bryce Young passing clips on Twitter. I think the Panthers might be sneaky good next year. Really? I would bet that with you. We need some Saints fans to call in. I would bet that with you.

I don't think so. Saints fans would be nice. We can replay Coopers win-loss with the Patriots for Chris to see.

I don't think we have the Titans. Guys, hot mess Monday. We're coming to a close. We will see you tomorrow at the Rich Eisen Show. Susie Schuster, in for Rich.

Have a great day. John brings his skewed sense of humor. Jeff brings tips to cut strokes off your next round. Together, it's those weekend golf guys.

They'll pay a lot of money to PXG and Tylus and Callaway and on and on and on. How many yards do you think you're going to pick up with that extra? I think I can get an extra five to ten. What if I give you fifteen to twenty? You pay me more. Josh Smith teaches on a sliding scale. Those weekend golf guys. The podcast. Part of the Believe Network. Just search BLEAV on YouTube or wherever you listen.
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