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Daniel Jeremiah compares the Chiefs' and Patriots' dynasties

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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February 12, 2024 3:16 pm

Daniel Jeremiah compares the Chiefs' and Patriots' dynasties

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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February 12, 2024 3:16 pm

NFL Network analyst Daniel Jeremiah and Rich discuss how the Chiefs’ dynasty compares to the Patriots’ Tom Brady/Belichick dynasty, the NFL Draft stock of USC’s Caleb Williams, if the Washington Commanders should move up from #2 to #1, his pre-draft evaluation of Patrick Mahomes coming out of Texas Tech, and more. 

Rich reacts to a fired-up Travis Kelce bumping Chiefs HC Andy Reid during a heated moment in Super Bowl LVIII, debates who the Chiefs could face in their home opener to kick off the 2024 NFL season, and if the reveal of next year’s Super Bowl logo color intones anything about next season’s Super Sunday matchup. 

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Limitations apply. Chief's Kingdom! This is the Rich Eisen Show. Viva Las Vegas!

Play action fake. Right side throw, touchdown! Kansas City and the Chief's Kingdom has started its own history class. The Rich Eisen Show. I don't think I'd be the quarterback that I am if I didn't have Coach Reed being my head coach. Earlier on the show, two-time Super Bowl champion and Greenlight podcast host Chris Long. Coming up, NFL Network analyst Daniel Jeremiah, plus latest news and more. And now it's Rich Eisen.

Yes, it is. That's a fact. Back from Las Vegas, our three-day residency in the books. What a fun time we had there. And and then the game happened. And I can't believe that game started nothing-nothing after one quarter. And then we had overtime and almost a second overtime.

And the Chiefs are back-to-back champs. And so much to discuss that we did with Chris Long and then amongst ourselves over the first two hours. And with you at 844-204-rich-number-to-dial, if you missed any of the first two hours, we not only re-air on the Roku channel every single day, as soon as we're done on channel 210, there's our podcast where all podcasts can be acquired. Chris Brockman and I are going to stay after class to do overreaction Monday.

That'll be posted later on today. Suzie Schuster and Amy Trask, who's back from Vegas herself on Tuesday's show. And then for you throughout the week, Larry David will be here on Wednesday as we're back to work here in Los Angeles. I can't wait to hear what he has to say about the overtime, double overtime, overtime rules and what we saw on that field last night. But for the moment, we turn our attention to our guest back here on the Rich Eisen Show. I'm going to be spending an absurd amount of time with him over the next several weeks and months, as it is now fully on and cracking in the talent evaluation portion of our calendar.

All 32 teams now on the clock. My buddy at Move the Sticks himself, Daniel Jeremiah, back here on the program. How are you doing, DJ? I'm doing great, buddy.

I've got to I've got to hit you up with a question, though, as we get started here. How was the halftime show? How was the halftime show yesterday?

In person, you mean? Well, just seeing it, I was I had the great privilege of being on the NFL Network halftime show where we don't have rights to video, where we're on for 30 straight minutes just discussing what happened in the first half. So I was curious, what did you see?

How was it? Were you on roller skates, too? I was not. I was not.

I was not on roller skates. It was very much like Hoosiers practice where no, no scrimmaging, no shooting, a lot of drill work there at halftime. Well, it was good, to be honest with you. It looked great to me in person. Did you also put the set together within eight minutes and then take it apart for the second half? Did you do that, too, on the NFL Network? I did not. OK, I did not. It was quite the strike we needed.

It was more than just me to come in there and get that accomplished. Oh, my gosh. Have you watched the footage, the film back at all? Any film from last night?

Have you gone on, you know, tape grinding? No, Rich, this is this is this is officially draft season, buddy. Got it. Why the game? Why the game was going on last night? I was the game was on in the background.

I was in the screening room at NFL Network and I was watching Ray Davis, the running back from Kentucky. So it's that time of year. OK, jump into it. Then then what's your impression of Super Bowl 58? What's your takeaway from it?

Yeah, I have a couple of things. I mean, I think that the you know, the Mahomes-Brady thing, I watched a lot of the pregame show. You guys were talking about that. I know that's going to be something that's going to you know, that's going to be a storyline for the rest of Mahomes' career as he tries to hunt down Tom. But I was thinking beyond beyond just Mahomes and Brady, I was thinking this is eerie how similar this is to the Patriots, where Hall of Fame head coach, Hall of Fame quarterback, Hall of Fame tight end, likely Hall of Fame kickers.

I mean, like it is it is all right there. You think of the continuity that they had for Tom Brady. Look at the continuity that they have from Mahomes.

I tweeted this out a minute ago, like the crazy thing is and we'll get into the game. But like to win a Super Bowl with no attrition, you keep your offensive coordinator, your defensive coordinator. In fact, you might be bringing back Eric B enemy, which reminded me of the Patriots. Look, what they send out their assistant coaches, it doesn't work. Come on back in, come right back into the fold.

And we just keep this thing rolling. I think there's a lot more similarities than just those two quarterbacks when you're talking about the Chiefs and the Patriots. So then which which draft choice by the Chiefs over the last, say, three drafts, do you think is the one that was Brett Veitch's sort of masterpiece and what you've been seeing from these kids over the last few years on this run? If you asked me the best players and Snead is a great player and he's going to get paid a ton of money, but their defense, the two best players when you watch them and I've seen a ton of them over the years is you start with Chris Jones, which predates that and McDuffie.

McDuffie would be number two. You had two third and fours in that game that really decided the game on those two third and fours. McDuffie blitzes bats a ball down on the next third and four. Chris Jones gets an unblock pressure, which was it looked like a bust in their in their pass pro. But those two stars made the two big plays on the big down.

And then I flip it over to the other side. You know, the play of the game to me was the was the fourth and one. And I mean, I was shocked that Bosa crashed on Pacheco because I'm sitting there watching it going, do you think Andy Reid wants to stand up at the press conference after the game and say, we went out on a handoff to Isaiah Pacheco and we did not have the ball and Pat Mahomes hand.

And then sure enough, though, Bosa crashes on Pacheco and then off goes Mahomes. I was talking to a defensive coach in the league. We were texting back and forth this morning. And and actually, I don't I don't want to do disservice to it.

So I'll see exactly what it does. Open your phone was to it, which was when we get in those situations, when you're playing against guys like Mahomes and Josh Allen, we have a saying game on the line. They're keeping that blank. So that's that that was shocking to me that that they you know, that they weren't prepared for that for Mahomes to pull that ball. And that was kind of the beginning of the end. Yeah, it just seemed to me that the Niners, after playing so buttoned up for three quarters or whatever, started having breakdowns of covering like Kelsey, I guess you can't keep him down forever. He wound up having nine catches for 90 yards and change. Rashid Rice caught one over the middle on that final drive and regulation. Or as I think was the final drive, maybe in the game where he caught it and it looked like he could go, you know, from over the middle. And then you talk about those past the McDuffie play. How could you how could you how could you how could you is that something that Purdy should have seen and gotten out of?

Was that based on the the the formation? Like, because that was huge. If they had picked that one up, they could have taken the game down to maybe one minute or less than a minute to go and and had the lead and forced Mahomes and Reed to really pull one out.

Yeah, I mean, they had they had two instances on those two big plays, the one with McDuffie. He's trying to throw into the blitz, which is just going to be tough. And that's especially not a huge quarterback to kind of, you know, usually you try and retreat and get some distance. You can get that ball over the top. He didn't do that.

And so that was the flaw with that one. And the other one, you know, from a pass protection standpoint, usually as a quarterback, you want to stay big on big. You know, hey, we'll take the bigs inside. If we get a free runner off the edge, then I can I can climb up.

I can buy some time away from him. And they would have had a touchdown on the right side of the field there. So they didn't they turn the big loose and there's nothing you can do. Purdy, I mean, in that case, when you get Chris Jones bearing down on you inside there, you just don't have time.

So that's kind of what went wrong on that one. But I thought against the against the Kansas City Chiefs, you're going to have to play man on key downs. And that's not really what the 49ers are.

They're not a great man team. And I thought that was one of the big differences in this game was the corners for the Chiefs on those. Got to have it down, stayed plastered and just smothered the Niners. And then the Niners on some of those key downs in the back end, they just weren't quite good enough. So, you know, incredibly evenly matched, obviously with the game that we got. But, you know, in the preview of the game, I was saying, look, if you're telling me these teams are evenly matched, which they are quarterback and head coach, how do you go against the Kansas City Chiefs? I didn't. And that's part of the reason why is just Mahomes really over all else.

I've got Daniel Jeremiah here on the Rich Isaac show. Any two cents from you or the scouting or coaching community and your chatter lines there about the decision to keep the ball to start overtime in the new overtime rules? Last night, you know, I had some people that reached out and said, why would you do that?

What do you want to know what you're chasing? So you have the opportunity to use fourth down in real time. My honest reaction was this. That was the same as Shanahan's, which was, well, I want an opportunity to be able to win this thing with the first kick, you know? So, you know, we each score and then I can get the next points.

It's over. So that was my initial thought. You know, I hadn't spent a ton of time thinking that through as, you know, in hindsight. You're like, OK, if it was, you know, a college overtime, you always let the other team go first because you want to know what you're chasing.

And I guess maybe that should have been the same thought here. Daniel Jeremiah here on the Rich Isaac show. Let's turn the page here, because now you're doing your draft prep and we're going to be ready to hit all thirty two teams in the draft.

And obviously what the Bears are going to do with the first overall pick now becomes the front burner, hot burner conversation. And interestingly enough, a name from the past, Merrill Hodge, longtime ESPN analyst who was spot on on a lot of his evaluations in his time being part of their draft coverage and pre draft coverage about certain quarterbacks. He had this to say about Caleb Williams.

Hit it, please. Oh, I've only watched Caleb Williams three games last year, three this year, someone halfway done. OK, the one thing that I that is clear, he is not special. He is not something unique like a Patrick Mahomes. And I hope the Bears don't think, well, let's let's let's try to make up for our mistake when we pass up Patrick Mahomes and go get the Patrick Mahomes. The kid is not Patrick Mahomes and even remotely close to that is unfair to Justin Fields. He has had new coordinator, new coordinator, new coordinator. There's no possible way you can know about your guy when you do that.

It's the worst thing that can happen to any player, especially the quarterback. Now, Justin came out. The one thing that I thought he had he had just an inexperience. He just needed more experience.

He lacked that. But what I have seen in Justin Fields from my evaluation, there's enough growth and hope there that I would not lose. I would not let him go because I see enough there. So I as soon as I saw that, I hit the link copy copy link button and texted it to you saying, have you seen this? And so now that I've put it out there for you to chew on with my audience, having seen it, what do you think? Well, first of all, start with the respect that I have for Merrill Hodge, and I've met him many, many years ago when I was young, going through ESPN. And he he he does he works hard and he nailed it with the success he's had on some quarterbacks, most famously Johnny Manziel. You know, he was the one who never bought in on that and turned out that he was he was absolutely 100 percent right. I don't agree with him on this one.

I just don't. And I you know, the pushback I would have is, man, if thirty nine games is not enough to evaluate Justin Fields, but three games this year are enough to evaluate and make solid statements on Caleb Williams, that doesn't that doesn't make sense to me. So I've seen a lot of Caleb Williams. I've seen everything he did last year.

I've seen everything that he did this year. He is to me, in my opinion, it's just my opinion in terms of ability, is the closest thing to Patrick Mahomes we've seen. He's got unbelievable arm talent.

I mean, I'm talking arm strength from different angles, from different platforms to creativity. When Mahomes was was coming out of college, it was screens and scrambles. That's what he majored in.

It was Helter Skelter. He had a lot of work that he had to do footwork wise, and that's one of the reasons why they red shirted him a year there behind Alex Smith. And they they drilled that into him and they were able to take all the talent that he had, which was still raw and were able to corral it and develop it.

And then what you see is what you get. I don't think the Mahomes that we see now is the exact same Mahomes we saw when he was coming out of college, which is to say he got better and he developed. And that's where he is now. There's no perfect prospect.

Rich, where you go matters. It's going to matter a lot for Caleb Williams. But I believe, in my opinion, this is one of the more physically gifted and talented players at the position we've seen in a while.

And some assembly is required and he's going to need to go to the right place and get developed. But no, I wouldn't make that declarative statement that he's that he's not going to be very good. Fair or not, though, Mahomes is going to loom over this whole proceeding in the same way that Brady's looming over the whole proceeding with Mahomes is blossoming and becoming an all time great in front of our eyes over the last six years as starter.

Because of two things. One, when Mahomes is being the goat that he is right now, that's the league that Caleb Williams is entering, number one. And then number two, the fact that the Bears traded up in the Mahomes draft for Mitchell Trubisky and then allowed Mahomes to still be on the board for Reed to trade up and go get. That has haunted every conversation about the quarterback position in Chicago to the present day with Justin Fields.

So fair or not, that that that looms. So I guess my question for you is with Shane Waldron there in Chicago, when you say best fit, is that is that a good fit? Like will Williams blossom in Chicago with their current roster in their current building and and OC? Well, I think there's still you know, there's a lot of work to be done there, you know, and you know, I think Waldron has a good reputation. He's somebody who's respected the people that I know that know him.

I don't personally know him, but I've heard good things there. They still need to continue to add to that offensive line. They need another complimentary piece to D.J. Moore, who played really well last year. And I think you're going to have to have some patience. I mean, I do agree from the sense that, you know, C.J. Stroud, what he did last year was so phenomenal and so outside the norm to just hit the ground running like that.

I don't think that that Caleb is as polished as some of these other quarterbacks. But the ceiling is what you're chasing there. And that's going to require some patience. So now everything I've heard about Waldron is good.

I like some of the pieces they have there in Chicago. There's still more work to be done. But you can you know, you can dream on on what Caleb Williams can be. And people say, oh, you're chasing the ceiling. I'm like, yeah, well, you look around the NFL right now at the high level of quarterbacks. And it's hard.

It's hard to say. I just want a steady Eddie. You know, I want to go chase what they have.

I want to have one of these cyborg quarterbacks to go blow for blow with these elite guys. I think you have to write that. And that's the whole point.

That's that's the whole point is to it. Can Justin Fields after, as you said, thirty nine games of evaluation, take that next step and be that guy? Or do you start the clock from the very beginning and and go get Caleb Williams? Do you think that's an upgrade? Is Caleb an upgrade in your estimation?

I think he's just looking at who they were coming out. I think he's he's more gifted than than Justin. And I think he does things faster.

You know, everything's a little bit faster now. Justin, obviously, speed wise is on is on his own level there. But just in terms of quick feet, quick hands, quickly getting from one to two to three, I've seen Caleb do those things. And, you know, there's just some instinctual stuff that he has, some creativity, you know, some magic, whatever you want to call it.

He has that. So he's a higher he's a higher graded prospect entering into this portion of the process. And what would your suggestion to Adam Peters and Magic Johnson? Here I am telling you, you give Magic Johnson your two cents here where Caleb is from the area, right? They need a quarterback. Whereas there's Jayden Daniels and there's Drake May for them to just sit and take and then keep all their draft capital. That apparently, according to our colleague Ian Rappaport, DJ is what a Godfather plus Godfather Part Two offer that needs to come to Chicago's way that they want something unprecedented. Would you would you suggest them doing something unprecedented to go get Caleb Williams just up one spot, two to one?

You know, I don't know that I would say unprecedented. I think if you can if you can get something done that's, you know, that's within reason, I can make a case for that. I like the other two quarterbacks. I mean, I think there's there's three good quarterbacks in this draft that I think are really highly graded. And I also think when you look at Washington and you look at Adam Peters coming over there, you always carry your scars with you. And maybe the one do over that he might have with John Lynch there is the massive haul to go up to get Trey Lance that didn't pan out.

So does he carry that with him? They're sitting there at the second pick. And let's say on a grading scale, you might have a, you know, a sixty nine or a seven oh grade on Caleb Williams. And he's the top guy. But then you've got sixty seven grades on the next two guys like, OK, yeah, he's a little bit better. But man, you know, this is still a really, really good option for me. And I'm not going to have to part with all the picks.

Hmm. And who's the next quarterback tier? Like and where does it start, do you think, in the first round? Well, here's the teams, teams that I think are going to be involved in quarterbacks and could at least be involved in having the conversation to try and go up. And that's six.

The Giants, who also happen to possess two second round picks. You're going to have all these picks down in your head, Rich. They're all going to be on a card. You're going to be right now, my head still spinning from Vegas, man. But I've got two plus weeks to get it. I'll get there. I'll get there. You got time.

You got time. Atlanta. Atlanta is at eight.

They've got two threes. So I'm just looking at teams that have maybe a little extra resources there. You've got Minnesota at eleven, Denver at twelve, Vegas at thirteen.

Denver would be tricky. They don't even own a second round pick this year. So, you know, they're still paying for the previous quarterback moves that they made. So there's no shortage of teams. And that's why, you know, I think there's those top three quarterbacks for me.

Then you get into the next three, whatever order you have them in. I think the teams that I talk to and really I shouldn't say teams, but personnel executives, general managers, their personal opinion on these guys is all over the place. But there's McCarthy teams, there's Bo Nix teams, there's Pennix teams. So you're looking at six quarterbacks right there. And we're getting to pick 13.

And I've got I've got eight teams that could be potentially quarterback teams, which means don't be shocked if we see an unprecedented run on these guys. All right. And before I let you go, just to just go back and tie it all together. What was your evaluation of Patrick Mahomes when he came out? Oh, you know, what was it?

I forget in Philadelphia that it was one I would like that it's hiding under my bed. Is that right? But not come out. Look, he was someone who I thought was a boomer bus player, had, you know, the raw tools.

But it was so, you know, just kind of unorthodox. I used the phrase it was screens and scrambles with an elite arm and it was going to require a lot of development and a lot of patience. So then that's through the whole process, maybe two, maybe a week or two before the draft. We brought Patrick Mahomes. He came into NFL Network and we ended up getting him in the podcast studio with Bucky and myself. And we sat up there and Bucky and I just talked about this earlier today, but he came in there and I said, you know, one of the things I love is when you get a chance to visit with these guys is do you have recall?

A lot of the great quarterbacks really have recall. And I asked him about a specific play against TCU, you know, a touchdown in like the third quarter. He he gave me the name of the play. He gave me the coverage that they got and he gave me why he made the decision that he did. And then he left the room and I looked at Bucky and I said, oh, I'm a little nervous. I could be off on this guy. And sure enough, you know, he's had all that ability, went to the right place.

The intelligence, the work ethic all put together and you have the greatest player we've ever seen. Why does that tell you, though? I mean, because again, this is what we're going to be talking about over the next several weeks and couple months.

Certainly when there is grease boards and say, get on the board and tell me your favorite play and all that stuff. What? Because that's the essence here is the desire to be great, the desire to have just one win not be enough. It's got to be two. And now we're going to be talking about three. They're talking three, Pete, openly, openly like they want to come back and say two is great. Others have done it.

Three, nobody's ever done. So what does that tell you, Daniel? Well, first of all, he's you know, Steve Young used to use the line that the great quarterbacks have this ability to kind of say over my dead body.

Are we going to lose this game in those moments? He has that. That's how he's wired 100 percent. But going back to the recall thing, you know, what what makes Tom Brady's and the Peyton Manning's and all these guys is they have this memory bank where everything they've seen gets logged. And then as the longer they play, there's nothing you know, there's not a look you're going to get that doesn't bring back a memory of what is to come and what the defense is going to do and how you attack it and how you defeat it. So to have that memory bank, even at the college level, to remember specific plays and specific games, you can then translate that to the next level. You're like, oh, man, when this guy gets five or six years into this league, he's going to have absorbed all of this information and none of it's going to have have left him. And now you've got the rare ability as well as this memory bank with all the answers to the test. And it's you know, it's it's pretty incredible. Yeah.

And then you could say this guy, when he's got his first six seasons as a starter, is going to have four Super Bowl appearances, three Super Bowl wins, three Super Bowl MVP awards, two NFL MVPs, two time passing leader, six time Pro Bowler, six AFC Championship games in a row, NFL record fifty six hundred fourteen total yards in a season. Right. Is that good? Let me check. Hold on a minute. Can confirm it is. Yeah. All right, man, we're going to chat again soon. Keep looking for my texts and calls. I'm I'm looking forward to it, man.

This is the fun time of the year and not just because the Padres signed pro far. I mean, it's a congratulations. Thanks, buddy.

Daniel, Jeremiah, everybody right here on the Rich Eisen Show. All right. There you go. Great. We've officially kicked off the talent evaluation portion of our account. Love it.

Love it. We'll come back right here. Rich Eisen Show. More of your phone calls. Eight four four two oh four rich number to dial here on the program. Don't go anywhere.

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Oh, oh, oh, O'Reilly Auto Parts. Long time friend, my diehard Chiefs friend, a man who has told me so many times I would love to come to the Super Bowl and hang with you, but I will not until the Chiefs make it. And the Chiefs have made it. And Eric Stonestreet is here on the Rich Eisens show. I will tell you this, Chiefs fans, football fans, Brett Veitch was on Patrick Mahomes from the very beginning. And Brett Veitch told me this year that we would take a picture with the Lamar Hunt trophy in the locker room of Arrowhead.

And we did that. And he said that from the beginning multiple times. So now that is what we call an insider, an insider.

That's an insider. But I look, I've known you for a long time. If I'm not if I'm not mistaken, you are a mixture of ecstatic excitement. Yeah.

And profound nervousness, right? Yeah, I call it measured. I am measured. I am I am a volcano of emotions inside is right now.

I can see right now like you are, you know, because I don't I don't like to get the cart, you know, before the horses type of guy. I'm not I know the 49ers are a good team. I also know we're a good team. I love that about the Super Bowl. It's a great matchup. We each have things we have to do to win the ballgame.

We have to stop their run. And Patrick Mahomes has to be Patrick Mahomes. There's no doubt about it. It is just amazing seeing, you know, this moment for you knowing how much it means to you that you're actually here at a Super Bowl. This is actually I couldn't believe it going down there on the field after that and high five and those guys in them and just just the fact that each told me you're going to come down on the sidelines and you're going to go in the locker room. Yeah, and you're going to kiss the Lamar Hunt trophy with me and that happening. And he said breath brother, the next trophy we're going to kiss is the Vinnie we kiss the Lamar. Let's get the Vinnie. Kiss the Vinnie. Kiss the Vinnie. I like that.

And he did it for a third time last night apparently. So there's that. Back on the Rich Eisen Show radio network sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger has the right product for you.

Call or just stop by. So the when you're at where you I know this is this doesn't sound great but I'll just say when you're at the Super Bowl things that immediately become of national conversation in the palms of your hands takes a while to filter into the seats. Yeah. I had no idea that Travis Kelce went up to Andy Reid and barked at him the way that he did. And hit him and almost knocked him over. When I sent the video in the group chat that's the first time I saw it.

Wow. And then I immediately you know go to go to the old X machine and it was everywhere. Because they only played it one time during the the broadcast. One time and then bring it up. Never brought it up again. It was kind of weird that it was never discussed.

Nope. Well again I'm I'm I wasn't part of watching the broadcast and seeing how things were all playing out but. Yeah you were stunned. But I was stunned I was stunned you know because I just know how much Travis Kelce loves Andy Reid. Remember how many how many times have we had him on this program and we talk about how when he first started he was a total hothead.

Oh yeah. Right and Reid kind of had to what tame his inner hothead. But the hotheads the hothead's still there.

The hotheads don't really go away. Early on you didn't know if this guy's gonna play. You didn't know if this guy's gonna play himself out of the league.

No idea. Remember he's throwing the through the flag at the official or his towel or something. Yeah the towel right. We we we thought okay he was he was putting his team in problem problematic situations all the time. Yeah. Now Walter Payton man of the year nominee and a man about town and now one of the most famous people on planet earth and so I saw that I'm like whoa what the hell was that all about and then I know how you know sometimes I hate being taken out of my chair in any way shape or form and I and I and you know even though I'm and I get upset when I see you know hosts apparently don't matter and some award show right.

I take it personally. I'm trying to use any possible analogy where I can understand that he's taken out of the game in the Super Bowl and it's a running play. He's not in either to catch it or block for it and uh Pacheco puts it on the ground and he he snapped.

He only had one one catch in the game. I'm sure he's sitting there going what the hell. Certainly if he's thinking this could be his last game and who the hell knows. Was there ever a chance that really happened?

That's all you're hearing about. I think so. And Chris kind of nailed it. You nailed it when you're like he could go into the hall of fame the two kids from Ohio going into Canton together on the same day. Come on. Sign me up for that. You know where they have a uh a uh they maybe they could turn their enshrinement speeches into an episode of New Heights.

Set up a podcast set off to the side. Let them go for 45. Who cares? Would would the would the hall say no to that? Absolutely not. Like and they reveal their busts at the same time and they talk about growing up together. You know having fellow enshrinies on as a guest.

I don't know. I mean then they rival Jerry Jones for the greatest party in the history of Canton. Oh my god. Oh yeah that party.

Oh my word. I wasn't there but from what I understand and what you told me that's going to be an impossible party. I don't know about these guys. They could do it.

If anybody could challenge them. I don't know. Justin Timberlake is like not to not to put any pressure on or turn this thing me sounding like Romo but uh who knows maybe the babysitters watching the kids that night. I don't know. This is like six seven years into the distance.

What is she pregnant? Oh no no no six seven years. Oh in the distance in the distance.

Oh I heard it was in the distance. You still gotta wait five years. By the way that's for the hall. It's 10 months for a child. Yeah. Okay.

Nine months pregnant. We learned the hard way. Definitely. Well actually we didn't learn the hard way. I didn't. Susie and Sarah learned the hard way. I remember the first time when Susie was pregnant with Xander she's like this nine month stuff? What? Since Xan was like setting up shop in there. I digress. Yes.

Who's your eviction? But it just was so stunning to me. So um this is what Andy Reid had to say uh about this. He he made light of it. Yeah he caught me off balance.

I wasn't watching. The cheap shot but that's all right. He did good.

He was really coming over to scope. Just put me in. I'll score.

I'll score. You know so that's really what it was. Well I love that.

I mean it's not the first time so I listen I appreciate him. Well they can laugh about it now. I mean if they lost the game I'm sure it'd be a much bigger deal. But I guess we don't have to worry about that do we? Exactly.

They don't either. Kelsey after the game? I was just telling them how much I love them. There you go. But then he did go on a soliloquy about how much he actually loves him.

But of course you know social media being what it is. Now everyone's turned on Travis Kelsey. He's a horrible human being. He's an abuser apparently. No but AJ Brown tweeted out that he'd get thrown out of the league if he did that.

Which by the way I think there's a conversation. Wide receivers. Wide receivers have a totally different. No why? I thought you said white.

No. You know either would have been. Being a black man doing that to his white coach I think goes a lot differently. And wide receivers as well have a different mentality today.

Yeah I mean look obviously that this story would be completely different. Just look at T.O. all the stuff that we talked about with him back in the day.

So but as Chris Long said earlier on I think Travis would be the first to tell you once he's off to the side. As would say any wide receiver who loves his coach. And heat of the moment.

White or of color would tell you heat of the moment lost myself. These guys are out there like it's a football man. This is like people on these guys are warriors. He bumped him out. He don't touch your coach. He definitely but I don't think was that his intent to go up there?

No. Look I only saw it in slow motion too so it looks worse. I didn't see the real time because they never showed it. But look you yell at people. I yelled at Del Tufo two segments ago and then 12 seconds later we're laughing at each other. By the way Andy Reid's not going this is you know that's going to be a meme. Somebody's going to be able to take Andy Reid out and then pop in anybody with Kelsey yelling at him or her.

I gotta admit some of the memes. But boy the Kelsey's with their beards know how to yell and bellow like a bear right? You should put that on side by side with you know Jason. Jason. Who by the way did he show up he showed up like dressed as Zach Galifianakis to Vegas with the same uh same shirt same shirt in the same pack satchel satchel. At the game though right they were like Chiefs color overalls and by the way there was a shot of Jason sitting there looking at the trophy presentation with the confetti floating yeah and he had that look on his face. Are we sure this man's done? Who Jason? Yeah I don't know.

Because it was almost that look like man I want one more of these. Maybe he does I don't know but he's got these babies at home man. He's got these babies. A lot of people have babies at home. I know.

You got babies at home. I know I hear you and I missed him. I missed him.

But you know. I missed him. You gotta keep the lights on baby. Jimmy in San Antonio you're here on the Rich Island show. What's up Jimmy?

How are you? It sounds like everybody made it back from Vegas safe and intact. Pretty much. Yeah in one piece yes best we could. Even after the Kreischer Gronk incident. That was heck of I mean that was a heck of a segment man. Well the other thing about it which I don't know if y'all caught this was Kenny Chesney. He came in and he slapped Del Tufo with the hand slap and Mike went in for a knux and Kenny turned to T.J. and didn't see it and Mike just pointed at Kenny. Hey did that happen Mike? I don't remember that. Either Mike's not paying attention or he's not remembering this.

No I don't I don't remember that I don't remember that happened. You were talking to Kenny for a while now. I'm good friends I'm good friends with his mixer his front house mixer.

Come on Mike like I'm making this up it's on Roku channels. I got my picture when I was done. By the way I wish I was friends with a mixer during that segment too because a drink taking that vodka without just it was warm it was terrible it was backwash you know. I'm not a shots guy.

Terrible. We were just kind of ripping it out. I'm just um yeah. I'm gonna say we got it before the backwash and it was it was. Well we also got it poured into a cup. Yeah we had a cup. Thanks Jimmy I appreciate the call brother.

Oh wait I got one more if you got time. Okay uh fantasy team name because it ended awkwardly. Remember John Bender's joke in Breakfast Club how we never heard the punch line because he fell through the ceiling?

Okay. Right when Kenny was about to do his haiku it cut away from Roku so nobody knows what the haiku was. Oh that's right yeah we were out of time. You gotta watch that on YouTube. Pop that on YouTube. Yeah we'll pop that in a reel because that was a great moment. Fantasy team name Chesney's haiku.

There you go Chesney's haiku write it down write it down. I think I really cut Kenny off guard when I. You did because that was he's probably never spoken to anybody about a haiku ever and you have gone you you were there back in the day I'm sure with Ashton. Yeah and he asked me that after he was like because he was so confused he was like wait were you with Kutcher and I was like yes. Yeah so you were. Yeah he hit me in the chest he was like that's right.

Yeah I know and this was like you got people got to pull that out of you. You know like for instance I have no problems dropping names at all. You think?

At all. I did I did a vodka I did vodka to the face with Rob Gronkowski, Julian Adelman, Bert Kreischer, Tom Segura and then Kenny and then Kenny Chesney that's right and then two days later I'm at the fanatics party somebody poured me a shot of tequila with Gavin Newsom I did shots with him. And you don't like tequila.

And I don't but I'm like if it's the governor of California I'm doing a shot. Right nice. That party was insane.

Fanatics saw some of the clips online. Next year I'm next year we're going Chris. We are staying I'm staying.

By the way they tightened the rotation on that party this year. That was not easy to get into. I'm gonna have to call some make some calls. But I got in. Look at you. I'm saying I don't care. See that's how difficult does it sound?

It's like you're gonna pull it out of him. Friday we're leaving. I saw Martha Stewart at the airport. You did? Yeah you know why?

Yeah. Because she was at the airport coming in. She was coming in. I was trying to get to the airport last night. I almost missed getting out of there on time because she took forever to get in her car before I was trying to get out the NFL network rig.

I almost like said told the guy would you mind honking and telling Martha to move it? Delta Terminal was SVP Rashid Wallace and Martha Stewart and AJ Hawk. We saw him too. All right so uh thanks to Jimmy the eye in the sky has turned in. I have rich eyes and show exclusive.

What happened your roll it? Do we have it? Do we have this thing right here of uh of of you?

Do we have it or we don't have it? There it is. Hold on a minute. I'm gonna roll it. Hit roll on it. There we go.

There he is. Um slap. Oh that's a finger. No no you went to go give the knuckles.

No no no that's a finger. Oh no no. You did. You are wrong.

I didn't know this because I was too busy. You know this is not the Jeff walker thing. Mike you are all right. Excuse me. You dapped him up and then you went in for this pound. I didn't know what to do because you I didn't know what to do. I did the finger point. I wasn't like I hit. No you saved it with the finger point.

No I I'm not looking at the camera to save it. No no what I'm saying is I'm not that smart. You guys know me.

He's gonna dap you. He did it. Mike we're trying to help you out. You didn't do anything wrong. You're trying to make me look bad. No we're not.

We're saying you did nothing wrong. Let me jump in here. Let me jump in here just against the radio audience people. Hold on.

People are listening. Yes. So you dap him up. He dapped you up too like like he gave you the he gave you the respect of dapping up. He then had too many other people to dap up.

Zagora and then Burton and ever and you and everyone else. So he quickly moved on. You in that process of him quickly moving on went in for an extra fist pound. He had already moved on and then if you instead of hovering with it you turn the fist into a finger. Which we're trying to tell you is good. That was outstanding maneuver on your part.

Otherwise you're left hanging. You just went hey. And Jimmy caught it which is amazing. How did Jimmy even catch that?

That's incredible. I don't know. I think there's I'm taking him. Mike it's okay. No not offense. No offense. We're giving you credit.

It's okay. And also Mike look. Now you got another video you can keep playing back here. I'm blaming Don at the back. He got the Jeff Walker thing.

Now I'm gonna have this. I'm concerned had you not turned the fist into a finger point man you might have thrown your arm out. Yeah. You kept the momentum going. That's impressive. It's a bad shoulder. But all I'm saying is. That move is usually a two-part thing.

It's usually like the pap and the bat. He gave you the one. He didn't give you two. It's not anything you did. If you did anything wrong you just tried it. You tried for the extra.

You did great. Sometimes it's a little too much. Sometimes less is more Mike. I'm offended. Like Reba Mcintyre she double braved yesterday. Well good for the over.

Yeah. Double braved. Double braved. Double braved the over. Take the under.

When you're tapping somebody up take the under is all I'm saying. I could have missed the verse. Jimmy caught that. Look at that. There's so much action going on on the set too.

All right. We'll take a break here on the Rich Eyes show. A tradition unlike any other on Super Bowl Monday. We're going to try to predict who will be the visiting team for next year's opening night. That's next. This is the Rich Eyes show.

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There's always and let's knock on wood that there will always be this outlet. There's always Magic Johnson's Twitter. Patrick Mahomes worked his late game Magic once again to seal the 25-22 Super Bowl overtime win over the 49ers. Back-to-back wins for the Chiefs and he earned his third MVP award. Wow what a terrific and exciting game having Super Bowl 58 going to overtime was great for our league. I love it he's referring to the NFL's our league.

Way to go Magic and we got a tremendous performance by Usher at halftime. That's it. That's all you need to know. Look man that's literally what happened. 560 characters or less over two different tweets. Well done. Is he doing that himself? You know he even got in the fact that Usher had the good halftime show.

I mean everything you're right. Final score. Final score. He's right there.

Our league. Uh he's he's the owner. I have no idea if he's doing it on his own. Dude, Ian rapidly I think he's tweeting by himself. There's no doubt he's hitting center with his own brilliant thumb. Can we get an insider on that?

One of the greatest thumbs in the history of thumbs. Can we get an insider? Can we get Tom or Ian or somebody to figure that out? We should get Ian because Ian he reported during game day morning yesterday that Magic personally spoke to Cliff Kingsbury and got him to come to Washington D.C. to tell him that we're going to do everything possible to get you the quarterback you want. Magic handled that.

Yes. See Magic ain't playing. There you go.

He's not playing. So you can tweet and recruit. In that order.

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Guaranteed. Derek in Missouri. You're here on the Rich Idol show. What's up brother? How you been?

Hey Rick. First of all I just want to say congrats on you guys' performance in Vegas. You guys did very well. Thank you for calling it a performance.

Thank you. Second of all when you guys had Burt and Tom on at the exact time I'm eating lunch I'm trying so hard not to laugh I had to put my lunch down because my sides were just splitting from laughter from that segment. Yeah and by the way everybody here thought that when I got up to wipe the barbecue sauce off of Rod Calci's face. You knew what I was doing because you might have a good angle. A lot of people thought I was going to vomit off the side of the stage because I took a shot of vodka. Somebody thought that?

Yes multiple people told me that. You did spit all over my computer at one point. Yeah you had to leave the set. All right Derek I got time for one last comment.

What else you got? Sorry Chris. Well let me just say this about Super Bowl 58 yesterday. It was in my opinion the most mental physical performance from both sides of the ball on a defensive side. You referred last week I gave you my top five Super Bowls of my lifetime. That's up there from what we saw yesterday in this game. You go into almost two overtimes and let me just say this about Pat Mahomes. Let me take you back to week 17 of 2017. Broncos, Chiefs, his first career start.

I was at this game. The guy throws zero touchdowns. Look at what he has put and produced today.

Seven years later the resume just stands by itself. Tom Brady is in the category of his own. Patrick Mahomes is in a galaxy of his own, bar none. And let me just say this. The Bears fan seven years later is probably saying we got Mitch Trabisky. I know that Derek and thanks to the call.

Really appreciate it. It's that's going to be a leave a mark for quite some time no doubt about it. Forever. So let's finish up with a tradition unlike any other. Speaking of which by the way tomorrow's show Dan Orlovsky will be on.

Here Susie just texted me. They have secured their guests for what the football. Susie and Amy Trask's guest will be Jim Nance who called Super Bowl 58. They'll say hello to friends to to Jim.

So that'll be great and I can't wait to hear what Jim has to say. There's a lot going on last night but now that the Chiefs are Super Bowl champs you know who the Super Bowl champs we also know who they are playing at home next year because that information came out just a few weeks ago. So put it up on the screen these are the choices who they might play in a banner raising situation. Now recall last year when we did this nobody was saying the Lions nobody and then they chose the Lions and then it turned out to be a wild affair that the Lions won. Is that your case for the Texans? So let me just read out here are the four the the division opponents right of the Bengals the Texans the Saints the Bucks and the Lightning Bolts along with the Ravens. So they've got a choice of either Harbaugh they've got a choice of the Texans and CJ Stroud they've got a choice of the Saints and the Bucks. I don't here here's my choice I don't think they're going to put Lamar in that house to start the season. No I think it's a no-brainer.

Oh that's a Sunday night right. What's what's your no-brainer? Chargers. What's your no-brainer? Honestly I agree with you about Lamar I don't think they want to see one of those two teams start off 0-1-1's. I thought maybe the Saints. Here's what I'll go.

That's right. By the way I I think having Jim Harbaugh's first game back. No-brainer.

In front of the whole country. No-brainer. Is is a no-brainer I don't think they like division battles to start it.

Yeah that's true. I don't I think they kind of stay away from the division battle so I'm thinking Joe Burrow's first game back. The only guy not named Brady the only active player to have beaten Mahomes in a playoff game. Him coming back putting the Bengals in the house in Arrowhead that night. Now that's something the whole country I think would tune into as well as opposed to the curiosity of a coach.

Yeah. I think Burrow versus Mahomes would be the that would be now that's a piece of filet mignon for a Sunday night game or a Monday night game or a late window on CBS. I'm sure Jim Nance if he's out there watching after being promoted for what the football would be like hold on a second that sounds like my game. Plus the mayor of Cincy saying those comments about.

Well I just think again all that stuff aside just Burrow coming back he's the only guy who has beaten Mahomes in a playoff game active in the league. We'll see that'll wrap it up for this Monday show overreaction Monday Chris and I can record that after class wait for that pod later today back on the Roku channel to wrap it up in a sec. The Rolling Stone Music Now podcast gets inside the biggest stories with Rolling Stone senior writer Brian Hyatt and here's Lil Yachty with Tierra Whack. I've never been to a fashion show I never did any Paris fashion meet New York fashion week and I'll tell you why because I would always go to events and people would say to me oh man Yachty man I love your music bro. I should be like what's wrong I didn't even at the time I didn't love my music I always feel like I'm in a room with all these artists and they all respect each other and I feel like no one respects me. Rolling Stone Music Now wherever you listen.
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