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Jerry Bruckheimer talks ‘The Young Woman and the Sea’

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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May 15, 2024 2:19 pm

Jerry Bruckheimer talks ‘The Young Woman and the Sea’

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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May 15, 2024 2:19 pm

5/15/24 - Hour 2

Rich and the guys react to Jalen Brunson’s latest 40-point playoff game as the Knicks go up 3-2 in their series against the Indiana Pacers, and weigh in on Caitlin Clark’s turnover-plagued WNBA debut with the Indiana Fever.

Legendary Hollywood producer Jerry Bruckheimer joins Rich in-studio to discuss his new Disney movie ‘The Young Woman and the Sea’ about the first woman to swim the English Channel, and shares great stories about making ‘Remember the Titans’ and ‘Bad Boys’ with Denzel Washington and Will Smith, his upcoming Formula 1 movie starring Brad Pitt, and gives a decision on Rich’s ‘Mission Critical’ idea pitch.

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This is the Rich Eisen Show. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Have not heard from Kirk Cousins' sit-down interview yet. Guess who got him?

Bussin' with the boys pod. Kirk Cousins, the Falcons, there's no beef involved. No, I don't think there can be.

I don't think it's helpful. Like, we're trying to win a Super Bowl and... Earlier on the show, Texans head coach, D'Amico Ryans. Coming up, legendary Hollywood producer, Jerry Bruckheimer.

From Apple TV's constellation, actor, Noomi Raphaas. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Our number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. We're going to have a serious pop culture chat with a man who's put so many movies and television shows in front of your face over your entire lives.

It's not funny. We've lost track of all the movies and TV shows that Jerry Bruckheimer has successfully put on a screen, big and small. He's about to join us here on the Rich Eisen Show. 844-204-RICH is the number to dial here on the program.

Had a great chat with D'Amico Ryans. The NFL schedules are being released in a few hours. I will be straight up with you because I'm a mission-critical employee, as it was referred to in the non-disclosure agreement I was forced to sign so I could actually see the schedules I'm talking about for a three-hour show. I'm so glad that I signed this and now I'm seeing on Twitter everything get leaked anyway.

You disclosed some info, though. Which is Dallas is hosting a Thanksgiving game. I had no idea. That's amazing. Thanks for breaking it. That's the first one?

TJ, congrats. That just shows you how mission-critical I am. I had no idea. Are you going to go? But at least I'm sticking to the NDA here on the RES.

Well done. I have seen the schedule. I haven't even said a word about it. Yeah, you won't tell us nothing. I won't tell you anything. You never tell us anything, though. Because I'm actually trying to do something with my colleagues that works for the NFL network. I'm not even just that. I'm trying to put something on.

I'm Italian. You do a TV show yesterday that a friend of mine hits me up. By the way, he said you were crushed.

What, after midnight? Yeah, he was like, he's a class act. He goes, he crushed it. Thank you. Oh, yeah. There it is.

You never tell us anything. There's the after midnight photograph, a selfie I took. Good one. That's me. That's Katherine Blanchard.

Blanchard, pardon me. And the great Bert Kreischer, Taylor Tomlinson, the host. Nice. And I'm just glad that Bert and Katherine were still willing to take a happy selfie with me after I destroyed the competition last night. Did you win?

I absolutely wrecked it. My friend Eric said there was a Mike Trott moment yesterday for whatever it was. I had a Mike Trott moment. Something about FTW?

He goes, it was a Mike Trott? Oh, yeah. When I won it.

Yeah. It was great. It's a fun show.

And it was great with Bert and Katherine I had not met before. And the winning trophy were two heels of a loaf of bread. Oh, a heel.

We know you love those. There are two ends. Let me tell you something, they have no idea. I didn't want to go down that wormhole. I almost did that. Because they want you to talk. They want you to mix it up with everybody. That's what they instruct you to do. That's what you do.

And that's what I do professionally. Correct. And so I was going to say, listen, you have no idea because I am, if I could choose any part of the bread, I would choose the ends.

100%. Grilled cheese, yellow sandwich. Oh my God. They're great. They're thicker than the regular slices. And then on top of it, what I do every day is I put almond butter on a piece of Ezekiel bread toast.

Yes. And then I'll put bananas or all sorts of fruit on it. And when you have the end, it's kind of like a bowl. The ends of the loaf kind of curve up. It's a bowl. It kind of helps keep anything you put on it in within the confines. It's a bowl.

I never looked at it like that. It's like a bowl. Yeah.

So I'll take and I'll take heels any time. So you got that as a trophy? They gave it, they, they had it in a plastic bag. They handed it to me after I won, spoiler alert.

And then I, I Gronk spiked it. Did you really? I did. You broke it?

No. Oh no. It was, it was, you know, unbreakable and then they took it and I haven't seen it since I don't have it. What's going to end up here anyway. I mean, Susie is not going to let that in the crib, so no, that's no, no, I don't have it.

I didn't leave with it. They're going to send it to you. I'm sure. I hope so.

Cause I want it. I earned it. That was fun though. I just love being in front of a live audience and, and a couple of times, you know, they, they want you to tell it, you know, the joke longer, a little bit, draw it out a little bit just to, you know, come up with your answer. And I kept on trying to do the, the door open punchline that Jerry Seinfeld talked about a couple of weeks ago. That's the greatest moment for construct for comedian door, open punchline. So I use that once when they said, what are you not known for? And I said, hair, door, open punchline, hair, hair, one line, not known for it used to be the wisp. That's great.

But anyway, I'm glad the word of mouth got out from the Paramount lot. Was Burt's keeping his shirt on. That was the discussion beforehand they gave Catherine and I had a choice beforehand to shoot something beforehand that they would scroll in to bet a number of points. Cause it's a points, total system, a better number of points, sort of you know, double jeopardy style or no final jeopardy, no, the, why am I blanking on the name of it?

The when you, when you, the daily double, right. So you get to just throw a certain number of points. So I bet that Burt would take off his shirt 500 points on CBS. So the question is, would CBS make Burt sort of stay more within the lines or will it just force Burt to be more, go full crusher.

And I bet full crusher. And so Taylor said that the shirt, you know, looked weird on him. It made him look more presidential and I, he took it off.

And so I called Burt the third nipple candidate, which is how you win two ends of a loaf of bread. That's how you win the heels, bro. That's how you win the heels.

That was last night or after midnight or today, I guess. So while I'm doing that, I'm checking on the, the old app to see how the Knicks are doing against the Pacers, okay. Because the taping ran into the first quarter and man, oh man, this is why you don't treat the NBA playoffs like it's the NFL, the latest result is exactly the narrative that's going to play out in the end and it's something that's going to last all season, all playoffs or what have you. Game to game, Knicks looked totally lost, totally beaten, and then they go home and they do what they've done, which is with spit polish, glue, scotch tape, lean on Jalen Brunson, 44 points for Brunson, 18 to 35 shooting, seven assists, four rebounds, 43 minutes.

And that's the key thing here. That's the key thing here for the Knicks are the minutes played. The only other Nick for 40 or more minutes was Miles McBride, Deuce who Tom Thibodeau put into the starting lineup last night. Mark played 39, Hartenstein 31, just 30 big ragu minutes where he put in just eight points, didn't make a single three.

If you told me before the game that Dante DiVincenzo would have eight points and eight three point attempts, none of them go in, I thought that would be the end of that. But he also went at Miles Turner too. They had a little bit of a moment where he just like started barking at somebody way taller than him and then backpedaled while hold me back.

Teacher McConnell and him. They were wolfing last night, I liked it. Well that's what they've been doing all series long, but Jalen Brunson going full Reggie Jackson 44 in New York City.

My gosh. And God bless Alec Burks, man. He came up big for 23 minutes, 18 points. And that's what the Knicks are doing. And now they go to Indiana for game six and Jalen Brunson is counseling what I basically has been saying. It's one game, you got to turn the page.

It's a completely new day and that's what he said last night. One thing that I've learned in the playoffs is that one game does not have any effect on the next. And so no matter what the situation is, whether you lose by one or lose by 30. And so it has nothing to do with next game. So honestly, once we leave here tonight, this is over with. It's all about how do we prepare for game six.

And you want to know proof of how it's going to be a different game? Do you know Tyrese Halliburton took only nine shots? Yeah, he was kind of MIA.

Four from three? Yeah. What happened?

How does that happen? I don't know. Talk about a weird superstar. Do you think he'll have nine shots in the first quarter alone on game six? I mean, he's got no there's no tomorrow.

Yeah. Is he banged up? I don't know what's going on with that last night.

That was weird. I don't know how he's banged up. If he is, guess what? Join the party because the rest of their opponents banged up. Yeah. Because I don't think, again, OGN and OB is coming back in this series. They'll be lucky if they advance. That'll be there for the Eastern Conference Finals. But if there is even a remote chance of and an OB returning, say, for game six, it's because finally in this series extra day off, there's an extra day off. Wow. Things play Friday. It will not be Thursday night. Wow.

It will be a two game, a two day respite in between games for the first time all series long. And to thank for that. Believe it or not, there's only one person to thank Taylor Swift. You're close. Oh, Caitlin Clark. Because the Indiana Fever have the home floor on Thursday night for the WNBA home opener for Caitlin Clark. How about that? So you want to talk about a two day extravaganza in Indianapolis, Indiana, Caitlin Clark with their home debut for the Indiana Fever on Thursday night and then game six between the Knicks and the Pacers on that floor on Friday night.

Love it. And I mean, obviously I'm short handing it saying it's Caitlin Clark. The Indiana Fever were going to play on Thursday, May 16th in their home opener against last year's WNBA runners up the New York Liberty on Thursday night, May 16th, no matter what, whether it's Caitlin Clark or not.

But they're doing it and they're on that floor. And interestingly enough, Liberty Fever on Thursday, Knicks and Pacers on Friday. It's kind of cool. And Caitlin Clark made her WNBA debut last night in the land of the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut. And the Connecticut Sun kind of taught her a little bit of a lesson. It was wild to see Caitlin Clark in the role of rookie last night and struggling 20. Well, she had 20 points.

She didn't score. She didn't get on the board until midway through the second quarter with a layup, which I don't think anyone had on their bingo card. And she had a night of 33 percent shooting, five of 15 from the floor, four of 11 from three. And to find her stride in the second half, three or four after halftime, the double-double, you don't want to have 20 points, 10 turnovers. Ten turnovers as Alyssa Thomas led the way for the Sun with her 12th career triple-double. This was Caitlin Clark after her first professional game that counts performance in the WNBA.

I thought it was physical. I don't know, obviously it wasn't like the best start in the first half for myself getting into foul trouble. And then you got to sit on the bench and try to come back to the end of the game and get into a little bit of a flow, but obviously too many turnovers. That's not going to get the job done, but I think just a lot of things to learn from. I didn't think we played well, and we had cut it to six in the third quarter.

So I think that's a positive you look at. We really did not play a good game, but we were right there at the moment, and then it kind of got away from us at the end of the third and fourth quarter. Didn't have the greatest start. So I think just a lot to learn from.

It's the first one. There's going to be good ones. There's going to be bad ones. And like we said in the locker room, we play on Thursday.

You got to learn from it and move on and be ready to go. I mean, the page will have to be turned again Thursday against the Liberty at home, then in Brooklyn on Saturday, and then a rematch against the Sun Monday in Indianapolis. You know, how often did she play four games in a week in Iowa?

Oh, like never, probably never. Here we go. There you go. Catch you on the page. basketball, pro basketball, and that's what happens when you join the team that gets the first pick. I mean, they only had 13 wins last year, so they're going to have games like this where they struggle and she turns it over a lot and shots aren't falling. Go through it.

Move on. Indiana was like the basketball hub last night, though, because on one TV, I'm watching the Pacers next. The other TV, I'm watching the Fever Sun, and it just hit me like in the first quarter.

Like, wow, like Indiana is where it's at right now. So oh, yeah, who knows? That's what I said. Thursday night. Thursday. But I mean, last night as well. And on behalf of OGN and Obie's hamstring and whatever the hell's going on with Brunson's foot that one night looks like he's limping and the next night he scores 44. You know, on behalf of the gas tanks of Dante DiVincenzo and Josh Hart and Isaiah Hartenstein, I say thank you, Kaitlin Clark, for your home debut on Thursday night. The Knicks actually get two days off.

And they, you know, and by the way, that might be the difference maker. Game seven, by the way, would be Sunday in Madison Square Garden if the Pacers hold serve. Feels like we're getting game seven, right? Kind of.

And the home teams have dominated in this series. Why do you keep doing this? Why do you keep doing this? Why? I don't disagree necessarily.

This is how I'm feeling right now. I understand that, but this is how many times? It just flips. It flips.

It just completely flips. This has been a home team dominated series. I don't know. I know. And the Knicks were going to face the Celtics after two games. It was definitely going to happen and face the winner of the Timberwolves Thunder Series.

That was it. Well, that's how we felt right then. Smash cut to like four days ago. I'm just saying. I mean, things change.

Five days ago. Things change, but at 10, 15 Pacific, feels like it's going seven. You know, I mean, maybe, let's talk about this real quick.

Then Jerry Bruckheimer will come out. So when the Knicks and the Pacers are coming down to it in game three, right? And Andrew Nembhard has the ball in his hands and the shot clock's winding down and he steps into what looked like a 30-something footer, right, or a 90 footer, right? So far.

And he jars it. But right before that moment, okay, because I think that was on Friday night? Yeah, it was on Friday night.

Okay. And at that moment in time, it certainly was Knicks are going to win. They're short-handed on the road. They played a gutsy game. They're going to take on the Celtics.

It's going to happen, okay? Even though, because the Celtics had just, did they win game three the Thursday night? Yes. No, they had just lost. Well, they had lost game two.

Okay. They just lost game two. Yeah. After they were terrible. Okay, right. And the Cavs made everything.

Right. The Knicks were going to definitely get through and the Celtics were going to be in a bruising seven game series. And the Thunder and the Mavericks were tied at one game apiece. But it was still the world of the Thunder and the Mavericks being the Thunder getting through and the Nuggets were just beginning to maybe start a comeback. Look at where we are now.

Don't do it anymore. Stop with the business of we're going to get a game seven. Our advertising show poll more likely to go seven. Oh my gosh. Knicks, Pacers, Wolves, Nuggets.

Do me a favor. I'd like it better when you sit here and you're going to start to say the reason why the Knicks won last night is not because of the 44 from Brunson or the fact that Tyrese Halliburton only took nine shots because Scott Foster was refereeing the game and you want the big market near the NBA and you got your guy getting the job done against a small market. I'd prefer when you wear the tinfoil hat more than you say this is going to go seven. Referee jerseys because I would buy the Foster 48.

Why do I know what number his referee jersey is? We shouldn't. So if you know what I mean. If you get the Foster 48, would that come with the tinfoil hat?

It obviously should. That's what you should do next. That's your Halloween costume.

This Halloween, you're going to Scott Foster. I'll get you the black pants. All right.

Okay. And the whistle. No, it comes with a whistle. We've got to come. It comes with a whistle to the shirt.

One size fits most in the plastic bag that snaps closed at the top and then inside it's a tinfoil hat you get to wear too. Great. Well, he's doing the fighting game. Guarantee that.

Do you think so? Will you call in from the... When the referee announcement is posted on the NBA official site. Kevin Rahm will allow you to get on your phone at Sawgrass because you're a sports host. I will call in and say look who's refereeing. Sports host.

Yeah, I mean, is that a rule? I think you're bound by... You should say sports crank. That's what you should be known as. Sports crank. Call him up, sex aid change that Rich says you're not sports host. You're sports crank. Wow. See, last year you offended Rich by calling yourself an actor and this year you offended him by calling yourself a co-host.

Yeah. He can't... Jerry Bruckheimer awaits, gents. Yes, let's go.

Let's get him out of the green room. He's a man he's... That's what you should be trifled with. It's a legend.

What a great movie that's coming to a theater near you called Young Woman in the Sea. Jerry's here to talk about that and his career next. Let's talk O'Reilly Auto Parts, people, or as you might know from their jingle, O-O-O O'Reilly Auto Parts. They're in the business of keeping your car on the road. O'Reilly Auto Parts offers friendly, helpful service in the parts knowledge you need for all your maintenance and repairs because you know and you need your car fixed. You need somebody who knows what they're talking about and it's helpful, has a smile on their face and gets you back on the road.

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Just go to the App Store or Google Play Store and download the free iBotta app to start earning cash back and use my code E-I-S-E-N. That's I-B-O-T-T-A in the Google Play or App Store and use my code Eizen. Back on the Rich Eisen Show radio network, we just saw a clip of Young Woman in the Sea in theaters on the last day of this month of May produced by Jerry Bruckheimer here on the Rich Eisen Show. We just saw that clip of Daisy Ridley trying to swim through red jellyfish.

Oh my goodness gracious. What a film this is, sir. Yeah, it's really emotional.

It's the highest scoring movie I've ever made. Are you serious? Yeah. I mean, it's unbelievable. It's so emotional. And the story between her and her sister and all the things she had to go through just to get to swim the channel, forget that she did it. And it took her second attempt to actually make it.

And she beat the men's record by two hours, which is unbelievable. And spoiler alert, Trudy Ederle lived till she was 98 years old. So how, how does a story like this wind up on your desk, Jerry? Jeff Nathanson, who's a writer that worked with us on Pirates of the Caribbean and he's a fabulous writer. And he was looking for something for his daughters to watch.

He had young daughters. And so he's surfing through the channels, can't find anything. So he goes to a used bookstore and finds this book about this girl and he brings it to us and we love it. And we said, we'll try to set it up. So we set it up at one studio, they put it in, turn around.

We set it up in another studio, they put it in, turn around. And finally Disney took it on. It took us seven years to come and sit in the seat and tell you about this movie.

So it was a long journey, but we finally got there. It was originally just going to be streaming, but it turned out so well that Disney is putting it in theaters and in, in a lot of like 20 markets. So for, for awards consideration, because it's a beautiful film. And when you see the movie at the end of the movie, we show you the parade that she had down Fifth Avenue, which is the biggest parade ever for an athlete.

And when you see it, you won't believe it. And you've never heard of her. This girl is, got lost in time. She was an Olympic swimmer. She, I think she held just about every record possible before she went to the Olympics. And she didn't do great in the Olympics. I think she won one medal for the relay. So she came back very depressed and didn't know what she was going to do and decided that she always used to swim around the pier in Coney Island. So she was used to open water swimming and she's well, maybe I'll take this on.

Yeah. Born to immigrant parents in New York City in 1905. And you know, the first woman to successful swim the English Channel on August 6th, 1926.

This marks the 100th anniversary of this is perfectly time of Trudy competing in both the Olympic trials in Indianapolis and the 24 Olympics in Paris and the 2,024 Olympics are in Paris. Wow. I mean, and Daisy Ridley is fantastic. This is, I believe one of her first major roles post Star Wars trilogy for her.

So that's pretty huge. And she trained for three months. She did. With Olympic swimmers to get the kind of stroke and the endurance to be able to do what she did. Would you call this a sports movie though? I mean, it doesn't involve a sport.

It does involve an athletic endeavor. It's really a story about these two sisters who, who go against all odds to do what the one sister is really good at to overcome all kinds of adversity. And there were a lot of them, I mean, they didn't want her to do it.

They thought women were inferior. What happened really was her mother who was obviously a German immigrant. And in the turn of the century, when she was about five or six years old, there was a ferry in Long Island that went down in very fairly shallow water.

And it was the biggest disaster prior to 9-11. There were so many women and children who drowned during that ferry going down. And the reason they drowned, it wasn't considered the right thing to do for women to swim. It was uncouth, was unladylike. And so she got up that morning, she read that and she sits at the dinner table and says, my girls are going to learn how to swim.

And the father says, absolutely not, it's not right, can't do it. But she persevered, she raised money herself, so she'd give the kids swimming lessons. And the one girl really took to the water.

And the film Young Woman in the Sea available in theaters on, on May 31st. So but for somebody who has put films like Remember the Titans and Glory Road onto the screen, what does, in your estimation, make for a good sports film, Jerry Bruckheimer? I think overcoming the odds. I mean, that's what it's all about.

I mean, it's a triumphant thing when somebody does something that you normally don't see or can't do. So like Remember the Titans, these two, these two coaches didn't get along. And they had a championship team. It's the same thing we've got with Glory Road, the West Texas team, you know, won a national championship against Kentucky.

Unheard of. I like to tell stories that you've never heard about, about people who succeed and should be remembered. Now the thing that I like doing is educating people and entertaining them. And all three of these movies are extremely entertaining. And especially this one, this one's a triumph of the will.

And again, like I said, it's in theaters on May 31st. Was Denzel always attached to Remember the Titans? He became attached. How did that happen? Did you have something to do with that?

Yeah, sure. We sent him the script and he loved it. He's a huge football fan and a great sports fan, loves basketball. He played football. I think, in fact, his son did. His son did. He played for the Rams. Yeah, before he became a dynamite actor of his own right. Right, exactly.

He tried, he had a cup of coffee with the Rams and then I think found his proper endeavor. So it was just a script that you sent Denzel and he's just like, I'm all in on that. But with Denzel, he is so meticulous. He goes through every single line of the script to make sure it's authentic and real, has notes. It looks like a, you know the story of My Dog Ate the Homework? Never. Well, that's what a script looks like.

It's coffee stains. I mean, you can tell he studied it and studied it and studied it and then comes up with these brilliant ideas to make everything better. The really good actors really put their time in to making their movies great.

They just don't show up and say, tell me what I have to say. I mean, this is on the top of many people's lists of their favorite sports movies. I mean, there's always an argument. There's Hoosiers, there's The Naturals, another one, obviously Field of Dreams is one. Bull Durham, if you just want to go straight comedy. But this story and the acting and the emotions of this movie puts it on the top of a lot of people's lists, Jerry.

No, that was fun to make. All these movies are great to make. In fact, we have three movies coming out this summer.

We have one that's on video on demand right now called Ministry of Ungenerally Warfare. We had the great Henry Cavill in studio. I love that movie. Yeah, terrific. It was like a Guy Ritchie's Dirty Dozen type look at things. That's terrific. I love that movie.

And then we have Bad Boys coming out in June. Did you have to twist any arms to make that happen? It took a while.

How long did it take? I think it was three years since the last one. But we have Beverly Hills Cop with Eddie Murphy. That's coming out also in July, I think July 3rd.

And that took, I don't know, 30 years or something crazy to get it done. Why return to Beverly Hills Cop in your estimation? Because he's so great, Eddie. You want to see him in that role.

People loved him in that role and you want to see him do it all over again. And it turned out great. Emotional story. It's very funny. We have a good summer.

You certainly do. Jerry Bruckheimer here on The Rich Eisen Show. Is there an audition in your career that you sat in on for somebody that had yet to break out that that person, man, woman, actor, actress, conducted themselves so amazingly well that you said that's a star? Will Smith. Really?

Yeah. He walked in my office and this guy's over six feet tall. He's imposing. He's got this great smile.

He's just enthusiasm all over the place. And he was a young actor. I think he'd done one movie. He had a TV show. The Fresh Prince?

Yeah. But he was a movie star. And I bet my career on it. It was a real fight to get him in the movie. They wanted Arsenio Hall to play the part.

Which film is this again? This is Bad Boys. The original Bad Boys.

The original Bad Boys. They wanted Arsenio Hall. Right. Because he was the hottest guy. With Martin Lawrence?

Martin wasn't attached at that point. He came in later. Wow. Okay. And so what happened next? We won.

And Arsenio turned it down. So that helped me. Sure.

Right. So Will Smith, did somebody say you got to see him? Or you saw Fresh Prince and you're like, bring him in or what? Somebody sent him up to me. An agent called and said, you got to meet Will.

And I said, sure. I love the show. And he turned up and he's just fun to be around. He lights up a room.

Certain people walk into your office and they just have a command and something that's a life force that you love and that's Will. Well, I got to tell you, there are few people who I can say this about, that he's not bad in anything. You're right. Sometimes the films might not be successful, but it's not because of him or his performance. I can't recall anything that he's ever done where it's just like, yeah, he just didn't have it. Literally in everything, whether it's comedy or not. Well, he's just like Denzel.

They work their scripts, they're involved in every step of the way. Yeah. And you said, that's a star who's leaving my office and you went to ground to make sure he's in your film. That's right. My gosh.

And now here's 2024 and you're making another Bad Boys with him. Life is kind of crazy amazing. And how did you get involved with CSI? How did that first start with you on the TV front, Jerry? Somebody came into our office, our development people for our company, you got to meet this writer. And he walks in and he pitches his story and he walks back and forth and he's sweaty. And he was so engaging. And he actually was in a motel room at a crime scene because he was doing a ride alone and he's walking around the hotel room and all of a sudden he sees a hand come out from under the bed. Apparently the perpetrator committed the murder was still in the room. And he ran out screaming.

Wow. But he tells these stories and we pitched it to every network and everybody passed and we went to CBS as the last hope. And Nina Tasser, who was running CBS at the time, said, I'll buy it.

She bought it right in the room. And then we got stuck on Friday night, which is a death knell usually for new series. And Les Moonves said, no, we're putting on a Thursday night and then it became a huge success.

Mark Peterson and Mark Helgenberger. Yeah. And then we did two others. In fact, three others.

I'm very well aware of the CSI Miami one for sure. And Caruso, was that your hand-picked guy? Yeah. He's again a force.

He's a real force. For sure. I mean, were you the one who told him that the putting the glasses on to deliver the line was better than taking them off and delivering the line? I think he figured that out himself. Okay.

He did that himself. We noticed that for sure. Yeah.

And then in Vegas, we just we had Paul Anusome on Monday. That's the end of that run for for now. For now. See, that's the other thing, too, is the number. And I know this sounds naive. I don't care. Jerry Bruckheimer here on The Rich House Show. People tell you no. Like you go into a room like honestly, like all the time, do you ever just like walk in with your resume and just place it on the desk and just say that the stacks that you've made? Well, I was a Harvard graduate who knows more than any of the motion picture and television business and that's what you deal with.

You don't you don't draw you know, you don't drop it. Do you know, you know, do you know who I am? Do you know what I've done now? You're better than that.

You just keep doing it. Well, I mean, clearly you are. I mean, Beverly Hills, who's back in there? Is everybody back in? Everybody's back. Everybody's back. Everybody's back. Let's go. I can't wait.

The tailpipe, too, and the banana and everything like that. We're doing that. The Harrow Club. We can't talk about that. OK. We can't talk about it. OK.

I can't wait for that. Jerry's also mission critical, Rich. Yeah. Yeah. Tonight the NFL schedule is getting released and they made me sign an NDA so I wouldn't release it to anybody. They called me a mission critical employee and I just thought that sounds like something that you would you would make something called mission critical.

You know what I mean? I like that. Yes, but it's about the release of paperwork, Jerry.

I don't know if there's any. No, that's not good. We'll put it to something else. That's a pass. Damn it.

We're not making we're not making mission critical NFL schedule colon mission critical. Like I don't. He said he'll put it on something else. OK. I like the title. We'll use it. Mission critical.

That's a great title. Like the Maverick sequel. There you go. Yes. Mission critical. Right. Maverick's next. He's mission critical.

That's what I mean. I love it. I love it. Fantastic.

A young woman in the sea. What else is it? Because last time you were here, you're like, I've got this movie about a swimmer who's the first woman to swim from the English Channel. Now you're here to promote that movie.

What else you got? We're filming an F1 movie right now with Brad Pitt. With the same director, Joe Kaczynski, who did Top Gun and the same writer, Aaron Krueger. So it's an inside look into the F1 world. We become their 10 teams with two drivers on each team. We're the 11th team. And we are actually working very closely with F1. We have our car on the grid.

We're not actually in the race, but we pretend we're in the race. All the 20 drivers are participating in the movie. So there's like cameos of actual F1 drivers? Yes. Where did you shoot it? Is it in Miami? Did you shoot it there?

No. We're the last half of the season, which starts in Silverstone and goes through Abu Dhabi In fact, we just got back from Abu Dhabi. We spent two weeks there filming. With Brad Pitt? With Brad Pitt. Is he, is he, did he, is he actually driving?

What do you got for me? He's actually driving. Of course he is because he's Brad friggin Pitt. And he loves it. He absolutely trained for four months in these cars.

And we had Mercedes build the show designed by our director, Anne Mercedes. It's over an F2 body. And the thing is a rocket. It goes 200 miles an hour. Well, F1's popularity is crazy. Off the charts. Crazy. Right? It's crazy. How are you enjoying with the Kraken before I let you go? How are you enjoying that? I love it. We didn't have a good season this year.

We didn't make the playoffs. Right. It's so much fun. It's like making a movie. You know, we put this thing together.

I was the originator with David Bonderman. Right. Decided we're going to do this and we trudged through it for like eight years and got it done. Right. And David was going to approve us and David put up a lot of money with some other investors and we have a team and we almost made the playoffs. We made the playoffs last year. Right.

And you know, it's building it from the ground up the right way. Do you have anything in producing the Winter Classic? No. You had nothing to do with it. You just went as a spectator? Were you there or you weren't able to make it?

No. I was filming somewhere. Of course you were.

I was gone 200 days last year. My goodness. Well, I'm glad that we were able to fit the show into your schedule. Well, for you always. Thank you, Jerry Bruckheimer.

I will take that and run with it. Again, everybody should go see Young Woman and the Sea, available in theaters on May 31st, starring Daisy Ridley and a terrific cast. I'm glad somebody said yes to this, to you, because this is a great story that folks should hear about.

And certainly in this Olympic year, the 100th anniversary of Trudy Edderly actually competing in the Olympics in Paris prior to negotiating the English Channel successfully. Good to see you. Good to see you. Please come back any time. Thank you. You bet.

That is Jerry Bruckheimer here on The Rich Eyes and Show. Back with more in a moment. Let's talk sleep number, people, because quality sleep is so essential. That's why the Sleep Number Smart Bed is dissolved for your ever-evolving sleep needs.

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844-204-RICH is the number to dial here on this program. That was fun, right? Man, that was awesome. He didn't stutter when I said name me the name of an actor or actress who was relatively unknown or it hadn't had much going on in their filmography that showed up in your office that did a great job in an audition like that's a star and he just didn't stutter. He said Will Smith. It's one of those things when I ask the question like that I sometimes reveal the premise then I draw out the question a little bit longer so they can think in their head and then ask for an answer and then sometimes I'll get like which is the best thing.

That's a great question. I always like being told that. It's great. That means I'm doing my job because again for an interview like that not to go full Rome here to tell you what I do and ask you to tell me that I'm great.

Rich, that was hilarious. What a great interview. Listen, no, in all seriousness, it's my job like there's no doubt that man has thousands upon thousands upon thousands of stories relevant to pop culture that would make everybody go tell me more, right?

You could do a whole three hours with him. And you can't just say tell me a good story. You got to pull it out. And it's my job to find the one to pull it out, you know, and so I place a lot of pressure on myself in those situations. You did a great job. Thank you.

It makes me feel better. Yeah. Also, we may have maybe named his next movie. Mission critical.

Maybe. Well, there's already mission possible. Guys, I wish I could seriously, speaking of stories I could tell you, I could tell you so much about this schedule right now. But you won't. I do know the opponent for the Chiefs in week three.

Who is? Oh, rich. So see, it feels like I do know, and we've been talking about it for like two, three days.

Like now that we know the first two are that third one is kind of important. Can you give us their primary car? I cannot. I will not. I have an NDA seriously right here that's got that's got seven more hours left on it. No one in the history of paperwork has ever broken an NDA.

Does the NDA mention not mentioning team colors? I don't think it does. I'm not going to do it. I won't do it. What about area code?

Can't do it. Speaking numbers. I wouldn't even know what it is. Celebrity fans. Oh, you wouldn't know it. That's a game there. Does the team's primary airport have rocking chairs?

What are you talking about? Which airport? The Charlotte Airport has rocking chairs. Oh.

You know what I mean? It's a great airport. It's huge. Really great food court. And then they have white rocking chairs all over the place.

You can just sit down and relax. Do you know how you refer to some of our guests as being sneaky tall? Like you don't think that they're that tall and like, wow, they're sneaky tall. We add them to the list.

We add them to the list. That is a sneaky large airport. Yeah. You're going to go to Charlotte. Charlotte is huge. Well, NASCAR is base there. That's true.

That's true. That's NASCAR's base. It's their biggest celebrity fan. Why does that have to do with the size of the airport? All the teams are there. They're constantly flying in and out of there from NASCAR.

That's why you've got an airport that's bigger than you would normally think? What the hell does that mean? I'm just backing up my case. Thanks, Chris. That's good stuff.

That's a good sports host. Yeah. Just backing up. Am I a CoCo host? Well, not with that take. No.

You're going to get us demoted from CoCo. Do you want to talk about the PGA Championship since you're not here? What are you thinking? Are you really going to go Rory? Wow. Are you really going Rory?

Well, I am. I have to because the day that I don't and he does, then suddenly, where was I? You bailed. Yeah. What was all this for?

So I always have to stick with Rory. But did you see the breaking news yesterday about him? What, his personal life? Yeah. What?

Kind of interesting timing and all of that. What does that mean? What does that have to do with anything? I don't know. He was wearing his wedding ring on Sunday when he won the previous week, and now suddenly Tuesday breaks, he's getting divorced.

Kind of interesting. What does that have to do with golf at all? I think he's going to go nuclear now.

Remember when Tiger post breakup, all that, he was just like world beaters? I think this is a good thing. Oh my God.

Or... Singular focus. Or a guy who is married and has his first child is going to come back. Well, no. Hold on a second, Rich. Remember?

And he's going to pick up exactly where he left off, and Scotty Scheffler is going to dominate. It's been a while since you've had a newborn. But remember the couple of days in the hospital, you're sleeping in the most uncomfortable chairs on earth?

So? This guy is like, his back is probably all screwed up. He's like not sleeping at all. I think Scotty missed cut. Excuse me. Missed cut. Missed cut. Missed cut.

He's not going to win. Missed cut. No sleep. No sleep. No sleep. His schedule is all thrown off.

How did Rudy go barefoot in those chairs in the hospital? Think about that. Exactly. Is that why Jokic is now just dominating him? Yep.

Rudy should just not play. I'm excited. I don't know, man. I'm excited. PGA is going to be awesome. It's a great venue.

Valhalla in Kentucky there is amazing. A lot of great storylines. Jordan Spieth has been struggling. He can win and complete the Grand Slam before Rory finishes because we know Rory is still waiting on the Masters win. Obviously, Scotty Scheffler, we got a lot of Liv guys in the field this year. Brooks Koepka, your defending champion. Can he maintain that major's dominance? Jon Rahm hasn't won yet on Liv, but has played above average, but not to Jon Rahm's standards that we're used to seeing.

He won the Masters last year. I think it's going to be an outstanding event. Really, really excited. Weather is going to be a factor, could be a little wet, might have some rounds kind of bleed into the next day.

So keep an eye on all that. But Rory is going to win and I'm calling my shot right now. I'll take Scotty Scheffler to do it again. And he's going to do it for the kid. That would be like his 38th win this season. He's going to do it for the kid.

Nobody's won the first two majors to start a season since Spieth in 2015. Guess who's going to do it. So obviously that would be a huge start to Scotty. Scotty Scheffler's going to do it. Yeah. He's going to do it. Is that your guarantee? I just remember.

I mean, you're an idiot for betting against Scheffler right now. I remember my first shows on game day morning after Xander was born, I was locked in. I remember those, Rich. I was locked in. Honestly, I read the prompter like it was the top of an eye chart.

Can we get more comfortable chairs in hospitals? Come on. What are we doing? Think of the dads. Look at this guy. Think of the dads.

You know what I mean? Think of the dads out there. I need a hospital. I need a room. Sure, Chris. Let's get more comfortable. By the way, when did you go full Harrison Butler on me, man? This guy over there. All of a sudden.

You know he did his role? That's not nice. Don't go full Butler on the Rich Eisen Show, please don't. Still here on the Rich Eisen Show. They are uncomfortable.

They are. Let me just say this. Let me just say this.

Go ahead and say it, Rich. Harrison Butler, to say he went wide right is not even remotely close, Harrison, buddy. To say what he said to a group of soon-to-be professional women graduating, that you may have some great titles coming up, didn't mention how successful a professional his mom was, to say to everybody there your titles and all this stuff that you've been diabolically lied to, and wait until you find your vocation of being a mom and a homemaker.

Listen, being a mom and a homemaker has a remarkable standing in anybody's lives if that is what you do with your life, the importance that you do that, but to basically say to a bunch of people in the room who are excited to become professionals that you can't do both or you shouldn't do both or you're being lied to that you can do both in service of what the man in your life needs from you is absolutely bonkers and wrong and beyond the pale to say that at a convocation. Wide right, Harrison Butler. Wow. John brings his skewed sense of humor. Jeff brings tips to cut strokes off your next round. Together, it's those weekend golf guys.

They'll pay a lot of money to PXG and Tylus and Callaway and on and on and on. How many yards do you think you're going to pick up with that extra driver? I think I can get an extra five to ten. What if I give you fifteen to twenty?

You can pay me more. Jeff Smith teaches on a sliding scale. Those weekend golf guys, the podcast part of the Believe Network. Just search BLEAV on YouTube or wherever you listen.
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